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All dazzle, no soul. FF12 sounds the death knell for aesthetic and character. 11/21/06 BenBigwig
Square Enix, you've outdone yourself again! 01/09/07 A Friendly Cactus
Shakespearian Script Meets Old-school RPG Style. 12/18/06 AegisKnight2000
Thinking outside the Square 12/08/06 Arkrex
"From this point on I will separate RPGs into those I played before FFXII and those I've played after." 01/30/07 conkersurround5
Woefully Lacking - Rent First 04/30/07 CyberEarth
Plenty of style, but no real substance 01/22/07 do_mi_no
This is the best console game since Final Fantasy VII 11/13/06 DrAvery
Dear Squeenix, inane sidequests do NOT make up for a lacking story. 02/01/07 Ilya1986
A prime example of why online games should never come offline. 11/13/06 Iokua
A "Final Fantasy" first for me: I could not finish it. 09/17/08 jenova0602
I feel insulted knowing I don't have to play 08/01/07 Kyle_Voakes
Everything that makes this series special is missing in this hollow, soulless installment 05/17/19 nintendosega
A review from someone who has played *every* Final Fantasy 12/11/06 RuneFenix
Absolutely horrible.... 07/05/07 tzehuan
I'm Still Waiting for that Piece of My Life Back 01/12/07 Vpex
Pseudo- political, yet lacking depth 07/08/09 2Deux2
How could one not enjoy this? 09/08/11 Al0ne72
Fantastic even after all these years 03/11/11 Ameriph
Conveying atmosphere, heart, and tons of RPG greatness, Final Fantasy XII is another masterpiece in the series. 02/02/15 Archmonk Iga
Experience points and levels doth not an RPG make, Square 10/10/12 astralphoenix37
Taking The Good with The Bad 12/04/06 AuronOwnzU204
Mediocre offline version of FF11 06/16/08 Awabi
Far too many changes!!! 03/12/07 Blitzspeed
The Flawless End of an Era 07/06/10 BloodGod65
Gimme a crossbow, dammit! 06/02/09 bluej33
Takes a while to get into, but well worth it 02/03/09 bover_87
I was hopeful, but maybe a bit too much. 06/20/08 Cablevision2
Final game of this series that I'm ever buying XII 03/10/11 Calamity
The 'Marmite' of RPGs-divides opinion like nothing else! (except Marmite, of course, d'oh) 08/03/07 CeidwadyrArfau
A fair score I bestoweth upon this, I mean, this game's okay 06/20/08 Computerbug8
Great to have you onboard, FFXII 07/31/06 CoolMyth
Less is more, and all that... 02/07/08 Crofty
Decent, but lacking in important areas 03/19/07 Dave521
The best game on the PS2 10/11/10 deathof843
Final Fantasy XII: Great game but it could've been better 11/13/06 Default64
A solid RPG that puts a nice twist on the series. 08/04/08 dotsdfe
Some nostalgia, but a sad effort overall 06/27/07 duffman13
After all the years of waiting, it's finally out! 04/02/07 Exodist
"Fantasy" for the perfect game came true ? 10/25/06 FF_4_ma_lyf
A flawed classy title, arguably one of the last big commercial games for the PS2 06/25/07 FFGuru89
Final Fantasy XII: Legendary 12/11/06 Funtastik
It' beautiful *sniff* 11/01/06 gaeanprayer
Friends Unite In A World Torn Apart 01/09/07 Galactus21
I just... don't really care for it. 11/13/06 gizzardgulpe
Welcome to Ivalice, you won't want to leave! 03/12/07 grassyboots
A whole new Final Fantasy that leads us to the depths of medicore game design 07/24/09 greengobrin
It Deserves a Chance 06/28/07 GwibistTsuki
Final Fantasy makes a triumphant return after endless delays 02/06/07 Gylgamesh
