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FAQ/Walkthrough by BAnderson

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/09/01

                            BOKU TO MAOU
                         (Me and the Demon)
                         Version   1.0,  04/09/2001
                    2001 SCEI                RPG
                Memory Card 150+KB      SCPS 11008
                       Dual Shock Compatible (1 and 2)
                    This FAQ was written by: Bodi Anderson

                          UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!

              The latest version is always sent to Gamefaqs

The previous gamefaqs only posting has been lifted.
   Please be sure to mail me before posting the faq unless I've given
        Your site previous permission to post my faqs.

  I suggest you load a Japanese reading program into your browser
     Don't ask me where to get one, I use a Japanese O.S.

                       Written by: Bodi Anderson
                             E-MAIL NOTE:
                 Everything I know about the game is in here or will be soon. Please
be patient and don't send me e-mail demanding to know something not yet in the FAQ.
However if you have a problem understanding something please e-mail me.  Please
realize that I'm not being paid to answer your questions so be polite or be ignored. Also,
be sure to put "Boku to Maou" in your subject header.  Sorry, but I've received too many
rude e-mail in the past, and I'm tired of dealing with whiny idiots who obviously do
nothing but sit around playing video games all day since their communication skills are
dwarfed by my pet chinchilla. In other words IF YOU E=MAIL ME BE POLITE OR BE
IGNORED I do realize, however, that most people don't fit this description.
   Also after the US release of he game (if there is such a thing) I'm not sure how well
I'll remember where everything is and all the secrets.  THIS GUIDE IS FOR THE
JAPANESE VERSION of the game.  Sorry, but it's hard to remember things after not
playing a game for a long time.
                   I WILL TAKE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS
                        ANNOYING JUNK MAIL AS I CAN!!


DISCLAIMER:   This FAQ is meant for personal use only and may only be
reproduced for personal use. This FAQ can be altered, sold or posted on a web page in
any way or form without the author's express written permission. This FAQ is owned,
made and copyrighted by Bodi Anderson. Please don't steal or reproduce any ideas or
content from this FAQ or I will track you down like the sick creature you are! Please
distribute the FAQ only in its original form to your friends and lovers of Boku to Maou.
No parts of the FAQ may be reproduced or used in any sort of publication or web page
without the author's express written consent. This FAQ cannot be sold for profitable
purposes, any person or organization attempting to do so will be prosecuted to the
fullest extent of the law!  Boku to Maou and most of the character and place names in
this FAQ are copyrighted property of Sony.  I, Bodi Anderson, have no professional
relationship with any of the aforementioned companies, and I am simply a fan of their
great games. This FAQ is dedicated to all of those who waste their time translating
Japanese games and all the nice people who love PoPoLoCrois (My favorite game).
=======================================================TABLE OF CONTENTS
1.   Introduction & Review
2.   The Story
3.   Basic game controls
4.   Menu Mania!
5.   Let's Fight! (Combat)
6.   Buy, Sell and Save!
7.   Role Call
8.   Walkthrough of Chapter One
9. Walkthrough of Chapter Two
10. Walkthrough of Chapter Three
11.Walkthrough of Chapter Four
12. Walkthrough of Chapter Five
13. Walkthrough of Chapter Six
14. Walkthrough of Chapter Seven
11. Special List
12. Items Guide
13. Secrets
14. Thanks

VERSION HISTORY (All postings Japan Time)

Ver 0.1, 3/15/01:  Just bought the game and wow does it look great! Super groovy
graphics and flow.  Just the basics for now. If you
                Can or want to help please do there are no guides available
In Japan at this time so any help / hints would be
                appreciated! Chapters 1&2 walkthrough finished.

Ver 0.3:        Heavily revised combat section, check it out.  Chapters 3&4 finished.
               I was stuck for a while, but finally found a Japanese site with a
               Few pointers and a flowchart.

Ver. 1.0      Okay so I'm super busy so this is going to be the last one for now.
             The walkthrough is done but there are still secrets to be found.
             Though, not too many. Also translated the abilities. Whew…

===========================================================1.	INTRODUCTION + REVIEW:
Wow, what can say, this is a great game, if not the most beautiful RPG I've
ever seen.  The graphics look like they're straight out of "Nightmare Before Christmas"
or "James & the Giant Peach".  The game play is easy and the story is interesting and
original.  In Boku to Maou (Hereafter BtM), you take the role of a young man who's
shadow has been possessed by a 300 year old Demon King.  You ultimate goal is to rid
yourself of this curse, and in order to do so you've got to travel the world and hunt down
all the imposter Demon Kings that have sprung up due to the true King's 300 year
absence.  Along the way you meet a wacky cast eccentric and original characters and
enjoy graphics and a storyline so rich that they draw you straight into the world of BtM.
After playing this game for a few hours I looked out the window, see in Japan right now
the cherry blossoms are soon to bloom, but they pale in comparison to BtM.
     Well, with all this said the only bad thing about the game (for us non-native
Japanese speakers) is that it's all in Japanese, and goes pretty heavy on the kanji.  A
lot of the game's charm is in it's amazing dialog, really, I've never played a better
written game the humor and timing is great and it has a eerie, yet charming mood to it
that really compliments the amazing graphics.  Unfortunately, whenever the hero
speaks you have to make dialog decisions, which, if you don't understand Japanese can
be hard to do.  And since depending on what you choose to say events in the game
change it's hard to get all the secret characters and events (though more so, the great
jokes). Yes, you can play this game without knowing any Japanese, but I wouldn't
recommend it.  Even if you just understand a little Japanese you'll get a lot more out of
this game.
 Like always, since this is a pure RPG I'd only recommend playing if you can
at least read (though not necessarily understand) basic Japanese such as katakana.
Doing so will make you experience much easier and enjoyable.  Still, for the sake of
those of you who have zero Japanese ability I've believe I've made this walkthrough
pretty straightforward. Enjoy…

