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FAQ/Walkthrough by DG-le-Ste

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 08/16/12

                 *           Grand Theft Auto: III          *
                 *               All Versions               *
                 *          Version 1.00 - Complete         *
                 *                Walkthrough               *
                 *                 Revision 0               *
                 *       By Daniel "DG-le-Ste" Stephen      *
                 *            Copyright (C) 2012            *
                 *   Email - danielstephen62[at]gmail.com   *

The [at] replaces the “@” symbol. This is used by many guidewriters to
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“Grand Theft Auto: III” is a video game produced by Rockstar Games, a
subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. No copyright
infringement is intended.

And on that note: gracias.

Any other sources of information, either during or after development and
completion of this guide, are acknowledged. This guide was constructed with a
very detailed playthru of the game; therefore much of this guide’s content is
that of mine, the guidewriter. Any content that is not mine will be
highlighted, and I will credit the author in my guide.

Note that this guide does contain major spoilers. I suggest searching for
another guide if you want to keep your future rewards to yourself. Otherwise,
enjoy this guide.

Version Differences:
1.00 – The fully complete version of the guide.

As of August 2012, I have only given permission to the following gaming
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must be left UNALTERED, and a credit to my name. Do not copy my guide without
my permission, unless for personal use. Copyright infringement is something I
won’t take lightly, and I will do everything in my power to have plagiarism

This guide takes advantage of the "Quick-Find" feature used on many servers.
By pressing "Ctrl-F" (PC) or "Clover-F" (Mac), you are able to quickly find
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This will save minutes of scrolling back and forth to find what you are
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Feel free to email me for any of these following reasons:

>> Stories and anecdotes, if they are relevant, and especially if they are
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>> Any strategies of your own. It would be great for you to share them, and
you receive full credit for it. Please make these strategies simple, and send
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>> Any mistakes, whether it be grammatical or regarding information in the
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>> Any “congratz” you have for me. I greatly appreciate it if you are a fan
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Please do not send emails telling me of these errors.

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Also, do not spam me, flame me or troll me in your emails. You’ll simply
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Table of Contents:

1.	About The Writer
2.	"Grand Theft Auto: III"
3.	Claude Speed – The Protagonist
4.	The Main Menu
5.	The HUD
6.	Busted & Wasted
7.      Safehouses
8.      In The Beginning...
9.      "Give Me Liberty" & "Luigi's Girls"
10.     A Tour of Portland Island
11.     The Gangs of Portland Island
12.     Portland Island Side-Missions
             PSM1. Introduction To Hidden Packages
             PSM2. Portland Island Hidden Packages
             PSM3. Introduction To Rampages
             PSM4. Portland Island Rampages
             PSM5. Introduction To Unique Jumps
             PSM6. Portland Island Unique Jumps
             PSM7. "Diablo Destruction" and "Mafia Massacre"
             PSM8. "Patriot Playground"
             PSM9. Ambulance Mission
             PSM10. Firefighter Mission (Portland Island)
             PSM11. Taxi Mission
             PSM12. Vigilante Mission (Portland Island)
13.     Portland Island Storyline
           CP1. Luigi Goterelli
                LG2. "Don't Spank Ma Bitch Up"
                LG3. "Drive Misty For Me"
                LG4. "Pump-Action Pimp"
                LG5. "The Fuzz Ball"
           CP2. Joey Leone
                JL1. "Mike Lips Last Lunch"
                JL2. "Farewell 'Chunky' Lee Chong"
                JL3. "Van Heist"
                JL4. "Cipriani's Chauffeur"
                JL5. "Dead Skunk in the Trunk"
                JL6. "The Getaway"
           CP3. Marty Chonks
                MC1. "The Crook"
                MC2. "The Thieves"
                MC3. "The Wife..."
                MC4. "Her Lover"
           CP4. El Burro
                EB1. "Turismo"
                EB2. "I Scream, You Scream"
                EB3. "Trial By Fire"
                EB4. "Big 'N' Veiny"
           CP5. Toni Cipriani
                TC1. "Taking Out the Laundry"
                TC2. "The Pick-Up"
                TC3. "Salvatore's Called a Meeting"
           CP6. Salvatore Leone
                SL1. "Chaperone"
                TC4. "Triads and Tribulations"
                TC5. "Blow Fish"
                SL2. "Cutting the Grass"
                SL3. "Bomb Da Base: Acts I & II"
                SL4. "Last Requests"
14.      A Tour of Staunton Island
15.      Gangs of Staunton Island
16.      Staunton Island Side-Missions
             SSM1. Staunton Island Hidden Packages
             SSM2. Staunton Island Rampages
             SSM3. Staunton Island Unique Jumps
             SSM4. "A Ride in the Park"
             SSM5. "Multi-Storey Mayhem"
             SSM6. "Casino Calamity"
             SSM7. Firefighter Mission (Staunton Island)
             SSM8. Vigilante Mission (Staunton Island)
17.      Staunton Island Storyline
           CP7. Asuka Kasen
                AK1. "Sayonara Salvatore"
                AK2. "Under Surveillance"
                AK3. "Paparazzi Purge"
                AK4. "Payday For Ray"
                AK5. "Two-Faced Tanner"
           CP8. King Courtney
                KC1. "Bling-Bling Scramble"
                KC2. "Uzi Rider"
                KC3. "Gangcar Round-Up"
                KC4. "Kingdom Come"
           CP9. Kenji Kasen
                KK1. "Kanbu Bust Out"
                KK2. "Grand Theft Auto"
                KK3. "Deal Steal"
                KK4. "Shima"
                KK5. "Smack Down"
           CP10. Ray Machowski
                RM1. "Silence the Sneak"
                RM2. "Arms Shortage"
                RM3. "Evidence Dash"
                RM4. "Gone Fishing"
                RM5. "Plaster Blaster"
           CP11. Donald Love
                DL1. "Liberator"
                DL2. "Waka-Gashira Wipeout!"
                DL3. "A Drop in the Ocean"
18.      A Tour of Shoreside Vale
19.      Gangs of Shoreside Vale
20.      Shoreside Vale Side Missions
             SVM1. Shoreside Vale Hidden Packages
             SVM2. Shoreside Vale Rampages
             SVM3. Shoreside Vale Unique Jumps
             SVM4. Industrial Import/Export Garage
             SVM5. Suburban Import/Export Garage
             SVM6. The Emergency Vehicle Crane
             SVM7. "Rumpo Rampage"
             SVM8. "Gripped!"
             SVM9. Firefighter Mission (Shoreside Vale)
             SVM10. Vigilante Mission (Shoreside Vale)
21.      Shoreside Vale Storyline
           CP12. D-Ice
                DI1. "Uzi Money"
                DI2. "Toyminator"
                DI3. "Rigged To Blow"
                DI4. "Bullion Run"
                DI5. "Rumble"
                RM6. "Marked Man"
                DL4. "Grand Theft Aero"
                DL5. "Escort Service"
                DL6. "Decoy"
                DL7. "Love's Disappearance"
                AK6. "Bait"
                AK7. "Espresso-2-Go!"
                AK8. "S.A.M."
                RSM. "Ransom"
           CP13. Catalina
                C1. "The Exchange"
22.      100% Completion Checklist
23.      100% Completion Rewards
24.      Credits
25.      Goodbye!


1.	About the Writer

My name is Daniel Graeme (or Graham) Stephen, otherwise known on GameFAQs as
DG-le-Ste. I am only 18 years old, but I have a number of years of GTA gaming
under my belt. Say what you want to say, but there are millions of kids that
aren’t even 13 playing “Grand Theft Auto” games. This is what I think is a
simple fact, but I‘ll leave the arguments to you. This is a guide, not a

Anyhoo, I come from the northeast of England, but with strong Scottish roots.
I was originally born in Aberdeen, in the northeast of Scotland, until my
family moved to the northeastern English town of Middlesbrough when I was very
young. Most of my lifelong friends are gamers, and that includes me, and so we
are a strong group when it comes to opposable thumbs.

You could say GTA is my specialty. I grew up going on mad rampages on the
comfort of my games console whilst playing as Carl Johnson or Claude Speed.
Because of my childhood memories mostly being of this game series, it has
inspired me to write these guides.

I have studied subjects such as Law and Politics to a high level, which does
require very good reading and writing skills. I have honed these skills into
my guides.

I started writing these guides in the summer of 2012, during the very start of
my gap year before I went to university. This gave me a lot of spare time, and
thus many of my guides have come to be.

I would go into my private life, but this is unnecessary. So, instead of that,
we’ll get under way.

If you need another GTA guide, or any other guide, here is a list of what I
have written:

>> "Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories" Walkthrough
>> "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories" Walkthrough
>> "Saints Row" Walkthrough
>> "Saints Row 2" Walkthrough
>> "Saints Row 2" Multiplayer Badges Walkthrough

These guides can be found easily on GameFAQs, as this is where my content is
originally posted. Some other guides may be harder to find, but it is possible
I had posted the guide on another website due to a gaming website's guide
getting oversaturated - what that means is that there are too many mainstream
guides. So you may find some of them scattered around the gaming website world
for that reason. I didn't really need to go too in-depth with it, but here you


2.	"Grand Theft Auto: III"

This is a gem. A piece of sandbox history that is priceless.

Since the first "Grand Theft Auto" title in 1997, you were left with a top-
down view in a sandbox-style game where you'd do missions or cause mischief.
But with the release of this title, a new trend was set.

"Grand Theft Auto: III" was released in 2001, and the first ever GTA game to
feature a 3D open world to get into the heart of the action. A more linear and
much more clearer storyline was added, and a better variety of guns and
vehicles to boot. Real voice acting was also introduced, and the likes of
Joe Pantaliano, Robert Loggia and Michael Rapaport lent their voices to the
characters in this game.

The game takes advantage of "The Worst Town In America", the fictitious area
of Liberty City, loosely based off New York City. The advancements from "2"
was massive.

Rockstar North, back when they were DMA Design, had began to design 3D open-
world sandbox games outside of GTA a few years before, with games such as
"Body Harvest" and "Wild Metal" back in '99. This inspired "III", and the
other games that came after it in the series, leading up to the graphical
masterpiece of "Grand Theft Auto: IV".

"III" was released on the then new PlayStation 2 in 2001. Later, it came to
the Original Xbox in 2002, and finally ported to PC in 2003. It earned a
prequel in 2006 with "Liberty City Stories", and the city itself was subject
to a massive makeover in "IV". It only recently came out on the Mac in 2010 -
cutting the crap here, the legacy of "III" will live on forever.

It earned controversy, but this made the series much more popular and it
still lives on today. This is up there with the true classics.

I'll stop typing this section starting now, so we can actually cram in the
finer details.


3.	Claude Speed – The Protagonist

For years, GTA gamers were scratching their heads as to what our lovable rogue
was named in this game. People used to name him by themselves - I personally
called him Fido, because of the nickname Maria Leone coined him during the
mission "Chaperone".

But during the storyline of "San Andreas", the mute Protagonist made a cameo
appearance in the storyline. Later, we would find his name was Claude. The
"Grand Theft Auto 2" protagonist was called Claude Speed, hence the name. It
took three years for us GTA fan to discover his name, from the long wait from
from 2001 and the release of this game, to the initial release of "San
Andreas" in '04. Mr. Speed was one of GTA's biggest, if not most notorious
mysteries in the franchise, but now we know.

Anyway, onto the game itself...


4.	The Main Menu

The Main Menu is useful for many things. It includes anything else you are
unsure about:

Brief – If you forgot what you were doing, have a look at your brief to jog
your memory.

Game – Load or delete your saved game, or start anew.

Stats – If you want to admire your records, scroll through your statistics to
see what you have done.

Controls – Get to grips with how you plan to travel in and around the state.

Audio – Control the volume of your radio, and listen to the radio from the
comfort of your Pause Menu.

Display – Change the aspects of the in-game engine, such as the brightness and

Surprisingly, there wasn't any thought of an in-game map.


5.	The HUD

The Heads-Up Display gives a little extra information. The right-hand corner
of the screen displays the in-game clock, your weapons and ammunition for it,
the amount of money you have and a Wanted Level meter. It remains blank if you
are not on one, but if you are, it is symbolized by how many stars are lit up.
In the bottom right, the name of the district is shown, but only when you
first enter the district. In the bottom right is the radar, to show you how to
get around. And that’s the HUD!


6.     Busted & Wasted

You can have fun in this game – in fact, the possibilities are endless. But
eventually, you take one bullet too many, or that cop finally scores a
beatdown on you.

If you get Wasted, by losing all of your health, you are sent to the nearest
hospital and are billed $100. If you are Busted, you are charged based on your
Wanted Level when you were busted after the first time:

>> 1-Star: $100
>> 2-Star: $200
>> 3-Star: $400
>> 4-Star: $600
>> 5-Star: $900
>> 6-Star: $1,500

If you were on a mission when you were Busted or Wasted, a Taxi awaits you to
take you back to the marker for that mission. It will cost you $9 for the


7.       Safehouses

Every time you reach a new island, you unlock a Safehouse. You have a Garage
to store vehicles, weapon pickups for collecting Hidden Packages, Health and
Adrenaline icons when you unlock them, and usually an entrance acting simply
as your Save Point.

>> Red Light District, Portland Island
   Garage Capacity: One Vehicle
   Weapons Spawn: On a ledge at the south area of the Safehouse
   Notes: This is a small hideout on the outskirts of northern Portland Island
          tucked away from the mayhem.

>> Belleville Park, Staunton Island
   Garage Capacity: Two Vehicles
   Weapons Spawn: In the alcove to the east of the garage.
   Notes: This is a large complex in northern Belleville Park; it is the
          former hideout of deceased Yakuza samurai, Kazuki Kasen, given to
          you as a reward for getting out of Portland Island.

>> Cedar Grove, Shoreside Vale
   Garage Capacity: Three Vehicles
   Weapons Spawn: Along the line of garages east of the garage and southeast
                  of the Save Point.
   Notes: This is a large complex at the foot of the hill to Cedar Grove,
          above the Projects area. The real purpose of this is probably to
          save close to a mission later in the storyline that is actually set
          in Shoreside Vale, such as D-Ice's payphone missions or the final
          mission at Catalina's Villa.

And that is all of the Safehouses in the game. With that, we finish up on the
nitty-gritty of the game itself, and onto the content.


8.      In The Beginning...

Claude Speed drives up to the Bank of Liberty on the outskirts of Liberty
City. He is robbing a bank with his long-term girlfriend and criminal
accomplice, Catalina. However, as he gets them out, she betrays him for no
apparent reason, shooting Claude and leaving him for dead.

Claude is sentenced to 10 years in prison, whilst Catalina gets away with the
crime. However, the Colombian Cartel plan to hit the convoy, leaving a bomb to
kill Claude and to kidnap their real target. Along with fellow convict, 8-
Ball, Claude is able to get out of there before the bomb blows up, destroying
the bridge.


9.      "Give Me Liberty" & "Luigi's Girls"

You need to take 8-Ball to his hideout in the Red Light District to get a
change of clothes. Take the Kuruma, and head to the hideout. You are given a
crash-course tutorial on your hideout, which simply teaches you how to save
and store a vehicle.

8-Ball then informs Claude of a man with connections, named Luigi. He should
be able to get some work from him. Head to Sex Club 7 around the block to
begin the next mission, "Luigi's Girls".

Luigi puts it straight as 8-Ball "deals with business" - he wants Claude to
simply pick up one of his girls, Misty, from Sweeney General Hospital in
Portland View and bring her back. This is the simplest of missions, and no
real trouble to complete.

Mission Passed!

You can now roam around Portland Island, restricted from the other two
boroughs of Liberty City.


10.      A Tour of Portland Island

Portland Island is Liberty City's industrial third, and the eastern island of
Liberty City. It is the least built up of the areas, with small business,
factories, the city's port, and a small population of workers and families
residing in the borough. To the south is the main shipping areas of Portland
Harbor and Atlantic Quays, the Callahan Bridge, the diner in Callahan Point,
serving truckers as their bite to eat, and the main factory area of Trenton.

Towards the center is Portland View, with a supermarket, the hospital and the
police station to boast, and Chinatown, home of the Asian population in
Portland and possibly Liberty City. Heading northeast is Saint Mark's, located
on a large slope and providing homes for the Portland community, and also the
the mansion owned by Salvatore Leone, making this place the home of the Leone
Mafia. To the west lies the Red Light District - drugs, sex and partying are
all on the agenda here. Hepburn Heights homes the Mexican population, and
to the far north is the Porter Tunnel, which is behind schedule. Not only is
Portland Island connected with a subway, but it boasts an El-Station that
takes you to different points in the city - three stations in total; one in
Hepburn Heights, Chinatown and Saint Mark's.


11.      The Gangs of Portland Island

The territory in Liberty City isn't shown, but you will come across different
clans and factions across the boroughs. The main gangs in Portland Island are
as follows:

>> The Leone Mafia
   Leader: Salvatore Leone
   Territory: Saint Mark's, Harwood, Red Light District
   Appearance: Black suits and ties
   Vehicles: Leone Sentinel
   Notes: A true Cosa Nostra mob family that have remained unscathed through
          the storylines of "San Andreas" and "Liberty City Stories", games
          yet to have been released back in 2001-03. Claude begins working for
          them from a small scale to performing jobs for the Don himself. He
          is eventually betrayed once more, and becomes an enemy when he truly
          cuts ties with them to begin working with the Yakuza.
   Enemies: Diablos, Triads, Forelli Brothers, Colombian Cartel & Yakuza
   Become Hostile: After completion of the mission "Sayonara Salvatore"

>> Liberty City Triads
   Leader: Unknown
   Territory: Chinatown
   Appearance: Blue overalls
   Vehicles: Triad Fish Van
   Notes: The Triads are a mystery when it comes to their leadership, but have
          the influence of Chinatown, their fish factories and laundrettes
          serve as fronts to their expertise in racketeering and drug dealing.
          They seem to have a running rivalry with the Leone Mafia for no real
          reason other than conflicts of interest.
   Enemies: Leone Mafia & Diablos
   Become Hostile: Upon completion of either "The Pick-Up" OR "Trial By Fire"

>> Diablos
   Leader: El Burro
   Territory: Hepburn Heights
   Appearance: Orange bandanas and deep-blue clothing
   Vehicles: Diablo Stallion
   Notes: The Diablos are a small, Hispanic gang, only holding a shaky grip on
          Hepburn Heights, and most of their income coming from pornography
          and prostitution. Claude will do some missions for their leader, El
          Burro, but they will eventually become hostile to him after doing
          work with King Courtney and the Uptown Yardies.
   Enemies: Leone Mafia, Triads, Yakuza & Uptown Yardies
   Become Hostile: After the mission "Uzi Rider"

>> Forelli Brothers
   Leader: Unknown
   Territory: None
   Appearance: Same to a Mafia thug
   Vehicles: Sentinel, Idaho
   Notes: The Forelli Family, as they were known, used to be a formidable
          family until the beginning of "Vice City", when Sonny Forelli was
          murdered. Since then, they have slowly devolved and are no longer a
          gang, but more a band of brothers who are nothing more than thugs.
          Claude has dealings with the Forelli Brothers whilst working for
          Joey Leone. The only known brothers are Sonny (deceased), Franco
          (possibly deceased), and Mike 'Lips', who is killed at the beginning
          of the storyline.
   Enemies: Leone Mafia
   Become Hostile: N/A

And that's all your friends (or enemies) in Portland Island. Now, onto...


12.      Portland Island Side-Missions

There are a few things you can do before embarking on the first part of the
storyline. Mostly everything in this part of the guide is accessible from the
off, so the majority of side-missions and extras are dealt with easily.


