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FAQ/Walkthrough by Oreo

Updated: 02/15/02

This document is copyright of Oreo 2002
2.(I)Liberty City
(III)Local Amenities
 (VI)The People of Liberty City
  (V)Wanted Level
4.Tips etc.

    5.Portland     (V)Marty        (IX)Portland Packages
   (I)Luigi       (VI)El Burrro     (X)Portland Rampages
  (II)Joey       (VII)RC Toyz      (XI)Portland Unique Jumps
 (III)Toni      (VIII)4x4

   6.Stauton Island      (V)King Courtney     (X)Stauton Unique Jumps
   (I)Asuka Kasen       (VI)RC Toyz
  (II)Kenji Kasen      (VII)4x4
 (III)Ray Makchowski  (VIII)Stauton Island Package
  (IV)Donald Love       (IX)Stauton Island Rampages

    7.Shoreside Vale        (V)D-Ice
   (I)Donald Love          (VI)RC Toyz + 4x4
  (II)Asuka Kasen         (VII)Shoreside Vale Packages
 (III)Ray Makchowski     (VIII)Shoreside Vale Rampages
  (IV)Catalina             (IX)Shoreside Vale Unique Jumps

11.Hidden Packages Prizes
13.Special Thanks

01/01/02+05:30:29=Can't sleep and it's very cold (and icy) here so I did
nothing but write this damn thing.God please.Got locked outside at 11.40
and managed to jimmy the door open with a knife just in time for
midnight(And they say computer games don't teach us anything
useful).Couldn't go any pubs because of the icy roads and was worried
about this stupid Euro thing(which is why I am here).Anyway just
finished writing about Toni's missions(God when will I ever start
writing about Stauton Island).Why the hell am I talking about the Euro
so much?God there is nothing on TV.

03 January 2002+1:18:57=God let me sleep!!!!I am sick of this game.

2002-01-10+19:45:04=Ahh! Back to school.Less time to complete this.I
haven't even finished Asuka's 3rd missions on this walkthrough.

2002-01-18+22:12:57=I getting tired of this game.I cant pass Silence The

25/01/02+20:58:07=Finished all the packages and the first 2 islands.Now
going to just finish Shoreside Vale after I get all 6 Police bribes and
get the Paramedic mission done.Maybe I'll do some more rampages......

28/01/02+22:17:11=Oh god no I only have this game and the computer for
another 4 days!!My brother in collage is taking it the whole way to
Dublin and I still have to write about the vehicals,Asuka and Donald
Love missions 2, D-Ice missions (and in fact actually play them in order
to write them down) and even Catalina's mission.
So far I have all 100 packages,13 rampages done,Level 8 on Paramedic,all
6 police bribes at my hideouts,the flamethrower also at my hideouts and
$3,158,468.Also I have the Borgnine Taxi.

03/02/02+3:05:36=Oh good my brother hasn't come.All I have to is D-
Ice,Catalina and some unique jumps and rampages.Still can't get past
level 8 on Paramedic.And write about some of the vehicles.

09/02/02+19:38:13=My brother is taking the PS2 tomorrow morning.Have
about 94% of the game done 15 rampages done and D-Ice's first 3 missions
done,still have to finish "GRIPPED","A RIDE IN THE PARK","PARTRIOT
PLAYGROUND" and "THE EXCHANGE".Also have all unique jumps done.

10/02/02+15:41:55=Fished writing this FAQ.Finished "THE
EXCHANGE".Strangley I still have only 94% done.Despite this I still have
to finish D-Ice's last two missions and the other 4x4 ones.Bad thing:My
brother is taking the PS2 until the 22nd of March.

14/02/02+18:56=Finished corrections and also added some more cheats and
corrected mission and package locations.I am going insane cause my 10
day long mid-term break is nearly over and my brother has the PS2 and
this game.To make it worse he's going to buy Metal Gear Solid 2:Sons of
Liberty while he has it when it comes out on the 7th of March and I'll
have to wait about 15 days to play it.

I Oreo am posting this Walkthrough with my free will.GTA3 and anything
to do with it is copyright of Rockstar Games and DMA design.
This is my work and cant be copied or posted in a site I don't want it
to be in without my permission.Contact me at either
for questions concerning GTA3 and this FAQ.

2(I).Liberty City
Grand Theft Auto is set in Liberty City which is composed of three
districts:Portland,Stauton Island and Shoreside Vale.It is were crime
is rampant in the forms of corruption,prostitution,protection,robbery,
arson you name it.In each sector there are different gangs.The city I
think is based on New York and there are nine radio stations which take
a satirical look at real life stations.Also in each sector there are
different hideouts,sights and vehicles unique to each area.Here is a
list of the  gangs there members,their friends and their turf.

        LEONE FAMILY          DIABLOS        TRIADS
        / St.Marks \     Hepburn | Heights   Chinatown
       /            \            |
   Salvatore       Maria      El Burro
      \             /
       \           /
      Joey       Misty
         \       /
       Toni     Luigi

         YAKUZA                 YARDIES
        Bedford Point         /Newport   \
        Torrington           /            \
        /       \          King Courtney  Queen
     Kenji       \                        Lizzy
                  Donald Love

     Fort Stauton
         |      \
         |       \
     Catalina   Miguel

          |             Wichita Gardens
          |                     |
      Cedar Grove               |

These will help you regain you health back to 100.

Blue circles with stars.They bring your wanted level down by one star.

Will prevent your health from depleting quickly.

First these will cause you to slow down for a while.Then you speed
up!They are circles with a white and red pill.

For every ten of these you get another weapon will be found at your

These are secret missions.They are circles with  a white skull
They are 20 and finishing all of them will give you $1,000,000.

Come to these places for health and Ambulances and where you end up
after being wasted.
Sweeny General Hospital  Portland View
Carson General Hospital  Rockford
Hope Medical Collage     Pike Creek

Portland         Portland View
Stauton Island   Torrington
Shoreside Vale   Pike Creek

This is where you are left off after being busted.

Portland        St.Marks
Stauton Island  Newport
Shoreside Vale  Pike Creek

Each shop supplies different types of bombs.In the Portland shop you arm
the bomb while in the car with the O button.Then when the engine starts
again it explodes.In the Stauton Island shop you arm the bomb and then
30 seconds later the car explodes.In the Shoreside Vale shop a bomb is
left inside the vehicle.When you exit you can blow it up using a

A popular shop for gangsters and  their weaponry needs.

1.Portland            Red light District
2.Stauton Island      Newport
3.Stauton Island 2    Aspartia
4.Shoreside Vale      Pike Creek

The store here is located behind the Dry Cleaners in St.Marks.After
finishing "PUMP ACTION PIMP" and "VAN HEIST" both weapons will become
available.Also there is a firing range at the alley behind it.
PISTOL   $250.00
UZI      $800.00

Stauton Island:
This store is found in Newport beside the multi-storeyed carpark.It'll
appear on your radar when you first enter Stauton Island.
SNIPER RIFLE   $12,000.00
AK-47          $3,000.00
GRENADES       $1,200.00

Stauton Island 2:
This is the Army Surplus Store in Aspartia.You'll find it beside the
Coliseum.You will be able to purchase weapons here after "ARMS SHORTAGE"
and get the vehicle after "THE EXCHANGE".
SHOTGUN     $1,400.00
BAZOOKA     $24,000.00
M-16        $4,000.00
Rhino Tank  $000.00
Shoreside Vale:
This is located in the garage behind the Police Station in Pike Creek.
FLAME-THROWER       $24,000.00

These are the people who walk around all day getting on with their busy
lives until you kill them in any way you can think of.They compose of
students,businessmen,businesswomen,joggers,senior citizens,the
homeless,shoppers,pimps you name it.

Here to and serve you!Usually found at night especially at the city
centres(Red Light District,Bedford Point and Wichita Gardens).Park
beside them in a car(except Public and Emergency vehicles)with your
wanted level at 0 and after a small chit-chat they will get into your
car.Drive to somewhere where no-one can see you and park your car to get
health for money.

These are normal pedestrians who will take the law into their own hands
by chasing you and punching you if you start being a evil citizen.Can be
annoying sometimes.

Members of the various gangs found in Liberty City.They only attack if
provoked but will mostly walk past you.They include the following and
are dressed in specific clothing.

 MAFIA MEN:Italians wearing black tuxedo's.
   DIABLOS:African-Americans wearing bandannas,jeans and black jumpers.
    TRIADS:Chinese men wearing blue coats and bandannas.
    YAKUZA:Japanese men wearing purple coats and trousers.
COLOMBIANS:Americans wearing snake boots,Hawaiian shirts and hats.
   YARDIES:Jamacians wearing grey/brown clothes and have dreadlocks.
     NINES:African-Americans wearing purple/black jumpers.
     HOODS:African-Americans wearing red/white jumpers,red trousers.

People who serve and protect gang-members and innocent.

POLICE OFFICERS:Come after you as your wanted level increases and wear a
blue uniform with a badge and gun holster.

PARAMEDICS:Arrive in Ambulances when people are either killed or
attacked.Wear green/blue suits with a cap and air filter.

FBI OFFICERS:Arrive in FBI cars wearing a blue cap,bulletproof
vests(that don't work),and a blue jacket with "FBI" written on the back.

FIRE-FIGHTERS:Usually arrives in Fire-Trucks when you set cars and
people on fire with the FLAME-THROWERS and MOLOTOV COCKTAILS.

S.W.A.T TEAMS:Are found inside Enforcers.Wear black bulletproof vests
and helmets.

SOLDIERS:Appear when your wanted level reaches 6.They wear camoflouge
and drive the Rhino tanks and Barrack OL's.

1:A police car chases you and the police will threaten to shoot at

2:More police cars follow you and each contain two police
  officers.Now they begin shooting at you.

3:Now a helicopter follows you meaning you have to get a Police Bribe
  quickly.More Police Cars follow containing 3 officers.

4:Now even more helicopters come into the picture and police cars
  full of officers arrive.Not only that but Enforcers start to block

5:More Police Cars,Helicopters and Enforcers.But to make things worse
  FBI Cars join in the game and they contain FBI officers armed with

6:GET A POLICE BRIBE NOW!!!!Now the army joins in with Barrack OL's
  and the deadly Rhino tanks and are armed with M-16's.

Very good weapon and can kill a person quickly and silently although it
can still alert the cops.Find it at the hideouts or from gang members.

