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Game Script by whitedragon

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 07/12/04

                  _______ _______ ______  ______
                 / _____//__  __// ___  //____  /
                / / ____   / /  / /__/ / ____/ /
               / / /_  /  / /  / ___  / /___  /
              / /___/ /  / /  / /  / /_____/ /
             /_______/  /_/  /_/  /_//______/

           _______  ______  ___    ___  ______
          / _____/ / ___  //   /  /   // ____/
         / / ____ / /__/ // /  //  / // /__
        / / /_  // ___  // //    // // ___/
       / /___/ // /  / // / /  / / // /____
      /_______//_/  /_//_/ /__/ /_//______/
     _______ ______ _____  __ _____  _______
    / _____// ____// _   // // _   //__  __/
   / /___  / /    / /_/ // // /_/ /   / /
  /____  // /    /    _// // ____/   / /
 _____/ // /___ / // / / // /       / /
/______//_____//_/ /_//_//_/       /_/

Grand Theft Auto 3

Game Script
Version 1.2
Date 12.07.04

Produced by: whitedragon
E-mail: whitedragon@winning.com

1, E-mail policy

This document has been produced and is owned by whitedragon
whitedragon@winning.com e-mail me for questions regarding this and so on.
However please don't send me any attachments, I don't know of anyone who is
actually stupid enough to open them, if it comes from an unknown source. If
anyone sends me one of these attachments that person will be instantly blocked,
to prevent future problems. I would also be grateful if it's easy for me to
identify what the E-mail is about, by writing something appropriate in the
subject line.

2, Version History

Version 1.2
A few spelling error fixes. I also added a better interpretation of the ending.
Thanks to Gold Masters.

Version 1.1
This is a quite big update. I've fixed a few mistakes and added a few more
explanatory lines. Plus I changed it to a more appealing format, enjoy! This is
most likely the final version, but you never know...

Version 1.0
Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been really busy lately... actually not
really but =P. Anyway I've changed my E-mail, fixed some mistakes and added a
few explanatory sentences between the dialogs for better flow.

Version 0.95
Added the announcements of the two bridge openings, and added an E-mail policy.
Next update will probably be bigger, but I'm a bit busy right now.

Version 0.9
Added the ending which I had forgotten and corrected a few mistakes.

Version 0.8
Finished the script for Staunton Island and added the full script for Shoreside
Vale so the entire game script is finished.

Version 0.5
Added most of the script for Staunton Island and fixed a few errors.

Version 0.3
First version, only includes the complete script for Portland.

3, Table of contents

1, E-mail policy
2, Version History
3, Table of contents
    4.01, "Betrayal"
    4.02, "Give me liberty"
    4.03, "Luigi's girls"
    4.04, "Don't spank ma bitch up"
    4.05, "Drive misty for me"
    4.06, "Pump-action pimp"
    4.07, "The fuzz ball"
    4.08, "Mike lips last lunch"
    4.09, "Farewell Chunky' lee Chong"
    4.10, "Van heist"
    4.11, "Cipriani's chauffeur"
    4.12, "Dead skunk in the trunk"
    4.13, "Turismo"
    4.14, "I screem you screem"
    4.15, "Trial by fire"
    4.16, "Big'n'veiny"
    4.17, "The crook"
    4.18, "The thieves"
    4.19, "The wife"
    4.20, "Her lover"
    4.21, "Taking out the laundry"
    4.22, "The pick-up"
    4.23, "Salvatore's called a meeting"
    4.24, "Chaperone"
    4.25, "Triads and tribulations"
    4.26, "Blow fish"
    4.27, "Cutting the grass"
    4.28, "Bomb da base act I"
    4.29, "Bomb da base act II"
    4.30, "Bomb da base act II continue"
    4.31, "Last requests"
    5.01, "Staunton Island, here I am"
    5.02, "Sayonara Salvatore"
    5.03, "Under surveillance"
    5.04, "Paparazzi purge"
    5.05, "Payday for Ray"
    5.06, "Two-faced Tanner"
    5.07, "Bling-bling scramble"
    5.08, "Uzi rider"
    5.09, "Gangcar round-up"
    5.10, "Kingdom come"
    5.11, "Kanbu bust-out"
    5.12, "Grand theft auto"
    5.13, "Deal steal"
    5.14, "Shima"
    5.15, "Smack down"
    5.16, "Silence the sneak"
    5.17, "Arms shortage"
    5.18, "Evidence dash"
    5.19, "Gone fishing"
    5.20, "Plaster blaster"
    5.21, "Liberator"
    5.22, "Waka-gashira wipeout!"
    5.23, "A drop in the ocean"
    5.24, "Shoreside Vale, here I come"
    6.01, "Grand theft aero"
    6.02, "Escort service"
    6.03, "Decoy"
    6.04, "Love's disappearance"
    6.05, "Marked man"
    6.06, "Uzi money"
    6.07, "Toyminator"
    6.08, "Rigged to blow"
    6.09, "Bullion run"
    6.10, "Rumble"
    6.11, "Bait"
    6.12, "Espresso-2-go!"
    6.13, "S.A.M"
    6.14, "Ransom"
    6.15, "The exchange"
7, Legal Notice
8, The following Web Sites have been allowed to use this document


4.01, "Betrayal"

The game begins with a scene where the main character and his partners rush out
of Liberty City bank after having committed a robbery.

Catalina: Sorry babe. I'm an ambitious girl. And you (gun shot), you're just
          small time.

His girlfriend, and partner Catalina shot the main character of the game. This
is probably what makes him incapable of talking throughout the rest of the game.

News: Liberty city is in shock today, as the police and emergency services deal
      with the aftermath, of a devastating attack on a police convoy this
      morning. As yet, no details have been released about the prisoners being
      transferred in the convoy, and no proof has claimed responsibility. A
      convoy left police headquarters early this morning, for a routine transfer
      of felons, to the Liberty City penitentiary. The attack took place on the
      Callahan Bridge, leaving few witnesses, and the bridge itself, severely
      damaged. Some of the convicts are thought to have perished, in the
      explosion that followed the initial attack. Revelations as to the
      professionalism of the attack, struck police hours afterward, when
      identification of the missing felons were further hampered by an attack,
      by computer hackers on police headquarter databases. With the Porter
      tunnel-project falling behind schedule, this disaster leaves Portland
      isolated from the rest of the city.

