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FAQ/Walkthrough by Collider

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/30/02

Game: Half Life
System: Playstation 2
by: 'Collider'
Version: 1.0

Half Life FAQ/Walkthrew

-Legal Stuff-
This is my work, I did it to help you.  Now you can help me by NOT copying 
this faq, And NOT duplicating it in any way shape or form without my 
permission.  If you wish to print it out for personal use, go ahead.  
It is for personal use only.

I. Weapons
    a. Pistols (9mm Handgun, Magnum)
    b. Rifles (M4 Assault Rifle, Shotgun, and Dart Gun)
    c. Explosives (Grenades, Trip mines, Explosive Bags)
II. Levels
    a. Anomalous Materials
    b. Unforeseen Consequences
    c. Office Complex
(Coming soon)
    d. We've Got Hostiles
    e. Blast Pit
    f. Power Up
    g. On a Rail

Ia. Pistols
    9mm Handgun
    This is the first gun that you come across, Its a 9mm Berreta.  You 
can get these from any security guard (You have to kill them).  Its 
clip holds 17/250 shots, uses standard 9mm bullets.  Its bullets are 
interchangeable with the M4 assault Rifle.  Its low attack power make 
it useless against marines, But it is good against monsters.
First Function: Fire
Second Function: Rapid Fire
   This is a high power handgun that you get from a security guard in 
a later level.  Its round holds 6/36 bullets, And uses Magnum bullets 
found all over.  Each box of bullets hold 6 shots.  It's high power 
make it a great weapon for use against marines.
First Function: Fire
Second Function: -

Ib. Rifles
    This is the second weapon you get early in the game.  Its shell 
capacity is 8/125, And ammo comes in boxes of 12.  Its excellent second 
function make it the perfect weapon for sneaking up on enemy's and 
getting an instant kill.
First Function: Single Blast
Second Function: Double Blast
    M4 assault rifle
    This is the third weapon you get in the third level.  You get these 
from marines and its ammo is standard 9mm bullets, This rifle (Although 
a real M4 is a 5mm) can use the Berreta ammo with this weapon, And its 
second function makes it great for clearing out rooms of unwanted 
First Function: Rapid Fire
Second Function: Grenade Launch
    Dart Gun
    You find this later on in the game.  It is the Half Life equivalent 
of a Sniper rifle.  Its a 1 shot kill weapon, and has a 5 shot clip.  
Ammo for this is found rarely, So use it sparingly.
First Function: Shoot
Second Function: Zoom in/move while zoomed in

Ic. Explosives
    Grenades are basic explosives that you get in the second level.  
Their high attack power make then great at either killing un suspecting 
marines, Or simply getting marines to retreat and give you time to 
regroup.  If a marine spots the grenade when you throw it, They could 
do a number of things from running to picking it up and throwing it 
back at you.  Remember, the grenade has a five second fuse, Time your 
grenades to make them explode when you want them too.
First Function: Grenade
Second Function: -
    Trip mines
    These Trip mines you can get in the fourth level, They are great 
at covering areas behind you.  These mines are set on the wall and use 
a laser to sense when some one walks by, Once the laser is tripped, 
It explodes with great power.
First Function: Trip Mine
Second Function: -
    Explosive Bags
    These explosives are the most powerful.  These are used mainly to 
throw behind marines after you have sneaked up on them, Then when you 
get away, Detonate it and clear out a room.  So mainly these are great 
for sneaking up on and killing multiple enemy's.
First Function: Throw and Detonate
Second Function: -
II. Levels
IIa: Anomalous Materials