Stronger weapon yet still takes a few shots.You can get in Ammu-Nation
or get it from police cars.It'll kill someone with six shots but you can
use it while running.

They are found when you get into a police car and exit to get 5
bullets,also when you get 40 packages.But it is a very powerful gun.When
you use it the bullets spread out to kill the maximum targets.A single
shot is all it takes to kill someone and 3 shots to blow up your average

Rapid-fire pistol that eats away ammo yet lets you do drive-by shootings
when in a vehicle.Can also be used when running.

Very,very,very powerful.Use L1 to use a crosshair to aim.Can take out a
car in seconds with its rapid firing.Can get quite shaky while shooting
so keep it cool

Very good weapon except you can't move when using although it has better
accuracy than the Uzi.

This is a great explosive that can do serious damage.Consisting of a
full wine bottle with a wine soaked piece of paper at the top.Picked up
by homeless men(People in red hats grey/green clothes)and by getting 60
hidden packages,they can be thrown farther by holding the circle
button.When they hit the ground fire spreads out setting any thing near
on fire.Don't use in narrow places.Remember you can't destroy cars with

Found in Ammu-Nation and by getting 30 packages.Same as the MOLOTOV
COCKTAILS  but less damage.The longer you hold the circle button the
farther it will go.Not as good the cocktails.Unlike the MOLOTOV
COCKTAILS you can destroy cars with this.

The coolest weapon in the game.Heavy but you set people on fire and even
cars.Won't let you run but this is good as you can sometimes set
yourself on fire.It will take you a while to blow a car up using this.

The best of the best.You can blow up pretty much anything with this that
includes,cars,trucks,aeroplanes and even police helicopters.

This weapon will kill anyone with one shot no matter where you shoot
them.Used mainly for assassinations you can zoom in with the square
button and zoom out with the X button.Shoot them in the head to see some
blood spurt out.

4.Tips etc.
Pick up a prostitute by parking near her in an ordinary vehicle.Then
take to a quiet alley eg.your hideout...for "action" which you give her
money for energy.You can reach a health of 125.

Whenever you get "wasted" or "busted" you lose $1,000.

There are ramps all over the city.Speed up them to perform stunts or
flips in order to get money.

After the first 2 missions when you steal a cop car,taxi,fire truck and
ambulance press R3 to turn mini-games on and off.

In Stauton Island go to the roof of Kenji's Casino and you can kill
anyone you want from here without being killed or busted by the police.

When chased by the cops get "bribes" these are stars in a blue circle
and will decrease your wanted level.

Listen to the radio,Chatterbox has hilarious ads and sometimes people
like Toni,Maria and Misty will call in.

When you get the Uzi you are able to do drive by shootings.When driving
hold either L2 or R2 and fire.
Experiment.Remember in Liberty City anything is legal.

Collect the hidden packages for money and prizes.

Here's an idea.Attach a bomb to a car in 8-Balls place and drive to
Chinatown.Arm the bomb and don't move the car.Wait for the car to be
stolen by a Triad gangmember then RUN AWAY!

Exercise by running alot.The more you get tired the longer you can run
later on.

You will be given $125.00 when you send a vehicle into the car crusher
at Eight Balls Auto-yard in St.Marks,Portland.

When you steal a Taxi/Cabbie or destroy a vehicle you get between

When the subway opens you can drive down to it and drive through the
tunnel in a car!!!

When you finish Asuka's first mission you can find the B7 Injection in
Hepburn Heights next to the phone.

Do the Paramedic,Firefighter,Vigilante and Taxi missions in order to
find your way around each place.

Try and do the Fire-fighter missions in Portland before attempting
Asuka's first mission in Stauton Island.

Shoot the moon at night with the sniper rifle to change its size.

After finishing "TAKING OUT THE LAUNDRY"stay away from Chinatown as the
Triads get angry.

After finishing "SAYONARA SALVATORE" St. Marks will be full of Mafia Men
who are angry with you.

After finishing "UZI DRIVER" the Diablos will become angry in Hepburn

I will list all the cars special to each area.
Whatever car you drive around the place a car of the same class will be
driven by the computer.

You can have up to 6 cars in your garage in Stauton Island.Park the
car(if you have 2 in all ready)in front of the garage get out of the car
and go into the garage,quickly back into the car and drive it in before
the garage closes.I have fast cars including:
Infernus            Mafia Sentinel
Diablo Stallion     FBI Car
Stinger             Cheetah

This is the Industrial sector of Liberty City.Go down the dock or visit
8-Balls yard to crush cars.Stay away from Chinatown as it is full of
Triads.At night-time the Red Light District is full of hookers(just if
you wanted to know).Despite the Triads and Diablos Portland is
controlled by the Mafia.Here you will be offered jobs by the Leone
family.The Sicilian family is strict and kills anyone who gets in their
way and use night-clubs and restaurants as their front.Many places to
see include Head Radio Studio,Chinatown and Marco's Bistro.Your hideout
is a small opening in the Red Light District.The save point is a door
which goes into a small room.The garage only has enough room for one

Diablo Stallion  Bobcat    BF Injection  Mule
Mr.Whopee        Pony      Perennial     Yankee
Thrashmaster     Rumpo     Manna         Banshee
Mafia Sentinel   Moonbeam  Coach         Esperanto

                      (I).LUIGI GOTERELLI:
Luigi owns his own club in the Red Light District although he isn't
exactly important in the Mafia world he does help you climb up the
scale.Because he owns his own club he is the main pimp in Portland.
You'll find at Sex Club Seven in Red Light District.

When you start jump straight into the car and you will see a red blip on
the radar.That's your hideout drive there quickly and you and 8-Ball
will change clothes.Drive outside and get to Lugi's Sex Club Seven.Park
at the blue stop-point to meet Luigi Goterelli.

Mission 2:"LUIGI'S GIRLS"
Luigi wants you to pick up his main girl Misty from the clinic.First
steal a car,any car and as quickly as you can reach the Sweeny General
Hospital in Portland View.Misty is the green dot,pick her up and head
back to Luigi's.Park outside and wait till she goes inside.

It seems one of the Diablos are selling a new drug to Luigi's girls.
First get the baseball bat in front of the Sex Club Seven then go to
Portland Harbour near Trenton.There you will find a dealer with the
girls.Get out and kill him.Steal his car and drive to the Pay 'n' Spray
near Luigi's in Portland.Then drive to the garage on the radar and park
it there.Then leave.

Take any car you want and drive over to the small park in Hepburn
Heights.Park the car in the blue marker and beep the horn.Misty will get
into the car and straight away you are to drive to Joey's Garage in
Trenton.Drop her off and return to Luigi's.

After Luigi's speech go to Ammu-Nation and walk out to the back to find
the PISTOL.Get into a car and try to get to the moving blip on the
radar.That's the Diablo Stallion you must chase.Keep crashing into the
car and two pimps will come out.Keep driving over them because they both
have shotguns.When they're dead collect the weapons etc.

Mission 6:"THE FUZZ BALL"
Luigi wants you to bring as much girls to the Old School Hall near
Chinatown.You have time limit so be quick.You only need to get four.Best
get a Cabbie/Taxi or another car with enough room for three girls
in the back pick them up and drop them off.The more you get the more
money you receive.Remember if you accidentally kill one of them it's
mission failed.

                   (II).JOEY LEONE:
Joey works in his garage in Trenton and usually hangs around his
girlfriend Misty.All of the missions involve using cars in order to pass
them.Respect him as he is Salvatore's grandson.

It seems the Forelli Brothers haven't been paying back their money
Take your and quickly drive to Marco's Bistro at St.Marks.Be quick a you
have five minutes to do this.Steal his car and bring to 8-Balls Auto
Shop to attach a bomb to it.Remember be careful as the car can't get
damaged or else you'll have to go to the Paint 'n' Spray.Park back at
the restaurant and press the circle button to arm the bomb.Exit the car
and run away.

When you reach Chinatown you will find a pedestrian street,blocked off
to vehicals.Look for him and follow him down the alley.Get into his car
and run him over.

Mission 3:"VAN HEIST"
When Joey stops yapping get a durable vehicle like the Coach in the
Trenton Bus Stop near the docks.Now chase the red dot and make you hit
it hard.If the police notice you shake them off and then repeat this
till it's armour is gone.Steal it and bring it to a garage in Portland

Joey wants you to drive a friend of his to Mr.Wongs Launderette in
Chinatown.When that is done some Triads will come out so quickly drive
up to Momma's Restaurant.Return here for some jobs later on.

Joey says he's killed one of the Ferellie's brothers and placed the
corpse in the trunk of a car at Greasy Joe's Cafe in the Red Light
District.Before you enter the car look for a car next to the small
tunnel that leads to pier.Then destroy the car by the tunnel with
GRENADES(which you should have from getting 30 hidden packages).Then
destroy another car beside the cafe(it has a driver inside).Then steal
the Manna and drive to the crane in St.Marks.

Mission 6:"THE GETAWAY"
Remember you can only start this mission between 6am and 2pm.
Joey wants you to bring some friends of his to the bank in
Chinatown.First find the guys and make sure you have a fast,duarable car
that also has enough seats for the three robbers.Next bring them to the
bank and after a while they will come out with two stars on your wanted
level.Drive quickly to the Paint 'n' Spray.After you lose the cops
return to their hideout in St.Marks.

                  (III).Toni Cipriani:
You'll find Toni at Mamma's Restaurant in the north of Portland.He is
the main man for extortion and protection in Chinatown.But because of
the new arrival of the Triads he gets mad and sends you out on some of
the hardest missions in Portland.

Toni wants you destroy laundry vans belonging to the Triads.First go to
8-Balls Auto-yard to get grenades.Then get a car and then park the car
in front of one of the vans.Don't crash into them or else the will speed
away.Steal their vehicle and bring it to the car crusher in 8-Balls
Autoyard.Do this with all three to finish the mission.

Mission 2:"THE PICK UP"
Toni leaves you a letter as it seems like there is more trouble with the
Triads.When you reach the blip you will find yourself in a small
alleyway behind Mr.Wongs Launderette.Pick up the money and pairs of
Triads will surround you.Get into the car and drive over them.Get out
and steal the Triad Fish Van and kill the remaining gangsters.

