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Reviewed: 07/15/02 | Updated: 07/15/02

I'll MOON(light) you!

We've all played a mech game. They have human like machines that are usually large. Xenogears, MegaMan (hey, he's a machine alright?), ZOE, Robotech, Metal Gear Solid, etc. Well, Armored Core is the king of mech games. Hail the king. I SAID HAIL!!! That's better. I've been playing this series for awhile now, and I've gotten good enough to make joke ACs that can beat almost AC in AC:MoA's Arena. (Hail the Headless Chicken! Pilot: Headless. AC: Chicken. Weapons...laserblade. to none.) I was surprised when I got this game. (The store was sold out of AC2, so I got this.) I like the series and all, but...lack of arena?

Graphics: *drools* Oh yeah! This is a whole lot better than it's PSX brothers! Everything is detailed, nice coloring, it's easy on the eyes. ACs look good, the weapons look good, the stage looks good. ''It's all good.'' (Sorry, had to say it.)

Sound: Boom. Boom. Bang bang bang. While it's good sounding versions of that, it's just that. The voices that read the mission information for you is nice. Especially if you're illiterate and havn't bothered to learn how to read yet. (Uh, if you're reading this to your illiterate friend, try to make it sound...nicer. ^_^ If you did read that then say something like ''oh! he was just kidding! The next few sentences talk about how great illiterate people are!) [anyways] I found some of voices that you hear during missions laughable, they're just that bad, but many of them are decent.

Controls: It all depends, grasshopper. If you've been a good little bug, you've been playing the old Armored Cores (Hail the King!). Now if you've been a lazy grasshopper who wants to be smashed, you've never played one before and the controls are completely new to you. Look at the instruction manual you lazy grasshopper. If you were a good grasshopper, then you only need to add two new commands to your list. Both are the analog sticks. Press them down (Left stick=L3=Expansion...Right stick=R3=Overboost). These controls are well designed for the fast fighting in this game.

Fun: While not as fun as AC2. This game has it's moments. The game gets really good once you've beaten all the normal missions though. I found myself playing this game for weeks strait, every free minute.

Random complaints:I miss the arena! I want my arena back you big bully! *crys* I also hated how slow you start out as if you start this game from a new file. Ugh. it's just sad. Next complaint: Dodging lasers. Sure I don't mind not being hit by it, but think about the physics involved in dodging a laser. You'd have to be going faster than light! ...And to think, I was complaining about how slow the mechs are too...

If you're a fan of mechs, get this game now. If you're a fan of the Armored Core series (hail) then you should of beaten this game numerous times. If you are a true fan, you're just bored at the moment and you're reading these for fun, and because you've already beaten every AC (repeatedly).

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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