    This is the first part of the game.  After a long train ride into 
the facility that basically tells you about who you are and what you 
do in the facility (The Black Masa research Facility).  After the train 
ride a security guard will come to the door and let you out of the train.  
Follow him over to the main door to the complex and he will let you 
in.  As you go threw the two huge steel doors you will see a main desk 
with a guard sitting there and some scientists walking around.  After 
talking with the guard, He tells you that you are wanted in the Test 
Chamber after you get your HEV suit.  If you really want to wander around 
you can, but to get your HEV suit and get done with this part of the 
game and get right into killing monsters and such, Then here is where 
you go.  From the main room there is only one hall way.  Fallow it until 
you see the first right that you can go.  Go down the hall (There should 
be a loading screen once you are threw it) and go right.  In this hall 
there is a lounge to the right, And in the back are the personal locker 
room.  Skip the lounge and go right to the locker room.  Freeman's locker 
is the last one on right on the back wall, Closest to the bathroom which 
is to the right, And to the left, Which is where you want to go is your 
HEV suit.  When you get there you will see a control panel.  Push the 
button on the panel and your HEV suit's cylinder will rise.  Go and 
get your HEV suit then go back to your locker for a battery cell (They 
serve as armor for your suit).  Also take note of the health machine 
in the bathroom.  
    You are done in the locker room, now its time to get right on with 
the experiment.  Just follow the hall back to the lounge and go straight 
then continue following the hall until you come to a door.  The security 
guard will open it for you and there will be another loading screen.  
In the next room it doesn't matter which way you go, They end up at 
the same elevator.  Get in the elevator and go down but take note of 
the ladder that goes up and down, You will need to know that later.  
When you get down just follow the hall until another loading screen.  
After the load continue on into the next room where you will see 3 
scientists talking about todays experiment.  When they are done one 
of them will open the next door for you.  Continue down the hall until 
you go threw a door and see 2 scientists standing there waiting for 
you.  Another loading screen.  They will talk to you about the dangers 
of todays experiment then they will let you in the test chamber.  In 
the back of the chamber there is a platform leading to a ladder.  Go 
up the ladder to the control panel and when they tell you to push the 
button.  Go back down the ladder and wait near the steel mesh around 
an elevator and wait for your test sample to come up.  When it does 
push it into the center of the test.  Uh oh, The scientists aren't to 
happy with whats going on, then KABOOM.
IIb: Unforeseen Consequences

