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Gauntlet Walkthrough by NeoGamer

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/15/2003

            B A L D U R ' S   G A T E :   D A R K   A L L I A N C E

                         -=[The Gauntlet Walkthrough]=-

 [Walkthrough]----[Version 1.0]----[By: NeoGamer]----[neogamer007@hotmail.com]
                   |This file is Copyright © 2003 NeoGamer.|

                            -=[Table of Contents]=-
               |     I.-------Introduction                     |
               |         1.1---Legal Disclaimer                |
               |         1.2---General Information             |
               |         1.3---Contact Information             |
               |                                               |
               |     II.------Game Basics                      |
               |         2.1---Introduction To The Game        |
               |         2.2---About The Gauntlet              |
               |              [a]Unlocking The Gauntlet        |
               |              [b]Playing The Gauntlet          |
               |         2.3---Drizzt Do'Urden                 |
               |              [a]Stats                         |
               |              [b]Controlling Drizzt            |
               |                                               |
               |      III.-----The Gauntlet Walkthrough        |
               |                                               |
               |      IV.------The Gauntlet Map                |
               |                                               |
               |      V.-------Acknowledgment                  |
               |                                               |

                         -=[Section I - Introduction]=-

[1.1]--Legal Disclaimer
This document is Copyright © 2003 by NeoGamer. Any reproduction of this
document in part or in whole without the author's consent is strictly
forbidden. If the reader wishes to use this document for his or her personal
and private use only, then a printed copy may be made.

The following website(s) have my permission to host this document:


Any other websites wishing to host this document should contact me. Be aware
that all credit must be given to the author (NeoGamer) and the content may not
be changed. If you can not agree to this criteria, then do not ask permission
to host the document.

[1.2]--General Information
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 'The Gauntlet' Walkthrough

Author: NeoGamer

Date Started: 1/14/2003

Date Completed: 1/15/2003

Updates: None planned, unless updating hosting permission list or corrections.

This Walkthrough covers the necessary steps to complete The Gauntlet, and some
strategies for each section. Section IV contains a map of The Gauntlet for
reference points included in the Walkthrough. Also covered is the unique secret
character, Drizzt Do'Urden, in which you play through as during The Gauntlet.

[1.2]--Contact Information
I can be reached via:




More of my work can be found at:

Visit http://www.mediahq.net |OR| http://www.gamefaqs.com to reach me on the
message boards.

I will _NOT_ be accepting contributions to this document other than
corrections. If you find a mistake, e-mail me and credit will be given when I


                        -=[Section II - Game Basics]=-

[2.1]--Introduction To The Game

Platform: Playstation 2

Format: 1 PS2 DVD

Genre: Action RPG

Players: 1-2(Note: The Gauntlet does not support 2 Players)

Memory: 343KB Minimum(Depends on # of saves.)

Features: Digital/Analog and Pressure Sensitive Control

ESRB Rating(Teen): Blood/Violence/Use of Alcohol

Developer: Snowblind Studios

Publisher: Interplay

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance is set in the Forgotten Realms Universe, and
contains many of the same creatures found in the mainstream D&D universe. The
Gauntlet allows you to control Drizzt Do'Urden, a favored Drow in the Forgotten
Realms Universe. Unlike the PC versions of Baldur's Gate, however, Baldur's
Gate: Dark Alliance for the PS2 is an Action/RPG, and the battle takes place in
in real time. The Gauntlet is a bonus mode that is opened up once the game is
complete for the first time.

[2.2]--About The Gauntlet

[2.2][a]-Unlocking The Gauntlet:
The Gauntlet can be unlocked by successfully completing the game on any
difficulty with any of the three characters. The save file on your memory card
will allow you to access The Gauntlet from the main menu by choosing 'Start New
Game' and then 'The Gauntlet', which is the fourth option.

NOTE: After successfully completing The Gauntlet, save the game when
prompted(new save, you don't want to lose previous character data). You may now
access the 'Extreme' difficulty level of play.

[2.2][b]-Playing The Gauntlet:
When you start out, you will be in control of Drizzt Do'Urden(see section 2.3).
You will be given 15 minutes to run through a series of rooms, destroying all
enemies, and make it to the end of The Gauntlet. This task can be difficult as
your supplies are limited and the enemies come in large numbers. However, The
Gauntlet plays just like the main game...

[2.3]--Drizzt Do'Urden


These are the stats that Drizzt starts out with in The Gauntlet. In the normal
game, you can level him up and improve him further! However, The Gauntlet does
not contain enough enemies to do so. You will find some new weapons; however,
Drizzt will never drop his trusty blades(Dual Scimitars)!

