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R3 Missions Guide by wayalla

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/13/03


         'R3' Missions Guide        

                       Written by:
                  Wayalla (Aaron Baker)
             Version 1.0  =Wayalla1@yahoo.com.au=


                     1:FAQ Details/information

                     2:Taxi Driver




                     6:Frequently Asked Questions

                     7:End Notes

This FAQ Details
Created by Wayalla, Real name is Aaron Baker
Version 1.0      Wayalla1@yahoo.com.au
Grand Theft Auto 3: 'R3' Missions Guide
         For Playstation 2

Document Copyright (C) 2002 Wayalla
This guide can only be found on gamefaqs and any other e-mail from any 
site wanting this will be blocked. Who would want this FAQ anyway, you 
must be crazy to want it!

You can contact me with any hints, tips or any questions about the R3 
missions. You will be credited for your information. 

Escorting people: The taxi driver
One of the most common vehicles driving around Liberty City is taxis, 
they are found almost anywhere on the roads and come in 2 different 
styles. Taxi's usually drive past your hideout real often, and actually 
anywhere around Liberty City, you should find one anywhere you go.

There is 2 types of taxis to start of with on the streets of Liberty 
City, the most common one is just the basic taxi, yellow nearly all 
over. The there is also another taxi, this one is less common found 
roaming around the streets, it is a cabbie, looks like it was modled 
after an old fasioned cab. After you complete a certain amount of 
missions, the Borgnine taxi becomes available to use. It has better 
handling, speed and also has spikes on the front.

The best city to do the taxi missions is probably Staunton island, as I 
have found out that you seem to get paid more for some reason. Usually 
you should start doing them in Portland and then move on and then do the 
rest in Staunton.

Once you have triggered the special 'R3' mission by pressing R3, you are 
now a taxi driver, what you have to do is take people to their location 
fast. Pedestrians appear as a green dot above their head. The 
destenation that you have to take them to is the blip on your radar. 
Usually your next fare is near where you took the last pedestrian.

To do the taxi mission, of course you have to rush to get people to 
their destination, so this means you will probably have more crashes. If 
you crash so much, the person will flee in terror, and this means that 
your car is in bad condition and no one else will want to get in. The 
only thing I can say here is to end the mission and find a new taxi.

Depending on how far away the destination is, you will get a time limit 
to get there and drop the pedestrian off, if the time reaches 0, it's 
mission failed and you have to start again, just press 'R3 again. Time 
accumulates for all the passenges, and each time you drop someone off at 
thier destination, you are given an extra 10 seconds to find another 
fare, or even more if you have accumulated time.

Depending on how far you took the person, you will get cash, if the 
destination is just around the corner, you will get $90, but if it is 
the opposite side of town, you will get $900. So the farther you take 
them, the more money you obtain. there is special bonuses for getting to 
the destination really quickly and for doing a certain amount of fares 
in a row.

Because GTA3 is a large game, they really can't have 1 million different 
places where the passenger wants to be dropped off at, so here are some 
popular locations:
-Old school hall
-Greasy Joes Cafe
-Easy credit Autos
-Enclosed section near construction
-Stadium in Aspatria

In order to get poeple to their destination, you need to drive 
skillfully and carefully trying to keep down the damage on your car. If 
your side of the road is blocked, then drive on the other side of the 
road, or the footpath. Sometimes you have to even swerve through cars, 
but try not to get too much damage. Alos, take shortcuts through 
possible paths as well, the cops don't care if you speed, drive on the 
wrong side of the road or footpath, just get to the destination.

Ahh yes, the main reason you do this mission is to get the reward, it's 
nothing spectacular, but good none the less. It is a special taxi called 
the 'Borgnine'. It becomes available after you have complete 100 fares 
in any district. The Borgnine taxi is located at Borgnine taxis in 
Harwood, Portland, near the Head Radio station. The Borgnine taxi is a 
different colour to the others, and looks like the cabbie. it has better 
speed, handling and also has spikes on the front to eliminate any 
pedestrian than gets in your way while you are driving like a mad man. I 
don't believe that you get anything for completing 200 fares. The 
borgnine taxi does return after awhile to the exact loctaion.

I believe that when you do the 100 taxi missions, your percenatge goes 
up by 1 percent. So you need to do all of these to get 100% al up on the 

The taxi mission are probably the easiest thing to do, it only requires 
abit of driving skills and it will be easily accomplished. 

