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Reviewed: 12/23/03

Tony Hawk on water?Yeah Right.

Ok,this is how it all started. I go to Blockbuster,and I look for a good game. I dont see anything particularly good. Then I look at Kelly Slaters Pro Surfer. Since I am a big extreme sports type of gamer I decided to check it out. I go home and I put the disk in, and the rest is an enchanted fairy tale.


The graphics were amazing. The best water I ever saw since I drank a Zephyrhills bottle earlier that day. They made the water look incredible,and all the surfers look awesome. Especially Donavan Frenchienriter,however you spell his last name. The designs of the stages were incredible as well. They did a good job with the lighting and everything. Antarctica was the bes. It really feels like your in the middle of Antarctica. They did a good job of making everything look perfect so,it gets a perfect score.


The sound in this game matches the graphics. The soundtrack was really good. They had many good songs from everything to Jack Johnson to Pearl Jam. The waves and water sound effects of the beaches sounded perfect. Also,in the story mode,when your sponsor calls you,it sounds just like the speaker part of a cell phone. They did an awesome job on the sound. I loved it.


Well,it's more of a career mode then a story,but that will do. The story mode is very good and challenging. They make good goals to do,however,sometimes,they can be a bit hard. For example,the goal where you have to do a photoshoot. Your timing may be off,and you might lose points. They still did a good job with this though. You cant have a game thats too easy,otherwise whats the point in playing it?


The controls in the game were very easy to pick up on. You may have some trouble in the beginning but youll pick up pretty fast. They make everything easy to do. Now this is the area where people start saying it's too much like Tony Hawk. I have to admit,it is. But at least it's easy. Plus,they have alot of extra ways to stack up extra points,so that's always a plus.


This is the weak point with all extreme sports games. After you unlock everything,and beat the story mode,what else is there to do? The free surf,should keep you busy,and they do a have a video called Kelly Slaters Pipeline Sessions which is half an hour long,so you should be busy watching that too. It's actually really good and kinda funny. It would have made good tv...oh,well.

Buy or Rent?

Definitely a must buy. Go out right now and get this game. Youll love it. The story mode will keep you busy for a while and the video is really good too. This is one of my favorite games to play and after this review,I hope it will be yours too .Enjoy it. They seriously need to make a sequel to this game. They haven't yet...

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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