Drizzt Do'Urden
Level 16 Drow Ranger

Experience: 122000
Next Level: 136000
Health: 160
Energy: 57
Armor: 43
Base Attack: 41
Damage: 29-59

Strength: 13 {+1 hit/+1 damage}
Intelligence: {+4 max energy}
Wisdom: {+9% experience}
Dexterity: {+5 armor}
Constitution: {+ 2 hit points}
Charisma: {+10% buy/sell}

Weapons(Dual Scimitars):
Icingdeath [+3 Frost Scimitar]
Twinkle [+5 Defending Scimitar]

Mithral Chainmail +4

Healing Potion(x3)

Repulsion(Level 2/5)
Otiluke's Icy Sphere(Level 3/5)

Deflect Missiles(Level 3/5)
Willpower(Level 1/5)
Intestinal Fortitude(Level 2/5)
Death Blow(Level 5/5)
Improved Critical(Level 5/5)
Improved Block(Level 1/1)

[2.3][b]-Controlling Drizzt

Drizzt is controlled just like the other characters in Baldur's Gate; however,
you will not be able to change either of his weapons. Don't forget about the
Block Button(R1). Drizzt has a feat called Improved Block that allows him to
use his Dual Scimitars to continuously block a frontal attack if the Block
Button is held down. This is vital to success in The Gauntlet.

Left Analog: Moves Drizzt

Right Analog: Rotates Camera

D-Pad Up/Down: Toggle Spells

X Button: Attack

O Button: Use Selected Spell

Triangle Button: Jump

Square Button: Use

L1 Button: Toggle Map

L2 Button: Drink Rejuvenation Potion

R1 Button: Block/Parry

R2 Button: Drink Health Potion

Start Button: Pause

Select Button: Inventory


                 -=[Section III - The Gauntlet Walkthrough]=-

To start out, here are some general tips that apply to all of the rooms in The

- Be swift; when opening chests, just pick up the contents(by pressing Square)
as quickly as possible. There is no need to sort through the treasure, as you
will likely need it anyway. Running around a room multiple times looking for
chests only wastes time. (See Section IV to see chest locations.)

- Sometimes when opening chests, some lit explosives will appear. If you see
this... run! The explosives can kill you, or cause you to waste your Health
Potions. The explosives appear at random in the chests, so be on the lookout
for them. Usually, however, Health Potions, Gold, and Rejuvination Potions are
the only items that show up.

- Try to conserve Health Potions. If you are using more than you are finding in
a room, you are using too many. Your small stock will eventually run out.

- Keep the small automap turned on so that you may find the exit in each room
quickly, and do not become disoriented.

- Tap the Square Button when running over dead enemies, since many of them drop
items(even Potions). Do not worry about picking up useless items, they are easy
to drop if you ever become over encumbered.

- Drizzt's Icingdeath Scimitar often freezes the enemies it strikes. If this
happens, take advantage of the situation by quickly striking the frozen enemy.
The frozen enemy will often shatter, allowing you to kill it before its actual
health runs out.

[Room 1]
You start out in this room. There is a chest next to the wall behind you, and
two chests next to the wall on your right. There are no enemies in this room,
so run through the corridor ahead and into Room 2.

[Room 2]
Enemies: Small Spiders(x14)
As you approach Room 2, a string of small spiders will attack you. A great
strategy is to run at a small number of them, then retreat. A few small Spiders
will follow you back through the corridor you just came through. Attacking the
Spiders in small numbers reduces your chances of being overwhelmed. While
attacking, concentrate your attack on one Spider at a time. If you are
surrounded, use your Repulsion spell to drive the Spiders back and recover
ground. After you have killed all 14 small Spiders in Room 2, grab the contents
of the chest near the top-right corner of the room(near the exit to Room 3).
After that, head straight through the corridor and into Room 3.

[Room 3]
Enemies: Kobolds(x13) Kobold Shamans(x4)
At the entry to Room 3, a few Kobolds will come at you for some melee action.
As with the Spiders, backtrack and take out the first few Kobolds, one at a
time. When you return to the entrance, you should see some Kobolds throwing
spears, and some Kobold Shamans casting fireballs in your direction. Hunt them
down and take them out sharply. The non-melee Kobolds tend to run from you, so
you might have to chase them. The Kobolds are extremely easy, and no match for
Drizzt's Dual Scimitars. Watch out for the poison cloud the Kobolds  produce,
as they can greatly affect your health in the midst of combat. Be sure to pick
up any dropped items, and search the 3 chests in the room. One chest is to the
left, and the other two are at the end of the room, opposite of where you
entered. The exit is on the right side, so when you are ready, proceed through
toward Room 4.

