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FAQ/Walkthrough by Mysticcat

Version: 5.1 | Updated: 07/06/04

  This FAQ is Copyright 2002 by Phan Nguyen Khanh Dan


  Let's begin to a beautiful dream...

           %%                                        %%
           %%  %%%% %   %  %%%%  %   % %     %   %   %%
           %% %     %   % %    % %   % %%    %  % %  %%
           %%  %    %   % %      %   % % %   % %   % %%
           %%   %   %   % %  %%% %   % %  %  % %%%%% %%
           %%    %  %   % %    % %   % %   % % %   % %%
           %%     % %   % %    % %   % %    %% %   % %%
           %% %%%%   %%%%  %%%%   %%%% %     % %   % %%
           %%                                        %%
           %%=======   A T O N E M E N T    ======== %%

             Logo by : Phan Nguyen Khanh Dan "Mysticcat"


           |    Game name : Tsugunai - Atonement      |
           |    Genre : Role-playing                  |
           |    Developer : SCEI & Cattle Call        |
           |    Publisher : Atlus U.S.A               |
           |    Released : November 2001              |
       |   FAQ name : Tsugunai Atonement FAQ/Walkthrough   |
       |   FAQ author : Phan Nguyen Khanh Dan "Mysticcat"  |
       |   Version : 5.1                                   |
       |   Contact : kthoa@hcm.vnn.vn                      |
       |   Date : January 10th 2002                        |

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%  T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S  %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

   1. Introdution.....................................Complete
   2. Legal Stuff.....................................Complete
   3. Update / Revision History.......................Complete
   4. Storyline.......................................Complete
   5. Basic Terms.....................................Complete
      + Controls
      + Battle System
      + Knowledges
      + General Tips
   6. Characters......................................Complete
   7. Walkthrough.....................................Complete
   8. Enemy List
   9. Magic List......................................Complete
      + Knowledges
      + Runes
      + Summon Beasts (Amulets)
  10. Weapon & Armor List.............................Complete
  11. Item List.......................................Complete
  12. Frequently Asked Questions......................Complete
  13. Conclusion......................................Complete
      + Conclusion about Tsugunai
      + Contact Info
  14. Credits/Special Thanks..........................Complete


 1.  I N T R O D U T I O N


  Hi everybody ! I'm very glad now because I have owned a PS2, and now
that I can play any good games of this great console. I'll purchase a
Final Fantasy X DVD when it's out in my country. But currently, I'm
going with Tsugunai - Atonement, a pretty new role playing game for PS2.
This game is similar to Final Fantasy games, about battle system and
various spells. It's not a very good game... because the game has few
battles, but searching and talking are so much. This is just my first
opinion, but I don't know if I will change it in the future. But in
present, this game is very worth playing for me. So then I'll try to
continue it til I finish this guide the most complete.

  If you have been a real player of Final Fantasy or The Legend of
Dragoon, I assure you don't feel strange with this game. According to
Atlus U.S.A., let me introduce the game's features :

- Dodge, counter attack and block ! Tsugunai's intense combat system
immerse the user in every battle.
- Summon the power of magical beasts to tame evil that has befallen the
- Possesion System allows you to take control of over a dozen different
characters in the game !
- Spellblinding graphics and eye-popping magic spells !
- Haunting Celtic-themed soundtrack by Yasunori Mitsuda !
- Explore the dangerous countryside of Walondia on your way to
redemption !

  Okay, I think it's enough for you to begin your gaming time. Let's go
to the main parts, but remember to read Legal Stuff...


  2.  L E G A L  S T U F F


  Hm... I must repeat again.
- This guide is owned by Phan Nguyen Khanh Dan "Mysticcat". So it can't
be altered, plagiarised or used on websites without the author's
permission. To ask for my permission for something, just email me at
kthoa@hcm.vnn.vn politely. If you do as this note, I guarantee you'll be
allowed to do what you wish. If not, please don't complain me if
anything happens to you.
- Furthermore, this FAQ mustn't be used as magazines, gifts, profitable
guides... Generally, it must be used for NON-PROFIT only. I make this
guide and serve people without getting money. So you can't earn money on
my work.
- Current available sites with this guide :


- If you want to get updates, just check http://www.gamefaqs.com for the
best version and latest update.

   Thank you for reading this stuff, and sorry for being rude.


  3.  U P D A T E /  R E V I S I O N  H I S T O R Y


- Version 0.5 (January 10th 2002)
  FAQ started.

- Version 0.7 (January 12th 2002)
  Walkthrough began.

- Version 1.0 (January 15th 2002)
  Walkthrough under construction.
  Other parts added.

- Version 1.5 (January 17th 2002)
  Repair mistakes.

- Version 2.0 (January 25th 2002)
  More updates about Item List, Weapon List.

- Version 2.1 (January 22nd 2002)
  More walkthrough come.
  Update Magic List.

- Version 2.5 (January 30th 2002)
  Update Basic Terms.
  I have been very busy this time. I've just finished this game, I have
been trying to add walkthrough as much as I can in my spare time. Sorry
for being late ! But I'll try as soon as possible.

- Version 3.0 (January 31st 2002)
  Walkthrough basically completed, except some missing quests. They will
be added as soon as possible.

- Version 3.5 (February 1st 2002)
  Today's my birthday. I have tried to complete all walkthrough and
update some other necessary sections. Now the guide is completely
available. More updates will come if there's any majority.

- Version 3.8 (February 1st 2002)
  I have just received offer to post this guide on www.cheatcc.com, so I
think I should update it soon. At the same time I correct athe passages
of the guide and mistakes. This is nearly the last update.

- Version 4.0 (February 8th 2002)
  "Frequently Asked Questions" added.
  Http://www.gameyourway.com has just asked for my permission to use
this FAQ. I have given them my permission and now this guide will be
available in their site.

- Version 4.5 (March 13th 2002)
  It has been a long time since I stopped updating this guide. Many
readers have written to me, asking about several problems. One of them
is about the Ring of Agility. This item was submitted by some reader,
and now a lot of people make me thing that it's not available. So I
cancel it from now. At the same time, I receive many letters submitting
new stuffs, which were sent by more than one person. I think it might be
true. Please forgive me for the mistake, I'll try to make my guide
better. All of readers' ideas are appreciate. Thank you very much !

- Version 5.0 (March 19th 2002)
  It seems that I might have enough information to fill up those I
mistook. Thanks to readers again.


  4.  S T O R Y L I N E


  * From Atlus U.S.A. :

  Tsugunai is the story of a young mercenary named Reise, who had
inadvertently angered the God of Light by removing the mystical Treasure
Orb from its sacred pedestal. As punishment, The God of Light forever
separates his soul from his body until he atones for his sins by helping
the people of Walondia. However, without a physical body of his own, the
only way to change the facts of the people is to possess them.
Ultimately, Reise must confront the evil power responsible for the
darkness that has befallen Walondia.
  Will he find redemption in time or will his soul be lost forever ?


 5.  B A S I C  T E R M S


   CONTROLS      \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  Directional buttons (3D control) :
   + Up : Go to the north
   + Down : Go to the south
   + Left : Go left
   + Right : Go right

  Main buttons :

  Triangle button : Menu Screen
  Circle button : Cancel/Back
  Cross button : Ok/Decide/Talk
  Square : Possess (when you're next to a person with sadness within)
  L2(or R2) + Directional buttons : Walk

  Directional buttons : Select commands
  Triangle button : Counter guard
  Circle button : Backstep
  Cross button : Select command/Normal Guard
  Square : Strage Guard
  Left + Cross button : Escape

   BATTLE SYSTEM      \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  When yoy engage a battle, if you have tried Final Fantasy games, it's
easy to understand with Tsugunai. A command board is shown for you to
execute a choice :

  Attack the opponent. This command is always available.

  Use Magic. This command is only available when you have equipped at
least one Amulet attached with Runes.

  Call summon beasts. This command is only available when you have some
Amulets fulfilled with Runes (even you don't equip it).

  Use Items. Here you can use Healing Items or Attack items stored in
your inventory. Other types of items are not shown here.

  To have this command, press the directional button Left and keep it,
then the "Escape" commands. Choose it by pressing X button. Remember
that your character can't always escape by this way. Sometimes you
mustn't escape, especially in boss fight.

  GUARD (This is got from the middle-aged knigh in the game).
  This action isn't shown in command board because it's a free action.
You access it WITHOUT the command board, when the enemies cause hit on

  If you can read the enemy's attack and guard at the right time, you'll
take less damage. There are four different types of guarding :

  + Normal Guard
  Button : X
  Normal Guard is the most basic method of defense. If you can't pull
off a Normal Guard, you're as good as dead. It's best to use this guard
when fighting a new enemy, to get used to their attacks.

  + Strage Guard
  Button : Square
  By guarding the enemy's attack, with the Strage Guard, you build up
your fighting spirit (Strage Points). I call it SP guard for short. When
you build your SP to the max, you can pull off a move that surpassess
your limit. I call that move Strage Attack.

  + Counter Guard
  Button : Triangle
  Counter Guard combines offense and defense. If you can read an enemy's
attack, it's possible to counter attack. It is a high risk, high return
attack. In order to master this guard you must have some skill, but you
should handle it easily.

  + Backstep
  Button : Circle
  Backstep is just as its implies, dodging the enemy's attack by
backstepping. Some enemies have attacks that render guards useless. The
Backstep is useful against enemies that blow fire and the like. When you
backstep, you lose your fighting spirit Strage Points. When you don't
have any Strage Points, you won't be able to backstep.

    KNOWLEDGES     \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


- Possessing is a means of taking physical action as a soul. In order to
take or move things, you first have to possess someone.

- In general, you can possess those that have sadness, pain or anger in
their hearts. But you can't possess people if they are sleeping or
unconscious, even if they meet those conditions.

- Possessing is easy, just go up to someone and channel into them
(Square button). But once you possess someone, be warned : It's hard to
get out. To get out of a body, you have to heal that person's heart. If
you heal that person, your spirit will leave their body. The body of the
person will reject your existence and should put you out.

- The body you possess will follow your thoughts, but your skills do not
carry over. For example, even if you can fight, trying to possess
someone who can't won't do any good. No matter how strong you are, if
the person you possess can't fight, neither can you. If the person you
possess dies, you'll die with them, so be careful.
- Be careful not to stray to far from your body as a soul. If you stray
too far from your body, you won't be able to return to it. 400 years ago
there was a man who ignored my warning, and now he must roam the world
for all eternity. So you be careful, too. It's easier to think of the
town as your limit.


  You'll hear this story from Head Monk Rui in the end of Quest 1 which
involves yor situation.

  "A man named Ezal stole for the sake of the poor. However, the God of
Light, did not think that Ezal's deeds were right and split Ezal's body
and soul as punishment. But Danu knew that Ezal's deeds were not evil
and told Ezal to heal the hearts of the people to save them from misery.
Once the people's hearts were healed, there was a Sign of Light and only
then did Danu allow Ezal to return to his body. Ezal was given the
Ordeal of God not to satisfy the poor's wordly desires, but to heal the
sadness within their hearts..."

  GENERAL TIPS    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  When entering a battle, the most importance is that you must always
guard, always defend. Your enemies frequently cause hit on you, and try
to press the guard buttons at time they prepare to hit. The most common
and easy defense is using Normal Guard. It can reduce a great deal of
damage and easy to use. If you don't guard, you may lose a very big
damage that can kill you instantly, even with regular enemies. At first,
it may be hard for you to get acquainted with the defense buttons as you
have been familiar with Final Fantasy. But don't worry, you will
gradually do well if you practice frequently.

  A knight has reminded Reise about this. For this game has the defense
system, so then the regular enemies can be hard for those who haven't
got acquainted to it. If you feel that you're going to die with no
healing magic and items, so just run out of battle. When the commands
are shown, keep pressing Left button, then press Cross button to escape.

  Cure and Naste are very important spells. They recover yourself and
waste few Magic Points (MPs). Try to use them more frequently than
healing items because you should save your money for weapons and
accessories which are more expensive very much. For attack magic, you
can use them to complete a battle quickly, but don't use too frequently
because they waste a lot of Magic Points.

  Strage Attack can be used when your Spirit Point bar is full. The
Spirit Points can be collected from the process while you are in battle,
by attacking enemies or by guarding, except that Backstep can reduce
Spirit Points. When your SP bar is full, there is an arrow appearing in
the right next to "Fight" command. Keep pressing Right button, you see
the "Strage" command. Press it, the Power Focus bar appears. And if you
want to succeed the limit skill, you must wait until the bar is filled
three times. At the third time, you press the Action button at very the
last point of the bar, not before or after. Then your character will
execute his/her real Strage Attack. If you don't press the button at the
right time, the Strage Attack now just causes a regular damage as
ordinary hits or stronger a few.

  It's important for new players. This game is divided into many stages
called "Quests". You can check your quests in Menu Screen. Each quest is
a different mission. If you want to know about your next mission or how
to do it, you must talk to the people around to find some hints. Some of
them may give you useful information. When you have possessed someone
but you don't know what to do with him/her, just go to the Vacant House
in Harbour and ask Navi. He will give you necessary hints.

  Of course, I don't force to read all of them. But they might be pretty
useful in your missions to know what to do. A few of them shows you new
battle systems, others tell you about the current events of your
mission. If you have been a Resident Evil player, you may abandon some
of the files. But please change it if you want to play this game better.

  ...if you have enough money. The later missions you do, the harder
they are, with stronger and tougher enemies. So then your weapons must
be powerful enough to fight against them. If not, it'll be very hard to
complete a later battle, and you may face a lot of difficulties when
your weapons are not strong enough to make great damage, your armors are
not hard enough to keep you alive. Of course, you must know the best way
to guard, to reduce the damage you get.

  It's better to refine runes when you have enough magic stones. Of
course, put the necessary ones in your amulet, then equip it. These
things take a big role in the battle, as you need Cure and Naste to
recover yourself.

  Navi is the Domovoi who helps you to reunion with your body in this
game. He always stays in the vacant house in the harbour to wait for
your results. When you possess someone, but don't know where to begin.
Just come there and talk to him.


  6.  C H A R A C T E R S


  * In Japanese version, Reise = Leise
  Species : Human
  Gender : Male
  Age : 25
  Occupation : Mercenary
  Weapon : Sword
  Strage Attack : Highland Brave
  Reise is a talented Raven who always succeeds missions he is given to.
He is instructed to grab the Treasure Orb of Danu - the God of Light
that causes anger to the God. Then he is punished by being separated his
soul from his body. Reise becomes a ghost who wanders to find a way to
reunion with his body.

  Species : Human
  Gender : Female
  Age : 18
  Occupation : Fisherman
  Weapon : Spear
  Strage Attack : Morrigan's Tempest
  Fisela is the daughter of the Chief Fisherman in Walondia harbour. She
always detests her father for that he left home to go fishing on the day
her mother died. That's also the deepest pain in Fisela's heart that
can't be healed easily with time. But in fact, Fisela is a brave and
strong girl who is afraid of danger and ordeals. She always tried not be
the same as her father - who she thinks to be heartless and unemotional
and helps other people when they are in danger. As Reise who is being
challenged by the God, you must possess her several times to help her
heal the sadness within herself, until she could be back to a happy life
with her father.

  Species : Human
  Gender : Male
  Age : 23
  Occupation : Mercenary
  Weapon : Bow
  Strage Attack : Vespine Screw
  His father left him with a great debt of Mills - the money lender. He
is living with his old mother. He is a very young Raven who has worked
hard at an early age to pay his father's debt. But it's hard for him to
find jobs, partly for his little experience and his young age who can
mess up everything. And then Reise must lend him his skills. Just like
Fisela, you help Ifem to pay back his debt by seeking jobs, as you
gradually heal the sadness within himself.

  Species : Human
  Gender : Male
  Age : 28
  Occupation : Apprentice Monk
  Weapon : Mace
  Strage Attack : Divine Stumble
  He is an apprentice monk who seems strong and hard-minded. But in
fact, he is afraid of danger and cowardly. He is clumsy in every job,
but always ask to do hard missions. Then he again feels frightened and
shaken... As Reise, you must help him to make himself better, to get his
confidence and heal the sadness within himself for being a coward.

  Species : Human
  Gender : Male
  Age : 35
  Occupation : Former Commander
  Weapon : Axe
  Strage Attack : Suibne Gelt Rage
  He looks strong and hard. He was a talented Commander of the Castle,
who is very rough and arrogant in behaviour. Jacob, an ex-knight has
found him injured in the Quay Caverns and tried to help him. But Raffer
lost all his memory about his past, but his arrogance and the confidence
to honour aren't changed... As Reise, you must help to regain his
memory, as his pain is healed.


  Species : Fairy
  Gender : Male
  Age : unknown
  Occupation : unknown
  People call him "Domovoi", the legendary fairy who helps the people
like Reise to reunion his ghost and his body. For some unknown reason,
he left the fairy land to live in Walondia. And Reise is the seventh
people he has to help as he says.

  He is a loyal servant of the Chief Fisherman and a faithful friend of
Fisela. He always worries about her family, for the distance between
Fisela and her father. He considers them as his closest relativess
serves them as well as he can.