Help sick people: The paramedic

Ambulances are mianly found at the hospital at all cities, but the most 
common way to find one is to kill afew people and one will come to heal 
the poeple, so you just take it. Then press 'R3' to toggle the paramedic 

What you have to do is go around rescuing the injured the patients. Let 
them get in the ambulance and take them back to the hospital. Each 
patient picked up gives you more time, and each patient dropped back at 
the hospital gives you money, and at the later levels, more time as 

the ambulance in my opinion is one of the most easiest vehicles to roll 
in the game. To avoid this, don't go flying around the corner at 1 
million miles an hour because you will proabably lose control and roll. 
Make sure you slow down and use R1 to do the cornering, this will avoid 
crashing into walls and stuff. If your ambulance starts to shake, stop 
completely or until you can see that it isn't rocking any more. Be 
careful when going down hills as well, because once again, control can 
be easily lost and cause the ambulance to roll. 

Most people like to do it in Portland, but there it is easier to roll 
because the surface of the city isn't flat, but if you do it in 
Staunton, the surface is really flat. But the hospital in Staunton is 
harder to get into that Portland, oh well, there is alot of pros and 
cons about this, so choose your own city.

The sick people on your map are the green blips, and the hospital is the 
other magenta blip. Once you have rescued the patient, bring him/her to 
the hospital. Note that more than one person can be transported at one 

You start with Ambulance level one, and once you rescue the person and 
take them back to the hospital, it now becomes Ambulance level 2. Each 
level has one more person than the last, so for example; Ambulance level 
1 has 1 person, ambulance level 2 has 2 people, ambulance level 10 has 
10 people.

Now, note the following thing, the ambulance can only hold 3 poeple at 
one time, so here is my startegy: On the first 3 levels, go around and 
collect all the patients and then take them back to the hospital. But 
when you get to the 4th + levels, you will need to use some startegy. If 
there is someone really close to the hospital, go collect them and 
quicly race back there. Also, if the hospital is on the way to another 
patient, make a short stop off there and drop your load off. It isn't 
good at all to just go around getting 1 sick person all the time and 
then taking them back, get them in groups of 3 if the patients are near 
each other.

For each patient that you pick up, you are given bonus time, depending 
on how far away you are, the time varies. Time only accumulates for the 
level, not the next one. Lets just say you complete ambulance level 1 
with 1 minute to spare, at the start of Ambulance level 2, you wont have 
1 minute to go. Each time you hit a wall, pole or another car, your 
patient gets more sick and is going to die earlier, so your time limit 
will go down for each major carsh you have, so take care.

Ahh yes, this is what we are all waiting for:
Save 45 pedestrians: Health icon becomes availbale at hideout
Save 85 pedestrians: Adrenaline pill at hideout
Complete ambulance level 12 and infinite run is granted. According to 
most things I have read, different people have got different icons 
(helath, adreniline) at the different amount of pedestrians saved, but 
his is what I got, so maybe you will not get the same.

To gain a percentage on your overall status, you need to get the health 
icon at your hideout, the adreniline pill and do ambulance level 12.

The ambulance is proabably one of the hardest missions to do, especially 
because the ambulance is real easy to roll. I think I went through about 
20 ambulances just getting the adreniline pill.

Making Liberty City a crime free place: The cop

An Enforcer: A swat van
A Police car: A general cop car
FBI car: Balck Karuma
Rhino: Tank

By looking at the list, you would think the tank, but it is too slow and 
the criminal is speeding along at 100 miles an hour you will never catch 
them. A FBI car is really fast to catch up with the criminal, but 
getting one is hard. The FBI cars carry 4 heavily armoured agents and 
trying to jack one with 4 armoured members in it, your car would be 
toast with bullets in seconds. And also with the FBI car, you need a 
wanted level of 5 for them to even be available on the streets. And 
doing a vigilante mission with 5 stars is suiscide. Next, we come to the 
enforcer, Nah, way toooooo slow. So that only leaves the one car, the 
Cop car, it is fast, easy to find and takes a fair bit of damage.

In the police stations where you are taken when you are busted. or just 
generally shoot someone near a driving cop car and the cop will get out, 
then just hop in the passenegers side door and drive off leaving the cop 
behind, this is the most common way and the wanted star will eventually 
go off leaving you to do the Vigilante mission without any hassle.

What you have to do in this 'R3' mission is eliminate the criminals. 
This can be done any way, from blowing up their car, to damaging their 
car and then run them over. It is pretty hard and your car will get 
smashed up. You need to try and run the criminal off the road or damage 
his car big time, then he will get out.

The criminal will be speeding along at a very fast pace, so it can be 
hard to catch up. Avoid going 100 miles an hour, because he can turn and 
trick you, but still go fast. Try to get to the side of him and either 
push into him or do a drive by. Pushing into him will cause him/her to 
lose control and hit afew objects. After the car is damaged enough, the 
person will get out. I just run them over if I can. After the criminal 
has been killed, it's mission accomplished and it is on to your next 

Basically pull up on the side and do a drive by, stick with the criminal 
on the speed limit, but not to close on the sides, then perform a drive 
by, and after awhile, his car will eventually explode. Also, the driver 
usully gets into a road block and things like that at time, so use a 
grenade and make the him and the roadblock dissapear. The explosion 
should kill him. Sometimes it might be better to hit the criminal head 
on. Just ram straight into him. Then turn around and the criminal will 
likely be against the wall. Then ram him/her to the limit.