PSM1. Introduction To Hidden Packages

The collectible theme that stems from "Grand Theft Auto 2" is carried on into
this new era of the GTA sandbox. Located in certain places in Liberty City are
Hidden Packages. Collecting one will earn you $1,000 each time, and collection
of every ten will unlock weapon spawns at your hideouts:

10 Packages - Pistol
20 Packages - Uzi
30 Packages - Grenades
40 Packages - Shotgun
50 Packages - Body Armor
60 Packages - Molotov Cocktails
70 Packages - AK47
80 Packages - Sniper Rifle
90 Packages - M16
100 Packages - RPG Launcher, one-off $1,000,000 bonus

Collection of these packages are required for 100% Completion. Plus, having
free weapons easily available to you is pretty cool. You are informed by
pager of your reward for every 10 packages.

Note that some Hidden Packages require knowledge of the city and its buildings
in order to find them. Whilst those who are settled into these games may find
this hunt pretty easy in terms of locating the Packages, those who are new to
the game may struggle. Feel free to use different guides to locate buildings
if you don't know where you are going or what you're looking for.


PSM2. Portland Island Hidden Packages

There are a total of 33 Hidden Packages located in and around Portland Island.
Two of them are inaccessible until you are able to reach Staunton Island. We
will begin in the north, and then work our way south.

>> Hidden Package #1 - Harwood
   Directions: From your hideout, head straight out onto the waterfront in
               front of you, and follow it north. The Hidden Package is at the
               end of it.

>> Hidden Package #2 - Harwood
   Directions: Head onto the El-Tracks in Harwood and follow it north until
               you can jump onto the Head Radio building. The Hidden Package
               is on the roof, at the south side of the transmitter.

>> Hidden Package #3 - Harwood
   Directions: On top of the AMCo Gas Station in the middle block of Harwood
               itself. To get to it, use an Ambulance and park it at the
               southeast corner, and jump onto the roof of the out-building.
               Run and jump onto the station store to get the Hidden Package.

>> Hidden Package #4 - Harwood
   Directions: In the showroom to Easy Credit Autos, across the street east of
               the AMCo Gas Station.

>> Hidden Package #5 - Saint Mark's
   Directions: On the south side of the building across the street and south
               of the AMCo Gas Station, accessible at its north side.

>> Hidden Package #6 - Saint Mark's
   Directions: Underneath the Tunnel that runs under Saint Mark's itself,
               accessible from the north side of the SupaSave! Grocery Store
               in Portland View.

>> Hidden Package #7 - Saint Mark's
   Directions: Find the street with the potholes and the destroyed building on
               the east side. Head into these ruins, and the Hidden Package is
               towards the south.

>> Hidden Package #8 - Saint Mark's
   Directions: At the northeast corner of the main block of Saint Mark's,
               there is a small parking lot with a Taxi there. Behind it are
               rooftops. Head over the first rooftop to find the Hidden
               Package nearby.

>> Hidden Package #9 - Saint Mark's
   Directions: At the southeast corner of the main block of Saint Mark's is
               the Marco's Bistro. Head north past it, looking left for an
               alley. When you see it, head down it and enter the third wall
               opening to your right to find the Hidden Package.

>> Hidden Package #10 - Portland Beach
   Directions: Above the beach is Salvatore Leone's Mansion. Head up the steps
               to it, and head for the north ledge. The Hidden Package is

>> Hidden Package #11 - Portland Beach
   Directions: At the bottom of the rock formation, on the beach at the north
               side, on a small grassy plain. It may be easier to approach
               from the north.

>> Hidden Package #12 - Hepburn Heights
   Directions: In the hill with a lot of trees east of the payphone.

>> Hidden Package #13 - Hepburn Heights
   Directions: In the planter next to the payphone.

>> Hidden Package #14 - Hepburn Heights
   Directions: At the northwest of the area around the apartments along the
               road north of the Portland Island Safehouse. Follow the north
               apartment block around to find it.

>> Hidden Package #15 - Red Light District
   Directions: Atop Woody's Topless Bar across the street east of Sex Club 7,
               accessible from the stairs in the alley on the east side, that
               cuts through the block.

>> Hidden Package #16 - Red Light District
   Directions: Head into the Deliveries area of Sex Club 7 (avoiding the
               trigger if you haven't completed Luigi Goterelli's missions)
               and head up the steps. The Hidden Package is behind the bill-

>> Hidden Package #17 - Red Light District
   Directions: From Hidden Package #16, head south and align yourself for the
               jump onto another rooftop. The Hidden Package is on this roof.

>> Hidden Package #18 - Red Light District
   Directions: Inside the building under construction northeast/east of the
               entrance to the subway.

>> Hidden Package #19 - Chinatown
   Directions: Outside the restroom for the Subway. The subway is inaccessible
               until you have gained access to Staunton Island.

>> Hidden Package #20 - Chinatown
   Directions: Head to the west entrance of the Chinatown Plaza, and to the
               south is an entrance to an alleyway. The Hidden Package is
               tucked in beside cardboard boxes.

>> Hidden Package #21 - Chinatown
   Directions: At the southwest area of this district, on top of the building
               with a Rockstar billboard on top of it. An alley to the north
               provides access with stairs leading up to the top of it.

>> Hidden Package #22 - Chinatown
   Directions: From Hidden Package #21, head back onto the street and head
               right, and right again. To the southwest of the next inter-
               section is Roast Peking Duck. An alley runs on its north side,
               containing the Hidden Package.

>> Hidden Package #23 - Portland View
   Directions: Atop the SupaSave! Grocery Store, accessible by jumping down
               from the El Tracks.

>> Hidden Package #24 - Portland Harbor
   Directions: Find the warehouse complex with eight numbered garages. To the
               south is a building with steps leading up to its rooftop on the
               east side. Use the rooftop to run and jump onto the garage
               shelter, and collect the Hidden Package.

>> Hidden Package #25 - Trenton
   Directions: On the west side of the Bitch'n' Dog Food Factory.

>> Hidden Package #26 - Trenton
   Directions: Behind the sign to Liberty Pharmaceuticals. Head onto the El
               Tracks and follow around until you can get onto the first
               warehouse you see in Trenton, jump on it and follow it around
               to claim the Hidden Package.

>> Hidden Package #27 - Trenton
   Directions: As you head into Chinatown from the road curve in Portland
               View, you should see an open warehouse area. Head inside, and
               turn left after coming close to the wooden ramp. Follow this
               path around to find the Hidden Package in this area.

>> Hidden Package #28 - Trenton
   Directions: Behind the chainlink fence at the AMCo Offices across the
               street from Joey's Auto Garage.

>> Hidden Package #29 - Trenton
   Directions: Head onto the lowest part of the wall around the Coach Station
               southwest of the main block in Trenton, and use it to get into
               the Sawmill. Use the sand ramps to get onto the roof, and all
               the way along to the Sawmill itself. The Hidden Package is at
               the southern side.

>> Hidden Package #30 - Callahan Point
   Directions: In the enclosed area across the street south of the Sawmill.

>> Hidden Package #31 - Callahan Point
   Directions: Inside the Fish Factory, or Turtle Head Fishing Co. A Triad
               Fish Van is required to get access.

>> Hidden Package #32 - Atlantic Quays
   Directions: At the southeast area of Atlantic Quays, at the end of the
               concrete pillar.

>> Hidden Package #33 - Portland Island
   Directions: On the rock south of the Turtle Head Fishing Co., which is only
               accessible by boat.

And that's the Hidden Packages. Enjoy a minimum of $31,000 and your newly-
acquired weapons.


PSM3. Introduction To Rampages

Strewn around Liberty City are skull icons that, when picked up, trigger what
is called a Rampage. These derive from the "Kill Frenzies" from "Grand Theft
Auto 2".

There are always two locations for the same Rampage - a Primary Location,
where it originally starts out, and a Secondary Location, which appears in a
different area should you fail the Rampage. You have a two-minute time limit
for each Rampage. If you fail a Rampage in its Secondary Location, it will
return to its Primary Location, looping back around until you complete it.
There is no way to completely fail a Rampage.

Completion of your first Rampage earns you $5,000. On the second, this reward
increases to $10,000, and so on up to $95,000. Upon completion of the
twentieth Rampage, you are given a $1,000,000 bonus for completing them all.
There are 20 Rampages in total.

You must cause mayhem and fulfil a target in order to complete the Rampage.
You then earn your reward. All 20 Rampages have to be completed in order to
fulfil 100% Completion.

Full Health and access to Armor is advised for the Rampages, as you will be
getting caught up in the action quite a lot, leaving you vulnerable.


PSM4. Portland Island Rampages

There are a total of 6 Rampages in Portland Island, earning you a nice sum of
$105,000 freely available to you at the start of the game.

>> Rampage #1 - Murder 30 Diablos
   Weapon: M16
   Primary Location: Behind Woody's Topless Bar, across the street from Sex
                     Club 7.
   Secondary Location: At the west side of the Old School Hall, next to the
                       Callahan Bridge.
   Notes: The M16 is a very powerful weapon, but the Diablos will rush you as
          they only wield Baseball Bats or just go in bare-fisted. This gun
          sucks at very short range, so keep your distance and unleash a
          barrage of metal, lead-tipped doom. It is important you do that, as
          ten of them rushing you at once is not good.

>> Rampage #2 - Kill 20 Mafia
   Weapon: AK47
   Primary Location: From Salvatore Mansion's driveway, turn left and then
                     right at the SECOND three-way intersection. Halfway down
                     to your left is a Mafia lockup, with two small garages to
                     the east. The Rampage is between them.
   Secondary Location: Along the street south of Cipriani's Ristorante is an
                       alleyway where Hidden Package #9 is located. From the
                       bottom of it, the Rampage is located inside the first
                       opening to your left, or the last to your right if you
                       head from the top of the alley.
   Notes: Stay in this area and on the ledge next to the main lockup itself.
          The Mafia will openly attack you with either Pistols or Shotguns,
          depending on storyline advancement. Standing here should hold off
          the ones close to you. Also, standing nearer to the edge will stop
          you getting rushed from behind, so all you have to concentrate on is
          the shooting. If you have good Armor and are coming to reach your
          target, you can easily cut down those below you as they will form a
          straight line. Once you're done, head out of the block and
          everything should go back to normal.

>> Rampage #3 - Destroy 10 Vehicles
   Weapon: Grenades
   Primary Location: On the median of the El-Tracks as it runs over Saint
                     Mark's heading west to the Red Light District.
   Secondary Location: On the median of the El-Tracks as it heads south toward
   Notes: Use of Grenades are not ideal for destroying vehicles, as a good and
          accurate toss from afar is required to destroy a vehicle without
          harming yourself. It is easier to jack cars and position them in a
          certain area quickly for one good and almighty explosion. Also, the
          police attention is useful, but the Cops are annoying on this one,
          and present the challenge here. Head to the Hospital and Police
          Station, or the AMCo Offices (depending on the Rampage Location) to
          knock off a few rungs on your target.

>> Rampage #4 - Kill 20 Triads
   Weapon: Shotgun
   Primary Location: Between Liberty Pharmaceuticals and Mean Street Taxis in
   Secondary Location: On the ledge behind Sweeney General Hospital.
   Notes: The Shotgun is a good, short range weapon, and the shell spray is
          able to get multiple kills if there is a group nearby. Find your
          targets and keep shooting them. Their Pistols are, realistically,
          the only thing that you should worry about.

>> Rampage #5 - Destroy 13 Vehicles
   Weapon: RPG Launcher
   Primary Location: Tucked in the corner near the entrance of the complex
                     area where Hidden Package #27 is located.
   Secondary Location: Behind a tree east of Greasy Joe's Diner in Callahan
   Notes: The RPG Launcher is a problem when citizens rush to attack you for
          causing mayhem. You need to find an area where this won't happen -
          Callahan Point is perfect, plus the vehicles parked at the diner
          will help. Everything else comes down to how good a shot you are.
          This should be easy if the game spawns enough vehicles.

>> Rampage #6 - Kill 25 Triads
   Weapon: Uzi
   Primary Location: In the alley of the building at the southwest of this
                     neighborhood with the Rockstar billboard atop it.
   Secondary Location: At the northwest corner of the SupaSave! Grocery Store
                       in Portland View.
   Notes: The Uzi is fast firing, but unreliable if you have a lot of enemies
          on your case. Drive-bys do count, so you can ride along and spray
          them, getting away with no problem. Park up with the driver's door
          against the wall so the Triads have no choice but to try and yank
          you from the passenger seat, making them very predictable in what
          they will do.

And that's all six Rampages. Enjoy the massive rewards.


PSM5. Introduction To Unique Jumps

Around Liberty City are wooden ramps, concrete ramps, juts in the road, and so
on. Hitting them may earn you quite a bit of money in a Unique Jump Bonus.
However, hit a Unique Jump, and a slow-motion cinematic camera kicks in. If
you pull it off correctly, you complete the Unique Jump. There are 20 in total
in Liberty City, and all of them are required for 100% Completion.

Like the Rampages, completing your first one earns you $5,000. The second will
earn you $10,000, and so on up yo $95,000. Completion of all Unique Jumps will
reward you a $1,000,000 bonus.

A fast car is required for the Unique Jumps. Use of the Banshee in the early
stages of the game is advised - one can be taken from Easy Credit Autos in
Harwood, Portland Island. When Staunton Island becomes available, use of the
Cheetah or the Infernus is advised. Remember to make do, as some vehicles are
not available until the later stages of the game.


PSM6. Portland Island Unique Jumps

There are a total of eight Unique Jumps in Portland Island, and all are
available to you from the off. This will earn you $180,000 in total, which is
brilliant for the beginning of the game.

>> Unique Jump #1 - Chinatown
   Area: At the subway entrance in Chinatown/Red Light District
   Desc.: A wooden ramp facing up onto the El Tracks
   Notes: You will need to take a good enough run-up to hit this and land past
          the Police Bribe and cleanly onto the El Tracks for the Jump to
          count. Be careful for the train coming past.

>> Unique Jump #2 - Chinatown
   Area: South and below the walkway from the Fish Market to the El Train
   Desc.: A concrete ramp heading over the walkway
   Notes: You need to hit this heading south to north, through the Police
          Bribe and cleanly over the walkway.

>> Unique Jump #3 - Portland Harbor
   Area: West of the large freighter ship, near a row of four trailers
   Desc.: A wooden ramp facing over the trailers
   Notes: Have a good enough heading to clear these trailers to complete the
          Unique Jump. Don't overshoot, otherwise you will land in the drink
          and wind up Wasted.

>> Unique Jump #4 - Trenton
   Area: Behind the warehouse on the road heading east from the Callahan
         Bridge, with the "Portland Industrial Estate" sign
   Desc.: A wooden ramp facing the roof of the warehouse
   Notes: Get a good run-up, and then clear the roof to have the Jump count.

>> Unique Jump #5 - Callahan Bridge
   Area: Underneath the open median of the Callahan Bridge itself
   Desc.: A grassy hill facing over the struts between the lanes of the bridge
   Notes: You must cleanly make it over the first strut and onto land, without
          even skimming the sides of the bridge.

>> Unique Jump #6 - Callahan Bridge
   Area: Where the open median closes off on the Callahan Bridge
   Desc: A ramp-like yellow-and-black striped barrier as the two lanes of the
         bridge separate
   Notes: You must land cleanly on the grass plain below, clearing the two
          struts between the open median and not even skimming the sides of
          the bridge.

>> Unique Jump #7 - Atlantic Quays
   Area: At the eastern end of the four main warehouses in this district
   Desc.: A wooden ramp facing out towards the warehouses
   Notes: You must hit this ramp with enough speed to clear the first
          warehouse to be credited completion of the Unique Jump.

>> Unique Jump #8 - Atlantic Quays
   Area: In the area between the two wooden piers in this district
   Desc.: A sand mound facing over the gap in the land
   Notes: You must land on the other side of the water cleanly to get credit
          for the Unique Jump.

And that's all the extras in Portland Island. Now we get down to the actual


PSM7. "Diablo Destruction" and "Mafia Massacre"

There are two series of side missions with four variants and involving exactly
the same thing - the easiest to complete is these two, both available straight
away in Portland Island.

Around Liberty City are four "Toyz" Vans, or Pony vans with the "RC Toyz" logo
on each side. Getting into them activates the "Toyz" missions.

The premise is simple - destroy as many gang vehicles as you can in 2 minutes.
If you haven't guessed, the two in Portland Island involve the Diablo
Stallions and the Mafia Sentinels. To destroy a vehicle, drive near it and
either get under one of its wheels or detonate it with the Attack button to
destroy it. You also earn the cash bonus for destroying it outright.

The game is not tough on you, so you can turn a buck on this one. The two
locations for them are as follows:

"Diablo Destruction" - At the El Train Station in Hepburn Heights, head down
                       the steps and back onto the street, and head north. The
                       Toyz Van is located here.
"Mafia Massacre" - In the large alley directly west of Cipriani's Ristorante
                   in Saint Mark's.

Your reward is based on the number of vehicles destroyed. If it was your first
try, your reward is N x $1,000, or the number of vehicles multiplied by
$1,000. Seven vehicles on your first try will reward you with the easiest
$7,000 you are likely to make in this game.

Try it again, and you are beating your best score. If you got seven on your
first go, and then nine on retrying, then your reward is $2,000 - basically,
that reward is the difference between your best score and your last score
multiplied by $1,000.

The only way to fail these missions is to either not beat your best score, not
destroying any vehicles at all, or detonating the RC car too close to the van
with Claude inside, resulting in failure by getting Wasted. All four are
required for 100% Completion.

There is one more on Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale respectively. The
locations will only be given out, as this information will be redundant later
in the guide, and won't need explaining three times. Keep on revising this
chapter if you forget what you are doing, but it isn't too difficult to
remember anyway.


PSM8. "Patriot Playground"

There is another series of side-missions within Liberty City and "Grand Theft
Auto: III", and this side-mission is the first one to introduce you to it. To
activate this mission, get into the Patriot outside SupaSave! in Portland View
and a little tutorial is given.

Basically, you are embarking on the first of four Checkpoint Collection
missions. This is the only one in Portland Island, but is probably one of the
most challenging things to deal with right at the beginning of the game. There
are fifteen checkpoints to collect around Portland Beach and Saint Mark's. You
are given 20 seconds for each checkpoint, putting up a time limit of a total
of 5 minutes. The timer will not start until the first Checkpoint has been

The route of the checkpoints is challenging, especially without a map to work
off and having to make do with basic radar reading. Here is the route you want
to take:

Begin with #1 at the top of the steps leading from SupaSave! to Saint Mark's
and the El Train. Carefully head down off the hill and to #2, right at the
water's edge. Begin to head up this cliff, collecting #3.

Checkpoint #4 is atop this hill, so collect it, and line yourself up with #5
as you head back down onto the beach, collecting #6 right near the water's
edge. Be careful as you collect it.

Head back up the cliff and collect #7, and then follow the checkpoints down
to the other side of the Portland Rock. After collecting all of these down at
this level, head back up and behind Salvatore's Mansion to collect #14. Head
to collect #15 on the ledge from the west and at a good speed to stick the
landing and collect it. Upon collection of the 15th and final Checkpoint, the
"mission" is complete.

Mission Passed!

There are three more of these Checkpoint Collection missions - two come later
in Staunton Island, and the final one in Shoreside Vale. A tip here is to do
this on a dry day, as rain will lessen your grip and make this side-mission
much harder to complete.


PSM9. Ambulance Mission

This is a first in "Grand Theft Auto", and a trend that was set throughout the
rest of the franchise up to "Vice City Stories". Get into an Ambulance and,
when prompted, press the corresponding button to activate the Paramedic
mission as it is officially known, but I call this the "Ambulance Mission"
just for the sake of an alternative and "easier-to-figure-out" name.

