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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Falconesque

    Version: 1.5.2 | Updated: 10/26/15 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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         |____/|_| |_|\__,_|\__,_|\___/  \_/\_/     |_|\_\_|_| |_|\__, |
    North American Version
    Released October 10, 2001
    For PlayStation 2
    By S. L. Richardson (a.k.a. Falconesque)
    Version 1.5.2
    Originally released (v1.0) Saturday, July 29, 2006
    Last revised Monday, October 26, 2015
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       A1. SPOILERS
       A3. CONTROLS
       A4. POV
       A6. TIME
       A7. QUIT
       A8. SAVE
       B0. PROLOGUE
       B1. CHAPTER 1
       B2. CHAPTER 2
       B3. CHAPTER 3
       B4. CHAPTER 4
       B5. CHAPTER 5
       B6. CHAPTER 6
       B7. CHAPTER 7
       B8. AFTERWORD
    C. MENUS
       C1. STATUS
       C2. ITEM
           C2.1 CONSUMABLE ITEMS
           C2.2 QUEST ITEMS
       C3. SPECIAL
       C4. EQUIP
           C4.1 WEAPONS
           C4.2 GEAR
           C4.3 ACCESSORIES
       C5. CONFIG
           C5.1 TEXT SPEED
           C5.2 SOUND
       C6. QUIT
       D1. ELEMENTS
       D3. CURSES
       D5. SHOPS
           D6.1 - D6.12 MONSTER LISTS BY AREA
           D6.13 BOSSES & MINIONS
           D6.14 MONSTER GROUPINGS
       D7. KNOWN BUGS
           D7.1 USEFUL GLITCH
           D7.3 SAVE BUG
           D7.4 DISC READ ERRORS
       E1. MAPS
           E2.2 TINY GEAR
           E2.3 SECRET SOCIETY
           E2.4 ITEM HAND-OFF
           E2.5 LETTER BOTTLE
           E2.6 MISS MATCH
           E2.7 RESEARCH CENTER
           E2.8 HOPKINS' SWORD
           E2.9 OTHER PUZZLERS
           E3.1 STRATEGY GUIDES
           E3.4 GAMESHARK CODES
           E3.6 ANOTHER CHEAT
           E3.7 FAN SITES
           E3.9 STAN'S BOTTLE OPENER
           E3.10 BOKU TO MAOU PREVIEW
           E3.11 OKAGE GAME SCRIPT
       E4. Q OF HEARTS
           E4.1 OBTAINING THE Q
       E5. MINUTIA
           E5.1 PLACE NAMES
           E5.2 WAP-WAP
           E5.3 MAP O'EVIL KINGS
           E5.4 CHARACTER NAMES
           E5.5 ENEMY NAMES
           E5.7 MISSABLES
       E6. HELP WANTED
           E6.1 LOCKED ROOMS
           E6.2 TINKER TOYS
           E6.3 LOVER BOY
           E6.4 SHARK'S FIN
           E6.5 FOOTPRINTS
           E6.6 THE BIG SNOWMAN
           E6.7 MYSTERY ITEMS
           E6.9 STAN'S THE MAN
           E6.10 OTHER LOOSE ENDS
       E7. EVASION
       F1. LEGAL
       F2. FAQ INFO
       F3. AUTHOR INFO
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    A. FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
    Covering a few commonplace issues before jumping in.
    A1. SPOILERS. How are spoilers handled?
    Pains are taken to avoid spoilers wherever possible, if at all possible.
    SECTION A (FAQ). Free of all spoilers.
    SECTION B (Walkthrough). Spoiler-free, insomuch as presuming all events leading
    up to a particular passage have been played through. Read ahead at your own
    All leeway is given for solving puzzles on your own, providing hints as
    appropriate, and with some answers relegated to an addendum. However, this IS a
    walkthrough, so such measures are not always practical.
    No storyline recapping. Directions may trigger events, scenes, or exchanges,
    but no descriptions of what occurs.
    SECTIONS C, D, & E (Menus, Quick Reference, & Addenda). Potential spoiler
    Addendum lists are devoid of most context that could spoil the game's story.
    However, for some gamers even character and location names may prove spoilers.
    Low risk, but gauge accordingly.
    A2. PREPURCHASE. Will the game appeal to you?
    OKAGE: SHADOW KING falls into the adventure genre of role-playing games (RPGs).
    Explore the world, pursue your goals, and pick up goodies and experience along
    the way.
    The topography is familiar. World maps rife with random enemies stretch between
    towns and isolated dungeons where bosses may hide. As the story progresses, new
    areas open up and introduce tougher enemies, while foes on well-worn turf give
    less and less experience as you gain strength.
    Imagery is highly rendered across the board, some of the finest ever released,
    and true to the game's fantasy world rather than "real life". Shadows and
    flickering flames are particularly noteworthy. Playable characters are anime in
    style, while nonplaying characters (NPCs) and scenery display influences from
    Tim Burton. High places may even evoke vertigo. Sound is well-used throughout.
    Areas and characters have their own themes in key with their tone.
    Gameplay is fairly linear, but thorough for character building. Only twice are
    foes accessible that you may have difficulty defeating, which reinforces
    following the storyline. Running in circles to "level up" is unnecessary.
    Buying better equipment can be expensive, however, so most dungeons may be
    revisited for defeating some of the best-paying enemies in the game.
    The battle system is active turn-based (ATB) and menu driven, but characters
    and enemies act in "real time" rather than one after the other, and may even
    coordinate their attacks. Battle holds in place while commands are selected (in
    general, breaking away to answer the phone is no problem). The battle system
    may seem simplistic to those preferring intricate controller "combos" executed
    with split-second timing, but in most cases the storyline thoroughly engages
    even "hardcore" gamers.
    Of parental concern: No blood splatters, no people-killing-people, no gunplay.
    Random foes are "monsters" but not terrifying -- overly bouncy bunnies rather
    than frothing killer rabbits -- that are knocked out and vanish. Bosses are
    dethroned and deflated, not killed. While OKAGE is not geared toward children,
    the story is easily followed and there are good lessons here. As always, the
    best advice is to play it yourself first. Like a vintage Roadrunner cartoon,
    some of the humor may delight adults more or be missed by youngsters. OKAGE's
    ESRB Rating: T for Teen (visit esrb.org to learn more).
    What recommends OKAGE most highly, however, is the story. Like most adventures,
    gameplay runs the gamut from playful to poignant to purely pugnacious. However,
    common failings of adventure games and RPGs are then poked at with a knowing
    smile and tongue firmly in cheek. The designers have a good-natured time
    holding up a mirror to themselves, in fact. Insipid flunkies? Invincible
    overlords? Inflated urgency? Pointless sidequests? You bet, but be prepared to
    chuckle a time or two. Mostly subtle stuff, never jarring.
    For more info, screenshots, and so forth, visit:
    Learn, see, and hear even more at OKAGE's Official Site:
    For a fair, balanced, and mostly accurate review, visit:
    For an independent review of OKAGE's soundtrack:
    To check for Playstation 3 compatibility, visit:
    A3. CONTROLS. How does the controller work?
    OKAGE is pretty straightforward and not at all taxing on controller skills.
    X ............. Select a menu option
                    Respond to ! balloons:
                    - Open doors and chests
                    - Examine objects
                    Talk to nonplaying characters (NPCs)
                    Continue in dialogue
    O ............. Cancel; back out one level
    Square ........ Get a comment from the Shadow King
    Triangle ...... Display the main menu
    Start ......... Pause the game; displays "Paused", mutes sound
    Select ........ Not used
    L1/R1 ......... Scroll a page up or down on a list
                    Cycle through screens
                    Cycle through waiting characters in battle
                    Rotate the camera
    L2/R2 ......... Not used/Toggles the overhead map off and on
    L3/R3 ......... Not used/Not used
    Left Stick .... Move the character; move the highlight in a menu
    Right Stick ... Rotate the camera
    D-Pad ......... Move the character; move the highlight in a menu
    Missing the manual? Download a copy from (4.2 MB):
    Update (v1.5). Sony's links finally stopped working in 2011. You can help other
    OKAGE fans by requesting from Sony an alternative for the two links above. (And
    if one is provided PLEASE alert this guide's author, with trumpets blaring!)
    Only if they receive repeated requests are they likely to fix the problem and
    restore the downloadable manual. In the meantime, search torrent sites for the
    OKAGE manual.
    A4. POV. What is the game's point-of-view?
    OKAGE is played from the lead character's view. A default name is offered for
    the lead, but the name may be changed by the player when New Game is selected.
    Voice-over narration refers to the lead as "the boy" or "our hero", while
    on-screen text displays the name chosen at the outset (word wrapping
    in-context, with very few odd breaks).
    No customization of the lead's on-screen appearance is offered (such as gender,
    hair, eyes, or clothing), nor can the boy be renamed later.
    In gameplay, the lead is shown on-screen and the camera follows his movements.
    Use the right analog stick (or L1 and R1) to swing the camera around for a
    different view, usually a full 360 degrees, such as when scenery gets in the
    way, but remember that movement relates to the on-screen directions. Releasing
    the right analog stick (or shoulder buttons) smoothly swings the camera angle
    back around to the default.
    Once additional party members are available, active "allies" also appear on the
    world maps, following the lead around. The lead can turn and face them, but
    won't be able to speak with them. Party members may be separated by obstacles
    in the terrain, but never become "lost" and neither does the lead need
    backtrack to "find" them. Party members may split off when the lead enters
    towns and certain buildings, then rejoin him when he exits.
    A5. TRANSITIONS. How are area and battle transitions handled?
    Exits must be examined to leave an area; no moving onward before you're ready.
    Area transitions are either accompanied by a brief fade-to-black or entirely
    seamless. Loading is unobtrusive throughout and can go largely unnoticed,
    depending on your tolerances.
    "Ghosts", signaling random encounters as the lead walks around, are visible and
    may be avoided. Fights are joined by a change in theme and gently swirling
    display. The battlefield transitioned to is relevant to the terrain, but
    indirectly featured.
    Victory is accompanied by a brief triumphant display, followed by an results
    screen. Money gained tallies up, but pressing X skips to the full amount, handy
    later in the game. Level-ups are announced with fanfare and await your
    acknowledgement (by pressing X) before stat increases are shown. The results
    screen is dismissed by pressing X, then the display returns to its prebattle
    state, although the camera angle may be slightly different.
    If the lead is knocked out in battle, the game is over. Defeat displays a "Game
    Over" screen (with a border) that, after a few moments (pressing X dismisses it
    sooner), fades to the title screen where the game may be restored from its last
    save. No "continue" option is offered after defeat.
    A6. TIME. How is game time measured?
    Once a game is loaded, time marches on. Pausing or calling up the menu does not
    stop the clock. If playing for a fast completion time (under 30 hours is easily
    achievable), save and quit the game before taking a break.
    Elapsed game time and your console's time have no bearing on gameplay.
    While many reviews place the expected game time at 35 hours, OKAGE is detailed
    and richly featured, enough to occupy RPG aficionados for 40 to 60 hours or
    more. "One day, no save" (ODiNs) and speed runs are possible, too. Your mileage
    may vary.
    The elapsed time displays only on Save and Load screens, and only up to 99:59.
    A7. QUIT. How do you quit the game?
    OKAGE includes a Quit command in its main menu. The command IS confirmed before
    quitting actually proceeds, but be certain you wish to quit because the loaded
    game is NOT automatically saved. Once Quit is confirmed, "The End" (without a
    border) is displayed briefly before the title screen appears.
    You may also quit by resetting the console, but using the Quit command is
    strongly advised. No "soft reset" controller sequence is offered, a la
    Squaresoft games.
    A8. SAVE. How do you save the game?
    Warning. Free of context, but still may be considered too revealing. If you
    choose to skip this section, be sure to read the IMPORTANT! notice before
    moving on.
    OKAGE doesn't provide a Save command in its main menu and saving is never
    automatic. The game must be saved at established save points, by speaking with
    innkeepers, for example, or at "diaries" scattered across the terrain.
    Innkeepers offer some variation of three options:
    Rest ........... Restores the stats of all playable characters, whether
                     in the active party or not. Also "cures" and removes
                     all status ailments and curses, including KO.
    Change Party ... Select which two other allies join the active party.
                     The lead is always a member and cannot be removed.
    Save ........... Records the current game state exactly as-is.
    With one exception late in the game, it's best to Rest before Saving.
    A save diary is a book lying open atop a pedestal, in a shimmer of pastel
    bubbles. Diaries are located in dungeon entrances and other key places around
    the topography. Diaries appear as blue dots on world maps and as cyan squares
    on dungeon maps.
    Approaching a diary's front, a ! balloon appears. (If you approach from the
    side or rear, circle the diary until the balloon appears.) Press X and a "rest"
    is automatically invoked, followed by a prompt to save. Select the appropriate
    save slot and confirm overwriting as needed. (Alternatively, you can press O to
    skip saving.) Once the save is complete, control is returned with the lead (and
    company) standing before the diary. You cannot Change Party from save diaries.
    OKAGE offers three save slots. When saving for the first time, a single OKAGE
    save file is written to your memory card. Its size varies depending on the
    number of in-game save slots used, but the initial save file is less than 100
    KB (with two saves, 150 KB; three saves, 154 KB). No option is available for
    individually deleting saved games.
    Trivia. In your console's system browser, select the OKAGE save file on your
    memory card, then select Delete (taking care not to double-press X). Enjoy what
    happens with the icon, then select NO (or press O) to cancel.
    | A rare bug in OKAGE can result in the loss of your saved game. Most gamers
    | NEVER see the bug, but to help reduce your risk, before you quit the current
    | session, choose Save a second time, just to verify your saved game appears in
    | the proper slot.
    | If the slot is blank, save again and consider saving to a second slot as
    | well. The "Known Bugs" section contains further information and strategies.
    Before beginning, here's a brief explanation of the abbreviations and other
    conventions used in this document.
    LV .... Level                 LP .... Labor Points
    HP .... Health Points         LCK ... Luck
    EP .... Experience Points     AGL ... Agility
    AP .... Attack Power
    DP .... Defense Power         PC .... Playable Character ("Ally")
    MP .... Magic Power           NPC ... Nonplaying Character
    Highlight: Use the left analog stick or the arrow keys on the D-Pad to move the
    selection from one choice to another.
    Choose, Select: Highlight an option and press X.
    Examine: Move the lead character in front of something and press X.
    Ally: While the lead starts his adventure alone, he meets other characters as
    the game progresses, who become friends that may fight alongside him as members
    of the active party. The lead, too, is included in "allies".
    KO: When HP falls to zero, party members are "knocked out", or KO'd. Also known
    as a "Disabled" status ailment. A KO'd ally may be revived with an item or
    magic command, if available, or in the worst case by resting at any save point.
    If the ally hasn't been or can't be revived before the battle ends, he or she
    receives no EP (and therefore no status increases) in the after-battle tally.
    If the lead's HP falls to zero, however, "Game Over" is immediately displayed.
    Party members will have no opportunity to revive him.
    Note. This is consistent with the storyline, and the lead's connection with the
    titular Shadow King.
    Allies gain an LV every 1,000 EP earned. As allies grow stronger, weaker
    monsters reward allies with less and less EP.
    LP reflects the status of "the whole team." The maximum LP equals the combined
    MP of the active party. For example, if the party's MP breaks down as 10MP,
    15MP, and 5MP, then the party has 30LP. The LP pool is usable by any party
    member without regard to the size of his or her MP contribution.
    Throughout the walkthrough, to ease your searching efforts later a few possibly
    cryptic markers are embedded.
    [TGn] .................... Tiny Gear, where n is from 1 through 32.
    [CTn] .................... Cyphertext, where n is from 1 through 6.
    [TC: item] ............... Treasure Chest, containing the named item.
    [Trigger: some action] ... A trigger event, where some action sets other events
                               in motion, usually with no going back. What to avoid
                               while you still feel like exploring the area, or how
                               to cut straight to the chase.
    B0. PROLOGUE - The Boy Overshadowed
    OKAGE is an early PS2 game and has a few eccentricities. Ensure your controller
    is plugged into the first port. You also need a memory card with at least 150
    KB available plugged into slot 1. (Having 155 KB available is recommended, as
    154 KB is the maximum size of the OKAGE save file.) A memory card is not
    required, but games generally take longer than 20 hours.
    Note. OKAGE can't read from or write to memory card slot 2. If a warning
    displays before OKAGE's title screen, insert or move the memory card right then
    and loading continues without pressing a button.
    Insert the OKAGE disc and either reset the console or select the disc in the
    system browser. The title screen appears, but DO NOT press the Start button
    yet. After a moment, an introductory segment begins. Watch until it plays all
    the way through at least once. (Pressing the Start button interrupts the
    segment, if needed when idling on the title screen.)
    When the title screen returns, press Start as prompted. Two options are
    offered: New Game and Restore Game. (What's selected blinks and is prefaced by
    a dot rather than a circle.) If you're continuing with a game-in-progress,
    select Restore Game. Select the game you wish to load, then confirm your
    selection. Skip ahead to the appropriate section of this guide.
    Note. If no saved games are listed (but should be), ensure your memory card is
    properly seated in slot 1. OKAGE immediately recognizes when a memory card is
    plugged in, no reset required. See the "Known Bugs" section for other memory
    card issues.
    Otherwise, select New Game.
    The Name Entry screen appears, without any explanation about who you're naming.
    Well, the character is a slender "young boy" of 16, with reddish hair and green
    eyes, who lives with his parents, grandparents, and sister in a house outside a
    rustic village.
    Note. Once a name is selected, the character cannot be renamed through the
    course of the new game.
    The default name is Ari, used throughout this guide, but feel free to type any
    name you like, up to seven characters in length. Use BS to backspace off
    characters. No Space character is offered, but in the lower-right are period
    (.) and hyphen (-) characters. When you have typed the name, select either of
    the OK buttons. When prompted, select Yes to confirm the name, or No to go back
    and alter your choice. (The prompt may show extra spacing around the name, such
    as " Ari ".)
    The Chapter 1 title card displays.
    B1. CHAPTER 1 - The Boy Meets the King
    INTERACTIVE DIALOGUE. A typical dialogue screen appears. Who is speaking
    appears on the left under Name. On the right, an Information line displays your
    LP and Money. (The coin of the realm is measured in "sukel".) Below this the
    Woman's spoken text is typed. How fast text is typed may be set through the
    menu. Regardless of the menu setting, you can "speed up" the typing by pressing
    X. However, X must be pressed before the button icon in the lower-right begins
    blinking. The blinking button icon means the line of text is complete and X
    must be pressed to proceed. (With a few notable exceptions, text typed like
    this never automatically advances.)
    NAME INTEGRATION. Proceed through the conversation at your own pace. Notice
    when the camera angle shifts and the bottle from the introductory scene is
    shown atop the table. A girl, Annie, then a boy (The Boy) enters and Annie's
    text reads, "See, Ari", "came too!" If you chose a different name for the boy,
    that name replaces "Ari" in the text. (Usually, the name integrates with the
    text more smoothly than in this first instance.)
    NARRATION. With the first good look at Ari, the narrator intercedes, setting
    the stage.
    MAKING CHOICES. The conversation continues, and Ari is asked to take a guess
    about dinner. When offered a choice in dialogue, three options are shown on a
    green background. Notice that none of the choices is highlighted initially. Use
    the left analog stick or D-pad to move the highlight between choices and press
    X to select your choice of response. The third choice, even if text is shown
    rather than "...", is often interpreted as silence, internal dialogue, or a
    general "no response".
    Note. Your choices may have some bearing on other aspects of the game. A
    "compatibility gift" is one such, given later depending upon with whom Ari is
    most compatible. (See the "Compatibility Gifts" section of the "Sidequests"
    addendum for the gifts and how best to obtain them.) Another pertains to an
    aspect of the storyline revealed in Chapter 5.
    For now, select any one of the three choices offered and the conversation
    continues. Another choice, and this time the result of your choice is typed in
    yellow and varies depending on what was selected.
    More conversation and another choice. Whichever you select, the result is the
    same: Mom sends Ari on an errand.
    Okay, you gain control of Ari for the first time. Press Triangle to display the
    MENUS. At the top, Information displays the party's LP and Money. (At this
    point, LP is equal to Ari's MP. More on LP a little later.) At the bottom is an
    Explanation of what is highlighted, whether a submenu, item, Special, or
    command. To the left, the submenus -- Status, Item, Special, Equip, Config, and
    Quit -- are listed. The main features of this screen are the three "thumbnail"
    displays of the active party members. Only Ari is displayed until he gains some
    Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the menus. Pressing X selects a menu
    or option, while pressing O backs out of submenus and cancels selections.
    Note. Pressing O is the same as selecting "No" in yes-or-no prompts.
    STATUS MENU. Selecting Status displays the complete stats of one ally at a
    time, whether in the active party or not. Use L1 and R1 to cycle between
    allies, which are listed in the order they become Ari's allies.
    The three circles below HP note element affinity (Ari is Neutral), status
    ailments (Normal), and curses (Normal). Ailments and curses result in battle
    and may be cured by using items or Special skills. Ailments, however, generally
    wear off automatically at the battle's end. See the "Quick Reference" section
    for more on element and status attributes.
    Ari's initial status displays as:
     LV       HP   EP  AP  DP  MP  LCK  AGL
    --- -------- ---- --- --- --- ---- ----
      1    32/32    0   9   3  10    1   55
    The maximum LV is 99. HP's two numbers indicate the current HP and the maximum
    HP for Ari at that LV.
    EP has a max of 999, at which point LV goes up one and EP returns to 0.
    Most of the other stats are plain enough. (See "Status" in the "Menu" section
    for in-depth discussion.)
    ITEM MENU. Selecting Item lists all items Ari and his allies have collected.
    Some items may be used to heal allies or damage enemies. Some may increase
    stats, permanently or temporarily. Some are equipment. Items that may be used
    at that moment appear in bright type (white versus gray). If a healing or
    curative item is selected, you're prompted on who to use the item; if the ally
    selected won't benefit, a beep is heard, so you won't use up items
    Note. When selected in battle, an item is immediately removed from inventory.
    If battle ends before the item can be used, the item is lost and is NOT
    returned to inventory.
    Ari's initial inventory:
    NAME                 DESCRIPTION                                  EFFECT
    -------------------- -------------------------------------------- -------------
    Picked up Branch     Branch picked up somewhere.                  Atk +1
    Ordinary Outfit      Nothing notable mere casual clothes.         Dfns +0
    Holly                Spiky leaf wards off evil spirits.           Luck +1
    What's equipped affects Ari's stats, so his "naked" AP is 8 and his LCK is 0.
    Note. "Naked" technically isn't possible. While the Holly accessory may be
    unequipped (and Ari's LCK reduced), a weapon and some armor (or "gear") must
    always be equipped.
    SPECIAL MENU. Selecting Special lists Ari's "special" skills, spells and the
    like. Specials may heal allies or damage enemies, or affect stats temporarily.
    Ari starts out knowing two Specials. Decoy targets all enemies and makes them
    attack only Ari their next round. Decoy is the only Special where using it has
    no cost. Overdrive targets one ally, enhancing his or her attacks and letting
    them use a one-time "burst" attack, which in turn targets all enemies. Using
    Overdrive costs Ari 15% of his maximum HP (5 HP initially), whether he targets
    himself or an ally.
    Note. A Special's "cost" is levied immediately after the command is selected,
    whether the skill has a chance to be used or not. If Ari chooses Overdrive, for
    example, his HP is immediately lowered; if battle ends before Overdrive
    executes, the HP is NOT restored. (Tip. The battle menu includes a Wait command
    that can help you economize costs and prevent waste.)
    EQUIP MENU. Selecting Equip allows for changing out weapons (Wepn), gear
    (Eqpt), and accessories (Gurd). Try removing the Holly by selecting Gurd, then
    Holly -- selecting the same accessory unequips it -- and "item" displays in its
    place. Notice Ari's LCK goes down. Be sure to equip the Holly again, though.
    Notice too how a stat's value may change color, red when the stat goes down and
    green when it improves.
    Note. The game's manual and other resources imply that the Equip menu can be
    accessed during battle, when in truth it cannot.
    When Ari gains some allies, use L1 and R1 to cycle through active party members
    on the Equip screen.
    Weapons and gear are unique to a particular ally and can only be equipped by
    that ally. Ari's equipment are swords and outfits.
    CONFIG MENU. Selecting Config sets two common aspects of the game: How fast
    dialogue text is typed ("Text speed") and whether to use stereo or mono sound.
    However Text Speed is set, pressing X immediately completes the line of text
    being typed.
    With a 5.1-channel sound system, the mono setting channels sound through the
    center speaker(s).
    QUIT MENU. Quit is for quitting your game, but be careful. Your game is NOT
    automatically saved! You are prompted to confirm quitting, however.
    Once you're finished looking over the menus, press O (repeatedly, as needed) to
    leave the menu screen.
    PAUSE. Before you go exploring, however, press the controller's Start button to
    Pause the game (and enjoy a respite from the music, if desired). Be aware that
    the game clock, shown on Save and Load screens, continues all the while the
    game is loaded, even while in the menu or paused. Pause is disabled in battle
    (turn-based; enemies will wait), so mute your television to answer the phone.
    Press Start again to continue.
    Walk over to Ari's mother and press X to speak with her. She gives a bit more
    info about Ari's errand and, a-ha, a clue to visit Ari's dad BEFORE going to
    the bakery.
    Tip. Interacting with NPCs is vital in OKAGE and it's a good idea to speak with
    people you meet multiple times, until they repeat themselves. Watch, too, for
    clues like "before".
    Before heading out to find Tenel Village, however, explore the kitchen and find
    the door.
    Note. Most cupboards, cabinets, and boxes don't hold anything. If an object can
    be manipulated, OKAGE displays a ! balloon when Ari stands before it, such as
    the door out of the kitchen.
    To leave by the door, move Ari to stand between the two (truncated) posts so
    the ! balloon appears. Then press X to open the door. Ari is now in the entry
    hall. First off, notice most of the doors look like doors; rooms may have
    either or both types of exit doors.
    From the entry's ground floor are four doors: The kitchen door at Ari's back;
    two other inside doors; and the door (opposite the foot of the stairs) that
    leads outside. Do not go outside yet, but enter the room to the right of the
    kitchen. Speak to the two people, then exit to the foyer. Now enter the door to
    the left of the stairs. A hallway. Walk downstairs and open the door at the
    bottom. Nothing here, so go back upstairs and out to the entry. Explore the
    second floor, starting with the left-hand door at the top of the stairs.
    Another hallway. Try opening the first door on the right. Locked, with a choice
    of what to try. You can try again, but Ari may need to step away and back
    before the ! balloon reappears. Walk down the hall and open the second door.
    Empty bedroom. Backtrack and from the top of the entry's stairs open the
    right-hand door. Ah, another hall and another locked door. (Something does
    happen with these locked doors at one point, so it's always good to check.)
    Open the second door along the hall. It's Ari's own room and the first save
    point in the game. REST restores all stats and cures all curses and ailments.
    CHANGE PARTY let's you pick the allies in Ari's active party (later, when he
    has allies). SAVE prompts for the slot in which to save the game. (Be sure to
    read the IMPORTANT! warning in the "FAQ" section about a notorious, if rare,
    saving bug.) Pick an empty slot and press X.
    Note. OKAGE provides only three save slots, which cannot be individually
    deleted. When overwriting an existing saved game, you are first asked to
    confirm the save.
    Once the save is complete, control returns to Ari.
    If you need to use more than one of the commands at this save point, Ari needs
    to leave his room and return to select another command. Other save points do
    not have this restriction.
    Time to find the village. Backtrack to the entry and go out the front door,
    opposite the foot of the stairs. Ari is now outside on a "world" map.
    WORLD MAPS (also called field maps) feature an overhead display of the region.
    Pressing R2 toggles the overhead map off and on. Some map symbols of note:
       Yellow arrow ... Ari is here, facing the arrow's direction
       Red diamond .... a town
       Red dot ........ a stone circle
       Blue dot ....... a save diary
    CAMERA. L1 and R1 swing the camera angle left and right, as does the right
    analog stick. Try out both methods to learn which you find more comfortable.
    The arrow pointer on the overhead map points the direction Ari's facing rather
    than the camera angle, but Ari's movements are relative to the camera angle.
    Follow the edge of the house to the left and circle the base of the windmill.
    Ari will stop and pick up something -- a Tiny Gear [TG1].
    TINY GEAR are plentiful, thirty-two in all, eight found across each of four
    different regions. The Tiny Gear sidequest is one of the most amusing for
    long-time RPG fans -- the gears are invisible both on-screen and on the
    overhead maps -- and, for the same reason, potentially frustrating. An
    excellent checklist may be found at GameFAQs.com, however.
    SIDEQUESTS. In OKAGE, sidequests generally have no bearing on the main
    storyline and may be safely skipped or begun later. Most sidequests, however,
    like this one, are easily completed with little extra effort and usually return
    good rewards that can't be achieved or acquired any other way. This guide
    presumes completing each sidequest as it comes up. (See the "Sidequests"
    addendum for the isolated steps required for each.)
    Annie blocks the steps. Talk to her, or if Ari tries going around her, she'll
    initiate the conversion.
    After she walks off, go down the steps. Open the gate on the left and enter the
    small cemetery. Examine each of the three tombstones. Ominous. Backtrack and
    approach the big gates. They swing open automatically when Ari leaves home.
    Follow the path until you reach a signpost. Examine it to get directions (on
    the overhead map, towns like Tenel and Madril appear as red circles; Ari's
    house is the Nameless Dwelling).
    Try to go south toward Madril and the Skinny Boy will call Ari back. Talk to
    either of the boys, and then each separately. The scene shifts to show Tenel
    Village. Walk up to Tenel's gates and press X to enter the village.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Talk to the girl, Julia, just inside the gate.
    In the village, signs hang over merchant's doors. [Trigger: DO NOT enter the
    Bakery yet, or if you do, leave WITHOUT talking to either occupant. After a
    conversation inside, leaving the Bakery initiates a progression in the story,
    but remember Ari needs to talk to his father first.]
    Explore the rest of the village and talk to everyone else. Begin with the Inn
    behind where Julia was standing. Next, try the Butcher's ("Meat") across the
    street. When offered, buy the meat for 20 sukel (or do so before speaking with
    the baker; a missable opportunity, after that). Talk to him again, then exit.
    Now talk to the two gents standing in the street until you hear everything they
    have to say. Next, try the Tinkers. SKIP the Bakery for now and talk to the
    girl. Try the Bar next, then talk to the old man.
    Now try the Shop (Other One). This is your typical restocking station, but
    notice too the stairs going up to the second floor (differing from the stairs
    at Ari's house) and another door behind the shopkeeper. Enter the backroom
    first and talk to the old man, who gives Ari a few coins. Talk to him again,
    then exit and explore upstairs. Talk to the woman (hmm, Ari may need to see the
    Butcher again), then go back downstairs. Talk to the shopkeeper.
    SHOPS offer supplies and sometimes weapons or gear. You can Buy what the shop
    has to offer or Sell excess items. OKAGE doesn't limit the variety of items
    carried (no "bag full" problems), though there's a maximum of 99 allowed for
    any one item.
    Tip. If an item nears the maximum, sell off a few for some easy cash and to
    leave a little room for collecting more (which in turn may be sold).
    Shops have a static inventory of what they sell and an endless supply of those
    items, but any item may be sold at any shop regardless, for half its purchase
    price. Items you sell don't subsequently appear in the shop's inventory, and
    not all items may be sold.
    Tenel Village Shop offers:
    ITEM             DESCRIPTION                            EFFECT             COST
    ---------------- -------------------------------------- --------------- -------
    Nut              Great for a snack.                     Recover 50 HP        10
    Energy Flower    Heavenly Beauty.                       Recover from KO     150
    Purging Stone    Brings pure Winter mountain air.       Cures Poison         10
    Guidance Jewel   Dungeon depths won't get you down.     Dungeon Entry       100
    As you scroll through the offerings, notice any changes on the left side of the
    screen. If the highlighted item is already in inventory, how many you have is
    displayed near Ari's icon; if not, the number is zero (0).
    When you select an item to buy, you're then prompted for how many. Use the
    right and left arrows to increase or decrease the number by one; use the up and
    down arrows to increase or decrease the number by ten. Then press X. The total
    cost is shown; select Yes to confirm the purchase, or select No (or press O) to
    back out without making a purchase (either to change the number or back out
    entirely). Notice that after making a purchase, the number shown in inventory
    Recommendations: Guidance Jewels are offered at every shop in OKAGE; buy one
    now if you like, but there's no dungeon before the next shop. Poison wears off
    at the end of battle, but at low HP can take a toll; buy 5 Purging Stones. Buy
    2 Energy Flowers, good to have a spare on hand, but pricey at the moment (and
    since a KO is an immediate game-over while Ari's adventuring alone, he can
    never use an Energy Flower on himself). Nuts are used most at this level; buy
    30. You'll still have 240 sukel left. Alternatively, to save your money for
    later, purchasing just the Nuts right now should serve Ari well enough.
    When you're done with your purchases, press O to back out one level, then O
    again to leave the bargaining table. Exit the shop.
    Try the little house just next door, then the little ell-shaped house (easily
    overlooked) immediately across the street. Talk to the woman, then exit. Now
    talk to the guy on the street (another hint to see Dad, hmm). Enter the big
    house, which offers two other doors at ground level, plus an upstairs. Enter
    the door on the right first and talk to the woman. Exit and enter the door
    across the way. Talk to the Elder and listen to his story. Exit and go
    upstairs. Try the door on the right first, then go back and try the other door.
    Go back downstairs and exit the house. Head to the right and up the steps. Talk
    to the guy standing in the courtyard.
    Off the courtyard are entrances to the church, on the right, and the town hall.
    Try the church door, then read the sign beside it. Enter town hall. Talk to the
    two clerks and try the two doors. Then talk to the guy in the glasses, Ari's
    Dad, until you hear all he has to say. Exit and retrace your steps to the
    Bakery (yes, it's time; also, the last chance to buy from the Butcher first).
    Enter the Bakery and talk to the guy on the right. Now talk to the lady behind
    the counter and pick up the loaf of bread. If you like, press Triangle to bring
    up the menu, then Items to view the new quest item.
    Green QUEST ITEMS, such as Butcher's Ground Beef and Baker's Loaf For Pickup,
    are unique items pertaining to the storyline (or a sidequest) and may appear in
    Ari's inventory only briefly until called into play by the story. Some quest
    items linger indefinitely, act as keys, or serve as red herrings.
    When ready, exit the Bakery. Dusk has fallen and Annie intercepts Ari. Thus,
    the narrator intrudes.
    The next night, everyone gathers. When control returns, AVOID talking to Dad
    for the moment, but talk to everyone else. Ari can't leave without talking to
    his father, though, so talk to him now. When Ari can, leave the room. Make a
    circuit around the house, stopping in Ari's room to save. Backtrack to the
    entry and leave by the front door.
    Dark outside. Look at the overhead map. The yellow arrow shows "you are here"
    at Ari's house, but notice the circular area due west, past the crossroads.
    That's where the circus is set, so head that direction. If Ari wanders too far
    south, a guy will turn him back. As Ari approaches the circus, a couple stop
    and chat. Read the signpost just outside the tent, then talk to the pudgy man
    (he'll stop Ari if Ari tries following Julia). To the left of the guy is a big
    pole in a stone circle; examine it, but more about this later. Try to enter the
    circus tent.
    Retrace your steps to the crossroads and a scene ensues (with narration). The
    events take a while, but enjoy Dad's gyrations.
    The next morning when control returns, step out of Ari's room, then back in to
    save (in case of power failure). Make a circuit around the house, talking to
    everyone. Then leave the house. A short scene ensues. (Trivia. This is the only
    time Ari can walk around with his shadow "out" like this.) Talk to James. Then
    press Square.
    From now on, STAN, the Evil King, gives Ari a comment or two when Square is
    pressed. Check with Stan often, or if you get stumped on what to do next.
    For now, go back into the house and enter the kitchen. Talk to James, then
    Mother. Leave the house again and head toward the village. Be sure to speak
    with everyone. [Trigger: Ari can't enter Tenel until he's spoken with all five
    villagers on the road who elicit comments from Stan. Hint: Two won't.]
    In town, enter the Butcher's. Sell the ground beef back for 30 sukel, profit
    enough to buy another Nut. Exit and make the rounds, hearing everything
    everyone has to say. Then enter the town hall. The woman has more to say about
    Ari's classification, while the man tells the secret of the water problem. Talk
    to Dad to get the church opened. Enter the church, and then the door on the
    left. Examine the dry cistern. Enter the next door. After a brief exchange,
    finally, Ari's first battle.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Ari faces:
    -------------------- ------- ------ ------ ----------------- --- ---------
    Tricky Ghost         Yellow      12      8 Energy Flower       -
       Perky Frog        Blue         2      3 Nut                 2        14
    BATTLE SCREENS. Battle is entered with a brief transition and almost
    immediately the Battle menu is displayed.
    Note. Later on, random battles may come up as "surprise" attacks, sometimes
    allowing foes the first move. These are infrequent, however.
    Battle menu commands:
    Attack  > Attack .... Target an enemy group. Attack one enemy physically.
            > Combine ... Combined physical attack with other Waiting party
                          members, targeting one enemy.
            > Burst ..... Available after Overdrive. Attack all enemies.
    Special >             Select a Special skill, such as Overdrive, then a target,
                          either friend or foe.
    Item    >             Select an item, such as Nut, then a target.*
    Defense > Wait ...... Hold in place to delay choosing or for a Combine attack.
            > Escape .... Run away, flee. Invokes Retreat, costing 10% LP.
            > Defense ... Guard posture this turn. Reduces all damage 50%, less
                          susceptible to status attacks.
    * Although the manual says weapons may also be selected via Item, such is not
    the case. Ari can only change his equipment outside the heat of battle.
    As Ari's first fight is considered a boss fight, the Escape command isn't
    available. The Combine command, too, does not appear for this fight since Ari
    is alone (once Ari has an ally or two, Combines prove invaluable; more then).
    Lastly, the Burst command only appears after Ari uses Overdrive, one of his
    Special skills.
    In this fight if Wait is selected, Ari stands around doing nothing. Press L1,
    R1, or Triangle to recall the battle menu.
    Overdrive may be the most often used offensive Special. The Burst command it
    enables is often best used at the outset because it targets all enemies at once
    without diffusing the damage done to each, possibly taking out a number of foes
    in one fell swoop. Burst can hit, "Miss", or land critical hits on enemies
    (each individually), the same as any other attack.
    Tip. Overdrive intensifies Ari's normal attacks and gives him some resistance
    to status ailments, too, and remains in effect until Burst is used. Sometimes
    it's more beneficial to delay using Burst.
    So try the Overdrive Special -- a "whoosh" is audible when it charges and a
    pool of purple light appears under Ari's feet. Then attack with Burst
    (discharging overdrive), but remember the Burst command need not be used
    immediately. If Ari takes any damage (or just to recover the hefty HP cost of
    using Overdrive), use a Nut first to keep him healthy. Ari's low HP is the
    biggest concern in this fight (and Nuts are dirt cheap).
    Timing is crucial when choosing items. The item selected must be useful at that
    moment. For example, if an enemy is poised to deliver damage when Ari is
    prompted for his next action, but he hasn't actually suffered any damage yet,
    he won't be able to target himself with a Nut.
    Tip. Later, using Wait is helpful in these situations. As soon as the damage is
    done, press L1 or R1 (the prompt displayed above History) and have a waiting
    character immediately invoke a little healing with a Special or Item.
    Once the minions are whittled down, Ari can then focus regular attacks on the
    remaining foe.
    With this fight, another tactic to consider is having Ari use Defense > Defense
    constantly. After Ari takes a little damage, Stan may step up and lend a hand,
    inflicting big hurt on the foes, perhaps ending the fight in one blow. He may
    not act right away, so use a Nut before risking Game Over.
    Across the lower portion of the screen, keep an eye on Ari's health meter and
    status indicators. If a foe poisons Ari, for example, be sure to choose Item
    then Purging Stone on his next turn.
    When Ari (or an enemy) is afflicted with a status ailment or curse, a balloon
    icon appears over his head on-screen. The OKAGE manual shows most of the icons,
    helpful to keep at hand until you're familiar with them all. If the same
    ailment is inflicted more than once, the status indicators may show a number
    (rather than an icon) to indicate the severity, with 3 being the worst. See
    also this guide's "Quick Reference" section.
    Be aware, too, that Ari's recharge (or "Wait") meter must fill before his next
    action may be selected. As the game progresses, Ari's Agility stat increases
    (shortening the wait) and Specials may be learned that affect the recharge rate
    too, for foes as well as allies.
    Damage inflicted appears as numbers over the heads of Ari and his foes. Healing
    displays similarly, but in green. In the lower-right of the screen, a History
    list records damage (red) and healing (green). Other important information may
    also display in History. A critical hit deals around double the damage (with no
    other audio or visual cue when one lands, however).
    As foes are KO'd, they are replaced on the battlefield by either a moneybag or
    a treasure chest. These spoils are automatically picked up at battle's end. A
    moneybag contains sukel. A chest may contain any variety of item, from a simple
    restorative to a rare piece of equipment (but no money). Learn more in the
    "Monster Droppings" section.
    TALLY SCREENS. After the fight, items dropped by the foes, if any, are
    automatically picked up and listed under Get Item. Money dropped is tallied up
    under Get Money, along with the Total Money. (Tip. As the money amounts get
    larger through the game, press X to skip the tallying-up and go straight to the
    final total.) Then EP is calculated under Get Experience. If Ari earned a
    level-up, a fanfare plays and a system message to that effect displays near the
    bottom, also showing any new Specials he may have learned.
    Note. The EP earned from each foe decreases as Ari gains levels. During the
    post-fight accounting, the EP-earned is based on Ari's level at the beginning
    of the tally. (This can result in some leapfrogging in who has the most EP
    later on). For example, if at the end of a fight Ari is at level 5 with 998 EP,
    Ari earns more EP for the fight than if he had been at level 6 with 3 EP at the
    fight's end. Read RBury's Experience Point FAQ at GameFAQs.com to learn more.
    After a level-up, press X and the remaining EP is tallied.
    Note. Occasionally the stat increases shown on the tally screen are inaccurate.
    This is an infrequent anomaly with the game, but it's only aesthetic. The
    correct stat increases display on the Status screen.
    Press X again to dismiss the tally screen. A scene ensues, automatically
    opening the treasure chest [TC: Old Glass Tube].
    When control returns, walk around behind the chest until the ! balloon appears.
    Open the valve. Exit the room and again examine the cistern. Exit the church
    and a scene ensues. Read the sign beside the church, then it's time to talk to
    everyone again, visit stores that have reopened, and stock up at the Shop.
    Dad's a source of direction. The Elder has something for Ari, the first of six
    cyphertexts [CT1] for the Secret Society sidequest. (Hint. Read it in reverse.)
    Note. In the menu, select Item then Cyphertext 1 to again see the clue. The
    text varies slightly from the Elder's reading.
    The Tinker, too, has something (but no, it can't be equipped).
    Be sure to visit the Inn, where the Innkeeper kindly explains how Inns work.
    Rest and save. Enter the door on the right and talk with the Fortune Teller
    (remember the compatibility gift?). Explore upstairs, then exit the Inn.
    Finally, talk to the guy blocking the town gates. Go to the Bar and talk to the
    Ringmaster. When you can, press Triangle. Select Item then the Map o'Evil Kings
    for a hint. (Check the map often for clues on how to proceed.) Exit, then talk
    to Julia near the town gates. The narrator adds some commentary, then....
    The next morning, Ari is awoken in his room. Leave and come back in to save.
    Explore the second floor, if you like. When ready, go down to the entry.
