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Jelly Auto-Leveling Guide by Cuzit

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 08/24/09

Final Fantasy XII Jelly Auto-Leveling Guide by Cuzit
Version 1.4

| TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                           |

A. Version Update (VUP)
   1. What's New? (VUP1)
B. Introduction (INT)
   1. What is this FAQ? (INT1)
C. About Jellies (AJL)
D. What You'll Need (WYN)
   1. Gambits (WYN1)
   2. Equips (WYN2)
   3. Abilities (WYN3)
   4. Licenses (WYN4)
E. Preparations (PRP)
   1. Equips (PRP1)
   2. Gambits (PRP2)
   3. Settings (PRP3)
F. PS3 Tips (P3T)
G. For Low Levels (FLL)
H. Watch out for the Melt! (WMT)
I. Making Money (MKM)
J. Frequently Asked Questions (FQA)
K. Closing (CLS)
   1. Thanks (CLS1)
   2. Copyright Notice (CLS2)
   3. Contact (CLS3)
   4. Personal Closing Note (CLS4)

   Use your browser's search function (most commonly assigned to the CTRL+F or
   Command+F keyboard shortcut) to navigate this FAQ. For example, if you want
   to skip to the section about Act 5, Chapter 3 - Train Wreck, you would type
   "A53" as listed above.

| VERSION UPDATE (VUP)                                                        |

This FAQ is version:

| What's New? (VUP1) |

Version 1.4 - Small information update with small edits throughout the FAQ.

Version 1.3 - Small update, some new info added, which includes information on
  (8/24/09)   Embroidered Tippets, a tip on autoleveling with Ruby Rings, and
              another strategy or two for eliminating those pesky guest
              characters.  More information in the "Thanks To..." section.

              I also removed that Note to Self at the top.  I think I left it
              up there by mistake during the editing process. It said something
              about adding the location of the Henne Mines... um, I'm sure most
              people know where they are.  I don't know wtf I meant by that
              note, but it's gone now.  Sorry about that, if anyone caught it.

Version 1.2 - Information updates and further grammatical and spelling correct-
  (7/24/09)   ions.  Info from Craig and Mrgeniusdude added (see Thanks). A new
              FAQ question added.  About what I said in version 1.1, forget it
              for now. I'm still working on the FFIV FAQ and it won't be online
              for some time.  Personal problems is to blame, and I don't have
              access to my Wii and won't for... maybe a week or longer.  So
              ignore that for now.

              I believe this FAQ is more or less done.  I won't say that I
              believe that 100%, but I can't forsee what info can be added. The
              next update will most likely be an info update when I write some
              more FAQs and/or finish the ones I'm currently working on, or an
              update to the "permission to host" list.

Version 1.1 - Minor updates, fixing a few typos and the like.  I'm waiting to
  (7/14/09)   upload until I finish my FFIV - The After Years FAQ because I
              hate to reupload a minimaly changed FAQ the day after it got
              accepted, so that will give the guide time to get off the *new*
              list.  Also, perhaps, time for emails to come in with advice and/
              or fixes...?

Version 1.0 - The FAQ is finished!
              Anyway, first edition of the FAQ, no big deal, expect errors and
              whatnot.  If you notice any, send me an email.  When I don this
              FAQ as "perfect" as I'm going to bother with, it'll hit version
              2.0... or maybe it'll never hit there.  Who knows.  You guys can
              help by emailing me information I missed or got incorrect. ^_^

Version 0.6 - Wow, I jumped a whole .5 points.  Usually I don't do a whole FAQ
  (7/13/09)   in a single sitting, but since this was a short FAQ anyway (and,
              well... I was looking for something to do while autolevelling,
              ironically) I jumped from 0.6 when I was halfway through and will
              jump to 1.0 when I finish it.

Version 0.1 - Basic setup and layout of the FAQ, Table of Contents, and all of
  (7/13/09)   that good stuff.

| INTRODUCTION (INT1)                                                         |

My name is Matt, often referred to online as Cuzit. I have been an avid gamer
for the entirety of my life. I have been interested in game design and
programming since childhood. My passion for games is what has led to me to
create them and to occasionally write guides for them. I dabble in other things
here and there as well, such as writing and making videos. If you're interested
in anything I do, please see my website!

