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Reviewed: 06/29/05

If you like the animated series, you'll enjoy this game.

Batman has had many games, most have been horrible. But this is one of the few exceptions in Batman's dark legacy. Batman Vengeance is set in the world of the famous animated series spanning 3 unique episodes featuring Batman's greatest foes.

The story is as good as any episodes of the animated series. It starts with a woman who has been left to die by a bomb. The Joker has her baby, and demands 5 million dollars. Batman comes to the rescue and saves the helpless woman. But, there's something fishy about this woman, Harley Quinn. Soon Batman finds out that the there's something bigger to this event involving a dangerous chemical. So it's up to him, with the help of Batgirl, to save the world.

The graphics in this game are good. Not the best but good. Modeled after the animated series they keep their simplistic style. Gotham city is also modeled very well, dark and somewhat scary; a city you wouldn't want to live in. This better presented in the Batmobile and Batplane missions. One of the things that is very well done is Batman's cape. It has it's own AI, so it's movements are fluent and sort of realistic to any of Batman's moves.

Now the game play is this games biggest problem. Although it is a bit clunky and unresponsive it's not hard to play the game. The driving and flying missions have no problems. Neither to the free fall sequences (in these Batman throws himself down and must capture a falling object or person before they run out of height, you can control your speed via the cape and move around with the analog stick, simple yet fun). Now the fighting is a different story. When fighting Batman switches to a sort of 2D style fighting while still being able to move around in 3D. When Batman is in this mode the fighting is easy, punch, kick, block, and power moves can be easily done. But the problem is getting into this mode. Your enemies sometimes carry guns. So as you approach them and start punching them Batman should switch to the fighting mode and the thug will drop his gun and fight back. But a lot of times Batman won't go into fighting mode. This gets very annoying because as you are there running around like an idiot trying to punch the guy (Batman moves very fast in this game so punching while not in fighting mode is very hard) he's just unloading clips of ammo on you.

Another part of the game play is the first person mode. This is how Batman uses most of his gadgets. One thing I was happy about is the amount of gadgets available to use. This mode isn't hard you just chose the gadget, aim with the cross-hairs and shoot. Batman moves pretty fast while doing this so it's very simple. The game also freezes when switching gadgets so Batman won't be getting constantly shot at. There's only one problem I found with this. Although there's a lot of gadgets to choose from, there's rarely any ammo for any of them. Most of the ammo is regular Batarangs, which are useless, and electric Batarangs, these however do come in handy when trying to disarm far away targets.

The sound is good. The original cast of the animates series provided their voices for the game. The only problem is that the voices in the cut-scenes are too low. But simple lower the other sounds in the game and raise the volume in your TV/stereo of whatever you use. Everything else is good, from the punches and swift kicks, to he roaring engine of the Batmobile.

For re-playability the game offers moderately. The game is fun and it's possible to go back and play any level you want. There's also points possible for most levels. Getting more points unlocks more power moves, all the points unlock the ultimate power move. There's also some envelopes scattered throughout the game that unlock a certain cheat.

Overall this is a good Batman game, not many good Batman games have been made. One of the reasons I think it's good is because it's based on the animated series rather than comics or movies which most past Batman games have been based on. The story is good, just like the graphics and sound. The only problem is the fighting, but it isn't enough to ruin the game. Now that this game is old and pretty cheap, it's definitely a buy, I doubt most rental places carry it anyways.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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