    [Trigger: Stepping off the main staircase initiates an event.] Talk to
    everyone, saving Dad for last. Once Ari agrees to go along with Stan's plan
    (toy with him a bit first, if you like), speak to everyone again. Mom has
    something for Ari and Grandma sets Ari on the beginnings of a lengthy (but
    again, straightforward) sidequest. Finally, talk to Ari's father, receiving
    another item. Leave via the front door.
    Following some narration, the Chapter 2 title card displays.
    B2. CHAPTER 2 - Enter the Pink Hero and Her Parasol
    From the crossroads, head north and enter Tenel. Talk to everyone for hints on
    what's going on in the world. The blacksmith has a few words of wisdom, too.
    Drop off the pebble with the Baker (and gain another quest item in exchange).
    Save at the Inn, then leave town. If you like, at the crossroads backtrack to
    Ari's house. Talk to Annie by the fountain and everyone inside. Save again (the
    next save point is a ways off). Leave and return to the crossroads.
    Head to the circus tent, reading the sign on the way. To the right of the
    entrance, speak to the man and receive the next cyphertext [CT2]. Speak to the
    guy again to hear the text, or from the menu, choose Item, then Cyphertext 2.
    (Hint. Read the lines in numerical order.)
    Try to enter the circus tent. To the left, the pole in the stone circle is now
    enveloped in green light. Examine the pole and Ari is whisked away to a strange
    island with nothing but inert stone circles. Swing the camera around to get a
    good look at the terrain. Follow the cliff edge and speak with the woman in
    black on the far side, who explains about the Isle of Wap-Wap, or "Traveler's
    Island". (Nice use of "stele".)
    STELES. Whenever a new stele is encountered, always use it right away, even if
    you only turn around and go straight back. The steles on Wap-Wap remain inert
    until the corresponding steles become active on their world maps.
    Examine the now-active Tenel stele and Ari returns to the circus grounds. Leave
    the circus grounds and at the intersection, turn south. Walk down the center of
    the path and Ari finds the next Tiny Gear [TG2], just before a hump in the road
    and a bridge comes into view. Approach the bridge, but DON'T cross it yet.
    Instead, veer to the right, down to the north shore of the river. Walk under
    the bridge, past the man, and open the treasure chest [TC: Holly]. Turn around
    and talk to the man, to swap the Bread Crust for a Worn Brush. Retrace your
    steps. [Trigger: Crossing the bridge initiates a scene.]
    Ari receives his first sword...and the gates of random enemy encounters open
    wide. From now on, ghosts attack Ari on the world maps. You'll see them coming,
    and they can be avoided, but the ghosts get steadily more aggressive. Ghosts
    may also initiate a "surprise" attack from time to time, usually if they touch
    Ari from behind, meaning they get a slight jump on Ari at the outset.
    Note. A ghost's color has no relevance to the strength of the foes encountered.
    Press Triangle right away and ensure the new sword is properly Equipped. In the
    menu, select Equip. Beside Wepn, Leftover Sword now appears. Select Wepn and
    notice that Leftover Sword raises Ari's Atk (his AP) by 5. His Luck is also
    raised by 5, though the sword's description doesn't mention that increase.
    (Tip. It's always a good idea to check Ari's stats both before and after
    changing his equipment.) Notice, too, that his Picked up Branch weapon is no
    longer listed or found in inventory. Exit the menu and get ready to fight.
    When battle is joined, a brief swirling transitions Ari to the battlefield,
    which reflects the terrain (with astonishing accuracy, at times) but is
    indirectly featured. Trees surrounding the battlefield, for example, don't
    necessarily surround Ari on the world map, but their number (a few or a lot) is
    relative for the various sections of Tenel Forest.
    In Tenel Forest, the most common foes are Airy Bunnies, Perky Frogs, Chicken
    Chickens, and Maneating Onions, though others will appear.
    Note. While this guide occasionally highlights enemies of special note, the
    "Monster Droppings" section details each area's new foes. Update (v1.5), now
    fully integrated, including all of the Lists FAQ's "Monster Classification"
    information and many new findings as well.
    The chickens have an, uh, interesting attack, but may Escape as well, even
    right in the middle of Ari's attack. When enemies flee, they leave behind (or
    "drop") no treasure or money, and Ari gains only 1 EP for the fight. If some
    enemies are KO'd before the others Escape, however, those rewards are still
    The onions appear fiercest, but individually deal small damage. They show up in
    groups of three or five, however, and the latter group is a good time to use
    Overdrive and Burst. (Tip. Observe the damage each enemy inflicts. The damage
    dealt by some foes may be less than Overdrive's HP cost.)
    Heal Ari whenever his HP dips below halfway in these early fights. The most
    damaging foes through Tenel Forest are Tricky Ghosts and Wild Cows (a good time
    to try Overdrive without using Burst). When Ari's HP gets low (25% remaining),
    Stan may attack with Burning Devil. But if Ari's HP sinks dangerously low (only
    10% remaining) the music grows more disturbing and Ari's status flashes in red.
    ESCAPE. If you run out of Nuts, remember Ari can choose Defense, then Escape to
    invoke a hasty Retreat. Unlike when monsters flee, however, your retreat leaves
    behind anything on the battlefield and returns to the world map.
    Tip. Unlike some other RPGs, in OKAGE Escape always succeeds (within one turn
    if not immediately) and enemies won't block Ari's retreat. If another ally's
    turn comes up before Retreat is actually called, select Wait or Defense, not
    Escape again. No need to pay out any more LP.
    After battle, any money or items left behind by the ghosts are automatically
    collected and EP is awarded. If Ari needs healing, from the menu choose Item,
    then select Nut (or Special and then Mend, which he learns at LV 4). Since
    stats are restored without cost at save points, healing magic is often more
    economical than restorative items, which must be purchased if Ari runs low.
    Many foes in the Tenel Forest drop Nuts, however, so gauge accordingly.
    Note. If you'd like to follow-up on the blacksmith's words, turn around and
    head back to Tenel Village (Leftover Sword isn't considered "strong" enough,
    apparently, but you may wish to show the Tinker any new weapon Ari buys or
    receives; your choice). If you go, after speaking with the Tinker return to the
    Cross the bridge, but veer to the left and walk under the bridge to find the
    next Tiny Gear [TG3] in the patch of dirt.
    Retrace your steps, then head due south until Ari reaches a lakeshore. Follow
    the shoreline east along a narrow lip to a dead end, where Ari finds another
    Tiny Gear [TG5] (slightly out of order).
    Tip. Before moving on, try to spot the treasure chest on the opposite shore.
    Backtrack and as soon the rocks allow, climb up onto the plateau. A little
    northeast, some bushes abut this plateau. Climb down into the area behind the
    bushes for the next Tiny Gear [TG4]. (See the "Other Puzzlers" section for more
    help, if needed.) Okay, return all the way to the main path (forms an "h" on
    the overhead map) and follow the road east. Talk to the traveler, then continue
    toward the next bridge.
    Note. When ghosts initiate a fight, Stan may pop up and ask Ari a question. Ari
    needs to pick one response from each of three groups of possibilities. It's not
    easy and the answer's rarely apparent, but if Stan is pleased with the combined
    response (such as "Earth shaking / ideal / Hunk!"), he'll hit the enemies with
    a preemptive strike. See the "Pop-up Stanley" section for some sure-fire
    Head across the bridge and talk to the man blocking the way. (It may take a few
    times, but enjoy Kisling's observations.) After Kisling walks off, veer hard
    left to find a Tiny Gear [TG6] under the tree. Follow the path south and talk
    to the woman. Continue on, but keep a lookout for a path toward the southern
    lakeshore and a treasure chest [TC: Wild Strawberry].
    Note. Rare restorative items that benefit all party members, such as Wild
    Strawberry, appear in red type in the Item menu. Use them conservatively until
    you find a ready source for restocking more.
    Backtrack and go south again. Watch for a log blocking a westward path. Read
    the signpost and explore the path west. When a boarded-up tree stump first
    comes into view, look for a path down to the water's edge and another Tiny Gear
    [TG7]. Return to the log and the main road.
    Head south again. Ahead another stele comes into view, awash in red light, but
    before it, on the east side of the road, is a lone tree. Circle the tree to
    find the last Tiny Gear [TG8] on the Tenel Forest world map. Now examine the
    stele to activate it. On Wap-Wap, examine the same red stele and return to
    where you just left off.
    Tip. If Ari hasn't reached LV 4 yet (and health-wise he's not on his last
    legs), you may wish to wander a bit until he does. His Mend Special is well
    worth the extra effort.
    When you're ready, walk over and open the big metal doors.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Welcome to Madril. Random attacks cease while Ari's walking around the public
    streets. Walk over and talk to the group of townies, then talk to each in turn.
    The building behind them is Town Hall, but first stop at the Inn, the first
    building on the left side of the street, to rest and save. Talk to the Fortune
    Teller while you're there and explore the Inn. (The two guest rooms are
    obvious, but at the end of the hall is also a staircase leading up.)
    Now return to Town Hall and talk to everyone. Don't miss any clerks behind the
    windows. The guard won't let Ari into the Hero's Club yet, however. So leave.
    Before going on to the next building, look at the south end of Town Hall for a
    striped awning and a ! balloon. If you figured out Cyphertext 2, Ari acquires
    Cyphertext 3 [CT3] now. (Hint. Read between the lines.)
    Visit the next two houses on the same side of the street. Then visit the house
    next to the Inn. Talk to the boy standing outside. Examine the lift behind him,
    too. Next, stop in the Bar beside the lift and talk with everyone. (Take note
    of Lover Boy for future reference.) Exit the Bar and speak to the sentries.
    Since they won't let Ari go any further, return to Town Hall and try to get
    into the Hero's Club again. Ms. Parasol and the guard have a brief exchange,
    then keep talking to the guard until he lets Ari in. Inside, avoid Ms. Parasol
    for the moment and starting at the far left learn what everyone else has to say
    first. Query the clerk until all he has to say is heard. [Trigger: Speak with
    the guy at the far right to hear his comment and initiate a brief scene.
    Speaking with the woman or the man she's arguing with instead initiates the
    same scene, but skips the other guy's comment.] Speak to the guy at the far
    right again. Talk to the clerk on the floor, but choose the second or third
    response for the most exposition. Exit the Hero's Club, then go right back in.
    Two of the guys near the door have new things to say, the clerk on the floor is
    now behind a window, and there's a backdoor, though it leads to nothing. When
    you're done, exit Town Hall and Stan has something to say.
    Interrogate the kid over by the lift again. Visit Toby, in the house next to
    Town Hall, and take a guess at the password. (Hint. Which gang calls the lower
    level home?) Go out the back way and follow the pipe around the corner. Avoid
    the queue of would-be heroes for now.
    Over near where the sentries block the road is a house, just a posting on the
    door to read. Across from the queue enter Madril's Shop. Speak with the girl in
    the corner (hmm, a manhole). Talk to the boy at the counter, but do NOT accept
    his first offer of 300 sukel. Talk to him a second time and he ups his offer to
    400 sukel -- take it!
    Talk to the man behind the other counter to buy his wares, including better
    equipment for Ari.
    Madril Shop offers:
    ITEM             DESCRIPTION                            EFFECT             COST
    ---------------- -------------------------------------- --------------- -------
    Ordinary Sword   Widely used by travelers for defense.  Atk +10              40
    Clean Outfit     A new line with a trendy style.        Dfns +1              30
    Nut              Great for a snack.                     Recover 50 HP        10
    Energy Flower    Heavenly Beauty.                       Recover from KO     150
    Purging Stone    Brings pure Winter mountain air.       Cures Poison         10
    Writeoff Charm   For carefree living.                   Cures Tax           100
    Awakening Stone  Bright as sunshine in summer.          Cures Sleep          50
    Guidance Jewel   Dungeon depths won't get you down.     Dungeon Entry       100
    As you highlight the sword and outfit, an up-pointing triangle indicator beside
    Ari's icon displays in green to show the item is better than what Ari currently
    has equipped. (The down-pointing indicator displays in red if the equipment is
    less robust and neither indictor displays in color if the item is of equal
    power.) Notice, too, that nearby how many of that item are already in Ari's
    inventory is shown as zero (0) or another number. You never need more than one
    of any particular weapon or gear.
    Note. The quality indicators only compare to how the ally is currently
    equipped, not to ALL of the ally's equipment in inventory.
    Be sure to Equip the new sword and gear. When you're done, leave the shop.
    Try the door before which everyone's queued up. Talk to the guy facing the
    queue, then each hero standing on line, from left to right, leaving Rosalyn
    until last. Speak to her several times. After she runs off, talk to the File
    Clerk again, then examine the small manhole cover. Follow the passage and climb
    the ladder at the other end.
    On the left, enter the house. Gear love abounds! (Ahem, sorry.) Gear Freak
    swaps for the Worn Brush, giving Ari a Rare Gear. Exit and try the double-doors
    of the next building on the right. Skip the next door, but try the gates and
    the door beside the trash barrier. Now enter the door you skipped. A scene
    ensues. When control returns, talk to the two kiddies. Follow Robert (that's
    "roe-bare"; he's apparently of French extraction). Another brief scene, then
    walk up and examine any of the boxes (the "puzzle" auto-solves). Enter the next
    door. Another scene, then talk to everyone, including the cat. Try to leave and
    Maggie stops Ari. Leave the building when you can.
    The barriers are all gone now. Stock up if you didn't earlier and backtrack to
    the Inn to save (you don't want to go through all that again). [Trigger: When
    you're ready, open the now-unlocked gates to access the sewer.] After a scene,
    Ari and Rosalyn descend. Step right up and face....
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Ari's first real boss fight. The boy faces:
    -------------------- ------- ------ ------ ----------------- --- ---------
    Sewer Evil King      Red        420     80 -                   1
       Lurking Rat       Red         12      6 Purging Stone       4       104
    Take out any minions, Lurking Rats, accompanying the boss. Then the party may
    combine their strength against the boss itself. To activate the Combine attack,
    have a party member select Defense, then Wait. (When the party has three
    members, you can have two do this step, but that's optional.) The last member
    chooses Attack then Combine and all members physically attack the single target
    at once, for slightly greater damage than if they'd each attacked singularly.
    (Combine only appears when at least one party member is Waiting.)
    Note. If accidentally you have everyone Wait, the party may do nothing for wave
    after wave...other than take a real pounding. Press L1 or R1 to get out of the
    trap, "skipping" to the next Waiting party member so another command (such as
    Combine) may be selected.
    After the fight a rather long scene goes on and on and on. Eventually, Rosalyn
    officially becomes an ally.
    With some narration, the Chapter 3 title card displays.
    B3. CHAPTER 3 - As Her Majesty Commands
    When control returns, Ari is standing outside the Madril Inn, fully healed.
    Duck inside and save before doing anything else.
    Press Triangle and take a look at Ari's new ally. The Information line now
    displays an LP totally Ari's and Rosalyn's MP combined. Notice, too, that
    Rosalyn's gear is included under Items and her unique skills are listed under
    Special, following Ari's Specials.
    With two allies, use L1 and R1 to cycle between allies on the Status screen and
    only members of the active party on the Equip screen. Use these buttons to
    scroll a page at a time through long lists, too, such as Item and Special, in
    both the main menu and the battle menu.
    Rosalyn's initial status:
     LV       HP   EP  AP  DP  MP  LCK  AGL
    --- -------- ---- --- --- --- ---- ----
      5    75/75  544  32  12  10    5   60
    Rosalyn's initial inventory:
    NAME                 DESCRIPTION                                  EFFECT
    -------------------- -------------------------------------------- -------------
    Ordinary Rapier      The most popular mass produced Rapier.       Atk +10
    Swordsman Armor      Light armor appropriate for long battles.    Dfns +4
    Wildcat's Fang       Fang of small but formidable beast.          Atk +1
    Rosalyn's "naked" stats, then, are AP 21 and DP 8. Her element is ice (blue),
    dowsing fire (red) enemies with bigger damage, though she hits thunder (yellow)
    foes only for half damage (see "Quick Reference"). Her Parasol Amulet skill can
    be cast only on herself, but protects her from most status ailments (though not
    from curses), worth the cost.
    Press Square to hear what Stan has to say. Bring up the menu, select Item, then
    Map o'Evil Kings for a clue on what's next. Talk to the Fortune Teller again,
    if you like, then go back outside. Make a circuit around Madril's lower level,
    talking to everyone. An exchange occurs at Maggie's house, where Ari met her
    snob-hating father earlier. A strange fanatic has taken Lover Boy's place in
    the bar. The sewer management office is now open.
    Note. You can revisit the sewer, the location of the boss fight, but be
    prepared for lots of losing, as the foes now found down there are WAY over
    Ari's head, easily taking him out with a single hit. If you attempt it, though,
    (for beaucoup EP, yes), be sure to save at the diary the moment you get there,
    to save yourself from retracing too many steps every time Ari ends up twitching
    on the floor. Enough said.
    After you've spoken with everyone, save at the Inn again. Exit and take the
    lift up to the second level. As soon as you move away from the lift, a girl
    sporting horns (and a microphone) petitions passers-by to listen to her song --
    Ari included.
    When control is returned, make a circuit of the upper level and talk to
    everyone. After talking to the counting guy, who has something for Ari, visit
    the hung-over woman, who swaps with Ari for something else. Be sure to find and
    speak with Miss Madril (pivotal to the "Miss Match" sidequest). Lover Boy is
    now stationed over by the Research Center, which Ari should visit, as well.
    When you're ready, leave the top level by the big metal doors.
    Outside, Professor Gutten Kisling stops Ari and Rosalyn. After a brief
    exchange, Kisling becomes an ally. Press Triangle and get familiar with the
    Kisling's initial status:
     LV       HP   EP  AP  DP  MP  LCK  AGL
    --- -------- ---- --- --- --- ---- ----
     10    55/55    0  22  16  24    5   45
    Kisling's initial inventory:
    NAME                 DESCRIPTION                                  EFFECT
    -------------------- -------------------------------------------- -------------
    Ghost Basics         General handbook for monsters.               Atk +5
    Wornout Coat         Well seasoned and pretty worn.               Dfns +6
    Heatwave Ring        Rising heat wave diverts swords.             Avoid Attack
    Kisling's "naked" stats, then, are AP 17 and DP 10. His element is thunder
    (yellow), so he's good at zapping ice (blue) enemies but deals reduced damage
    to fire (red) foes. His Spell Suction skill can recover LP during battle (from
    1-12 LP or so; the more enemies the better, though 1 LP is still common), best
    at topping off LP before it gets low but useful when staggering toward a save
    point, too.
    Note. From now on, the active party is always composed of Ari and two allies,
    except the few times when the story requires otherwise.
    If you try to reenter Madril, Kisling blocks the way, so head south onto the
    Rumille Plains. Veer left and northward to a treasure chest [TC: Cool Vest].
    Continue east and north, following the river bank all the way up to the
    waterfall, where Ari finds a Tiny Gear [TG9]. Across the river, notice a
    signpost for future reference. Backtrack, following the riverbank to a bridge.
    [Trigger: Random encounters resume when Ari approaches the bridge.] Kisling is
    delighted when a fight ensues.
    Elements now play a bigger part in random battles, something to consider with
    every attack, whether physical or magical. Even damage from status attacks
    varies based on elemental affinities.
    Tip. In the post-battle tally, notice the difference between the EP Kisling
    gains at LV 10 and that of Rosalyn at her level (LV 5, or so).
    After dispatching the enemies, entry back into Madril is open again, and the
    researchers sing a different tune now Kisling accompanies you. More on this
    later, however.
    Moving onward, cross the bridge and veer right this time, following the river
    west as far as Ari can go, to find a Tiny Gear [TG10]. Backtrack to the bridge,
    then head south, hugging the western cliff face. Ari finds another Tiny Gear
    [TG11] a little while after the grass turns to sand. Now head due east to the
    opposite cliff face, turn south, hugging this wall until Ari finds the next
    Tiny Gear [TG12]. Turn around and follow the eastern wall north this time.
    Watch for a little bower with flowers, butterflies flitting around, and a
    treasure chest [TC: Punk Wig]. Explore the rest of the way north, if you like,
    and note what Ari finds for future reference.
    Turn around and head south. On the overhead map, make for a blue dot along the
    western edge. This is a standalone save diary. Continue due south until Ari
    runs into an area with moss-covered rock slabs. Follow the line of rocks east,
    and turn in when an opening presents itself. Explore the enclosed area until
    Ari finds a Tiny Gear [TG13] hiding behind a rock standing on-end. Walk around
    this stone and go due east. Ari walks into a trio of stones. Walk around the
    trio and find another Tiny Gear [TG14] in the alcove created by the three
    Take to the road south again. Watch for a stone with a wee frog sitting atop
    it. Turn in at the end of the stone to find a well-concealed treasure chest
    [TC: Chic Suspenders]. Just past, the road forks. Take the left fork and at the
    inert stone circle (remember it for later), turn due east for the beach. Follow
    the shore south to a treasure chest [TC: Gorgeous Mascara]. Turn back southwest
    and cross the bridge. Veer hard left and by a cocoanut is a Tiny Gear [TG15].
    Follow the beach west, past the pier. In the distance, notice the curly cliff
    and, yikes, the shark's fin in the water. Turn north to cross the next bridge
    and enter the circus grounds. No ghosts attack while Ari's on the grounds
    (usually; rarely, they will).
    Talk to the clown, under a tree south of the first tent. Look to the left for
    another treasure chest [TC: Cholesterol] nestled among the bushes. Turn around
    and ascend the wide grassy slope. Walk all the way out to the curly cliff's end
    and, after a brief exchange, Ari receives Cyphertext 4 [CT4]. (Hint. X never,
    ever marks the spot.) While Ari's out here, play with the camera for some
    stunning scenery. Descend the slope along its northern side. Explore the
    dead-end of the short ledge near level ground for the last Tiny Gear [TG16] on
    Rumille Plains. Backtrack to the clown, then explore the three tents. Outside
    the northernmost tent's entrance is another treasure chest [TC: Lustrous Hair].
    One more thing to do on the grounds. At the northern exit, read the signpost,
    but don't cross the bridge. Staying on the river's west bank, continue north
    and talk to the man, who explains another little sidequest (more on this in
    just a bit).
    Note. The next save opportunity is a ways off, time-wise. If you're pressed for
    time and need to quit, backtrack to the save diary on the plains -- take the
    first bridge east and go north at the fork -- then return to this point when
    you can. But don't choose Quit just yet....
    Update (v1.5). Take extra care to verify the game saved properly at the Rumille
    Plain diary BEFORE quitting. Select Save again to make sure the slot isn't
    blank (should be all that's needed), or to make a back-up save into a second
    slot as well. Learn more in the "Known Bugs" section.
    Back at the circus, turn around and head south, leaving the grounds via the
    southern bridge. On the beach, head for the pier leading out over the water and
    enter Rashelo.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    After a brief scene, control returns. The Inn is to Ari's immediate left, but
    save it for last -- you can't save just yet anyway. If Ari tries leaving
    Rashelo, Stan stops him.
    At the three-way junction, go left and enter the house. Talk to the Young Man
    in Love with Miss Madril. "Give" him three of the six somewhat esoteric items
    Ari's carrying: While standing in front of him, press Triangle, choose Item,
    then select the item you think he needs. (Hint. Take a good look at him and
    pick what matches his appearance.) He either offers Ari his thanks or apologies
    if the item is right or wrong. (See the "Miss Match" section of the
    "Sidequests" addendum if you're stumped.) After figuring out the items he
    needs, speak with him again for another clue. Exit for now.
    Take the leftmost pier further south. Enter the shop, which has some nice gear
    upgrades and one very expensive weapon, a sign of things to come.
    Rashelo Shop offers:
    ITEM             DESCRIPTION                            EFFECT             COST
    ---------------- -------------------------------------- --------------- -------
    Ordinary Sword   Widely used by travelers for defense.  Atk +10              40
    Nameless Sword   No name but well made.                 Atk +15             470
    K of Clubs       Gives unshakable confidence.           Atk +20         150,000
    Clean Outfit     A new line with a trendy style.        Dfns +1              30
    Fancy Outfit     Impeccable fashion-minded garb.        Dfns +3             310
    Nut              Great for a snack.                     Recover 50 HP        10
    Energy Flower    Heavenly Beauty.                       Recover from KO     150
    Purging Stone    Brings pure Winter mountain air.       Cures Poison         10
    Guidance Jewel   Dungeon depths won't get you down.     Dungeon Entry       100
    When you're done, Equip any new goodies, then exit the shop.
    Take another left, past the next intersection. Outside the Restaurant, read the
    menu slate before heading inside. The first guy expounds on the joys of
    fishing. The rich kid wants to see Ari's shadow. Relent and he gives Ari the
    Shiny Lens. Finally, talk to the bar owner.
    Leave the bar and return to the Young Man's house, two doors north. Use the
    Shiny Lens in front of him, then talk to him for another clue. Return to the
    Restaurant and speak with the bar owner again. Ask after what concerns the
    Young Man. Return to the Young Man once more. When he takes off, all that
    remains to complete this sidequest is seeking out the Young Man on Ari's next
    trip to Madril.
    Exit and again head south, past the Restaurant. Make another left, toward the
    lighthouse. Speak with the lighthouse keeper, who takes the Rare Gear and gives
    Ari a Penlight in exchange. Try entering the lighthouse twice and Stan lends a
    hand, retrieving the Letter Bottle (more on this in a bit).
    Retrace your steps, then explore the southernmost docks. From one, Ari gets a
    good view of the horizon, with the Aquatic Ruins (a listing clock tower) and
    the curly cliff both visible. Looks like there's a gathering over to the west,
    too, but first explore due north, up the center of town.
    On the northwest side of the market plaza is a blank bulletin board. North
    again, and the notice board here provides something to read (hmm, a rumor).
    Past the board, turn left and speak with the sentry. Retrace your steps to the
    central plaza and take the pier to the right of the well. Turn left at the
    Young Man's house and then left again.
    Enter the next shack, the Hero's Club. Talk to everyone as best you can, when
    the wandering guys aren't blocking Ari's way. Exit the club and visit the next
    house to the south. Speak with the woman then leave, examining the fishing pole
    outside, if you like.
    Go south again, onto the stone platform, and a scene ensues. When control
    returns, Ari is standing outside the Hero's Club, though nothing new is said
    Avoid the Inn for now. Instead, return to the stone platform and enter the
    mayor's house. Speak with the mayor, then exit. Follow the narrow stone path
    toward the central plaza. Speak with two folks there. Head south to the market
    plaza. Circle counterclockwise and speak to the blond.
    Speak to the sentry next. A brief exchange occurs, followed by a scene with
    James. Speak to the sentry again, then a new guy standing by the lighthouse.
    Head north toward the Inn, speaking with the blue-haired girl and the
    brown-haired boy along the way.
    Finally, visit and explore the Inn. Two doors are wedged between the Fortune
    Teller and the Innkeeper. Rest and save. [Trigger: Once Ari exits the Inn and
    approaches the crossing pier, Stan points out something happening and they
    automatically go to the central plaza.]
    When control returns, make a circuit, but this time save the mayor's house
    until last. Read the notice board again. Talk to everyone standing outside,
    including the boatman on the southernmost dock. Stop in at the Hero's Club,
    where it's even more crowded, then save at the Inn.
    When ready, enter the mayor's house. Talk to Rosalyn and the group of men, then
    leave. [Trigger: On leaving the mayor's house, the Princess's chamberlain,
    Beiloune, approaches Ari's party.] Speak with Beiloune again, then head for the
    southernmost pier once more. This time the boatman lets Ari aboard.
    After a few words, Ari enters his first real dungeon.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Read the signpost to the left of the diary.
    DUNGEONS. Each dungeon has a save diary posted in its entrance, so use it right
    away. Ghosts can follow Ari to the diary, so the entrance isn't a safety zone.
    Most dungeons consist of multiple floors, with at least one stairway leading
    down to the next level. To open the grate over the stairs, however, all of the
    big urns on a floor must be found, engaged (bump into the urn), and defeated.
    Escape is not available while fighting these demibosses. Use Combine attacks,
    two or three times with the first one (often down to one or two by the last
    one). Urns generally pay very well, in money and EP.
    Note. Occasionally, many urns may drop some form of "bottle". These bottles are
    used in battle (via Item) like magic potion attacks, but save them for the
    eventual boss battle where physical attacks are meaningless.
    Once all the urns are defeated, the grate slides open and that floor becomes
    ghost free (no further random battles). When Ari reaches the entrance to the
    boss's chamber, Stan always asks if Ari's ready. It's a good idea to return to
    the entrance and save at the diary before facing the fake evil king.
    DUNGEON MAPS. The overhead maps in a dungeon are filled in only as Ari wanders
    about. The maps remain in force as Ari goes from floor to floor, but if Ari
    leaves the dungeon entirely (he can if needed), the maps need to be walked
    anew. Exiting also replaces all of the urns and reinitiates random encounters,
    though grates opened between floors (and other devices later) remain open.
    Note. Carry a couple of Guidance Jewels in case you ever need return to the
    save diary FAST. When used, the jewel transports the allies to the entrance,
    right before the diary, NOT all the way out of the dungeon.
    DUNGEON ENEMIES. In addition to the urns, dungeons are home to some of the
    game's toughest foes. Fleet Fish and Sleazy Toads can beat a hasty retreat,
    good targets for Burst or a coordinated attack of Night (Ari) followed up by
    Frost (Rosalyn). You may see some familiar enemies in random encounters, too.
    The Lists FAQ at GameFAQs.com accounts for the unique foes found in each
    dungeon, as well as their spoils. Update (v1.5). All monster data is now
    included in the "Monster Droppings" section, along with lots of new findings.
    Tip. If you're treasure hunting, dungeons are fertile proving grounds. Leave
    the last urn on a floor untouched to keep the random foes coming. You may find
    that certain foes only appear in particular areas, however. Save, Quit, and
    Restore your game to shuffle the odds if a particular enemy is too shy.
    Using the following rough textual maps, make your way through the dungeon and
    gather its spoils. Return to the save diary as needed to rest and replenish.
    Note. Since dungeons are rife with random encounters that can easily get you
    turned around, step-by-step directions through every floor are nearly
    impossible and can, in fact, prove a hindrance. The "Maps" addendum, however,
    contains several links to additional resources (well regarded, but not this
    author's work) that may help you better navigate OKAGE's dungeons.
    D, save Diary (cyan)     v, Stairs down (green)
    P, sign Post             ^, Stairs up (white)
    X, Urn (red)             =, Locked gate
    C, treasure Chest
    |X         X|
    |           |
    |     v     |
    |           |
    |X         X|
    -----   -----
        |   |
      ---   ---
      |P     D|
      |       |
      ---| |---
    P, "Destroy all of the Urns."
                | ^ |
                |   |
                |   |
                |   |
            -----   -----
            |X         X|
    ---------           |
    |                   |
    |   -----           |
    | C |   |     v     |
    |   -----           |
    |                   |
    ---------           |
            |X         X|
            |  --   --  |
            |  ||   ||  |
            |  --   --  |
            |           |
                |   |
    C, Bountiful Nut
    Before accepting Stan's warning and descending the final stairs, again, an
    unimpeded trip back to the save diary is a worthwhile precaution. If you missed
    the treasure chest, collecting it now is also advisable. (As with all of the
    game's remaining boss fights, Ari and company automatically leave the dungeon
    after the boss is defeated.)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Ari faces:
    -------------------- ------- ------ ------ ----------------- --- ---------
    Bubble Evil King     Blue       666    777 -                   1
       Compassion Crab   Yellow      58     58 Big Nut             4     1,009
    Take out the minions first, since Compassion Crabs can Mend themselves. You may
    want to follow their example and designate a healer, come to think of it. Once
    the crabs are out of the way, then gang up on the boss with Combine attacks. Be
    sure to keep Ari's HP topped off, however.
    In defeat, the Bubble Evil King gives up the Spiral Wire and unlocks the gate a
    floor up, which is where the party automatically goes. Words and more words,
    then the Princess slaps Ari, taking off a good chunk of HP.
    The narrator segues the group topside again. When control returns, talk to
    everyone and read the notice boards again (Stan comments), but avoid the Inn
    for now. Talk to Beiloune outside the mayor's house. A colorful guy on the
    central plaza has a Whim Berry for Ari (missable; he soon vanishes). When
    you're ready, rest and save at the Inn. Step outside and a girl delivers a
    message. [Trigger: Messenger Kid won't show up until Ari Rests at the Inn.]
    Yes, now talk to everyone again; their messages have changed. Go to the mayor's
    house and Beiloune gives the team an errand.
    If you like, you can revisit the Aquatic Ruins to battle urns and random foes
    for money and EP. The stairways are now permanently open and the Former Bubble
    Evil King is down on the bottom floor, but he only reiterates what he's already
    said and nothing else is new there.
    Stop by the Shop to replenish supplies and save at the Inn. Leave Rashelo by
    going north up the long pier. Veer a little to the west, cross the bridge, and
    enter the circus grounds. Speak with the clown near the southern tent, and
    those found inside the tents. A brief scene in the northern-most tent.
    Remember the Letter Bottle Stan fetched from the lighthouse? Find the romantic
    guy, just north of the circus grounds, and talk to him. This is a good time to
    work on his little sidequest. When prompted, pick any message (which one makes
    no difference to the outcome, only the reply received). Backtrack to the first
    bridge, cross it, and continue due east. On the beach, the bottle is a little
    to the north. Pick it up and then return to the romantic. Once more Ari tosses
    the bottle. Go back to the same place, retrieve the bottle, then come back and
    show the reply to the romantic. The bottle goes in the drink once more. Go and
    read the final message.
    The Rashelo stele remains inert, so start hiking north. Enter Madril. Skip the
    Research Center for a moment and first talk to the researcher standing outside
    the center's other wing, who has something for Ari. Now backtrack and enter the
    Research Center.
    Note. When asked for donations at the Research Center, either amount yields the
    same reward, so choose the smaller amount. A complete list of the donation
    gifts is found in the "Sidequests" addendum.
    When you're done, exit. Stay clear of the singer for the moment, but talk to
    everyone else on the upper level.
    Tidy up the end of the "Miss Match" sidequest by visiting Miss Madril. Talk to
    the counting guy (remember the last cyphertext?) and receive Cyphertext 5
    [CT5]. (Hint. Watch with a group of chilly friends.)
    After Ari has spoken with everyone else, approach Linda, the singer. [Trigger:
    Getting too close to the lift pulls Ari over to Linda anyway.] Grab the lift as
    soon as you can and ride it down to the lower level.
    Make a circuit and talk to everyone. Mr. Know-It-All has a new schtick. Stop in
    at Maggie's and a scene ensues. In the Madril Shop, beside the usual merchant,
    a Wandering Peddler has arrived with upgraded gear.
    Madril Wandering Peddler offers:
    ITEM             DESCRIPTION                            EFFECT             COST
    ---------------- -------------------------------------- --------------- -------
    Nameless Sword   No name but well made.                 Atk +15             470
    Omnislice Sword  Powerful but not durable.              Atk +20           1,900
    Hardy Rapier     A popular product that's very durable. Atk +15           2,100
    Ghost Pictorial  Illustrated book of existing monsters. Atk +10           1,600
    Fancy Outfit     Impeccable fashion-minded garb.        Dfns +3             310
    Durable Outfit   For heavy duty tasks.                  Dfns +5           1,100
    Chief's Armor    Improved quality. For the team leader. Dfns +6           1,250
    Starchy Coat     Crisp finish gives a clean impression  Dfns +9           1,500
    Energy Flower    Heavenly beauty.                       Recover from KO     150
    Clarity Charm    Firmly screws your head back on.       Cures Confusion     200
    Villain's Charm  Attack again with zeal!                Cures Saint         300
    Rust Off Charm   As if youth returned.                  Cures Rust          250
    Liberation Stone Has richness of earth in Fall.         Releases Seal       100
    Cheerful Stone   Envelops with spring flower scent.     Cures Lock           50
    Guidance Jewel   Dungeon depths won't get you down.     Dungeon Entry       100
    Short on cash? Now is a good time to revisit the sewer. Ari has a much better
    chance of winning (though still a risky proposition) and the rewards are
    excellent. Watch for a solitary old-looking weed (Leering Seaweed), as it pays
    the best, but be wary as it may take your money and run. The rats can rob you,
    too, so save after every battle in case you need to Quit and Restore to retain
    your hard-earned spoils. Beware of overleveling, too.
    Rest and save at the Inn, then leave Madril north for Tenel. Take the red stele
    to Wap-Wap and transfer to the green stele, zipping down to Tenel Field. Very
    handy. At the crossroads, go north and enter the village.
    Talk to everyone. At the Elder's house, visit the sick girl upstairs. Outside
    the house, a girl tells the beginnings of a long story. Save at the Inn (you
    won't have another chance for a while). Leave for Ari's house.
    Go inside. Dad stops Ari and then the scene shifts to the kitchen. When control
    returns, Ari's in his room.
    Note. Until the chapter ends, Ari's room won't act like a save point.
    Exit the room, step down the hall...and voices come from the locked room next
    door. Listen until Ari hears everything. Cross over to Annie's room for a short
    scene, then speak to both Annie and Rosalyn. Go downstairs, talking to Ari's
    grandparents. Stop in the kitchen for another scene. Speak with Mother and
    Marlene afterward.
    Return to Ari's room, where Stan tucks him in. When Ari awakens in the night,
    check all around the house, visiting the basement last. After the scene, go
    upstairs. After a brief exchange, follow Rosalyn outside. Dark out, nice
    ambiance. Tenel's gates are locked and a guy blocks the road south, so approach
    the circus grounds (see if you can spot Marlene through the bushes) and talk to
    Rosalyn for a lengthy scene.
    When control returns, leave Ari's room and go downstairs. Talk to everyone,
    leaving Mom and Marlene until last. [Trigger: Speaking with Mother or the
    Princess initiates a sequence that ends with the Chapter 4 title card being
    Get comfortable for the longest chapter in the game. Though the princess now
    travels with Ari, she's not an official ally and can't fight -- not alongside
    him, at any rate.
    Turn around and enter Ari's house. Stop in the family room, where everyone's
    gathered. Have a chat, then save up in Ari's room. Leave the house and head
    north to Tenel. Talk with everyone, but especially Julia and the next villager
    on the street. Stop in the Bar and the ell-shaped house for brief scenes.
    Finally, save at the Inn.
    Leave town and head for Madril. Walk (a nice stroll might be refreshing and the
    Merry Traveler along the way is worth finding if you didn't earlier) or take
    the steles, whichever you like. Enter Madril and talk to the guy for a little
    Make a circuit around the lower level, finding out what's going on. Enter the
    Town Hall, then the Hero's Club, talking to everyone. The town manager has
    something for Ari. Exit the hall. A brief scene at Toby's, talk to Rosalyn and
    Toby afterward. Maggie lends moral support. Two scenes occur in the Bar, keep
    talking until all is heard. Talk to the Greasy Man outside the blue-roofed
    house. [Trigger: Greasy Man appears after Ari speaks to Mr. Know-It-All.] Save
    at the Inn.
    Talk to the man outside the Mr. Big building, then go inside and talk to the
    guys behind the desk. (Hint. Who has a crush on the hostess?) Enter the door on
    the left, into the stairwell. (Rest easy, it's not Final Fantasy VII.) Talk to
    everyone, including a couple times with the middle manager to get an idea of
    what to do. (Hint. Eh, it's ok.) Once Ari gets to the second floor, explore the
    room to the right, then return and talk to the next middle manager. (Hint.
    Official.) Next floor, same story. Wait, the Claims Manager? (Hint. Gaudy.) Up
    on the next floor, in the room, the workers sing a different tune. Okay, talk
    to the Exe Director and each ally. (Hint. Ordinary.) After Marlene makes
    herself useful, ascend the last flight to the top floor. Enter the office for a
    long exchange and a, uh, proxy fight.
    Once control returns, talk to Ari's allies then exit. On the way downstairs,
    check on the workers, too. Hmm, all vanished. Backtrack to the Inn, rest, then
    Take the lift up to the second level. Make a circuit, talking to everyone. Then
    leave town by the road south. Head due south and cross the bridge. Turn east
    and follow the river northward. Read the signpost and after a brief exchange
    enter the dungeon.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Among the most frustrating dungeons in OKAGE. There are three floors to clear,
    but finding all the urns requires a convoluted weaving up and down between all
    three floors. In addition, stone barriers block passages and glowing green
    floor switches must be stepped on before barriers will slide away. (To get to
    the boss, all floor switches must be activated. An activated switch no longer
    glows.) The last difficulty are gaps in the floors, which Ari may (and at times
    MUST) fall through, albeit unharmed.
    Note. See the "Maps" addendum for links to some ingenious webbed maps of the
    Update (v1.5). ASCII maps for Escapeless Abyss now feature grid references
    along the top (1-4 or 1-7) and right (A-G, E, or F) edges. Map references for
    each feature (such as 4G) are listed below the map and show one course that may
    be followed; references in parentheses show the reverse course. Other routes
    are plentiful.
    D, save Diary (cyan)     L, Landing (from gap)
    X, Urn (red)             C, treasure Chest
    O, Green Switch          v, Stairs down (green)
    B, Barrier               ^, Stairs up (white)
    G, Gap                   =, Locked door
       1     2  3  4
    |     |     |     |
    |  O     X     v  | A
    |     |     |     |
    |-----|     |-----|
    |     |     |     |
    |  v  |  v  B  G  | B
    |     |     |     |
    |-| |-|--B--|     | C
    |     |     |     |
    |  X     O  |  X  | D
    |     |     |     |
                |     |
                |  v  | E
                |     |
                |--B--| F
                |    D|
                |  O  | G
                |     |
                --| |--
    4G, switch opens barrier at 4F.
    4E, stairs down to EA-B2:3E.
    (2B, stairs down to EA-B2:2C.)
    1A, switch opens barrier at 3B.
    4B, gap lands at EA-B2:3C.
    (1B, stairs down to EA-B2:1C.)
    2D, switch opens barrier at 2C.
    4A, after defeating EA-B1's 3 Urns, stairs down to EA-B2:3B.
       1     2     3     4
    |     |     |           |
    |  v  |  v     G     X  | A
    |     |     |           |
    |     |-----|     ------|
    |     |     |     |     |
    |  X  |  G  |  ^  |  G  | B
    |     |     |     |     |
    |-----|     |------     |
    |     |     |           |
    |  ^  |  ^  |  L     X  | C
    |     |     |           |
    |     |     |-----------|
    |     |     |     |     |
    |  v  |  X           v  | D
    |     |     |     |     |
    ------------|-| |-|------
                |     |
                |  ^  |       E
                |     |
    (3E, stairs up to EA-B1:4E.)
    2C, stairs up to EA-B1:2B.
    4B, gap lands at EA-B3:7D.
    4D, stairs down to EA-B3:7F.
    2B, gap lands at EA-B3:3D.
    1A, stairs down to EA-B3:1B.
    (1D, stairs down to EA-B3:1F.)
    1C, stairs up to EA-B1:1B.
    (3B, stairs up to EA-B1:4A.)
    (3A, gap lands at EA-B3:5B. Shortcut, route back to diary.)
    2A, after defeating EA-B2's 4 Urns, stairs down to EA-B3:3B.
       1  2  3  4  5  6  7
        |         |
        | C1 v C2 |           A
        |         |
    --------| |--------------
    |     |     |           |
    |  ^  |  ^  |  L        | B
    |     |     |           |
    |-|B|-------|     X     | C
    |           |           |
    |  X     L  B        L  | D
    |           |           |
    |--=----| |-|-------| |-|
    |     |     |           |
    |  C3 |  O  |  O     X  | E
    |     |     |           |
    |-----|-----|-| |-------|
    |     |     |     |     |
    |  ^  B  X  B        ^  | F
    |     |     |     |     |
    5E, switch opens barriers at 4F and 1C.
