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Eddie Quote Guide by FishEye

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 09/13/02


by FishEye (fishilens@yahoo.com)

First version (v1.0) finished on:  June 4, 2002
Updated to v1.5 on:  September 13, 2002
     - added (a lot) more quotes

This Quote Guide was created using the North American version of SSX 
Tricky.  I don't think the information presented here differs from the 
other versions.  If you notice anything that *is* different, please let 
me know and I will credit you for the info in future versions of the 

**Table of Contents**

A.  Introduction
1.  Character Select
2.  Big Air
3.  Land Trick
4.  Crash/Fall
5.  Passes
6.  Gets Passed
7.  Pre-Event Showoff Chatter
8.  Pre-Event Race Chatter
9.  Post-Event Taunts/Comebacks
10.  Wins
11.  Loses
12.  Unknown
B.  Outro


     While interest in SSX Tricky has waned from it's initial release, 
there are still some of us out there who continue to play the game 
regularly and still haven't tired of it.  Looking for something else to 
do for the game, a few of us from the SSX Tricky message board at 
GameFAQ decided to make quote guides for the characters.  The characters 
in the game say so many things (most of them hilarious) that it just 
seemed like a good idea to collect them all into mini-guides.  I 
volunteered to do Luther, Eddie, Elise, and Moby.  This is the Eddie 
guide.  Others are currently making (or have already made) guides for 
the rest of the characters, be on the lookout for your favorites!

     This guide is a work in progress.  I will be updating it 
periodically with new quotes as I'm sure there are many more I haven't 
heard yet.

     (?) = Not sure if this is exactly what the character said
     (CB) = Comeback (response to a Taunt)
     (T) = Taunt (followed by another character's Comeback)
     (F) = Happened while fighting (not sure if that's required)
     (KD) = Happened when Eddie knocked down an opponent (not sure if 
            a knockdown is required)
     (EKD) = Happened when Eddie was knocked down (again, not sure if
             that's a requirement)

I would also like to note that I've taken some liberties regarding the 
spelling of words.  I've tried to represent the character's dialect and 
in doing so may have intentionally misspelled words.

And finally - At this point I've listened to and watched countless 
replays of the game (that's where some of the best quotes can be heard 
the most frequently).  In regards to the Passing/Being Passed sections - 
it's very difficult to tell which condition the quote was triggered from 
when you are racing that close.  So, it should be noted that the quotes 
in those two sections are somewhat interchangeable.  I tried to place 
them in the section I felt the quote was most appropriate in.


     - Right on... baby!
     - Alright, let's keep it real.
     - Hachachacha, cha-ching!
     - You're not really picking me are you?  Ha!  Just kidding!


     - Rock and roll!
     - Gimme them frequent flyer miles!
     - This goes out to my homies!
     - Yeeeah!
     - Oh yeah bebaaay!
     - Ohhohoho.
     - Ohhohoho yes yes, haha.
     - Yaahoo!
     - Wooooo!
     - Woohoo!
     - Shout out to my buds!
     - Major hangtime, babay!
     - That's what I'm talkin' about!
     - Ah, oh yeah, oh yeah, yeeeeeahhahaha!
     - Good times steve!  Weoooo! (?)
     - I can see my house from here!
     - Eddie to traffic control.  I'm comin' in for a landing.
     - Soaring and scoring!
     - Woooooow!
     - Hahaha!
     - I can see the Earth rotating!


     - That one's for you, mom!
     - Fabulous, unbelievable!
     - Wooooah, no way!
     - No way.
     - Wooow!
     - Stunning!
     - Excelliente! (said in fake Spanish accent)
     - I'm gettin' all teary-eyed!
     - Yeah!
     - So very, very nice.
     - Sweet nectar!
     - My, my, my!
     - How's my airtime?  Call 1-800-Eddie.
     - Yeeeeeeahaha!
     - Excellent!
     - Somebody up there likes me.
     - I just made play of the week. 
     - I could weep.
     - Wahahahaha!
     - Off the charts!
     - Oh, that was beautiful!
     - That is cover material.  That... is the cover shot.
     - Do... you... believe... in... miracles?
     - And the crowd goes wild!
     - Sweeet!
     - That was a miracle, baby!
     - Yeah!  I wonder who's gonna play me in the movie?


