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Guide and Walkthrough by Adrenaline SL / Nexxt

Version: 2.32 | Updated: 04/21/2003


               %@@@@@@@@@@@@@@%  @@@@@@@%@@@@@@  %%%@   %@         
              %@%      %@      @@      %@   @  %@%      %@             
              %@       %@      %%       @       @       %@         
              %@   @   %@  @@  %@%%@%   @   @   @   @   %@            
              %@   @   %@      %@%      @   @   @   @   %@          
              %@   @   %@      @@   @   @   @   @   @   %@           
              %@       %@  @%  %@       @   @   @       %@             
              %@       %@  @%  %@       @   @   @       %@           
              %@@@@@   %@@@@%   %@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@%           
              %@       @@@@@@%      @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@         
              %@@@@@@@@%   %@@%@%      %@%     %@%      @%   %@@@@    
                     %@        @%       @       @    %  @        @    
                     %@%   %@@@@%   @   @   @   @   @@@@@%   %@@@@       
                       @   @   @%   @   @       @       @@   @   @    
                       @   @   @%   @   @   @@@@@   %@@@@%   @   @    
                       @       @%   @   @       @   %@@@@%       @    
           %%@@@@@%%@@@@@%@@@@%@%%%%@%%@@@@%   %@%@@@@@@@@@%@@@%@%    
          %@       @   @   %%   %@@@@@      %@@%             %@       
          %@       @   @%  %        @       %@@%             %@        
          %@@%%@   @   @%  %@   %@@@@   @%  %@@@@   @   @   @@         
          %@       @   @%  %@   @   @   @%  %@@@@   @   @   @@         
          %@   @   @   @%  %@   @   @   @%  %@@@@   @   @   @@@     
          %@       @       %@       @       %@@%             %@     
          %@       @       %@       @       %@@%             %@     
           %@@@@@@@%@@@@@@@%%@@@@@@@%%@@@@@%% %@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 
                            Playstation®2 console
            Grand Theft Auto III Strategy Guide and Walkthrough
                          Written by AdrenalineSL
                           & Cell (Bonds Legacy)
                   Version 2.32: Released April 20, 2003                

       The very latest versions and updates can be found at GameFAQs:


This is currently [Version 2.32] of Adrenaline's and Ryan's Grand Theft Auto 
3 Strategy Guide for the Playstation®2 console.

Hi kids! Do you like eyelids?

Adrenaline has learned to suppress her killing urge whenever her inbox is 
flooded with tons of 100K+ attachments, along with other stupid game 
questions and spam. Despite all that, her computer still hasn't been smashed 
to pieces. And you people think she is such a monster. Ryan is being 
reasonably patient with all the 10-year-olds he must put up with despite his 
deepest desires. But that's not the point! Here's the deal: if you e-mail us, 
please, please make sure your question cannot be answered in the guide. 

We are not accepting any more contributions, unless it is a completely newly
discovered secret, like finding a way to play as Pogo the Monkey or 

Contact us: toiletrabbit(at)hotmail(dot)com (Adrenaline)
            thesilvercell(at)hotmail(dot)com (Ryan Kavanagh)

---   WHAT'S NEW, WHAT'S GONE   ---

Version 2.1  | November 3, 2002
Hello there, videogamers! Come one, come all to  probably the last update you 
will see for this guide. Vice City is out now, and people won't be paying 
much attention to GTA3 or this guide. They have all flocked to Rockstar's 
latest masterpiece. In this update, I've proofread what I could. (I was 
actually getting really annoyed, so it was a bit rushed. Excuse the remaining 
errors and jargon you will run across.) In addition to that, I've finished 
listing the Police Bribe and Heart locations. Any contributions that I have 
gotten in the last 2 months have been added in. What else? Nothing really. 
Just because I claim this might be the last update the world will ever see of 
this guide, it doesn't mean I won't update when there is a NEED to. It's been 
fun, guys, but it's time for me to move on. 

Version 2.0  | September 2, 2002
By VERY dreadful misfortune, I've managed to screw up my old hotmail account 
and practically lose 80% of all GTA3 contributions that were sent to me in 
the past 9 months! It's a big loss. I sincerely apologize to everyone who has 
sent me something within that timeframe. Now, this should be a mixture of 
good and bad news: I've went and completely re-did some sections, like the 
Hidden Packages, Rampages, etc. The information is accurate and nigh-
flawless. I actually wanted to send in this update back in April, but I just 
never got around to it. Now we're in the month of September. In short, I've 
spent nearly 6 months on this update!!!! AND STILL, I AM NOT DONE. I need to 
proofread and spell check it, then finalize it with some secrets and better 

So why don't I just finish it up? Well, unlike you just taking advantage of 
my hard work and sitting there, I unfortunately must go back to school and do 
other things. So I thought I should just hastily slap together what I have 
and send it in to let everyone know I haven't completely abandoned this 
guide. Expect that the next update will the last. And yeah, this is pretty 
long, so I should go now.


[Old updates deleted.]


01.  Introduction
02.  Chapter One: Game Basics         
       Basic Shiznat
       Methods of Mayhem
       Car Handling
       The Authorities
       Gotta Have The Right Stuff!        
       Other Stuff
03.  Chapter Two: Game Walkthrough
       Staunton Island
       Shoreside Vale                
04.  Chapter Three: Urban Chaos
       RC Toyz Missionz
       4x4 Offroad Challenges
       Import/Export Garages
       Emergency Vehicle Crane
       Vehicle Missions
       Rampage Locations
       Unique Stunt Jumps
       Hidden Packages
05.  Chapter Four: Miscellaneous
       Weapon Locations
       Item Locations
       Vehicle Database
       Secret Vehicles
       Tips & Tricks
       Game Enigmas
       Cheat Codes
       Frequently Asked Questions
06.  Chapter Five: Outro
       Legal Junk
       Special Thanks
       Contributor Credits     


Just a note:

I want to apologize  for the  wordiness of those features which  describe the 
locations of special items, weapons, etc. It is kind of hard to make them as 
concise and clear as possible when the GTA3 world is so stupendously HUGE. 
You'll see what I mean when you finally get to the Hidden Packages, Rampages,
and Unique Stunt Jumps sections. And um, look over there...a goat! 

   ______ ________________________________________________________________
  / ___  \ ______________________________________________________________ \
 / /  / \ \                                                              \ \
| | -/ /-| |              - - - -  INTRODUCTION  - - - -                  \ \ 
 \ \/ /_/ /_______________________________________________________________/ /

"I play violent video games! I can snap at any moment!" -- Penny Arcade

Killing isn't a laughing matter. Except when it's done in Grand Theft Auto 3.
Grand Theft Auto 3 (hereby referred to as GTA3) isn't what you call just any 
game. It's more like a film--underground life lifted straight from a gangster 
movie. Think The Godfather or Reservoir Dogs. Yeah, now you've got it. With 
this game, Rockstar was trying to blot out the line separating cinema and 
video gaming and intertwine them. The final result is  what has become one of 
the hottest selling games in video game history.

GTA3 sets its course in the heart of  Liberty City, where all  things know no 
bounds, and a bloody death site is never too far away. You, as the nameless 
main character, conspire with your girlfriend and another law-breaking 
hooligan in an attempt to rob a bank in Carser City. It was the perfect 
heist. Or so you thought. Things go as planned until you find that a method 
of egress seems nearly impossible. The victim of a treacherous double-cross, 
you find yourself sprawled out on the street while your girlfriend escapes 
with your other partner-in-crime. The police comes with cuffs and pins the 
entire robbery on you. Your trip to prison introduces you to a fellow convict 
that goes by the name of 8-ball, with whom you eventually escape. The two of 
you head into Liberty  City. There, you are introduced to  your first of many 
crime bosses. Your quest for revenge starts here. And so begins your 
immersion into Rockstar's world. 

For an enterprising  criminal, you have a huge  task ahead of you. This guide 
will help make things like, whacking a crime boss, obtaining a Hidden 
Package, overcoming a Unique Stunt Jump, finding the best rides, and many 
other things, seem like pie. We do not guarantee this guide alone will help 
you attain that elusive 100%, but it will help you achieve it little by 
little. This guide shines from the vantage of having spent 80+ hours alone on 
the game to compile all non-mission based information (Hidden Packages, item 
and weapon locations, etc.) contained in this document. You don't want to 
know the TOTAL amount of time (hint: averages 200 hours). We hope you will 
find it an invaluable resource for your Grand Theft Auto III needs. Thank you 
for choosing this guide. It's time to get on with it! 

   ______ ________________________________________________________________
  / ___  \ ______________________________________________________________ \
 / /  / \ \                                                              \ \
| | -/ /-| |         - - - -  CHAPTER ONE: GAME BASICS  - - - -           \ \ 
 \ \/ /_/ /_______________________________________________________________/ /

Welcome to Liberty City.  Please enjoy your stay.  There's a  map of the city
packaged with the game. Your only ticket out now is to walk the path of a 
criminal and embark on a spree of wanton violence. Your past, identity, and 
everything you thought you had is up in smoke and being blown away by a light 
swirl from the harbor.   

What do you think  takes to be a gangster? With GTA3, you have plenty of time 
to refine your car-jacking skills, selective guns from a wide arsenal for gun 
fights with the local gangs, cars upon cars, and more. If you need fast cash, 
feel free to beat down common citizens and steal their money. Just don't get 
busted by the cops. Not everyone is who they appear to be. If you do what 
you're told, you'll earn quick cash and pave your way to the easy life. Just 
remember not to double-cross your mob boss. Fooling around with gangs isn't 
the right way to make friends. And lastly, don't leave home without a bat or 
some semi-automatic. Learn fast and you'll survive. The theory of Natural 
Selection begins  here. This is what "survival of  the fittest" is all about. 
Enjoy your stay.

                                -= CONTROLS =-

D-Pad  -  * Move your character around
          * Steer vehicle 

Left Analog Stick  -  * Move your character around
                      * Steer vehicle 
                      * Honk car horn (depress analog stick)

Right Analog Stick  –  * Look behind you
                       * Pan around the area
                       * Activate community service missions

Square Button  -  * Jump
                  * Brake & reverse
Circle Button  -  * Use weapon or punch when you have no weapons equipped
                  * Drive-by shooting (with Uzi)

Cross Button  -  * Sprint
                 * Accelerate 

Triangle Button  –  * Enter/hi-jack vehicle
                    * Get out of vehicle

L1 Button  -  * Adjust third-person angle
              * Change radio stations in vehicle
L2 Button  –  * Scroll through weapon inventory (going left)
              * Change to side angle of vehicle/rear angle (with R2)
R1 Button  –  * Target an enemy (with gun)
              * Handbrake (instant stop)
R2 Button  –  * Scroll through weapon inventory (going right)
              * Change to side angle of vehicle/rear angle (with L2)

START Button  -  Open main menu

SELECT Button  -  Change camera modes

                              -= BASIC SHIZNAT =-

--- MANAGING GAME FILES --------------

Unlike most games, in which the title screen gives you the options to start a 
New Game, Load Game, etc., GTA3 just kicks into the game engine immediately. 
If you've just begun a game, the system will automatically start a new game 
so you could build up your empire from scratch. If you already have a save 
file, the system takes you to the point where you last saved. So how in the 
blue hell do you start a new game? I'm glad you asked that. When you gain 
control of the character, pop into the menu screen and scroll through the 
pages until you  come across "Load Game, New  Game, and Delete Game". Select 
whatever command and...kapow! There you have it. 

--- HIDEOUT --------------------------

Every criminal has got to have a hideout, right? Well, you're a criminal, and 
you've got a hideout. Your ex-convict pal will introduce you to your hideout 
in Portland. It appears on your radar as a green icon. Each island will 
provide a hideout. When you move to your new hideout, the old one is still  
accessible. With the hideout, you can save your current game progress. Though 
if you die and didn't save beforehand, you will still be able to continue 
your game. That's the beauty of GTA3. Game overs don't exist. Anyway, by 
heading into your hideout, you will advance the clock by 6 hours. The Hideout 
isn't used only for saving. It also serves as a refuge  from the cops, and as 
a repair shop for your car. It is also home to an array of regenerating 
weapons. See Hidden Packages section for details.

--- RADAR ----------------------------

On the lower left corner, you will find a  circular map with icons. The white 
dot represents your current location and shows where you're headed. The red  
or green dots that appear on the outer rim of the circle mark your next 
destination. These appear only when you are currently on a mission. Other 
icons, like an 8-Ball, a spray can, a phone, etc., will mark the locations of 
special shops and places you need to visit. Your radar is indispensable; it's 
your ultimate weapon to survival in Liberty City.

--- BLUE ARROW -----------------------
GTA3 is a vast, 3D world with millions of things  to do and see. So how is it 
possible to determine which person, car, or any object is the real deal in a 
mission? That's quite simple. A large, blue arrow will point down on the 
object (usually a vehicle) or person. It will become more apparent as you get 
nearer. Watching for this indicator is very crucial in some missions.

--- REAL TIME ------------------------                         

Time does elapse in Liberty City. Time affects  how the city  functions. Some 
mob bosses won't give out jobs until a certain time. More police cars patrol 
each area of town near the wee hours of the night and early dawn. More 
prostitutes prowl for business during the night. Scores of gangsters come out 
of hiding to  rendezvous with one another. Before you  know it, night becomes 
day, and day  becomes night. What you do with your  time is up to you. As far 
as I know, there is no foreseeable goal in GTA3, other than to beat the 
living crap out of people.


Look in the upper right corner of your screen. You will see a timer. It's the 
time of the day. The reason it might seem as if it's not is that it goes from 
13 to 23. It's military time. So, 23:47 would be 11:47 PM and 13:01 would be 
1:01 PM, etc.  

Submitted by Kevin Melnick. Extra thanks goes out to: Eminem41188, J.Shipley, 
The Doctor What, and Danny "LaCe" as a little nod for helping out.

[TIP]  Submitted by SSMGSNY60

My way of telling military time is this: take 1600, take away the 1 and two
0's, and you get 6. Now subtract 2 from that that number. You'll get 4, then 
add the two 0's back on and you'll get 4:00PM.


--- WEATHER --------------------------

"Today's  forecast--Sunny. High in the upper 70's with a cold  front swirling
slowly overhead. Looks like we're gonna get a slight drizzle in the evening, 
folks." While you won't have an anchorman reporting the weather in Liberty 
City, you will, indeed, witness some of the coolest weather effects a game 
has to offer. In the world of GTA3, the weather is always unpredictable, and 
you will get what you least expect. However, the weather doesn't really 
hinder your motives--it's just there for pretty looks. When the fog rolls in, 
it'll impair your  vision. Other neat weather effects  can cause the citizens 
of Liberty City to react differently--not by much, though.

--- WASTED ---------------------------

Getting wasted is like dying in other games. However, it doesn't trigger an 
instant game over. That's the cool thing about GTA3. You simply get 
transported to the nearest hospital to get your wounds treated. After being 
discharged from the hospital, you'll have to pay up $1000 to compensate for 
the medical bills. You'll also lose all your weapons, and consequently fail 
any mission you were attempting at the time of your "demise".

--- BUSTED ---------------------------

Getting Busted is not as bad as getting wasted. It's less painful. Basically,
you get arrested and taken to the nearest police station, where they will 
deduct $400 and confiscate all your weapons.  You will automatically fail any 
mission you were attempting at the time of your arrest. You don't get Busted 
for nothing. You have to have a wanted level of at least 1 and be pulled over 
and dragged out of a car. 

--- AEROBIC EXERCISE -----------------

Your character is capable of sprinting for a short distance. At first, he can 
get tired very easily. His muscles need an abundance of oxygen to keep them 
working. If he keeps exercising his intake of oxygen, he can eventually build 
the stamina to run a greater distance. By exercising, your character will be 
able to run as far as a few blocks nonstop! Be sure to give him daily
exercise. Once he's able to  run farther, he  will, consequently, take longer 
to recuperate when exhausted.

--- WEAPONS --------------------------

As you find and add weapons to your inventory, you can decide which to use at 
any time. The weapon which you are currently equipped with is displayed in 
the orange box on the top right corner. You can find weapons from power-up's, 
or by picking up the weapons of fallen gang members. They always tend to drop 
weapons (if they are carrying any). The weapons range in weight and
destruction power. Like real-life weapons, the armaments in GTA3 have recoil 
times and mass, too. With some weapons, you will be able to run with them in 
hand. With other weapons, you may have to remain in a  stationary position to 

--- STATISTICS -----------------------

An in-game diary keeps track of everything you do.  Simply pop open the pause 
menu, and wait for the stats to scroll up. It's a great way to see what 
you've been doing and what you need to do.  Sprinkled throughout Liberty City 
are items, jump ramps, and many other things that this journal tallies. 

                             -= METHODS OF MAYHEM =-

Many ways to deal with everyday life in Liberty City starts here.  Everything 
you need to know to become a Scarface-wannabe.

--- LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR! ----------- 

Grab a baseball bat, a  handgun, a flamethrower, your  fists or anything that 
can knock a common citizen dead on the concrete of urban streets, and whack 
an unlucky bystander. Inciting a royal rumble with citizens can cause them to 
chase after you and fight back, or turn tail and scamper away. Once the 
victim starts to cower on the floor, hover over him and kick (or beat) him 
'til he screams in agony. That's when you know he's had enough. At this 
point, he will have also dropped all his money. Bounce around to the green 
power-ups to collect the cash. Each stack is worth either $25 or $50. A 
single person could drop a whole vault of money. What a great (and dirty) way 
to earn fast cash.

--- YOU STEAL MAH CAH! ----------------------

Stop a car or just press Triangle to attempt to open the vehicle door. If you 
press Triangle as a car slowly passes by, you will chase after it, but it is 
unlikely you can catch up to it unless it stops. Anyway, by entering a car or 
any other vehicle, you will pull out the driver and put yourself behind the 
wheel. Some drivers will be overcome with fear and run away, screaming. Angry 
drivers tend to be persistent with pulling you out of their car and beating 
you to a bloody pulp. Gangsters show  a disposition to drag  you out and pull 
away with their own car. 

To avoid getting thrown out of a car, immediately after you're set behind the 
wheel, step on the reverse or acceleration gear and get the hell out! If you 
attempt to hijack a police car with  the officer inside, you'll automatically 
secure a wanted level of 1. 

--- HIT-AND-RUN -----------------------------

Don't like to stain your hands with blood? Then why not just run pedestrians 
over and stain the wheels instead? Yes, that will do. Simply hop into a car 
and start squashing innocent civilians, but don't let the cops catch you. 
However, if you run over too many at one time, you'll be awarded with 1 star 
(on the Wanted Level meter, that is).

This method is better than whacking  people with your bat since they will not 
hold a grudge against you if you run them over. Direct contact with the 
wheels instantly kills them, but if you just gently tap them with the fender 
or whatever, they will miraculously survive! Mow them down several times to 
wring their cash or weapons. Then hop out of the car and collect the goods. 
Yes, we are truly evil.  Some civilians are quick on their feet and will leap 
to the side. There are even some suicidal people  who will dive onto the road 
when you drive toward them. I can tell you now that the  average life span in 
Liberty City is about 30 years of age.

--- CAR EXPLOSIONS --------------------------

Once the car is caught in flames, park it near a congested area of people and
run away! When the car lets out a large boom, nearby civilians will let out a 
scream of pain, as they feel the wrath of a poorly managed car. If an 
explosion occurs, and it injures (or kills) an innocent civilian, surrounding 
bystanders will be curious and crowd around the crash site.  Better yet, this 
act of defacing property doesn't penalize you!

--- GUN FIGHTS ------------------------------

If you attack a gangster armed with a weapon, his back-up will appear and gun 
you down. If you don't have an automatic, you'd better run for your life. 
Brawls with gangsters fascinate the cops, and they will come to break it up 
and chase after only YOU. Not the big, faceless cretins. That's the twisted 
part about Liberty City. Other people can fight with the cops and not get 
arrested, but if you merely point a finger, they will jump down your throat 
and be all over you.

--- HOLD-UPS --------------------------------

With a gun, simply  target  someone, preferably a  mafia member, where he can 
see you, and he'll put his hands up. However, he won't stay in place too 
long, especially if he has a gun. He will draw his own gun and be gun-blazin' 
mad! If he targets you at close range, you'll receive double the damage. If 
you hold anyone else up, they'll just run away screaming and call you names.

                               -= CAR HANDLING =-

Ah, one of the greatest aspects of GTA3--car-jacking, and then some.

--- SO MANY CARS, SO LITTLE TIME ------------

There's a point to being selective in which cars you'll hijack since each one 
has individual performance and handling attributes. Vans tend to be clumsy, 
but they do not flip over as easily as certain muscle cars. Each car has its 
advantages and fallbacks. Need a fast car? Just pull over any of the 
Cheetahs. Need a durable vehicle? No problem. Just grab a Flatbed, or if 
you're lucky, get your hands on a Rhino. If you're looking to ditch the cops 
nipping on your ass, fast cars don't necessarily boost the success rate of 
escaping. Once you move to other places, you will  find more than enough fast 
cars to go around (and other cars, too).

--- DRIVING ---------------------------------

Driving is not really the problem; controlling the car is. If you put  on the 
full throttle on a long straightway, the car's speed will hit its peak, which 
will make it harder for you to control. It's always good to slow down. Not 
only for turns; you can also avoid banging up the traffic and road kill.  
Going fast won't help you escape the binding of the law enforcements, so 
don't think everything you do needs to be done apace. You can, however, power 
slide and do crazy stunts, which are recorded in the statistics journal.

--- RADIO STATIONS --------------------------

Head-bang to dope beats  and mad vibes. You can  set  your radio to the radio 
station that gets your adrenaline pumpin' while driving. Each station was 
individually programmed to have DJs, commercials and their own songs. There 
are 10 stations in all, each are  likely to suit your tastes in music. When 
you enter a stranger's car, it will already be tuned to a certain station.

--- CAR TROUBLE -----------------------------

Never worry about scraping  your car against walls, crashing  headlong into a 
brick wall at 120MPH, colliding with other cars, or knocking down lamp posts
and other street objects. That is, until you start to see heavy smoke 
billowing from the engine. This indicates the car is letting out an enraged 
roar of pain. Still nothing to worry about. However, once the engine shoots 
up in flames, bail out NOW! The cars about to explode, and if you're in it, 
you have just ordered an instant WASTED! Scramble out of the car and get as 
far away as possible. If you are caught in the range of explosion and sent to 
kiss the floor, expect to watch your health meter lose some points.

                             -= THE AUTHORITIES =-

The Liberty City Police Department are sworn to oath to  keep the city a safe 
place, to help old ladies cross the street, to care for stray dogs, to put 
criminals to  justice, and to give up their  donut-eating  habits for  crime-
fighting...Yeah, right. 

They're not interested in the local  gangs, or even street brawls  with other 
people. They have only one goal in mind: to annihilate you.

--- BAD COP, NO DONUT -----------------------

Police cars and single officers cover every street in the city. So if you see 
a corpulent fool in blue, swinging his baton like an idiot, that's your cop 
from the friendly neighborhood. If you do anything devilish while they're 
around, they will give chase. They are persistent bastards, and if necessary, 
they will not hesitate to shoot you dead.

--- WANTED LEVEL ----------------------------

There are six star  slots right below  your health meter. They represent your 
Wanted Level, or the rating of criminal behavior. By deviating from missions 
and putting others in danger, you can easily get one star for a wanted level 
of 1. The six wanted levels make it increasingly harder for you to be safe 
from the cops. As physical stars begin to fill in the blanks, the police 
force will do whatever it takes to detain you. They will resort to shooting 
you and even calling in the army. The police start to get dangerous at level 
2. Below is a chart  of what the police  force will  deploy depending on your 

Level     Reinforcement Team
  *       Single police officer or car. Any other policeman who sees you will 
          attempt to knock you out.
  **      Policemen will shoot and become persistent. Many police cars.
  ***     Numerous police cars that come from many directions. A helicopter
          is searching overhead.
  ****    SWAT team. Skilled drivers.
  *****   FBI--Fast and extremely skilled guys. Two helicopters.
  ******  The army rolls in with a tank. Start running...

--- INCREASING WANTED LEVEL -----------------

Increasing your  wanted level is  very simple. Simply  hijack  a car, go on a 
massacre, start a gun fight, murder someone, etc. when an officer is around 
for an instant level 1. Target a police officer with your gun for an instant 
level 2. No questions asked; no warning. Continue to take out the police  
numbers to increase your wanted level like crazy. So basically, start tapping 
into your criminal mastermind and wreak havoc.

--- DECREASING WANTED LEVEL -----------------

Now that the heat is all over you, how are you going to handle it? First, the 
fundamentals. Plan your getaway in a car, unless you have only 1 star, then
travel around on foot. The police can pinpoint exactly where you are if you 
seem to be out in  the open. So make scarce appearances  in busy places. Even 
then, the police will still somehow be  able to track you down. I do not know 
how they do it, but I think real-life police officers should learn from them.

If you have a wanted level of 3-6, lying low  will not help at all. They will 
track you down and nail you. The only way to lose them is to use the paint 
shop (Pay 'n' Spray) and give your car a new engine and paint job. The cops 
won't recognize you thereafter and will cut off all pursuits. An alternative 
is to collect an item called a Police Bribe, an icon that embodies a yellow 
star. You can find these scattered around each district (See Item Locations). 
These bring down your Wanted Level one at a time. 

--- DITCHING THE COPS -----------------------

As explained above, you can either collect the Police Bribes, remodel the car
or just lie low until the madness abates. For people who have 1 star, it is  
very easy to curtail. But if you constantly bump into patrolling officers and 
law enforcement vehicles, it may be harder. Hop into a car and drive away 
anywhere like mad (and do so before a cop pulls you out of the car). You can 
also run into alleyways and onto roofs. If you are being chased by a single 
officer, outrun him and turn a corner. They never follow you for too long. 
When the police find that you  are impossible to catch, they will just forget 
about you and move on until you stir up some trouble again. 

                         -= GOTTA HAVE THE RIGHT STUFF! =-

If you're gonna be bangin' it up in Liberty City, you gotta have and know the 
right stuff!

--- WEAPONS ---------------------

Every criminal needs something for protection from the law enforcements. GTA3 
has just the things you need. Need a rocket launcher? No problem. Need 
explosives? You got it. Need to let out some steam on the local citizens? 
We're with ya.

| Baseball Bat |
Don't count on a  baseball game going  on anywhere, so take off  the Yankee's  
hat, and start clubbing  people! The bat is a short-ranged weapon; it's  
great for reaping dough the dirty way. It hurts more than planting your fist 
in someone's face, and it doesn't take as many hits to knock him dead either.  
Of course, this  weapon  is not preferred when you're up against a gun...It's 
common sense, ya know?

| Handgun |
While it's a  gun, and  guns are cool, the Handgun  isn't really reliable. If
you were engaged in a gun fight with the FBI, for example, you will drop dead 
on the concrete before you could open fire. The Handgun is generally weak in 
fire power, but it _does_ get the job painfully done. It's also light and 
travel friendly, so you could run and shoot with it.  You don't need a Rocket 
Launcher to shoot down the local citizens, do you?

| Shotgun |
The Shotgun is your friend. It packs a punch. It kills a person at moderately
close range with one shell. Helluva lot better than the handgun. The impact 
can also drop other civilians surrounding your target. Because of its heavy 
nature, the shotgun will allow you only to walk with it in hand. It's bad for 
long distance sniping.

| Sniper Rifle | 
The Sniper Rifle works best when you are ensconced somewhere, where you won't 
be disturbed while you get a bead on unaware citizens. When you press the aim 
button, it goes into a first-person view—you will be looking through the 
scope. Use the cross-hairs for precise shooting. Sniper Rifles are to be used 
from afar on slow-moving targets.

| Flame-thrower |
Toast to the new millennium, or something.  This bad ass, portable hipster is 
sick. Pull the trigger, and a stream of roaring fire will shoot out. You must 
stay in place for the flame-thrower to ignite and incinerate all those around 
you. Just remember that anything you set ablaze, the fire could be spat right 
back at you.

| Grenade |
Bah. We always hate these things; other people seem to find a lot of uses for 
them, though. By holding circle, you will pull your arm back, and the longer 
you hold it, the further the grenade will go. Sounds cool, huh? Well, there's 
a catch. If you hold on to it for too long, then it will blow up in your own 
hands! That can never be too good. You also have to be careful when throwing 
them. They might hit an object  and bounce back at you. You can buy them from 
the Ammu-nation shop in Staunton Island. 

| Molotov Cocktail | 
A classic weapon that still works like a charm. The Molotov is a glass bottle 
filled with corrosive, inflammable liquid with a damp rag that's soaked in 
fuel stuffed in the neck. When thrown, the ground or object will swell up in 
a huge fire and set everything around it on fire. You can't get careless when 
using these. You might end up setting yourself ablaze. By the time you 
relieve yourself from the fire, you will probably have very little health 
points left. 

| AK-47 |
The AK-47 is an automatic weapon that  works well against a flock of agitated
gangsters, and in fairly close-combat. However, it loses its accuracy over 
long distances. Its awesome fire power is too heavy for you to be able to run 
and shoot with it at the same time, so it restricts you to walking only, or 
standing still. Fear not, you can still  blast ugly  scumbags  into oblivion.

| M-16 |
A pretty bad-ass assault  rifle that's  used by the army guys  when they come 
after you in the game. When you use it and try to aim, you will immediately 
zoom into first-person perspective with a center cross-hair, with which to 
aim. When you pull the trigger, a crazy barrage of bullets will drown its 
victim to death. It's so sick, it will probably become your favorite weapon. 
You cannot move or do anything active  while firing  this weapon. It is very
effective against the police. 

| Uzi |
The Uzi is awesome.  This rapid-fire machine  gun pumps out shots faster than 
the AK and is always great to have around when angry mobsters start to get 
rowdy. The Uzi is the only weapon that can be used for drive-by shootings, 
which is done by driving by in a car...and shooting. To do this, enter any 
car. When you do, the Uzi will be automatically equipped. Then press L2 or R2 
to stick your arm out, and press the Circle button to let the chaos ensue!

| Rocket Launcher |
No one is brave in front of a Rocket Launcher. When crooks see you waving the 
weapon menacingly anywhere, they will steer clear of you and wouldn't touch 
you with a 40-foot pole. This massive weapon needs the support of your 
shoulder to aim and fire. Therefore, you won't be able to move at all, and 
you will be vulnerable when this is equipped. The impact of the missile 
spells disaster. Short-range use is never recommended. Fire too close, and 
you can ensure a free ride to the hospital. The Rocket  Launcher is generally 
used to obliterate helicopters, or to torch the civilian cars and stuff.