Straight away when you start the mission,drive to Joey's to pick up the
Stretch.Then drive to Luigi's and park outside his club.Honk the horn
and drive towards Momma's Restaurant to pick up Toni.As that happens
Triad Fish Vans will come hurtling towards you.Drive up the slope and
look for two vans blocking a dirt path.Get past them and follow the path
and park the Stretch in the garage.This is Salvatore's Villa.

*****************Finish Salvantores 1st mission and return to Toni***

First take a Triad Fish Van to the green blip in Trenton.Enter the
compound and kill the Triad warlord.You must then kill the other two
both in Chinatown and make sure you have armour.One of them is at the
two oriental buildings and another is in the pedestrian street.

Mission 5:"BLOW FISH"
Go straight to 8-Balls to get the huge Thrashmaster.Be careful because
once you get inside the bombs countdown starts and make sure you don't
damage it too much.Drive to the Belly Up Mackerel Factory  in Trenton
and park it in-between the two gas canisters and steal one of the vans
and run away.

                 (IV).Salvaltore Leone:
The founder and leader of the Leone Family.He is a tough man to please
as he tries to rid Portland of the Colombian Cartel (because of their
production of SPANK)and is married to Maria who is a young gold-digger
who has a crush on you(the plot thickens).You'll find him at his villa
in Portland Beach.

Mission 1:"CHAPERONE"
Hey Salvatore wants you to bring his girl Maria for a spin around the
town.First drive the Stretch to Red Light District and park near Maria's
"friend" Chico.He has a short talk with her and then tells her about a
party at the Atlantic Quays.After she goes in the your wanted level
rises to 4 and you must then wait for her in order to return her to
Salvatore's Villa.

Straight away head towards Luigi's and hide at the double-sectioned road
beside it.When the "spook meter" arrives stay a fair distance behind the
Taxi he is in.When you both reach Portland Harbour.A cut-scene will
follow.Hmm...I've seen her before.Then run over Curly to receive your

Mission 3:"BOMB DA BASE"
Take a car to 8-Balls and get out and visit him twice.If you have
$100,000 you receive the SNIPER RIFLE.Drive to Portland Harbour and park
in the marker.See the red dot on the radar?Follow it and go up the
stairs and continue up the stairs,jump on the roof and place yourself on
the dot.Take out the SNIPER RIFLE,aim,zoom and shoot all the guards
aboard the ship starting with the two at the bottom.Shoot the red gas
tanks to the left to kill the guards behind.

Salvaltore's asked you to pick up a truck parked near Luigi's and take
it to the car crusher.just before you reach it Maria will reach your
pager telling you it's a trap and that the car has a bomb attached to
it.Go to Red Light District and go into the tunnel before Greasy Joe's
Cafe.Park in the blue marker to meet Maria and her old friend Asuka.When
in the Reefer drive to the blue marker in Stauton Island.When you get in
a car a news broadcast will announce that the Callaghan Bridge is
**************RETURN TO PORTLAND*************************************
                (V) Marty Chonks
Found at the Bitch 'n' Dog Food Factory in Trenton near Joey's.Answer
the phone between 9am and 6pm during the day.

Mission 1:"THE CROOK"
Enter the nearby gates and enter the car.Drive to Chinatown and to his
bank manager.Pick him up and drive back to the factory and drop him
off.Take the car to 8-Balls Auto-yard and park the car next the car
crushers.Exit and return to the factory.

Mission 2:"THE THIEVES"
Go into the gates and get into the car and drive to the Chinatown.Pick
up the two thieves and drop them off at the factory.Take the car to the
Pay 'n' Spray and drop it back off at the factory.

Mission 3:"THE WIFE"
Drive the car to Red Light District and pick up Marty's wife.Bring her
to the factory and then drop her off.Go to Portland Harbour and park the
car next the ocean.Steal a nearby van or truck and ram the car into the

Mission 4:"HER LOVER"
Drive again to the dot and pick up the man.Take him to the factory to
find Marty outside.He is then killed.Drive over his killer and pick up
the weapons.

                (VI)El Burro.
You can find your meeting point in the small park in Hepburn Heights
next to Misty's apartment.El Burro of the Diablos wants you for some
jobs.Watch out he is a very vengeful man.

Mission 1:"TURISMO"
You must race three Diablo members in Cheetahs across Portland.You must
pass through 18 checkpoints and be the first to finish.Drive in the
Yakuza Stinger from Stauton Island or from the vigilante missions.

When you start this mission go to Harwood and find the briefcase
containing the bomb.Then chase the ice cream van.Steal it and go to the
mafia base at the Atlantic Quays.Park the car press L3 to activate the
jingly tune which will make the mobsters to come out.Get out and hide
behind the wall and wait for them to come outside and take out your
SNIPER RIFLE.Make sure your not seen and kill them.Now you get to keep
the Mr.Whopee!!

Mission 3:"TRIAL BY FIRE"
Before starting this mission pick up a prostitute to get maximum
health.Then get armour and drive to Chinatown and collect the FLAME-
THROWER in an alleyway in a building with a sign with the Rockstar
logo.Then you have to set fire to 25 triads(Men wearing blue clothes).

Mission 4:"BIG 'N' VEINY"
Enter the blue truck and the collect all the magazines around
Portland.Each one adds 2 seconds to your time limit.Then it ends in
Portland Harbour and there you have to kill the driver.Return the
magazines to the adult magazine bookstore in Red Light District.

                   (VII)RC TOYZ
Reward:$1,000 per car
This is found opposite Momma's Restaurant in St.Marks.It requires you to
destroy as much Mafia Sentinels as possible.Drive the small race-cars
under the cars and press the circle button to blow them up.

Reward:$1,000 per car
This is found in Hepburn Heights near the stairs to the L-Train.In this
one you must destroy as much Diablo Stallions as possible.

                    (VIII) 4X4
Enter the Patriot at the Supa Save Store in Portland View.
Get to Portland Beach and start picking up the packages to get your

                 (IX)Portland Hidden Packages:
            There are 33 Hidden Packages here.
01-Drive on the white pavement that stretches across Red Light
   District.You'll find it at the end near the tunnel that leads to
   Stauton Island and Shoreside Vale.

02-Use the ramp in Chinatown to get onto the L-train track.Stay on
   the middle track and when you reach Harwood drop onto the Head
   Head Radio Studio.You can use the car to get a FLAME-THROWER on the
   Ledge also on the roof.

01-Use a car to jump onto the wall surrounding the Amco Gas Station.
   walk along it and drop onto the black shed.Jump over to the roof.

02-Go inside the Easy Credit Auto Shop.It is beside the banshee.

03-Drive into the tunnel beside 8-Balls Auto Shop leading to Portland

04-In one of the sections of grass in the long tunnel near Momma's

05-Near the building facing the potholes.

06-In a small car-park beside the Amco Gas Shop.

07-Find the street with the potholes.Go behind the
   building under construction(to your left if you are
   coming from the Auto Shop).You'll find on one of the

08-Go back onto the potholes take aright and enter a small park
   again to your right when the road starts to curve you should
   see a cab in front of green grass.Follow the walkway to find it.

Portland Beach:
01-To the left of Salvatore's mansion.

02-On a small cliff ledge near Salvatore's mansion.Drive down to the

Red Light District:
01-Look for the Rush Construction Company.Crash through the glass.
   You'll find it the at the Red Light District/Chinatown border.

02-Go to the back of Luigi's Sex Club Seven and go up the stairs.

03-Go back up to the top of Sex Club Seven and jump to the next
   building.Look for it here.

04-Look for an alleyway separating two buildings opposite Luigi's and
   go up the stairs.There is a rampage icon here.

05-Remember where you left Portland with Asuka and Maria?Go back here
   with the speed boat and get onto the rocky island to the right of
   the pier.

01-Use a car to knock down the wire mesh gate in front Joey's
   Garage.You'll find it here.

02-Inside the gates of the Bitch 'n' Dog Food Factory,to the side of the
   building itself.

03-Get on the L-Train again in a car.Drive to Trenton and drop onto
   the roof of the Liberty City Pharmaceutical.

04-Find the ramp next to the Callahan Bridge and land on the
   building.Jump into the yard of the Sawmill.Get onto the roof.

05-Steal a Triad Fish Van and go to their factory near the Atlantic
   Quays.It's yellow path going into the dark.

Portland Harbour:
01-Get to the roof where you killed the guards on the ship and jump
   onto the garage roof where you brought the van to in "VAN HEIST"
   opposite where the ship in "BOMB DA BASE" was.

01-Remember in "TRIAL BY FIRE"?Go up the stairs next to the place
   where you got the FLAME-THROWER.That's the building near the
   basketball court with a Rockstar billboards and Punk Noodles signs.

02-Down the alley next to Hong Hung Inc. that leads to the pedestrian

03-Down an alley behind Roast Peking Duck which is near the basketball

04-Go down into the Chinatown Subway.You'll find it in the bathrooms.

Hepburn Heights:
01-You'll find this at two tall buildings,like the ones at the phone
   where you contact El Burro.It is near the Head Radio Studio.The ramp
   near the phone leads to this area.

02-In between small bushes next to the phone where you contact El

03-From there go across the Red Light District towards St.Marks to a
   slope.Amogst the foliage and trees is another package.

Callahan Point:
01-Behind the Turtle Head Fish Co.Where the "Rampage" icon is.It is
   near the Calllahan Bridge at the boundary into Chinatown,opposite the
   Old School Hall.

02-Jump onto the ledge with the PISTOL on the Callahan Bridge.Follow
   it and drop into the yard of the Power Plant.

Portland View:
01-On the roof of the Supa Save Shop.Go to the top of St.Marks and
   find the steps leading to the L-train track and jump onto the
   building.It is behind the sign.

(X)Portland Rampages:
Rampage 1:Kil 30 Diablos with a M-16

LOCATION #1:At the bottom of the staircase under hidden package No.4 in
Red Light District opposite the Meeouch!!!! Kitten Club.

LOCATION #2:The basketball court next to the Old School Hall in Trenton.

STRATEGY:First catch the attention of the police (Legality level of
1.Make sure a cop is constantly behind you so the Diablos won't harm
you.Keep the cop alive) and make sure you have a health of 125 and full
armour.Use the aim button and shoot all the Diablos(Usually African-
Americans wearing bandannas and black tops,jeans)as quickly as possible.
Rampage 2:Destroy 13 vehicles with a BAZOOKA.
LOCATION #1:Behind the Turtle Head Fish Co. in Portland View opposite
the Old School Hall.

