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Reviewed: 06/25/07

The race against time

Crazy taxi can only be described with one word – it’s freaking crazy man! Although that’s not entirely a good thing, but the concept behind the game has some merit. I first heard about Crazy Taxi on the Dreamcast. I got a chance to play with it for a bit and thought it was a cool concept. It still wasn’t enough to convince me to pick up a Dreamcast to play it. But with the release on the PS2, it had my interest peaked again. Even so though, I still never really took the time to find it and buy it – until recently of course. I saw the game lying there on a Gamestop discount bin, and I couldn’t help but divulge myself.

Saving customers one at a time…

Crazy Taxi is a fitting name for this game. As you drive from location to location in search of people to drive; the process of doing it will be hectic and chaotic. The thing that makes Crazy Taxi fun is its wild style of driving. As you swerve through the streets, you’ll try to avoid pedestrians and take shortcuts to get your customer to his or her spot as possible. The reward is some added time to your time limit. This makes things interesting. One wrong turn can affect your rhythm.

Aside from that, you can also perform different maneuvers to add to your purse. Customers will give you some nice tip for these crazy tricks. Now you will have a choice of 4 different taxi drivers. Each with their unique look and personality, it sort of adds a little character to the people you will be controlling. Overall, there isn’t much else to say, especially to those that have played it on the Dreamcast. There will be several modes to play through. You can play arcade mode, where each time your drive a customer to a desired location, more time is added to your time limit. Then there are different time limits where you can drive customers for a certain amount of time. Crazy Box mode is a mode where you have to complete certain tasks before moving forward.

Watch out! A crazy taxi driver is behind the wheel!

One thing that really brings Crazy Taxi down a notch is its control. The controls for the most part are fairly decent, but there are times where the taxi doesn’t respond too well. As you are driving, you’ll find yourself crashing into sidewalks and other cars. Of course, that’s what makes it crazy and satisfying at the same time. But when you are in a time constraint and you are trying to get your customer into the next location as soon as possible, it becomes quite a bit of a nuisance. The problem is the controller interface. The controls are placed in areas that make it awkward when you are trying to perform certain functions. This makes Crazy Taxi a game with a lot of fun, but limited by the way the controls were placed. Of course, this makes the Dreamcast version a much better version of the game. That and time has past the game a bit. The game hasn’t held up quite as well and the controls certainly don’t help.

The visuals for the most part are decent. Of course, it doesn’t have that beautiful and luscious look that you once felt when playing the Dreamcast version. With games that look so much better being introduce, Crazy Taxi simply does not compete. But the very thought that it still looks fairly decent is a testament to how great it once looked. The character models look are goofy looking and in a sense it adds a bit to the environment that the developer was trying to go far. The music for the most part felt upbeat. It adds to the hectic pace that Crazy Taxi sets. The music also adds the game’s environment much like the visuals do. The sound effects across the game also do a good job at setting a tone.

Not quite as crazy as before.

Crazy Taxi was once a very good game. In fact, some considered it a great game. But time has simply past it by. The controls also don’t work out too well on the PS2. You’re better off buying a Dreamcast for really cheap and picking this game up, along with some of the other gems on that system. Crazy Taxi had its moments of simulating what the Dreamcast version did, but ultimately it didn’t quite work out that way. Crazy Taxi is really cheap, but to get the full experience of this game, the Dreamcast version is definitely recommended. But of course if you find Crazy Taxi somewhere in the discount bin like I did, then by all means pick it up. It’s still fun for a few hours. After that, you will be wishing that you had the Dreamcast version for better controls.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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