[Room 4]
Enemies: Umber Hulks(x3)
There are only 3 enemies is Room 4, however, they are very tough. The Umber
Hulks have quite a bit of health, and deliver a heavy punch. First of all, only
fight one of them at a time(so you can block). Enter Room 4, and lure an Umber
Hulk into the previous corridor. While it is possible to run around the Umber
Hulk in circles, attacking when you are near enough behind him to dodge his
attack, this is very time consuming. Instead, hold down the block button and
get in your attacks after the Umber Attacks you. In other words, block, attack,
block, attack, etc., and so on. I was able to get in 3-4 strikes successfully
and get my block back up in time without taking damage. This is not as time
consuming as running in circles. Also, fighting in the corridor itself is a
good idea as only one Umber Hulk can fit in at a time. After the Umber Hulks
have bitten the dust, grab the goodies out of the 4 chests in the room(see map)
and take the exit into Room 5.

[Room 5]
Enemies: Large Spiders(x4) Small Spiders(x4)
This is another very deadly room, mainly due to the large Spiders. Near the
entrance to Room 5, and draw a large Spider into the hallway. A small Spider
will most likely come along too. Using Otiluke's Icy Sphere to slow the small
Spiders down is great. A good strategy for the large Spiders is to run away
from them, and as they turn around to head back, run back toward them and hack
at them. Keep repeating this, shooting the occasional Icy Sphere spell at them
to take off damage as well, and you should have them before you know it. Repeat
this process for the remaining Spiders in this room. If you decide to take on a
large Spider in the middle of the room, be sure to jump in circles around it to
attack to ensure you are never facing the front side of the spider. Even while
blocking, you can still absorb poison. After eliminating the Spiders, grab the
loot from the 4 chests and head into the next hallway, and into Room 6.

[Room 6]
Enemies: Gnolls(x5) Kobolds(x6 Shaman)
Room 6 has both Kobolds(of the Shaman type) and Gnolls. The Gnolls attack you
first, but are quite easy to defeat. After attracting a few, head into the
previous hallway and use the same block/attack strategy that was used for the
Umber Hulks. Run back into Room 6, attacking the nearest enemy. Taking out the
Shamans first can help, and you can use the Gnolls as a shield while taking out
the Shamans on one side of the room. Again, watch out for the poison clouds
that are produced. Empty the 3 chests in the room once the Gnolls and Kobolds
have been killed, and head into the next room.

[Room 7]
Enemies: Gnolls(x12)
This room is rather easy, so long as you do not surround yourself with Gnolls.
Lure a few into the passageway you entered the room from, and begin attacking.
You shouldn't even have to block if you can afford to use a Health Potion. This
will save quite a bit of time. The Otiluke's Icy Sphere slows the Gnolls down
tremendously, which can help when fighting a few at a time. Clear the room and
snag the treasure in the 3 chests and head up through the corridor into Room 8.

[Room 8]
Enemies: Gargoyles(x15)
This room can be quite tough, as the Gargoyles attack in large numbers, and
inflict major damage. They are not too easy to kill either. The Icy Sphere
spell helps to slow the Gargoyles down, and renders them weak. However, the
Repulsion spell will save your Drow hide in the even you are surrounded. I
found it easier to use the Repulsion spell as I was often surrounded by a few
Gargoyles. Plus, as I have noticed, Drizzt's Icingdeath Scimitar has a high
rate of freeze on the Gargoyles anyway, allowing you to shatter them. Fight
only a few Gargoyles at a time by retreating back to Room 7. A group will
follow, allowing you to fight them on safer turf. Return to the room as you
need to finish off the remaining Gargoyles. Grab the items in the 5 chests
around the edge of Room 8. At this point you might be carrying too much(if you
indeed have picked up every item thus far). Drop any extra weapons and armor,
as you will not even need them. Head through the final corridor into Room 9
when ready.

[Room 10]
Enemies: Drow(x11) Small Spiders(x8) Onyx Golem(x1 Miniboss)
The final room, believe it or not, is not too tough. There are both Drow and
small Spiders in the first half of the room, and the Onyx Golem near the end of
the room at the exit. I would stay away from the Onyx Golem until the rest of
the enemies have been defeated. As you enter, several Drow will attack. Swift
and precise blows will take them out easily. Use the Otiluke's Icy Sphere spell
on the small Spiders followed by some blows, to take them out easily as well.
Keep the time in mind, as you could be running low on it by now if you were not
very quick in the previous sections. There are 6 chests spread around the room,
5 on the outside edges, 1 in the center. If you have need of the supplies, run
by the chests and pick up the goodies. As with the other rooms, running back
into the hall works well for the first few enemies. The room is so large that
it might not be necessary later on. When the Spiders and Drow have been
eliminated, make your way to the end of the room, to face the Onyx Golem. One
swing of his weapon can be deadly, however, this fight is still easy. A quick
way is to simply run around him, attacking whenever you can reach his back
side. Or, using the Drizzt's block skill, use the same tactic used with the
Umber Hulks(Block/Attack/Block/Attack). As with most powerful enemies, try not
to stay close to his front side for long unprotected. After he has been
defeated, go to the exit, where you will be prompted to save your game.