The Colombian Cartel stops the convoy that the main character is being
transported in.

Colombian Cartel: Come on!
Colombian Cartel: Senior dickhead!
Colombian Cartel: It's no problem to kill you.
Colombian Cartel: You gonna be sorry.
Colombian Cartel: A'right, a'right. Get lost.

The Colombians opens the convoy and frees someone. (This is the old guy you have
to save later in one of Donald Love's missions. Thanks to Scorpio_Scipelli)
Clearly they were not after the main guy or 8-ball, but they see their chance of

8-ball and the main man knocks the policemen down and leaves the convoy. The
Cartel blows the bridge up.

4.02, "Give me liberty"

8-ball: I know a place on the edge of the Red Light District where we can lay
        low, but my hands are all messed up so you better drive, brother.

They drive over to the hideout.

8-ball: This is the place right here, let's get off the street and find a change
        of clothes!
8-ball: I know this guy, he's connected, his name is Luigi.
8-ball: Me an' him go back so I could probably get you some work. C'mon lets
        head over there.

So they head over to Luigi's place.

4.03, "Luigi's girls"

8-ball: This is Luigi's club, lets go round the back and use the service door.
8-ball: Wait here man while I go in and talk to Luigi.
8-ball: Say hello to 8-ball, ladies.
 Luigi: 8-balls got some business upstairs; maybe you can do me a favour.
 Luigi: One of my girls needs a ride so grab a car and pick up Misty from the
        clinic. Then bring her back here.
 Luigi: Remember no one messes with my girls!
 Luigi: So keep your hands on the wheel!
 Luigi: If you don't mess this up, maybe there'll be more work for you. Now get
        outta her!

The guy drives to the clinic.

Misty: Hi I'm Misty.

4.04, "Don't spank ma bitch up"

 Mick: Luigi said to, to give you this so... here, here take it.
Luigi: There is a new high on the street, goes by the name of spank.
Luigi: Some wiseguy's been introducing this trash to my girls down Portland
Luigi: Go and introduce a bat to his face!
Luigi: Then take his car, respray it.
Luigi: I want compensation for this insult!

4.05, "Drive misty for me"

Luigi: Hey, I gotta talk to you... All right Mick, I'll talk to yah later.
Luigi: How yah doing kid.
Luigi: The Don's son Joey Leone wants some action from his regular girl Misty.
Luigi: Go pick her up in Hepburn Heights... but watch yourself that's Diablo
Luigi: Then run her over to his garage in Trenton and make it quick, Joey ain't
       the kind you keep waiting, remember, this is your foot in the door... so
       keep your eyes on the road and off Misty!

The guy drives over to Hepburn Heights and sounds the horn for Misty to come

Misty: You working regular for Luigi now huh? It's about time he got a driver we
       can trust!

After driving over to Joey.

Misty: Joey...
Misty: Am I going to get to play with your big end again.
 Joey: I'll be with you in a minute spark plug.
 Joey: Hey, I'm Joey.
 Joey: Luigi said you were reliable so come back, there might be some work for
 Joey: Alright?

4.06, "Pump-action pimp"

Luigi: Some Diablo scumbag has been pimping his skuzzy bitches in my backyard.
Luigi: Go and take care of things for me.
Luigi: If you need a piece go around the back of AmmuNation opposite the subway.

4.07, "The fuzz ball"

Luigi: The policeman's ball will be held by the old school hall near the
       Callahan bridge, and they'll be looking for some 'old school' action.
Luigi: Now I got girls all over town walking the streets.
Luigi: Get'em to the ball they'll make a bundle.
Luigi: Get as many of them as you can before the cops drink away their green.

4.08, "Mike lips last lunch"

Misty: Hey, I'm bored, when you gonna drill me.
 Joey: In a moment sweetheart, I've got a little business to take care of.
 Joey: I've got a little job for you pal, the Forelli brothers have owned me
       money for too long, and they need to be taught some respect.
 Joey: Lips Forreli is stuffing his fat face in St Marcos Bistro, so steal his
       car and take it to 8-ball's bomb shop up in Harwood.
 Joey: You know 8-ball right?
 Joey: Once he's fitted it with a bomb, go park the car where you found it.
 Joey: Then sit back and watch the whole show.
 Joey: But hurry up, he won't be eating forever.

4.09, "Farewell Chunky' lee Chong"

Joey: Chunky lee Chong is pushing spank for some now gang from Colorado... or
      Columbia... or something, who needs details anyway.
Joey: He has a noodle stand down in China Town.
Joey: That rat has served his last stir-fry.
Joey: I want you to take him out!
Joey: If you need a piece go around back of AmmuNation opposite the subway.
Joey: Sort yourself with a nine, you know where it is, right?
Joey: Well remember, just watch your back in China Town, it's Triad territory.

4.10, "Van heist"

Joey: Alright, we're gonna hit the pay role van.
Joey: It leaves the edge of China Town everyday.
Joey: Bullets won't even dent the van's armor, so get a car and ram it off the
Joey: Now hit it hard and the punk ass security guards should bail.
Joey: Then take it to the warehouse at the docks and my guys are gonna take over
      from there.
Joey: Now it won't be doin' it rounds all day, so don't hand around.

4.11, "Cipriani's chauffeur"

Joey: Yeah, I know Toni, I've tuned her real sweet. She purrs you know what I
Joey: Oh. Here's the guy I was telling you about
Joey: Alright Listen, this guy ain't Italian and he's no mechanic but he can get
      things fixed.Joey: This is Pops Capo, Toni Cipriani.
Toni: Yeah, I'm Toni Cipriani.
Joey: Take him to Momma's restaurant at St Marks, alright.
Joey: Now listen to me, I'm planning a job that needs a good driver so drop by
      sometime later Ok?Toni: Ok, Kid. Drive me to the laundry in Chinatown
first. I got a bit of
      business to take care of.
Toni: Those washerwomen aint been payin' their protection money.
Toni: And wash the car, Joey just fixed this junk heap.
Toni: So no fancy crap, Ok?

They drive over to the laundry.