    7F, stairs up to EA-B2:4D.
    3A, after defeating EA-B3's 4 Urns, stairs down to EA-B4.
    3E, switch opens barriers at 4D and 2F.
    1B, stairs up to EA-B2:1A.
    1F, stairs up to EA-B2:1D.
    (3B, stairs up to EA-B2:2A.)
    C1, Bountiful Nut
    C2, Ghostologos
    C3, This and a few chests in other dungeons can't be reached until late in the
    game. See the "Hopkins' Sword" section of the "Sidequests" addendum.
    Be sure to get the chests and equip Kisling with the Ghostologos before going
    downstairs for the boss fight. Backtracking to the save diary is worth the
    effort, too.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Our hero faces:
    -------------------- ------- ------ ------ ----------------- --- ---------
    Chairman Evil King   Yellow     642  1,200 -                   1
       Steel Armor       Red        104     90 1st Fight Charm     4     1,560
    Dispatch the lackeys, as Steel Armor are devastating if they gang up on an
    ally. The Chairman has an effective Drain attack, so keep Ari above 50 HP.
    After the fight, Ari gets two items from the Former Chairman, one of which
    unlocks a secret tunnel. The allies then find themselves outside the abyss.
    Step back inside briefly to use the dungeon's save diary.
    Head south to the Rashelo stele, which is finally glowing blue. Take a quick
    trip to Wap-Wap, but come right back. Visit the circus grounds while you're
    there and be sure to speak with the Ringmaster. Head north again, but up the
    plains' eastern edge. Not far above the shore, a tall statue is imbedded in the
    cliffside. Use the Former Chairman's gift and in you go.
    There are some tough foes along this unmapped corridor, some not found anywhere
    else, but they pay well and may drop some rare goodies.
    Trivia. In the tunnel, if Stan pops up before a fight his usual black-and-white
    tile background appears a little different.
    Stepping out at the other end, a scene ensues. Yet ANOTHER evil king? Before
    trotting after him, stop in the house on the left (north). The man just inside
    the door has goods for sale.
    Note. The merchant's initial comment may be confusing. He seems to be talking
    about the evil king just encountered, but the pronouns don't match. Hmm. Talk
    to him again and he speaks of someone else...maybe.
    Pospos Spa offers:
    ITEM             DESCRIPTION                            EFFECT             COST
    ---------------- -------------------------------------- --------------- -------
    Brand Sword      Obviously a well-made product.         Atk +25          15,000
    Hardy Rapier     A popular product that's very durable. Atk +15           2,100
    Worldy Ghost     Handbook on connection w/folklore in   Atk +20          17,000
    Custom-made Wear Custom made for exceptional comfort.   Dfns +7          10,000
    Honorable Armor  Only for those swordsmen with honor.   Dfns +15         12,000
    Starchy Coat     Crisp finish gives a clean impression  Dfns +9           1,500
    Conjurer Tux     Made durable for dangerous shows.      Dfns +12        100,000
    Big Nut          Bigger and better.                     Recover 100 HP      100
    Bunny Charm      Relaxing? No way!                      Cures Turtle        450
    Sommelier Charm  Such impeccable taste.                 Cures LPDrain       350
    Alarm Charm      Could wake the dead!                   Cures Evil Eye      500
    Big Boss's Charm Gets your nerve back.                  Cures Paralyze      400
    Cheerful Stone   Envelops with spring flower scent.     Cures Lock           50
    Guidance Jewel   Dungeon depths won't get you down.     Dungeon Entry       100
    Note. The effects and descriptions of both the Alarm Charm and Big Boss's Charm
    items (as shown here) are actually incorrect. The correct effects have been
    noted in all reference and addendum sections; read the "Known Bugs" section for
    further details. Both charms work correctly in battle and (with only a little
    guessing) from the menu.
    The next guy tells some more of the tortoise and the pebble story. The last man
    is the Innkeeper. Have a rest and save. Before leaving, squeeze past the
    Innkeeper and go up the stairs. Witness Kisling's amazing derring-do.
    Leave the Inn. [Trigger: If you like, head east and take one step beyond a
    solitary snowman a little ways away. A scene ensues.]
    Note. The scene may also be triggered later. What's said varies between now and
    then, with some of the same fluid pronouns as the merchant exhibited, so your
    The foes on the Pospos Snowfield are a bit beyond Ari and company for the
    moment and will still be challenging when the allies return. Try an encounter
    or two now, but stay near the spa, guard Ari well, and save often. The payoffs
    may yield enough for one good equipment upgrade.
    When you're ready to move on, take to the Transverse Tunnel again. Head south
    and pay a quick visit to the circus grounds, speaking with the Ringmaster
    again. Leave the grounds and take the blue Rashelo stele to the red Madril
    stele. Enter the town.
    Make a circuit of the lower level. Check in with the Fortune Teller, rest and
    save. Stop by the bar and speak with Mr. Know-It-All. If you're low on Energy
    Flowers (you'll want several handy for the upcoming brawl), visit the Madril
    Shop and stock up.
    A gent outside Mr. Big Inc. shares several tidbits; keep him talking. (If you
    learn of any way to ride the rails, please alert the author.) Then go upstairs
    and see the reinstated Chairman (albeit still ex-evil king) for an exchange.
    Check in with the flunkies on the third floor on the way down.
    Finally, something new happens in the Gear House that initiates a mini-event,
    so don't skip stopping in.
    Take the lift up and make a circuit of the upper level. Be sure to visit
    Robert. Speak with the Gossip Monger on the street for a brief exchange.
    The researcher usually guarding a door is gone, to Stan's delight. Enter and a
    scene ensues. Stop by the usual Research Center door and donate more if you
    can. Visit Robert again, then go back down to the lower level.
    Stop in at Maggie's house and speak with her father for an interesting
    development. (Where HAS she gone? Hmm.) Rest and save at the Inn.
    Okay, the brawny evil king has cooled his heels long enough. Leave Madril for
    Tenel Forest. Go north to the signpost and the path leading west. Follow the
    path to its end. As Ari nears the tree stump, an exchange occurs (slightly
    confusing; perhaps ill translated) and then the party automatically enters Big
    Tree Hole. Save at the diary.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    The dungeon has three floors to clear, with barriers and floor switches, but no
    gaps or convoluted paths. And a new twist is added: Illusion walls that look
    solid but Ari can walk right through. (Tip. Bump into everything.) The foes are
    interesting, too, but this dungeon often receives short-shrift, coming so close
    on the heels of Escapeless Abyss.
    Beware the Stingy Onions, as they can snatch 1,000 sukel and run. Berserk Boars
    have a mighty Drain, but like the urns go down easily with full-party Combine
    attacks. The Lone Wolf is fast, hard to hit. The wolf or a Brassy Rhino can
    drop very handy accessories, if the odds smile on you.
    D, save Diary (cyan)     C, treasure Chest
    P, sign Post             v, Stairs down (green)
    X, Urn (red)             ^, Stairs up (white)
    O, Green Switch          ., Illusion wall
    B, Barrier               =, Locked door
    G, locked Grate
                |     |     |
                |  v        |
                |     |     |
          |           |     |
          |  X     v  |  X  |
          |           |     |
    ------|-------...-|     -------
    |     |     |     |           |
    |  O  G     |  C  |        O  |
    |     |     |     |           |
    |-| |-|     --| |-|     -------
    |     |           |     |
    |        X        B  X  |
    |     |           |     |
    -------------     |------
                |    D|
                |     |
                |     |
                --| |--
    C, Black Cat Jewel
          |     |     |     |
          |  X  |  P1 |  X  |
          |     |     |     |
          |     |-| |-|     |
          |     |     |     |
    ------|     G  ^  G     |------
    |     |     |     |     |     |
    |  P2       |------        O  |
    |     |     |           |     |
    ------|     B  ^        |------
          |     |           |
          |     |-| |--     |
          |     |     |     |
          |  X  |     |  X  |
          |     |     |     |
                |     |
                |  v  |
                |     |
    P1, "A path beyond the treasure chest."
    P2, "A secret in an empty room."
                |    P|
                |  v  |
                |     |
          ------|-| |--------
          |     |           |
          |  O  B           |
          |     |           |
    ------|     |-...-|     |------
    |     |     .     .     |     |
    |  X  G     .  X  .     G  X  |
    |     |     .     .     |     |
    ------|     |-...-|     |------
          |           |     |
          |           B  O  |
          |           |     |
          --------| |-|------
                |     |
                |  ^  |
                |     |
    P, "One more between two."
    Backtrack and save before going down the last stairs.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Ari and company face:
    -------------------- ------- ------ ------ ----------------- --- ---------
    Big Bull Evil King   Red      2,745  1,401 -                   1
       Burly Bull        Blue       224    155 Weed Resistance     4     2,021
    Use the Black Cat Jewel first thing (lopping off half of everyone's HP) but be
    poised to counter its side effects (yikes, it also hits allies). Take out the
    minions, Burly Bulls, then gang up on the boss. Big Bull, as might be expected,
    deals mostly strong, physical attacks, strong enough to KO Kisling in one
    round, though the Heatwave Ring (or 1st Star Badge) proves an effective
    deterrent and keeps the KOs to a minimum. Make liberal use of Defense when you
    can. Big Bull also uses Flame and Charge from time to time.
    When he's defeated, Big Bull becomes an ally and gives Ari an item. When
    control returns, the group is automatically outside Big Tree Hole. If needed,
    step back inside and save at the diary. (While you're there, you might as well
    take out a few more urns for a little extra spending money.) Then again leave
    the dungeon.
    Big Bull's initial status:
     LV       HP   EP  AP  DP  MP  LCK  AGL
    --- -------- ---- --- --- --- ---- ----
     25  209/209    0  95  25   6    5   42
    Big Bull's initial inventory:
    NAME                 DESCRIPTION                                  EFFECT
    -------------------- -------------------------------------------- -------------
    Battle Manual        Scroll describing how to fight.              Atk +20
    Infantry Pants       Stretchy fabric allows easy movement.        Dfns +5
    1st Fight Charm      Gift for beginners for their first battle.   Dfns +1
    Big Bull's "naked" stats, then, are AP 75 and DP 19. His element is fire (red),
    burning out thunder (yellow) monsters, but weak against ice (blue) foes. His
    Wild Cry skill makes enemies scatter, but has its downsides.
    Talk to the man beside the water, then head to Madril.
    Take a break and save at the Inn. This is your first chance to rearrange party
    members to your liking. First, unequip the accessory from whichever ally you're
    trading out, a good habit to establish. Then bring in Big Bull, especially if
    he's several LV lower than everyone else. From now on, you want to keep all of
    Ari's allies leveled up more or less equally.
    Exit the Inn, then press Square to get Stan's comments and check the Map o'Evil
    Kings. (With the menu open, notice that Special lists the skills of the active
    party only.) Stock up at the shop, if needed. The only one on the lower level
    with something new to say is Mr. Know-It-All in the bar.
    Take the lift to the upper level. Linda draws Ari into an exchange. After a
    little narration, Ari automatically goes to the Inn for another scene. (Nice
    camera work.) When control returns, Ari's in the lobby and...the theme music
    has changed. Try talking to Marlene again. Exit the Inn.
    Tip. If the music becomes too much while walking around, remember the anthem
    dims when Ari steps inside any building, including the bar (even the Turk-like
    theme is supplanted). Plot your course accordingly.
    Make another circuit, talking to everyone this time. Call up Stan again, too.
    Dill's parents finally change their tune, as do the Barkeep and the neophyte in
    the Gear House. Check the door of the blue-roof building. Those in the Mr. Big
    building are oblivious and safely skipped.
    Take the lift to the upper level. Make a circuit up here, too, avoiding the
    train station for now. Stop in at the Research Center last and query each of
    the groupies for a scene. Once Ari has spoken with everyone, approach Linda at
    the train station.
    When control returns, check in with Stan and the Map o'Evil Kings (hmm, snow).
    Time for Ari to take his leave of Madril, going south from the upper level.
    After the bridge, head for the Transverse Tunnel and the snowfields.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Coming out of the tunnel, on the north side read the signpost. Walk around the
    hot springs until Ari finds a Tiny Gear [TG17]. Stop in the Pospos Spa. Stock
    up with the merchant and upgrade some gear. Rest and save.
    Tip. Faced with expensive purchases and multiple choices but little money, save
    BEFORE buying. Step outside, try out the new gear, and if you like it, save
    again. Otherwise, quit without saving, reload, and purchase something else.
    Time to explore the Pospos Snowfield. Enemies of note: The Half-Cocked Yeti are
    flighty and can run away quick, but drop a handy item if you can defeat them.
    The Coolhead Snowmen do the most damage, but pay best. Foes inflict curses more
    frequently now, but can drop the necessary charms, too.
    Leave the spa. If you didn't earlier, take a step beyond the nearby snowman for
    a brief scene. (The scene occurs only once and the exchange differs slightly
    once Big Bull is an ally.)
    Head east with Ari sticking like glue to the northern edge. Near where the tree
    line turns south, Ari finds a Tiny Gear [TG18]. Keep going south, staying to
    the east side, until a grove of trees appears in the distance. Watch for a
    narrow path that wanders off southeasterly. Follow the path, which emerges from
    the snow bank as the top of a wall. After a short walk, the wall dips down.
    Turn right, into the trees, and a little north to reach a treasure chest [TC:
    Life Candy]. Backtrack all the way up the top of the wall and then turn south.
    Keep to the east side and follow the wall, into the middle of the first clump
    of trees to find a Tiny Gear [TG20, deviating slightly from the order used in
    HonestLiar's Tiny Gear Checklist]. Follow the wall a little farther, then
    continue south, clinging to the tree line. A ways down in a semicircular alcove
    lies another Tiny Gear [TG21]. Go south again and at the last tree, cut back
    north between the trees and the wall. The Tiny Gear [TG22] is found following
    the west-most trail of the inside track. Back out of the trees.
    Go a few steps west to find a line of snowmen (hmm, cold friends). Read the
    signpost just north of them. Then position Ari at their backs and notice where
    they are looking. Head to the tree. A ! balloon appears. Examine the tree and
    Ari receives Cyphertext 6 [CT6]. (Hint. The clue is best found in the woman's
    dialogue. Where might "help for the righteous" be found?)
    Turn around and head east, through a small gate in a low fence. Approach the
    battlements and save at the diary. Try the big gates, but they won't open. A
    little north is a stele glowing white. Take it to Wap-Wap, and make a brief
    side trip to Tenel. Speak with people or not as you choose, but visit the
    church -- the only church in the land -- for the World Crypto Organization's
    prize (Divine Shoes). Leave Tenel for the circus grounds and take the stele to
    Wap-Wap. Use the white stele to return to the snowfields. Save again.
    Have Ari move along the big wall to the furthest point south. Using L1 and R1,
    or the right analog stick, you can get a glimpse of what lies inside the
    fortress. Follow the top of the wall west, but cut back east and follow the
    base of the wall until Ari finds another Tiny Gear [TG24, another small
    Walk west, through the small gate, and read the signpost (the walled town is
    Triste, "trees-tay"). Despite what the sign says, go southwest toward a
    cottage. First approach the tree outside and Ari finds one more Tiny Gear
    [TG23]. Have some fun pushing around the big snowman (let the author know if
    you find another use for it) and then go inside. Talk to the man to finally
    learn why Ari is collecting the Tiny Gear (30 are needed; Ari should have 23
    Leave the house and go north along the shoreline. (Watch for Bumble's
    footprints along the way.) Ari comes to some little islands, but can't cross
    all the way to the isle with a treasure chest. Go a little farther north to
    read another signpost. [Trigger: Step onto the bridge and after a brief
    exchange Ari and company are automatically transported inside the temple.]
    Whoa, not so hasty. Transport outside again; you'll be right back.
    Wind your way down and circle the temple at ground level. Behind the temple
    near the water is the last Tiny Gear [TG19] on the Pospos Snowfield. Now look
    for a tree on the south side, which Ari can use as a bridge to the small island
    and the treasure chest [TC: Bandit's Shoes]. Climb the tree on the isle's east
    side, cross the small ice platforms to terra firma, and head north, back to the
    Sealed Cave. Cross the bridge, climb the temple, and examine the ideogram (lit
    up like a stele) to transport inside. Save at the diary.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Another twist has been added. Sealed Cave includes sunken walks (or "bridges")
    that the floor switches raise. There are barriers, too, but many open by
    examining them. The dungeon is all on one level and offers some interesting
    foes. Stalking Tigers have a disconcerting physical attack. The Bed Head Walrus
    drops Heart Candies. The flock of crows can steal 1,000 sukel and run, but drop
    handy accessories. Tigers and two other foes can drop bottles, and the Gloomy
    Urns drop Miracle Nuts.
    D, save Diary (cyan)     W, sunken Walkway
    P, sign Post             C, treasure Chest
    X, Urn (red)             v, Stairs down (green)
    O, Green Switch          ^, Stairs up (white)
    B, Barrier               =, Locked door
    |        |   |          |     |
    |     X  B O |       O     X  |
    |        |   |          |     |
    |--B---  ------B----| |-|-----|
    |     |     |     |     |     |
    |  C2 |     |     |     |  C4 |
    |     |     |     |     |     |
    |-----|--B--|--B--|--B---     |
    |     |     |     |           |
    |  X  B     |     |        X  |    ---SC-B2-----
    |     |     |     |           |
    |-| |-|     ---B--|--B-----B--|    -------
    |     |           |     |  X  |    |     |
    |     |------  X  |     ------|    |     |
    |     B  O  |     |           |    |     |
    |     |-----|     B     v     |    |--B-------
    |     |     |     |           |    |         |
    |     B  X  |     |------  C5 |    |       O |
    |     |     |     |  C1 |     |    |         |
    |-===-|-----|--B-----B--|-===-|    |     -----
    |     |     |           |     |    |     |
    |  C6 |  C3 |--W--------|  C7 |    |  ^  |
    |     |     W D      O  |     |    |     |
    --------------| |--------------    -------
    C1, Sleeping Bottle
    C2, Mirage Ring
    C3, BattlefrontCoat
    C4, Mega Charm
    C5, Power Candy
    C6, See the "Hopkins' Sword" section of the "Sidequests" addendum.
    C7, See the "Hopkins' Sword" section of the "Sidequests" addendum.
    On the lower floor, DON'T examine the barrier as yet (or pick "No" for now).
    Instead, first trigger the last green floor switch. While it can seem to have
    no appreciable effect (if you've been thorough), the switch opens any optional
    barriers you may have taken the long way around or overlooked. The barriers and
    walkways on the upper floor remain raised regardless; the switch doesn't
    reactivate them.
    Tip. A couple of treasure chests are secreted behind such barriers, so this is
    a good time to fetch them. Also provides a good tactic for speed or low-level
    runs: Defeat the urns with all haste, flip the last switch, and then pillage
    all five treasure chests at your leisure, without the pesky ghosts.
    Go topside to save, then return to the lower floor. Examine the barrier and
    answer Stan's usual question to confront the boss.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    The party faces:
    -------------------- ------- ------ ------ ----------------- --- ---------
    Teen Idol Evil King  Blue     2,399  2,300 -                   1
       Shrewd Bear       Red        142    444 Skull Bottle        4     4,076
    Take out the minions, Shrewd Bears, as they have a nasty virus attack, but
    Linda's biggest weapons are her speed and a wide array of magic.
    After the fight, Linda gives Ari the Long Screw and something magical happens
    in his inventory -- all the strange mechanical bits become a cohesive unit, a
    Voice Recorder. Linda becomes an ally.
    Linda's initial status:
     LV       HP   EP  AP  DP  MP  LCK  AGL
    --- -------- ---- --- --- --- ---- ----
     30  125/125    0  75  47  18   10   53
    Linda's initial inventory:
    NAME                 DESCRIPTION                                  EFFECT
    -------------------- -------------------------------------------- -------------
    Mike o'Hope          Allows singing of bright futures & dreams.   Atk +20
    Stage Dress          Gorgeous dress that enchants all.            Dfns +12
    Bandit's Shoes       Easy to wear shoes. Favorite of bandits.     AGL +1
    Linda's "naked" stats, then, are AP 65, DP 35, and AGL 52. Her element is ice
    (blue). Her Omni Concert skill is handy for slowing down enemies.
    When control returns, Ari is atop the temple. If needed, transport back inside
    to rest and save.
    Tip. If you seek lots of money in short order (for the Research Center's top
    donation, for example, which is huge), Sealed Cave can provide what you need.
    With seven urns (at 2,980 sukel apiece), one trip clearing the dungeon can net
    20,860 or more in coin. Exit again when you're done.
    Head for the Triste gates and take the stele to Madril. Enter the town, notice
    the music, then rest and save at the inn.
    Make the circuit around the lower level, hearing everything everyone has to
    say. Do NOT enter the sewer just yet, however.
    In the Hero's Club, talking to the far-left clerk triggers a brief exchange.
    And talking to the swordswoman before him triggers another (hmm). Toby has some
    wisdom to impart, as well. Cat fight at Maggie's, not to be missed, but go back
    in afterward and hear her father wax nostalgic over some lyrics. A brief
    exchange over the fanatic in the bar and a couple of new faces on the streets.
    Be sure to stock up at the shop. Oh, and the neophyte Gear Lover falls a little
    Nothing new with Mr. Big Inc., so take the lift up and make the rounds of the
    upper level.
    Hmm, a whole lot of nothing new up here, too. But stop by the Research Center
    and donate more, the top amount if you can (highly recommended). Then go back
    down to the lower level.
    Now is an excellent time for completing any lingering side trips you may have
    put off (other than searching for missing Tiny Gear; what's about to happen
    will help with that), as you won't have another chance for a while. Return to
    this point when you're finished. Take a moment, too, to consider how your party
    is composed and equipped. The sewer's foes are exactly as before, easy pickings
    by now, so favor the highest Luck stats possible to gain more item drops.
    Tip. See the "Known Bugs" section for a useful (and spoiler-free) glitch you
    can exploit.
    When you're ready, check in with the Fortune Teller (your last opportunity for
    a while) and save at the Inn. Then head down into the sewer. A scene ensues.
    Save at the diary.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    The dungeon, the last one in Chapter 4, has opened up but hides no boss this
    time. What's presented is a true puzzle to solve, with its various pieces
    secreted in treasure chests on different levels. Take out the Sparky Urns and
    activate floor switches to reach each piece.
    Leering Seaweed, found only in the sewers, can drop a very rare consumable
    item, the White Cat Jewel, but may also take flight after only a few rounds,
    perhaps snatching your money. The Robbing Rats are likewise light-fingered.
    D, save Diary (cyan)     B, Barred gate
    G, Gear box              C, treasure Chest
    M, Miniature panel       v, Stairs down (green)
    X, Urn (red)             ^, Stairs up (white)
    O, Green Switch
          |  ^  |
          |     |
          |     |
    ------|     |------
    |     |    D|     |
    |     B     B     |
    |     |     |     |
    ------|     |------
          |     |
          |     |
          |  v  |
    Note. No ghosts attack on this floor.
                |  v  |
                |     |
                |  M  |
          -------     -------
          |                 |
          |                 |
          |                 |
    -------                 -------
    |                             |
    |v   M         A         M   v|
    |                             |
    -------                 -------
          |                 |
          |                 |
          |                 |
          -------     -------
                |  M  |
                |G    |
                |  ^  |
    Inspect the Gear Box. Your task, using the Miniature Panels, is to adjust the
    actual pathway grid (A) so Ari can descend into the east and west wings,
    retrieve the two missing gears, and then access the north wing.
    The Miniature Panels consist of a 3 X 3 grid of moveable squares. Ari steps on
    the one he wants to move, examines the square, and the corresponding larger
    panel rotates. Easy peasy, though getting it right may take a little trial and
    | 1 | 2 | 3 |
    | 4 | 5 | 6 |
    | 7 | 8 | 9 |
    Not all of the buttons are working, however, so start with the east wing. On
    the Miniature Panel, have Ari stand on (6), then press X. Now follow the path
    around (A) to reach the east wing ladder. Descend.
    |     |     |              X  |
    |X   O|     |                 |
    |     |     |            C2   |
    |     |     |     -------     |
    |     |     |     |     |     |
    |     |     |     |     |     |
    |     |     |     |     |     |
    |     -------     |     |     |
    |                O|     |     |
    |^               v|     |     |
    |                 |     |     |
    |     -------     |     |     |
    |     |     |     |     |     |
    |     |     |     |     |     |
    |     |     |     |     |     |
    |     -------     -------     |
    |                             |
    |                             |
    |X           O         C1   X |
    C1, Skull Bottle
    C2, Whim Berry
    Go down the ladder and pick up the Silver Gear. Return to MS-B2. (Notice that
    the up ladders are one-sided.) Examine the Gear Box and the Silver Gear is
    installed. More buttons on the Miniature Panels now work. (Go back upstairs and
    save, if needed to replenish LP.) Poke around and get Ari to the west wing.
    Take the ladder down.
    |X   O                        |
    |                            X|
    |C2                      O    |
    |------------     -------     |
    |           |     |     |     |
    |           |     |     |     |
    |           |     |     |     |
    |------------     |     |     |
    |                 |     |     |
    |                v|     |C1  ^|
    |    O            |     |     |
    |     -------     |     |     |
    |     |     |     |     |     |
    |C3   |     |     |     |     |
    |     |     |     |     |     |
    |     |     |     -------     |
    |     |     |    O            |
    |X    |     |                 |
    |     |     |                X|
    C1, Bountiful Nut
    C2, Magical Armor
    C3, Panther's Fang
    Go down the ladder and pick up the Gold Gear. Return to MS-B2. Install the Gold
    Gear, just like the Silver Gear. Even more buttons now work. (Go back upstairs
    to replenish LP, if needed, and save.) Poke around a little and get Ari to the
    north wing. Take the ladder down.
    |                             |
    |                             |
    |    X         v         X    |
    |     -------------------     |
    |     |                 |     |
    |     |                 |     |
    |     |                 |     |
    |     -------------------     |
    |          O       O          |
    |                             |
    |          O       O          |
    |     -------------------     |
    |     |                 |     |
    |     |                 |     |
    |     |                 |     |
    |     -------------------     |
    |    X         ^         X    |
    |                             |
    |                             |
    DO NOT go down the last ladder yet. Backtrack up to MS-B1 and SAVE.
    Note. If Ari is close to making level, stick around. There are still ghosts up
    on the first basement floor and it may be a while before Ari has the chance to
    level up again.
    When you're ready, return to MS-B3-North. If you haven't already, this is your
    last chance to set up things to exploit a useful glitch (see the "Known Bugs"
    Note. A little of the dialogue during the next exchange automatically advances.
    Wipe eyeglasses and banish distractions now, as needed. In Config, setting the
    Text Speed to Slow may help, too.
    Descend the last ladder. A long scene ensues.
    With some narration, the Chapter 5 title card displays.
    Another scene automatically begins.
    When control returns, Ari's up near the sewer entrance, looking a bit peaked.
    Try the manhole cover. Hmm. Check the menu, then Status. Press L1. Hmm,
    nothing. Try the gates. Yes, Ari can still open gates. Talk to the man in the
    yellow coat. Might as well make the rounds.
    Duck into the Gear House. Try Mr. Big Inc. Eerie. Keep going, there's
    exposition to be had. Linda's outside Town Hall. Ari can't Shop, but he can
    rest and save at the Inn.
    Take the lift to the upper level and make a circuit, hearing what everyone has
    to say. Kisling is inside the Research Center. When you're done, leave town and
    head toward Rashelo.
    Hmm, no random ghost encounters. But as Ari crosses the bridge, Big Bull
    appears. When control returns, continue south toward Rashelo.
    Note. You can safely skip the next two paragraphs, if you like. Ari is free to
    wander the known lands, but even if he talks to everyone, no clue regarding
    what to do next is forthcoming. Only the process of elimination reveals the
    right path. Still, this is a good low-pressure time to explore, and without
    random battles or interactions, ground is covered swiftly. If Ari is missing
    any Tiny Gear, now is an excellent time to pick them up.
    Dead center on Rumille Plains is a hillock Ari can climb for a panoramic view.
    The Rashelo stele still works, but swing through the circus grounds, where the
    crypto man is visible up on the curly cliff.
    Continue on to Rashelo. Make a circuit and then save at the Inn. Hmm, go back
    north and take the blue stele to the Madril stele. Hike toward Tenel, past four
    NPCs en route (five if you sidetrack to the circus grounds). Hear what you can
    in the village and Ari's house. (Trivia. Ari's grandmother mentions a familiar
    name.) Take the green stele back to the Rashelo stele, but this time head for
    the Transverse Tunnel. Stop in the Spa, then travel south to the Gearman's
    cottage. (Good time to play with the big snowman.) Okay, no clues yet.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Try the Triste gate. Lo! The gates open and a scene ensues. Nifty. When control
    returns, wander the new terrain, but avoid the park for now. Ari can rest and
    save at the hotel near the entrance. Just north of the park are railroad tracks
    that Ari can follow for a ways and get a good aerial view.
    Note. Camera angles can get pretty extreme in Triste. Use L1/R1 or the right
    analog stick to "fix" the angle as needed.
    South of the park, a merchant stands by the Hero's Club. With him, Ari can
    shop. Weapon and gear upgrades are pricey, but the man offers a very good
    selection of restoratives, too. (Save enough money for the final donation at
    Madril's Research Center if you can, though. The reward there is a better
    Triste Merchant offers:
    ITEM             DESCRIPTION                            EFFECT             COST
    ---------------- -------------------------------------- --------------- -------
    Ordinary Sword   Widely used by travelers for defense.  Atk +10              40
    Nameless Sword   No name but well made.                 Atk +15             470
    Omnislice Sword  Powerful but not durable.              Atk +20           1,900
    Brand Sword      Obviously a well-made product.         Atk +25          15,000
    Rustic Sword     Very practical but not elegant at all. Atk +30          75,000
    Ordinary Rapier  The most popular mass produced Rapier. Atk +10             660
    Hardy Rapier     A popular product that's very durable. Atk +15           2,100
    Slim Rapier      Difficult to use. For the advanced.    Atk +20          80,000
    Ghost Basics     General handbook for monsters.         Atk +5              410
    Ghost Pictorial  Illustrated book of existing monsters. Atk +10           1,600
    Worldy Ghost     Handbook on connection w/folklore in   Atk +20          17,000
    Clean Outfit     A new line with a trendy style.        Dfns +1              30
    Fancy Outfit     Impeccable fashion-minded garb.        Dfns +3             310
    Durable Outfit   For heavy duty tasks.                  Dfns +5           1,100
    Custom-made Wear Custom made for exceptional comfort.   Dfns +7          10,000
    Latest Outfit    Cutting edge but a little pricey.      Dfns +10         49,800
    Swordsman Armor  Light armor appropriate for long       Dfns +4             440
    Chief's Armor    Improved quality. For the team leader. Dfns +6           1,250
    Honorable Armor  Only for those swordsmen with honor.   Dfns +15         12,000
    Hero's Armor     With the genuine Hero's Club seal.     Dfns +17         55,500
    Wornout Coat     Well seasoned and pretty worn.         Dfns +6             730
    Starchy Coat     Crisp finish gives a clean impression  Dfns +9           1,500
    Stately Coat     Royal motif. Favorite of people        Dfns +13         51,000
    Infantry Pants   Stretchy fabric allows easy movement.  Dfns +5           2,600
    Blood&SweatPants Durable even during ferocious          Dfns +6          38,000
    Nut              Great for a snack.                     Recover 50 HP        10
    Big Nut          Bigger and better.                     Recover 100 HP      100
    Wild Strawberry  Wakes you up with sour power.          Recover 25 LP       500
    Energy Flower    Heavenly Beauty.                       Recover from KO     150
    Mega Charm       Rarity that repels all curses.         Cures curses      1,000
    Mega Stone       Rare stone with 4 powers.              Cures ailments      400
    Guidance Jewel   Dungeon depths won't get you down.     Dungeon Entry       100
    Explore the side street, then Down Town Street (the street sign's by the red
    ghost, by the by). A brief scene occurs at the far bend in the road. At the
    end, try to leave by the door. Now return to the park and talk with the man
    standing there. An exchange ensues and Ari gets a purpose. (Ari can speak with
    Block again to have the story repeated.)
    Leave Triste by the big gates. Go seek out people and strike up a few
    Ari needs to speak up, making 30 or more unique contributions. But when talking
    to people do NOT choose the third response; it won't help Ari's cause. The
    responses given can also affect Ari's compatibility, however, something to
    consider if you're targeting a particular gift.
    While it doesn't matter where Ari speaks with people, make sure to visit
    Madril's lower level, either from the lift or from near its stele -- before Ari
    is "cured". An event occurs. Ari should immediately follow Marlene into the
    Inn, find her room (talk to the Innkeeper for a hint), and listen in.
    Afterward, continue talking with people until Ari becomes solid again (the
    screen briefly fades to black, and when the image returns, Ari is no longer
    transparent). Then head to the nearest stele and Triste. Try the big doors, and
    remember to ask for K.T.
    Note. If you're exploiting the "Useful Glitch", reequip Ari's accessory now.
    Talk to Block and a long scene ensues. Ari receives the Friendship Bond, a
    quest item which gives him a few really big Specials, including the one he
    gains right away: Friendly Thunder. The cost is large, but so are the results.
    Note. While the "friendly" Specials carry elemental affinities, they are
    nonetheless physical attacks.
    Control doesn't return yet. The other allies are automatically gathered up one
    by one, ending in Madril. The narrator intercedes.
    Ari automatically takes the lift down, just as Beiloune leaves the Inn. After
    that, control finally returns. Check the menu and ensure the active party has
    been restored. Go to the Inn and talk to the Fortune Teller. Save and then
    leave, talking to the man on the way to the northern gates for a good tip.
    Unfortunately, the stele is disabled, so head for Tenel on foot.
    Note. The ghosts are back. A fun little challenge is having Ari evade all
    random encounters en route to Tenel.
    When Ari approaches the crossroads, a scene ensues. Everyone automatically
    heads for Ari's house, where the scene continues. After a while, the scene
    continues inside.
    Control finally returns. Talk to everyone, and then talk to Kisling and Rosalyn
    until everything is heard. Make a circuit of the house, speaking with everyone.
    Visit Ari's room, rest, and save.
    Note. Remember to change party members, to bring along anyone who's lagging,
    and do so often from now on. Especially Linda, who has some great Specials at
    higher levels.
    Exit Ari's house. The steles are working again, but before dashing off to
    Triste, swing by Tenel.
    Enter the Inn and save. Speak to the Fortune Teller No. 1. [Trigger: Requesting
    a reading from her or another fortune teller initiates the final stage of the
    Compatibility Gift sidequest.] She'll tell Ari a bit more than previously (and
    won't repeat herself, so pay close attention), but specifically WHAT she says
    depends on Ari's compatibility. And the message may be vague. For example, the
    Fortune Teller may tell Ari to "stay at the hotel", but she doesn't mention
    WHICH hotel. If you speak with her again, she's closing her doors. (All fortune
    tellers from now on may parrot that final sentiment.)
    Note. If you don't like the final reading, you can try for another outcome,
    though frankly few opportunities remain. If you'd like to try anyway, Quit your
    game without saving and avoid the fortune tellers until you believe you've
    altered the findings in the desired direction.
    Follow through on the Fortune Teller's directive now, as it will undoubtedly
    aid Ari. (See the "Sidequests" addendum if you're stumped.)
    Also, if you haven't already now is a good time to visit Madril and donate the
    top amount, 100,000 sukel, to the Research Center. The reward is a great
    benefit to Ari. (Yes, better than a Triste-priced upgrade.)
    When you're ready, proceed to the Triste gates. Knock at the gates, ask for
    K.T., and enter. Save at the hotel. Buy the best weapon and gear upgrades
    possible, as well as plenty of restoratives, if you didn't earlier. If Ari buys
    anything, save again.
    Head down the side street and toward the back gate Ari couldn't get through
    previously. As Ari nears the last bend in the road, another brief scene occurs
    involving the Old Music Box, which vanishes.
    Exit Triste via the back gate and a scene occurs, with a hint of where to
    venture first.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    When control returns, go forward and read the tombstone. Go that-a-way, south.
    Foes across the desert can be tough, but pay well, and laggards in the active
    party are sure to catch up swiftly. The mummies prove especially challenging at
    the outset.
    The entrance to the Deep Grave Pit is a fairly obvious statue, but first follow
    the wall behind it a little west to a notch in the wall, where Ari picks up a
    Tiny Gear [TG28, a slight deviation]. Return to the pit's entrance, walk all
    the way up to the face, and enter.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Save at the diary.
    Nine levels deep. NINE, and only the one save diary. On the plus side, however,
    each level is very simply laid out and the up and down stairs are nicely
    aligned. (Even so, Guidance Jewels prove invaluable time-savers.) The first
    eight levels all have urns and many have floor switches to raise sunken
    walkways. At the end is a tiny puzzle to solve, in lieu of a boss fight. Ari's
    goal is to find the Gear Tower's key.
    Foes pay well indeed. Of note, the 24K Screws pay 9,999 sukel each if you're
    quick enough, but apropos of their name, they run away fast (by Escape or
    Snatch 100); using Night every round (or any magic- or movement-inhibiting
    Special) might hold them in place longer. Evil Masks can pinch 10,000 coins and
    flee, make good use of Burst or Escape. Ebon Slumbers (aardvarks dangling from
    balloons) have a devastating one-two punch of incapacitating spells, Midnight
    and Numb, a good time to use Decoy. Perpetual Mudmen inflict big damage. The
    Daring Dinos and Rayless Sea Rays drop candy, yum, and Bloody Armor drop
    Bountiful Nuts. A 24K Screw may leave a Black Cat Jewel, a boon in boss fights.
    There's plenty of other good stuff to be had, as well.
    Note. While the usual textual maps are provided here, the "Maps" addendum
    provides a link to a page of detailed graphic maps of every level. A very
    useful aid.
    The maps below show only the paths in from the border, but the central areas
    are just a matter of winding back and forth. After clearing each floor, be sure
    to return to DGP-B1 to save before proceeding lower.
    D, save Diary (cyan)     B, Barrier
    P, sign Post             C, treasure Chest
    X, Urn (red)             v, Stairs down (green)
    O, Green Switch          ^, Stairs up (white)
    |                           |
    |   ---------| |---------   |
    |   | X               X |   |
    |   |                   |   |
    |                       |   |
    |   |                   |   |
    |   |             C1  C2|   |
    |   |                   |   |
    |   |                       |
    |   |                   |   |
    |   | X               X |   |
    |   ---------| |---------   |
    |                           |
    -------------| |-------------
              |       |
              | D   v |
              |       |
              ---| |---
    C1, Energy Bouquet
    C2, Miracle Nut
    |                       |   |
    |-----| |-----------| |-|   |
    |   |                   |   |
    |                           |
    |   |         X         |   |
    |   |                   |   |
    |   |      X     X      |   |
    |   |                   |   |
    |   |         X         |   |
    |                           |
    |   |                   |   |
    |   |-| |--------| |--------|
    |   |                       |
    -------------| |-------------
              |       |
              | ^   v |
              |       |
        | X             |         X |
        |------------| |-| |-----   |
        |                           |
        |   |                   |---|
    ----|                           |
    |   |   |                   |   |
    | C1                            |
    |   |---|                   |   |
    ----|                       | C2|
        |   |                   |---|
        |   |                       |
        |   -| |-----| |-| |-----   |
        | X          | |          X |
        -------------| |-------------
                  |       |
                  | ^   v |
                  |       |
    C1, Treasured Dress
    C2, Bountiful Nut
    If Linda's in the active party, have her equip this new dress right away.
    A floor switch at the beginning of this level raises a bridge to Ari's
    immediate right, but don't miss the existing bridge to the right of that.
    | O |         O |         O |
    |   -| |-| |-----| |-| |----|
    |                           |
    |   |                   |   |
    |         X       X         |
    |---|                   |   |
    | O |                   | O |
    |   |                   |---|
    |         X       X         |
    |   |                   |   |
    |                           |
    |----| |-| |-----| |-| |-   |
    | O          |O         | O |
    -------------| |-------------
              |       |
              | ^   v |
              |       |
    Halfway there (the ninth floor is tiny). Save upstairs and keep going.
                   |     |
                   |  v  |
                   |     |
                   |     |
                   |  C1 |
                   |     |
        -------------| |-------------
        |           |               |
        |   -----| |-------------   |
        |     X               X |   |
        |   |                   |   |
    ----|   |                       |----
    |   |   |                   |---|   |
    | C2    |                        C3 |
    |   |---|                   |---|   |
    ----|                           |----
        |   |                   |   |
        |   | X               X |   |
        |   -| |-| |-----| |-| |-   |
        |       |           |       |
        -------------| |-------------
                  |       |
                  | ^   v |
                  |       |
    C1, Sparkling Rapier
    C2, Ordinary Bottle
    C3, Guardian Crystal (akin to Final Fantasy's Ribbon, gives resistance, not
    proof against, several status woes)
    If Rosalyn's in the active party (and wasn't the recipient of the Compatibility
    Gift), have her equip the new rapier right away.
        | X     |             O | X |
        |   -| |-| |-| |---------   |
        |   |             O         |
        |   |                   |   |
    ----|         O                 |----
    |   |---|                   |---|   |
    | O                               O |
    |   |   |                   |---|   |
    ----|                           |----
        |---|                   |   |
        |         O             |   |
        |   -| |-| |-----| |-| |-   |
        | X |                   | X |
        -------------| |-------------
                  |       |
                  | ^   v |
                  |       |
    One of the easiest floors. Pick a direction and keep going clockwise (or
    counterclockwise) to find every urn in one pass.
    |           |               |
    |   -----| |-| |---------   |
    |     X               X     |
    |---|                   |---|
    |                           |
    |   |                   |   |
    |                       |   |
    |---|                   |   |
    |                       |   |
    |   |                   |   |
    |   | X               X |   |
    |   -------------| |-| |-   |
    |                   |       |
    -------------| |-------------
              |       |
              | ^   v |
              |       |
               |     |
               |  P  |
               |     |
    -------------| |-------------
    |       |           |       |
    |   -| |-| |-| |-| |-| |-   |
    |     X               X |   |
    |---|                   |   |
    |                           |
    |   |                   |---|
    |                           |
    |   |                   |   |
    |                       |   |
    |---|                   |   |
    |     X               X |   |
    |   -----| |-| |-| |-| |-   |
    |           |   |           |
    -------------| |-------------
              |       |
              | ^   v |
              |       |
    Read the stone tablet at (P). (Hint. DIRECTLY above. What other floor had a
    room at the top?)
    Unless Ari's party is on its last legs (yes, ghosts can materialize down
    there), skip saving this time and descend to the last floor.
    |     |
    |  C1 |
    |     |
     |   |
     |   |
    |     |
    |  ^  |
    |     |
    C1, Old Stone Doll
    If you like, stick around DGP-B9 a while longer to fight for EP, money, and
    some good items.
    Take the doll up to DGP-B5, to the room at the back, directly opposite the
    floor's lobby. Stand in front of the empty treasure chest (confirm it's empty)
    and then from the Item menu select the doll. Go through the doorway that just
    opened and descend the stairs.
    ---DGP-B6-Secret Room---------------------------
    |     |
    |  K  |
    |     |
    |     |
    |     |
    |  ^  |
    |     |
    Step forward and examine the key floating there. Excellent. Now head up to the
    diary and save. Exit the dungeon.
    Note. With four urns on each of eight floors, at 4,980 apiece, revisiting the
    Deep Grave Pit can easily yield a boon of 159,360 sukel or more.
