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Reviewed: 11/04/01 | Updated: 11/04/01

Only if you REALLY like Batman!

I'm a pretty big fan of the animated series, but there's not enough Harley Quinn in the WORLD to make me actually enjoy this game. The graphics are nice, and the scene with the batmobile was definitely fun, but that's about all the game had to offer me.

The Batplane would have been cool, but since you can just barely see where you're shooting, let alone what you're shooting at, it makes the combat element pretty pathetic. Flying around Gotham on the other hand was quite fun, but when you're paying so much attention to your target, it's hard to enjoy weaving in and out of the buildings

The fighting is half-notch, going up against huge enemies who just keep blocking and throw in a punch here and there can only make me wonder what were they thinking when they created this A.I.? (Come on Batman, you should be able to waste these guys!) On top of that, once you've begun a fight with one enemy, you can't exit the fight and jump away unless you put enough distance between you and your enemy (something which is practically impossible)

The levels were definitely huge and complex, but I found myself repeatedly doing the same jump over and over again because Batman apparently uses his own discretion as to which edges he grabs on to. The Bat-grapple was about the best toy they had in the game, but if you can't grapple on to just about anything, what's the point?

Gameplay: 4, the game flows pretty smoothly and keeps your attention, in fact the smooth and relatively constant flow of the game is almost the only thing that kept me pressing on after my attention was repeatedly shattered by being forced to try the same ROOM over and over again.

Control: 2, Although most of the moving around is in generally open areas, when you really need to hit a good, timed jump, B:V fails miserably

Audio/Visual: 6, Relatively good looking game still staying true to the style the animated series was done in

Replayability: 1, I can honestly think of no reason I would want to play any aspect of this game again, quite frankly I'm just glad I'm done with it

Bottom line, this game had huge potential but fell horribly short much like all the other recent Batman games, if you're a huge Batman nut (animated, not original), you'll probably love this game, if you're not bat-crazed, trying renting it when it's the second to last option on the shelves.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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