--- ITEMS -----------------------

There are only a few items that help you through the tough times in Liberty 
City. Let's not get too greedy.

| Heart |
Hearts fully restore your health only when you're injured. When you find one 
of these charms, your health will instantly be nurtured to max. Otherwise, 
you won't be able to pick it up. Hospital entrances usually carry these 
around. Other times, they are well  hidden in  alleys and apartment corners.

| Hidden Package |
When you first pick one of these up, you'll  think "I have to  pick up 100 of 
these g'damn suckas?!" Yeah. "What do I get out of it?" You can check that 
out in the Hidden Packages section for more information. When you amass them 
in tens, you will earn special items or weapons that will be produced at your 
hideout. You also earn $1000 for each Hidden Package you find. Not a bad 
deal. So, $1000 x 100 = Lots o' dough. You do the math. 

| Police Bribe |
As explained in the  Authorities  section, you can use  these to curtail your 
Wanted Level by one. If you don't have a Wanted Level, you will not be able 
to pick them up. I recommend getting one only if you have a Wanted Level of 4 
or higher. The Police Bribe icon is recognized by a yellow star in the center 
of the icon.

| Rampage Skull |
Pick up a Rampage icon when you're  not currently  on a mission to initiate a 
"side mission", which generally involves assassinating a set number of 
gangsters of a certain group, within the allotted time. As you begin the 
challenge, you are provided with a pre-selected weapon. You will not be able
to cycle among the other weapons  you have. Complete the mission to earn some 
extra cash. Fail, and the icon relocates. See Rampage section for details.

| Armor |
An armor is basically what it implies; it protects your health. When you find 
an armor, a second meter--this one is green--will appear to the left of your 
health meter. Now that you have a safeguard, the armor will absorb any damage 
done to you, leaving your health untouched. However, once the armor begins to 
deteriorate, you will begin to take direct damage again.

| Adrenaline Pill |
These pills slow down movement, but allows for insane jumps.  Punching people 
won't be a problem anymore. The pill gives you superhuman strength to knock 
people 10 feet into the air and 20 feet away. Unfortunately, they won't 
instantly be killed. You could even tow cars with your bare hands. Think 
Matrix, where the impossible is made possible. This item looks like a Tylenol 
pill, but works better. The effect will wear off after about 40 seconds.

                               -= OTHER STUFF =-

--- CAR ALARMS ---------------------------

Parked cars are usually  ripe for the taking.  However, some cars have alarms 
installed into it, so that if you try to steal it, the alarm goes off. The 
blaring sound will attract nearby law officers, or if you drive it onto the 
busy streets, you'll eventually get a Wanted Level of 1. If you drive them 
around long enough, the alarm will eventually stop ringing. It usually lasts 
for about 10 seconds. 

--- NO LAWS ------------------------------

Don't worry about running red lights  or defacing property. The police  don't 
like to concern themselves with such petty misdemeanors. If you really want 
to get their attention, you should try murdering one of their men. If you are 
posing a threat to the society and corrupting the tranquil flow, they will 
take the bait and hunt you down. While the attention to detail is great, the 
citizens of Liberty City won't  report any potential criminals to the police, 
even if there were 20 witnesses who  watched you run  over a helpless elderly 

--- HONE YOUR DRIVING SKILLS -------------

Trying to get away from the authorities  will quickly become a daily chore if 
you're feeling evil and constantly causing trouble. A getaway by car will 
need exceptional car handling skills. So when you're not bogged down by a 
mission, or frolicking off to explore, hop into a car and touch up your 
driving skills.  Learn to pull  away from a  corner without losing too much 
speed, and play with the cops so that they get blown to bits by obstructions.

--- AMMU-NATION --------------------------

Ammu-nation is a special store  that carries fire arms. As you complete more 
and more missions, the store will begin to sell better weapons. Otherwise, 
they will just be "Out of Stock". You can also use Ammu-nation as a safe 
house to hide from the police...when you have a Wanted Level of 1, that is. 
Aside from Ammu-nation, there are two other places, at which you can purchase 
weapons: Phil's Army Surplus Store and an independent shop set up in 
Shoreside Vale--it's behind the police station. Each shop offers different 
weapons for a set amount of money. Just walk into the power-up, and money 
will automatically be subtracted from your wallet. A few seconds later, the 
power-up will have regenerated. Now that's what I call service! Here are the 
prices for all the weapons you can buy.

+----------------+-------------+            +----------------+-------------+ 
| Weapon         | Price       |            | Weapon         | Price       |
+----------------+-------------+            +----------------+-------------+
| Handgun        | $250        |            | Uzi            | $800        |
+----------------+-------------+            +----------------+-------------+
| Uzi            | $800        |            | Grenades       | $2000       |
+----------------+-------------+            +----------------+-------------+
| Rocket Launcher| $25,000     |            | AK-47          | $3000       |
+----------------+-------------+            +----------------+-------------+
| Molotovs       | $2000       |            | Sniper Rifle   | $10,000     |
+----------------+-------------+            +----------------+-------------+
| Flamethrower   | $25,000     |            | Armor          | $3000       |
+----------------+-------------+            +----------------+-------------+
| Shotgun        | $1500       |            | M-16           | $5000       |
+----------------+-------------+            +----------------+-------------+

--- PAY 'N' SPRAY ------------------------

Your life saver  from the cops. It's a  paint shop  that could  give your car 
a cosmetics make-over. Not only that, but it also helps completely wipe out 
all the current stars on the Wanted Level. Although each time you use it, it 
sucks up $1000 from your pocket. Once you get it repaired once, you can go 
into the Paint 'n' Spray an infinite number of times to get it re-sprayed to 
a color you like. A new paint job is complimentary as long as you don't 
damage the car in ANY WAY. Don't try to paint over police cars! They like it 
the way it is. The shop is labeled on the radar as a spray-can. Usually, a 
small shop called 8-Ball's Bomb Shop neighbors the Pay 'n' Spray. There, you 
can fit your vehicle  with an explosive, which is  triggered by the engine's 
ignition. Set the bomb with the Circle button.

8-Ball Garage Locations:

- Harwood, Portland
  In the back of the junkyard near the Easy Credit Autos.
- Newport, Staunton Island
  In the alley behind the multi-story carpark, next to the Pay 'n' Spray
- Pike Creek, Shoreside Vale
  In the building across from Liberty Pharmaceuticals.

Pay 'n' Spray Locations:

- Red Light District, Portland
  Near Luigi's Sex Club Seven
- Newport, Staunton Island
  In the alley behind the multi-story carpark, next to 8-Ball's
- Pike Creek, Shoreside Vale
  In the building across from Liberty Pharmaceuticals.

   ______ ________________________________________________________________
  / ___  \ ______________________________________________________________ \
 / /  / \ \                                                              \ \
| | -/ /-| |        - - - -  CHAPTER TWO: GAME WALKTHROUGH  - - - -       \ \ 
 \ \/ /_/ /_______________________________________________________________/ /

 ____________________________/                   \__________________________
(____________________________       PORTLAND      __________________________)

Each district will lead to another. You will know if you have entered another 
district when the name of that area appears on the bottom right corner.


Hepburn Heights
Red Light District
Callahan Bridge
Portland View
Saint Mark's
Callahan Point 

Rewards: A hideout
         A new crime boss

This is your first mission, so obviously, it won't be very hard.  Simply turn 
around and hop into the car with 8-ball. Now, a purple dot will appear on 
your radar. Head in that direction. In this time, get used to driving, 
because you'll be doing it a lot more than you think you will. When you reach
the dot, you'll find out that it is your new hideout. You can save here, but 
not right now, in the middle of your first mission. You and 8-ball get a 
change of clothing. Now, hop back in the car again and follow the new beeping
dot. This will take you to Luigi's club. The bouncer will tell you to go 
around back, so head through  the alleyway.  After a cut scene, you'll have a 
new employer by the name of Luigi (no, not that Italian plumber).

                                LUIGI GOTERELLI 

The master pimp  Luigi  works the lowest step of the  figureheads ladder.  He 
owns and maintains a Sex Club in the Red Light District. The letter "L" will 
appear on your radar once you've started taking his jobs. Don't let him down, 
and he'll connect you to the bigger dough.

-LUIGI'S GIRL-                 
Rewards: $1500

This is your first mission for a crime boss. To start with, steal a car. When
you do, a pink dot will appear on your radar. Head towards the dot. It turns 
out to be a blue circle. Stop inside the circle.  The girl next to it, Misty, 
will climb in.  Now, head back to Luigi's by following the pink dot (or L) on 
your radar. Stop in the blue circle. Mission Complete! How does it feel to be 
a well paid taxi-driver? :P

Rewards: $4000

This can be easy or hard, it's your decision. First, grab a car.  You need to 
drive towards the pink colored dot on your radar. It helps greatly if you 
have the baseball bat. When you can see the Blue Arrow hovering over a 
person, then you know you've found him. When you get out of the car, he will 
run at you. Use either your fists or a baseball bat to kill him. Or, you can 
kill him by running him over a few times with your stolen vehicle. It's 
cleaner, and you don't even have to get out of the car. Anyways, after he's 
dead, take his car. A new dot will appear on your radar. Follow it to find 
the Pay 'n' Spray, an autobody shop around the corner from Luigi's. Go inside
the garage. Exit the car and walk out of the garage to complete the mission.

-DRIVE MISTY FOR ME-           
Rewards: $1000
         New employer

Hmm, yes, another easy mission. It seems you really are Luigi's personal taxi
driver, aren't you? Anyways, grab a car and head towards the dot. Stop inside
the blue circle and honk the horn (L3) to let  Misty know you're here.  Misty 
will come, walking out of the building.  After she gets in the car, a new dot 
will appear on the radar.  Head towards it.  Park in front of  the blue light 
and a cinematic scene will take over.

Once you complete this mission, Joey will begin to provide you with jobs, but 
it's better to finish off Luigi's requests before going to a new boss.  Also,
during the time  you've had Misty  with you, she can help you  fight with any 
punk ass bitches that try to pack heat. But don't let her die.

-PUMP ACTION PIMP-             
Rewards: $4000

Now, you need to get a "piece" in order to do this mission. First, follow the 
gun icon on your radar. It leads to a store called "Ammu-Nation", which 
specializes in selling fire arms.  Talk to the shop owner.  He says he's been 
expecting you and has prepared a piece for you ahead of time. You can find it 
waiting for you behind the shop. 

Head outside and go down the  alley behind  the store.  The gun is resting in
the center of a small, empty lot. There are a couple of targets here, in case 
you want to practice. However, in Liberty City, constant gun shots will 
attract the cops!  Find yourself a set of wheels  and head towards the dot on 
the radar.  When you reach  the car (a Diablo Stallion), ram it  off the road 
and attempt to  turn it over.  Do anything in  your power to try to  lure the 
pimp out of his car.

Once the pimp is lying  helplessly in the middle  of the road, run him over a 
few times with your car.  You can also start shooting him if you want more of 
a challenge.  If you can lure him  out of his car, it'd be  easier  and safer 
since he likes to brandish a good ol' shotgun.

-THE FUZZ BALL-             
Rewards: $2000 - $4000

Now, you have six minutes  to run around town, pick up  hookers and take them 
to a police ball. Sounds fun?  Start cramming nearby girls into a VAN. Not a 
car. It'll take one passenger per ride. Go to the nearest green dot. Pick up 
the hooker and deposit  her to the  police ball--the pink dot.  Pull into the 
Blue Marker, and the hooker will get out.  Now, go and find a new hooker. You  
have to get at least four of them to the fuzz ball  in order to complete  the 
mission. Additional drop-offs can net your some extra cash.

[FUN STUFF]  Submitted by Diablo

And a fun alternate strategy for Luigi's The Fuzz Ball, before you start the 
mission go to Joey's part of the map and jack a Coach. Go back to Luigi's and 
start the mission. You can fit all 8 hookers in the bus, although it is 
slower than by using taxi cabs and cop cars like I usually do. And when you 
have all 8 and you park in the blue circle at the old school hall, when the 
first hooker gets out she usually falls down, and when the second hooker 
comes out of the bus she falls down and the first hooker gets up and walks in 
the school hall, and when the third hooker comes out of the bus she falls 
down and the second hooker gets up and so on and so forth.


                                 JOEY LEONE 

Once you've  begun to  take Joey jobs, a  phone  will sound nearby.  It's the 
Bitch 'n' Dog Food Factory, and Marty  Chonks, the owner, wants some business
taken care of.  You can choose to take them by approaching the phone booth on 
the other side of the street.

Rewards: $10,000

This is one of my favorite  missions just  because the idea of it makes you a 
bit giddy. You have to steal a guy's car, put a bomb in it, then return it to 
where you've found it.  Well, to start, steal a car and head towards the pink 
radar dot. It'll lead you to the diner. Enter the vehicle with the blue arrow 
pointing down on it.  Now, you have to be really careful when taking it to 8-
Ball's (the new pink dot on the radar) because if you damage it, then you 
have to make a special trip to the Pay 'n' Spray to repair the damages, fool! 

When you get to 8-Ball's, drive into the garage. When the garage  door opens, 
your car will be fitted with a brand spankin' new bomb. Press circle to 
activate it, but don't do that just yet. Drive all the way back to the diner; 
the way is marked on the radar.  When you get there, you have to park the car 
how you found it, right between the lines.  Afterwards, press circle and exit 
the car. Now, just stick around until the timer reaches zero. Then watch Lips 
splatter his food all over his car.

Rewards: $10,000

This mission is easy. It helps if you have a gun, so head over to Ammu-Nation 
and grab the pistol set out for you from the back. Now, head towards the pink 
dot. You can't drive there because there are poles that prevent cars from 
going in.  So get out and run through them to start a cutscene.  It will show 
Chunky managing a noodle stand (Chow mein, anyone?). 

This is where it can get difficult.  See all the guys standing around wearing 
blue? Those are Triads, and they don't like you. Some will pull out Uzis on 
you, while others will run at you with baseball bats. You can stand there and 
kill them, but then Chunky might slip away. To avoid raging Triads, enter 
Chinatown without becoming an instant hit; don't try to target Chunky, as you 
might accidentally target a grumpy Triad instead.

Run towards his stand, and he  will flee into an alley, towards his car.  Try 
to kill him before he gets there.  If you don't get to him in time, grab the 
nearest car and chase after him.  Hunt him down, and ram him off the road, or 
some evil way to that extent.  He killed himself in my game. He got run over. 

[ALTERNATE STRATEGY]  Thanks to Lardawg

In the "Farewell 'Chunky' Lee Chong mission, you can drive a car into the 
blocked off area.  Steal a patriot and drive it up to the posts, then back up 
and get out. Then steal 2 cars, parking them side by side with the hoods 
touching the posts (the cars must be right next to each other). Get in the 
patriot and floor it right over the two cars.  Now you can just run him down, 
a lot easier than on foot.  

[ALTERNATE STRATEGY]  Thanks to Brendan Marks

There is a car parked on the South side of the blocked off area.  It's 
Chunky's.  Steal it and have a bomb planted in it.  Park it back where you 
found it.  Be sure to come at Chunky from another direction so he doesn't run 
away from his getaway car and just wait for the explosion.


-VAN HEIST-                  
Rewards: $20,000

This mission is pretty cool.  You need to steal a Securicar and deliver it to 
the warehouse at the Portland Harbor. Let's get to work. Grab a nearby car, 
preferably a van, or some strong vehicle. Now, make your way towards the pink 
dot on the radar. It'll move, so move with it. When you see it, start ramming 
it.  The damage meter displayed on  the side tells you how much damage you're 

When the bar maximizes, the van stops  and the security  guards bail  out. If 
the cops see you doing this, they will be on you like a rat to a moldy 
banana; it can easily bring your Wanted Level to 3.  Take the security van. A 
new dot is on the radar, so head towards it.  It'll take you to  an abandoned 
warehouse. Park the van inside the garage and calmly exit. Cha-ching. 

Rewards: $3000
         A new crime boss
         Uzi in stock at Ammu-Nation

Start by driving out of Joey's garage. I hated the limo, but you may like it. 
It's big and clumsy. Now, head towards the pink radar dot; it's a laundry 
place. Park in the blue circle and a cut scene will take over. When it's 
over, Cipriani will be back in the limo. Why so obedient? Oh, crap! Looks 
like he intimidated a bunch o' Triads. Now the heat is all over yo' ass!  Put 
the pedal to the metal and get the hell out of there. Drive Cipriani home as 
indicated on the radar.  After the mission's over, a big T will appear on the 
radar, and the Uzi will be in stock at Ammu-Nation.

Rewards: $10,000
Start by stealing a car. Head towards the, you guessed it, pretty pink dot on 
the radar. It'll take you to a restaurant with a parked car out front. Get
out of the car and take the one with the blue arrow marked over it.  Doing so 
will trigger a cutscene, and the Forelli brothers will be coming after you. 
Back up onto the road and try to head down it. You might get banged up by the 
brothers, but keep on racing past them. When you reach the crusher, park the 
car in the blue circle, get out and run away.  You can  also stand  there and 
watch the car get  lowered into the crusher, if for some bizarre  reason, you 
want to. But stay away from the Forelli brothers until the car gets eaten up.

[ALTERNATE STRATEGY]  Thanks to Dave Goldberg  

Before you get the car with the body in the trunk, you can ambush the
ambushers!  You will find 2 black cars hiding near the diner. One near the 
entrance to the Callahan Point Tunnel and the other behind Greasy Joe's diner 
sign.  They will ignore you even if you try to open their car doors.  But 
grab a car, I suggest the 18 wheeler cab in the diner parking lot, and start 
ramming their cars until they explode.  They won't go down quietly and will 
fight back so make sure your car has some muscle.  You only have to take on 1 
car at a time.  After you have exploded both cars, then take the car with the 
body in the trunk and enjoy your quiet ride to the crusher.


-THE GETAWAY-                 
Rewards: $30,000

Another one of my least favorite missions. Joey must be famous for this. Grab 
a car. Now, you have to head towards the pink dot on  the radar. Be really 
careful that you don't get a  wanted meter, otherwise, you'll have to  find a 
way to get rid of it completely. Anyways, head towards the radar dot and park 
in the Blue Circle. Honk the horn and three guys will come running out. After 
they get in the car, take them to the new radar dot. 

They'll hop out of a car and run inside the bank, when  they come out and get 
back inside your car, floor it. You NEED to get out of here. The cops are 
after you!  Head for Pay 'n' Spray and get your car repainted to diminish the 
wanted meter. Now, head back to the thieves hideout by going to the pink 
radar dot. Park in the blue circle to trigger a cut scene, and the end of the 

                                 TONY CIPRIANI 

A total momma's boy.  He listens to his bad-ass, elderly lady for tips on how 
to fare with the Triad sleazebags. Once you start taking jobs from him, Triad
members will be hunting you down  every time you catch their eye or step into 
their territory.

Rewards: $20,000

This mission is hard when you don't know how to do it. At the beginning, Tony
suggests that you stop by 8-ball's and get some grenades. Heed his advice and 
stop by 8-Ball's to collect the Grenades. They have no real use, but they 
will be added to your inventory when the mission is over.

Now, grab the nearest car and head towards any of the three green dots on the 
radar. It'll lead to one of three fish trucks owned by Mr. Wong.  You need to 
destroy them. Park a car in front of truck.  Toss the driver out and take off 
with your new wheels! At this point, you have a few ways of demolishing it. 
You can drive it around until it blows up, you can take it to the crusher, 
you can throw it in the lake; so many choices, so little time. Do the same to 
the remaining two.

-THE PICK-UP-                 
Rewards: $10,000

The objective is to grab a suitcase full of money and bring it back to Tony's 
restaurant. What are you waiting for? Grab a car and drive to the pink radar 
dot. Get out of the car and run down the alleyway. As soon as you pick up the 
suitcase, a bunch of Triads barricade all the exits.  I don't care how you do 
it, nor do I want to know how you do it, but kill all of them. The safest way
to do it is to floor the pedal and run them over. Before you breach the alley 
entrance back on to the streets, step in reverse and squish any remaining 
Triads.  The last one can be found inside the Belly-Up truck, blocking one of 
the exits. Drag the driver out and beat him to death.

Once they're dead, head back to Tony's restaurant.  Pull into the Blue Marker 
to claim your money.

Rewards: $15,000
         A new crime boss

Head to the pink dot on the  you-know-what with  a stolen car.  Walk into the 
blue circle to trigger a cutscene. The limo in Joey's garage is ready and you 
climb in the driver's seat.  As you pull  out of the garage, head towards the 
new pink dot, Luigi's club. Pull up in front and honk the horn to let him 
know you're there.  After he gets in the limo, head to Toni's. Pull up on the 
side of the road and park in the Blue Marker. Honk the horn to call Toni out.  

As soon as he gets in, a couple of  Triad trucks will  appear from  different 
directions and charge after you. Floor it towards the new pink dot. You'll 
have to go up a steep hill  to get there.  There is a Triad truck on the side 
of the road. Squeeze past the little space beside it and follow the dirt path 
around to find a house. Park the limo into the garage to escape the Triad 

Rewards: $30,000

This mission is somewhat hard.  You have to whack 3 Triad warlords.  Take the 
car outside Toni's place and wait for his men to get in. Then, drive towards 
the pink dot. It's where you had to kill Chunky Lee Chong. Anyways, don't get 
out of the car just yet, there are a lot of Triads guarding their leader.  
Get out of the car and fire a couple of warning  shots at them, then get back 
in the car. When the little punks come running at you, run them over. After a 
while, get out, grab their guns, and run into the area, firing at the leader. 

Head to the second pink dot on the radar. There will be a warlord standing in 
front of a convenience store. He's just out in the open, all by himself. 
Sounds a little easy to me. When you get near him, a flock of Triads will 
appear from inside the building with their guns upholstered.  The easiest way 
is to run them over with your car, but you can also put a couple of bullets 
through their head if you want.  Afterwards, ditch your  current car and grab 
the Triad truck (the one with Belly-Up on the side) and start driving towards 
the final dot.

This last warlord is hiding  inside the Triad fish factory, and  the only way 
to get in is to drive a fish van. Luckily, you've already stolen one. The 
gate will slide open when you get near it. The warlord inside is randomly 
placed; sometimes he'll be right in the middle, sometimes he'll be behind the
building. If you go to the left, there's a hidden package behind the 
building. Anyways, hunt around for the triad. He might be accompanied by 
other Triads, or he may be by himself. Simply run him over a few times or put 
some lead into him.  When he's dead, you'll complete the mission and get your 


On the "Triads And Tribulations" mission in the  Grand Theft Auto 3 game, in
Portland, there is an easier way and a harder way for you to kill the Triads 
in the compound.  The easiest way we have found is to lob a grenade from the 
hill that faces the Triad leader into the compound. We found this to be quite 
simple once you know how.

The hardest way is to get a fast car and using the same hill, you must
accelerate quite fast and hit the ramp and land inside the compound. Exit
the car and blow away any Triad men there (you should have the two guards
and a shotgun).

Thanks to Astrologik (D-Ko)

Follow the directions on killing the first two Triad bosses, then for the 
third, park a Triad Fish Truck in the way of the gates. This effectively 
props them open for as long as you need. Run back down the road towards the 
hideout and grab the Semi truck at the store on your right. Drive it back to 
the last warlord and just run him and his cronies over after luring them off 
of the loading docks.

[TIP]  Submitted by James Light

Here's another strategy that I ended up figuring out, when I trashed my
Fish Truck, and was too scared to try and get another one out of
Chinatown. Around the back of the compound is a hill high enough to see
beyond the walls. From here, you can aim with your AK-47, and pick the
guys off when they're close enough. They won't (can't) return fire, and
you can easily kill the final Warlord. The only drawback is that the
Warlord has to be standing in that area of sight, and not hiding around
the side.


-BLOW FISH-                   
Rewards: $30,000

You never can get enough of these easy missions.  Anyways, grab a car and get 
a move on over to 8-ball's.  There is a Trashmaster marked  with a blue arrow 
over it here.  When you enter the vehicle, a damage meter appears.  If you do 
enough damage to it, you'll blow yourself up!  Don't worry though, unless you 
crash A LOT, you should be fine. 

The idea of the mission is to drive this truck all  the way back to the Triad 
Fish factory.  It'll permit the Trashmaster to enter. Head around to the back 
of the building and park in the Blue Marker.  Push circle and exit the truck. 
Your timer will shift to about 30 seconds. Start running for the gate
Entrance while trying to avoid the flying gun shots. When you reach the gate, 
the truck will explode, taking the factory with it. Mission Complete!  

                                 SALVATORE LEONE 

The head of the Leone Family gang.  Also the father  of Joey.  As soon as you 
start missions with this guy, you'll soon realize he pays the big greens 
around Portland. Working with him and doing the job right will  get you well-
deserved recognition everywhere. The Don is stirring up bad blood with the 
Columbian Cartels, then add along Toni's  little skirmishes  with the Triads. 
Anything involved with Salvatore  will get you an instant  hit with either of 
the opposing gangs!

Rewards: $10,000

Stupid limo.  You have to drive the limo for this mission. Well, actually, as 
the name implies, you have to bring Maria around town, basically, to where 
she wants to go. Head towards the pink dot on the radar.  It'll lead to the 
reservoir, where Maria  will purchase some hot SPANK from a her  drug dealer, 
Chico.  He also tips off that there is some huge  party going  on at Atlantic 
Quays and that she should check it out.

When she gets back in the car, head towards the new pink dot. It leads to the 
warehouse party. When Maria gets out and tells you to stay there, stay put!
She will go inside, a few moments later, police will be everywhere.  When she 
enters the vehicle, high-tail it out of there! There'll be gun fire every 
where and others trying to escape the scene.  Head towards the pink dot. It's 
Salvatore's house. Park the car in the garage to complete the mission.

[USELESS TRIVIA]  Thanks to Steve Thomas

There's a Cheetah yours for the taking in Portland during the "Chaperone" 
mission.  When you take Maria to the club, you can hop out of the limo and 
steal the Cheetah in the middle of the line of three club patrons' cars, and 
haul it back to your garage. Then get back to the limo in time to catch Maria 
exiting the club during the raid.

You end up with the Cheetah earlier than waiting until you get to Staunton
or Portside Vale.  You can even race the other Cheetahs with it in the


Rewards: $15,000

I suggest grabbing a taxi for this one.  It shouldn't  be hard to find, since 
they're found just about everywhere. Anyways, when you get one, head towards 
Luigi's club, aka, the pink dot on the radar. When you get there, there'll be 
a taxi with a blue arrow hovering over it.  Wait for Curly to come out of the 
club and get in the taxi. The object of this mission is  to not let ol' Curly 
know he's being stalked. A Spookometer appears  right below  other statistics 
that reflects Curly's current paranoia. 

