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Guide and Walkthrough by ChetFlavin

Updated: 04/22/2002

Blood Omen 2 Strategy Guide
By Chetflavin
April 22, 2002

 If you're reading this, you're having trouble with Blood Omen 2. This can be a
spoiler free walkthrough if you don't read ahead of where you are! Well I hope
this guide can help you. It is written from the Playstation 2 version of the
game....with its many defects. And in the end I mainly wrote this to get the
$50 bounty.

Table of Contents
5.Dark Gifts
6.Strategy Guide

Red/Blue Lore Chests: Contains 3 things of magical energy that fills the lore
meter. The Blue chests contain 5. They are operated the same way of sucking

Vampire Weapon Power-Up Chests: Increases the power of Kain's weapon at hand.
It will be endowed with a purple hue. His claws won't work with this and once a
weapon is used with this the chest, the chest cannot be used again. Also if the
endowed weapon is switched with another normal weapon it loses its increased

 I'm not going to list all the weapons and they're attacks because they are all
pretty much the same. When holding a weapon they appear below your rage bar and
turn red when about to break. Their strengths go along relatively with their
size. However I will divide them into three categories:

Claws:These act just like normal weapons except weaker.

Normal Weapons:(Spiked Club,Dagger,Long Sword,Sarafan Staff, Cutlas,Dual-Bladed
Staff, Small Ax)
All these weapons can do three hit combos. When holding a grabbed opponent you
can do three weak hits by pressing the attack button, do a heavy attack by
pressing up and attack, or throw them a great distance by pressing up and the
grab button. I recommend to inflict the most damage is to do two weak hits and
finish off with either the heavy attack or throw.

Best Weapons:(Great Ax, Broad Sword)
Like the normal weapons these are identical. Same three hit combo, same moves
when holding a grabbed enemy. However, with these weapons by pressing up and
attack you can behead the enemy. This can be a relief if you don't like long
battles. Their are several enemies this can't work with. Of course the
non-grabbable spiders and demon spiders but also any enemy with shoulder pads.
They are the ones holding these weapons to begin with! So for these guys just
go with two weak hits then the throw.

All enemies that attack are treated the same way. You block and then attack
when there's an opening. But I'll go thru the local yokels of Meridian anyways.
If they can be grabbed a (g) will be next to their name and if they can be
decapitated with the best weapons a (d) will be next to their name.

Citizens(g)(d): These include the men, women, and guys with white face paint
that aren’t carrying weapons. They populate Meridian in order to provide a nice
drink for Kain and in some places to provide storyline when they're conversing
with each other.

Thugs(g)(d): The weakest weapon carrying enemies of the game. They are
shirtless men covered in tattoos. They usually take three hits to kill and drop
a spiked club for you to take. There is no skill involved for these guys so
just block, attack, and grab till they're dead.

Thieves(g)(d): Ninja like women armed with a dagger and crossbow. They are a
little stronger then Thugs in the fact that they can shoot you from a distance
with their crossbows. But in close just block their attacks and kill them
anyway you like. Three hits won't always kill them but at the very least put
them into a dying state(where they crawl away for a few seconds before dying).

Guards(g)(d):Armor clad men, shaved bald with mouth pieces. Their weapon of
choice is the long sword. With a weapon, they usually take six hits to go down.
Also they are the first enemy you run into with an unblockable attack. You'll
see them crouch back and glow red, and you'll have to dodge by either jumping
to the left or right.

Glyph Guards(g)(d): Armor infused with glyph energies are worn by these men in
order to detect vampire presence. Use the same strategy you use for regular
guards. The only thing making them different from guards is that they can find
you when you're in mist form. Other than that they are just like guards, even
carry the same weapon. Except for later in the game when some carry dual-bladed

Priests(g)(d): These are basically a combination of guards and thieves dressed
up in white cloaks. The weapon they carry is a staff with the Sarafan symbol on
the end of it. Anyways treat them like guards to take them out. I say
combination of guards and thieves because at one point in the game they are
able to shoot you just like the thieves.

Knight(g): These are beefed up versions of the guards with huge shoulder pads
preventing decapitation and are armed with great axes. Treat them like all
other enemies, blocking, occasionally using your rage meter, and waiting for an
opening to attack. They also have an unblockable attack in which they glow red
and charge at you.

Glyph Knight(g): These are to knights as glyph guards are to guards. Basically
its just the same as a knight but carries a broad sword instead and can detect
you in mist.

Beast Demons(a.k.a. green spider like things): For these creatures, wait for
there combo and after two blocks attack them. Their unblockable attack starts
off with a faint green glow and leaning back in order to hurl up on them.

From this point on treat any other enemy you come across like a guard. Except
the spiders in the eternal prison, treat them like beast demons.

This game is on three different platforms. And luckily for me, the creators of
the games put the instructions for controls in the game(they appear as texts on
the screen at certain key points of the game).As you play thru the game, it
tells you how to move, run, jump, suck blood, use dark gifts, and all other fun
little things Kain can do.

5.Dark Gifts
Fury: One of the two dark gifts you start off with. Fury is one single powerful
blow which can come in hand early in the game before you get better dark gifts.
In order to use it you'll have to fill your rage meter by blocking attacks. The
meter can fill up blue or red. Blue is when a non rage using gift is in place
and red is for rage moving dark gifts. So when fury is being used block until
the red glows a bright red. That glow means you can unleash fury's one powerful

Mist: Mist is the other dark gift you start off with. Mist only works when
there is a small mist covering the ground. Otherwise there is no other
requirement to use it. While in mist mode you can sneak up behind enemies and
perform stealth kills. In order to do a stealth kill you have to be behind the
enemy, in mist form, and you have to be close enough to where a faint image of
a skull appears above the victims head. When that skull is there you can do two
different kinds of stealth kills for each weapon(note some weapons have the
same stealth kills). To do the first one just press attack when the skull is
there, for the second one press up and attack at the same time. You can take
out at least one person at each field of mist but I don't recommend this for
Glyph carrying enemies for they can find you in this form.

Jump: Acquired from the first boss you defeat, jump lets you leap vast
distances. It works by first pressing the dark gift button and with a shadow
image of yourself, position where you'll land. If the shadow turns purple it
means you can jump there and if white it means you can't. Jump can also be used
as an attack. Align the shadow image with an enemy and if it turns red, you
will be able to jump punch them. However some enemies will see you and jump out
of the way in order to take advantage of a brief window of attack on your jump
recovering self. This will be referred to as 'd.g. jump' in the strategy guide.

Charm: Acquired from boss #2, charm lets you controlled week minded citizens in
order to flip switches and valves normally inaccessible by you. Notice how I
said citizen, as in no hostile creature.

Berserk: Acquired from boss #3, Berserk works like Fury accept where Fury only
dealt one blow, this unleashes a great combo.

Telekinesis: Acquired near the end of level seven, telekinesis is used to open
locks or, like in soul reaver, harm enemies. Harming enemies is cheap but they
fixed it to where it isn't as cheap like in soul reaver where you could
continuously shoot.

Immolate:Aquired from boss #4, Immolate works like both Fury and Berserk,
accept instead of dealing physical blows it kills the enemy highlighted

6.Strategy Guide
Chapter One: The Slums "Welcome to Meridian"
After being awoken and talking with Umah you'll arrive at the training level.
It's referred to as the training level because the game tells you how to do
everything and you don't really need a strategy but I provide one anyways.

