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Ghost Town FAQ by Codewiz11

Version: 1.8 | Updated: 07/05/03

                  -*The Mysterious 'Ghost Town' of GTA3*-
                      By: Codewiz11 ~ Stephen Kamnik
                          Tuesday, July 1, 2003
                               Version 1.8

You are currently reading Version 1.8!

Please Read

-OK. Before you read on, this FAQ is mainly for the PS2 version of the 
game. Yes the ghost town does exist in the PC version and all of the 
information including directions to it and explanation about it is 
still the same. But in the PC version you can add patches to the game 
which allow you to drive and stand on the ghost town. I already have 
pictures of this. But I don't really care about it because it's pretty 
much cheating and I only care about the PS2 version and true explorers 
and true explorations which do not rely on outside forces... So in 
saying that, please don't email me with pictures calling me an idiot 
telling me that you can land on the ghost town in the PS2 version. All 
pictures of people on the ghost town are from the PC version and I can 
tell. Thanks. 

-I've been taking e-mails and I will continue to do so, because I'm a 
nice guy, but if you ask something along the lines like, "How do you 
get to the ghost town?", then I will simply delete your e-mail. If you 
have a problem with the directions then that's a different story, but 
some people just want me to explain the entire thing, which I will not 
do, just read Section 8.

-You can see the Ghost Town without flying there! *Section 5 - Seeing 
is Believing*

The Version History is at the bottom of the FAQ so we can get right to 
the point!


1- Introduction
2- What is the 'Ghost Town'?
3- Frequently asked Questions
4- Its Existence
5- Seeing Is Believing
6- Pictures
7- Transportation
8- Directions
9- Conclusion
10- Version (Update) History
11- Notice


   There has been a lot of talk on the internet about the "Ghost Town". 
Some people think it is made up and fake. Others are believers. And 
others have even seen the Ghost Town themselves. I have nothing to gain 
by lying except hundreds of annoying emails, so just read the FAQ and 
you will be a believer too.

   In this FAQ, I will be talking about the mysterious Ghost Town. I 
will prove it exists, show pictures, explain what it is, and even give 
directions so you yourself, can explore this secret.


   Ah yes, the ghost town. It is in NO way "Carser" or "Carson City". 
"Carser/Carson City" does NOT exist. Don't waste your time. And don't 
waste my time by e-mailing me about it either. It simply and 
truthfully, does NOT exist in gta3. Ok, with that said I can go on.
   The ghost town is a secret island behind Shoreside Vale that was 
used in making the first part of the opening cinema of the game. Cool 
huh? O well. Anyway... (Only the bank scenes from the opening cinema 
are from the Ghost town, the rest with the bridge and everything was 
done at like, the real Staunton Island.)
   You can't walk around or even land on it because almost all of it is 
not solid. (Aw man.) That means, if you tried to land, you would just 
go through the ground and most likely crash into the water and drown. A 
couple of small pieces of it are solid though, but no one has ever 
landed on them and never will, because the pieces are too small.
   One little weird thing about the ghost town is that it is just 
floating in the air, just above the water.   
   Remember where you, along with your accomplices, robbed a bank in 
the opening cinema? Well the ghost town is where that bank is located. 
The 'Liberty City Bank', along with the two securicars and other cars 
from the opening cinema, are visible there. There are about four cars 
that I can remember and all of them are parked and are not solid. There 
are two securicars, a triad truck, and an Esperanto-type car. The ghost 
town is not really a whole big 'town'. It is really just one city 

   That's just a short description of the ghost town. Go there and see 
for yourself.