The taxi won't show up on your radar, so you  have to  keep it within viewing 
range. Stay far back from the taxi and stop whenever the taxi stops. Curly 
eventually leads you to the Portland Harbor. After he's gotten out of the 
car, stop in the middle of the Blue Circle. After a cut scene, you'll be left 
playing again.  There's a pink dot on the radar; it's Curly. Go around the 
building to find him. Try to run him over. He does have a shotgun though, so  
if he shoots the car, the engine might get caught on fire. Anyways, when he's 
dead, you'll receive your payment.

[ALTERNATE STRATEGY]  Thanks to Mercer Prescott 

Steal a cab and when you get to Luigi's, park as close as you can to the cab 
already waiting there. There's a good chance that Curly Bob will jump in your 
cab instead so all you have to do is drive him to the harbor.   

Extra thanks to Markus and IcemanX-treme.


-BOMB DA BASE-              
Rewards: $150,000

This mission is comprised of two acts. Act I occurs while you're at the don's
place receiving details of your new mission, and it ends as you leave the 
mansion. Act II requires you to amass $100,000 to cover the expenses of 
8-Ball's insanely pricey explosives (which probably don't even cost half that 
much). If you have completed every  mission up to this point, you should have 
more than enough money to fork over 100 grand.

You can find 8-Ball in the auto yard in Harwood. Go around  the back, next to 
the bomb shop, to find a Blue Marker. Step into it to trigger the sequence, 
in which he asks for the money. If you don't have it, pick up a Taxi and earn 
some extra cash with the fares. Once you have the money, speak with 8-Ball 
again to begin the mission properly.

His hands are still  bandaged, so he gives you the  honor of beheading Cartel 
members with the Sniper Rifle. Take a car and smash through the glass windows 
of Easy Auto to pick up  the Banshee. Hey, when you're  doing a job this big, 
you'd want to do it with style.

Follow the blip to the Portland Harbor. Move into the Blue Marker, and 8-Ball 
will step out, instructing you to find a vantage point to snipe out the 
Columbians. As he leaves to the nearby freight crates to take cover, exit the 
vehicle and follow the building structure around the corner. Don't get too 
close to the Cartels, or you'll compel them to shoot. Climb the first set of 
stairs and stop at the top. This is the best spot  since you won't be needing 
to adjust the altitude of your scope to compensate for every single Cartel 
member. TIP: If you want to stall 8-Ball, surround him with some cars, but at 
least leave an opening for him to get out.

Fire the first shot, and the  game's on! Your first two  targets are standing 
at the bottom of the ramp. Once they're out, move the scope up and adjust it 
so that it is always in level with the Cartel members. That way, you won't 
have to keep re-adjusting. Now you can move the sniper rifle to the right, 
while picking off the Cartel members one by one. You have to pin down every 
one of them, or they'll kill 8-Ball as he approaches. Once all the members on 
deck have been wiped out, it's all  up to 8-Ball to plant  the explosives and 

[TIP]  Thanks to goblin

I found that sniping the Cartels can be hard, so  there is a pill just up the 
way inbetween the little portables (mobile home type-things) and I used that. 
It helps to slow things down when sniping. 

[THE HARD, BUT FUN WAY]  Submitted by Liam Devlin

You're not going to succeed your first time, or I'm going to Hell for lying;
the first thing you need to do is get out of your car, go on the roof and 
recon. Get an idea of who's where and a head count. 8-Ball is your liability 
here. To ensure that you don't do anything useful he immediately runs after 
your first shot. The car you are driving isn't particularly relevant, but, of 
course, the Banshee is faster and may give you more control over the 
situation. Drop off 8-Ball at the box and move up close enough that you can 
target the first two Colombians with your AK-47 (Doesn't anyone use later 
models yet?). Fire on the two guards and jump back into your car. Back up and 
run over 8-Ball to slow him down. Drive onto the ramp wedge it so 8-Ball 
can't get through. Take out your Molotov Cocktails and apply topically and 
liberally to armed Columbians. 

Now the trick here is 8-Ball will eventually get past that car so you have to 
keep moving whip out your AK and move along, make sure you have everyone 
before you advance. There is one or two in back that don't come out 
immediately. I finally pulled all this off and missed him. He killed 8-Ball, 
nullifying my efforts and pissing me the bleep off. Again, it's not extremely 
necessary, but there is something poetic about beating this mission in a 
matter of 40 seconds, running in guns blazing with KMFDM - A Drug Against War 
as a soundtrack.


-LAST REQUESTS-                
Rewards: $20,000

Salvatore is pleased with your progress, so he gives you an easy mission. You 
need to grab a car from outside Luigi's and take it to a crusher. Well, grab 
the Mafia Sentinel outside Sal's house and head in the direction  of the pink 
dot. When you get near it, a message will appear on your pager. It's Maria 
and she says she wants to meet with you. Well, ditch your current mission and 
head towards the new pink dot. It's a slip just under the Callahan Bridge. 

Pull into the blue circle and  a cut scene  will take over.  Head towards the 
pink dot . It's Staunton Island! A cut scene will appear when you pull into 
the Blue Marker. Afterwards, Asuka tells you about your new hideout. It'll be 
on your radar. A big "A" will also appear, representing Asuka.

==== AFTERMATH ========================

After this mission, you'll be at Staunton Island. Portland is now history. My 
friend, this is your new home for awhile. However, you can still access 
Portland via the Callahan Bridge and Subway. Many things open up for you like 
the Subway and Porter Tunnel to the  commercial district.  Take the time to  
familiarize yourself with the new surroundings. It's going to be a long stay.  
Why not do something heinous to kill time. 

                                 MARTY CHONKS

Owner of the Bitch 'n' Dog Food  factory in Trenton.  The payphone to receive 
his calls and missions can be found right at the entrance to his compound. 
His missions are no-brainers and they usually  involve escort service for his 

[USELESS TRIVIA]  Thanks to Jacob Busby

If you put the titles of the four Marty Chonks missions together you get "The 
Crook, The Thieves, The Wife, Her Lover"--not a million miles away from the 
1989 film starring Michael Gambon and Helen  Mirren "The cook, the thief, his 
wife and her lover".


-THE CROOK-                                                 
Reward: $1000

All of the missions with this guy are basically the same so get used to them.  
Approach the gate to the factory and they will open for you.  Go to the back 
corner of the confinement and get into the car with the Blue Arrow over of 
it. Now, drive towards the pink dot on the radar. You will pull up beside 
Chonk's bank manager.  When the  manager gets into the car, bring him back to 
Marty's by following the radar.  Park in the Blue Marker  and a cutscene will 

Afterwards, deliver the car to the crusher to get rid of the evidence.  Marty
is a paranoid, little fellow.

-THE THIEVES-                                              
Reward: $3000

Enter the factory parking lot and jump in the Sentinel waiting for you. Go to 
the pink dot and pick up the two thieves for Marty. Drive them back to the 
factory and park in the Blue Marker.  When that's over, head to Pay 'n' Spray 
by following the pink dot. Get the car repainted and drive it to the next dot 
to complete the mission.

-THE WIFE-                                                     
Reward: $2000

Now, like the other  two missions, go and get the car  in the factory parking 
lot. Drive it to Classic Nails, where Marty's wife will be waiting for you. 
Escort her back to the factory and park in the Blue Marker. When the cut 
ends, you'll need to dump the car in some water. Well, go find a body of 
water. It's all around Portland.  Park the car on the edge, so that the front 
of it is hanging over the edge.  Get out of it and go to the back of it. Push 
it into the water, or get another car and force it into the water. 

-HER LOVER-                                                   
Reward: $4000

I bet you can't guess what you have to do next, huh?  Once again, go into the 
factory parking lot and grab the car. Now, take the guy back to Marty's. 
Usually, Marty is still in the building, but this time, he's standing in the 
parking lot. The wife's lover gets out of the car and goes over to talk to 
Marty, wait, not talk to him. He pulls out a shotgun and blows Marty to hell. 
Oh well.  You get paid, and there's also no more repetitive missions from Mr. 

                                  EL BURRO

Contact with El Burro of the  Diablos can be made by  stepping into  the Blue 
Marker next to the payphone in Hepburn Heights. He is the first of many crime 
bosses to honor you for your rising status among the ranks. Yay for you!

Reward: $10,000

For this mission to be  successful, you need a  fast car.  I suggest either a 
Banshee, a police car, or a Mafia Sentinel. Once you have a good car, race 
towards the pink dot. Park in the Blue Marker and a timer will begin its 
countdown.  Once the big  zero flashes on the screen, floor the gas pedal and
burnout! All the other drivers are lunatics driving Cheetahs. They will 
really mess you up, if you  let them.  The race goes  through 18 check points 
scattered all around Portland. I suggest completing this mission before doing 
Asuka's first mission in Staunton Island. Otherwise, the Mafia and their nice 
shotguns will be after you when you drive through Saint Marks.

-I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM-                                     
Reward: $6000

After you've had your mission briefing, a pink radar dot will appear.  Follow 
it around the corner to find a briefcase bomb! Hop out of the car and then 
hop right back in. A new radar dot will appear. Follow it to Saint Marks to 
find an ice cream truck.  Get inside of it and a new dot will appear in 
Portland View.  At the end, park in the Blue Marker.  Now, push down the Left 
Analog Stick (L3) to blast the jingle. The Forelli brothers will come
crawling from behind the warehouse in a few moments. When they start shooting 
at you, hop out and run away. When you're at a safe distance, hold down 
Circle to detonate the bomb. If all the brothers aren't dead, then grab a car 
and run 'em over.

-TRIAL BY FIRE-                                        
Reward: $10,000

Finally, a mission  that's as fun as  it is, twisted.  Head  towards the pink 
radar. It will lead you to the end of Chinatown.  Get out of your car and run 
down the alley. There's a flame-thrower here.  Once you do, you'll have to do 
something like a Rampage mission--A Triad burn-fest. How much gas does it 
take to incinerate 20 Triad members, Mr. Owl?

You have two minutes to kill 20 Triads. Luckily, they don't have any weapons, 
so run around lighting up anything that moves. Or, if you're not quite that 
cruel, only go after the people dressed in blue overalls. When you've killed 
enough, the mission will be complete, but now  the Triads will pull out their 
guns so I suggest hightailing it out of there.

-BIG 'N' VEINY-                                         
Reward: $20,000

This mission may have a gross name, but don't let it  fool you.  Wait, let it 
fool you. You might not be sickened by the thought of the mission then. 
Anyways, hop into the van with the blue arrow over it.  Drive forward to find 
the first of the porn mags. You have 20 seconds to do so. Every mag you 
collect adds 1 second to your timer. Follow the trail of mags all around the 
city until you reach an alley. Pull up beside the guy here and the timer will 
stop. Kill the man by running him over. Next, hop back in the van and head to 
the "bookstore" by following the pink dot on the radar. You'll get paid.

 ____________________________/                   \__________________________
(____________________________   STAUNTON ISLAND   __________________________)

Honestly, your hideout in Portland was much better and not to say, a lot more 
comfortable than some friggin' elevator shaft. The good news is that your car 
garage can now house 2 cars, but there are crazy ways to cram a few more in 
there. Staunton Island--the commercial district, where all the nice cars are 
found rippin' the busy streets.  A lot more things to see, a  lot more things 
to do.

Each district will lead to another. You will know if you have entered another 
district when the name of that area appears on the bottom right corner.


Fort Staunton
Belleville Park
Bedford Point
Liberty Campus

                                   ASUKA KASEN

Long-time friends with Maria, a sexy, new crime boss for you. A member of the 
Yakuza crime syndicate, she'll prove to you that she can do anything  just as 
well as the big boys.  Pretty soon you'll be  wrapped around her pinky  and 
she'll have you eating out of her palm.  Working with Asuka  eventually leads 
you to her brother, Kenji.

Rewards: $25,000

Before beginning this mission, I suggest you explore Staunton Island and take 
in the pretty sights. Also, make sure you know the fastest route from Asuka's 
condo to the Callahan Bridge. Chart a small route for yourself. This mission 
requires you to travel from Staunton to Portland in a certain amount of time.

I like this mission. Yep, I do...Grab a car and start heading towards the dot 
on the radar. Grab a Sniper Rifle at Ammu-Nation as you pass by it. Head back 
the bridge back to Portland. Continue to follow the dot to get to Luigi's 
club.  If you hang around outside, the mission fail, so go into the  alleyway 
beside the building, straight across from the club. 

There is a flight of stairs here. Follow them to the roof.  Position yourself 
in the corner, so that you can see the entrance to the club perfectly. Now, 
wait. Around the time that he's supposed to be leaving the club, several 
Mafia men will be filing out from the entrance. Soon after, Salvatore will 
follow. Before he enters the Mafia Sentinel, put  one shot through  his head 
and the mission will be complete. His body guards will just disperse and walk 
away. Hehe.

Since Salvatore is a chickenwuss, he'll order a slew of men toting automatics
to guard him. Don't let them see you before Salvatore leaves the club or they 
will bite onto your crotch and never let go.

[QUICK ROUTE]  Submitted by Derrick Chalom aka funkymushroom

In the mission "Sayonora Salvatore", you mention finding a quick route to 
Luigi's sex club. The quickest route I have found so far, is not to go by 
land, but to go to the harbor by Asuka's condo, and look for a boat called a 
Speeder, which is the fastest boat around. It then takes about 3 seconds to 
get to Callahan Point in Portland. From there, you run to the nearest road 
point, jack a car, and you are right on the main strip leading to Luigi's, 
leaving you enough time to setup.

[ALTERNATE STRATEGY]  Submitted by Charlie Williams

An alternate method is to start stealing cars and crash them into the 
driveway of his club (about six will really seal it). Wait for his convoy and 
lob a grenade at them, even if you miss his car with the grenade, the chain 
of explosions will get him eventually.


-UNDER SURVEILLANCE-                     
Rewards: $15,000
         New Crime Boss

I dislike this mission.  I dislike it a lot.  Start by  grabbing  the Stinger 
outside of a Asuka's. Go up to Ammu-Nation and get a sniper rifle. Now, head 
towards the dot on the far right hand side. It will lead you into the park. 
As soon as you can see a floating arrow in the distance, stop, get out of the
car and take aim with your sniper rifle. There's two of them there, so fire a
shot at each and get back in your car. 

Head to the dot in the middle. It's a big, black van. If it sees you, it will 
begin charging at you. Try to get behind it. Steal it and run over the two 
surveillance guys. A grenade will also work. Now, for the last dot. Instead 
of going down the street towards the dot, go to the casino. Follow the stairs 
all the way to the roof. Here, you'll have a clear view of the apartment 
buildings in front of you. Pull out your sniper rifle and start firing at 
them. I think there's about seven of them. When they all drop to take a brief 
dirt nap, your mission will be complete. There's a hidden  package behind the 
helicopter on the roof.

After completing the mission, King Courtney pages you for extra missions, and 
also, you are now  capable of getting  jobs from Asuka's  brother, Kenji when 
you visit his casino.

-PAPARAZZI PURGE-             
Rewards: $5,000

Now, the idea is to  kill the reporter sitting  on a boat in the water.  Head 
down to the docks and grab a police boat. If there isn't one floating in the 
docks you are on, then drive one over to the other docks and get the police 
boat. Now, start chasing down the reporter.  A damage meter will appear.  You 
can use the Circle button to fire the police cannon at it. That's the easy 
way. You can also chase the reporter all around the lake.  When you  get back 
to where you started, he'll dock his boat and begin running up the stairs. 
You'll need to follow him.  He'll get into his car and begin to drive around. 
Just hunt him down and kill him. Mission over, you get paid.

-PAYDAY FOR RAY-                      
Rewards: $10,000
         New Crime Boss

This is basically a go-to-a-payphone-and-follow-my-instructions mission. 
Finding the payphones will be pretty hard. Scale every inch of the following 
areas in order: Torrington, Belleville Park, Liberty Campus, and Belleville 
Park again. After the sick chase around the city, you finally meet Ray in the 
f-in bathroom! Talk about elegance.

I suggest parking the  Stinger right beside the Blue  Marker  outside Asuka's 
door before you enter. This way, when the mission begins, you don't waste 
time running to the car. Anyways, begin driving to the first pink dot. When 
you get there, try to park right beside the payphone. Run in front of it to 
pick it up.  When it's over, hop into  the car and race to the next pink dot. 
If you see a Cheetah on your way, make  sure you grab it because it's  faster 
than the Stinger. Once you've answered all 4 phones, the timer will 
disappear.  Head to the new pink dot in Belleville Park. Head down the stairs 
and enter the men's restroom. 

At this point, you can  also start to  accept jobs from  Ray, but finish with 
Asuka first, ok?

[TIP]  Submitted by Tranthas

In "Payday for Ray", Asuka has you run all over creation for the paranoid 
cop.  Your guide has Our Hero using a Stinger.  I just ran the mission 
myself, and it's loads easier if you go to the opposite corner of the parking 
lot from where Asuka's door is, and pull the Banshee from a parking space 
down there.  The alarm will go off, but it cuts out by the time you get the 
Banshee parked out front of Asuka's place.  The Banshee is faster than the 
Stinger, if you don't mind losing some turn stability -- it tends to 


-TWO-FACED TANNER-          
Rewards: $20,000

Grab the Stinger outside of Asuka's and head to Ammu-Nation. Get an Uzi. Now, 
head towards the pink dot on the radar. It's the casino. Park in the blue 
light and a cutscene will take over. Tanner will come walking down the stairs 
and get into a car. Now, start chasing him. You have only one problem though, 
the moment you hit  him, he'll call for backup.  In other  words, your wanted 
level will go up to four. 

Now, drive up along side Tanner and  hold either R2 or L2  (depending on what 
side of him  you're driving on) and push Circle to enact a drive-by shooting. 
This will do insane amounts of damage  to his car really quickly.  Even after 
the cops start ramming you like crazy, just get beside Tanner and pull out 
the Uzi. Like I said, easy, right? Sometimes, using the Uzi might set his 
engine on fire. He'll get out and start running away.  In that case, just run 
him over. When he's dead, you're wanted level will go back down to zero.

[ALTERNATE STRATEGY]  Submitted by WQQY (Zurax)

First you have to do the first 2 missions from Ray! Then you will have access 
to the rocket launcher after completing "Arms Shortage"! Get rocket launcher 
before leaving. Then go back to Asuka and start "Two Faced Tanner". Go to the 
Casino but instead of driving your car into the blue circle, walk into it 
with launcher in hand. When he gets in his car, fire a missile. One shot with 
the launcher and he is toast! Mission complete!

[USELESS TRIVIA]  Submitted by Diablo 

A dumb piece of trivia is that the Two-Faced Tanner mission is most likely a 
shot at Driver 2 for PlayStation 1. Look at the facts, the guy's name is 
Tanner, he drives an older style car, Asuka says that he is a double agent 
working for the cops, that he is "strangely animated" and "more or less 
useless out of his car." In Driver 2, the guy's name is Tanner, the story is 
set in the 70's complete with the older style cars, he's a double agent 
working for the cops, when he gets out of the car his walking animation is 
really weird, and he can't do anything out of the car except run. The guy in 
GTA even sorta looks like the Driver Tanner.


                                 RAY MACHOWSKI

Ray does not set a good first impression of himself, especially when you end 
up meeting him in a grimy, public restroom.  He has  pretty cool jobs for you 
and pays fairly well. That's good enough. No complaints, right?

-SILENCE THE SNEAK-           
Rewards: $30,000

Well, this is an  interesting  mission.  You need to kill  somebody  inside a 
witness protection house. Well, grab a car and head to Ammu-Nation. Get a 
couple clips of Uzi ammo. Now, head to the pink dot on the radar.  You should 
pull into a back alley.  Stop the car and the camera will pan upwards so that 
you see an open window. Get out of the car and throw one of the grenades you 
got from Ray through the window. The place will catch on fire and the witness 
will begin to run away.  Hop into your car and chase him down.  Use the Uzi's 
to do some serious damage to the car.


What you do is take fire truck in front of the garage the guy escapes from. 
After you do this, throw the grenade in the window, then when the garage door 
opens, throw a grenade at the fire truck. This way the grenade does some 
damage to the truck, but it also sets the fire truck on fire. When the fire 
truck explodes, it makes his car catch on fire and his car will explode 
killing him and the two guards. 


-ARMS SHORTAGE-             
Rewards: $10,000
         New Weapon Shop

For me, this was one of the hardest missions in the game, at  least at first, 
then, I'm not sure if it was by luck or skill that I happened to beat the 
mission. I'm hoping it was skill though... :P  Anyways, grab  a car and head 
towards the pink dot.  Pull in to  the gate  and run into the  blue light. A 
short cut scene will come on, with you talking to Phil. 

Afterwards, run behind  him and grab the guns.  Now, switch back  to a weapon 
that you can run with. Run to the back of the area to find a stack of 
cardboard boxes (check around for them before you step into the blue light if 
you don't know where  they are) Then, jump up on them to reach the top of the 
wall. Now, run back on it towards Phil. Step onto the big box. Jump across to 
the next one and you'll get a rocket launcher. Hold R1 to aim with it. 

When a couple of Cartel Cruisers pull up in Phil's parking lot, fire a rocket 
at them. Three cars will pull up. One rocket each. If you look to your left, 
there's another  Columbian that has some how appeared in the alley. Shoot a 
rocket at him. If there are any more of them around, kill them. When the 
message "Go check on  Phil" appears  at the bottom of the screen, go and talk 
to him. The mission will be complete, and you get to buy some bigger guns.


Well, first it's a cute title considering the dude's only got one arm.  But 
the easiest way to beat this mission is 1) make sure you have grenades.  2) 
as soon as the mission starts, get the barracks OL and park it in front of 
the gate.  3) kill the Cartel member (sometimes there's two) that comes 
around the building.  4) lob a few grenades over the truck, at different 
distances and directions.  and 5) run around the building with the AK-47 or 
M-16 to finish off any that are left (they'll show up as green dots on the 
radar so you'll know what to expect.)

[ALTERNATE STRATEGY]  Submitted by cHiLLy (Charles W. Agnello)

One of the big problems is killing all of the Colombians before they rush 
into the small enclosure.  Before starting the mission drive the Barracks OL 
in front of the gate and position it so that there is a small opening, just 
enough for a Colombian to fit through.  Now start the mission, stand off to 
the side of the opening next to the wall where you pick up the M-16, Uzi, and 
shotgun, and use your uzi or ak-47 to take them out as they run through the 
opening.  Don't forget about the 2 Colombians coming from the back way.  The 
great thing about limiting the access is that Phil will probably kill all of 
the Colombians for you. Make sure you have full armor just in case one of 
them slips through. 


-EVIDENCE DASH-              
Rewards: $10,000
         A new crime boss

Now, this mission is really easy, with the right  car of course.  Jack a fast 
Car: a Stinger, a Cheetah, etc. Head towards the pink dot on the radar. It's 
a truck, and it's moving pretty fast, hence the reasoning behind grabbing a 
fast car.  Simply drive up to it and ram it with  your car. A little orb will 
fall out, and you're wanted level will shoot up to two. Grab the orb and 
head after the truck again. You need to ram it 5 more times to get a total of 
6 orbs. When you have them, you need to torch the car. Well, you should be an 
expert at that by now, just drive around hitting everything and it should 
ignite soon enough. You can also step outside of it and blow it up with guns. 
The choice is yours.  Be creative at how you'll dismantle the van.

-GONE FISHING-                 
Rewards: $15,000

There's not a lot to do in this mission.  Simply head to the docks.  Don't go 
down to the one by Asuka's, go to the next one over, there's a police boat 
waiting for you. Now, you need to drive to the other side of Portland. It'll 
take a while, and if you get turned around, follow the pink dot on the radar.
When you get there, a brief cut scene will show Ray's friend "fishing". Head 
towards him and he will begin to speed away. Go after him. Using Circle, you 
can fire the police cannons. There's a damage meter to the right and when 
it's full, his boat will explode. Be careful, though, he will drop mines when 
you chase him for too long.

Reward: $10,000

Like any car-ramming  mission, chances  are you  are always  on  the verge of 
making your Wanted Level sky-rocket.  This mission is no exception. Violently 
ram the ambulance until the damage meter bursts. As the sheathed witness 
makes his escape, start  squashing him  several times over  until his "armor" 
gives. By this time, your Wanted Level will be of 3 or more, so  get the hell 
out before the cavalry rolls in!

                                  KENJI KASEN

Asuka's brother, Kenji, owns the huge casino in Torrington.  That's where you 
go to pick up jobs from the guy. 

-KANBU BUST-OUT-             
Rewards: $30,000

Now, when you start, a message  will appear on your screen  saying to steal a 
police car. Well, that seems like a hint to go find a cop car, don't ya 
think?  The easiest way to find one is to run over some innocent pedestrians. 
After a while, a star will light up on your wanted list and a cop will appear
shortly, stop your car so that he will get out of his car. Then, run over 
and steal it.  Now, you need to head to 8-ball's to fit a bomb in the car. Do 
this by following  the pink radar dot.  No, you don't need to  go back to his 
place in Portland, 8-ball has conveniently set up one in Staunton Island. 

After the bomb is planted, go to the police station. Park the car in the blue 
circle and press Circle to activate it. Get out of the car and run to the 
SWAT team van behind you. When the car gets blown up, a hole will appear in 
the wall. Drive over to it and Kenji's friend will climb into the back of the 

Take the passage on the right. Your wanted level will shoot up to 3 stars, so 
you'll have a couple of cops and a  helicopter after you.  If you go down the 
right alley, then you'll  run into a police bribe, therefore, reducing your 
wanted level to 2. Once you leave the area, ditch the vehicle for a another 
one. Follow the pink dot to the Pay 'n' Spray next to 8-Ball's shop. Park it 
inside to completely lose your wanted level.  Now, head to the last pink dot. 

-GRAND THEFT AUTO-                          
Rewards: $25,000

This mission can be  easy, or it can be hard, that's  up to you.  The idea is 
to steal three cars and take them to a garage in mint condition. Well, you 
only have 6 minutes, so if  you were to get them all there in mint, well, you 
just wouldn't have enough time. 

There is a Pay 'n' Spray next to the garage. Simply follow the red radar dots 
to find one of three cars: a Stinger, an Infernus, and a Cheetah.  Just drive 
back to the  pink dot with the  car. If it's not in mint condition, which I'm 
pretty sure it won't be, then drive into Pay 'n' spray.  Get the car repaired 
and drive into the  garage next door.  There is a van outside  of the Pay 'n' 
Spray, so you can use that to reach the next car you need to steal.

-DEAL STEAL-                         
Rewards: $25,000

When the mission  starts, look at the  radar and  head north.  When you reach 
Newport, you will see a lot of Yardie Lobos, only you might not recognize 
them. They are red with a white hood over them. When you get in one, a dot 
will appear on the radar. Head towards it. It's Kenji's contact. When he gets 
in the car, drive towards the new dot on the radar. It'll lead you to the 
hospital. Either drive down the stairs or go  around and enter  the parking  
from the far end.  Either way, drive into the Blue Marker and honk  the horn. 

This triggers a short cutscene.  When it ends, a lot of Columbians will begin 
shooting at you.  Simply squash all of  them. Afterwards, get out of the car 
and pick up their guns. Start firing at both of the vehicles until they blow 
up.  Now, collect the money-filled briefcase and  take it  back to the casino 
by following the pink radar dot.

Hit-and-run! HIT-AND-RUN!

Rewards: $10,000

Now, exit the casino and  grab one of the Stingers racing past.  Head towards 
the first pink radar dot. It's a briefcase full of money, so get out of the 
car, pick it up and get back in the car. Now, head to the new radar dot. It's 
another briefcase, so get out again and pick it up. Now, head towards the 
third dot. Pull up into the Blue Marker beside the fire station. A cutscene 
will ensue. Afterwards, return to your car and drive to Portland. Head 
towards the green dot and knock off the gang members.  Collect the  briefcase
full of money that they drop. Finish the mission by heading  back to Staunton 
Island and following the pink dot back to the casino.

-SMACK DOWN-                 
Rewards: $10,000

Well, for some  reason, Kenji is  mad at  you, so you don't  exactly want  to 
fail this mission. It's pretty straight forward. You need to kill 8 out of 
the 16 or so SPANK dealers around the city. Just follow the pink dots around 
the radar and run over the dealers as soon as you see them. They're 
pushovers. All you have to do is hit them once with your car and they'll die.
But before they do, they could set your car engine on fire with the Uzis 
every single one of them is holding.  If you wait too long to kill them, then 
they'll sell their stash and get off the streets.