    Before exploring the rest of the desert, head north and west to Triste. Stop by
    the merchant, restock your supplies, and upgrade some gear. Change your party
    as needed and save at the hotel.
    When you're ready, leave Triste again by the back gate.
    Head due east until reaching a rock face. Follow the rock wall north until a
    slice of a brick wall appears. Walk up to the brick wall and Ari finds a Tiny
    Gear [TG25]. Continue north, then follow the river a little west to a bridge.
    Cross the bridge and follow the north wall northeast. Look for a partly buried
    statue and approach its face. Between its hands (no, not the snake) is another
    Tiny Gear [TG26]. Turn due south and cross another stone bridge. Veer hard left
    and follow the riverbank northeast. At the rope bridge, cross and follow the
    river back down. Open the treasure chest [TC: Rooster Feathers]. Keep following
    the river in the same direction, up to its northern source. Just before it
    rounds a bend, Ari finds a Tiny Gear [TG27]. Make your way back to the rope
    bridge, cross, and turn south. Keep to the east and when Ari's close to the
    ruins, he's afforded an overview of the maze the ruins contain.
    Note. See the "Maps" addendum for a link to a graphical overview of the desert
    that includes an excellent inset map of the maze itself.
    The maze is divided into north and south sections. Go up the low stairs and
    turn right (south). Take the first left and then a right. Follow the path on a
    south-southeasterly course. Ari passes a rounded wall. The path cuts this way
    and that briefly, but keep on until reaching a cliff wall. Head a little east
    and north, then turn right, down some steps. Open the treasure chest [TC:
    Burned Bottle].
    Retrace your steps back to the entry point. This time, turn left and go
    northerly. A "room" before the cliff face is another treasure chest [TC:
    Bountiful Nut]. From the chest, go west a little ways, then north through an
    opening. Past the opening, Ari finds another Tiny Gear [TG29] along the western
    edge. Follow the sandy path south along the cliff face. Ari now enters the
    south half of the maze.
    The path offers few forks. Ari passes a fountain (hmm, just like at home), then
    some low stairs leading off east. Walk on past, Ari has one more thing to pick
    up in the maze first. (Yes, that's a stele; keep going.) At the fork, take the
    right path, then an immediate left. Take the path right, until Ari comes upon a
    single flight of stairs. Hard to see, but at the top of the stairs is a
    treasure chest [TC: Mike o'Happiness]. Retrace your steps to the low stairs Ari
    passed a moment ago.
    Go up the stairs and if Ari follows the curving cliff wall south, there's the
    stele glowing yellow. DO NOT activate the stele just yet. Continue a little
    farther east, between two mesas, then south. In the distance is another
    half-buried statue. Go past it and near an animal skull Ari finds a Tiny Gear
    Now return to the stele and take a trip to Wap-Wap. Time to turn in all those
    Tiny Gear. Choose the white Triste stele to return to the Pospos Snowfield.
    Save at the diary.
    Go southwest and enter the Gearman's cottage. Talk to him and he coughs over
    Ari's best weapon, the Sword of Gear. Equip it pronto. The Gearman has some
    good exposition about Beiloune...and the tortoise and pebble story, so speak
    with him until all is heard. Return to Triste and enter the town.
    Stock up and buy more upgrades, as needed. (Tip. Make sure Ari has a BIG bunch
    of Wild Strawberries on hand.) At the hotel, choose Change Party and make your
    choices for an imminent confrontation with the Phantom Evil King. Who you
    choose depends largely on how developed Ari's allies have become.
    ---[Possible spoiler stuff. Avert your eyes, or don't.]------------------------
    Picking the two characters with the biggest magic attacks is a good common
    choice because physical attacks won't harm the Phantom Evil King. Usually,
    that's Kisling and Linda, but Rosalyn won't KO as easily as Kisling and if she
    has Blessing as well as Antidote by now, even better. Kisling's Hyperdrive is a
    selling point (the minions like to Load everyone down), but Linda has Match,
    plus her Deflector is a huge help. Big Bull could best handle the minions with
    HP to spare, and his Charge and stronger fire Specials are a plus, but his low
    DP is a detriment. Depends on who you've leveled and who has the better skills.
    ---[All done.]-----------------------------------------------------------------
    Once you've decided, check the party's equipment, then save at the hotel. Leave
    Triste by the front doors this time (unless you have a mad hankering to level
    up by crossing the desert and maze again). Take the stele to Wap-Wap, then
    transfer to the yellow Addashi stele.
    Head east into the desert. On the overhead map, the southeast portion shows a
    blue dot for a diary -- that's Ari's destination. After he passes through a
    ruined fence, Ari gets a good view of the Gear Tower. Save at the diary.
    Update (v1.5). Next, something a little tricky to pick up. On the overhead map,
    due east of the Gear Tower is a small mesa. Pass the eastern side of that mesa
    and continue straight ahead a little further until Ari walks neck-deep into the
    sand (very small area, 5-10 "steps" wide, and easy to miss). Watch for a !
    balloon for the buried treasure chest and press X [TC: Heart Candy].
    Can't find it? Keep an eye on Ari (not the horizon) as he quarters back and
    forth over the location marked here (94 KB):
    On the overhead map, southwest of the Gear Tower is another round mesa. Circle
    that mesa counterclockwise, hugging its edge. Where the rock meets the ruined
    fence, Ari finds another Tiny Gear [TG31].
    Circle back around and up along the tower's west side. Two gears ring the tower
    at an incline and may be climbed. Up the higher of the two is the game's final
    Tiny Gear [TG32]. Climb back down the incline and return to the diary to save.
    Note. A rare weapon, the Q of Hearts, may be dropped by the minions during the
    upcoming boss fight. If the challenge of finding this elusive weapon appeals to
    you, read the "Q of Hearts" addendum. Although the Q may be dropped in a random
    encounter later, this fight remains the best place to obtain the weapon.
    When you're ready approach the tower. On the southeast is a dip in the terrain
    and when Ari nears the base of the Gear Tower a ! balloon appears. [Trigger:
    When Ari opens this door, a brief exchange occurs and he learns a more powerful
    "friendly" Special. He's then drawn inside to confront the fake evil king.]
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    The boy faces:
    -------------------- ------- ------ ------ ----------------- --- ---------
    Phantom Evil King    Yellow     870  4,800 -                   1
       Masterless Sword  Blue       270  1,306 Q of Hearts         4    10,024
    Arguably the toughest boss fight in the game. Considerately, the evil king
    notifies Ari that corporeal attacks won't avail him. Magic only, then. If you
    have a Black Cat Jewel, use it first, with the other two party members poised
    to heal, healing Ari first. Worry about the minions next -- they're the
    deadlier threat at the outset and they, at least, succumb to physical pounding.
    Use Wait and Combine on the Masterless Swords to dispatch them quicker.
    Tip. This is the second-best paying boss fight in the game. If you have two,
    use a White Cat Jewel right away to double the rewards. If you have only one,
    however, save it for the best-paying boss (coming right up).
    Once the minions are out of the way, counter any status woes they inflicted and
    then concentrate magical forces against the fake evil king. Whittle away his
    HP, while keeping the party on its feet, protected and healed.
    Note. Ari's "friendly" and "sword" Specials are physical attacks, as is Burst
    and anything Stan might try. Alas, all are futile against the boss himself.
    Other party members may have similar woes with their Specials, as well.
    Have Ari use elemental bottles (Frozen Bottle and so on) to damage the boss
    instead. Each bottle may be used a variable number of times, from zero to...ten
    or so, perhaps, until it breaks. (When a bottle is destroyed, it's recorded in
    History.) Bottles inflicting status ailments have little or no effect against
    the boss, however.
    After the fight, the former Phantom Evil King vanishes without rhyme or reason
    and, after a brief exchange, the party automatically takes the mechanical
    purple stele to a new area.
    The Chapter 6 title card displays.
    A scene occurs and now the former Phantom Evil King has a few words. As Epros,
    he becomes an ally. Control returns, with Ari standing beside the purple
    Highland Village stele.
    Take the purple stele to Wap-Wap (not back to the Gear Tower) to activate the
    connection, then come right back.
    Note. The boss-fight arena may be revisited, if you're so inclined. From the
    Addashi stele, enter the Gear Tower again. The purple stele there remains
    active and takes Ari right back to Highland Village.
    Familiarize yourself with Ari's newest (and last) ally. Epros has innate magic
    requiring no MP -- his MP never rises above zero, so he contributes nothing to
    the party's LP. He learns some interesting and effective Specials, however, so
    add him to the party when you can and level him up.
    Epros's initial status:
     LV       HP   EP  AP  DP  MP  LCK  AGL
    --- -------- ---- --- --- --- ---- ----
     40  197/197    0  87  41   0    5   48
    Epros's initial inventory:
    NAME                 DESCRIPTION                                  EFFECT
    -------------------- -------------------------------------------- -------------
    J of Diamonds        Versatile attack that dazzles enemy.         Atk +10
    Dazzling Tux         Well tailored formal battle suit.            Dfns +6
    Aves Amulet          Bird shaped lead ornament.                   Evade Spells
    Epros's "naked" stats, then, are AP 77 and DP 35. His element is thunder
    (yellow). His Soul Binding skill can force weakened (not healthy) foes to drop
    items, very handy.
    If (or when) Ari has the sukel for it, equipment for Epros may be purchased at
    Rashelo and the Pospos Spa. (You can safely skip Rashelo if Ari's compatibility
    was with his father, as that gift is Epros's "best" weapon.)
    Time to explore the new area, but a word of warning first. If you're prone to
    vertigo, Highland Village can be a little disconcerting, especially when camera
    angles zoom to impossible heights. Ari won't fall off, however.
    Climb the long stairs. At the first platform, speak to the man standing there.
    The Inn is to the left. Enter, but Ari can't rest or save just yet. [Trigger:
    The Inn only becomes active after Ari has spoken with everyone in the village,
    but even then choosing Rest invokes another triggered event, so DON'T rest.]
    Exit the Inn and cross the rope bridge on the platform's right side. Enter the
    small house and speak to the man inside, who swaps Ari's Penlight for a
    BrokenGun, the only gun in OKAGE, by the by. (Hint. Who collects antiques and
    Return to the stele, take it to Wap-Wap, then take -- have you figured it out
    yet? -- the green stele to Tenel. Visit Ari's house and descend into the
    basement. Talk to Ari's Dad and he'll swap the BrokenGun for a Unicorn's Horn
    accessory. Finally, something useful. Stop by Ari's room to at least Rest, and
    preferably Save too. If you like, make a side trip into Tenel or to anywhere
    else in the world. When you're ready to move on, return to Highland Village.
    Move around the village and talk to everyone. Look for the highest vantage
    point in town, and for a broken tower on one lonely peak. Read the tombstones
    in the cemetery. See everything, enjoy (arguably) one of the best designed
    areas in the console-gaming world.
    A confrontation with the "ultimate" fake evil king looms and by now you have
    some intimation of its nature, so stop by the Highland Village Shop and make a
    few considered purchases. Prices are as steep as the terrain, but the finest
    equipment is available (for purchase) nowhere else.
    Highland Village Shop offers:
    ITEM             DESCRIPTION                            EFFECT             COST
    ---------------- -------------------------------------- --------------- -------
    Mastermold Sword Beautifully made by well known         Atk +35         145,000
    WhiteRose Rapier Sharp thorn behind a beautiful flower. Atk +30         177,000
    Ghostosystem II  Valuable book revealing mysterious     Atk +30         130,000
    Mike o'Hope      Allows singing of bright futures &     Atk +20          50,000
    Love Mike        Songs enveloped in boundless love.     Atk +30          98,000
    Natural Outfit   So natural you won't even feel it.     Dfns +12        145,000
    Basics Only Coat Basic design but has a hallmark of     Dfns +18        130,000
    Inferno Pants    Can endure even the hottest heat of    Dfns +8          66,000
    Stage Dress      Gorgeous dress that enchants all.      Dfns +12         45,000
    Celeb Dress      Dress can overwhelm the unable wearer. Dfns +15         90,000
    Miracle Nut      Quality nutritious nut.                Recover Full HP   1,000
    Ordinary Bottle  Futility of commoners inside.          Seal, -5 HP         222
    Guidance Jewel   Dungeon depths won't get you down.     Dungeon Entry       100
    To stock up on "lesser" restoratives, like Big Nuts and Wild Strawberries, Ari
    needs to retrace his steps to Triste or another shop.
    After Ari has entered the last house, on exiting he discovers dusk has fallen.
    Return to the Inn and SAVE FIRST -- don't choose Rest first! [Trigger: When
    you're ready, THEN choose Rest. Ari is awoken by a brief exchange.]
    Exit the Inn. If Ari goes down the long stairs, the stele is functioning. The
    In Trouble guy's house is locked, as are most houses, but the light is on at
    the Shop. Go up near the highest place and an exchange occurs. (Notice the
    rapturous guy nearby.) From the high place (or the broken tower) look for
    something new. Go down the stairs by the prone guy and another exchange occurs.
    Cross the bridge toward the white house and a scene ensues.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Our hero faces:
    -------------------- ------- ------ ------ ----------------- --- ---------
    Vampire Evil King    Blue     2,099  9,400 -                   1
       Sucky Bat         Yellow     366  1,423 Bountiful Nut       4    15,092
    Tip. This is THE best paying boss fight in the game. If you have one, start
    things off by using a White Cat Jewel to double the rewards.
    Dramatic camera angles and music. The Sucky Bats are annoying, dispatch them as
    soon as possible. The evil king has some mighty big magic. Shield the party and
    slow him down, but despite the warnings before battle, he IS susceptible to
    physical attacks.
    After a scene, and a little narration, the Final Chapter title card displays.
    Control returns with Ari outside the mysterious white house. Go back inside and
    talk to the former evil king. Exit the house again.
    Talk to all the villagers. Shop, rest, and save.
    Head down to the peak with the broken tower. A long rope bridge now leads off
    into infinity. Start across, and Ari soon gains land again. Some extraordinary
    scenery to peruse as you head forward unhindered by ghosts, with a cracked
    ideogram and a broken stele littering the way. A board bridge crosses the last
    expanse to the World Library. [Trigger: As Ari steps off the bridge, he gets a
    good look at the library and a short exchange occurs. Ari learns his last, most
    powerful "friendly" Special and the group automatically enters the library.]
    Swing the camera around so you can see to step forward and talk to the old
    clerk standing there. Save at the diary.
    The World Library is perhaps the largest, most complex dungeon in the game. As
    the clerk said, the building comprises three sections, all at ground level. The
    central library lies opposite the outside door and is roughly divided into
    front and back halves. Several hallways, in addition to those from the foyer,
    lead from the central library into the east (right, from the entrance) and west
    (left) wings. A save diary stands in the foyer and another lies deeper in the
    facility. The entrance is south and Beiloune's lair is north.
    Tip. Carrying several Guidance Jewels can save more than your sanity.
    Unlike most other dungeons, the World Library contains no urns and none of its
    sections is ever "cleared". To reach Beiloune, as the clerk hinted, you must
    instead discover the keys that unlock the library's full expanse and then
    negotiate all of its maze-like halls. (Hint. The first key is found in the east
    wing.) Certain rooms may prove accessible only by way of a neighboring section.
    In addition to the clerk in the foyer, three more clerks are scattered through
    the library, one in the back half of each section. Nine treasure chests in all
    may be found, containing four keys, three candies, one accessory, and one
    Note. See the "Maps" addendum for a link to an excellent overview of the
    library. The map reveals the locations of all the keys (and other treasures),
    as well as the shortest route for gathering them all.
    Take heed. The library's foes are formidable and pay well in both EP and money.
    How formidable? If Ari first arrives below LV 50, he will be well over LV 60
    before reaching Beiloune. So be prepared to return to the save point often to
    restore your resources, especially at the outset. One or two fights, then run
    back. Knowing your way back means survival.
    Enemies, like bad news, come in threes. Groups never exceed one, even if two
    are of the same ilk, and they thrive on ganging up on a single ally. The most
    fearsome bunch features a Bad Poetry Golem flanked by two Radiant Suns. The
    golem can snatch 100,000 money, so take it out fast. Be prepared to Escape if
    the golem is too tough yet (a far better choice than resetting if you're far
    afield) or to revive often anyone with less than 200 HP. The good news is that
    the library's lesser foes are plenty strong enough and allies below Level 50
    should gain one or two levels after every conflict.
    Daunting, no? Well, forewarned is forearmed, and far less frustrating. On the
    plus side, most fights yield 3,000 to 6,000 sukel, great if you're strapped for
    cash and hankering for new equipment.
    Another word of advice. While a gift shop in the foyer would have been a
    welcome addition, alas, none exists. You must return to the Highland Village to
    purchase finer equipment and switch out party members. Since the library is
    classified as a dungeon, the overhead maps reset upon stepping outside. Invest
    in a large supply of restoratives to effectively extend each venture within.
    Swap party members every time you go back, bringing up everyone a little at a
    time. Yes, everyone. For your efforts, your allies gain their best abilities,
    the last of which are:
    WHO       LV ABILITY            EFFECT                           RANGE     COST
    --------- -- ------------------ -------------------------------- ------ -------
    Ari       51 Life Spark         Revive from KO with full HP      One      20 LP
    Rosalyn   50 Burning Parasol    Fire attack                      One      5% HP
    Kisling   52 Maximum Voltage    Thunder attack, very strong      One       8 LP
              57 Immobilize         Paralyze spell, medium           Group     8 LP
    Big Bull  53 Super Charge       Raises AP                        All      10 LP
              59 Blaze              Fire attack, strong              All       8 LP
    Linda     52 Crimson Kiss       Fire attack                      One      5% HP
              56 Repulsor           Reduces physical damage 50%      Area      4 LP
              60 Revitalize         Restores full HP                 All      30 LP
    Epros     50 Random             Misc. status magic attacks       All      10 LP
              53 Blue Mask          Ice attack                       One      5% HP
              57 Consume            Steals HP to heal self           All      12 LP
    Since you have nothing invested so far, now is a good time to step back outside
    and explore the terrain if you like. Or return to the Highland Village and
    Triste shops to stock up. When you're ready, come back inside the library and
    save your progress.
    Explore the short distance you can go into the east and west passages. Return
    to the foyer. Go through the doorway into the front-central section. Again,
    access is limited initially.
    D, save Diary (cyan)     >, Door going east
    N, clerk (NPC)           <, Door going west
    C, treasure Chest        X, Final door
    G, Garnet key unlocks    S, Sapphire key unlocks
    E, Emerald key unlocks   A, Amethyst key unlocks
    --|                 |          D       |        |--
    <    |    |-------  |        |------|  -|A|----   >
    --|  |  ---         |        |      |  |      | |--
      |  |  |  -------------------  |   |  |  C3  | |
      |     |                | A    |   |  ---------|
      |  ----  ------------  | |  ---   |           |
      |              |       | |  |   | -----  ---  |
      |  | --------  |         |  |   |     |    |  |
      |  ----------  |       | |  |  ----------  |  |
      |              |  N    | |     |        |     |
      |--------------------  | |---  |     |  ----  |
      |                      | |           |        |
      |  --------------------|A|--------------------|--
    --|  |     |                |                |    >
    <    |  |      --------     |          ----  |  |--
    --|---  |  |   |            --------   |  |  |  |
      |     |  | --|   -------             |  |     |
      | | ---  |   |         |             |  ------|
      | | |    |   --------  |     --------|     |  |
      |   |    |             |     |                |
      |  ------|----         -------       |---| |--|
      |        |   |           |           |        |
      |------  |   --------    |           |  ------|--
      |     |  |               |   ---------  E       >
      |  C2 |  |   |           |   |          |     |--
      |     E  |   |               |   |   ------|  |
    --|---------   -----   -----   |   |   |        |
    < E                        |           |  C1 |  |
    --|---------------------| |---------------------|--
    < S        |                D          |        G >
    --|  ----  |             N             |  ----  |--
      |                                             |
      ----------------------| |----------------------
    C1, Emerald Key
    C2, Cerberus' Fang
    C3, Forgotten Sword
    The Forgotten Sword is Ari's second-best weapon. It's also the key for
    unlocking a few stubborn doors in other dungeons. See the "Hopkins' Sword"
    section of the "Sidequests" addendum and as soon as possible go appropriate
    those hidden spoils.
    --|         |                 |
    < A --| |-- |  -------  ----- |
    --| |     | | -|            | |
      | |  C1 | |  -----  ------- |
      | |------ |           |     |
      | |     | |--| |--- | |  |  |
      | |  |  | |       | | |  |  |
      |    |    | ----- |   |  |  |
      | ---------       |----  |  |
      |                 |         |
    --|---| |------------| |------|
    <                   |       C2|
    --|----------|G|- | |   N | --|
      |             | | ------- | |
      | -----  |    | |       G | |
      | |   ------- | ------  --- |
      |     |     | |         |   |
      |-----|     | |---| |-----  |
      |     |     | |     |       |
      |   | |  |  | | ----- | --- |
      |   |    |    | |     |   | |
      |   ------  --| | ------- | |
      |             | | |     |   |
      |   |      |  | | |   ------|
    --|   |  -----  | | | | |     |
    <     |         |     |    C3 |
    --|-------------|G|   ---     |
    <                 |     |     |
    C1, Defense Candy
    C2, Garnet Key
    C3, Lucky Candy
      |             | |  |        |
      |    |---     | S -----  -- |--
      | ---|    |   | | |   |   |   >
      | |       |     | | | |   | |--
      | |       ----| |   |     --|
      | |           | |   |       |
      | ------------| |   -----   |
      |             | |           |
      |-| |---------| |-----------|
      |     |       |     |       |
      |   N | |---- | |-- | ----- |--
      | ----|     | | |   |     |   >
      |     |  C2 | S |  ------ | |--
      |---- |-----| | |  | C3 | |-|
      |     |     | | |  |      | |
      | -----  |  | | |  -------- |
      |        |    | |           |
      |-------------|S|------|  | |
      |             | | ----    | |
      |  ----   |   | |---| |-----|
      |  |      |           |     |
      |       ----- | |- |--| --- |
      |-| |--     | | |     |   | |--
      |     |     | | |     |   |   >
      |     |     | | |     - - | |--
      |  C1 | ----- | |       | | |
      |     |       | |       |   |
                    |             S >
    C1, Agility Candy
    C2, Sapphire Key
    C3, Amethyst Key
    After unlocking every door, return to the Highland Village to restock.
    LAST-CHANCE TASKS. Be sure to read the "Hopkins' Sword" section of the
    "Sidequests" addendum, if you haven't already. Also, you may wish to revisit
    all of the other areas one more time, as new NPCs have appeared and old ones
    may have some quirky new things to say. Return to the Highland Village once
    you've wrapped up everything else.
    Select the party to accompany Ari in the final boss fight.
    When you're ready for the final confrontation, return to the World Library and
    save. From the library foyer enter the central section and move forward. Zigzag
    to and fro around bookcases, but keep a straight line ahead. In the middle of
    the back wall, open the door (using the Amethyst Key) and move forward to the
    far end of the corridor. Enter the door, right. Swing around this room, hugging
    the outer wall and along a curling path until reaching the second save diary.
    This is the final save point of the game. Open the door behind the save point
    (revealing the final door with its notable woodworking) and then save. Reequip
    each ally as needed. Pass out any candies remaining.
    Tip. Many of the exchanges in the final sequences automatically whiz through
    the text. In the menu, select Config and set Text Speed to Slow.
    Enter the door behind the diary and Ari approaches the very last door, to the
    right. [Trigger: Open this door and initiate the next-to-the-last sequence.]
    Some final words all around, then...the door won't open. A solution in
    contrived and you regain control, still outside the now open door. [Trigger:
    This is it, really. The "point of no return."] Examine the door to step inside.
    Warning. Most text automatically progresses during this next section.
    Everyone bandies words with Beiloune. Beiloune then instigates a confrontation
    between two of Ari's allies. Eventually, Ari is called upon to find a way to
    stop the two. (Hint. Use an item associated with memory.) Talk to your allies
    for ideas; last chance at using the menu, too. When the correct object is
    selected from Items, the fight stops and a long exchange ensues. (And you
    regain control over the flow of text.)
    The last fight finally begins. Good luck.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Ari and his friends face:
    -------------------- ------- ------ ------ ----------------- --- ---------
    Beiloune             White    9,999      0 -                   1         0
    Like Ari, Beiloune is neutral to elemental attacks. His Channel spell targets
    everyone and does moderate to heavy damage, depending on DP and what shielding
    Specials party members have cast. His physical attacks inflict tiny damage in
    comparison. Use up every Black Cat Jewel to speed things along. A Swift Bottle
    for each ally helps, too. This is it, so throw the book as well as the kitchen
    sink at Beiloune.
    Trivia. Nine Black Cat Jewels can be used before the tenth one's damage finally
    dips below 999.
    After the fight, zero money and small EP is awarded, paltry rewards. Beiloune
    has some parting words, then a scene occurs.
    Warning. Text again scrolls automatically.
    A long epilogue follows, most satisfying, then the credits roll. Stick around
    until the end. Stan gets the last word and then....
    The End.
    After a moment the title screen appears.
    Congratulations! You have completed OKAGE: SHADOW KING.
    You've now seen everything OKAGE has to offer...or have you?
    Perhaps not. This walkthrough does no more than record one path Ari's journey
    may take and as late as its last revision, the author was (still!) finding new
    roads, unlocking old secrets, and enjoying new (or forgotten) scenes. After
    countless playthroughs, how can this be?
    One of the joys of the game is that so many questions remain unanswered. On the
    surface OKAGE appears simple and linear, but the game is at once both and
    neither. Tons of small "moments" flourish across OKAGE's topography, enough to
    miss something one time (and never miss it), only to delight in it the next
    run. Discover a new path, go a different direction; you'll likely be rewarded.
    The "Addenda" section is rife with possibilities to explore.
    If you didn't earlier, you can start by loading your last saved game, using a
    Guidance Jewel to get out of the World Library, and then go walking around the
    known world. Many new NPCs appeared after each town was "completed" and many
    old NPCs have new things to say, possibly hinting at other avenues to explore.
    Is it only coincidence that the Woman of K appears in Rashelo, for example, the
    only place Epros's K of Clubs may be purchased? Who knows. Maybe you'll be the
    one to discover an answer.
    If you find something nifty or new, let the author know. Your discovery will
    receive due credit if it's included in a later revision.
    C. MENUS
    The following sections explain OKAGE's menu commands.
    Note. Help with the battle menu is found at the beginning of the "Walkthrough"
    C1. STATUS
    The Status menu displays the complete stats of one ally at a time, whether in
    the active party or not. Use L1 and R1 to cycle between allies, which are
    listed in the order they become Ari's allies, as numbered in the Status menu.
    HP .... Capacity to withstand damage
    MP .... Increases LP pool for more magic attacks
            Increases power of Special attacks
    AP .... Inflicts greater damage
    DP .... Reduces damage received
    LCK ... Increases accuracy (attacks "Miss" less often)
            Improves odds of a treasure chest dropping (rather than a moneybag)
    AGL ... Reduces wait time (meter fills faster)
    Note. Allies have two statistics not listed in the Status menu, stats that
    improve an ally's chance of dodging or avoiding enemy attacks and spells. See
    the "Evasion" addendum to learn more about these evasive statistics.
    HP's two numbers indicate the current HP (Health Points) and the maximum HP for
    that level (LV).
    The three circles below HP note element affinity (Ari is Neutral), status
    ailments (Normal), and curses (Normal). Ailments and curses result in battle
    and may be cured by using items or Special skills. Ailments, with one
    exception, wear off automatically at the battle's end. The "Quick Reference"
    section includes in-depth information on these aspects.
    Allies' vital statistics increase as they gain levels (LVs) every 1,000
    Experience Points (EP) and affect how they fare in battle. Luck (LCK) and
    Agility (AGL), however, only increase by changing equipment or using candy
    EP is individually awarded to each party member and is not based on how active
    the character was in battle. (Extending battles with rounds of defending is
    unnecessary.) KO'd allies receive no EP, so heal them before battle ends; their
    EP is not divvied out among the surviving allies.
    Note. See RBury's Experience Point FAQ on GameFAQs.com for further details on
    how OKAGE awards EP.
    The maximum LV is 99. Once LV 99 is reached, no further status increases are
    gained from battle.
    Note. LV has an actual capacity of 999 (seen via a cheat device), but OKAGE
    corrects the display at the first opportunity. See the technical note, below.
    EP accrues up to 999, after which EP returns to 0 (zero) and LV goes up one.
    Once LV 99 is reached, 0 EP is awarded after battle from then on. Under Status,
    however, EP continues creeping upward at the rate of 1 EP per battle, though
    this lingering effect ceases when 999 is again reached.
    Note. Technically, EP may actually accrue continually as the game progresses
    and only the trimmed value -- the last three digits -- is displayed. So when
    level-up occurs (every 1,000 EP), EP displays as zero. (Thanks to Atomos199 for
    the finer points on EP earned.) The maximum accumulation for Ari is 99,999 EP.
    LP is equal to the sum of the active party's MP (Magic Points), up to a maximum
    of 99. Any party member can draw from the LP pool without regard to his or her
    individual MP contribution.
    MP affects strength of magic attacks (and maybe magic accuracy), but the magic
    Specials themselves are gauged by strength as well.
    See QueenMeshi's Character FAQ on GameFAQs.com for detailed information on the
    game's playable (and a few nonplaying) characters.
    If you enjoy "grinding" or power-leveling your playable characters to their
    maximum potential, Atomos199 offers some worthwhile advice.
    The best end-game leveling ground is without question the World Library.
    Appearing almost anywhere in the library, but more prevalent in the farthest
    reaches, seek out the most fearsome random foes in the game: Bad Poetry Golem
    along with its chums, a pair of Radiant Suns. Defeating these three foes earns
    your party 1,357 EP per battle (the maximum allowed, as explained in RBury's
    Experience Point FAQ), and continues to do so up until LV 95. From then on, the
    earnings drop to about half, but are still the best results possible anywhere.
    No other foes pay out as well.
    "You can easily get everyone to LV 99 with this within about three days,
    depending on luck," says Atomos199. (And session duration, of course.)
    As a bonus, loads of sukel will be yours for the spending, easy pickings from
    other foes encountered along the way. Save often, however, in case you fall
    prey to the Bad Poetry Golem's "Snatch 100000" attack and need to reset your
    Deep Grave Pit is a worthwhile alternative leveling ground, if the Sucky Bats
    (et al.) start, well, sucking. Expect a level-up every 2-4 encounters at higher
    levels, with Toothy Gear x10 (and similar-sized groupings) offering the best EP
    payout. Slower, but a little more variety. "Snatch 10000" is the worst of that
    lot, recouped by defeating a pair of the Milky Urns.
    Allies' vital statistics cease increasing upon reaching LV 99. A few individual
    candy items are found in treasure chests, but more (of all six flavors) can be
    farmed if you itch to inflate a statistic or two (or all six).
    Bring along Epros and let his Soul Binding skill steal candy from these babies
    (not always required, but a sure thing).
    ITEM           EFFECT           MONSTER           LOCATION
    -------------- ---------------- ----------------- -----------------
    Agility Candy  Increase AGL +1  Growling Lion     Big Tree Hole
    Defense Candy  Increase DP +1   Celestial Wyvern  Addashi Desert
    Heart Candy    Increase MP +1   Bed Head Walrus   Sealed Cave
    Life Candy     Increase HP +5   Pink Elephant     Pospos Snowfield
    Lucky Candy    Increase LCK +1  Rayless Sea Ray   Deep Grave Pit
    Power Candy    Increase AP +1   Daring Dino       Deep Grave Pit
    LV 99 stats in the following sections were recorded from the Status screen (see
    the "Known Bugs" section) and are wholly untainted by candy, a good starting
    point for stat-maxers' self-imposed goalsetting.
    C1.1 ARI
            Age: 16 years old
     Occupation: An Ordinary Boy
        Element: Neutral (white)
         Weapon: Swords
           Gear: Outfits
    Description: Quiet boy with an overshadowed destiny. Father is the
                 assistant manager of the Tenel Village Hall. Mother is a
                 housewife. Seems to be without note but...
    Ari's initial status:
     LV       HP   EP  AP  DP  MP  LCK  AGL
    --- -------- ---- --- --- --- ---- ----
      1    32/32    0   9   3  10    1   55
    His "naked" AP is 8 and his LCK is 0.
    Ari's initial inventory:
    NAME                 DESCRIPTION                                  EFFECT
    -------------------- -------------------------------------------- -------------
    Picked up Branch     Branch picked up somewhere.                  Atk +1
    Ordinary Outfit      Nothing notable mere casual clothes.         Dfns +0
    Holly                Spiky leaf wards off evil spirits.           Luck +1
    Trivia. When Ari runs up to open a door, he often appears to kick it open.
    Particularly noticeable in Madril.
    His original name and internal designation is Lucan.
    Note. The "internal designation" is all lowercase and seen only within the
    game's program files.
    Ari's status at LV 99 (Leftover Sword, Ordinary Outfit, no accessory):
     LV       HP   EP  AP  DP  MP  LCK  AGL
    --- -------- ---- --- --- --- ---- ----
     99  468/468    - 207  97  64    5   55
    Note. Ari's LV 99 stats are increased when his compatibility is with Evil King
    C1.2 ROSALYN
            Age: 22 years old
     Occupation: Hero
        Element: Ice (blue)
         Weapon: Rapier
           Gear: Armor
    Description: Master of the rapier, reluctant devotee of the parasol. Used
                 to be an elite hero but since she met Stan, she puts up with
                 insults while being a comic-relief hero.
    Rosalyn's initial status:
     LV       HP   EP  AP  DP  MP  LCK  AGL
    --- -------- ---- --- --- --- ---- ----
      5    75/75  544  32  12  10    5   60
    Her "naked" stats are AP 21 and DP 8.
    Rosalyn participates in a boss battle before becoming an ally and her initial
    EP depends upon her performance: Either 544 EP if she's active at battle's end,
    or 0 EP is she's KO'd.
    Rosalyn's initial inventory:
    NAME                 DESCRIPTION                                  EFFECT
    -------------------- -------------------------------------------- -------------
    Ordinary Rapier      The most popular mass produced Rapier.       Atk +10
    Swordsman Armor      Light armor appropriate for long battles.    Dfns +4
    Wildcat's Fang       Fang of small but formidable beast.          Atk +1
    Trivia. While training at the Hero's University, both Babahn and Henry, warrior
    and wizard, were smitten with her.
    Her original name and internal designation are Rosalie.
    Rosalyn's status at LV 99 (initial equipment, no accessory):
     LV       HP   EP  AP  DP  MP  LCK  AGL
    --- -------- ---- --- --- --- ---- ----
     99  400/400    - 207  80  22    5   60
    C1.3 KISLING
            Age: 45 years old
     Occupation: Ghost Expert
        Element: Thunder (yellow)
         Weapon: Reference Tomes
           Gear: Lab Coats
    Description: An eclectic, dedicated scholar of spooks. Stalks pretty girls
                 under the guise of doing field work. Loves clipping toenails
                 for fun.
    Gutten Kisling's initial status:
     LV       HP   EP  AP  DP  MP  LCK  AGL
    --- -------- ---- --- --- --- ---- ----
     10    55/55    0  22  16  24    5   45
    His "naked" stats are AP 17 and DP 10.
    Kisling's initial inventory:
    NAME                 DESCRIPTION                                  EFFECT
    -------------------- -------------------------------------------- -------------
    Ghost Basics         General handbook for monsters.               Atk +5
    Wornout Coat         Well seasoned and pretty worn.               Dfns +6
    Heatwave Ring        Rising heat wave diverts swords.             Avoid Attack
    Trivia. Kisling sometimes uses an alias, Batten GlinGlin or Dottan Goroling, in
    studying "the flutters of my own heart" and is self-described in many ways.
    * I am the famous ghost expert. Gutten Kisling!!
    * And I am the world's No.1 Ghost Scholar Gutten Kisling!
    * Gutten Kisling, 45, a spirited man you'd want to write home about.
    * Gutten Kisling, 45, greater than any being above or below, standing
      on his own!
    * I am the world's top scholar, Gutten Kisling!
    * Gutten Kisling, 45, a wandering genius of a scientist and vessel of
      the century's most intelligent brain!
    He's famed for his Gutten Batten experiments and the Kisling Squid Ring theory.
    His internal designation is Kistling.
    Kisling's status at LV 99 (initial equipment, no accessory):
     LV       HP   EP  AP  DP  MP  LCK  AGL
    --- -------- ---- --- --- --- ---- ----
     99  267/267    - 130  73  59    5   45
    C1.4 BIG BULL
            Age: Can't remember
     Occupation: Furious Fighter
        Element: Fire (red)
         Weapon: Battle Manual
           Gear: Pants
    Description: Former Big Bull Evil King. A nice guy who loves blood, sweat
                 and battle. Dreams of establishing a school for muscle men
                 and creating a muscle paradise.
    Big Bull's initial status:
     LV       HP   EP  AP  DP  MP  LCK  AGL
    --- -------- ---- --- --- --- ---- ----
     25  209/209    0  95  25   6    5   42
    His "naked" stats are AP 75 and DP 19.
    Big Bull's initial inventory:
    NAME                 DESCRIPTION                                  EFFECT
    -------------------- -------------------------------------------- -------------
    Battle Manual        Scroll describing how to fight.              Atk +20
    Infantry Pants       Stretchy fabric allows easy movement.        Dfns +5
    1st Fight Charm      Gift for beginners for their first battle.   Dfns +1
    His internal designation is BigBull.
    Big Bull's status at LV 99 (initial equipment, no accessory):
     LV       HP   EP  AP  DP  MP  LCK  AGL
    --- -------- ---- --- --- --- ---- ----
     99  625/625    - 258  85  25    5   42
    C1.5 LINDA
            Age: Top secret!
     Occupation: Teen Idol Singer
        Element: Ice (blue)
         Weapon: Microphones
           Gear: Dresses
    Description: Former Teen Idol Evil King with cute smile. Admires Evil King
                 Stan calling him Coach. Possesses a musical, magical, pop
                 heaven voice.
    Linda's initial status:
     LV       HP   EP  AP  DP  MP  LCK  AGL
    --- -------- ---- --- --- --- ---- ----
     30  125/125    0  75  47  18   10   53
    Her "naked" stats are AP 65, DP 35, and AGL 52.
    Linda's initial inventory:
    NAME                 DESCRIPTION                                  EFFECT
    -------------------- -------------------------------------------- -------------
    Mike o'Hope          Allows singing of bright futures & dreams.   Atk +20
    Stage Dress          Gorgeous dress that enchants all.            Dfns +12
    Bandit's Shoes       Easy to wear shoes. Favorite of bandits.     AGL +1
    Her internal designation is Linda.
    Linda's status at LV 99 (initial equipment, no accessory):
     LV       HP   EP  AP  DP  MP  LCK  AGL
    --- -------- ---- --- --- --- ---- ----
     99  348/348    - 162 133  38   10   52
    Trivia. If she and Epros both are in the active party, her victory pose is
    revealing, from a certain angle.
    C1.6 EPROS
            Age: Unknown
     Occupation: Mysterious Wizard
        Element: Thunder (yellow)
         Weapon: Trump Cards
           Gear: Formal Wear
    Description: Former Phantom Evil King. Mysterious roaming interloper and
                 snappy dresser. Obsessed with the search for magical power
                 and discovering the truth of the world.
    Epros's initial status:
     LV       HP   EP  AP  DP  MP  LCK  AGL
    --- -------- ---- --- --- --- ---- ----
     40  197/197    0  87  41   0    5   48
    His "naked" stats are AP 77 and DP 35.
    Epros's initial inventory:
    NAME                 DESCRIPTION                                  EFFECT
    -------------------- -------------------------------------------- -------------
    J of Diamonds        Versatile attack that dazzles enemy.         Atk +10
    Dazzling Tux         Well tailored formal battle suit.            Dfns +6
    Aves Amulet          Bird shaped lead ornament.                   Evade Spells
    Trivia. If the active party calls a Retreat in battle, Epros is the only ally
    who appears mortified by running away. His theatrical eye makeup, usually
    violet, appears to turn green. (He's actually hiding behind his mask.)
    His internal designation is Aepros.
    Epros's status at LV 99 (initial equipment, no accessory):
     LV       HP   EP  AP  DP  MP  LCK  AGL
    --- -------- ---- --- --- --- ---- ----
     99  276/276    - 166  94   0    5   48
    C2. ITEM
    During Ari's adventure, many items are bought in shops, received as "drops" by
    enemies, or found in treasure chests. In the Item menu, whether accessed from
    the main menu or the battle menu, use L1 and R1 to scroll up or down through
    the list a page at a time.
    Following are comprehensive lists of all consumable and quest items, in the
    order they appear in the menu, and where they may be found or purchased.
    Note. The "Equip" section lists weapon, gear, and accessory items.
    Please see Apostrophe's Lists FAQ on GameFAQs.com for further details on many
    of these items and this guide's "Monster Droppings" section for more about
    obtaining items from battle.
    The most common consumables fall into several classifications:
    Nuts ...... Restore HP
    Berries ... Restore LP
    Flowers ... Recover from KO
    Charms .... Cure curses
    Stones .... Cure status ailments other than KO
    Candies ... Permanently increase an ally's stats
    Bottles ... Magical potions thrown in battle
    In the Item menu, consumable items displayed in red affect all allies.
    The following shows with which sellers (if anywhere) stocks of these items may
    be replenished.
    Shop legend:
    T, Tenel                 P, Pospos Spa
    M, Madril                G, Triste (a ghost town)
    W, Wandering Peddler     H, Highland Village
    R, Rashelo
    NAME              EFFECT                     BUY  SELL  T M W R P G H
    ----------------- -------------------------- ---- ---- --------------
    Nut               Restore 50 HP               10     5  X X - X - X -
    Big Nut           Recovers 100 HP            100    50  - - - - X X -
    Miracle Nut       Recovers HP completely   1,000   500  - - - - - - X
    Bountiful Nut     Recovers 50 HP for all       -   250  - - - - - - -
    Wild Strawberry   Recovers 25 LP             500   250  - - - - - X -
    Whim Berry        Recovers ? LP                -   500  - - - - - - -
    Energy Flower     Recovers from KO           150    75  X X X X - X -
    Energy Bouquet    Recovers all from KO         -   225  - - - - - - -
    Clarity Charm     Cures Confusion            200   100  - - X - - - -
    Bunny Charm       Cures Turtle               450   225  - - - - X - -
    Villain's Charm   Cures Saint                300   150  - - X - - - -
    Rust Off Charm    Cures Rust                 250   125  - - X - - - -
    Sommelier Charm   Cures LPDrain              350   175  - - - - X - -
    Angel Charm       Cures Death Curse            -   275  - - - - - - -
    Alarm Charm       Cures Sandman*             500   250  - - - - X - -
    Big Boss's Charm  Cures Evil Eye*            400   200  - - - - X - -
    Writeoff Charm    Cures Tax                  100    50  - X - - - - -
    Mega Charm        Cures all curses         1,000   500  - - - - - X -
    Purging Stone     Cures Poison                10     5  X X - X - - -
    Awakening Stone   Cures Sleep                 50    25  - X - - - - -
    Liberation Stone  Releases Seal              100    50  - - X - - - -
    Cheerful Stone    Cures Lock                  50    25  - - X - X - -
    Mega Stone        Cures Tox/Slp/Seal/Para    400   200  - - - - - X -
    Black Cat Jewel   Halves HP for all            -     -  - - - - - - -
    White Cat Jewel   Doubles enemy's prize        -     -  - - - - - - -
    Life Candy        Perm increases HP +5         -     -  - - - - - - -
    Power Candy       Perm increases AP +1         -     -  - - - - - - -
    Defense Candy     Perm increases DP +1         -     -  - - - - - - -
    Heart Candy       Perm increases MP +1         -     -  - - - - - - -
    Agility Candy     Perm increases AGL +1        -     -  - - - - - - -
    Lucky Candy       Perm increases LCK +1        -     -  - - - - - - -
    Guidance Jewel    Back to Dungeon [entry]    100    50  X X X X X X X
    Healing Crystal   Full HP for all              -     -  ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
    Burned Bottle     Attack w/fire -10 HP         -   222  - - - - - - -
    Frozen Bottle     Attack w/ice -10 HP          -   222  - - - - - - -
    Glaring Bottle    Attack w/thunder -10 HP      -   222  - - - - - - -
    Skull Bottle      Poison -5 HP                 -   111  - - - - - - -
    Sleeping Bottle   Sleep -5 HP                  -   111  - - - - - - -
    Ordinary Bottle   Seal -5 HP                 222   111  - - - - - - X
    Chained Bottle    Paralysis -5 HP              -   111  - - - - - - -
    Swift Bottle      Agility up -20 HP            -     -  - - - - - - -
    Mega Luck Bottle  Luck up -20 HP               -     -  - - - - - - -
    * Corrected. Item's description is wrong, both on-screen and in the manual.