3.  CRASH/FALL (many of these can be preceeded by incoherent grunts)
     - Zow!
     - Pain's an aquired taste.
     - Dooooh!
     - You kidding!
     - Get ready to stumble. 
     - Ayeeeiiiyayowoh!
     - Now I know... what not to do.
     - Come on Eddie, come on!
     - Oh man, come on!
     - Talk about hitting bottom.
     - Red Leader to base, I'm hit!
     - Does anyone have an aspirin?
     - Eeyikes!
     - That felt worse than it looked. 
     - Gravity test - check.
     - (Ahhow!) Ice burn.
     - Wake me up when I'm winning.
     - The story of my life.
     - All... part... of my... plan.
     - What's so funny?
     - Ah, this is gonna be painful to watch later. 
     - I need a day off!
     - Jeez!
     - Oh you've gotta be kidding!
     - I think I just made yellow snow.
     - I need a vacation.
     - For those scoring at home... that hurt!
     - Just like I planned it... only bad.
     - Hey, who put that there?
     - That stings!
     - The word of the day is... oooow!
     - Mommy!
     - A little duct tape and I'll be as good as new!
     - I think I'm gonna puke.
     - Am I ok? (Nah.  I'm not ok.)
     - I'm hit!  I'm hit!
     - Medic!
     - Note to self... next time... avoid... large... objects.
     - I knew that was comin'.
     - This is the part of the replay you'd probably wanna skip!
     [incoherent grunts and groans]


5.  PASSES (many of these can be preceeded by "Hey!" and/or a 
            character's name)
     - So long, sucka!
     - Come on, are you even trying?
     - The best way to leave you a message is to write one on my back!
     - You gotta be kidding me!
     - In life there is no shortcuts, but this ain't life!
     - Tag!  You're it!
     - Mind if I play through?
     - Hey, wish me luck!
     - Record setter, comin' through.
     - 'Scuse me!
     - Don't think of it as you losing, but me winning!
     - Excuse me, the finish line just paged me!
     - D'all hear about that movie called Winners?  Nah, I didn't think
     - Ey, hey, hey, hey, hey... don't worry.  I'm not a sore winner!
     - [snickering] You guys don't think you actually have a chance in
       winning here, do you?
     - Hope you remembered to pack a lunch.
     - Sorry, I guess I have space issues!
     - I'm like a time machine, one minute ahead a you!
     - I should probably start wearin' a siren on my head!
     - Passin' you is just as fun as I thought it'd be!
     - Nothing personal, just winning!
     - I'm your hero, admit it!
     - Let me introduce you to the back of my board!
     - You wouldn't know this by lookin' at me but I am... bad!
     - You got no chance, chump.
     - Wait, wait.  <sniff, sniff> Ya smell that?  Smells like Eddie's 
       gonna win!!
     - Oh wait.  beep...beep...sst...stt... I'm gettin' a telegram... 
       sst...beepbeep...sst... you're all LOSERS!
     - D'ya here that?  That's the sound of you... losing!
     - Are you kidding me?  Are you kidding me?  You're actually gonna
       let these people race?
     - Eat my snowy wake, loser!
     - Ah, ah.  This just in - looks like Eddie's gonna kick some 
       bootay today!
     - Today's lesson is - How To Lose... by everyone... except me.
     - Bad news, y'all.  I got up on the winning side of the bed this
     - Awh, awh.  I just realized... I'm gonna whoop all y'all!
     - Oh wow, wow.  This place must be so over if they're lettin'
       people like you in the race.
     - Any friend of your's is a friend of... your's.
     - You guys don't think you're actually gonna win, do you?
     - Shouldn't you be in the right lane!
     - Wait, wait, lemme look here... sorry, I don't see your name on
       the list.