LOCATION #2:Beside a tree next to the Nuclear Plant(Beside Greasy Joe's
Cafe) in Trenton.

STRATEGY:It's best to do the one is the second location.Destroy the
three of four cars near the cafe and head into Trenton and then into the
Red Light District.

Rampage 3:Kill 20 Mafia Men with the AK-47.
LOCATION #1:When in St.Marks drive up the middle street near Salvatore's
Villa.Look for a parked Mafia Sentinel near the Dry Cleaners.The rampage
icon is next to it.

LOCATION #2:Down the alley of hidden package in St.Marks no.8

STRATEGY:Like before get one cop to follow you and don't aim.Instead
just keep firing and moving the gun left and right to kill them
quickly.I find the first location easy.

Rampage 4:Destroy 10 vehicles with the GRENADES.
LOCATION #1:Get onto the L-Train track near the Supa Save Shop and run
towards St.Marks.

LOCATION #2:Get the L-Train near Supa Save Shop and run towards Trenton.

STRATEGY:Jump down to the ground and steal a few cars.Then park them
together and throw a GRENADE at them.

Rampage 5:Kill 20 Triad Members with the SHOTGUN
LOCATION #1:Located in-between the Liberty City Pharmaceuticals and the
Mean Street Taxi Station.

LOCATION #2:Behind the Hospital.Get to the grassy area behind the Police
Station and walk towards the back of the hospital.

STRATEGY:I find the 2nd location easy.Before you start this catch the
attention of a police officer and jump down onto the street and shoot
the Triads and make sure you don't aim at the officer as it becomes
harder to finish it alive.After killing a few of them on this street
move into Chinatown.

Rampage 6:Kill 25 Triads with the UZI.
LOCATION #1:Next to the stairs of the building with a Rockstar logo in

At the Supa Save Shop in Portland View.

STRATEGY:I find the first one easy.First steal a car and because you're
using the Uzi you can reduce your number of "victims" by performing
drive by shootings.Then when a police officer arrives just run around
killing them.

(XI)Portland Unique Jumps:
When doing unique jumps you must not hit the car off anything.You also
have land well.There are 8 in Portland and Shoreside Vale and 4 in
Stauton Island.You should use either the Stinger,Cheetah,Banshee
or Infernus.

01-In the Red Light District next to the stairs of the L-Train is a
   ramp made of concrete.Use a Banshee to go over this.

02-In Portland Harbour do the jump over the lorries to the right of
   the entrance.

03-In Trenton drive over the small building near the Callahan Bridge
   and the Sawmill.

04-In Chinatown drive up the ramp next to the Subway and get onto the
   L-train tracks.

05-In the Atlantic Quays drive over the pile of concrete near the
   Triads Kipper Factory.

06-Again at the Quays drive up the concrete pier and drive up the
   ramp next to the cones opposite the pier.You have to get over the
   first building.

07-When on the Callahan from Stauton Island drive onto the ramp in
   the middle of the bridge.You must land onto the grass near the
   road without hitting the sides of the bridge.

08-See the bump in between the Callahan Bridge?You must drive
   over it facing Chinatown and get over the two girders.

                6.Stauton Island
Stauton Island.The big bucks,the big cars the most dangerous part of
Liberty City.Many places to see include Kenji Casino,the Shopping
Mall,the Panlantic Construction Site,the Liberty Memorial Coliseum and
the FBI building and City Hall.The cars consist of jeeps,sports cars and
vans.This part of the city is controlled mainly by Yakuza,a Japanese
"Mafia" and rival gangs including the Colombian Cartel and the
Yardies.Your hideout is found in Belleville Park and your garage can
hold six cars.Your save point is an elevator.

Cheetah      Yakuza Stinger  Securicar      FBI Car
Flatbed      Yardie Lobo     Blista         Enforcer
Infernus     Banshee         Cartel Cruiser Stretch
Stinger      Flatbed         Barrack OL     Banshee
Landstalker  Bus

                6(I)Asuka Kasen
Asuka is millionaire member of the Yakuza a Japanese Mafia
organisation.She and Maria will be staying a her condo near your
hideout.Her organisation literally run Stauton Island the cops,the banks
you name it.Most of there members are wealthy Japanese and consider the
Mafia a pain in the a@*.

When you start the mission steal the Yakuza Stinger and drive to
Callahan Bridge.When in Portland drive quickly to the Sex Club
Seven(Luigi's place).Get to the stairs mentioned in hidden package No.4
of the Red light District.Go up and when there walk up the slope and
face Luigi's club.Take out the SNIPER RIFLE and zoom in on the entrance
to the club.When Salvatore comes shoot him and then his guards.Take
their weapons and return to Asuka's Condo.

During the cut-scene you will meet Asuka's brother Kenji.Go to him
later.Asuka wants you kill several Mafia guards sent to assassinate
you.First go to Ammu-Nation for rifle ammo.Follow the blue blips.When
you get to some of them in Liberty City Park stay  away from the island
that they are on and clean them.Another pair are parked in a black
van.Ram into until they come out and run over them.Next you should find
3 pairs on the balconies of the building opposite Kenji's Casino.Climb
to the roof and use the rifle again to finish them off.

Asuka is away and wants you to terminate a report who knows about her
organisation.Go to the second pier from Asuka's Condo and enter the
Predator.Then chase the reporter's boat and press O to fire at him.He'll
go around Portland and then disappear.Make sure you are very close to
him in order to hit him.To do this more easily make sure you do this
level during fine weather so the waves are not out of control.

Mission 4:"PAY DAY FOR RAY"
Asuka now wants you to reach various payphones in 5:30 minutes.
Phone 1:Torrington - Behind the Love Media building.
Phone 2:West Belleville Park - beside the bridge to Shoreside Vale.
Phone 3:St.Mathis University - Liberty Campus
Phone 4:South Belleville Park
Then go into the toilets in Liberty City Park.

First bring your car to the Army Surplus Store in Aspartia and steal the
Barracks OL.Then get to Kenji's Casino and park at the blue marker.Then
chase Tanner around Bedford Point.As that happens your wanted level
reaches 3.Ram into him constantly over and over again until his car

                (II)Kenji Kasen:
Kenji Kasen is Asuka's brother and dear friend of Donald Love.He usually
hangs out at his casino in Torrington.He's an exquisite man with an
exquisite taste in cars.

Kenji wants you to get one of his friends from the police.Steal a cop a
car and drive to 8-Balls Auto shop in Newport,rig the car with a bomb
and drive to the Police Station in Torrington and park the car next to
the entrance,arm the bomb and exit it.Enter the nearby Enforcer.The guy
will then get into the vehicle after the car explodes.Drive down the
tunnel to the right to find a police bribe.Then find another vehicle and
steal it.Drive to Newport,into the Paint 'n' Spray and then to the Hyaku
Dojo in Bedford Point.

Kenji now wants you to pick up three cars for a friend  of his.They are
a Stinger,a Cheetah and a Infernus and you need to bring to the garage
beside the Paint 'n' Spray BUT they have to be in mint condition and
have to be delivered in 5:50 minutes.First pick up the Stinger in the
parking lot behind the Cement Factory in Bedford Point.Next get the
Infernus in the parking lot opposite the Stadium in Aspartia.When that's
delivered collect the Cheetah at the Carson General Hospital in Rockford
and drop it off at the garage.

Mission 3:"DEAL STEAL"
Kenji has organised a meeting between a Yakuza member and the
Cartel.First go to Newport to pick up a Yardie Lobo and pick up the guy
in Aspartia.Then drive to the Carson General Hospital and park by the
two jeeps.When this happens a fight will take place then kill the
Columbians.Then blow them up quickly.Then return to Kenji's Casino and
park at the front door.

Misssion 4:"SHIMA"
When you start this mission drive to the blip and collect the
briefcase.The first one is in Torrington near the star statue and the
second is in Bedford Point near Bullet Burgers.After picking up two
briefcases you need to park next to Uncle B.J's Deli in Aspartia.The
shopkeeper says it was stolen.Now go into the Rockford Tunnel and get to
Hepburn Heights to find a group of Diablos .Kill them and take the
briefcase to Kenji's Casino.

Mission 5:"SMACK DOWN"
Reward:$1,000 per dealer.
The only thing I can say about this mission is find and kill the drug
users using your trusty Shotgun and by drive-by's.There are 8 to
kill.You can get extra money by killing extra guys.

                (III)Ray Machowski
Ray is a friend of Kenji's and Asuka's and can be found in Liberty City
Park.He is cop who's taken his own fair share of bribes and because of
this could be soon facing corruption charges.But while he's out he has a
few jobs.You'll find him in the toilets at Liberty City Park.

Ray says some cop he knows has entered the witness protection agency
because he knows stuff about you.First go to the Carson General Hospital
in Rockford and steal an Ambulance.Drive the vehicle to the building and
park it at the east exit(make sure its blocking the exit).Then throw a
GRENADE through window and a car will come out.Fire a GRENADE at the two
men with guns and quickly another at the escaping vehicle trying to go
past the Ambulance.

When this missions starts steal an Ambulance and drive into the Army
Surplus in Aspartia.Park the Ambulance next to one of the red
crates.Next go out onto the road and steal a car.Bring it to the to the
store and park it at the small opening behind the red crates.Now get
into the Barracks OL beside the crates and block the gate.Then talk to
the owner and straight after talking to him jump on the Ambulance and
then on the red crate with the BAZOOKA and aim at the area past the
gate.Destroy the Cartel Cruisers before they stop,(there are 3)and fire
another rocket at the car behind the red crates to kill the last of the
Colombiuns.Finally talk to the owner to finish the mission.Whew!

First get a fast car like the Infernus and Yakuza Stinger.Then chase the
red blip which is a Bobcat and then ram into it.As you do this your
legality level goes up by 2.When you ram into it a piece of evidence
will fall out pick it up and reapeat this until you have all six
pieces.Then destroy the car you are in.

Mission 4:"GONE FISHING"
Ray now wants to get you to kill a witness to his corruption
charges.First drive to Asuka's Condo and steal the Preadator.Then drive
to the island with the lighthouse in Portland Beach(in Portland)and you
see another boat.Now you must sink the boat quickly.Watch out as he will
throw explosives at you from time to time.When he's dead collect your
prize in cash.