                                  DONALD LOVE

You can find Donald lounging at the Love Media Building in Bedford Point. The 
typical pretty boy with loads of cash! 

Rewards: $40,000

Now, as soon as you start, a text mission  will appear on the  screen telling 
you to head north to Fort Staunton to find a Columbian gang car AKA, the 
Cartel cruiser. It's a big blue truck with a white bar on the back. Anyways, 
grab one (there's literally dozens in Fort Staunton) and head towards the 
pink radar dot. Stop outside the gate and it will open. Now, drive through 
and run over the first Columbian you see.  Now, trample all the others in the 
area. Careful though, because they all have AK47s. 

If your engine lights on fire, hop out. There is a car in almost every garage 
around you. Now, there are two closed garages at the end of the area. Go over 
to them. Go through the one on the right. Kill the Columbian here and get out 
of the car. Go and talk to the oriental gentleman. Now, get back in the car 
and he'll get in with you.  Drive all the way back to the Love Media building 
to complete the mission.


First do as it says and go get a Cartel Cruiser!! After that get a few 
grenades or molotovs and drive to the place where the Asian guy is. Don't go 
to close to the fence because you don't want to open it-yet! So park the car 
a few feet away and go right to the fence. Lob a few grenades and/or 
molotovs. this will kill most of the Columbians and leave about two or three 
left!! Run over the rest of them with cartel cruiser. When you have to open 
the garages to find the Asian man. In case he is in the garage you pick run 
away immediately to lure the Columbian out so there is no danger in killing 
the Asian man! After you get him go to the little pink dot. 


-WAKA GASHIRA WIPEOUT-                  
Rewards: $30,000

In this mission, your objective  is to assassinate  Kenji Kasen, so make sure 
you've completed all of his missions before you do this one. Anyways, drive 
back to Fort Staunton and grab a Cartel Cruiser. A pink dot will appear on 
your radar, indicating where the five-story garage is. It's just up the
street. Start driving up the ramps leading to the roof. That's where Kenji is 
having his meeting.  

When  you get to the fourth  floor, drive  to the right side of the floor and 
head up the ramp. Go between all the cars and run over Kenji. Turn around and 
drive over the unique jump ramp. When you get to the ground, speed your way 
out of Newport, towards some reward money.

-A DROP IN THE OCEAN-                  
Rewards: $10,000

A timer appears on your screen.  Head towards  the pink dot on your  radar to 
find some docks. Hop into either a police boat or the speed boat. Then head 
towards the yellow radar dot. This is the plane that will fly overhead. 
Follow it and pick up whatever packages it drops.  It will drop six in total. 
When you get each one, your wanted level will raise. When you're done, you'll
be up to 5 stars. Head back to the docks, get out of your boat and run up the
stairs. Hop into the Stinger and floor it. The FBI is after you, so you'll 
have to drive fast.  Get all the way back to the Love Media building. Mission 

[ALTERNATE STRATEGY]  Submitted by Nick Leon

Grab a car and normally go to where Asuka's missions are. Try to hurry to 
this area since this is a timed mission before the plane drops the packages. 
Grab the Yakuza Stinger or the Banshee, and park it about four cars away from 
the stairs, so you could run to it in about 2 seconds when you get 
everything. You can find these in the parking lot near Asuka. Now grab a 
police boat or a speeder, and get ready for the 6 packages. Each will bring 
up one star. Make sure you get all of them before the police does. 

Now go back to the docks and run up the stairs. Go into your car that you 
parked earlier and go up that sidewalk ramp (risky; it may flip) or go out 
the drive in/out area. Instead of flooring it all the way to Donald Love, go 
up until you see the alley near the multi-story building. Go in the alley and 
up the ramp until you find the Pay 'n' Spray. Go in and your 5 stars will be 
gone. Then you can go to Donald Love with no hassle. But remember! No cars 
dealing with the police or FBI can be accessed in the Pay 'n' Spray; it won't 
allow it! 


                                  KING COURTNEY

-BLING-BLING SCRAMBLE-                                
Reward: $1000 per checkpoint

Get a fast car before entering this mission.  There are  a total of 15 points 
spread out around Staunton Island. One will appear at a time. The objective 
is to race around trying to collect more than the other drivers. Don't worry. 
This time you're not up against maniac drivers in Cheetahs. This time, you're 
only up against nutcases in Patriots and those other heavy vehicles. You will 
need a fast car, like an Infernus or Cheetah. A Banshee works well, except it 
isn't nearly as "durable" as the aforementioned two. Race around town and 
collect the checkpoints before the other drivers do. Sometimes they will beat 
you to it, but you shall prevail!

-UZI RIDER-                                                 
Reward: $10,000

As soon as you hang  up the phone, a car  will pull up  behind you.  The guys 
will get out, give you an Uzi with unlimited ammo and will let you drive. 
Now, drive back to Portland. Go to Hepburn Heights  AKA, the  pink dot on the 
radar. You need to do a total of 10 drive by shootings at the Diablos. When 
they're dead, go back to Staunton  Island and park the car at their hideout.

-GANG CAR ROUND-UP-                                         
Reward: $10,000

This mission is pretty cool.  You need to steal a Stinger, a Diablo Stallion, 
and a Mafia Sentinel. Well, start with the Stinger, there are  quite a few on 
Staunton Island. Get one and drive it to the pink radar dot. It must be in 
mint condition for them to accept it though. For the other two cars, you must 
travel back to Portland to find them. The Diablo Stallion can be found around 
Hepburn Heights and the Mafia  Sentinel is found, driving around Saint Marks.

-KINGDOM COME-                                              
Reward: $10,000

Maybe it was just me, but the only way I found that I could beat this mission 
was to go buy a AK47 and a rocket launcher. Take a fast car and answer the 
payphone. After that, you must race towards the pink dot. When you get to it, 
you'll discover that it's an old Esperanto. Climb inside. There's a letter 
inside from Catalina. A Spanked up Madman will come at you. They're also 
known as suicide bombers.  Now, climb out of the car.  There  are four trucks 
with madmen around you. I found that the best way was to blow them up with 
the rocket launcher. If a madman gets too close to you, RUN. They will blow 
up in your face and do some serious damage.  When all  4 trucks are gone, the 
mission is complete.

[ALTERNATE STRATEGY]  Thanks to Modium

First, you go to the Ammu-Nation and grab some armor and an Uzi or two. Then
grab a fast car and answer the phone. Run over to where the Esperanto is 
parked, and hop in it. When the SPANKed-up madmen come charging at you, drive 
to where the van is that they first showed in the cutscene with the Madmen 
(it's to the Southwest of the Esperanto when you first enter it) and drive 
past the van as fast as you can, and back onto the street. Stay close to the 
tunnel though, and hop out of the Esperanto. Next, turn around, and lock onto 
the Madman coming towards you with the Uzi, and blow him away. You have to 
make it quick, because if you shoot him when he's too close, he'll blow you 
up too.  

After you take him out, another will run out of the van towards you, take him 
out too, and make your way towards the van. When you're close enough (but not 
too close) shoot one of the Madmen right as he leaves the van, and he should 
take the van out with him. You can do this with the rest of the vans as well, 
just make sure you know where the Madmen are at all times, and if they get 
too close to you, switch to your fists and run away as fast as you can. With 
some patience, you should be  able to take out  all of the  vans, and win the 

[TIP]  Submitted by Tristan Newman

Get ANY car that is explosion-proof (I used the bullet-proof cheetah). When 
you get the cutscene in the Esparanto, get out and run to the to your Bp Car. 
Park next to one of the vans and don't get out. A madman will explode not 
damaging your car but setting the van on fire. Just move on to the other 

[ALTERNATE STRATEGY]  Submitted by cHiLLy (Charles W. Agnello)

When you are in the Esperanto as the mission first starts do a drive-by on 
the guy just to your left.  After the van blows up (you may have to kill a 
second spanked-up dude) run out of that back area and get back to the 
street.  Make a left follow the street and make another left.  Go a little 
ways and on your left should be some concrete steps that lead to a ledge that 
overlooks the area with the spanksters.  Depending on how you want to do this 
you can use the rocket launcher to take out the vans, use the sniper rifle to 
kill the spanksters as they exit the van, or use the Ak-47, basically do 
whatever it takes to complete the mission.  I took out the van closest to 
that ledge with grenades next I took out the spanksters beneath me, and then 
dropped back in using my uzi to take out the spanksters and that last van.  
The only problem using the grenades is that the explosions can hurt you even 
if you are on the ledge.  
It worked for me. 


 ______________________________/                  \_________________________
(______________________________   SHORESIDE VALE   _________________________)

Your hideout is in Wichita Gardens, in a very decent-looking apartment. w00t! 

Each district will lead to another. You will know if you have entered another 
district when the name of that area appears on the bottom right corner.


Pike Creek
Wichita Gardens
Cochrane Dam
Cedar Grove
Francis International Airport

                                  DONALD LOVE II

Still lounging around  Love Media building, Donald is  too busy  counting his 
money and plotting ways to get his hands on the money plates. Visit him there 
to continue his jobs.

-GRAND THEFT AERO-                  
Rewards: $50,000
         Reunion with an old crime boss

Now, this mission is a long one, and if you die, it's  annoying to replay it, 
so do it right the first time!  Anyways, head  to the Love Media building and 
get your briefing with Donald. Your mission is to pick up a package in a 
plane on Shoreside Vale. Grab a car and head to Ammu-Nation. Grab two rounds 
of sniper rifle bullets, the extra is in case you're not exactly a perfect 
shot with the thing.  Hop into a car and start heading towards the pink radar 

There are two ways to get to Shoreside Vale. One is to use the bridge by 
Belleville Park (not the Callahan bridge), the other is to use the 
underground tunnel.  I'd prefer the bridge myself.  Anyways, when  you get to 
Francis International Airport, go towards the back of it to find an airport 
hanger. Head to the doorway.  You may want to  run back a few meters, though. 

Leave the car and pull out your sniper rifle. Drop all the Columbians inside. 
Then run into the hanger and  hop into the plane.  The  package is  gone! The 
Cartels must have taken it! 

Walk out of the hanger and the camera will zoom in on a Pan-Lantic
construction Van.  Seems the Cartels must have taken it there! Hop into a car 
and drive back to Staunton Island and towards the pink dot. When you get to 
the construction area, you will notice that the dot is inside a big blue
maze. Circle the building from far away and snipe any Columbians that you can 
see. For most of them, you'll have to climb to the top of the building 
overlooking the maze.  When it's safe to  enter the maze, run through it  and 
enter the Blue Marker. 

-ESCORT SERVICE-                  
Rewards: $40,000

This mission is easiest with a heavy  vehicle that can  take a lot of damage, 
like a bus, fire engine, or a Barracks OL. Once you have a good car, head to 
Love's Media building. After the briefing, there will be a Securicar in the 
alley beside you. Hop into your car and drive over to it. When you get close, 
it will start moving. Now, stay behind it. Every once in a while, look behind 
you to see if any Columbians are coming at you. If they are, just try to move 
over so they can't get to Donald's friend.  After a while, he'll pull  into a 
garage in Shoreside Vale.


The easiest way to win is do nothing.  I found this one out by accident, as 
one time while I was following the Securicar my car was flipped and it took 
me a minute to find another.  By the time I did, the Securicar was pretty far 
off, so I figured I was screwed and went to mess around with some Yardie scum 
until the mission failed and I could try again.  Well, it didn't fail, and I 
noticed the damage bar was hardly increasing at all.  A couple minutes later, 
I got the message saying I needed to scout out the end of the tunnel, so I 
caught up to the now-stopped van, bringing a couple more Cartel cruisers out 
to mess with it.  I didn't follow the Securicar, and the mission passed after 
a minute or two.  Apparently, if you're not near the Securicar, the 
Columbians don't mess with it--you just have to meet up with it at the end of 
the tunnel.  Pretty easy.  By the way, if you haven't found a securicar yet, 
one usually appears outside Love's building at the very start of the mission, 
just after the one you're protecting drives off.


Rewards: $35,000

I must be the only person that found this  mission almost impossible.  Simply 
head over to Shoreside Vale and go to where Donald's friend brought his car. 
There are FBI and SWAT teams covering the area, but don't worry about them 
right now.  Hop into the car. As soon as you do, your wanted level will shoot
up to a whopping six stars! That means the army is after you. Better get a 
move on. You need to drive this car around for three minutes without it 
blowing up. It's not exactly an easy task, though.  I found  that the easiest 
way is to head towards the underground tunnel and go back to Staunton Island.

The police can't overrun you so you only take damage from behind, which isn't
a lot. By the time you reach Staunton, you'll only have about 30 seconds 
left, so simply drive around the city  until the timer  reaches zero, and you 
get paid.

[ALTERNATE STRATEGY]  Thanks to jjkgamers

Here is a very easy way to beat the "Decoy" mission if you're having trouble 
with the others. First, get a large car, like a stretch or something. Any car 
will do. Park it in front of the SWAT cars and go get the Securicar. Now come 
out and drive past the SWAT vans and down the road until you get to the 
airport. Now, go in the back way that leads to the runways. Drive around in 
here until time runs out. Usually only 1 car comes after you, or maybe none 
at all. Have fun!

[TIP]  Thanks to TOEJAM1087

In the Donald Love Missions, there is a Decoy mission. Instead of going into 
the tunnel to get away from all of the cops and swat teams, go to the save 
house in Shoreside Vale, take the armored car and drive into the garage and 
stay in there until the remaining time is up. Nothing can hurt you while the 
car is in the garage.  It just seemed to work better for me. 


-LOVE'S DISAPPEARANCE-                  

Rewards: None

This isn't really a mission, but  it does have it's  own lovely title screen, 
so I decided to add it. As soon as you enter Love Media building, it will 
show a scene of the  courtyard where Love usually is.  He's no longer  there. 
Oh well, that's one crime boss down, 2 more to go.

                                 RAY MACHOWSKI II

Ray's first mission of Shoreside and his last.

-MARKED MAN-                  
Rewards: $20,000
         Prizes from his lock-up

This is Ray's last mission, and one of his easiest.  First, before  you start 
the mission, make sure you have a fast car. As soon as your mission starts, 
run up to your car and get in. As soon as Ray gets in behind you. Take off 
towards the underground tunnel. You can't take the bridge to Shoreside 
because the FBI is watching it. When you get to the end of the underground 
tunnel, head forward.  There is a pink dot on your radar. Follow the road and 
park in the big blue circle.  Ray will get out and give you the key to his 
lock-up back in Staunton. Well, there's a new pink dot on your radar, so I 
think you'd  better  head towards  it.  It leads to  his lock up, which has a 
couple of guns and a bullet-proof Patriot!

[MANY WAYS TO SHORESIDE]  Thanks to Matt Hixson

You mentioned that there are only two ways to get to Shoreside Vale: a bridge 
and a tunnel.  If I'm correct, I may have found a third way.  I picked up Ray 
in a Stinger and drove it down to the subway.  When I got to the tracks, I 
took a left and eventually ended up just outside the airport.  It was blind 
luck on my part, but it worked and I had something like 20 seconds to spare.


                                  ASUKA KASEN II

She has moved to the Pan-Lantic construction sites, in Columbian territory.
Visit her to take up on more of her jobs.

Reward: $35,000

Now, this is a very easy mission. Drive over to Shoreside Vale. There will be 
a yellow radar dot along with three pink ones. Head towards any of the pink 
ones. A Cartel Cruiser will be waiting there. Get it to follow you.  Now, you 
can head to the yellow dot if you want, but I suggest going around to the 
other two pink dots to round up all three cartel cruisers.  Then, head to the 
yellow dot.  This  is where Asuka's men are waiting.  I suggest hiding in the 
back corner, behind the box while Asuka's men kill the Columbians. As soon as 
the Columbians drop on the floor, the mission ends successfully.

Reward: $40,000

This mission is so hard if you don't  develop a  strategy.  What's that?  You 
don't want to? Well, I guess that's why you're here. My suggestion is to 
drive around Staunton Island. You see, the coffee shops don't appear on the 
radar. It appears only when you enter the neighborhood with one. So drive 
around and make sure  you can see all 5 of the  Staunton  Island shops on the 
radar. Now, drive to Portland to uncover two more coffee shops there.

To destroy them, ram them with your car  at a relatively fast speed.  As soon 
as you destroy the first one, a timer will appear at the top with 8 minutes 
left. You must destroy all the other coffee shops before the time runs out. 
Finish up in Portland and drive over to Staunton.  Run around the city and 
destroy the 5 here.  Now, take  the bridge to Shoreside Vale.  As soon as you 
reach the airport, one  pink dot will  appear on your radar.  Continue up the 
road, where you'll find the last one.

[ALTERNATE STRATEGY]  Thanks to John Kaelin

On the Expresso-2-Go, I had a lot of trouble, b/c my car kept on blowing up 
on me after destroying a few shops, so, I went to the Army surplus area on 
the second island where you do the 'Arms Shortage' Mission, and bought at 
least 15 rockets, or more. And then I went and started the mission, I drove 
around to be able to see all the shops, I then went to the third island and 
worked myself to the first, and when I got close to one of the shops, I 
jumped out and shot a rocket at the shop and blew it up, and it gets rid of 
the pesky Columbians that run out of the spank shops, this is a really handy 
tactic for all the shops in Staunton Island and most of the others on 
Shoreside Vale, and Portland. it cut almost a minute to a minute and a half 
off of my time on the mission. 


Rewards: $45,000

For this mission, grab the Stinger and head towards the pink dot. You'll have 
to go down some stairs to reach it. You'll appear on an old, rickety dock. 
Pick up the rocket launcher and hop into the boat. Go towards the blue dot. 
You'll be near a buoy. Behind the buoy is a landing pad for an airplane.
Park your boat on the ramp here and get out of it. Straight ahead, you'll 
see a Columbian standing beside a car. Get fairly close to him, pull out 
your rocket launcher and shoot one missile at his car.  This should kill him. 
Go and get his gun. 

Shoot the Columbian standing  on the runway.  Now, go  stand at the part that 
is closest to the buoy. There should be a yellow dot on your radar now. Pull 
out your rocket launcher and watch where it goes. Eventually, an airplane 
will appear right in front of you. Blow it up with the rocket launcher and 
it will crash on the runway.  Your wanted level shoots up to 4. Grab the 8 
items the plane dropped and head back to your boat, hop in and go back to the 
docks.  Run up the stairs and grab a car.  Go back to  the construction yard. 
when you get there, enter the blue light.

Reward: Nothing

Well, like Love's Disappearance, this isn't a real mission either. Basically,
Asuka's been murdered, and Maria's been kidnapped by Catalina.  The ransom is 
$500,000. If you have the money, great, head towards the big C on your radar.
If you don't have it, then grab a police vehicle.  Press R3. You'll enter the 
vigilante mission. This is sort of a glitch, though. Head towards the 
criminal. When you get close, pause the game. Then un-pause it, and the 
criminal will crawl out of his car, run over him to get your money. If you 
kill lots of criminals in a row, your prize money increases. It's a great way 
to get money.


Maria's been kidnapped by none other than Catalina, and you need to fork over 
$500,000 from your pocket  as ransom money!  Well, it's  not that bad, if you 
think about it. Then you gotta sink her chopper before she gets away!

-THE EXCHANGE-                                         
Reward: $1,000,000

Ouch, this mission is a HARD one.  Well, to start off, drive to Catalina's by 
following the big C. Step into the blue light to trigger a cutscene. When
it's over, run forward and grab the gun.  Turn and run to the Cartel Cruiser. 
Hop in and run over all the Columbians in the area. Get out and collect their 
weapons since they took all of yours. There is a guy up on a balcony, but 
don't worry about him.  Exit the compound through the gate you came from.  It 
will show a helicopter that's starting to take off. You're supposed to follow 
it to find Catalina. Well, go in the opposite direction of the helicopter and 
follow the path to the dam. At the entrance, there are a couple of Cartel 
Cruisers. Kill the Columbians with your guns and run down the path.  There is 
a Sniper Rifle on the right. 

Go forward and kill the Columbians beside the Cartel Cruisers.  Pull out your 
sniper rifle and snipe the guys perched on the balconies of the two towers on 
the right. Hop into one of the Cartel Cruisers and drive over all the 
Columbians around here.  If they drop a gun that glows blue, then pick it up! 
There is a guy wielding a flame thrower at the end.  Whack him and run up the 

There will be three people standing there.  Kill the one on the left, and the 
one on the right. The one in the middle is Maria, and if you kill her, you 
die. Anyway, around this time, Catalina's helicopter should be taking off. 
Kill the Columbian standing beside the box and run to the far end of the 
roof to find a Rocket Launcher.  Take aim and fire at the helicopter. When it 
blows up, the mission is complete. 

[ALTERNATE STRATEGY] (Uses Rhino)  Thanks to Riggs

This made the final mission 10 times easier for me.  Before starting the 
mission, go get a tank and store it in your Shoreside garage.  It's a tough 
fit, but you can do it.  Save your game, grab a car, and start the mission.  
Instead of taking the truck that's outside, go in the garage and take that 
one.  There's body armor next to it, allowing you to recharge.  Drive down to 
your hideout and get in the tank, and turn the turret around so it's facing 
directly behind you.  Take a right just out of your hideout, then another 
right, then go right over the cliff to your left.  The tank's hard to flip, 
but if it does just start over.  As soon as you hit the ground, start firing 
behind you and revving the engine--the recoil from the tank will help you 
climb the hill.  Now, with only a minute or two gone by, you should have a 
tank at the dam gates.  Drive right through the Cartel Cruisers and turn your 
turret around.  Blow up the next set of Cruisers, take out the two Barracks 
OL's with the turret, and run over or shoot the remaining Cartel members on 
the ground.  You can ignore the two in the towers, but make sure to shoot the 
guy who's standing on the building all the way at the end.  Just aim at him, 
and the shell will explode just below him and kill him (if you don't, his M-
16 will be lethal while you climb the stairs.)  Get up there, take his -16 
(you'll still be out of range of the other 3 Cartel guys) and use it to take 
them out.  Grab the rocket launcher, wait for the chopper to come close, and 
congrats; you've won.

[TIPS]  Thanks to KramerS

It makes the last mission easier if you go down to your home before following 
the 'copter. You pick up tons of ammo and then can use the sniper to pick off 
the Cartel first from behind the Cruisers, and then from atop the staircases.
If you use an Uzi for the other guys, you still have a minute at the helipad
to destroy the 'copter.



D-Ice's payphone is in Wichita Gardens. You'll hear it ringing as soon as you

-UZI MONEY-                                          
Reward: $10,000

The idea is to enact  drive-by shootings  at 20 Nines.  Nines are the guys in 
purple shirts and black pants. Crazy, but beware, they will get their Rumpo 
XL's after you soon after.  Sometimes, a glitch prevents you from completing 
this mission properly. The Nines will re-spawn as red jacks, which look  
exactly the  same, except they  wear red instead of purple.  Just keep trying 
until you do it.  All of the  Nines are located in Wichita Gardens, the area 
right around D-Ice's payphone.

Reward: $5,000

You know all of those Toyz mission where  you get to drive around remote cars 
blowing up gang members?  Well, this is just like that. Drive towards the 
pink radar dot to find none other than a Toyz van. Hop in. Now, the only 
difference between this and the other missions is that you only have 4 RC 
cars to blow up the three enemy cars.  If your car hits  another car, then 
it'll  blow up.  If it gets  out of range, it will  blow up.  Take your time. 
Because you can only afford to mess up with one car.

-RIGGED TO BLOW-                                             
Reward: $20,000

It seems that somebody has planted a bomb in D-Ice's car.  So grab a fast car 
and race to the pink dot on the radar. You'll find a blue Infernus sitting 
there. Hop in and drive all the way back to Portland via the tunnel. You
can't afford to hit more than a few cars, otherwise you'll get blown to hell. 
When you reach the garage in Saint Marks, go inside. When the door opens up 
again, the bomb will be defused. Now, drive it back to where you've found the 
car, near your hideout in Shoreside Vale, in mint condition.  If you rough it 
up, head to the nearest Pay 'N' Spray to get it fixed.

-BULLION RUN-                                              
Reward: $25,000

Now, I suggest grabbing a fairly big vehicle for this mission, it makes that 
much easier. Head to the pink dot on the radar. There will be platinum 
spread throughout the entire area, so start collecting it. The police will 
start coming after you, but you have a big vehicle to take the damage. When 
you have about 15 pieces, haul your vehicle to the new pink dot. Pull into 
Garage number 2 to empty your stash. Now, head back for more. Keep doing so 
until you have 30 pieces total. That's when the mission will be accomplished.

Reward: $10,000

This mission may seem hard  at first, but it can be  beaten in about a minute 
total.  When it starts, hop in a car and ride to the pink dot to find D-Ice's 
brother. After a short conversation, grab a baseball bat, and if you get it, 
you may as well get some armor too. Hop back in the car and drive to Cedar 
Gardens. It's right by D-Ice's payphone.  When you can see all the Nines, run 
out. Put the bat away. Run around so that all the Nines are clustered in a 
big group.  Then, pull out your baseball bat, turn around  and start smacking 
everybody in sight. If they're in a group, then hitting one will knock a  
bunch of them down.  Then proceed to hit them while they're down so to speak.

* Congratulations on beating the story mode of Grand Theft Auto III. All you
        have to do is complete everything else! Yay!

   ______ ________________________________________________________________
  / ___  \ ______________________________________________________________ \
 / /  / \ \                                                              \ \
| | -/ /-| |        - - - -  CHAPTER THREE: URBAN CHAOS  - - - -          \ \ 
 \ \/ /_/ /_______________________________________________________________/ /

Conquering Grand Theft Auto III is only the beginning!  There are many things 
left undone! Many things left undiscovered! Read this section to find out 
what they are! You might  already know about  them, but--you  never know--you 
might even find something that you haven't noticed yet.

                            -= RC TOYZ MISSIONZ =- 

Pilot little remote control cars rigged with bombs to  other vehicles to blow 
them up! And you get paid to do so! Oh man, Liberty City rocks! RC Toyz 
missions are triggered when you enter light-blue vans that look like
Moonbeams. These Toyz vans  have a  special insignia  painted on their sides. 
There are four in all. 

-MAFIA MASSACRE-                                                 
Reward: $1000 per car
Location: Saint Mark's, in alley across the street from Mama Cipriani's.

To activate this mission, head to Saint Marks.  Right  across the street from 
Tony Cipriani's restaurant is a dark alley. Run into it. There is a blue van 
with a white circular logo on the side. Climb in it to start the mission. 
These missions are pretty fun.  You get to drive a little remote-controlled 
car around.  For the purpose of this mission, you must drive  it into as many 
Mafia Sentinels as you can. For every car you blow up, you get $1000. There 
are two ways to detonate your car.  Either drive into the vehicles wheels, or 
push circle. 

-DIABLO DESTRUCTION-                                           
Reward: $1000 per car
Location: Hepburn Heights, at the bottom of stairs to El Train station

To activate this mission, head  to Hepburn Heights.  Near the  pay phone used 
to accept El Burro's business, there is a blue van with a white circular logo 
on the side. Climb in it to start the mission. This mission is pretty fun. 
You get to drive a little remote-controlled car around. For the purpose of 
this mission, you must drive it into as many Diablo Stallions as you can. For 
every car you blow up you get $1000. There are two ways to detonate your car. 
Either drive into the vehicles wheels, or push circle. 

-CASINO CALAMITY-                                                 
Rewards: $1000 per car
Location: Torrington, in parking lot one block west from Kenji's casino

Head to Kenji's casino to activate the mission.  Right across the street from 
it is a blue van with a blue circle on the side. Run over to it and hop in. 
Climb in it to start the mission. These missions are pretty fun. You get to 
drive a little remote-controlled car around. For the purpose of this mission, 
you must drive it into as many Yakuza Stingers as you can.  For every car you 
blow up, you get $1000.  There are two ways to  detonate a car.  Either drive  
into the vehicles' wheels, or push circle. 

-RUMPO RAMPAGE-                                                   
Reward: $1000 per car
Location: Wichita Gardens, in a corner behind two billboards behind the hide-

To activate this mission, head to your hideout. Right behind it, there is a 
blue van with a white symbol on it, it's hidden behind a tree and a few 
advertising boards. Run over to it and hop in. This mission is pretty fun. 
You get to drive a little remote-controlled car around. For the purpose of 
this mission, you must drive it into as many Rumpo XLs as you can. For every 
car you blow up, you get $1,000. There are two ways  to detonate your car. 
Either drive into the vehicles' wheels, or push circle. 