You have to pick up patients and drop them off within the time limit. Each
bump will reduce their chances of survival, so drive cleanly. If you run out
of time, or a patient is killed, the mission is ended. You need to drop them
off at the nearest hospital - luckily enough, each island has its own hospital

There are a few problems you may encounter on this mission, and the primary
one is time. It can be an issue if you are not a quick driver as the levels
wear one. Plus, the Ambulance only holds four people at a time including
yourself, so route planning is tough without a map to go on. The only way
around this is to head for the furthest patient - each time you collect a
patient, you are given extra time. It is only conditional on the first time -
if you collect your first patient and you are given 43 seconds, the bonus
remains at 43 seconds until the end of the level. It then resets for the
next level. If you head for the furthest of the patients and are rewarded over
60 seconds, then even the patient down the street from the hospital is worth
that amount. The timer also resest on each level, so you will have to repeat

Another minor problem is the Ambulance itself. It's as sturdy as a drunken
donkey, and taking a turn too tight will roll it and potentially end the
mission prematurely. Try and use handbrake turns where possible, and avoid
head-on collisions, because slamming into a truck will make the grille like a
springboard and throw you right off. Also, be careful not to kill the patient
and look out for those tight corners, rough areas and crazy drivers.

The best place to do it is Portland Island at the beginning of the game. This
is the only island with no hostile gangs at the beginning of the game, so
getting it over and done with straight away is strongly advised.

In order to fulfill 100% Completion, you need to rescue a total of 78 patients
in one run, i.e. completing Level 12. Upon completion of Level 12, the mission
is automatically ended for completion.

At the end of each level, a reward is given on this formula - 100(L(Sq.)), or
the level completed squared, multiplied by 100. This means that completing
Level 5 will earn you $2,500, and Level 9 will earn you $8,100, and so on.
This adds up to total earnings of $65,000.

Completion of Level 12 will unlock the Infinite Sprint Feature - you will
never tire from running. Also, saving 35 patients will unlock the Health Icon
at all Safehouses, and saving 70 patients will unlock the Adrenaline Icon at
all Safehouses. It is better to do this all in one run to save time. You also
fulfil 100% Completion by beating it outright and earning Infinite Sprint.


PSM10. Firefighter Mission (Portland Island)

The Firefighter Mission is activated the same way as the Ambulance Mission,
but you are obviously using the Firetruck in lieu of that mission. The Fire
Station in Portland Island is located in Harwood, across the street to the
west of the AMCo Gas Station. If you have trouble finding it, causing mayhem
with a Flamethrower or Molotov Cocktails at street level should draw the
firemen and their truck out.

To fulfil 100% Completion, you need to put out 20 fires on each island. You
have to extinguish car fires within the time limit in order to claim your
reward. Putting out your first fire will earn you $250, the second $500, and
so on until you end the mission and it resets on your next try.

Your ultimate reward is the Flamethrower spawning alongside the weapons earned
for collecting Hidden Packages at all your Safehouses. That will not come
until later in the storyline, though. This chapter has been put here to lay
out the information for you, and the other two will serve as simple reminders.

Doing this mission at the beginning of the game, with no gangs hostile to you,
will make this mission easier to do. Plus, knowing the layout is pretty easy
as this is the first island, thus more memorable. Knowledge and experience
will pay off.

Remember that the requirement is cumulative - you only need to put out twenty
fires on each island as you go. They are not required to be done in a row.
However, it is advised to try and piece as many in a row as possible to earn
more money, but following the rest of the guide may make you think this as

Some vehicles not normally available to you are involved in this mission, such
as the other sports cars and SUVs, as well as some rare vehicles. This is a
good mission to try and draw them out.


PSM11. Taxi Mission

The Taxi Mission requires either the Taxi or the Cabbie, both of which can be
spotted from a mile off. It is activated exactly like the Ambulance and
Firefighter missions.

You need to take fares and drop them off at their destinations. You receive
the fare's charge when you drop them off. Also, getting them there quickly
will gift you a bonus tip, added on into your earnings and allowing you to
make much more money. You have a timer which must not go down to zero at any
point in the side-mission, otherwise the mission will end.

For every five fares in a row, you are given a money bonus. This starts out
at $2,000, and goes up $2,000 after that - so, 40 fares in a row will earn
you a bonus of $16,000.

You are required to complete 100 fares, although not in a row, but doing them
all in a row will make you quite a bit of money. If you were to get up to the
100th fare bonus of $40,000, your totals earnings would stand at a whopping
$420,000, added onto cash earned directly from fares. This makes this a good
side-mission to complete if you are trying to make a lot of money.

This is pretty simple, and if you are good gamer, profit of over $600,000 is
manageable. You should only be spending around $3,000-$5,000 on getting the
Taxi/Cabbie repaired if it becomes too damaged, and that's only if you're an
average driver on rushing around the city.

Portland Island is, once again, the easiest and least dangerous area to try
and complete this mission.

Completion of the 100th fares will unlock the Borgnine special variant of the
Taxi at the Borgnine Taxi Depot in Harwood/Hepburn Heights. After doing some
research, I found out the name pays a homage to the late Ernest Borgnine from
his movie, "Escape from New York". This is information found on the Internet,
so I will not take full credit. The vehicle is also reminiscent of the vehicle
that Borgnine's character, who happens to be called "Cabbie", used in the
film. That's a cool Easter Egg that Rockstar put in there.

I will spare you the real-world details, and let you enjoy your rewards.


PSM12. Vigilante Mission (Portland Island)

Yes - catching criminals is the aim of this side-mission. Get into any Police
or authority vehicle to activate this mission.

You have to chase down criminals in their vehicles and kill them in the time
limit. For every one killed, you earn $500. For each one in a row, it will go
up $500. You also receive a bonus of $5,000 for five criminals killed in a row
and if you go up to 10 and 15, this will go up $5,000 each time respectively.

Uzi ammunition is recommended when starting out on the Vigilante missions in
order to cause enough damage to the criminal's vehicle, and then kill them.
They will have strong weapons some of the time, such as Shotguns and AK47s, so
it is important that you dispatch of them quickly, and quickly pick up their

You will also need to be wary of the Police themself. For some reason, despite
doing their job for them, they still see this as a criminal offence and will
hound you with Wanted Levels. You will have to put up with them or get rid of
them quickly before you run out of time.

Kill 10 criminals in total to unlock a Police Bribe at all your Safehouses.
Kill 20 criminals, and you unlock another. This means that you will kill 60
criminals to get 6 Police Bribes. However, like the Firefighter mission, only
20 on each island will count for getting the Bribes and earning 100%

This is the main chapter of the Vigilante mission. The other two later in this
guide are reminders to do this mission again in Staunton Island and Shoreside

With everything else done in Portland Island, let's begin the storyline itself
to get to Staunton Island.


13.      Portland Island Storyline

And so Claude Speed's odyssey begins. The aim of the game here is for Claude
to exact revenge on jilted lover and his betrayer, Catalina. Here, he begins
to make his way up again.

For now, he is pulling tricks for...


>> CP1. Luigi Goterelli

Luigi is put in high regards of the Leone Mafia, running Sex Club 7 and
earning money through vice and prostitution. His gentleman's club provides the
perfect front, and Claude has already started to help him. He has five
missions to complete - one which has been done already. His missions are very
easy to complete, as this sets the trend of completing missions for the newest
of GTA gamers. They are all available from Sex Club 7, marked as an "L" on the
radar, and all involve you driving around in some sense.


LG2. "Don't Spank Ma Bitch Up"

When Claude arrives at the backdoor of the club for another job, Luigi's
bodyguard, Mickey, gives him a letter that Luigi wrote for his next job. Luigi
informs him of a new designer drug in Liberty City, called SPANK. There's a
"wiseguy" in Portland Harbor who's been selling to some of Luigi's girls. He
wants Claude to "introduce a bat to his face", steal his car, respray it and
deliver it to him as "compensation".

Pick up the Baseball Bat across the street from the club, and then take a car
over to Portland Harbor. The dealer is unarmed, and is easy to deal with. You
can then take his Stallion over to the Pay 'n' Spray in the Red Light District
just north up the road from Sex Club 7 - it normally costs $1,000 for a full
respray, but is free of charge for this occasion. His lockup is across the
street from Sweeney General Hospital, and when you make the simple drop-off,
all you have to do is wait for the garage door to close.

Mission Passed!


LG3. "Drive Misty For Me"

Luigi tells Claude that Joey Leone, the Don's son, is asking for his regular
action with that memorable girl, Misty. She is waiting in Hepburn Heights -
Claude is advised to be wary of the Diablo presence there. He is then ordered
to quickly take her over to Joey's garage in Trenton. He also advises Claude
to keep his mind on the job at hand, as he has his "foot in the door" for more

Head over to Misty in Hepburn Heights, sounding the horn to get her out.
Although you are warned about the Diablos, this only enlightens Claude on how
some of the city is split between the factions. It is then a simple pick-up
and drop-off at Joey's Auto Garage in Trenton.

Misty and Joey are both happy to see each other, and Joey also offers Claude
some work if he wants it.

Mission Passed!

Joey Leone's missions and Marty Chonks' mission line has been unlocked. But we
still have to settle things for Luigi first.


LG4. "Pump-Action Pimp"

When Claude knocks on the delivery door, an angry Luigi bursts out. He is
upset because of a pimp, who has been doing his business on the "wrong turf".
He is also being sheltered by Diablo thugs. He wants Claude to head to Ammu-
Nation to pick up a piece, and teach the Diablos and his rivals a lesson.

You are shown a cinematic of AmmuNation, the gun store, and a Diablo Stallion
driving past, containing the Diablo and the pimp. Head to AmmuNation and go to
the back of it to pick up a Pistol. You can get some target practice here, but
that is not necessary.

This can be a difficult mission if you don't know what you're doing, because
the pimp wields a Shotgun and the Diablo an Uzi. Use a large vehicle, like the
Firetruck, to ram them and flip them, and when they crawl out, turn them into
roadkill. This should not waste any Health, Armor or ammunition on your behalf
and you can easy claim their weapons as well.

Mission Passed!

The Pistol is available to be purchased from the Portland Island AmmuNation
store for $250. You want to bring a fast, four-door vehicle for Luigi's last


LG5. "The Fuzz Ball"

Luigi tells Claude that the Policeman's Ball is being held at the Old School
Hall near the Callahan Bridge, and Liberty City's finest will be looking for
"old-school action" whilst they're there. Luigi wants to capitalize on this by
sending some of his girls over there to turn their tricks. He wants Claude to
get as many girls there as possible, before the cops spend their money on
anything other than bare skin.

This is an introduction to the timed mission. You have 5 minutes to get at
least 4 out of the 8 girls to the Old School Hall. If you are a good driver
and you have a four-door car on hand, the mission is easy, and at a stretch,
you could manage to get all eight girls there. It doesn't matter how many you
get there, so long as you get at least four of them there. When the timer runs
to zero, or all eight girls are there, the mission ends.

Mission Passed!
Reward Varies

If you got four girls there, you earn $2,000. It goes up $500 each time for
each additional girl, and getting all of the girls there earns you $4,000,
plus a $2,000 bonus - so, your reward is between $2,000 to $6,000.

Luigi's missions are now finished for good. We can move on to...


>> CP2. Joey Leone

Joey is the son of the Leone Mafia Don, Salvatore Leone. Rather than follow in
his dad's footsteps, he is settled in working as a mechanic for the public and
the Leone Mafia. However, he has favors to do and scores to settle, and Claude
can help him with that. He has six missions in total, all available from his
Auto Garage in Trenton.


JL1. "Mike Lips Last Lunch"

Claude walks in to talk with Joey, with Misty still there. He tells Claude
that the Forelli Brothers have outstanding debts, and now he needs them to be
"taught some respect". He tells that one of the brothers, Mike (known as
"Lips") is eating at Marco's Bistro. He wants Claude to take Mike's car, rig
it up with a bomb, park it back where it was and then watch the mayhem unfold.

You have 6 minutes to complete this mission. Steal his Idaho from the parking
lot, and then CAREFULLY take it to 8-Ball's Bomb Shop in Harwood. Any damage
will have to be fixed at the Pay 'n' Spray, wasting time and money. You will
then have to park it perfectly in the marker, and then watch the downfall of

Mission Passed!


JL2. "Farewell 'Chunky' Lee Chong"

Joey talks to Claude as he services his dune buggy. A man known as "Chunky"
Lee Chong, who owns a Punk Noodles stand in Chinatown, is pushing SPANK for a
new gang - that happens to be the Colombian Cartel, Claude's former friends.
Joey wants Claude to take "Chunky" out, heading to AmmuNation if he needs a

You can pick up another Pistol from the backyard of AmmuNation if you want or
need to, but you can head straight to the Chinatown Plaza, where "Chunky" is
manning his stand. He is being protected by a few Triads, making things
interesting. Head from the south so you can see the opening of the stand, and
then you can shoot "Chunky" until he dies. This will be at the expense of some
of your Health/Armor, so make sure that you are prepared for it.

Mission Passed!


JL3. "Van Heist"

Joey has a little scheme to hit a payroll van, a.k.a. a Securicar. One is
currently doing its rounds. The thing is bulletproof, so Claude is advised to
ram it off the road, make the guards bail, and bring it to Joey's friends in
Portland Harbor.

It should be noted that the Securicar is a rare vehicle required for one of
the Import/Export lists. You can take as much time as you want between getting
into the van and driving it to your destination. This special Securicar will
encourage normal Securicars to spawn, allowing you to 'jack it and take it
over to your Safehouse to store it in your garage.

In the issue of getting the Securicar, you need a tough vehicle to raise the
Damage Meter. When you first hit it, you are given a 1-Star Wanted Level. When
you reach around 75%, it goes up to 2 Stars. Unless you cannot get away quick
enough or you have issues with driving, the cops are not really a problem, but
rather a small nuisance to contend with.

You will just have to drop this Securicar off at the garage in Portland Harbor
to complete the mission. It is simple if you know what to do and how to handle

Mission Passed!

You will be paged, informing Claude of a man named El Burro requiring help.
This opens up his missions at a payphone in Hepburn Heights.

Also, bringing any Securicars to this garage will earn you $5,000 each time.
You will be paged to inform you of this some time after completion of this


JL4. "Cipriani's Chauffeur"

Claude walks into Joey's garage, and is then introduced to the Caporegime of
the Leone Mafia, Toni Cipriani. Claude is to drive him back to his mother's
home and restaurant in Saint Mark's, and Joey informs him of a job that
requires his driving skills that he will pick up next time he comes around.
As Claude drives out, Toni tells him to drive over to Mr. Wong's Laundrette in
Chinatown to pick up overdue protection money before dropping him off at home.

Take Toni to the Laundrette. When he walks in, the Triads attempt to kill him.
You have to quickly get him to Cipriani's Ristorante in Saint Mark's, but if
you stick around and kill the Triads attacking you, you will earn a money
bonus of $2,000. Drop Toni off, and he tells Claude to come by later in order
to settle the score with the Triads.

Mission Passed!

Toni Cipriani's missions are now available from the Ristorante, and the Uzi is
available for purchase from the Portland Island AmmuNation store for $800.

Obtain a sturdy vehicle, like the Firetruck, for the next mission...


JL5. "Dead Skunk in the Trunk"

Joey tells how one of the Forelli brothers thought he was tough, and now his
corpse is in the back of a car at Greasy Joe's Diner in Callahan Point. Joey
doesn't want the cops or anyone else to find the body, so he wants the car

Head down to the car in Callahan Point. You should see two Sentinels parked in
this area - one at the diner's parking lot, and the other in a cave tunnel
heading to a jetty. The Forelli Brothers are in the vehicles, and will try to
chase you if you get into the Manana containing the body, or you attack them.
If you have the Firetruck, head south towards the cave tunnel, and smash into
the Forelli brother positioned here. Chances are that you'll flip him and
destroy the vehicle, or he gets stuck along the wall. Keep on hitting him
until the vehicle explodes and he is dead. Do the same with the other Forelli,
except you have to make use of the open area.

When they are dealt with, not only do you earn a bonus ($5,000 per brother),
the drive to the crusher is much more easier if you are worried about them.
Otherwise, have fun and good luck out-running them.

Mission Passed!


JL6. "The Getaway"

You can only activate this mission between 6AM and 2PM. Try and activate the
mission as close to 6AM as possible for the best chance at this mission.

Some of Joey's friends are planning to rob a bank, and they're short of a
getaway driver. Their hideout is in Saint Mark's, and Claude needs to get them
there and take them back. The bank closes at 5PM, so he may have to work

The time limit of 5PM still stands. You need a four-door car to pick them up
and take them to the Bank of Liberty in Chinatown. Depending on when you
started the mission, you have anywhere between three minutes to eleven minutes
to get them there. Try and get to the mission marker as easrly as possible.

After dropping off the robbers, you hear the sounds of them shooting the place
up before they come back to you, getting in the vehicle. You will then have to
get rid of the 3-Star Wanted Level before you drop them off. Use the Pay 'n'
Spray or try to find and collect Police Bribes around Portland Island to lose
the heat, and then you can successfully drop them off at their hideout.

Mission Passed!

And that spells the end of Joey Leone's missions.


>> CP3. Marty Chonks

If you head to the Bitch'n' Dog Food factory across the street and northeast
of Joey's Auto Garage between 9AM and 7PM. You should be hearing the payphone
ring around this time. Although unmarked, these payphone missions are from the
owner of Bitch'n' Dog Food, Marty Chonks. He has four missions surrounding his
financial struggles. They are very simple and not too hard to follow, as they
are simple driving missions.


MC1. "The Crook"

Claude listens to Marty, who introduces himself. He's been having trouble with
his bank manager, who wants a cut of his business. If he doesn't agree, God
knows what this crook will do. He wants Claude to pick him up and take him to
the factory so they can "speak".

Take the Perennial from the factory, and pick up the Bank Manager from the
bank in Chinatown. When you drop him off, you hear Marty's intentions - to
simply whack those who cause him trouble. You will need to crush the car to
dispose of the evidence and complete the mission.

Mission Passed!


MC2. "The Thieves"

Marty is left to speak with Claude again. He explains that he's running an
insurance scam - he's hired some thieves to burgle his home so he can put in a
false claim. However, the thieves are asking for a reward for it, otherwise
they will inform the insurance company of what he has done. Marty is not in
the giving mood, so there is only one solution in his eyes...

Take the Sentinel from the factory, and pick up the thieves from Marty's
apartment in Chinatown. Drop them off, and that's Marty putting his kill count
up to three. Take the Sentinel to the Pay 'n' Spray to "get rid of the
evidence", and then park it back to the factory.

Mission Passed!


MC3. "The Wife..."

Marty tells Claude that he hates his wife - she is only interested in spending
the company's money, and even says himself that she's just a hole in his
pocket. She's getting pampered at Classic Nails in the Red Light District,
and Claude is ordered to bring her to the factory.

Pick up the Esperanto from the factory, and pick up Marty's wife from the
boutique. Head to the factory to hear the sounds we are getting accustomed to.
You will have to bail the Esperanto into the water, so head to the end of one
of the piers in Atlantic Quays, and push it into the water to finish up.

Mission Passed!


MC4. "Her Lover"

Marty has put himself in a troubling situation - his wife was seeing someone,
who he also owes money to. He has heard of her death, and now he's asking for
his money back. Marty agreed to speak to him - but rather than pay him off,
Marty wants to use his normal way of settling his problems.

Pick up the Stallion from the factory, and pick up the "lover" from Chinatown.
You then have to drop him off to where Marty is standing outside the factory.
Marty tries to lure him into the office, but instead gets shot by the lover's
shotgun, killing him. If you want, take any money Marty drops, and kill the
lover and take his Shotgun.

Mission Passed!

And that's obviously the end of Marty's missions. On to...


>> CP4. El Burro

El Burro, or "The Donkey" in English, is the leader of the Diablos. He is the
producer of "tasteful" pornographical magazines, taking that end of his
business and interests more seriously than his gang. He has four missions,
ranging from street racing and vehicles to people who having wronged him.


EB1. "Turismo"

El Burro speaks to Claude, whose reputation on the streets is growing. Burro
informs Claude of a street race that is beginning at the Old School Hall near
the Callahan Bridge. He wants Claude to enter it, and take 1st place if they
are to work together.