* Most amazing graphics for a RPG to date!
* Original story and engrossing world.
* No random combat (on screen monsters like Grandia)
* Zoom into battle time minimal (no 2 min patented "Square" wait)
* Great dialog and lots of choices of how to respond.
* All NPCs have unique and interesting personalities
* Simple straightforward style (no goofy equipping or character system)
* Main menu commands in English

* Heavy on Kanji and unless you know some Japanese hard to enjoy top it's fullest.
* Whenever the hero speaks you have to choose what he says (As per above)
* Lot's of on screen monsters (No time to admire the great graphics sometimes)
* No Pause Button (As per above)
* No icons next to items so unless you know a little Japanese…
* Only 3 characters in combat party.
* Battle graphics could be better (a lot better)
  But still, the field graphics rock!

===========================================================2. THE STORY
 300 years ago a great demon tried to take over the world.  He was imprisoned in a
bottle until…

===========================================================3. BASIC GAME CONTROLS

R Analog Stick: move characters and select from menus.
L Analog Stick: Rotate Camera
D-pad:. Just the same as the above
Circle:  accept, search, talk.
X: Cancel
Triangle: Call up menu
Square: Summon Stan for conversation/hints
Start: start game
Select: not used
L1:  Rotate Camera
L2:  not used
R1:  Rotate Camera
R2:  Toggle field map

=========================================================== 4.1 STATUS MENU
    Looks a bit like this…

HP:                   LV
    Color (*note 1)     Status (*note 2)     Curse (*note 3)

EXP Gauge           Magic Strength      Equipped Weapon

Attack                Luck                Equipped Armor

Defense              Speed                Equipped Accessory

           + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
Note 1:
 Much like Chrono trigger characters innate colors affect combat. See page 14 of the
manual for a diagram.  Thus we see red is stronger than yellow, yellow is stronger than
blue and blue is stronger than red. Kind of like rock, paper, scissors, huh.

Note 2:
  See page 16 for a list of status effects. Each status has 3 levels the higher the level the
worse the condition. Most conditions disappear after a battle. The various levels
indicate how many turns you'll have the effect.  So if you're hit with a level 2 silence
you won't be able to use specials for 3 turns.
They go as follows…
White: No problems
Purple: Poison
Green: Sleep
Yellow: Paralysis
Blue: Silence  (Can't use specials, can't use items at LV 3)
Black: KO'd

Note 3:
   See page 17. These also range in levels from 1-3 and you can only get rid of these
through items or by resting at an inn.  They are…

No picture: No Curse.
Whirlwind:  Unable to act..
Clock:  Slows characters in combat.
Ankh: If you do a physical attack to a ghost you also take damage
Cracked Shield:  Defense down.
Steaming LP:  Loose LP (if you move you can gain some back?)
2 Bones in "A" shape:  Like "doom" in final fantasy when it hits zero
                      you're KO'ed.  # raises when you meet ghosts.
Zz: Start combat with a Lv. 1 Sleep status effect
Lightning: Start combat with a Lv. 1 Paralysis status effect
Funny candy cane shape:  You won't get money after combat.
           + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
4.2 Items
  Pretty easy, you can use green items (event items), and white items (for recovery).
You can't use grayed-out items.
           + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
4.3 Equip
  In this order (Weapon)/(Armor)/(Accessory)
  The grayed out item is the one you have equipped.

           + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
4.4 Config
1. Menu Language (English/Japanese)
2. Message Speed (Fast/Normal/Slow)
3.Sound (Stereo/Mono)
           + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
4.5 Quit
  You'll be asked if you wanna save first.

=================================================================5. LET'S FIGHT! (COMBAT)
    Combat is pretty much like all RPGs.  There's no random combat, whenever you
run into an onscreen ghost combat begins. If you chose the ENGLISH menu command
(section 4.4) all the commands are in English!  This should help you a lot.  Stan will
occasionally help you when you are in trouble (like special attacks in Final Fantasy 3/6,
except that you don't waste an action) or sometimes (very rare) harm you so watch out!
     Unless you can read a little Japanese it'll be hard to figure out which monster
you've chosen to attack sometimes.  Just look at the number of monsters listed to
determine which monster you want to attack.  There's no time limit or "active" combat
like in Square games.  Be sure to figure in your attacking character's color when
selecting a target.  Of course you should attacks enemies that are weaker than you!
      If you choose the DEFENSE command you'll notice 3 total sub-commands.  If
you choose to WAIT, when you next character attacks you can choose the COMBINE
attack.  Of course when characters combine attack they inflict more damage.  You can
do combine attacks with 2 or 3 characters.  When you choose to escape a few of your LP
will be lost.
  When you choose the ITEM command only combat items will appear. You can't
use items that are grayed out, this helps if you're looking for what items to use to cure a
particular status effect (The antidote won't be useable unless you have a poisoned
character).  Items listed in RED will heal all members.
    Sometimes Stan will ask you questions before combat, depending on how you
answer you may get an extra powerful attack at the beginning of combat or Stan may
wreak havoc on the enemy.  Unfortunately unless your Japanese is pretty good it's
hard to get the best answer.

* See the Menu section for info on status effects.
* If the Hero dies the game is over!
* Depending on the curse, if all of your party is unable to act the game will be over.

===========================================================6. BUY, SELL & SAVE

     When you go to an inn you'll get 3 choices. They are…
A. Rest
B. Change Party Members
C. Save
  (Note in the first inn, in Tenel, choose the 2nd option to get the above choices)

    Shops are really quite easy since the main menu commands are in English.

