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Reviewed: 12/28/01 | Updated: 12/28/01

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When it comes to Batman games, there isn’t one that I’ve found yet that doesn’t make me want to give up gaming with anything Batman related. Vengeance, while one of the better ones on the pile, still doesn’t deliver the goods in my eyes, and that only comes with the linear game play and limited fighting options that you have to work with! Considering that games like this seem to come out of the woodwork whenever a company decides that there is some money to made with a franchise, you never really have a game that has all of the features that you would to have. In this case, my biggest beef with the game is that the different ways that you can go never seem to variate other than moving from point A to point B and do a little fighting in between. The different modes that you come across while you play are rather nice, and I’ll explain what they are, but in the end there is just too little here to put it above the rest of the games that are already out there and other titles that are done in a better fashion!

The game play is comprised of a couple of different types in which your main goal is the side scrolling stages that you battle enemies through. While the game doesn’t do too much to create an original environment to play through, you’ll find that there is just enough action involved with the game that you have a rather fun and enjoyable time playing! However, there are immediate problems with the battle system in which you’re limited in what you can do and just how hard and fast you can fight against the computer controlled enemies. The difficulty of the game is another problem, in which the first few fights are easy, but as you roam through the numerous stages {18 or 19 in all} you’ll find that the difficulty is ramped up near the end of the game in such a way, that one on one fights take a considerable amount of time to complete. With Batman, you would expect some of the weapons that the Caped Crusader would have at his disposal, and you won’t be disappointed. However, another minor problem is that the game doesn’t offer enough opportunities to use these weapons in battle and there is a lack of action in that respect.

Controlling Batman is another problem altogether in which you have to have a good understanding of a hybrid three-dimensional world in which Batman moves. If you have any understanding of how to use the analog sticks in conjunction with the directional pad, then you should have no problem learning how to use the punch, kick and block system that the game features! With the amount of platform jumping that you may have to do and even some of the vehicle controls, you’ll have to learn how to use the controls in such a way that you don’t end up getting yourself killed in the process. Veterans to this type of gaming shouldn’t have a problem picking up and playing through the game with just a few minutes of play, and something that I will give credit for is that the training option is available for both beginners and veterans alike. To me, that is a plus in which you can learn how to play the game and aren’t flying as blind as a {gracious pun} bat!

Visually, the game doesn’t suffer from too much of the jagged edges that you may find in games of this type. In later stages, you may find that the different visual inconsistencies come up at a more frequent rate, but if you’re not really looking for them, then you won’t notice them too much. Something else that bothers me a little bit is that the game lacks the amount of detail that I would expect from a Batman game. This is more or less attributed to the fact that the game is based off of the animated series, so if you’re a huge fan of that series, then you’ll find that everything here is recreated in the same dark, semi-serious animations and environments that you would find in the cartoon!

Audio wise, the game offers you some adventurous music, but only in the same fashion that the animated series on television offers. While not the most impressive or even memorable music that you’ll ever hear in a video action game, you’ll still find that it seems to fit the different moods and modes that the game has to offer. The sound effects are rather impressive though, aside from the generic thuds and smacks, but more with the less played voice-overs that are straight from the animated series! When you add all of these factors together, you have a game that isn’t too overly hard on the ears, but melds together for a rather enjoyable experience for the one time through.

Batman Vengeance isn’t a bad game, and is certainly on the upscale of other Batman games that have been released in the previous years. Considering that the game is more or less based off of the animated series that is a rather popular cartoon, there isn’t much here that differs from what you would see in that, including the bosses, the places and the overall look of the game! However, the best visuals that I’ve seen in a Batman game don’t appear here and in all actuality, you may find that looking at the game is more or less like watching an extended cartoon in which you control what happens. The control is twitchy in some cases, but there are redeeming points that come with the training mode, and even though the game is rather linear it can be a little fun to play if you haven’t ever played a Batman game before. Batman fans rejoice and revel in the fact that there is a rather interesting Batman game out there on the market. If you’re a weekend warrior or a more in depth action gamer, you might want to let this game slide by and look for something a little more serious!

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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