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Bulletproof Car FAQ by Azure Edge

Version: 1.8 | Updated: 09/09/02

                G R A N D  T H E F T  A U T O  I I I
                     Bulletproof Car FAQ v1.8

This FAQ is copyright 2002 by Azure Edge (azure_edge@hotmail.com). It
may not be copied without consent of the author, and all sections
including this copyright must remain in their full, unaltered content.
It may not be used or distributed for any commercial purpose.
This FAQ can be found on the following sites. Please notify the author
if you are reading this from a site that is not one of the following:

1.0 -=- Introduction
   1.01 - Version History
   1.02 - Introduction
2.0 -=- The Cars
   2.01 -Patriot
   2.02 - Cheetah
   2.03 - Securicar
   2.04 - Bobcat
   2.05 - Barracks OL
   2.06 - Stretch
   2.07 - Trashmaster
3.0 -=- Closing
   3.01 - Frequently Asked Questions
   3.02 - E-Mail Policy
   3.03 - Credits

                 1 . 0  -  I N T R O D U C T I O N

1.01 - Version History
1.8 - (NEW FINAL VERSION) Redid the Trashmaster section. Added Maritza 
Frixione to the Credits section.
1.7 - Major cosmetic changes. Small updates to all car
sections. Added Trashmaster to the car section.
1.6 - Updated copyright.
1.5 - Changed e-mail address.
1.4 - Added the E-Mail Policy section. Fixed small errors in the
introduction and the Stretch section. Updated the Frequently Asked
Questions section. Updated the Credits section.
1.3 - Added the Frequently Asked Questions section. Changed the
'Credits, Etc.' section to 'Closing'. Added the Stretch to the Cars
section. Added Slash5493 to the Credits section. Updated the Contact
1.2 - Added new information to the contact section. Added Jamie Magic
Pants to the Credits section.
1.1 - Added a new method of obtain the bulletproof Cheetah. Confirmed
the falsity of the Barracks OL glitch. Fixed errors in the
introduction, Cheetah section, and Barracks OL section. Added hosting
list. Added Coyote Mystro, Ivan Chich, and Krys M. to the Credits
1.0 - First version. Original content placed.

1.02 - Introduction
This guide is dedicated to getting those elusive bulletproof cars
scattered about Liberty City. Out of the seven I know of, only one are
you *supposed* to get. The others require a bit of ingenuity and a bit
of luck to obtain. All of the bulletproof cars that can be resprayed
can do so without losing their special endowments, so if you dislike
your bulletproof car's color, you can cruise on over to the Pay 'N
Spray and change it. Best of luck to you!

Each of the cars will be shown in a simple data sheet. Here's how it
will look:

Location: The city where the car can be obtained.
Mission: The mission you can get the car in.
Difficulty: The difficulty of obtaining the car. It will be rated from
one to five stars.
Method: The method of obtaining the car.

                       2 . 0  -  T H E  C A R S

2.01 - Patriot
Location: Staunton Island
Mission: Marked Man
Difficulty: **
Method: To obtain the Patriot, you will need to complete the mission
'Marked Man', given by Ray. Before starting the mission, go back and
obtain any of the other bulletproof cars - it doesn't matter which.
When you start the mission, have Ray get into your bulletproof car and
head for the bridge. Normally the feds up on the bridge would
annihilate you with their M-16s, but you're in a bulletproof car, and
the feds won't come down and bust you. Take Ray over to the airport,
and he'll give you the key to his lockup. Follow your map back to the
lockup, grab all the items, and take the Patriot.

2.02 - Cheetah
Location: Portland
Mission: Turismo
Difficulty: ***
Method: To get the Cheetah, you'll need two tanks. Use the tank cheat
to get them, since the tanks you get with the cheat do not vanish,
unlike a normal tank. Park the two tanks along the road outside your
hideout, on the far side of the entrance from the intersection just
down the street. Now start the Turismo mission. Go down to the staring
line and tap one of the Cheetahs with your car, starting the race
instantly, then drive back to your hideout as fast as you can. When you
get there, set your view to the top-down view, since it's easier to
keep a Cheetah in your sights in the top-down mode. Get into one of the
tanks and wait.
At around 100 seconds into the race, the three Cheetahs will come
roaring down the road, going the wrong way. They'll plow straight into
the tanks, and at least one will get knocked into your hideout - if
you're lucky, it'll fall onto its back. Once all three have hit the
tanks, drive into your hideout and hit the Cheetah there, causing it to
explode. This is where it gets tricky - using the tank, you have to
push the blown-up Cheetah into your garage. If you have trouble
controlling the tank, you can park a smaller car inside the hideout and
use it as well. Remember this, though: If you have any major part of
the Cheetah inside your garage, DO NOT get out of your vehicle or pull
away. The door will close on the Cheetah, causing it to vanish. You
also cannot let the Cheetah out of your sights or it will vanish.
Either way, once you've gotten the Cheetah in your garage, you'll
probably get a message saying 'You cannot fit more than one car into
this garage' (if you're still in your car when the door closes with the
Cheetah inside). Get out of your car and check in the garage, and
there's your shiny, new Cheetah. The Cheetah is also impervious to fire
and explosions, and after completing all of El Burro's missions, you
can redo Turismo to get more BP Cheetahs. Enjoy!

