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Reviewed: 10/23/01 | Updated: 10/23/01

Let the Batarangs Fly! Vengeance is a Winner!

Okay, let's face it. Our pointy-eared Hero has had a much better run in the Box Office than in any video game released in the past. Gotham Racer for the PSOne left MUCH to be desired, and Batman Forever...Well, ya know. That is, until now.
Batman: Vengeance for the Playstation 2 brings us a slew of different levels, incorporating most everything Bat-Fans have come to love; Dynamic Characters, Versatile weapons, Gritty City atmosphere and hardcore action.
All this is wonderfully strung together thanks to gorgeous graphics (comparable only to the award-winning cartoon series), Top-notch voice acting by the original stars and an incredible music score. Keeping the game constantly new and exciting at every turn. And since each few levels plays out like a different episode, it rarely becomes repetitive on the eyes & ears.
Great lengths have obviously been gone to give Batman's cape a life of It's own, while distant spotlights and blood-red skies shroud the enormous skyline that is Gotham City. The villains you face range from small-time thug to all-out Boss fights, and with a rogue's gallery such as Batman's, You can be sure that they aren't pushovers.
Controlling Gotham's Hero is made easy-to-learn, thanks to an incorporated training session in the Batcave. Batman's moves are stunning to watch, as He hits, kicks, and hurls His arsenal with gritted teeth. There are also vehicle levels as well, in which You are given a simple show of controls, and than let's you rip into it. Chasing Thugs in the infamous Batmobile has never been more fun.
The only complaints I can see arising would mostly have to be due to the very sensitive controls. A mere tap on the Analog joystick can mean life or death to old Batsy. This makes platform jumping a bit difficult at times, and makes you wish the Bat-Grapple was more accessible. The characters, while wonderfully animated, don't always sync well with the voice-acting. And while Mark Hamill's Joker remains the best version of the Clown Prince Of Crime so far, It falls strange at times when his lips don't quite spell it out. The range of characters is well rounded, except for the obvious absence of Robin, which is never explained, nor uttered. (BatGirl mans the BatComputer and provides information while Alfred's voice takes Bruce/Batman through the training levels)
All in All, I have to give credit to Ubi-Soft for finally giving the Batman franchise the detail and love it deserves on a video game. Fairly easy to pick-up & Play, and a great experience even for those who prefer their Hero's in other tights.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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