You will need a fast car - the Banshee inside the Easy Credit Autos showroom
in Harwood is a good vehicle to use. You are racing against three Diablos, all
in Cheetah sports cars. They are tough, but they are likely to mess up on the
first corner. Hang back and when they mess up, you can overtake them. The
course goes from here, outside Trenton, past Atlantic Quays, through Callahan
Point, Chinatown, Saint Mark's, Harwood, back into Saint Mark's, and then back
to the starting line to complete a full lap. If you finish first, the mission
is successful.

Mission Passed!

After completion of El Burro's missions, this will be available from his
payphone to try again to beat your best time.


EB2. "I Scream, You Scream"

El Burro tells of how he's self-made in the pornograpy industry, and then of
a problem. A local gang (possibly the Forelli Brothers) is giving him trouble,
threatening to remove his "starring member" from his business unless he pays
them off. He knows of one weakness they have - ice cream. He has left a bomb
in Harwood, and Claude must pick it up, steal an ice cream truck, and then
take it down to their hideout in Atlantic Quays to "lead them to their doom
with the jenglee-jenglee".

Pick up the bomb from the Borgnine Taxis Depot, and then head to Saint Mark's
to 'jack a Mr Whoopee. Note that this is a rare car required for one of the
Import/Export Garages, and keeping it is easy. You have to set the bomb,
controlled by the remote detonator. When you set the jingle and park it, the
gang members come out. You can either set the bomb, or take them all out with
your guns. If you want the Mr Whoopee, then kill them by hand and drive it to
the Import/Export Garage, or just wait for them to get close and detonate it.

Mission Passed!


EB3. "Trial By Fire"

El Burro is clearly upset when he speaks to Claude. He tells him that some
Triad thugs stole his car, filled with his memorabilia, torched it and left it
to burn in the night. As revenge, El Burro has left a "throbbing weapon" in
Chinatown that he wants Claude to pick up and settle the score.

You have to head to this "throbbing weapon", a Flamethrower, at the Primary
Location of Rampage #6. This is exactly like a Rampage - you have to kill 25
Triads in 2-and-a-half minutes. You want to head to the Chinatown Courts, west
of the Old School Hall. There is a large group of Triads that will attack you,
and killing them all will earn you a cash bonus. This place also spawns quite
a few Triads who will just run away if one gets torched. Just be careful not
to burn too many civilians, otherwise the cops will swarm you and pester you
in short time.

Mission Passed!

This mission will, upon completion, have the Triads become hostile to you if
they weren't already. They are not too dangerous when driving, but take pre-
cautions when venturing through Chinatown on foot.


EB4. "Big 'N' Veiny

El Burro tells Claude that a man that was presumably high on SPANK had stolen
the latest delivery of "Donkey Does Dallas", but forgot to close the rear
doors. The publication has been scattered around Portland Island, and Claude
is ordered to follow the trail of porn mags to the man, kill him, and take the
magazines to their intended destination.

You have to get into the Rumpo to begin the course. You then have 20 seconds
to collect the first magazine, and one second is added on each time you
collect a magazine. The course goes out of Hepburn Heights in Harwood, Saint
Mark's, Chinatown, Atlantic Quays, outside Trenton and leading into Portland
Harbor, where the hijacker is located. If you collect all of the magazines,
you get yet another cash bonus. The important thing, however, is to collect
enough magazines to keep the timer from hitting zero.

Once the idiot is dead, you could pick up his weapon, or head straight to XXX
Mags in the Red Light District to finish up.

Mission Passed!

El Burro's missions are completed, but you can go back to try and beat your
best time in "Turismo" if you want to.


>> CP5. Toni Cipriani

If you have played "Liberty City Stories", we know of Toni's struggles to keep
the Leone Mafia on the map. Now that they are the strongest gang in Portland
Island, this has booted him up from thug to Capo in three years. He has moved
back in with his mother, and now he's responsible for keeping their profile
known. Currently, the Triads are causing bother with his interests, and plans
to use Claude as his hired thug to clear up the mess. He has five missions
involving the Triads.


TC1. "Taking Out the Laundry"

Toni tells Claude that they need to settle the issue of the Triads preventing
the Mafia from collecting their protection money. After his Ma shouts down her
opinion, Toni tells Claude what he must do. There are a few Laundry Vans doing
their rounds, and to send the message across, Claude must destroy the vans.

There are Grenades left for you near 8-Ball's Bomb Shop in Harwood. The vans
aren't really protected, but if you provoke them, they will try to escape.
You can use the Grenades to destroy them whilst they stop at a red light, but
alternatively, you are able to 'jack them. If you take that route, you can ram
it until it explodes, or take it to the crusher. When all three vans are
destroyed, the mission is completed.

Mission Passed!


TC2. "The Pick-Up"

Toni has left a letter for Claude to read. The laundrette has agreed to pay,
and Toni thanks him for it. He needs Claude to pick up the money; the Triads
aren't laying off, so Claude must take heed to the warning Toni gives him.

Head to the back of the Laundrette in Chinatown. When you pick it up, it is
indeed a trap. Run out of the alley, and take out all the Triads on foot. Coax
the Triads that enter the Fish Vans, and then take the rest out. You then have
to drop the money off at Cipriani's Ristorante to finish up.

Mission Passed!

The Triads will now be hostile to you if they weren't already.


TC3. "Salvatore's Called A Meeting"

Toni as left yet another letter for Claude. In it, he tells Claude that the
Don of the Leone Mafia, Salvatore Leone, has called a meeting at his Mansion.
Claude is ordered to pick up the Limo and the Don's son, Joey, and then Luigi
from Sex Club, and then back to the Ristorante to pick up Toni himself. They
will then travel over to the meeting. Toni tells Claude to expect Triads - a
gang war seems imminent.

Head over to Trenton to pick up Joey and the Stretch, and then head over to
the Red Light District and sound the horn to pick up Luigi, and then finally
head back to pick up Toni. The Triads then attempt another ambush, so put the
pedal to the metal and burst through the blockade to the driveway of the
Mansion, parking in the garage.

The Boss-Man himself appears to greet his men. He tells Luigi that they will
celebrate once some issues have been settled. He then pesters his son about
not having a wife yet, and then asks Toni how his mother is. His attention
then turns to Claude, whom he chats to in private to thank him for helping his

Mission Passed!

Toni's missions have been halted. You will have to start working for...


>> CP6. Salvatore Leone

Salvatore is one of Liberty City's key figures in its murky criminal
underworld, the Don of the Leone Mafia. He is paranoid, worrying about his
friends and his enemies. He has four missions in total, revolving around his
wife, Maria, and the Colombian Cartel, a new gang that has already began to
case the city with its designer drug, SPANK.


SL1. "Chaperone"

Salvatore tells Claude that some of his top men are going to discuss business,
so he has to look after his much younger wife, Maria. She isn't really too
thrilled to spend time with one of Salvatore's "lap dogs", and even goes as
far to call him "Fido". She wants to party, and tells Claude she wants to meet
her dealer at the Chinatown Waterfront.

Take the Stretch once again to drop off Maria to her dealer, Chico, for her
usual high. Whilst she gets her fix, Chico informs her of a warehouse party in
Atlantic Quays, and that is your next destination. You will have to wait for
Maria to "shake her butt" and enjoy the party.

However, the SWAT team arrives for a drug raid. The party-goers rush out with
Pistols, and some speed away in their vehicles. The last to come out is an
unarmed Maria, and you are given a 2-Star Wanted Level. You can outrun or
evade the cops as you drop her back off.

She tells Claude how much of a great time she had, and seems to be taking a
shine to him. She waves him goodbye.

Mission Passed!

Toni's missions are now available once more...


TC4. "Triads and Tribulations"

Toni has left another letter for Claude, and two Mafia thugs are stood around
the dining area. He tells Claude that the Leone Mafia and the Triads are now
at war, and it is mayhem on the turf of both sides. He informs Claude that
they are using a fish market as a front, along with a fish market located in
their turf. The laundry owes protection again, but they think that the Triads
have them covered. To teach the Laundrette another lesson, Claude is ordered
to kill the Triad Warlords directing the attacks.

Chinatown is a complete warzone, so going in a vehicle is advised. You are
given the two thugs for protection for this mission, and 20 Shotgun Shells.
There are three Warlords - one in the Chinatown Plaza, another at the Fish
Market, and another inside Turtle Head Fishing Co. They will be protected by
two Triad soldiers, and all three wield Uzis. Use a strong weapon to dispatch
them all, and use the Triad Fish Van parked at the Fish Market to enter the
Fish Factory. Being a good shot and full Health and Armor is advised for this
mission, which is nothing but a little target practice if you do everything

Mission Passed!


TC5. "Blow Fish"

Claude meets Toni in person, and Toni is really out for blood. He wants the
Triads' Fish Factory destroyed, and tells Claude the plan. 8-Ball has loaded a
Trashmaster with a bomb, and this is the only vehicle other than the Triad
Fish Van that its gates will open to. All Claude has to do is to carefully and
quickly get the Trashmaster between the gas tanks for the best outcome. He
wants it to "rain mackerel".

Pick up the Trashmaster nearby in Harwood. You have to watch for the Damage
Meter, and you have 2-and-a-half minutes to get the Trashmaster between the
tanks at the Fish Factory. Get onto the freeway heading south through Callahan
Point as quickly as you can, and drive it in. Prime the bomb, and try and get
out of there before the delay timer ticks down. If you don't, then after this
almighty explosion, some of the Triads that are likely to survive will attack

Mission Passed!

And that's all of Toni Cipriani's missions. We should head back up to the Don.


SL2. "Cutting the Grass"

Salvatore tells Claude about the Colombian Cartel, a new gang that has got
their feet planted in Liberty City. Salvatore thinks that they have placed a
mole in the organization, as they are one step ahead of their activities. A
bartender named Curly Bob works the bar at Luigi's, and he's spending more
than the wages earned there. Salvatore doesn't think he's a dealer or a pimp,
so he must be a snitch. Every night, he takes a cab back to wherever he has to
go, so Salvatore orders Claude to follow him, and kill him if he is talking to
the Colombians.

Head down to Sex Club 7, and keep a fair distance behind Curly Bob's Taxi. A
Scare-O-Meter will appear when he gets in, and if it gets filled, the mission
is failed. Around ten car lengths is appropriate, or just off in the distance.
You will eventually follow him from the Red Light District down to Portland
Harbor. There, you are greeted with a surprise.

Of all people, Catalina is there to get the information from Curly Bob. It
turns out that this criminal accomplice is working her way up the ranks of the
Colombian Cartel. Curly Bob gives her the low-down of the events that Claude
is mostly involved in - Joey Leone's vendetta with the Forelli Brothers, the
Triad-Mafia gang war, and Salvatore Leone's paranoia. He is a rat.

You have to kill Curly Bob. Running him over suffices easily. You can pick up
his Shotgun for good measure.

Mission Passed!


SL3. "Bomb Da Base: Acts I & II"

Salvatore tells Claude that the money made by the Colombians from peddling
their designer drug makes them a formidable opponent, so openly attacking them
would not be a good idea. He thinks that the Cartel are using the freighter
that Claude was led to by Curly Bob. He wants Claude to destroy it and harm
the Colombian's income. A visit to 8-Ball is advised.

An "8" icon is placed on the map, and the next leg of the mission is activated
here. When you visit 8-Ball, he tells Claude that Salvatore phoned him to tell
him the plan, but this will cost Claude. He wants $100,000 to cover expenses.
If you have $100,000, then head back into the marker. If not, you will have
to do a couple of side-missions and extras. If you have followed this guide,
you should easily have enough.

The second part of this mission is unlocked once you give the $100K to 8-Ball,
and he carries the bomb out. He gives Claude a Sniper Rifle to deal with the
Colombians guarding the freighter.

Head down to the Harbor, and 8-Ball will hide away and await the first shot
Claude fires. Head up the steps onto the warehouse rooftop to your right to
get a good vantage point. Kill the two guards standing at the bottom of the
freighter's gangplank, and then do a sweep of killing the Colombians from
left to right, clearing the way for 8-Ball. Once you are done, 8-Ball makes
his way off the boat as it explodes and sinks, completing the mission.

Mission Passed!


SL4. "Last Requests"

Salvatore is very happy about the job Claude carried out to destroy that boat.
He then gets onto a slightly easier job for him. A car has been parked near
Sex Club 7, covered in "brains" from a botched persuasive technique. Claude
needs to take it to the Crusher in Harwood before the cops come snooping.

Head towards the Cheetah. When you get near the Red Light District, Maria
pages you to tell Claude that the car is a trap to kill him. The Cheetah is
fitted with a bomb that will detonate on entering. Head down to meet Maria at
the jetty in Callahan Point, accessible from the cave tunnel.

Maria tells Claude that he is a marked man on Leone turf - Salvatore was
willing to do a deal with Catalina and the Colombians over his life, because
Maria told him that she and Claude were an item; he came to the conclusion
that the pair were going behind his back. She introduces Claude to her friend,
Asuka Kasen, who agrees to get the pair out of Portland Island.

Take the boat over to the jetty at Newport, Staunton Island. Asuka, Maria and
Claude arrive at Asuka's condo; she offers Claude a place to stay in
Belleville Park, and some work.

Mission Passed!

Staunton Island is now accessible via the Callahan Bridge, the Subway and the
Porter Tunnel.

Go ahead and claim Hidden Packages #19 and #33, which are now available to you
if you plan on collecting all 100 Hidden Packages.


14.      A Tour of Staunton Island

Staunton Island is our next island to mess around in. With access from the
Callahan Bridge, subway and Porter Tunnel, we can have a look around.

To the south of the island is Bedford Point, a semi-industrial section of the
city, playing host to some of the industrial companies. Torrington lies in the
southeast, holding the Police Station in the city, as well as the Yakuza-owned
Kenji's Casino.

Coming off the Callahan Bridge is Newport, a toned-down area right next to
Belleville Park, and leads up to the Shoreside Lift Bridge on its westernmost
road, which is currently closed down due to an electical fault. Fort Staunton 
was destroyed in an underground explosion of 1998, but Panlantic Construction
has moved in to rebuild the area. Rockford is a small area to the north, with
only Carson General Hospital and the Porter Tunnel as the real places of
interest. The old Ferry Terminal has been removed and turned into an Army
Surplus, supplying weaponry to the people willing to pay large amounts of
money for it. It is ran by ex-Army soldier, "One-Armed" Phil Cassidy.

Further north is Aspatria, famed for the Coliseum, home of the Liberty City
Cocks football team. Also near to the north is Liberty Campus, the educational
corner of the city. And that's your tour of Staunton Island.

You can access boats. However, you can only go around Portland Island and the
eastern half of the shoreline of Staunton Island. The north and south shores
have a barrier preventing you from reach Shoreside Vale early. Rockstar was
one step ahead here.

We shall now delve into the city itself and what it has to offer...


15.      The Gangs of Staunton Island

There are a few factions in Staunton Island:

>> The Yakuza
   Leader: Kenji Kasen & Asuka Kasen (co-leaders)
   Territory: Torrington & Bedford Point, Staunton Island
   Appearance: Dark-blue Suits
   Vehicles: Yakuza Stinger
   Notes: The Liberty City Yakuza is a modern, but traditional Yakuza faction
          that control most of Staunton Island. Claude Speed will be working
          for them after he cuts his ties with the Leone Mafia.
   Enemies: Leone Mafia, Colombian Cartel
   Become Hostile: Never

>> The Colombian Cartel
   Leader: Catalina
   Territory: Fort Staunton, Staunton Island; much of Shoreside Vale
   Appearance: Floral shirts, jeans, cowboy hats and boots
   Vehicles: Cartel Cruiser
   Notes: Their new leader betrayed Claude, therefore they are sworn enemies
          to him. They will attack you on sight with no provocation. Some
          missions involve working against them. Their designer drug, SPANK,
          is sweeping the city, and their financial gain has put them straight
          into Liberty City as the strongest gang, covering half the city.
   Enemies: Leone Mafia, Yakuza
   Become Hostile: By default

>> The Uptown Yardies
   Leader: King Courtney
   Territory: Newport, Staunton Island
   Appearance: Rastafarian general appearance with cargo-styled clothing
   Vehicles: Yardie Lobo
   Notes: This small-time gang is aligning themselves with the Colombians to
          push SPANK for them. Claude does some work for them, but after being
          informed of the feud between him and Catalina, they eventually turn
          their back on him.
   Enemies: Yakuza
   Become Hostile: After the mission "Kingdom Come"

And that's all your friends (and enemies) in Staunton Island.


16.      Staunton Island Side-Missions

There is more stuff to do on Staunton Island before the storyline is resumed.
Here we go...


SSM1. Staunton Island Hidden Packages

There are 35 more Hidden Packages in Staunton Island, bringing the total count
to 68 out of 100.

>> Hidden Package #34 - Rockford
   Directions: At the north side of Phil Cassidy's Army Surplus, at the north
               tip of Staunton Island.

>> Hidden Package #35 - Rockford
   Directions: On top of a ledge at the lower level at the east side of Carson
               General Hospital. Use an Ambulance to get onto the ledge.

>> Hidden Package #36 - Fort Staunton
   Directions: At the east area of this district is a bridge over an inlet
               with steel arches. You can easily get on the girders and get
               the Hidden Package in the middle of this bridge.

>> Hidden Package #37 - Fort Staunton
   Directions: Head into the construction site at the south area of the
               district, and into the building that has two levels already
               constructed. Head up to the second level, and look for an open
               room. The Hidden Package is inside this room.

>> Hidden Package #38 - Fort Staunton
   Directions: From Hidden Package #37, head back down to the ground level,
               and head south along this building on its east side. Jump over
               the wall at the end, and you should be under the building. The
               Hidden Package is between two supports.

>> Hidden Package #39 - Liberty Campus
   Directions: To the south area of Liberty Campus is the sign for St.
               Matthais University. South of this sign is a building with the
               Hidden Package on its east side.

>> Hidden Package #40 - Aspatria
   Directions: At the northeast side of the Liberty Coliseum, behind the Rock-
               star billboards.

>> Hidden Package #41 - Aspatria
   Directions: At the top of the main entrance to the Liberty Coliseum, north
               of its parking lot.

>> Hidden Package #42 - Aspatria
   Directions: Inside a Colombian compound gated out, northwest from the
               Staunton Island Safehouse. You will need to get a Cartel
               Cruiser to enter through the gates.

>> Hidden Package #43 - Belleville Park
   Directions: In the alley between the closed down building, "Hogs & Cogs" in
               "Liberty City Stories", and the Fire Station on the road
               heading north to south, from Aspatria to Bedford Point.

>> Hidden Package #44 - Belleville Park
   Directions: Get onto the Shoreside Lift Bridge, but head north just before
               the loop road curves up to the bridge itself. You can access a
               low rooftop from the off-ramp here. The Hidden Package is on
               top of this building.

>> Hidden Package #45 - Belleville Park
   Directions: Head past the Fire Station, but stop as you see the overpass.
               In the area off the road to your left, you will find the Hidden
               Package tucked in the corner, under the loop road to the Shore-
               side Lift Bridge.

>> Hidden Package #46 - Belleville Park
   Directions: In the basketball courts in the northwest corner of the park

>> Hidden Package #47 - Belleville Park
   Directions: Under a small bridge in the center of the park itself.

>> Hidden Package #48 - Newport
   Directions: Head to the Pay 'n' Spray behind the multi-storey parking lot,
               and when you come off the ramp down into the alleys, head
               northwesterly to find a parked Blista, and a Hidden Package in
               the garage next door to the north of it.

>> Hidden Package #49 - Newport
   Directions: At the north side of the third floor of the multi-storey
               parking lot, to the right of the on-ramp to the fourth floor.

>> Hidden Package #50 - Newport
   Directions: South of Asuka's condo, at the end of the jetty.

>> Hidden Package #51 - Newport
   Directions: Find the TW@ Internet Cafe at the beginning of the road down
               into Torrington. To the east of it is an L-shaped alley, with
               the Hidden Package at the end of it.