This game's like the friend who's incredibly stupid, yet amazingly fun to be around. 11/07/06 hecktic00
The more they change, the more they stay the same. 07/02/07 InfestedD211
If you speak and read Japanese, buy this game now. 05/21/06 IrenicApollyon
This Fantasy is far from Finalized 12/01/06 ITryToBeNice
Politics anyone?? 10/31/06 Jechtman
FFXII: A pretty prom date. With brains! 11/22/06 johnnyfogg
Not All That Glitters Is Gold 05/22/07 JPtheGreat
Don't let first impressions mislead you 03/05/07 Kain__Dragoon
Must be Some Kind of Magick 12/24/06 kidalpha
Breaking old barriers, and building new ones. Some of the barriers are flimsy, though. 04/05/10 KillerCrono599
The fundamental shift of the series begins with 'Final Fantasy XII' 11/13/12 Kimari
The Traditions of the Dead Generations Weigh Like a Nightmare Upon the Living 01/02/07 KiraYamato-
No Worries - Another Fantastic Installment to a Great Series 11/17/06 lark2328
Pirate scum of the skies, what brings you here? 06/16/08 LedZeppelin7
Story needs work, but otherwise a masterpiece 08/31/07 LegatoBluesommers
A new Final Fantasy, a new slew of disappointments. 11/14/06 LetumUniversal
The 12th Installment Does Not Impress 03/30/07 Liu Domi
A New Look at Final Fantasy 02/26/07 LoneShelby
A new bar has been set 02/14/07 Loopmeister
We Waited Five Years for This??? 04/19/07 magnum_7
Years in the making, but was it worth the wait? 03/05/07 Malapropism
A Final Fantasy Beyond Imagination 04/05/06 Malice
Final Fantasy XII: The Offline MMORPG -- Not Perfect but Not Flawed 07/18/06 Master LL
I didn't want to love you, but I did anyways. 01/03/07 Masterkanoopy
The gameplay is the best of any Final Fantasy, too bad the story couldn't follow suit 04/20/09 Menji
Final Fantasy XII: A true innovation? 10/23/06 Merkava85
Fantastic but flawed 02/27/07 milkcan
Same old man, but a brand-new suit... 03/05/07 MiStarMG
Final Fantasy XII: A Brilliant Attempt That Falls Short 11/13/06 Mwulf
This time, "final" has a meaning. 10/25/06 Mykas0
It is a tale told by Square, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. 01/02/14 nastynate3118
The worst RPG Square and Enix have ever made. 07/14/11 nat31790
A game which exhibits great gameplay, but lacks an inspired spirit 05/30/07 nemesis2
An epic experience that's moderately overwhelming. 01/03/07 NWalterstorf
Square-Enix makes yet another great Final Fantasy game. 11/15/06 OmegaDL50
Greatest RPG Ever? No. Greates FF Ever? No. A Solid RPG? ... 12/07/06 OrderRestored
A good game, but would've worked better outside the FF franchise. 08/24/07 Osafune2
Generic Fantasy XII : The Story Seems To Have Been Misplaced 02/12/07 OutOfRange
Gone is the charm of the old Final Fantasies 12/11/06 pennywise747
Final Fantasy XII reunites the wonderful aspects of its previous installments together with new improvements in one package. 11/01/06 piecemealcranky
A lot has been changed (for better and for worse) 11/19/07 ploder44444
Innovative, beautiful, epic. The best Final Fantasy yet. 11/21/06 Pumice_Rogers
It was good, but not great 06/14/07 punkducky
Innovation does not necessarily equal fun 05/03/06 Rainbow Despair
The king of RPGs is back and proves how good change can really be 03/30/07 ReDead01
Closer to perfection than ever before! 04/18/06 Rhysterooni
A Fantasy worth having and more! 01/02/07 rpgelement
Another Worthy Entry in the Final Fantasy Series 12/26/06 ryliru