***Q: Ok, ok, weirdo. I believe you that Carser/Carson City don't 
exist, but what are they? I never heard of them before!
***A: There is a radio commercial on some station, and the woman on the 
radio says something along the lines of: "In near by Carson City, 
corrupt police commissioner......" This stupid commercial started this 
big whole thing and lead little stupid kids to think that now there 
really has a near by Carson City. Some people say Carson, other say 
Carser. It really doesn't matter because they don't exist. And they are 
not the same thing as the ghost town. This should clear up a few 

***Q: What is the "Blue Hell" and/or "The Underworld"?
***A: They are the same thing. It's actually the place under the game! 
If you can believe this, if you fly the dodo (I think going there with 
the tank is a little hard.) and if you go to the ghost town. There will 
be a part behind ShoreSide Vale where the water stops and there is all 
blue. If you fly down in there and then pull up a little and fly 
straight, then you can fly horizontally with ground of the game, but 
you will be underground. (When I say the ground of the game I mean 
surface of the game where you walk or drive around like the street or 
the buildings.) You can see under everything. You can even fly under 
the water too. If you go down too far then you will disappear and then 
suddenly reappear in the middle of a street or something. Now there are 
other ways of getting down there but I just like to explain this one 
because it's easy for me and I'm the one who found it when I stumbled 
on the ghost town. Sometimes when you fall too far down in the blue 
hell around the ghost town, then you reappear in the car tunnel. And 
sometimes when you go to get out you pop on top of the tunnel. You can 
then run around on the top of the car tunnel and pop back out onto the 
street at the end. If you need any more help or description of the Blue 
Hell, then just email me.

***Q: Can I e-mail you anymore?
***A: Sure... But your email must be about at least one of the GTAs, 
otherwise I will just delete your email and don't expect an answer. I 
have currently cleaned up my e-mail account and am down to just a few 
e-mails. If you've already sent an e-mail to me more than like a month 
ago and haven't gotten an answer, then I am most likely backed up and 
am overloaded with emails. But I always pick a day where I clean out my 
inbox and send everyone answers.
If your entire ******* e-mail says only "how do I get 2 the ghost 
town?", then I will not answer anymore. I don't see how you can ask 
that. If you have my e-mail address, then most likely, you've seen this 
FAQ. I could see if you have a problem with the directions, but at 
least be descriptive or tell me a little more about what you don't 
understand other than ******* saying "how do I get 2 ghost town!?"

****Q: Does Carser/Carson City exist?
****A: NO. They definitely don't. If you want to get 100% just to find 
out that some stupid little internet geeks make this up to try and put 
some sense of meaning into their otherwise pointless and utterly 
meaningless lives....*Takes a breath*....then, by all means go ahead 
but you will just be disappointed.

****Q: Carser/Carson City DOES exist you f****** piece of poo! - (he-
he, "poo")
****A: Well, that really isn't a question, but...Go **** off. I'm sick 
of explaining this 36.8 billion times! They do not exist! Go outside, 
breath in fresh air for God sake. Look at the trees! Trees and grass 
outside exist! Carser/Carson City does not! And the ghost town is NOT 
Carser/Carson city!

****Q: Do you know about the secret boat, "Ghost Missing"?
****A: Wow everyone is so interested with this stupid boat. So I will 
explain it here so you don't have to email me about it. There is a 
mission I think on Staunton Island where this guy has a boat. In the 
mission, you chase the guy and by the end he crashes into the beach and 
gets out of the boat. Follow him on shore and kill him. The mission 
will have passed. Now push his boat back into the water and get inside. 
The name of the boat is "Ghost Missing". W0W. Isn't that special? No, 
not really. The only reason people care about it at all is because this 
is the only time in the entire game that you can get this boat. Once 
you pass the mission and lose the boat or it explodes then it's gone 
for good. Who cares though really it's just a boat? Well are you happy 
now. Nice little codewiz11 saves the day again. Say thanks. "Thanks!" 
Ok on to the actual point of this FAQ.

***Q: I can't fly. Is there any other way to at least see* the ghost 
***A: Yes, I have just discovered, myself, a way to see through walls 
with a sniper rifle and see the ghost town. Look at the 'Seeing is 
Believing' Section, Section 8.

***Q: Can you land on the ghost town?
***A: No one has and I don't believe that anyone ever will. Most of the 
Ghost town is not solid, meaning if you tried to land, say, just in the 
middle of the street, you would go right though it. There are a few 
spots that are solid: a little bit of a wall, and two trashcans in an 
alley and a little bit of ground. And those little solid pieces are 
just enough to let us call it an island instead of a mirage or a 
hallucination, but so far, those tiny solid spots are not sufficient 
enough to land on. But there are always people who will try anything... 
myself included.