Toni: Wait here! Keep the engine running. This ain't a social call.

Toni walks in, but the Triads begin to shoot at him. Toni runs out and back into
the car.

Toni: It's a Triad ambush! Get us out of here kid!

The team drives over to Toni's place.

Toni: The Triads think they can mess with me, the triads, with ME!
Toni: Drop by later and we'll give them something to launder, their own
      bloodstained clothes!

4.12, "Dead skunk in the trunk"

Joey: Beautiful! Just beautiful!
Joey: Alright, Just the guy I need to talk to!
Joey: Alright there's a car stuffed with a stiff at the cafe near Callahan
Joey: One of the Forellies thought he was a wise guy, so he got what he had
      coming to him.
Joey: Take the corpse to the crusher in Harwood, alright?

4.13, "The getaway"

Joey: What a ride she's gonna be, huh?
Joey: Alright, listen. Get some wheels to the safehouse at St. Marks and pick up
      a few friends of mine.
Joey: They're hittin' a bank and they need a driver.
Joey: I gave my word that you were the man, so don't screw this up.
Joey: Get them to the bank before five o'clock, not a minute after.

The main guy drives over to the safehouse and picks up the robbers. Then they
drive of to the bank together.

Outside the bank.

Bank robber: Keep the engine running we'll be in and out in no time.

A few gunshots and some screaming are heard, soon after that the robbers' run
out and quickly gets into the car.

Bank robber: Get us out of here!!

They flee to the safehouse.

4.14, "Turismo"

El Burro: This is El Burro of the Diablos.
El Burro: You're new in Liberty, but already you are gaining a reputation on the
El Burro: There's a street race starting by the old school hall near Callahan
El Burro: Get yourself some wheels and first through all the checkpoints wins
          the price.

4.15, "I screem you screem"

El Burro: I started my exotic entertainment business with nothing but the
          sizable contents of my leather pants!
El Burro: A gang of no-goods have threatened to remove my starring member if I
          don't pay them a cut.
El Burro: They threatened the wrong man, amigo.
El Burro: They have a weakness for the ice cream.
El Burro: Pick up the bomb I've hidden in Harwood, hijack the regular ice cream
          van on its rounds.
El Burro: And lure these fools to their doom with the jeengle-jeengle.
El Burro: They hide in a warehouse on Atlantic Quay.

4.16, "Trial by fire"

El Burro: Some insolent Triads stole my beautiful car last night, wrecked it and
          left it burning.
El Burro: Some of my most precious donkey memorabilia was in the trunk - real
          collectibles that are irreplaceable my friend.
El Burro: I've hidden a throbbing weapon on the edge of Chinatown.
El Burro: Take it and teach these Triad vandals to feel El Burro's well-endowed
El Burro: Ariba!

4.17, "Big'n'veiny"
El Burro: A thieving opportunist has stolen a van of my latest publication hot
          off the press!
El Burro: But that SPANKED-up idiot has left the rear doors open and now
          tastefully photographed adult literature is being dropped all over
El Burro: Take the van and follow that trail of Donkey Does Dallas volumes 1,2
          and 3 collecting it as you go.
El Burro: When you've followed the trail to that thieving SPANK-head, waste him.
El Burro: Then deliver my donkey derby to XXX Mags in the Red Light District.

4.18, "The crook"

Chonks: The name's Chonks, Marty Chonks.
Chonks: I run the bitchin' Dog Food factory around the corner.
Chonks: I got money troubles, but hey, who doesn't right?
Chonks: I'm meeting my bank manager later.
Chonks: He's a crooked bastard that keeps bumping up the loan repayments so he
        can cut a slice.
Chonks: Take my car, pick him up and bring him back here.
Chonks: I've got a little surprise for that blood sucking leech!!

Bank Manager: Ah Mr Chonks sent you did he. Let's go and pay the fellow a visit.

The main character drops off the Bank Manager at Chonks place. And the Bank
Manager walks in.

Bank Manager: Get your hands of my arse!

The Bank Manager is killed by Marty Chonks.

4.18, "The thieves"

Chonks: I hired some thieves to break into my apartment... and steal some stuff
        so I could claim on the insurance as you do.
Chonks: The thieving bastards are threatening to tell the insurance company, if
        I don't give them a cut, can you believe it.
Chonks: I've left a car inside the factory gates.
Chonks: Use it to go and pick them up from their turf in the Red Light District.

Chonks: Then bring 'em back here to the factory so I can make 'em see Marty's
        point of view.

The main character drops the thieves off at Chonks place.

Thief: Easy there partner.

The thieves are killed by Chonks.

4.19, "The wife"

Chonks: The business is going to go under unless I get hold of some serious cash
Chonks: My wife has an insurance policy and all she's ever been to me is a hole
        in my pocket.Chonks: I've left a car in the usual place.
Chonks: Go and pick up my wife from Classic Nails and bring her back to the

Wife: Marty wants to see me? Well it better be quick because I have to get my
      hair done.

The main character drops the Wife off at Chonks place.

Wife: Hey... stop.

The wife is sleeping with the fishes.

4.20, "Her lover"

Chonks: Damn, I'm in trouble!
Chonks: Turns out my wife was seeing some guy I own money to.
Chonks: He's got real angry and he's looking for payback!
Chonks: I've agreed to see him... he thinks I'm gonna pay him off... but my
        guess is... Liberty's dogs are gonna get yet another flavor this month.

Carl: Marty sent you huh? Ok, I'm gonna show that creep the meaning of the word

The main character drops the Wife off at Chonks place.

Chonks: Carl, hi! I eerr, I need more time to get your money, but if you just
        step into my office...
  Carl: It's far too late for that Marty. You had your chance, but now I'm
        taking over the business...
  Carl: LOSER!

Carl then aims a shotgun at Chonks and fires. Chonks lies dead.

4.21, "Taking out the laundry"

Toni: Take a seat kid, take a god damned seat.
Toni: So the laundry won't pay any protection eh?
Toni: The Triads think they can mess with me.
Toni: Let's teach these would be tough guys what it means to be a tough guy.
Toni: Sorry ma. Yes ma.
Toni: I want you to destroy their laundry vans and mangle any triad gimp that
      gets in your way.
Toni: 8-ball can supply you with what you're gonna need.

