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FAQ/Walkthrough by THAguyINgta3

Version: Final | Updated: 02/10/03

Game- Tenchu 3: Wrath of Heaven

Platform- PlayStation2

Author- THAguyINgta3

Version- Final

Type Of FAQ- Demo FAQ

Email- LMSrebel2002 (at) AOL (dot) com
Just delete all of the spaces to email me and replace (at) with @ and 
(dot) with . and I did this to reduce spam. 


   |''||''|                          '||                  ____    
      ||      ....  .. ...     ....   || ..   ... ...     ` // || 
      ||    .|...||  ||  ||  .|   ''  ||' ||   ||  ||      //     
      ||    ||       ||  ||  ||       ||  ||   ||  ||      \\  || 
     .||.    '|...' .||. ||.  '|...' .||. ||.  '|..'|.      ))    
  '|| '||'  '|'                   .   '||          ..|''||     .'|. 
   '|. '|.  .'  ... ..   ....   .||.   || ..      .|'    ||  .||.   
    ||  ||  |    ||' '' '' .||   ||    ||' ||     ||      ||  ||    
     ||| |||     ||     .|' ||   ||    ||  ||     '|.     ||  ||    
      |   |     .||.    '|..'|'  '|.' .||. ||.     ''|...|'  .||.   
         '||'  '||'                                           
          ||    ||    ....   ....   .... ...   ....  .. ...   
          ||''''||  .|...|| '' .||   '|.  |  .|...||  ||  ||  
          ||    ||  ||      .|' ||    '|.|   ||       ||  ||  
         .||.  .||.  '|...' '|..'|'    '|     '|...' .||. ||. 

Table Of Contents

1. Controls
2. Moves List
3. Stealth Kills
4. Beating The Demo
5. Frequently Asked Questions
6. Version History
7. Legal Information


Here is the control scheme for the game. 

X                -    Jump
Square           -    Attack
Triangle         -    Use Selected Item
Circle           -    Guard
L1               -    Manual Camera
L2               -    Select Item
Moving L3        -    Move
R1               -    Stealth
R2               -    Lock-On
Moving R3        -    Secondary Camera
Pushing in R3    -    Detonate Sticky Bomb
Select           -    Show Map
Up on D-Pad      -    Grappling Hook
Down on D-Pad    -    Healing Potion
Left on D-Pad    -    Select Item
Right on D-Pad   -    Select Item

Moves List

Sure you know how to attack, but do you know how to mix it up a bit? 
There are a few different attacks you can do and you just need to know 
how to do them.

How To Do The Move                  -   Description Of Move

Jump + Attack                       -   Jump In The Air And Slash
Twirl Around L3 + Attack            -   Swing The Sword In A Circle
Attack + Attack + Away And Attack   -   Shoulder Thrust
Attack + Attack + Attack            -   Regular Combo
R2 + Jump                           -   Moonsault
Jump + Jump                         -   Rolling Jump Thing
R1 + Jump                           -   Roll On Ground And Turn
R1 + Up And Jump                    -   Forward Roll
Direction + R1                      -   Crouch Turn
R1 When Near A Wall                 -   Stay Against Wall
R1 + Attack                         -   Stealth Attack
Attack + Away And Attack            -   Attack Followed By Sweep Kick
Square While Enemy Is On Ground     -   Stab Enemy In The Chest
Forward + Forward + Square          -   Thrust
Hold R1 And Stay In Place           -   Crouch
Hold R2 And Move In Any Direction   -   Strafe
R1 + Attack After Had Been Seen     -   Sword Uppercut
Jump + Jump                         -   Double Jump
Hold R2 + Any Direction + X         -   Hopping Strafe
Hold R2 + L3                        -   Run Faster
R2 + Away + Attack                  -   Overhand Slash

Stealth Kills

Stealth kills are one of the things that make Tenchu so awesome. To do 
one, go up to an enemy when they do not see you and hold R1 and press 
Attack. This will show a short, slow-motioned out cut scene showing 
Rikimaru killing his victim in a way different than just slicing (well 
sometimes). Different stealth kills are achieved when performed from 
different positions by the enemy. The positions from which a stealth 
kill can be done are from above, from behind, from the left, from the 
right, in front of, and in mid-air. They are all pretty sweet and you 
should try them all out. Here are their positions and a description of 
what they do.