Now you better be quick for this one.Drive to your hideout and park
outside it.Then aim the BAZOOKA at the road that comes from the Carson
General Hospital and fire at the Ambulance when it comes into
sight.Sometimes it is a decoy.If it is go collect police bribes in the
hideout and aim the BAZOOKA at the same again.If it is the real one get
in a car and run over the witness until he is dead(as he is bullet and
fire proof).

               (IV)Donald Love:
Multi-billionaire Donald Love is the founder and manager of Love
Media,which owns all the radio and television stations in Liberty
City.Because of rising prices of supplies his dark past has caught up
with him.You find him at Love Media in Bedford Point.

Mission 1:"LIBERATOR"
Drive straight to Fort Stauton and steal a Cartel Cruiser and drive to
Aspartia and enter the Colombians hideout and drive the gang members and
when they are dead go into the garages and kill more bad guys.One of
them contains Donald's friend.Walk up to him and enter a jeep and exit
the hideout.Then go back to Love Media to finish the mission.

Donald wants you to kill Kenji posing as a Cartel member.
First steal a Cartel Cruiser in Fort Stauton.Then drive it into the
Multi-Storey Carpark and drive to the roof.Then drive through the
Stingers and run over Kenji.Then quickly drive out of Newport.

When this mission starts drive as quick as you can to Asuka's Condo in
Newport.Get out of the car and go down the stairs next to her condo and
enter the Speedboat(You have 2 minutes to do this).Then chase the yellow
dot and chase the plane.When the time runs out it will start dropping
small packages.They're six to collect and when each one falls down your
legality level will go up by 1.Watch out for the helicopters and the
Predator.Get out of the boat and drive back to Love Media.After
finishing this mission a news announcement on the radio will tell you
that Shoreside Vale will be accessible from now when you enter a car.

              (V)King Courtney:
You will find the phone in Aspartia near the St. Mathis University.King
Courteny is the co-leader of the Yardies a gang from Jamaica whose main
focus is on selling SPANK around Satuton Island.He has a few jobs for

Reward:$1,000 per checkpoint
Get a fast car like the Cheetah,Stinger or Yakuza Stinger.
Answer the phone and start your wheels(cheat because your allowed)
and drive to each of the blue blips before the other racers do.Make sure
you get at least 9 or more.

Mission 2:"UZI RIDER"
Some of the Diablos have been hassling Queen Lizzy.When you answer the
phone two Yardies will drive up to you and force you inside.Don't leave
it or they will waste you so drive to the Rockford Tunnel in
Rockford.When you reach Portland drive to Hepburn Heights.Then start
performing drive-by shootings.You have to kill 10 and if your legality
level rises lose the cops by going to the Paint 'n' Spray nearby.Then
return to Stauton Island  via the Harwood Tunnel and park at the red

Now you have to get a Yakuza Stinger,a Diablo Staillon and a Mafia
Sentinal in mint condition.Drive to Asuka's condo and pick up the
Yakuza Stinger.Drive to the garage(be careful not to wreck it).When
that's done get to Portland and drive the Supa Save Shop and steal the
Patriot.Get to the harbour,drive to the beach and drive up the slope and
continue on without reaching St.Marks.Drive o Salvatore's Mansion and
steal the cars.Then drive to the garage in Newport.Go back to Portland
and get a Diablo Stallion in Hepburn Heights and return to the garage.

Before doing this mission get a fast like the Infernus.
The boss wants you to retrieve some SPANK in an Esperanto in a parking
lot in Bedford Point(It's near the Cement Factory.When the mission stars
you are give 2 minutes to get to the car.When you get into it you'll
find a note from your old girlfriend.Ahhh!Is'nt that nice she's sent two
vans full of suicidal bombers!!(I was being sarcastic).Drive the car out
the way you came in and stop at the entrance.Then use the M16 to destroy
the van.Then drive to the Cement Factory.Get out of the car and run up
the stairs by the underground carpark and get out the M16 or BAZOOKA and
destroy all the vans.Then throw GRENADES off the edge to kill any
remaining bombers.

                (VI)RC TOYZ:
Reward:$1,000 per car
From the entrance to Kenji's Casino in Torrington take the first road
ahead and you'll find the van behind some trees in grass on a slightly
raised platform near the 3 pyramid structures and the huge star logo.In
this you must destroy as much Yakuza Stingers as possible.

This is located by entering a Stallion in the carpark in Newport.Get
through all 20 checkpoints to get $30,000

Mission 2:"A RIDE IN THE PARK"
This is located obviously in the park.Look for the Landstalker next to
the log cabin.This is very tricky

                (VIII)Stauton Island Packages:
              There is about 36 packages here.
01-Walk around the back of the Army Surplus opposite the Stadium.

02-Go to the Stadium and you'll find it at the entrance at the top of
   the stairs.

03-Again at the Stadium.You'll find it among the grass surrounding
   it,behind some billboards.

04-Steal a Cartel Cruiser and go to the closed gate near the King
   Courtney contact point.From your hideout take two lefts and one
   right.It's to your left.

05-In the small alleyway behind the Fire Station.

01-You'll find this on the roof of the Hospital.Steal an Ambulance
   and park next to the entrance jump onto it and then onto the roof.

Liberty Campus:
01-Opposite the Construction site is the St. Mathis University.Look
   for the package at the back entrance.It's the building behind the
   King Courtney contact point.

Fort Stauton:
01-Go to the Panl-antic Construction Site with the blue structure.Go
   into the concrete building with a skyscraper beside it and find a
   strairs.It's in a room opposite the heart and armour.

02-Remember that skyscraper under construction in the site?You'll find
   another package at the corner of that building on the ground.

03-Go to the bridge with curved girders near the Rockford Tunnel.Walk
   onto the curved top and walk onto the middle girder.

01-Go to garage opposite the Paint 'n' Spray which is behind the
   Multi-Storey Carpark to find one.

02-Go inside the Multi-Storey Carpark.You'll find it on the 2nd floor
   beside one of the ramps.

03-You'll find this on the second pier from Asuka's Condo(it is where
   the Police Boat is kept)

04-Go into the shipping yard past her condo and go down another set
   of stairs to find the package on the pier.

05-Go to the Callahan Bridge take a right just before.It is before
   the Tw@ Internet Cafe in an L-shaped alley.Go to the end to find
   the package.

06-When exiting here take two lefts,continue forward to find the
   Liberty City Museum(the building with decorative columns).You'll
   find the package at the door.

Belleville Park:
01-Get onto the Shoreside Vale Bridge and when it starts to bend run
   and jump onto the roof of a building where a brown wall meets a
   grey wall(B.J's Deli).

02-Go into the tunnel under the Shoreside Vale Bridge.You'll find it
   behind a column at the North dead end.

03-Go to Liberty City Park and look for it under a curved bridge.

04-In Liberty City Park look for another package in a basketball
   court near the "RIDE IN THE PARK" mission.

05-Again in Liberty City Park,this time under the small bridge.

06-When you have access to Shoreside Vale get onto the part of the
   Toll Bridge that rises and jump onto the middle with the help from
   a car.Then you'll see it.

Bedford Point:
01-Up the stairs inside the apartments with huge glass windows,past
   the Tw@ Internet Cafe.

02-Go into the underground car-park beside the Cement Factory(small
   grey building with lots of shrubs surrounding it)which is in the

03-Go up the stairs beside the underground car-park in order to reach
   the package on the roof.

04-When on the roof of the car-park jump down to the enclosed
   area.You'll find the package beside some dumpsters and boxes.

05-In a doorway to the west of the Cement Factory.

06-Look for the narrow walkway at the shore line.Walk down to find
   another package next to some rocks.

07-Walk up the pedestrian bridge next to the Bedford Point Subway.

08-Look for the Church and you'll find it beside
   the Hyaku Dojo and City Hall.

09-Near City Hall is the Hyaku Dojo.The package is down a narrow

10-When outside the underground car-park from Torrington,jump on one
   of the raised sides run up the flight of stairs.

01-Behind the large star structure.

02-On the roof of Kenji's Casino.

03-You'll find this at the front entrance of the Police Station(where
   the Enforcer is located).

04-Back in the Police Station.Take the route down to the parking
   spaces where (this is beside the Enforcer(the toute)).

05-In the underground car park next to the AMCO Gas Station

            (IX)Stauton Island Rampages:

Rampage 1:Shoot 17 Yardies in the head with the SNIPER RIFLE.
LOCATION #1:Get to the AMCO building in the Torrington.Jump onto the
ledge and go up the first set of stairs.You'll find it behind the

LOCATION #2:Torrington.Go up the first set of stairs of Kenji's Casino
and then up the set of stairs to the left.

STRATEGY:Neither of theses are hard.Remeber whatever you do the targets
won't attack you.Just stand in the middle of the road snipe out the
Yardies.Make sure that you hit their head every time.

Rampage 2:Destroy 15 vehicles with the M-16
LOCATION #1:At the side of the St.Mathis University next to the phone
where you contact King Courtney.

LOCATION #2:In a corner of the Construction Site in Fort Stauton.

STRATEGY:I find location 1 easy.First before starting this rampage park
three or four cars near the icon and destroy them when the mission
starts.Then get out into the road and start firing cars.When the police
arrive destroy the cars before they stop.

Rampage 3:Destroy 8 vehicles with the SHOTGUN
LOCATIONS:Both of the locations are in 2 of the corners in Liberty City
Park,Beleville,near the road with the Callahan Bridge at one end and the
route to Shoreside Vale at the other end
(where Belleville + Newport meet Bedford Point/Torrington)

STRATEGY:First check out where the icon is and then park some vehicles
at the nearest exit of the park.Then shoot them until they explodes.Now
steal more cars and destroy them until this is over.

Rampage 4:Kill 16 Yakuza members with MOLOTOV COCKTAILS.
LOCATION #1:Go to the Museum and follow up the highway that goes to Fort
Stauton.Stop when you see the icon on a small ledge hanging above the

LOCATION #2:Next to the Pay 'n' Spray in Newport,behind the Multi-Storey

STRATEGY:The 2nd location is very easy.Just go down to Asuka's Condo and
remember be careful.

Rampage 5:Kill 25 Yakuza members with the FLAMETHROWER:
LOCATION #1:Near the Church and Cement Factory Carpark in Bedford Point
near the sea.

LOCATION #2:Within the city centre in Bedford Point.

STRATEGY:I find the first location easy.

(X)Stauton Island Unique Jumps:
01-Go to the top of the Multi-Storey Carpark in Newport.Jump off the
   ramp and when you do that veer to the left in order to jump over
   the carpark beside it.