But enough about me....

| What is this FAQ? (INT1) |

This FAQ is a guide for auto-leveling with the Jelly creature.  What is auto-
leveling?  In old RPGs, this was generally finding a spot where you could get
into infinite battles... fairly easy in some RPGs by just finding a wall to run
against where your character wouldn't move and rubberbanding the analog stick,
taping down the D-pad, etc, and then taping down the action button so your
characters continually attacked.  Do this against enemies that can't damage you
and you have autolevelling... constantly farming EXP without having to do it

Well, there's no taping or rubberbanding involved in FFXII's autoleveling,
thankfully.  It's all thanks to FFXII's Gambit system, which some reviewers
complained played the game for you.  Well... we're not going to get into that
debate, but here's proof it CAN play the game for you, in certain scenarios...
because that's exactly what we're gonna do!  With the right Gambit setup, the
right equipment, you can't be killed.  You spawn some infinite Jellies, leave
the game on overnight, and go to sleep.  Wake up in the morning with around
30+ levels!

I wrote this FAQ simply because there wasn't one on GameFAQs.  There is a FAQ
for autoleveling with Negalmuurs, but I prefer this method becasue it's A.)
safer, B.) seems quicker, and C.) it takes forever to get the Negalmuur to
spawn, and I like to set up this autoleveling before bed and leave it overnight
which isn't as easy to do with Negalmuurs.  Also, it's quicker to get loot and
leave to sell it and come back if you want lots of monies.

This FAQ will show you how to obtain everything you need to autolevel, how to
do it, etc.  If you don't want to autolevel (or worse, are against it), then
why are you reading this FAQ?  If you do want to autolevel, then read on...

| ABOUT JELLIES (AJL)                                                         |

Jellies are blue evil blobs of concentrated evil.  Well, that's what they look
like anyway.  They're fairly weak monsters that are mostly levels 24 and 25 and
have around (rounded off) 2000 HP.  No big threat, really.  Your first time in
the Henne mines encountering them may have been tough, even at a higher level
than them, because so many spawn at once, but by the time you're going to auto-
level, they shouldn't be a threat.

Their beastiary entry is as follows:

     *Being a variant of flan covered in a glistening, jewel-like slime.*
     *These are known to cluster in areas with machinery and like       *
     *devices, seeming to derive energy from operation, which stimulates*
     *them to divide and multiple.                                      *
     *                                                                  *
     *Because of this flan's odd ecology, they are often found in cities*
     *and near residences where people and, more critically, their tech-*
     *nologies are found, this proximity creating a real danger of jelly*
     *breakouts.                                                        *
     *                                                                  *
     *Countless are the tales of villages and smallt owns consumed whole*
     *by a mass of quivering slime.                                     *

Their beastiary entry also covers detail on the Henne mines, which is unimport-
ant for this guide.

Jellies are located in the Henne mines in Pithead Juction B, somewhat near the
Orange Save Crystal and the Boss fight.  Teleport to the Orange Save Crystal
(or find it if you haven't been here yet) and head out the exit that will not
take you to the boss arena.  From there, head around the square and to the
other exit immediately viewable on the map from your current location.  Pass
the giant T-rexes (whatever they're called here) and into the tiny area with
a switch.  In this room, the Jellies are almost literally on top of you.  Flip
the switch and they fall into the room.

In most FAQs of this sort, you would have the stats listed here, such as ATK
(32, on average) or DEF (30 or so, on average).  But I'm not going to bother
listing all these details because they're simply not important, atleast for our
purpose.  What IS important, however, are the following stats:

Susceptible to petrify?  Yes.
Susceptible to Charm?  Yes.
EXP: Average of 1150 or so per kill.
LP: 1 per kill.
Gil: Unfortunately, none per kill.

And that's really all you need to know about your foe.  Follow this guide, and
they won't hurt you.

| WHAT YOU'LL NEED (WYN)                                                      |

The following is lists of everything you'll need, how to easily get it, and
when the earliest you can get it is.

