1. Aya Kyogoku Assistant Director
  2. Hitomi Fukaumi Assistant Planner
  3. Chikahito Ikami Assistant Planner
  4. muE Assistant Planner
  5. Masaki Oka Assistant Planner
  6. Taka Tanaka Assistant Planner
  7. Kouji Yasumura Assistant Planner
  8. Takashi Doumoto Assistant Programmer
  9. Tetsuya Ikawa Assistant Programmer
  10. Kunimori Assistant Programmer
  11. Minoru Miyajima Assistant Programmer
  12. Kazuyuki Takata Assistant Programmer
  13. Taku-chan Assistant Programmer
  14. Hitoshi Tatemoto Assistant Programmer
  15. Satoshi Iwasaki BGM & SE Composer
  16. Isao Kasai BGM & SE Composer
  17. Makoto Suehiro BGM & SE Composer
  18. Kenji Tani BGM & SE Composer
  19. DEN Chief Designer
  20. Shuhei Fujinaga Chief Designer
  21. Hiroaki Banba Designer
  22. Toshinari Fujii Designer
  23. Yasunari Hayami Designer
  24. Satomi Iwasaki Designer
  25. Kenichi Kaji Designer
  26. Kouichi Maenou Designer
  27. Goro Yamawaki Designer
  28. Takeshi Murata Director
  29. Hideki Yayama Director
  30. Cozy Okada Executive Producer
  31. Kiyotaka Ueda Game Design
  32. Yumikoh Hattori Main Planner
  33. Hirokazu Matsuno Main Programmer
  34. Katsuya Terada Monster Design
  35. Kenji Horinouchi Motion Designer
  36. Tetsuya Matsui Motion Designer
  37. Takuya Okamoto Motion Designer
  38. Makoto Sugiura Producer
  39. Tomohiko Sato Sound Producer, BGM Title & Opening


Data and credits for this game contributed by akeboshi, Blk_Mage_Ctype, Blueberry Buttface, green0tea, LordAndrew, oliist, and RFH.

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