Umah introduces the vampiric whisper that will be used to convey much dialogue
for Kain. Just run forward past the first checkpoint. You can kill the citizens
around here but at this point it is worthless because you can't suck their
blood yet. Keep following the path until an in game cinema starts with Umah
telling you how to jump. Follow her directions to jump up to where she is to
invoke the next in game cinema where Umah teaches you how to float to the
ground. Float to the ground and then follow the path, jumping over the fence
and coming to a dead end where you have to throw a switch to be able to enter a
tunnel. Follow this path and you'll see Umah running and a gate close behind
you, this is where you learn how to open doors that are highlighted when
standing next to them. Open the door, cross the checkpoint and open the next
door and get ready to feed! From now on you are able to suck blood from the
dead. You also learn of vampire lore, a.k.a. the purple meter. Every time that
meter is filled(it is filled by lore boxes and sucking blood) it will increase
your blood meter. In the next area you have to suck the chained person on the
wall to increase your lore(when he screams and glows with red fire) in order
for the lever at the end of the hallway to operate. From now on, kill
everything you see and suck there blood. Even if you're blood meter is full it
will still fill the lore meter. Continue following the path to the next check
point where Umah will inform you of how vampires can be killed by water(hint:
don’t jump in it) and the lore chests. Suck them like you would a human to fill
your lore bar. Aside from the one Umah was standing next to, there is one to
the right of it behind a house. Continue on the path going toward the green
barrier. Umah will tell you how you can't walk thru it because it hurts you.
Now follow Umah into the sewer and cross the checkpoint to initiate combat
training. The first part is blocking, whether it is assisted or skilled just
block for a while till the next phase of training begins. You will then learn
how to attack and grab in similar fashions. Umah will tell you to continue thru
the sewer so do like she says till the next checkpoint. Pull the switch there
to drown out the water in the pit in order to get to the next side and continue
following the path. And here it is your first battle! It is a common thug, the
weakest enemy of the game. Also the game informs you of how to use the dark
gift of Fury. Finish him off, suck his blood, grab his weapon, and continue
down the path taking a left at the fire to find a lore chest. Do a 180 and go
in that direction following the path to the graveyard where you learn about
your next dark gift, Mist. Kill the thug and citizen that dwell here then run
behind that big memorial in the back to find another lore chest. Now head in
the direction Umah ran off where you will learn how to pick up weapons and use
a weapon box. Continue the path killing citizens until Umah tells you how about
glyph energy. Before following her directions of using the switch run to the
right of it to kill the thug who would have hurt you while you used the switch.
Also to the right is another lore chest. Anyways pull the first switch which
will send that green glowing glyph energy to the next switch, which when pulled
will finally open the gate. Umah tells you about the Glyph Rights(a.k.a. the
blue cloaked guys with metal mouth-pieces). Run across the checkpoint in the
tunnel to your next area. There is a lore chest on the left, a thug killing a
citizen in front, and further ahead a lore chest in a field of mist for you to
stealth kill in. Before heading to higher ground follow the path thru the mist
to a switch that is needed to be pulled. Now climb to higher ground, ala the
bridge that the citizen-attacking-thug ran out from under it, and follow that
path to yet another switch needing to be pulled. Run thru the newly open
passage to the check point in the mist field. Now before you stealth kill the
next guy, first you have to turn off the steam vents that would have hurt you
brining you out of mist form and alerting the thug to your presence. So look
for a valve to your right to turn and proceed with the killing. Run down the
stairs to the left of you and after reaching the bottom, turn completely around
and run toward the fire you see(not in the fire because that hurts, I mean its
just common since). Near there is another lore chest but don't suck it up right
away because a thug is coming for you. Take him out, suck the lore chest, and
run in the direction he came from in order to take on more thugs. After they're
all dead you meet Umah again and she'll tell you about Sanctuary. In the
cinema, you and Umah will be separated. When its over, run forward into thru
the doorway right in front of you killing a thug near a ladder. Climb up the
ladder and run into the dead end to find a lore chest. Go back to where the
ladder left you and to your right(or if you just climbed the ladder, your left)
jump up on a shack to find a new check point. Follow the path jumping down on
roof tops till you reach a dead end where you have to jump across a big
distance to get to the next rooftop. Before you jump across, jump down into the
alley and take out another thug. Climb back up the ladder and jump across.
Follow the path here to find a new weapon, the dagger, and once again jump
across to a new ledge with a door to open. Go thru the door and the game will
tell you how to move boxes. Pull the box in that room once in any direction and
go thru the door it was blocking. Follow the path and go into the only open
doorway you see there, before using the elevator, look to the right of it to
find another lore chest. Now go down the elevator, find a thug to kill down
here(near the fire)and pull a switch opening a previously inaccessible area
above. Take the elevator back up and jump down into that area. Follow the path,
killing citizens and thugs you come across, and at the end find a switch
puzzle! Its very simple, just pull the switch to open the gate, then pull the
crate under the gate, then pull the switch again. Run thru this tunnel and the
final in game cinema of the level will ensue. You'll meet your contact, he'll
tell you to go thru smuggler's tunnel. And all the while a mysterious figure,
obviously not human(by the way he jumped twenty feet distance), listening in to
your conversation.

Chapter Two: The Den "Creatures of the Night"
Kain starts off in an area filled with citizen which you can happily kill.
Anyways from where you start off, follow the path crossing over the check point
and take the first right at the end of this path is a lore chest and a switch
to pull. Pull the switch and follow the green glow of its path to a valve you
have to turn to open a gate. Near the gate though however is a new thug that
wasn't there before, so kill him and proceed to go through the gate. In this
new area turn to mist as soon as possible or you'll be shot by the new enemy,
the thief. Quickly stealth kill the two thieves here and proceed up the ladder
in the blue area. Go thru the door, turn right at the check point and go down
the stairs on your left. There's a lore box near the lamp post. Continue down
the path killing the three thugs you come across. Pull the switch at the end of
the path and return to the checkpoint at the beginning of this area. Don't go
back thru the door but go down the path you ignored earlier to cross the bridge
you just released. Go thru the door, down the stairs, thru the hall to run into
a thief. Turn the only valve you can in the room to open a path to a lore chest
to drain. Go back and run past the closed off area up the stairs to fight yet
another thief. Once this deed is done, look for a switch in that room to pull.
Go back downstairs to the previously closed area, turn the valve to open it,
pull the switch in their, and use the weapon box if you have a weapon. Now go
back upstairs, out the door pulling a switch to turn off the glyph gate. Go to
mist form in the mist cloud up ahead and take out the two thugs. Drain the lore
chest to the left of where you offed the thugs and then continue back on you
path. You'll reach another mist area with two thieves, stealth kill them like
usual and continue on your way. Open the gate with the valve, turn all misty,
stealth kill the thief, and just take the thug out the regular way you would.
Follow the path to the check point next to the tavern you can enter. Kill the
four citizens lurking about and head up the stairs in order to meet another
contact. After hearing what he has to say there is no rule saying you can't
kill him so take action! At the top of the stairs you'll have to kill a thug
and then pull back a book case hiding a passage. Once thru, kill the thief here
and then run down the stairs and out the door. Follow the path taking out the
two thugs you come across. In this area is a box you can move, push it toward
the chain link fence you see, you can't push it all the way forward but it is
close enough to where you can jump off of it over the fence landing on the next
check point. Drain the lore chest, follow the path, kill the thug, and once
again follow the path to the church. At the church is another mist field and
you get to kill your first Sarafan Guard. Stealth kill him, and then take out
his friend on the other side of the church. Once they're both dead, in the area
where the second one was, jump up on the crates and climb up the church, over
the plank into a chamber with an elevator. Go down and follow the tunnel system
till you come upon the mysterious eavesdropper from earlier talking to a glyph
right. Anyways follow the path over deadly water till you're blocked by a steam
vent, turn it off with the valve next to it. As soon as you go thru the path
look to the left and go thru the door to find both a lore chest and weapon
chest, use them and go back on the path. You'll come across an area where a
citizen will close a gate because he can see you. No matter, just run to the
small alcove in front of you and hit the switch to open it again. Before going
back though, turn to mist form so he can't see you and close the gate again.
Also, why waste perfectly good mist? Stealth kill the guard here and if the
citizen wonders into the mist, kill him in the same way. Now before trying to
get thru the next door and be infuriated with the citizens on the other side
who immediately close it, go to the left to find three switches connected to
steam vents. After pulling all three, go back to the door and to the right of
it on a pipe is a valve that when turned will burn to death those pesky humans
and you're now free to open the door.  Run into the next portion of the room,
throwing the switch to open the door, and into the mist field for another guard
stealth kill. Now you are right above where the eavesdropper was talking before
but there is no need to jump down to where he was, instead go around to a
tunnel entrance to follow. At the end pull the switch and enter the gaseous
chamber. You want to go into that pit in the middle but because of the steam
you can't get near it. So climb up the ladder and pull the first switch you
see. This switch makes the steam guarding the door on the left guard the ladder
you'll need to climb next. Anyways go thru that doorway by pulling yet another
switch and kill the guard. Run past the steam filled ladder, pull another
switch(be careful because the door it opens doesn't stay open very long) and
run through the door pulling the first switch which will make the steam go back
to the door on the left freeing the ladder. Quickly run back thru the time
released door before it closes and go up the ladder. Pull the switch and
descend back to the pit you first tried to get into. The only thing in the
place where you land is a checkpoint up on a bridge leading to your first

The eavesdropper from before turns out to be a former comrade of Kain's turned
betrayer, Faustus. After hearing his little argument you'll turn to a good ol'
fashion street brawl. In this fight he'll do jumping kicks, flip to avoid your
attacks, and combos. During the combos, block to build up your fury and use
that to help destroy him. Also during his combos, usually after three hits you
can interrupt with your own combo. Be careful when he flips back glowing red,
its his unblockable attack which you should dodge. After enough hits he'll run
away to the next chamber, follow him switching you dark gift to mist. In this
room Faustus will jump between four furnaces hurling flaming exploding chemical
beakers at you. The object is to pull the lever on the furnace he is on in
order to burn him. However, even though it can be done, just running up to the
furnace doesn't always work because he'll see you and jump away. So instead use
the mist on the floor to sneak up on him. But wait the mist isn't everywhere so
you'll have to start at certain points. Three of the furnaces mist trails start
to the right of them in a corner, and one's starts in the middle of the room.
After burning him several times, the mist will disappear and he'll jump to the
ceiling and start running around up there periodically jumping down in order to
do a jump kick towards you. Here I ran along the sides of the room with the
camera facing inward the room, and every time Faustus came down to jump at me I
was out of the way and ran back to beat up his dizzy self after hitting a wall.
After taking enough hits, he dies and starts talking with Kain. Kain then seems
to assimilate his soul and gains the new dark gift jump.