I would recommend trying to obtain everything that I mention here.  It will
make autoleveling much easier, smoother, and risk-free.

| Gambits (WYN1) |

The following Gambits make for the most simple set-up:
    |Name:    |Foe: Furthest                                             |
    |Buy:     |Any Gambit Shop after obtaining Dawn Shard (Raithwall's   |
    |         |  tomb).                                                  |
    |Earliest:|Any Gambit Shop after obtaining Dawn Shard (Raithwall's   |
    |         |  tomb).  May be able to obtain it earlier, I'm not sure -|
    |         |  but why would you want to? You can't do this trick until|
    |         |  the Henne mines becomes available, which is after Raith-|
    |         |  wall, anyway.                                           |
    |Name:    |Foe: Any                                                  |
    |Buy:     |Any Gambit Shop from the start of the game.               |
    |Earliest:|Any Gambit Shop from the start of the game.               |
    |Name:    |Foe: Character MP < 30%                                   |
    |Buy:     |Any Gambit Shop after Judge Master B, the one you fight on|
    |         |  Mt. Bur-Omisace.                                        |
    |Earliest:|Mrgeniusdude submits that this Gambit can be found in a   |
    |         |  Feywood chest in "Walk of Stolen Truths," which is the  |
    |         |  area where you find the map urn.  According to ff12maps.|
    |         |  com, this is true; the most bottom right chest has 45%  |
    |         |  chance of appearing and then a further 50% chance of    |
    |         |  housing the Gambit.  The Feywood is open right after    |
    |         |  your first trip through the Henne mines.                |

NOTE: The following Gambits are only needed if you can't get these gambits.  If
      you have all three of the above Gambits, you don't need the following.
    |Name:    |Self                                                      |
    |Needed:  |If you can't get Foe: Character MP < 30%                  |
    |Buy:     |Always available from any Gambit shop                     |
    |Earliest:|Always available from any Gambit shop                     |

| Equips (WYN2) |

All the equipment you'll need.

    |Name:    |Mirror Mail                                               |
    |Notes:   |Absolutely the most important equipment you can have, this|
    |         |   set of armor means the Jellies absolutely can NOT hurt |
    |         |   you, no matter what.                                   |
    |Buy:     |Woman at Phon coast Hunters' Camp                         |
    |Earliest:|Woman at Phon coast Hunters' Camp.  Alternatively, they   |
    |         |   are dropped by Mirrorknights in the Feywood, which is  |
    |         |   available any time after your first trip through Henne |
    |         |   mines and defeating the boss there.  Be warned, the    |
    |         |   creatures here are WAY above your level, most likely,  |
    |         |   if you are entering here as early as possible, so be   |
    |         |   very wary and treat every battle with the same scrutiny|
    |         |   you would a boss battle. Be generous with the buffs!   |
    |Name:    |Embroidered Tippet                                        |
    |Notes:   |Also very, very important.  This accessory doubles EXP    |
    |         |   earned which is, well, quite obviously useful.  Just   |
    |         |   because you don't have this doesn't mean you can't auto|
    |         |   level, and it doesn't mean you can't make it to level  |
    |         |   99... it's just going to take a lot, LOT longer.       |
    |Buy:     |Stranded Merchant in Old Archades; he's near the tunnel   |
    |         |   you first enter from.                                  |
    |Earliest:|Rare steal from Couerls, which are the yellow panthers in |
    |         |   the Tchita Uplands. You also have a chance from getting|
    |         |   it from a respawning chest in the Mosphoran Highwaste; |
    |         |   this chest is on the mountain path coming down from the|
    |         |   very top of the mountain from where you fought Exodus. |
    |         |   You have to have reached Phon coast to open this chest.|
    |Note:    |Thanks to Andrew for the correction on the Couerls you can|
    |         |   steal this from.  I was wrong; you can NOT obtain the  |
    |         |   Tippet from Couerls in Golmore.  Sorry.                |
    |Name:    |The best shields available to you at your point in the    |
    |         |   story.                                                 |
    |Notes:   |This can be anything and everything.  If you wait until   |
    |         |   you get the Embroidered Tippet in Archades, then you   |
    |         |   can just buy some pretty good shields.  Otherwise, it's|
    |         |   just the best you can afford and/or find.  You want a  |
    |         |   good shield so the Jellies' and your Confusedcharacters|
    |         |   attacks don't hit you.                                 |
    |Name:    |The best helm available to you at your point in the story.|
    |Notes:   |Nothing special here, you can even go helmetless if you   |
    |         |   really wanted, but you might as well have a decent     |
    |         |   equip.  Remember, you're most likely going to leave the|
    |         |   game alone, so you can't babysit your characters. It's |
    |         |   better safe than sorry.                                |
    |Name:    |The armor with the highest DEF available to you at your   |
    |         |   point in the story - ONLY NEEDED IF YOU DON'T GET      |
    |         |   MIRROR MAILS, WHICH ARE INFINITELY BETTER.             |
    |Notes:   |Just get the best you can find and/or money can buy.  You |
    |         |   want a high enough DEF, preferably, so that the Jellies|
    |         |   are doing only 0 damage to you.  If they still do a    |
    |         |   little bit of damage, that might be OK - we'll cover   |
    |         |   that later.                                            |
    |Name:    |Weakest weapons you can find, such as Daggers.            |
    |Notes:   |Only needed for characters that have bought the Brawler   |
    |         |   Augment on the License Board!                          |

