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Tiny Gear Checklist by HonestLiar

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 05/13/02

"Okage: Shadow King" Mini-FAQ
Written by HonestLiar
Version 1.3

-Tiny Gear Checklist-

        Here it is, a descriptive checklist that will aid you in your search
for those elusive Tiny Gears.  Hope it helps, and happy hunting.  
1. Tenel Forest
8 total Tiny Gears

_#1:  Follow the side of Ari's house to the north and check the bushes behind 
the metal tower.

_#2:  The easiest Tiny Gear of all to find.  Just walk south along the path
towards the northernmost bridge and you'll practically trip on it.

_#3:  After crossing the first bridge, look for a small path to the west.
Take the path down and walk under the bridge to find the Tiny Gear in the 

_#4:  Head south of the bridge to the large lake.  Once at the lake shore,
turn around and face north.  There is a series of small gray stone embankments
and bushes.  Go north through the embankments to find the Tiny Gear in a bush.

_#5:  Go back to the northern tip of the lake shore and follow it closely to 
the east.  You'll find the Tiny Gear where the thin lakeside path ends.

_#6:  After heading south across the east bridge where you meet Kisling, check
the bushy bank to the east near the first tree.

_#7:  Head down the path to the Big Hole Tree.  On the southern edge of the
lake, there is a small, difficult to see ramp that allows you to get to the
water's edge.  Head down and check the small round area to the east.

_#8:  At the far southern part of the map, the road bends to the east.  Right
after this bend, a single tree is growing on the north side of the road.
Walk around the base of this tree for the final Tenel Forest Tiny Gear.

2. Remille Plain     
8 total Tiny Gears

_#9:  Follow the north bank of the northernmost river to the east.  The Tiny
Gear is next to the waterfall.

_#10: On the south side of the northern bridge, follow the river to the west
a short distance.

_#11: From Tiny Gear #10, hug the western cliff wall and follow it south. 
You'll find the Tiny Gear in a rounded area just after the grass turns to 

_#12: From the large statue that marks the entrance to the Transverse Tunnel,
head north along the eastern cliff wall until you reach a small indentation.

_#13: Follow the path south out of the sandy region into a series of large, 
rectangular stones.  On the west side of the path, there is a stone standing
vertically.  Check behind it.

_#14: From the vertical stone, face east.  In front of you there are three 
rectangular stones arranged in a sort of A shape.  Go around to the east
side of this rock formation and check the inner point of the A.

_#15: Continue south along the road until you reach a fork.  Head east along 
the road all the way to the eastern shore, and head south across the bridge 
there.  As soon as you cross the bridge, check the small rock sitting on the
beach to the east.

_#16: Finally, head to the far western coast just behind the Ringmaster's 
tent.  A few steps south, right before the curly cliff begins, there is a 
small lowered section where you will find the last Remille Plains Tiny Gear.

3. Pospos Snowfield
8 total Tiny Gears

_#17: Walk around the small hot spring in the northwest and check the cliff

_#18: This one can be tough to locate.  It's buried in the snow at the far
northeast corner of the map.  Just walk around against the snow bank that
defines the edge of the area.

_#19. Cross the thin, icy bridge and walk around the Sealed Cave.  Check the 
western shore of the small island.

_#20. Finding the next three Tiny Gears is simply a matter of weaving through
the grove of snowy trees at the central east edge of the area.  Start out at
the north end of the grove, following the spiral route between the trees.

_#21. Now, hug the outer edge of the grove as you walk south.  You'll find the
Tiny Gear near the center of the grove.

_#22. For the third Tiny Gear, work your way into the southern part of the
grove in much the same way you did the north.  Keep hugging the trees as you
head back north in the inner part of the grove.

_#23. Check the base of the tree located directly south of the Gearman's 

_#24. A river runs along the southern end of the area.  Find the spot where 
the river meets the wall of Triste in the far southwest corner.

4. Addashi Desert
8 total Tiny Gears

_#25. Due east of Triste, a small section of the maze wall shows through the
rock ledges.  Wedge your way in and feel around.

_#26. Head to the far northern section of the desert and check the mouth of 
the partially buried statue.

_#27. Cross the stone bridge directly south of the statue and follow the river
to the east until you find a rope bridge.  Cross this bridge and continue 
following the river to the north until it disappears into the cliffs.  

_#28. From the entrance to the Deep Grave Pit, follow the cliff wall to the
west to a rounded indentation just before the cliff turns north.

_#29. There is a passage in the cliffs to the east of the maze that you must
travel to get to the southern half of the maze.  Hug the north cliff wall as
you walk this path.

_#30. Check the lonely skeleton found at the far southwest corner of the
desert.  If you wish, you can head back to the Gearman's house now to receive
your prize and keep the last two Tiny Gears as good luck charms.

_#31. Walk around the huge rock directly west of the Gear Tower until you hit
a brick wall.  Check the point where the wall meets the rock.

_#32. There are two protruding gear-like ledges surrounding the Gear Tower 
that you can walk on.  Take the highest one on a brief scenic stroll around 
the Tower to find the final Tiny Gear.

Your Reward:
_Sword of Gear (Ari's weapon) : Attack +50, Defense +10
  Not bad!  Enjoy it.  Don't forget to harass the Gearman a few more times to
 learn the secret of "The Tortoise and the Pebble."


Please contact me with questions, comments or corrections at: 

"Tiny Gear Checklist" Copyright 2002 HonestLiar, aka Veritas135.  This 
document may be printed and/or reproduced electronically for private, personal
use only.  Currently, only GameFAQs has permission to display this document. 
If you see it anywhere else, please contact me immediately.

"Okage: Shadow King" Copyright 2001 Sony Computer Entertainment.

OCF #2, v1.3      

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