>> Hidden Package #52 - Newport
   Directions: On the bridge-road into Fort Staunton, up the road north of the
               Police Station, is City Hall. The Hidden Package is located at
               the stairs.

>> Hidden Package #53 - Newport
   Directions: From Asuka's condo, head south and into the garage/industrial
               area. Head down onto the jetty as you head under the Callahan
               Bridge, and the Hidden Package is at the end of the pier that
               is north to the middle on this jetty.

>> Hidden Package #54 - Torrington
   Directions: Head to Kenji's Casino to the southeast corner of Staunton
               Island, and up the steps to it. Head to the helipad to find the
               Hidden Package in the southeast corner.

>> Hidden Package #55 - Torrington
   Directions: West of Kenji's Casino is a park area with a crystal sculpture
               in the shape of a star. The Hidden Package is next to it.

>> Hidden Package #56 - Torrington
   Directions: Head north from the Crystal Sculpture to find the AMCo H.Q.,
               and then head down into the underground parking bay on its
               south side. The Hidden Package is in front of an elevator.

>> Hidden Package #57 - Torrington
   Directions: Head to the southwest corner of AMCo H.Q., and head up the
               steps to its upper levels. Head right to the top to find the
               Hidden Package in the southeast corner of this part of the

>> Hidden Package #58 - Torrington
   Directions: Around the back (north) side of the Police Station. To get
               through the gates, use the nearby Police Car.

>> Hidden Package #59 - Torrington
   Directions: From Hidden Package #58, head through the gates on the west
               side of the Police Station, and down into this lower area. The
               Hidden Package is located under a small bridge, near the wall.

>> Hidden Package #60 - Bedford Point
   Directions: Head to the east side of the Cathedral, and head south, turning
               right at the first corner. Stay along the Cathedral wall to
               enter a secluded area, with the Hidden Package located in this
               part of the Cathedral.

>> Hidden Package #61 - Bedford Point
   Directions: Find the Hyaku Dojo, with an alley that is visible on the
               radar. The Hidden Package is at the end of this alley.

>> Hidden Package #62 - Bedford Point
   Directions: In the middle of the dual-carriageway down the south of
               Staunton Island is a building with glass panes, which would
               become "Phil Cassidy's Fully Cocked Gun Shop" in "Liberty City
               Stories". The Hidden Package is on the second level of this
               building, accessible by simply smashing the glass by firing a
               weapon or driving through it.

>> Hidden Package #63 - Bedford Point
   Directions: Find the Liberty Tree Offices, and head into the underground
               parking bay to the west of the complex. The Hidden Package is
               at the south side of the parking bay.

>> Hidden Package #64 - Bedford Point
   Directions: From Hidden Package #63, head back out of the parking bay and
               head up the steps to the south. Jump down into the Liberty Tree
               Offices parking lot. To the south, you should see some green
               dumpsters. The Hidden Package is between the dumpsters.

>> Hidden Package #65 - Bedford Point
   Directions: From the front entrance of Liberty Tree Offices, head west and
               then look south for a nook to the entrance of a building. The
               Hidden Package is in front of the entrance.

>> Hidden Package #66 - Bedford Point
   Directions: Head back to Liberty Tree Offices, and to the top of the steps
               once again. Instead of heading into the parking lot, head left
               and the Hidden Package is on this small rooftop.

>> Hidden Package #67 - Bedford Point
   Directions: West of the Subway Entrance in this district is a walkway
               overpass. The Hidden Package is in the middle of it.

>> Hidden Package #68 - Staunton Island
   Directions: To the southwest corner of Staunton Island is a small docking
               area. To the south of this area are fallen rocks, with the
               Hidden Package

And that's every achievable Hidden Package in Staunton Island. Enjoy your $35K
and your new Weapon Spawns.


SSM2. Staunton Island Rampages

There are a total of seven Rampages in Staunton Island, some tougher than the
last set, to bring the potential total of Rampages to 13 out of 20, and your
bank balance to skyrocket.

>> Rampage #7 - Destroy 15 Vehicles
   Weapon: M16
   Primary Location: On a grassy area, between two buildings in southern
                     Liberty Campus.
   Seconday Location: Inside a ruined building at the east side of the Fort
                      Staunton construction site.
   Notes: The M16 will make short work of any vehicle, so attracting the cops'
          attention is valuable. Just make sure you can cope with the first
          person targeting, and everything is fine and dandy.

>> Rampage #8 - Explode 25 Yardies
   Weapon: Grenades
   Primary Location: In the alleyway between "Hogs & Cogs" from "LCS" and the
                     Fire Station in Aspatria/Belleville Park.
   Secondary Location: North of the Staunton Island Safehouse, at the end of
                       an L-shaped alleyway.
   Notes: The key to this Rampage is drawing out Yardies to a place you can
          easily kill, such as a high ledge. As long as you get their
          attention and avoid their Baseball Bats, the rest is up to you.

>> Rampage #9 - Destroy 8 Vehicles
   Weapon: Shotgun
   Primary Location: At the southwest corner of Belleville Park itself.
   Secondary Location: At the northeast corner of Belleville Park itself.
   Notes: The Shotgun will total a vehicle in two shots. Stand back and
          unleash chaos before the driver makes his getaway. The only problem
          is the Cops, but if you can take them down and destroy their cars,
          attracting your attention, that will work in your favor.

>> Rampage #10 - Torch 16 Yakuza
   Weapon: Molotov Cocktails
   Primary Location: Head onto the bridge-road, heading on the northbound lane
                     and stop when you reach a doorway just before going under
                     the Callahan Bridge. The Rampage is right here.
   Secondary Location: South of 8-Ball's Bomb Shop, at the end of this raised
   Notes: The Yakuza will do nothing when their friends are burning to death
          other than bail. An accurate toss with the Molotovs is required, but
          be careful not to cause damage to yourself. Just find a busy side-
          walk area to claim your victims.

>> Rampage #11 - Pop 17 Yardie Heads
   Weapon: Sniper Rifle
   Primary Location: At the first level of the AMCo Building roofs, behind the
                     concrete overhang of the staircase.
   Secondary Location: At the topmost level of the northern walkways for
                       Kenji's Casino.
   Notes: Getting a vantage point or generating enough Yardies is not the
          issue here - accuracy is what is needed. Sometimes, the Yardies may
          stand around; other times, they're moving. The sitting ducks are the
          easiest to score headshots, but you will need to have a good guess
          at the trajectory of the bullet as the Yardie walks past to pop one
          that is moving. This may require a few attempts to complete.

>> Rampage #12 - Annihilate 30 Yardies
   Weapon: RPG Launcher
   Primary Location: In the graveyards at the northwest corner of the
                     Cathedral in Bedford Point.
   Secondary Location: By the stairs of the Liberty Tree Offices in Bedford
   Notes: You will need to get a distance away from the Yardies, as them
          getting close to you is the main problem. Find a ledge to sit on,
          with a good view of the street, and blast away.

>> Rampage #13 - Burn 25 Yakuza
   Weapon: Flamethrower
   Primary Location: In the corner at the southeast entrance to the Liberty
                     Tree Offices parking lot (above ground).
   Secondary Location: At the southwest side of the Cathedral, tucked into a
                       corner, west of a Health Icon.
   Notes: This is an easy Rampage - the Yakuza will run scared, making this
          easy pickings with the right amount of Yakuza spawning.

And that's all the Rampages thus far. Enjoy your earnings.


SSM3. Staunton Island Unique Jumps

There are only four Unique Jumps on Staunton Island, bringing your total up to
a possible 12 out of 20.

>> Unique Jump #9 - Newport
   Area: At the southwest corner of the multi-storey parking lot, on the top
   Desc.: A concrete ramp
   Info: You want to get a good run-up and clear the street below, landing in
         or near the planters, for the Unique Jump to count.

>> Unique Jump #10 - Newport
   Area: Underneath the Callahan Bridge in the industrial area
   Desc.: A gravel ramp facing over the water
   Info: You will need to take this one gently, but fast, to clear the water
         and have this Jump register. Go too fast, and you're in the drink.

>> Unique Jump #11 - Newport
   Area: Get onto the median of the Newport bridge-road, to get your lead-up
         to this jump
   Desc.: A grassy ramp looking over the Callahan Bridge
   Info: You want to hit this straight and fast, getting over and onto the
         bridge, and at least landing in the eastbound lane for the Jump to

>> Unique Jump #12 - Bedford Point
   Area: Inside TW@ Internet Cafe
   Desc.: A set of stairs
   Info: You need to hit this cleanly and land on the other side of the street
         to complete the Unique Jump.

And that's all the collectibles thus far. We can move onto the real side-
missions in the game...


SSM4. "A Ride in the Park"

In northern Belleville Park, you will find a Landstalker outside the building,
near the basketball courts. Getting into it activates "A Ride in the Park",
the second of four Checkpoint Collection side-missions.

You have to collect twelve Checkpoints, which will credit you with 10 seconds
each time. This means that you are doing this in under two minutes. The
terrain of Belleville Park makes this side-mission slightly tougher than the
last side-mission, "Patriot Playground".

#1 is positioned on the small wooden platform, so line yourself up to go
straight through it and collect it. Quickly find the hillside to collect #2,
and then head to #3, #4 and #5 near the wall to the west. Get onto the
embankment, and scrape the wall to collect all three rather than having to do
separate jumps.

#6, #7 and #8 are located towards the center of the park. Reverse up the small
hillsides to avoid flipping the Landstalker, and that's that dealt with. Head
to the War Memorial to collect #9 and #10, and then to the public toilets to
collect #11.

Accelerate to #12, standing on its own, to finish this one off.

Mission Passed!


SSM5. "Multistorey Mayhem"

You need to get a Stallion, park it in front of the multi-storey parking lot
in Newport, and then get back in again. This begins the third of four Check-
point Collection missions, "Multistorey Mayhem". You have to collect twenty
checkpoints, each crediting you with 5 seconds. The timer starts automatically
at 20 seconds, meaning you have two minutes to complete this.

The premise is pretty simple - with five levels, you have to collect 4 check-
points per floor, which should make this easier if you know how many is on
each floor. The only problematic one is #20, which is suspended in the air.
You have to hit the ramp (which is Unique Jump #9) and line yourself up to
collect it. This obviously should be the last one you go for.

A little practice will be needed, but armed with the knowledge of four per
level, the rest is up to you. A simple side-mission.

Mission Passed!

And that leaves us with only one more Checkpoint Collection side-mission in
Shoreside Vale.


SSM6. "Casino Calamity"

The third RC Toyz side-mission is located in a parking lot by the apartments
northwest of Kenji's Casino in Torrington.

You are destroying Yakuza Stingers, which are easy to spot as silver-and-red
vehicles. Just follow the rules from the last two of these side-missions in
Portland Island, and it is insanely easy.


SSM7. Firefighter Mission (Staunton Island)

You will have to put out 20 fires on Staunton Island in this side-mission to
fulfil 100% Completion. The Fire Station is south of the Liberty Coliseum, on
the road heading from Aspatria to Bedford Point.

When you have 20 fires put out on this island, you should be set for now.


SSM8. Vigilante Mission (Staunton Island)

You will have to subdue 20 more criminals, this time on Staunton Island, to
earn two more Police Bribes at all your Safehouses and to count towards 100%

When you get your second page on getting a Police Bribe in Staunton Island,
then stop.

With everything out of the way, we can return to the story.


17.      Staunton Island Storyline

Claude's work for the Leone Mafia means nothing anymore. With Salvatore's
betrayal, he will need to find a new line of work. After befriending Asuka
Kasen of the Liberty City Yakuza, that presents his opportunity to start


>> CP7. Asuka Kasen

Asuka is the co-leader of the Yakuza syndicate operating in Liberty City. Her
and her gang's ways are traditional, and she welcomes Claude after the Leone
betrayal. He must prove that his ties with them are severed, and then help the
Yakuza in their fight against the Colombian Cartel and the influx of SPANK.
She has eight missions - the first five available as soon as you arrive in
Staunton Island.

It is important that you complete her fifth mission, "Two-Faced Tanner",
before completion of Donald Love's fourth mission, "Grand Theft Aero". If you
don't do that, and you were gunning for 100% Completion, you will be screwed
out of it because of storyline events.


AK1. "Sayonara Salvatore"

Asuka wants to clear up some issues that Claude may present to the Yakuza,
before he enlists as one of their associates. Asuka confirms her stance as a
Yakuza figure-head, and she knows of the work Claude had done for Salvatore
Leone and his organization. She tells him that Mr. Leone will be leaving Sex
Club 7 in three hours' time, and to prove that Claude will never turn back to
the Mafia, Asuka wants Salvatore killed.

You have 3 minutes before Salvatore leaves the celebrations at Sex Club 7. The
best strategy here is to have some Molotov Cocktails on hand, and wait at the
backdoor of the club for the Leones to come out. When the door opens, pelt it
to kill the Leone thugs. Eventually, Salvatore himself comes out, and if you
keep pelting it, he should also get caught up and killed. This has a high
rate of success, depending on how fast you toss the Molotovs. Just stand well
back and you will be fine.

Mission Passed!

And revenge from yet another betrayal.

The Leone Mafia will now be hostile to you. Saint Mark's will now be a very
dangerous area of the city, as the Leone thugs may carry Shotguns, destroying
your vehicle in little more than a couple of blasts. It is not advised to
travel there unless you need to.

Also, upon heading back into Staunton Island, you will be paged about working
for King Courtney and the Yardies, opening up another payphone mission in
Liberty Campus.

The BF Injection will also spawn at the southern apartment complex (where you
picked up Misty in "Drive Misty For Me"), but only in the late evening.


AK2. "Under Surveillance"

Asuka congratulates Claude on Salvatore's assassination, and then he is
introduced to Asuka's brother, Kenji Kasen, the Waka-Gashira of the Yakuza. He
is looking for someone to do some work for him, and advises Claude to drop by
his casino to have a talk. After that is dealt with, Asuka tells Claude that
the Yakuza are being watched - either by the Feds or the Mafia, depending on
your version of the game. The Yakuza's activities will have to be halted until
Claude puts a stop to the snooping.

You have 6-and-a-half minutes to take out the guidos/agents. They have been
placed in three sections of Yakuza turf. Two of them are stationed on the
small island in the lake of Belleville Park, and can easily be taken out by an
AK47, M16 or Sniper Rifle.

The second location is a van in Bedford Point. A toss of the Grenade or using
a powerful weapon is enough to destroy the van with no interference. The final
position is quite a few of them on balconies across the street to the west of
Kenji's Casino. Use of the Sniper Rifle is recommended here. Head up to the
helipad of the Casino, stand back and pop heads. When they are all dead, along
with the others, the mission is completed.

Mission Passed!

You have unlocked Kenji Kasen's missions at the Casino.


AK3. "Paparazzi Purge"

Asuka has left a note for Claude for his next mission. A journalist has been
interrupting her privacy, using his boat out in the bay. Asuka and Maria have
taken time off until the reporter is dealt with. Claude is advised to use a
Police boat and take the reporter out.

Take the Predator, with guns installed onto it, and chase after the reporter.
He will do a loop around Portland Island before trying to escape on foot at
the jetty in Newport. If you keep up with him, you should cause enough damage
to take him out before he even gets near the coast of Harwood. If you are good
with boats, this mission is easy.

Mission Passed!


AK4. "Payday For Ray"

After welcoming Claude, Asuka tells him that it is time he met the Yakuza's
informant in the LCPD. She hands Claude a pay-check for the last job that
their informant did, and he needs to take it to him. He is told to get to a
payphone in Torrington and await further instructions.

You have 3-and-a-half minutes to find the whereabouts to the informant. When
you pick up the phone in Torrington, you have to get to the payphone in West
Belleville Park. This begins a trail of picking up calls from payphones - the
next one is in Liberty Campus. The final one is in south Belleville Park,
telling Claude to get to the Belleville Park public toilets. This stops the
timer, and you meet the mystery man.

Step forward, bent cop Ray Machowski. Apparently, he can read Claude's mind,
and justifies his current activities with the LCPD and the state of the city.
He has been having problems with Internal Affairs over the loss of his
partners. He wants "non-union" help, something meant to interest Claude...

Mission Passed!

Ray Machowski's missions are now made available.


AK5. "Two-Faced Tanner"

Asuka has left yet another letter for Claude. The Yakuza's source inside the
LCPD has determined that one of their drivers is an undercover cop. They have
placed a tracer on his car, and Claude must take care of him.

"Tanner", more or less just an homage to "Driver", is currently parked at
Kenji's Casino. You will want to have an Uzi on hand. When you arrive, he will
drive away, and any attack on him warrants a 4-Star Wanted Level. You will
have to fight through the cops and concentrate on Tanner, and if he bails, run
him over. If not, lay into him with the Uzi. When he is dead, a tough mission
is completed.

Mission Passed!

Asuka's missions are completed for now. We shall head to the payphone and do
missions for...


>> CP8. King Courtney

King Courtney is the leader of the Yardies, a small-time Rastafarian gang in
control of Newport. He has their best interests at heart, and for some people,
his Jamaican patois may be hard to get their head around. He has four missions
from his payphone in Liberty Campus.


KC1. "Bling-Bling Scramble"

King Courtney tells Claude that his "posse" are in dire need of someone with
a good sense of driving, and that he is the man for it. He then tells of a
street race going down around Staunton Island, and orders Claude to head to
the grass plains near the Stadium and wait for his opponents to arrive.

You want a fast car for this. Your opponents will turn up in different
vehicles - one in a Bobcat, another in a Patriot, and another in a Cheetah.
You have to collect 15 checkpoints, and the winner is crowned with the most
collected. They are not in a certain route, so you are bound to lose out, but
it is simple to win in a fast car. Once the fifteenth is collected by you or
anyone else, the course is completed. If you collected enough to win, the
mission is successful.

Mission Passed!
$1,000 per Checkpoint


KC2. "Uzi Rider"

King Courtney now wants to see Claude get his hands dirty, and tells him to
wait for some of his guys. They arrive, and tell him what's going on. They are
planning to do a hit on Diablo turf because of the Mexican thugs "dissing
Queen Lizzie", and Claude is the driver.

You are given extra Uzi ammunition for this mission. When you arrive in the
Diablo territory of Hepburn Heights, you are not allowed to leave the vehicle.
You have to kill ten Diablos, which is easy if you just run them over rather
than waste your Uzi ammunition. Once you reach the target, take the Yardies
back to Newport to finish up.

Mission Passed!

The Diablos will now be hostile to you. The worst you face in Hepburn Heights
is thugs chasing you with Baseball Bats, which isn't too much of a threat
unless you let them get to you.


KC3. "Gangcar Round-Up"

King Courtney tells Claude that the Yardies are planning hits on enemy turf,
and they need to obtain gang vehicles in order to do this. He requests a
Mafia Sentinel, a Diablo Stallion and a Yakuza Stinger to be delivered to his
garage in Newport in MINT CONDITION.

You will have to be careful with not only the gang vehicles, but getting to
them outright. The Mafia and the Diablos will both be hostile to you, but the
Mafia are the real problem. If you take the Patriot from SupaSave! in Portland
View and head up the cliffside, you should be able to get to the Mafia
Sentinels parked at Salvatore's Mansion, before carefully heading back down to
Portland View and on your way to the Callahan Bridge. The Diablo Stallion is
no problem, although you will have to 'jack one, and a Yakuza Stinger can be
obtained from Asuka's condo in Newport.

Be careful taking the vehicles to the lockup, as it is a narrow alley. When
you have the gang vehicles, you don't have to worry. When all three vehicles
are delivered, the mission is completed.

Mission Passed!


KC4. "Kingdom Come"

King Courtney orders Claude to get over to Bedford Point to pick up a stash
in quick time. That's all that is given to him.