==============================================================7. ROLE CALL

===========================================================8. WALKTHROUGH FOR CHAPTER 1
          "Meet the King"

         + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
NOTE 1:  I will try and translate the overall story as best as possible.  I usually try
and go in-depth a little so you know what's going on. If you're trying not to spoil
anything for yourself or you want to practice your Japanese simply read the outline of
each chapter at the beginning of each section.  The story part is an overall idea of
what's happening.

           + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
 NOTE 2:
There are many times when you have to make responses to conversations in this
game. I will only tell you the best answers for the important conversations otherwise
the faq would take forever to complete. I don't mean to sound mean, but if you really
want to get a lot out of this game learn Japanese. A good thing to do for default is to
always choose the first  response, it's more often then not the nicest or best response.

           + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

A: Talk to mom examine vase
B: Go to Tenel town (North red dot on map)
C: Go to Bakery, talk to staff till you get bread
D: Go home with your sister (auto-event)
E: Talk to family around the vase
F: Go to Circus (North-east dot)
G: Go to town with Stan and talk to man by the Tinker shop
H: Go to city hall and talk to dad get him to open church door
I: Go into church basement and fight ghost
J: Turn on city's water (behind treasure chest from ghost)
K: talk to man at city gate
L: Talk to man in bar and get Demon Map
M: Go back home and talk to family next day
N: Talk to all family members, get items and leave house.


*NOTE: This story section is very in-depth like a walkthrough.  Due to being busy I'm
not going to be able to go as in-depth in future story sections, sorry but the game has
just too many little funny and interesting things to mention.  I will however describe
the bare bones of what happened in each chapter.  Sorry, but I ain't getting paid for

When the game starts you'll have to enter your name you can only choose Japanese
characters (hiragana or katakana) so I hope you can read a little Japanese! The default
name is RUKA and looks like this (ルカ).  Now we see you mom and she asks you what
you want for dinner choose whatever you want.  Next she says that your father found a
weird vase,that, for some reason won't open.  You can try to open it but it won't. Finally
she asks you to go to the bread store in town for her.  To make sure everything flows
nice just pick the first answer for all the questions.  If you talk to her again you find out
that the mayor is your dad and your mom says that maybe you should stop by the city
hall before you buy the bread.  You can explore your house and find your room (Up the
stars to the right. It's the far room ).  Here you can save or change party members.  On
the way out of the house you'll meet up with your sister who tells you that she's blowing
off her homework cause she has a date.  You can find some "colored grass" just outside
your house by the tower.  Take some time to explore the house and marvel at its cool
    You meet some kids along the way who tell you about a circus tomorrow.  They ask
if you're gonna ask Julia out for a date.  In town you'll see Julia who asks if you want to
take her to the circus, but it turns out that she already has a date.  You can buy some
meat at the meat store if you want for 20 Skel (Hereafter all money denominations will
have an "S" after them).  It appears that there's a water shortage in the town due to a
ghost around the well, so a lot of shops are closed.  You can, however go to the item
shop, with the great name "SHOP OTHER ONE".
 Here they sell
1. Fruit (cures 50 HP) 10S
2. Healthy Flower (Phoenix Down) 150S
3. Purify Stone (cures poison) 10S
4. Magic Jewel (warp to dungeon entrance) 100S
            * * * * * *  GO THE BAKERY* * * * *
   Here you'll have to ask a couple times before you can get her attention.  After you
get the bread go outside and you'll find it's already twilight. Your little sister asks if you
wanna go home (Choose the 1st choice for yes).
   The next night you're already to go to the circus.  Your mom says she had a dream
about the vase for some reason.  Talk to your dad and choose the middle option (asking
about the vase) well he end up talking to you for 2 hours! Choose the last choice "Circus"
and go only to find out that it's already over.
                   * * * * * *  GO TO CIRCUS  * * * * *
                             (West red dot)
On the way back a ghost attacks your little sister, Annie.  The next day she's
still in bed and you have to answer a whole lot of questions. The doc doesn't quite know
what's wrong with her.  Just stick with the first choice for now. Eventually your dad
tells you about him being a great adventurer when he was young he asks if you're up to
trying to help out.  Apparently he has an idea about how to bring your sister back to
consciousness.   Next in the basement he tells you about the magic vase he recently
bought, the legendary "Porakk Vase". It works like a genie, if you call the name of the
spirit in the vase (who's been in there for hundreds of years), he'll come out and help you.
Then dad says he's gonna try some nice original magic to see if he can help.  Much to
everyone's surprise a spirit pops out!  He says his name is James and he's the servent
to the king.  Then he introduces… "The Evil Demon King of the Dark World"
"Stanley High-hat Trinidad the 14th  (or just Stan)." A voice from the vase asks that you
call out the name "Stan". He then adds that he's isn't a very friendly Demon so please
get to the point.
                   * * * * * *  CHOOSE THE FIRST CHOICE  * * * * *
  This means you're asking him for a favor.  Dad then asks him to help Annie.
Though everyone is surprised a demon popped out and not a genie (or friendlier spirit).
Stan then asks for a volunteer body to help him get into the physical world, Both your
dad and grandpa agree.  Now it's your choice…
                   * * * * * *  CHOOSE THE FIRST CHOICE  * * * * *
    After you volunteer James asks that you all line up.  Now he explains that 300
years ago the great Demon king Goma ruled half of all the world.
     Stan now can only live in shadows, more specifically the shadow of a living being!
Now the spirits judge to see who has the best shadow, of course it's the hero.  Stan
posses you and then he cures your sister.  But apparently her shadow has turned pink
from the ghost attack!  Then it turns out all to be a dream.  Your mother even asks if
you had a bad dream and says that you don't look so well.  She says that you should go
into town and play and you'll feel better.  Outside just as you start to relax Stan pops
out and James appears.  James goes inside for one of your mom's great omelets and
Stan says that you should go into town. Along the way he pops out whenever you talk to
people and though he always says that he "The Evil Demon King Stan" he still helps
people (he even gets an old lady a fruit from high up in a tree).  If you follow James
inside your mom tells you that you should hurry up and become good friends with Stan
since you'll be together for a while.  She also says how nice James is as he kisses up to
her in order to get an omelet.  The general feel is that everybody seems to think Stan is
pretty swell despite being a demon.  Stan is also surprised that little kids aren't afraid
of him (on the contrary they demand to see him and say that they wish they had such a
cool shadow).  Finally after the guy in front of town calls Stan a nice guy (despite Stan's
rude talking) Stan gets perturbed.  He wants to know why everyone isn't running
     Once in town talk to the fat man next to the TINKER shop.  He'll say that there's
a ghost by the water supply that's guarding a treasure.  Stan insists that this ghost is
one of his followers and that you need to go and get him.  Talk to your dad and Stan
asks him to open the door to the water supply (choose first choice).  Now go to the
building next to the city hall here James will appear and ask you not to get in the way of
Stan when he asks for his follower back.. Go to the basement and the ghost just blows
Stan off and says he looks weak, Stan gets mad and you get into a fight. When you start
to loose Stan attacks the ghost.  He comments that it's strange that the ghost didn't
react to seeing him (the King of Demons).  Get the chest and turn on the water located
on a box behind the chest.
   After you go out Stan starts to make a speech about how he's the Evil Demon King
and how he'll take over the world or something goofy like that, however everyone just
laughs at him and Stan gets depressed.  Now try and leave town (in the weapon shop
a man will give you a fruit knife).  A man standing there tells Stan not to joke too much
since there really are REAL Demon kings in the world and that a fat man in the bar has
a map listing all there locations.
                   * * * * * *  GO TO THE BAR  * * * * *
     Here talk with the circus guy and he'll give you the map.  Next Stan summons
James and they figure that you need to travel the world and track down all these fake
Demon Kings so that Stan can get his power back.  Depending on your earlier
conversation you may meet Julia before you go.  You try to admit your love for her but
she says that she can't love you cause you've got a Demon shadow and she can't imagine
your wedding.
  The next day you wake up and get ready to go.  Here your family sees you off
be sure to talk to everyone after dad's speech about how you have to go out and travel
the world like he did when he was young.  Your family members will give you a few
items so be sure to talk to all of them. They all wish you luck and then you're off!