**Q: Is the ghost town really Carser City?
**A: No, it is a model of a part of Liberty City. *It has the "Liberty 
City Bank" there. The Ghost Town is NOT Carson/Carser City. 
Carson/Carser doesn't exist.

***Q: Do the blocked-off tunnels at Shoreside Vale lead to ghost town? 
***A: No, they don't lead anywhere. If you look in the tunnels, they 
turn a little, just so you can't see the back of them, then they just 
end. If you fly around the back of Shoreside Vale where the ghost town 
is, then you can see that the tunnels just stop. I have pictures of 
this on my picture page too. Plus, most of the tunnel isn't even solid.

*Q: Are there people or cars moving around the ghost town?
*A: No. That's why it's called a 'Ghost town', because it is deserted. 
There are cars there, but they are parked and not even solid.

**Q: What is at the ghost town?
**A: The Liberty City Bank is the main attraction at the ghost town.    
That is where you robbed the bank in the opening cinema. That's about 
the only real important part of the ghost town.

**Q: Is there any point of going to the ghost town other than just to 
see it?
**A: No, probably not. You can't really do anything there because you 
can't land on it. But it's a cool secret place in GTA3, and it is a big 
accomplishment to get there, especially by the dodo. Some people think 
the ghost town is stupid and pointless but what do you expect? The 
makers of the game didn't ever think anyone would ever get there so why 
bother making it fun there? And if it wasn't for people like me 
exploring and finding this like the ghost town and finding easier ways 
to fly then everyone else would be stuck on the ground. So I think you 
owe me and others a thank you. But too many kids are too stubborn and 
are such babies and think "Oh I would have learned to fly and found the 
ghost town on my own even without people like you." Yeah right. You 
would have given up with flying in two tries if you never learned from 
people like me that it was possible. So people who think like that can 
just grow up and leave me alone.

 More frequently asked questions will be added regularly.


   Though many people deny its existence, the Ghost Town is REAL. There 
is plenty of proof such as pictures and many peoples good word that 
says it exists. It should not be associated with other rumors (false 
statements) such as the Disney Land or Carser City rumor. There is no 
Disney Land or Carser City in GTA3. 

   Though plenty of proof is provided that there is a ghost town in the 
game, there will always be people who doubt and people who will never 
learn. But that negativity should never stop those explorers of GTA3 
from getting to a great secret such as this. 

  There is NO Carser City. Yes, ghost town. No, Carser City. Yes, ghost 
town. NO, and I mean NO Carser City. Say it to yourself a couple of 
times. No Carser City. Very good, boys and girls! Here are some reasons 
why to say that there is no Carser City.

1)	If there was a Carser City in the game, and there's NOT, but if 
there was, then why hasn't anyone shown any pictures or proof. Pictures 
of other things like the ghost town are so easy to get on the computer, 
but not Carser City? Come on. 

2)	Where are the programming codes in the game files that would have 
all of the Carser City stuff? Carser City isn't even really mentioned 
in the codes except for the radio commercial. 

3)	Just because it's on the radio commercial, doesn't mean there's a 
Carser City. Both the MM and Pogo the Monkey are on the radio and 
neither has been found.

4)	Where in the game would something so "big and full of everything" 
be? I admit not everything in the game is uncovered yet, but saying 
that so many hardcore gamers overlooked something so big? That's an 
insult to gamers everywhere. But Carser City is full of something I'll 
tell 'ya. The rumor is all full of BS.


   This is a great new discovery, by me, on how people who cannot fly, 
can still SEE the Ghost Town!
   What it is, is the ability to see through any walls that you want. 
This doesn't just work for looking at the Ghost town, but for looking 
inside any buildings or past walls.