A shame that it could have been better. 07/10/07 Sapphire_Fate
Going just on the gameplay alone, I wasn't too impressed... 03/15/07 SaydeWindsaur
A promising "new beginning" for the Final Fantasy franchise that gradually loses its charm 09/07/07 SeiferMaster
A terrible waste of potential that nevertheless manages still to entertain 12/18/08 Seraphimon
Definitely one of the greats! 01/02/07 Shaneth21
Another great installment to the series 07/15/09 ShapeQuest
Does Final Fantasy XII mark the new direction in which Final Fantasy is heading? Or is it merely a stick in the sand? 11/30/06 Shivan Reincarnated
Final Fantasy 12: No story whatsoever 01/02/07 sinkyo
More daring, innovative, and just plain balthier than your average RPG. Hohoho. 12/11/06 Slick Racer Prime
Final Fantasy XII - The Legacy Continues 11/02/07 SteeleReserve
A very fun game that has a decent story, but no character interaction 04/30/07 Super Slash
"A RPG Ahead Of It's Time....The 12th Final Fantasy Is The Most Mature Yet!" 05/28/08 SynysterX
Though different from those before, there's nothing final about this game. 10/28/10 Tenshi No Shi
Yes, it's Ivalice. No, it has nothing to do with FFT. 01/02/07 The_Green_Gamer
FFXII: Less than a great leap, more than a small step 01/04/07 TheBlueMagician
We Waited And Waited, And Now It's Here. Was It Worth The Wait? 02/09/07 theblueottsel
Final Fantasy XII is the definition of what an RPG should be. 12/07/07 TheLastAvatar05
Final Fantasy XII, A game to never forget 11/21/06 Tifanity
Very monotonous but a bit addicting 12/22/09 ulillillia
Square spent 35 million dollars designing a game that plays itself. You should maybe consider taking the hint. 04/18/11 UltimaterializerX
Final Fantasy? No...Knights of the Old Republic 12/18/06 UMlax3
The best and worst thing going for this game is probably that it's called "Final Fantasy" 12/18/06 Venom65437
A wholly shameful experience that destroys Final Fantasy's core beauty 06/07/07 WADark
Old series, new everything 11/27/06 wolverinefan
The potential falls flat on its face. 12/04/06 XenoPersona
The already incredible series just took a turn for the better. 05/07/07 Ze_Rhino_
A simply amazing way to leave the PS2. 08/19/07 Zenax
20 year old me: They have ruined the FF series. 26 year old me: Holy this game is awesome! 11/20/13 Zylo the wolf

Full Reviews

Review Title Posted Author Rating
Like reinventing the wheel... 01/11/10 _Spin_Cycle_
The first disapointing FF I have played 11/21/06 Trek234
Not quite a Final Fantasy, but good nonetheless 01/16/08 12shadows
FF12: A new direction for the series? 10/16/06 AdityaN
Final Fantasy in name, but not quite in spirit. 05/23/13 BigCj34
Five years later this game is still worth a playthrough! 05/27/11 Capra-Zahn
Overrated and Unsatisying 06/08/09 dageek2
A true masterpiece defined by 5 years of hard work and 35 million dollars 11/13/06 Darker Zen
A disgrace. 05/04/10 DKBAHAMUT
Square Enix releases yet another game that lives up to the name of Final Fantasy. 04/21/08 Fin_Obelius
It took years to come out, but was it worth it? Definitely. 04/28/09 JessofBlades
Stunning graphics yet strangely hollow feeling 10/20/08 joan2468
It has great qualities, but it's just when you compare it to the storytelling of previous games, it's just disappointing. 04/21/08 Johnny Mercyside
Half and half: I am disappointed to say the least 11/03/06 Jsn02682