    ? Mystery item. See "Help Wanted" addendum.
    Whim Berries randomly restore or decrease the active party's current LP,
    anywhere from -25 to +99.
    Black Cat Jewels halve the HP of everyone in the fight, allies as well as
    enemies. A White Cat Jewel targets all enemies.
    Bottle items may be used only in battle and have a variable lifespan before
    breaking. A bottle may break on its first use (having no effect at all) or may
    be used for up to ten or more times. Breakage is recorded in the History list,
    as "Burned Bottle Destroy" for instance.
    Tip. Random odds apply, a break point is not preset. When bottle after bottle
    breaks, as they sometimes may, seriously consider quitting and reloading your
    game. (Especially after a recent save, to recover the bottles.) The odds may
    not improve otherwise, "throwing good [bottles] after bad."
    Bottles contain magic Specials (a la thrown potions), but cost HP rather than
    LP. Each variety mimics a Special in strength and the foes targeted. For
    example, a Burned Bottle's effect is similar to Big Bull's Flame Special,
    hitting all enemies for small fire-based magical damage. A Swift Bottle or a
    Mega Luck Bottle can target one ally of your choosing.
    A few bottles are found in treasure chests, but only Ordinary Bottles may be
    purchased (in Highland Village). See the "Monster Droppings" section when
    farming bottle items.
    Quest items (other than Tiny Gear) are unique, never appearing more than once
    in any game, and used during the course of the main storyline or in the
    completion of a sidequest. These items may remain listed in the Item menu for
    the entire game or they may disappear once an objective has been achieved.
    With two known exceptions, quest items can't be bought or sold.
    The following lists where (if anywhere) these items are acquired or may be
    found. If two locations are marked, then the item is found on the world map
    between those locations.
    Location legend:
    B, Boss drop                      P, Pospos Spa
    T, Tenel or Nameless Dwelling     G, Triste
    M, Madril                         H, Highland Village
    R, Rashelo                        L, World Library
    NAME              EFFECT                         B T M R P G H L
    ----------------- ----------------------------- ----------------
    Map o'Evil Kings  Reveals whereabouts            - X - - - - - -
    Miniature Statue  Opens Transverse Tunnel        X - - - - - - -
    Platinum Ticket   ?                              ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
    Gear Tower Key    Opens Gear Tower               - - - - - X X -
    Voice Recorder    -                              - - - - - - - -
    Recorder 2        ?                              ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
    Ordinary Card     -                              - X - - - - - -
    Official Card     -                              - - X - - - - -
    Gaudy Card        -                              - - X - - - - -
    Mere Pebble       -                              - X - - - - - -
    Bread Crust       -                              - X - - - - - -
    Worn Brush        -                              - X X - - - - -
    Letter Bottle     -                              - - - X - - - -
    Cyphertext 1      -                              - X - - - - - -
    Cyphertext 2      -                              - X X - - - - -
    Cyphertext 3      -                              - - X - - - - -
    Cyphertext 4      -                              - - X X - - - -
    Cyphertext 5      -                              - - X - - - - -
    Cyphertext 6      -                              - - - - X X - -
    Punk Wig          -                              - - X X - - - -
    Cholesterol       -                              - - X X - - - -
    Chic Suspenders   -                              - - X X - - - -
    Lustrous Hair     -                              - - X X - - - -
    Gorgeous Mascara  -                              - - X X - - - -
    Cool Vest         -                              - - X X - - - -
    Ground Beef       Buy, 20; Sell, 30              - X - - - - - -
    Loaf for Pickup   -                              - X - - - - - -
    Fruit Knife       First offer, 300; Second, 400  - X - - - - - -
    Swanky Mirror     -                              - - X - - - - -
    Shiny Lens        -                              - - - X - - - -
    Tiny Gear         -                              - X X X X X X -
    Silver Gear       -                              - - X - - - - -
    Gold Gear         -                              - - X - - - - -
    Rare Gear         -                              - - X - - - - -
    Old Stone Doll    -                              - - - - - X X -
    Garnet Key        Opens World Library            - - - - - - - X
    Emerald Key       Opens World Library            - - - - - - - X
    Sapphire Key      Opens World Library            - - - - - - - X
    Amethyst Key      Opens World Library            - - - - - - - X
    Cow Bone          ?                              - ? - - - - - -
    Filet Mignon      ?                              - ? - - - - - -
    Old Music Box     -                              - X - - - - - -
    Eh, it's ok Card  -                              - - X - - - - -
    Odd Glass Tube    -                              X - - - - - - -
    Spiral Wire       -                              X - - - - - - -
    Bell Tube         -                              X - - - - - - -
    Manual Handle     -                              X - - - - - - -
    Long Screw        -                              X - - - - - - -
    Dial w/One Hand   ?                              ? - - - - - - -
    Pedestalof Stone  ?                              ? - - - - - - -
    Penlight          -                              - - - X - - - -
    BrokenGun         -                              - - - - - - X -
    Friendship Bond   -                              - - - - - X - -
    ? Mystery item. See the "Help Wanted" addendum.
    As Ari and his allies gain levels, they acquire more Special abilities and
    attacks. Specials include healing spells, usually useful at any time, or spells
    that may be used only in combat to hurt enemies or bolster party members.
    Allies start with the abilities marked by an asterisk (*).
    WHO       LV ABILITY            EFFECT                           RANGE     COST
    --------- -- ------------------ -------------------------------- ------ -------
    Stan       * Crushing Devil     Strong physical attack           One          -
               * Burning Devil      Strong physical attack           All          -
               * Raging Devil       Strong physical attack           All          -
    Ari        * Decoy              Enemies attack Ari               All          -
               * Overdrive          Intensifies offense, Burst       One     15% HP
               4 Mend               Heals 30 HP                      One       4 LP
               8 Night              Sleep spell                      Group     1 LP
              12 Blaze Sword        Fire attack                      One      5% HP
              20 Heal               Heals 90 HP                      One       8 LP
              24 Blizzard Sword     Ice attack                       One      5% HP
              32 Revive             Revive from KO                   One      10 LP
              36 Lightning Sword    Thunder attack                   One      5% HP
              40 Slumber            Sleep spell, strong              One       3 LP
              45 Restore            Fully heals HP                   One      12 LP
              51 Life Spark         Revive from KO with full HP      One      20 LP
               - Friendly Thunder   Level 1 neutral attack           All     20% HP
               - Friendly Blizzard  Level 2 neutral attack           All     40% HP
               - Friendly Inferno   Level 3 neutral attack           All     60% HP
    Rosalyn    * Parasol Amulet     Defends against status woes      Self    10% HP
               9 Frost              Ice attack                       Group     2 LP
              14 Powerless          Lowers AP                        Group     4 LP
              19 Charged Parasol    Thunder attack                   One      5% HP
              22 Antidote           Cures all status ailments        One       2 LP
              26 Ice                Ice attack, medium               Group     5 LP
              30 Seal               Inhibits magic, medium           Group     4 LP
              33 Shield             Raises DP                        One       4 LP
              37 Blessing           Cures all curses                 One       5 LP
              40 Silence            Inhibits magic, strong           All       5 LP
              44 Crystal            Ice attack, strong               Group     8 LP
              46 Super Shield       Raises DP                        All      10 LP
              50 Burning Parasol    Fire attack                      One      5% HP
    Kisling    * Spell Suction      Drains LP to restore party's LP  All     10% HP
              12 Storm              Thunder attack, medium           One       2 LP
              15 Speedy             Increases speed                  One       4 LP
              19 Flaming Tome       Fire attack                      One      5% HP
              23 Burden             Reduces speed                    Group     4 LP
              32 Mega Storm         Thunder attack, strong           One       5 LP
              37 Hyperdrive         Increases speed                  All      10 LP
              42 Paralyze           Paralyze spell, strong           One       8 LP
              47 Freeze Book        Ice attack                       One      5% HP
              52 Maximum Voltage    Thunder attack, very strong      One       8 LP
              57 Immobilize         Paralyze spell, medium           Group     8 LP
    Big Bull   * Wild Cry           Enemies flee                     All       1 HP
              27 Cold Knuckles      Ice attack                       One      5% HP
              30 Charge             Raises AP                        One       4 LP
              33 Flash Punch        Thunder attack                   One      5% HP
              36 Flame              Fire attack                      All       2 LP
              44 Defenseless        Lowers DP                        Group     4 LP
              48 Fire               Fire attack, medium              All       5 LP
              53 Super Charge       Raises AP                        All      10 LP
              59 Blaze              Fire attack, strong              All       8 LP
    Linda      * Omni Concert       Decreases speed                  All     10% HP
              32 Charmer            Increases critical hit %         Area      4 LP
              34 Deflector          Reduces magic damage 50%         Area      4 LP
              36 Match              Evens out everyone's speed       Area      4 LP
              40 Replenish          Restores 70 HP                   All      15 LP
              42 Full Power         Increases damage done            Area      4 LP
              45 Thunder Peck       Thunder attack                   One      5% HP
              48 Dispel             Removes all spells               Area      4 LP
              52 Crimson Kiss       Fire attack                      One      5% HP
              56 Repulsor           Reduces physical damage 50%      Area      4 LP
              60 Revitalize         Restores full HP                 All      30 LP
    Epros      * Soul Binding       Turns weak foe into item         One     10% HP
              42 Drain              Steals HP to heal self           One       6 LP
              44 Cringe             Force to defend, one turn        One       1 LP
              46 Red Mask           Fire attack                      One      5% HP
              48 Cower              Force to defend, one turn        Group     3 LP
              50 Random             Misc. status magic attacks       All      10 LP
              53 Blue Mask          Ice attack                       One      5% HP
              57 Consume            Steals HP to heal self           All      12 LP
    Stan attacks as he sees fit, so no guarantees. But Crushing Devil often comes
    in boss fights or whenever Stan gets bored. Raging Devil is the usual reward
    for pleasing Stan with Ari's answers to his occasional queries (see the "Pop-up
    Stanley" section). Stan's Burning Devil turns up when Ari is in trouble (with
    25% HP or less remaining), usually coinciding with Ari's second turn, and can
    be rare, depending on how generous or sparing you are with healing.
    When Overdrive is cast, an audible "whoosh" is heard and a pool of purple light
    appears under the targeted ally. While in Overdrive, the ally's attacks become
    stronger and the ally is less susceptible to status attacks. Overdrive also
    enables the Burst attack, which targets all foes with equal, undiminished
    fervor. Burst may miss some or all foes, however, and using Burst extinguishes
    Overdrive mode.
    Ari automatically learns his three "friendly" Specials at predetermined points
    in his journey, in order, at Triste, the Gear Tower, and the World Library.
    Linda's area-effect abilities are only usable in battle and target allies or
    enemies within a certain area nearest to Linda, either the right or left side.
    In general, offensive abilities target enemies, while defensive abilities help
    allies. Linda using Deflector, for example, won't stop your magic from hitting
    the enemies.
    Epros's Soul Binding skill immediately defeats a weakened monster (about half
    HP or weaker) and forces it to drop a treasure chest on the battlefield, maybe
    containing either the usual or an alternative item (depending on the foe; see
    the "Monster Droppings" section).
    For Specials costing a percentage of HP, the cost in the Special menu is a
    percentage of his or her maximum HP and increases as the character levels up.
    The cost doesn't decrease with the character's current HP.
    Technical. For a record of every enemy and ally attack, including those
    apparently unused in the game:
    If you find a method for invoking one of these Specials, one not already listed
    in the preceding tables or used by a boss, please alert the author.
    Update (v1.5). Also transcribed in the "Secret Specials & Commands" section.
    C4. EQUIP
    Each ally can have from two to three items equipped at any time: One weapon,
    one piece of gear (armor), and, optionally, an accessory. In general, weapons
    affect AP, gear affects DP, and accessories alter other stats. Exceptions
    abound, however.
    Choose the Equip command to change what weapon, gear, or accessory each member
    of the active party uses. Use L1 or R1 to cycle between party members.
    Equip can only alter the equipment of active party members. Use Status to see
    how all allies are equipped and Change Party at an inn if you need to reequip
    another ally.
    Note. In the following lists, equipment showing no purchase price are found in
    chests or may be received during the normal course of the game. Often these
    "priceless" items can't be sold.
    Please see QueenMeshi's Character FAQ and Apostrophe's Lists FAQ on
    GameFAQs.com for more information on many of these items.
    Update (v1.5.2). A gamer discovered how some equipment alters the capacity to
    dodge attacks and evade spells. Read more about it in the "Evasion" addendum.
    C4.1 WEAPONS
    The weapons ("Wepn" on-screen) wielded are unique for each ally. Rosalyn can't
    use Ari's swords, for example; only Ari can equip Ari's swords, and vice versa
    with Rosalyn's rapier.
    Some form of weapon must be wielded at all times; allies can't fight unarmed.
    Characters join Ari already equipped with the weapon marked with an asterisk
    (*). Stat differences are based on comparisons with this initial equipment,
    except in Ari's case, where the comparison is with his Leftover Sword.
    ALLY      WEAPON                   BUY     SELL   AP   DP  LCK  AGL
    --------- ------------------- -------- -------- ---- ---- ---- ----
    Ari       Picked up Branch*          -        -   +1    -    -    -
              Leftover Sword             -        5   +5    -    -    -
              Ordinary Sword            40       20  +10    -    -    -
              Nameless Sword           470      235  +15    -    -    -
              Omnislice Sword        1,900      950  +20    -   +5    -
              Brand Sword           15,000    7,500  +25    -   +2    -
              Rustic Sword          75,000   37,500  +30    -    -    -
              Mastermold Sword     145,000   72,500  +35    -   +5    -
              Forgotten Sword            -        -  +40    -  +10    -
              Sword of Gear              -        -  +50  +10    -    -
    Rosalyn   Ordinary Rapier*         660      330  +10    -    -    -
              Hardy Rapier           2,100    1,050  +15    -   +1    -
              Slim Rapier           80,000   40,000  +20    -   +1    -
              Sparkling Rapier           -        -  +20    -    -   +5
              WhiteRose Rapier     177,000   88,500  +30    -   +5    -
              Gallant Rapier [1]         -        -  +40    -   +5   +5
    Kisling   Ghost Basics*            410      205   +5    -    -    -
              Ghost Pictorial        1,600      800  +10    -    -   +1
              Ghostologos                -        -  +15    -    -   +2
              Worldy Ghost          17,000    8,500  +20    -    -   +3
              Ghostosystem II      130,000   65,000  +30    -    -    -
              Ghostomicon                -        -  +60    -    -    -
    Big Bull  Battle Manual*             -        -  +20    -    -    -
    Linda     Mike o'Hope*          50,000   25,000  +20    -    -    -
              Mike o'Happiness           -        -  +25    -  +10    -
              Love Mike             98,000   49,000  +30    -    -    -
    Epros     J of Diamonds*             -        -  +10    -    -    -
              Q of Hearts [3]            -        -  +15    -  +25    -
              K of Clubs           150,000   75,000  +20    -    -    -
              A of Spades [2]            -        -  +40    -    -    -
    Compatibility Gifts: 1-Rosalyn; 2-Ari's Dad.
    Rare Drop: 3-See the "Q of Hearts" addendum.
    Technical. Comparing Ari's weapons to his Picked up Branch (by using a cheat
    device) reveals that all of his swords are attributed Luck +5 more than listed.
    Unlike other weapons, Picked up Branch is discarded and no longer available
    once Ari receives his Leftover Sword. Also unusual, a kind reader confirmed
    obtaining multiples of the Q of Hearts in a single playthrough.
    C4.2 GEAR
    Gear or armor ("Eqpt") helps protect Ari and his allies. As with weapons,
    characters have their own unique selection of gear.
    Some article of gear must be worn at all times; characters can't fight
    Allies join Ari already equipped with the gear marked with an asterisk (*).
    Stat differences are based on comparisons with this initial equipment.
    ALLY      GEAR                     BUY     SELL   AP   DP  LCK  AGL
    --------- ------------------- -------- -------- ---- ---- ---- ----
    Ari       Ordinary Outfit*           -        -    -   +0    -    -
              Clean Outfit              30       15    -   +1    -    -
              Fancy Outfit             310      155    -   +3    -    -
              Durable Outfit         1,100      550    -   +5    -    -
              Custom-made Wear      10,000    5,000    -   +7    -    -
              Latest Outfit         49,800   24,900    -  +10    -    -
              Natural Outfit       145,000   72,500    -  +12    -    -
              Reunion Outfit [1]         -        -    -  +16    -    -
    Rosalyn   Swordsman Armor*         440      220    -   +4    -    -
              Chief's Armor          1,250      625    -   +6    -    -
              Magical Armor              -        -    -   +9    -    -
              Honorable Armor       12,000    6,000    -  +15    -    -
              Hero's Armor          55,500   27,750    -  +17    -    -
    Kisling   Wornout Coat*            730      365    -   +6    -    -
              Starchy Coat           1,500      750    -   +9    -    -
              BattlefrontCoat            -        -   +5  +10    -    -
              Stately Coat          51,000   25,500    -  +13    -    -
              Basics Only Coat     130,000   65,000    -  +18  +10   +5
    Big Bull  Infantry Pants*        2,600    1,300    -   +5    -    -
              Blood&SweatPants      38,000   19,000    -   +6   +5    -
              Inferno Pants         66,600   33,300    -   +8   +5    -
    Linda     Stage Dress*          45,000   22,500    -  +12    -    -
              Treasured Dress            -        -    -  +13    -    -
              Celeb Dress           90,000   45,000    -  +15    -    -
    Epros     Dazzling Tux*              -        -    -   +6    -    -
              Conjurer Tux         100,000   50,000    -  +12    -    -
    Compatibility Gift: 1-Marlene
    Accessory items give an ally protection from various status ailments, from
    magical or physical attacks, or otherwise alter the ally's stats. Unlike
    weapons and gear, accessories ("Gurd") may be used by any ally and whether an
    ally uses any accessory at all is optional.
    With one notable exception (see the "Known Bugs" section), a single accessory
    item may be used by only one ally at a time. In the Gurd list, accessories
    appear dimmed when every one of that accessory carried in inventory is already
    in use.
    To remove an accessory from an ally, choose Equip, then Gurd, then the name of
    the accessory that's currently equipped. On the Equip screen, Gurd displays
    "item" when no accessory is equipped.
    Tip. Remove an ally's accessory before using Change Party at an inn to move the
    ally out of the active party.
    Most accessories are either found in treasure chests or dropped by foes. No
    shop offers accessories for sale, but most accessories may be sold. You never
    need more than three of any one accessory, although holding onto six of each
    eliminates the need to shuffle accessories between allies.
    In the following list, unique one-of-a-kind accessories received as rewards for
    completing sidequests (other than Compatibility Gifts) are marked with an
    asterisk (*).
    NAME                 DEFENDS AGAINST            SELL   AP   DP  LCK  AGL
    -------------------- ------------------------ ------ ---- ---- ---- ----
    Mongoose Whisker     Poison                      222    -    -    -    -
    Pharaoh's Hair       Poison                      999    -    -    -    -
    Rooster Feathers     Sleep                       222    -    -    -    -
    Sun Medal            Sleep                       999    -    -    -    -
    Weed Resistance      Seal                        222    -    -    -    -
    Touch of Earth       Seal                        999    -    -    -    -
    Flake of Snow        Paralysis                   222    -    -    -    -
    Full Moon Medal      Paralysis                   999    -    -    -    -
    Guardian Crystal     Poison/Sleep/Seal/Prlss   1,111    -    -    -    -
    Unicorn's Horn*      Poison/Sleep/Seal/Prlss   9,999    -    -    -    -
    Wildcat's Fang [2]                               111   +1    -    -    -
    Panther's Fang                                   555   +5    -    -    -
    Cerberus' Fang                                 1,111  +10    -    -    -
    1st Fight Charm [4]                              111    -   +1    -    -
    Defense Necklace                                 555    -   +5    -    -
    Iron Necklace                                  1,111    -  +10    -    -
    Bandit's Shoes [5]                               111    -    -    -   +1
    Pegasus Shoes                                    555    -    -    -   +5
    Divine Shoes*                                  1,111    -    -    -  +10
    Holly [1]                                        111    -    -   +1    -
    Laurel                                           555    -    -   +5    -
    Legendary Leaf*                                1,111    -    -  +10    -
    Heatwave Ring [3]    Avoid Attack                111    -    -    -    -
    Mirage Ring          Dodge Attacks               555    -    -    -    -
    Daymare Ring [7]     Dodge Attacks             1,111    -    -    -    -
    Aves Amulet [6]      Evade Spells                111    -    -    -    -
    Crow's Amulet        Evade Spells                555    -    -    -    -
    Owl's Amulet [8]     Evade Spells              1,111    -    -    -    -
    Hand Knit Cap*       ????                          -   +1   +1   +1   +1
    1st Star Badge*      Evade Attacks & Spells      999    -    -    -    -
    Omnibooster*         ????                          -   +5   +5   +5   +5
    Preequipped: 1-Ari; 2-Rosalyn; 3-Kisling; 4-Big Bull; 5-Linda; 6-Epros.
    Compatibility Gifts: 7-Mysterious Woman; 8-Julia.
    Note. "Prlss" stands for "Paralysis".
    Cerberus' Fang and Iron Necklace, found in treasure chests, are also unique
    Where two accessories defend against the same thing, the first (selling for
    less) gives the ally some resistance while the second (selling for more) makes
    the ally proof against that ailment (or near to it).
    Speculation. Some accessories may have other benefits as well (like dodge or
    evade attributes), but these are not described on the Status screen nor are
    they clearly evident in action (beyond doubt). Update (v1.5.2). See the
    "Evasion" addendum for some new findings.
    C5. CONFIG
    Choose how fast in-game text is "typed" on the screen.
    Fast ..... Lines of text instantaneously (and silently) display in full.
    Normal ... Text is typed out at a good clip, with a ratcheting sound.
    Slow ..... Text is typed out a bit slower, with the sound effect matching
               the pace.
    Regardless of this setting, press X to expedite things and display the entire
    message immediately.
    Tip. Slow is recommended in the "Walkthrough" section for the few times
    dialogue automatically advances.
    C5.2 SOUND
    Stereo or Mono. The difference is most noticeable during battle.
    With a home-theater setup, Mono channels audio through the center speaker(s).
    C6. QUIT
    Select Quit to end your current session with the loaded game. Recommended over
    simply shutting off or resetting the console, whenever possible.
    Quit game?
       Yes > Are you sure? > Yes ... Returns to the title screen
                           > No .... Returns to the main menu
       No  >                         Returns to the main menu
    When your session successfully quits, "THE END" displays (feel free to power
    off or reset your console now). Otherwise, after a few moments the title screen
    A game is NOT saved automatically when you quit. Your saved game remains on the
    memory card, unchanged, and may be reloaded later.
    Note. Due to a notorious (but pretty rare) bug, take a moment to verify your
    saved game is indeed shown in its proper slot BEFORE quitting. (See the "Known
    Bugs" section.)
    OKAGE doesn't include a "soft reset" controller sequence.
    Topics common to most RPG and adventure games, provided for RPG aficionados and
    quick lookups.
    OKAGE, like many RPGs, includes elemental factors in its battle system. The
    game limits its elements to three, however, with a circular (rather than
    opposed) affinity. The manual describes the relationship as:
       Fire (red) --> Thunder (yellow) --> Ice (blue) --> Fire....
    Or, mnemonically:
    * Fire melts Thunder's wiring,
    * Thunder conducts in Ice (water), and
    * Ice (water) drowns Fire.
    To inflict the smallest damage, reverse the element circle.
    The (approximate) effect elements have on the amount of damage dealt:
    USE -v \ AGAINST ->    ICE    THUNDER    FIRE
    -------------------- -------- -------- --------
    ICE                   Normal    Half     1.5X
    THUNDER                1.5X    Normal    Half
    FIRE                   Half     1.5X    Normal
    Unlike in some RPGs, attacking with a like element always does damage. An
    ice-based monster (or character), for instance, is never healed by targeting it
    with ice spells.
    While elemental affinity certainly pertains to magical damage, keep the
    character's element in mind, too, when choosing opponents for physical and
    other sorts of attacks. A character with an ice affinity is more effective when
    physically attacking a fire-based foe, for example. Elements may affect damage
    inflicted by status ailments, as well.
    The final "element" is Neutral (white), as Ari and the final boss alone are
    classified. Normal damage all around, though subject to AP and DP of course.
    The status indicator usually displays as a gray square, for Normal status, in
    the center box on Status screens and the left-hand box during battle.
    In combat, foes may cast spells that inflict status ailments. The status
    indicator changes color accordingly and may display an icon or a number
    indicating severity. A colorful balloon icon also hovers over the player's
    head, displaying the ailment's icon. The game's manual shows all of the icons.
    With one exception, status ailments afflict the character for a given period,
    until the ailment is "cured," wears off, or the battle ends. The simplest
    spells, for instance, last one round and then must be reapplied; poison, on the
    other hand, lasts much longer.
    Some status ailments compound in severity when the same ailment is inflicted
    multiple times. The ailment indicator increments -- 1, 2, 3 -- as severity
    increases and ailments leaching HP (recorded with a skull or another icon in
    the History list) may take off more HP each round.
    Other status ailments may slightly heal the enemy or ally each round, more as
    the severity climbs. Listed in History with green numbers and a cross icon.
    A character can only be afflicted by one status ailment at a time. If Ari is
    poisoned, for instance, when another foe successfully casts sleep on him the
    poison affliction is lifted. Severity doesn't carry over.
    A character can be cursed while already under the influence of a status
    ailment, however.
    Status ailments can be cured during battle by using a stone item, or with
    Rosalyn's Antidote Special once learned.
    ICON    STATUS     STAGE 1           STAGE 2   STAGE 3       CURE
    ------- ---------- ----------------- --------- ------------- ----------------
    Gray    Normal     -                 -         -             -
    Black   Disabled   Knocked-out       -         -             Energy Flower,
                                                                 Energy Bouquet
    Purple  Poisoned   HP steadily drops -         -             Purging Stone
    Cyan    Lock       No LP spells      Plus no   Plus no       Cheerful Stone
                                         HP spells Items used
    Yellow  Paralysis  Slowed            Stopped   Stuck to end  (Mega Stone)
    Green   Sleep      Stopped           -             -         Awakening Stone
    -       Seal       Unspecified       -             -         Liberation Stone
    Unlike other status ailments, Disabled remains past the end of battle unless
    the ally is revived. Resting at any save point also cures Disabled. If Ari
    himself becomes Disabled, however, the game is over immediately.
    A Mega Stone can cure all status ailments except Disabled.
    Contrary to the manual and despite its description, a Big Boss's Charm item
    cures an ally of Evil Eye (not Paralyze).
    Monsters can augment their status with many of the same protections as Ari's
    allies. Once learned, Specials like Dispel and Match can strip foes of those
    D3. CURSES
    Characters may also be afflicted with curses. The curse indicator, usually a
    gray square for a Normal status, is the center box during battle and the
    right-hand box on the Status screen. The indicator turns red and includes an
    icon for which curse has been inflicted. A red balloon with the curse's icon
    likewise appears over the player's head. The game's manual shows all of the
    icons (pages 24-25).
    Like status ailments, curses cast multiple times increase in severity (though
    no incrementing shows in this case) and characters may only be afflicted with
    one curse at a time. A character can be hit with a status ailment AND a curse
    at the same time, however.
    In addition to being cursed repeatedly, curses may intensify over a number of
    turns or with each ghost encounter.
    Unlike status effects, curses do NOT automatically wear off when battle ends.
    They must be cured with a charm item or Rosalyn's Blessing Special. Resting at
    a save point also removes curses.
    CURSE     DESCRIPTION                                         CURE
    --------- --------------------------------------------------- -----------------
    Confuse   Attacks miss more often, spells hit wrong targets   Clarity Charm
    Death     Countdown to paralysis, gets faster over time       Angel Charm
    Evil Eye  Begins battle in Stage 1 paralysis*                 Big Boss's Charm
    LP Drain  LP spell costs increase                             Sommelier Charm
    Rust      Defense decreases                                   Rust Off Charm
    Saint     Character is also damaged when attacking foes       Villain's Charm
    Sandman   Begins battle in Stage 1 sleep*                     Alarm Charm
    Tax       Money from defeated foes decreases                  Writeoff Charm
    Turtle    The Wait bar fills slowly                           Bunny Charm
    * The status ailment caused by this curse can be countered or may expire during
    battle, but reappears at the next battle's start (until the curse is cured).
    The Mega Charm item cures all curses.
    Contrary to the manual and despite their descriptions, Big Boss's Charm cures
    Evil Eye (not Paralyze) and Alarm Charm cures Sandman (not Evil Eye).
    Lord Stanley Hihat Trinidad XIV keeps a Special reign of fire (Raging Devil) in
    reserve for his own amusement, and for getting to know his willing slave.
    History. At the start of random battles, Stan chides Ari:
       You are a pathetic thing, slave. Two lowly beings show up and
       you cower like a troll.
       Then you were saved by some passing woman!
       Oh well. Be grateful that my evil hand is merciful to my
       servants. I may render aid from time to time.
       But you must still become stronger! Discipline yourself by
       giving these lower evil beings a thrashing!
       We will have issues if you can't protect yourself. Don't
       forget that your shadow is important to me now!
    Trivia. That last bit is (arguably) why it's "game over" when Ari gets KO'd.
    From then on, occasionally Stan "pops up" when Ari collides with a random ghost
    and offers to intercede...if Ari can respond well to a question Stan poses. Ari
    must choose one response from each of three multiple-choice groups and compose
    an answer to Stan's liking.
    Note. The answers to Stan's queries have no bearing on Ari's compatibility.
    Random odds apply with Stan's appearance rate.
    For each query, the following combined responses WILL please Stan and result in
    a preemptive strike.
    Describe the unhinged terror. I'm so horrifying that you would...
    ------------------------ ------------------------ -----------------------------
    Pee your pants           if bone chilling.        inexplicable horror
    Pee your pants           if bone chilling.        while half asleep
    Pee your pants           if he appeared           while half asleep         [3]
    Pee your pants           if he snuck up           while half asleep         [5]
    Give me a blood curdling war cry!
    ------------------------ ------------------------ -----------------------------
    Go!                      Go!                      Go!!!
    Shaaaa!                  Dooow!                   Kiiiick!!!                [3]
    Shin!                    Sou                      Kyaku!!!                  [P]
    How cool do you think I am? Tell me honestly.
    ------------------------ ------------------------ -----------------------------
    Earth shaking            ideal                    Hunk!
    Mega                     attention getting        Super Model!
    Mega                     cover boy                Super Model!
    World's most             unique                   Hunk!
    I need a catchy title for my world conquest. Let's see if you have any wit!
    ------------------------ ------------------------ -----------------------------
    A nightmarish            raging                   Dictator!                 [5]
    A nightmarish            raging                   Fiend!                    [2]
    A sassy                  elegant                  Dictator!                 [P]
    An impending             awe inspiring            Dark Force!
    An ubermagical           tyrranical               Dictator!
    I need positive reinforcement. What do you think about me?
    ------------------------ ------------------------ -----------------------------
    A dainty                 cute                     Dark Majesty!             [*]
    A totally                shifty                   Evil King Stan            [3]
    An almighty              cute                     Evil King Stan
    An almighty              regal                    Evil King Stan
    Just say my name!
    ------------------------ ------------------------ -----------------------------
    S                        ta                       n
    Some unsupported, preposterous boast to bluff the enemy into submission.
    ------------------------ ------------------------ -----------------------------
    Black-hearted            sky rending              super meanie!             [3]
    Black-hearted            soul stealing            super meanie!
    Star shattering          sky rending              force of nature!
    Star shattering          soul stealing            force of nature!          [5]
    Start off with a good, hearty roar! Make me laugh boy!
    ------------------------ ------------------------ -----------------------------
    Is a fly                 without wings            a walk?                   [1]
    Note. Sometimes a third choice is a second choice missing its first letter.
    Likely a parsing bug and unintentional. Learn more in the "Known Bugs" section.
    Tell these worthless creatures what you really think of them!
    ------------------------ ------------------------ -----------------------------
    A lamebrain              stinky fart              lousy gamer               [P]
    A lamebrain              vulgar                   lousy gamer               [P]
    A styleless              doomed                   lounge singer             [7]
    A styleless              stinky fart              prison barber             [P]
    What are the fundamentals of combat?
    ------------------------ ------------------------ -----------------------------
    Be calm                  be forceful              & let 'em have it!        [P]
    Make a plan              be forceful              & let 'em have it!
    Make a plan              cut loose                & let 'em have it!        [6]
    Take a breath            focus your power         & let 'em have it!        [4]
    What is the necessary attitude for my world conquest?
    ------------------------ ------------------------ -----------------------------
    Be elegant               be graceful              & rule absolutely!
    Fearlessly!              overcome                 & obliterate all!
    Strike quickly!          invoke dark power        & obliterate all!
    Tyranically              invoke dark power        & rule absolutely!
    What scares you the most? I want to terrorize the world based on that.
    ------------------------ ------------------------ -----------------------------
    A dirty old man          who craftily             dominates all darkness
    A dirty old man          who craftily             is defeated
    A laughing devil         that never               dominates all darkness    [8]
    A vulgarian              who unendingly           can't program the VCR     [P]
    Who do you think would be appropriate for my wife!?
    ------------------------ ------------------------ -----------------------------
    A cute                   lovely                   queen
    A cute                   pretty                   little devil
    A super                  lovely                   countess
    A super                  pretty                   queen
    * The example in QueenMeshi's Character FAQ
    1-From Socoro1910           5-From Hiroshi_Mishima
    2-From Umah, a Neoseeker    6-From Ben Pinkston
    3-From Atomos199            7-Finally! Thanks to peachy peetsch
    4-From LemonPenguin         8-Derived from a tip by Coretta King
    P-From OKAGE's Official Strategy Guide; thanks to LemonPenguin
    These combinations should give you a good idea of the sort of responses Stan
    If Stan poses a question or you chance upon a good response not already listed,
    be sure to let the author know the text of the query and your choices, as exact
    as possible, please. All due credit will be gratefully heralded.
    Trivia. Curious to know what Stan asks, what answers to avoid, or maybe learn
    about a few likely prospects? A date-stamped cribsheet for "Pop-up Stanley" is
    found at the author's website.
    D5. SHOPS
    Following are the offerings of every shop in the land.
    Effect shown is as described. "Atk" affects AP, while "Dfns" affects DP. The
    item may possess or enhance other attributes, as well.
    See the "Equip" and "Item" sections for complete equipment and item lists.
    Equipment marked by an asterisk (*) is the best of its kind available (for
    purchase) for its character.
    D5.1 Tenel Village Shop
    ITEM             DESCRIPTION                            EFFECT             COST
    ---------------- -------------------------------------- --------------- -------
    Nut              Great for a snack.                     Recover 50 HP        10
    Energy Flower    Heavenly Beauty.                       Recover from KO     150
    Purging Stone    Brings pure Winter mountain air.       Cures Poison         10
    Guidance Jewel   Dungeon depths won't get you down.     Dungeon Entry       100
    D5.2 Madril Shop
    ITEM             DESCRIPTION                            EFFECT             COST
    ---------------- -------------------------------------- --------------- -------
    Ordinary Sword   Widely used by travelers for defense.  Atk +10              40
    Clean Outfit     A new line with a trendy style.        Dfns +1              30
    Nut              Great for a snack.                     Recover 50 HP        10
    Energy Flower    Heavenly Beauty.                       Recover from KO     150
    Purging Stone    Brings pure Winter mountain air.       Cures Poison         10
    Writeoff Charm   For carefree living.                   Cures Tax           100
    Awakening Stone  Bright as sunshine in summer.          Cures Sleep          50
    Guidance Jewel   Dungeon depths won't get you down.     Dungeon Entry       100
    D5.3 Rashelo Shop
    ITEM             DESCRIPTION                            EFFECT             COST
    ---------------- -------------------------------------- --------------- -------
    Ordinary Sword   Widely used by travelers for defense.  Atk +10              40
    Nameless Sword   No name but well made.                 Atk +15             470
    K of Clubs       Gives unshakable confidence.           Atk +20         150,000
    Clean Outfit     A new line with a trendy style.        Dfns +1              30
    Fancy Outfit     Impeccable fashion-minded garb.        Dfns +3             310
    Nut              Great for a snack.                     Recover 50 HP        10
    Energy Flower    Heavenly Beauty.                       Recover from KO     150
    Purging Stone    Brings pure Winter mountain air.       Cures Poison         10
    Guidance Jewel   Dungeon depths won't get you down.     Dungeon Entry       100
    D5.4 Madril Wandering Peddler
    ITEM             DESCRIPTION                            EFFECT             COST
    ---------------- -------------------------------------- --------------- -------
    Nameless Sword   No name but well made.                 Atk +15             470
    Omnislice Sword  Powerful but not durable.              Atk +20           1,900
    Hardy Rapier     A popular product that's very durable. Atk +15           2,100
    Ghost Pictorial  Illustrated book of existing monsters. Atk +10           1,600
    Fancy Outfit     Impeccable fashion-minded garb.        Dfns +3             310
    Durable Outfit   For heavy duty tasks.                  Dfns +5           1,100
    Chief's Armor    Improved quality. For the team leader. Dfns +6           1,250
    Starchy Coat     Crisp finish gives a clean impression  Dfns +9           1,500
    Energy Flower    Heavenly beauty.                       Recover from KO     150
    Clarity Charm    Firmly screws your head back on.       Cures Confusion     200
    Villain's Charm  Attack again with zeal!                Cures Saint         300
    Rust Off Charm   As if youth returned.                  Cures Rust          250
    Liberation Stone Has richness of earth in Fall.         Releases Seal       100
    Cheerful Stone   Envelops with spring flower scent.     Cures Lock           50
    Guidance Jewel   Dungeon depths won't get you down.     Dungeon Entry       100
    D5.5 Pospos Spa Merchant
    ITEM             DESCRIPTION                            EFFECT             COST
    ---------------- -------------------------------------- --------------- -------
    Brand Sword      Obviously a well-made product.         Atk +25          15,000
    Hardy Rapier     A popular product that's very durable. Atk +15           2,100
    Worldy Ghost     Handbook on connection w/folklore in   Atk +20          17,000
    Custom-made Wear Custom made for exceptional comfort.   Dfns +7          10,000
    Honorable Armor  Only for those swordsmen with honor.   Dfns +15         12,000
    Starchy Coat     Crisp finish gives a clean impression  Dfns +9           1,500
    Conjurer Tux*    Made durable for dangerous shows.      Dfns +12        100,000
    Big Nut          Bigger and better.                     Recover 100 HP      100
    Bunny Charm      Relaxing? No way!                      Cures Turtle        450
    Sommelier Charm  Such impeccable taste.                 Cures LPDrain       350
    Alarm Charm      Could wake the dead!                   Cures Evil Eye [1]  500
    Big Boss's Charm Gets your nerve back.                  Cures Paralyze [2]  400
    Cheerful Stone   Envelops with spring flower scent.     Cures Lock           50
    Guidance Jewel   Dungeon depths won't get you down.     Dungeon Entry       100
    1-Item's description is in error. Corrected effect: Cures Sandman.
    2-Ditto. Corrected effect: Cures Evil Eye.
    D5.6 Triste Merchant
    ITEM             DESCRIPTION                            EFFECT             COST
    ---------------- -------------------------------------- --------------- -------
    Ordinary Sword   Widely used by travelers for defense.  Atk +10              40
    Nameless Sword   No name but well made.                 Atk +15             470
    Omnislice Sword  Powerful but not durable.              Atk +20           1,900
    Brand Sword      Obviously a well-made product.         Atk +25          15,000
    Rustic Sword     Very practical but not elegant at all. Atk +30          75,000
    Ordinary Rapier  The most popular mass produced Rapier. Atk +10             660
    Hardy Rapier     A popular product that's very durable. Atk +15           2,100
    Slim Rapier      Difficult to use. For the advanced.    Atk +20          80,000
    Ghost Basics     General handbook for monsters.         Atk +5              410
    Ghost Pictorial  Illustrated book of existing monsters. Atk +10           1,600
    Worldy Ghost     Handbook on connection w/folklore in   Atk +20          17,000
    Clean Outfit     A new line with a trendy style.        Dfns +1              30
    Fancy Outfit     Impeccable fashion-minded garb.        Dfns +3             310
    Durable Outfit   For heavy duty tasks.                  Dfns +5           1,100
    Custom-made Wear Custom made for exceptional comfort.   Dfns +7          10,000
    Latest Outfit    Cutting edge but a little pricey.      Dfns +10         49,800
    Swordsman Armor  Light armor appropriate for long       Dfns +4             440
    Chief's Armor    Improved quality. For the team leader. Dfns +6           1,250
    Honorable Armor  Only for those swordsmen with honor.   Dfns +15         12,000
    Hero's Armor*    With the genuine Hero's Club seal.     Dfns +17         55,500
    Wornout Coat     Well seasoned and pretty worn.         Dfns +6             730
    Starchy Coat     Crisp finish gives a clean impression  Dfns +9           1,500
    Stately Coat     Royal motif. Favorite of people        Dfns +13         51,000
    Infantry Pants   Stretchy fabric allows easy movement.  Dfns +5           2,600
    Blood&SweatPants Durable even during ferocious          Dfns +6          38,000
    Nut              Great for a snack.                     Recover 50 HP        10
    Big Nut          Bigger and better.                     Recover 100 HP      100
    Wild Strawberry  Wakes you up with sour power.          Recover 25 LP       500
    Energy Flower    Heavenly Beauty.                       Recover from KO     150
    Mega Charm       Rarity that repels all curses.         Cures curses      1,000
    Mega Stone       Rare stone with 4 powers.              Cures ailments      400
    Guidance Jewel   Dungeon depths won't get you down.     Dungeon Entry       100
    D5.7 Highland Village Shop
    ITEM             DESCRIPTION                            EFFECT             COST
    ---------------- -------------------------------------- --------------- -------
    Mastermold Sword Beautifully made by well known         Atk +35         145,000
    WhiteRose Rapier Sharp thorn behind a beautiful flower. Atk +30         177,000
    Ghostosystem II  Valuable book revealing mysterious     Atk +30         130,000
    Mike o'Hope      Allows singing of bright futures &     Atk +20          50,000
    Love Mike*       Songs enveloped in boundless love.     Atk +30          98,000
    Natural Outfit   So natural you won't even feel it.     Dfns +12        145,000
    Basics Only Coat*Basic design but has a hallmark of     Dfns +18        130,000
    Inferno Pants*   Can endure even the hottest heat of    Dfns +8          66,000
    Stage Dress      Gorgeous dress that enchants all.      Dfns +12         45,000
    Celeb Dress*     Dress can overwhelm the unable wearer. Dfns +15         90,000
    Miracle Nut      Quality nutritious nut.                Recover Full HP   1,000
    Ordinary Bottle  Futility of commoners inside.          Seal, -5 HP         222
    Guidance Jewel   Dungeon depths won't get you down.     Dungeon Entry       100
    Trivia. The rarest restorative item is arguably Angel Charm, which is not sold
    in any shop. Only a single enemy (Evil Mask, Deep Grave Pit) drops the charm,
    but not for Soul Binding. The drop rate is fairly generous and Evil Mask hordes
    are plentiful.