  Bild is a fisherman's son in the harbour. He is a naughty boy who
loves to find out about fairies and unreal stories that his friends call
him "liar". But he also has his confidence, and he always tries to prove
for his friends that he doesn't lie.

  She is a rich woman who has owned a great past and a huge property.
Being intelligent and cunning, she lends people money with high
benefits, and now she's got tons of debtors which most are big sum of
money. One of her debtors is Ifem - the young Raven who must pay for his
father's debt of Mills.


  7.  W A L K T H R O U G H S


  You begin with a scene. The Head Monk Rui is worrying about someone
lying on the bed. He loses his consciousness, and doesn't wake up, just
like he has died. But then the Head Monk Rui sees his soul separated
from his body. That man is Reise. So what happened to him ?


                 QUEST 1 : THE START OF ORDEAL
    Why have your body and soul split ? Recollect your memory...
     Look for the "Treasure Orb" as requested by Lord Cole...


  You see a ship sailing. There are ravens and knights who are talking
about the Treasure Orb of the God of Light. And then their mission is to
grab it for Lord Cole. One of the knights talk to a raven, then you can
name your character. I think just let the default name "Reise".

  When the scenes are over, you should open your menu screen to check
before getting in mission. Remember to setting your current Rune and
equip the Amulet. You are having Cure - a healing magic and it'll be
very useful for you in battle. Try to search the current area for some
items, then make your way toward the tower.

  You may see a Save Point on your way, and I think you should use it
now. Then go forward the Sacred Forest. You see the knights talking
about a dead body in front of them. There are victious monsters in the
area, then you must be careful on going. You can take a look at the dead
body's diary. Then go next to the left. You face your first enemy : a
Vodianoi. Try to beat up this stocky guy. If you don't know how to
guard, just attack as usual and heal yourself.

  After the fight, the knights come to you to teach you how to guard.
Please remember what they tell you. The guard system is very important.
I have written those words into the Basic Terms menu. You can refer to
there if you can't remember. Then make your way to the Tower of Eriu.

  Enter the Tower of Eriu, you may face some Kobolds and Unseelie
Courts. Get the chest under the stairs (Antidote), then go upstairs. You
will be going over a skybridge. Forward the next tower.

  You see a circular hallway, with something in the centre. If you check
it, Reise will say that he needs to put something in the hole. First,
you go up the ladder against the north wall. You see a fountain with a
statue of a nymph. Grab the Oak Tiara on the pedestal, then read the
note written on it. There are some hints about the Oak Tiara taking to
Heavens. Then you get down the ladder. Head to the left way.

  Pass through another skybridge to the third tower. Then go downstairs.
Reise will have a talk with a knight who tells you that there's nothing
major here. Don't believe him. After he's gone, you check the pedestal
behind him to get Small Lithograph. Then bring it back to the second

  Put the lithograph into the device in the centre of the tower. Then
some spiral stairs are risen up to guide your way. Go down, remember
that Kobolds are around the stairs.

  When you reach the bottom, you see a monster blocking the way to next
area. Fight it now. It's a Manticore. Don't forget that it can poison
you by the dash hit. So be careful.

  Reach the next area. There's a nother Manticore here, and a blue
treasure chest. You'll get a new weapon of Reise in the chest, so don't
forget it. Then get down the stairs and check the fountain with a nymph
statue. Put the Oak Tiara on the pedestal, you'll see the way connecting
to the next tower is created with gold light. After that, save here.
Then get pass the light bridge.

  When you enter the chamber, there'll be a curse of the God. It's to
threaten the one who would release the darkness will be started to the
ordeal of God. Ignore it and just get in. Then you see an orb on the
pedestal. Touch it, then the curse sounds again and you will have to
fight a boss :

  Estimated health : 600 HP
  Difficulty : Medium
  He is not very tough, except for his fire blow. He can dash to you,
scratching you by his claws. You can use Normal Guard or Counter Guard
to prevent this attack easily. Sometimes he can dash too. But the
dangerous cast is the fire blow. In this way, just Backstep guard can
save you. But it will waste a lot of your SPs. Fire blow can take you
about 90 HP. If you can suffer (by using Medicine or Cure magic), just
try to save your fighting spirits to get Strage Attack to beat him. If
not, just backstep when he blows fire, and then beat him by regular
hits. Remember that you equip the new weapon Reise got from the blue
chest (The Coltana Blade) that will make this battle easier. If not,
just try with Claymore sword if you want to have some moments of

  After that, Reise grabs the thing he thinks to be Treasure Orb. Then
the knights come. The middle-aged knight is always jealous you, because
Lord Cole didn't trust him as he did with Reise in this mission. He
confirms that the Treasure Orb is black shining, not this cyan one. The
tower is going to collapse as the Treasure Orb is put out, you just get
out of the chamber. Then there'll be a scene that Reise gets pass to the
opposite tower. And the middle-aged knight, for he was too late, so he
drops as the magical bridge disappears. The whole tower is destroyed...

  That's what happened to Reise. Then some fishermen have found him
floating in the sea, they brought him to the Monastery and he has slept
for three day. In fact his soul is split from his sleeping body. Only
Head Monk Rui can see Reise's soul. When Head Monk Rui goes out to talk
to somebody from castle, you go out with him (as a soul) by getting
through the door, then witness the talk.

  Then you get back to your room where your body is put. After the talk,
Head Monk Rui tells you to follow him. Go out again. Try to pass through
the wall as the Head Monk asks, but you can't. Then do the same with the
metal door Rui shows you, but it's impossible for Reise. A real ghost
can get through anything, but Reise can only do with wood. Let's follow
Head Monk and get into the Monastery Hall.

  Rui's room is the only door on the left. Get in. Save here if you
want. While Rui is searching for documents, you observe the huge
painting on the wall behind his desk. Check the notes on the bottom side
of the painting, until Rui asks you if the picture has pleased you. Then
he tells you a story about Ezal who was undergoing the Ordeal of God,
and says that Reise is in the similar situation. But now he doesn't know
what to do, so then The Head Monk Rui asks Reise to find the legendary
Domovoi - who is told to help the people undergoing the Ordeal Of God.
Domovoi can be a fairy or a gnome. It may be wandering in town, at the
places where people don't often come. You step on Quest 2.


                     QUEST 2 : COOPERATOR
            In order for you to return to your body,
   you must find the gnome Domovoi to help you with "The Ordeal of God"


  After talking to the Head Monk Rui, you can save in his room. Then go
out. In the monastery hall, try to search for a door in the right which
takes you to the kitchen. Pass through the kitchen to the next yard. You
see someone "fixing" the right wall by wooden bars. That guy is very the
apprentice monk Ashgo, but at this time you have nothing to do with him.
Now get through the broken wall hole to outside.

  Go along the path, pass over the wooden bridge to the coast, then the
next area. You'll see a Rune Shop and two paths. The little left path
takes you to the Castle Front. So you choose the right path to come to
town directly.

  Now you must find the Domovoi who can wander around here. First, let
me introduce about the areas in the town. The northwest path goes to the
Castle Front. The northeast one takes you to the town gate and Weapon
Shop. The big house next to that path is the Pub. The building which in
under construction is the Sanctuary. About you, head to the southeast
stairs. You see the Item Shop of Keith - the owner. Remember that you
can't do business or anything with your ghost form. Just go straight to
the south-easthern from the Item Shop.

  You come to the Harbour. The bottom left house id Fisela's house. The
next upper one is the house of some fisherman. And the top one is Bild's
house. The house in the right from your position is Mills' house. Now
you go to the right, passing Mills' house, then go up the stairs to a
vacant house. Bild is looking through the window, as he is trying to
look for a fairy.

  After Bild goes away, you enter that house. Then something strange
makes Reise take his weapon. As a ghost, he can see who is in the house
: a sleeping fairy. Reise talks to the fairy who claims to be a Domovoi,
a gnome named Navi (You can change another name if you like). Navi tells
you about him and his jobs. Reise needs his help to reunion with his
body, and Navi says he's the seventh person he must help, as the humans
never changes. Their curiosity and greed take them to the punishment of
the God of Light. Then he will teach you how to possess other people to
heal them. Follow him and go out of the house.

  Navi is standing on a crate. People can't see him or Reise because
Reise is a ghost and he is a fairy. You talk to him and remember what he
teaches you. The people who can be possessed are the ones bringing anger
or sadness. Then Navi will test you by stealing the wallet of the long-
haired fisherman. About you, just walk to him and press the Square
Button. Reise will say "There is sadness within" and then you can
possess him by answering "Yes". Now you are the long-haired fisherman
and you just can go out when you heal his sadness of losing the wallet.

  Navi wants to test you again. He commands you to find a Fairy Mushroom
for him in the Quarry. He will wait for you in the vacant house. After
that, you go to the small path on the next left of the vacant house to
Town Gate. Then ask the Gatekeeper to go to the Quarry.

  Once you enter the Quarry, talk to people here and search any places
you like. Currently there's nothing in the caves, because you'll be back
here as Ifem (see "Characters" section) to find out about this place.

  Now you head to the right, climb up the ladder to the grass. Here you
may find a Purple Mushroom. You can take if you like, but I assure Navi
will refuse to get it if you bring this mushroom for him, because it's
not the Fairy Mushroom.

  Okay, if you don't want to waste time, talk to some guy beside the
ladder. He tells you that he has lost his Lunch Bag somewhere in the
grass and his wife will shout at him. Now you come to the south grass
(where there are some chopped-down trees)and find the Lunch Bag on one
of the trunks. Return it to the quarry and tell him about your
situation. He will tell you to find the Fairy Mushroom around that grass
area. Then you go back to the grass and search the chopped-down trees.
The last one may have the Black Mushroom under it. Take it, and come
back to give it to Navi. It's indeed the Fairy Mushroom, and you have
ended Quest 2. Navi returns the wallet to the long-haired fisherman, and
Reise is pushed out from his body. From now, you must survive by
possessing other people to heal their hearts during this game.


                    QUEST 3 : RUNAWAY GIRL
         Worried about the Chief Fisherman's daughter who
  ran away from home, her caretaker Wallace has gone to look for her.


  Go to the Fisherman's house in the bottom left of the harbour. There's
a talk between the Chief Fisherman and Wallace about his runaway
daughter. When the chief has gone, you possess Wallace.

  When you have taken control of Wallace, go around the harbour and ask
the fishermans. Some of them say that they have seen the chief's
daughter go to the Blacksmith's house (the Weapon Shop). Then you get
out of the harbour by the way next to to Navi's vacant house. Then head
to the Weapon Shop in the left. Talk to the Blacksmith. He says that the
girl has bought a trident, but she didn't train. She's gone to the
Graveyard to visit her mother's tomb.

  Then you go out, talk to the Gatekeeper in the north. Answer him to go
to the Graveyard. Then you go.

  In the Graveyard, you may see Mills talking to her "husband". About
you, just go up the stairs and visit the tomb with the white flowers on
it. Mills says they are the Forget-me-not. Then a FMV appears. Mills
gets out, as a girl is going in. That's her - the chief's daughter. Then
you will have to rename her. Her default name is Fisela. After that, you
take her back to the town. Then Reise's soul will be pushed out and he
gets back to Navi. End of Quest 3.


  Worried about his poor sales and losing confidence in his business,
   the shopkeeper, Keith, is trying to find a way to save his store.


  Get out of the vacant house and go to Keith's shop. If you enter by
front door, you won't see him at the counter. So where's he ? You go up
to the town square, find a way next to Regina (the woman selling
paints), then get through the left wooden door. You see Keith
despairing. He wants to find the Twig of Ent to complete making the
Secret Medicine. Possess him now. Remember that Keith can't fight.

  Head to the Pub. Then talk to the drunk quarrier, he may tell you to
hire a young raven to find the Twig of Ent. Come and talk to the
Innkeeper. When they are talking about a young raven, a real "young
raven" goes in. You can name him, and his real name is Ifem. The
Innkeeper tells you that Ifem must work hard to pay for his father's
debt, and you can hire him.

  After the scene, you go up to the inn. The right way takes to the
balcony, so you just check the left side forward where there are three
rooms. Get in the middle room and talk to Ifem, asking him about the
Twig of Ent. He will tell you that it might be in Ruins Hillock. Now get
out and walk to the town gate. Ask the Gatekeeper to let you go to the
Ruins Hillock.

  I don't remember very much the details of this matrix. Just try to
find the right stairs to get to next areas. There's no monster here.
When you get to the right path, grab the treasure chest and go up the

  There's a bear (Torngasuk) here. But Keith can't fight. So just ignore
it and go up the right stairs. Then go up the north, passing the left
stairs til you see a prop with a Triangle Stone on it. Take it out, and
you see the central arrow stone is moving. After that, you head to the
arrow stone, throught the left area to find a similar prop attached a
Pentagon Stone. Grab it, then the arrow stone moves again. Return to it
and head to the open south path. It takes you to another stairs to go

  Once going up, you can't do anything more. Your next stairs are
locked, with a Square Stone. Now just read the lithograph on the way. It
says that the Twig of Ent is put over the stairs with the Water of Life.
Then Keith is attacked by the Peryton. But Ifem will come to save you,
and he tells you that this place is full of monsters and it's not good
for Keith to come. Then you are back to town.


                   QUEST 5 : THE LONG-EARED CAT
    Bullied by his friend and called a liar, Bild is looking for
       a "long-eared cat" to prove that he isn't lying...


  Go to the Castle Front. You see Bild talking to his friends that he
saw a long-eared cat somewhere. Then his friends call him a liar. Then
Bild decides to find the cat to prove to them and he goes away. You get
out of town to the Sansbank. Bild is crying, then you possess him.

  As Bild, you don't need to fight. Now get to the harbour and talk to
the long-haired fisherman (whose wallet was stolen by Navi in Quest 2).
He will teach you how to catch a cat, that you needs food to deceive it,
then he allows you to get his basket full of fishes.

  Now check around the harbour along the edge and take a basket with
five fishes. Then you head to the right, you see the gate to Haunted
Lighthouse. People can't pass here, but you can. Just check the hole at
the bottom of the gate, then get through it easily as you are a child.
Head to the Haunted Lighthouse.

  First, go forward to the end, go up the ladder to find Raven who is
trying to get in the lighthouse. He will tell you to find the way by
climbing the tree roots. After the talk, you get back to the entrance
where you see the first stairs. Go on it and run along the tree roots.
Then go into the cave beneath the tree trunk.

  When you go in, you see the beautiful long-eared cat. But the cat will
run away when you come close to it. There are four areas that the cat
can get out. Just put a fish at one of the areas to deceive it. Then
come to it until you catch it. I don't think there's an order here. The
cat still runs away although I have put the food. Just until the fifth
fish, the cat comes to me itself. Its default name is Mimi and you can
change it.

  Then you take the cat back to the town, to Castle Front. Bild has
proved to his friends that he is not a liar. And Reise will get out of
his body.


                      QUEST 6 : AQUAMARINE
   The fisherman's daughter is attempting to look for "Aquamarine"
   to give to Wallace for all the trouble she caused him, but she
         can't get permission to go to the Seashore...


  Get out of town to the sandbank, you find Fisela talking to a monk in
front of the Rune Shop. Then you possess her.

  Now you must ask for the monk's permission to enter the gate to
seashore. Get in the Rune Shop, talk to the monk who is going around
behind the counter. You will have an interesting conversation with him.
So answer follow this :

- Please !
- Bend the rules a little !
- ...........
- ...........

  Seeing you be quiet so much, the monk begins to fear, saying that he
can't bear woman's sad face. Then he gives you the Key to Seashore which
is put on the right shelf. You get it, then go out, unlock the gate.

  Go along the path until you're down the seashore. You may see a lot of
gleaming things on the sand. Get it if you like. One of them is the
Green Magic Stone. But most others are monsters Jewel Leapers, so be

  Come to the pile of tree trunks in the cave. You find the Aquamarine
between some two trunks there. Now you can back to town, return to your
home and give the gift to Wallace. But Fisela's heart isn't healed yet,
for the tense relation between her and her father. You will have more
chances to possess her until she lives happily with her father.


                   QUEST 7 : THE TWIG OF ENT
       A young Raven who has a large debt is looking for jobs
                  in order to pay it back...


  Now, just go to the Pub, then run up the inn. The three rooms are on
the left of the screen. Get in Ifem's room which is the middle one. You
see Mills - Ifem's mother - talking to him about his father's debt and
about what he must do. She disappoints about Ifem who can't find a job
to earn money. When she gets away, you possess and take control of him.

  Get out of the Pub. Go straight to the Item Shop to meet Keith. He has
waited for him, so tell him that you accept to seek the Twig of Ent for
him. He will pay you 1000g after you finish. So go meet the Gatekeeper
and head to Ruins Hillock.

  You'll see that monsters have been around here, mainly the Garums.
Just try to beat them up with your bow. Then go as Keith did, til you
see the path to next area. The treasure here will contain different
items, not like Keith has got before. Then go up the next area.

  Not only Garums, there are at least three Torngasuks guarding at each
stone pillar. Defeat the Garums and Torngasuks, then go upstairs and
head north to get the Triangle Stone like Keith did.