02-Go into the dockyard beside Asuka's Condo.Jump over the water via
   the pile of concrete.To make sure you don't fall into the water
   use a Yakuza Stinger.

03-From your hideout and turn left and then right.Continue to the T-
   intersection and go right.On this bridge you must get onto the
   middle part.Go foward and after the grass tunnel you must get onto
   the Callahan Bridge.

04-Go to the Tw@ Internet Cafe.Now see the garage opposite it?You
   have to drive up the stairs of the Cafe and get to the bushes on
   the other side.

               7.Shoreside Vale:
This the residential area of Liberty City and is every family's
dream:drugs,gangs,guns,prostiutes,fast cars,corrupt police force and
everyrthing else that makes anyone feel safe.This is the main area for
the Colombian Cartels production of SPANK as they control most of the
island.Small gang factions consist of the Nines and Southside Hoods.Your
hideout is located in Wichita Gardens and can hold about four cars.The
save point is a small foyer of an large building.

Hoods Rumpo XL
               (I)Donald Love:
Donald still has a few more jobs.You'll find him at the Love Media
building again.

Donald says he needs you to collect another package back in the
Dodo.Drive over to Shoreside Vale and go to the hanger in Francis
International Airport near the entrance.Don't go inside instead take out
your SNIPER RIFLE.Then use it to kill the six Cartel members inside.When
they are dead go into the plane and a letter will tell you its
stolen.Get out and get into the Panlantic.Drive to the Panlantic
Construction Site in Fort Stauton(in Stauton Island).When inside park
the van next to the small caravan which is beside to the blue structure
near the skyscraper.Take out your SNIPER RIFLE and kill some of the
Cartel members.Once their dead find the entrance and you'll have to kill
the last of the Colombians.Then use the elevator to meet your ex-
girlfriend Catalina also Miguel and Asuka.In this cut-scene you will get
the package.When you regain control enter Asuka's car and drive to
Bedford point to return the package to Donald.

Donald now wants you to get his friend to Pike Creek in Shoreside Vale
without the vehicle blowing up.When the mission starts look to the side
of the Love Media building to see the Securicar.Take a fast car and
follow it.Whenever a Cartel Cruiser comes at you use drive-by shootings
to destroy it.The van will drive to Francis International Airport via
the Rockford Tunnel.Then he will drive into a warehouse in Pike Creek.

Mission 3:"DECOY"
Get back to the warehouse from the last mission and when you enter it
your legality level will go to 6.For the next 3 minutes you are to stall
the police.What you should do now is go over the Toll Bridge in Francis
International Airport and into Stauton Island.Drive to your hideout and
for the remaining amount of time stay parked inside.Remember picking up
POLICE BRIBES won't have any effect.

This isn't actually a mission.When you enter the Love Media building
you'll see that Donald is gone.Although there is no reward it will add a
small amount to your percentages.

             (II)Ray Machowski:
Ray can still be found at Liberty City Park in the toilets but with only
one mission.

Mission 1:"MARKED MAN"
Ray is in trouble with the CIA who have covered the bridge leading to
Shoreside Vale.Unfortunately Ray needs to board a plane in Francis
International Airport at the same time and it leaves in 3 minutes.Before
you start the mission get a fast car.When the time limit starts drive to
the Rockford Tunnel behind Carson General Hospital.Drive to the tunnel
leading to the airport and park by the terminal entrance.Ray now gives
you a key and leaves.Drive to his garage in Stauton Island.It is down
the alleyway next to the Callahan Bridge and the Tw@ Internet Cafe.There
you will receive a message from Ray on your pager congratulating you and
that he's moved to Miami(lucky !@%*#).Inside is a bullet-proof Patriot
that can only be collected once,a BAZOOKA,a FLAMETHROWER and a SNIPER
RIFLE,plus your cash reward.

              (III)Asuka Kasen:
Asuka has a few jobs left for you to do but this time around she can be
found at the  Panlantic Construction Site in Fort Stauton.Get to her by
using the elevator in the blue-structure.This time she has her "friend"
Migual.Ouch!!That's one woman you don't want to tick off.God hasn't she
heard of human rights?

Mission 1:"BAIT"
Asuka wants you to lure three groups of assassins in Shoreside Vale to
other Yakuza mambers near the Fudge Factory.Drive over there in a fast
car and you'll find the first group at the edge of Francis International
Airport into Pike Creek.Catch their attention and drive to the building
behind the Fudge Factory.Park by the Yakuza members and when the
assasins get near you drive off the ramp.Get a car from the
Import/Export Garage.The next group of assassins are at the blocked
tunnel next to the Crochame Dam.And finally the last one is at the
Mansion in Cedar Grove.

Mission 2:"EXPRESSO-2-GO"
Asuka now wants you to destroy nine expresso stands across the three
islands.In each Island they are in specific parts.Use the BAZOOKA to
destroy them.After you destroy the first one you will have eight minutes
to destroy the rest.There are 5 in Stauton,2 in Portland and Shoreside
Vale each.Enter the area in order for the blip to appear.

01.NEWPORT:Car park near route to Asuka's Condo near the Shopping Mall
02.BELLEVILE PARK:Liberty City Park
03.BEDFORD POINT:Next to the Church.Another next to the Cement Factory
04.TORINGTON:Behind the star statue.

02.PIKE CREEK:In front of the hospital

01.ST.MARKS:Alley in opposite of the entrance to Salvatore's Villa.
02.TRENTON:Opposite entrance to Portland Harbour.

Mission 3:"S.A.M"
Drive to the small pier in Bedford Point(you have 3 minutes to do
this).Go down the steps and you will find a pier.Pick up the BAZOOKA and
enter the Reefer.Drive forwards and stop by the buoy.Press the Triangle
button and get out your BAZOOKA.Aim towards Stauton Island and in a
while you'll see a Dodo fly towards and destroy it(When this is done
your legality level goes up by 4).Then pick up the packages full of
SPANK in the water with the boat and then get onto the oil
refinery.Collect the rest of the packages and get back into the
boat.Drive back to the pier and go to your hideout to get Police
Bribes.Then you should return to Asuka.Here you will find her and Migual
dead.Also a note from Catalina will be there confirming that Maria has
been kidnapped.

Your ex-girlfriend has threatned to kill Maria if you don't bring over
$500,000 to her.You can find her at the Mansion in Cedar Grove with only
one mission but make sure you have 100 armour and 125 health and also
all 100 hidden packages.

Mission 1:"THE EXCHANGE"
Before attempting this missions drive to the Mansion with a fast car
like a Banshee or Infernus and park it next to the gates.Go inside for
the introduction.When it is over pick up the PISTOL and turn around and
enter the Cartel Cruiser and go through the gates.Get out and enter your
fast car.After seeing the helicopter flying past you,drive towards the
bridge that it flies over but take the left and go back to you
hideout.Pick up the armour and weapons once and go down to the D-Ice
contact point.Now head towards the Wichita Gardens Tunnel.Continue up
the road until you get to the entrance of the base of the dam,blocked by
two Cartel Cruisers.Use the BAZOOKA to blow them up.Then walk past them
and take out your SNIPER RIFLE and kill the Cartel members over the
crates on the ground and up on the towers.Take out the three Flatbeds
with your BAZOOKA(watch out as one of them drives towards you).Then use
your SNIPER RIFLE to take out the remaining three Cartel members.Go up
the stairs and kill the next five(watch that you don't kill Maria).Then
when they are dead take out Your BAZOOKA and destroy the helicopter.When
it is in smithereens walk towards Maria.
A radio transmission talks about the incident while you walk away with
Maria.Then when the credits roll,Maria complains about breaking her
nails and messing up her hair and suddenly out of the blue you shoot

D-Ice is the leader of the Southside Hoods.He has been having some
trouble with the Purple Nines.You will find a contact point between the
both of you at the phone beside the apartment blocks in Wichita gardens.

Mission 1:"UZI MONEY"
When you enter a car you will have 1 minute and 30 seconds to kill 20
Purple Nines via drive by shooting.They are located all around Wichita

Mission 2:"TOYMINATOR"
In this mission you have to destroy three Securicars driving around
Wichita Gardens and Cedar Grove with the explosive Race-Cars!!!Look for
the van near the rear of your hideout.

Mission 3:"RIGGED TO BLOW"
D-Ice now wants you to bring a car belonging to him to get a bomb inside
it deactivated.Now straight away after getting off the phone get into a
fast car.You have six minutes till the bomb goes off and remember if it
gets damaged too much or it will explode(a damage meter appears on the
right when you enter the car).Look for the Infernus behind your
hideout.Drive down to the Wichita Gardens Tunnel and into Portland.From
here drive to St.Marks and drive to a small garage opposite the entrance
to Salvatore's Villa.Go into it and then return the car back to the
parking lot where you got the car yet you might have to repair it at a
Pay 'n' Spray.

Mission 4:"BULLION RUN"
First get into a fast car like the Infernus and towards the Wichita
Gardens Tunnel.Go past it and use the big jump past the smaller tunnel
to get over to Pike Creek.When you are there look for the bars of gold
pick up five and park the car in the garage at the Turtle Head Storage
Co.Although you can collect more your wanted level will slowly increase
and your car will become slower.Do this again and again until you have
collected 30 bars of Platinum.

Mission 5:"RUMBLE"
Drive to D-Ice's brother and then drive to the next blip.Get out and
start beating up the Nines with the BASEBALL BAT.Using a different
weapon will result in Mission Failure.

                 (VI)RC TOYZ + 4x4:
Reward:$1,000 per car
This is located behind your hideout,in front of a billboard with McArtey
Airways on it.This requires you to blow up as much Hoods Rumpo XL's as
you can.

Mission 1:"GRIPPED"
Look for the picnic area in Wichita Gardens beside the D-Ice contact
point and enter the Patriot to start the challenge.

            (VII)Shoreside Vale Packages:
             There are 31 packages here.

Francis International Airport:
01-Found inside the subway.

02-Near the entrance to the subway,behind the LIPS 106 and Punk
   Noodles billboards.

03-Beside the Firetruck.

04-Beside the large dome structure in near the Firetruck.

05-You'll find it under the wing of a plane in the North-West corner.

06- On the helipad near one of the Dodo planes.

07-The end of the small slipway south of the runway.

08-Go to the hanger next a group of helicopters.You'll find this one
   under the tail of a jumbo jet.