    Originally designed to augment the extensive information already provided by
    Apostrophe in the OKAGE Lists FAQ. One or both items were new, or a missing
    monetary reward had been calculated.
    Update (v1.5). Apostrophe's theory on a foe's two possible item drops is not a
    matter of rarity, as it turns out. "Which is which" of the two items is the
    difference between a treasure chest dropped normally by a monster in battle,
    and one dropped when the monster is defeated with Soul Binding. Some monsters
    leave the same item regardless of the method used (Square Rhino, for example).
    No copying needed. Data from the Lists FAQ's "Monster Classification" is now
    wholly subsumed and Apostrophe's original work has been updated in its entirety
    with these new findings. Every item in the Lists FAQ has been accounted for as:
    * Either a normal drop OR a Soul Binding drop; or,
    * Both.
    Trivia. Epros was up to LV 93 by the time he had succeeded in Soul Binding
    every monster beyond doubt (see the "Treasure Hunting Tips" section, below, for
    some resulting ideas). Your mileage may vary.
    Each monster leaves behind ("drops") either a moneybag (containing a set number
    of sukel) OR a treasure chest (containing one item but no money) when defeated.
    Soul Binding always results in a treasure chest (never a moneybag).
    Foes are listed by the location where they're first met while following the
    storyline. They may appear with bosses or randomly in subsequent locations
    ("Also"), as well.
    HP has been calculated for all enemies at long last. Some enemies may have 1 HP
    more than shown (+), as explained in "About HP Readings" below.
    D6.1 Tenel Forest Monsters
    ------------------ ------- ---- -------   ------------------ ------------------
    Airy Bunny         Red        6+      2   Bunny Charm        Mega Charm
    Chicken Chicken    Yellow     8+      3   Awakening Stone    Mega Stone
    Maneating Onion    Blue       1       1   Nut                *
    Perky Frog         Blue       2       3   Nut                Bountiful Nut
    Square Rhino       Red        4       4   1st Fight Charm    1st Fight Charm
    Tricky Ghost       Yellow    12+      8   Energy Flower      Energy Bouquet
    Wild Cow           Red       20+      5   Energy Flower      Energy Bouquet
    * With Maneating Onion having only 1 HP, Soul Binding may be impossible.
    D6.2 Rumille Plains Monsters
    ------------------ ------- ---- -------   ------------------ ------------------
    Crafty Crow        Blue      40      11   Energy Flower      Energy Bouquet
    Fierce Goat        Yellow    40      31   Writeoff Charm     Mega Charm
    Lurking Rat        Red       12+      6   Purging Stone      Mega Stone
    Plucky Pachyderm   Red       48      15   Wildcat's Fang     Wildcat's Fang
    Walken Scarecrow   Red       78      22   Awakening Stone    Mega Stone
    Young Trent        Blue     172      71   Big Nut            Bountiful Nut
       Also: Perky Frog; Maneating Onion in one mandatory fight
    D6.3 Aquatic Ruins Monsters
    ------------------ ------- ---- -------   ------------------ ------------------
    Chill Urn          Blue     142     298   Frozen Bottle      Frozen Bottle
    Fleet Fish         Yellow    36+     24   Energy Flower      Energy Bouquet
    Plodding Hippo     Red      112      70   Holly              Holly
    Sleazy Toad        Blue      44+     22   Nut                Bountiful Nut
    Waving Seaweed     Blue      24      14   Heatwave Ring      Heatwave Ring
       Also: Perky Frog, Plucky Pachyderm, Walken Scarecrow, Young Trent
    D6.4 Escapeless Abyss Monsters
    ------------------ ------- ---- -------   ------------------ ------------------
    Capricious Screw   Blue     110+      1   Purging Stone      Mega Stone
    Compassion Crab    Yellow    58      58   Big Nut            Bountiful Nut
    JC Scarecrow       Red      192      51   Liberation Stone   Mega Stone
    Sparky Urn         Yellow   180     398   Glaring Bottle     Glaring Bottle
    Systematic Gear    Blue      58      55   Wildcat's Fang     Wildcat's Fang
    Tough Golem        Yellow    36+     95   Clarity Charm      Mega Charm
    D6.5 Transverse Tunnel Monsters
    ------------------ ------- ---- -------   ------------------ ------------------
    Deep Mandragora    Blue      36+     29   Nut                Bountiful Nut
    Old Trent          Blue     258     321   Whim Berry         Whim Berry
    Peaceful Hippo     Blue     112     457   Sleeping Bottle    Sleeping Bottle
    Remnant Dinosaur   Red      468     321   Burned Bottle      Burned Bottle
    Stingy Onion       Yellow    52      64   Heatwave Ring      Heatwave Ring
    Strungout Spider   Red       90     192   Cheerful Stone     Mega Stone
    Wizard Ghost       Yellow   120+    592   Aves Amulet        Aves Amulet
       Also: Perky Frog, Waving Seaweed
    D6.6 Big Tree Hole Monsters
    ------------------ ------- ---- -------   ------------------ ------------------
    Ablaze Urn         Red      412   1,980   Burned Bottle      Burned Bottle
    Apocalypse Goat    Blue     150+    164   Big Boss's Charm   Mega Charm
    Berserk Boar       Yellow   228+  1,280   Flake of Snow      Flake of Snow
    Brassy Rhino       Red      226     567   Defense Necklace   Defense Necklace
    Clingy Crab        Yellow   128+    448   Mongoose Whisker   Mongoose Whisker
    Growling Lion      Red      132     468   Agility Candy      Agility Candy
    Lone Wolf          Blue     174     742   Mirage Ring        Mirage Ring
       Also: Maneating Onion, Perky Frog, Stingy Onion
    D6.7 Pospos Snowfield Monsters
    ------------------ ------- ---- -------   ------------------ ------------------
    Coolhead Snowman   Blue     270     979   Frozen Bottle      Frozen Bottle
    Half-Cocked Yeti   Blue     252+    158   Laurel             Laurel
    Healing Bunny      Red       74+     97   Sommelier Charm    Mega Charm
    Pink Elephant      Red      342     813                      Life Candy
    Raging Penguin     Yellow    50+     50   Alarm Charm        Mega Charm
       Also: Maneating Onion, Stingy Onion, Wizard Ghost, Clingy Crab
    Note. Although Clingy Crab had been listed in Pospos Snowfield (7), in the
    order of areas as given it's actually first encountered in Big Tree Hole (6).
    D6.8 Sealed Cave Monsters
    ------------------ ------- ---- -------   ------------------ ------------------
    Bed Head Walrus    Blue     166     254   Heart Candy        Heart Candy
    Burly Bull         Blue     224+    155   Weed Resistance    Weed Resistance
    Gloomy Urn         Yellow   300   2,980   Miracle Nut        Bountiful Nut
    Minty Alligator    Blue     248+  1,602   Frozen Bottle      Frozen Bottle
    Rain Calling Ray   Yellow   262   1,584   Glaring Bottle     Glaring Bottle
    Stalking Tiger     Red      332+  1,286   Burned Bottle      Burned Bottle
    Warding Off Crow   Yellow    14+    110   Crow's Amulet      Crow's Amulet
       Also: Perky Frog, Waving Seaweed, Apocalypse Goat
    D6.9 Madril Sewer Monsters
    ------------------ ------- ---- -------   ------------------ ------------------
    Fast Bat           Yellow    98+     72   Bandit's Shoes     Bandit's Shoes
    Leering Seaweed    Blue       4     999   White Cat Jewel    White Cat Jewel
    Loser Crocodile    Blue     192     252   Big Nut            Bountiful Nut
    Poisonous Shroom   Blue      74+     97   Rust Off Charm     Mega Charm
    Robbing Rat        Red       78      41   Purging Stone      Mega Stone
    Steel Armor        Red      104+     90   1st Fight Charm    1st Fight Charm
       Also: Maneating Onion, Perky Frog, Waving Seaweed, Tough Golem, Old Trent;
             Sparky Urn on MS-B3 (all); any Tenel Forest grouping on MS-B4-West
    D6.10 Addashi Desert Monsters
    ------------------ ------- ---- -------   ------------------ ------------------
    Celestial Wyvern   Yellow   324+  2,933                      Defense Candy
    Gleeful Cactus     Blue     108+    406   Panther's Fang     Panther's Fang
    Rude Condor        Yellow    92+      1   Swift Bottle       Miracle Nut
    Sand Mandragora    Blue      52     123   Energy Bouquet     Energy Bouquet
    Shrewd Bear        Red      142     444   Skull Bottle       Skull Bottle
    Soulful Spider     Red      168+    707   Sleeping Bottle    Sleeping Bottle
    Vengeful Mummy     Red      284+    768   Rust Off Charm     Mega Charm
       Also: Perky Frog, Waving Seaweed
    D6.11 Deep Grave Pit Monsters
    ------------------ ------- ---- -------   ------------------ ------------------
    24K Screw          Red        4   9,999                      Black Cat Jewel
    Bloody Armor       Red      246+    635   Bountiful Nut      Bountiful Nut
    Daring Dino        Blue     698+  2,511   Power Candy        Power Candy
    Ebon Slumber       Yellow   222     496   Chained Bottle     Chained Bottle
    Evil Mask          Blue      82     425   Angel Charm        Mega Charm
    Invincible Whale   Blue     594+  2,021   Ordinary Bottle    Ordinary Bottle
    Milky Urn          Blue     464+  4,980   Wild Strawberry    Whim Berry
    Patient Rockman    Red      720   4,160   Rooster Feathers   Rooster Feathers
    Perpetual Mudman   Blue     436   1,730   Pegasus' Shoes     Pegasus' Shoes
    Rayless Sea Ray    Yellow   290+  1,941   Lucky Candy        Lucky Candy
    Sly Snake          Yellow   184     874   Guardian Crystal   Guardian Crystal
    Toothy Gear        Red       66+    225   Villain's Charm    Mega Charm
       Also: Maneating Onion, Waving Seaweed
    D6.12 World Library Monsters
    ------------------ ------- ---- -------   ------------------ ------------------
    Bad Poetry Golem   Yellow   750   2,125   Mega Luck Bottle*  Miracle Nut
    Cursed Painting    Blue     374+  1,540   Whim Berry         Whim Berry
    Flaming Rockman    Red      210+  1,657   Touch of Earth*    Weed Resistance
    Masterless Sword   Blue     270   1,306   Q of Hearts        Panther's Fang
    Mortal Moon        Blue     398+  1,891   Full Moon Medal    Flake of Snow
    Radiant Sun        Red      572+  2,008   Sun Medal          Rooster Feathers
    Restless Mummy     Yellow   370   1,774   Pharaoh's Hair     Mongoose Whisker
    Sucky Bat          Yellow   366   1,423   Bountiful Nut      Bountiful Nut
    * Mega Luck Bottle reported by Exirc (unconfirmed)
      Touch of Earth reported by Hiroshi_Mishima (confirmed)
    Where "Normal Item" remains blank, Soul Binding obtained the item from the
    monster (confirming the Lists FAQ or earlier versions of this guide), but no
    normal drop had yet substantiated the item by post time. In all likelihood the
    first item is the same as the second item already listed, the patterns are
    distinctive enough.
    * Restoratives become "better" restoratives or remain the same
    * Various stones become Mega Stones
    * Various charms become Mega Charms
    * Accessories are the same in either case, except in the World Library
    * Bottles are the same in either case, excepting Rude Condor, Bad Poetry Golem
    * Candies are the same in either case
    HP was determined by doubling a Black Cat Jewel's damage to the monster or
    boss. Some enemies may actually have 1 HP more than shown, however.
    Technical. A Black Cat Jewel takes off half of the target's current HP, but the
    actual calculation looks something like this:
       currentHP = currentHP - integer(currentHP / 2)
    So the result is not a clear-cut "half-off." A target with an odd amount of HP
    (35/35, 127/127, et cetera) actually takes damage equaling 1 HP less than half
    (17, 63, and so forth) and retains the "remainder" (18/35, 64/127, and so on).
    Doubling the Black Cat Jewel's damage in these cases then comes up 1 HP short
    (34, 126, et cetera). For example, hitting a Wild Cow for exactly 20 HP damage
    won't defeat the monster, but 21 HP will. Allow accordingly.
    Trivia. A Black Cat Jewel can't KO a target. A "Miss" occurs for targets with
    only 1 HP remaining, such as a Maneating Onion.
    A Black Cat Jewel also has an upper limit and never inflicts more than 999 HP
    in damage. All random monsters have less than 999 HP. Bosses with more than
    1,998 HP (999 * 2) were measured by sequential uses of Black Cat Jewel until
    the damage was less than 999, then doubling that final amount and adding 999
    (times nine with the final boss). Ari threw the Black Cat Jewels in all cases.
    Update (v1.5.2). Enemies with odd-numbered HP are now marked (+). (Thanks to
    LemonPenguin for sharing the list from OKAGE's Official Strategy Guide.)
    Lumped together for convenience's sake.
    Tip. The final two Evil King boss fights are among the most profitable in the
    game for a White Cat Jewel (targeting all enemies). One bunch of monsters,
    found deep in Deep Grave Pit (see "Monster Groupings", below), pays more, but
    getting that grouping to hold still long enough can be trying indeed.
    -------------------- --- ------- ------ ------ ----------------- ---------
    Tricky Ghost           1 Yellow      12      8 Energy Flower
       Perky Frog          2 Blue         2      3 Nut                      14
    -------------------- --- ------- ------ ------ ----------------- ---------
    Sewer Evil King        1 Red        420     80 -
       Lurking Rat         4 Red         12+     6 Purging Stone           104
    -------------------- --- ------- ------ ------ ----------------- ---------
    Bubble Evil King       1 Blue       666    777 -
       Compassion Crab     4 Yellow      58     58 Big Nut               1,009
    -------------------- --- ------- ------ ------ ----------------- ---------
    Chairman Evil King     1 Yellow     642  1,200 -
       Steel Armor         4 Red        104+    90 1st Fight Charm       1,560
    -------------------- --- ------- ------ ------ ----------------- ---------
    Big Bull Evil King     1 Red      2,745  1,401 -
       Burly Bull          4 Blue       224+   155 Weed Resistance       2,021
    -------------------- --- ------- ------ ------ ----------------- ---------
    Teen Idol Evil King    1 Blue     2,399  2,300 -
       Shrewd Bear         4 Red        142    444 Skull Bottle          4,076
    -------------------- --- ------- ------ ------ ----------------- ---------
    Phantom Evil King      1 Yellow     870  4,800 -
       Masterless Sword    4 Blue       270  1,306 Q of Hearts          10,024
    -------------------- --- ------- ------ ------ ----------------- ---------
    Vampire Evil King      1 Blue     2,099  9,400 -
       Sucky Bat           4 Yellow     366  1,423 Bountiful Nut        15,092
    -------------------- --- ------- ------ ------ ----------------- ---------
    Final Boss             1 White    9,999      0 -                         0
    Trivia. Sucky Bat also drops a Bountiful Nut to Soul Binding, normally the only
    boss fight where Epros can succeed in using the Special (bosses are probably
    immune). Many easier targets exist for harvesting Bountiful Nuts, however.
    Random battles are composed of particular groups of monsters specific to each
    World Map or dungeon. Up to ten (10) enemies total can appear in a single
    random encounter, broken up into as many as four (4) groupings.
    Tip. And up to three (3) allies or enemies can gang up on a single target. Good
    to stay mindful of the risk in low-level situations.
    "Money" shows the total sukel for that battle if every monster drops a
    moneybag. A White Cat Jewel potentially doubles the money.
    TENEL FOREST                                                              MONEY
    Airy Bunny       x 1                                                          2
    Chicken Chicken  x 1                                                          3
    Chicken Chicken  x 2                                                          6
    Maneating Onion  x 3                                                          3
    Maneating Onion  x 5                                                          5
    Perky Frog       x 2                                                          6
    Perky Frog       x 1 + Airy Bunny       x 1                                   5
    Square Rhino     x 1                                                          4
    Tricky Ghost     x 1                                                          8
    Wild Cow         x 1                                                          5
    RUMILLE PLAINS                                                            MONEY
    Crafty Crow      x 3                                                         33
    Crafty Crow      x 4 + Walken Scarecrow x 1                                  66
    Crafty Crow      x 1 + Walken Scarecrow x 1 + Fierce Goat      x 1           64
    Lurking Rat      x 6                                                         36
    Lurking Rat      x 4 + Plucky Pachyderm x 2                                  54
    Perky Frog       x10                                                         30
    Perky Frog       x 3 + Young Trent      x 1                                  80
    Young Trent      x 1                                                         71
    Note. Rumille Plains opens with one mandatory battle:
    Maneating Onion  x 3                                                          3
    AQUATIC RUINS                                                             MONEY
    Chill Urn        x 1                                                        298
    Fleet Fish       x 3                                                         72
    Fleet Fish       x 5                                                        120
    Perky Frog       x 3 + Young Trent      x 1                                  80
    Perky Frog       x 3 + Sleazy Toad      x 4                                  97
    Perky Frog       x 4 + Plodding Hippo   x 2                                 152
    Plodding Hippo   x 2 + Walken Scarecrow x 1                                 162
    Sleazy Toad      x 4                                                         88
    Waving Seaweed   x 4 + Plucky Pachyderm x 2                                  86
    ESCAPELESS ABYSS                                                          MONEY
    Capricious Screw x 4                                                          4
    Compassion Crab  x 4                                                        232
    JC Scarecrow     x 1 + JC Scarecrow     x 1                                 102
    JC Scarecrow     x 1 + JC Scarecrow     x 1 + JC Scarecrow     x 1          204
                         + JC Scarecrow     x 1
    Sparky Urn       x 1                                                        398
    Systematic Gear  x 6                                                        330
    Systematic Gear  x 3 + Capricious Screw x 1                                 166
    Tough Golem      x 1                                                         95
    Tough Golem      x 2                                                        190
    TRANSVERSE TUNNEL                                                         MONEY
    Deep Mandragora  x 7                                                        203
    Old Trent        x 1 + Old Trent        x 1                                 642
    Remnant Dinosaur x 1 + Deep Mandragora  x 3                                 408
    Remnant Dinosaur x 1 + Perky Frog       x 7                                 342
    Stingy Onion     x 6                                                        384
    Stingy Onion     x 7                                                        448
    Strungout Spider x 4 + Stingy Onion     x 1                                 832
    Waving Seaweed   x 3 + Peaceful Hippo   x 2                                 956
    Wizard Ghost     x 1                                                        592
    Wizard Ghost     x 1 + Wizard Ghost     x 1                               1,184
    BIG TREE HOLE                                                             MONEY
    Ablaze Urn       x 1                                                      1,980
    Apocalypse Goat  x 3 + Maneating Onion  x 1                                 493
    Berserk Boar     x 1                                                      1,280
    Brassy Rhino     x 2                                                      1,134
    Clingy Crab      x 1 + Lone Wolf        x 1 + Stingy Onion     x 3        1,382
    Growling Lion    x 3 + Stingy Onion     x 3                               1,596
    Lone Wolf        x 1                                                        742
    Perky Frog       x 3 + Brassy Rhino     x 2 + Perky Frog       x 3        1,152
    POSPOS SNOWFIELD                                                          MONEY
    Clingy Crab      x 2                                                        896
    Coolhead Snowman x 3 + Stingy Onion     x 1                               3,001
    Half-Cocked Yeti x 2                                                        316
    Healing Bunny    x 5                                                        485
    Healing Bunny    x 5 + Pink Elephant    x 1                               1,298
    Pink Elephant    x 1                                                        813
    Raging Penguin   x 7                                                        350
    Raging Penguin   x 6 + Maneating Onion  x 1                                 301
    Wizard Ghost     x 1 + Wizard Ghost     x 1 + Half-Cocked Yeti x 1        1,342
    Wizard Ghost     x 1 + Coolhead Snowman x 1 + Half-Cocked Yeti x 1        2,177
                         + Clingy Crab      x 1
    SEALED CAVE                                                               MONEY
    Apocalypse Goat  x 3 + Rain Calling Ray x 1                               2,076
    Bed Head Walrus  x 3 + Waving Seaweed   x 3                                 804
    Burly Bull       x 5                                                        775
    Gloomy Urn       x 1                                                      2,980
    Minty Alligator  x 2                                                      3,204
    Minty Alligator  x 1 + Perky Frog       x 3                               1,611
    Stalking Tiger   x 2                                                      2,572
    Stalking Tiger   x 1 + Bed Head Walrus  x 1 + Rain Calling Ray x 1        3,124
    Warding Off Crow x 7                                                        770
    MADRIL SEWER                                                              MONEY
    Fast Bat         x 3                                                        216
    Leering Seaweed  x 1                                                        999
    Loser Crocodile  x 2 + Fast Bat         x 1                                 576
    Old Trent        x 1                                                        321
    Old Trent        x 1 + Old Trent        x 1                                 642
    Perky Frog       x 3 + Maneating Onion  x 1 + Tough Golem      x 2          200
    Poisonous Shroom x 5                                                        485
    Robbing Rat      x 5                                                        205
    Robbing Rat      x 7                                                        287
    Sparky Urn       x 1                                                        398
    Steel Armor      x 4 + Waving Seaweed   x 3                                 402
    Note. Tenel Forest monster groupings appear in subbasement MS-B4-West (where
    the Gold Gear is located), but not in MS-B4-East or MS-B4-North.
    ADDASHI DESERT                                                            MONEY
    Celestial Wyvern x 1                                                      2,933
    Gleeful Cactus   x 3 + Perky Frog       x 3                               1,227
    Rude Condor      x 1 + Waving Seaweed   x 1 + Waving Seaweed   x 2           71
                         + Waving Seaweed   x 2
    Sand Mandragora  x 7                                                        861
    Shrewd Bear      x 5                                                      2,220
    Soulful Spider   x 5                                                      3,535
    Vengeful Mummy   x 3                                                      2,304
    Vengeful Mummy   x 2 + Gleeful Cactus   x 3                               2,754
    DEEP GRAVE PIT                                                            MONEY
    24K Screw        x 1                                                      9,999
    24K Screw        x 1 + 24K Screw        x 1 + 24K Screw        x 1       34,157
                         + Patient Rockman  x 1
    Bloody Armor     x 2                                                      1,270
    Bloody Armor     x 3 + Perpetual Mudman x 1                               3,635
    Daring Dino      x 1                                                      2,511
    Daring Dino      x 2                                                      5,022
    Daring Dino      x 1 + Sly Snake        x 1                               3,355
    Ebon Slumber     x 3                                                      1,488
    Evil Mask        x 7                                                      2,975
    Evil Mask        x 6 + Bloody Armor     x 1 + Ebon Slumber     x 1        3,681
    Evil Mask        x 5 + Rayless Sea Ray  x 1                               4,066
    Invincible Whale x 2                                                      4,042
    Invincible Whale x 1 + Ebon Slumber     x 1                               2,517
    Milky Urn        x 1                                                      4,980
    Patient Rockman  x 1                                                      4,160
    Perpetual Mudman x 3                                                      5,190
    Rayless Sea Ray  x 1 + Rayless Sea Ray  x 1 + Maneating Onion  x 1        3,883
    Sly Snake        x 4                                                      3,376
    Toothy Gear      x10                                                      2,250
    Waving Seaweed   x 3 + Daring Dino      x 1                               2,553
    WORLD LIBRARY                                                             MONEY
    Cursed Painting  x 1 + Cursed Painting  x 1 + Flaming Rockman  x 1        4,737
    Flaming Rockman  x 1 + Flaming Rockman  x 1 + Restless Mummy   x 1        5,088
    Masterless Sword x 1 + Masterless Sword x 1 + Sucky Bat        x 1        4,035
    Mortal Moon      x 1 + Mortal Moon      x 1 + Radiant Sun      x 1        5,790
    Radiant Sun      x 1 + Radiant Sun      x 1 + Bad Poetry Golem x 1        6,141
    Restless Mummy   x 1 + Restless Mummy   x 1 + Mortal Moon      x 1        5,439
    Sucky Bat        x 1 + Sucky Bat        x 1 + Cursed Painting  x 1        4,386
    Hunting down a game's rare treasures is a time-honored tradition among RPG
    aficionados and OKAGE is fertile ground for such pursuits. Of the two methods
    available, Epros's Soul Binding skill offers a fun alternative to "the usual"
    application of blunt trauma. Some of the rarest accessories, however, require
    patience (very low drop rates) and good fortune (with the random odds).
    Soul Binding works on weakened foes, most successfully when its HP has been
    reduced by about half or more. (The more HP the monster has remaining, the less
    chance Soul Binding seems to work, but half is usually plenty.)
    For late-game item farming against weaker enemies, strategically choose a magic
    Special or bottle to suit the foe for half the usual damage. A Burned Bottle or
    Flame (Big Bull), Frozen Bottle or Frost (Rosalyn), Skull Bottle or Random
    (Epros) can help with Soul Binding such monsters.
    Acquire a supply of Skull Bottles from Shrewd Bears in Addashi Desert. Its
    poison drains a miniscule amount of HP after each turn (Perky Frog, 1 HP), very
    helpful for successfully Soul Binding weak monsters with too little HP to
    survive Drain (Epros) or Flame. Once the foe's HP is lowered, inflict another
    status ailment to prevent the poison from getting the KO.
    Tip. Epros's Random command includes a poison spell, producing the same effect.
    A little persistence is needed, though, and some Wild Strawberries on hand for
    replenishing LP.
    Beware, too, that Stan's patience is not unlimited. If he's left twiddling his
    thumbs too long, he may dish out a Crushing Devil.
    When you go treasure hunting, compose your party with care. Rosalyn, for
    example, seems to elicit a greater number of drops than any other ally for a
    good portion of a game, though how or why is a mystery.
    Luck, too, may play a factor in obtaining rare items. (How much of a factor is
    unknown.) Foremost for the skilled treasure hunter, then, is obtaining Epros's
    Q of Hearts weapon, which boosts his Luck stat by 25 points. (The "Q of Hearts"
    addendum features the author's how-to strategy.)
    Also of note is the Legendary Leaf accessory, obtained using the Forgotten
    Sword (see "Hopkins' Sword" in the "Sidequests" addendum). The Leaf gives its
    bearer Luck +10. Forgotten Sword itself boosts Ari's Luck +10. Basics Only Coat
    (Kisling) and Mike o'Happiness (Linda) do likewise. Lastly, the Laurel (from
    Half-Cocked Yeti) and Omnibooster (see "Research Center" in the "Sidequests"
    addendum) accessories top off the party's Luck at +5 apiece. Other equipment
    adds +5 as well.
    Ari has the lowest innate Luck stat (at only 0), while Linda's beginning Luck
    stat is highest (10). But any ally's Luck (Ari's, most especially) may be
    increased by revisiting the Deep Grave Pit and hunting down Rayless Sea Rays,
    which drop Lucky Candies.
    Note. See the "Help Wanted" addendum for a few truly rare items. Most likely
    they're just residue of unused notions, but don't hesitate to announce your
    find if you unearth any of those gems; all credit will be afforded you.
    One more consideration. As with other PS2 games, treasure hunting success
    depends on a "random" factor set when a saved game is loaded, which won't
    change until the game is loaded next time. So if (after five to ten or so
    battles) few treasure chests are dropping in place of moneybags, save your
    game, Quit, and then Restore the saved game. The results may improve markedly.
    (And if not, Quit and reset the console itself before Restoring.)
    Tip. The same advice can help Stan pop up more frequently, too. Anything that
    seems "random" in fact, and in any game, for that matter.
    Several anomalies are known to exist in the game.
    Usually, a single accessory may only be equipped by one ally at time and the
    item must be unequipped before another ally can use it. A quirk hidden in the
    game lets Ari gain double-duty from an accessory, however.
    In preparation, before entering Madril Sewer at the end of Chapter 4, equip Ari
    with some commonplace accessory, such as his old Holly. Then equip one of Ari's
    allies (whether in the active party or not) with the best, rarest accessory.
    (Omnibooster is an obvious choice, but another one-of-a-kind accessory might
    better suit your needs.) Consider carefully who (besides Ari) might benefit
    most by having the accessory equipped.
    Tip. Hedge your bet and equip the other allies with the best goodies remaining,
    as well, to give Ari the broadest array of choices should you change your mind.
    When Ari emerges from the sewer at the beginning of Chapter 5, from the main
    menu choose Equip, then Gurd, and select an accessory ALREADY EQUIPPED by
    another ally. (Note. You may change your selection, but only up until Ari's
    condition is remedied.)
    Later in the chapter, when everything returns to normal, both Ari AND the ally
    have the accessory equipped.
    Warning. Thereafter and through to the end of the game, if either Ari or the
    ally reequips their accessory, dual-use may be lost and can't be reestablished.
    Things will be back to normal.
    Update (v1.5). Or you may be able to equip EVERY other ally with the same
    accessory. The author has done so repeatedly: The Gurd list continued showing
    "Omnibooster" in white, even though the count read "X00". Very strange, as well
    as useful.
    The accessory item isn't replicated. The two characters are simply using the
    same accessory at the same time, which normally isn't possible.
    As mentioned in the "Item" and "Quick Reference" sections, both the Alarm Charm
    and Big Boss's Charm items sport incorrect descriptions. In truth, Alarm Charm
    cures the Sandman curse (not Evil Eye, as displayed) and Big Boss's Charm cures
    the Evil Eye curse (not the Paralyze status ailment).
    The anomaly can be confusing, but it's limited to descriptions and messages. In
    battle, the correct item is available (if an ally has been afflicted with the
    Evil Eye curse, then Big Boss's Charm is correctly selectable). And outside of
    battle, choosing the wrong charm (Alarm Charm) in the menu elicits only a beep.
    Unlike the remaining bugs, this gaffe is inherent to the game and seen by all
    D7.3 SAVE BUG
    *** Updated (v1.5); see below! ***
    Mentioned in the "FAQ" section, this rare bug is potentially catastrophic: You
    could lose a single saved game or, possibly, the OKAGE save file entirely.
    Unfortunately, the reports varied widely and weren't uniform in describing the
    damage done. If you run into the bug, at the very least the last-used save slot
    will be vacant or otherwise unusable and your only recourse is to return to a
    prior saved game, a back-up copy of the save file, or restart from scratch.
    Note. If you're having a different problem with saving, skip down to
    "Unverified Reports".
    A few common-sense precautions go a long way to help prevent a loss:
    1. Whenever you save a game, DON'T overwrite the last game you saved. DO
    alternate between two save slots each time you save.
    2. If you have a second PS2 memory card, backup your OKAGE save file from time
    to time. In the console's browser, select the OKAGE file and choose Copy, then
    select the other memory card.
    Backing up often and regularly is a good idea for protecting the save file of
    any game you wouldn't want to restart from scratch, in fact.
    Details are sketchy on how and when the bug occurs, though most commonly it
    surfaces around the time Ari reaches LV 23-26, which usually happens somewhere
    between Escapeless Abyss and Big Tree Hole. Folks may be covering a lot of
    ground and running from one dungeon to the next with a sense of urgency,
    perhaps skipping save points in lieu of getting through that section quicker.
    Maybe what's in memory is getting as fractured as any hard disk needing
    defragmentation -- speculation, but this guide now takes measures to help
    ensure readers don't rush onward needlessly.
    So: Before facing a boss, take the time to backtrack to the entrance and save.
    When ejected from a dungeon after a boss fight, turn around and reenter the
    dungeon to use the save point. Don't run directly from Pospos Spa to Big Tree
    Hole. Take the precaution of double-saving on occasion.
    Reported to the OKAGE board at GameFAQs by several gamers, but never seen
    firsthand by the author, not once, thank goodness.
    Update (v1.5). The bug finally surfaced for the author, in Rashelo on the first
    visit, before Aquatic Ruins.
    * After scouting Rashelo (leaving to start the letter bottle sidequest and
      returning), after the forced scene at the Inn the save slot for the current
      game (file 2) appeared blank.
    * Saved to the same slot and it worked as if the slot had never been used -- no
      confirmation required.
    * Session had started in Madril, not long before, maybe two to three hours.
    * No crashes, and no problems since.
    * Games saved in slots 1 and 3 were intact and loaded just fine.
    * Same physical Sony 8MB memory card as used all along.
    * Last-used save point had been the Rumille Plain diary.
    Recommendation: Double-check saved games before choosing Quit -- choose save
    again to verify the slot is not blank, then back out -- should be plenty.
    Especially from the Rumille Plain save point. (Prior reports were generally in
    that vicinity.)
    Had the author quit instead of playing on, the result would have been annoying
    Also mentioned in the "FAQ" section, but this problem usually proves no more
    than an inconvenience on startup or after resetting. If your console can't read
    the disc, press the Reset button until it succeeds. If the problem persists, a
    (careful) cleaning of the disc may help.
    More often, however, disc read errors (DREs) or the disc not appearing in the
    system browser is due to a console issue. A good squirt with canned air to blow
    out the dust or a turn with a DVD cleaning disc may help, or the PS2 might need
    a full overhaul at an authorized service center.
    If the console was recently moved or jarred, dust and other debris might have
    been knocked loose and canned air is enough. Otherwise, the problem can become
    progressively worse and a thorough cleaning of the console itself may be in
    Consulting a reputable repair center is recommended, but guides found at the
    PS2 Hardware's FAQs page may prove informative and helpful.
    Lastly, OKAGE, like many early PS2 games, resides on a blue disc -- a CD rather
    than a DVD -- and the blue-disc medium is notorious for read errors. Read more
    about this, too, in the PS2 Hardware area (FAQs, Answers, or sticky topics) at
    In testing the Q of Hearts strategy, frequently seen by the author. (The Rev.7
    "fat" console eventually quit recognizing all blue game discs and was replaced
    by a "slim" model.)
    Mentioned in the course of the "Walkthrough" section, this bug is limited to
    the immediate display only.
    In the after-battle tally, occasionally an ally seems to receive no status
    increases when he or she gains a level (EP may tally up at zero). If this
    happens, check Status for the ally. The correct, updated stat increases display
    there just fine.
    Often seen by the author, across all playthroughs.
    A variation (reported by Atomos199) occurs with allies once they reach LV 99.
    After battle 0 EP is awarded, but checking Status shows an increase of 1 EP.
    This effect ceases once EP again reaches 999, however.
    A very rare bug, but one that results in some data loss.
    The author ran into this bug once and another board member confirmed seeing it
    as well (thanks, OkageHime).
    For the author, the bug appeared after the crucial "doll" incident in Tenel.
    Ari was "walking the worlds" and in Madril, he stepped around Miss Madril's
    house, southwest toward the "Did you see that?" guy, and fell off a corner of
    the upper deck. The display rendered up-close with the steel decking and didn't
    follow Ari all the way down. Though Ari wasn't visible, he could still move
    around -- his steps were heard and the display shifted, if a bit jerkily.
    Pressing Square called up Stan, but in slow-motion, and pressing Triangle still
    displayed the menu, if slowly. The author could find no route out of the abyss
    and eventually successfully Quit, but lost everything from the last save point.
    The saved game reloaded just fine, however, and the bug did not appear a second
    Related. Like other PS2 games, various rendering glitches are not unheard of
    with OKAGE. The author has had the Aquatic Ruins render in black with the
    walkways all off-kilter, for instance, but leaving the dungeon was still
    possible. In such cases, use a save point (outside of a dungeon), then Quit,
    and to be extra safe reset the console to clear its memory.
    Never been seen by the author, but the reports are reliable enough to pass
    along in case the information helps.
    A few gamers have reported being unable to successfully save their game. Either
    the memory card isn't recognized, or is falsely reported as "full", or the game
    freezes on the Save screen.
    Note. Always double-check the memory card's available space in the console's
    browser. Sometimes it isn't a false report. OKAGE needs 154 KB, with all three
    save slots used.
    Two issues and remedies are known. Both are widespread hardware problems (not
    particular to OKAGE) and have been encountered in a number of different games.
    If the memory card is a "third-party" brand (often of higher capacity), try
    saving to a Sony-brand 8MB memory card for PS2 instead. If successful, you may
    be able to copy the OKAGE save data onto your preferred memory card and load
    the game (and hopefully continue) from there. No other workaround is known.
    The other issue revolves around the DualShock2 controller (and possibly PS2
    "slim" models). If the game seems to "freeze" when saving, with a memory card
    plugged in, try unplugging the controller instead and then reseating it. You
    may suddenly be able to save again. (Thanks to gbaxton for reporting these
    To learn more, read "Appendix A: Controller Issue" of Maltzsan's Game Mechanics
    FAQ for Final Fantasy XII (around 392 KB):
    Related. If restoring (loading) your saved game is a problem, remember OKAGE
    looks for an 8MB memory card only in memory card slot 1 (despite the manual).
    OKAGE warns of this condition on startup, in fact, and you can press O (Yes) to
    start anyway (and then move the memory card). Pressing X checks the slot again,
    but moving the memory card immediately continues anyway.
    Tip. Good for ODiNS (one-day, no-save) challenges, unplug the memory card
    Two independent reports surfaced, where the game crashed to the system browser
    as their party descended into the sewer to confront the boss in Chapter 2.
    View the archived reports:
    Update (v1.5). The crash is likely due to issues surrounding disc backup. One
    reader reported seeing the same crash and confirmed the crash can happen on
    entering ANY dungeon, not only the first descent in Chapter 2.
    The best solution, of course, is to play from your original game disc on a
    production-model PS2. In backing up the game disc (for legitimate archival
    purposes), however, the advice is to leave the original binary (bin) format
    intact and unaltered, and to use only comparable CD-ROM media. Ripping to DVD
    or making any other conversion or patch (ISO) may well guarantee a crash.
    Post a comment to any site whose content or archiving tools result in this
    problem. Help the next player.
    Reportedly, OKAGE plays well with PS3 models that are backward compatible with
    PS2 games. (Read the report just above.) To learn more, visit:
    Note. Contact their webmaster if (when) these links break, as needed.
    When Stan pops up and tells Ari to make him laugh with "a good, hearty roar,"
    sometimes the third group of choices includes a phrase clearly missing its
    first letter, a phrase that (with its missing letter restored) is usual for the
    second group of choices -- "without wings" showing up out of place in the third
    group as "ithout wings", for example.
    If the botched phrase is selected, the preview then displays naught for the
    third segment ("[Do cemetery workers] [prefer] " rather than "[Do cemetery
    workers] [prefer] [ithout wings]") and fails to make Stan laugh.
    Related. Stan's query, "Give me a blood curdling war cry!" has a couple of odd
    choices. The number of exclamations points may vary in the final preview
    ("Slug!" becomes "Slug!!!"), and what looks like a line of underscores (___)
    previews as an ellipsis (...).
    Encountered several times (each) by the author.
    Bits and pieces fitting squarely into no other classification.
    E1. MAPS
    Admittedly rough, textual maps of OKAGE's dungeons are embedded throughout the
    "Walkthrough" section. Use the following keys to search for the appropriate
    dungeon map.
    ----------------- -------------------
    Aquatic Ruins     AR-B1
    Escapeless Abyss  EA-B1
    Big Tree Hole     BTH-B1
    Sealed Cave       SC-B1
    Madril Sewer      MS-B1
    Deep Grave Pit    DGP-B1
                      DGP-B6-Secret Room
    World Library     WL-B1-Central
    If you read Japanese, a wealth of information is posted at:
    If you can't read Japanese, don't be put off -- the maps are still very helpful
    and may all be found linked from one page:
    If any map's link breaks, please notify the author.
    The links finally broke. (Thanks to Rosie for reporting the breakage.) The
    "nishikaigan" subdomain no longer responds (retired or renamed). If you learn
    of an alternative site, please notify the author.
    In the meantime, links to the graphical maps in the following sections now also
    include a "mirror" address where the image may be found. Peruse all of the maps
    and the "Read Me First!" found at:
    Disclaimer. These images are NOT of the author's design or ownership. The
    mirror is provided as a courtesy only and may be removed at any time at the
    request of the image-owner.
    Mirroring the webbed maps is a trickier prospect, since the author reads no
    form of Japanese. (If seriously undertaking the project interests you, contact
    the author.)
    Wayback Machine archived the old pages, including the nifty webbed maps.
    In the most recent snapshot (April 2, 2007), hover over the links to find
    "map.html" (in the sixth line down). Other snapshots may be more "complete",
    however, so if you run into a dead end try one of the other snapshots listed at
    the link above.
    If you like, look up any of the "Original" links in the following sections at
    WaybackMachine.org to see the maps in their original Japanese context. (Tip.
    Replace the URL in the latter half of the link above with the desired link.)
    E1.1 World Maps
    The following links provide graphic maps showing Tiny Gear locations and other
    Tenel Forest:
    Original: http://nishikaigan.tamon.co.jp/~sigre/bokumao/f_map1.html
      Mirror: http://www.esque.com/slr/gamefaqs/sigre_mirror/f_map1.gif
    Rumille Plains:
    Original: http://nishikaigan.tamon.co.jp/~sigre/bokumao/f_map2.html
      Mirror: http://www.esque.com/slr/gamefaqs/sigre_mirror/f_map2.gif
    Pospos Snowfield:
    Original: http://nishikaigan.tamon.co.jp/~sigre/bokumao/f_map3.html
      Mirror: http://www.esque.com/slr/gamefaqs/sigre_mirror/f_map3.gif
    Addashi Desert, including maze inset:
    Original: http://nishikaigan.tamon.co.jp/~sigre/bokumao/f_map4.html
      Mirror: http://www.esque.com/slr/gamefaqs/sigre_mirror/f_map4.gif
    Annotated desert map, with sandpit (94 KB):
    E1.2 Chapter 3 Map
    The following uses a webbed map rather than images, a rather ingenious
    Aquatic Ruins:
    Original: http://nishikaigan.tamon.co.jp/~sigre/bokumao/dungeon1.html
      Mirror: None
    E1.3 Chapter 4 Maps
    The following also use webbed maps rather than images.
    Escapeless Abyss:
    Original: http://nishikaigan.tamon.co.jp/~sigre/bokumao/dungeon2.html
      Mirror: None
    Big Tree Hole:
    Original: http://nishikaigan.tamon.co.jp/~sigre/bokumao/dungeon3.html
      Mirror: None
    Sealed Cave:
    Original: http://nishikaigan.tamon.co.jp/~sigre/bokumao/dungeon4.html
      Mirror: None
    Madril Sewer (even though the page says Sealed Cave):
    Original: http://nishikaigan.tamon.co.jp/~sigre/bokumao/dungeon5.html
      Mirror: None
    E1.4 Chapter 5 Map
    The following uses small graphic maps for each level.
    Deep Grave Pit:
    Original: http://nishikaigan.tamon.co.jp/~sigre/bokumao/dungeon6.html
      Mirror: http://www.esque.com/slr/gamefaqs/sigre_mirror/pit_b1f.gif
    E1.5 Chapter 7 World Library Maps
    Sigre-san (for lack of a better moniker) goes into much more detail with the
    World Library.
    Overview. Chests and shortest path.