4.22, "The pick-up"

 Mom: Toni's off making people bleed, or trying to.
 Mom: He'll never be as tough as his Pop, but he left you a note on the table.
Toni: The laundry has agreed to pay - you did real good kid!
Toni: Go collect the cash and bring it back here. Watch out for the Triads.
Toni: They may be shoving a firecracker up your ass, but don't take no crap.
Toni: Nobody I mean nobody, messes with TONI CIPRIANI!

4.23, "Salvatore's called a meeting"

Toni: Don Salvatore has called a meeting.
Toni: I need you to collect the Limo and his boy, Joey, from the garage.
Toni: Then get Luigi from his club, come back here and pick me up, then we'll
      all drive over to the boss's place together.
Toni: Those Triads, they don't know when to stop.Toni: They want a war. They got
a war.
Toni: Now get going.

The main guy picks them up.

Joey: How are you doing?

Luigi: How are yah doing, kid?

Toni: No fancy crap.

At this time the Triads tries to attack the Mafia with their laundry vans,
however they are not successful and the team successfully escapes to the bosses

     Toni: You did good back there kid, real good. C'mon let's introduce you to
           the Don.
Salvatore: Hey Luigi.
    Luigi: Oh my girls have been missing you so much. Salvatore you've been away
           to long.
Salvatore: You tell them, when this unfortunate business has been taken care of,
           we'll go down to the club and celebrate.
Salvatore: There is my boy.
     Joey: Hi, Pap.
Salvatore: Have you got yourself a good woman yet? You know your Momma, god
           bless her soul would be turning over in her grave, if she ever saw
           you without a wife.
     Joey: I know I'm working on it.
Salvatore: TONI! How is your Momma? She's a great woman you know. Strong.
     Toni: She's good... fine.
Salvatore: Terrific, Terrific. Now listen you guys, you go inside while I talk
           to our new friend here.
Salvatore: I have nothing but good things for you my boy...

4.24, "Chaperone"

Salvatore: Me and the fellas need to talk business, so you're gonna look after
           my girl for the evening.
Salvatore: HEY,MARIA MORE YOUR BUTT. Dump broad does this every time. And here
           she is the one and only Queen of Sheba! What were you doing up there,
           whatever it was I bet it cost me money.
    Maria: Well, you don't think I hang around for the conversation, do you.
Salvatore: Get in the car, and keep your big mouth shut! Take the limo but bring
           it back in one piece, you hear me.
Salvatore: And watch her, she can be trouble.
    Maria: Yeah, yeah, yeah! I'm sure your new lap dog has everything covered,
           and isn't he big and strong?
    Maria: Hey Fido, Let's go visit Chico and get some party treats!
    Maria: He's at the rail station at the Chinatown waterfront I think.

The main guy drops off Maria next to Chico.

Chico: Hey Maria! It's my favorite lady!
Chico: You looking for some fun? A little... hmm? Some SPANK?
Maria: Hi Chico. Nah, just the usual.
Chico: Here you go lady.
Chico: Hey maybe you should check out the warehouse party at the east end of
       Atlantic Quays.
Maria: Thanks Chico. See you around.
Chico: Gracias and enjoy that's good stuff.
Maria: C'mon Fido, lets go and check out this party!

At the party.

Maria: Alright Fido, you wait here and look after the car while I go and shake
       my butt alright.

The police come to put an end to the party but Maria manages to jump in the car
and they drive over to Salvatore's place.

Maria: You know I enjoyed myself for the first time in a long while, and you
       treated me really good. With respect and everything.
Maria: Oh, I'd better go. I'll see you around I hope.

4.25, "Triads and tribulations"

Toni's Mom: Oh it's you, TONI ain't here. But he left one off his sugary love
            letters for you.
      Toni: We're at WAR. The Triads have a fish factory as a front.
      Toni: Most of their business goes down at the fish market in Chinatown.
      Toni: That laundry still owes us protection.
      Toni: They reckon the Triads are protecting them now, so I say we exact a
            fitting punishment.
      Toni: Take these boys over and whack the Triad Warlords!
      Toni: Hell, if you get a chance, pop some of their soldiers too.

4.26, "Blow fish"

Toni: Ok, I've had enough of this shit.
Toni: We're gonna finish the Triads in Liberty, once and for all.
Toni: Careful, 8-ball says it's real sensitive and the slightest bump could set
      that thing off!
Toni: Their fish factory will open its gates for a dustcart, so you can drive
      right in.
Toni: Park up between the gas canisters and get the hell out of there!
Toni: I want it to rain mackerel.
Toni: We're talking real biblical here, nothing low budget.

4.27, "Cutting the grass"

Salvatore: Leave us alone for a minute.
Salvatore: The Columbian Cartel is making SPANK somewhere in Liberty. But we
           don't know where, and they seem to know everything we're doing,
           before we do. We got us a rat!
Salvatore: There is a guy named Curly Bob, who works the bar at Luigis.
Salvatore: He's been throwing more money around than he's earning.
Salvatore: He ain't pimpin' or pushin' so he must be talking.
Salvatore: He usually gets a taxi home after work. So follow him.
Salvatore: And if he's rattin' us out kill him.

The main guy follows Curly Bob and ends up at the docks, where he overhears this

   Miguel: Here comes our little friend, Mr big mouth himself.
 Catalina: Were you followed, you know what goes on here is our little secret,
Curly Bob: No... no I wasn't followed, you got my stuff? Catalina: Here's your
Spank squealer now talk.
Curly Bob: Ok, so the Leone's are fighting war on two fronts, meanwhile they are
           in a turf with the Triads with no sign of either side giving up.
Curly Bob: Meanwhile Joey Leone has stirred up some bad blood with the
Curly Bob: Every day they're losing men and influence in the city.
Curly Bob: Salvatore is becoming dangerous and paranoid. He suspects everybody
           and everything.
 Catalina: With loyalty like yours, what has he possibly got to worry about.

The main guy then kills the rat.