| Abilities (WYN3) |

    |Name:    |Break                                                     |
    |Notes:   |Absolutely the most important thing, period. Without Break|
    |         |   you can't autolevel... no ifs ands or buts.            |
    |Buy:     |Many places. Yugri's Magics in Rabanastre and the Dalmasca|
    |         |     Estersand after the Leviathan... but by far the      |
    |         |     earliest is:                                         |
    |Earliest:|Mait's Magics in Bhujerba afte escaping or winning the    |
    |         |     battle against Ba'Gaman in the Lhusu Mines.          |
    |Name:    |Charm                                                     |
    |Notes:   |Makes it a little easier and helps keep your characters   |
    |         |    moving.                                               |
    |Buy:     |Most Technick stores after defeating Judge Master B on Mt.|
    |         |    Bur-Omisace.                                          |
    |Earliest:|Shop in Jahara, any time.                                 |
    |Name:    |Syphon                                                    |
    |Notes:   |Incredibly useful to have. If you can't get it or don't   |
    |         |   have the Gambit Foe: Character MP < 30%, then go for   |
    |         |   Charm.                                                 |
    |Buy:     |Any Leisure Airship after Judge Master B (Mt. Bur-Omisace)|
    |Earliest:|Any Leisure Airship after Judge Master B (Mt. Bur-Omisace)|
    |Name:    |Charge                                                    |
    |Notes:   |Only needed if you don't have or can't get Syphon and/or  |
    |         |   the Gambit Foe: Character MP < 30%. If you have them,  |
    |         |   don't worry about Charge.  Pairs with the Self Gambit. |
    |Buy:     |Most Technick stores                                      |
    |Earliest:|Clio's Technicks in Bhujerba, Batahn's Technicks in       |
    |         |   Rabanastre after Barheim Passage                       |

| Licenses (WYN4) |

    |Name:    |Accessories 14 (Embroidered Tippet)                       |
    |LP:      |70 LP                                                     |
    |Shortest:|From White Magic 1 (which everyone should have), Acc1 (5),|
    |         |   Acc2 (15), Acc 4 or 5 (35), Acc 7 (40), Acc 8 (45), Acc|
    |         |   11 (45), Acc 14 (70). Total cost - 255 LP              |
    |Name:    |Charm                                                     |
    |LP:      |30 LP                                                     |
    |Shortest:|From Charge, which most should have, Souleater (35), Shear|
    |         |   (35), Charm (30). Total cost - 90 LP                   |
    |Name:    |Time Magick 3 (Break)                                     |
    |LP:      |30 LP                                                     |
    |Shortest:|From White Magic 1, Black Magick 1 (15), Black Magick 2 OR|
    |         |   Green Magick 1 (25), Time Magick 1 (20), Time Magick 2 |
    |         |   (25), Time Magick 3 (30). Total cost - 115 LP          |
    |Name:    |Heavy Armor 6 (Mirror Mail)                               |
    |LP:      |45 LP                                                     |
    |Shortest:|There are way too many paths to list for this.  If you    |
    |         |   primarily use heavy armor (and you should) then you    |
    |         |   find this fairly easily among the path, inbetween      |
    |         |   Shields 4 and 5 and below Light Armor 9.  Where the    |
    |         |   License Board separates and above is Armors and direct-|
    |         |   ly below is Swords (then Spears, etc.)? That Quickening|
    |         |   that is (or possibly was) there? Two squares above it  |
    |         |   the Mirror Mail License.                               |