  After the stone arrow moves, you just go to it. Now you turn right
(Ifem's left), not turn to the Pentagon Stone. Beat the Torngasuk here
to grab the Square Stone (Keith can't go here because of this Torngasuk,
he couldn't get the Square Stone). Then the arrow moves again, and you
can get the blue treasure to take Simple Spellbook. Then make your back
to the north, put the Triangle Stone in its old place, head to the left
to take the Pentagon Stone. Continue to go up the stairs.

  Keith has stopped his journey here for he couldn't fight. But now you
have had the Square Stone, just put it on the first wall, then the
Pentagon Stone and Triangle Stone to the next one (You still keep the
Pentagon Stone). You'll reach the top.

  Here there are many Perytons here, so be careful. Around the central
pillar there are two treasure chests. Then try to find a pentagon hole
at one of the platforms on the ground, put in the Pentagon Stone. A
secret area is opened and you get down.

  It's pretty dark here. You grab the Twig of Ent on the fountain. And
now it's hard for you to get back by the old way. So just head forward
from the fountain and open the gate in the end of the basement. This is
the shortest way for you to get out directly, but you must fight a giant

  Estimated health : 350 HP
  Difficulty : Easy
  I think he is not harder than the regular ones. Just beat him as
usual. It's better for you to use Counter Guard, as you can make bigger
damage than usual, and this guy is slow too. It's also easier if you
have your Spirit Points made full to execute Vespine Screw.

  Okay, make your way back to the entrance of Ruins Hillock. Then return
to town.

  You go to meet Keith in the Item Shop to get your money. Then Mills
will get them all to pay the debt. End of Quest 7.


                 QUEST 8 : THE STRANDED VESSEL
    The fisherman's daughter is trying to go to the ship that ran
 ashore to look for survivors, but it may be too much for her to handle.


  Get out of vacant house and go forward. You see the fishermans talking
about a foreign ship floating in the sea. It seems that something has
happened to that ship, and they think they need to help it. But Lord
Cole orders not to do anything with it and the fishermans think that's

  You go to Fisela's house. There's an arguement between Fisela and the
Chief Fisherman, for he doesn't allow her to get in the ship, though she
wants to rescue the survivors. Then she is locked in her room and
Wallace doesn't let her out. You go to her room and possess her. Then
you check the window in the room, open it and go out by that way. Get
down the wooden stairs, and make choice to ride the boat.

  There will be a scene that Fisela (Reise) rides to the shipwreck. You
may face some jelly wisps and bats in this area. When you have just
entered, try to find a purple box there and push it forward, as it drops
down the square hole. After you fight the jelly wisps, try to find
another similar box the left door, and push it down to. Then you enter
that door.

  These are the sailors' cabins, and you'll fight some spriggans who are
indeed the sailors turned. Check the right room closest to the stairs,
you find the Empty Lamp. You can check all the other cabins if you like,
but I assure that you get nothing major besides the treasure chests and
the spriggans. But you may find some important information from their
diaries, about why they were turned to demons. Then you get on the next
floor. It's just a similar hall, with some wandering spriggans and bats.
If you want, the important room is the first left cabin you see. There's
a Save Point, and a ladder which isn't lowered. There's some note around
saying a crank and an attic. Remember this place, then you open the last
door of the hall. It takes you to the outside deck. There are a lot of
spriggans and jelly wisps around. First, you come to the left stairs to
grab the Crank on he crates. Then run to the right. You may see a ladder
to a below room, but now it's too dark for you to go. So just go right
and go upstairs, you may find a valve or something. Turn it to pull up
the curtain which reveals the door to captain cabin. You enter it.

  Here you may find a desk, with the Captain's diary on it. Read it and
you know more about the tragedy that has happened here. But then a
monster, who can be the Captain turned, will break the glass door and
dash in to joke with you.

  Estimated health : 1000 HP
  Difficulty : Medium/Hard
  He is similar to the regular Spriggans, but tougher and stronger. He
can hit you by kicking, which causes a medium damage, or double splash
which causes big damage if you can't guard in time. Each can take you
100-200 HP, kick or splash. You can use either Normal Guard or Counter
Guard to prevent the kick, but for the double splash, you must re-
estimate yourself first :
- If you are not good at guarding, just use Normal Guard to lose less
damage and get safety.
- If you are good enough to guard right he hits you, just use Counter
Guard. Although it takes you more HP, but you can prevent the second hit
and cause a big damage on the boss by counter attack. Just do what's in
your effort.

  After defeating this boss, grab the Key to the Hold on the ground.
Then go out. Now you back to the cabin hall and go to the room where
there is a Save Point. Use the Crank on the hole to lower the ladder.
Climb up to the Attic. There might be some Spriggans and bats here.
Search the Attic to find Oil Pot. With this oil, you can light your lamp
to go in the dark. Now return to the deck, and get down the ladder to
dark hold. This is the Cargo Hold 1. Fisela will bring the lit lamp to
run. You run to the Cargo Hold 2 which may have some bats, then Cargo
Hold 3, and use the Key to the Hold to get in the last hall. This place
is not dark, and you'll talk to a survivor named Amor. If you want,
he'll tell you about tragedy on this ship : The crew has got in island
of fairy after a storm. There were many treasures and jewels that they
can't stop their greed, wiping all the treasures and go away. Then they
are punished by the gods : The treasures turned them into monsters. Amor
was sick that day and he was the only who didn't touch the treasure, so
he's still safe. Then tell him to get out of here. But then you'll be
stopped by another Spriggan :

  Estimated health : 1000 HP
  Difficulty : Hard
  He also kicks and splashes, but it's triple splash, which can make you
lose 450-550 HP totally. So try to keep your health over that standard.
Just like the previous battle, just use Normal Guard as the best method
of safety. But if you want to finish him up fast, use Counter Guard
which can prevent the second and third hit in the sequence. It'll be
very troubled if you can't guard well. When your HP is low, don't try to
attack. Just heal yourself gradually and damage him by Counter Guard.
Try to guard precisely in time, because Counter Guard is pretty faster
than Normal Guard.

  After that, just go out as you can. Then Amor tells you that the ship
has been getting trouble and they must escape as soon as possible. You
take him through the holds to the first one, them climb up the ladder to
the deck. Wallace and the other fishermans will come to save you. When
getting off the land, Reise gets out of Fisela's body.


      A young Raven who has a large debt is looking for jobs
                   in order to pay it back...


  To start this quest, you come to the Pub where Ifem stays in. A big
Raven is standing in front of the notice, saying that there's no big job
for him, and he leaves this to that young Ifem. Let's get on the Inn, go
to Ifem's room and possess him.

  Then go down to the Pub and read the job notice. You have something to
do in the Graveyard. Then talk to the Innkeeper. She says there are two
monks who need a person who can fight for a mission in the Graveyard. So
you head there by passing Town Gate.

  Ask the first monk you see. He tells you to go in the Catacomb. Enter,
and talk to the monk in the back. He will tell you that some thief has
accidentally put out the Flamebeau Flames of the Catacomb that let
monsters invade here. There are total six flambeaus in the catacomb and
your mission is to rekindle all of them. The monk gives you a Torch. Now
let's light your Torch at the central flamebeau and go down the stairs
to Catacomb B2.

  The first Flamebeau is just on your right. Light it. Then go down the
left stairs, go down again to the right. Go along the Garum path and
light the second Flamebeau. After that, get back to the first two
coffins and go the other stairs, then head left to light the third
Flamebeau. Then get down the right stairs, head left to light the forth
Flamebeau. After that, the fifth and sixth flamebeaus are all in the
right area. Just get right and go downstairs until you find the fifth
flamebeau. Then the sixth one would be on the nearest lower floor. My
only advice for this stage is : Be careful with the Baba Yagas !!!

  When you have finished, all the evil will be dispelled. And the monk
pays you 500g as promised. Let's get out and return to the Town.

  Mills will be there to wait for your payment. Just give the money to
her. Then rush out of Ifem's body.


                QUEST 10 : FATHER'S RARE DESEASE
   The Chief Fisherman, while preparing to set sail, has collapsed
       with a high fever, Red rashes have covered his body.
            What can possibly cure this disease...?


  Get out of the vacant house and go to the south. You see the
fishermans gathering around the Chief Fisherman, who is hurt by some
disease. Everybody worries about him, especially Wallace. But Fisela is
not there. She is in train. So Wallace tried to find her. About you,
head to the Castle Front. Fisela is found talking to Wallace. Wallace
tries asking her to go to see her father. But she nearly refuses.
Wallace says he disappoints about her and goes away. Fisela hesitates,
and you can possess her now.

  The Chief Fisherman has been taken to the Monastery for treatment. So
just head there and enter by the front gate. Talk to the long-haired
fisherman in the yard, he tells you that the chief is in the sickroom
(where Reise's body was lying in Quest 1). The Monk says there's no hope
to save him, except we can find a Gamma Goblin Horn. But because so many
people have hunted them, now it's hard to find one. He says now we can
just pray and pray. So why still standing there ? Go out of monastery
and find the Gamma Goblin Horn...

  Talk to the long-haired fisherman. He will tell you that Keith owns
something like horn. So get back to town to the Item Shop. Talk to Keith
inside the counter. He will tell you that Gamma Goblin Horn is rare now,
and he has sold his last one to Mills.

  If you have taken a look at the whole town and harbour, you may
remember that you have seen something looked like horn in Mills' house.
So head to her house. Mills is looking at that thing, which is indeed
the Gamma Goblin Horn as she says. Ask her about it, and she will accept
to sell you with a great price 1,000,000,000g. Of course, you are not
rich enough to pay that price.

  After that, just walk out of the house. Mills will recall you, and she
promises to give it to you, if you find the Fairy Stone for her. It's in
the Quay Caverns where there was a Raven blocked the way. So now get out
of town.

  Head to the way to the seashore, then go left. The Raven wasn't there
anymore. So you can enter the caverns. There are two ways, the upper way
just takes you to some enemies and nothing more. So get in the big way.
You may face a lot of Jabberwocks here, and even Vodianois. In the cave,
get some chest and go through the ways that you can go, til you come to
an area with circular stone stairs. There's a way taking down which is
blocked by a big rock. Fisela can't push it. So go to other way. There
is a ladder that you can't climb up. And a lot of other bridge ways
can't be entered. So just search the area in your effort. Until you see
some white Ghoulwocks gathering around something. Fight them now.

  Estimated health : 250 HP
  Difficulty : Easy
  There are three of them. I don't think they are hard enough to be
called "bosses". They are pretty fast and their attacks are similar to
Jabberwocks. Just attack as you do with regular wocks.

  After thar, you grab the Fairy Stone on the ground. Now you have
nothing to do here anymore. So get out of the caverns and back to town.
Give the stone to Mills. As she promised, you'll receive the Gamma
Goblin Horn. Bring the horn to the monastery where Wallace and the chief
are. Then Reise gets out of Fisela's body.


                      QUEST 11 : BEER THIEF
    The sole survivor of the shipwreck, Amor is saddened that he is
         called a beer thief just because he is a foreigner.
              How can he prove his innocence...?


  As usual, get out of the vacant house. Head to the Pub in town. Come
to the counter. There's something happening here. The Innkeeper is not

  A moment later, she comes to the counter, saying that some beer has
been stolen mysteriously. Then a customer named Faus thinks that Amor
has done this, for he is a new one in this town. Amor denies, and
believes in innocence. He runs away to the Inn.

  You follow him, and come to the balcony. Amor is sad for his innocence
tarnished. You possess him, then go down the pub.

  Faus and the Innkeeper is arguing. Faus is sure that Amor is the
thief. But the Innkeeper stands against that they can't conclude without
proofs. About you, ask her to show you the cellar. Then you run to the
back stairs and go down the cellar. After searching, you will find a
fairy who is drinking the beer creepily (You can see him because you are
Reise - a ghost). No matter if you answer "Yes" or "No", the fairy still
runs away. As his magical power, you can't catch him. He runs through
wall each time you come to him. So if you want to know the solution,
just ignore him and go to the next room.

  Read the diary here. The writer lets you know about an old beer keg
number 5 in the cellar. This beer has a great taste, and it can make the
drinker feel sleepy. So now you get back to the cellar. You try to find
three tree roots on the wall. Search the three right roots, and you'll
find the Key of the Beer Keg. Then you try to find a gray beer keg
called "Beer #5", using the key with it. The beer is filled out, then
you continue to catch the fairy. Until some time, the fairy will come to
the beer keg number 5 and drink it. Then he sleeps, as the effect from
the beer...

  After that, you get out to the pub and inform the Innkeeper. Faus and
she will come to the cellar and witness everything. The Innkeeper tells
you about her dead husband, who has ever told her about a fairy who is
fond of his beer. Then Faus will apologize for suspecting you. And then
Reise's ghost is revoluted.


     An apprentice monk, who is known to be a klutz, confidently
             accepts a request to "seal the monsters".
                But how does he really feel...?


  In the Quest 10, you may find an apprentice monk named Ashgo (You can
rename him) wants to get the mission to seal the monsters which suddenly
appear in the Sanctuary. Now he is in front of the Monastery, losing his
confidence and enthusiasm to enter the mission. Just go to the
Monastery, Ashgo is on the wooden bridge in the front. So possess him

  Control him to the Rune Shop. Then you open the back door to the
basement. Talk to the monk here. He'll tell you about the Gates to
Hades, which broke the seal and cast monsters around the Sanctuary. The
Holy Mirror used to seal them has been destroyed. And you need a new one
to replace. Just get the new Holy Mirror on the desk. Then get out and
head to town. Ask the quarrior in front of the Monastery to enter. Then
go inside to find the architect Mason. Then he takes you to downstairs,
telling about the monsters. The Flame Flambeau has helped them to bear,
but it's not any longer. So then he needs your help. There are three
quarriors losing their ways in the Sanctuary, and you must find them

  Get down the stairs to the first basement. There are bats and madra
helms here. In the far corner there's a way. You can either go
downstairs or go through that way, all takes you to the same area. The
mandra helm can appear from the piles of junks. But you won't have to
fight them if you avoid them. I don't remember the way too much. Just go
until you pass Basement 1, then Basement 2, and try to search all the
ways as you can. The first quarrior is surrounded by two Baba Yagas. The
second one is attacked by some regular monsters. Go until you find a
Save Point. The third quarrior is in the next area, with a giant
crocodile. You must save him be defeating the Gangage.

  After the fight, this quarrior will tell you that the next floor
taking to the Gate to Hades. Then, just continue and go down Basement 3.
Then go along the path until you come to the Gate to Hades. Check it,
you see the Holy Mirror has been broken. So just get yours and accept to
replace it. But before you can do that, a boss coming from the Gate to
Hades... will punish you first...

  Estimated health : 1200 HP
  Difficulty : Easy/Medium
  She has some Mandra Helms as her supporters. So just defeat these ones
like you did in previous fights, then play with the main boss. I don't
think Mandra Vine is a tough enemy. Her only speciality is that she can
attack your MP. By beating her body, she causes a sound that reduces a
few of your MP. This just prevents you from using magic, and you can
completely beat her without it, except you need Naster or Cure to heal
yourself. Her next attack is that she strikes you heavily by her huge
hammer. Just beat her as usual.

  After the fight, you can freely set the new Holy Mirror to seal the
monsters. Then Ashgo completes his mission and Reise goes out from his
body. But as Navi says, Ashgo's heart isn't healed yet, until he could
get a complete confidence...


                QUEST 13 : IN SEARCH OF A MASTER
    Depressed by the fact that he is the only dog in town, the dog
            searches for a master to believe in.


  Okay, head to the Sanctuary. You see two quarriers and a dog. Come
close to them, you'll know they are saying bad words about the dog.
After that, you possess the dog (=D).

  Run to the Town Gate and talk to the Gatekeeper (the guy in blue). His
name is Yaq. Say "woof" to him, then you and he will begin to play "hide
and seek". Say "woof" again, then try to find Yaq.

  He is hiding by the Monastery. Just run there and find Yaq who is
covering himself behind the left rocks. Talk to him again and make
partner with him. The dog's sadness has been healed for it has found its
real master. You get out of its body.


         The fire of the haunted lighthouse has gone out.
     The fisherman's daughter is attempting to rekindle it, but
              it may be too much for her to handle.


  Go to the south of the harbour, you see the fishermans talking about
the lighthouse has gone out of light, and it's a tusk for them to go to
the sea without it. Then they suggest Fisela to rekindle it for them, as
she is a strong person. They come in her house, so you follow them. But
she hesitates... So you possess her and begin your challenge.

  Go to the southeast of the harbour, the fisherman who gives you the
Key to Lighthouse, has allowed you to pass the gate to Haunted
Lighthouse. Just head straight.

  Now you don't need to get on the first stairs, because Bild has
checked it before in " The Long-eared cat" quest, just go forward. The
first door you see is locked, head to the ladder in the end of path.
Some Perytons will dash down to play with you. But if you have equipped
Fisela with the best weapon in the Weapon Shop, you don't need to worry
about them.

  Climb up the ladder, use the Key to Lighthouse to unlock it and enter.
There are several Jelly Wisps and Jelly Fays here. Just avoid if you
don't want to fight them. Check the room and the furniture carefully.
You find the Oil Urn and a Key to Oil Room. Get on the ladder in the
room, then the next one to reach the top. Search for a lever and then
lower the lamp. This lamp has gone out of oil, and it must have
Everlasting Oil. Now get down and find the required oil.