Afew more Secrets to add: To get a very easy kill, chase the criminal 
while in your cop car, or whatever. Now once he is close to you, pause 
the game. Your probably thinking, what the hell? But then un pause it. 
Then you will notice that the criminal will actually slow down and get 
out of his car. Yes, this is a glitch, and leaves him open for an easy 
kill. Most people say that this is cheating, but reall how can it be, if 
exploiting a glitch is cheating, then that means reading a strategy 
guide is cheating. Sorry, off topic. 

Another major secret in this thing, it involves using cheats though. 
Heres what to do: Grab a cop car, but don't trigger the R3 mission yet. 
Drive the cop car back to your garage. Park the car in your garage. 
While still sitting in your car, activate the R3 mission. Hop out of 
your car, then run off somewhere near your hideout. Use the destroy all 
cars cheat (L2, R2, L1, R1, L2, R2, T, S, O, T, L2, R2). This wil 
destroy all cars, including the criminals, but your car will be in your 
garage, so it will be repaired again. Hop back in the car, then go back 
out and use the destroy all cars again. You have to go back into your 
car every time otherwise it will say '50 seconds to end' or whatever, 
and the next criminal wont show up until you have got back into a police 

Of course, by doing these missions, your car will get trashed alot, 
especially while battling a truck or fish vans. After I have done 3 
vigilante missions, I always quit the mission and find a new car, just 
to make sure that my car isn't ready to blow up. Usually my car is 
trashed by then.

Like all R3 missions, you have a certain time limit to kill the criminal 
in. the limit is very big though, so you shouldn't have any trouble with 
the requirements. Once again, the time accumulates so you get more time. 
Depending on the location, you get a different amount of time. If you 
hop out of your police car, another time limit will appear, this means 
that you have a certain amount of time to find a Police Car before the 
mission ends. When that timer reaches 0, the mission ends.

You think your a cop hey, think again! the cops of Liberty City still 
know it's you. Even on a Vigilante mission where you run over someone 
with your police car and the cops see it, they will still want to arrest 
you, just because you are being a vigilant makes no difference to the 
cops, so still all the old rules count, such as hitting a cop, killing a 
cop and all that crap.

Sometimes and usually all the time, cars are in the way of the criminal, 
so what you can do is press L3 in and your siren will come on. Sometimes 
it's the horn, if so, just press it again. When you next approach a car 
with your siren on, it will move out of the way for you, giving you a 
clear path, but sometimes cars don't move if you are drving on the wrong 
side of the road and sometimes they swerve into you instead.

Kill 10 criminals in Portland and you get 1 police bribes delivered to 
your hideout.
Kill 20 criminals in Portland and you get 2 police bribes delivered to 
your hideout.
Kill 10 criminals in Staunton and you get a 3rd police bribe delivered 
to your hideout.
Kill 20 criminals in Staunton and you get another Bribe delivered to 
your hideout.
Kill 10 criminals in Shoreside to get a 5th bribe delivered to your 
Kill 20 criminals in Shoreside to get a 6th Police bribe delivered to 
your hideout.

Killing all 60 criminals will gain you 1% on your overall percenatage 

The Only Vehicle a Ifre Fighter mission can be done in is, well, a Fire 
Truck. You know? Those big red chu-chu things :P

Fire trucks can sometimes come when there is a fire, such as you use 
Molotiv Cocktails and grenades to catch a car or perason at that on 
fire, sometimes a fire truck will come. But usually, the fire will put 
itself out before you even hear the truck coming. So that why you rarely 
see any firetrucks roaming around the streets. Fire stations are the 
best way to get a fire truck. These are the locations of the Fire 

Portland: Across the road to the South of the AMCO gas stations.
Staunton: Near the BJs Deli, near the Shoreside lift bridge, on the road 
below. Right next to the road.
Shoreside: Entrance of the Airport, come in the main entrance, when you 
see the car-park gate, do a U Turn and on your right will be the Fire-

What you have to do in this R3 mission is put out the fires on vehicles. 
Seems easy, and really it is. The vehicles never explode, thats funny, 
because usually if you see a car on fire normally in the game, it will 
explode about 2 seconds after, taking everything with it.
This is really a simple mission to do. Requires only really driving 
skills, as most missions really do. To squirt the water, press the fire 
button, which is O. The fire-truck's hose will squirt out, mucky, 
looking ****. You once again, have time limit like all the other 

Each report, a car will be burning. You have to put the fire out on it. 
Drive to the car, and run into the car while squirting the water, this 
should put it out straight away, and also keep some of your speed. If 
your water wont reach it, or wont put it out for some reason, It's 
probably one of these things:

1)Your missing the main fire part of the car, you may be hitting the car 
with water, but you aint getting the actual fire part of the car with 
the water. Move the turret. 
2)You are either too close, or too far away from the car and fire, move 
back/foward and try again.
3)Your hitting the wrong car with water, sometimes hitting other cars 
can be fun, but be serious and hit the right car.
4)Something must be wrong with it, hit the car to a different position, 
and then try squirting it again.
5)You have already put the car out, or any other silly explanation that 
you could be doing if you are a Jackass.
6)You might have some glitch that disallows you to put out the fire, or 
the car may be missing or something like that.

