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Uplink FAQ/Walkthrough by Cold NRG

Version: 1.05 | Updated: 10/16/04

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           ##   ##  :##:##   ##::::  :##:       ::::
           ##   ##  ##:: ##  ##::::  :##:       ::::
           #######  #######  ##::::  :#####     ::::
           ##   ##  ##:: ##  ##::::  :##::::::  :::::::::
           ##   ##  ##:: ##  ####### :##::::::  :::::::::
                    ::::       ::::  ::::       ::::
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                    :::::::::  ::::  ::::       :::::::::
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                    [  U     P     L     I     N     K  ]


                  A FAQ/Walkthrough of HL: Uplink by Jeff H.


 1. FAQ
 2. Walkthrough
 3. Enemies
 4. Secrets
 5. Other Stuff

1. FAQ

Q: What is Uplink?
A: Originally, Uplink was a downloadable demo released before the retail
   version of Half-Life on the PC. The demo was unique, as gamers later found
   out, because it contained gameplay not found in the retail version. Whereas
   most demos are a small portion of the full game, one must actually play
   Uplink itself to experience it.

   Fast forward a few years and Half-Life gets ported to the PlayStation 2
   console. The same PC Uplink is now available to PS2 gamers via a demo disc
   found on an Official PlayStation Magazine (OPM) demo disc. The disc, while
   working in conjunction with the retail version of Half-Life PS2, would
   allow PS2 gamers to experience the same content that PC gamers did several
   years back. Note that because the nature in which it is accessed on the
   PS2, Uplink is widely considered a mod or, more appropriately, an add-on. My
   recommendation is that you should only play Uplink once you’ve beaten
   Half-Life itself.

Q: How do I play Uplink on my PS2?
A: You will need a copy of the Official PlayStation Magazine's issue 57 disc
   along with your original Half-Life (PS2) disc. Load up Half-Life, go to the
   Options menu and select Cheat Codes. Choose Enter Cheat and press the
      Triangle, Square, Left, Right, Circle, X, Up, Down
   Press start and -- if entered correctly -- you will see the words "Extras".
   menu unlocked" at the bottom of the screen. Go back and choose Extras. After
   choosing whether or not you want to save, the disc tray of your PS2 will
   open. At this point stick the OPM #57 disc into your PS2. Close the tray and
   the game will load up. Choose the options like you would do normally. Have

Q: Help! I can't find this OPM disc 57 anywhere.
A: I got my disc off of a videogame website where people can trade games and
   demos (link below). You could try looking at the back issues that OPM has
   available and ordering it off of them. You can find their magazine on almost
   any newsstand today. Alternatively, you could try an auction site such as
   eBay. If all fails you'll have to think of something on your own.
     www.tradegamesnow.com -- videogame trading site
     www.playstationmagazine.com -- official OPM site
     www.ebay.com -- world's largest auction site

Q: Can I save the Extras menu so that I don't have to enter the cheat again?
A: Yes, you can. But you still will have to boot up the original HL disc first,
   then the OPM disc.

Q: I don't want the PS2 version of Uplink. Where can I find the PC version?
A: You can download it for free @ www.3DGamers.com


You start off with stuff blowing up in front of you. Walk down the hall and up 
the steps ahead. Listen to the scientist and security guard discuss what's 
going on. Wait with the security guard by the elevator doors. When they open, 
go inside and push the button to take it up.

Step off the elevator and make a left into the room with the soda pop machine. 
Grab the crowbar that's on the table then turn around and exit this room. The 
crates ahead can be broken with your crowbar, but be sure to note the health 
pack on the ground in case you need to come back for it later. Proceed past 
the crates and around to the left there will be a headcrab. 

Deal with it however you like (you can simply dodge it or strike it with the 
crowbar). Continue around and Barney the security guard will be firing at a 
group of them. Give him a hand if you wish but don't get in his line or fire 
or you will be shot. With them finished, enter the door near Barney and grab 
the glock pistol off the desk. Note the health and ammo here.

Turn around and head through the hallway where some more crates around. If you 
see the zombie alive shoot at it. Then shoot at the explosive container by it, 
killing the headcrabs in the area. Head through and make a right. Lock onto 
the laser boxes and shoot. Stand back while doing this so that the explosion 
doesn't harm you. Collect the suit armor nearby and head through where the 
lasers were.

You come out to a cargo room with crates below. There's three grunts (marines) 
down below. The first two are out the open and the third is behind some crates 
in the back left corner. Draw the two out by heading down the ramp, then 
quickly retreating past the hallway with lasers. The beginning of this hall is 
are far as they'll go, so use this to your advantage by shooting at them while 
they're there, and then retreating behind the doorway. With them taken care of 
the third just may come up. 

Make sure you grab their mp-5 assault rifles that they drop. Either way, this 
is the one that closes the gate on the other side of the warehouse. So climb 
the ladder and hit the button at the other end of the balcony. A crane holding 
a crate will move across the room, towards the gate. While up here, walk onto 
it and use it to get over the gate.