============================================================9. WALKTHROUGH CHAPTER 2
        "Pink Hero Appear"


A: Go across bridge towards Madril (south)
meet Rosalie, she gives you a sword (equip it).
B: Find teleport stone just west of Madril entrance
C: In Madril hear about a demon in the sewer below from 2 guards
   (blocking passage outside).
D: Talk to everyone outside. Talk to the kid by the cafe, Stan will come out.
E: Go inside city hall and meet Rosalie.
F: Talk to guard twice to get in the room Rosalie went.
G: Watch Rosalie events (knocks out guy)
H: Talk to kid again outside cafe
I: Talk to kid in house next to city hall choose 2nd option.
J: Got out backdoor talk Rosalie talk boss Rosalie again go down manhole behind her
K: Go talk to kids in tower.
L: Get past kids box game (automatic
M: Rosalie will ask to go to dungeon together (yes/no/ask stan) she comes anyway.
N: You find new shop can sell fruit knife for 300S
Shop has new sword (10 attack) and armor (+1 def).
O: Meet Rosalie waiting behind gate next to where you met kids
P: Go down sewer meet demon fight! Stan power up
Q: Talk to Rosalie some more after she turns out the light

a: Go to bakery in Trenil, show item you got from your sister and get "Bread crust"
b: Give bread crust to man by river and get accessory that raises defense.
c: Talk to old man in apartment get "rare grass" item.

    On your way to Madril you meet a strange girl who saves you from ghosts.  She
gives you a sword (equip it!).  She's cute so you can ask her for her name or try and hit
on her.  She speeds off before you can find out her name.
 In Madril you hear about a Demon King living in the sewers.  Stan thinks this
is one of the imposters and so you try and find a way into the sewers.  The city hall is
trying to hunt down the Demon but all the guards are afraid.  You meet Rosalie in city
hall after she was trying to get permission to go into the sewers.  She gets mad cause
everyone keeps commenting on her parasol .
     You find out from some kids that there are two kid gangs in town they have access
to the sewers.  A kid by the cafe gives you a password so you can get to the other side of
town (Blocked by guards).  After joining one of the kids' gangs and saving a pet cat you
meet up with Rosalie who agrees to go into the sewer with you. Before entering the
sewer you meet James and Rosalie figures out that you're possessed by Stan. Here you
meet the Rat Demon who doesn't even know about Stan or who he is.  This pisses off
Stan a lot.  After the fight Stan's powers grow.
    Rosalie shows you her pink shadow and tells you that 3 years ago she ran into the
magic vase that Stan came from he tried to possess her but only ended up turning her
shadow pink.  Because of this she lost some of her great figure and beauty so she
contemplates killing you so she can rid herself of Stan's curse (since Stan is connected to
you, you're the only way to get at him).  Stan insults Rosalie and they bicker a lot till
she decides to help you on your quest for some reason.
     Later that night she turns out the lights (Thus temporally, dissipating Stan).
Here she tells you that a Queen nearby has the power to separate you and Stan.  She
says this way both of you will be cured of the curse.  This is why she decided to join you.
You head out the next day under the premise of hunting down more imposter demons.