  Get out of the room, descend the ladder outside. Get back to the
locked room, use the Key to Oilroom to unlock it. There's a Save Point
here and a puzzle for you.

  You should read all the notes stuck on the wall. They show you the way
to mix the Everlasting Oil. There are two urns in the room and five
other urns on the above. Check the notes behind the below urn, it'll
tell you that Everlasting Oil is mixed from Red Oil, Blue Oil and
Transparent Oil. If you do wrong, you'll get the useless Scrapped Oil
and just throw it to the beside urn. Try to find and read a left note in
the room, it'll tell you the order of the five types of oil in the urns
above. Rely on it, then mix the oil.

  This is how to mix :
- RED OIL : Mix oil A and C together. Pour it into the below urn.
- BLUE OIL : Mix oil B and D together. Pour it into the below urn.
- TRANSPARENT OIL : Mix E and D together. Pour it into the below urn.

  When you have poured all the required ingredients into the urn, you'll
get the Everlasting Oil. Then get back to the light house.

  Climb up the ladders to the top, and use the Everlasting Oil to the
lamp. But before you can do that, you must fight a boss :

  Difficulty : Easy
  As the notes in the Oil Room say, Giffin loves Everlasting Oil and
it's right when they want to confront you. He is not very tough. He can
do either double oe triple hit which are similar to the Lord Spriggan.
Another attack is that he sends a sand waves to you that make you lose
200-250 HP (this is the damage I got). Just like fighting the Lord
Spriggan, you use Counter Guard with him and frequently heal yourself.

  After the fight, try to use the Everlasting Oil again. Fisela says you
still miss a Kindling Coal. So then, descend the ladder to the below
room, then check the furniture again, til you find that item.

  When you have got everything, use the Kindling Coal and Everlasting
Oil to light the lamp. All the evils disappear after the light, and
there's no monster here anymore. Get back to the Harbour. After the talk
with the Fisherman, Reise gets his ghost out of Fisela.


     A quarrier has come to the Pub to find someone. However,
     for some unknown reason he wants a person who can fight.
             The one who takes the job is. of course...


  To start this quest, let's head to the Pub to see what's happening.
You see the quarrier talking to the Innkeeper about his problem :
Architect Mason - the leader of quarriors for the Sanctuary
construction, has been lost mysteriously. The Innkeeper has reported the
event in the Job warning poster, and the participant will be paid after
finishing the work.

  Let's go on the Inn, to the middle room and possess Ifem - the
debtor's son. Then you go downstairs to read the poster again and talk
to the Innkeeper. The Innkeeper reports the event and tells you that
Shaggy - the quarrior is in the Quarry. Then you get out of town by the
Gate and head to the Quarry.

  Shaggy is the quarrier who is far on the right. He tells you that
Mason was lost last night, along with some monsters, and you follow them
by the tracks remained on the ground. Let's go follow it. It takes you
to the Orc Stronghold.

  Get on the fortress. There are several bats and blobs here. You can
fight them if you like. Go up the small left stairs which take you to
another area. Remember to move the lever or crank on your way. I don't
remember where they are exactly. You face the first Orc. Fight him, then
run to the right. You see a ladder taking to upper area and a stone
door. Both take you to the same area. Just go either way. The new area
you come is just behind the entrance. Then you run along to the left
side to the next area.

  There are many sleeping Orcs and High Orc. They will attack you in
triple if you touch them. If you don't want to fight them, just walk and
step creepily, by keeping pressing R2 along with Directional Buttons. Go

  Three other Orcs are sleeping here, with some crawling Blobs. Fight
them or not, it's all up to you. Try to head to once more area. You come
to a large hall. There are two Orcs guarding at the north stone door,
and they won't pursue you if you don't let them know your appearance. Go
to check the stone table in the centre of the hall, you see three holes
to put something in. Ignore it. Let's get on the stairs and come to the
only door you can enter. There are a lot of monsters in such areas, so
always be careful. In this cave, you find a hexagon hole, but you can't
do anything with it now. Just pull the chain beside it, the next area
outside will be opened. Get out, and come to the new cave in the right
which has just been opened. It's just a similar cave with a hexagon hole
and a chain. Pull down the chain to unlock the new area. And go next.

  In this area, kill the monsters and pull down the chain again. The
huge stone door in the hall is opened. You come down there, fight the
Orcs (if you haven't fought them yet) and enter. Passing some more areas
with tough enemies, you finally come to Mason's prison. He is locked
here, guarded by a High Orc. Just come in there, and fight the idiot
guy. I don't think he is a boss here, just because he is similar to
regular high orcs. Just fight him as usual. Then unlock Mason. He'll
tell you why he came here, then ask you to destroy the Orc Stronghold,
by putting in the Keystone to the device in the hall.

  Save here if you want. Collect the Hexagon Keystone on the ground, and
get back to the hall.

  Go to the orc caves which have the hexagon holes. Put in the Keystone
in each cave, you will get three stones : Red Crystal, Green Crystal and
Blue Crystal. Bring all of them to the central device of the hall. Now
you must arrange them in the right order :

- The Red Crystal is put in Sun.
- The Green Crystal is put in Mountain.
- The Blue Crystal is put in River.

  Then the device is lowered, revealing a secret basement. Get down and
input the Keystone to the platform. The Stronghold begins to be ruined,
but then you must pay off what you have done, by fighting a boss orc :

  Estimated health : 1300 HP
  Difficulty : Easy/Medium
  This boss is not hard to defeat, as he is similar to regular orcs, but
tougher and stronger. The problem here is that Ifem is not a strong
character. His weapons are mostly weak and it takes you a long time to
kill enemies with him. Just try to keep him alive, by using Medicines,
and get best of using Counter Guard or Normal Guard to save HP. Good
Counter Guard will save your time to defeat him.

  After that, Ifem will escape before it collapses. And Mason, let's see
how he "explodes" about his result of "destroying the whole Orc
Stronghold". Then Ifem is paid, and Mills gets the money. You get back


                QUEST 16 : IN PURSUIT OF MARSH
        The fisherman's daughter, against her father's wishes,
          accepts Amor's request to look for the Marsh...


  Let's go to Fisela's house to see what is hapenning there. Amor wants
to find a person to help him grab the Marsh on the shipwreck. Then
everyone thinks Fisela is the best person to do this. And Fisela says
she accepts, although she really fears. Then you possess her now.

  Amor is waiting for you next to the bow on the harbour bottom. Talk to
him and get on the boat to the Shipwreck.

  You again go back to this haunted ship. Now this place has no more
Spriggans, but Zombies as well. Amor tells you to find the Marsh in the
crates of Cargo Hold; read the notes in the place you found him before.
Then he hands you the Key of Toolbox. Get it. Then let's go.

  First, just get in the Cargo Hold 1 by the right door. It's not dark
anymore like you explored it before. But a Zombie welcomes you at first.
Fight him, then reach the second Cargo Hold, then the third and finally
Amor's storage. There's a Toolbox under the big blue box. Use they Key
to unlock it and grab Crowbar. Then read the notes beside the packages.
It says that Marsh is a special thing that must be kept out from
sunlight. And it is stored in the crates painted orange. If you have
searched the cargo holds carefully, you may find a lot of orange crates
that can't be unlocked without a crowbar. Now go search them again,
using the Crowbar to open. I assure that all of the orange crates in the
holds just contain spoiled Marsh. It's not as simple to find. I let you
know that there's another orange crate in the ship hall where Amor is,
but it's spoiled Marsh too. So where is it ?

  Go to the first Cargo Hold, then climb up the ladder to the deck.
Several zombies and jelly wisps are wandering here. Fight them if you
like. You can search the cabins inside if you like. I remember that
there are some new chests which one of them contains the Viking Guard -
Fisela's ultimate armor. Now your last place is the Captain's Quarter.
Enter it.

  You open the item chests first, to get Fisela's ultimate weapon Gae
Bolg Gungir. Then find the last orange crate, which contains true fresh
Marsh. Hohoho ! Bravo... but... :

  Estimated health : 3200 HP
  Difficulty : Easy/Medium
  He has a high HP, but it does not matter when you have equipped the
Viking Guard and Gae Bold Gungir. Be careful with his triple and four-
hit scratch. Use Counter Guard to prevent his sequence and Strage Attack
to damage him. If you have got acquainted with fighting regular zombies,
I think you can fight him easily. He is the same as them, but quicker
and stronger. His attacks are similar. Remember to heal yourself
frequently in cases.

  Fisela is poinsoned by the Zombie's claws. Now you must control her to
go out to Amor as soon as possible. Amor will bring her back to the
harbour. It's almost hopeless to save Fisela from this zombie poison,
Navi blames Reise why he let her in such situation. But then, the Chief
Fisherman has found the medicine to cure, as he had tried to seek it
while Fisela's mother was sick. It's the same desease and now the Chief
wants to use the medicine to save his daughter. While the mother was
ill, he hadn't gone fishing like Fisela has thought about him. He had
looked for the treatment. And now Fisela has understood everything...
Her heart has been fully healed...


                QUEST 17 : THE STOLEN BOOK OF LAWS
      The apprentice monk has screwed up again and has lost the
   "Book of Laws". He is attempting to find it, but with his ability...


  Rumours say that there have been thieves and robbers around the
Northern Gorge. Most of those who went there lose their properties after
a moment of relaxing. One of those poor victims is Ashgo - the clumsy
apprentice monk. Let's go to the Town Square at the bottom left, the
monks are saying about Ashgo's vanish. And you, just come to the Pub.

  Well, Ashgo is talking to the Innkeeper about his situation, and he
can't get back to the Monastery without the Book of Laws he lost in
Northern Gorge (He was sleeping badly here and didn't remember
anything). Now, let's possess him and begin your mission.

  Go to the Town Gate and ask to come to Northern Gorge. What a
beautiful place ! Pass through the bridge to enter.

  When you come to the main area, there are several Goblins here and a
lot of Bridge levers. All the levers here are interlocks, which can
affect their opposite devices. First, you see a risen-up bridge with the
blue lever. That's as far as you can see and don't touch it. Head to the
right, you see another similar bridge with red lever. Move it, then the
bridge near you will be lowered, and the opposite one is risen up. Just
pass to the next edge as you can reach, then go right. Run until you
come down a red device. Move it up, you see some heavy sounds. That
means the pair of red-levered bridges are interlocked, the first one is
risen up, and the farther one is lowered.

  From the position of the red device, you can make your way back to the
first position by heading left. But now it's no need, just go upstairs
to the old edge, as the second far bridge has been lowered. Pass it,
fight the Goblins and get in the front cave. There is a knight who is
searching here. Now let's look over the other side : A lot of Garums and
Ribesals are guarding a lever. Jusr ignore them.

  Now move the blue lever on your left. There are some heavy sounds
again. The first pair of blue-levered bridges you saw have been fixed.
The farther bridge has been risen up. And now you can rise up or lower
the two of them at the same time. Get back there and go pass. Then run
over another ordinary bridge to the Gorge Path.

  Save here. Then you head forward. There's a strange bridge made by
many square stones. If you step on the wrong stone, you may drop down to
the area where the Garums and Ribesals are guarding. So don't let
yourself bothered. Let's look at the stones carefully, you see some
footprints. It will take you the right way. If I'm right, the footprints
take you :
                   |   | X |   |
                   | X | X |   |
                   | X |   |   |
                   | X | X |   |
                   |   | X |   |
                   You start here !

  After getting through, head forward. You have come to the treasure
storage of the gangs. The Book of Laws is on one of trunks. Get it, and
the Goblins find you. Let's teach them a lesson of being polite...

  Estimated health : 1800 HP
  Difficulty : Medium
  The Goblin will call a giant spider to fight you. This guy is pretty
rough, for he has strong legs and can cast poison on you. To beat you,
after coming closer to you, he needs some seconds to prepare himself.
And you guard after more than 1 second. Normal Guard should be easier to
use than Counter Guard. But you should use Counter Guard if you can't be
patient to beat this idiot. Generally, I don't have anything more to
say, just advise you to be careful and skilful in every situation.

  After beating the spider, the Goblin will "give you up" and run away.
Now make your way back to town. Then give the book to the monk who is
looking for you. Reise will be pushed out of Ashgo.


                  QUEST 18 : MERROW'S LOST ITEM
             Merrow, a mysterious and attractive woman,
                is looking for a "red feather hat".


  As usual, get out of the vacant house. Then come to the talking
fishermen. They are dicussing about a sexy girl in the sand bank. Then
you can check the "haunted house" just below right the vacant house
where the children are playing. They are saying about some letter
written to a girl named Merrow. Okay, you have got enough information to
find that person. Head to the Sandbank.

  You go to the pier next left of the Rune Shop. You may find sexy
Merrow standing there, saying that she has lost the Red Feather Hat.
Then you possess her.

  Enter the town again, then to Harbour at the haunted house. You talk
to the children, claiming that you are Merrow, and ask them to hand the
letter. They say they can't read the letters for some strange words, and
they tell you to find the old man of the town to read it. You may
recognize that's the old man who still plays with the children next to
the Castle path in Town Square. But today he is in his house. So get
back to Town Square. His house is the nearest house from the direct path
to Sandbank.

  The old man is talking to someone. Interrupt him and ask him to read
the letter. It was written by a fisherman named Mickey. This guy hode
Merrow's hat and she doesn't know where to find it, as if it's a very
important thing for her. He sold it to Keith, the Item Shop. Now you get
out of here.

  When you go out, Navi will come soon. He'll tell you that Merrow is a
mermaid who couldn't have got back to her world for she lost the Red
Feather Hat. And Reise must help her to find it before she can lose all
of her power to return. Now get to the Item Shop.

  Keith is upstairs. Get through the blue gate and talk to him. He says
it's true that Mickey has sold something to him, but he doesn't
remember. He lets you search his place and goes out. About you, read his
diary on the nearest table. He wrote that he has put it in the red
treasure chest which you can't access without going through the wood
wall. Go to the left, then get through the upper wood wall. Reise will
be able to do this as Merrow is gradually losing her power.

  Outside, you go through the right wood wall. Grab the Red Feather Hat
in the treasure chest...

  After that, Merrow gets herself back. She holds the Red Feather Hat,
standing on the pier. Navi and Reise come to see her and tell what have
happened to her. If you're interested in, just let her tell you about
her sad story. Then she jumps to the sea as a real mermaid, and thanks
Reise by giving him a gift : the new summon beast Shoggoth.


       A young Raven who has a large debt is looking for jobs
                  in order to pay it back...


  To begin this quest, head to the Pub. Read the job note in the right.
The Castle is wanting a person who can fight to check what is happening
at the Quarry. Let's go up the Inn and possess Ifem. Then get down and
talk to the Innkeeper. She'll tell you to go to the Castle for more

  Okay, get out and head to Castle Front. Talk to the guard to meet Lord
Cole, saying that you're coming for the job. Then he'll let you in.

  In the Castle Hall, run to the right and talk to the yellow-robed man
- Minister Lamuz. He says that Lord Cole has left today and he'll tell
you that there have been monsters around the Quarry with unknown reason.
He guesses it was caused by a Gate to Hades, but he's not sure. He needs
you to find out the true reason, then reports to him. That's all, and
he'll have his soldiers solve the rest. You'll be paid 2000G if you
finish this job. Now let's get out of the castle and head to the Town
Gate. the Gatekeeper says it'll be night when you come to the Quarry and
you can't get back until next morning. Just ask him to let you go to the

  It's the night. And now your mission is to search the place. The first
cave can't be entered more. So try to find a small ladder that you can
get in the highest cave. Fight the High Kobolds and Eriels. On the right
there's a giant cube. Push it right down.

  Then get outside, go to the lower cave there. You can pass the space
which has been filled by the cube. Then pass it, climb the next ladder
and push another cube down.

  After pushing all the cubes to fill the blocks, make your way to all
the ladders, until you reach the quarry peak. Reise (Ifem) will
recognize this is a Gate to Hades. Then he automatically goes back to
the Castle next morning.

  Talk to Lamuz about the Gate to Hades. Lamuz says he'll do the rest,
and you are paid. After that, get out of castle, pay the money to Mills.


                QUEST 20 : DREAM TO BE A KNIGHT
    Dean, a young man who dreams of becoming a knight, is trying to
           obtain a "Fairy Stone" to get recommendation.


  To start this quest, just get in the the pub. You can see the drunk
knights talking to a guy named Dean - who wants to be recommended to
become a knight. The knights asks him to find the Fairy Stone in the
Quay Caverns, if he wants them to do his wish. He agrees and runs away.
And you, just head to the Sandbank. Dean is standing below the Rune
Shop, fearing about his mission. You possess him now.

  After that, you enter town again, and come to Mills' house. You still
remember that Fisela has found the Fairy Stone for Mills, and now the
old woman still keeps it. Talk to her about it. Just like the last time,
she wouldn't give it to you without any condition. She has a debtor who
is an one-eyed Raven named Jacob. Now you must find and force him to pay
back his debt, then she will give you the stone.