Here is how you can see the ghost town without even leaving the 

   What you have to do is first make sure you have a sniper rifle. You 
only need one bullet, just so you can use the scope on it. You can get 
a sniper rifle anywhere you are if you enter the weapons cheat. The 
weapons cheat is R2, R2, L1, R2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, 
Right, Up. 
  Once you have a sniper rifle, go to Shore side Vale. Go up to the 
road on the top part of the dam. Take that road south to the blocked 
off tunnel. The tunnel is in a mountain. Go up the mountain. (When 
facing the tunnel, it's easy to go up the part of the mountain to the 
left of the tunnel.) Go up the mountain and over and down the hills 
back there so that you are almost driving to the Observatory (You 
cannot get to the Observatory however, it's not even solid.) Go back as 
far as you can until you run into a big wall that stops you from 
getting to the Observatory or the ghost town. Now, go up to the wall 
(With the sniper rifle in your hands.) And keep running into the wall 
so that you are as close to the wall as you can(Not in a car.). Once 
you are as close as you can be to the wall, tap Down on the D-pad *once 
so that you face away from the wall, but your back is still pretty 
close to it. Now hold R1 so that you are looking into the scope of the 
sniper rifle. Now (Still holding R1), turn around to the wall using the 
D-pad or the Left Analog Stick. Now look down a little bit where there 
doesn't seem to be water but is an area of blue. (This is the 'Blue 
Hell' or the entrance to the 'Underworld'.) Now look to the right upper 
edge of that blue spot and zoom in. If you are looking through the wall 
at a good spot, you should see the ghost town. Now, I've noticed that 
you couldn't see the middle section of wall or the road, but you can 
see a good portion of the ghost town.  
   And that's it. You can now see the ghost town without even flying 
there. The only problem is once you see the ghost town, it will 
probably make you want to fly there now.
   And remember that you can use my method above to see through any 
other walls too. 


Here. I put the pictures on angelfire.com. If too many people try to go 
there and the site shuts down for the day or an hour because of 
bandwidth problems then oh well. Just wait. Right now I have the ghost 
town pictures and explanations up, and I'm now working on adding as 
many other pictures that I have too just for your enjoyment. :)

Here is my little site with a link to all of my pictures:

Here is the link to take you straight to the ghost town pictures:


 As of now, there are two ways of getting to the ghost town. The two 
ways are by the Dodo or the tank (Rhyno). They are the only means of 
transportation for getting to and from the ghost town.

   There are theories of alternative ways to the 'Ghost Town' other 
than the dodo or the tank. 

What about by Car?
   There is NO way of getting to it by car. Not through the tunnels, 
not anyway. But you are always free to do whatever you want and try, 
but it's impossible.

What about by boat?
   First let me just say that even if you could get a boat back to 
where the ghost town is, then you really wouldn't be able to like see 
much of anything good because it isn't even in the water. The ghost 
town is like floating in the air just above the water.   

   There is no definite answer to this question as of yet but I have 
tried and it's just too much hassle with too little results. Though 
many people dismiss it right away because of 'invisible walls' or 
'unnaturally strong currents', others strive to go farther.  
There is a too strong of a current on the tip of the airport runway, 
but this is passable. I have passed it by driving the boat onto the 
runway and then pushing it the rest of the way down the runway until I 
was past the current part, and then I pushed it back into the water 
there, jumped in, and drove again. But I soon found out that there is 
yet another current almost at the end of the island, right before the 
turn to go to ghost town. I have yet to get past that yet, but maybe, 
just maybe, you could push the boat on land enough to get past that 
current. I have recently tried this with no luck, but it could be worth 
the try, and it would take a lot of work.

Now, here's the proven ways of transportation to the Ghost Town. 

   You could either use the Dodo if you are skilled enough to keep it 
in the air long enough, or you can use the tank, which many people find 
to be easier, but it involves codes. 

   To fly the Dodo, find an open stretch of road (preferably the runway 
at the airport, but any piece of land that is straight, long, and flat 
will do fine.) and hold X and Down (D-pad). When you see sparks coming 
from the bottom of the Dodo, let go of the Down button. The Dodo will 
fly into the sky, but your real job now, is just to level the plane 
with the Down button so you cannot see the red nose of the plane. 

