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Reviewed: 12/03/01 | Updated: 12/03/01

Bat-Fun... Almost.

Well, first I must say I like Bat-Man and I like cartoons, and I think it's a great idea (and a great job too) to base the game style on his cartoon's. Then we're use to lots of mediocre superhero's games (or licensed stuff in general), and this one is really a good game. After that it's not a Metal Gear Solid or Devil May Cry, but if you like ''Batsy'', Joker, Harley Quinn, Freeze and Poison Ivy, you can give it a try.

Graphics/Sound: 8/10 - As I've said Ubi Soft made a really good job putting a 2D cartoon into a 3D playstation game. Bat-Man himself is dark and cool, and also all the other characters are very nice. The animation is fluid and the whole picture is good. Also the CG movies are beautiful. The sound is fine as well, with changing of the theme during the encounters of villains. Also the voices are good (I think the same of the cartoon - I don't know, I watch'em in Italian!!)

Gameplay: 6/10 - Well, 6 on 10 is not very high, but there are a couple of things that sometimes make the game annoying. First I don't like very much to switch every time from the 3rd person prospective to the 1st when I fight with the batarangs (and being hit by the bad guys!). Another thing I hate is that platform-like part where you have to walk on Gotham's buildings on the narrow paths or jump from a roof, risking to fall and start from the beginning several times (same stuff inside the factory where you can fall in the acid). The good is the one on one fights, with nice easy combos (you earn during the game) even if it's not so realistic when you start with one villain, the other keep waiting you've done to attack.

Story/Challenge: 8/10 - Nice plots, again pretty like the cartoon style. The game is in general easy/medium. Puzzles are very easy but sometimes bosses are quite hard and you must try and try for several times (sometimes annoying!).

Replay Value: 4/10 - I don't replay games, so I didn't with this one as well. I think the only reason to replay is to get the best score, but you're going to face exactly the same game because it's completely linear. Not very attractive.

Overall: 7/10 - Fun game, not a masterpiece, but if you like Bat-Man you'll enjoy it. If you're not a fetishist collector you probably better rent it (you can beat it easily in a week) and with no replay maybe it's not worth 50 bucks (I think it'll be quite easy also to find the game pre owned... up to you).

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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