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Crash is finally back to his adventures, and is better than ever! 11/11/01 AbsurdSnyper
Is it me or is Crash Bandicoot came to PS2 Crashing? 02/17/02 ACamelo
Three words sum up this creation:Greatest.Game.Ever 01/23/02 Angry Baboon
It's a shame really.... 02/17/02 Bryn2k
A brilliant sequel with outstanding Gameplay, but how long does this game take to load? 06/30/04 Casanova973
One of the best Crash games ever! 06/29/06 CrunchBandicoot
Good, but falls short of great.. 01/18/02 DaviO
If the loading went any slower, it would be going backwards 05/27/02 Gabesnake
ZzZzZzZz..... oh...has the loading finished yet? [A cool and fun game, but there's nothing new.] 11/17/01 Haku Kaen
Crash's latest platform jump isn't so impressive... 09/28/02 harrytipper72
People are way too harsh on this game. 02/06/03 KI Simpson
Crash Bandicoot is back and there’s no stopping him. 10/14/03 LightScribe
A fine addition to the Crash series 03/05/02 Millers C
I love this game anyway 11/17/01 nabuch
I don't get why everyone hates this game! 12/28/01 NeoSephiroth373
Not good, but not bad 07/15/02 Rockdog
An OK game, but the worst Crash game 01/04/02 ryan167893
First-Time Crasher is Disappointed. 12/31/01 ShannRD
Yes yes, there's not much new, blah blah blah. It doesn't matter; if you like crash games there's no real reason not to like this one 12/26/01 Stiflers Mom
Bring a book! 02/25/02 The Pauliwog
Crash is back, but horrible loading times 05/02/02 viihdemedia
Lets do this thing....again 10/26/02 WAAZZZ UP
You could buy this game. Or you could buy the other titles found on the PSX. Basically, they're the same thing. 08/13/02 Wamx
Crash is back in his first PS2 adventure, and this time he isn't riding karts, or partying hard, he's kicking Cortex's butt! 02/09/02 Wild Gunman

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