Exit thru the only opening and use your new dark gift to jump across the
bridge. To the left is the famed smuggler's tunnel right next to a fire. Go
thru and the level is completed!

Chapter Three: The Lower City "In Darkness we gather"
Upon the beginning of this level you meet Umah again. She informs you that
you're just a stones throw away from sanctuary. Also that you are to go to the
red raven pub.

First go straight forward killing two guards that might attack you. Also there
is a secret lore chest in a building in the left corner at the end of the
street. There is a huge red sign hanging in front of it. Anyway, go back the
way you came and on the right is a lore chest next to two conversing citizens.
After disposing of them, take a right up the stairs and follow it to a
ledge(game direction telling you how to jump should come up) and d.g. jump
across. Jump down into the ally past the checkpoint and go misty to kill a
thug. There are two other thugs in the facility so kill them too. After they're
dead, go down the ally near the end of the mist trail. Run up the stairs to the
left of the ally's exit and near the gate to find out that you need clearance
to get thru there. The area you are in now(between two glyph gates) contains
guards on either ends so take care of them. Anyways back to getting clearance.
Run down the end of the street toward the other gate, at the end you can see
the Red Raven Pub you were told to go to. Approach the bar maiden and she'll
tell you what to say in order to have clearance to the gated off area. Go back
and pass thru the gate, killing that jerk who didn't let you thru in the first
place, and following the path like usual. Off the two thugs you come across and
come to the next street area, adjoined to the previous one but cut off by the
glyph gates. There are 3 guards here for you to kill along with some citizens.
Once you've disposed of them climb the tall structure in the middle of the area
to find a lore chest. After draining it, d.g. jump across to a platform with a
broken ladder hanging down from it. Pull the switch there and follow the pipes
the glyph energy flows thru to find the next switch you have to pull which
opens a door. After entering the door you'll see a glyph pedestal thing to the
left of you, pull it out(it closes the door) and start dragging it towards the
area you saw the glyph right vanish. Pull out the broken glyph pedestal and
replace it with the glowing one. Before activating it look thru the area for a
spiked club if you need a weapon and a lore chest. Now go look for a switch in
the green glowing room, after the glyph energy travels all the way to the next
switch pull it and go to the checkpoint in the next room. Here, jump out the
window and follow the path, once again learning you need a password to enter an
area. So continue the path, taking out two thugs along the way. In the next
area, you're on a street again with two guards. In this area, there are two
doors you can open but the lead nowhere and contain no items. Anyways the
password you need is held by a man in a stand at the end of an ally near the
other of the two guards mentioned. After getting the password proceed back to
near where you originally came out on this street, jump up on the second level
of the street and follow the path to switch operated gate. Go through take a
left, give the guy the password, kill the guy, and be on your way. In the next
room is three morsels chained to the wall and a sword for your pleasure. Climb
up the ladder and use you're d.g. jump to get to the check point and lore box
across the roof top. Once again, d.g. jump and this time go misty to take out
two thugs up ahead. When their dead and drained follow the path and jump down
into a new area to kill two more thugs. after they're dead(did you see the
graffiti on the wall ‘No freedom under Sarafan rule')pull the lever and ascend
to higher ground again. This time d.g. jump across to the switch you just
activated. Thru the doors is a thug ready to be killed. Afterwards just follow
the path thru the office, down the stairs, thru the crates, up the stairs, and
kill another thug. Pull the switch in this room to drop a crate on the floor
making a hole for you to go into the sewers. Check the area you drop down in
for another lore chest then follow the path like always. You'll run into two
more thugs who like always are no huge threat. Don't pull the switch you see
just yet. Now go around to the left corner and into the building to find a box
next to a switch. Pull that switch and go out of this area. Jump up onto the
ledge the box is and pull it out as far as you can, go back to where you first
pulled the switch and push the box down onto the triangle catwalk and pull the
box back as far as you can. Don't push it to the end because that’s to far.
Once its there, pull the switch next to it to make a small lift bring the box
up a flight. Before you go after it push the triangle catwalk so it isn't in
its original position. now climb the ladder you see by it and get ready to
fight two more thugs again. After killing them, push the box forward twice in
order for it to fall thru the floor(otherwise it would of landed on the catwalk
again). Down here follow the path and kill the two thieves you run into. The
stairs that one of them runs down from has a lore chest at the top. Continue on
the path again, picking up a dagger if you need one. When you come across a
ladder go to the left and turn the valve to flood the area. Next use your d.g.
jump to get to the now floating piece of wood allowing you to access a new
ladder. When you come up there are two guards to take out right away. After
they're dead follow the road some more killing a thug and two more guards.
There are two doors you can open here. One is like the one you opened at the
beginning of the game with nothing in it, and one is a small shop opposite the
empty building, but it holds a lore chest. Anyways after getting all that and
killing the guards pull a switch and follow the green glow out of this area.
Well you're back in the sewers again so do like normal and follow the path
taking out two more thugs you come across. Continue on your way ignoring a path
to the left and going into a room that’s half flooded. At the entrance turn
right and climb up the ladder there. You'll arrive in an area with several
killed citizens but you didn't kill them (dun dun dunnnnn). Anyways feed off of
those free meals and jump up on the roof of the central structure. Kill the
thug there and push the box off the edge. Now you're back where you started,
leave the box there for now and run across the bridge. Pull the switch there
that opens the gate and quickly run back to the other side to push your block
in place to hold it open. Go to the previously ignored area(the left you
skipped) and turn the valve in that room. Run quickly thru the flooded room
because it will fill up again soon. Once thru there run up a couple flights of
stairs, thru a switch gate, and find a gang war of thugs. You can let them duel
it out and kill the victors. Once they're disposed of, look for another switch
gate and go thru it. Here you are introduced to your first GLYPH GUARD!!!!! You
don't face him now but he calls for you two guards to kill and he's kind enough
to set off an alarm in his area which release many more guards for you to
kill(so its a good thing he set off the alarm). Anyways ascend to higher ground
in your area and use d.g. to jump from place to place(picking up a lore chest
along the way) all the way until you're in glyph guards place. Take him out,
his guard, and the  three guards that come out of the building next to the
alarm. After everyone is dead, open the valve gate and follow the street to an
ally pat the screams coming out of the city reformatory. In the ally go to mist
and carefully sneak up and kill the thug that awaits you. Go thru the valve
gate and find a murder massacre (a.k.a. free meal) waiting for you, along with
a vampire who sounds like he has a lot of mucus in his throat. He runs off and
you have to follow him, not chase after him, follow him. So feel free to drain
any corpses you find lying about. After doing one super jump you'll have to
fight a thug. Do one more super jump and you get to talk to the mysterious
vampire I call flemy. After he jumps away, continue onward jumping down into a
new area. Here you can open the door to a book depository but once again its
pointless. anyways, kill the guard you find going down the stairs and the two
thugs at the end of the street. In the area you fight the two thugs(at the end
of the street) thru one of the glyph gates you can see a lore box. Just jump on
the crates to the right of the gate to jump over the gate to the lore box. now
go down into the sewer and pull the switch you find there. Jump into the pit
and run to the right and jump out to find a box you can move. Push it into the
pit and then position it to be where the catwalk once was. once in position  go
to the pipe reaching down from the ceiling and turn the valve on it to float
the box. Now jump back across the now flooded pit(be careful!) pull the switch
to secure the box on the cat walk. Go back and turn the valve so you can push
the box across the catwalk onto a weighted trigger in order to lift a gate. Go
thru that gate and pull the switch turning off all glyph gates. Go back to the
main street and up the newly open walk way. Before going into Blue Lady Curios,
follow the catwalk some more to find another lore chest. Afterwards go into
Curios and follow the path to sanctuary. And wow you get to meet the leader!

