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Reviewed: 08/25/02 | Updated: 08/25/02

Holy licensed game, Batman!

Sunk deep in the stupor of the mediocrity that was the PS2's starting line-up, I stumbled across this game, nestled firmly between the terrible Evergrace and the disappointing Kessen. So I picked this little gem of mediocrity up, and decided to give it a whirl. It was alright. Nothing I'd go back for though, and nothing you should consider buying. First off, as in most games that are heavily ported, the...

...Graphics: 7/10
are pretty decent but nothing stunning. Despite the abundance of jagged edges the graphics actually do a fairly good job of creating a dark and sinister gotham city. Not bad at all, although certainly not surreal as are the graphics of MGS2 and FFX. These graphics don't give you the impression that you are actually the dark night himself, but they're serviceable.

Gameplay: 5/10
Occasionally when fighting bad henchman, they will simply move too fast for you to land a punch without getting hit hard first. You will no doubt end up simply mashing buttons under the torrent of blows. Some of the vehicle stages are also pretty hard to get the knack of; you go so fast you really have to get the level memorized and then do it. Rote memorization is never really fun in a game, and that detracts a little. To add to the list of complaints is the camera angle. Sometimes you'll miss a very frustrating jump simply because of the shoddy camera angle. More often than that you will be running around in circles praying to get the camera to follow you. Not very fun, especially in a level where haste is needed (or you simply want to escape from the bad guys you knocked out). The ''battle'' system is also a little weird, when you run near a bad guy you enter into a new ''area'' where your commands will do things like punch and kick and such. There are some combos to be performed but what could have been an intriguing fighting system simply gets dull and monotonous after about the fifth level. Punch, kick, perform combo, repeat, handcuff. Also you cannot use your tools in battle! Tools don't come into play in battle, save for handcuffing and disarming someone with a gun (which, pointlessly enough, you can do as easily with your kicks and punches as with a batarang). Not a very fun game to play, an even less so when the...

Sound/Audio: 7/10
Music is so durn bad! It's basically batman tunes and other stuff that will annoy you to no end, make you get even more pissed when you make a mistake jumping, and
generally make you turn your TV on mute. The sound effects are nothing great either, but the soft pitter-patter of batman's feet is pretty atmospheric, as well as the batcloak getting taut in the wind. The sound effects passable as average.
However, the VA is quite good, as it is all from the original series. Too bad Robin isn't included in this game...oh well. The VA gets a 10 because they are all from the original cartoon, so you can't really ask for more. Fans of the cartoon will be appreciative of the job done here in the voice acting department. I was. But average sound, bad music, and good VA give this game a seven in this department. Once again slightly above average.

Story: 8/10
I applaud the game creators for actually making a decent plot. Unfortunately, it has the mandatory plot twist (now getting a little predictable...) about a 'surprise' bad guy. Still, a story that could have been worthy of a 10 part miniseries on Cartoon Network is pretty good. One of the best parts of the game was the story.

Replayability: 2/10
There are actually a ton of secret things to get in this game, but why would you want to? I surely wouldn't wish to play this one over again.

Overall, a decidedly average experience and one that I would not like to repeat anytime soon. Bad music, so-so graphics, and a terrible camera angle and dull battle system make this little game a rent. Unfortunately, Ubisoft has saturated all next gen game systems with their little ''title'' and I recommend to any owner of any system, don't buy this game. Rent it if you must. And if you are a diehard fan of batman add a point to my review, simply because you will be fit to burst with all the neat bat-gadgets.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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