                          -= 4x4 OFFROAD CHALLENGES =-

These missions are very frustrating, but they serve as a nice diversion from 
the weary, everyday missions. Basically, what you do is drive a vehicle--not 
just any vehicle--through a series of checkpoints. You must tag all the 
checkpoints scattered around the area to complete the mission. Time is 
essence. You will have a time  limit placed  on you. Each checkpoint you hit 
will add some seconds to the timer. Have fun.

-PATRIOT PLAYGROUND-                                              
Rewards: $30,000
Location: Portland View, enter the Patriot parked at the Supa-Save market.

In this mission, you must race around, collecting checkpoints. You start with 
a limited time, and with  each checkpoint you collect, you get more time. In 
this particular mission, you must get inside a Patriot. Not just any Patriot, 
though. There is one parked outside of the "Supa Save" grocery store in 
Portland View.  Go to the right of the Police Station and follow the grass to 
the other side of the road.  There's a huge sign that says Supa Save, so pull 
into the place to find a Patriot parked outside. Hop in to start the mission.

-A RIDE IN THE PARK-                                              
Reward: $30,000
Location: Belleville Park, near house

For the mission, you must drive a LandStalker through a bunch of checkpoints. 
The Stalker is located in Belleville Park. Head into the park itself and go 
to where the pond is. There is a small cottage there with a LandStalker 
parked outside. I bet ya' can't guess what THAT's for. :P Hop in to start the 
mission. Now, the timer starts once you get the first checkpoint. There are 
two checkpoints right near you, but I suggest  saving them for last.  But HOW 
you do it is up to you.  Just keep doing it  over and over  again, developing 
different strategies.

-MULTI-STORY MAYHEM-                                             
Reward: $30,000
Location: Trenton, go to parking garage in a Stallion; get out and re-enter.

For this mission, you get to drive a Stallion.  Go to Newport and head to the 
5-story parking garage here. You need to jack a Stallion, so if there's 
none in the immediate area around the parking lot, then head inside, get a 
Stallion and drive it back outside.  You see, you have to get into a Stallion 
from outside the garage. When you do so, the mission briefing screen will 
show up. Now, drive into the garage. Start with the first floor and make 
your way upwards.  At the top, there is one  that is just  past the ramp. Get 
all the others before jumping the ramp to reach it.

Reward: $30,000
Location: Cedar Gardens

Like the other checkpoint  missions, you must race through a bunch of check- 
points, while gaining more time. This is the hardest of the four missions in 
the game. The Patriot you must use is in Cedar Gardens, where you fought the 
rumble with D-Ice's brother. Hop in and have fun!

                          -= IMPORT/EXPORT GARAGES =-

You must have received a  page about an  Import/Export garage, otherwise, you 
wouldn't be reading this, genius. There are two Import/Export garages. One in 
Portland, and the other is in Shoreside Vale. Portland's garage is located at 
the Portland Harbor. You will have to weave around the numerous buildings to 
find it. Look for a blue garage with a car roster pasted next to the door. If 
you have trouble finding it, do some taxi missions. Some passengers will ask 
you to take them there. The one in Shoreside Vale is behind the Fudge Packing 
Corp in Cochrane Dam, marked by a maroon-colored  garage. Again, if you can't 
find it, do some taxi missions.

P o r t l a n d 

Securicar         Blista
Moonbeam          Mule
Coach             Yankee 
Flatbed           Bobcat
Linerunner        Dodo
Trashmaster       Bus
Patriot           Rumpo 
Mr Whoopee        Pony 
By collecting and delivering  them to the garage, you'll receive $200,000 and 
16 GTA3 pick-ups, which means you can use any of these cars at any time. Most 
of the ones listed above are easy to find around Portland. Some of them, like
the Dodo, can only be obtained once you reach Shoreside Vale or Staunton 
Island. Now, I will help you find those harder-to-find vehicles. I cannot 
guarantee you  will find  them easily; the purpose  of this is to  give you a 
general idea of where they are. The descriptions found in the Vehicle 
Database could supplement the  information here, so refer to  that section if 
you need more help.

SECURICAR: Forget about using the  Securicar from the "Van Heist" mission. It
     won't accept any vehicles if you have a Wanted Level. Instead, travel to 
     Staunton Island and drive around the Aspatria/Rockford area. At a 
     certain time (during the afternoon  to early evening), you might find 
     many Securicars driving around.

COACH: There is a bus  company  located in the  Trenton area. There, you will
     easily find a parked Coach.

FLATBED: This vehicle appears  sporadically. I found it in  several different
     places at once: Bedford Point, Fort  Staunton, and Aspatria. I could not 
     find a set place, at which this vehicle would appear. Just search around 
     those districts during the morning (like 11:00 AM). 

TRASHMASTER: I believe you can use the one  from the "Blow Fish" mission, but 
     I'm not so sure because I haven't tried that. Anyway, I happened upon a 
     few of these around Bedford Point and the Aspatria area, near the 
     football stadium. These appear  usually about 6 o'clock in the evening.

MR. WHOOPEE: Mr. Whoopee's don't normally drive around any of the islands. It
     appears during Firefighter missions. The ice cream trucks are usually 
     the ones on fire. Once you find one, put out the fire before it wrecks 
     the entire vehicle. It should still be intact if you managed to save it 
     before it had blown up.

DODO: This biplane with clipped wings can only be found at the Francis Inter-
     national Airport in  Shoreside Vale. There are a few  of them: one in a 
     hangar, and one hanging out with the helicopters, I believe.

BUS: As with the Securicar and Trashmaster, I found a copious amount of Buses
     around the football stadium, on the street in front of Phil's Army 
     Surplus store. The Bus is smaller than the Coach. In fact, it looks like
     a bus that transports prisoners. 

S h o r e s i d e  V a l e 

Sentinel          Perennial
Cheetah           Landstalker
Banshee           Manana
Stinger           Idaho
Infernus          Stallion
Esperanto         Taxi
Kuruma            Cabbie
Stretch           BF Injection

By collecting and delivering  them to the garage, you'll receive $200,000 and 
16 GTA3 pick-ups, which means you can use any of these cars at any time. Most 
of the ones listed above are easy to find around Portland and Staunton 
Island, and some at Shoreside Vale. I will help you find those harder-to-find 
vehicles. I cannot guarantee you will find them easily; the purpose of this 
is to give you a general idea of where they are. The descriptions found in 
the Vehicle Database could supplement the  information here, so refer to that 
section if you need more help.

BF INJECTION: This vehicle becomes available after you complete Asuka's first
     mission in Staunton Island, "Sayonara Salvatore". Head to Hepburn 
     Heights in Portland and wait around the apartments, where El Burro's 
     phone is. The BF Injection will eventually appear about 20:00--earlier 
     or later.

                          -= EMERGENCY VEHICLE CRANE =-

At some point, you'll receive a page about a crane on a big ship in Portland  
Harbor that will offer cash in exchange for certain vehicles. It's located 
further past the Import/Export Garage at the Portland Harbor. Look for a 
rectangular-shaped parking spot with yellow stripes on the floor. Also look 
for a crane magnet suspended in the air. In fact, it's next to the parked 
Yankee. Park any of the listed vehicles  within the provided  space and step 
out of the vehicle. These are the vehicles which are needed:

Fire Truck
Police Car
Barracks OL
Rhino Tank

Each car nets you $1,500. Not bad money considering that you don't do much to 
earn the dough. However, there are some, like the Rhino and FBI Car, that 
take a little risky work to obtain. 

FBI CAR: Stealing a FBI car is very tricky. It's even more tricky if you want
         to do it without cheat codes. I hate to say this, but if you want to
         avoid frustration, you're going to have to use cheat codes. Here's 
         what you do: stand at the top of the  stairs to the football stadium
         with the FBI in pursuit. If you're lucky, some of them will leave 
         their vehicles and approach you. Now quickly enter the Decrease
         Wanted Level code. The FBI and the entire  police force  will have a
         change of heart and return to headquarters. Quickly jack the FBI car
         and speed away with it.

ENFORCER: An Enforcer is a  SWAT vehicle that can  be found parked behind the
         police station in Torrington. Use the Police car out in front to
         gain entrance to the back parking lot. Take the Enforcer without a
         hassle. Simple, eh?

BARRACKS OL: There is a Barracks OL  parked in front of  Phil's Army Surplus 
         store, located in Rockford. If you don't know where it is, wait for
         the "Arms Shortage" mission.

RHINO TANK: Getting your hands on a Rhino is suicidal. If you plan on getting
         it the hard way, you need to have access to Shoreside Vale. That way 
         you can get 6 stars, at which point the army will come after you.
         For more details, you will have to refer to the Rhino Tank FAQ found 
         at GameFAQs. The easy way is to finish the "Exchange" mission, and 
         claim Phil's prize. Oh yeah, you could also enter the cheat code for 
         a tank to drop from the sky.

                             -= VEHICLE MISSIONS =-

As always, if you withdraw  from your  vehicle at  any time, the mission will
automatically end (except for the  Vigilante mission. You  will be given some 
time to enter another police vehicle). I'd also recommend that you complete
each task at hand before you build up any vendettas with the local gangs. If 
you set one foot on their territory, and they don't think very highly of you, 
it will make it very hard to complete some of  these missions. Just a word of 
warning. Other than that, knock yourself out!

--- TAXI --------------------------

It resembles the Arcade game, Crazy Taxi. Crazy Taxi-esque fares and Crazy 
Taxi-esque driving is what it takes. Although  you should forget the Crazy 
part when transporting your passengers to their destinations.

Pick up a passenger and be  an obedient driver, who will take  his passengers 
anywhere, even across the Sahara Desert for cash. Of course, there is no need 
for the extreme in Liberty City. There's always someone who needs to get 
somewhere quickly. Your passengers will almost always be in the vicinity as 
you begin the mission, or after you drop off another customer. Time is the 
name of the game, and if you don't get to the  specified location  within the 
allotted time, your passenger becomes impatient and storms off on a whim.

While you do need to make use of the time and reach your destination quickly, 
you also have to consider the safety of your passengers. Drive the car as 
though a very delicate nuclear weapon is strapped to it. At the same time you 
need to drive down the cement roads faster than the average granny. As long 
as you don't encounter frequent collisions, your passenger will be nice 
enough to stay. Otherwise, you can expect him to flee. Also, when you pull 
over to pick someone up, try to look presentable. Mortifyingly banged up 
cars, as if it had just been disinterred from the crusher, aren't appealing. 
If the person shows no interest in entering your vehicle, be a good lad and 
grab another. Another taxi can't be too far, ya know.

The more your car is damaged, the more likely a passenger will demand to 
leave the vehicle. Potential customers  appear as green blips, while the 
destination comes up as a magenta blip. You also get a bonus for every five 
consecutive fares you complete.

--- VIGILANTE ---------------------

When stealing a police  car, always open  the door on the  passenger side. If 
you open it with the cop inside, he'll place you under arrest on the spot. As 
he gets out, run away and lure him elsewhere, but not so far that he returns  
to his abandoned vehicle. Then make a run for it and jump in his car, then 
drive away with his smooth ride! These snobby law enforcements obviously 
don't have firm values of right and wrong. They will chase you down even if 
you're on a mission to take out one of their wanted criminals.

The culprits are always in vehicles that appear as green blips on the radar.
Just remember: You're not here to be a benevolent cop out to arrest the bad 
guys. No, you're here to be a donut-consuming pig who's on a mission to 
eliminate them. I'm sure you have your own ways to devise a macabre kill. 

Normally, you need  to ram them off  the road or get the culprit to leave his 
vehicle and travel by foot. However, here's an interesting bug: pause the 
screen and let the stats scroll up a little, now un-pause. This causes the 
racing culprit to mysteriously pull over of his own volition and get out of 
his car. Then you can just run him over. You can do this for every runaway 
vehicle you encounter, and they will yield to the bug! However, you need to 
come in moderately  close range for this  to work, and sometimes, it may not.
That doesn't happen too often though.

Police Station Locations:
Portland View, Portland
Torrington, Staunton Island
Pike Creek, Shoreside Vale

--- PARAMEDIC ---------------------

You've been going around, clobbering the innocent citizens of Liberty City 
and now you're feeling guilty. So, there is some human in you. Walking the 
career path of a paramedic is just the thing to absolve all your sins, you 
evil bastard. This is pretty hard, but the payoff is worthwhile.

When you get behind  the wheel of a paramedic's  vehicle, press the L3 button 
to activate the mission. As it begins, you're given very little time, despite 
the long distance drive you're going to have to make to pick up the victims. 
Pull up beside the mortally wounded person (they are easily distinguished 
from the rest of the bystanders; not only because they have a blue arrow over 
their heads, but because they lose gallons of blood with each step). Each 
person you fetch credits you with an additional 30 seconds--subtract or add a 
little. Just remember not to kill your patients; you can kill anyone else. 

Quickly deliver them to the hospital (indicated by a magenta blip) and park 
in the blue marker. Once you've successfully rescued all the wounded patients 
located at each point on the radar, your Paramedic Mission Level will 
increase, and as it increases, so does the difficulty. The number of victims 
will increase with the mission level. If you mess up, you will be forced 
to start over from Level 1. You need to save every single victim to proceed
to the next level.

I'd suggest luring the Ambulance to you  by killing people, one by one, 'til 
they're all nice and bloody. When the Ambulance rushes to the wounded 
victims, you can steal the vehicle. You're asking, why can't you just take 
the ones from the hospital? Well, you'll have a much harder time trying to 
rush your patients to the hospital with unyielding traffic. However, with the 
sirens already turned on, you can persuade traffic to move to the side. It 
doesn't help THAT much, but considering the ridiculously clumsy handling of 
the paramedic vehicle, you'll need all the advantages you can get. You can 
press the L3 button to turn on the emergency sirens only when your "normal" 
sirens are already on. Make sure you brake as you come to a corner. Never 
accelerate while turning. Otherwise, the hefty vehicle will tip over, and you 
will end up endangering the life of the patient. I mean, he IS already 
gravely injured; you don't want to split his lungs open.

Hospital Locations:
Portland View, Portland
Rockford, Staunton Island
Pike Creek, Shoreside Vale

--- FIREFIGHTER -------------------

Too bad you have already made a name for yourself in the dirty business. You
can repent by lending a hand in saving people from incinerating themselves. 
Despite the thin blanket of tranquility that belies Liberty City's true 
criminal form, people here are pretty reckless, always setting themselves on 
fire and stuff. It's your job to go around putting out these fires with your 
trusty water hose on top of your shiny red engine. 

Fire hazards come up as red blips on the radar. Speed to the scene as fast as 
possible and extinguish the fire by pressing the Circle button. The Right 
Analog Stick turns the hose to the left and right directions. A ribbon of 
murky water will spout from the hose and snuff out the flames. For every fire 
you successfully extinguish, you get $250.  

Fire Station Locations:
Harwood, Portland
Edge of Aspatria/Belleville Park, Staunton Island
Francis International Airport, Shoreside Vale

                            -= RAMPAGE LOCATIONS =-

Rampage missions usually ask you to  execute a certain number of gangsters or 
blow up as many cars as possible. Each mission provides a pre-selected weapon 
for you to use. This weapon has unlimited ammunition, so don't worry about 
being frugal. During the mission, you cannot cycle among your weapon 
inventory. You can trigger Rampage missions by collecting an icon with an 
inscribed skull in the center. Once you've accessed a Rampage mission, you 
must successfully complete it within the allotted time. If you fail, the icon 
will relocate. 

Once you find the second location of the  icon and fail again, it will return 
to its original position. So there are two possible locations for each 
Rampage icon.  

For each Rampage you complete, you get an incremental prize value of $5000. 
So you get $5000 for the first one, then $10,000 for the second and so on. 

[TIP]  Thanks to Darren

All you need to do is have one star in your wanted level, and have a
police man follow you when you pick up the icon. When the rampage
starts the police man will still follow you, but because he is there
the gangs won't shoot at you. Leaving you to freely pop them off
without any hassle. Except for a police man that randomly punches you
in the back of the head.

[TIP]  Thanks to Daniel Feit

You can use a Rhino to beat nearly any Rampage with ease. For whatever 
reason, the Rhino's powerful cannon counts! This comes in handy when the 
Rampage is in especially hostile territory (like St. Mark's). This trick 
(bug?) works on any rampage EXCEPT those which require a headshot. This also 
works on the rampage-esque missions "Trial by Fire" and "Uzi Money." For 
those rampages where vehicles are the target, you can shoot them OR simply 
run over them.


P o r t l a n d 

01. Murder 30 Diablos in 120 seconds
    Weapon: M-16
    Location 1: Red Light District
                In the alleyway of building across from Luigi's Sex Club 7.
    Location 2: Chinatown
                On the right side of the Old School Hall building (the place
                where the police ball was held); in the corner between the
                building and Callahan Bridge.

    Tips: The latter location is the better. Start by spraying the bunch that
          suddenly appears on the dirt path outside the basketball court. 
          Stay there until it appears as though you've decimated the Diablos.
          Then head out onto the streets to lure more Diablos out of their

02. Destroy 13 vehicles in 120 seconds
    Weapon: Rocket Launcher
    Location 1: Trenton
                In an alley behind the building facing the Old School Hall at
                the edge of Chinatown. The entrance to the alley is on the  
                west side of the building when facing it. The Rampage icon is
                to your immediate right as you enter.
    Location 2: Callahan Point
                Behind a tree in the apartment complex. Go to the right of 
                Greasy Joe's diner and head up the grassy slope, toward the 
                apartments. You should see it behind the last tree.

    Tips: This one is actually very troublesome because you're forced to work
          with such a destructive weapon. If you disturb the peaceful 
          citizens, they might go up to you and brawl. If you fire a rocket
          while any one person is in the way, you will immediately drop dead 
          because of the powerful blast. I would recommend getting atop an
          unmanned car and fire at various vehicles (don't taunt the police!)
          from there. I would also recommend doing this at Location 2, mainly
          because the Triads won't be breathing down your neck.

03. Kill 20 Mafia in 120 seconds
    Weapon: AK-47
    Location 1: Saint Mark's
                Behind Mama Cipriani's restaurant. Go up the steep street and
                look to either your left or right (depends on which side you
                are on) to find a parked Mafia Sentinel. In front of the car
                are two storage garages. Between them is this Rampage icon.
    Location 2: Saint Mark's
                Go to the long sloping alleyway behind the yellow building 
                that's across from Mama Cipriani's. It's in the backyard of
                the yellow mustard building.

    Tips: This should be fairly easy. Your only  concern is  your health. As 
          you murder more Mafia members, their comrades will take revenge 
          and attempt to drop you on the spot. Wearing an Armor, accompanied
          by perfect Health is recommended.

04. Destroy 10 vehicles in 120 seconds
    Weapon: Grenades
    Location 1: Saint Mark's 
                On the El-Train tracks. Go to the El-Train station behind the
                hospital in Saint Mark's, and head in the direction of the
    Location 2: Trenton
                On the El-Train tracks. Go to the Chinatown El-Train station.
                Run in the direction of the Callahan Bridge and keep going
                until the text Trenton appears on the lower right of screen.

    Tips: This is actually pretty hard. You have to time the explosion of the
          grenade right.

05. Kill 20 Triads in 120 seconds
    Weapon: Shotgun
    Location 1: Trenton 
                In a very narrow space between the Mean Street Taxi building
                wall and the adjacent building. Mean Street Taxi is located
                near the Bitch 'n' Dog Food Factory.
    Location 2: Portland View
                On a high ledge behind Sweeney's General Hospital. Take the
                ramp between the hospital and the police station to the 
                grassy hill. Climb the concrete ledge and follow it to the

    Tips: The main problem with this Rampage is that the shotgun is effective
          only at short range. This means that you'll be under heavy gunfire. 
          The better place is Location 1. There, you can confine yourself in 
          a small space and control the flow of Triad members. This also 
          helps put them into small, scattered groups. With the shotgun, you
          will surely have the upper hand.

06. Kill 25 Triads in 120 seconds!
    Weapon: Uzi
    Location 1: Chinatown 
                In the corner of a L-shaped alley behind SAMO'S WOK, which is
                the very traditional, Chinese style building that has a 
                Rockstar billboard posted on top of it. It's at the edge of 
                Chinatown, before reaching Callahan Point.
    Location 2: Portland View
                Supa Save Convenience Store.

    Tips: The safer place to do this is at the  second location. Use the low- 
          hanging wall that separates the street from the grassy slope in 
          front of the Supa Save to protect yourself from the Triads wielding 
          bats. It also holds most of the Triads at bay. This trick kind of
          slows things down just a bit. However, once some cars get in the 
          way, you'll be forced to go out onto the streets to hunt some Triad

S t a u n t o n  I s l a n d

07. Destroy 8 vehicles in 120 seconds
    Weapon: Shotgun
    Location 1: Belleville Park
                In one of the corners inside the actual park. Near the street
                leading to Callahan Bridge.
    Location 2: Belleville Park
                In another one of the corners inside the actual park. Not too
                far from the basketball courts.
    Tips: Since you have only the shotgun, which is the  bane of this Rampage 
          mission, you're going to have to stand in front of the cars to stop 
          them. It takes about three shells from the shotgun to set a car's
          engine afire. Sometimes the drivers may get hysterical and drive 
          off like maniacs. What you can do is drag drivers out of their cars 
          and then shoot the engines. It's up to you, really. 

08. Explode 25 Yardies in 120 seconds
    Weapon: Grenade
    Location 1: Belleville Park 
                Alley behind fire station 
    Location 2: Liberty Campus
                In the small alley at the very back of the brown building, 
                behind St. Matthias University.

    Tips: The best way to complete this is to just use the tank cheat.

09. Destroy 15 vehicles in 120 seconds
    Weapon: M-16
    Location 1: Liberty Campus
                Back alley on the St. Matthias University campus.
    Location 2: Fort Staunton
                In the corner of the Pan-Lantic construction site, under the
                half-finished structure, near a parked Cartel Cruiser.

    Tips: See Rampage 07 for tips.

10. Pop 17 Yardies heads in 120 seconds
    Weapon: Sniper Rifle
    Location 1: Torrington
                Take the fire exit stairs on the side of the AMCo building to
                the second floor, where you will find this icon.
    Location 2: Torrington
                At Kenji's casino. Take the stairs to the fourth floor of the 
                casino. You'll find it at the end of the catwalk, behind the 
                neon sign.
    Tips: The former location is the better. Head down  the stairs and  stand 
          on the sidewalk. Because the sniper rifle's shot is muffled by a 
          suppressor, the other Yardies won't retaliate. Just don't stand out 
          in the open. Pop only the heads; hitting other body parts will be

11. Torch 16 Yakuza in 120 seconds  
    Weapon: Molotov Cocktail
    Location 1: Newport
                To the left of Unique Stunt Jump number 12. It's sitting in
                front of a doorway on the street above Asuka's apartment 
    Location 2: Newport
                Head to the alley behind the multi-story carpark, where you
                will find 8-Ball's place and the Pay 'n' Spray. The icon is 
                just past 8-Ball's garage.
    Tips: I recommend going to the area near Asuka's condo. It seems that 
          area is a popular hang-out spot for Yakuza members. Go for groups 
          of Yakuza, not just individual members walking down the street.

12. Annihilate 30 Yardies in 120 seconds
    Weapon: Rocket Launcher
    Location 1: Bedford Point
                Church cemetery. If you go to the right of the church and
                wrap around the entire building, you'll find an entrance to
                the cemetery.
    Location 2: Bedford Point
                Hidden in some bushes beside the stairs to the light brown
                building. Some people call this the "projects" area. 

    Tips: The rocket launcher causes a lot of trouble, especially since you
          may engage some Yardies in close-range combat. Chances are you may
          also pour the police into the mix by accidentally wrecking too many
          vehicles. Just shoot your targets from afar. 

13. Burn 25 Yakuza in 120 seconds
    Weapon: Flame-thrower
    Location 1: Bedford Point
                In corner of the nigh-empty parking lot behind the brown-ish
    Location 2: Bedford Point
                Behind church, in corner.
    Tips: As always, head out to the street to find many Yakuza prowling the 
          streets. Visualize them as chicken drumsticks. Happy BBQ.

S h o r e s i d e  V a l e 

14. Destroy 15 vehicles in 120 seconds
    Weapon: Rocket Launcher
    Location 1: Pike Creek
                Roof of Turtle Head Fishing Co. Take stairs to roof.     
    Location 2: Francis International Airport
                Outside the airport, behind a "Badfellas" billboard.

    Tips: The first location is better since you can start blasting cars away 
          from the rooftop. Chances are you will accrue a rather big Wanted 
          Level. By staying on the rooftop, you're safe from the ravaging 
          "ground troops", meaning you only have a helicopter to deal with. 
          If you successfully complete the Rampage, the Wanted Level will 
          completely disappear. However, the second location also has its 
          advantages. Parked cars count, and there are plenty of parked cars 
          at the airport.

15. Remove 15 Columbian heads in 120 seconds
    Weapon: Sniper Rifle
    Location 1: Pike Creek
                Scattered among the debris in alley  between building and the
                street wall at the Undercover Storage Company warehouse area.
    Location 2: Pike Creek
                On roof of a four-garage building behind the police station.   
    Tips: The Columbians are hard to deal with because they've already built 
          a strong grudge against you. Neither locations generate a lot of 
          Columbians for you to decapitate. You have to be absolutely safe
          from all their gunfire, or you'll be visiting the hospital one too
          many times.

16. Fry 20 Columbians in 120 seconds    
    Weapon: Flame-thrower
    Location 1: Cedar Grove
                Behind the one-car garage with the Landstalker parked outside
                the purple-ish house.
    Location 2: Cochrane Dam
                Near the Import/Export garage behind the Fudge Packing Corp.
    Tips: Incredibly hard. Use the tank cheat. ^_^

17. Behead 20 Hoods in 120 seconds
    Weapon: M-16
    Location 1: Wichita Gardens
                Behind the orange and white "Squid" billboard on the hilltop
                near the dirt road to Shoreside Vale.
    Location 2: Cedar Grove
                Behind the red "GASOLINE" billboard just off the S-curve road
                that leads to Wichita Gardens.
    Tips: Not much I can say here. Apply the same tactics as you did in  
          Rampage number 10.

18. Splatter 20 Hoods in 120 seconds
    Weapon: Shotgun
    Location 1: Wichita Gardens
                Roof of three-car garage at the back of the apartment complex
                where D-Ice's phone is. Jump from overpass to roof.
    Location 2: Francis International Airport
                Behind the blue "Sumo" billboard facing the street entrance 
                of the airport.
    Tips: Again, use the tank cheat for this one.

19. Splatter 20 Columbians in 120 seconds
    Weapon: Any vehicle of your choice
    Location 1: Francis International Airport 
                Behind "FatburgerKid" billboard facing the airport building.
    Location 2: Pike Creek
                Grassy area across from the Burke's Supply Company--the 
                building behind the hospital.
    Tips: You would want a very durable vehicle like a Flatbed. So have one 
          ready before you begin this mission. The Columbians carry an 
          astounding amount of firepower, so a normal vehicle cannot possibly
          live through twenty Columbian murders.

20. Drive-by and destroy 7 vehicles in 120 seconds
    Weapon: Uzi & vehicle
    Location 1: Pike Creek
                Beside the pay booth at the Punk Noodles factory across from
                Turtle Head Fishing Co.
    Location 2: Cochrane Dam
                Next to boulder on side of the circular path, at the base of

    Tips: I recommend going for parked cars. ^_^

                            -= UNIQUE STUNT JUMPS =-

Unique Stunt Jumps are fun! You know it's a Unique Stunt Jump when the camera
switches to a dramatic close-up of your vehicle flying over whatever--be it a 
river, some buildings, cars, etc. To successfully complete a Unique Stunt 
Jump, you must completely clear a specific obstacle. By clearing it, I mean 
the front and rear ends of the vehicle cannot  touch the obstacle at all, nor 
can it touch any objects surrounding the obstacle. 

You are awarded only once for each Unique Stunt Jump. For each Unique Stunt 
Jump you clear, you will get an incremental prize value of $5,000. Your first 
jump is worth $5000. The next is $10,000. The one after is $15,000 and so on. 

When trying these Unique Stunt Jumps, you will need a vehicle with a very 
good acceleration. Weak durability, too, since vehicles with low durability 
tend to be lighter, enabling you to complete jumps more easily. (I don't 
think physics matter much here.)