09-Drive up to the top of the runway and jump down to the right.It's
   next to the ramp.

Wichita Gardens:
01-Under the broken bridge near the airport.(a dirt-track leads up to

02-Behind your hideout is the RC Toyz van(behind a ZIP and McAdyan
   Airways billboard.

03-Face the contact point for D-Ice and look inbetween the apartment
   blocks to the left.

04-At one of the entrances to the apartment blocks to the right.

05-Next one of the tunnels is a smaller tunnel with graffiti all over
   it.The package is here.

Cedar Grove:
01-From your hideout take a left and continue to the end.Take a left
   and follow the dirt-track to find the package in a picnic area.

02-Look for the housing estate on the hill.Then at the house with a
   Stinger you'll find a package at the back of the house.

03-The house with a Landstalker has a package at the porch.

04-Look for a house with a big closed fence.This is Catalina's
   Mansion.Steal a Cartel Cruiser and enter.The package is in the pool
   at the back.

05-The house with a pool in front has a package at the back in the

Cochrane Dam:
01-Behind the first dome.

02-Behind the second dome.

03-Now get down to the base of the dam.Exit towards the blocked
   tunnel and go down the road.Go right and continue.Go up the first

04-Past the second tower and go up the stairs to reach the
   helipad.You'll find the package near the wall of the dam.

05-Jump of the side of this large flat area to find a package by a
   door at an area with large boulders.

Pike Creek:
01-Behind the Turtle Head Storage Co.(building)

02-Go onto the building inside the Turtle Head Storage Co.
   Then jump across onto the roof of the garages.

03-Look for the building with the name "Burke" on it.Go to the back
   and you will see a red crate with a package.Exit the building and
   go to road behind it,jump onto the wall and then jump onto the

04-Behind the Hope Medical Collage(Hospital).

05-Go to the back of the Police Station and use a car to jump onto
   the left shed to get this package.

06-Now Go to the Undercover Storage Co. building next to the road
   across the dam.Get onto the ramp and jump onto the crates beside
   it.Now fall onto the Fudge Factory and get yourself into the
   enclosed area with a ramp inside.The package is here.

07-Get an Ambulance and park it by the wall of the Liberty City
   Pharmaceuticals and jump onto the wall.Walk all the way across
   until you get to where the package is.Jump down to get it.Now to
   get out destroy the red tank and push the small box to the fence
   and use it to jump out.

                  (VIII)Shoreside Vale Rampages:
Rampage 1:Destroy 15 vehicles with the BAZOOKA.
LOCATION #1:Get to the Turtle Head Storage Co. in Pike Creek.Go up to
the garages to marked with numbers.Then jump over to the green building
in the centre.Go up the Stairs to find the rampage.

LOCATION #2:Get to Francis International Airport and look for the
"Badfellas"billboard near the entrance to Pike Creek.

STRATEGY:Try the second one and before you start the rampage park at
least 5 vehicles or more near the billboards,making sure it blocks
traffic on both sides of the road.Don't worry if the police arrive just
blow they're cars up.

Rampage 2:Destroy 7 vehicles via drive-by shootings.
LOCATION #1:Behind the gates of the Punk Noodles Factory next to the
Turtle Head Storage Co.

LOCATION #2:Behind one of the big boulders near the Cochame Dam.

STRATEGY:It's best to do the first location.Park a few cars before
starting the rampage and let her rip!!

Rampage 3:Kill 20 Southside Hoods with the SHOTGUN.
LOCATION #1:Go to the D-Ice contact point and head up the bridge to your
hideout.Then near the top jump onto the small building under it.

LOCATION #2:When coming out of the airport look for the rampage in front
of a "SUMO"billboard near the wooden bridge.

STRATEGY:Just make sure you have 100 armour and 125 health and

Rampage 4:Kill 20 Colombian Cartel with the FLAMETHROWER.
LOCATION #1:Look for the house in Cedar Grove with a Landstalker
outside.You'll find the rampage behind the garage.

LOCATION #2:At the Fudge Factory in Pike Creek.

STRATEGY:Try the first one but before you start it have a police officer
chase you.Now kill all the b******s.

                  (IX)Shoreside Vale Unique Jumps:
01-At the airport look for a aeroplane with a stairs beside.Drive
   over that stairs.

02-In the airport can you see all the sets of three yellow ramps
   beside different hanger?Jumping three of these will count.

03-Get to the broken bridge near the airport and make the jump over
   to the other island.

04-Get to the Undercover Storage Co. building in Pike Creek and use
   the ramp to get into the enclosed area of the Fudge Factory with a

05-Go back to the Undercover Storage Co. building and use the ramp
   second ramp to jump onto the garage next to the Police Station.

06-Drive to the Wichita Gardens Tunnel and pass the smaller tunnel
   with graffiti.When the road curves a bump can be seen on the left.
   Drive across for the biggest jump and $1,000,000!!!

There are two import/export garages.Both let you bring a specific car to
the garage and get any car you want.This is the one in Portland Harbour
near the beach.It is a shed with a list of cars.It is best to bring them
one by one.When one has been sent there they will be ticked off the

Mr. Whoopee

Each car gives you $15,000 and when all are delivered you will get
$200,000.Also in Shoreside Vale there is another Import/Export Garage at
the Fudge Factory.

BF Injection

As before you will get $15,000 per car and $200,000 when you bring all
of them.On Portland Harbour you be asked to bring Emergency service
vehicles to a crane beside the Import/Export Garage.

Police Car
Barracks OL

Like before the rates are the same.

Theses cheats are got by entering the combinations while playing a game.
Get the Rhino Tank:
To get the powerful Rhino,that blows up cars with the slightest touch
and can even fire an unlimited amount of missiles press the following.
Psychic powers:
To make the pedestrians to suddenly fight each other non-stop enter the
following code.

To make people start fighting YOU for no reason non -stop press this.

To make the pedestrians riot.

This causes all pedrestrians to be armed with weapons.
If I were a rich man:
To get a lot of money enter this combination(And they say "get rich
quick schemes" don't work)
Get all weapons:
To receive all weapons including the Bazooka!!!!!enter:
Weather Man:
You can control the weather!
for clear weather enter:

For rain to fall enter:

For foggy weather enter:

For cloudy weather:
To let you fly while inside your cars enter this combination:

To destroy all vehicles within your immediate area enter:

This will improve a cars handling and if you press L3 you will jump:

To make cars invisible:
Enter this to speed up time:

For faster game play type:

For slower game play type:
Wear different outfits:
To change clothes press
Even better is that you assume the form of pedestrians:
Your wanted level:
Increase wanted level
R2x2,L1,R2,LEFT,RIGHT x3

To decrease your wanted level:
R2x2,L1,R2,UP DOWN x3.
To get 100% health and put out fires press:

To get 100% armour:
Bloody Mode:
To make limbs fall off when you kill someone with the M-16 and SNIPER
RIFLE.It wont say "Cheat Activated" but it will work.
Urinate on a wall:
To "relieve" yourself while up against a wall enter:

After finishing "LUIGI'S GIRLS" when you enter a these vehicles you will
get these  missions.Press R3 to activate them:

Police Car/Enforcer/FBI car/Rhino      Vigilante
Ambulance                              Paramedic
Firetruck                              Firefighter
Taxi/Cabbie/Borogine                   Crazy Taxi

In this game you have to chase criminals and kill them.

Kill 10 criminals in Portland to get a Police Bribe in the Hideout.
Kill 20 criminals in Portland to get 2 Police Bribes in the Hideout.

Kill 10 criminals in Stauton Island to get 3 Police Bribes.
Kill 20 criminals in Stauton Island to get 4 Police Bribes.

Kill 10 criminals in Shoreside Vale to get 5 Police Bribes.
Kill 20 criminals in Shoreside Vale to get 6 Police Bribes.

Here you have to save patients and bring them to the Hospital

Save 39 patients to get hearts in your hideout
Save 83 patients to get Adrenaline Pills in your hideout.
Get to level 12 and Infinite Run will be activated.

In this game you must put out dangerous car fires
around your area.Use the O button to shoot out water.

Put out 20 fires in each area to get the FLAME-THROWER in your hideout

Put out 20 fires in Portland
Put out 20 fires in Stauton Island
Put out 20 fires in Shoreside Vale.

Pick up citizens and drop them at their chosen destination safely and
quickly.For every 5 you do in a row you get some bonus cash.In fact I've
made $764,391 in this game.

Drop 100 people at their destination to get a Borogine Taxi at

01-Play "TURISMO" and lose.Follow one of the cheetahs and steal
   it.Now it is indestructible(from bullets anyway).A good idea is
to stay at the Callahan Bridge and when about 120 seconds have gone
   by one of the cars will appear there(make sure you have an equally
   fast car as it speeds by).

02-After finishing "MARKED MAN" bring the Patriot to your garage.

03-In "EVIDENCE DASH" after receiving the sixth package steal the
   Bobcat you had to ram into.

Look up these sites for stuff.Technically have nothing.The first site
has a game that never loads up and the third one just shows the picture
of a heart.


For every ten packages you get a weapon will constantly regenerate at
your hideout.

10           Pistol
20            Uzi
30           Grenades
40           Shotgun
50            Armour
60       Molotov Cocktails
70            AK-47
80         Sniper Rifle
90            M-16
100          Bazooka $1,000,000

Here are the different vehicles in different classes and descriptions
First I will give a brief description of the vehicle and then the names
of a location where you can definitely find it.And then in most cases I
will list different colours it can be found in.
Here are the classes:
6.Middle Class


A large van with the red cross symbol with a white background.
FOUND:At the Sweeny General Hospital,Carson General Hospital and Hope
Medical Collage.
OVERVIEW:Very slow yet quite strong against bullets.Can be used to play
the Paramedic missions.Press R3 to activate the missions and L3 to
activate the sirens.

NAME:Police Car
FOUND:At the various Police Stations in each district.
DESCRIPTION:A black and white police car with headlights.Press R3 to
activate Vigilante missions and L3 to put on the headlights.

FOUND:Raise your wanted level to 5 and kill the four FBI officers inside
and steal the vehicle.
DESCRIPTION:A sleek black car with a blue flashlights.Very fast and okay
handling and braking.

FOUND:At Torrington Police Station at the back
DESCRIPTION:A large van with POLICE written in blue.Okay vehicle.Quite
slow speed and braking and okay strength.