4.28, "Bomb da base act I"

Salvatore: The Cartels has got bottomless funds from pushing that SPANK crap.
Salvatore: If we make an open attack on them, they'll wipe the floor with us.
Salvatore: They must be making SPANK on that big boat that Curly lead you to.
Salvatore: So we gotta use our head, or rather one head. Your head.
Salvatore: I'm asking you to destroy that SPANK factory as a personal favor to
           me, Salvatore Leone.
Salvatore: If you do this for me, you will be a made man, anything you want.
Salvatore: Go and see 8-ball, you'll need his expertise to blow-up that boat.

4.29, "Bomb da base act II"

8-ball: Yo my man! Salvatore phoned ahead, but a job like this is gonna need a
        lot of fireworks.
8-ball: I'll need $100,000 to cover expenses, but you know with me you get a lot
        of bang for your buck.
8-ball: Come back brother when you have the money.

4.30, "Bomb da base act II continue"

8-ball: Okay, let's do this thing.
8-ball: I can set this baby to detonate, but I still can't use a piece with
        these hands.
8-ball: Here, this rifle should help you pop some heads!

They then head over to the docks.
8-ball: Get a good vantage point then I'll head in when you fire the first shot.

The main guy snipes the Cartel and 8-Ball plants the bomb... the boat blows up,
and sinks soon after.

4.31, "Last requests"

Salvatore: It's my favorite cleaner.
Salvatore: I'm proud of you my boy, you kicked the shit outta those grease
Salvatore: I've got just one little job for you before we can all celebrate.
Salvatore: There is a car around the block from Luigi's club.
Salvatore: The inside is covered in brains.
Salvatore: We had to help some guy make up his mind and it proved a little
Salvatore: Take it to the crusher before the cops find it.

The main guy gets a message on his beeper from Maria, to meet her at the docks
near Callahan Point.

Maria: Listen Salvatore, think that we're going behind his back. So he was
       offering you to the Cartel, in order to make a deal.
Maria: I couldn't let him do that, I mean the worst thing is... it's my fault. I
       told him we were an item, don't ask me why I don't know.
Maria: Look you're a marked man on Mafia turf and I've got to get out of here
Maria: I've seen too much killing. Too much blood.
Maria: This is a friend of mine ok, she's an old friend... it's Asuka, she's
       someone we can trust.
Asuka: C'mon enough of the speeches.
Asuka: We better get out of here before we get more hysterical Italians wanting
       less friendly reunions.

The team then travels by boat to Staunton Island.

Maria: Asuka and I are gonna have to talk, eh... Why don't you go cruise around.
Asuka: You'll need a place to lie low.
Asuka: There's a warehouse at the edge of Belleville that should suit your
Asuka: Come back here to my Condo when you are ready, and we can have a little


5.01, "Staunton Island, here I am"

News: News just in from the traffic desk, repairs to the Callahan bridge have
      been completed. Since the explosion engineers have been working around the
      clock to get traffic flowing between Portland and Staunton Island once

5.02, "Sayonara Salvatore"

Asuka: We have certain issues to clear up before we can continue any form of
       relationship, business or otherwise.
Asuka: Let's lay our cards or the table, I am Yakuza and I know you worked for
       Salvatore Leone's family.
Asuka: I can give you work with our organization, but first you must prove to me
       that your ties with the Mafia are truly broken.
Asuka: Salvatore Leone will be leaving Luigi's in about three hours time.
Asuka: Make sure he doesn't reach his club alive.
Asuka: Meanwhile Maria and I will catch up on old times.
Maria: Oh... Asuka, you've got a massager.
Asuka: That's not a massager.

5.03, "Under surveillance"

Asuka: Salvatore's death comes as pleasurable news, you're an efficient killer.
       I like that in a man.
Asuka: Ah, this is my brother Kenji.
Kenji: Asuka's got a little job for you, but when you're done, drop by my casino
       and we can talk.
Asuka: Just like Kenji, always trying to play with my toys.
Asuka: My police source indicates that the Mafia are watching our interests
       around the city in a bid to track you down.
Asuka: We cannot continue our operation until they are dealt with.
Asuka: Take out these spying fools and end this vendetta once and for all.

5.04, "Paparazzi purge"

Asuka: A reporter has been nosing around.
Asuka: Maria and I have taken a little holiday together until you can get rid of
       this perverted voyeur.
Asuka: He's probably out in the bay as you read this! Steal a police boat, and
       sick his career!

5.05, "Payday for Ray"

Asuka: It's my handsome handyman!
Asuka: Maria is all tied up at the moment but I'll tell her you called.
Maria: Who's that? Asuka? I know I've been a naughty girl but I really need to
       pee! Ok?
Asuka: It's time you met our man inside the LPD.
Asuka: Here's the payment for the last little job he did for us.
Asuka: He is understandably cautious.
Asuka: Get to the pay phone in Torrington as quick as you can and await his

The main guy gets the following instructions.

Ray: Get to the Phone in West Belleville Park.

Ray: Get to the Phone on Liberty Campus.

Ray: Get to the Phone in South Belleville Park.

Ray: Meet me in the toilet block in the Park.

In the toilet block.

Ray: You must be Asuka's new errand boy!
Ray: Have you got the money? Is it all here?
Ray: Well I know what you're thinking, another bent cop... Well it's a bent
Ray: Just 'cause I lost a few partners, those suckers from Internal affairs have
     started sniffing around.
Ray: Reckon they can smell me.
Ray: Well, this city is just one big open sewer.
Ray: But I'm gonna need some non-union help.
Ray: And if you're interested you'll know where to find me.

5.06, "Two-faced Tanner"

Asuka: Maria and I have gone shoping.
Asuka: Our source in the police has informed us that one of our drivers is a
       strangely animated undercover cop!
Asuka: He's more or less useless out of his car, so we've tagged it with a
Asuka: Make him bleed!

5.07, "Bling-bling scramble"

King Courtney: This is King Courtney.
King Courtney: My Yardie posse could do with a driver and people are saying
               you're the man.
King Courtney: Get to the waste ground opposite the stadium in a car and wait
               for the other hopefuls.
King Courtney: I've got men watching checkpoints all over Staunton.
King Courtney: First driver to a checkpoint gets the bling-bling, then it's on
               to the next stop.
King Courtney: If you get more checkpoints than any other driver, I could have
               me a little work for you.