Krys N. sent in this alternate method:
Enter the race just a usuall then wait untill one flips over. (the
cheetas flip over quite frequently) Keep looking at him so he doesn't
unflip. Then wait until the race is over and the drive gets out of the
car. While the car is flipped just push it back to your hideout, unflip
it push it into your garage and save. When you come out it will be
unlocked. (it is easier to push if fliped)

2.03 - Securicar
Location: Portland
Mission: Van Heist
Difficulty: **
Method: The only problem you might have getting the Securicar is the
mission itself. Ram the Securicar until the driver gets out, but
instead of taking it to the Securicar Cracking garage, head back to
your hideout (thank you to everybody who told me that the Securicar
WILL fit into the Portland garage). Park the Securicar in the garage,
but since the mission is still going on, you'll have to destroy it -
preferably with a method that won't hurl it out of the garage. The
'blow up all cars' cheat does a fine job of this. Once it has blown up
and you get a mission failed notification, leave the garage then enter
again, and you've got a bulletproof Securicar.

2.04 - Bobcat
Location: Staunton Island
Mission: Evidence Dash
Difficulty: ****
Method: Like the Cheetah, this Bobcat is bulletproof, fireproof, and
explosionproof. To start, you'll need a big, tough truck like a
Barracks OL or a Flatbed. Find the Bobcat carrying the evidence and ram
it to flip it onto its hood. You'll get a notification about this car
being a decoy - don't worry about it.
This part is what's tough. You have to take whatever vehicle you might
be driving and push the Bobcat all the way back across town to your
garage. Let it go offscreen for too long and it's gone, although it can
last longer out of your sights than the elusive Cheetah. Depending on
where you flipped the Bobcat, it could be easy to get or tough to get.
If you wanted, you could use this same trick to get multiple
bulletproof Bobcats from one mission, provided you don't pick up the
evidence packages. And you can still complete the mission after getting
as many Bobcats as you want!

2.05 - Barracks OL
Location: Staunton Island
Mission: Arms Shortage
Difficulty: *
Method: This bulletproof Barracks OL is parked inside the Army Surplus
Store area during the Arms Shortage mission for Ray - it will only be
bulletproof during that mission, so if you don't take it then, it will
not be bulletproof when you return.
The Barracks OL glitch, which supposedly corrupted your game save if
you put the truck in your garage, has been proven wrong, thanks to
faithful reader Ivan Chich. Thanks, Ivan!

2.06 - Stretch
Location: Portland
Mission: Salvatore's Called A Meeting
Difficulty: *
Method: The bulletproof Stretch is flameproof, explosionproof, and
reportedly damage-proof as well. The best part is, it's a slick-looking
jet black Mafia Stretch. It is also quite easy to obtain. After you
leave Toni's, head for Joey's garage, but don't go into the blue
circle. Park a car up against the wall, then enter the faster gameplay
cheat twice (Triangle, Up, Right, Down, Square, L1, L2) and run between
the car and Joey's garage (the Faster Gameplay cheat can be disabled by
entering the Slower Gameplay cheat for each time you entered the Faster
It's a bit tricky to get it right, and hard to explain in writing, but
once you get it, you'll be pushed through the wall and into Joey's
garage. Get into the Stretch waiting there, then back out through the
back wall. You'll fall through 'blue hell' for a few moments, then
you'll pop out on the street behind the garage. Take the Stretch to
Staunton Island via the flying cars cheat over the bridge, then put it
in the garage. You'll then have to find some way to blow it up, which
is tough because the Stretch is bulletproof, flameproof, and
explosionproof. My reccomendation is to use the Blow Up All Cars cheat.
I have also been informed by several people that setting yourself on
fire then getting into the car will cause it to set on fire and
eventually explode.