    This level will basically test your awareness.  There are plenty 
of little things that are easy to over look and get you killed.  When 
you begin this level the place where the experiment took place is a 
mess, And you some how survived without a scratch.  Go back out the 
door you came from and activate the eye scanner by the door.  Donald 
Duck makes a guest appearance here and the door will slowly slide open.  
The guard is down and a scientist will be helping him.  Keep following 
down the hall and to your right a pop machine will explode and crush 
another scientist.  Be careful about that.  Get back to the elevator 
and go up.  A scientist will tell you to get to the surface for help.  
The door leading out is locked, You need to talk to the one scientist 
who is standing up to follow you.  He will open the door for you.  In 
the next room is one of the things that will kill you if your not careful.  
The door on the other side is closed, And it wont open so dont try to 
open it.  Walk half way into the room then quickly run out.  Electricity 
will begin shooting threw the window and it will hit the door and blow 
it open.  When you feel it is safe to run across then do so.  Now you 
back to the hall on the other side.  After the loading screen you can 
just run threw the next room.  There will be the first monster you see 
trying to get to you but ignore it.  You can't kill it any way since 
you wont have a weapon yet.  In the next room there will be a line of 
piping with a laser shooting out of it.  That will kill you in one hit 
so walk slowly along the pipes, That way you will be under the laser 
and there will be no way for it to hit you.  Once you are past the laser 
go back to the opposite side of the hall and slowly walk forward.  
Another place in the pipe will burst and another laser will shoot out.  
Be careful to get across this one since it moves around.  Once you get 
passed the lasers there will be a crow bar waiting for you on the other 
side.  Duck down and get out your crow bar and break the glass on the 
door.  Once you get back into the hall follow that to the elevator and 
you will see some of your scientist friends falling down the shaft in 
the elevator.  Walk onto the platform and go down the ladder to get 
30 more armor for your HEV suit, Then go back up the ladder.  When you 
get up there will be one monster walking towards a security guard.  Help 
the guard kill the monster with your crow bar.  There will be another 
monster coming from the left of the guard.  The guard will see the 
monster and shoot at it.  let him kill the monster then take your crow 
bar and kill the guard for his hand gun.  Once you get his gun the leave 
the room.  In the next hall there will be to monsters in lab coats.  
In the next hall there will be 2 monsters in lab coats.  Use your hand 
gun from down the hall.  They will die in about 7 shots.  After killing 
them continue down the hall.  when you have the chance to go right, 
Dont take it.  Go straight and if you lost any health go into the lounge 
and use the pop machine, Each button will give increase your life by 
1.  Continue down into the locker room and there will be another open 
locker with 2 clips in it.  Take them then go to Freeman's locker for 
some health items and 30 armor for your HEV suit.  Now go back out into 
the main hall and go left.  After the loading screen go to your left 
and follow down that hall.  a vent will blow up and give you access 
into the room, But first go behind the desk and turn off the alarm.  
Once you go threw the vent, There will be 2 monsters waiting for you.  
One of them you can kill from outside the vent, and they die with two 
hits.  But when you go in there will be an explosion.  A large machine 
will fall, But its not likely that you would be near it to be crushed.  
On the other side of the machine is the other monster.  Kill it then 
if you need to, there is a first aid machine on the wall.  On the back 
wall there will be some machines piled up.  Jump onto one and go out 
another vent to get to a new part of the area.  Once you get out into 
the hall you can watch the funny show of a scientist killing a monster 
by pushing a file cabinet on it, Then getting attacked from behind.  
You can't help up so just go on your way, but you can go into the room 
on your right and kill a monster with your crow bar.  It will be sitting 
in a chair looking at a monitor.  Sneak up on it and bash it.  Once 
you kill it then go on your way down the hall.  In the next room will 
be a guard who has just killed a monster.  Take his gun and fill up 
on life if you need it.  Then duck down and go under the door.  Press 
the button on your left and the door will open.  In the next room you 
will see a new monster.  You can kill it with your crow bar easily.  
If you go to the right and look at the vent you can see a scientist 
being pulled up and killed, Then see his parts fly back out the vent.  
After watching that go to the left and when you get to the next room 
look up at the walk way.  You will see a mysterious man in a suit standing 
there, Then he will walk away.  Weird huh?  You can't kill him I have 
tried so dont waste your ammo.
    Continue on and in the room 2 monsters will come out.  These die 
in about 5 hand gun shots.  to your left will be a room with a first 
aid machine if you need it.  to the right is a door and inside the door 
is a monster.  Kill it and move on.  As you go down this hall there 
will be a ladder at the end.  If you slowly go up you will see a few 
monsters, Two little ones and 1 big one.  To kill them easily just hit 
the explosive barrels behind them.  To the right will be a scientist 
hiding.  DONT KILL HIM.  Talk to him and get him to follow you.  Then 
go to the right with him.  There will be the walk way that the man was 
seen on, And at the end of it will be a door that only the scientist 
can open and a monster.  Kill the monster and go into the room.  Inside 
the room there will be 3 hand gun clips, 3 grenades, and a first aid 
machine.  Take all that you can and leave.  Once you get out of the 
area go threw the hall way under the big '19'.  In this hall walk up 
to the door that will be directly in front of you and wait for the 
monster inside to destroy it.  Kill the monster and get two hand gun 
clips that are inside.  Further down the hall there will be a scientist 
hiding in a dumpster.  Behind the dumpster is another health machine.
    If you look threw the bars you can see another monster coming out 
of a grate in the floor.  Kill him from a safe distance.  Then look 
down the hole on your side of the bars.  There will be a little monster 
waiting for you.  Kill it from above then drop down.  once you are down 
find your way to a valve and turn it.  The water will rise and you will 
need to get out quick.  Once the water raises turn around and take the 
first right that you can.  Look up and there will be a vent cover.  Press 
the use button and it should open and get out.  When you get out there 
is only one way to go.  Continue down the hall.
    In the next room there is two ramps leading up to the same place.  
Take the far ramp to get two clips off a guard, Then use the switch 
and quickly jump over the railing behind you to get on the elevator.  
As you go down the elevator several little enemy's will fall down behind 
you but dont worry about them.  What ever you do just dont fall off 
the elevator platform.  Below it is a grinder that will kill you.  Dont 
worry about the enemy's that fall, If one stays on the platform just 
kill it and take some damage.  There is a first aid machine down their 
waiting for you.  The first aid machine is on your right, And there 
are a few monsters waiting for you on the left.  Go to the first aid 
machine first and kill the monsters from a distance.  Use the first 
aid machine if you need to.  Go back to the other side and destroy the 
boxes with your crowbar, There will be some hand gun ammo in them.  Go 
on down the hall and when you get to the next room, Where the ground 
is a steel grate, DONT RUN PAST.  A monster will appear and destroy 
the path, So just walk a little bit onto it and then you will see some 
pipes on your right.  Jump onto them and carefully make your way across.
    When you get to the end of the pipes there will be a vent you can 
go in.  Break it open and go inside.  The first place where you can 
go out of is over a long fall.  Dont go out this way.  Keep on going 
threw the vent until the end of it.  That is where you want to get out.  
In the hall if you look you will see where you just came from.  Go threw 
the hall and around the corner will be a bunch of boxes, Break them 
and get 30 armor for your HEV suit.  At the end of the hall there is 
a broken walk way and some water below.  You are going to need to go 
into the water but be careful since there is a grinder in the water.  
Stay on the surface and avoid the monsters on the ceiling.  Head to 
your left and you will see a ladder.  go up and into the door.  Stay 
close to the wall so you dont fall back into the water and you will 
see another new monster.  This one spits acid or something at you and 
it can hurt from a distance.  Go into the door and follow the hall.  
In the next room is where they test your jumping.
    They are going to have you jump box to box, And its rather difficult.  
It will probably take you a few tries.  When you get across do another 
quick save.  Continue along the hall and go up the ladder at the end 
of the hall.  Go up and go along the hall and when you go out of the 
door you will be on the other side of the broken walk way.  Go to the 
elevator and get in and go up.  Now your on to Office Complex.
IIc: Office Complex