Chapter 4: The Upper City "A Question of Faith"
OoOoO Kain has some new cloths, very stylish with the skull shoulder pads.
Anyways just run strait thru the tunnel. When you come out to the left is a
citizen running down an ally to his death by a thugs hand in a mist field and
to the left is two guards. So since the citizen and thug are busy, take out the
two guards. Now go take out the thug in the mist field and continue along that
path. What another familiar face, and not sounding like he has a cold? Marcus,
the former ally that Kain tried to assassinate in his past, learns of your plan
to seek the bishop. Now you're in a race to get to him and to slow you up,
Marcus sends his priest cronies after you. Dispatch of them and go thru the
valve gate. Follow the passage, and once again Marcus sends cronies after you.
Go down and up the stairs right in front of you ignoring the set on the left.
At the top of the stairs kill those two priests and follow the path to a third.
In that room turn the valve to position a bridge for you to cross via the
stairs you ignored earlier. Once in the chamber, turn the valve again to
reposition the bridge to get to the other side. Upon reaching the other side,
head right to get a lore chest and go in the opposite direction to get in some
mist kills on two thugs. Continue on the path, climbing up the stairs, and see
Marcus tell the guards to kill you. Go thru valve gate killing two guards in
the mist field. Follow the street to the end killing the one guard there. To
the left of the dead end is a passage opened by the switch next to it, and
another one just like it on the other side. Immediately after going thru you're
attacked by a thief, even though there is a mist field there it is hard to get
a stealth kill. There is another thief lurking about who you can lure into the
mist field or just kill any other way. Follow the path to the dead end with the
broken ladder and movable block. Move the block under the ladder and climb it
and the next one too. On the roof you'll find a thief in the middle of a heist,
kill her and her accomplice in the house. Before leaving thru the valve balcony
make sure to get the lore box in the room. Use you d.g. jump from the balcony
to get to the open windows across the way. Kill the two guards in here and
infuse one of their weapons you took in the weapon box in the same room. Once
that’s done, run down the stairs and out the door. Go through yet another valve
gate and continue down the street killing a glyph guard and stealth killing two
normal ones. Now go through the switch door the two guards were protecting and
go thru another door inside. Pull the switch there to send out some glyph
energy and then go thru the valve gate behind you to be back on the street. Now
turn misty so a guard you'll run into won't see you and close a gate you're
trying to get thru. So in mist form open the gate supplied by glyph energy,
then sneak up on the guard and stealth kill him. Proceed thru the next switch
gate and turn off the water to the left with the valve there. Proceed to the
opposite side of the area to take out a glyph guard. Run up the stairs kill
another glyph guard, d.g. jump across to the area where you turned off the
water. Go to mist form and kill the unsuspecting guard in the area. After he's
dead, hit the valve near the fountain, clearing a path down below. Go through
this path, past the valve gate, to find a lore chest and be attacked by three
sneaky thugs. Continue on the path thru the door to a courtyard. Pull the
switch you first come across and you get to see how there not only is a glyph
guard right in front of you but the door you need open is closed. Go take care
of the enemy and then on the side opposite the hanging box turn the valve
between the two statues in order to move the water from one statue to the other
now jump in the unflooded area and pull the switch. Now go to the other side
turning the flood valve there, and the newly powered switch in the unflooded
area. Pulling it drops the box which you need to move, so pull the flood valve
again and move the box in the corner near where you entered in order to block
that gate from closing and be able to enter the area you closed off earlier. Go
thru yet another valve gate into an area with two glyph guards and mist
everywhere. After they've been taken care of go into the clock tower as
instructed by Vorador. In there, move the block once in any direction and climb
the stairs. Ignore the first switch you sea and instead use the valve next to
the huge bag. Now go back and use the switch. This opens a gated area outside
containing one glyph guard (you know how to take care of him). Continue on the
path and go up an elevator. Once it reaches the top, d.g. jump across to an
open window. As soon as you go thru one doorway look the left to find a lore
box. Go down the stairs taking out the glyph guard at the bottom and then
proceeding onto the next area. Another mist field adorned with a glyph guard to
kill. Follow the path till you see two chambers with a caged off glyph
pedestal. Climb up the ladder next to it and through the valve up there. Jump
back down the hole you came out of and move the glyph pedestal to the other
chamber. Climb up the ladder there and throw the valve again. Now move the
pedestal and get ready to fight. Go thru the switch gate you just powered up
and take out the two glyph guards. Go thru the door in the other gated off
area, killing another glyph guard. Proceed up the stairs, go thru another door,
and be in another street area. Stealth kill the three guards here, drain the
lore chest, and enter the area right by the chest. Climb a ladder you find
there and then d.g. jump to the next open ledge. Go thru the door in order to
see a guard attack a citizen. Take him out and go thru the hall. At the end of
the hall go thru the door and get a guard stealth kill. Afterwards kill the
other two guards downstairs and go thru the door one was protecting. Run thru
the dining room and into the next to find your first knight. Take him out pick
up your first great ax. It slices, it dices, and it takes heads off with a
snap. Anyways once he's dead, one of the bishop’s servants will point you in
the bishop’s direction. Run that way, taking out one glyph guard, and then his
buddy who opens the gate for you. The gate that he opens leads to a priest
filled cemetery. Take out the solitary priest in the first area and look for a
moveable block to pull. Once pulled run thru the new passage and kill the five
priests running thru this mist filled area. Before heading underground at the
end of the path, turn around and adjacent from the opening leading underground
is a lore chest. Now go underground and push in the three dark blocks on the
wall to open a new door. Run up thru there killing two more priests and go for
another underground passage. This one leading right to the bishop! But what’s
this, Marcus has his mind in control? Well this doesn't suit you. Chase after
Marcus thru familiar streets from before. Climb up the sets of ladders, jump
across roof tops, and d.g. jump thru pane glass windows, anything to get
Marcus. When you finally catch him, you both fall thru the church roof and boss
fight #2 begins.

Boss Fight #2
Marcus can turn invisible so how do you kill him you ask? By pulling the
switches on either side of the church causing bells to ring, which for some
reason really hurt Marcus's ears. After hitting him enough time, Marcus will
send his priests to cut the bells so they can no longer be activated by the
switches and then he runs upstairs. Now not only do you have to fight Marcus,
but his priests as well, and these priests have cross bows. Marcus can still go
invisible though and you can't use the bells with the switch so how do you kill
him? Go upstairs and jump into the bells. Then climb upstairs and you'll see
good ol' visible Marcus just waiting to be killed. Once he is dead, you'll get
the ability Charm.

The bishop is back to normal and he's going to help ya rescue Umah, Hurrah!

Chapter Five: The Sarafan Keep "House of my Enemy"
Uh oh, the Sarafan Keep, that must mean we've seen the last of thugs and
thieves. Well thugs at least. But don't worry, soon you'll have new enemies,
maybe not this level, but soon.

Ok, back to business, follow the guard onto the mist field and stealth kill
him. Next run up to a window and get your first lesson in brain washing(a.k.a.
charm). Anyways charm the guy into opening the door for you and return the
favor by killing him. Follow the passage and get ready to stealth kill a guard.
Run into the next room and you'll find a weapon chest. Now go back to the
hallway and turn the valve shutting off steam. Follow the path the steam was
blocking and kill the guard down the stairs. Jump down to the lower area of
this room and move the glyph pedestal that's there next to the round barrel so
it’s between the barrel and the machine. Now go to the other side of the
machine and hit the switch there to load the machine up with fuel. Now go to
the upper level and hit the switch that turns on the machine blowing up a new
path for you. Follow the new path down a hallway killing one of the last
several thieves you see in the game. Follow the path and go right up the stairs
to find a lore chest. Go down the other staircase and turn to mist. Go thru the
switch door and watch as the guards take out the last of the thieves(this is
where you are supposed to cry). You can't really get a stealth kill right here
because the mist doesn't go to that area. But following the mist to the other
place a guard and thief are fighting you can stealth kill whoever won that
fight. In that area there is also a switch you need to throw so throw it and go
back to the main room. Go thru the switch door and get ready for some stealth
killing. You have two guards and a citizen all walking thru the mist. You know
what to do. Anyways at the end of the mist take a left to find a lore chest.
Head in the opposite direction and jump down to the left into another field of
mist. Sneak behind the guard there for a stealth kill. Head in the opposite
direction again, jumping across running water to fight a glyph guard.
Introducing a new tactic: Don't have a decapitating weapon but want to finish
off the fight quick and still be able to feed afterwards? Well look no further
then the throw the enemy into the water so he drowns tactic. Here’s the, I
think the only place in the game where you can drown an enemy and then later
drink his blood. This also works on crevices and canyons. You can throw the
enemy off of something anywhere in the game but like I said earlier it’s best
to feed afterwards. Anyways back to the strategy guide. Now that the glyph
guard is dead climb up the ladders he was protecting and turn off one of the
water valves. From this catwalk d.g. to the next one on your right and turn off
the second water valve. Now jump off and walk to the third catwalk. From the
ground below, charm the guy on there and have him turn off the valve. Now jump
where the water used to be, thru a tunnel, and get ready to fight a glyph guard
when you get out. Continue down this passage thru a switch door and even though
there is a hallway full of mist, it’s a glyph guard you're trying to kill at
the end of it so I say just fight him from the get go. Now that he's dead, go
thru the door he was protecting. Turn to your left and kill the guard walking
along that pathway. At the end you'll see a ladder to the right that you can
jump to. Climb up it and turn the valve there. Jump down to the other side and
go in the middle chamber to pull the switch opening the door. Leave and kill
the guard to your right. Jump down one level and go into one of the open cell,
it contains a lore chest. Now work your way up back to where that ladder was
that you just climbed and turn that valve again. Now you are able to go thru
the newly opened door. Go thru and ride up the elevator. In this room there is
a weapon chest and an adjoined room with a switch you must pull. It unlocks the
door in the hallway next to you. Go thru it and you'll see a knight waiting to
be stealth killed. After killing him be sure to grab his great ax even though
you can't decapitate most of the enemies because they are knights, it’s just
that it’s an all around good weapon. Anyways kill the other guard in this room
and then charm the person he was talking too. With him walk around the balcony
and turn off one of the glyph gates. Return to your body and go to that
previously inaccessible area. Here you'll find several portraits depicting the
Sarafan Lord's triumph over Kain and two knights, one at the entrance and one
in a mist field down stairs. Kill both and then go up the stairs right of the
pool. Here instead of help you get a request. You now have to go back to the
mist field in the mural hallway to kill a guy in green and another knight. Once
this is done you can go down the hallway the lady was in. Here you kill yet
another knight and at the end of the hallway ride up an elevator. At the top is
another knight to kill(I know, its getting old by now) and in one of the rooms
is a lore chest. Look for the broken balcony and d.g. jump across to the other
one. To the left is a switch that lowers a ladder encase you fall and need to
get back up later. Anyways follow the balcony, d.g. jump across the mural
hallway and now you’re where you first charmed that one guy. Kill the knight
here and then walk around the balcony till you find a switch door leading to
another room. Follow the path to find a group of six knights lounging about 5
leave the room and only two stay in the next room. Jump down and kill the
solitary knight. Pull the switch near the door and climb up the ladder near the
fireplace. Once on the balcony go thru the previously inaccessible doorway.
Jump down in the next room and kill two more knights. Ride up the elevator and
get ready to turn misty. Well not yet. First climb up the stairs to your right
and pull a switch to open the door to the place where you get misty. Go thru
the hall and stealth kill the guard there. Take out the knight in the library
ahead and then go up to its balcony pulling the switch up there to reveal a
pathway behind a set of books. Go thru and charm the citizen to open the gate
for you. Run up the stairs to find a lore chest and jump back down and go thru
the new passage and kill the guard at the end of the hall. Go thru the switch
door and you get to see your first GLYPH KNIGHT. One of his guards will go into
the mist field for an easy kill. Now just kill the Glyph Knight and other guard
and you're almost done with this level. Look on the side of the building and
throw the valve there, enter the building thru the switch door. Ahhh! It’s Umah
but she's trapped behind a glyph gate that you just turned on by turning the
valve. Well while you're in there pull back the one statue you see to reveal a
secret entrance. Go back around to the side and pull turn the valve. Go back to
Umah's cell and enjoy the next in game cinema.