  Head to the Weapon Shop, check the hammer on the table. It says you
can't get it without permission. Then pass through the counter to talk
to the Blacksmith. He'll let you use that rusty hammer. Grab it, and run
to Castle Front.

  Here the children are talking about the wall beside the castle. Come
to that wall and break it by your hammer. Insides, open the lid and
climb down the ladder to Underground Hideout. Then you find another hole
taking directly to Quay Caverns. Get down it, you see Jacob saving some
knight who was injured in the cavern.

  After the scene, tell Jacob about Mills' command. Then he will give
you his knight medal instead of money. Take the medal to Mills. She
accepts it and hands you the Fairy Stone. Take it to the knight in the
pub. You complete your quest.


       The apprentice monk hears of the Monastery's troubles.
       His little brother Shake tries to stop him, but he goes
       to help the Monastery against his brother's wishes...


  To start this quest, just come to the Town Square. You may see a scene
that Ashgo is arguing with his little brother Shake. Then Ashgo still
decides to go help the Monastery. After Shake runs away, Ashgo feels
afraid (again), so possess him. Get out of town and run to the

  Maybe you still remember the areas. Go to the Monatery hall. It's the
first left door on the north. And you may still remember a top left door
of the hall which can't be entered. Now there are two monks guarding it.
Ask them to enter to save the Head Monk Rui. The event is about the Book
of Scripture of Head Monk Rui. He gets in the Tower to find it, but the
monsters do harm to him. If you talk to the monks around, they'll tell
about the Book of Lindwurm - a summon beast. Ignore them and get in the

  There are several Gremlins in this stage. Read my "Enemy List" to know
about them. In general, it's not good for you to face them. And it's
also a waste of MP to kill them fast, except you want to level up Ashgo.
Look at the north way : there are some Gremlins. Head there and kill
them. then go in the right room and find the "Book of Vivian". Then get
out and go upstairs. Remember to grab the Treasure Chest on the stairs.

  2nd floor, you see a lot of bookshelves carved with the shapes of some
summon beasts. Head left, and you see the stairs taking to 3rd floor. Go
to the opposite room. There are some Gremlins who will get debate with
you first. Just kill them. Then collect the Small Gear on the ground.
Here there's a blue chest that contains Ashgo's ultimate weapon, so
don't miss it.

  Put the Small Gear on the left side of the device in the room. Then
you move the left crank to control the bookshelves to the right as far
as you can, until they reveal something on the ground. Get out and grab
it "The Key to the Stack". Now let's get on 3rd floor.

  If you try to collect the Large Gear on the floor, the Gremlins will
play with you again. Defeat them as usual. Then grab the gear again.
Head to the room on the right of the stairs. Here you use the Key to
open the stack, having the Book of Raum Lugh. You should save here if
you want. Now go out.

  Back to 2nd floor and go to Device Room. Fix the Large Gear on the
right side, then move the right crank. Control the bookshelves to right,
until you see a book revealed on the left window platform behind the
bookshelves. It's the Book of Shoggoth. Get it now. Make your way to 3rd
floor again.

  Run to the bottom right corner of the room and check all the
bookshelves there. One of them can be moved. Just push it to open a
secret area. Then you climb up the ladder.

  At first, you see a left door that can't be opened now, along with a
strage bookshelf in front of you. There are three missing books on the
shelf. Just put in the Book of Vivian, Book of Shoggoth and Book of Raum
Lugh. The whole shelf is lowered and the door is unlocked. Enter it now.

  You see the Gremlins are doing pranks on the Head Monk Rui. Okay, you
have disturbed you, so they'll be impolite with you :

  Difficulty : Easy/Medium
  They are just regular enemies. There's one Gremlin Gunner in the
middle and two other Gremlins. You fight them as usual, but pay
attention to the Gremlin Gunner's shots. They are cast in irregular
intervals and Normal Guard is the best defense now. Just guard at time
as the shots are cast.

  After that, the Gremlin Gunner who's going to die, tells you that
someone next will kill you. Then he dies, and the "Book of Lindwurm"
below him is moving...

  Estimated health : 2800 HP
  Difficulty : Easy
  This might be one of the easiest battle. Lindwurm just has one sole
attack : casting a globe from his mouth. Normal Guard is best way and
it's very easy to defend an indirect magic like that. So jusr regularly
guard and fight him with your attacks and strage. Try not to be hit by
the globes, because each of them can make you lose 700-1000 HP.

  Your reward is a new amulet, as a new summon beast : Lindwurm.
  After that, Head Monk Rui has got back the Book of Scriptures. After
he leaves, grab the Book of Healing and some other stuffs in the Blue
Chest. Then make your way out of the Tower. Then go to Rui's room and
talk to him. Rui will recognize you are indeed Reise who is helping
Ashgo to develope his confidence. Then the Head Monk will try to
translate the scriptures on the painting with the book, which have
something to do with the "Orbis"...


   In order to remember "something important", the former Commander
    plans to go to the monster-infested Quay Caverns to find the
                     "Lithohraph Fragment".


  Maybe you still remember a Raven named Jacob who has paid back his
debt to Mills by giving her his precious medal. So let's come to his
underground hideout on the right of Castle Front. Jacob is talking to a
big guy - who was saved by him when you possessed Dean. This stranger
blames Jacob of sacrificing the medal of honour to pay back his debt. It
seems that he has lost his memory of something, and Jacob is trying to
help him. There's a broken Lithograph found, which is supposed to make
the stranger go back to his memory. But the other fragment was lost
somewhere in the Quay Caverns. So after the talk, you possess the guy
and name him if you like. His real name is Raffer. Before getting in
Quay Caverns, I remind you to take Raffer to the Weapon Shop to buy him
the best weapon if you can, because the monsters in Quay Caverns are now
pretty strong, and it's not simple to cause great damage on them, for
they have very high HP (The Trolls).

  Climb down the ladder to Quay Caverns. Now it's rare to find Vodianois
or Jabberwocks like you went with Fisela. Now the place is full of
Trolls and Water Leapers which are more dangerous than the previous
ones. Just step down the waved ground. There's a scene that Raffer sees
the fragment of the Lithograph floating in the water. But then a giant
water serpent comes to threaten him, and brings it away. Just keep

  You has explored this place with Fisela. You'll find a bridge which
planks are missing. Next, I think you still remember the stairs locked
by a boulder. Fisela can't move it, and... neither can Raffer. So now
make your way back to outside by a cave. Then you run out to the Quay
Caverns entrance from the Seashore. Head to the left way (bigger way).
Fight the Trolls and run to the end of the edge, pushing the rock to the
water. There you can pass through other side, remember to grab the
Bridge Plank in the water. Fight the Water Leapers here, then go left to
the next area.

  You are taken to the other side of the boulder. Now you can move it
from this side. But don't go upstairs now, just search this below area
until you find a red treasure chest surrounded by some water leapers.
Fight them and grab items in the Treasure Chest. Then grab the second
Bridge Plank near there. Now you go on the stairs.

  Pass the bridge, using the planks you found to fulfill it. Then come
to the next area.

  This is your dead end. Here you can grab some cool things in the red
and blue chests. Then go to search the mass on the left. You realize
it's the Lithograph fragment which is accumulated by the mud. If you try
to get it, the giant serpent fill grab you...

  Estimated health : 3500 HP
  Difficulty : Easy
  I have defeated this boss easily, for I have equipped Raffer with his
best weapon and armor. The next thing is that you must guard correctly.
The serpent can attack you by direct strike or holding. Holding is more
often : The serpent holds you by its hands and bite you soon. Guard when
it prepares to bite you. The direct strike is harder to avoid. Just
defend when it's really going to beat you.

  After that, make your way back to Jacob's underground hideout. Put the
Lithohraph fragments together. Then Raffer will get back a piece of his
memory. The Lithohgraph shows something called "L-4". Then Raffer
remembers of Lord Cole. He heard Lord Cole saying so put someone in the
L-4, seems like it's a tombstone, but...


        A young Raven who has a large debt is looking for jobs
                    in order to pay it back...


  Let's go to town for walk. Today you don't see Regina - the paining
seller work here. Where is she ?

  Go to the Pub and read the job note. It's about a "Missing person" who
is Regina's brother. The price will be 1500g for who finds him. Now
let's get going up the Inn and possess Ifem. Go down and talk to the
Innkeeper for more details. Then get out and head to Regina's house (on
the right next to Sanctuary). Regina tells you about her lost brother in
the Northern Gorge, then you must go there to look for him. Then forward
the Town Gate and straight to Northern Gorge.

  Enter the Gorge. If there are something wrong with the bridges, just
back to Quest 17 to see how to do.

  First, choose the second (red-levered) bridge to go, try anyway to
pass to get to the cave on the opposite side. After that, you'll see a
knight who is stuck on the edge in other side. The bridge to connect you
and him has been grabbed away. He tells you to find it in the treasure
of the Goblins. So now, you must repeat the whole stage like Ashgo did.

  Pass all the red-levered bridge and go by the first pair of blue-
levered bridges, overcome them to the other side. Then go right to
another area.

  This is the Gorge path. You won't drop again by the bridge trap. Save
before passing. Then you come to the Treasure.

  Grab the Lever on the trunks. After that, the Goblins will come to
cause troubles with you. First, they also call a spider to test your
skill :

  Estimated health : 2300 HP
  This fight begins to be tough with a weak character like Ifem. Try to
equip him with his current best bow (He's very suck !) and shoot as
usual. The Shelob is just similar to the Ungoliant, but a pretty
tougher, for you fight him as Ifem, not Ashgo. Use the strategy against
Ungoliant with this thing. Try to be patient, and usually use Strage
Attack as much as you can.

  You have gone out of your limit, so the boss goblin fights you

  Estimated health : 950 HP
  Hobgoblin fights you along with two other Web Goblins. Just kill the
Web Goblins first, I think there are a bit more dangerous than the main
boss. Hobgoblin has nothing special to be a "boss". But if you want to
make the fight easier, call Shoggoth. He could make the other enemies
sleep and cause a few damage on them. But this summon beast is pretty
useless. Use it if you like.

  When you have got the lever, go back and make yor way to the cave.
Ifem will throw the Lever to the knight and he gets pass. That knight is
indeed Gils - Regina's brother. He asks you why you come here. Answer
"Yes" or "No". After the talk, get out of Northern Gorge.

  Now you must go to Regina's house to get your money. They have
reunioned and she'll pay you 1500g. Gils gives her his mother's keepsake
necklace which he tried to re-afford. This necklace will take you to
Quest 25. But now, take your payment and go out. Mills will wait there
to take away the money.


   Another blunder ! The apprentice monk breaks the "Holy Mirror"
   used in sealing monsters. Afraid of hurting his new reputation,
         he looks for the "Blue Magic Stone" himself.


  Let's get straight to the Monastery. You see General Lamuz and the
knights talking about how to seal the Gate to Hades that Ifem found in
the Quarry. They ask for the help from the Monastery. Ignore them and
run to the Monastery gate. Ashgo has been instructed to do Lamuz's
request. He is given a Holy Mirror and comes to his mission. Let's
follow Ashgo.

  Til you come to the coast, you see some gleaming fragments of
something broken. Oh no, clumsy Ashgo ! Just can be him ! Go to the Rune
Shop : Ashgo is sadly asking the monk to create another Holy Mirror.
Then the monk says that he can't do that without the Blue Magic Stone.
This stone is extremely rare and can be found in Blue Gate of Training
Caves. Ashgo accepts, and is given the Blue Pass. Of course, then he
lost his confidence again. Let's possess him.

  Head to the Castle Front and talk to the guard to let you enter
Training Caves. There, you choose the third gate that blocked by a
guard. Talk to the guard and give him the Blue Pass. He'll let you enter
the Blue Gate.

  This gate has total 30 basements. But your end now is the 10th
basement which contains the Blue Magic Stones. I can't make a strategy
for this confusing areas. All I can tell you is : be careful and
succeed. This is the hardest gate in the three, which have strong
regular enemies like Umbriel, Eriel, Gremlin Gunner, Web Goblin,
Tarasque or Fenrir. So then you must take care of yourself and try to
avoid them to save times, because it'll take you a long time. One room
may have many doors, some of them can take you to dead ends. If that
happens, try other doors, until you find a door with stairs to lower
basements. Good luck !

  Once you reach the B10, you'll see a Blue Chest in the bottom left
corner. Open it, and then you must fight two bosses :

  Estimated health (each of them) : 1500 HP
  Their HP don't matter, but they are extremely strong at physical
attacks. You can't avoid their earthquakes when they strike the ground
and they can take you about 600 HP. They also often throw rocks to you.
at that time, use Normal Guard to protect yourself. Try to save your
fighting spirit SPs and succeed in creating Strage Attack. It's better
if you have saved them before from previous battle before getting in
this fight. Frequently heal your health, and use Sacrificial Doll if you
feel you are in extreme danger. Try to finish all of thw two Golems.

  After that, Ashgo's fear has come to its end. He begins a terrible
scream and loses consciousness. Reise is thrown away from his body. Then
Head Monk Rui has chased them and woke Reise up. He says that Ashgo has
developed his own power and got back himself. It's all for Reise's help
and he thanks him for helping Ashgo.

  You're back to Castle Front. Let's go straight, Head Monk Rui says
that now Ashgo can go to put the new Holy Mirror by himself without any
help. That means you'll stop possessing Ashgo from now. Back to Navi and
end your quest.


                 QUEST 25 : KEEPSAKE NECKLACE
       Gils, a soldier of the castle, is trying to get back his
 "Mother's keepsake necklace" that the lord took away from his sister.


  The Sanctuary has been nearly completed. You can enter it for a look.
It's really splendid and everyone feels proud ot it. But there, Lord
Cole suddenly refuses to hold the ceremony to welcome the building, and
some other strange actions of him cause mystery about him. A

  After all the scenes, you're going out of the Sanctuary. Then you see
Lord Cole is attracted by Regina's keepsake necklace which his brother
gave her. He takes it away from her goes away, as the girl feels very
sad. She doesn't want to tell this to her brother. About you, just go to
her house. The man who is Regina's friend has told everything to Gils.
And the soldier decides to get back the necklace for his sister. You
possess him now.

  You are now Gils - a knight of the castle. So you can enter the Castle
easier than others. Just talk to the castle guard to let you in. Then
you search the castle.

  Go to the left door from the throne if you want. But I assure that you
can't find Lord Cole here. When you go to Cole's room, talk to Lamuz,
and he tells you to get out before Cole gets back from Treasure Room.
This is a strange room. So now you should come back to the Castle Hall.

  You can see many bronze pedestals in the hall. Check the pedestal that
is nearest from southeast of the throne. Check all of its angles until
you find a switch. Push it, and a secret door behind the throne is
opened. Go to it.

  This is in fact the sewer of the castle. Go upper right and forward,
climb the ladder and continue the to go right. Until you come to a
corner taking to the stairs, but then Gils is trapped and drops down...

  Reise is pushed out from Gils' body. Then Navi will come to give a
help. Gils himself is surrounded by the small Dim Serpents. These things
are usually harmless, but they gulp anything moving in their eyes. Then
you are told to find person who can fight to possess to help Gils. Let's
run to the nearest left way (not on the upper platform).

  Find the way to outside. As a ghost, Reise can jump off easily. You
are back to Quay Caverns. Let's go right, climbing up the ladder to
Jacob's hideout.

  Raffer is here. Now he is the only guy who can fight you can trust.
Possess him, and go back to Quay Caverns.

  Raffer is a living body, so he can't "fly" to the hole as Reise jumped
off. You push the switch below to move the part of corridor. Then go to
the north, find another ladder taking to the bridge. Pass it, then you
have the corridor to step on, enter the castle sewer.

  Come to help Gils. Then you must fight the Dim Serpents to protect
him. These things are not tough, beat them as usual. Then you bring up
Gils to your hideout.

  Now you can't possess Gils anymore, for Gils has lost consciousness.
You help him to find the keepsake necklace by using Raffer. You again go
back to the Castle sewer. Make your way to other areas in this place.

  When you come to the new area with a bridge, you may face a boss while
passing :

  Estimated health : 2500 HP
  Difficulty : Easy
  If you have equipped Raffer with his current best weapon, this fight
does not matter. This Dim Serpent is the "twin" of the Canhel. They are
nearly similar to each other about attacks and shapes. Just beat him as
you defeated the Canhel.

  On your right there's a ladder. It will take you to some treasure
chests, and another way to Quay Caverns. You should go there to get the
stuff in the chests if you like. Nothing new in this area.

  Back to the bridge, head left and go upstairs. You have come to the
secret back of Cole's Quarter. In the end of the room, you can push out
the wardrobe which lets you back to Cole's Quarter again. Here you can
see another similar wardrobe which is locked by something. You must a
way to get in it. Now search the secret back again. You'll find three
crystals attached on the wall. Each of the three has three faces : Sun,
Star and Moon. The order might be random. If I'm right, I remember that
you must arrange them into three alike faces of the Moon shape. Then the
second wardrobe will be pushed aside. Let's get in.

  This is the Treasure Room where Cole put his precious treasures. You
can see the Treasure Orb which Reise has stolen before, and the Keepsake
Necklace hung on a figure. Grab it, then bring it back to Gils at the

  Give the nacklace to Gils. Then you have completed your Quest 25.