Bad Parts of an MMO 07/31/15 Kilikan5670
Final Fantasy XII (Lichmassacre) 06/19/13 Lichmassacre
All went downhill after 10. 12 is no exception. 11/24/10 megasean3000
Ultimatly this game falls short of being a true classic, instead you may find this to be rather shallow. 09/19/07 Mortortex
What a memorable experience 03/31/09 Numan_lord
Good only if Final Fantasy 7 was your first taste of Final Fantasy. 11/07/06 OrleanKnight
New Fantasy brings new found fun! 06/22/06 ParaFish
While not perfect..... 11/13/06 rx72mk3xa
Interesting... Same stuff, different style 11/15/06 Scolph
A Fantastic RPG, Best Gameplay in the Series! 03/15/11 SolaFide
A very good game but not without flaws. 11/06/06 Spidee
The Gambit System wrote this for me. 10/31/06 SpiralSage
Perfect Ending To A Long Wait! 11/14/06 ZidaneTribal136

Quick Reviews

Review Title Posted Author Rating
Millions May Object: Really Perfect Game? 03/17/06 Ashley Winchester
Worst. Final. Fantasy. Ever. 10/17/08 TheDarkCrusader
Want another masterpiece for your collection? Look no further! 06/19/13 AnalyticalGamer
The Fantasy Continues... 10/01/07 AngelbladeVII
Finally, a Final Fantasy to look forward to 10/10/06 BakaOrochi
The definition of Mediocrity 04/26/12 BlackScythe0
The campfire scene effect 04/26/10 blitzace12
Another Fantastic Fantasy of Fun! 11/09/06 ChickenBot
FFXXII is the best game eva !!! 04/21/08 Codz_69
This Final Fantasy does some things right, other things wrong. 09/16/08 CountyChamp
A different Final Fantasy game 08/17/09 Cymery
First FF I've played and it didn't disappoint me.. 07/14/08 denell3
A great game with a letdown 07/30/08 destructive_13
Halloween's gift to us from 2006. 03/18/09 dornob2562
One of the best FF on a home console that I've played in awhile! It definately lives up to the series' standards. 08/28/13 Double_Wide
The only review you need to read. 12/05/08 DTMickeyB
Relatively good 01/08/08 Final_Tidus353
A Preetty Veneer of Graphics with Disappointing Story and Gameplay 12/17/10 Geno6662000
A video game that has boldly revolutionised the JRPG genre. 02/16/10 GZay2Stay's ok 09/10/07 heavenmage
Hopefully, this is the FINAL Fantasy 11/09/06 horror_spooky
Weak. 03/12/10 hriggs
Square Failed again 07/15/08 Joeschomo
Weird, unique, and quirky. I Love IT!!! 11/01/06 kashmir33
Most mis-understood game of the year...mostly by it's 'fans'. 11/06/06 Kenji_Himura
Final Fantasy XII is simply a game you must play if your a fan of the series. 01/03/08 KrayzieJay
Final Fantasy XII was well worth the wait 03/29/06 Mahorosan
Zzzzzz... 11/30/09 mark24173
Removing the Benefit of the Doubt. 03/03/08 Marksmfox
New Look! same great taste! 05/30/06 Matsuura
This is not Final Fantasy. 11/02/06 methedemon
The Fantasy Is Lost 11/06/06 nyaa
Final Fantasy 12 is a deep masterpiece that lives up to it's name 04/29/09 omegajustice
FF is mostly good. 05/18/09 pain_is123
Final Fantasy XII, mildly entertaining. 08/31/07 Panzor
The End of Final Fantasy 02/19/14 PSXSNES
1st playthrough - poor, 2nd playthrough - Excellent. Give it a try & you will be rewarded! 11/01/10 Ragnarok2887
The Game that will dawn a new era 10/26/06 swyg
An amazing Final Fantasy game, just give it a chance... 03/23/09 ThatGamerDudeAlex
A new type of fantasy 05/29/09 Tricked Out Horo
FF XII...Miracle 07/25/08 VanBurnt
Great Game but with a few imperfections 06/16/08 zoraman

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