    As the level begins the elevator jerks to a halt and the doors 
slowly open.  In the hall in front of you will be a scientist being 
pulled into the vent by a monster, and below that will be health and 
a battery cell for your HEV suit.  Get those.  You will notice a wire 
hanging down shooting out electricity.  DONT GO NEAR IT.  IT WILL KILL 
YOU NO MATTER WHAT.  As you look at the wire if you go to your right 
the door will be locked.  So look at the vent on the wall near the wire.  
Carefully sneak up to it and break it open with the crow bar and go 
in.  You will see a set of bar, and some monsters on the other side.  
If you want ammo you will need to go in that side of the bars so I suggest 
throwing a grenade threw the bars to kill the monsters.  After you do 
that turn on your flash light and go right, Then look left.  There will 
be another vent cover to break open and you will have to be careful 
of the fan.  You can't afford to get hit by it.  So hold down the crouch 
button and crouch into the room.  There will be one monster that some 
how survived the grenade blast waiting for you so kill it with the hand 
gun from a distance.  Still crouching, go to the right of the fan to 
get two hand gun clips, Then carefully leave.
    Continue threw the vent until you come to another cover.  Break 
it open and go into the room.  There will be 3 monsters up in the ceiling, 
But they can only get you if you touch the cord that they drop down, 
So just avoid those.  Near the back there will be a door, Go threw and 
there will be a power switch.  Turn off the power and go out the double 
doors that used to be locked.  Now the wire is no longer a threat.  Go 
past it and the door will be locked but just smash the window with the 
crow bar and go threw it.  In the back of the hall there are allot of 
boxes.  Destroy them all and in the end of this hall there will be a 
shot gun waiting for you.  It will be sitting on a table along with 
12 shells.  Ahead of that is a guard and a monster about to attack the 
guard.  If you want 36 more shells then you gotta save the guard and 
get him to open the gate.  Once you get your shells (there is also a 
med kit in the back room), Drop down and destroy the boxes below the 
walk way for 15 armor, and another med kit.  Then leave this area.
    After leaving the place where you got your shot gun you take an 
immediate right and watch a monster tear apart a room.  Dont kill it 
right away, There are two hand gun clips waiting for you inside.  The 
monster will eventually destroy the door completely, Then you can kill 
it.  Get your ammo then you will notice that the two other doors in 
this area are locked.  One of the rooms has a broken window leading 
to it.  Go threw the window but try not to touch the ground.  There 
is water and a broken wire IN the water.  It wont kill you right away, 
But its best to avoid un needed damage.  On the other side of the room 
is the light switch and a monster.  Kill the monster and turn off the 
lights.  After the water is safe to walk in, go to the cabinet that 
should be behind you and go in it.  There is 15 armor in there.  Then 
look at the vent on the wall.  There are three monsters in there that 
you can kill before you open the vent with your hand gun.  After you 
kill them go into the vent.  Hold down the crouch button since in the 
next place if you stand up you will be killed by a large fan.  At the 
end of the vent there is another cover, Smash it off and you will fall 
threw the ceiling but dont worry, You wont take any damage.
    Push the two grayish blocks together to get up into the ceiling, 
Climb up the ladder, Break threw the cover, Kill the monster up there 
then turn around and break the cover again.  DONT fall in yet.  There 
is a auto gun in the next room that will shoot at you.  Let a scientist 
distract it while you seek cover behind another grayish box.  I advise 
you to hid behind the gray box since its the only one that wont be 
destroyed.  From the gray box there is a brown box on the right.  Push 
that box and use it for cover.  Underneath the drone gun is a power 
switch, Activate that to turn off the drone.  After getting rid of the 
drone, Go into the back of this room, Back there you will find two hand 
gun clips, A shotgun, And a box of shot gun shells.

Special thanks to the makers of this game.  My computer is crap, And 
I have always wanted to play Half Life.  They made it possible.  Thanks 
to you for reading my faq, And rest assured, There is more to come.  
I will try my hardest to make the most detailed Faq possible to help 
out you, And I will also try to finish it relatively soon.

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