You have 1-and-a-half minutes to get to an Esperanto in the parking lot of the
Liberty Tree Offices. When you get in, a letter is read out in the subtitles.
It has been written by Catalina, who has come to realise Claude's reputation
in the city. She wants him to "know the real power" of SPANK, and a madman
comes up to the vehicle. The bomb on his chest explodes right next to the

Betrayal is rife in this game - the Yardies are aligning themselves with the
Colombian Cartel, which is coming under Catalina's control, in order to get in
on the profits made by SPANK. Claude is subject to yet another double-cross.
These madmen will explode when you shoot them or they come close to you, and
you need to get out of here first, before heading to the steps near the
entrance of the underground parking bay of the Offices.

Destroy the Pony vans, which spawn the madmen, and then you are left to deal
with the madmen themselves. Keep a distance, and shoot them all down to
complete the mission.

Mission Passed!

King Courtney's missions are completed. The Yardies are now hostile to you,
but like the Diablos and the Triads, driving through their turf of Newport
isn't too dangerous.


>> CP9. Kenji Kasen

Kenji is the Waka-Gashira of the Liberty City Yakuza, i.e. the overall leader
in this chapter of the infamous Japanese crime syndicate. He owns a Casino in
Torrington that bears his name, and he has five missions that are all
available from there. His missions involve the family business, and preventing
the Yardies from joining forces with the Colombians to push SPANK on a larger

It is important Kenji's last mission, "Smack Down", is completed before Donald
Love's mission, "Waka-Gashira Wipeout!". Due to storyline events, if you do
NOT fulfil this, you are screwed out of 100% Completion if you were aiming for


KK1. "Kanbu Bust Out"

Claude formally introduces himself to Kenji, already getting accustomed to the
life of the Yakuza. Kenji talks about Asuka's praise for him, and wants to
put his skills to the test in order to settle something that worries Kenji.
One of his Kanbu, or one of his valued members, has been incarcirated in
Torrington Police Station, awaiting transfer for trial. Claude must get the
Kanbu out and take him to the Hyaku Dojo in Bedford Point.

You need to get a police car to get around to the cell wall at the north side
of the police station, and rig it with a bomb - you're putting a hole through
the police station. Prime the bomb, and wait for it to explode. When it does,
you are given a 3-Star Wanted Level. Get the Kanbu, and take the Enforcer to
get out of the complex and try to find a civilian vehicle to safely hijack to
lose your Wanted Level. You should then drop him off at the Dojo to finish up.

Mission Passed!


KK2. "Grand Theft Auto"

To Kenji's shame, he had a friend do a favor for him, which was successfully
carried out, but he is yet to repay his services. The man has a penchante for
sports cars, and has appropriated a wishlist for the models he wants. Kenji
hands the list to Claude, and orders him to gather these vehicles on account
of Kenji's honor.

You have 6 minutes to deliver all three vehicles in MINT CONDITION. The garage
where you have to deliver the vehicles is right next to a Pay 'n' Spray, which
is rather convenient. You have to pick up a Stinger from the Liberty Tree
Offices in Bedford Point, a Cheetah from the parking lot of the Hospital in
Rockford, and an Infernus from the parking lot of the Liberty Coliseum in
Aspatria. Unless you absolutely suck at driving, this mission is insanely easy
for this stage of the game. Head for the nearest vehicle each time, and make
sure you don't dent it or crash into anything. Six minutes is more than enough
to finish up.

Mission Passed!


KK3. "Deal Steal"

Kenji tells Claude that the Colombian Cartel have ignored countless requests
from the Yakuza to leave their interests alone. To rub it in, the Colombians
are in negotiations with the Uptown Yardies to use them as dealers to push
SPANK. Kenji wants Claude to take one of his man in a Yardie vehicle to the
meeting, and "pays his respects to the Colombians".

You will need to steal a Yardie Lobo from their turf before picking Kenji's
boy up from Belleville Park/Liberty Campus. Once you get the car and the boy,
head over to the meeting place in front of Carson General Hospital. Sound the
"horn", and then the ambush begins. Kill the four Colombians, and then destroy
their Cruisers before grabbing the briefcases, and dropping it off at the
Casino. If you have your weapon ready, they are really no bother.

Mission Passed!


KK4. "Shima"

Kenji tells Claude that the stores under the Yakuza protection rackets are all
paying out today, and he tasks him with the job of picking up the money from
the owners and bringing it back to the Casino.

The first briefcase to be collected is nearby in Torrington - no trouble. The
second one, in Bedford Point, is being guarded by a Diablo with an Uzi. Kill
him and head to the store in Belleville Park to collect the money there. The
storeowner is angry with Claude and the Yakuza, as the Diablos have raided the
place and taken the protection money. He then proceeds to slam the door on
Claude's face.

You have to head to Hepburn Heights and retrieve the collection money. It will
be guarded by several Diablos, so you may want to hang back and kill them from
a distance before getting the briefcase. As long as you can get the briefcase
and out of Hepburn Heights unscathed, go about it any way you want to. When
you have the briefcase, head back to the Casino to drop off the briefcases.

Mission Passed!


KK5. "Smack Down"

Claude picks the wrong time to speak to Kenji. He is angry at Claude because
his actions in the mission "Deal Steal" was not enough - the Yardies and the
Colombians have struck a deal on SPANK dealing, and now the Yardies are on the
street corners, dishing it out. To prove his worth, Kenji wants Claude to kill
as many Yardie dealers as he can find if he does not want to cause any more
shame to his family.

There are a number of Yardie dealers that you have to kill in different points
of Staunton Island - when you kill one, more appear on the radar. Eventually,
they will disappear, and you need to slay at least eight of them before all of
them disappear. If you are quick, this is easy to fulfil, and not a hard
mission to complete. When all the dealers disappear, or have been killed, the
mission ends.

Mission Passed!
$1,000 per Dealer Killed

And that's the end of Kenji Kasen's missions.


>> CP10. Ray Machowski

Ray is a bent cop, and the informant for the Yakuza inside the LCPD. He has
been having some trouble with this dirty secret, and needs help to cover his
tracks and keep him sitting pretty. He hass six missions - all of them from
the toilet blocks, but only five of them available straight away. They usually
involve Ray's struggle in his profession, or having to do favors for other


RM1. "Silence the Sneak"

Ray talks about a police officer, McAffrey, who is turning states evidence and
has just "squealed", or admitted his crooked ways. He's under armed guard, and
Ray wants to make sure that McAffrey doesn't implicate him. He orders Claude
out to do this for him.

You need to head to the apartments north of the multi-storey parking lot in
Newport, where McAffrey is located. You need to toss either a projectile or
fire and RPG into the window to coax him out. The best thing to do here is to
park a sturdy vehicle in front of the garage at the bottom of these apartments
for one reason - once you set the apartment on fire, he will try to escape and
his protection will attack you with AK47s, making this mission tricky. If you
do that, you have time to destroy McAffrey's vehicle easily without being
taken down by his guards. When he is dead, the mission is completed.

Mission Passed!


RM2. "Arms Shortage"

Claude talks to Ray inside the cubicles. One of his friends, an ex-Army war
veteran, runs an arms business from his surplus in Rockford. The Colombians
had roughed him up, and they are coming to take his stock today. Ray wants
Claude to head down there and protect him from the Colombians, and in return,
Ray's friend will be able to give him discounted weaponry.

Head down to the northern tip of Staunton Island to meet Phil Cassidy, an
actual one-armed bandit, with his left arm missing. There are a number of
weapons laying around the place - most notably, the RPG Launcher on top of the
container crates. There are cardboard boxes to the west end of this area that
allows you to jump onto the small wall and level with these crates, so you can
easily access it. It also provides a good vantage point.

The Colombians will soon arrive, and several Cruisers will turn up. They will
have AK47s, Shotguns and at least any other strong weapon. Make sure they do
not harm you or Phil. With a good weapon, this is easy. Once you have killed
the Colombians, you are told to check up on Phil. As Ray promised, Phil offers
Claude his services of weaponry, allowing you to buy guns from this place.

Mission Passed!

The Shotgun can be purchased from here for $1,500; the M16 can also be bought
for $5,000; and the RPG Launcher will set you back $25,000. You may want to
come here when you can afford to splash the cash to make some of the later
missions easier.


RM3. "Evidence Dash"

Ray tells Claude that he knows a man, a mogul, who has some "exotic tastes",
and the money to "indulge" them. He is involved in a legal battle, and the
prosecution has some photos of him that are rather incriminating. They are
being driven across town, and Claude is ordered to smash the evidence from the
back of the vehicle, retrieve them, and then destroy them.

The vehicle driving around town is a Bobcat, and you need to collect six
pieces of the evidence. However, you have to pick up a bundle of evidence
before you can knock off anymore. Plus, to make it awkward, once the first bit
of evidence falls out, you are warranted a 2-Star Wanted Level. This is just
a nuisance, and there's no real time limit here. Once you have all six pieces
of evidence, destroy the vehicle. You can shoot it, wreck it or drive it into
the water - as long as you get rid of it properly, the mission is completed.

Mission Passed!

Donald Love's missions are now available. We still have to deal with the crook
before we move onto him.


RM4. "Gone Fishing"

Ray suspects that his partner is ratting him out, and he wants him silenced to
make sure he doesn't get exposed. He tells Claude that he usually goes fishing
near the Lighthouse at Portland Rock, and he wants Claude to steal a Police
Boat and "sink his back-stabbing plans".

Take the Predator, and then head round to the Portland Rock to give chase to
Ray's partner. Like the mission "Paparazzi Purge", this mission is easy if you
keep up with him. If you cannot, he will eventually bail onto Portland Beach
and attack you with an AK47. When he is dead, the mission is completed, and
you have to head all the way back to Staunton Island.

Mission Passed!


RM5. "Plaster Blaster"

Ray is angry at Claude because of his job in "Silence the Sneak". Apparently,
McAffrey has survived his ordeal, and he is making a Federal Deposition today.
He wants him dealt with once and for all, before he squeals.

You need to get to the Ambulance. It will start at Carson General Hospital and
will finish up at the Police Station. If he gets to his destination, the
mission is failed. When you approach it, you are spotted and given a 2-Star
Wanted Level. Cause enough damage to the Ambulance to have them bail out the
witness. He will be in a bulletproof and fireproof bodycast, in order to have
you repeatedly run him over. When you have filled the Damage Meter, it will
kill him and pass the mission. Just ignore the cops and do the best you can.

Mission Passed!

Ray's missions are completed for now. The only person we can begin working for


>> CP11. Donald Love

Donald is one of Liberty City's most powerful business and media mogul, with
his headquarters in Bedford Point. He runs Love Media, which owns most of the
city's radio stations, TV channels, newspapers, and so on. He is a little
eccentric, but not too much in this game. He has seven missions, all involving
his personal and business interests, and the Colombian Cartel to an extent.


DL1. "Liberator"

Donald thanks Claude for setting his matters straight from the mission
"Evidence Dash", and expects that Claude will be loyal to him because of the
money he is willing to give him for his services. An "old Oriental gentleman",
someone of importance to him, has been kidnapped and held hostage by South
Americans (more specifically, Colombians) in their compound in Aspatria.
Donald has already been involved in dealings with them, but he doesn't want to
be paying more money out to them than he has to. He wants Claude to bring his
man back to him.

You need a Cartel Cruiser in order to gain access to the compound. You can
find one parked at the south end of the construction site in Fort Staunton.
When you have one, you are driving into the middle of several Colombians with
AK47s, so be careful in taking them down. You will then have to search the
garages to find the Old Oriental Gentleman. When you come near a garage door,
it should open. Be careful, as you will be surprised by a Colombian inside
that will try and cut you down. When you have the Gentleman safely, you can
head back to Donald and drop him off.

Mission Passed!


DL2. "Waka-Gashira Wipeout!"

If you haven't already, complete Kenji Kasen's mission line. If you haven't
and you complete this mission, his mission line will no longer be available,
and it will be impossible to get 100% Completion if you are going for it.

Donald gives Claude a little lesson in business - that decimated land sells
cheap, and a gang war does no ends. He wants to capitalize on the rocky
relationship between Claude's Yakuza buddies and his enemies, the Colombian
Cartel. Donald has information that says Kenji Kasen is holding a meeting atop
the multi-storey parking lot in Newport. Claude is ordered to kill him in a
Cartel vehicle, so the Yakuza hold them responsible.

You will need to obtain another Cartel Cruiser, and it wants to be undamaged.
When you head to the top, you will see Kenji being protected by Yakuza with
AK47s and heavy weapons, so you will need to kill him and then hit Unique Jump
#9 to get out of there in quick time before you are killed. When you have
killed him and got out of the Yakuza's sight, you need to dump the car if it
wasn't destroyed upon landing, and exit Newport. Head straight into Belleville
Park and get out on foot to complete the mission.

Mission Passed!


DL3. "A Drop in the Ocean"

After finishing a spot of Tai Chi, Donald tells Claude that a light aircraft
will be passing over the bay between Portland Island and Staunton Island to
drop in a "certain commodity". Donald wants Claude to retrieve the packages
before anyone else does.

You have two minutes to grab the speedboat docked at the Callahan Point jetty
and get into position. You can take a boat from Asuka's condo in Newport to
save time, but as long as you get into position, ready for the drops, it won't

You have to pick up six packages. Each one will raise your Wanted Level by 1
star up to 5-Star. When you have them all, make your way back to Asuka's condo
and get into the Yakuza Stinger. Head straight for the alley and towards the
Pay 'n' Spray. You will have to deal with the FBI, but this method should be
no trouble at all. After that, you can head back to Donald's place to drop off
the packages.

Mission Passed!

A news flash will confirm the opening of Shoreside Vale. The subway routes are
fully connected, the Porter Tunnel is fully open, and the Shoreside Lift
Bridge is fully working.

When you first enter Shoreside Vale, a message on your pager unlocks D-Ice's
payphone missions, the final set of payphone missions. You also have access to
your new Safehouse in Wichita Gardens.


18.      A Tour of Shoreside Vale

We are now in a new area, our last unlockable area, for the last of the story

Shoreside Vale is split into two halves - to the east is Wichita Gardens, the
housing projects and the least built-up suburbs, with apartments and some
crime. To the north of this area is Cedar Grove, where all the suburban homes
and a large villa play host. The Upstate Tunnel is a gateway out of Liberty,
but for the purposes of the game, it remains closed.

Spanning the two halves is the large Cochrane Dam, providing some of Liberty
City's energy through green, hydroelectric power. A small loop road is at the
bottom, a small quay at its median, and a road across the top of it.

Pike Creek is the industrial area of Shoreside Vale, playing host to a number
of warehouses. The local hospital and precinct are located within close
proximity to the west of this district.

And the biggie - Francis Intl. Airport is not a far cry coming off of the
Shoreside Lift Bridge, with millions flying to and from this destination each
year. The subway is conveniently located towards this area.

And that's your tour.


19.      Gangs of Shoreside Vale

There is only one new gang to introduce in Shoreside Vale:

>> The Southside Hoodz
   Leader: D-Ice (Red Jacks), Unknown Purple Nines leader
   Territory: Wichita Gardens, Shoreside Vale
   Appearance: Black leather pants, black-and-red/purple jackets, bandanas
   Vehicles: Hoods Rumpo XL
   Notes: The Hoodz are separated into the Red Jacks, sporting red, and the
          Purple Nines, sporting purple. The influx of SPANK has torn the two
          factions apart - whereas the "Nines" want to get on board with it,
          the "Jacks" are strongly against it. Claude will be working for
          D-Ice, the incarcirated leader of the Red Jacks.
   Become Hostile: Never


20.      Shoreside Vale Side-Missions

This section rounds off everything left in Liberty City that we need to finish


SVM1. Shoreside Vale Hidden Packages

The remaining 32 Hidden Packages are all in Shoreside Vale. They are all
achievable as soon as you can reach Shoreside Vale, allowing you to get that
$1M straight after "A Drop in the Ocean".

>> Hidden Package #69 - Shoreside Vale
   Directions: To the northeast area of Wichita Gardens is an area with the
               Patriot used to activate the mission "Gripped!", and the
               setting of the mission "Rumble". To the northeast of this area
               is a set of picnic tables facing out to Staunton Island. The
               Hidden Package is around there.

>> Hidden Package #70 - Wichita Gardens
   Directions: Technically in Wichita Gardens, the Hidden Package is off the
               road of Francis Intl. Airport, under a broken wooden bridge
               that acts as a Unique Jump facing out to the south of Wichita
               Gardens. A dirt road leads up to it from the billboards on this
               side of the road.

>> Hidden Package #71 - Wichita Gardens
   Directions: Head alongside the right side of the bridge, but don't go onto
               it, and then head under it as soon as you can. You should see
               an apartment building with a narrow alley in the middle of it,
               where the Hidden Package is located.

>> Hidden Package #72 - Wichita Gardens
   Directions: At the entrance of the northwestern apartment block in the
               Wichita Gardens Projects.

>> Hidden Package #73 - Wichita Gardens
   Directions: North of the Shoreside Vale Safehouse, between the RC Toyz Van
               and the billboard.

>> Hidden Package #74 - Cedar Grove
   Directions: Go along the north road in Cedar Grove, along the backs and the
               yards of the suburban houses. Go down the pathway of the beige
               colored house, to find the Hidden Package in the backyard, near
               the pool.

>> Hidden Package #75 - Cedar Grove
   Directions: From Hidden Package #74, head northeast through the hedge gap
               and towards the grey house. The Hidden Package is at the back

>> Hidden Package #76 - Cedar Grove
   Directions: Head back onto the street and look for an orchid colored house.
               The Hidden Package is at the front door.

>> Hidden Package #77 - Cedar Grove
   Directions: Get a Cartel Cruiser and enter the Villa, which is closed off
               by a gate that will only open up for that vehicle. Head to the
               pool at the back of the house to find the Hidden Package.

>> Hidden Package #78 - Wichita Gardens
   Directions: On the road heading west from the Porter Tunnel is a tunnel
               that is covered in graffiti. The Hidden Package is on the north

>> Hidden Package #79 - Cochrane Dam
   Directions: As you drive onto the quay of the Dam, or the median (middle)
               level, you should see two identical, small buildings built into
               the side of the Dam. The Hidden Package is at the top of the
               building on your right.

>> Hidden Package #80 - Cochrane Dam
   Directions: From Hidden Package #79, head back down and continue toward the
               Powerhouse, with stairs to the rooftop. The Hidden Package is
               under the pipes to the north.

>> Hidden Package #81 - Cochrane Dam
   Directions: At the western dome at the top level of the Cochrane Dam.

>> Hidden Package #82 - Cochrane Dam
   Directions: At the eastern dome at the top level of the Cochrane Dam.

>> Hidden Package #83 - Cochrane Dam
   Directions: Head down to the bottom level of the Dam, where the small loop
               road is located at the bottom of the Powerhouse. The Hidden
               Package is at the northwest corner of where the Dam and the
               Powerhouse are joined together.

>> Hidden Package #84 - Cochrane Dam
   Directions: Technically in Cochrane Dam, the Fudge Packing Corp. (where the
               Suburban Import/Export Garage is located) has a fenced-off area
               to the southeast corner. Use an Ambulance to get over it and
               find the Hidden Package.

>> Hidden Package #85 - Pike Creek
   Directions: Head to the Pike Creek Police Station, and go around the back.
               Jump onto the garage rooftops to claim the Hidden Package.

>> Hidden Package #86 - Pike Creek
   Directions: Across the street and south of the Police Station is Hope
               Medical College. Head around to the back (east) side of the
               Hospital to find the Hidden Package at the green dumpsters.

>> Hidden Package #87 - Pike Creek
   Directions: Head to the entrance of Hope Medical College, grab an Ambulance
               and take the road heading south. As you head to the next
               intersection, you should see the entrance to the Burke Supply
               Co. Head around the building until you come to a red container,
               what the Hidden Package is on top of. Line up the Ambulance and
               get onto the top of the crate to claim it.