   Never use the Up button unless you are landing. When the Dodo starts 
to dive down, towards the ground, do nothing at all (DON'T pull up!). 
The Dodo will catch air again before it hits the ground and you will 
just have to level the plane out again. Just continuously level the 
plane, until the Dodo just keeps flying straight. 

   When you want to turn, just TAP in the direction of where you want 
to go. It should take a whole bunch of taps and you will only slowly 
turn, so plan your turns ahead of time. 

   And one more thing, just stay away from the Unique Jumps! They 
really p*ss me off. They automatically change the camera into Cinema 
view and the plane will disappear from your sight and will make it 
impossible to fly much longer then that. 

   To fly the Tank, find an open stretch of road (Any piece of land 
that is long, flat, and straight), use the 'Flying cars' or 'dodo 
cheat' code, whatever it's called. Turn the turret around backwards and 
fire as rapidly as possible while holding down (D-pad). When you gain 
enough speed and the tank starts to swerve, let go of the down button, 
and the tank will take to the sky. Then just level the tank with the up 
and down buttons. Fly almost the same way as the Dodo. Now, I hate 
flying the tank unless I absolutely need to use it to get up really 
high. Be careful with turning, that's the main thing that I hate about 
flying the tank. Tap the button that you are using to turn. 


 Here are directions on how to get to the Ghost Town. Click your heels 
three times and repeat, "There's no place like the ghost town." Uhh... 
sorry, I couldn't resist. Here's really how to get there:

   Remember, when you can't land on it, so don't try unless you want to 
risk the chance of drowning. Drowning is a bad thing. I will try to 
explain as clearly as possible with the use of pictures too. 

   From the airport runway at Shoreside Vale, facing away from Staunton 
Island, fly out to the ocean. Turn right (the opposite of left) and fly 
along the shoreline of Shoreside Vale. Make sure you take that right as 
soon as possible after taking off from the runway, because if you go 
out to sea too far, you and the Dodo will disappear and you will crash. 
Follow the shoreline as it turns to the right, behind Shoreside Vale. 
You will see a little piece of water kind of in the air jutting out 
from the wall. Do not crash into this. If you are too close to it, try 
to fly over it and not under it. If you fly under it, it will suck you 
up and into that piece of water and you will drown. You should always 
be flying over water. Now you will see the water kind of end on the 
right. There's big blue spot in the water. This is "Blue Hell" or "The 
Underworld". Keep flying straight though and the ghost town should 
start to appear as you get closer to it. It will pop up like a pop-up 
picture book. Behind Shoreside Vale, you should see the ghost town 
right in front of you, hovering just above the water. This is behind 
Shoreside Vale and things like the Observatory and the Dam.

 And that my friend, is how to get to the ghost town.

I have put the page with pictures back up in Section 6 "Pictures". I 
will try and put the pictures up of how to get there when I get a 

  Be careful behind Shoreside Vale, because if you go too far out to 
sea, the game will freeze and you will have to reset the game. And that 
won't be a good thing.

  Keep in mind, the ghost town cannot be landed on, so stop trying... 
Actually, go ahead and try all you want. Sometimes it's fun to try but 
here's warning, it can get frustrating.

  That was just the main way of getting to the ghost town. There are 
other ways of getting to it, like flying through the hallow mountains 
that stretch all the way from Shoreside Vale past Portland, but that 
might be for people who have already gotten there.


  Well that's it. That's the Ghost Town. I hope this helped, and I hope 
you enjoyed the adventure. It's been fun, but this FAQ is over. Have 
fun with the ghost town and maybe I'll see you there. See you next 
I'll keep on updating making this FAQ even better, for everyone.


 **You are reading Version 1.8.

 This FAQ is updated frequently. Every time this FAQ is updated, it 
will not be a made as a new version. Only after big adjustments, added 
sections, multiple photos, and other updates, will it be considered a 
new version.  

Version 1.0: (From February 8, 2002 -to- V1.1)?  
   This FAQ is just getting started. Has plenty of information for you 
and it is a good start for the future. 