     " The Spoiled Girl"

A: Go up elevator to 2nd level of Madril
B: Talk to Jill, the aspiring singer (choose 1st answers to compliment her songs)
C: Go outside 2nd story exit
D: Meet Kisling he asks to join party (1st choice is "yes")
E: Go to south most position on map, fishing village
Choose to (top) go with Stan hunting imposters or
(middle) Go look around with Rosalie
Be indecisive (bottom)
F: Go to shop buy +15 Sword (470S) +3 Armor (310S) if you want.
G: Go to stone platform see Queen Marilyn
H: Talk to guard by boat docks, meet James.
I: Go save/rest at inn, come out and see Bubble Demon auto-event.
J: Go to mayor's house (stone building). Talk to everyone and exit. Auto-event
K: Talk to Peylon (Marilyn's helper in the suit), then talk to sailor at docks and board
L:  Go to "Ruins of Aqua" dungeon. Attack the vases for big exp/gold.
After you destroy all 4 vases the entrance to the next level opens.
Do it again and then save.  Go to 3rd level fight Bubble Demon.
M: Save queen from 2F room (auto-event)
N: Talk to Peylon at mayor's house (you might have to go to inn first).
O: Go back to your house and find Queen Marilyn there.
P: Go around the house and talk to everybody then return to your room.
Q: In the nighttime go to basement and meet Marilyn.
R: Go to circus, talk to Rosalie. Help Marilyn look for flower.
S: Talk to Mom and Marilyn the next day.
T: Choose to give Marilyn music box (first choice X2) outside of house.
  The Rosalie will say that she heard from Annie that you were supposed to
   give it to the girl you like. Choose (give/don't give/ run away).

a: Talk to Fat man get "Business Card" item.
b: Talk to Hung-over woman get another "Bar Business Card". (only after "a")
c: Get mascara from open chest southeast section of 2F Madril exit.
d: Get "soft hair" item from chest outside circus tent (southwest of above map)
f: Get "cholesterol" item from open chest by tree behind clown.
g: Show Stan to kid in Ridgelow restaurant and get "Contacts" item.
h: Trade "rare grass" for "pen light" with sailor by lighthouse in Ridgelow.
i: After saving Queen go to circus hut and find that the Sewer Demon joined the
j: You can go back to the Aqua dungeon and re-fight the vases if you want.
k: After saving queen return to Madril and give Linda some coaching on her singing.
l: You can also go to the research center Madril 2F (guys in suits), with Kisling
 in your party.  Here give them money for research and they'll give you items.
m: As above talk to researcher outside and get his Business card.
o: You can also get the "letter pin" item from under the lighthouse door in
   Ridgelow now. Give it to the circus boy just north of the circus.

    First you'll meet Kisling an odd 45 year-old ghost researcher outside of Madril.  He
tries to hit on Rosalie then asks to join your party.
Once you arrive in the fishing village of Ridgeway you find out that the Queen Rosalie
spoke of is visiting the town.  You can't save at the inn yet so be patient. Apparently the
Queen is headed to Ridgelow's famous water ruins to investigate rumors of a Demon
    When you catch a glimpse of the queen Stan is suspicious of why Rosalie wants to
meet her so much.  Finally Stan comes up with a plan to brainwash the queen and use
her status and power to conquer the world.  James says he'll grab the queen while Stan
uses his powers to hypnotize her.
Then you find out that the Queen has been kidnapped by a bubble demon King.
The Queen's assistant, Peylor, asks the great hero Rosalie to save the queen.  When
you finally save her Stan tries to get her but fails since James is too busy helping
around the hero's house to help.  When you get back to town you eventually find out
that the princess has run away and Peylor asks you to find her.
     After you find Marilyn at your house she tries to convince you let her join the party
since you're hunting down demons.  Then she sees Stan, but despite Stan and Rosalie's
comments she insists that Stan is a good demon if he's helping you (go figure).  Stan
gets mad again and wonders why no one takes him seriously.  After this you hear your
dad and Kisling talking by your room.  Your dad insists that Kisling call him "papa"
and that he call Kisling "Kissy", oh well go figure.  Then in your sister's room she's
trying to convince Rosalie and how it is nice to have a pink shadow.  Finally in the
kitchen your mom is teaching Marilyn how to cook and do things for herself.  She gets
mad when your mom calls her your girlfriend.
     When you talk to Marilyn in the middle of the night she insists that she find a
"moonlight flower" and give it to your mother to show her thanks for teaching Marilyn
about the real world.  Afterwards Rosalie meets you and goes out to look for the
princess since there's ghosts out at night.  The next she gives the flower to your mom
and decides to adventure with you.  Your mom says that you should have a present for
her as well.  After you give her the present outside (if you do) the next chapter starts.
Marilyn won't be a playable character yet, though.

         "Strange People"