                QUEST 26 : THE START OF DARKNESS
     You have to find out why the town is engulfed in darkness !
                 The person who would know is...?


  After resting, Reise and Navi comes out again. The morning hasn't come
yet, and the fishermen are worrying about their next fishing. Navi says
this is a strange event, and asks Reise to come to the Monastery. Let's
do as he says.

  Get out of town and head to the Monastery. There are several people
who come here to complain about the strange event. About you, talk to
the Head Monk Rui, then he'll tell you to wait for him in his room.
Let's get in the courtyard.

  The direct door (metal door) to the Hall can't be passed by your soul.
So let's get in the monk's room, which is beside the sick room. The
monks don't block the next door anyway, so get throught it. You have
come to the Hall. Forward Head Monk Rui's room.

  You see another monk here. He is saying about the busy Head Monk, then
pulls up the velvet curtain and goes to to a secret door behind it.
Follow him. Go upstairs and run to the opposite side, the go down and
enter the next room.

  This is the secret room where Reise's body is put. No, he is glowing.
Then the Head Monk Rui has come. He can't believe that Reise could find
this room. After the monk goes out, Rui and Reise observe Reise's body.
The glowing means that Reise is going to be forgiven by the God of
Light. He should keep this going up until his crime is completely
forgiven. Then you're back to the Vacant House and continue your daily


                        QUEST 27 : L-4
   It seems that the former Commander is distressed that he cannot
           figure out the meaning of the keyword "L-4"
                 that is stuck in his memory.


  You come to Jacob's hideout again. Raffer is trying to get back his
memory about the keyword "L-4". You possess him to help him do that.

  First, go to the Pub to find Jacob. He is drinking with a Raven,
talking sneakly about Raffer who has "borrowed" his hideout and ordered
him everything. Then ask them about the L-4. The Raven will remember
that it's a number of some coffins in the Catacomb of the Graveyard
because this guy has ever travelled there. Then you go out, come to the
Town Gate and ask the Gatekeeper to go there. The Gatekeeper says you
can't enter the Graveyard for some reasons. But he mentions about an
underground waterway taking to the Graveyard. Let's get back to the Pub
and ask that Raven again.

  This guy will give you the Key to Waterway. Take it, and come to the
fountain of the Town Square. You see there are two lids on the ground.
Open the left lid first and get down, there'll be a treasure chest with
some stuff inside. Then climb up and begin with the right hole lid.

  Your adventure has started. There are several Ungoliants here. But you
can easily defeat them with Raffer's current best weapon. Climb down the
nearest ladder (The farther ladder is risen up, can't be used to climb
down). Make your way to the right and enter the north way.

  You come to an area full of Tarasques. This guy won't be so tough for
you if you have ever faced them in Blue Gate as Ashgo. Just remember to
use Backstep with their fire blow, if you want to keep your HP high. Try
to reach the north area, which is guarded by a Tarasque and some
Zombies. There you go in the small room to grab the blue treasure chest,
which contains the Flazets - Raffer's ultimate weapon. After that, make
your way to the right way.

  Go right as far as you can. Until you see a dead end, with a ladder.
Has Raffer push the tank on the bottom, to make bridge to other edge. Go
there and try to find a Crank. Then climb up the ladder. You have been
back to the Graveyard.

  Use the Crank on the device you see, to drain the water into
underground. After that, you should save here. Then climb down.

  The stream of water has taken the tank you push to another position,
which you can pass to a new area. I don't remember the details of this
place. It's full of Evil Heads, and you must be careful with them. Go
right as far as you can, until you see a stone door with a switch
beside. Push it to access the door. You have come to the Catacomb.

  There are several coffins here. Each one is numbered in the notes on
the wall. You should read all the notes to find the L-4 coffins. This
place is full of monsters like Ribesals, Evil Heads, Chemoshes, etc so
you should take good care of yourself. The L-4 coffins is on the lowest
basement, which you must go down all the stairs to reach it. It lies
alone in a corner. When you have come, read the note to know this is the
L-4 coffin, and open the lid. You see the architect Mason's corpse...

  Then Raffer is unconscious again, gradually getting back his memory...
Mason was killed by Lord Cole, for he had asked about building the
secret basement in Sanctuary. Raffer witnessed the event and felt
disagreed with the Lord... You stop possessing Raffer from now, as he
has got back his memory. Let's come to our last quest : Ifem.


  The mother of a Raven seems to have come to town and disappeared.


  As Reise, you come to the Pub to find Ifem. He is talking to the
Innkeeper about his mother. They have had an appointment at the Ruins
Hillock. But when he came, she hadn't been there and he couldn't find

  After the talk, you possess Ifem and go out of the Pub. If you ask
people in town, one of the quarriers will tell you that there's a lady
who headed forward the Monastery. So you get out of the town to the

  Ask the group of people. They'll tell you that there was really a
woman by the Monastery, but she had disappeared. Now she's not in town,
also not in Monastery, it just can the Rune Shop. Enter the Rune Shop

  Ifem's mother is here. Talk to her and take her to the Inn.


                  QUEST 29 : MILLS' REQUEST
 Money-lender Mills is asking a favor with a gentle look on her face.
                 What does she plan to ask...?


  You are still in Ifem's body, and you must continue Ifem's next
mission if you want to go out.

  Mills is talking to a quarrier in the Town Square. You come there and
talk to her. She requests you a strange mission, to find a Sketch Book
underground for her. Of course, you will be paid after finishing her

  Let's go to the Pub. Talk to the Raven to borrow his Key to Waterway
again. Then get down the right hole as Raffer did. Climb down the next
ladder to sewer. But now you don't follow Raffer's way. The stream has
pushed a tank connecting to the other edge on the left side of the
ladder you have got down. Pass it, and you come to a new area.

  This is a matrix covered by Ribesals and Evil Heads. I can't arrange
details about this matrix, just give you a hint that your end is in the
southwest. Just head to that direction until you find the path leading
to another area. It's the Underground Dungeon.

  Ifem will soon see the Sketch Book on a separated platform. Now he
must find the way to get there. Let's just head to the north, push the
rotating plank to get through. Then go left.

  You have come to another area. Don't mention about the ladders in the
top left. They are not your ways now. Just observe your right. There are
two ways leading to the same area. Grab all the treasure chests here,
then begin your process to the Sketch Book.

  First, come to the the lower left way. There you come to a dead end
with a switch. Push to move the upper corner to north way. Then go out,
head to te upper left way.

  The corner has been moved, so you can pass through it. Rotate the
dirty plank to open the next north way. Then just head up as far as you
can, until you reach a lift. Get on the lift and it takes you to the
platform with the Sketch Book. Get it, then make your way out of this
Underground Dungeon.

  I feel sorry to pass the matrix again, but please try. Then you get
out of underground waterway. Go to the Harbour to Mills' house. She is
waiting there. Give the book to her, then the lady feels very happy and
burst into tears. You can hear her romantic story about this Sketch
Book, that it's a very important thing to her. She knows that nothing
could pay for the mental value you have found for her, then she claims
you are free... That means Ifem's debt has been cancelled and now he can
work for his own life, not to pay money anymore. Your mission with Ifem
has come to end. Get out now.

  Back to the Vacant House. Navi may tell you to come to your body in
the Monastery to see what happens. Let's get going.

  The gate of Monastery has been open mysteriously. When you come in,
variety of monsters have wandered around. Something may have happened to
this place. You find the way to Head Monk's room. Then forward to the
room with Reise's body.

  Head Monk Rui may be here. Then he tells that you have been forgiven,
and ask you to reunite with your body. Let's do it soon !!!

  Oh no, thanks God ! I have returned to my body after a long time of
ordeals. Then the Head Monk will tell you about the current situation of
the Monastery. The biggest Holy Mirror in the Monastery Underground area
has been broken. Monsters from the Hades has overcome the place. He has
had Ashgo go first, but it seems that it's too much for him, so he needs
Reise's help to solute this situation. You have stepped on Quest 30.


                  QUEST 30 : THE MIRROR OF SEAL
       What caused the Monastery to be infested with monsters ?
      What has happened to the "Mirror of Seal" that was built
              long ago underneath the Monastery...?


  You have gone back as the real Reise, so now you can't avoid the
monsters anyway. Return to Head Monk's room to save there. You should
save because this is your only Save Point in this dangerous quest. Then
go out to the hall. Fight the High Kobolds if you have touched them.

  There are several of them in the courtyard. If you can, I advise you
to fight them, because this is the best place for you to level up now.
The later places are not as good as this. So use all your chances to
level up your character. But also be careful with the High Kobolds which
can be considered as dangerous enemies.

  In the Courtyard, find the ladder to underground near the well and go
down. You realize this takes you to the Underground Dungeon Ifem has
just searched. Here there's a treasure chest on the left which contain a
stronger weapon of Reise - The Flamberge. Remember to get it, or you'll
be troubled later with strong enemies.

  If you want to know your mission, go to the lowest left way to find
Ashgo. He is being injured and now he can't do anything. He tells you to
shine all the mirrors on the wall to seal the monsters. If you observe
the big front wall, you can see two mirrors and the Gate to Hades in the
middle. But first, you should go back to Monastery Underground and begin
your first step with the farthest left way. According to the rule of the
area you have searched as Ifem, try to push all the three dirty planks
until their lights shine to the mirrors and the Gate to Hades. I don't
show you details, but I let you know that you push the upper left plank
first, then the lower one, and the last one which is next to Ashgo.

  When you have completed, the last light will shine to the Gate to
Hades. Then a giant monster comes out from it, and flies to the right.
Ashgo says it's the High Manticore. That way leads to town, and it will
destroy the town soon, so you must stop it anyway. Run to the way that
the Manticore has passed. You face the Matrix again. But don't worry,
the High Manticore has left some yellow tracks behind, you can follow
the tracks to come to him.

  He's sleeping. Once you disturb him, he will gulp you...

  Estimated health : 7000 HP
  Difficulty : Hard

  This guy is very tough. That's the reason why I remind you to increase
your level as high as you can. To win this battle easier, you should
have this thing :

 - Weapon : Flameberge
   This is your current best weapon.

 - Armor : Chain Mail or Plate Mail
   Now Plate Mail and Chain Mail have been sold in Weapon Shop. If you
can, try to get out of Monastery and come there to buy it. You shouldn't
equip any weaker armors, for it will make the battle harder very much.
Plate Mail is the best.

 - Magic : Cural and Curalo
  You must have these spells to heal.

 - Items : Special Medicines or higher, Sacrificial Dolls.
  You must have them to heal.

 - Summon Beasts : Vivian and Mumakeem.
   + Vivian is the best summon beast of all. Her attack causes the
greatest damage of all summon beasts', and she can gradually heal 10% of
your HP when you are in danger. You can't miss her in later bosses from
   + Mumakeem : If Vivian is the best, so Mumakeem is the second useful
beast. Its trunk attack can cause a pretty serious damage on enemies,
then it can also power up your strength. This will be very useful for
you to attack or strage attack, while your strength is double
automatically without using items or spells.

  That's all, and this is the strategy. The High Manticore can attack
you with three hits :

- Kick : This hit is pretty fast it's hardly readed. Normal Guard is the
best solution for this. If you want to use Counter Guard with this hit,
you must have the skill to read this attack and press Triangle button
extremely fast. If you don't guard, it could take you 1500-2500 HP.

- Double strike : The High Manticore comes close to you, using his mace
to strike you a double hit, which takes you 1000-2000 HP for each hit.
First, you can use Normal Guard to get used to it. But later, when you
could read this attack, you can easily use Counter Guard to attack the
boss at the same time. This is the easiest hit to guard.

- Flaming hit : High Manticore flames his mace, then he comes to you and
slowly strikes you. This hit can take away about 2500 HP from you, and
the safest way is using Normal Guard. Counter Guard just protects you
from half damage, when with Normal Guard, you just lose 1/10 real
damage. He strikes pretty slowly, try to get used to it and guard at the
right time. You'll be familiar soon.

  About yourself, frequently use healing spells and items to keep your
HP. Vivian will help you a few in this, and try to use as much as Strage
Attack if you can. When you feel you're going to die, don't hesitate to
use a Sacrificial Doll.

  After defeating this boss, you'll be welcomed by two monks. And they
take you to the Monastery.

  Here you talk to Head Monk Rui and Ashgo. Maybe Ashgo is the only
person who knows that he was possessed by Reise, for he has been told by
Head Monk Rui. He thanks you very much. About you, head to Head Monk
Rui's room.

  Then General Lamuz will come to do business. Recently Lord Cole
becomes different like he is doing something mysterious. He becomes
changed and strange. Lamus has found some scrolls with ancient
scriptures on it, and ask the Head Monk Rui to translate. It has
something to do with the "Orbis". And you, get out of this Monastery.

  When you are going out, Navi - the gnome will welcome you at the first
pier. He reminds you about the favor Reise promised to do for him if he
returned to his body. Now it's time for Reise to thank the guy.


               QUEST 31 : A PROMISE WITH A DOMOVOI
     In order to keep the promise of Domovoi's help, after you
     return to your body, you head off to the Ruins Hillock.


  Navi has the appointment with you at Ruins Hillock. After he
disappears, you head there as his command, by passing the town and ask
the Gatekeeper to go to Ruins Hillock.

  Here you can find blue Treasure Chest containg a Piece in Paper, at
the gate where Ifem got out. This paper is one kind of Spellbook, you
should bring it to the Rune Shop after this quest. Talk to Navi who is
standing near the trees. It's a simple mission : He asks to go in to see
what happens to the seven pillars which circle a a platform. It's the
platform at the only save point in Ruins Hillock (you can find it when
coming here as Ifem). Now you must find it again.

  Pass the matrix and go upstairs to the next area. Then just keep going
up, head north and come to the place where you saw the Triangle stone
(there's no stone here anymore). From there, try to find a right path
taking you through a cave. Go along the way, you see the pillars, but no
save point anymore. The pillars are glowing.

  After the event, make your way back to Navi and tells him what you
saw. Then the gnome says that : "She forgave me...". If you want to know
what that means, accept to hear his story. The glowing pillars will take
him back to his Fairy Kingdom. He immediately disappears, for he doesn't
want to see you. And you, just come to the pillars to say goodbye to
him. Navi says he never forgets you...

  ...Make your way back to the town.

  Enter the Pub. The guards outside will tell you that the Pub has been
used as a hideout for the uprising against Lord Cole, under the lead of
Commander Raffer. If you want to join, just say the right password to
the left guard. I don't know is this password is random, but mine was :

 "When the sun is visible, you'll know."

  If you do right, the guard will let you in. Here you see, all the
Ravens and knights gather here to follow Raffer's lead. They are holding
an uprising. Raffer tells you to wait for him. So talk to all the guys
in the Pub. After that, Head Monk Rui and Lamuz will come, reporting the
result of the translation : The Orbis used to resurrect the God of
Darkness is correctly the Treasure Orb. And Cole, as he is afraid of
losing his sword skill and age, has found to the scroll about the
legend, to seek for him the Immortality. Everybody is glad to follow
Raffer. It's time to catch that Cole to stop his ambition as soon as


                QUEST 32 : THE TIME FOR UPRISING
       Cole's ambition of gaining immortal has resulted in the
       resurrection of the God of Darkness, Demon King Balor !
                      He must be stopped !


  You head to the Castle Front, and choose to go to the Castle. From now
you can pass here easily without asking anyone.

  Raffer is here. He thinks that Cole must be in Treasure Room. He asks
you to come to the secret sewer, open the Treasure Room by the crystal
puzzle again. Push the switch on the nearest left pedestal to open the
door behind the throne. Then get in the sewer.

  You have searched this place before. Just make your way straight to
the secret back of Cole's Quarter. Then solve the crystal puzzle, with
the three Moon faces are shown. The Treasure Room is unlocked. You push
the wardrobe to get to Cole's Quarter. Raffer has waited here, enter the
Treasure Room...

  Cole has run away to somewhere. Raffer angrily goes away. And you,
follow him back to the Castle Hall.

  Raffer found a small memo of Cole left, written with the mysterious
words "Go against Fate". You must find out about the meaning of the
memo, and Raffer will search the castle again.


                  QUEST 33 : GO AGAINST FATE
 Cole has left behind a piece of paper with the words "Go against Fate"
   on it. Is there any connection between the whereabouts of Cole
                    and going against fate ?


  Get out of the Castle. This paper may trouble you a lot. But if you
rearrange the passing events, you'll realize most things come from the
secret construction of the Sanctuary. Let's get there to find out.

  Although the knights say that they don't see anything here, they don't
know this construction has been designed with some secret devices. You
come to the pray table, then check the two devices on the right wall.
First, touch the farther device first, move the lever to "Fate" level.
Then check the nearer device : Turn to the opposite site. This action
suits the words "Go against Fate" of Cole. Then the pray table will be
moved, revealing the way to secret basement. Go down now.


  Cole is trying to resurrect the God of Darkness, Demon King Balor.
  If he succeeds, then the entire world will be enguled in darkness !
                  Only you can stop him now !