5.08, "Uzi rider"

King Courtney: I need to see if you're capable of doing my dirty work.
King Courtney: See if you're family or not.
King Courtney: Two of my boys will be there any second to take you for a ride,
               see if you are who you say you are.

Yardie: We're going for a little ride into Hepburn Heights, whack us some filthy
        Diablos been dissing Queen Lizzy.Yardie: You do the driving and
        shooting. We'll make sure you don't get cold feet.
Yardie: Here you'll need a 'piece'.
Yardie: Let's drive!

At Hepburn Heights.

Yardie: Hepburn Heights... Let's kill me some filthy Diablos...Yardie: But
remember, you don't leave this car.

After killing some Diablos.

Yardie: Ok, get us back to Yardie turf! GO GO GO!

Back in Staunton.

Yardie: You did good, Reaperman!

5.09, "Gangcar round-up"

King Courtney: I want you to steel me some gang cars so we can do some naughty
               hits on enemy turf.
King Courtney: I need a Mafia Sentinel, a Yakuza Stinger and a Diablo Stallion
               so we can hit any gang in Liberty.
King Courtney: Drop them off at the garage in Newport and hear this, they're no
               use to me all broke-up, now.

5.10, "Kingdom come"

King Courtney: Hear this!
King Courtney: Get over to Bedford Point.
King Courtney: There's a stash in an old car I need pronto!

In the car the main guy finds the following message.

Letter: I hear you've been a busy boy. Well I've been a busy girl. I think it's
        time you witnessed the real power of 'SPANK'! Besos y fuderes, Catalina,
        xxx. PS: DIE PEEG DOG, DIE!!

A guy begins to run towards you with a bomb on his chest. The guy blows
himself to pieces next to your car. However the main guy manages to escape
unscratched, even though there are many more suicide bombers running
towards you.

5.11, "Kanbu bust-out"

Kenji: My sister speaks highly of you, though I am yet to be convinced that a
       gaijin can offer anything but disappointment.
Kenji: Perhaps you can help deal with a situation that has me at a disadvantage.
Kenji: Of course failure has its own disgrace.
Kenji: A Yakuza Kanbu is in custody awaiting transfer for trial.
Kenji: He is a valued member of the family.
Kenji: Break him out of custody and get him to the dojo at Bedford Point.

5.12, "Grand theft auto"

Kenji: It is impossible to over-estimate the importance of etiquette in this
       line of work.
Kenji: To my eternal shame, a man once did me a favor and I've never had the
       opportunity to repay his kindness.
Kenji: The man's weakness is motor cars and he has requested that we acquire him
       certain models for his collection.
Kenji: Needless to say, we must give him the cars as a gift, to repay the dept
       that I owe him.
Kenji: You must obtain the cars on this list and deliver them to a garage behind
       the car park in Newport.
Kenji: My honor demands it.

5.13, "Deal steal"

Kenji: When trouble looms, the fool turns his back, while the wise man faces it
Kenji: The Columbian Cartel have ignored repeated requests to leave our
       interests in Liberty well alone.
Kenji: Now they are negotiating terms with the Jamaicans in order to humiliate
       us further.
Kenji: They are finalizing a deal across town.
Kenji: Take one of my men, steal a Yardie car, and go and pay our respects to
       the Columbian.
Kenji: Our honor demands that you leave no one alive.

5.14, "Shima"

Kenji: To be truly strong, it is important that you never show weakness.
Kenji: The business's fortunate enough to have our protection settle their
       accounts today.
Kenji: Go and collect the money immediately, so we can enter it into the casino

When trying to collect the money...

????: I can't pay you and I wouldn't pay you if I could!
????: Some young gang just jacked out the place! They took everything!
????: You guys are useless.
????: What kind of Yakuza are You anyway...?

The main guy then pays the gang a visit and reclaims the money.

5.15, "Smack down"

Kenji: YOU! How fitting you should choose this moment to show your worthless
Kenji: It would appear your attempts to dissuade the Jamaicans from becoming bad
       fellows with the Cartels were wholly inadequate.
Kenji: Yardie pushers line Liberty's streets selling packets of SPANK like they
       were selling hotdogs!
Kenji: Those Cartel pigs are laughing at us, at me!
Kenji: I will give you one last chance to prove my sister's faith in you well
Kenji: Run these scumbags into the ground and wash your shame in rivers of our
       enemies' blood!!!

5.16, "Silence the sneak"

Ray: That scumbag McAffrey, he took more bribes than anyone.
Ray: He thinks that he's gonna get an honorable discharge if he turns states
Ray: He just squealed!
Ray: He's under armed protection in WitSec property down in Newport, some
     apartment behind the car park.
Ray: Torch that place, that should flush 'em out, and you'll hunt 'em down, make
     sure he never talks to nobody.

5.17, "Arms shortage"

Ray: Hey kid over here!
Ray: An old army buddy of mine runs a business in Rockford.
Ray: We saw action in Nicaragua, back when the country knew what it was doing.
Ray: Some Cartel scum roughed him up yesterday, said they'd be back for some of
     his stock today.
Ray: He's gonna need some back-up and in return he'll give you knock-down rates
     on any hardware you buy.
Ray: I'd go myself but the old sciatica's playing up again -cough cough- so,
     eerr-hhrrmmm, good luck.

At the place in Rockford.

Phil: Ray phoned ahead... but I thought there'd be more of you.
Phil: I can't believe those yellow-bellied bastards left me without proper cover
Phil: Well, three arms are better than one, so grab whatever you need.
Phil: Those Colombians'll be here any minute!

The Colombians shows up.

Phil: Goddam they're here!! LOCK'N'LOAD!!

The team then takes care of things...
Phil: Heh-hey! If I'd teamed up with you in Nicaragua maybe I'd still have my
Phil: If you need any firepower just drop by and take what you need from the
Phil: Leave the cash behind. Now get out of here. I'll handle the cops.

5.18, "Evidence dash"

Ray: I know a real important man in town, a soft touch, with shall we say,
     exotic tastes and the money to indulge them.
Ray: He's involved in legal matter and the prosecution has some rather
     embarrassing photos of him at a morgue party or something.
Ray: The evidence is being driven across town.
Ray: You are going to have to ram that car and collect each little bit of
     evidence as it falls out.
Ray: When you've got it all, leave it in the car and torch it.
Ray: We're both gonna do pretty well outta this kid.