Chapter 6: The industrial Quarters "The Nexus Stone"
Ok, so you snuck into the industrial Quarters, now what? Follow the path like
I’ve been telling you for five chapters. Once you make it to the end, turn the
valve and go back to the first room you were in. Pull that switch and go back
to turn the valve. Now go thru the door you opened with the switch. Go up the
stairs, kill the knight, drain the lore chest, and throw the switch for the
door. Follow the path upstairs into the next room. Here throw a switch to fight
the lady replacing the thief, a more scantly clad woman with a long sword(from
now on, no more naming new enemies). Anyways throw a switch, climb a ladder,
drain a lore chest, open a door, and proceed to the next in game cinema. Take
out the two women on the bridge then jump down. On the floor level there is
another woman guarding a  switch that needs to be pulled. Kill her and pull the
switch. Afterwards you'll need to start your ascent so look in the area to the
right of the switch for a ladder to climb. Here you'll find a dual-bladed
staff, second to last new weapon. Grab it if you want. And d.g. jump across to
the huge stack of crates. D.g. jump across to the next stack, drain the lore
chest, climb the stack of crates even higher, and finally d.g. jump back to
where you’re first started the level. Go to the end of the bridge and throw the
switch. There are two men with cutlasses in here so kill them. The room to the
left has a switch you need to throw. Once thrown follow the mist trail to the
door it opens and ride the elevator style platform down. Kill the two women in
this room and then descend to the area below. Throw all four switches in each
corner and climb the ladder back up. Go to the side opposite the ladder and
pull the switch there to activate the machine below. Ride the conveyer belt
into the next room but jump off quickly to avoid falling to your death. Grab
the lore chest and proceed thru the doorway to see a neat explosion. Kill the
two men running at you and go to where they came from. Pull the switch on the
upper floor to activate your traveling vessel and proceed thru the door to jump
in it and take a ride. Jump off and climb the ladder to the right. Run down
this path kill the enemy there and climb another ladder. Turn left at the top
and run down another path killing two enemies on your way. At the end go thru
the switch door and up yet another ladder. To your right are two knights to
dispose of along with a lore chest. Run down the end pulling several switches
to ride up an elevator. Go thru the door at the top and get two stealth kills
in the upcoming mist field. Ride down the lift at the end of the path. Follow
this path to a lore chest and two glyph guards. At the end of the path jump to
the left into a tunnel. Follow this path till the end where there is an enemy
waiting for you and a door to go thru. Run thru the passages killing the glyph
guard that gets in your way. In the room with the big machine take a left and
throw a switch opening the machine which you must go thru. Follow the path
stealth killing two enemies and one glyph guard. Go thru the door and in this
room stand far away from the window while facing it. Charm one of the people
inside and have them throw the switch to one of those explosive spheres. Jump
through and go into the tunnel, taking a right at the junction to find a lore
chest. Go back to the regular path and eventually you'll see a familiar face.
Its flemmy, he warns the guards of your presence. Charm a person thru the
window to open the door for you then kill the two hostiles in the room. Go thru
the door at the end of the room, turn right and charm the person you see there.
Have them throw the switch and return to your body. Go thru this machine like
you did the one earlier and turn to mist. Stealth kill the two guards that you
run into and go thru the door one was guarding. Before using charm on the
person to your right first make a path for them by throwing the switch by the
window. Now charm them and have them go thru the machine and open the machine
on your side. Kill the two enemies in this room then go to where your
previously charmed human was to find a lore chest. Go thru the next to doorways
and once again turn to mist. Don't kill them just yet. Follow the mist field to
the next room where you can charm someone thru the window to set off explosions
killing all of them. Jump onto the elevator at the end of the path, ride it up,
and get in one stealth kill right away. Go to mist form again and follow the
mist field to the left to kill another enemy. The rest of the enemies in here
are two glyph guards so don't bother with stealth on them. After they're dead
go up the stairs to kill another enemy and drain another lore chest. Pull the
lever next to the chest and go thru the door you open below it. Charm the first
person you see and have them pull the switch in their room you can even have
them pull the switch in the next room. Return to your body and go through the
newly opened paths. Charm another guy in the next room and have him throw the
switch by the window. Return to your body and run back to the first room you
entered. Run through the machine and kill the enemy on the other side. Throw
the rest of the switches in here to activate the carts in order to get to the
next elevator. Follow the carts path and ride the elevator up. You can turn the
valve to the left of you when you leave the elevator but I'm not sure if it
does anything. Anyways go right of the elevator, up the stairs and take out the
two enemies up there. Push the barricade near the flame onto the track and pull
the barricade off of the track near the cart. Once both are out of the way,
pull the switch near the cart to set off another explosion. Run through the new
tunnel and take out the enemy and glyph guard you run across. Next d.g. jump
over the ravine to take out another enemy. Afterwards follow the path strait,
not turning at the intersection and getting the lore chest in that room. Go
back to the turn you skipped and run through it till you get to a circle dial
that raises you to the nexus stone. AHHHH! Its flemmy, but it turns out to be
your former friend Sebastian. I smell a boss fight coming on.

