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Reviewed: 09/27/01 | Updated: 09/27/01

An Expansion!

Armored Core has gone through several stages since its birth years ago. With the release of the PS2, it has already had one success and now follows up with a new breed of Armored Core that allows for more building, more battling, and a ton of missions that were absent from the original AC 2! This time around, you're no longer trapped in the Arena, but you're hired out to different factions after the great Thirty Years War between Mars and Earth in an attempt to undercut the other! With several different missions to choose from, and a ton of hidden parts to acquire, you're looking at a true sequel to an already great game.

-Game Play 9/10-

Another Age is now the most comprehensive mech building game there is, you have a massive listing of parts and cores that allows you to build a custom made Mech for use in game. Each part has a specific rating that must be met without overloading the weight requirement of your Mech, and most weapons need to be used on a trial and error basis!

Putting you in the hands of different factions, there is a need to do alot of testing, and then conquer your mission objectives before your Mech is completely destroyed. While this doesn't seem too difficult, the computer intelligence ranges from the insanely fast and weak to the ultra slow and super-powerful. Again, there will be a need to set your Mech to the situation that you're up against.

One of the coolest features is the fact that you can use your own created custom Mech that's saved on your memory card and fight against your friends on their game. This gives way to endless possiblities for battles and custom created Mechs, and not only that, but you can use your Mech from Armored Core 2 and add on the extra parts that are found here in Another Age!

-Control 9/10-

Nothing has changed since Armored Core 2, so if you're a fan of that game, then that is still here and in the same fashion that it was in the original. For everyone else, alot of practice will be needed to learn how to move your robot warrior and use the speed or sloth of the Mech to your advantage! The learning curve is relatively steep, so beginners will find some aggravation in trying to learn the movement of their Mech. Veteran and Expert gamers will find some difficulty at first, but once they've had a few rounds in the Arena with their custom Mech, there shouldn't be any problems in learning just what the Mech can do and in what situations.

-Audio 9/10-

A killer soundtrack with a heavy rock beat to it keeps the gamer in the action. Each stage keeps a fast paced tempo, and with a good stereo system hooked up, the 3D sound comes from all directions as you look at on the screen. Near perfect except that some of the sounds can become overwhelming and sometimes too loud when the volume is set too high from the stereo.

-Visuals 9/10-

From massive explosions to huge missile barrages that race across the screen, each and every attack made or produced comes blazing across the screen in brilliant fashion. Mech's come in all shapes and sizes, being built from scratch and from core units to produce a well designed and neat looking robot warrior. Gamers will find that the speed placed into the game and the well produced explosions and weapons effects dazzle the eyes. Most arenas are straight forward, with well designed obstacles and items to find.

-Overall 9/10-

A definite step up from the original Armored Core 2, Another Age offers more missions, more parts, and more possibilities than it did before. A definite add on to the system, Another Age comes through with some severe upgrades that were probably needed from the first time through. Worth a rent at the very least, die hard fans will find this a rather wonderful addition to their library and even weekend warriors will find this worth the rental!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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