5.19, "Gone fishing"

Ray: I think my partner's a rat.
Ray: We gotta shut him up, permanently.
Ray: He goes fishing out of his boat near the lighthouse on Portland Rock most
Ray: Steal a police boat and make sure his back stabbing plans are sunk!
Ray: I want him sleeping with the fishes, not eating them.

5.20, "Plaster blaster"

Ray: You useless bastard.
Ray: You totally messed up! My ass is on the line and you can't even kill a god
     damned fly.
Ray: I paid you good money to kill that witness and he ain't dead.
Ray: And today he's gonna make a Federal Deposition!
Ray: He's being moved any second now from the Carson General Hospital up in
Ray: If he squeals, I squeal...

5.21, "Liberator"

Donald: First of all, let me thank you fore dealing with that personal matter.
(Donald Love is the guy with the "exotic tastes".)
Donald: People will read something into anything these days.
Donald: Experience has taught me that a man like you can be very loyal for the
        right price, but groups of men get greedy.
Donald: A valued resource, an oriental gentleman I know has been kept hostage by
        some South Americans in Aspatria.
Donald: They're trying to extort additional funds from me but I don't believe in
Donald: A deal is a deal, so they'll not see a penny from me.
Donald: Go and rescue my friend, do whatever it takes.

5.22, "Waka-gashira wipeout!"

Donald: Nothing drives down real-estate prices like a good old fashioned gang
        war, apart from an outbreak of plague... but that might be going too far
        in this case.
Donald: I have noticed the Yakuzas and the Columbians are far from friends.
Donald: Let's capitalize on this opportunity.
Donald: I want you to kill the Yakuza Waka-gashira. Kenji Kasen:
Donald: Kenji is attending a meeting at the top of the multi-story carpark in
Donald: Get a Cartel gangcar and eliminate him!
Donald: The Yakuza must blame the Cartel for this declaration of war.

5.23, "A drop in the ocean"

Donald: In these days of moral hypocrisy certain valuable commodities can be
        hard to import.
Donald: On its approach to the airport tonight, a light aircraft will pass over
        the bay.
Donald: It will drop several packages into the water.
Donald: Make sure you pick them up before anyone else does.

5.24, "Shoreside Vale, here I come"

News: Good news for commuters from Shoreside, engineers have finally managed to
      repair the damaged mechanism on the Staunton lift bridge and it is now
      opened to traffic flow both to and from Shoreside Vale.


6.01, "Grand theft aero"

Donald: Thank you for retrieving those packages, but they where only a decoy.
Donald: Sorry about that, but that's sometimes the way in business.
Donald: My real objective was hidden on the plane all along.
Donald: Unfortunately the port authorities seized the plane and were stripping
        it down until I intervened at great personal expence.
Donald: Cross the bridge to Shoreside Vale and go to Francis International
Donald: I've paid off the officials.
Donald: My property will be waiting for you at the customs hanger in the
        aircraft's fuselage.

The main guy finds the fuselage but the property is gone. A panlantic van
however gives a clue about where it is; the construction yard in Staunton. After
killing some Colombians, the main character finds an elevator. He picks up his
gun and uses the elevator to go up...

Catalina: Hey let's get this outta here. God knows what it is but he seems to
          want it badly enough so it must be worth something.
  Miguel: Who the heck!
Catalina: YOU!
  Miguel: Take it easy amigo, De Nada! De Nada!
Catalina: YOU, I left you pouring your heart out into the gutter.
  Miguel: Hey don't shot amigo. No problem we all friends here, take it.
Catalina: Don't be such a pussy!
  Miguel: We got no choice baby!
Catalina: You always got a choice you dumb bastard.
  Miguel: I'm sorry about the crazy bitch, they're all the same, por favor.
   Asuka: So the whore got away.
   Asuka: But you've done me a favor you're not the only one that has a score to
          settle with the Columbians. This worm killed my brother.
  Miguel: I've never killed, no Yakuza.
   Asuka: LIAR! We all saw the Cartel assassin.
   Asuka: We're going to hunt down and kill all you Columbian dogs!
   Asuka: I'll be operating on our little friend here to extract information and
          a little pleasure.
   Asuka: You, drop by later, I'm sure I'll require your services.
  Miguel: Please amigo, don't leave me with her, she psycho chica! Amigo? Hey

6.02, "Escort service"

Donald: You are proving to be a safe investment, a rare thing in these days of
        false hood.
Donald: My Oriental friend will need an escort while he takes my latest
        acquisition to be authenticated.
Donald: I want you to follow him, and make sure both he and my package get to
        Pike Creek unharmed.

6.03, "Decoy"

Donald: A lesson in business, my friend.
Donald: If you have a unique commodity, the world and his wife will try to
        wrestle it from your grasp... even if they have little understanding as
        to its true value.
Donald: SWAT teams have cordoned off the area around my associate and the
Donald: Get over there, pick up the van and act as a decoy.
Donald: Keep them busy and he should make good his escape.

6.04, "Love's disappearance"

Nothing is said during this "mission".

The main guy simply finds that Donald Love is gone.

6.05, "Marked man"

Ray: You weren't followed? Good!
Ray: This is it, I'm way over my head and I'm starting to drown here!
Ray: The CIA seem to have a vested interest in SPANK and they don't like us
     screwing with the Cartel.
Ray: I'm a marked man, so I'm getting out of here.
Ray: Get me to my flight at the airport and I'll make it worth your while!

The main guy drives Ray over to the airport.

Ray: Here's a key to the lock-up.
Ray: You'll find some cash and some 'supplies' I'd stashed in case things got
Ray: See y'around.

6.06, "Uzi money"

D-Ice: Yo! This is D-Ice of the Red Jacks!
D-Ice: I got a problem they tryin' to play me.
D-Ice: These young punks, they come onto the street and they got nothing but
       guns and SPANK on their minds.
D-Ice: 'Nines' is their tag and purple is their flag and each day they rock
       their colors... is another day the 'Jacks' look soft.
D-Ice: I want you to teach punk ass bitches how a real drive-by works.
D-Ice: Take these nines off of here!!
D-Ice: Watch your back though, there'll be Jacks on the street who'll think
       you're trying to blast them too!