Boss Fight #3
Sebastian’s fights like Faustus does at first. However there is steam coming
from the sides that can hurt both of you. Defeat him like you did Faustus until
he starts running around the walls. Hear you'll want to continuously move
counter clockwise with your camera pointing inward. Counter clockwise because
the steam moves that way as well and you don't want that to kill you huh?
Anyways every time you see Sebastian stop on the wall, line him and the center
purple hurricane stuff together in your line of sight and he'll jump into it
trying to attack you, after he misses a couple of times he'll try to destroy
the nexus stone. Jump up on the platform and charm his friend in the control
booth. Have him pull the switch on the right to fill the chamber with steam
forcing Sebastian to fight like he first did. Anyways here just fight him like
you did in the first place till he's dead. Afterwards you get the dark gift

Chapter Seven: The Canyons "Wild Places"
The level starts off with a change of clothing for Kain to a new cloak and
dagger type thing and tells you how to use berserk. Jump down and kill the
knight you saw in the cinema. Go up the hill to the left of the gate, using the
lore chest at the base of it first, and follow the path to a mist field with
two enemies to kill. Continue on the path killing one more enemy along the way.
After this enemy is dead jump up a couple of ledges and run through a tunnel to
an opening. Jump down and run toward the two enemies near the fire. Once
they're disposed of charm the man inside the mill and have him climb the stairs
pulling the switch at the top. Return to your body and run up the stairs to the
right of the mill. Push the crate at the top in position to jam the gate the
next time you have that man pull the switch. So have him pull the switch again
and ride the little ferris wheal to the left of the mill jumping on the ledge
behind you as you go up. Follow this path, jumping over pools of water(to be on
the safe side you should use d.g. jump). Once you’re as far as you can go d.g.
jump to the lore chest on top of the scaffolding. Jump all the way down inside
that building killing the enemy at the bottom and also using the lore chest
there too. Climb back up the stairs and make use of door connecting to this
prison type room with a knight in it along with prisoners. Kill the knight and
continue on your way to the last room. Run down the flights of stairs to the
bottom. Pull the switch to open the main gate and then exit thru the double
doors. Pass through the gate you just opened and follow the passage to fight
two enemies while a knight runs off to a mist field. Kill these two enemies and
stealth kill the knight. Go into the building near where the night was and
climb the stairs to the top to flip a switch. At first it will set off an alarm
but this is good if you want to build up lore. Another knight runs into the
mist field. Stealth kill him then head to the controls near the alarm. Turn the
valve to open the gate and run on thru. Watch out for falling debris because it
can hurt you. You'll eventually come up to a cart being robbed by two bandits
wielding small axes, kill them and continue on. You'll see a cinema of a bandit
cutting down a bridge so you have to d.g. jump across the water to kill her.
Keep on running thru the tunnel, avoiding more debris, until Kain jumps out of
the caved in tunnel in the nick of time. Follow the pathway killing anyone
getting in your path. The enemies may very because they are fighting up ahead
near the stage coach. Anyways after all the fighting jump on the stage coach
and d.g. jump across to the lore chest. From there climb upward following the
path and d.g. jumping to a mist field. Here go for two bandit stealth kills.
Follow the path into a tunnel leading underground. Jump down the holes you come
across and when you hit the checkpoint get ready to go misty. Before you kill
the two you see ahead, go to the left behind the crates to find a lore chest.
Now go back and stealth kill them both. Follow the path between the crates
killing one more bandit, and go into the elevator. Ride it up and once again,
like always! Follow the path. Kill the one bandit in the area you arrive in.
Once he's dead climb up the various vehicles and jump toward the barred
windows. Charm the guy in the right most window to release his prisoner. Now go
to the next window and charm the prisoner. Have him run up the stairs, go thru
the doorway and send down a ladder. Climb up the ladder and hit the switch
right by it. Quickly race to the opened door before it closes. Go the right
after going down the stairs and go thru a switch door. Jump down at the end and
inspect the cart you see there. You'll get a cinema of the newest enemy, what
the game manual calls the beast demon, killing a knight. Kill the demon and
proceed down the path. From now on this level is made up of mostly beast
demons, knights, and beast demons killing knights. Just follow the dirty path
past the cart and creepy web things killing anything that gets in your way.
You'll eventually come across another gateway filled with chained up prisoners.
Past the gateway you'll see more beast demons killing knights so kill them and
be off on your way. Thru out the level you can find many chests near those
freaky spider webs. Anyways continue down the path killing two more beast
demons by a huge gate that won't open. Go thru the doors on the left and up the
stairway avoiding the flames at all costs. Go thru the door at the top and rush
down the stairs in the next room. Go thru the double doors at the bottom and
you'll be on the other side of the gate along with one beast demon. Turn the
valve near the gate once and then run up the right side of the house with the
man in it in order to be able to jump on top of the house. Once there d.g. jump
across to the lore chest and turn the other valve you see there. Now that
you've done that charm the man in the window and have him activate the cart.
Jump on the cart and follow it thru the tunnel to its destination. In this area
you'll find dead citizens lying about so feel free to help yourself to a drink.
Near one of the dead bodies is an operating booth for the crane in front of it.
Pull the lever on the left, then middle, right, and then middle. Run off in
that direction and turn the valve there. Pull the switch near the valve to open
the door in front of you. Go thru this door and then pull the valve on this
side. Quickly run to the corner of the conveyer belt behind you and get ready
to pull the switch when the boulder is about to hit the turn nearest you. Run
past the building that normally cut up the boulder and to the new cranes
operating panel. Pull the levers in the exact same order as before in order to
cause a huge explosion creating a new path. Follow this path killing beast
demons along the way. Follow the rails leading into the closed off mine. Take a
left and climb up the ledges and d.g. jumping across the pool of water to the
guys near the fire. Walk around the small trail leading to higher ground and
d.g. jump back across the water. Kill another beast demon and go thru the valve
gate. Kill the two beast demons you come across in this area and then proceed
to the right. You'll come across one of the more challenging puzzles of the
game. The double doors to the left won't open so you'll have to climb up the
scaffolding opposite them. At the top. D.g. jump across to the previously
inaccessible building. Go down a few flights of stairs till your far enough to
still be on the stairs but able to control the mans mind in the steal cage.
Have him throw the switch and quickly return to your body. Run up to where you
first entered this building and get ready to throw the valve so the glyph
energy will travel across the two buildings. Now d.g. jump back to the
scaffolding and wait for the glyph energy to get a few feet from you before
hitting the next valve for it to cross thru now head down to the lowest level
of the scaffolding and once again turn the valve when the glyph energy is a
couple of feet away from it. Follow the energy to the switch it activates and
pull it to turn off the glyph gate. In the next area you see a beast demon
fighting a knight. Let them kill each other and kill the victor. Continue on
the path until you come across an old hut guarded by a single beast demon. Kill
it and suck whatever is around the place and then proceed to enter the cabin.
Here you meet the seer and gain the dark gift of telekinesis. She then
transports you to the entrance of the device. Use your newfound talents to open
the green lock above the door before you. Run through the opening and tunnels
to a lift that leads to a freakish beast. It tells you where you need to go
next, and that is....

Chapter 8: The Eternal Prison "Bad Blood"
Run up the rocky path, d.g. jump across a ravine, and unlock the green lock.
You are now in the eternal prison and meet your new local enemy I call Wardens.
You also see big spiders who you too will later fight.  Climb up the stair case
on the right and jump up onto the ledge on the left stair case. D.g. jump
across to the other side of the room and climb up a ladder only to d.g. jump
across back to the other side again. Picking up the dual-bladed staff and lore
chest, jump now to the door in the middle of the room. Fall in the hole there
and get ready to fight the first pair of many huge spiders. Go through the now
open doors and take out another spider. Look for the only opened cell and pull
the switch in there to lift the large metallic box from the hole you need to
drop thru. This switch also releases two more spiders to kill. After they're
dead jump down the hole and go after the small ax and lore chest to the right.
What?!?!?!??! You can't get them yet? Don't worry you'll get them in a short
bit. The warden transports you to a cell a few cells away from that room. Jump
up out of your whole and d.g. jump to the next cell island. Unlock the cell, go
in kill the spiders, unlock the other door in the cell, and then repeat for the
next cell island. After this island you get to fight your first warden. Once
he's dead you're back where you started next to the lore chest and small ax.
Use the switch like you saw the one warden do earlier. Go thru this newly
manifested doorway and down the stairs to find a broken stairway. Here rebuild
the stairs using the green lock thing to the right of them. Climb up the stairs
and go thru the dimensional doorway. You are now in a freaky floating island
part of the eternal prison. Jump to the middle island and throw the switch
inside to raise some stone platforms for you to escape on. Once thrown go
outside and jump on the first platform. These platforms go counter clockwise
and have half skeletons manifested to attack you. You should d.g. jump between
each platforms. At the top is another dimensional door like the one you passed
thru earlier. Jump thru it! In this new hallway a metal box will fall releasing
blind women with their mouths sewn shut to be attacked by spiders. After all
the fighting and killing, jump up onto the metal boxes and then d.g. jump to
the ledge on the opposite side. Pull the lever there to lower the next set of
boxes. Jump on them in order to jump to the tallest boxes and from there jump
to the tallest platform on the opposite side of the room. Use charm on the
blind lady in the middle window to let you into that hallway. Run through the
big chamber and use telekinesis to  lower a set of boxes with blind ladies and
open the three spider cages. Kill all of them and then climb up to the next
level. Pull the switches to all the chambers which contain prisoners, weapons,
chests, or nothing. One contains a ladder that you must go up. At the top of
the ladder you have to charm another blind lady to pull the switch to release
you. Go around opening cells again and in one corner you can charm a lady into
opening another cell for you. Go up the ladder in her cell and pull the switch
at the top raising the metallic boxes up for you to use to jump  up to the next
area. In the next area(populated densely by blind ladies) climb up the stairs
and charm one of the blind ladies to open another door for you, once in there
you'll be attacked by two wardens. Deal with them and continue on your path.
Open the next green lock and go thru the wide double doors and run forward.
You'll be attacked by another warden, kill him and activate the green lock
across the moat. Run across the newly constructed bridge and go to the back of
the green lock. Pull the switch there and then deactivate the lock to open the
door without shattering the bridge. Go thru that door and get ready for an in
game cinema. Some raving vampire looking gut up creature wearing a fiery back
pack kills two wardens and a throws a prisoner thru a window. Run thru the
break in the glasses and down the hallway and you'll automatically escape his
wrath! Jump to the side and go thru the only open doorway. Follow the passage,
kill the warden, and continue back on the path. You'll see backpack man again
raving like usual, just ignore him and continue on your way. The next room has
four switches that don't do anything except set up fiery traps for both you and
the two wardens you have to fight. After defeating the wardens go thru the door
that opens. Continue on your way, past the torture room, into the ceiling right
above backpack man and someone who you must charm. You can either go thru the
only other open door and descend behind steal bars to his level to take over
the blind ladies mind or you can do it from upstairs. Either way you still have
to throw a switch opening a door on the upper level. Run down this new passage,
across a bridge, see backpack man chase after you, and quickly activate the
green lock next to the bridge. Go thru the dimensional doorway and thru the
blind lady ridden hallways. You’ll eventually come across a warden but not
after a while of blind ladies. Continue down this path into a room with a huge
doom in the middle. D.g. jump to the center, turn around and activate the green
lock above where you just came from to recreate a bridge. Now go back to under
the green lock and pull the switch to move the bridge. D.g. jump back across to
the dome and run across the bridge into a room to fight a warden. Before
leaving look above the entrance to find another green lock. Activate it in
order to unblock an room you need to get to later. Go back to the switch that
moves the bridge and flip it twice. Now d.g. back to the dome, go into the new
room, and hit the switch to the right of the entrance. This will lower one of
the metallic triangles you should investigate. It turns out its the builders
prison cell and he tells you how to destroy his machine. Now the switch on the
dome is active. Pull it and watch as everything blows up. You are now back
where you originally first saw that dome, next to the small ax and lore box you
were transported away from. Go towards the only door you haven’t entered and
you'll be attacked by the two last wardens. Kill them and proceed thru the door
and next room but stop before going any further. In the next room there is a
blue circle on the floor that you have to jump over in order to go any further.
Afterwards you'll start to be chased by backpack man again. Run down the
corridor flipping the switch to the right of where you come out. Cross the
bridge, turn around and throw the switch on the other side to drown
backpackman,hurrah! Go thru the opening double doors into this next area and
get ready for a weird room. This room is like a maze without walls. However
there are spikes that rise out of the ground that tell you where to go
eventually you'll be closed off and you'll have to use telekinesis on a green
lock to free open a path. This happens later again accept the floor you're on
is slowly lowering into burning flames, so quickly free open a path and run!
Finally you emerge at

