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Reviewed: 11/18/01 | Updated: 11/18/01

Good, for Batman fans, rent it otherwise

I liked this game, I bought it at 11:00pm Friday night, played it for 14 gaming hours and had done all there was to do, from completion to secrets.
This is common for me, wasting money because I can afford to, if you cannot, and will only buy 10 games this year, buy MGS2 because you have my guarantee it's better, same with NHL2002, Gran Turismo A-Spec and Red Faction.
So I recommend for 1001 reasons that you rent this game, not buy it. You will finish it in the allotted 2 days and can then judge if it is worth purchasing.

Graphics/Audio 10/10: I loved it, the cape was extraordinary, but when the mouths move, they look like muppets on novocaine. Oh, it's too quiet, don't flip from game to T.V, you'll go deaf.

Replay value 1/10 Unless you like Batman, you better like Batman. If you do, the value is limitless, I don't think I wasted my money.

Controls 8/10 Some rough points, but once you get the hang of it, great. The fighting is tough to get a hang of, and understand how it works but when you get combos down, and the crazy Batman abilities, the fights look cool. The batgrapple control sucks though, but Batman looks cool when he flies.

Storyline 10/10: You are in a Batman comic here, it was great! For the first time, I didn't see the plot twists, you probably wont understand it all until the end, unless you have the Batman logic.

Fun/Frustration 9/10: Only one section enraged me, suitable challenge, not excessive, but there are no easy/medium/hard levels. You can make it a lot more fun by NOT going to the message boards and FAQ's and looking for help. Earn all there is to earn and the game gets cooler.

Batman's toys 4/10 They were horrible, not up to par with expectations, especially for a Billionaire, don't be fooled by the back of the box, that's all you get -1 type of Batarang.

Lack of Alfred earns a certain amount of disdain from me.
Voices from the cartoons add tons of respect from me.
Coolness value that makes you proud to own a Ps2 9/10
I felt good playing this, it was like....really cool, technology I don't understand rocks!!

So, from Batman's square chin and straightforwardness to the Joker's cone chin and insane humour, it was accurate in the personalities, appearances and abilities of the characters

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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