TIP: I used the Banshee alone to complete all of my Unique Stunts. It's fast.
It's awesome. I recommend using  it. A Cheetah, Infernus, etc. will work just 
as well.

P o r t l a n d 

01. Red Light District
    On the very long street that connects several different districts and can
    lead to Callahan Point, there is a trapezoid-shaped building, and on it 
    is a yellow sign that reads: "HI-PRESS GAS HOT STEAM". It's actually just
    next to the pedestrian walkway of the El-Train tracks. You must clear the
    walkway leading to the Chinatown El-Train platform without hitting 

02. Trenton
    There is a wooden kicker ramp behind the Liberty City Sawmill. Clear the 
    roof of the building it's facing. Completely.

03. Chinatown
    There's a ramp leaning against the subway walls in the center of town.
    Make a clean jump off the ramp to trigger the cinematic camera. Get on 
    top of the El-Train tracks above the subway to get the credit.

04. Callahan Bridge
    On grassy area under the center divider of the Callahan Bridge. Approach  
    the bridge from the last Unique Jump in Trenton and head in between the 
    traffic, driving along the grass (basically the center of the bridge, but 
    you're not actually on it). You should come off a mound and land on the 
    area further down. Now make a 180-degree turn and go back the way you
    came, toward the mound. From this side, the mound slopes up in a more 
    obtuse angle, forming a perfect launch ramp. Your car will be kicked up 
    and over the girders. That's your Unique Stunt.

05. Callahan Bridge 
    When the  bridge opens, drive  toward Staunton Island. Once you  pass the 
    center median, and it starts to level, make a U-turn and return the way 
    you came. Drive along the center divider until you hit an incline, a 
    black and white striped ramp that will cast you high into the air. If you 
    can land on the grassy area without hitting anything beforehand, then you 
    will get the reward for the jump.

06. Portland View
    When you enter the Portland Harbor, your Unique Stunt is to your right: a
    wooden ramp with four containers ahead of it. That's right. You must fly
    over ALL FOUR containers to be credited with this jump. Your car must 
    have good acceleration and HIGH SPEED to pull this one off. The Banshee
    works quite well. Don't forget that you must enter the start of the jump
    with good control, so that your car doesn't go wild when it takes to the

07. Atlantic Quays
    At the edge of the harbor is a dirt mound that launches you clear over 
    the water. Land safely on the pavement on the other side for this to
    register. You have only one chance at a time. If you mess up, you will be
    sent straight to the hospital and have water pumped out of your lungs.

08. Atlantic Quays
    To me, this was the hardest jump the game could ask of you. You have to   
    cover a very long distance, and it was a miracle that I finally got it to
    register after countless tries. The problem is that as soon as you hit 
    the ramp, you're bound to lose some speed. Oh, wait, you need to know 
    where the Unique Stunt Jump is first! It's near where you landed from the
    last Unique Jump. Anyway, notice that it will launch you over a small lot 
    and two building rooftops. You only need to clear the first one. Again, 
    the Banshee is the ideal car for this. Now back up to the far pier to 
    give you enough time to reach the Banshee's highest speed. The hard part 
    is to align your car directly behind the ramp so that you fly cleanly off 
    the top. The key is to approach the ramp straight on, and not at an 
    angle. You need relatively good handling skills for this to work.

S t a u n t o n  I s l a n d

09. Newport
    Go toward the warehouses south of  Asuka's condo. At the  very end of the
    concrete is a dirt mound, which is the start of this Unique Jump. The 
    idea is to gain enough speed to fly over the water and land on the 
    pavement on the other side. Start by the yellow container and use the 
    trapezoid-shaped ramps to help you build up your speed. However, go 
    slowly up these ramps, or you'll take a premature trip into the air. Just 
    remember that you need to land safely on the other side without going 
    over the edge or hitting the wall.

10. Newport
    Drive to the very top of the multi-story carpark near 8-Ball's garage. At
    top most level, there is a slanted chunk of concrete wedged in the 
    corner. Move the parked car out of the way and back up directly behind
    it. As you approach the ramp and prepare for the jump, stick to the left
    side of the ramp rather than the middle. Doing this will send you to the
    lot below, next to some vegetation. If you've gathered enough momentum to
    be launched far enough, this jump should register.

11. Belleville Park
    There's a internet café walled by glass windows not too far from Callahan
    Bridge, and it's before reaching Bedford Point. Anyway, there are stairs
    leading to the second story of the café, which we'll use as a kicker ramp
    to launch your car over the busy street and land on the other side. 
    Before you attempt anything, I'd recommend getting a Blista or any 
    vehicle to form a barricade to keep traffic from flowing and messing you
    up. Now back up to the purple-ish garage at the end of the slant, then
    step on the pedal. You'll need to approach the stairs perfectly to avoid
    running into the rails and killing the momentum. You'll need to clear the
    street and land on the sidewalk, parallel to the bushes.

12. Newport
    On one of the highways, there are some billboards posted on a section of 
    the Callahan Bridge. They are the Rise FM, Lips 106, and MSX FM 
    billboards near the Museum (except the jump is on the other side). If you
    follow the highway north, you'll come to the center median, which you can
    get onto via the incline. Now follow the median through some trees and
    finally into a steep tunnel which will spit you out onto the Callahan
    Bridge. Land safely on the road, and you will be credited with the jump.

S h o r e s i d e  V a l e 

13. Francis International Airport
    The first jumbo Rockstar airplane past the first hangar when you enter
    this vast lot. There are some stairs lined up perpendicular to it. Use 
    them to clear the entire plane.

14. Francis International Airport
    The last three Unique Stunt Jumps in the airport are in the same lot as
    the first one. However, they all involve using a set of yellow-striped
    ramps placed next to smaller buildings, with which to launch you over the 
    buildings and sometimes other obstacles. The first of these can be found
    near the runway. Just clear the hangar for your reward.

15. Francis International Airport
    This one is next to a whole bunch of helicopters. All you need to do is 
    fly over the hangar. Don't worry about the helicopters.

16. Francis International Airport
    The last Unique Stunt Jump in the airport is found in the very back, past
    the first Unique Jump location listed in Shoreside. Just clear the hangar
    to earn your cash.

17. Wichita Gardens
    There's a dirt road off to your right on your way to Pike Creek from the
    Shoreside Lift Bridge. It's next to the red 69th Street and Mean Street
    billboards. The path will take you to an old wooden bridge, twisted in a 
    way that it serves as a perfect Unique Stunt ramp. Your objective is to 
    fly over the water and land on the road on the other side, no matter how
    crazily you land. The tip of the bridge may  overturn your car and cause
    it to spiral, but that's OK.

18. Cochrane Dam
    The grassy area  on the side of the street  that's facing  the dirt road
    entrance to the lower part of the dam curves up, forming a perfect kick
    ramp to launch you clear over the water below. Set up traffic blockades
    to control the traffic. Kick off the part where it is curved up the most
    and land on the opposite street for this jump to count.

19. Pike Creek/Cochrane Dam
    At the Undercover Storage Company is a ramp leaning against a wall. You     
    will see it as soon as you enter. Kick up some dirt and gun it. Stay to
    the left of the ramp so that you'll get launched into the fenced-in area
    in the Fudge Packing Corp. building.

20. Pike Creek/Cochrane Dam
    Same area as the last one, except it's in a narrow alley littered with 
    containers and stuff to the right of the previous ramp. At the end of the 
    alley is a hastily constructed ramp made to send you over to the lot of 
    the building across the street. You'll have to land on the roof of the
    five-garage building for it to be counted. You'll just need to gain a lot
    of speed to pull this off.

                             -= HIDDEN PACKAGES =-

Hidden Packages are rectangular, white packages stuffed with money. Each time 
you pick one up, you earn $1000! There are a 100 total sprinkled throughout 
Portland, Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale. Every ten packages you collect 
adds 1% to your overall percentage completion. That means once you collect 
all 100 packages, you get 10%. So Hidden Packages make up 10% of your game.
As you collect them  in 10s, weapons and stuff  will also start  to appear at 
your hideouts. 

  Number of Packages             Prize
     10                          Standard pistol   
     20                          Uzi
     30                          Grenades
     40                          Shotgun
     50                          Armor
     60                          Molotov Cocktails
     70                          AK-47
     80                          Sniper Rifle
     90                          M-16
    100                          Rocket Launcher + $1,000,000 bonus

P o r t l a n d 

There are 33 packages in Portland.

Red Light District

• On the roof of Luigi's Sex Club 7, go from behind and take the stairs. It's
    behind the billboard.
• Hanging on  the edge  of the roof  overlooking the main, long  street; from
    where you got HP No. 1, head down and jump to the lower blue-shaded roof.
    The package is behind some skylights, on the west edge. 
• Sun-bathing on the roof of the building opposite Luigi's Sex Club, above 
    the Video Video store. There is an alley with stairs, leading to the 
    rooftop on the west side of the building from the sex club perspective.  
    The alleyway entrance is by the "Fluffy Pillows" sign or the Video Video 
• Inside the "Rush Construction Company" building in front of the Ammu-nation
    shop. Storm through the glass using a car.


• On the roof of Head Radio Station. Travel along the L-train tracks from the 
    Hepburn Heights  station toward Harwood. The building  should be  to your 
    left. Then make a running jump to the rooftop.
• At the north end of the path. Drive north toward Harwood on the pier (where
    the Chinatown El-Train tracks are) adjacent the harbor. 

Saint Mark's 

• Confined within the glass building of Easy Credit Autos, along with a shiny 
• On top of the AMCo  gas station  building. Jump atop  the street  wall from 
    Harwood, then walk  along it until  Saint Mark's  appears  onscreen. Then 
    jump onto the lower roof and finally leap to the AMCo rooftop.
• Lying on top of some debris. There is a half-constructed or destructed (one
    of those) building in Saint Mark's. You'll have to do a little rough 
    climbing to get to this one. This place is marked by a tall metal pole, 
    and the building is facing the rupture on the streets--the large potholes 
    blocked off by orange barricades.
• At the end of a small L-shaped parking lot behind the AMCo gas station. 
• Stashed up on a high level ground. Travel over a blue-shaded rooftop on the
    side opposite the wall protecting Salvatore's beachside mansion. 
• In a backyard next to the long, narrow  inclined alleyway  between a yellow 
    building and a gray-ish building, across from Toni's rendezvous location.
• In an underground tunnel. The entrance to this  tunnel is hidden behind the
    Supa-save convenience store in Portland View.

Portland Beach

• Hidden behind Salvatore's mansion on the cement patio ground.
• Dangling on a beach ledge behind Salvatore's mansion. When  coming from the 
    mansion, you must drop a long way to reach this and sacrifice some life
    points. As you near the path that starts to slant, peer over the west 
    edge and drop down. You should land  on a ledge, high above  the rocks on 
    the beach.

Hepburn Heights

• In a V-corner, deep inside an  apartment complex. It's  the apartment tower
    across from EL Burro's phone. It's also adjacent the long row of 
    buildings with the driveway to your hideout. As you head to Harwood from 
    your hideout, you should  pass by this building. Park in  the lot and run 
    around each corner on foot 'til you reach the end.    
• Snuggled in some bushes on an island that's near El Burro's phone booth.
• Placed among a slew of trees. From El Burro's contact phone, look beyond 
    the street at a verdant area of trees. Go in there on foot and  you'll 
    eventually find it between some paper-cutout trees. 

Portland View

• On the roof of  the Supasave  Convenience store. Look for a  high wall that
    extends toward the roof. The gap is small enough for you to surmount. 
• Atop the  awning above the row  of 6 blue garages. Ascend the stairs facing
    the "Les  Cargo" Columbian  ship to the  rooftop. Then do a  running jump
    toward the gray awning.

Atlantic Quays

• At the end of the long, most western pier, behind a blue freight crate.

Callahan Point

• Next to the Turtle Head Fish Co.; you must use a Belly-up truck to gain
    entrance beyond the gates.
• Sitting behind the high wall with four billboards, just at the entrance to 
    the Callahan Bridge.
• On an island behind the Turtle Head Fish Co. Use a boat.


• Sawmill rooftop. Use the  unique stunt ramp  nearby to launch yourself onto  
    the roof ahead without clearing it. Then enter the sawmill compounds. 
    Search for a light sawdust mound and  use it to reach  the higher levels.
    Head all the way to the back to find it behind the glass windows.
• Behind fenced-off section across from Joey's garage.
• Veiled in the shadows behind the Bitch n' Dog Food Factory. You need to get 
    inside the gates.
• In an abandoned yard. The building you're looking for is directly facing 
    the old school building where the police ball had been held, near the 
    Callahan Bridge. There  should be an entrance to the alley on the west 
    side of the building.
• Lounging on the roof of the  Liberty Pharmaceuticals  building, next to the 
    billboard. Get on the L-Train tracks from the Chinatown stop. Then run on 
    the middle "pedestrian" lane so you avoid getting mowed down by an 
    oncoming train. Run all the way to Trenton. As soon as you past the Bitch 
    'n' Dog Food factory, make a  running jump  toward the roof  across. Then 
    just head to the billboard on the other side.


• Amid a myriad of scattered cardboard boxes in a L-shaped alleyway adjacent 
    the liquidated Hong Hung Inc building. Bypass the traffic barricades.
• Placed among strewn cardboard boxes in an alleyway next to Roast Peking
    Duck. Knock down the fortress of boxes.
• Behind a skylight on a rooftop. Take the stairs in the alley behind the 
    Punk Noodles graffiti.
• Beside the restrooms in the subway. For the subway to open, you need to
    finish Salvatore's "Last Requests" mission.

S t a u n t o n  I s l a n d

There are 36 packages in Staunton.


• Behind one of the Rockstar billboards on the outside of the stadium, facing 
    the side road entrance to Phil's Army Surplus Store. It's before entering
    the Rockford district.
• In front of gate entrance to the stadium, at the very top of the stairs. 
• Infiltrate the Columbian's hideout using a Cartel  Cruiser because the gate 
    opens only for a Cartel Cruiser. You will find the Hidden Package in one 
    of the opened garages. If you can't  find their hideout, you can wait for 
    Donald Love's first mission to take you there. 


• Far northwest corner of garage in Phil's Army Surplus Store. Go to the very 
    back, touching the back wall, and make a left into the narrow path behind
    the garage. The package is just around the corner.
• Roof of the low hospital building. To get it, get a  Taxi (any low car will
    work), drive it down to the hospital and park it next to the small 
    building. Make sure it's parked parallel to it. Now jack the Ambulance 
    nearby and park it in front of or behind the Taxi and next to the 
    building. Jump on the hood of the Taxi and use it to reach the top of the 
    Ambulance. The top of the Ambulance should be high enough for you to jump 
    over to the roof to snag the package. 

Belleville Park

• Alley between the fire station and the liquidated Uncle BJ's Deli, in front
    of brick building.
• Corner of lower shoreline road leading to Bedford Point. It's not too far
    from the fire station.
• Middle of basketball court in park, near the cottage and pond.
• Beneath the stone arc bridge in the middle of the park.
• Roof of the re-opened Uncle BJ's Deli & Groceries building. Jump from the
    Shoreside Lift Bridge (the curvy part) above it to the rooftop.


• At the end of a L-shaped alley across from  the internet café in Belleville 
    Park. The alley leads to a dead end below the side of Callahan Bridge.
• Second floor of the multi-story parking garage, near the ramp to the third
• Inside a garage in the alleyway behind the multi-story parking garage, just
    across from the ramp leading to the Pay 'n' Spray and 8-Ball's.
• End of the last east dock. Head to the second set of docks to the south of
    Asuka's condo, not the first set near her backyard.
• Lying at the end of the second west dock. Drive across the water on a boat,
    or go on foot to the third set of docks to the far south of Asuka's.
• At the top of the stairs of the Museum. Its location is not too far from 
    the Callahan Bridge. It's next to an overpass with Rise FM, Lips 106 and 
    MSX FM billboards.

Fort Staunton

• Covered in dirt on the ground level between two wooden poles holding up the 
    half-finished structure at the construction site; the ground level behind
    the Pan-Lantic Construction billboard.
• Inside a half-finished room on the  second level of a building that's not 
    too far from the location of the previous Hidden Package. Take the ramp
    to the first level, then the stairs to the second level.
• On top of metal structure located  on the far east highway (when looking at
    a Staunton Island map), near the Pan-Lantic construction site. The street
    eventually wraps around and heads back toward Rockford. Jump on the 
    girders and carefully balance across to the middle overhang to find this.

Bedford Point

• In front of a doorway nook facing a T-intersection. Building next to a
    display window labeled "Semi".
• Perched on the roof behind the light brown building with glass windows that
    is across the street from the Love Media building (Donald's hideout).
    Take the stairs at the end of the alley between the two skyscrapers, then 
    jump to the roof on the left to find it. 
• Underground parking garage. The entrance to the car park is in the same 
• Parking lot behind the same light brown building (some people call this the
    "projects" area). It's scattered amongst some cardboard boxes and next to
    a Kuruma.
• Behind some fallen rocks on the concrete before the pier. Drive off into
    the side road in the grassy area near the "projects" buildings.
• Center of pedestrian overpass that's next to the subway in Torrington.
• Side of church in an enclosed area.
• Second level of glass building across from the AMCo building. Smash the 
    glass windows and take stairs.
• End of alley that's next to the Hyaku Dojo and its sign.


• Behind the giant transparent star statue in front of an office building.
• Roof of Kenji's Casino. Climb the stairs to the helipad.
• Private parking lot behind the LCPD (police) building. Get in the parked
    police vehicle to open up the gate to the back.
• Lower level of police station, in one of the parking nooks. Use the ramp or
    stairs from the sidewalk.
• Underground parking garage next to the AMCo building. 
• On a balcony high up on the AMCo building. Take the stairs at the side of
    the building and work your way up.

Liberty Campus

• Near the blue St. Matthias University sign. Follow the pavement around to
    the end to find it sitting in front of maroon-colored doors.

Shoreside Lift Bridge

• Suspended high in the air. You must have access to Shoreside Vale before to
    obtain this one. Head to the center part of the bridge that rises and
    descends. Get on the median and wait for the bridge to rise. The Hidden 
    Package is hovering high in the air and can only be gotten when the lift 
    bridge is at its peak height.

S h o r e s i d e  V a l e 

There are 31 packages in Shoreside.

Pike Creek

• On the awning above the red-toned garages inside the abandoned Turtle Head
    Fishing Co. Climb the stairs of the opposite building to the rooftop and
    jump from there to the awning.
• Narrow alley behind the numbered storage garages in the Turtle Head Fishing
    Co.'s inactive factory.
• Isolated in a fenced-in area on the side of the red Liberty Pharmaceuticals 
    building, amongst some oil drums in the back. You can use a Rocket 
    Launcher or some explosive to break down the fence.
• Roof of building behind the police station.
• Small parking lot behind hospital.
• Atop a brown container in junkyard behind the Burke Supply Company and the 
    hospital. Jump over the street wall onto the container from the street. 
    Get a low car like an Infernus and park it next to the wall. Use that as 
    a booster to help you jump over it.  

Cochrane Dam

• Stranded in a fenced-in area inside  the Fudge Packing Corp. To get it, you
    must walk the outside concrete wall and drop in. Getting on top of the 
    wall is the tricky part. You must go around to the Undercover Storage
    Company warehouse, which is just behind the Fudge Packing Corp. There, 
    you will find a few boards inclined against the wall. Walk up the boards 
    and get on the concrete wall. Start walking left, carefully along the 
    wall, then drop onto the Fudge Packing  warehouse roof. Head to the roof   
    of the other warehouse and drop into the fenced-in area.  
• Behind the right-hand dome building on upper level of dam.
• Behind the left-hand dome building on upper level of dam.
• Top of the stairs of first watch tower on the lower part of the dam.
• Between vertically positioned pipes on the lower dam wall; the "Exchange"
• Base of dam; in corner between the dam wall and the red and white building.

Cedar Grove

• Backyard of the first residence when you enter Cedar Grove from Pike Creek.
    The light gray house with a Stinger parked out front.
• Sitting on the porch of the purple-ish house with a Landstalker parked
    on the driveway.
• Front porch of the gray-colored house facing the other street in the back.
• Cartel mansion; in the drained swimming pool. Use a Cartel Cruiser to gain
• In an isolated area off of Wichita Gardens. There's a dirt road next to the
    TITE (or ITE?) billboard, just past D-Ice's phone in Wichita Gardens that 
    will lead to a camping spot. Follow the dirt road to the end to find some 
    picnic tables. The package is lying next to one.
• Sidewalk under a tunnel leading to Wichita Gardens. The tunnel seems to be
    somewhere behind your hideout.

Wichita Gardens

• In grassy area behind your hideout; behind the Toyz van that's behind the
    blue McAdam and Zip billboards.
• Entrance to the apartments, facing the blue and white YIFBC (?) billboard.
• Between some buildings in the apartment complex D-Ice's phone is at.
• Under a wooden, broken bridge (also a Unique Jump). A dirt road to the side
    of the street on the way to Pike Creek from the Shoreside Lift Bridge 
    takes you to this spot.

Francis International Airport

• In front of the airport on the far left side, behind the Lips 106 and Punk
    Noodles billboards.
• Lowest level of subway beside the subway platform; past the bathrooms.
• Flanking a fire truck at the fire station.
• Under a wing of one of the jumbo Rockstar planes.
• Beneath the tail end of the jumbo Rockstar plane that's already connected
    to one of the terminals.
• On the concrete below the end of the runway (facing Staunton Island), 
    adjacent the harbor.
• On a concrete strip below the runway at the opposite end.
• Next to a helicopter on the airport helipad.
• On ground under the sky restaurant (or dome-shaped thing).

   ______ ________________________________________________________________
  / ___  \ ______________________________________________________________ \
 / /  / \ \                                                              \ \
| | -/ /-| |        - - - - CHAPTER FOUR: MISCELLANEOUS - - - -           \ \ 
 \ \/ /_/ /_______________________________________________________________/ /

                             -= WEAPON LOCATIONS =-


* Callahan Bridge, on a ledge of the incoming traffic side of the bridge.


* Hepburn Heights, in the corner of the apartment building; further from El
Burro's contact point.

* Saint Mark's, one block west from Salvatore's beachside entrance. Head to
the backside roof of building. Climb over small blue rooftops; on the roof 
of left warehouse garage.

* Belleville Park, at the base of the monument.

* Bedford Point, on a strip below the Shoreside Lift Bridge. Take a ramp 
down, off the road to a pier. It's at the end of the concrete pier.

* Cochrane Dam, the front catwalk of the building at the base of the dam.


* Harwood, on the rooftop of Head Radio station; jump from Hepburn Heights El 
Train tracks.

* Underneath the bridge when you come to Shoreside Vale.  


* Harwood, past the car crusher on the east edge of the harbor.

* Saint Mark's, in building adjacent to Mama Cipriani's. Enter from the back
arched entryway to a long alley; in the first right alcove with Hidden
Package. (Can also enter from 1 Hour Photo shop.)

* South from the Callahan Bridge, use the Unique Stunt ramp to launch to the
rusted brown roof, not over it. Drop to the private property area (Liberty
City Sawmills). Use the pile of light sawdust to the rooftop and follow it


* Saint Mark's, in an alley behind Mama  Cipriani's restaurant with a Mafia
Sentinel parked there. Follow the thin ledge around the building and down a 
side ramp.

* Bedford Point, at the end of long porch of the white political building 
near the church. 

* Fort Staunton, under the red building in-progress at the construction site,
next to a white trailer.

* Trenton, behind the Liberty Pharmaceuticals billboard across the Bitch 'n'
Dog Food Factory. When you get to the St. Mark's El Train tracks, make a 
right and head toward Trenton until you come to a black roof just past the 
Bitch 'n' Dog Food Factory. Make a running jump onto the roof and follow it 
to the end and collect your prize.

* Pike Creek, head around the Punk Noodles building across from the Turtle 
Head Fishing Co. to find this in the back.

Molotov Cocktail

* Fort Staunton, from hideout, go north past  one long building complex to a
second one. Enter the lot and head up the stairs; on the right alcove. It is 
in Liberty Campus.

* Here is a nice area to find four, yes, four Molotov Cocktails: On the first 
island, there is a tunnel by 8-ball's bomb shop, and the Car dealership. This 
tunnel is pretty long. In the middle of it are four bums standing around. 
They each drop a Molotov pick-up when you waste them; quick and easy way to 
rack up some Molotovs--and they re-appear too. Just have to wait a little.   
(Thanks to John Kaelin) 


* Cedar Grove, on front porch of pink house.

* Cochrane Dam, top of the stairs of second watch tower at lower part of dam.

* Bedford Point, behind a wall in the parking lot where "Kingdom Come" ends. 
As you walk up the ram from the "You weren't supposed to get here sign" it is 
directly in front of it. After you leave the ramp, if you keep going you will 
come to a wall. Climb the stairs of the building near it to the roof and jump 
over it, and you will find the M-16 and an Armor icon. (Thanks to SlyMalice)

Sniper Rifle

* Aspatria, on roof of the liquidated Uncle BJ's Deli & Groceries near the 
fire station. Use the Shoreside Lift Bridge (the part that curves) as a ramp 
to get there.

* Cochrane Dam, in grassy area of the lower part of dam, near the entrance.

Rocket Launcher

* On the lower roof of the last residence before reaching Cochrane Dam from 
Cedar Grove. The house is pink. To get on the roof, do a running jump from
the storage house on the small hill in front. Touch the bushes, then run 
toward the sharp point of the roof and jump. If you jumped at the right time, 
your character should stumble onto the roof. Then just walk to the other side 
to get it. 

                              -= ITEM LOCATIONS =-

Here it is. The locations of all the items to be found in the game. Some of 
the descriptions are very general, as I wasn't able to find any 
distinguishable landmarks that would help you find some of them more easily.

 A D R E N A L I N E  P I L L S 

* Saint Mark's, in an alcove between twin warehouse doors of a huge brown

* Portland View, in the small alleyway between hospital and white building.

* Chinatown, the second building towards the hideout from Mr. Wong's Laundry
shop; between the gap in the warehouse.

* Portland Harbor, between some trailers further past the Cartel Cruise ship
and the Police Bribe.

* Trenton, behind the Liberty Pharmaceuticals billboard across the Bitch 'n'
Dog Food Factory. When you get to the St. Mark's El Train tracks, make a 
right and head toward Trenton until you come to a black roof just past the 
Bitch 'n' Dog Food Factory. Make a running jump onto the roof and follow it 
to the end and collect your prize.

* Belleville Park, nestled in the brushes on the long, road island coming 
from Newport on the main street. 

* Newport, in a hidden alcove under a protruding roof of the first building 
on the right when coming from the Callahan Bridge.

* Newport-Bedford Point, across from the previous pill, in a glass building;
smash the glass to find it on the second story.

* Fort Staunton, one block north from hideout; on right side of building, on
the porch; take stairs.

* Wichita Gardens, out in the open parking lot of the apartment, facing the
"Stalkers" billboard.

* Pike Creek, behind red "Gasoline" billboard across from the Turtle Head
Fishing Co.

* From Cedar Grove on the way to Wichita Gardens you'll encounter a small
parking lot at the S-curve roads. There, you will find this pill.

* Pike Creek, next to the registration office of the Liberty Pharmaceuticals 

* Francis International Airport, between two yellow-striped blocks in the 
back, near one of the Unique Stunt Jumps.

 A R M O R

* Saint Mark's, in an alley behind Mama  Cipriani's restaurant with a Mafia
Sentinel parked there; follow the thin ledge around the building and down a 
side ramp.

* Trenton, in the fenced off area across from  Joey's garage; trespass first
fence and go around to the right of the building.

* Portland Harbor, in the corner of the dock where the black cruise ship on 
the other side of the harbor is docked.

* South from the Callahan Bridge, use the Unique stunt ramp to launch to the
rusted brown roof, not over it; drop to the private property area (Liberty
City Sawmills); use the pile of light sawdust to the rooftop and follow it

* Atlantic Quays, on the second wooden dock; ram fence.

* Trenton, behind the Liberty Pharmaceuticals billboard across the Bitch 'n'
Dog Food Factory. When you get to the St. Mark's El Train tracks, make a 
right and head toward Trenton until you come to a black roof just past the 
Bitch 'n' Dog Food Factory. Make a running jump onto the roof and follow it 
to the end and collect your prize.

* Bedford Point, at the end of long porch of the white political building 
near the church. 

* Fort Staunton, from hideout, go north past one long building complex to a
second one. Enter the lot and head up the stairs; on the left alcove.

* Fort Staunton, on second story of construction building in the Pan-Lantic 
Construction site. Take the ramp and then the stairs to the second level to 
find this next to a Heart. 