Boss #4
Backpack man, as crazy as he may be, has a powerful mind. Hide behind statues
or else he will blow you up. After the statue you are hiding behind blows up.
Move out of the way of debris and push him off his perch with telekinesis.
After enough hits he runs away. Follow him duh! In the next room its a bit
trickier to hurt him. Use telekinesis to infuriate him to charge at you. So
when you do this stand in front of one of the four sickles so he breaks it.
When the sickles are broken green locks appear and after operating all four
locks, you resurrect the statue of a familiar face. This is the final part of
the battle. Trick backpack man into running into the statues supporting cane
and then get him to hit the statue one more time and oops statue fall down on
back pack man killing him. Dun dun dun, you now realize this freak is a former
ally known as Magnus. And like all former allies, you seem to assimilate his
soul and get the new dark gift Immolate.

Chapter Nine: The Device "Into the Depths"
After conversing with the freakish beast you plunge into the depths to go after
the device.

Run Down thru the tunnels and you'll run into a glyph right....who turns out to
be a hylden!!!!! Kill him like you would any other enemy with blocks and
attacks. When its over, push the button to deactivate the door so you can walk
thru. Walk thru this large hallway being careful for the pincers on the side
which sometimes attack you. When your reach the bottom you'll find another
hylden to kill. Kill him and go thru the passage he came out of. D.g. jump
across to the other platform, jump thru the broken glass window and jump down
to the area below. There are two buttons down there that each open a door,
press both button but go thru the door that the hylden is in. After he is dead
uses your telekinesis to activate a green lock on the higher walls to lower an
elevator for you. Ride up this elevator and go into the passage it provides for
you. D.g. to the switch on the other side and activate it. Now go all the way
back to the original hallway, killing a demon beast along the way. Open the
door with the newly activated switch and proceed on thru. Don't go in the first
opening you see but go forward, kill a hylden in the mist field, and use the
small window down there to activate the green lock on the right side of the
room to release a person to charm. Go back to the previously ignored passage
and charm the person from there. Have them pull a switch for you to activate
the button near the closed door. Continue on some more down the hallway,
killing the demon beast, and chasing after the hylden that ran away. Kill him
and the demon beast in the next room and on the lower level pull a switch
activating a button on the upper level. Go to the upper level and charm the
human to press the button for you. After doing so you can cross the pistons in
the room to the next passage way. Go thru there and continue along another big
hallway. Where you see your first Hylden Warrior. Take him and his buddy out,
then d.g. jump across the pool of water. Turn around and activate the green
lock. Jump down into the formally flood pit and pull the switch activating the
button above. Jump back to the button and push it to open the door. Proceed
forward to the dead end and enter the passage way with a robot arm next to a
catwalk. Jump off the catwalk, kill the warrior down there, and pull the switch
to reposition the arm to take out the hylden above. Go back up on the catwalk
via the ladder and push the button to explode the hylden. Continue forward
stealth killing a hylden and warrior on your way. In the next area charm a
person into pulling another lever for you. Return to your body, jump thru the
broken glass window, and then jump to the newly opened passage way, trying to
avoid the water. Take out the warrior there and continue on your way. There
will be another warrior to kill on a transparent walkway. After he is dead look
down and activate a green lock to move crates blocking someone’s path who you
are about to charm. Charm this person and move them across the bridge and
deactivate the green lock to open up this new path for the person to charm.
Once again charm this person and make him throw a switch opening a door for
you. Continue on this path killing a beast demon and going after its hylden
creator at the bottom. In the next area, before jumping down, d.g. jump across
to a switch and pull it. Then jump down and kill the hylden below. D.g. jump to
the button that you just activated, and push it to drain the pool below. Jump
down into the former pool and pull back on the red pedestal to deactivate the
red barriers in the previous area(this also means you've freed a beast demon).
Kill the demon and run thru his chamber, killing another hylden, pressing
another button, and deactivating the yellow force fields. Go back to where you
first pulled the switch for the button that activates the pool(climb the ladder
and d.g. to it). Anyways go thru this former door to walk in on some freaky
hylden chrysalis holding chamber. Run through here jumping over and jumping
down to navigate out of the chamber. Once out, kill the hylden you find out
there and run in thru the passage on the side. Jump down in this new area and
look for an opening to go thru. In here kill the warrior and get ready to charm
someone. Jump down and follow the next passage into a trap. A hylden has closed
you in by force fields and is flooding the chamber with water. Charm the human
behind him to undue the force fields with the button on the left. Now get out
of there and take revenge on the hylden. Follow the path into the next chamber
where by pulling a switch you open a weird looking elevator that you have to
jump into. You are now in the presence of the machine and will have to move in
a clockwise matter in order to get to the top of it. On the base floor kill the
warrior and move toward the flashing button in the distance, activate it and
ride the platform up. Now move along the clockwise path killing beast demons,
hyldens, and hylden warriors in order to move further. Some barriors you have
to deactivate by using green locks in the distance and others, just ride a
platform up. Once you are at the top all you have to do is press a button and
then the level is over. You see Kain destroy the machine and you reunite with
the former beast.

Chapter 10 The Wharves "Betrayal"
Whats this? Umah has betrayed you? Well chase after her!

