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Reviewed: 11/18/01 | Updated: 11/18/01

A game that could have been better.

This has to be one of the worst AC games yet. The missions are confusing. The only way I could beat it is using cheats. The gameplay was awesome. The graphics were great. Being back on Earth was the best. But, the missions and ''arena'' were the worst part of the game. I didn't like the way they made the arena. Very few arena battles,no choice of the type of arena, and other attackers in the arena that when you destroy them they come back are the key points that make they arena awful. The missions are confusing. If you don't have a machine gun you basically don't have enough fire power to complete a mission. Sometimes you need to go to your garage, to the shop,and back to the garage to complete a mission. The graphics are incredible though. New parts, new everything. The reason why I think they made this game so bad is that they made it a few months after AC2.
Story: Great story line in this game. Rent the game to see the story line. Sorry no spoilers!!!
I haven't seen anything like this!!
Explosions on impact, machine gun bullets can be seen, recoil after large hits, enemies are incredibly detailed,
tons of detail in levels, and water splashing is most impressive. Graphics are the best parts of the game.
Ugh!!!!!!! Awful. The graphics are great, but you need so much equipment to complete a mission. You need almost the best everything. Your AC can't even be a good to complete a mission. It needs to be excellent. The one thing that is great is you don't lose credits if you lose a mission. This makes the game very easy.
No choice at all. Not even a little choice in the arena you play in. It would have been nice to have at least a small arena option. Just a little choice in the choice of levels.
There were probably only six arena missions. Bad arena.
Two player Missions:
I have no clue about this. I don't have a second player to play with. Rent it to find out.
New Equipment:
Lots of new stuff in this one. Most of the hidden stuff from AC2 are in the shop this time. New legs, new arms, new cores, new everything!!!! You can even import your AC from AC2 to AC2:AA!!! It's incredible!
Emblems: Same emblem creation screen, but new sample emblems to choose from!
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Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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