| PREPARATIONS (PRP)                                                          |

Optimally, we are preparing to have the Jellies do 0 damage to us, or as little
as possible, and to set up Reflect so the Jellies can't poison you.  We want to
try to optomize EXP gain and make our characters inflict as little damage as
possible so if they get confused they won't kill each other or the Jellies.

We absolutely HAVE to cast the Break spell to petrify the Jellies and can not
actually KILL them.  This causes the Jellies to go into an inifinite loop and
never stop spawning!  If you kill them, however, they will stop spawning, and
fairly quickly.

IMPORTANT - If you have a guest character (Larsa, Reddas), then KILL HIM. I bet
it sounds Barbaric, but Zodiac spear him to the ground or whatever it takes.
You have no control over them and they WILL kill the Jellies or your team if he
gets confused.  You do not want this.

If you're having trouble killing them because they heal themselves, then cast
Disable, switch out party members for a reserve character, and stab the guest
character into the ground.  Then Esuna your Disabled characters.

Make sure you never have a Raise or Phoenix Down gambit if you have a guest

Some more tips for eliminating the pesky guest characters include:

Break - Cast break on the guest characters.  This is so obvious, I slapped
        myself for not thinking of it.  With no Stona Gambits active, your
        characters won't revive the guest character, because Ally: Any > Raise
        obviously does nothing for Stoned characters (hee hee).
        *Submitted by several people, indivual names listed in Thanks section.

Raise - Individually target people with the Raise spell.  This takes up many
        Gambit slots.  What I mean is this: Say we have a party of Balthier,
        Ashe, Basch, and Larsa. Kill Larsa, then, instead of Ally: Any > Raise,
        set up on Balthier <Ally: Ashe = Raise> and <Ally: Basch = Raise>.  Do
        this for all characters (obviously never targeting themselves) and
        there you have it.
        *Submitted by William

| Equip (PRP1) |
1. If you have Mirror Mail, equip all 3 active characters with Mirror Mail.
   a. If you do not have Mirror Mail, equip all 3 active characters with your
      absolute best armor.
2. Remove all weapons from any character that has not bought the Brawler
   Augment on the License Board.
   a. If you have bought the Brawler Augment on the License Board for a
      particular character, equip him with the absolute weakest weapon you can
3. Equip the best shield available on each character.
4. Equip the Embroidered Tippet.
   a. If you do not have the Embroidered Tippet, then equipping any of the
      following accessories may prove useful:
        i. Ruby Ring on any characters that do not have Mirror Mail**
       ii. Tourmaline Ring to become immune to the Jellies's poison
      iii. Gauntlets to improve chances to block with a shield
       iv. Jade Collar to improve chance of avoiding attacks.
        v. Bowline Sash to become immune to the Jellies' Confusion
   b. Do NOT equip Battle Harness.
   c. If you do not have any of these or can't equip them due to insufficient
      Licenses, then equip anything else that may prove useful but will not end
      up KILLING the jellies (such as counterattacking, etc.)
   d. Most people recommend equipping Golden Amulets on the Reserve members
      (the ones not in the active party battling) to double their LP gain...
      unless you are attempting to max the LP counter, I don't see the point in
      this.  In one night alone, you will have enough LP to almost max the
      entire board, and in two nights, you will definitely have maxed the
      License board... so really... what's the point again?

*Note on Brawler (submitted by Craig):

Craig informed me that equipping a shield on a character with Brawler would
negate Brawler's effect, thus dropping its damage output down to the levels of
a character without Brawler.  I had always equipped shields on my autoleveling
characters and I could have sworn that Basch, my only character with Brawler,
was still doing damage, but I must have been mistaken.