Run thru the mist field stealth killing the three knights. Charm the lady
behind the gate to open it for you. Go thru the door on the right and follow it
till a cinema starts. You'll need to find a password to get to the sarafan
boat. Take a right at the gate and go through the valve gate. Kill the glyph
knight and head off in the direction he came from. Follow the path but stop
before you are attacked by two knights and head into the doorway on the right.
Get ready for another somewhat difficult switch puzzle. Pull the first switch
releasing the glyph energy. Quickly run to the other side of the room and turn
the valve so it can continue its way up. Run up the stairs one flight and turn
the next valve. Go up the last flight and turn the last valve and congrats
that’s over with. Pull the newly empowered switch and a ship moves out of the
way for a d.g. jump later on. Now head down and take out those two knights from
earlier. Dark jump across the sea and learn the password for the gate. Follow
the path to be lead back to the original area requiring the password. Like
usual, give the password and then off with his head. Go thru the valve gate and
being very careful jump on the cargo to the left of you. Turn around and look
inside the tunnel, activate the green lock there to get the ship to move behind
you. Now d.g. jump across the sea again and take out the glyph knight there.
Follow the path up the ladder and into a new room. In this room there is a box
that you can move. Move it in front of the door you just came thru and it will
fall thru the floor. Now move the box onto the floor weight to unlock the door
down there. Go through the door and follow the path, killing the knight you
come across. Moving further along, you'll come to a dead end. Go thru the
doorway there, around the water and run into a friendly human with information,
congradulate his good work by killing him. Go thru his door and head right to
kill the glyph knight. Don't go too far or enemies will shoot arrows at you
from a safe distance. Once he's dead, quickly run across to the otherside of
the shooting gallery into a warehouse type place. In here kill the knight and
his glyph knight friend. Now turn the valve that isn't behind a cage to change
which cage is open. Go into the now open cage and pull the switch. Turn the
valve that changes the open cage again. Go into the new open cage, the valve in
there. One last time, turn the valve that changes which cage is open and finish
this switch puzzle with one last tug of the now opened caged switch. Go to the
newly opened area where you were being shot at and kill the two glyph nights
inside. Follow the path and kill the guard and glyph knight that you see. Go
right at the intersection and watch the crates fall on the two warriors coming
at you. Run into the warehouse and climb your way to the back of the warehouse
and get ready to move a crate. The order in which you pull the switches is
middle, right, middle, left, left, middle, and right. Now a beast demon is
loose and breaks thru the gates for you. Follow the demon and you'll come
across an old friend(and we all know how Kain is with old friends). Anyways
after the breif cinema, continue on your way killing the beast demon and two
enemies by him. Go to the gate they were guarding and charm the person behind
it. Have them run up to the crane controls and have them press in the following
order, left and then right. Now go thru the valve gate and continue on your way
killing two glyph knights along the cobblestone road. Look for an open door on
the right side of the stree at the end and get ready to kill two more glyph
knights. After they're dead continue thru the door and killing yet another
glyph knight. Somewhere along that road you can d.g. jump across to the other
side, but be careful because there is a boat shooting arrows that comes by
every once in a while. Now just repeat this a couple more times following a
path to each jump along cobblestone roads until you go thru a door and are in a
tavern. Kill anyone in here and head upstairs. Once at the top of the stairs
head left and jump down to the ground and go thru the door. You can open the
door you see in the next room but its just one you passed earlier that was
locked. Anyways continue on your path killing the two knights you see. Don't
d.g. jump across the river yet. That place  is locked up. Instead, climb up the
ladder to the top of the scaffolding and jump d.g. jump to the other side from
there. On the other side climb up to the left and follow the path to the last
area of the level. Go around the caged area to where you can charm the guy near
the levers. Have him pull the middle lever releasing the only unkillable enemy
of the game who kills all the knights thereand make a hole for you to travel
thru. Have the charmed guy bring down the cage again, get in the cage yourself,
and then charm the guy to press the middle switch to end the level.

Chapter Eleven: The Hylden City "The Living End"
You arrive on a boat full of dead bodies (dead bodies, no foolin, I wonder who
killed them and sucked them dry already?) You did! Anyways you run into the
Sarafan lord who disappears to the end of the level to await you.

Run up the pathway on the left killing the Hylden you run into along the way.
Continue on the path till the dead end with the hole, fall into the hole and
from there free the demon from its cage so it will kill the two Hylden there
and make entrance for you via broken glass. Go all the way back to the
beginning of the level fighting spiders and one Hylden along the way. Ride the
elevator in there down to an underground area. You'll learn of where you're
supposed to go next and also there's a demon behind you so run as fast you can
on the left pathway, and up the walkway to the door above. Walk thru the door
and go misty to kill the two Hylden. Walk thru the only door that opens in here
and take out the warrior on the bridge. Go down a level and activate the two
buttons, opening a path thru an explosion on the lower level. Go in there and
kill the Hylden and warrior that wait inside. Follow the path killing two more
warriors and another Hylden along the way. Once again go thru the only working
door down a tunnel to a new area. Leap across rubble in order to get to the
other part of the walkway that collapsed. Follow the walkway to the next
checkpoint. Jump down and move the glyph pedestal you see there one space.
Continue along the path killing one spider and then going into a new chamber
with a window. Charm the person in the other chamber and have them hit the
button in the center room releasing the unstoppable demon who kills the charmed
and the warrior. Lure the demon to the next window by turning off the machine
there by pressing the button once and then when the beast is on that platform,
press it again to kill it (only time it is killed in the game). Go thru the now
broken glass and jump over some rubble in the room to get to two buttons that
when pressed make a new path thru an explosion down below. Go thru this new
path into a new water block maze. Charm the guy opposite you and get him to
drown out the water. Jump down and push the block you see into a lighted area.
Go back to where you first entered and have the charmed guy flood the area
again. Now d.g. jump to the box and jump up through the broken grating you see
next to it. From there head to the right and push the last button that raises a
gate keeping the water from coming in but lets you have access to crappy
elevator. Once you jump on one platform in the elevator immediately turn around
and get ready to jump off. Now just follow the path, fall into the hole, follow
the path some more, kill some spiders and follow the path to a dead end. Here
turn the valve to drain the water. Now jump down into the previously flooded
areas lining up the blocks you down there up for some d.g. floating water block
hopping. Once all three are lined up in order to get to the next door, go back
and flood the area. CAREFULLY d.g. jump from one block to the next. On the
third block charm the guy behind the window to open the doors for ya. Now d.g.
thru the doorway and drown out the water again by taking the newly open
passage. Once they are drowned out continue along this passage passed the door
opening button and push off the block on the ledge there. Push it out as far as
it goes. Now jump over it and head for the tunnel ahead killing the three
spiders in it. Follow the tunnel all the way up and push the block off the
ledge. Reposition the block to be right near the gate(closest to the last
block) and go back to the beginning to flood the place. Once again CAREFULL
d.g. from each box till the end where you go thru a doorway. Go thru the
doorway right in front of you and ride one of the green discs up a level to
take out another warrior. Go thru the next door and take a left to kill another
warrior and a Hylden. Jump down the hole they were by to take out two more
warriors. Follow the path to a green glowing area take a left and follow the
path across the bridge fighting Hyldens, at every work station, every once in a
while needing to d.g. jump across the green growing pit. Once you're at the
end, press the button and jump on the platform to ride it up. Once there, jump
on the crates to the right of you and get ready for some timed jumps. As soon
as the green smoke starts to dissipate in the first smoke stack thing, d.g. to
it and do the same for the too smoke stack things that follow it until you jump
down. Follow the path, kill the warrior near the two doors, and take the door
on the left. Follow the path leaping up some boxes on the right to take out the
two Hylden above, once they are dead push the button over looking where you
came in. Jump down and go into the new room. Push the button there to send the
table flying forward to provide a lift to jump to the next area. Follow that
tunnel killing the one spider inside and jump across to the catwalk suspended
above the area below. Follow it to the end and jump off to the left. Follow the
path killing the two Hylden you see and then push the two buttons there
releasing humans for the demon to eat and opening the door behind where the
demon monster once was. Kill the warrior inside and then you are whisked away
in a metal box ride. When you arrive in the new place kill the Hylden and
warrior that are there and continue on your way to a mini boss.

Mini Boss
Here just activate the green locks, stand in front of them so the thing in the
middle will shoot them and blow them up. After it destroys for the thing above
it falls and crushes it.

Following a brief ciname, you are now teleported in front of the final building
you have to go thru. The door is locked so go in thru the side door on the
right. Once inside kill the two warriors there and continue on your path. In
the next area you'll have to charm someone to the left of you to get them to
drown out the flooded area. Next move the box below right underneath the switch
you see. From on top of the box, charm the man again and have him flood the
place. Press the button to make another elevator(that’s blocked off for now.
Jump up the edge on the other side of the area and d.g. from there across water
and press the button there to unlock the gate. Go back to the main unflooded
area and ride the  elevator up like you did before. Go around and behind where
you come up and kill the last Hylden and warrior in the game. Follow the path
opening the door with the button and walk your towards your final boss at the
other end of the walkway.

Final Boss
First he is trying to kill you by shooting three blast from the soul reaver at
you in a row(easily dodgable). And you can't get too close or he'll teleport
away. So from halfway across a bridge facing him, shoot a telekinetic blast at
him making him wobble on the edge of the platform. Quickly switch to the d.g.
jump and jump at him knocking him over the edge. Now switch strategies because
he's attacking you with the soul reaver dead on. To tell you how strong the
sword is, when facing him I still had a weapon from earlier, one hit from the
soul reaver while blocking shatterd it. But don't worry you can block his
attacks. Just block 5 hits in his 6 hit combo, and dodge the last blow. Do this
to build up Immolate. and use that on him until the next phase of the battle.
Now you'll have the soul reaver and he's practically a pushover. He still does
a 6 hit combo but attacking him is fun. You use berzerk with the soul reaver,
grab him and throw him over the edge even though he comes right back, or while
grabbing him stab him with the soul reaver. Once he's dead, congratulations
you've beaten the game.

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