A: Head to Madril
B: Talk to man and kid close to entrance
C: Go to the shop it has new items for everyone.
  If you're short on money I suggest you go back to the Aqua Dungeon and
   Fight vases for cash.
D: Talk to the man on the right side in the city hall, He'll give you a
   Business card
E: If you haven't already go to the 2f of Madril And get 3 Business cards
   1. From a man outside, by the elevator.
   2. Hung over woman in building next to man
   3. From researcher standing in front of house. You need Kisling to get the card.
F: Now talk to all the people on the 1st floor you haven't already
    Make sure you hit the cafe and the kids house next to city hall.:
H: Talk to the man in the black clothes at the far end of Madril 1F.
    He'll let you in the building.  Go up the stairs.
I: On the first floor you need to show the business card you got from the
   City hall guy to pass. (Select it as an item). The kanji for business card is "名刺"
K:  Show the researcher's card to the guy on the next floor to pass.
L: Show the next guy another card (あだやかめ召名刺) He'll ask to keep it
   Choose the top choice to give it to him.
M: On the next floor your business card fails to impress the guy.  Choose the 3rd option
   And Marilyn will tell him she's a queen and get him out of your way.
N:  On the next floor meet the president of MASTERMIND.
O:  Go to cave between Madril and Ridgelow. On the north-east side
     There's a yellow dot on the map where it is.
P:  Ohh yeah! The best dungeon song ever!
    Stand on the green symbol to open doors. Defeat the Big Business Demon.
Q: Head just a little south east of the last dungeon.  Here you should see a
   Giant stone idol (facing west) examine it to gain access to the tunnel.  
  See event with Bull demon.
    A hut near the tunnel exit sells expensive, but good equipment.
R: Go past sign (blocked by a log) on path between Madril and Trenel.
   Here you'll come to a tree with a hole and explore the "Big Tree" Dungeon.
   After reaching the 2nd level you'll notice a sign at a dead end.
    Read the sign and go back up to where you found the treasure chest on the
    first level.  You should be able to run right through the wall on this level
    to a hidden room.  See if you can find the hidden wall on the next level.
    It's in the only empty room on the level.
    On the next level run through the wall opposite of the room with the sign.
    Here in the center room you'll find the final pot.
    When fighting the Bull demon watch out for his minions who'll block
    Your special attacks.  Use Rosalie's "Blues" to attack them all at once.
    Also use her umbrella guard to prevent status changes.
    After you beat him he'll join your party go to an inn to add him.
S: Go to the 2F of Madril and have an event with Linda.
T: Talk to the three funnily dressed researchers in the building twice.
U: Go talk to Linda in front of the train station
V: Go back to the Posu-posu snowfields past the little house to a dungeon on an island
In this dungeon do the usual.  To open doors examine them.
2 of the doors won't open at all. There's only one level to beat!
W: Linda will join your party after you beat her.
X: Head back to the dungeon in the sewers where you fought the Sewer Demon
  defeat all the pots like usual.  You'll notice that on the B2F there's a 3X3 panel
  for you to stand on. Examine it to toggle the squares so you can go below.
Y: First step on the panel to go to the entrance to the right.  Down here beat all the pots
  And go down to get a screw.  Put the screw with the others in the gears next to the
Panel you stood on.  Now go to the left dungeon and do the same thing.  Finally once
you reach the bottom of the central exit you'll see and event.
Z: After the event ends you'll go to chapter 5

a: To get the chest on the island by the Idol dungeon walk on a tree on the southwest
side of the island where the dungeon is.

   When you arrive in Madril you find that someone has been spreading bad rumors
about you.  Finally you figure out that there's a new mysterious organization in town.
And, as you discover, the head of the organization is none other than the Big Business
Demon.  Apparently he wants to marry the queen and take over the world.  After
seeing you finish off his minions he goes into hiding.  After defeating him he gives you
a key to the tunnel leading to the world of darkness where demons are more powerful.
     Here you'll run into the Bull Demon who dares you to come and try and find him.
After you do whomp him he'll join you party since he admires your strength.
    When you head back to Madril you find that's everyone's gone crazy for Linda.  You
eventually find out that she is in fact the Idol Demon.  She still calls you coach and gets
upset and runs away when you call her a demon.  After you defeat her she gets into a
quiff with the princess whom, she treats as her rival.  All is made better when we find
out she really has a thing for Stan and not the protagonist.  Linda said her dream was
to play a concert in the stadium in the sewers.
    Next you enter the sewers since all the demons you've fought have made mention of
it.  At the bottom you find a machine that will either help you to find the other demons
in the world of darkness or rid you of Stan (sorry I was very tired at this part and forgot
to write down what happened).  In any case after standing on the machine you simply
vanish (in everyone else's eye).  After you try and talk but no one can hear you they all
decide to go off and try and find the other demons (Rosalie) or take you as being dead
and simply wander off.  Stan, has also left!


NOTE: No ghosts will attack you so take the time to explore the field and get all the

A: Go to the city of Triste (south most on snow map). Choose 2nd option (I think) to enter
the city.
B: Once here talk to the circus man (small & fat with a hat) in the park. You can also
talk to the man by the theatre who'll sell you expensive, but good items.
C:. Go to Madril coming from Tenel to see Marilyn in front of the
hotel. Go into the hotel and an event will take place.
D: Wander the world and talk to as many people as you can. After talking to enough
   People you'll be come solid again (not transparent).  I think only the people who let
   You add something help to better your cause.  Try and get as many people as
possible.  Remember to look along the paths (Don't rely on the teleporters only.)
E: Go back to Triste and talk to Blokk (the circus man) again.
F:  Find all your friends (auto-event)
G: Return to your house (And yes the teleporters are broken. Some complete ass-wipe
Of a game designer must have thought it somehow fun that you should have to
Fight a bunch of weak monsters.  This way you might realize just how many damn
stupid ghosts there are and how much they take away from the game!!! )
H: (Whew, had to get that out of me) Talk to everyone in the room a few times.
   Esp. talk to Rosalie and Kisling.  Bring out Stan a few times too till you reach
   The end of the scene.
I: Go out the side gate in Triste into the desert map.  Turn right (east) at the sign here
and eventually you'll run into a giant head.  Examine it and enter the dungeon.
J: The dungeon is super long (9 floors I think).  In any case destroy all the pots on each
floor to get to the next.  Be sure to pick up all the items on each floor.  When you reach
the bottom floor you'll get a doll I think.  Take this item and go back up to the 5th floor
(I think again).  In any case which ever floor has the chest in the north-most position.
Here put the doll on the chest and a new passage will open up.  In a chest here you'll
get the key to the gear tower.
K: Go through all the mazes and get to the north part of the map where you'll see a big
tower.  Be sure to save before entering.  Inside the tower you'll fight the Illusion
Demon.  You can only damage him with spells (red, yellow, blue) or those attack bottles
you can buy.
L: After you defeat him Epros, the Illusion Demon will join your party.