>> Hidden Package #88 - Pike Creek
   Directions: In central Pike Creek is Liberty Pharmaceuticals, with an
               entrance at the southwest. Head into the facility, and go
               around the building until you come to a fenced-off area. There
               is an entrance to get the Hidden Package near the barrels.

>> Hidden Package #89 - Pike Creek
   Directions: At the south side of the road heading down into the bottom
               level of Cochrane Dam is a Turtle Head Fishing Co. complex. You
               need to head up the steps to the roof of the building west of
               the garages to jump down onto the metal awning and have access
               to the Hidden Package.

>> Hidden Package #90 - Pike Creek
   Directions: From Hidden Package #89, head down from the awning and head to
               the back (east) side of the garages to find the Hidden Package.

>> Hidden Package #91 - Francis Intl. Airport
   Directions: Near the steps at the platform of the subway, with the entrance
               east of the Main Terminal.

>> Hidden Package #92 - Francis Intl. Airport
   Directions: Behind the billboards east of the Main Terminal, accessible by
               jumping the wall around the area with the subway entrance.

>> Hidden Package #93 - Francis Intl. Airport
   Directions: Head towards the Airport tarmac, but stop as you come to the
               Fire Station. The Hidden Package is next to the Firetruck.

>> Hidden Package #94 - Francis Intl. Airport
   Directions: From Hidden Package #93, head through the gap of the concrete
               wall and the chain-link fence directly west of it. Head towards
               the Dome, and head to the west side to get the Hidden Package.

>> Hidden Package #95 - Francis Intl. Airport
   Directions: As you come into the tarmac of the Airport, you should find the
               large parked plane area. Head to the west side of the area to
               find the Hidden Package under the wing of the plane.

>> Hidden Package #96 - Francis Intl. Airport
   Directions: Under the wing of another plane docked at the gate south of the
               area with parked planes.

>> Hidden Package #97 - Francis Intl. Airport
   Directions: At the beginning of the Main Runway to the south of the Airport
               is a helipad. The Hidden Package is in the center of it.

>> Hidden Package #98 - Francis Intl. Airport
   Directions: At the northwest end of the southern runway, on the lower level
               by the water.

>> Hidden Package #99 - Francis Intl. Airport
   Directions: At the end of the Main Runway, at the east end on the lower

>> Hidden Package #100 - Shoreside Vale
   Directions: Get onto the Shoreside Lift Bridge, and stay on the section of
               the bridge with the drawbridge that raises. Get onto the median
               and the Hidden Package is up in the air in the middle of the
               bridge. It will be level for a couple of moments whilst the
               drawbridge is fully raised, giving you an opportunity to grab

And that's all ONE HUNDRED. Enjoy the $1,100,000 from collecting all of them,
as well as (mostly) all the weapons spawning at your Safehouses.


SVM2. Shoreside Vale Rampages

Shoreside Vale contains the remaining seven Rampages to claim 20 out of 20,
and grab another $1,000,000.

>> Rampage #14 - Splatter 20 Colombians
   Weapon: Vehicle
   Primary Location: Behind the "Fatburger" billboard east of Francis Intl.
                     Airport Main Terminal.
   Secondary Location: In the grassy plain south of Burke Supply Company. For
                       a location, review Hidden Package #87.
   Notes: You will need a vehicle that is undamaged in order to cope with the
          gunfire from the Colombians. For the best result, stay on the side-
          walk and keep moving, otherwise you are just a sitting duck.

>> Rampage #15 - Drive-By and Destroy 7 Vehicles
   Weapon: Uzi
   Primary Location: At the guard gate of the Punk Noodles Building in Pike
                     Creek, the first building on your left as you exit
                     Francis Intl. Airport into this district.
   Secondary Location: Behind a rock at the road loop at the bottom level of
                       Cochrane Dam.
   Notes: You want to use a sports car in order to keep up with your targets.
          Consider the parking lot of Francis Intl. Airport if you are

>> Rampage #16 - Destroy 15 Vehicles
   Weapon: RPG Launcher
   Primary Location: On the roof of the building in Turtle Head Fishing Co.
                     complex, on the south side of the road heading down to
                     the lower level of Cochrane Dam.
   Secondary Location: At the road going from Pike Creek to Francis Intl.,
                       behind the "Badfellas" billboard.
   Notes: The Primary Location poses a good vantage point, but the game engine
          is pretty shoddy in generating vehicles. The Secondary Location
          provides the opportunity to destroy the vehicles at the parking lot
          of Francis Intl. Airport, but you need a vantage point away from the
          pedestrians. Try your best and hope the game engine goes in your

>> Rampage #17 - Behead 15 Colombians
   Weapon: Sniper Rifle
   Primary Location: As you come off the Cochrane Dam at Pike Creek, you
                     should find the Undercover Storage Co. to the southeast.
                     Head around the south building to find the Rampage before
                     a ramp.
   Secondary Location: On the roof of the garages behind the Pike Creek Police
   Notes: Both Rampage Locations provide a good vantage point to the streets
          below, so all you need to count on is your aim. Stand back so none
          of the Colombians see you.

>> Rampage #18 - Splatter 20 Hoodz
   Weapon: Shotgun
   Primary Location: On top of the garage at the northeast apartment block in
                     Wichita Gardens. To get on top of the garage, jump from
                     the bridge leading to your Safehouse.
   Secondary Location: Behind the Sumo billboard near the Shoreside Lift
                       Bridge in Francis Intl. Airport.
   Notes: You will need to be careful not be caught in a group of Hoodz, as
          their Pistols and Uzis can make short work of you if you are
          surrounded. However, at the Secondary Location, the wide roads are
          an advantage, as the Hoodz nearby a group you aim for probably won't
          take any notice. Go up to a group and blast away, making sure your
          back is covered.

>> Rampage #19 - Behead 20 Hoodz
   Weapon: M16
   Primary Location: Behind the Squid billboard near the entrance to the
                     Picnic area facing out towards Staunton Island, and the
                     area where the Patriot is located to activate the side-
                     mission, "Gripped!".
   Secondary Location: Behind the Gasoline billboard on the road heading up
                       to Cedar Grove from Wichita Gardens.
   Notes: The first-person view is tricky to get accurate, especially when the
          target is on the move and you require headshots. You may want to
          have completed the Ambulance Mission to utilise the Adrenaline Pill
          spawn, allowing you extra time and breathing space. If aim is not a
          problem, but surviving is, look for a good vantage point.

>> Rampage #20 - Fry 20 Colombians
   Weapon: Flamethrower
   Primary Location: Behind the garage of the orchid-colored house in Cedar
   Secondary Location: In the northwest corner, behind the wall, near the
                       Suburban Import/Export Garage.
   Notes: The only problem you have here is the Colombians attacking you
          before you even have a chance to kill them. Going to the parking lot
          in the middle of the road from Cedar Grove to Wichita Gardens for
          the Primary Location seems to work, as you can attract them straight
          into this area. At the Secondary Location, you can use the wall
          where the Rampage is located. You can shoot the flame through here,
          but the Colombians can't get to you. Attract more to this wall to be

And that's all twenty. If you got them all, well done.


SVM3. Shoreside Vale Unique Jumps

The last eight Unique Jumps are located in Shoreside Vale, allowing you to
make another $1,000,000 for finishing up part of the Extras.

>> Unique Jump #13 - Cochrane Dam/Cedar Grove
   Area: West of the entrance to the median level of the Cochrane Dam
   Desc.: A rocky embankment looking over the bottom level of Cochrane Dam
   Info: You want to begin at the Porter Tunnel, turning right and aiming for
         the ramp straight on. Land in the bottom level of Cochrane Dam to
         complete the Unique Jump.

>> Unique Jump #14 - Pike Creek
   Area: At the Undercover Storage Co., to the southwest corner of the inter-
         section as you come off the Cochrane Dam into this district
   Desc.: A wooden ramp facing east
   Info: You want to aim slightly left to land in a fenced-off area to get the
         Jump to register.

>> Unique Jump #15 - Pike Creek
   Area: At the Undercover Storage Co., but turn right from Unique Jump #14 to
         find it facing south
   Desc.: A wooden ramp facing towards the garages at the back of Pike Creek
          Police Station
   Info: You need to hit this at a good speed, so line up and back up as far
          as you can. You need to land on the roof of the garage at least to
          make the Jump count.

>> Unique Jump #16 - Wichita Gardens
   Area: Technically in Wichita Gardens, but is accessible off the road from
         the road heading from the Shoreside Lift Bridge to Pike Creek
   Desc.: A broken wooden bridge, with a dirt road leading up to it
   Info: You need to hit this so your vehicle does not flip. You also need to
         land in Wichita Gardens for the Jump to register.

>> Unique Jump #17 - Francis Intl. Airport
   Area: Head onto the Airport tarmac, and look around the north side of the
         plane parking area. You should see the Unique Jump in front of the
         plane at the corner of this small intersection in front of you
   Desc.: A luggage ramp facing a plane
   Info: You need to line up properly for this one, and clear the plane to
         make the Jump count.

>> Unique Jump #18 - Francis Intl. Airport
   Area: Off to the west of the plane parking area
   Desc.: A yellow-and-white concrete ramp facing a hangar
   Info: You need to hit one of these three ramps fast enough to clear the

>> Unique Jump #19 - Francis Intl. Airport
   Area: South of Unique Jump #18 and on the north side of the Main Runway
   Desc.: A yellow-and-white concrete ramp facing a hangar
   Info: You want to hit one of the three ramps hard enough to clear the
         hangar and the parked helicopters. It is better if you clear the
         choppers, so you don't damage your vehicle, but clearing most of them
         is enough.

>> Unique Jump #20 - Francis Intl. Airport
   Area: East of Unique Jump #19 at the secondary runways
   Desc.: A yellow-and-white concrete ramp facing a hangar
   Info: You need to hit one of the three ramps and clear the hangar in order
         to get credit for the Jump.

And that's it. All the Extras in "Grand Theft Auto: III" are done. Enjoy your


SVM4. Industrial Import/Export Garage

Head into Portland Harbor, and head to the left of the Garage Building. Turn
left through these alleys, and then head northeast to find a garage with a
list of vehicles. This is where you drop off the cars for the Import/Export
Garage. We have left this a little late.

You were paged about the Garage early on in the storyline. The majority of
these vehicles can be delivered as early as you want. However, some vehicles
are not available until you can get to Shoreside Vale, so I left this until it
could be done legitimately.

Anyway, there are sixteen vehicles that are requested by this garage. They are
all civilian vehicles, and each one delivered will award you with $1,000. A
special reward is given if you complete the list.

A vehicle may have multiple spawn points that you may know about, but for the
sake of space, one spawn point that is easier to find is put in, rather than
cluttering up this chapter with multiple spawn points.

Note that some of the rare vehicles can spawn during the Firefighter or the
Vigilante Missions, if that helps you with those vehicles.

Without further ado, we shall get on with it:

>> Securicar
   How to Obtain: Spawns at random. This is a rare vehicle, but it can be
                  obtained with missions that involve them.

>> Moonbeam
   How to Obtain: One can be found parked at the Head Radio station in

>> Coach
   How to Obtain: One can be found parked at the Coach Depot in southern
                  Trenton, on the road to Atlantic Quays.

>> Flatbed
   How to Obtain: Spawns at random. This is a rare vehicle, that may have a
                  rare but regular spawn in Chinatown. Not to be mistaken for
                  the Barracks OL.

>> Linerunner
   How to Obtain: One can be found parked at Greasy Joe's Diner in Callahan

>> Trashmaster
   How to Obtain: Spawns at random. It is more likely to spawn around Portland
                  Island, and during the mission "Blow Fish" if you are
                  willing to fail that mission in search for one.

>> Patriot
   How to Obtain: One can be found parked outside SupaSave! Grocery Store in
                  Portland View. It will activate the mission "Patriot Play-
                  ground", so you will have to either complete it or exit it
                  away from its original spawn point to drop it off at the

>> Mr Whoopee
   How to Obtain: Spawns at random. It can be a slightly common occurance
                  during the Firefighter Missions, but you can obtain one
                  during the mission "I Scream, You Scream" for El Burro. This
                  tactic is also implemented into the guide for that mission.

>> Blista
   How to Obtain: One can be found parked at Asuka's Condo in Newport. This
                  vehicle is only obtained outside Portland Island.

>> Mule
   How to Obtain: One can be found parked east of the Garage, next to a stack
                  of container crates.

>> Yankee
   How to Obtain: One can be found parked in the parking lot of Portland

>> Bobcat
   How to Obtain: One can be found parked in the parking lot of Carson General
                  Hospital. Other spawn points can be found in Harwood and
                  Saint Mark's, but with it being Mafia territory, it may be
                  dangerous to venture there.

>> Dodo
   How to Obtain: The clipped-winged plane can only be obtained in Shoreside
                  Vale, from Francis Intl. Airport inside the open hangar or
                  at the beginning of the Main Runway.

>> Bus
   How to Obtain: Spawns at random. I had multiple spawns at the western
                  underpass in Staunton Island, but sometimes one may spawn
                  around Portland Island.

>> Rumpo
   How to Obtain: One can be found parked near the "Portland Industrial
                  Estate" sign, and in front of the Sawmill.

>> Pony
   How to Obtain: One can be found parked at the southwest building in
                  Chinatown, where the Primary Location of Rampage #6 is.

Completion of the list will earn you a bonus of $200,000, and you also get 16
"III" signs with names of the vehicles you delivered above them. Pick one up,
exit the garage and enter again, and the vehicle you picked is available to
drive. You also take one step closer to 100% Completion.


SVM5. Suburban Import/Export Garage

As you come off the top level of Cochrane Dam going into northwestern Pike
Creek, turn left and look for a garage to your right, with a list of vehicles.
This is the Suburban Import/Export Garage, the second and final list to
complete for civilian vehicles.

Sixteen different vehicles from the Industrial Import/Export Garage have to be
delivered to this garage in Pike Creek. Since it is located in Shoreside Vale,
with no more areas to unlock, there are no limitations for this list.

Each vehicle will reward you with $1,000. A special reward is given for
completion of this list. Once again, multiple spawn points are not placed in
this chapter just to keep clutter to a minimum. Realistically, you only need
one spawn point to set you straight.

Here we go:

>> Sentinel
   How to Obtain: One can be found parked at the Police Station in Torrington,
                  Staunton Island.

>> Cheetah
   How to Obtain: One can be found parked next door of the Villa in Cedar

>> Banshee
   How to Obtain: One can be found parked in the parking lot of Kenji's Casino
                  in Torrington, Staunton Island.

>> Stinger
   How to Obtain: One can be found parked in front of one of the houses in
                  Cedar Grove.

>> Infernus
   How to Obtain: One can be found parked at the parking lot of Francis Intl.

>> Esperanto
   How to Obtain: One can be found parked at the parking lot of Francis Intl.

>> Kuruma
   How to Obtain: One can be found parked at the northwest apartment block in
                  Wichita Gardens.

>> Stretch
   How to Obtain: Spawns at random. It is not necessarily a rare car, as it
                  could easily be found driving in southern Staunton Island.

>> Perennial
   How to Obtain: One can be found parked at the roadside in southern Portland
                  View, just before the road curves into Chinatown.

>> Landstalker
   How to Obtain: One can be found parked at the parking lot of Francis Intl.

>> Manana
   How to Obtain: One can be found parked at the parking lot of Francis Intl.

>> Idaho
   How to Obtain: One can be found parked in the parking lot of Kenji's Casino
                  in Torrington, Staunton Island.

>> Stallion
   How to Obtain: One can be found parked at the parking lot of Francis Intl.

>> Taxi
   How to Obtain: The modern-styled Taxi is pretty common, but if you have
                  trouble finding one, a few are parked in front of the Main
                  Terminal of Francis Intl. Airport.

>> Cabbie
   How to Obtain: The old, retro Taxi is another common sight in the city, but
                  one can be found at Mean Street Taxis in Trenton if you are
                  struggling to find one.

>> BF Injection
   How to Obtain: This can only be found at the souther apartment block in
                  Hepburn Heights, Portland Island, in the early evening,
                  after completion of the mission "Sayonara Salvatore".

Completion of the list will earn you a bonus of $200,000, and you also get 16
"III" signs with names of the vehicles you delivered above them. Pick one up,
exit the garage and enter again, and the vehicle you picked is available to
drive. You also take one step closer to 100% Completion.


SVM6. The Emergency Vehicle Crane

Head to the north end of Portland Harbor, east of the Industrial Import/Export
Garage to find a crane and a large freighter in the background. This is the
Emergency Vehicle Crane, or if you'd rather, the E.V. Crane. You have to
deliver all seven non-civilian, or Emergency, vehicles, hence the name.

Like the Industrial Import/Export Garage, this can be done straight away, but
restricted access to other Emergency Vehicles has put this on hold until now.
There is no list to this, so you will have to keep note and/or memory of which
vehicles have been delivered.

To deliver a vehicle, park it in the diagonal yellow lines for the crane to
pick it up. Each vehicle delivered will give you $1,500, plus a special reward
for successful delivery of each one.

We set out once more on vehicle collection:

>> Police Car
   How to Obtain: Can be obtained from a 1-4 Star Wanted Level, or taken from
                  any of Liberty City's Police Stations.

>> Ambulance
   How to Obtain: Can be obtained after killing several people, or from any
                  of Liberty City's Hospitals.

>> Firetruck
   How to Obtain: Can be obtained after starting a fire, or from any of
                  Liberty City's Fire Stations.

>> Barracks OL
   How to Obtain: One can be easily obtained from Phil Cassidy's Army Surplus
                  in Rockford.

>> FBI Car
   How to Obtain: You can only get an FBI Car by stealing one on a 5-Star
                  Wanted Level. The good thing about this vehicle is that it
                  is the only Emergency Vehicle accepted by Pay 'n' Sprays.

>> Enforcer
   How to Obtain: You can find one around the back of the Torrington Police
                  Station. You will need a Police Car from the parking lot to
                  head through the gates.

>> Rhino
   How to Obtain: The most difficult way is to get one on a 6-Star Wanted
                  Level, but one can be obtained from Phil Cassidy's Army
                  Surplus in Rockford after completion of the storyline.

Completion of the list will earn you a bonus of $200,000, and you also get 7
"III" signs with names of the vehicles you delivered above them. Pick one up,
and wait for the crane to drop your chosen vehicle. You also take one step
closer to 100% Completion.


SVM7. "Rumpo Rampage"

In the northeast area of your Shoreside Vale Safehouse is another RC Toyz Van,
and entering it will activate "Rumpo Rampage", the last of these side-missions
in "III".

You are simply hunting down Hoods Rumpo XLs to finish up. This is no more
difficult than the three RC Toyz side-missions that went before. Once you've
finished here, you're finishd with this side-mission for good.


SVM8. "Gripped!"

Head to the parking lot of the area facing out to Staunton Island in Wichita
Gardens. Parked in this lot is a Patriot, and getting into it will activate
the final Checkpoint Collection side-mission, "Gripped!".

It is apt that this is the hardest one to do, due to the sheer hill-climbing
you have to do. Plus, it makes it harder on the Xbox Version according to some
other guides, as the trees and foliage are made more lush, making visibility
an issue.

You have twenty Checkpoints to collect, each one crediting you with 15 seconds
of time. You have five minutes to complete this side-mission. Try this side-
mission on a dry day, as grip is pivotal in whether you complete or fail this

Head left for #1, and then around the left for #2. Going for #2 up this hill
will most likely end in failure. Head up the hill to Cedar Grove, collecting
#3, and #4 and #5 to the right of #3. Collect #6 and #7, and head onto the
streets of Cedar Grove to pick up #8.

Head up the hill at the Upstate Tunnel, collecting #9. Follow the hill around
CAREFULLY, watching out for the dips in this terrain, collecting #10 through
to #19. The final Checkpoint, #20, is on top of the Upstate Tunnel. If you've
done well up to this point, you should have plenty of time to line yourself up
with the ledge to claim your final Checkpoint.