6.07, "Toyminator"

D-Ice: Those Nines are pressing me.
D-Ice: These Bitches got armored cars and now they're running SPANK... and
       slinging it to brothers with no fear.
D-Ice: There's a car parked up the way.
D-Ice: There's some stuff in there to put these sissys on blass... and wreck all
       their armored stuff.

6.08, "Rigged to blow"

D-Ice: Some effa has wired my wheels to blow.
D-Ice: If I lose those wheels, my rep on the street will is dead.
D-Ice: Pick up my car and take it over to the garage on St. Marks, a'right yo.
D-Ice: Let them diffuse that, let them take care of that bomb.
D-Ice: The clock is ticking and wiring is messed up.
D-Ice: One pot hole too many and that thing could blow.
D-Ice: Now move it!

6.09, "Bullion run"

D-Ice: Yo, a Federal Reserve flight just smashed down at Francis International.
D-Ice: There's platinum all over the strip.
D-Ice: Get a car and snatch up as many as you can.
D-Ice: You can drop the bling off at one of my garages.
D-Ice: This platinum is mad heavy and it will slow your wheels down some.
D-Ice: So make regular drop off's at the garage.

6.10, "Rumble"

D-Ice: The Nines are down to a few scabby herds... but they still wanna bring
D-Ice: They have agreed to go toe to toe.
D-Ice: A gang of them against two of us... or rather two of yaw.
D-Ice: I'd join you but...
D-Ice: I ain't due my parole hearing for another three months now, y'know what I
D-Ice: Go and meet my baby brother.
D-Ice: He'll show you where they are fighting a'right son.

After meeting the brother.

D-Ice brother: Yo, Ice said was comin'. There rules. Bats only. No guns, no
D-Ice brother: This is a battle for respect, you cool?
D-Ice brother: Let's go crack some skulls...

6.11, "Bait"

Asuka: Miguel seems to think I'm mistreating him.
Asuka: Still, he's revealed the extent to which Catalina fears your quest for
Asuka: She has three death squads dotted around Liberty, whose sole job is to
       hunt you down.
Asuka: Act as the bait, and get the death squads to follow you to Pike Creek
       where some of my men will be waiting for them.

6.12, "Espresso-2-go!"

Asuka: Miguel certainly has some of that famous Latin stamina.
Asuka: I'm quite exhausted.
Asuka: We underestimated Catalina's plans for SPANK.
Asuka: It reaches far beyond the Yardies selling it on the street corners.
Asuka: The Cartel have a front company, The Kappa Coffee House.
Asuka: They've been selling SPANK through the street stalls.
Asuka: We have no choice but to put these drug stands out of operation.
Asuka: Smash them to splinters!!

6.13, "S.A.M"

Maria: Do we tighten it some more now, or wait for it to go black and fall off?
Asuka: Give it a quick prod...
Maria: Eeeeeyoooo! What is the gooey yellow stuff?
Maria: Oh hi Babe.
Asuka: My Handyman!
Maria: I was bored so I came over to keep Asuka company.
Asuka: She has got the makings of a natural this girl.
Asuka: She's managed to extract this little gem from our guest.
Asuka: There is a plane coming into Francis International Airport in two hours
Asuka: It is full of Catalina's poison.
Asuka: You can avoid airport security by getting a boat out to the runway-light
       buoys and shooting the plane down on its approach.
Asuka: Collect the cargo from the debris and stash it!
Maria: Oh you be careful now, Ok baby?
Asuka: Now try the chili oil.

6.14, "Ransom"

Letter: I've got your precious Maria. If you don't want her face to look like
        she fell out with the butcher bring $500,000 to the Villa at Cedar

6.15, "The exchange"

The main guy arrives at the Villa and a couple of Colombians lets him trough the

Catalina: The real question, is did you turn up to rescue Maria or to get me
Catalina: Well I got news for you, shooting you will be a pleasure but dating
          you was only business.
Catalina: You are muy peccinno amigo.
Catalina: Throw over the cash.
Catalina: You have been a busy boy!
Catalina: But you haven't learned, I'm not to be trusted.
Catalina: Kill the idiot.

The main guy manages to knock a Cartel down, get into a car and follow the
chopper that Catalina is fleeing in.
He also succeeds to get to where the chopper has landed, but Catalina yet again
jumps into it.

Catalina: Get this thing airborne!!

The main guy however manages to rescue Maria and shoot down the chopper with a
rocker launcher.

When they are escaping together, you get to hear the following newscast.

 News: Residents in Cedar Grove have been coming to terms with the emotional
       aftermath of a full-blown war that hit the area yesterday. Local
       residents claimed Denver described to police a single gunman that he saw
       fleeing the scene with a dark haired woman.

Maria: Ah, we're gonna have such fun.
Maria: Cause you know I love you I, I, I really do... cause you're such a big
       strong man and that's just what I need.
Maria: Anyway what was I saying, I forget but you know what it is like don't

 News: The sound of explosions shook nearby homes as people ran for cover.
       Several citizens were injured in the panic as gunfire was exchanged
       between ground forces and a helicopter circling the dam.
  Man: Yeah, we got a good view from down here in the carnage, when the copter
       finally got taken out, better than the fireworks on the fourth of July.
       With the death toll already over twenty, police are still finding bodies.
       There have been no official denials concerning rumors that the dead were
       members of the Colombian Cartel, and still no leads as to the cause of
       the massacre.

Maria: But look at me now and my hair is ruined, I mean can you believe it, this
       one cost my fifty dollars. (gun shot)

You don't know this for sure but my interpretation is that Maria is shot by the
main character.

//Input from Gold Masters//
Maria is constantly talking and doesn't know how to stop. The main character
responds by undertaking something to silence her. Not by killing her, otherwise
he wouldn't rescue her. When people hear very loud noises from close up, they
shock and look for what has happened. So the main character just uses his pistol
to fire upstraight in the air, causing Maria to stop talking.

This makes a lot more sense than what I originally thought. Thanks.

Well that's it; I hope you have enjoyed reading this script.

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