Once over the gate, head around the corner where there will be a few grunts. 
If you don't get the first instantly, he will retreat back and inside a cargo 
holder. Look inside and launch a grenade in there with your mp-5's secondary 
fire. Collect the stuff in here and backtrack to the ladder that's about 
halfway between where you're at and the gate. Climb it to the top of the cargo 
holders and find the open one that's up here. Move to the back and push the 
doors open. Quickly jump across to the right and collect the grenade. Look to 
the other side and chuck a few down there to take out the turrets and grunt 
behind the sandbags. Now you have to get down from here -- you can drop to the 
green crates below, on the side where the sandbags are at.

Make a left after passing the sandbags and there will be a few enemies in this 
next area. Use the explosive tank to your advantage: shoot it as  you back 
off. Also, the one turret faces this way, so use it if need be. After taking 
them out and with the tower to your right, make a left and follow the path to 
where a fire fight is taking place. Stay back and toss a few grenades in the 
area. Step in and finish off the rest. For the grunt in the tower it's handy 
to use the lock on. Collect any pickups, including the health packs to the 
left, and then pass the tower to the path where you see fire on the ground. 
Crouch down and crawl through the opening in the rocks.

Slowly follow the path back, through the rocks. As you come around to the 
right let the grunt walk to the door. There should be two grunts at the door. 
Walk up to the detonator and activate it. This will blow up the grunts but the 
door will be locked. Activate the panel and you'll hear the scientist telling 
you to wait. When the door opens, go inside.

You are now in the transmitter dome. Jump over the radioactive goo and take 
the lift up to the control area. Walk out and around to the other side where 
the control panel is. First, press the action button on the red valve so that 
the satellite starts to turn. Hold it until you hear a beeping so, then let 
go. Now press the red button on this same panel. And by this point some grunts 
should have come into the area down below. If you have hand grenades or 
grenades in your assault rifle, lob them down there before going down. Either 
way, you have to finish off these guys and the ones that rush through the 
door. The best strategy, I find, is to stay up top and angle your shots, 
pulling back right after you fire. With all grunts taken care of, you will 
realize that you can't go through the door that you came in. When the laser 
trip wires are triggered they cause a concrete panel to fall from the ceiling, 
thus the blocked door. Walk over to the pipe where the steam is coming out of. 
Move the valve until there is no more steam. Climb down the ladder.

Walk over to the dying scientist that's under the pipe to collect the assault 
shotgun and ammo. Go through the narrow doorway and down the ramp. Turn right 
when you get to the bottom and blast the zombies that you see. Turn and jump 
over the radioactive pit. Crawl under the pipe where you'll see a grunt being 
lifted the tentacle of a barnacle! Ignore it and let it happen. Walk along the 
pipe, but back to get the health packs in the corner. Now go to where you saw 
the grunt being lifted. 

Near the barnacle, crouch down, and shoot it until the tentacle is no more. 
Safely proceed through where you'll see yet another grunt falling victim to a 
barnacle. You can either shoot the barnacle and watch the grunt fall to the 
goo below, or you can just let it happen. Climb the ladder, being careful not 
to fall off!

When you get to the top you'll see a dead grunt being dragged. Shoot the 
zombie and the few headcrabs in the area. Turn around and face the pipes in 
the middle. Step to the platform on the right and walk up a bit. You should 
see some headcrabs in a dark alcove to your left, on the other side of the 
pipe. Destroy them and collect the health and shield pickups back here. Go out 
and keep following the pipe to where there is a ladder leading to the outside.

Climb the ladder to the *very* top and move to the pipe to the right of it. 
Use this to drop over the fence, to an area you've been before. Go as if 
you're going to walk past the crates and a fire fight between an alien slave 
and multiple grunts is taking place. Let them fight it out a bit until the 
alien slave is dead or all the grunts in the area is. Now step out and finish 
off the rest. Turn left and move towards the turrets and sandbags. An alien 
slave should appear out of thin air -- take cover to avoid the electricity, 
methodically killing it. Go to the turret area now. Use the ramp on the blue 
cargo holder to get back to the other side. Kill the lone alien slave that's 
around the corner.

Open the gate using the panel next to it. A fight will break out in this 
warehouse. As per usual, let them fight it out a bit. When you enter it's wise 
to retreat and let them advance to you, since there is so many. Work hard and 
don't forget about any health you previously saw in the level. Now go as if 
you want to get back to the beginning of the level (which you do). Follow up 
and around to meet up with the Barney guard again (if he's still alive). Pass 
him up and the door to the left is broken in half. Hit the button to see some 
alien slaves as it lifts up. Take cover behind the wall or crate. Then finish 
them off after they've fired upon you. Proceed through, and when you get 
around the corner you'll meet some more slaves! Kill them as you would 
normally and take the elevator back down.