Thats all you pretty much have to do, sounds easiy. Now to write up 
about all the other stuff to do with this mission:

If you want the water to go to the side of the firetruck instead of 
shooting out the front because you are stuck, or don't want to move, or 
it is just quicker, then you can move the hose turret to shoot the water 
somewhere else. To move the turret, use the right analog stick. Move it 
how you would using the other analog stick while moving. Make sure you 
don't actually press the button in, otherwise you will quit the mission, 
probably accidently. Thats why I don't move the turret, and usually I 
don't need to anyway.

Time accumulates after each car, and then once you put out the next car, 
you keep the time and also get some extra time. The Firetruck is a very 
powerful truck, it acts like a BarracksOL when pushing, so use this to 
your advantage when getting to burning vehicles, don't bother about goin 
around the vehciles, because the fire-truck will just clip the other 
cars anyway because it can't fit perfectly on the footpath (Or for you 
Americans, Sidewalk). So my point here, charge through the cars, ram 
them out of your way. It seems like with this mission, the Fire Truck 
can take alot of damage before giving up. This fire-truck will take 
about 8 times the damage of what a normal van/truck like this would 
normally take. I'm not sure about a Normal Fire-trcuk that isn't on a R3 
mission becsue I only get the Fire-Trucks to do these missions.

Another thing I would like to mention, by doing these missions, you will 
put out fires on cars that are rare, or are exclusive to an island that 
you haven't got to yet. Some of these rare cars are: 
Mr Whoopie: Defently take this, this is one of the rarest vehicles in 
the game, you will need it for the Import/Export garage. Trust me, get 
it now or you will be sorry. End the R3 mission and take it to there.
Flatbed: On the first island, thisis the only time I have seen one. It's 
not rare, as you can find them on the second/third island, but if you 
haven't unlocked the other islands, this is rare. Take it to the 
Import/Export garage, they wont one. 

Once again, this is what you do the missions for:
Put out 60 fires, 20 in each district, and a Flamthrower will appear at 
you hideout. I'm not sure what percent it gives you for doing this. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the R3 missions?

A: Special missions that can be done in certain cars, press R3 to put it 
Q: What cars have the special R3 missions?

A: Cop cars, Enforcers, Kurumas, Rhinos, Ambulances, Fire Trucks, Taxis 
and Cabbies.
Q: What do I have to do in the Vigilante mission?

A: Kill the criminal.
Q: What do I have to do on the Taxi mission?

A: Take people to their location.
Q: What do I have to do on the Paramedic mission?

A: Pick up the people and take them back to the hospital.
Q: What do I have to do on the Fire Fighter mission?

A: Put out fires!
Q: I have a hint/tip on a R3 mission, can I send it to you?

A: Yes, sure, my email is Wayalla1@yahoo.com.au
Q: Will I be credited on the information I send in?

A: Yes you will.
Q: Can I have this FAQ on my site?

A: No! Only gamefaqs can have it.
Q: Can I have some codes for this game?

A: I only answer stuff about the 'R3' missions.
Q: Can I print this guide?

A: Of course, it can be used for personal and private use.
Q: This seems like a good guide..

A: I always like posotive feedback.
Q: This guide is crap.....

A; Dude, I already know that OK!
Q: Can I send in a Frequently Asked Question?

A: Yes
Q: I can't get the adreninline pill at my hideout even though you said 
to get 85 sick poeple to the hospital? What am I doing wrong?

A: The paramedic missions are funny sometimes, and I have heard reports 
that some poeple haven't even gotten the adreniline pill to they have 
reached Ambulance level 12, so my advice is that you just keep saving 
people and I guess eventually you will get it.
Q: Why write a FAQ for a old game?

A: It aint old for me.
Q: How old are you? Where do you live? etc. etc.

A: Sorry, i don't give out real personal details, I will say that I live 
in Australia, but all other things are private.
End Notes

The best time to do the 'R3' missions are at the beggining of each 
island, why you say? because then the gangs arn't hating you, so it is 
easier to drive through Triad territory and NOT get shot at rather than 
going through Triad territory and you car being shot to pieces and 
people pulling you out all over the place and whacking you. Trust me, 
it's alot easier.

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