6.  GETS PASSED (many of these can be preceeded by "Hey!" and/or a 
                 character's name)
     - I was never good with rejection.
     - Oh no, after you. (sarcastically)
     - No way.
     - I've been passed by worse.  
     - I musta left my boost at home.
     - Of course, you know this means war!
     - You haven't seen the last of me!
     - Give my regards to the finish line!
     - Ahhhok, you take point.
     - Don't forget to write!
     - Last time I was surrouded by people of your quality, I was in
     - No good could come of this.
     - What, no chit-chat?
     - We'll meet again!
     - Winning isn't everything!
     - I hope my mom isn't watching.
     - No passing on the shoulder.
     - Age before beauty.
     - You should turn your hazard lights on!
     - Where's the looove?
     - Heeeey!  Steroid test!
     - Must go faster!  Must go faster!
     - I see.  All's fair in love, war, and boarding!
     - Anyone get the license plate of that truck?
     - Woah, woah, woah.  What's goin' on here?  Who let you guys in?


     Garibaldi - The mountains of British Columbia.  Oh so flavorful.
     Snowdream - Oh so good to be back at Snowdream.
     Elysium Alps - Wine, the woman, and song.  Oh it's so good to be 
                    back in France.  (said in fake French accent)
     Mesablanca - I am sooo ready to get it on!
     Merqury City - I love this town!
     Tokyo Megaplex - Let's get it oooon baby baby, come on!
     Aloha Ice Jam - So good to be back... a mi ki aloha pumihana!
     Alaska - Loooove to be back in the mountains.  Oh yeah!  Alaska.


     Garibaldi - Aye, Luther!  How do you fit that board in your 
                 trailer? (to Luther)
     Snowdream - You and me, we're gonna be gettin' some air time, 
                 baby! (to Elise)
                 Yeah, you and me, right to the end. (response to
                 Word up. (response to Brodi)
     Elysium Alps - Let's get it oooon baby baby, come on!
     Mesablanca - Mesablanca.  I'm que bien para usted, baby. 
     Merqury City - I am sooo ready to get it on!
     Tokyo Megaplex - Hey, do you need a quarter to play this course?
     Aloha Ice Jam - I'll take 'em high, you take 'em low, got it? (to
                     Yeah!  I've got happy feet. (response to Elise)
                     I like your attitude, pal. (response to Brodi)
     Alaska - Hey Luther, you're so fat the back of your neck looks
              like a pack of hot dogs. (to Luther)


     - Yo, what's up with that? (CB)
     - Heeeeeey.  Where's the love? (CB)
     - Save that stuff for the gym! (T)
     - Hey, do you have to be so pushy? (T)
     - Heeeeey.  Why can't we all just get along? (T)
     - Hey, you're all a bunch of cheaters! (CB) 
     - Yeah, put a sock in it! (CB) 


10.  WINS
     - I came, I saw, I kicked some bootay!
     - If there's five great boarders in the world... I'm three of 'em.
     - Yeeeeah!  I just made my own day.


11.  LOSES
     - Message to Eddie - less sucking please!
     - Ahhh, gawd!  I hate losing!
     - Yup, this sucks alright. 
     - I'd like a winning order... hold the winnings.


     This category is for quotes that I heard but am not sure at what
     point they were said.  They are here until I find out where to
     place them.
     - Hey!  Where's the flag, ref? (F)
     - Only my girlfriend's allowed this close. (F)
     - Let's get ready to fly the UN-friendly skies.
     - I'll show you where to stick that hand. (F)



Any questions/comments/submissions/corrections can be sent to me at

Thanks to - 
     EA Sports for making such an entertaining game.
     Usanagi for working some of us into a quote making guide frenzy.
     WFeather for providing a guide template to work off of.
     Markus for some Eddie quotes
     Tidus for another Eddie quote
     Audra for a quote correction
     Nailbunny for 2 quotes
     fiton for 2 quotes

Legal Stuff - 
     Copyright 2002, FishEye.
     Authorized for use on:  www.gamefaqs.com

If you'd like to use this guide anywhere else, please write me at the e-
mail address (listed directly above) and ask.  Please do not alter or 
redistribute this FAQ in any way other than it's original form.

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