Mission Passed!

And that's all the mainstream side-missions. The only thing left to brush up
on is...


SVM9. Firefighter Mission (Shoreside Vale)

You will need to put out 20 more fires to finally finish up on this side-
mission. This may take some time due to the layout of Shoreside Vale - one
minute, you are called to Cedar Grove from Francis Intl. Airport. Barely
scraping that has you back towards that area, so you may want to take it easy
and deal with the ones you think you are capable of reaching and putting out
in time.

A Firetruck is easily obtained from the Fire Station across from the parking
lot of Francis Intl. Airport.

The extinguishing of 20 fires in this island, as well as the others, will
reward you with the Flamethrower spawning alongside your weapons for the
Hidden Packages at all of your Safehouses.


SVM10. Vigilante Mission (Shoreside Vale)

You will need to accost 20 more criminals and earn two more Police Bribes in
order to fulfil 100% Completion. The only thing you really need to worry about
is the state of your vehicle, and the Colombians attacking you. Otherwise,
this is plain sailing.

And that's it. Every bit of side-content has been settled. We've only the
storyline to go through, and that's everything in this game DONE.


21.      Shoreside Vale Storyline

We are nearing the end of the storyline, as Claude is taking tiny steps toward
his vengeance...


>> CP12. D-Ice

The final payphone missions come from this man in Wichita Gardens. He runs his
faction of the Hoodz, the Red Jacks, from behind bars, and is using Claude to
make sure he has a literal outside man to help his gang whilst he's "away".
He has five missions total, involving their rival faction, the Purple Nines.

DI1. "Uzi Money"

Claude gets to know D-Ice over the phone. He is pissed off at a rival faction,
the Purple Nines, "playing" him because they only care for shooting guns and
using/selling the Colombians' SPANK. He doesn't want his gang, the Red Jacks,
looking "soft" with this gang around. D-Ice wants Claude to show the Nines how
a "real drive-by" works, but warns that a few of his boys may try to accost
him when he begins.

This is a Rampage-style mission, activated when you get back into your car.
You need to kill 25 Purple Nines (who, if you didn't guess, sport purple), in
2-and-a-half minutes. If you stick around the Projects area, you should have
no problem, as long as you keep moving. This isn't a difficult mission, and
serves as a little throwback to the Rampages if you have done them previously.

Mission Passed!


DI2. "Toyminator"

D-Ice is pent up with anger with the Purple Nines, who are using armored
trucks to protect and sell their SPANK. D-Ice has provided Claude with the
right gear to take these vans out.

Head up to the van in the parking lot near your Safehouse in Wichita Gardens.
This is another throwback to side-content, as you have to use RC cars to
destroy the trucks, as you would in the regular RC Toyz side-mission. The
catch here is that you only have four buggies, and you are going after three
Securicars. This is easy, as no time limit is imposed, plus you cannot really
go out of range of the van, as the trucks only roam around Shoreside Vale.

Mission Passed!


DI3. "Rigged To Blow"

D-Ice has a problem - his prized car has been fitted with a bomb, and the
wiring is too messed-up for a regular street thug to figure it out. If his car
goes up in smoke, his reputation will plummet. He wants Claude to take it to
the specialist in Saint Mark's before it blows, but to be careful, as it is
most likely sensitive.

The vehicle is an Infernus, and you have 6 minutes to get it to the specialist
garage in Saint Mark's. The only trouble in that sentence is Saint Mark's.
However, the Mafia will return to neutral for the purposes of this mission, so
that is your worries over. You are best off taking the Porter Tunnel from
Wichita Gardens to Harwood to get there quick. You will have to be careful not
to destroy it on the way back. If you dent it, you will have to have it
repaired at a Pay 'n' Spray. Park it back where you grabbed it to complete the

Mission Passed!


DI4. "Bullion Run"

D-Ice has heard that a Federal Reserve Plane, filled with bullion, has crashed
near Francis Intl. Airport, and it is scattered around the area. He wants
Claude to claim some for him, but warns that this stuff will slow him down
until he makes a drop-off at his garage.

You need to pick up 30 pieces of bullion. The more you collect, the more
police attention you get, and the slower your vehicle goes. The drop-off is at
the garage in Pike Creek, at Turtle Head Fishing Co. You have six minutes to
complete this mission, but time isn't an issue. Just try and keep the vehicle
at a steady speed so you can evade the cops if they come for you, otherwise
you are screwed.

Mission Passed!


DI5. "Rumble"

D-Ice tells Claude that the Purple Nines have lost a lot of their influence on
Hoodz turf, but they still want to fight the Red Jacks. He wants Claude to
replace him in the fight, due to the fact he isn't even on the outside yet,
and help his younger brother in the final fight.

D-Ice's "baby brother" will be waiting at the Shoreside Vale Safehouse. He
tells you the rules of this fight - bats only. No vehicles, no guns, just toe-
to-toe action. Head down to the parking lot that faces out to Staunton Island,
and the last of the Purple Nines will charge you. If you keep swinging your
Baseball Bat, you will take down each Purple Nine coming at you, and then it
is a matter of delivering the final blow to all of them, ending the fight in
success for the Red Jacks.

Mission Passed!

And that ends D-Ice's missions, and the payphone missions at that. D-Ice's
phone will still ring, allowing you to replay the mission "Rigged To Blow",
although I am unsure why you would try and better a time that is unnecessary.

The Purple Nines will no longer spawn. If you begin a new game and save after
completion of this mission, you will run into what is known as the "Purple
Nines Glitch", where the Purple Nines will still be non-existent. This means
that you won't be able to complete the first mission, "Uzi Money", on this new
game save.

Ray's missions reopened upon completion of "A Drop in the Ocean", so we shall
deal with him now before heading back to Donald Love.


RM6. "Marked Man"

Ray gives Claude the speech of a crook about to crumble - it turns out that
the CIA have what is known as a "vested interest" in SPANK, and therefore they
are not happy with Ray messing around with the Colombians. He's a marked man
in Liberty City, and he needs to get a one-way flight out of the city.

You have 3 minutes to get Ray to his flight at Francis Intl. Airport. CIA
agents are positioned around the Shoreside Lift Bridge, and unless you got
your hands on a Rhino or a bulletproof vehicle, that is no option. The Porter
Tunnel is, however, as you won't be subjected to the wrath of M16s for too
long. If you brought a fast car, this is manageable.

Ray tells Claude to visit his lockup, which holds his reward. It is in Newport
so head back through the Porter Tunnel and to his lockup to find a weapon
pickup for an RPG Launcher, Flamethrower, M16, and a Sniper Rifle, as well as
a bulletproof Patriot. Ray pages Claude, informing him of the Patriot's
special ability, and points to the next "Grand Theft Auto" title.

Mission Passed!

Ray Machowski's missions are finished. Now, onto...


DL4. "Grand Theft Aero"

You want to have completed the mission "Two-Faced Tanner", to beat Asuka's
mission line, before this mission, otherwise you screw yourself out of 100%

Donald thanks Claude for getting those packages, but has to apologize because
they were decoys. The real package was still in the plane, and he had to pay
off the officials who were stripping it down to avoid it being uncovered. He
wants Claude to head to Francis Intl. Airport to retrieve the package and to
bring it back to him.

Head out to the Airport tarmac, and to the Dodo in the open hangar. There are
four Colombians inside the hangar, so stand back and if you have a Sniper
Rifle, pick them off from a distance. When you can finally get into the plane,
the package is missing. Head to the Panlantic Construction van, giving you an
idea to the package's whereabouts.

Head to the construction site in southern Fort Staunton, being guarded by
several Colombians. Use projectiles or a Flamethrower for the majority of them
and then carefully work your way to the elevator up the site.

Catalina and Miguel walk away with the package, until Claude intervenes.
Catalina thought he was dead up to this point, and doesn't want to give up the
package. Miguel is the submissive type, and hands the package over. Catalina
shoots him and jumps down into cardboard boxes. Asuka then makes an appearance
and calls war on the Colombians after the hit on Kenji - Donald Love's plan
came to fruition, and Claude got away with murdering his boss. Asuka tells
Claude to come back, whilst she uses her Yakuza style of torture to extract
information from Miguel.

All you have to do now is to get the package back to Donald Love in Bedford
Point to complete the mission.

Mission Passed!

Asuka's missions will reopen at the construction site. If you hadn't completed
the mission "Two-Faced Tanner" beforehand, it will be replaced by her new line
of missions. That's how you could get screwed out of 100% Completion if you
aren't careful.


DL5. "Escort Service"

Donald praises Claude for his expertise in being an errand boy, and has
another job lined up for him. The Old Oriental Gentleman will be using an
armored vehicle to transport the package to Pike Creek to be authenticated.
Donald wants Claude to escort him, and make sure that everything goes well.

There is an M16 in the bushes if you want to pick it up. You have to follow
the Securicar from here past Belleville Park, into Aspatria, and then onto
Rockford and the Porter Tunnel to get to the lockup in Pike Creek. Along the
way, Colombians will attempt to ram him off the road and damage the Securicar.
Although it is armored, the Colombians can do some damage to it. Colombian
sentries will be dotted around the area of Aspatria on the road and the steps
up to the Liberty Coliseum, so if you have the bulletproof Patriot, make use
of it here to drive-by the gunmen before the van reaches them. They will not
spawn until the Securicar comes close.

You are then fending off Cartel Cruisers until you come out of the Porter
Tunnel in Shoreside Vale, where more Colombians await on foot. Take out those
on the ground, and the ones above you shouldn't do too much damage. Fend off
any more Colombians as you arrive at the garage in Pike Creek, and when the
Old Oriental Gentleman is in, the mission is completed.

Mission Passed!


DL6. "Decoy"

Donald slings his entrepeneurial words to Claude, before he explains it. SWAT
has cordoned off the garage in Pike Creek, where the package is being held.
Donald wants Claude to pick up the van, and act as the decoy carrying the
package, whilst the Old Oriental Gentleman can escape from the compound with
the package, no worries. Well, at least for him.

Head to the lockup, and as you pass, Enforcers and Police Cars are lining the
streets. Get into the Securicar, and you are hit with a 6-Star Wanted Level.
Although how difficult this sounds, this is more or less a 4-Star Wanted Level
as the SWAT are the worst of your worries. Head straight for the Airport, and
you should be able to live out the three minutes required for this mission.
You could hide in the back of the open hangar, and watch the police as they
circle around aimlessly in the background. Every now and then, one of them may
get in, but when they get out, a drive-by will work wonders. Just live out the
next three minutes, and you should be fine.

Mission Passed!


DL7. "Love's Disappearance"

This is simply a cutscene, where Claude arrives to Donald's place, only to
find no-one there. The only trace of him is an open chest, which possibly held
the package...maybe the Colombians got to him.

That ends Donald Love's mission line. We are on the home strait now, with only
four missions to go. The next three are for Asuka at the construction site...


AK6. "Bait"

Asuka has managed to get some information from Miguel, regarding Catalina and
her days that could be numbered. She has positioned three death squads in the
city, and their only intentions are to take Claude out. She wants to utilise
this to get them off Claude's back and get one-up on the Colombians in their
war against them. Claude must draw out the death squads, and lure them to a
Yakuza trap in Pike Creek.

You cannot kill the hit squads yourself - you have to bring them to the Under-
cover Storage Co. in Pike Creek. With a strong and relatively fast vehicle,
this isn't a tough ask. Just try to stay in front of them, but not too far
away, otherwise you will lose them. It is also better to lure them one at a
time, to make it easier. One death squad is positioned between Pike Creek and
Francis Intl. Airport, another in Pike Creek, near the Hospital, and the last
at Cedar Grove, near the Upstate Tunnel. Once you have the death squad in the
midst of the Yakuza, hide out somewhere until the kill count is increased by
four. When it reaches twelve, it's a job well done.

Mission Passed!


AK7. "Espresso-2-Go!"

Asuka marvels of Miguel's "famous Latin stamina", and is showing exhaustion.
However, she has still managed to get more information on the Colombians. It
regards how far the selling of SPANK has far extended from the Yardies being
used as their pushers. The Colombians own a front company, known as the Kappa
Coffee House, used to sell SPANK under the counter. Asuka orders Claude to
"smash them to splinters".

There are a total of nine stalls, all listed here:

#1 - Portland Island - Near the entrance to Portland Harbor
#2 - Portland Island - Across from Salvatore's Mansion driveway in Saint Marks
#3 - Staunton Island - Near the multi-storey parking lot in Newport
#4 - Staunton Island - Inside Belleville Park, at the southwest corner
#5 - Staunton Island - Outside the Cathedral
#6 - Staunton Island - By the 20thC. Building in Bedford Point
#7 - Staunton Island - By the Star Sculpture in Torrington
#8 - Shoreside Vale - By the entrance of the subway in Francis Intl. Airport
#9 - Shoreside Vale - Outside Hope Medical College

Once you destroy the first stall, you have eight minutes to destroy the rest.
Go to these locations first before destroying them - you need to be only a
few hundred feet away to find one.

Start from Portland Island first, to get the issue of the Mafia out of the
way. Preferably, use the bulletproof Patriot to withstand gang attacks. If you
have all the stalls uncovered, time is not an issue. If you go about this the
right way, it is simple.

Mission Passed!


AK8. "S.A.M."

Asuka is giving Torture 101 to Maria when Claude arrives. Maria is happy to
see Claude, even though the two haven't seen each other for a while. Maria
herself managed to get some more out of Miguel. He revealed that a plane that
is carrying SPANK into Liberty City is about to touch down at the Airport. She
orders Claude to shoot the plane down as it approaches, collect the cargo, and
then stash it.

Use of the bulletproof Patriot is strongly advised, as well as this strategy.
The plane is scheduled to arrive in 3-and-a-half minutes, but rather than
taking the boat out, take the bulletproof Patriot and head out to the Main
Runway, killing the three Colombian groups stationed around here. You can then
wait on the runway to shoot down the plane, and collect the SPANK packages.

Once you shoot down the plane, a 4-Star Wanted Level is implemented. Fight the
cops off, losing them at a Pay 'n' Spray if you want to, and then head back to
the construction site...


RSM. "Ransom"

This is a cutscene that activates once you arrive back at the construction
site. Miguel and Asuka are dead, and Maria is missing. A letter has been left
by Catalina:

"I've got your precious Maria. If you don't want her face to look like she
fell out with the butcher bring $500,000 to the Villa at Cedar Grove".


Mission Passed!

And so, the final mission is available. You should have much more than $500K
by this point, but do some side-content if you haven't got the funds.


>> CP13. Catalina

She left Claude for dead at the beginning of the game. She hosts the final
mission, costing you $500,000 and all of your weapons. It's time for Claude to
get his vengeance...

Stock up on Health and Armor for this mission. You WILL need it. Also, get the
bulletproof Patriot and store it at your Shoreside Vale Safehouse.


C1. "The Exchange"

Claude arrives at the gates, with a briefcase filled with the ransom money,
and is stripped of his weapons. He walks up to the Villa, where Catalina has
Maria. After she has the cash, Claude is betrayed once more - death is ordered
on him. But Claude turns the tables as he knocks the would-be assassin out

Grab the Pistol and run out of the gunfire and into the garage to the west.
Get in the Cartel Cruiser and get out of the Villa. You then see Catalina fly
away with Maria in her helicopter. They will touch down atop the Powerhouse of
the Cochrane Dam.

Head down to your Safehouse in Wichita Gardens, and if you collected 100
Hidden Packages, to have weapon spawns at your Safehouses, grab them and take
the bulletproof Patriot to the entrance of the quay of Cochrane Dam. You have
seven minutes to kill Catalina, but you shouldn't waste too much time with a

Head to the entrance, and take out the two sets of guards blocking the way.
Head down to this area, stopping on the grass and away from the Colombians
with heavy weapons, and take the Sniper Rifle spawn and begin to pop the heads
of every Colombian out in the open. If you have the Uzi, get back in the
Patriot and drive-by any Colombian on the ground.

When you approach the Powerhouse, Catalina gets in her chopper and will begin
to circle the Dam. An explosive trail will follow her, and a Barracks OL/
Flatbed will charge you. Be careful of both of them, and carry on towards the
Colombian who will attack you with a Flamethrower. After dealing with them,
head up the steps and take out the Colombians ready to attack you on this roof
before they do damage. A couple will be hidden away, so beware of them. Get to
Maria, grab the RPG Launcher spawn on this roof, and shoot Catalina's chopper
down to finish off. With Maria by your side, the mission is over.

Maria and Claude leave Cochrane Dam as lovers, as the news flash is played
over their exit of the Dam. A gunshot sounds to shut Maria up before the
credits roll. However, whether this was a shot to the air or a shot to Maria's
head, we do not know.

Credits roll. The end. You will be placed at your Shoreside Vale Safehouse
when you are done viewing them.

Mission Passed!

The Rhino is available from Phil Cassidy's Army Surplus in Rockford. And with
that, "Grand Theft Auto: III" is done. I personally had a brilliant time
devising strategies for this - revisiting one of the first GTAs I picked up
was brilliant.


22.      100% Completion Checklist

There are a number of things required for 100% Completion:

>> Complete all 65 Storyline Missions, from "Give Me Liberty" to "The

>> Complete all Vehicle Missions
-- Ambulance (Level 12)
-- Firefighter (20 Fires Per Island)
-- Taxi (100 Fares)
-- Vigilante (20 Criminals Per Island)

>> Complete all Side-Missions
-- "Patriot Playground", "A Ride in the Park", "Multistorey Mayhem" and
-- "Diablo Destruction", "Mafia Massacre", "Casino Calamity" and "Rumpo

>> Complete all Extras
-- 100 Hidden Packages
-- 20 Rampages
-- 20 Unique Jumps
-- Emergency Vehicle Crane
-- Industrial Import/Export List
-- Suburban Import/Export List

And that's all you need to check off.


23.      100% Completion Rewards

What's your reward, you ask?

Nothing. De nada. Zero. Nothing of any particular worth at all, apart from
the perks you received during 100% Completion hunting. Does it affect how much
of a great, influential game this was? No.

Even though you got nothing, this was still fun to revisit.


24.      Credits

There are some people in general I would like to thank:

>> Rockstar Games
You create some of the best games I've ever played, including those outside
the "Grand Theft Auto" franchise. You have created a masterpiece from what you
had before, and set the trend for more ground-breaking games.

>> All Gaming Hosts
Those who host my guides, I thank you for getting my work out there. I thrive
on helping people, and also perceiving other ways I can go about my gaming.

>> The GTA Wiki
Most of the information was recycled from my "Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City
Stories" guide, but I had to revise the information for this game. Once again,
I take my hat off for the commitment put into the GTA Wiki, and so they are
deserving of a thank-you.

I have no individuals to thank. Send in your suggestions, whether it be a
tweak to an existing strategy in the guide, or a completely new one. Any
suggestion is worthy of a credit, as long as it is relevant and you leave your
details (i.e. your name) so I can thank you personally.


25.      Goodbye!

And so I cap off my guide for "Grand Theft Auto: III". I hope you enjoyed
reading this guide. Please leave a message of thanks, way I could improve this
guide and any suggestions you have of your own.


"Grand Theft Auto: III" is a video game produced by Rockstar Games, a
subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. No copyright
infringement is intended.

Any other sources of information, either during or after development and
completion of this guide, are acknowledged. This guide was constructed with a
very detailed playthru of the game; therefore much of this guide’s content is
that of mine, the guidewriter. Any content that is not mine will be
highlighted, and I will credit the author in my guide.

You may ask my permission via email for posting of my, or parts of my guide.
However, I will not allow you to post the whole guide, or the majority of it,
unless I can trust you with it. If I allow you to post one of my guides, it
must be left UNALTERED, and a credit to my name. Do not copy my guide without
my permission, unless for personal use. Copyright infringement is something I
won’t take lightly, and I will do everything in my power to have plagiarism

(C) 2012 DG-le-Ste. All rights reserved.

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