* Aspatria, on roof of the liquidated Uncle BJ's Deli & Groceries near the 
fire station. Use the Shoreside Lift Bridge (the part that curves) as a ramp 
to get there.

* Pike Creek, in one of the opened garages behind the police station.

* Cedar Grove, storage garage in the front yard of the Cartel Mansion.

* Pike Creek, contained in a fence area at the end of a downward slope next 
to the Pay 'n' Spray, across from Liberty Pharmaceuticals.

* Atop the road tunnel entrance next to the Francis International Airport.
Just go from behind toward the back to get to this spot.

 H E A R T S 

* Hepburn Heights, in apartment parking lot near El Burro's contact point;
between a lamp post and a small tree.

* Harwood, parking lot of AMCo gas station.

* Saint Mark's, on a ledge behind Mama  Cipriani's restaurant. Head along the 
street behind Mama Cipriani's until you come to a parked Mafia Sentinel. Head 
around the building wall to the ledge to find it.

* Red Light District, in a small alley behind a building that's next to the 
XXX magazine store. 

* Portland View, Sweeney General Hospital.

* Chinatown, in a L-shaped alley beside the Hong Hung Inc. building. (The 
part of Chinatown, where you had to enter and kill Chunky Lee Chong.)

* Callahan Point, end of a dirt road that's not far from Greasey Joe's diner.

* Trenton, alcove across from the Bitch 'n' Dog Food Factory.

* Trenton, roof of Liberty Pharmaceuticals building.

* Portland Harbor, at the very end of the path behind a freight container. As
you enter the harbor from Portland View, make a right and head past the 
Unique Stunt Jump, all the way to the Linerunner.

* Rockford, Carson General Hospital.

* Fort Staunton, Pan-Lantic construction site; second story of unfinished 

* Belleville Park, grassy area next to the Shoreside Lift Bridge entrance.

* Belleville Park, in front of mall entrance facing the center brick road.

* Newport, in the pool yard that's across from Asuka's condo.

* Belleville Park, under green canopy of building facing the actual park 
(with many US and French flags). 

* Newport, end of ledge that's to the right of the museum.

* Bedford Point, in front of church doorway.

* Bedford Point, hidden among the collection of bushes and trees outside the 
"glass window" building.

* Bedford Point, in triangular alcove facing the street that leads to the 
lower highway.

* Torrington, in front of large building entrance that's facing the stairs to 
the subway.

* Francis International Airport, between two yellow-striped ramps.

* Pike Creek, hospital.

* Pike Creek, inside opened garage of building behind the police station.

* Cochrane Dam, east dam dome.

* Cochrane Dam, lower part of dam.

* Cochrane Dam, base of dam; on catwalk in front of the red and white 

* Wichita Gardens, corner between two buildings (not far from D-Ice's contact 
point); in front of tree.

 P O L I C E  B R I B E S 

* Saint Mark's, middle of long, inclined alleyway located on the next street 
across from Mama Cipriani's. 

* Chinatown, floating above the pedestrian walkway to the El-Train station.

* Chinatown, in a long, narrow alley behind a building near Punk Noodles.

* Chinatown, basketball court.

* Callahan Point, roof of Greasey Joe's diner.

* Portland Harbor, under metal structure.

* Liberty Campus, St. Matthias University's campus. In an area directly 
behind King Courtney's contact point.

* Aspatria, outside along the grass of the football stadium; behind one of 
the billboards.

* Belleville Park, pedestrian walkway on sidewalk near Uncle BJ's Deli & 

* Newport, alley behind the Ammu-nation weapon shop. (You could enter only by 

* Newport, middle of dirt path below the Callahan Bridge and the billboards.

* Newport, middle of long, narrow side path near the Callahan Bridge and the 
billboards. Look for the Liberty Soul FM, The Zone and Head Radio billboards.

* Torrington, underground exit tunnel below the police headquarters; take 

* Bedford Point, between two tall, tanned buildings; head past the subway.

* Torrington, floating in the air above curved path; near Kenji's Casino.

* Torrington, pathway in front of Kenji's Casino.

* Francis International Airport, behind the monument. Follow the street in 
front of the airport to the end, and head up the stairs to the monument; near 

* Francis International Airport, middle of the vast lot of jumbo airplanes.

* Pike Creek, grassy area on left side of the street that's before reaching 
the actual Pike Creek neighborhood from Francis International Airport.

* Pike Creek, street side stairs of the AMCo building.

* Cochrane Dam, the Undercover Storage Company building. It faces the street 
leading to the top level of the dam.

* Wichita Gardens, beside three-garage building in the apartment complex 
where D-Ice's payphone is.

                            -= VEHICLE DATABASE =-

I'm not gonna go into the intricate details  of these vehicles. Most of it is 
satirical, but that's OK because my knowledge of cars can be inscribed on the 
head of a pin. You will probably notice a salesman pitch (aren't I a
natural?). These "ratings" are just based on pure opinion. Complaining 
about them is allowed. I just won't care. A car's durability is determined by 
how long a car lasts before its engine quits. I subjected each vehicle to 
excessive collisions and wanton abuse. Any questions? Good. Whenever you read 
short lines that  don't make much  sense, it just means  that I couldn't find 
anything interesting to say.

Just a tip: Most of the "hard-to-find" cars appear around the Aspatria and 
Rockford area in Staunton Island at certain times. 

--- CAR LIST --------------------

Barracks OL
BF Injection
Cartel Cruiser
Diablo Stallion
Hoods Rumpo XL
Mafia Sentinel
Mr. Whoopee 
Mr. Wongs
Triad Fish Van
Yakuza Stinger
Yardie Lobo


Poor guys. They work around the clock thanks to your criminal activities! How 
does it feel to be behind one? Don't feel any different, eh? Same here. 
You can usually find these parked at hospitals, but you can also summon them 
at will. To do that, you just need to beat some people to a bloody pulp. In a 
matter of seconds, the paramedics will come rushing to their aid, risking 
life and limb and killing other people in the process! Now that's dedication!

Acceleration: ||
Handling: ||
Durability: |||
Speed: |||


A great sports car that resembles the Viper GTS without a hood. You can first 
find it in Portland, cooped up in the  Easy Credit Auto. Smash the glass with 
a vehicle to get it. The irresponsible salesmen must have left the engine 
running after a test drive or something.

Acceleration: ||||
Handling: |||
Durability: ||
Speed: |||||

Barracks OL

An army vehicle. It's huge and sluggish, but it can sure take a beating 
before it finally quits. You can find a parked one at Phil's Army Surplus 

Acceleration: || 
Handling: ||
Durability: ||||
Speed: ||

BF Injection

First of all, I'm NOT interested in what BF stands for. However, those of you 
who did send me its so-called "meaning"...heh, that was a good laugh. Anyway, 
this is a custom-made car by mechanic prodigy Joey Leone. It's available 
after completing Asuka's first mission in Staunton Island. You can find it 
parked in front of the apartment building where you picked up Misty. It's 
there only between a certain timeframe. Very cool little buggy. Looks like 
one of those offroad vehicles you would use when you're in a safari. What's 
even more cool is that it almost never flips over.

Acceleration: ||||
Handling: |||
Durability: |||||
Speed: |||


A family size van, fun for the whole family! If you've got a kid or ten, then
this is the perfect vehicle for you! Use it to go pick up your kids after 
soccer (or football, for you non-Americans) practice! Moms can revel in the 
safety of this vehicle because it comes equipped with a child safety lock. 
Now the kids can't commit suicide! And guess what? Give up?! It passed with a 
1 star rating in the vehicle safety test! 

Acceleration: ||
Handling: ||
Durability: |||
Speed: ||


The ideal pick-up for strapping boys and hitmen, who need  a reliable vehicle 
to transport dead bodies around. If you're one of them, then look no further! 
The Bobcat is fierce like a bobcat and gets the job done! 

Acceleration: ||
Handling: ||
Durability: |||
Speed: ||


The Borgnine is a secret vehicle that becomes available to you after you've 
completed 100 Taxi missions, meaning that you've successfully dropped off 
exactly 100 passengers. Once you drop off the 100th passenger, you'll get a 
page informing you that a new taxi is ready in Harwood. Head to the Borgnine 
Taxi building near the Head radio station headquarters to find this new and 
improved taxi, all clean and ready for you. It's basically a red version of 
the Cabbie, except it's much faster.

Acceleration: |||
Handling: ||
Durability: ||||
Speed: |||||


They're a little smaller in size when compared to the Coach. You see, the 
difference between the Coach and the Bus is that the Bus is a city 
transportation vehicle to take you among cities, while the Coach is meant 
to take you out of town or something. So much for my hypothesis...

Acceleration: |
Handling: |||
Durability: |||
Speed: |


Another type of taxi, except it looks cooler. I think it's modeled after a 
very old-fashioned design.

Acceleration: ||||
Handling: |
Durability: ||
Speed: ||

Cartel Cruiser

Burn that rubber! A big car for big boys! Just look at that huge exhaust 
pipe! Hear the sound of that engine running? Wow.

Acceleration: ||| 
Handling: ||||
Durability: |||
Speed: |||


A very awesome sports car with four exhaust pipes! That means quadruple the 

Acceleration: |||| 
Handling: ||||
Durability: ||
Speed: |||||

Compared to the Bus, a Coach is much bigger in size and shines with some 
elegance. I imagine that the interior is outfitted with TVs mounted to the 
ceiling; has very spacious room for all your tossing and turning needs. Think 
Greyhound in Liberty City. You can find a few of these at the bus station in 

Acceleration: |
Handling: |||
Durability: |||
Speed: ||

Diablo Stallion

The Diablo's signature muscle car. This is found  only in Portland and is one 
of the better cars around that part. Fiery flames adorn the sides. Very cool. 
¿Amigo, que pasa?

Acceleration: |||
Handling: ||||
Durability: |||
Speed: |||


The Liberty City SWAT team vehicle is used as effective road blocks. There is 
one readily available behind the LCPD building in Torrington, Staunton 
Island. Use the nearby Police vehicle to open the gates. It has the words 
Police written all over it and is visibly larger than the average police 
vehicle, so there's no way you could miss this. This can also be used for
Vigilante missions.

Acceleration: |||
Handling: ||||
Durability: ||||
Speed: |||


Black shoes, black hat, Cadillac, yeah! Well, it looks  like one, doesn't it? 
A Cadillac, that is; not a black shoe or a black hat. At its top speed, it's 
rather difficult to maintain control over the vehicle. It tends to understeer 
around sharp corners. And hey, is that a Jack in the Box ball on the antenna? 

Acceleration: ||
Handling: ||
Durability: ||
Speed: ||


A car that the FBI drives. It's black.

Acceleration: |||| 
Handling: ||||
Durability: |||
Speed: ||||


A shiny red truck with a hose mounted on top. You use it to put out fires and 
help kittens down from trees, except there are no kittens in Liberty City. No 
animals at all. Well, that is unless you call PetsOverNight! 

Acceleration: | 
Handling: |||
Durability: |||||
Speed: |


Looks just like a Barracks OL except it takes a much lighter green color, and 
it has tray in the back.

Acceleration: ||
Handling: |||
Durability: |||||
Speed: ||

Hoods Rumpo XL

A shabby-looking version of the Rumpo with graffiti on the sides. Has a very 
ugly clash of color. Seems the Hoods have no tastes in this kinda stuff.

Acceleration: ||
Handling: ||||
Durability: |||
Speed: |||


Hey, haven't I seen this car already  somewhere? Yeah, it closely resembles a 
Stallion or an Esperanto, huh? If you're like me, you'd hardly care to 
discern which car is which, or which tires belong to which tire company. 
Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, and that's why you should never 
let a gorilla eat your tortilla soup. 

Acceleration: |
Handling: ||
Durability: ||
Speed: ||


At first glance, people can get the Infernus confused with the Cheetah and 
vice versa. Just look at the rear of the car. The Infernus has a low spoiler 
while the Cheetah does not. Plus, it's a hecka good car.

Acceleration: |||| 
Handling: |||
Durability: ||
Speed: |||||


In Japanese, a "kuruma" is a car, and that's just what this is! Wow! What a 
revelation! Nothing really special about it or worth mentioning.

Acceleration: |||
Handling: |||
Durability: |||
Speed: |||


A heavy-duty vehicle made to endure the harsh conditions of everyday city 
life, especially Liberty City. It's a standard sports utility vehicle, just 
like the one your next door neighbor has. It's complete with a navigation 
device used to locate children in case they get lost in the backseat! James 
Bond must be jealous.

Acceleration: ||
Handling: ||
Durability: ||||
Speed: |||


It's a truck! And it moves! What more do you want? Oh yeah, there's also this 
really neat beeping noise it makes when it backs up! 

Acceleration: |
Handling: ||
Durability: |||
Speed: ||

Mafia Sentinel

A prime choice for Salvatore's boys. It comes only in the color black, which
metaphorically signifies DEATH! Or something. I guess it just matches their 
style. Fast and efficient, this is one of Portland's most reliable vehicles.

Acceleration: |||
Handling: |||
Durability: |||
Speed: ||||


Do you know what rhymes with banana?! Be 1337 like me to know the answer! The
answer is carrot! On a serious note, this is the worst car in the game. It's 
the suckiest suckity suck suck to have ever suckity sucked in the whole 
suckiest of the sucky world. In other words, the Manana sucks. The only thing 
it's good for is its destined fate in the crusher. 

Acceleration: |
Handling: ||
Durability: ||
Speed: |


Hey, isn't this the type of van kidnappers use in all those kidnapping 
movies? The Moonbeam, unlike the other two vans, actually have windows all 
over, so it's easily distinguished from the Rumpo or the Pony. 

Acceleration: ||
Handling: |||
Durability: ||
Speed: ||

Mr. Whoopee

Anyone hungry for ice cream? Or how about some pee-colored snow cones? Mmmm. 
Mr. Whoopee has it all! If you press the L3 button (press down on the analog 
stick, which is normally for honking), you can start up the alluring jingle 
to attract kids and mafia members alike to eat your popsicles of doom! For 
some strange reason, Mr. Whoopees can be found in Firefighter missions. You 
may sometimes encounter Mr. Whoopees which have been set on fire. If you can 
salvage it before it explodes, you will be free to take it.

Acceleration: ||
Handling: ||
Durability: ||
Speed: |

Mr. Wongs

Mr. Wongs laundry vans, which you probably trashed during one of Tony's 
heinous missions.

Acceleration: || 
Handling: ||
Durability: ||||
Speed: ||


A standard transport truck. Looks almost like the other three million vans I 
came across.

Acceleration: |
Handling: ||| 
Durability: ||||
Speed: ||


Another van. It has the words "Panlantic Construction Company" streaked 
across it. They're found mainly in the Panlantic construction sites.

Acceleration: ||
Handling: ||||
Durability: ||||
Speed: |||


The Patriot reminds of me of one of those vehicles from World War II. It's a 
very reliable one, mind you. At times you can find the back of the Patriot 
covered by a thin blanket or something. Found mainly in Portland. They appear 
on the other islands too, but not often.

Acceleration: || 
Handling: ||||
Durability: |||
Speed: |||


A family wagon built to survive the great outdoors. Highly resistant to bear 
attacks. Easy to drive and slow as hell!

Acceleration: |
Handling: ||
Durability: ||
Speed: |


Before anyone  asks, you CANNOT get the blue-colored police car. Why? It was 
changed after the 911 incident since they were modeled after the New York 
City Police Department vehicles. So, now they're black in color, and there's 
nothing you can do about it. 

Acceleration: |||
Handling: |||
Durability: ||||
Speed: ||||


Can you say repetition? It's just a cheap rehash of most other transport vans 
like the Rumpo or Moonbeam, except the top of the car is elevated a bit 
higher than the other vans. 

Acceleration: | 
Handling: |||
Durability: |||
Speed: ||


A typical van with a rear two-door opening. Looks kind of like a Pony except 
there are small windows on the sides, toward the back of the van for proper
ventilation or something.

Acceleration: |
Handling: ||
Durability: |||
Speed: ||


An armored vehicle that transports money. They are blue with "Gruppe Sechs" 
written on it, which reads "group six" (I once thought it was "group sex," 
but I apparently lack any knowledge of German [thanks to cute_kitty66 for 
correcting me]; you know you wish it were that. ^_^). You're bound to run 
into these during missions. There's also a certain warehouse at the Portland 
Harbor that will pay you to bring these heavy suckas to them. Read the Tips & 
Tricks section for details.

Acceleration: |
Handling: ||
Durability: |||
Speed: ||


The Sentinel resembles a Buick or something. People get this confused with 
the Kuruma. It looks almost like a Kuruma except the headlights are square-
shaped. And the body of the car has a more "block" look to it than the 
Kuruma. The rear is more elaborate with more lights and stuff. Pretty.

Acceleration: |||
Handling: |||
Durability: |||
Speed: ||||


In this kinda old school vehicle, there's a lot of oversteer, and once it 
starts going, it's kinda hard to get it under control, so be careful. Was 
that a run-on or what? There are two variations: one with a hood, and one

Acceleration: |
Handling: ||
Durability: |||
Speed: ||


Wow, another sports car. Very cool. This comes in two variations: convertible 
or non-convertible! 

Acceleration: ||||
Handling: |||
Durability: ||
Speed: ||||


An elongated car that usually comes in white, and sometimes in black. Where 
are the guys in tuxedos?! The celebrities?! I mean, I pulled the driver out 
and all I got was some punk in a cap. What's up with these stupid long cars? 
They can barely turn properly. Does it get people randy, riding in these 
limos? And I guess it doesn't go really fast because we don't want the 
important people riding inside to break a nail or even worse, spill brandy 
all over their trillion-dollar tuxedos.

Acceleration: |
Handling: ||
Durability: |||
Speed: ||


Your everyday yellow taxi. The drivers are  almost always  Indian males with 
funny accents. However, I once pulled over a taxi with a road construction 
worker in the driver's seat. Hm, weird. Rockstar has some kind of stereotype 
here. Anyway, you'll find this occupying every part of town on all three 
islands, so live with it. If you ever have  trouble finding one, I recommend 
seeking help. I mean it.

Acceleration: ||
Handling: ||
Durability: |||
Speed: ||||


Plays host to all your RC Toyz missions. There are four of them.

Acceleration: ||
Handling: |||
Durability: |||
Speed: ||


Have you taken out the garbage this week? They go around picking up what you 
have thrown away and give them to charity. I jacked one around the highway at 
Fort Staunton that leads to Torrington at about 11 o'clock. I'm sure they 
also appear around the football stadium at another time.

Acceleration: |
Handling: |||
Durability: ||||
Speed: ||

Triad Fish Van

The Triad's version of the Yankee. The words Belly-Up Fish and Seafood 
Processing Plant and the fish insignia mark the sides of the van. These can 
be found only in Chinatown or around Chinatown. With the Triad Fish Van, you 
can gain entrance to the top secret Triad Fish Factory!

Acceleration: ||
Handling: ||||
Durability: |||
Speed: |||

Yakuza Stinger

A custom-built vehicle to suit the tastes of the Japanese Yakuza. Yep, it's 
an awesome car, no doubt.

Acceleration: |||
Handling: ||||
Durability: |||
Speed: ||||


To the casual eye, this looks just like another transport truck. To the sharp 
eye, it's also another truck.

Acceleration: ||
Handling: ||||
Durability: |||
Speed: |||

Yardie Lobo

It can be found roaming the streets of  Staunton Island. This is the Yardie's
baby and is a particularly special car. It has an unique ability to raise and 
lower itself to perform crazy wheelie stunts! It's a crazy, hydraulics car! 
The Yardie Lobo is painted red with a white hood over it. It comes in one 
color so you can't miss it. You might mistake it for a Stallion! Just look at 
the driver's seat--there should be a leopard skin.

The Right Analog Stick is  used to manage the car's special  movements.  Move 
the stick to the desired direction to "bounce" the car. Experiment with one 
and go wild! One thing to do for fun is to park it right on a fairly long set 
of stairs.  Then move the Right Analog stick around, and it'll  look like the 
Lobo is dancing! Amazing.

Acceleration: ||
Handling: ||||
Durability: |||
Speed: |||

                             -= SECRET VEHICLES =-

There are some really awesome vehicles which you may not have been able to 
find. This feature will fix that.

| Bullet-Proof Patriot |
Bullet-Proof cars are always a luv, and you don't  want to leave home without 
one, especially since there are gangs everywhere who want your head served on 
a platter.

The Bullet-proof Patriot is safely secured in Ray's lock-up, and the only way 
to get it is to acquire the key to it. And that key is with Ray. The only way 
to persuade Ray into giving up his key is to become butt-buddies with him. 
That can be achieved by completing his last mission in Shoreside Vale, after 
which he will give you the key to his lock-up. It's a one time deal-steal 
only! So, SAVE your game when you get it! As you enter the lock-up in 
Newport, you'll receive a warm welcome from a rocket launcher, sniper rifle, 
flame-thrower and an  extra $20,000! Whew!  It may be late in the game, but I 
assure you that you will have many chances to put it to good use!

| BF Injection |
The BF Injection, while it sounds  like  some bizarre  object, is actually an 
old-fashioned buggy. If you paid any attention to the cinemas when you had 
gone to absorb the details of Joey's missions, you could have seen him 
working on it during some of the movies. To get this vehicle, simply complete 
Asuka's first mission in Staunton Island, "Sayonara Salvatore", and the BF  
will be created at Misty's apartments in Hepburn Heights. It's parked near El 
Burro's payphone in-between 22:00 to 5:00. 

NOTE: I'm NOT interested in what "BF" stands for. I've already received quite 
a few hilarious possibilities that shouldn't even be mentioned in the guide. 

| Borgnine |
Complete a total of 100 Taxi missions. They don't have to all be completed in 
a row; just in total. By doing 100 Taxi missions, I mean that you have to 
drop off a hundred passengers in all. The new Borgnine taxi will be created 
in Harwood, at the Borgnine Taxi company located near the Head radio station 

| Bullet-Proof Cheetah |
A speedy car and it's bullet-proof! A dream come true. The method to obtain 
this car doesn't always guarantee you will get it, but if you're patient 
enough, you will soon be cruising around in a sleek, new BP Cheetah. Yowza!

First, enter El  Burro's "Turismo" mission, which is  his first. (Even if you 
have already completed it, the Turismo mission can be redone an infinite 
number of times.) His contact point is in Hepburn Heights. At some point, one 
of the cars should be a BP Cheetah. Before you drive into the Blue Marker to 
begin the race, go around Chinatown and round up some Belly-Up trucks, or any 
heavy truck. Drive them to the starting point of the race. Then park them in 
front of the Cheetah and the other cars. Do what you can to surround the cars 
and create a thick blockade. 

When the race begins, they will have  trouble getting through. Don't try car-
jack the Cheetah since it's locked. Wait until the race is over. To ensure 
that the Cheetah doesn't go anywhere, ram it with your car to flip it over.  
When the mission fails, the driver will bail out of the car, and the Cheetah 
will be yours to keep. Flip the car back over by ramming it hard. Well, there 
you go. Your very own BP Cheetah.

| Bullet-Proof Securicar |
This can't be found, rather, it must be hi-jacked during a mission.  The only 
time it's available in a mission, or anywhere, is during Joey's "Van Heist" 
mission, where you are instructed to total a Securicar. Well, there you go. 
That's your  Bullet-proof  Securicar.  Not much.  It's slow  as hell, but its 
invulnerable to bullets, right?!

| Mafia Stretch |
Available only  during the "Drive Maria For Me" mission  from Salvatore.  The
special Stretch also  makes an appearance in the "Salvatore Called a Meeting" 
mission with Toni Cipriani, but it's impossible to take off with it without 
bringing your crime bosses along.  Maria doesn't mind and won't tag along, so
the mission with her is the best time to add this exclusive vehicle to your 
growing collection. Go along with the mission as usual. After you deposit her 
at the party in Atlantic Quays, she will leave the limo, giving you full
control of the limo! Drive away and idle somewhere until you fail the mission  
you evil person, you.

| Bullet-Proof Bobcat |
You can get a Bullet-Proof Bobcat in the mission "Evidence Dash" for Ray.  If 
you flip it over, you will get the message saying that it's a decoy. Then use 
some car to push it back.

| Ghost MISSING | 
There's an additional boat  to find. It's available during  "Paparazzi Purge"
with Asuka  or the "Gone Fishing" mission with Ray--both in  Staunton Island.
In the boats your targets try to escape in, try to keep up with them until 
they land on shore, or force them to land on the shoreline. When they get 
out, you could enter it and check out the trippy boat. It makes weird 
clanking noises. It's a real light-weight, too. If you use your own weight to 
push it, it'll budge. To use the speedboat, use a heavy land vehicle and push 
it back into the water, or use your own body mass without moving too far into 
the water to drown yourself. It's fairly swift, but there's nothing 
alarmingly special about it other than the fact  it's the Ghost MISSING boat.

Thanks to Therock200170036 and one other person. Sorry, lost your e-mail.

| Indestructible Sentinel |
In Asuka's first Pan-Atlantic Construction Site mission 'bait', Asuka 
instructs you to lead three of Catalina's death squads to an ambush at Pike 
Creek.  In this mission it's possible (and simple) to obtain one of the most 
bizarre vehicles of the game -- the almost-indestructible Sentinel. It's the 
"almost" part which is bizarre.

This Sentinel is nearly:

- crash-proof

Smack it into as many buildings, pedestrians, and other vehicles as you like-
-it won't take any damage.  If you happen to turn it upside-down, it won't 
explode *IF* you climb out quickly.  Turn it back right-side-up and continue 
driving.  The car will catch on fire if you remain in it too long while it's 
upside-down or if you get into it while you're on fire, so be careful.

Occasionally, the car takes some small visible damage (a broken windshield or 
a dented door, for example) while upside-down.  I'm unsure why. 

- bullet-proof

Take a leisurely cruise through Mafia or Columbian territory with impunity,
their weapons can't hurt you.  Note that your own weapons *can* damage the 

- explosion-proof

After turning over four or five taxis in the Airport parking-lot and parking
right next to them as they exploded, the Sentinel seemed as good as new.  
Note that vehicles which explode due to damage taken from your weapons 
(grenades, molotov cocktails, etc.) *do* seem to damage your car.

How to get your very own nearly-invincible Sentinel:

Go to Asuka's construction yard base and begin the 'bait' mission.  Drive 
over the bridge to Shoreside Vale and continue along the four-lane highway 
until you come to the first sharp right turn.  On the South-West corner of 
the nearby intersection, under a tall Zip advertisement, is the first death 
squad -- you'll see them on your radar.  Before getting their attention. get 
out of your car, equip your motolov cocktails (you *do* have some, right?) 
and approach on-foot until the car notices you and begins to move.

The car will try to run you over -- simply side-step to avoid it.  As the car
pulls to a stop and the Columbians get out, hit it with a motolov cocktail 
(hopefully killing all the Columbians).  As soon as all the fires go out, hop 
in your shiny new car and laugh like a madman.

FINAL NOTE:  This car will lose its special status simply by being placed in 
a garage.

Thanks to .cael for submitting this information.

                               -= TIPS & TRICKS =-

Hooker Trick

You must have at least  HEARD about  this. Basically, you must  grab an okay 
looking car, but not a police car or ambulance. Now, drive up to a hooker. 
They really stand out in a crowd, with their black boots, red coat and black 
bra. Anyways, pull up to one, and she should come over and bend over, 
appearing as if she's talking to you. After a while, she should climb into a 
car with you. 

While she's in the car, a dollar will be deducted for every  second you spend 
with her. Talk about expensive! Anyway, head to the nearest alley. Stop your 
car and keep still. The car will begin to rock, and your health will start to 
recover. It will be slow at first, but gradually, the pace will pick up a 
little. Each "session" with the hooker will gain you 40 health points. You 
can exceed the maximum--up to 125--if you rock it when your health is at 99--
85 at the least. 

When the girl leaves the car to stretch, exit your  vehicle and make her give 
you your money back, that expensive bitch!

Also, if you pick up a chick in a  convertible (without a hood), she'll leave 
the car with your health full and without going through the car-rockin' 
interactive frame. Cool!  Although she  still does  take your money.  Let the 
girl go. She's done you a favor, foo.

Car Repair Shops

No need to spend $1000 for the Pay 'n' Spray to get  yourself a new paint job 
and to repair the huge dents on the car. Just park your damaged car in your 
hideout's garage. Step out and leave to close  the garage door. When you open 
it again, the car will be completely renewed! Too far away from your hideout, 
or too lazy to return to repair car damages? Simply enter the Full Health 
code while driving the car to restore that  derelict back to life! The damage 
will still be visible, but it will sustain abuse as if it were a newborn car. 
How touching.

