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A trimmed down clone... 07/30/01 Alva
Good Game, Good Buy 05/22/01 bezee30
Ever Wonder Why 'Taxi' Has An I But 'Candy' Has A Y, Unless It's An Exotic Dancer? 12/22/03 Bobo The Clown
Well, I just found out that cloning isn't that hard after all... 06/25/01 cHaOs
Crazy Taxi comes to the PS2 and becomes one of the greatest games out there. 02/07/02 Christi
Cory's Crazy Taxi Review 12/07/02 Cory Wilkie
This is one crazy game indeed... 03/09/03 Dantesamanoske
Whoa! This game is fun!! For about two minutes... 01/02/03 darkness falls
If you like simulation games, then you’ll wanna play Crazy Taxi. 07/16/01 FrozenFusion
One reason to like driving games. 07/10/01 Galafasanta
Fun at the start but very boring as you progress 07/07/01 JD 13
Great arcade party game 07/30/03 LuckyART
You really want me behind the wheel? 11/04/02 M A C
Takes the core of the game, and adds nothing to it. 11/29/04 marchmadness1012
A wonderful short term play... 09/01/01 Mynk
An excellent and original game 07/12/02 p1r4t8r
This is one of the greatest games for PS2 05/29/01 PS2pcGAMER
Clearly sega has never heard of SUBLIMINAL advertising... 01/21/04 reddragonflame
Watch out! 01/05/03 SaintDarkSide
A good game, but has errors 07/19/02 smallfry645
A fun game, but human cloning is involved, and you have gills 07/05/01 Star1080
Fun, fun game, but a little old. 10/01/02 SuperLuigi
Fun While it Lasts 07/30/03 SuperStealthDud
Shame on you Sega! 10/14/03 T Bo
I think my taxi's gone cray-zay! 04/20/06 Zeltica

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