     When you first start the chapter you find that you're a wisp and no one will talk to
you.  Once you reach Triste you find that there's a whole town of people who've simply
faded away.  They are unable to be seen by either ghosts or humans.  They tell you to
accept your fate and live there.
  After talking to Blokk, the circus man you find that if you try hard enough to
make a difference and realize that there are other who care about you and affect your
life that you might be able to return to normal existence.  After talking to people Blokk
turns you back into a human.  Here you find out that Stan had attached himself to
Rosalie and that she was just about to cut him from her when you saved him.  Of
course he's rude as well… the devil, but you can tell he's happy to have you back.
   Next the Circus Demon appears and talk about how he's gonna destroy the
world and how he used you to help him.  By returning yourself to the human world you
broke some sort of seal I think.  The Demon map also has something to do with it.
     When you return home you hear a scream and find out that Pelon has taken the
queen hostage.  He plans on making a new world with only him and her in it.  After he
kills her you find out that she's really just a doll (gee, that explains her terrifying giant
red swrily eyes).  Pelon tells you that he terminated the Marilyn of this world so he
could bring her to his world.  He then tells you that you've helped him to destroy your
world and create a new world by destroying the Demons of this world. Apparently the
queen was protecting the world from whatever evil Pelon is.  Thus Pelon switched the
real queen with a doll he made. He finally says that he'll be waiting for you to come to
his world and try and save her.
    After talking to everyone it looks like the world is made up of "classifications".
These describe living things such as types of ghosts people and demons.  By ridding the
world of some of these Pelon can use this void of "classifications" to create his own
mini-world.  Thus by destroying the various demons and whatnot you've helped him to
gain power.  You now decide to go to Triste (where those who've faded out of the world
live).  You think you might be able to reach Pelon's world somehow this way.  You
think that perhaps the fading away of the residents of Triste is a byproduct of Pelon
trying to drain the world of "classifications".
   Eventually you head back to Triste and on to fight the Illusion Demon in your quest
for Stan's power and now your own quest to save the princess.
  "Night Shadow"

A: Talk to all the people till it gets to be twilight.
B: Now stay at the inn.
C: You awaken in the middle of the night.
D: Explore the town till you come to a house.
E: You can buy the best items here except for the hero's sword
   You'll find a better sword in the last dungeon.
F: Fight the Blood Demon

  Is surprisingly lacking.  You go to Peylon's world and kill the Blood Demon and find
out where he's hiding.  Yep…
   "Last Episode"


A: Exit out of Highland via the big bridge follow the path till you reach a dungeon.
B: Save and talk to the geezer inside.  Now you need to find 4 keys to progress.
Some doors won't open without colored keys.  Get them in this order.
NOTE: I suggest you look at the following
This will show you the route you need to take.  The brown dots are treasure chests.
This is from someone else's page so I have no idea how long it'll be there.
Please don't ask me where it is if the page gets wiped out.
Here's the page with tons of info about the game (all in Japanese though)

C: Red key East section Far east side (middle of the map)
D: Green Key: Central map south east corner.
E: Blue Key: West map central west side
F: Purple Key: West map central east side
G: Use Voice Recorder item to stop Rosalie and Stan
H: Fight the final boss (middle north on central map)

    You meet Peylon and he severs Stan from you which instantly gets Stan and
Rosalie engaged in battle (Dang, they've been going at it the whole game).  Peylon says
he'll finish you off after they destroy each other.  Well you bring out the voice recorder
that Linda gave you and help them realize their true feelings (Come on now folks they
have thing for each other.  Remember elementary school, when girls hit you it meant
they liked you.)
   After destroying Peylon he says that he'll end the world.  But the world doesn't end
and all the lost souls of Triste come back to life.  The rest off the plot is obvious.

     (though I was writing a faq at the time)
     (the last boss was too easy at this level)
===========================================================15. SPECIALS LIST
   Notice that when you bring up the menu on the main screen there's just one list.
Likewise everyone shares the same LP pool (kinda interesting).  Below you'll find the
basic special abilities of everyone.  Most specials will either drain LP or a certain % of
HP from a character.

NOTE 1: The abilities you see will vary depending on what characters you have in your
party and what order they're in.

NOTE 2:  Be sure to note the color effect of attacks most are in the name but
thunder = yellow
Fire = Red
Ice = Blue

        + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
LUKA (The Hero)
Japanese / English     EFFECT        COST   WHEN GAINED
友情サンダー / Friendship Thunder /  attack all enemies /  20%HP / after chapter 4
友情ブリザード / Friendship Blizzard / attack all enemies /  40%HP / after chapter 5
友情インフェルノ / Friendship Inferno / attack all enemies / 60%HP / after chapter 6
赤の剣 / Red Sword / attack one enemy / HP 5%  / LV:12
青の剣 / Blue Sword / attack one enemy / HP 5% /  LV:24
黄の剣 / Gold sword / attack one enemy / HP 5% /  LV:36
ケロリ/ Cure   /  heal one ally 30HP / 4LP / Starting ability
ケロリア / Curea  /  heal one ally 90HP / 8LP / LV:20
ケロリアン / Cureian /  heal one ally all / HP 12LP / LV:45
リバース / Reverse revive one ally / 10LP / LV:32
リバーザン / Reversal revive one ally full / HP / LP20 /  LV:50
陽動作戦 / Taunt all enemies target hero 0LP / Starting ability
オーバードライブ / Overdrive / build-up attack (burst command) /15%HP/ Starting ability
リープ / Reep / 1 group of enemies sleeps (weak) / 1LP / LV:10
オネムロス / Slumber / 1 enemy sleeps (strong) / 3LP / LV:40

        + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
Japanese / English     EFFECT        COST   WHEN GAINED
黄のアンブレラ / Gold Umbrella / attack one enemy / 5%HP / LV:19
赤のアンブレラ / Blue Umbrella / attack one enemy / 5%HP / starting ability
ブルー / Blue / attack one group / 2LP / LV:9
ブルース / Blues / attack one group / 5LP / LV:26
ブルータス / Bluetas / attack one group / 8LP / LV:43
リフレ / Reflect / Protect one ally from bad status / 2LP / LV:22
アンカー / Anchor  Heal 1 allies status 5LP LV:37
アンブレラの守り / Umbrella guard protect self from bad status 10%HP starting ability
クローズ / Cross  Silence 1 group (weak)  4LP LV:30
プラガド / Braggart  up an ally's attack  4LP LV:33 
フーマニア / Foolish Silence 1 group enemy (strong) 5LP LV:40
プラガドール / Braggart Plus / Raise all allies attack / 10LP / LV??
マイストール/ Maestro / Lower 1 groups attack / 4LP / LV:14

        + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
Japanese / English     EFFECT        COST   WHEN GAINED
赤の書 / Red Writing / attack one enemy  / 5%HP /LV:19
青の書 / Blue Writing / attack one enemy/ 5%hp /LV:??
イエロ / Yellow attack / one enemy / 2LP/ LV:12
イエロド / Yellowish / attack one enemy / 5LP /LV:32
イエロドン / Yellowton / attack one enemy  /8LP /LV:52
プラデク /Speed / 1 ally speed up / 4LP / LV:15
プラデクール / Speedy / All allies speed up / 10LP/ LV:37
カナシバル / Shock / Paralyze one enemy (strong) / 8LP / LV:32
パラリラ /Parala  / Paralyze 1 group (mid)  /   8LP /  LV:57
魔力吸引 / Magic Heal / Heal LP / 10%HP / Starting ability
マイデクール / Muck  /Slow down one group of enemies  /4LP / LV:23

        + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
Japanese / English     EFFECT        COST   WHEN GAINED
青の肉体 / Blue Muscle / attack one enemy / 5%Hp / Starting ability
黄の肉体 / Yellow Muscle / attack one enemy / 5%HP / LV:33
レッド / Red /  attack all enemies /  2LP / LV:36
ドレッド / Dred /  attack all enemies 5LP / LV:48
プラスト / Blast / one ally's attack up / 4LP / Starting ability
野生の叫び / Bull Cry / causes all enemies to flee 1HP/ Starting ability
マイガドール /  Guardless / one group defense down /4LP/ Starting ability

        + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
Japanese / English     EFFECT        COST   WHEN GAINED
黄のくちづけ / Yellow Kiss / attack one enemy / 5%HP / LV:43
赤のくちづけ /  Red Kiss / attack one enemy / 5%HP / LV:52
エイド / Aid / Heals all allies 70HP / 15LP / LV:40
どこでもライブ / Anywhere gig / lower all enemies speed + dancing / 10%HP / Starting
バラック / Barak / increases all lucky hits on field / 4LP / LV:??
バリアル / Barrier / halves all magic damage on field / 4LP / LV:??
バイコール / Baicol/ gives everyone on field same speed / 4LP / LV:??
バブースト / Baboost/ halves all attack damage on field / 4LP / LV:??
バリセット / Bariset/ all status ups on field nullified / 4LP / LV:??

        + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
Japanese / English     EFFECT        COST   WHEN GAINED
青の仮面 / Blue phantom / attack one enemy  / 5%HP /LV:53
赤の仮面 / Red Phantom / attack one enemy  / 5%HP /LV:19
ティール / Vamp / steal HP from one enemy / 6LP LV:??
ラダム / Radum / random bad status to all enemies / 10LP / LV:50
魂縛り / change / turn a weak enemy into an item/ 10%HP / Starting
ディフェン / Defense/ raise an ally's defense / 1LP / LV:44
ディフェール / raise all allies defense / 3LP / LV:??
===========================================================16. ITEMS
    Sorry, but I don't have enough time or energy to describe all the weapons and items
for now. Remember when you're afflicted by a curse or status element the items will
only be highlighted if you can use them to cure the ailment (in battle).  Outside of
battle you won't use up an item if you try and use it on a character who doesn't need it.
     A good thing to remember is to look at he bottom description of a highlighted item.
If you see HP or LP in English you'll know it's used to restore one of these.  All items
are automatically sorted with healing items on top.  If you see the kanji for "mamori",
or charm (守り) you'll know it's an item to heal a curse.  The mamori kanji is usually
the last thing written in the item.

===========================================================17. SECRETS
   Hopefully I'll be able to find a few and put 'em here.
===========================================================18. THANKS
    Thanks, as always, to my nice job which gives me enough time and money to afford
to do things like write game walkthroughs.  Thanks to my lovely and wonderful
girlfriend for helping when I couldn't read or was too lazy to read all the kanji on the
screen.  Thanks to Rei, Donna and Kaori for being good friends and swell folks. Thanks
to Tatsu for being "Kayuii!" and always leaving our parties being carried out by someone.
Thanks to Umu-chan, my chinchilla for being cute and not once yet trying to gnaw on
my PS2 controller!  Thanks to all the music I listened to while playing top help me get
through the game (Lou Reed, Freebo, Yano Akiko, Sheena Ringo, Simon & Garfunkle
   Thanks to gamefaqs for posting my faqs all the time and generally being a swell site.
Thanks to all the PoPoLoCrois fans who mailed me with questions about my favorite
game!  You guys helped inspire me to write another faq when I was starting to get sick
of getting the same couple of faq questions over and over again.
   And hey, if you're still reading, thank you.
      See ya next time for my LAST FAQ!!! (like you really care)
"PoPoLoCrois 3, The First Adventure!"
                    (And no, I can't wait either!!!)

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