    Original: http://nishikaigan.tamon.co.jp/~sigre/bokumao/library.gif
      Mirror: http://www.esque.com/slr/gamefaqs/sigre_mirror/library.gif
    * Red dot, Garnet Key        * Blue dot, Sapphire Key
    * Green dot, Emerald Key     * Purple dot, Amethyst Key
    * Brown dots, other chests
    * Routes show the color of the key you're walking toward.
    * Doors show the color of the key needed to unlock.
    Detail. Central section.
    Original: http://nishikaigan.tamon.co.jp/~sigre/bokumao/sekai_m.gif
      Mirror: http://www.esque.com/slr/gamefaqs/sigre_mirror/sekai_m.gif
    * Purple glyph, upper middle   Locked door opened with Amethyst Key
    * Red glyph, lower right       Locked door opened with Garnet Key
    * Blue glyph, lower left       Locked door opened with Sapphire Key
    * Black glyph, foyer           Save Diary ("Ent")
    * Black glyph, lower right     Emerald Key
    * Black glyph, lower right     Locked door opened with Emerald Key
    * Black glyph, lower left      Cerberus' Fang (behind Emerald door)
    * Black glyph, lower left      Locked door opened with Emerald Key
    * Black glyph, upper right     Forgotten Sword (behind Amethyst door)
    * Black glyph, upper middle    Save Diary ("Btm")
    * Blue dot, foyer              Clerk, NPC
    * Blue dot, upper middle       Clerk, NPC
    Detail. East wing.
    Original: http://nishikaigan.tamon.co.jp/~sigre/bokumao/sekai_r.gif
      Mirror: http://www.esque.com/slr/gamefaqs/sigre_mirror/sekai_r.gif
    * Purple glyph, upper left     Locked door opened with Amethyst Key
    * Red glyphs, all              Locked doors opened with Garnet Key
    * Black glyph, upper left      Defense Candy
    * Black glyph, middle right    Garnet Key
    * Black glyph, lower right     Lucky Candy
    * Blue dot, middle right       Clerk, NPC
    Detail. West wing.
    Original: http://nishikaigan.tamon.co.jp/~sigre/bokumao/sekai_l.gif
      Mirror: http://www.esque.com/slr/gamefaqs/sigre_mirror/sekai_l.gif
    * Blue glyphs, all             Locked doors opened with Sapphire Key
    * Black glyph, lower left      Agility Candy
    * Black glyph, middle left     Sapphire Key
    * Black glyph, middle right    Amethyst Key
    * Not shown, middle left       Clerk, NPC
    Gathered together for your convenience, following are some details on the
    game's various sidequests.
    While the "Walkthrough" section picks up each sidequest at its earliest
    opportunity, all may be begun at a later time if desired.
    In the Tenel Village Inn, reopened after the fight in the church basement, Ari
    first encounters a fortune teller, who divines Ari's compatibility with another
    character in the game, based upon his actions as well as his responses in
    Vying for a compatibility gift starts from the very beginning of a new game,
    however, and continues until after the second set of events involving Marlene
    occur at Ari's house.
    The next fortune teller consulted tells Ari the results and gives him a clue to
    finding the compatibility gift he's earned. This is a one-time message, so pay
    close attention! The clue might be vague. Thereafter, all fortune tellers say
    they're closing up shop.
    Note. Fortune Teller No. 3 in Rashelo MAY continue offering the last reading
    for a time.
    The following assists with obtaining specific compatibility gifts. Check with
    the fortune tellers (found in the Tenel, Madril, and Rashelo Inns) to stay
    abreast of any changes with Ari's compatibility. The final reading takes ALL of
    his actions and responses into consideration, however, whether Ari speaks with
    the fortune tellers often, seldom, or not at all in the interim.
    Tip. Before claiming the gift, save at the closest save point. Some scenes
    include making one or more choices and the scene may -- or may not -- alter
    depending on Ari's selections. If you'd like to see how each option plays out,
    Quit without saving and reclaim the gift to select other choices.
    Update (v1.5.2). Prima's Official Strategy Guide (OSG) offered some "how to"
    advice, as well (thanks to LemonPenguin).
    ROSALYN - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
            How: Favor Rosalyn when selecting responses. Think "Heroic!"
      OSG's How: "Your answers should favor Rosalyn."
     Difficulty: Easy.
     Final Clue: "When love deepens between the Hero, something shall happen."
      Last Step: Visit Triste and speak with Rosalyn, standing beside the Hopeless
                 Merchant. The merchant is moved by the exchange and gives Rosalyn
                 her best weapon.
           Gift: Gallant Rapier
    Description: Has unapproachable noble aura. Atk +40
    STAN  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
            How: Favor Stan when selecting responses. Think "Evil!"
      OSG's How: "Your answers should favor Stan."
     Difficulty: Easy.
     Final Clue: "If you want interesting training, stay at the hotel."
      Last Step: Rest at the Madril Inn. When Ari leaves the Inn, a scene occurs
                 (including some extra lines for the narrator), during which Ari
                 receives his gift.
           Gift: Stan's gift consists of raw status increases for Ari, rather than
                 an item -- AP +5, DP +5.
    MARLENE - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
            How: Favor Marlene when selecting responses. When offered a choice,
                 "Marlene" is better than "Princess".
      OSG's How: "Your answers should favor Marlene."
     Difficulty: Moderate, overcoming early leanings.
     Final Clue: "A Princess' love shall fall in the dream, and a being from the
                 dark side shall come."
      Last Step: Rest at the Rashelo Inn. A scene occurs and upon waking, Ari finds
                 Marlene's gift, his best gear.
           Gift: Reunion Outfit
    Description: Filled with hopes of safety for the wearer. Dfns +16
    DAD - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
            How: Choose upbeat, positive, and confident responses. Take a
                 scientific view and agree with Kisling whenever possible (thanks,
                 DoichiMyLove!). Think "Gung ho!"
      OSG's How: "Your answers should be positive and outgoing."
     Difficulty: Moderate, taking care not to tip the scale another direction.
     Final Clue: "Well, it won't hurt to go back home for a change to say hello,
                 will it?"
      Last Step: Visit Dad at home and, after a very brief exchange, Ari receives
                 Epros's best weapon.
           Gift: A of Spades
    Description: A card powerful enough to defeat all enemies. Atk +40
    JULIA - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
            How: Choose "wishy-washy" responses, usually the third answer.
                 Tip. When starting a new game, choose every single third response
                 (without exception) and the very first fortune teller pegs Julia.
                 In Ari's solo venture in Chapter 5, choose the second response, or
                 the third when the second favors someone else; never choose the
                 When answers are rigged (as with the Old Music Box), Ari should
                 drag his feet anyway; choose some variation of "No" at first, then
                 acquiesce with the most grudging, impersonal response possible (an
                 answer with "Princess" rather than "Marlene", for example).
                 Also choose the following actions, each of which directly favors
                 * Right after getting the Map o'Evil Kings, one of Ari's choices
                   actually mentions Julia.
                 * After Julia leaves Ari dumbstruck, "the next morning" when Stan
                   fills Ari in on his plan, pick Ari's third choice ("I'd love to
                   but, umm...").
                 * At the beginning of Chapter 4, speak with Julia in Tenel. Select
                   the third option during the scene.
                 * Still in Tenel, go to the ell-shaped house and speak with the
                   boy. Again select the third option.
                 Note. The Old Music Box is very much a quest item and wholly
                 unimpressive to Julia. Use it in front of her while you can, if
                 you like, but the effect seems inconsequential.
      OSG's How: "Your answers should be perverse or warped."
     Difficulty: Hard; even a "thank you" can sway compatibility another direction.
                 Early readings may favor Mysterious Woman, but they should change
                 to Julia by the time Ari first reaches the Rashelo Inn, by this
     Final Clue: "How about going to see this girl? Something good might happen."
      Last Step: In Tenel, speak with Julia and an exchange occurs, after which Ari
                 receives a rare accessory.
           Gift: Owl's Amulet
    Description: Owl shaped steel ornament. Evade Spells
    MYSTERIOUS WOMAN  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
            How: Choose apathetic replies, usually the second answer, and favor no
                 one in ANY response. Whichever choice says, "I don't care," the
                 loudest is the right answer.
                 A couple gray areas of note:
                 * At the beginning of Chapter 4, in Tenel select the second
                 * In Mr. Big Inc.'s stairwell, also choose the second responses,
                   except at the fourth floor where the first then the third work
      OSG's How: "Your answers should be negative and sarcastic (usually the third
     Difficulty: Tough; apathetic and wishy-washy replies are very similar.
     Final Clue: "But according to this, something good's going to happen if you go
                 see this mysterious woman."
      Last Step: Find the Mysterious Woman on the Tenel Forest world map, just
                 south of the second bridge, and speak with her for a rare
           Gift: Daymare Ring
    Description: Erases line between dream and reality. Dodge Attacks
    Note. Thanks to Maester_Seymore for reporting Mysterious Woman's previously
    undocumented gift on GameFAQs's Okage board (July 2006). See the "Help Wanted"
    addendum for more about the discovery.
    Curious about the extra scenes? Read the author's "Compatibility Gift Scene
    Scripts" in-depth guide at GameFAQs.com.
    Compatibility strategies fall into two categories: One that favors a particular
    target (the first three, above), and one that doesn't. In the latter class, the
    types of responses (gung-ho, wishy-washy, and apathetic) are what win the
    The latter cases may also simply coincide with whichever dialogue choice is
    overwhelmingly selected most often, and yet doesn't nail one of the easy three
    (Ans.1, Dad; Ans.2, Mysterious Woman; Ans.3, Julia).
    Since each of Ari's responses involves picking from three choices, with six
    possible compatibility targets, each choice may involve a greater or lesser
    degree of compatibility with each target. For example, a gung-ho answer (favors
    Dad) may also be wholly evil (favors Stan) or heroic (favors Rosalyn). In fact,
    it's entirely likely each response has a compatibility rating (such as, Ans.1:
    Stan +2, Dad +1; Ans.2: Marlene +2, Rosalyn +1; Ans.3: Julia +2, Mystery +1).
    Your challenge is determining which is which and picking the response that MOST
    benefits your chosen target.
    Many gamers ask, but no good answer is forthcoming. "It all depends," on the
    sort of strategy you're following: Speed, low-level, or so-called "perfect"
    runs, character restrictions, and so on. (Rosalyn's best rapier has little
    benefit if she never fights, after all, but is the only gift boosting Luck if
    treasure hunting is your aim.) Compare the tables in the "Equip" sections and
    gauge accordingly; if something sells for more, it's generally considered
    "better", though by exactly how much is unknown.
    Update (v1.5.2). Some new information has come to light. See the "Evasion"
    addendum for the report.
    Perhaps the best course with this sidequest is to follow your particular mood
    throughout your run. Be honest and choose the answers that catch your eye at
    the moment, and then let yourself be surprised by the gift you receive. Make a
    note of what gift you receive to compare with next time, when you're in a
    different mood (or just older).
    Like most RPGs, OKAGE is best experienced over repeated playthroughs. If you
    only have time for a one-off run right now, so be it, but do yourself a favor
    and retain the option to play again in years to come.
    Perfection is unattainable and too limited a classification -- perhaps OKAGE's
    main theme. Play on!
    E2.2 TINY GEAR
    Very early in the game, Ari stumbles upon a Tiny Gear. No explanation is given
    and its importance -- or that of the 31 more Tiny Gear he may find -- is
    unknown through the first half of the game. Collect them all, just the same.
    WORLD MAP         BETWEEN                            NO.
    ----------------- --------------------------------- ----
    Tenel Forest      Tenel Village and Madril             8
    Rumille Plains    Madril and Rashelo                   8
    Pospos Snowfield  The Transverse Tunnel and Triste     8
    Addashi Desert    Triste and the Gear Tower            8
    TOTAL:                                                32
    The locations of the individual Tiny Gear are embedded in the "Walkthrough"
    section, but an excellent standalone checklist can be found at GameFAQs.com.
    Notations used in this guide, such as "[TG17]", relate to the number in
    HonestLiar's Tiny Gear Checklist for easy cross-referencing.
    Note. See "Other Puzzlers" in the "Sidequest" addendum for more help finding
    TG4, arguably the most elusive of all Tiny Gear.
    Once Ari has collected at least thirty Tiny Gear, head to the southwest portion
    of the Pospos Snowfield and enter the cottage. The man inside collects thirty
    Tiny Gear and gifts Ari with his "ultimate" weapon, the Sword of Gear.
    Having all 32 of the Tiny Gear makes no difference with the Sword of Gear. The
    Gearman leaves Ari with the leftovers.
    The World Crypto Organization wants Ari. Each cyphertext received contains a
    clue leading to the next. Following are the exact clues, typos intact. If
    there's a difference between how the clue as recited by the WCO member and how
    it reads from the Item menu, it's so noted.
    The sidequest begins at any point, by speaking with the Elder in Tenel Village.
    The Elder vacates his house for a time, but check back later for his return.
    CYPHERTEXT 1  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     Dialogue: "Sdnuorg sucric eht ot og s'tel."
    Item read: "Sdnuorg eht ot og s'tel
                ereh si sucric eht."
      Hint: Read it in reverse.
       Key: The last letter is the first.
    Answer: The circus is here / let's go to the grounds.
    CYPHERTEXT 2  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      Hint: Read the lines in numerical order.
       Key: 1, 2, 3...
    Answer: Knockth reetimeso nthe sideoft ownha llofth emachines.
    CYPHERTEXT 3  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      Hint: Read between the lines.
       Key: Between b and d is c, and so on.
    Answer: curlycliff
    CYPHERTEXT 4  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     Dialogue: "X <-  Station  ->O"
    Item read: "No <- Station -> Yes"
      Hint: X never, ever marks the spot.
       Key: Where is there a station?
    Answer: The counting guy, right of the station on Madril's upper level.
    Note. Triste also holds a station and, indeed, someone stands to the right of
    it. Coincidence, red herring? You decide.
    CYPHERTEXT 5  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     Dialogue: "Tree that eyes of a cold friendship see."
    Item read: "Tree gazed upon by a cold friendship."
      Hint: Watch with a group of chilly friends.
       Key: Look where they look.
    Answer: A line of snowmen on Pospos Snowfield are all facing a tree.
    CYPHERTEXT 6  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     Dialogue: "Is it yesterday? Or tommorow? Or..."
    Item read: "Yesterday? Tomorrow? Or...?"
    Note. Rumor had it this was a literal translation of the original Japanese, in
    which the clue was actually very revealing. The game's official site stated
    that Ari has difficulty remembering when to attend church, though this factoid
    isn't conveyed in the game.
    Update (v1.5). Reader Emurii suggests the clue is a pun, playing off the
    similarity (in Japanese) between "church" ("kyoukai") and "today" ("kyou"). The
    difference ("kai"), being a dialectal suffix for adding a question mark, means
    the blank ("...") in the English-language clue adds up to "today?".
      Hint: Where might "help for the righteous" be found?
       Key: The woman's dialogue mentions "righteous" twice.
    Answer: The altar of the Tenel Village church, the only church in the land.
    Reward: Divine Shoes accessory
    While carrying the next item in the chain, the intended recipient automatically
    spies the item and offers to swap. Ari needn't "use" the item, just talk to the
    NPC. Tease or waffle, if you like, but the result is the same.
    The sidequest's beginning is forced. Ari can't leave his house until after he's
    spoken with everyone, which nets him the first item.
    FROM               QUEST ITEM   TO, WHERE
    ------------------ ------------ ---------------------------------
    Grandma            Mere Pebble  Baker, Tenel
    Baker              Bread Crust  Wandering Painter, Tenel Forest
    Wandering Painter  Worn Brush   Gear Freak, Madril
    Gear Freak         Rare Gear    Lighthouse Keeper, Rashelo
    Lighthouse Keeper  Penlight     In Trouble Guy, Highland Village
    In Trouble Guy     BrokenGun    Dad, Nameless Dwelling
    Reward: Unicorn's Horn accessory
    The romantic guy north of the circus grounds speaks of putting a message in a
    bottle. In Rashelo, Stan slips under the locked lighthouse door (examine the
    door twice) and retrieves a Letter Bottle. The romantic spies the bottle and
    invites Ari to choose a message, then throw the bottle in the river. Retrieve
    the bottle from the beach, return to the romantic, and toss the bottle in the
    drink again.
    The first two responses received depend upon the message Ari selected:
    MESSAGE SENT                              RESPONSE RECEIVED
    ----------------------------------------- -------------------------------
    Hello, stranger.                          Hello to you, too.
    May the winds of good fortune guide you.  Since your message, such winds
                                              do guide me. My thanks, sir!
    I have a talking shadow. Is that bad?     Yes, very.
    Ari throws the bottle in one last time. Whichever message was selected, the
    final response reads:
       To whoever finds this letter:
       Hello, how are you
       I've been sick a lot since I was a little girl, so I don't
       have very many friends.
       I asked my mom to release this letter at the river. I hope
       someone nice finds it.
       Hey! If you could, could you come visit me at the Elder's
       house in Tenel?
       I'm there on the second floor. I look forward to your visit.
                          Sincerely yours
    Reward: In Tenel, visit the girl and she gives Ari the Hand Knit Cap accessory.
    Ari hears of Miss Madril in the Bar on Madril's lower level, from a potential
    suitor (Lover Boy). Ari first meets Miss Madril on Madril's upper level.
    * Listen carefully to her description of her ideal mate.
    * Find her a match.
    The "Young Man in love with Miss Madril" is actually found in Rashelo. He has a
    few confidence problems, however, that Ari can help him overcome.
    Across Rumille Plains are scattered treasure chests that yield six rather
    esoteric items: Punk Wig, Cholesterol, Chic Suspenders, Lustrous Hair, Gorgeous
    Mascara, and Cool Vest.
    Pick the three of these items that MOST help the Young Man meet Miss Madril's
    ideal. In the Rashelo bar (restaurant), a boy also gives Ari a Shiny Lens (if
    Ari shows off his shadow). Use these four items in front of the Young Man.
    Speak to the Young Man again and he reveals the last thing needed: A good line.
    Back to the bar, but this time talk to the slippery devil, the Barkeep, who
    coughs up a winsome phrase. Return to Young Man, talk to him, and he dashes
    off, full of confidence.
    As a last step, visit the happy couple when Ari's next in Madril.
    Stumped? Present each item to him in turn and he'll either accept or reject it,
    no harm, no foul. Still confused? Match how the guy is drawn. Try Punk Wig,
    Cholesterol, and Chic Suspenders.
    Miss Madril's ideal is, "Someone with spiky hair and intense eyes, who dresses
    well and can accept me with open arms."
    Reward: 1st Star Badge accessory
    Madril's Research Center seeks funding. Give the smaller or larger amount, the
    reward is the same.
     For a gift of... Ari receives...
     ---------------- ---------------
                10/50 Nothing
              100/500 Frozen Bottle
          1,000/5,000 Power Candy
        10,000/50,000 Black Cat Jewel
      100,000/500,000 Omnibooster
    Ari's Forgotten Sword, secreted in a treasure chest at the back of the World
    Library and attributed by one of the library's clerks to the hero Hopkins, is a
    fine weapon (second only to the Sword of Gear), but also serves as the key to
    unlocking several impassable barriers in other dungeons. The sword need not be
    equipped for this purpose (though it boosts Ari's Luck very nicely).
    The gates to lower levels in completed dungeons have all been left open with
    the boss's vacancy, so take the time to reap the rewards.
    On the allies' first visit to the dungeon, one of these barriers yields only a
       The door won't open
       It appears to be sealed
       by an enormous power.
    When each barrier falls to the sword's key, another message is displayed:
       Used the "Forgotten Sword".
       Its miraculous power worked.
    ESCAPELESS ABYSS  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    EA-B3, Legendary Leaf
    BIG TREE HOLE - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    BTH-B4 (left), Whim Berry
    BTH-B4 (center), Iron Necklace
    BTH-B4 (right), Skull Bottle
    By the by, these barriers are found down on the fourth level, where the former
    Big Bull Evil King was fought.
    SEALED CAVE - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    SC-B1 (left), Ghostomicon
    SC-B1 (right), Bountiful Nut
    Note. The Forgotten Sword may refuse to open barriers if acquired using a cheat
    device, even after the legitimate sword is duly found in its treasure chest.
    An enterprising adventurer might want to travel the lands and double-check ANY
    gate or door that previously refused to open. If you find something the author
    overlooked, please don't hesitate to trumpet your discovery.
    In the "Walkthrough" section, a few puzzles were left to your own solving. Here
    are the answers, if you're stumped.
    Finding Tiny Gear 4 [TG4] often proves particularly frustrating and raises what
    is perhaps the most frequently asked question.
    Start at the first bridge, just south of Tenel, and walk south. The rutted path
    splits. The right fork heads to the lakeshore. The left fork leads straight to
    TG4 -- where the path changes directions is a break in the rock wall Ari can
    climb up through, and to the left is TG4's hiding place.
    A rough drawing of the area between the two bridges, with the main path toward
    Madril making an "h" bump on the overhead map:
       = Bridge
       |\    x Traveler
       | \o __    <- Rock
       |  \/  \
       |   --. \
       ~~~~~~'  |
       ~~~~~~~~ = Bridge
    The bushes form a C-shape, with an open space at the "back" of them, on their
    eastern side, which is where TG4 is hiding. A little rise in the terrain
    prevents Ari from just walking around the bushes, however, so he needs to climb
    up onto the plateau, then climb down into the open space behind the bushes.
    Voila, TG4.
    Goes something like this:
       * X  <...
        **/   .
    If you still have problems, from the lakeshore face toward where the traveler
    NPC is located. The bushes and the rise are in a direct line between the two
    Later, or if the traveler has moved, look along the main path for a rock (o)
    instead. Face a roundish "dot" on its side and swing the camera around until
    you spot a break in the rocks where you can climb up onto the plateau. The same
    works when facing the traveler, by the way, where the break just behind you is
    on the other side of the same bushes.
    Toby is aligned with the lower level's Spotted-Cat team.
    MR. BIG INC.
    The Claims Manager is besotted with the hung-over woman, who (after taking the
    Swanky Mirror) gave Ari her Gaudy Card.
    While near each wing's ladder down is a replica of MS-MP, always adjust the
    pathway using the Miniature Panel beside the Gear Box.
    To access the east wing (MS-B3-East), on MS-MP examine one square:
    To access the west wing (MS-B3-West) AFTER the east wing, on MS-MP examine the
    following sequence of squares in any order:
       5, 6, 6, 8, 8
    To access the north wing (MS-B3-North) AFTER the west wing, on MS-MP examine
    the following sequence of squares in any order:
       2, 2, 4, 8
    To stop the squabble, from the Item menu, choose the Voice Recorder (or
    Recorder 2, if it proves attainable in normal gameplay; see the "Help Wanted"
    Several commercial and fan ventures have addressed OKAGE. None of the linked
    content was the author's own work.
    Note. All web links eventually break. Try visiting WaybackMachine.org and
    looking up any link that fails.
    OKAGE was featured in two publications.
    * Prima Games Official Strategy Guide for OKAGE: SHADOW KING
    * Prima's "best of PS2" strategy guide devoted a section to OKAGE
    Both are currently out-of-print and the links included in earlier versions of
    this guide now dead-end, but used copies may still be found.
    For more information or to request reprints, contact Prima Games:
    From the game's Japanese release:
    A review of the soundtrack:
    If you have difficulty finding the now out-of-print OKAGE OST, try a game
    importer such as Play-Asia.com, which also prominently features soundtracks, or
    a favorite torrent or auction site.
    Alternative sites worth investigating:
       http://gh.ffshrine.org/soundtracks/4107   <- VBR, best quality
       http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8I7MVH9B     <- eye, not one
    The YouTube source seems to be lesser quality files (like the torrents), as GH
    is mentioned as not used.
    Derived from the above sources. Some names might give you pause. Here are a few
    known localized phrases.
    Lischero .............. Rashelo
    Forest of Willkur ..... Tenel Forest
    Plain of Lumille ...... Rumille Plains
    Utopia Corridor ....... Transverse Tunnel
    Ruins of Aqua ......... Aquatic Ruins
    Wirepuller Building ... Mr. Big Inc.
    President Evil King ... Chairman Evil King
    Moe-Moe ............... Teen Idol's theme
    Trivia. "Forest of Willkur" is actually mentioned in-game by Mr. Know-It-All in
    Madril's bar (before events in Big Tree Hole).
    The "R" tracks are revised variations of the town-theme tracks, more subdued or
    whimsical, often heard "indoors". The "D" tracks are "Disadvantage" variations
    that play while Ari's HP is critical (flashing red) in battle.
    Disc One (29 Tracks, 73:08):          Disc Two (29 Tracks, 73:08):
    1-01 1:52 Emotional Universe          2-01 2:33 Fight of the Church Basement
    1-02 2:20 Opening Movie               2-02 2:20 Normal Battle
    1-03 3:16 Theme of Tenell             2-03 2:28 Normal Battle D
    1-04 2:24 Theme of Tenell R           2-04 2:09 Evil King Battle
    1-05 3:05 Theme of Madril             2-05 2:05 Evil King Battle D
    1-06 2:25 Theme of Madril R           2-06 2:17 Vampire Evil King Battle
    1-07 3:36 Theme of Lischero           2-07 2:05 Vampire Evil King Battle D
    1-08 2:42 Theme of Lischero R         2-08 2:50 The Last Battle
    1-09 3:04 Theme of Highland Village   2-09 2:55 The Last Battle D
    1-10 2:02 Theme of Highland Village R 2-10 2:35 The Encounter
    1-11 2:24 Theme of Triste             2-11 2:25 The Cellar
    1-12 2:39 Forest of Willkur           2-12 2:04 Shadow Contest
    1-13 2:14 Islands of Wap-Wap          2-13 2:36 Stan's Theme
    1-14 2:27 Plain of Lumille            2-14 2:30 The Nightmare
    1-15 2:37 Pospos Snowfield            2-15 2:11 Gutten Kisling
    1-16 2:39 Addashi Desert              2-16 2:04 Melody from the Box
    1-17 2:32 Utopia Corridor             2-17 3:17 The President Evil King
    1-18 2:30 Sewer Dungeon               2-18 2:29 Moe-Moe
    1-19 3:09 Ruins of Aqua               2-19 2:22 Marlene's Theme
    1-20 3:10 Escapeless Abyss            2-20 3:03 At the Gear Tower
    1-21 3:13 Big Tree Hole               2-21 2:21 Baroque-Dowaruk
    1-22 2:13 Sealed Cave                 2-22 2:14 Beiloune-Hatter
    1-23 3:08 Deep Grave Pit              2-23 2:13 Deko-Boko-Combi
    1-24 2:13 World Library               2-24 2:33 Dance with Merle
    1-25 2:02 Out of Acknowledge          2-25 2:17 Breakdown
    1-26 2:28 Home Sweet Home             2-26 2:29 Afterwards
    1-27 1:53 At the Bar                  2-27 2:29 Festa de Tenell
    1-28 2:14 Wirepuller Building         2-28 1:31 Higher Breath
    1-29 0:24 The Jingles                 2-29 1:36 The Circus
    OKAGE is automatically recognized by Datel's Action Replay MAX or newer
    software. Inputting codes is not required.
    Search the official Datel site for codes needed by older AR releases:
    Note. CodeJunkies.com changed its technologies and the links found in earlier
    versions of this guide no longer work.
    Using AR MAX and selecting all available codes, Ari begins a new game with the
    following stats.
     LV       HP   EP  AP  DP  MP  LCK  AGL
    --- -------- ---- --- --- --- ---- ----
     99  999/999    0 999 960  99    1   55
       LP: 99
    Money: 989,855,744
    LV reads as 999 on Load and Save screens. Ari has the usual gear equipped. In
    Item, every possible item is stocked with x50 of each.
    The game automatically corrects the inflated stats, however. With almost any
    action (winning a battle, resting at an Inn, and so on), Ari's stats shrink to
    "normal" LV 99 values.
    Allies join Ari at LV 99 with all of their Specials learned, except Epros (he's
    at LV 40 when he becomes an ally, as normal). But they also revert to their
    usual LV 99 stats at the drop of a hat. (Tip. You have exactly one battle to
    take advantage of the 999 or 99 maximums, so keep each character in reserve
    until needed.)
    Many quest items are reduced back to 1 or are removed all together as they're
    acquired or exchanged over the game. All 50 Picked up Branch weapons vanish, as
    well, not just the one equipped. Equipment all works (as equipment), but having
    a quest item early doesn't mean it'll work any earlier than usual, though Tiny
    Gear will.
    Expect small weirdnesses. The butcher won't offer to sell Ari his Ground Beef,
    for example (or buy one back the next day), but the blacksmith still hands over
    a Fruit Knife. The "Hopkins' Sword" sidequest is a complete fizzle, but all
    others work as expected.
    OKAGE codes for GameShark V3 and newer releases are available from:
    Note. Login is no longer required.
    In case the link breaks, try searching from the site's main page:
    GameShark manuals and FAQs:
    OKAGE codes are found at CodeTwink, the official CodeBreaker site:
    In case the link breaks, try searching from the site's main page:
    CodeBreaker replacement manual:
    Another site to try, though no OKAGE codes were found at last check:
    One other "cheat" has been widely distributed (thanks to yugioh girl, a
    Neoseeker). Untested by the author, but included as-is in case the tip makes
    sense to you.
       Slow Motion. This trick will only work if you have a combo
       card. Go to training mode. Then, select Emerl. Charge up
       until you start to glow. Then, attack your enemy with combo.
       After they start to glow, charge again until you glow. Then,
       use your combo. You should then see it in slow motion.
    E3.7 FAN SITES
    Miscellaneous fan sites with persistent OKAGE content.
    Note. Pop-up ads have been commonplace at Tripod.com sites.
    Fanart Central:
    Fear Your Shadow:
    Foofi-Okage Photobucket, by toropple:
    JC's Bokumao (now closed, but the artwork remains):
    Master Stanley Hihat Trinidad XIV's Journal
    Okage Kingdom: Broken Image:
    Overshadowed Destiny:
    StanleyTrinidadXIV on Twitter:
    Like DeviantArt.com, another popular site supplies a consistently good hunting
    Search today's "hot" new sites for more OKAGE content. Many more sites exist
    for the original Japanese release, BOKU TO MAOU, a.k.a. Boku to Mao, Bokumao,
    "Me and the Demon King", "Me and Satan King", or "Devil and I".
    Wikipedia pages featuring OKAGE:
    Warning. Spoilers without warnings. *Full summary of the entire story.
    Yes, they exist. Someone asked on the OKAGE board (Autumn 2010) and the author
    found a catalog (dated Winter 2002) at entertainmentearth.com that included the
    following description.
       Contains 3 individually packaged 6 inch action figure 2-packs including Ari
       & Marlene, Big Bull & Linda, and James & Rosalie (Rosalyn). Based on SONY's
       new Playstation 2 game "Boku to Maoh" ("Okage" in the USA). The game's main
       character is a young boy who finds his shadow possessed by a mysterious
       demon, Stan, who needs the boy's help to regain his position as a lord of
       TM30005A $69.99...............NOW JUST $39.90
    The catalog's image of just these figures, enlarged to 200% (179 KB):
    Notice the wee ghosts. And does it look like Stan might be...detachable?
    The entire original catalog, complete (19 MB).
    And taking the sponge-cake prize for strange items.... A tchotchke was (most
    likely) given away to help promote OKAGE's release, a flat black tool fashioned
    (somewhat) in Stan's flapping image.
    No kidding. Take a gander at this photo (9 KB; not the author's camera work).
    Read the archived message board topics.
    How about a QuickTime MOOVie previewing the original BOKU TO MAOU? Not quite a
    trailer (none of the usual commercial trappings), so most likely this had been
    an early look Sony cobbled together for a trade show.
    A/V Specs. 11.3 MB, runtime 38 seconds. 320 x 240, 14.98 fps, stereo.
    Already mirrored content, so be sure to save a copy for when the link dies.
    Update (v1.5.1). It died (thanks to InvaderWeezle for reporting its demise).
    Found an alternative link, though:
    Between April and July 2004, someone partly compiled an unofficial game
    transcript, up through Chapter 3 at least. The following feature BOKUMAO and
    OKAGE dialogue side-by-side.
    Original links (all defunct, but intact at WaybackMachine.org).
    Mirror links.
       http://www.esque.com/slr/gamefaqs/ohip_mirror/chapter1ver1.00.pdf (404 KB)
       http://www.esque.com/slr/gamefaqs/ohip_mirror/chapter2ver1.01.pdf (396 KB)
       http://www.esque.com/slr/gamefaqs/ohip_mirror/chapter3ver1.01.pdf (448 KB)
    A weapon gets its own section? You bet. Over many years since the game's
    release, the Q of Hearts has proven the most elusive known item to obtain. How
    this mystery was solved is quite remarkable.
    Reports first surfaced that the Q of Hearts might be dropped during the boss
    fight at the Gear Tower, as documented in QueenMeshi's Character FAQ version
    2.0. No other details on how the weapon was obtained existed until recently,
    however, and many possibilities have been explored, all to no avail. Was it the
    boss's drop or from one of the minions? Who was in the party? Who dealt the
    final damage? What was equipped? High Luck or another stat? Or was it a matter
    of timing, the boss taken out quickly? At low levels, at high levels? Before
    his minions? Perhaps a White Cat Jewel would force the drop?
    New information finally surfaced in 2006 from several sources posting to the
    GameFAQs.com OKAGE message board, an invaluable resource for any gamer seeking
    The author of the Character FAQ reported receiving many e-mails pointing to one
    of the Masterless Swords dropping the weapon, rather than the Phantom Evil King
    himself. Another board member, Maester_Seymore, confirmed the drop -- from a
    Masterless Sword in the World Library -- and reported the description as
    "Unusual good luck but limited on power." with stats of Atk +15, Lck +25.
    (Atomos199 confirmed the stats and description, using Action Replay codes.)
    Seymore also stated the weapon can't be sold (which Atomos199 confirmed, as
    Seymore shared this strategy: "I Was using the Wait and Combine command With
    all 3 people. Ari Rosalyn and Epros. Last hit was Ari and their luck were
    6-Ari,10-Rosalyn,16-Epros. Their Equip Were..Sword of Gear, Fancy Outfit, Hand
    Knit Cap-White Rose Rapier, Magical Armor, Cerebus Fang-Ace of Spades, Dazzling
    Tux, First Star Badge." (sic)
    Another board member, MyFatherTheKing, posted a similar report days later. MFTK
    also had Rosalyn in the party, Ari equipped with the Hand Knit Cap, and used
    the same full-party Combine strategy in the World Library facing two Masterless
    Swords and a Sucky Bat, but there the similarities ended.
    With this new information, the author finally succeeded in obtaining the Q of
    If you seek to add the Q of Hearts to your inventory, the best place to try is
    still the Gear Tower boss fight, where you're guaranteed to face four
    Masterless Swords at once. In the World Library, only two are ever faced at one
    time and they only appear in random encounters, which may require even more
    persistence. Very much something to keep in mind before passing up on this
    opportunity, because persistence is key, even in the Gear Tower, since the Q
    apparently has a very low drop rate. (How low of a percentage is unverified,
    though the author estimates it's no better than 1 in 10.)
    Here's the author's Gear Tower strategy.
     1. At the Triste Hotel, choose Change Party.
     2. Include Rosalyn in the active party and select any other member.
        (Rosalyn seems to elicit more enemy drops than anyone. The "Walkthrough"
        section has a few pros and cons on selecting your party.)
     3. Equip each party member with the best equipment they have available.
        (Favor increased Luck, given otherwise equal choices.)
    Tip. Update (v1.5.2). New information has surfaced that could alter your
    choices. See the "Evasion" addendum for the report.
     4. Take the white stele to the yellow stele.
     5. Save at the diary outside the Gear Tower.
        (This is a VITAL step. Do not skimp!)
     6. Enter the tower and initiate the fight.
     7. Using a full-party Combine attack (Wait/Wait/Combine), target the
        Masterless Swords one after the other.
        (Intersperse with a round of healing and reviving as needed.)
     8. If all four Masterless Swords drop only moneybags, DON'T bother with the
        long confrontation against the Phantom Evil King himself.
     9. Instead, reset your console, reload your game, and try again.
        (Note. Read errors are common with this disc. Simply press the Reset
        button again to reread the disc. See "Known Bugs" for more advice.)
    10. If one of the minions drops a chest, however, KEEP ARI HEALED -- that's
        imperative -- and defeat the evil king as best and as quickly as you can.
    From the save diary through resetting takes from two to seven minutes.
    If you choose to attempt this method, be aware it may take a solid hour or more
    before one of the Masterless Swords drops the weapon. The author reinitiated
    the fight more than a dozen times (the next time needed only ten attempts)
    before a single treasure chest appeared on the battlefield, but that one chest
    held the Q of Hearts. Remember, resetting the PS2 console can also have an
    effect on "random" odds (useful with any game, not just OKAGE).
    Update (v1.5). A reader reported obtaining two Q of Heart weapons in one
    playthrough -- one at the Gear Tower as described above and one dropped in a
    random encounter. (Soul Binding in the World Library consistently produces
    Panther's Fang accessories from the Masterless Swords, alas. No help there.)
    If you discover any refinements that consistently produce this drop, please
    contact the author with the repeatable steps.
    Trivia and small odds-and-ends.
    TENEL - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
           Home: Nameless Dwelling
            Inn: The Inn; Parm (or Parn or Park) Inn
        Butcher: Meat; Butcher Fatty's
            Bar: Gulp Inn; Gubi Gubi Saloon
           Shop: General Store; Shop Other One
         Forest: Forest of Willkur
    MADRIL  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
            Inn: Madril Overlook Hotel
            Bar: Screwdriver Inn; Nejimawashi
           Shop: General Store
    Hero's Club: Royal Braveheart Salon
    Mr. Big Inc: Master Mind
    RASHELO - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
            Inn: Lakeside Hotel; Inn
            Bar: Tidy Bar; Restaurant
    TRISTE  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
            Inn: Hotel
            Bar: Monk's
    Hero's Club: Royal Brave Heart Salon
        Various: Mantahouse; Heaven & Hell; Hopkin's House; Book Maker;
                 Mr. Big, Inc. Bldg.; The Grab; Central Theater
    Trivia. "OKAGE: Shadow King" is reportedly a Japanese-language pun, rather than
    the literal translation ("Devil & I") of the original title, "Boku to Maoh", or
    an English title ("The King & I") previewed in 2000.
    E5.2 WAP-WAP
    The Woman in Black first gives the following instruction on Wap-Wap.
       Welcome to the Isle of Wap-Wap (in monotone).
       Also know as "Traveler's Island", it connects to all over the
       world from this stele (in monotone).
       If you are to continue to travel, you will have to frequent
       this place (in monotone).
       See you again, if fate allows (in monotone).
    From then on, she says only:
       The Island's open to all the world's travelers (in monotone).
       They can use the Island at any time, in any situation, as
       they see fit (in monotone).
    Ari gains the Map o'Evil Kings from the Ringmaster in Tenel's Bar. Below are
    the map's prophesying.
    SEWER EVIL KING - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
       A sign of the Evil King in the City of Steel to the
       It seems the Evil King is moving eerily and lurking in the
       The sign of a being lurking in the dark in the City of Steel
       grows stronger.
       There is a foreboding sense of an unavoidable battle.
    BUBBLE EVIL KING  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
       The water ripples in the wind but down below, there are signs
       of a suspicious being.
       It will bring about a regal disorder.
    CHAIRMAN EVIL KING  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
       The City of Steel yields another sign. From above, a covetous
       being whispers. Hush-hush.
       A sheet of paper with power will open the way.
       South of the City of Steel. There is a sign of one who ran.
       It is a desirous being looking up from the abyss.
       Past resigned, he conspires to rise again.
    BIG BULL EVIL KING  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
       At the end of the lightless path, a sign of he who seeks to
       Alone in a dead world, the prospect of you excites his blood.
       Land of departure, where a wandering artiste gathers.
       To the south, is a great tree with a hollow.
       Impatiently, the one awaits his promised match.
    TEEN IDOL EVIL KING - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
       For the 3rd time, a sign of an Evil King in the City of
       What is dreadful is that it deceives people's souls.
       Its silent steps, however, surely multiply its sacrifice.
       A stone dais on a small island of snow.
       A woeful stage to trick the heart and trap the spirit. Skies
       dim when stars fall.
    PHANTOM EVIL KING - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
       East of an abandoned city, in a field filled with sunshine,
       is the sign of one who stands and blinks.
       He who chooses to quietly await his fate.
    AND BEYOND  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
       Signs of the Evil King no longer exist in this place.
       You shall seek a new battle on a new field.
       This is the end of my role here.
    Internally, several characters are identified by something other than their
    on-screen names. These variations may reflect translations of (and nearly
    match) the original Japanese names.
    NAME     DESIGNATION  |  NAME                DESIGNATION
    -------- -----------  |  ------------------- ----------------------------------
    Ari      Lucan        |  Sewer Evil King     Ratking
    Rosalyn  Rosalie      |  Chairman Evil King  Kaityo
    Kisling  Kistling     |  Beiloune            Ultima-waza
    Epros    Aepros       |
    A few instances of "Rosalie" (or "Wosalie") remain.
    Wikipedia's OKAGE page includes the on-screen Japanese names:
    Warning. Severe spoilers. Entire story is retold, start to finish.
    For the curious gamer, OKAGE makes reference to 144 difference characters and
    enemies all told, dozens of whom are NEVER SEEN in the game.
    The internal designations ("Code") suggest some of the MIA enemies might simply
    "wear" a different color palette. OKAGE's printed manual, however, features
    drawings of several of the listed enemies (such as Party Condor, perhaps, on
    page 12), though which may be anyone's guess.
    The List column (added by the author) cross-references the "Monster Droppings"
    section earlier in this guide.
    Warning. Several names are encoded in Shift-JIS. Adjust your program to view
    the correct Japanese characters or ignore the gibberish, as you prefer.