On Giza plains, solo Vaan, I attacked with Bravery/Unarmed/No Shield a wolf and
did 9999 damage.  This is level 99, with Brawler. Then equipped a shield, found
another poor wolf to target, and attacked him... 0 damage.  The shield dropped
unarmed damage from 9999 to 0.  So yes, this apparently works.

Tl;dr - equip shields on characters with Brawler and it should negate Brawler's
effects.  You should be equipping shields on everyone anyway. ^_^

**Note on Ruby Rings (submitted by William):

Will submitted a good tip for players autoleveling from a low level.  In his
own words:

"for low levels that don't have access to the mirror mail, and are using ruby
rings first aid is a skill that should not be underestimated just set the 1st
gambit to ally: HP critical First Aid and it'll keep your party alive no
problem but it slows down the leveling a bit because you can't cast break and
use first aid with the same character, and it also fixes mana problems for
people that don't have syphon and have to use charge"

| Gambits (PRP2) |

NOTICE: If you are below level... 30 or so, we'll say, then skip down to the
        "For Low Levels (FLL)" section.

The Gambits I list are all that should be active.  If you have other Gambits,
then turn them off!

If Jellies are doing 0 damage to you with your current equipment (easy enough
to test by just spawning them and seeing how much damage they do, it's not like
you can't change Gambits after you spawn them, you know), then set up each
character as follows:

1. <Foe: Character MP < 30%> - <Syphon>
2. <Foe: Furthest> - <Break>
3. <Foe: Any> - <Break>
4. <Foe: Furthest> - <Charm>

And that's it!  Leave the game on overnight and watch your levels rise!

If Jellies are damaging you, then see the For Low Levels section.

If you don't have Syphon, then change number 1 gambit to:

1. <Self> - <Charge>

AND MOVE IT BELOW EVERYTHING ELSE.  This is VITALLY important.  If you don't
move your charge Gambit below all other Gambits, your characters will charge
the first time they lose MP, and then continuously keep charging because they
want to charge to full MP, which is next to impossible, and they won't do any
of their other commands... thus, near-infinite loop.  So make absolutely sure
it's your bottom gambit!

If you do have Syphon but no Foe: Character MP < 30% Gambit, then change number
1 Gambit to:

1. <Foe: Any> - <Syphon>

AND MOVE IT BELOW EVERYTHING ELSE.  If you don't, your characters will always
Syphon after they do any action, which is not game breaking but will slow your
leveling down to a crawl.  With this Gambit being the bottom Gambit, your
characters will only Syphon if they can't do anything else.

And that's it.  If your equips are such that you're doing 0 damage with a
physical attack to friend and foe and you are receiving no damage from Jellies,
then you're through.  Leave your game on overnight and autolevel.

If you don't have Mirror Mail, then there's two things you can do:

1. Add <Ally: any> - <Reflect> to your list of Gambits, above everything else.
   I hear that this doesn't always work (I've always had Mirror Mail, so I
   haven't personally tried this) because characters will get Poisoned in the
   lull where they don't have Reflect, so you may want to consider adding a
   <Ally: any> - <Raise>/<Phoenix Down> gambit at the top if you don't have a
   guest character that this will revive.

2. Make your Gambit set up as follows:
    1. <Ally: Any> - <Raise> (ONLY WITHOUT GUESTS)
    2. <Ally: Any> - <Poisana>
    3. <Ally: HP < 30% (or something similar) - <Cura/Curaga/Curaja>
    4. The rest of the setup as outlined in the above sections

   If you do have a guest that will hinder your ability to Raise, then raise
   the threshold for Curing a little higher, i.e. HP < 50 or 60% instead.

For any other scenarios, be a little creative.  Remember the goal is to Break
all enemies, keep your characters from dying, keep your characters from leaving
the room accidentally, and keep from killing the jellies.  If there are any
scenarios I missed here, then email me and I will set up a Gambit list in the
FAQ accordingly.  Also do the same if you keep dying and I will attempt to pin-
point why.

| Settings (PRP3) |

Go into the config menu and do the following:

1. Set battle speed to the highest.
2. Vibration to off.

Highest battle speed makes the Jellies petrify quicker and your attacks charge

Turning vibration off keeps from having passersby think your controller is
possessed.  It also keeps from having the controller fall off the table or
whatever.  Not necessary but... no reason not to go ahead and do it.

| PS3 TIPS (P3T)                                                              |

This applies to autolevelling while playing on the PS3 only.