Position                             -   Description Of Stealth Kill

From Above Without R1                -   Slash To Back
From Above With R1                   -   Stab In Back
From Right                           -   Cut All Of Neck
From Left                            -   Stab In Back With A Slash
In Front Of                          -   Stab In Stomach
Behind                               -   Throat Slice
While Enemy Is On Sloped Surface     -   Stab To Head

Beating The Demo

You start out in a setting that looks like a forest. Here, you should 
practice your moves a bit and get to know the controls. The only thing 
you can do here is really the swordplay so try to get the feel of it. 
When ready, just run straight and when you get to the end of the 
pathway, a cut scene will commence featuring Rikimaru jumping off of the 
waterfall. After that, the level will begin. Now, turn left and go 
straight. After like 2 steps, a cut scene will commence showing a 
burning tower-like thing fall. Don't pay attention to it. Keep going 
straight and you should be in between a wall and a building. Keep going 
straight but go very slowly for you will meet your first enemy ahead. 
When at the opening, look around the corner and there will be a 
yellowish looking dog. When it is turned around, run and press R1 and 
Attack near it. This will get you your first stealth kill! Now turn 
around. You should be facing the wall. See that red box over by the 
wooden planks stacked against the wall? Go over to it and pick it up. 
This will give you invisibility for a while. Now, turn back around and 
go towards that big wooden box near a building. Get the red thing by it. 
This is more healing potion. Now use your grapple hook by picking the 
item farthest to your right in your inventory like thing on the screen. 
When selected, hold triangle and point it towards the white building 
directly across from the box and point the grapple towards the roof. 
When it is on the roof, let go of triangle and let the grapple beam hook 
on. This will cause you to fly on top of the roof. Now, get the red box 
in the middle of the roof and now you have sticky bombs. Now, turn 
around and hop down from there onto the ground below. See that big box 
again? Well, hop onto it and then onto the roof of the house right by 
it. Continue walking down the roof until you get to a guard. When he is 
turned around, hop off and press attack. If he didn't see you, this will 
cause you to do a stealth attack. Now, turn to your right and you should 
see a ramp. Go up it but do not go all the way up for there is a guard 
up there and he cannot see you. Press against the wall by the ramp and 
when the guy turns around, quickly jump up to ground level and go and 
stealth attack him when close by pressing R1 and Square. Now, walk over 
him to pick up his spear. After that, walk off of the edge of the ground 
and go straight. You should be in between two buildings. Go through them 
and drop down to the ground below. Look near the red house and you 
should see a guard and an unarmed man. When the guard and the unarmed 
man are both turned, quickly run to the guard and kill him. Now go for 
the unarmed man. Now, keep going straight where you killed the unarmed 
man and you should see a big hill like thing that you can go up. There 
is a guy with a bow and arrow up there. You need to climb onto the edge 
of it and wait for him to turn around. When he does, kill him and take 
the bow and arrow. Now you have a bow and arrow! Now, go back towards 
the building where you killed your first human. When you are in front of 
it and are near where the first guard you killed was standing, turn and 
look at the courtyard where the unarmed man and the guard were. Jump 
down onto the ground below and you should see some vase looking things 
around there. Break them and get the item there. It is more healing 
potion. Now, go towards that red thing by that building in front of you 
and break the vases there and get that pick-up. Now head back to that 
red house in the courtyard. Go towards the door and a cut scene will 
commence. After it, you will need to take care of two guards that are 
charging after you. Hurry and kill them with sword combos and such. 
After that, here comes the boss fight! The boss is a guy wearing red and 
has a sword and a gun. You need to avoid the sword as much as possible. 
Just keep doing sword combos on him and he will eventually die. If you 
need more health, just use the healing potion. Congratulations for you 
have beaten the demo!

Frequently Asked Questions

These are just some frequently asked questions about the demo.

Q = Question
A = Answer

Q: Where can I get the demo?
A: The demo is in the March 2003 edition of Official U.S. PlayStation 

Q: How many characters and levels are there in the demo?
A: There is one character and one level.

Q: Why is there no blood?
A: This is probably because they couldn't make it too gorey because it 
is a demo. I am guessing they didn't want some little kids to see it or 

Q: Can I pick up weapons off of dead bodies?
A: Yes, you can but only the bow and arrow off of the guy that has it 
and the spear off of the guy that has it.

Version History

Version 1.0: 02-09-03: I began the FAQ.

Version Final 02-10-03: I added more moves to the Moves List and Stealth 
Kills sections. I covered everything I could think of in the demo so 
this will be my Final update. Enjoy.

Legal Information

No one has my permission to use my guide in any way, shape, or form 
without my permission. If you violate this, you could be punishable by 
law. Just don't do it. No one needs this. If you want to use it, just 
contact me and ask me and I will most likely let you. Please contact me 
if you find ANY FAQ's that seem to have ripped off my FAQ because I have 
found a few and believe me, I will contact the webmaster of the site. 
The only site that has my permission to use this guide so far are the 
following: GameFAQs.com.

                 Copyright 2002-2003 THAguyINgta3 

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