    LIST  ENEMY NAME           CODE          LIST  ENEMY NAME           CODE
    ----- -------------------- -----------   ----- -------------------- -----------
       2  Crafty Crow          crow01           8  Warding Off Crow     crow02
       6  Berserk Boar         boar01           -  What a Boar          boar02
       8  Stalking Tiger       tiger01          -  Tag Along Tiger      tiger02
       2  Young Trent          tree01           5  Old Trent            tree02
       5  Deep Mandragora      mand01          10  Sand Mandragora      mand02
       1  Tricky Ghost         ghost01          5  Wizard Ghost         ghost02
       -  ユニコーンA         uni01            -  ユニコーンB         uni02
       1  Chicken Chicken      cock01           -  King Pow Chicken     cock02
       1  Wild Cow             ox01             8  Burly Bull           ox02
       1  Square Rhino         sai01            6  Brassy Rhino         sai02
       6  Growling Lion        lion01           -  Disgruntled Lion     lion02
       2  Plucky Pachyderm     eleph01          7  Pink Elephant        eleph02
       1  Maneating Onion      oni01            5  Stingy Onion         oni02
       -  雲A                 cloud01          -  雲B                 cloud02
       2  Walken Scarecrow     scare01          4  JC Scarecrow         scare02
       5  Strungout Spider     spi01           10  Soulful Spider       spi02
       2  Lurking Rat          rat01            9  Robbing Rat          rat02
       9  Fast Bat             bat01           12  Sucky Bat            bat02
       9  Loser Crocodile      wani01           8  Minty Alligator      wani02
       9  Poisonous Shroom     mush01           -  Bad Shroom           mush02
      10  Vengeful Mummy       mummy01         12  Restless Mummy       mummy02
       4  Capricious Screw     screw01         11  24K Screw            screw02
       4  Systematic Gear      gear01          11  Toothy Gear          gear02
       9  Steel Armor          armor01         11  Bloody Armor         armor02
       4  Tough Golem          golem01         12  Bad Poetry Golem     golem02
      12  Mortal Moon          moon01           -  Studly Moon          moon02
      12  Radiant Sun          sun01            -  Punk Rock Sun        sun02
      11  Sly Snake            snake01          -  Sincere Snake        snake02
       -  トカゲA             liz01            -  トカゲB             liz02
       -  ゴリラA             gol01            -  ゴリラB             gol02
       5  Remnant Dinosaur     din01           11  Daring Dino          din02
      11  Perpetual Mudman     mud01            -  Part-time Mudman     mud02
       -  トーテムA           totem01          -  トーテムB           totem02
       8  Rain Calling Ray     sting01         11  Rayless Sea Ray      sting02
       -  電気ナマズA         nama01           -  電気ナマズB         nama02
      10  Gleeful Cactus       sabo01           -  Sensitive Cactus     sabo02
       -  大目 A             eye01            -  大目 B             eye02
      11  Evil Mask            mask01           -  Bar Metal Mask       mask02
      11  Ebon Slumber         sleep01          -  Lite Sleeper         sleep02
       1  Airy Bunny           rab01            7  Healing Bunny        rab02
       2  Fierce Goat          goat01           6  Apocalypse Goat      goat02
      10  Rude Condor          cond01           -  Party Condor         cond02
      11  Patient Rockman      rock01          12  Flaming Rockman      rock02
      10  Celestial Wyvern     wyv01            -  Wyvern Why           wyv02
       -  火の鳥A             fire01           -  火の鳥B             fire02
       7  Raging Penguin       peng01           -  Bitter Penguin       peng02
       6  Lone Wolf            wolf01           -  Frothy Wolf          wolf02
      10  Shrewd Bear          bear01           -  Troubled Bear        bear02
      11  Invincible Whale     whale01          -  One Bad Whale        whale02
      12  Masterless Sword     sword01          -  Lost Prop Sword      sword02
       7  Coolhead Snowman     snow01           -  Detached Snowman     snow02
       7  Half-Cocked Yeti     yeti01           -  One Happy Yeti       yeti02
       -  天才クラゲA         jel01            -  天才クラゲB         jel02
       -  ポルターA           pol01            -  ポルターB           pol02
      12  Cursed Painting      pic01            -  Damned Painting      pic02
       1  Perky Frog           frog01           3  Sleazy Toad          frog02
       3  Fleet Fish           fish01           -  Admiral Bass         fish02
       4  Compassion Crab      crab01           6* Clingy Crab          crab02
       3  Plodding Hippo       hip01            5  Peaceful Hippo       hip02
       8  Bed Head Walrus      sei01            -  Seasick Walrus       sei02
       -  クラーケンA         kra01            -  クラーケンB         kra02
       3  Waving Seaweed       konb01           9  Leering Seaweed      konb02
    ----- -------------------- -----------   ----- -------------------- -----------
       3  Chill Urn            pot01            8  Gloomy Urn           pot04
       4  Sparky Urn           pot02           11  Milky Urn            pot05
       6  Ablaze Urn           pot03
    ----- -------------------- -----------   ----- -------------------- -----------
       -  Ari                  lucan            -  Linda                linda
       -  Rosalyn              rosalie          -  Epros                aepros
       -  Kisling              kistling         -  Stan                 stan
       -  Big Bull             bigbull
    ----- -------------------- -----------   ----- -------------------- -----------
       -  Sewer Evil King      ratking          -  Teen Idol Evil King  linda
       -  Bubble Evil King     bubble           -  Phantom Evil King    aepros
       -  Chairman Evil King   kaityo           -  Vampire Evil King    vamp
       -  Big Bull Evil King   bigbull          -  Beiloune             ultimawaza
    * Had been incorrectly included in List 7, Pospos Snowfield.
    Technical. Also available separately, more convenient for some browsers:
    Any Japanese-language readers care to speculate on a few of the not so
    clear-cut codes? Concept artwork littering the printed manual may lend clues,
    notably pages 2, 11-14, 20, and 30. Feel free to contact the author.
    Also for the curious gamer, OKAGE's enemies and bosses use a variety of Special
    skills of their own. The following table includes skills or commands allies may
    know, too. The actual text strings as extracted from OKAGE and displayed as-is,
    roughly grouped in like sets (status ailments, elemental magic, and so on).
    Keep in mind that "enemy" and "ally" are relative to who uses the command. A
    foe's "enemy" is Ari's "ally", and vice versa.
    Warning. Includes a pair of strings encoded in Shift-JIS. Again, adjust your
    program to view the correct Japanese characters or ignore them, as you like.
    ----------------- ------------ ------------------------------------------------
    Self-Destructor   All Enemies  High damage but user will be KOed.
    No-Escape Seal    All Enemies  Stops enemies from escaping.
    Retreat           All Allies   Quit fighting and retreat.
    Lock-On           1 Enemy      Concentrate attack on 1 enemy.
    LP Downer         All Enemies  Decrease LP.
    Snatch 100        All Enemies  Snatch 100 sukel and run.
    Snatch 1000       All Enemies  Snatch 1000 sukel and run.
    Snatch 10000      All Enemies  Snatch 10000 sukel and run.
    Snatch 100000     All Enemies  Snatch 100000 sukel and run.
    Scatterbrain      1 Enemy      Enemy attacks and skills miss target.
    Mighty Load       1 Enemy      Slows enemy movement.
    Masochismo        1 Enemy      Enemies take damage when attacking.
    Corrosion         1 Enemy      Gradually decreases enemy defense.
    Holy Drain        1 Enemy      Increases enemy LP consumption.
    Death's Door      1 Enemy      Destroys enemy after fixed time.
    Sandman           1 Enemy      Puts enemy to sleep.
    Short Ciruit      1 Enemy      Paralyzes enemy.
    Taxation          1 Enemy      Increases prize when defeating enemy.
    ----------------- ------------ ------------------------------------------------
    Overdrive         1 Ally       Intensifies offensive ability.
    Decoy             All Enemies  All enemies attack you.
    Friendly Thunder  All Enemies  Attribute neutral attack Level 1
    FriendlyBlizzard  All Enemies  Attribute neutral attack Level 2
    Friendly Inferno  All Enemies  Attribute neutral attack Level 3
    Parasol Amulet    You          Defends poison,sleep,seal&paralysis.
    Spell Suction     All Enemies  Steals LP.
    Wild Cry          All Enemies  Repels enemy.
    Omni Concert      All Enemies  Singing slows down enemy's moves.
    Soul Binding      1 Enemy      Transforms weakened enemy into item.
    ----------------- ------------ ------------------------------------------------
    Blaze Sword       1 Enemy      Flaming blade they'll not soon forget.
    Blizzard Sword    1 Enemy      Sword freezes enemies in interesting poses.
    Lightning Sword   1 Enemy      Lightning edge illuminates opponents.
    Burning Parasol   1 Enemy      Firey thwack teaches enemies a lesson.
    Charged Parasol   1 Enemy      Shower enemies with electric sparks.
    Flaming Tome      1 Enemy      Enlighten enemies with its flaming passages.
    Freeze Book       1 Enemy      Cold pages open to a chilling chapter.
    Cold Knuckles     1 Enemy      Knock these clods out cold.
    Flash Punch       1 Enemy      Thunder strike puts their lights out.
    Crimson Kiss      1 Enemy      Passionate fire attack.
    Thunder Peck      1 Enemy      Packed with electric love.
    Red Mask          1 Enemy      Burning eyes sear the souls of enemies.
    Blue Mask         1 Enemy      Freezes enemies in its icy glare.
    ----------------- ------------ ------------------------------------------------
    Flame             All Enemies  Fire Attack.
    Fire              All Enemies  Medium Fire Attack.
    Blaze             All Enemies  Strong Fire Attack.
    Inferno           All Enemies  Ultimate Raging Inferno.
    Frost             Enemy Group  Ice Attack.
    Ice               Enemy Group  Medium Ice Attack.
    Crystal           Enemy Group  Strong Ice Attack.
    Absolute 0        Enemy Group  Bitter Blizzard Assault.
    Lightning         1 Enemy      Electric Attack.
    Storm             1 Enemy      Med Electric Attack.
    Mega Storm        1 Enemy      Strong Electric Attack.
    Maximum Voltage   *            Scorching Electrical Storm.
    ----------------- ------------ ------------------------------------------------
    Drain             1 Enemy      Steal Enemy HP.
    Consume           All Enemies  Steal Enemy HP.
    ----------------- ------------ ------------------------------------------------
    Poison            1 Enemy      Poisons Target.
    Venom             1 Enemy      Medium Poison.
    Toxin             1 Enemy      Fierce poison infects target.
    Virus Stage 1     Enemy Group  Poisons Target.
    Virus Stage 2     Enemy Group  Medium Poison.
    Virus Stage 3     Enemy Group  Fierce poison attacks target.
    ----------------- ------------ ------------------------------------------------
    Sleep             1 Enemy      Casts sleep spell.
    Deep Sleep        1 Enemy      Casts medium sleep spell.
    Slumber           1 Enemy      Casts strong sleep spell.
    Night             Enemy Group  Casts sleep spell.
    Midnight          Enemy Group  Casts medium sleep spell.
    ----------------- ------------ ------------------------------------------------
    Hush              1 Enemy      Inhibits enemy magic.
    Quiet             *            Inhibits enemy magic (medium).
    Silence           *            Inhibits enemy magic (strong).
    Bind              Enemy Group  Inhibits enemy magic.
    Seal              Enemy Group  Inhibits enemy magic (medium).
    ----------------- ------------ ------------------------------------------------
    Weaken            1 Enemy      Hinders enemy movement.
    Numb              1 Enemy      Immobilizes enemy (medium).
    Paralyze          1 Enemy      Immobilizes enemy (strong).
    Stop              Enemy Group  Hinders enemy movement.
    Immobilize        Enemy Group  Immobilizes enemy (medium).
    ----------------- ------------ ------------------------------------------------
    Random            All Enemies  Different magic effect for all enemies.
    Power Drain       1 Enemy      Decrease attack power.
    Powerless         Enemy Group  Decrease attack power.
    Defense Drain     1 Enemy      Decrease defensive power.
    Defenseless       Enemy Group  Decrease defensive power.
    Load              1 Enemy      Decrease speed.
    Burden            Enemy Group  Decrease speed.
    Cringe            1 Enemy      Put enemy on defensive.
    Cower             Enemy Group  Put enemy on defensive.
    Antidote          1 Ally       Cures all abnormal status.
    ----------------- ------------ ------------------------------------------------
    Charge            1 Ally       Increases attack power.
    Super Charge      All Allies   Increases attack power.
    Shield            1 Ally       Increases defense.
    Super Shield      All Allies   Increases defense.
    Speedy            1 Ally       Increases speed of action bar.
    Hyperdrive        All Allies   Increases speed of action bar.
    Rage              1 Ally       Increases offensiveness.
    Fury              All Allies   Increases offensiveness.
    ----------------- ------------ ------------------------------------------------
    Full Power        Area Effect  Increases damage done.
    Repulsor          Area Effect  Decreases physical damage 50%.
    Deflector         Area Effect  Decreases magical damage 50%.
    Charmer           Area Effect  Increases critical hit percentage.
    Match             Area Effect  Makes all speeds the same.
    Dispel            Area Effect  Releases from effects of spells.
    ----------------- ------------ ------------------------------------------------
    Mend              1 Ally       Restores 30 HP.
    Heal              1 Ally       Restores 90 HP.
    Restore           1 Ally       Fully restores HP.
    Replenish         All Allies   Restores 70 HP.
    Revitalize        All Allies   Fully Restores HP.
    Blessing          1 Ally       Cures all Curses.
    Revive            1 Ally       Revives Ally.
    Life Spark        1 Ally       Revives Ally and fully restores HP.
    ----------------- ------------ ------------------------------------------------
    レベータ          **           アプレイン
    Channel           All Enemies  Damage enemies according to color.
    Attack            1 Enemy      Normal Attack.
    Assault           1 Enemy      Strong Attack.
    Burst             All Enemies  Extinguishes overdrive power.
    Defend            Active Ally  Decrease all damage 50% for this turn.
    Escape            Active Ally  Escape from the battle.
    Burning Devil     All Enemies  Fiendish Fire Assault (medium).
    Crushing Devil    1 Enemy      Crushing Fire Assault.
    Raging Devil      All Enemies  Rain of Flames on Enemies.
    * No target is specified as extracted, but the skill targets "1 Enemy".
    ** Shift-JIS, the separation (replaces nonprinting characters) is a best-guess.
    Technical. Also available separately, more convenient for some browsers:
    Only one unique inventory item is missable in OKAGE. On the first visit to
    Tenel Village, Ari may purchase Ground Beef (a quest item) from the butcher.
    Missable, once Ari speaks with the baker.
    Another item can be missed, though it's not unique. In Rashelo after completing
    the Aquatic Ruins, a colorful guy hands over a Whim Berry. Missable, once you
    rest at the Rashelo Inn (triggering the next event) he vanishes.
    The game includes several unique quest items that are used over the course of
    the storyline or in completing a sidequest. The item may or may not be removed
    from Items once it plays its part. The item may be exchanged for money, another
    unique quest item, or a reward (equipment). Two more Tiny Gear than strictly
    needed may be found.
    A Compatibility Gift, five of which are unique pieces of equipment, is limited
    to one per playthrough, so the remaining items are unattainable rather than
    missable. (OKAGE does not include a "New Game Plus" feature.) Also, several
    "best in class" items are obtained via various sidequests.
    A few "normal" treasures (especially those from the World Library's foes) seem
    to have extremely low odds of dropping, but aren't missable. Try increasing
    Luck stats with Lucky Candies (or by using Mega Luck Bottles, if you're so
    fortunate). Otherwise keep trying. (See "Monster Droppings" for more tips.)
    What's most missable in OKAGE is NPC dialogue, some of which leads to small
    interactions or brief optional scenes. The "Walkthrough" section does its best
    to steer a gamer toward those exchanges without spoiling the "discoveries."
    A few intriguing riddles remain about OKAGE. Some may have no answers or
    resolutions, but (as Madril's Move Maniac illustrates) 'tis stuff to ponder
    nonetheless. If you know a usefulness for these puzzles OTHER THAN "there is no
    use", please contact the author. If your help is used in a future version of
    this guide, all credit will be given you.
    Note. The author has no plans for including plot discussions in this guide, but
    would gladly bat ideas back and forth to assist anyone with a "plot analysis"
    guide of his or her own.
    Other than the one time when Ari's father and Kisling can be heard chatting
    behind the door, have you ever run into another time the two locked doors
    upstairs at Ari's house can be opened?
    How about any other perpetually locked doors and stairs going nowhere?
    See "Hopkins' Sword" in the "Sidequests" addendum for more about some
    impenetrable dungeon barriers, which needn't be reported.
    In Tenel Village's Tinker shop, the blacksmith (Kumagoro IV, a.k.a. the
    "Vanguard of Sword Smithery" who led the "Post-Modern Smithery" movement and
    has been MIA for ten years, according to the boy in Madril's shop) implores Ari
    to hurry back when Ari finds a strong weapon. Other than suffering from
    "blacksmith's block", does anything ever come of this?
    The blacksmith's exact words, "Whenever you acquire a strong weapon, come drop
    by. No, come see me immediately!"
    E6.3 LOVER BOY
    Lover Boy, in love with Miss Madril, but not the "young man" in love. Lustrous
    Hair, Gorgeous Mascara, and Cool Vest, so much flotsam?
    E6.4 SHARK'S FIN
    Stalking the waters below the curly cliff, an enormous shark's fin cuts through
    the surf. Disconcerting, a little thrilling, or have you seen it do something
    Between the Sealed Cave and the Gearman's cottage are some enormous footprints.
    Purely decorative, or do they mean something?
    Trivia. "Bumble" is the nickname of the Abominable Snow Monster in the 1964
    Rankin/Bass television holiday special, RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER.
    Outside the Gearman's cottage, the big snowman can be pushed around. If ghosts
    attack, however, after the fight the snowman is back beside the cottage. Best
    played with during Chapter 5 while random encounters are on hiatus.
    Does this have any connection with Block's admonition that Ari can only do some
    things while "in this state"?
    Several items were historically missing from Apostrophe's Lists FAQ, including
    the Q of Hearts and most of the compatibility gifts.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    White Cat Jewel
    How acquired: Dropped by the Leering Weed in Madril's sewer.*
     Description: Gold with one arm raised. Doubles enemy's prize.
            Sell: Can't be sold
    Long Screw
    How acquired: Dropped by Linda after boss fight.
     Description: From Teen Idol Evil King. Not even seen in Madril.
            Sell: Can't be sold
    Chained Bottle
    How acquired: Dropped in Deep Grave Pit by Ebon Slumber.*
     Description: Great serpent gazes from within. Paralysis -5 HP
            Sell: 111
    Swift Bottle
    How acquired: Rare drop in Addashi Desert by Rude Condor.
     Description: Claw of the silver wolf inside. Agility up -20 HP
            Sell: Can't be sold
    Mega Luck Bottle
    How acquired: Rare drop in World Library by Bad Poetry Golem. [1]
     Description: Butter-side up bread inside. Luck up -20 HP
            Sell: Can't be sold
    [1] Reported by reader Exirc.
    * Remember to try Epros's Soul Binding if this item refuses to drop unassisted.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Datel's Action Replay software includes codes for several more mystery items.
    Healing Crystal -- doesn't actually heal anyone
    How acquired: Unknown
     Description: Gargantuan healing power. Full HP for all
            Sell: Can't be sold
    Platinum Ticket -- probably a key, but to what?
    How acquired: Unknown
     Description: [blank]
            Sell: Can't be sold
    Recorder 2 -- perhaps the result of all boss-dropped parts?
    How acquired: Unknown
     Description: Seems to be a parts of 'Voice Recorder' No. 2.
            Sell: Can't be sold
    Cow Bone
    How acquired: Unknown
     Description: Got it from the butcher in Tenel but what is it for?
            Sell: Can't be sold
    Filet Mignon
    How acquired: Unknown
     Description: The butcher's best. Anyway you cook it it's a winner.
            Sell: Can't be sold
    Dial w/One Hand -- a component of Recorder 2?
    How acquired: Unknown
     Description: From Phantom Evil King with a dial and numbers.
            Sell: Can't be sold
    Pedestalof Stone -- a component of Recorder 2?
    How acquired: Unknown
     Description: From Vampire Evil King with transparent stone.
            Sell: Can't be sold
    The names, descriptions, and selling prices were confirmed by acquiring the
    items using Action Replay MAX software. How might they be obtained in normal
    gameplay? What purpose do they serve? What secrets do they unlock? Or at the
    least, what unfulfilled plans do they intimate?
    SOLVED! Little was known about Julia's compatibility gift, other than its
    existence. DoichiMyLove reported its mention in the strategy guide and
    remembered the gift as an Owl's Amulet, which was then confirmed as a real item
    (it's listed among Action Replay's codes). But the clues on how to go about
    obtaining the gift were limited to the usual: Favor Julia in any responses.
    The key to Julia's gift lay in choosing responses that reflect Julia's ideal
    man. In Chapter 1 she highlights Ari's good points:
       You're serious, honest and quiet.
       The kind that becomes a husband who'd eat cold mashed
       potatoes without complaining....
       Or lets me go on rampant impulse shopping sprees without
       complaining. That's what I liked about you...
    In Chapter 5 she describes her ideal as:
       Someone who's serious-minded, thin shadowed, and knows that I
       wear the pants in the family. No complaints for serving cold
       food, no complaints for my shopping sprees.
    In other words, a doormat. Mr. Milquetoast.
    Trivia. In on-going checks with the fortune tellers, two readings favoring
    Julia may be given:
       Hmmm, even though you got dumped once, you should not give
       up, alright?
    And (seen by the author in Madril after Linda's theme starts):
       Hmmm. I guess even though you've been dumped by her before,
       you shouldn't give up, alright?"
    Do these reflect the degree of compatibility achieved, or (far more likely)
    just the quirky differences between the fortune tellers? Hmm.
    Speculation. Compatibility may have an obscure default value, with Mysterious
    Woman, an NPC found just north of Madril (not to be confused with Rosalyn, who
    is introduced as "Mysterious Woman" before Ari learns her name). The author
    surmises the "default" nature of the woman's compatibility because early
    readings commonly name her when a specific gift is not being targeted. This is
    not confirmed, however, and likely never will be, short of the game's
    programmer(s) stepping forward.
    Background. In July 2006, Maester_Seymore reported receiving a Daymare Ring as
    a gift for compatibility with the Mysterious Woman. Seymore's original strategy
    read: "All you have to do is give negative responses to everyone or Always
    choose the second choice. The only exeptions are in the Sewers, And Both time
    marlene goes to your home. Choose Third or first depending on what you consider
    the worst or the i dont care choice." (sic)
    SOLVED! The author successfully replicated Seymore's strategy of choosing the
    most apathetic responses possible. See the "Sidequests" section for further
    how-to details.
    Update (v1.5). Speculation is likely well off the mark, but leaving this
    section as a curiosity.
    Find an addition to the "Pop-up Stanley" section? Let the author know the
    query, in enough detail to clearly identify it (anything new is unlikely at
    this point), as well as the EXACT text of your three separate choices, with the
    precise on-screen spelling and punctuation intact (a la "One / to / Three!!!"),
    if possible. The author has recorded all sorts of wrong choices, however, which
    might match.
    Need more to explore? How about....
    * Tenel, the Frowning Guy's sweetheart.
    * Madril, lower level, the Sighing Woman's grandson, around Ari's age.
    * Madril, Hero's Club, the blonde swordswoman's scene.
    * Madril, upper level, the Unlucky Guy's luck.
    * Rashelo, the fishing pole.
    * Rashelo, the mystery of "Heaven's Voice".
    * Rashelo, the Woman of K.
    * Pospos Snowfield, the Gearman, ex-clerk of the World Library?
    * Triste, more named places than anywhere else.
    Also, the game's official site featured production artwork, some of which
    doesn't appear in-game, including a pirate ship (spotted by Beastmage06).
    Note. Dead link. Request an alternative link from PlayStation.com's webmaster
    or search their site.
    Update (v1.5.2). Wayback Machine has lots of dead-end links, but lots still
    works too. Be sure to remove the linebreak before trying the long link, below,
    but try a couple of their archived snapshots -- the older the better, before
    Sony clipped the pages. Happy hunting!
    To see the pirate ship, choose Screens/Goodies. Beside the fast bat, click Next
    a few times. Here's a low-res clip (157 KB):
    The final loose end, of course, is a good treatise on OKAGE's battle mechanics,
    though some new info has some to light, detailed next. Interested, or just need
    help? Strike up a conversation on the OKAGE message board at GameFAQs.com.
    Friendly board, a watched favorite if quiet, folks glad to help out; flamers
    very rare.
    Several accessories are described as avoiding or dodging attacks (often called
    "evasion", or EVA for short) or evading spells ("magic evasion", mEVA), which
    has inspired many a discussion and much speculation. Which one gave allies
    better protection could be gauged only by for how much the gear sold.
    Well, an OKAGE fan, yohyzo, recently (March 2014) dug through OKAGE's memory
    under emulation and posted some interesting new information: Allies' baseline
    ("natural") values for EVA and mEVA, as well as how some equipment can boost
    those stats. Here are yohyzo's findings.
    ALLY      GEAR              EVA   mEVA     ACCESSORY         EVA   mEVA
    --------- ----------------- ---- -----     ----------------- ---- -----
    Ari       -                   0      0     Heatwave Ring       1      -
              Ordinary Outfit     0      0     Mirage Ring         5      -
              Clean Outfit        1      1     Daymare Ring       10      -
              Fancy Outfit       10      1     Aves Amulet         -      1
              Durable Outfit      1      1     Crow's Amulet       -      5
              Custom-made Wear    5      5     Owl's Amulet        -     10
              Latest Outfit       1     10     Hand Knit Cap       1      1
              Natural Outfit     10      1     1st Star Badge      5      5
              Reunion Outfit     10     10     Omnibooster         5      5
    Rosalyn   -                   5      0
              Sparkling Rapier    -      1
              Magical Armor       -     10
    Kisling   -                   5      5
              Ghostomicon         -     50
              BattlefrontCoat    10     10
              Stately Coat        0     20
              Basics Only Coat    5      5
    Big Bull  -                   5      0
    Linda     -                  10      5
              Treasured Dress     -     10
    Epros     -                  25     25
              J of Diamonds       5      5
              Dazzling Tux        8      -
    How the values are factored is unknown, but probably add up the same as is
    described for gear that increase other stats ("+5 DP", for example).
    Thanks to yohyzo for sharing this trove! The new data should finally help
    gamers wondering which equipment is "best" for their playthrough.
    Read the original report and draw your own conclusions.
    Thank you for reading this far. Hopefully you've had a fun (and maybe even a
    remarkable) journey. If you believe this guide might help or be enjoyed by the
    next player, at GameFAQs.com (linked in "FAQ Info" below) click the "recommend"
    link provided in the guide's header.
    F1. LEGAL
    Copyright (c) 2006-7, 2010-13, by Falconesque. All rights reserved.
    Protected by U.S. and international copyright laws and treaties. Permission
    granted for posting as-is to GameFAQs.com, for the personal, noncommercial use
    of the site's members.
    Other OKAGE FAQs and walkthroughs found at GameFAQs.com and referenced herein
    are the sole property of their respective authors.
    Reader-supplied tips are included as-is and may be unverified by the author.
    OKAGE: SHADOW KING is copyright (c) 2001 and presented by Sony Computer
    Entertainment, Inc. from ZENER WORKS Amusement Software Developer.
    Brand and product names may be the trademarks or registered trademarks of their
    respective companies.
    An interview with Shawn Torrin Rettig, SCEA assistant producer for OKAGE:
    F2. FAQ INFO
    About this FAQ. OKAGE deserved a thorough, complete, and (largely) spoiler-free
    walkthrough for the North American version. The author enjoyed the existing
    OKAGE FAQs posted to GameFAQs, but mourned that no new updates addressed the
    few outstanding holes.
    This guide's latest version posted at the author's site and at GameFAQs.com.
       http://www.esque.com/slr/gamefaqs/ (best, first source)
       http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/okage_d.txt (login may be required)
    This guide was honored by the GameFAQs editors and awarded FAQ OF THE MONTH for
    July 2006.
    Trivia. BOKU TO MAOU's first posted walkthrough by BAnderson was likewise so
    honored, with CJayC's very first FAQ of the Month awards (scroll to the bottom
    of the above link). As has the author's Level-Up Statistics guide for OKAGE.
    Not bad for an overshadowed game.
    The author has penned two in-depth guides for OKAGE as well, available first at
    the author's site.
    Compatibility Gift Scene Scripts (24 KB)
    Individual scene transcripts are also available at the author's site.
    Level-Up Statistics Guide (51 KB)
    FAQ version 1.0
    Uploaded on Saturday, July 29, 2006.
    Initial release of the complete FAQ and Walkthrough.
    FAQ version 1.1
    Uploaded on Monday, August 14, 2006.
    * General fine-tuning of various passages.
    * Minor fixes to a couple of dungeon maps.
    * Added READ ERROR note to Quit [A7.] and Q of Hearts [E4.].
    * Removed NOTE about resetting [B6.]. Anyone following the Q strategy [E4.]
      had already reset by then.
    * Added some trivia about Ari [C1.1], Kisling [C1.3], and Epros [C1.6].
    * Revamped ITEM list [C2.]; split into two sections.
    * Added Buy prices (oops) missing from CONSUMABLE ITEMS [C2.1].
    * Corrected effects of Big Boss's Charm and Alarm Charm, multiple places;
      item descriptions and manual are both wrong.
    * Updated ACCESSORIES [C4.3] with Owl's Amulet info.
    * Enlarged intro to POP-UP STANLEY [D4.]; added 4 more entries.
    * Added 9 new findings to MONSTER DROPPINGS [D6.].
    * Added 2 FINAL CLUES to Compatibility Gifts [E2.1]; Julia, Dad.
    * Rewrote the JULIA gift entry [E2.1].
    * Fixed TINY GEAR [E2.2]; Gearman takes only 30 TG.
    * Added EARLY FINDINGS on the Q of Hearts [E4.].
    * Inserted MINUTIA section [E5.], bumping HELP WANTED to E6.
    * Updated 3 MYSTERY ITEMS [E6.7] with SOLVED! info; updated ITEM, too.
    * Updated JULIA [E6.8] with SOLVED! info.
    * Added a dumping ground to HELP WANTED [E6.10].
    FAQ version 1.2
    Uploaded on Monday, August 28, 2006.
    * General fine-tuning of various passages.
    * Fixed some table weirdness throughout the guide.
    * Reordered progression through Rumille Plain's circus grounds [B3.], first
      visit, for smoother flow.
    * Inserted a stop in Madril between Pospos Spa and Big Tree Hole [B4.],
      moving up some of the bits from later visits.
    * Added an AFTERWORD [B8.] to the Walkthrough.
    * Added 1 new solution and 1 new query to POP-UP STANLEY [D4.].
    * Added KNOWN BUGS [D7.] to the Quick Reference.
    * Added 2 FINAL CLUES to Compatibility Gifts [E2.1]; Stan, Mysterious
    * Rewrote the MYSTERIOUS WOMAN gift entry [E2.1].
    * Added MADRIL SEWER solutions to OTHER PUZZLERS [E2.9].
    * Added several more PLACE NAMES [E5.1].
    * Updated DEFAULT GIFT [E6.8] with SOLVED! info.
    * Added 3 OTHER LOOSE ENDS [E6.10].
    FAQ version 1.3
    Uploaded on Tuesday, September 19, 2006.
    * General fine-tuning of various passages.
    * Minor refinements to a couple of dungeon maps.
    * Added the game's official site to PREPURCHASE [A2.].
    * Expanded on L1/R1 in CONTROLS [A3.].
    * Added some tactics to Chapter 1's battle tutorial [B1.].
    * Inserted a visit to Rumille circus grounds [B4.] after the abyss.
    * Inserted another brief stop at the circus grounds [B4.] before Big Tree
      Hole; explains how Block knew of the tunnel.
    * Reviewed and reworked the entire MENUS section [C.], ensuring all the
      scattered tidbits were included.
    * Added some trivia about Rosalyn [C1.2].
    * Added a note about compatibility to POP-UP STANLEY [D4.].
    * Added 3 new solutions to POP-UP STANLEY [D4.].
    * Rewrote USEFUL GLITCH [D7.1], purging the spoilers; noted glitch in the
      Walkthrough [B4., B5.] and Accessories [C4.3].
    * Added a tip to COMPATIBILITY GIFTS [E2.1]; reformatted the section.
    * Added gift descriptions to COMPATIBILITY GIFTS [E2.1].
    * Added the last FINAL CLUE to Compatibility Gifts [E2.1]; Rosalyn.
    * Added ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK and FAN SITES to Other Resources [E3.].
    * Updated 8 MYSTERY ITEMS [E6.7] with additional info; reformatted, too.
    * Removed gift and descriptions from STUBBORN COMPATIBILITY GIFTS [E6.8].
    * Added 1 OTHER LOOSE ENDS [E6.10].
    FAQ version 1.3.1
    Uploaded on Friday, October 20, 2006.
    * General fine-tuning of various passages.
    * Added 1 new solution to POP-UP STANLEY [D4.].
    * Added gift-scene scripts reference to COMPATIBILITY GIFTS [E2.1].
    * Added tips about TG4 to OTHER PUZZLERS [E2.9]; noted in [B2.] and [E2.2].
    * Added 3 more FAN SITES [E3.6].
    FAQ version 1.3.2
    Uploaded on Monday, January 15, 2007.
    * General fine-tuning of various passages (1 typo found, predating v1.0).
    * Fixed some table weirdness throughout the guide.
    * Redrew AQUATIC RUINS maps, [AR-B1] and [AR-B2].
    * Expanded on SAVE BUG [D7.3], more info and strategies; noted in [A8.].
    * Added Ari's MAX-inflated stats to ACTION REPLAY CODES [E3.3].
    * Added 1 site to FAN SITES [E3.6].
    * Renamed [E6.3] from RED HERRINGS to LOVER BOY.
    * Added a question to BIG SNOWMAN [E6.6].
    * Added AWARDS to this section.
    FAQ version 1.4
    Uploaded on Friday, March 5, 2010. Typos fixed, Monday, June 14, 2010.
    * Minor fine-tuning in a few places (6 more typos, plus 3 misspellings).
    * Reverified & updated all URLs throughout the guide.
    * Expanded links in PREPURCHASE and CONTROLS [A2., A3.]; added ESRB Rating.
    * Trimmed the Save Bug warning in SAVE [A8.].
    * Expanded on EP earnings, added LEVELING TIP to STATUS [C1.].
    * Added trivia for Ari, Rosalyn, Kisling, Epros, STATUS [C1.1-C1.3, C1.6]
    * Added SECRET SPECIALS & all-attacks link to SPECIAL [C3.].
    * Added 5 new solutions to POP-UP STANLEY [D4.].
    * Rewrote DISC READ ERRORS [D7.4]; added blue disc, cleaning.
    * Added section UNVERIFIED REPORTS [D7.7]; two save issues, PS3.
    * Added "mirror" links to Sigre-san's graphic MAPS [E1.].
    * Added 2 alternative sites to ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK [E3.2].
    * Added CODEBREAKER CODES [E3.5]; renumbered two trailing subsections.
    * Added attribution for ANOTHER CHEAT [E3.6].
    * Added CHARACTER NAMES [E5.4]; link to enemy-names list.
    * Added COMPANION PIECE to FAQ INFO [F2.]; link, gift-scene scripts.
    FAQ version 1.5
    Uploaded on Friday, December 6, 2013. A big update outside the Walkthrough.
    * Fine-tuned several places, fixed overcautious triggers.
    * Fixed 1 misspelling (from v1.3.1), plus 2 typos (from v1.0, ouch).
    * Expanded width from 75 to full 79 characters.
    * Standardized stats, equipment, shop lists for readability; other tables, too.
    * Added divider lines for area changes & bosses; easier to spot when skimming.
    * Columnized map legends; other legends, too.
    * Added 1 alternative site to CONTROLS [A3]; game manual.
    * Revised the Save Bug warning in SAVE [A8.]; first-hand experience.
    * Added boss & minion data to Walkthrough [B1.-B7.]; also separate [D6.13].
    * Fixed number of roadside villagers Ari must speak with before Tenel [B1.].
    * Added Escape's exact cost (10% LP) to CHAPTER 1 [B1.]; added critical hits.
    * Added in-trouble thresholds to CHAPTER 2 [B2.]; Burning Devil; music, red.
    * Fixed triggers around Rashelo in CHAPTER 3 [B3.].
    * Added grid and map refs, explicit directions to ESCAPELESS ABYSS [EA-B1..3].
    * Added trivia on Stan's background in Transverse Tunnel to CHAPTER 4 [B4.].
    * Fixed last floor switch in Sealed Cave of CHAPTER 4 [B4.]; added a tip.
    * Added TC: Heart Candy near Gear Tower [B5.]; linked annotated JPG image.
    * Added White Cat Jewel tip to VAMPIRE EVIL KING in CHAPTER 6 [B6.].
    * Added note on battle menu to MENUS [C.].
    * Added stat definitions to STATUS [C1.].
    * Added the point where LV 99 EP-creep ceases to STATUS [C1.]; 999 EP.
    * Removed stat maximums from STATUS [C1.]; pulled elsewhere, proven incorrect.
    * Added alternative grind to LEVELING TIPS in STATUS [C1.].
    * Added STAT MAXING to STATUS [C1.].
    * Added LV 99 stats for each PC [C1.1-C1.6]; natural, not cheat-enabled.
    * Added the mundane "internal designations" for Big Bull, Linda [C1.4, C1.5].
    * Added trivia for Linda [C1.5]; fixed trivia for Epros [C1.6].
    * Fixed order of Decoy and Overdrive in SPECIAL [C3.]; fixed Stan's triggers.
    * Added "multiple Q of Hearts" report to WEAPONS [C4.1]; in [E4.] too.
    * Noted Iron Necklace as unique too in ACCESSORIES [C4.3]; explained "Prlss".
    * Added QUIT [C6.].
    * Fixed table of ELEMENTS [D1.].
    * Fixed Confuse in CURSES [D3.].
    * Added 10 new solutions and 2 resolved queries to POP-UP STANLEY [D4.].
    * Added trivia to SHOPS [D5.].
    * Major overhaul of MONSTER DROPPINGS [D6.].
      - Fixed column widths, exact match of Lists FAQ; moot, but honoring the work.
      - Confirmed every single Soul Binding drop, barring 1 (noted) impossibility.
      - Reconfirmed most normal drops; remainder likely same as Soul Binding.
      - Added heaps of new findings and filled the last remaining sukel blank.
      - Fixed 2 misspelled legacies from the Lists FAQ's "Monster Classification".
      - Fixed Clingy Crab's placement from the Lists FAQ; from [D6.7] to [D6.6].
      - Fixed 3 sukel errors in the Lists FAQ; Sleazy Toad, Daring Dino, Sly Snake.
      - Reverified Color & Sukel for all; corroborated MONSTER GROUPINGS [D6.14].
      - Numbered area monster lists [D6.1-D6.12].
      - Added "Also:" list of monsters from previous areas.
      - Added HP column, ABOUT HP READINGS; reformated again.
      - Added BOSSES & MINIONS [D6.13] and MONSTER GROUPINGS [D6.14].
    * Added tip to USEFUL GLITCH [D7.1]; pretty big deal.
    * Added load/restore problem to CAN'T SAVE in UNVERIFIED REPORTS [D7.7].
    * Updated SAVE BUG [D7.3]; annotated Rumille Plain save recommendation [B3.].
    * Added explicit beginning triggers where pertinent to SIDEQUESTS [E2.].
    * Removed qualification from note in COMPATIBILITY GIFTS [E2.1]; immaterial.
    * Added WHICH GIFT IS BEST? to COMPATIBILITY GIFTS [E2.1]; "perfect" run Q.
    * Added note about cheat devices to HOPKINS' SWORD [E2.8].
    * Added a map to OTHER PUZZLERS [E2.9]; revised TG4's directions.
    * Added track lists to ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK [E3.2].
    * Added 2 alternative sites to ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK [E3.2].
    * Added stats and other observations to ACTION REPLAY CODES [E3.3].
    * Added OKAGE ACTION FIGURES [E3.8]; linked JPG image.
    * Added STAN'S BOTTLE OPENER [E3.9]; linked JPG image.
    * Added BOKU TO MAOU PREVIEW [E3.10]; mirrored MOOvie link.
    * Added UNOFFICIAL GAME SCRIPT [E3.11]; 3 linked PDF files.
    * Removed "Early findings" from Q OF HEARTS [E4.]; proved false.
    * Added trivia to PLACE NAMES [E5.1].
    * Added ENEMY NAMES [E5.5]; extract, includes 22 Shift-JIS strings.
    * Added SECRET SPECIALS & COMMANDS [E5.6]; extract, 1-2 Shift-JIS strings.
    * Added MISSABLES [E5.7]; noted in Walkthrough; included an NGP/NG+ reference.
    * Snuck in Stan's full name and a reference to "point of no return", too.
    * Replaced "Start menu" with "title screen"; deferring to the manual.
    * Rewrote most references to Soul Binding, Escape.
    * Added more ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS, below.
    * Updated AUTHOR INFO [F3.].
    FAQ version 1.5.1
    Uploaded on Thursday, May 14, 2015. A small update.
    * Added WaybackMachine archive link to MAPS [E1.].
    * Added alternative link to BOKU TO MAOU PREVIEW [E3.10].
    * Added another helpful reader to ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS, below.
    FAQ version 1.5.2
    Uploaded on Friday, October 2, 2015
    * Fixed some word choices and made a few minor edits.
    * Added 7 new solutions to POP-UP STANLEY [D4.]; finally may be "complete".
    * Marked enemies with odd HP in MONSTER DROPPINGS [D6.].
    * Added Leering Seaweed's normal item to MONSTER DROPPINGS [D6.9].
    * Moved QTY column in BOSSES & MINIONS [D6.13].
    * Added Official Strategy Guide advice to COMPATIBILITY GIFTS [E2.1].
    * Added EVASION [E7.] to ADDENDA.
      - Added pointers to STATUS [C1.], EQUIP [C4.], ACCESSORIES [C4.3],
    * Added 2 more thanks to ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS, below.
    * Added direct links to the .txt files at GameFAQs (10/26/2015).
    * Add new queries and solutions to POP-UP STANLEY, if any remain to find.
    * Fill remaining few blanks in MONSTER DROPPINGS.
    Barring any further contributions or bug fixes, no updates are anticipated.
    Providing new information for the above to-do items may result in minor-version
    updates (1.5.3 and so on) down the road, but none are scheduled.
    Thanks to all OKAGE contributors on GameFAQs, for the inspiration to take on
    this project: BAnderson, LGreenberg, LunarAngel1021, QueenMeshi, RBury,
    Apostrophe, and HonestLiar. Their contributions can't be praised highly enough.
    To Lewton19, for play-testing the walkthrough during its initial writing and
    for feedback on the guide overall.
    To Socoro1910, Umah, Atomos199, LemonPenguin, Hiroshi_Mishima, Ben Pinkston,
    Coretta King, and peachy peetsch for "Pop-up Stanley" contributions.
    To Exirc and Hiroshi_Mishima, for more Monster Droppings.
    To Maester_Seymore, for firsthand information on the Q of Hearts and Mysterious
    Woman's compatibility gift. To MyFatherTheKing, too, for vital corroboration in
    the hunt for the Q.
    To Interceptor18, for a correction to the Tiny Gear sidequest (good catch),
    feedback, and helpful ideas.
    To Holey08, for a helpful nudge in obtaining Julia's compatibility gift.
    To Beastmage06, for identifying some images and bringing others to light.
    To Killerpickles and Sandyoso for further discussion of the Save Bug.
    To MiniTaurus for the alternative link for OST fans.
    To LemonPenguin for diligently sifting old board topics for problem reports.
    Add a hearty chorus of "Huzzah!" for transcribing numerous tasty morsels from
    the Official Strategy Guide.
    To moonalchamist for reporting a save problem, and to gbaxton for connecting
    the dots with the DualShock2.
    To Rosie for reporting the breakage of Sigre-san's site.
    To Karina 305 for the buried treasure (TC: Heart Candy) near the Gear Tower.
    Nifty. (Rings a bell, perhaps from the now-removed "B" walkthrough?)
    To LGC for sharing test data on the burning issue.
    To Emurii for explaining the righteous pun.
    To InvaderWeezle for reporting the preview link's death (E3.10).
    To yohyzo for sharing evasion and magic evasion data unearthed in emulation.
    To OkageHime, for confirming a bug and for at times keeping the OKAGE board
    alive with perpetual social topics.
    To Atomos199, for much-needed confirmations and supporting data, additions,
    tips, and suggestions, as well as providing an acclaimed writer's eye in
    critiquing the guide.
    And to DoichiMyLove, for brainstorming and sharing knowledge so generously.
    Also to Orion in real life, for the loan of Action Replay MAX Evo Edition.
    Thanks, as well, to all who tirelessly slave over GameFAQs.com, to the OKAGE
    board's many faithful denizens, to those at SCEA who brought OKAGE to North
    American audiences, and most especially, to the delightfully demented minds of
    Zener Works.
    Plea. OKAGE is a true PS2 "classic" title, and gamers deserve to see the fine
    three-dimensional work of the PS2's early days. Please rerelease OKAGE in a
    modern format, Sony -- even if only as-is, warts and all. (Thank you, dear
    reader, for letting Sony hear your plea.)
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