Version 1.1:  (In between V1.0 & V1.2) 
   New version just to let everyone that reads this FAQ that it is 
getting updated regularly. This Version should have a better setup and 
it should answer some of the regularly asked questions that I get in my 
e-mail. 'Frequently asked questions' section added.

Version 1.2: (From February 26, 2002 -to- V1.3) 
   There was a quick re-wording for more understandable descriptions. 
I've been working on a video, but the results I've gotten haven't been 
so great, so I'm waiting until I can get at least a halfway decent 
video. So, a video may soon be on the way. :) The 'ghost town' pictures 
were organized onto one web page. but because of so much interest and 
traffic on the page, it continues to shut down and not be viewable. I 
have put the pictures on another  

Version 1.3: (March 15, 2002 -to- April 6) 
   During the last version, the ghost town pictures were all put on one 
web page, but because of so much interest and traffic on the page, it 
continues to shut down and not be viewable. I have put the pictures on 
another website and it can be used as a backup if the other one is too 
busy for you. And now I am going to give making a video one last try.

Version 1.4: (April 6, 2002 -to- May 11)
   I gave up on the page on angelfire.com because it kept on not 
showing up and I don't want to dish out money for it. The site at 
boomspeed.com is just fine though. I fixed a little problem with the 
numbering of the sections. (I had #4 two times I think)
 I temporarily stopped taking e-mails because of long backlogs, and 
problems with junk e-mails.

Version 1.5 (May 11, 2002 -to- August 7)
   A NEW Section is added: 'Seeing Is Believing'. There is now a way to 
*see the Ghost town without even flying there! 
   And I am now taking e-mails once again! E-mail: 

Version 1.6 (August 8, 2002 -to- October 22)
   I have added some MUST READ Frequently Asked questions! (The new 
ones are on the top of the list!) I have also STOPPED taking e-mails! 
Unless you are willing to pay $5, then you questions will NO longer be 
answered by e-mail. Sorry.

Version 1.7 (October 23, 2002 -to- June 30, 2003)
   Yeah, yeah, I started taking e-mails again. Got any good questions 
for me? And sorry about the $5 thing, it was just a joke... I have 
gotten some takers on that though...

     -Version 1.8 (July 1, 2003 -to- Now)
   I'm still taking emails but hopefully I've updated this enough that 
I won't get as much as I did before. I put back up a picture page! YES! 
You don't need to email me for pictures anymore, but email me for any 
other questions if you'd like. I added some more Frequently Asked 
Questions in Section 3. This might be one of my last updates because I 
can't think of anything else to add, but don't be surprised if I update 
every year or so.


*Future Versions/Updates

     This FAQ will be added to. Along with more pictures, more details 
will appear. Here are some things to wait for in the near future:

-Cure for Baldness...
...I mean..., seriously now...
-This FAQ is dying because I have put everything I ever wanted in this 
FAQ... *cries* This FAQ has been a bigger success than I ever imagined. 
Not even by the number of people who have read it on the multiple sites 
it's on, but by the number of e-mails!
Ok, I'm getting off the point... *Runs away*

And more!...riiiight...hehe.

*11   -NOTICE-

  This FAQ was made by and is property of codewiz11 (codewiz15)-
(Stephen Kamnik). Copyright 2002 Stephen Kamnik. All pictures in this 
FAQ were taken by and are sole property of codewiz11. These pictures 
have not been edited in anyway to deceive or falsely lead on anyone. No 
one should in any way use this FAQ as their own. These places have 
permission directly from me, codewiz11, to use this FAQ on their site.


**If you see this FAQ on another board or site, please E-mail or IM me.
E-mail: codewiz11@hotmail.com
AIM: Codewiz15

No one is to use this as their own.     
No one is to use this on their board or site without direct permission 
from me, codewiz11.

                          GTA3 'Ghost Town' FAQ
                 Copyright 2002 Stephen Kamnik ~ Codewiz11
                          Tuesday, June 1, 2003
                              Version 1.8

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