  This is very the basement Ashgo has explored in Quest 12. You can go
through it easily, but now it's full of different and tougher monsters.
All the areas are covered with Baba Yagas, Blobs and Ribesals, but you
can also see some unique enemies like :

- Sanctuary B1 has Nuckelaves and Web Puppy, Shelob.
- Sanctuary B2 has mini High Manticores (which are as dangerous as the
boss High Manticore, but with lower HP).
- Sanctuary B3 has Vassauo and two Tarasques.

  When you come to the Gate to Hades in Sanctuary B3, Ashgo and Head
Monk Rui will come to create a Save Point for you. Let's save here, and
get inside to fight an ordinary battle with two Tarasques and Vassauo.
You'll get Tristan - Reise's ultimate weapon after the fight. Then go
inside, using the teleport to enter "Hades".

  There are Gremlin Gunners, Blood Vine, Evil Heads and Griffins in this
area. Please follow my guide if you don't want to be confused.

  You can see a first cave on the north. Let's get in it. You are taken
to an area of the Haunted Lighthouse. Here you find Plate Mail in the
reasure chest. Go in again.

  Get in the lowest cave in the bottom. You may come to a part of the
Catacomb. Head to the right path.

  Another area of Catacomb, head right until you find the way back to
Hades. You have been another area.

  Let's just get right. Then turn left, to the FARTHEST cave and go in.

  You come to the Underground Dungeon, the shine of mirrors have created
the ways for you. Run to the left and go along the path. You come to
your end, but please fight a boss first :

  Estimated health : 2000 HP
  Difficulty : Medium
  He fights with two other Korrigans. Kill him first, because he can
resurrects the Korrigans against you. This is just like a regular

  Come in the last cave. There's a Save Point here... You'll face the
final boss fight soon. So I have some advices for you :

 * Preparations for final battle :
  Save here. Make your way back to the town (It's a long way, but please
try), go to Keith's Item Shop. Buy the Ring of Life - the new accessory,
then buy as much as Sacrificial Dolls in your effort. You can also buy
more Secret Medicines if you have too few of them.
  Use ALL of the Seeds of Speed, Mental Mushrooms, Walnuts of Power and
Fruits of Life you have stored in your inventory.

 * Equipments :
  Weapon : Tristan
  Armor : Plate Mail
  Accessories : Ring of Life and a favourite accessory of yours, EXCEPT
                Neutralizing Stone.
                * You MUSTN'T equip Neutralizing Stone. It should
                  neutralize the power-up effect that Mumakeem causes
                  on you, which is very important to your last battle.
                  Remember this !
  Amulets (Summon Beasts) : Vivian, Mumakeem
  Spells : Cural, Curalo, Deflizas or Quicker.

  After that, make your way back here. Save again, then run forward to
talk to Lord Cole :

  Estimated health : 6500 HP
  Difficulty : Medium
  He is not very tough. Just learn his pattern of casting flashes. He
could flash regularly three flashes, or gather them into one huge
splash. Both can be prevented easily by Normal Guard. This is not a hard
battle. But don't use Strage Attack with him. Save it for the next

  Lord Cole has been defeated, but he has left a big tusk behind...

  Estimated health : 13000 HP
  Difficulty : Hard/Very Hard

  He can cause a great damage on you with any of his hits :

- Triple Cast : When he doesn't hold sword, he'll use his globe to cast
three rounds to you. This hit is similar to Cole's, but the third hit is
slower a little and the whole hit is MUCH TOUGHER. Please be precise to
use Normal Guard. If not, each of the round can make you lose about 1500
HP. Three rounds can nearly wipe your HP.

- Sword swing : Usually it can take you 2500 HP. So Normal Guard is
still the best guard. You can also use Counter Guard to attack him at
the same time, but check your HP before deciding to do that.

  About you, ALWAYS ALWAYS use Sacrificial Doll each time you are
resurrected. Sometimes you can't guess when you may die, especially
newbies of this game. Taking good care is still the safest solution.
Don't hesitate to use Strage Attack. It'll be great if you strage attack
when Mumakeem as powered you up. But remember, if you estimate that the
boss is going to lose, stop using Strage Attack and save your SPs for...

  When you have a free chance that you don't intend to use it for attack
or heal, use that chance to cause "Deflizas" or do anything to raise
your strength and defense. This should work well with Balor's hits. But
of course, you are not obliged to do this, just do when you have a spare
free chance.

  Demon King Balor is just TEMPORARILY defeated :

  Estimated health : ?????
  Difficulty : Very Hard

  I have engaged this battle in fear, so that I couldn't measure his
health. But he is very much stronger than the original form, and you can
die just by a very small mistake in your strategy.

  Remember to use Quicker when you have a spare free chance. Your speed
has no match with Balor, and one chance of yours is three chances of
Balor. These are the boss's attacks :

- Bite : You can easily guard this by either Normal Guard, Strage Guard
or Counter Guard. An ordinary beat can take you about 2000-2500 HP. But
here I advise you to choose Strage Guard, which is weaker than Normal
Guard. Why ? See the next hit.

- Breathe : This is might be a dangerous cast. Its damage is as big as
the bite, but the only way to avoid it is BACKSTEP. That's the reason
why I told you to use Strage Guard, to save your SPs to backstep this
hit. He can play this hit several times as he wants, so always have your
SP bar filled.

- Magical Space : When you damage half of the boss's health, it will
play a new attack. The more you damage him, the more frequent he plays
this attack. He takes you to a magical space. In the first angle, a
comet hits you. Then in the second angle, you are hit by two continuous
comets, and the third angles give you three comets. Each comet can make
you lose about 1500 HP. But it'll be easier when you learn their
patterns, and do your best with Normal Guard. But their damage is indeed
not small.

  In this fight, you must remember to use Sacrificial Dolls anytime and
anytime. If you are not sure you have used or not, don't hesitate to
waste once more. You will pay by your life if you're too mean.

  Besides, the breathe attack can prevent you from creating Strage
Attack. But the Magical space can. Although you must save your SPs, but
when you have your SP bar full, don't hesitate to Strage Attack on the
boss. It'll shorten the battle and you can reach the ending quicker. The
most important advice is : SAVING YOUR LIFE FIRST OF ALL.

  Generally, to win this battle is up to your effort to save your life,
but partly up to your fortune. I have beaten the dragon, when it casts
Bite more than Breathe. That's really a luck of mine. But first of all,
your management is still the most important majority to make victory. So
trust yourself and fight by all of your "SPs".



  8.  E N E M Y  L I S T


--  NOTES  -------------------------------------------------------------
 - Well then, I arrange them follow the alphabetical orders in their
names. Their HPs are estimated by me, so they might not be very correct,
but I think they can be good enough to use.
 - This part doesn't contain bosses. Those guys will be mentioned
carefully in the Walkthrough.

  Estimated health : 800 HP
  Location : Monastery Basement
  They are the caterpillars that crawling around the wet places. Big
worms and small ones have the same Hit Points and attack : rolling to
you or flowing affliction air. The rolling attack is easily prevented by
Normal Guard, but be careful with the blowing air. Make sure you have
Neutralizing Stone to avoid afflictions.

  Estimated health : 300/1200 HP
  Location : Sanctuary
  These guys are some types of ghosts. They appear and disappear
gradually when you come to their areas. You fight them when you touch
their appearances. They mainly use magical attack (Plasma), but
sometimes physical attacks. They are extremely slow in physical attacks,
so you try to guard in time, don't be faster or slower.

  Estimated health : 300/600/800 HP
  Location : Sanctuary, Orc Stronghold
  They are some kinds of crawling slime which is light green. They are a
bit annoying to appear in group. They can cause jump attack on you or
throw a liquid that slows you down. Try to guard those attacks to avoid
their effect. Then attack as usual.

  Estimated health : 1500 HP
  Location : Catacombs
  They are the wizards who can alternate and revive dead enemies who are
fighting with them. Sometimes they can attack you directly. The only way
to defeat this guy is to kill himself before the around monsters can be
healed or revived. That's the point. Besides, he is not a tough foe.

  Estimated health : 1000/2000 HP
  Location : Monastery, Sanctuary, Hades
  They are the trap plants that can move and eat living flesh. They are
fixed at a position, attacking by casting globes like the Umbriels. They
are mostly passive and you can easily defeat them without losing much
Hit Points.

  Estimated health : 500 HP
  Location : Castle Sewer
  They are the white amphibians that will eat anything moving before
theit sites. They live in wet place and pretty harmless, except we are
the ones who begin everything.

  Estimated health : 200 HP
  Location : Sanctuary
  They are blue bats which are stronger and tougher than Mad Seelies and
Unseelie Courts. Their attacks are almost similar.

  Estimated health : 500/700 HP
  Location : Underground Waterway, Catacombs, Hades
  They are the skulls rising from the piles of skeletons. They are not
tough, but sometimes they cover themselves with flame and cause a big
damage when touching you. But if your weapon is strong enough, you can
kill them just with one hit.

  Estimated health : 1000 HP
  Location : Training Caves
  I think they are high garums, with tougher HP and attacks. They
completely dash to you, not hesitate sometimes like Garums.

  Estimated health : 180 HP
  Location : Ruins Hillock, Northern Gorge, Catacomb.
  They are the wolves running around the Ruins Hillock as your "karmas".
They can attack by dashing or jumping. Jumping is faster, and it's hard
to distinguish the two attacks before they scratch you. It's up to your
experience to play this game.

  Estimated health : 600/2500 HP
  Location : Sanctuary
  It's the crocodile which attacks one of the lost quarriors in the
Sanctuary. Their bite attack is pretty painful, and the same as some
other attacks. There's no more better strategy than to guard in time and
heal yourself. Later they become popular in the Sanctuary in the last
quest. Be careful of them.

  Estimated health : 550 HP
  Location : Northern Gorge
  They are some kinds of giant monsters. With a club, they often attack
the opponents by their great strength. But a weakness of those is the
slow speed and the so foolish that you can kill them without harshing.

  Estimated health : 700 HP
  Location : Monastery, Sanctuary
  They are small fairies who were turned into evil and do pranks with
the monks. Pretty slow and stupid, but their foolish mind often put you
in several troubles while beating. It's upset to wait for them to beat
you, as they love swinging their bodies before attacking. It's hard for
to determine what attack they cast and when. It might be faster to use
magic with them.

  Estimated health : 1000/1700 HP
  Location : Monastery, Hades.
  These guys are the higher level of regular Gremlins. They are not as
slow as the regular ones, but tougher with a gun and higher HP. They can
cast a triple shot to you with irregular rhymth. Be careful with them
and I think you can level up with any enemies, but not with these
guys... until your level is high enough for them to be your easy

  Estimated health : 500/1000 HP
  Location : The Quarry, Monastery
  They are tougher than the regular Kobolds in the Tower of Eriu. While
the weaker Kobold just jump and strike, these higher guys can cast
double strike and double jump, that can cause a lot of damage,
especially when you fight as Ifem at your current level. Just be patient
to kill them and use Strage Attack.

  HIGH MANTICORE (not the boss)
  Estimated health : 2000 HP
  Location : Sanctuary
  These don't look like the boss you face in the underground dungeon.
They are just small high manticores around Sanctuary B2 in the last
Quest. They are much like the boss High Manticore about attacks : Double
strike, fire strike and kick. The double strike takes the most HPs, but
the easiest to guard. The fire strike is harder to defend, for the
Manticore executes it very slowly. The kick is very fast, so pay
attention to it.

  Estimated health : 450 HP
  Location : Orc Stronghold
  They use a huge lance to attack, and the other characteristics are
similar to regular ones. They just have higher Hp, and they don't use
Medicine in battle.

  Estimated health : 180/2000 HP
  Location : Quay Caverns, Catacombs
  Another type of amphibians. They may look like some kinds of ancient
dinosaurs. But now pay attention to their attacks, by head and tail.
Both are hard to guess and you must have deep experience with these
guys. But it's lucky that they don't have so many HPs and I think you
can kill them before getting bigger damage.

  Estimated health : 300/500 HP
  Location : Haunted Lighthouse
  They are pink jelly fishes which are strong against physical attacks.
But they themselves are weak at causing physical attacks either. Use
Magic to finish them the fastest. Tundra and Flame might be good for

  Estimated health : 250 HP
  Location : Stranded Vessel, Quay Caverns, Haunted Lighthouse
  They are the jelly fishes flying around the areas. Their only attack
is striking you with their body parts, and it's an easy attack to guard.
You can use Counter Guard with these things to finish them up as soon as

  Estimated health : 150 HP
  Location : Seashore
  They appear as the sparkling jewels on the seashore, and just dash out
when you touch them. They attack by striking, but sometimes casting
black oil to blind you (cause Darkness).

  Estimated health : 70 HP
  Location : Tower of Eriu
  They are the leopards who protect the tower from such strangers like
you. They run around, and attack by striking. Sometimes they could avoid
your hit frequently when you are still in low level.

  Estimated health : 1500/2000 HP
  Location : Sanctuary
  They are the naughty Gremlins who take a giant hand to grab you. That
heavy weapon can make you confused for its king size and slow action
that hard to avoid. Pay attention to them..(-_-)

  Estimated health : 150 HP
  Location : Sanctuary, Orc Stronghold
  They are tougher than Unseelie Court with green colour. Their attacks
are similar to the Unseelie Courts : fly and strike.

  Estimated health : 200 HP
  Location : Sanctuary
  They dash out from the piles of junks. Neither being tough nor strong,
but they become dangerous when using Defend magic. With it, they just
get half your damage, and it takes you longer to kill them. It's harder
when they cause Poison on you. So be careful.

  Estimated health : 200 HP
  Location : Tower of Eriu
  They are just some of the monsters in the Tower of Eriu. Make sure to
guard when being hit by them. Some hits can cause poison, and it's a
pain when you are still a weak character in Quest 1, and your antidotes
are limited.

  Estimated health : 400 HP
  Location : Orc Stronghold
  They are the jungle pigs which act like human. They use heavy weapons
such as Axe or lance to attack the opponent. They have forced the
architect Mason to help them build a great stronghold. These enemies are
pretty tough and they can use Medicine to heal when they're going to
die. Just try to use Counter Guard, and hit Strage attack when you have
made them lose more than half their HPs.

  Estimated health : 300 HP
  Location : Ruins Hillock Peak, Haunted Lighthouse
  They are some kindsof strange creatures : an giant deer-headed eagle.
They dash to you to cause damage, or flinging you by their horns. Try to
use strong weapons, and frequently guard with these guys. They are not
tough when you are in high level and have strong equipments.

  Estimated health : 400/1000/1800 HP
  Location : Northern Gorge, Catacombs, Sanctuary, Underground matrix.
  You face some of them along with the Garums in the bridge trap. They
look like kids whose hands are big scissors, ready to cut you. They can
order the alive Garums to attack you. But their HP is pretty small and
it's not hard to fight them.

  Estimated health : 250/1500 HP
  Location : Stranded Vessel
  They are the sailors on the ship who were punished by their greed, for
they stole the treasures of fairies on a fairy island. Their attacks are
pretty strong, especially the jump attacks are hard to guess to defend.
You can use Counter Guard with them to kill them as soon as you can.

  Estimated health : 1800/2500 HP
  Location : Underground Waterway, Sanctuary
  They are giant crocodiles. They often attack by beating or flowing
flame that is hard to defend. Sometimes they make quake which also cause
serious damage, but you can easily guard it if you are fast enough.
Generally, this is a pretty tough enemy.

  Estimated health : 1500 HP
  Location : Ruins Hillock
  They are the little toy soldiers running around the Ruins Hillock at
night. It seems that you just face them in the last time you help Navi
to get back to his kingdom. They are pretty tough, for their small
figures and tough attacks.

  Estimated health : 300 HP
  Location : Ruins Hillock
  These guys look like giant bears, with strong hit and speed. They are
extremely slow that you can cast three hits before it comes to their
chance. To finish this guys fast, just use Strage Guard and collect your
SPs fast, then use limit skills to kill them up.

  Estimated health : 1500 HP
  Location : Quay Caverns
  I don't think these are easy enemies to defeat, at least for your
current level at the time you first fight them. They can use Defend
magic, to reduce half your damage like the Mandra Helms. But they are
very strong at physical attacks. Even you use Counter Guard, you can
still lose a great deal of HP, between 200-300 HP. So Normal Guard is
the safest defense for these fights. When they sound, that means that
will attack you by boulders. They thrown huge boulders to you which
cause a lot of HP, but it does not matter as they are easy to guard.

  Estimated health : 400 HP
  Location : Sanctuary
  They are red bats which are tougher than Unseelie Court, Mad Seelie
and Eriel. You beat them like you do with others weaker. But they get a
new attack like casting a magic globe to you that is not very strong if
you can guard in time.

  Estimated health :
  Location : Northern Gorge, Underground Waterway
  These are regular Ungoliants you meet around. They are not very tough,
but their physical attack is pretty slow and some players often guard
before they strike. Don't be impatient while guarding.

  Estimated health : 40 HP
  Location : Tower of Eriu, Stranded Vessel
  They are the black bats which can be around everywhere. Their attacks
are not very power, but they are pretty fast.

  Estimated health : 250 HP
  Location : Sacred Forest, Quay Caverns
  They look like some kinds of reptiles which attack by head and tail.
But they are pretty slow in action. The tail attack might cause a big
damage. Try to draw your guard in time, as they act very slowly.