Save the game to a new file(you don't want to overwrite your old character!).
With this save on the memory card, Extreme move is unlocked. Later, after
completing Extreme mode with a normal character, you can use the save you just
made to import Drizzt into the game!


                      -=[Section IV - The Gauntlet Map]=-

Refer to section III for a detailed Walkthrough of each room, including all
enemies and tactics.

  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                                  ____
  | #1-9 = Room Number|                               __|EXIT|__
  |                   |                              |          |
  | [$] = Chest       |                            __|          |__
  |___________________|                           |                |
                                                  |                |
                                                __|                |__
                                               |[$]                   |
                                               |                      |
                                            ___|                   [$]|___
                                           |                              |
                                           |                              |
                                           |                              |
                                           |                              |
                                           |[$]                           |
                                           |                              |
                   ___________             |              9               |
                  |    [$]    |            |                              |
 __________       |           |            |                              |
|   [$] [$]|      |        [$]|            |                              |
|          |      |           |            |             [$]              |
|          |      |           |            |                              |
|           ¯¯¯¯¯¯            |            |                              |
|           ______     4      |            |                              |
|[$] 3     |      |           |            |                              |
|          |      |           |            |                              |
|          |      |           |            |[$]                        [$]|
|          |      |           |            |                              |
|          |      |        [$]|            |                              |
|          |      |   [$]     |            |                              |
 ¯¯¯|  |¯¯¯        ¯¯¯¯¯¯|  |¯             |                              |
    |  |                 |  |               ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    |  |                 |  |                                |  |
    |  |                 |  |                                |  |
    |  |                 |  |                                |  |
    |  |                 |  |                                |  |
    |  |                 |  |                                |  |
    |  |                 |  |                                |  |
    |  |                 |  |                  ______________|  |_____
    |  |          |¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|         |          [$]       [$]|
    |  |          |                 |         |                       |
|¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯|     |              [$]|         |                       |
|           |     |[$]              |         |[$]                    |
|        [$]|     |       [$]       |         |                       |
|           |     |      |¯¯¯|      |         |                    [$]|
|           |     |      | 5 |      |         |           8           |
|           |     |       ¯¯¯       |         |                       |
|     2     |     |             [$] |         |                       |
|           |     |                 |         |                       |
|           |     |                 |         |                       |
|           |     |__________    ___|         |      [$]              |
|           |                |  |              ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|           |                |  |                        |  |
|           |                |  |                        |  |
 ¯¯¯¯|  |¯¯¯                 |  |                        |  |
     |  |                    |  |                        |  |
     |  |                    |  |                        |  |
     |  |                ____|  |________         _______|  |____
     |  |               |          [$]   |       |           [$] |
     |  |               |                |       |               |
     |  |               |                |       |      ___      |
     |  |               |                |       |     |   |     |
     |  |               |                 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   [$]| 7 |  [$]|
     |  |               |        6        _______      |   |     |
|¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯|           |                |       |      ¯¯¯      |
|           |           |             [$]|       |               |
|        [$]|           |                |       |               |
|           |           |                |       |               |
|           |           |       [$]      |       |               |
|           |            ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯         ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|     1  [$]|
|           |
|  (Start)  |
|           |
|           |
|           |
|    [$]    |


                       -=[Section V - Acknowledgment]=-

-Thanks for CJayC for hosting my Walkthrough on GameFaqs!

-Thanks to the staff of MediaHQ for a job well done.

-Thanks to David Guermonprez for inspiring me to read the Forgotten Realms
series about Drizzt Do'Urden!

-The Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance instruction manual was used for a few
references while writing this Walkthrough.

-Thanks to the many readers and fellow FAQ writers who have supported my FAQs!
                                                     (you know who you are...)

    _|    _| _|_|_|    _|_|     _|_|_|   _|_|_|  _|      _| _|_|_| _|_|_|
    _|_|  _| _|      _|    _|  _|       _|    _| _|_|  _|_| _|     _|   _|
    _| _| _| _|_|   _|      _| _|  _|_| _|_|_|_| _| _|_| _| _|_|   _|_|_|
    _|  _|_| _|      _|    _|  _|   _|  _|    _| _|      _| _|     _|   _|
    _|    _| _|_|_|    _|_|     _|_|_|  _|    _| _|      _| _|_|_| _|    _|


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