Free Stuff

* Every time you enter and leave a Police Car, you'll exit the vehicle with 5 
Shotgun shells!

* First, you must get the  SWAT team to come in  with the Enforcer. Try your 
luck at stealing this vehicle. When you exit, you'll leave with a full armor 
at your disposal.

* Hop into an Ambulance and when you exit, you'll leave with 20 points added 
to your health meter. However, if you enter the vehicle with your health 
already at maximum (125), it will go back down to 100.

Securicar Garage

At the Portland Harbor, head toward  the row of blue-colored  garages under a 
gray awning. One of them isn't numbered. If you drive a Securicar into the 
garage, you will receive $5,000! Do this repeatedly and you can rake in the 
extra dough! However, every time you deliver another Securicar, $500 will be 
deducted each time. You could do this until  the garage won't  accept anymore 
since you have already wrung every trickle of its dough.

Make Some Easy Cash

There are numerous  ways to make  cash in  Liberty City.  Most of the methods 
involve completing jobs for certain people, Rampages, or Vehicle Missions.  
However, with this method, you can make money the fun way, without 
jeopardizing your own life. Simply blow up some cars! That's right. For each 
car you disintegrate, you will earn some cash. Not a whole lot, but you still 
get the greens, right? The size, weight and type of vehicle all contribute to 
the amount of money you will get by blowing up each vehicle. It can range 
from $30-$70 (The highest I got was $70, so I'm not entirely sure if that's 
the most you can earn). Make sure you don't do this  on a busy street, or you 
are bound to attract the cop's attention.

As an additional note, you can also  take cars  to the  crusher in Harwood to 
make even more cash!

Store 3 to 4 Cars in Your Staunton Hideout

As you probably know, the garage in Staunton  was originally made to fit only 
two cars, but with some improvising, you could cram up to four cars in that 
space. However, four cars in the garage  can sometimes get  you stuck, as you  
won't be able to enter the vehicle to drive it out, so be careful.

For three cars: you first need to park  two cars in the spaces vertically and 
leave the garage. Fetch a third car and take it to the hideout. The door 
won't open for you when you're in the vehicle. Now, park the vehicle _right_
next to the garage horizontally, so when you exit the vehicle, you're forced 
to come out the passenger side. Go around the car to open the garage. Quickly 
hop back in the driver seat and rush into the garage. The door won't close, 
but it will make faltering noises. Park your car in a horizontal position and 
leave. The garage should close and voila! Three cars in the garage.

Storing four  cars in there  follows the same  method, except  three of them 
should be squeezed closely together, so the fourth car can be parked behind 
them in a horizontal position. However, the problem with stuffing more cars 
into your garage than what the intended capacity permits is that you may not 
be able to enter your vehicle or get out of one. Just beware.

[SIX CARS IN THE GARAGE]  Thanks to Kel Webb

I've managed to get 6. Yes, SIX cars into my garage. Here's how:

First, park two cars in the garage. When you try to park the third, the "too 
many cars" message will appear. Get out and get into one of your cars that's 
already in the garage. Drive this car so that it's half-in and half-out of 
the garage. Now your garage door won't close because it doesn't know if your
putting that car in or taking it out. Now quickly (because your garage door 
might close, "sawing" your car  in half, but not actually destroying the car) 
drive your third car into the garage and park it. 

Get out and park your second car (the half-in half-out) back  in the garage. 
Repeat this process until you have a garage stuffed with all the finer cars 
from the game (I've got an Infernus, Banshee, BP Hummer/Patriot, Mafia 
Sentinel, FBI car, and a BP Cheetah). Warning: Filling your garage with 6 
cars can make it difficult to remove some of the cars, so place the cars that 
you like to drive a lot near the garage door.

Hope this helps gamers out there who really want those cars but can't seem to 
save them.

ED'S NOTE: I've tested this  myself and it does  seem to  work.  However, you 
must park all the cars closely together and all in a vertical position.  Like 
how you normally park a car.


Evil Stuff

Get into a fire truck and use the water hose mounted on the top to blast away
people and cops! Press the Circle button to allow the water to spurt out, and 
use the Right Analog stick to control the nozzle.

[OTHER EVIL STUFF]  Thanks to Darren Fedorchuk

1) In the RC car missions that are activated by entering a TOYZ van, use that 
RC car to blow up civilians on the sidewalk.  Listen to opera (Double Cleff 
FM) while you do it.  

2) On the first mission, "Give me Liberty", take the car to the crusher. Have 
it crushed while 8-Ball is still inside.  
3) On the "Chaperone" mission for Salvatore, kill Chico and get Maria's money 


Vehicle Mission Benefits

Completing a certain amount of work with each type of vehicle mission rewards 

- Taxi -
As explained in the Secret  Vehicles  section:  Complete  100 non-consecutive 
Taxi missions and a new Borgnine Taxi will be created in Harwood.

- Vigilante -
Exterminate 10  criminals in each  district for 1 Police Bribe. Eliminate an
additional 10 to conjure a second Police Bribe. You can do this on all three 
islands. You get only two for each district.

- Ambulance -
Save 35 wounded  pedestrians, Heart icons will be created  at your hideouts.
Save 70 citizens, Adrenaline icons will be created at your hideouts. Complete 
Ambulance level 12, and earn  the Infinite Run ability, with which you will 
never have to stop running from energy loss.

- Fire truck -
Extinguish 20 fires in each district and the Flame Thrower power-up will be 
awarded at your hideouts.

Taxi Mission With Any Vehicle

Ever wish you could make some taxi fares using  a Banshee? Or a tank? Now you 
could with this very cool trick. First, you need a Taxi. Press down on the 
Right Analog Stick and HOLD IT DOWN. As long as you don't let go, the mission 
won't be activated. Now exit the vehicle. You will find that the controls are 
a bit hard to use. I found that using the D-Pad helps somewhat. Once you've 
acclimated to the controls, hop into a car of your choice and release the 
Right Analog Stick. The Taxi mission will begin as it would normally, 
allowing you to use the car of your choice in place of a yellow cab. However, 
you might want to note that using this trick might affect how your radar will 
function in the future. Just use this with caution.

Running Without Getting Tired

You can sprint without  getting tired; you don't have  to do anything arduous 
to achieve this ability either. Simply tap the X button for as long as 
possible to keep running. As long as there  are no slow-downs  in the tapping 
procedure, your character will keep running, and the game will reset his 
"respiration" rate each time you press the button (although your fingers will 
get tired from doing this).

Acquiring the Rhino Tank

Jacking the massive army tank is almost suicide and is a great feat, so when
you manage to lay your hands on one, I'll give you my praise.  

My method of acquisition is wussy, as it doesn't require fighting. However, 
if you're a dare-devil and love to see the law enforcements attempt to bust 
you, then you will need to consult MRorie's excellent Rhino Tank FAQ, found 


To nab the army's fine ride, simply complete the "Exchange" mission, which is 
the very last story-related mission.  After the sequence, you can head to 
Phil's Army Surplus shop, where you'll be awarded with his own tank.  Simple, 

[ACQUIRING IT THE HARD WAY]  Thanks to MacPheerson

In Staunton, go to the area where you have to pick up the car and deal with 
the spanked-up madmen. Next to one of the areas entrances, there's a building 
with two staircases leading to each other, then another leading up.  Go up on 
the stairs.  Start picking people off with the rifle, and  when the cops show 
up, use the launcher and grenades to kill them. Stray cops will run up the 
stairs, but cycle to a gun quickly to kill them. Bow the **** out of the 
enforcement until the army comes. (don't bother w/choppers, you're under a 
roof. When the tanks stop against the wall in front of you, run down the 
stairs. The army guys will get out, but the wall stops them from killing you. 
Run back up and toss grenades or cocktails at them to kill them. Hop the 
wall, get in a tank and go- drive to the pay n spray entrance. Get out and 
sprint- get in the van in the nearby garage and get it painted, then go and 
get your tank- w/no wanted level. 


Speeding up the Tank

The Tank is pretty damn slow, but you could counterbalance that by spinning 
the turret 180 degrees, so that it faces the rear. Now start firing the 
cannon. The force will give the tank extra momentum and uh, stuff. Yeah. It 
makes it seem as if the tank is skipping.

NOTE: The following tricks were submitted by readers. See Contributor Credits
to see who contributed what.

Flying Tanks

With the dodo cheat, you  can use a tank to  fly, and get  around better than 
the dodo airplane.  Just turn the turret around directly behind you and keep 
firing, you  can stay up  indefinitely.   ONE  IMPORTANT FACT: DO  NOT PUT ON 
PERFECT HANDLELING, as it will make it much harder to fly.  

Collecting Power-Ups

In Portland and Staunton Island you can  get lots of weapons  really quickly. 
Go to your hideout, go into the garage and make sure you touch the back wall. 
All weapon/armor/health/etc. pickups will re-spawn. So in these two areas you 
go in and out and stock up on any weapons you have at your hideout.  Hope you 
can get this to work for you too. 

Decreasing Wanted Level through Train Rides

It takes seemingly forever but works. Just hop on a train and don't get off. 
Period. It may take a whole game day or so, but as long as you stay in there, 
they can't touch you. Had a level of 5 stars knocked down to two before I got 
bored outta my head. : )  

Flying the Gap

I found this out when I was cruising around after I had just failed Ray's
evidence mission. This has to do with launching a car over the bridge 
connecting Shoreside Vale and Staunton Island when you can't yet reach 
Shoreside Vale.

1. First things first, there is now way you can pull this off unless you have
two codes activated. The first code you need to activate is the one that is
titled "Good handling car"(R1,L1,R2,L1,Left,R1,R1,Triangle). After you have
activated it enter this next code. Activate the code titled "Fly" (R2,Circle, 
R1, L2, Down, L1, R1).

2. After those two codes have been activated you need to steal a regular car 
like a Taxi or a Bobcat. Don't steal a fast car or the Good handling car
code will not work. I don't know about a slow car, you can try it with a slow 
car if you want to.

3. Ok, after you have stolen a regular speed car drive up to the orange
barriers that are supposed to block you from taking a car onto the bridge, 
go around the barrier on the right side. Now go up the curved on ramp until
you get the part of the bridge that goes straight. Dividing the two lanes of
the bridge is a barrier. Drive up so that you are on top of that barrier. Now
stop once you get to the top.

4. Ok now that you are on top of the barrier you need to go full speed. Start
speeding down the top of the barrier, don't make any sudden turns or you will
fall off the barrier and you will need to get back on. Stay center as you 
speed down, now this is where the two codes you activated earlier come into 
the picture. When you get to the end of the barrier slightly turn to the left 
so when you jump you will land on the left or right lanes and not the
center barrier of the opposite side of the bridge.  Right as you turn left or
right push down on the R3 button (left or right joystick). When you push the
R3 button the code called "Good handling car" will shoot you straight into 
the air. And you will soon notice that you are not going to plunge into the 
water, thanks to the code called "fly" your car should float all the way down 
to the other side of the bridge and  onto Shoreside Vale--an impossible place 
to reach until now. Voila, you have made it the Last Part of liberty city and 
you haven't even completed all the missions on Staunton Island yet.         

Drive-by With Any Weapon
It's basically a drive-by shooting using every weapon at your disposal. The 
best car to use for this is a Bobcat. It's harder to jump onto the back so 
get in front of it, jump onto it, and walk forward until you fall into the 
back of it. Now you can shoot people with any weapon while the guy drives 
wherever. But if your wanted level starts going up, the guy will start 
driving like a maniac in an effort to throw you off. Any other car will work 
for this as long as you can get on top. You'll have to keep from slipping off 

Dodo Flying Tips

Gain some speed and hold down. When you see sparks from the tail or hear them 
(sometimes it's hard to see), press up, and you'll take off. Now here are the 
three most important things for a good flight:  

1. Don't hold on to the gas (X) while in flight. It won't fly for more than 
10 seconds or less  

2. Only tap left or right constantly to make a turn. The small little wings 
can't take hard turns.  

3. Just fly straight until you start going down. At that point, start
tapping, pressing, or holding down until you can't see the red on the nose  
(Near the spinning blade is a red part on the nose; you don't want to see 
that). After that, the Dodo will start to go down then back up to a 
reasonable level.  

Oh yeah, one more thing: do not do not do not press up! It will screw up 
flight! Use down and your plane will go back to normal flight! These are your 
ways of flying the Dodo. Good luck! 

Easy Vigilante Missions

To kill criminal threats with ease to accumulate bribes at hideout...

1) Steal a cop car (or any other law enforcement vehicle).
2) Take it to a hideout and park in garage.
3) Activate Vigilante mission.
4) Wait until they radio where suspect the is.
5) Get out of car.
6) Exit garage and wait until door closes completely.
7) Use "Blow Up All Cars" cheat to eliminate threat.
8) Get back in cop car and repeat until desired number of threats are 

Easy Turismo Race

1) Get a tank.
2) Get to starting line.
3) Try to run into car right next to you to blow it up (if you don't hit him 
   don't worry about it, you'll get him later, don't try to shoot them (it's 
   almost impossible).
4) Skip checkpoint #1 and go straight to #2 or #3.
5) Wait for other racers to come and park in middle of road so it is 
   difficult for them to drive past. They will probably run right into you 
   and blow up.
6) When you first see them coming, start shooting at them.
7) Once they are all wasted, simply coast through all the checkpoints.  
   You'll come in first! (Time will be long but you'll pass the mission and 
   get the money.)

   Hint: You may want to do a trial race in order to find the checkpoints you 
   need to get ahead of the other racers.

                               -= GAME ENIGMAS =-

Ever wonder why things happen in Liberty City? Don't bother. Thinking about 
things like that will only make you grow old more quickly.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
* Read the following page and find the "Hard to Reach Places FAQ" by screwy *
* to learn about the coolest GTA3 secrets. We hate to regurgitate such      *
* unique information, especially when he can explain it much better than we *
* ever could:                                                               *
* http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/game/31127.html                       *
*                                                                           *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

The Finger

If you stand in a congested area and  hold up the  traffic, the drivers will 
get irritated and start honking at you. Stand there long enough, and your 
character will finally get steamed and give everyone the finger--or at least 
something that passes as his middle finger.


Not really an awesome discovery, but it's worth mentioning.  You can pull out 
drivers without actually entering the car. However, from experimenting over 
and over again, I've found out that you could only do this with the more 
"submissive" citizens--ones that will run  away from you.  The gruff ones are
likely to  punch your lights out, so you're automatically put behind the 
wheel. To toss a driver out without entering, as you try to steal a vehicle, 
gear the Analog stick down, so that it goes  in the opposite direction you're 
facing. This will tell your character to _not_ enter the vehicle. This might 
not work sometimes. I haven't been able to get it to work properly all the 
time, but it's fun to try it. Again, this may not be a worthwhile tidbit, and 
I may even be incorrect, but like I said, it's interesting to mention.


This is really cool, especially for those people who love seeing smoke billow 
from screeching tires. Powersliding with the cars can be done in this way, 
too. Simply accelerate while applying  the brakes. This will induce a massive 
burnout that will leave tire marks on the street! Details!

NOTE: The following things were submitted by readers. See Contributor Credits
to see who contributed what.

Clingy Prostitutes

I was also able to get a partner (sound odd, right?).  I was about to pick up
a hooker so I can bring up my health, and  right before she got in the car my
car was jacked.  I was thrown down on the street and the guy drove away.  The 
hooker somehow became attached to me, and everywhere I went, she followed.  I 
even drove real fast to try  and get away, but guess what, she ran faster.  
This is just for laughs. Hope you enjoyed it. 

Make Cars Commit Suicide

On the lit bridge connecting Shoreside and Staunton, wait for the bridge to 
lift up.  When it's up the cars will stop in front of the gap. If you bump 
into any of those cars, they'll drive straight into the gap and their deaths! 
It's really funny to watch them do that. 

You mentioned how you can make  cars commit suicide  on the Shoreside bridge. 
Try doing the same thing, but timing it so they get crushed when the bridge 
lowers back into place.  It's tough, but cool--the ass-end of the car sticks 
out of the road. 

The Secret Dive

Either this is a glitch, or a life saver! When a car is coming at you to run 
you over for a reason (FBI, 3-star police) press square. If you press it at 
the right time, you will do a dive like the pedestrians do when you drive at 
them. I was holding X (running) at the time, and  while doing that I pressed 
square when an FBI car came at me; it saved my life! 

PC Bug

ED's note: I cannot confirm that this bug applies only to the PC version of 
the game because I haven't been able to recreate the whacked out experience 
you're about to read. The following was contributed by Backslider.

Backslider writes: 

"I just had the strangest experience playing GTA3 on the PC.  It was a huge 
bug that had the coolest visual effect.  Essentially, I fell THROUGH the 
ground, so that I was underneath the Staunton Island!  I could look above me 
and see the ground, and roads, and even water!  It took me a long time but I 
figured out that I was walking on top of the underground tunnel which 
connects the islands.  I could walk around on top of the tunnel all the way 
to Shoreside Vale -- even though I haven't completed a single mission on 
Staunton!  Once I got underneath Shoreside Vale, I walked off the edge of the 
underground tunnel, and I fell DOWN so far that I was ABOVE the island, and I 
finally landed on top of it!  So, now I am on the third island without having 
completed the second!  If I try to drive through the tunnel back to the 
second island, the barrier is still up! It's pretty fun to run around with 
everything upside down. 

I can reproduce it pretty easily.  There is a place near the hospital on the 
second island where you can actually walk through a wall.  Actually, you have 
to get pushed through it.  I do it by jamming an ambulance in a really narrow 
space, and trying to wiggle around the side of it.  Once you get through the 
wall, there is no ground modeled inside the hospital (or most buildings), so 
you just start to fall.  The only thing modeled under the islands is the 
tunnel that connects them.  This place on island 2 happens to be directly 
above the tunnel, so you can fall on it.  If you fall anywhere else (not on 
the tunnel), you will fall until it eventually loops around and you fall out 
of the sky onto a spot on the island above where you fell.  If you stay on 
the tunnel, you can run back and forth.  I ran to the third island, then fell 
off the side, and back up on the island.  

I was able to find all the hidden packages, except the one in the subway, 
because that is still closed, and do other side missions.  The only way I 
found to get back to the second island is with the Dodo.  You can fly back, 
and continue the game, but with more weapons and stuff." 

Here are some screenshots, so you know what the hell he's talking about. Do 
NOT take these shots and place them on your own site. I don't see why anyone 
would want to, but it happens (after all, this is some trippy bug).


The above is an abridged list of his  full collection of  screenshots. To see 
more of the Backslider's chronicles, simply replace the number that follows 
"wtf" in the URL with a number from 1 through 17 (although some of them might 
be broken links). So, if you  want to view  screenshot 10, for example, enter 
this in your web browser: 

http://www.geocities.com/gta3bug/wtf*10*-sm.jpg (Remove the asterisks.)

Have fun browsing through them. You will have to  forgive the aberrant nature 
of some of these shots. Screenshots 13 through 17 display an entirely 
different bug he has encountered. See those  vehicles floating in mid-air? Be 
scared. Be very scared.


                               -= CHEAT CODES =-

Do NOT ask for anymore.  Bonds added these. Personally, I (Adrenaline) have 
never used them (not yet, anyway). Stop asking me for more! And stop asking 
if I've heard of a so-and-so code!!  Thanks for your courtesy. Now, go buck 

Note: If you ever want to turn off a cheat, like riots with pedestrians, 
input the code again to disable it. (Thanks to Michael Rosequist)

Rhino Tank

Code:  Circle x6, R1, L2, L1, Triangle, Circle, Triangle
Desc.: A Rhino tank  will magically pop out from an  invisible garage  in the 
sky and fall on the streets  somewhere nearby. If you're  not careful, it may
end up squashing you.

Decrease Wanted Level
Code:  R2, R2, L1, R2, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down
Desc.: All your troubles  with the police will be  over once this  code kicks 
into action.

Increase Wanted Level

Code:  R2, R2, L1, R2, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right
Desc.: Feeling a bit lazy? Or maybe  you just don't  want to  hurt your brain 
too much by devising ways to disembody your  local citizens and to deface the 
beautiful property around Liberty City. Well, you could  stir up some intense 
action like there's no tomorrow with this code.

Clear Weather

Code:  L1, L2, R1, R2, R2, R1, L2, Triangle
Desc.: Sunny days are good days...for picnics and hit-and-runs.
Foggy Weather

Code:  L1, L2, R1, R2, R2, R1, L2, Cross
Desc.: On perfectly sunny days, when there  is not a cloud in sight, even the 
thick fog feels like rolling out to play.

Cloudy Weather

Code:  L1, L2, R1, R2, R2, R1, L2, Square
Desc.: It changes the weather from whatever its current state is to a cloudy, 
gloomy weather.

Rainy Weather

Code:  L1, L2, R1, R2, R2, R1, L2, Circle
Desc.: Rain, rain  go away; come  again another day. Rain  is cool and if you 
like rain, then you could use this rainy weather code. *smiles and thumbs up*

Faster Time

Code: Circle x3, Square x5, L1, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE.
Desc.:  It will make the in-game time speed up, morning becomes night quicker 
and vice versa.


Code:  Right, Down, Left, Up, L1, L2, Up, Left, Down, Right
Desc.: This will allow you to assume the role of any character in the game. 
Well, not any, but many of the pedestrians you see around the city. But even 
if you assume the guise, it won't fool the cops or the gangs who want you 
sprawled out on the streets.

Riot Madness

Code:  Down, Up, Left, Up, X, R1, R2, L2, L1
Desc.: The pedestrians will run around beating the hell out of one another, 
and if you're not careful, you too! But take caution, if you save your game 
with the code entered, you can never take it off.

All Weapons

Code:  R2, R2, L1, R2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up
Desc.: It gives you all of the weapons in the game, each fully packed with 
a finite amount of ammo.

Full Armor

Code:  R2, R2, L1, L2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up
Desc.: Your character becomes automatically equipped with armor. There is no 
code that will give you infinite health, unfortunately.

Full Health

Code:  R2, R2, L1, R1, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up
Desc.: Miracle code of life. It pumps your health back to 100.


Code:  R2, R2, L1, L1, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up
Desc.: Money, money! Gimme money!

More Gore

Code:  Square, L1, Circle, Down, L1, R1, Triangle, Right, L1, X
Desc.: More blood and guts, you sick psychopath.

Blow Up All Cars

Code:  L2, R2, L1, R1, L2, R2, Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, L2, L1 
Desc.: Hmm, I THINK it blows up all cars? I don't know.

The following codes were submitted by John Kaelin:

Make Cars invisible: L1, L1, Square, R2, Triangle, L1, Triangle  
This code makes the entire body of the car disappear, except the Tires, 
headlights, taillights, steering wheel, and driver, on all the cars.  
Slow Down Gameplay: Triangle, Up, Right, Down, Square, R1, R2  
This code is one of my favorites, it makes the entire game slow down, as if 
you took the matrix pill, or if you enter it a few times or more, even 
slower. Also, to warn you, I noticed I couldn't get out of my car while the 
game had this code on, I'm not sure if that's the case with your games, but 
an easy way to unable this code is to go and do a unique jump, the cinematic 
sequence will be the same speed, and when it cuts, the gameplay will be 
normal speed, although I didn't save with this one, yet anyway. ;)  
Speed up gameplay: Triangle, Up, Right, Down, Square, L1, L2  
THE BEST CODE! For me anyway, it makes the game hilariously fast. I was 
laughing so hard while I was watching my player run crazily around. I entered 
this code 10X or more on my game, and he ran so fast--I got from my first 
island base, to my third island base, in under two minutes, running ^_^ and 
he only takes 1 second to catch his breath. Although it's easy to get busted 
if you're in a super speedy car; the police will appear out of nowhere and 
pull you out of your car before you can think to enter the no wanted code if 
you use it.  

                        -= FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS =-

 Q: Ok, I've done <insert list of things you've done>, but I'm still not
    able to get 100%! Can you tell me what else I have to do?

 A: Not really. However, I have finally discovered which things you need to 
    complete to achieve 100% in the game. You need to accomplish the 

    - 73 missions, which include everything mission-based listed within this 
      very file.
    - 100 Hidden Packages
    - 20 Rampages
    - 20 Unique Stunt Jumps
    - 100 Taxi missions (or fares) -
    - 60 Vigilante missions         |- Do not have to be done all at once.
    - 60 Firefighter missions      -
    - Level 12 on Ambulance missions 
    - Import/Export Garages in Portland and Shoreside Vale completed.
    - Emergency Vehicle Crane in Portland Harbor completed.

    Everything else is  inconsequential. However, I have  learned from a few
    people that using Cheat Codes to help you accomplish some of these tasks
    may affect your game. Therefore, if you are still unable to get 100% 
    after completing all these things, the problem lies within the cheats you
    probably used.

 Q: I killed Kenji Kasen. Will I still be able to do his missions?
 A: Of course not, silly goose. Last time I checked, you can't get missions
    from a dead guy. 

 Q: Is there any way I can enter the football stadium or the observatory?

 A: According to jjkgamers, you can fly a Dodo into the stadium, but you 
    won't be able to get back out. The word "COCKS" is streaked across the
    bleachers. Same way with the observatory. I suggest checking out the
    "Hard-to-Reach Places" FAQ found at GameFAQs for details.

 Q: I can't get past the subway or the bridge. It says that it will be fixed
    after I complete a certain objective. How do I get to the other islands?

 A: Routes to other islands will not be  opened until you've completed every
    (main) mission in each district.
 Q: Why can't I get past a Wanted Level of 4? I keep shooting all the cops 
    like you said, but it won't budge!
 A: People seemed to have misunderstood  my answer last time. If you're in 
    Portland, 4 stars can be achieved at maximum. In Staunton: 5 stars. In 
    Shoreside: 6 stars. This means that if you are in Portland, and you 
    still DO NOT have access to Staunton, you can get a maximum of 4 stars.
    If you are in Staunton Island, and you DO NOT have access to Shoreside,
    you can get a maximum of 5 stars. However, if you are in Portland, and
    you DO HAVE ACCESS to Shoreside, you will be able to get all 6 stars! Get


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- AstroBlue for making the cool art at the top.


Some of the sections would not have been made possible without the help of 
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- BradyGAMES OSG for some Hidden Packages Locations and prizes for them.
- Sweetpimp324's Rampage FAQ for helping me get my Rampages in my game.
- Where ever Bonds got the cheat codes from! Be it IGN, some magazine, rotten 
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- Greg for correcting a small error in the Hidden Packages chart.
- Ron Savion and dawg88 for correcting the maximum wanted level in Portland.
- John Kaelin and Colonel814 for correcting the Securicar Garage money amount 
- Riggs for helluva lot of corrections and various contributions to the FAQ.
- cartman420 for the "Running Without Getting Tired" tip.
- SaucierSum for some Authority level corrections.
- Daniel Feit for numerous corrections on countless errors.
- Jon (FLiPNiNeX3) for telling me about the Bullet-Proof Bobcat.
- Ifrit (Jonathon D'Aquin) for confirming information regarding Bullet-Proof
- munky man for telling me about the other location for the Flame-thrower.
- Michael Rosequist for contributing the "Flying Tank" trick in the Tips & 
  Tricks section, as well as numerous other contributions.
- AflyingSquirrel and John Shumate for contributing to the "Collecting Power-
  Ups" trick in the Tips & Tricks section.
- CW K for contributing the "Decreasing Wanted Level through Train Rides"
  trick in the Tips & Tricks section.
- John Nolan for contributing the "Flying the Gap" trick in the Tips & Tricks
- Branded89K for the "Drive-By With Any Weapon" trick in the Tips & Tricks
- Nick Leon for contributing the Dodo-flying Tips and the "Secret Dive".
- Ron Savion for sharing his delightful experience with a prostitute in the
  Game Enigmas section, under "Clingy Prostitute".
- Banzai Man and Riggs for the "Make Cars Commit Suicide" trick found in Game 
- Ian for tipping me about using the Adrenaline Pill to push cars and stuff.
- Andy Smith for being peeved about some of the car stats and correcting some 
  of them.
- WickedGuy3 for correcting an error concerning the free health thing.
- simonsez222 for contributing "Easy Vigilante Missions" and "Easy Turismo 
  Race" in the tips section.
- cute_kitty66 for correcting my pronunciation of "Gruppe Sechs".
- Grndmstrluis for correcting an error in the prize money for "Bomb Da Base".
- RiCHie for correcting an error in one of the Rampage strategies.

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