  Estimated health : 450 HP
  Location : Quay Caverns
  They appear at the same time of the Trolls. They are pretty fast and
can reduce your mind. But their defense is pretty weak and you can
defeat them easily with Counter Guard, as their hits are not strong
enough to beat you down.

  Estimated health : 600 HP
  Location : Northern Gorge
  Instead of using an club like regular purple Goblins, these yellow
guys use axes as weapons and they seem more stupid than the others. They
can jump and inflict the enemies, or throw the axe straight to them.
Sometmes they use their limit attack : throwing the axe to the sky, then
it will drop down, inflicting a random opponent who can be either you or
one of your enemies, even the guy who threw it.

  Estimated health : 400/1000 HP
  Location : Northern Gorge
  They are little blue spiders who are weaker than the Ungoliants very
much. I have no more to say, because you can beat them easily.


  9.  M A G I C  L I S T


  K N O W L E D G E S    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  * From the monks in Rune Shop.

    A Magic Stone is just as its sounds : a stone with magic sealed
within it. There are a total 6 Magic Stones and all of them have
different colors are attributes. But you cannot use Magic Stones
themselves. The first step in using magic is refine Magic Stones into

   A Rune is a crystal form of the magic extracted from several Magic
Stones. Depending on the combination of Magic Stones, you can make
different Runes. For instance, the Rune Flare takes 4 Red Magic Stones.
So to make Runes like this, you need certain Magic Stone combinations.
The monks who feared the powerful magic hid spellbooks which contain the
advanced refining techniques.

  Runes come in five sizes :
  Small, medium, and large triangles, squares or parallelograms. It is
completely random as to what shape it'll be.

  Amulets are the vessels you need to use magic. You equip Amulets with
refined Runes inserted into them. Plus, if you completely fill the
Amulet with Runes, you can call a summon beast. The next part is very
important. You don't have to equip an Amulet in order to call the Summon
Beast. So you can just stick unused Runes to the summon beast Amulet...
and save the Runes you want to use in the Amulet you have equipped.

  R U N E  L I S T    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  Cure : Recover a small amount of HP.
  Cural : Recover a medium amount of HP.
  Curalo : Recover a large amount of HP.
  Naster : Recover from any affliction.

  Flame : Small fire damage on one enemy.
  Flare : Medium fire damage on one enemy.
  Flamare : Large fire damage on one enemy.

  Plasma : Small lightning damage on one enemy.
  Plasm : Medium lightning damage on one enemy.
  Plasoma : Large lightning damage on one enemy.

  Tundra : Small ice damage on one enemy
  Tundrada : Medium ice damage on one enemy.
  Tundrea : Large ice damage on one enemy.

  Lapis : Small meteor damage on all enemies.
  Mediom : Medium meteor damage on all enemies.
  Medio Gigas : Large meteor damage on all enemies.

  Big Bang : Small explosion damage on all enemies
  Melt Down : Medium explosion damage on all enemies.
  Melt Cratos : Huge explosion damage on all enemies.

  Sleep : Put one enemy into sleep
  Venom : Poison one enemy
  Amuless : Seal one enemy's magic
  Quicker : Double Agility for a limited time.
  Doublus : Double Strength for a limited time.
  Defend : Physical defense up for a limited time.
  Deflect : Magic defense up for a limited time.
  Deflizas : Total defense up for a limited time.

  S U M M O N  B E A S T S    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

- Balrog : Amulet with a fire genie sealed within.
  Location : Tower of Eriu

- Raum Lugh : Amulet with a demon sealed within.
  Location : Standard

- Shoggoth : Amulet with an ice beast sealed within.
  Location : Merrow's gift in Quest 20.

- Lindwurm : Amulet with a sacred dragon sealed within.
  Location : Monastery

- Golem : Amulet with an earth monster sealed within.
  Location : Blue Gate B10

- Each Uisge : Amulet with a water demon sealed within.
  Location : Item Shop

- Vivian : Amulet with a guardian spirit sealed within.
  Location : Green Gate Bottom

- Mumakeem : Amulet with an ancient creature sealed within.
  Location : Red Gate Bottom


  10.  W E A P O N  &  A R M O R  L I S T



   W E A P O N S     \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  *Notes : All the weapons and armors which have no price, are found out
of Item Shop (Blue Treasure Chests), and the first weapons is the
standard of each character, have no price.

! Reise    ! Claymore Sword  ! N/A   ! - Sword commonly used by        !
!          !                 !       ! warriors.                       !
!          ! Coltana Blade   ! N/A   ! - Sword that indicates the      !
!          !                 !       ! wielder's fighting spirit.      !
!          ! Flamberge       ! 21000 ! - The blade of the sword        !
!          !                 !       ! resembles a flame.              !
!          ! Tristan         ! N/A   ! - Sword made from the tongue of !
!          !                 !       ! a dragon.                       !
! Fisela   ! Trident         ! N/A   ! - A fisherman's halberd modified!
!          !                 !       ! to be a weapon.                 !
!          ! Ox Tongue       ! 2800  ! - Given its name due to its     !
!          !                 !       ! shape.                          !
!          ! Bardiche        ! 5000  ! - A long weapon with an axe-like!
!          !                 !       ! end.                            !
!          ! Gae Bolg Gungir ! N/A   ! - A spear said to be split      !
!          !                 !       ! heaven and earth.               !
! Ifem     ! Sting Bow       ! N/A   ! - A bow used for hunting.       !
!          ! Hawk String     ! 3250  ! - A bow known for high accuracy.!
!          ! Pile Winder     ! 8000  ! - A bow made to handle rapid    !
!          !                 !       ! shots.                          !
! Ashgo    ! Battle Mace     ! N/A   ! - A weapon made of steel.       !
!          ! Mash Hammer     ! 3750  ! - A weapon made to crush the    !
!          !                 !       ! enemy's armor.                  !
!          ! Ogre Fist       ! N/A   ! - A stick said to be made of    !
!          !                 !       ! giant's bones.                  !
!          ! Morgenstein     ! N/A   ! - Also known as Morning Star.   !
! Raffer   ! Heavy Tomahawk  ! N/A   ! - A normal wood chopping axe    !
!          !                 !       ! modified for battle.            !
!          ! Buster Axe      ! 6500  ! - Second-handed axe used by many!
!          !                 !       ! giant men.                      !
!          ! Brandish        ! 9500  ! - An axe too heavy for a normal !
!          !                 !       ! person.                         !
!          ! Flazets         ! N/A   ! - An axe said to be forged by   !
!          !                 !       ! Dwarf King.                     !

  A R M O R S    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

! Reise    ! Leather Armor    ! 2600 ! - Armor made of leather.        !
!          ! Chain Mail       ! 9600 ! - Armor made of steel rings.    !
!          ! Plate Mail       !32000 ! - Armor made of refined steel.  !
!          ! Fisherman Clothes! N/A  ! - Clothes to protect fishermen. !
! Fisela   ! Dress Armor      ! 3800 ! - Armor made for woman.         !
!          ! Metal Bustier    ! 6800 ! - Steel armor made for woman.   !
!          ! Viking Guard     ! N/A  ! - Battle clothes of pirates.    !
! Ifem     ! Cloth Armor      ! 1800 ! - Armor made of cloth.          !
!          ! Hunter Coat      ! 2400 ! - Clothes favoured by hunters.  !
!          ! Leather Plate    ! 8200 ! - A breast made of leather.     !
!          ! Metal Plate      ! 12000! - A breast made of steel.       !
! Ashgo    ! Apprentice Robe  ! N/A  ! - Worn by apprentice monks.     !
!          ! Fighting Robe    ! N/A  ! - Strong robe used in battle.   !
!          ! Exorcist Robe    ! N/A  ! - Robe made of magic steel.     !
!          ! Holy Robe        ! N/A  ! - Robe dyed in scripture.       !
! Raffer   ! Bandit Mail      ! N/A  ! - Armor favoured by thieves.    !
!          ! Bronze Armor     ! 10000! - Strong, heavy armor made of   !
!          !                  !      !   bronze.                       !
!          ! Troll Armor      ! N/A  ! - Armor made of Troll skin.     !
!          ! Rune Armor       ! 20000! - Armor with ancient scriptures !
!          !                  !      ! engraved.                       !

   A C C E S S O R I E S     \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  *Notes : You can equip two Accessories at the same time.

 - Earplugs : Protects wearer from sonic attack.
   Found : Item Shop

 - Golden Ring : Increases amount of money gained in battle.
   Found : Item Shop

 - Ring of Life : Increases MAX HP by 15%.
   Found : Item Shop

 - Ring of Mind : Increases Ming by 20%.
   Found : Training Caves

 - Ring of Magic : Increases MAX MP by 15%.
   Found : Training Caves

 - Sophist's Ring : Increases EXP gained.
   Found : Training Caves

 - Magic Glasses : Wearing this, you can guard magic attacks.
   Found : Item Shop

 - Counter Band : Increases power of counter.
   Found : High Manticore boss

 - Master's Armband : Increases chance of critical hit.
   Found : Training Caves


  11.  I T E M  L I S T



!     NAME         ! PRICE !              FUNCTION                     !
!                        ITEMS OF HEALING                              !
!Medicine          !  300g ! Restore a small amount of HP.             !
!Special Medicine  !  800g ! Restore a medium amount of HP.            !
!Secret Medicine   ! 1400g ! Restore a large amount of HP.             !
!Holy Water        ! 1200g ! Restore a small amount of MP.             !
!Refined Holy Water!   N/A ! Restore a large amount of MP.             !
!Sacred Water      !   N/A ! Fully recover HP and MP.                  !
!Wonder Drug       !  480g ! Recover from any affliction.              !
!Antidote          !  160g ! Recover from Poison.                      !
!Eyedrop           !  160g ! Recover from darkness.                    !
!Water of Exorcism !  160g ! Recover from silence.                     !
!Sacrificial Doll  !12000g ! When used in battle, you can revive.      !
!                         ATTACK ITEMS                                 !
!Salamander Scale  !  420g ! Small fire damage on one enemy.           !
!Salamander Eye    !  980g ! Medium fire damage on one enemy.          !
!Diamond Dust      !  420g ! Small ice damage on one enemy.            !
!Frozen Earth      !  960g ! Medium ice damage on one enemy.           !
!Electric Catfish  !  420g ! Small lightning damage on one enemy.      !
!Lightning Dragon  ! 1000g ! Medium lightning damage on one enemy.     !
!Golem Finger      ! 1800g ! Small meteor damage on all enemies.       !
!Golem Fist        !   N/A ! Medium meteor damage on all enemies.      !
!Reactor Core      !   N/A ! Large explosion damage on all enemies.    !
!                      ITEMS OF EFFECTS                                !
!Snake Fang        !  360g ! Poison one enemy.                         !
!Sleeping Grass    !  280g ! Put one enemy into sleep.                 !
!Charm of Seal     !  380g ! Seal one enemy's magic                    !
!Smoke Screen      ! 3600g ! Escape from battle.                       !
!                      ITEMS OF STATUS                                 !
!Mythril Cloth     !  620g ! Physical defense up for a limited time.   !
!Quartz Cloth      !  620g ! Magic defense up for a limited time.      !
!Shuttlecock       ! 2500g ! Double agility for a limited time.        !
!Troll's Powder    !   N/A ! Slowly regain health for a limited time.  !
!Cloth of Divinity !   N/A ! Total defense up for a limited time.      !
!Whetstone         !   N/A ! Double attack for a limited time.         !
!Walnut of Power   !   N/A ! Increase Strength by 1.                   !
!Mental Mushroom   !   N/A ! Increase Mind by 1.                       !
!Seed of Speed     !   N/A ! Increase Agility by 1.                    !
!Fruit of Life     !   N/A ! Increase Max HP by a little.              !
!                        MAGIC STONES                                  !
!Red Magic Stone   !   N/A ! Cardinal stone used in making Runes.      !
!Green Magic Stone !   N/A ! Srength stone used in making Runes.       !
!Yellow Magic Stone!   N/A ! Moonlight stone used in making Runes.     !
!White Magic Stone !   N/A ! Life stone used in making Runes.          !
!Dark Magic Stone  !   N/A ! Dark stone used in making Runes.          !
!Blue Magic Stone  !   N/A ! Indigo stone used in making Runes.        !
!                         SPELLBOOKS                                   !
!Old Spellbook     !   N/A ! Book explaining the process of Rune-making!
!Clean Spellbook   !   N/A ! Book explaining the process of Rune-making!
!Book of Healing   !   N/A ! Book explaining the process of Rune-making!
!Book of Fire      !   N/A ! Book explaining the process of Rune-making!
!Book of Destroyer !   N/A ! Book explaining the process of Rune-making!
!Piece of Paper    !   N/A ! Paper with ancient scriptures engraved.   !




  This section is ONLY for questions that aren't answered in the above
sections, such as questions about walkthroughs. I just answer them if
what you ask me is out of what I have written in this guide.

  QUESTIONS ABOUT TSUGUNAI    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  QUESTION : What do I have if I beat the Training Caves ?
  ANSWER : Try to beat all of them, you'll get Vivian and Mumakeem as
the best summon beasts, and a lot of other cool stuffs. You can get a
lot of money in the cave basements. But warning, each cave is guarded by
a boss at the bottom. Try to kill them to get the cool stuffs behind

  QUESTION : Can I abandon some quests ?
  ANSWER : Yes, you can. Those quests which can be abandoned are often
UNIMPORTANT, such as Quest 9 or Quest 13 and so on. But those major
quests like Quest 30 or later and the like must be solved.

  QUESTION : Is there anything wrong if I miss some unimportant quests ?
  ANSWER : Nothing. Your game still continues to the end.

   QUESTIONS ABOUT EXTRA     \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  QUESTION : Where can I get Tsugunai screenshots ?
  ANSWER : These are the sites I know :

  QUESTION : Where can I get character sketches ?
  ANSWER : You can get Reise's sketch and beautiful portraits of Fisela,
Ifem, Ashgo and Raffer at http://www.thegia.com.

  QUESTION : Where can I find Tsugunai music ?
  ANSWER : http://www.audiogalaxy.com may have.


  13.   C O N C L U S I O N


  CONCLUSION ABOUT TSUGUNAI    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  In the future I'll submit a full review about this game in
gamefaqs.com. Currently I also get a mini review for this game, mainly I
have my own ideas about advantages and disadvantages needed to repair if
SCEI intends to make a second adventure of Tsugunai.
  First, my overall score : 7/10

- Great graphic and beautiful FMVs, special effects...
- The spells are simple but amazing enough to cause attraction on
- Battle System is neither as confusing as Final Fantasy nor as simple
as Saga Frontier. It's in the middle, the same meaning as "Nice".
- Character designs are justified. Reise looks a bit like a character in
"Enigma" of Koei, but... Okay, maybe it's just a coincidence.

- Camera angles are not put well. Most of them are not inconvenient to
see the events.
- Characters' actions are unemotional and careless. Just like Reise, he
has no action and emotions on his face when anything happens, looks like
a doll.
- The game is pretty boring, for it just limits in Walondia and definite
locations, not as large as an own world in Final Fantasy games.
- If they just limit the game in definite places, so please reduce the
numbers of quests.

  That's all I want to say about this game. If you have your own ideas,
just talk to me by emails. Then remember to read this Contact Info

   CONTACT INFO     \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  This part is complete not in my plan. But after some emails readers
sent to me, I have found a new event and I want to write this to notice
readers who want to talk to me :

- I'm willing to receive all questions you ask about game like stuck
problems or anything else around it. You can also chat with me about
other topics if you like.

- I don't get Advertisements, flaming or hate mails. Those will be
deleted immediately, for I don't have time to argue with those.

- If you want to ask me, remember to email me in ENGLISH. I have
received a lot of mails written in German or France and so on, that I
can't answer you because I don't understand. I'm really sorry for those
who wrote to me and got no answer. But please sympathize me that I just
know English and Vietnamese. So then you should write to me in either

  Please do as above of you have anything questioned. I think this guide
would include some mistakes that I haven't got time to determine them.
So I hope you readers can help me to recognize and correct them, and
make this guide better.

  Thank you very much for reading this.


  14.  C R E D I T S  /  S P E C I A L  T H A N K S


  Finally, this can't be missed in any of my guides. I'd like to thank
all those who have helped me to complete this guide.

 - Tsugunai : Atonement - for giving me a happy gaming time to enjoy
your attraction, and help me to make this FAQ.

 - SCEI and Cattle Call - for creating and developing this game.

 - Atlus U.S.A. - for publishing this game.

 - Jeff "CJC" Veasay - for posting this guide on gamefaqs.com, and for
creating a great gaming site as a large club of gamers from over the
world. Thank you of working hard for us gamers.

 - Thanks to all the GameFAQs message board members - for answering my
questions about the game and help me on several problems, especially
Slab Rider. Thank you very much.

- Thanks to all readers who spare time to read this guide, even just a
minute. Some of them have submitted me new stuffs and repaired my
mistakes. There are several people, and I can't list all of their names.
But all of your contributions are appreciate. Big thanks for you !

 - To all the sites who post my FAQ - you help me to give up me guide to
many players. Thank you.

  And that's the end of my guide.

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