2.07 - Trashmaster
Location: Portland
Mission: Blow Fish
Difficulty: ****
Method: Well, the old Trashmaster method was a load of unnesscessary bunk, 
thanks to reader Maritza Frixione, who kindly informed me last month of this 
new method. I finally tested it, and I am glad to say it works. One 
difficult part still remains, but two other barriers have been blown down.
As always, take the Trashmaster, but instead of driving to the bridge, head 
through the Porter Tunnel (you'll probably recognize it as the tunnel with 
the four Molotov Cocktail junkies). It's behind and to the left of the 
Trashmaster's starting point. Drive through the tunnel and take a tricky 
left past the barrier and out onto the beach.
Keep your finger ready on the brakes as you slowly inch your Trashmaster 
into the water. The purpose of this is to disable the Trashmaster's bomb 
timer and fragility. Keep going into the water until you get a Mission 
Failed notification, and the timer will disappear.
Now that two of your biggest enemies are removed, head back through the 
tunnel, or drive back through the streets, whatever. Just head for the 
Callahan Bridge. When you arrive, input the Jumping Cars and Flying Cars 
cheats. Hop the barrier - I still prefer going over one of the smaller side 
partitions, as the Trashmaster is no Olympic long jumper.
Feel sorry for your X button. It's time to jump the bridge. Jam it 
mercilessly down into the analog pad in hopes that somewhere the Trashmaster 
will find a bit of speed. Align the Trashmaster perfectly straight before 
you go, because turning causes speed loss. As with before, you have to jump 
at the EXACT RIGHT moment as the Trashmaster descends the bend at the bottom 
of the bridge and picks up speed to make this hellishly asinine jump. As the 
Trashmaster breaks roughly mid-arc between the two bridges, haul back on the 
analog stick to bring up the Trashmaster's nose. If it starts coming up into 
a vertical position on its tail, STOP, because it will stall and you will 
If, after this, the Trashmaster is far enough up on the bridge that its weak 
engine can pull you up - congratulations, you've done it! Take your 
admittedly slow prize to your Staunton garage and pat yourself on the back.

                      3 . 0  -  C L O S I N G

3.01 - Frequently Asked Questions
1.) Where is Ray's lockup? I want the bulletproof Patriot!
-You cannot access Ray's lockup until the mission 'Marked Man'. After
you finish Ray's first few missions, he will vanish for a while, then
he will reappear after you open Shoreside Vale. That is when you can do
Marked Man - during the mission, you will be directed to the lockup.

2.) Your information is wrong. I can't get that car that way.
-I assure you, the methods used in this FAQ are tried and true. Every
single one works. It is your own folly if you are not getting the car.

3.) I've found another bulletproof car!
-Highly unlikely. Almost every possible bulletproof car has been looked

4.) Can I put your FAQ on my site?
-No. I am no longer submitting my FAQ to new sites.

5.) The garage door won't close on my Cheetah, and it keeps
-The mission must end before your garage will close on your Cheetah.
It's really a matter of luck and speed as to keeping the Cheetah from

6.) Hey! I picked up a Bobcat cruising the streets of Staunton, and
it's not bulletproof. What gives?
-The cars listed in this guide are the ONLY ones of their type. There
are no bulletproof versions of these cars besides the ones here. So
don't steal a Cheetah off the streets and expect it to stand up to your

7.) What about the Bling-Bling Scramble mission? Aren't those cars
-NO. I have tested these cars, and they are not bulletproof.

8.) The Mafia Sentinels in Sayonara Salvatore?

9.) What about those Sentinels in the Bait mission? I'm SURE of those!

10.) Aren't there ANY other bulletproof cars?!?!
-Not unless you download your save to your computer with a SharkPort
and edit it with an editing program. You can give any car any number of
special abilities this way. Feel free to experiment if you own a

3.02 - E-Mail Policy
READ THIS BEFORE SENDING ANY E-MAILS. I am no longer accepting any
questions about the game or anything in it. THIS IS THE FINAL VERSION.
There will be NO more updates unless an enormous secret is uncovered,
so please do not send me any more information by e-mail.

3.03 - Credits
-Maritza Frixione, for contributing the easier Trashmaster method
-Mana Blue, for informing me that the Trashmaster was bulletproof
-Various people for pointing out the errors in the Stretch section.
-King Vinsfield, for discovering the method to obtain the bulletproof
-Coyote Mystro, Jamie Magic Pants, and ZildjianSoldier/ash147, for
discovering the method to obtain the bulletproof Bobcat at different
times and at different places
-thekosmicfool, for informing me of how to get the Securicar, Barracks
OL, and Bobcat
-Krys N., for submitting an alternate method of getting the bulletproof
-Ivan Chich, for testing the Barracks OL glitch
-Slash5493, for telling me how to get the bulletproof Stretch.
-The webmasters hosting this FAQ, 'cause I'm an annoying little wretch
and they happen to like my writing ^_^

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