When you get to the bottom you'll hear a scream. Look over the railing and 
help the guard shoot the head crabs. Activate the panel down here to open the 
shutter door that's behind him. Enter and around the corner is a first aid and 
HEV station. Use them if you must. Follow around where you'll see two 
houndeyes. They'll run from you but don't be too anxious to chase after. 

Slowly walk around and into a computer room. Some computers behind you will 
explode then fall to the floor. Shoot the two zombies that appear. Now focus 
on the houndeyes in the back. Look for the hole in the wall that has red light 
shining out of it. Crawl into this duct and work your way to a hallway.

As you advance a bit you'll see a big hole in the wall to your left. Look 
inside to see something nice, hehe. When the duct falls from the ceiling, get 
on top of it and take it all the way to the top. Climb inside the red duct, 
killing the headcrab up ahead. Follow through until the duct breaks and you 
drop onto a platform. At this point there's not much you can do. The huge garg 
goes on a rampage. Just sit back and watch the show (notice G-Man in the 
window across the way?). When the platform is knocked down it's just scare 
tactics. Moments later Uplink ends.


NOTE: This only covers the enemies seen in Uplink, not the full game.

These little creatures look like Thanksgiving turkey. They'll lunge at you, so 
be careful. Your best bet, to save ammo, is to use a crowbar. Dodge their 
lunge, crouch down, and hit them with the crowbar a few times.

They're basically dead scientists with headcrabs on them. The rush you and 
will swipe at you. Very easy to deal with as long as you keep distance between 
you and them. A headshot works best.

Marine-like humans, these guys are no joke. They'll communicate over a radio, 
planning their next attack, so listen for this. They're heavily armored and 
have big guns, so try not to rush them. Find a spot where they won't come to 
and stay there. Return fire.

Alien Slaves:
Walking on two legs like humans, these creatures shoot a huge charge of green 
electricity at you. When you hear their noise take cover as soon as possible. 
Then step back out and return fire.

They hang from ceilings and use a long tentacle to pull you in. Shoot up at 
them to destroy. If you start to get pulled in quickly look up and shoot, or 
you could take severe damage if the fall is high.

These things look like bulldogs with no heads. They've been severed or 
something. Stay away from them because their radius shock inflicts pain.

You'll encounter this big guy at one point in Uplink. There's nothing you can 
do about it, though.

The Man in the Suit:
Also known as G-Man, he quite the mysterious fellow. Keep an eye out for him 
later on.


Hidden Path:
While it's nothing amazing, there is a hidden path that you can find in 
Uplink. At the beginning, just after getting off the elevator, make a left 
into the room with the crowbar on the table. Get the crowbar and start hitting 
the *front* side of the soda pop machine. The face should break open, spilling 
pop cans everywhere. Back up and wait for the machine to blow up and 
eventually falling forward. This reveals a small opening behind it. Get onto 
the pop machine and turn the valve to stop the steam. Crouch down and go 
inside of the duct (turn on your flashlight). Climb the ladder and take the 
vent through to where it breaks. Kill the headcrabs and collect the goodies in 
this storage room. Exit through the door and out to Barney.

Extra Pickups:
When you stand on the cargo holders that overlook the sandbags and turrets 
(just after exiting the warehouse) there's some pickups that are up here, 
across the way. To get them jump onto the broken portion of the crates up here 
and then to the top. Leap across and grab the stuff.

Hidden Valve Logo:
To see a Valve logo in Uplink, get towards the end of the demo. After you kill 
the houndeyes in the computer room, crouch down into the red duct. When you 
get inside, look to the left and you should be able to see the logo on the 
duct itself.

Skip Some Enemies:
This requires you to use the Infinite Health cheat that can be found on the 
internet (www.gamefaqs.com). First get to the transmitter dome and take care 
of business up top. When you come back down there will be grunts that rush 
through the door. Kill them and notice the laser trip wires on the doorway. 
With the code on, quickly run through these trip wires. If done fast enough 
you will get through the door without being blocked by the debris. So now you 
can completely eliminate having to go through the sewer area and even shaving 
off a few enemies ahead as well. It's a cool trick that you should give a try.


This guide was made by Jeff H., for your playing use. To contact me go to my 
contributor page on GameFAQs and follow the link on that page. You should then 
see some kind of e-mail address. I do this to prevent spam. Here's the link:

Version 1.05 - Oct. 16, 2004 - Changed the first FAQ. New ASCII art
Version 1.00 - Jun. 09, 2004 - First release. Uploaded to GameFAQs

- Valve for making Half-Life, one of the best games ever created
- Planet Half-Life (www.planethalf-life.com) for the enemy/weapon names

Copyright 2004, Jeff H. This guide may NOT be use for gain without my consent. 
Feel free to print it out and use it to help you through the guide. Please 
don't post this on the internet without asking permisssion. All things 
relating to Half-Life are property of Valve. All other trademarks and 
copyrights belong to their respective holders.

-end of file-

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