FOUND:At the various Fire Stations in each district.
DESCRIPTION:Very slow.A large fire truck that red.If you press or hold
the circle button to shoot out water.

NAME:Barracks OL
FOUND:At the Army Surplus Store in Aspartia,Stauton Island.
DESCRITION:A large truck-like vehicle covered with a tarpaulin
sheet.Very slow and poor braking but incredibly strong.

FOUND:Raise you wanted level to 6.Wait for it to stop and
steal it.Watch out for the soldier with a M-16.
DESCRIPTION:Indistructible!!Cannot be destroyed by anything.Plus it's a
large tank that can fire missiles and will cause any vehicle to explode
when it hits it.
Vehicles usually used by pedestrians and can hold 4-8 people.

DESCRIPTION:A large bus with a curved roof and rusted metal.Very
long.FOUND:Drive around Aspartia,Rockford and Fort Stauton (Stauton
Island)at nigh-time in a fast car like a Cheetah.
DESCRIPTION:One word.CRAP!!Very slow and because of it's length stay
away from bends and hills when diving this.VERY,VERY slow.

FOUND:Trenton Bus Station near the Atlantic Quays in Portland.
DESCRIPTION:Like the bus.Same length but is curved all over and has
black windows.Also the same speed etc.

NAME:Cabbie + Taxi
FOUND:On all three islands driving around the roads.
DESCRIPTION:The Taxi is like a normal car except it's yellow and has a
"TAXI" sign on it's roof.The Cabbie is the same except bulkier and has a
checker-board stripe across it.Are both necessary to engage in the
"Crazy Taxi" missions and are quite fast and durable.
FOUND:Along the city centre in Bedford Point Stauton Island or in the
parking lot near the Cement Factory.
DESCRIPTION:Another car with "bug-eyed"headlights.Can come in with roof
on or off.Very good and is akin to the Yakuza Stinger.

FOUND:Around Newport and Aspartia in Stauton Island
DESCRIPTION:Looks exactly like the Infernus but has a slatted rear
window.Very fast and is the second fastest car in the game.

FOUND:In Auto Save Shop in Portland,St.Marks and at the entrance to
Kenji's Casino.
DESCRIPTION:Small car with only two seats."Bug eyed"lights and no
roof.Just as fast as the Infernus but has smoother handling and very
weak.This car should be in your garage.

FOUND:In the parking lot next to the Fire Station and hanger field in
Francis International Airport,Shoreside Vale.
DESCRIPTION:Looks like a Ferrari F50 with a flat front.This is the
fastest car in the whole game.Great braking and handling yet quite weak.
Gang cars are from the various gangs and organisations around the
city.They come in only one colour.

NAME:Mafia Sentinel
FOUND:St.Marks in Portland.Look for it along the streets and by
Salvatore's Villa in Portland Beach.
DESCRIPTION:A black car with a striped rear window.Very fast and good
handling.Although it can take lots of damage it can easily flip
over.Good at climbing and braking.

NAME:Yardie Lobo
FOUND:Driving around Newport especially near the Multi-Storey Carpark in
Stauton Island.
DESCRIPTION:A red stallion with leopard skin seats and small dices
hanging inside and a the hood up.Has jerky controls.Press L3 to lift or
lower the car.R3 to push it towards the sky.Move R3 to the left in order
to rock to the left and so forth.Quite slow.

NAME:Yakuza Stinger
FOUND:At the entrance of Kenji's Casino and Asuka's Condo.Also they are
found around Torrington.
DESCRIPTION:A VERY FAST car.Good handling and braking system.Silver with
a red back and a cool set of "bug-eyed" headlights.Best for getting
unique jumps and doing missions with time limits.Technally this should
be in your garage.

NAME:Triad Fish Van
FOUND:Around Chinatown and in Trenton near the Kipper Factory.
DESCRIPTION:A large van with a large fish skeleton painted on the side
and steel cover blocking the back.Usually has an armed Triad inside.VERY
VERY slow and also bad braking system yet strong.

NAME:Cartel Cruiser
FOUND:Fort Stauton in the Construction Site and also in Cedar Grove.
DESCRIPTION:A large dark-blue jeep that looks like a pickup truck that
is surprisingly fast for its size and a great braking system and

NAME:Diablo Stallion
FOUND:Around Hepburn Heights and Harwood in Portland.
DESCRIPTION:A large black Esperanto with yellow flames across the
sides.Quite fast yet jerky controls.Despite this you should have one of
these in your garage.

NAME:Hoods Rumpo XL
FOUND:Around Witchita Gardens,Shoreside Vale.
DESCRIPTION:A large Rumpo painted light blue with grafitti.Quite slow
and very poor braking.
FOUND:Next to the Supa Save Shop in Portland View and in a picnic area
in Witchita Gardens near the D-Ice contact point.
DESCRIPTION:A huge jeep with or without a tarpaulin covering on the
back.Very good for climbing hills and cliffs.

FOUND:Along Stauton Island
DESCRIPTION:A large SUV that has a tyre on the back.Quite fast and has a
great strength against bullets.
FOUND:All around the road on each district.
DESCRIPTION:A small curved topped car that looks like a Toyota.Very good
speed and controlling.

FOUND:Driving around Stauton Island and Shoreside Vale.
DESCRIPTION:A medium sized van like vehicle with a curved top.Very good
acceleration and speed but quite weak and easy to flip over.

FOUND:Around Portland.
DESCRIPTION:A small car with roof that curves at the front but goes
straight down at the back.

FOUND:Can be found the AMCO Gas Station in Portland.
DESCRIPTION:A small pick-up truck tat is quite slow.

FOUND:Sometimes seen along Belleville Park in Stauton Island especially
near the bridge leading to Shoreside Vale.
DESCRIPTION:A large limo.All around good car.

FOUND:Around Francis International Airport,usually found near the subway
at the roundabout.
DESCRIPTION:Akin to the Mafia Sentinel but no slatted windows and comes
in a variety of colours.Has a good acceleration,speed and are very good
for climbing hills etc.

FOUND:Around all three districts especially Chinatown in Portland.
DESCRIPTION:Granny style car with large windows.Very,very,very crap.

FOUND:In the Multi-Storey Carpark in Newport,Stauton Island.
DESCRIPTION:Small flat Italian car with a small steel logo at the front.
FOUND:Inside the Multi-Storey Carpark in Newport and always found around
Portland in the Red Light District and Newport and Pike Creek.
DESCRIPTION:A very crappy car!!Slow speed,cruddy controls and the
weakest car in the game.Ah whatever your taste is.A convertible.

FOUND:The same places as the Stallion.
DESCRIPTION:Do I have to repeat myself?
FOUND:Parked at the ramp in Portland Harbour or usually found along the
Callahan Bridge or at Greasy Joe's Cafe.
DESCRIPTION:A large truck with two pipes at the top that releases carbon
dioxide and looks like the front of an 18-wheeler.One of the worst cars
in the game.

FOUND:Drive around Bedford Point in a Barracks OL.
DESCRIPTION:Akin to the Barracks OL(yet no Tarpaulin)so it is vey slow
yet strong.

FOUND:Usually around Rockford and found on the "FIRE-FIGHTER" missions.
DESCRIPTION:A large green garbage truck with two pipes releasing carbon
dioxide.Quite slow but strong and hefty.
FOUND:Around Portland especially at Portland Harbour.
DESCRIPTION:A large cargo van with curves just above the front wheels.

FOUND:Around Portland especially at Portland Harbour.
DESCRIPTION:A large van akin to the Mule except there's no curves above
the wheels.

FOUND:Around Portland especially at Eight Balls Bomb Shop.
DESCRIPTION:A very long van akin to the Rumpo and Pony except it has
more windows.

FOUND:Around Portland.
DESCRIPTION:Looks exactly like the Hoods Rumpo XL.

FOUND:Around Portland.Look for one parked at the building in front of
Joey's Garage.
DESCRIPTION:Looks like the Rumpo but much more compact.

FOUND:In Chinatown.
DESCRIPTION:Looks exactly lie the Triad Fish Van yet has the Mr.Wongs
Launderette slogan written on it:"If it ain't Mr.Wongs,it ain't white!"

FOUND:At the Panlantic Construction Site in Stauton Isalnd.
DESCRIPTION:Fast for van.A small black van with "PAN-LANTIC CONSTRUCTION
SITE" written on it.

FOUND:During the Fire-fighter missions it will usually show up and can
be obtained in "I SCREAM,YOU SCREAM".Sometimes found around Trenton if
you drive around there in an Ambulance.
DESCRIPTION:A large Ice-Cream van with a large ice-cream cone on the
roof and a picture of a clown on the side.Press L2 to activate the
jingle.Very good van and lots of fun(the ice cream van from HELL!!!).
FOUND:At the three piers near Asuka's Condo.
DESCRIPTION:Look like the Predator but is just white and no
poles.Eveything else is the same.

FOUND:The pier next to Asuka's Condo.
DESCRIPTION:A small flat boat with speed equal to the Stinger.

FOUND:The second pier from Asuka's Condo.
DESCRIPTION:A large boat with POLICE written on it.Also has two poles at
the front and can fire bullets with the circle button.Quite slow braking
and speed.
FOUND:Francis International Airport.From the Fire Station go through the
small gap and use the nearby ramp to find one.There are at least three
in this area.
DESCRITION:Look like a small cessna.Quite slow but can be used to
glide.When going fast hold down to rise.In times I have actually flown
the plane,but you can only do it at the runway at Francis International
NAME:BF Injection
FOUND:Next to Misty's apartment in Hepburn Heights next to the El Burro
contact point after finishing "SAYONARA SALVATORE" during 7pm to 12am.
DESCRIPTION:A jeep type vehicle that has speed and control similar to
the Cartel Cruiser.When getting missions from Joey Leone he is usually
working on it in the cut-scenes.

FOUND:Harwood,Portland at the Taxi Station after dropping off 100
DESCRIPTION:A Cabbie in that's wine cloured.Much faster and has a better
control and braking system than either the normal Cabbie or Taxi.Makes
the "Crazy Taxi"missions much more fun.
13.Special Thanks:
I would like to thank ROCKET GAMES and DMA design for making this cool
game.Also I would like to thank my brother for buying this and letting
me borrow the Playstation 2.Also I would like to thank the following
sites for putting this on the internet:
 Gamefaqs                  www.gamefaqs.com
 Neoseeker                 www.neoseeker.com
 Playstation cheat.net     www.psxcodez.com

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