If you keep you Firmware up-to-date, you have most likely downloaded the update
that lets you have your controller turn off automatically when idle.  This is
useful for conserving battery, but counterproductive to what we're attempting
here.  So go to Settings > Power Options > Controller Auto-Off and make sure
that it's set to "Off."

Plug in your controller to your PS3 via USB cable to keep it charging overnight
which will make it impossible for the controller to run dead and turn off,
pausing the game.  This is also a smart idea if you are using a wireless
controller of some sorts for the PS2.

Make sure vibration is turned off in the config in-game. Dualshock controllers
could be used as sex toys because they vibrate so hard, and there is a chance
that it could vibrate off of a table or something. If you have an entertainment
center that your PS3 is on, your controller could vibrate off, fall, unplug
itself during the fall, charge run dead, and game freeze.  Sound paranoid? Well
it happened to me, so... it can happen to you.  Luckily the battery only ran
dead about 30 minutes or so before I checked on it, but still...

Wouldn't hurt to keep the room your PS3 is in ventilated.  I doubt the PS3 was
really built with intentions of having it run for 72+ hours, so just make sure
it has plenty of room to breathe.  These modern consoles and overheating scare
me, and I was the type that kept my PS2 running in a drawer for 6 years and
nothing bad happened to it. :\

| FOR LOW LEVELS (FLL)                                                        |

The best advice for low level auto-leveling is to KEEP AN EYE ON IT. Preferably
check every hour or so to make sure your characters are fully healed and all

Equip the best equipment you can, and no weapons.  If want to be really hard-
core, go kill some Mirrorknights in Feywood for Mirror Mails.  Just flee from
all battles until you get to Walk of Dancing Sorrow, where many Mirrorknights
reside.  Try to fight one three-on-one and get Protect and Shell up on all
characters. Hope he drops a Mirror Mail.  If you don't want to bother with all
of this, you really should keep a close eye on your autolevelling until your
characters are a high enough level (35+)* so they won't take any damage.

*Submitter Vennie claims that my suggested level is too high and he says he
 autoleveled comfortably at level 20 or so.  Ensure that your characters'
 defenses are all 40+ (which they should be with Mirror Mail) and, according to
 him, you'll be fine.

Gambits should be:

1. <Ally: Any> - <Rise> if you don't have a guest character.  If you do have a
                        guest character, keep a watchful eye on the game and
                        revive manually if someone dies.
2. <Ally: HP < 40/50%> - <Cura/Curaga/Curaja> - Your strongest spell, whichever
                                                that may be.
3. <Ally: Any> - <Poisana> - will hopefully knock off poison before it knocks
                             off you.  May want to put it above the cure gambit
                             if poison is what keeps killing you.
4. <Foe: Furthest> - <Break> - Petrify the Jellies
5. <Foe: Any> - <Break> - Petrify the Jellies
6. <Foe: Furthest> - <Charm> - Confuses Jellies, Keeps MP up
6. <Self> - <Charge> - Keep your MP up.

If your characters can't charm enemies fast enough to charge MP, you can either
charge manually or (recommended) remove the Charm gambit alltogether.

When you finally stop taking damage, change your gambits to:

1. <Ally: Any> - <Poisana>
2. <Ally: HP < 30%> - <Cura/Curaga/Curaja> - This is just in case poison takes
                                             your HP down even after Jellies
                                             can't do it anymore.
3. <Foe: Furthest> - <Break>
4. <Foe: Any> - <Break>
5. <Self> - <Charge>

If you have Syphon, integrate that into the gambits as mentioned in PRP2, add
Charm back into the Gambits, and remove Charge.

There is really no reliable way to prevent death 100% of the time with low
levels autoleveling... unless you have certain equipment, and by the time you
get this equipment, you're most likely of a high enough level not to be taking
damage and therefore don't qualify for the "Low Level" section.  Conundrum.

The key during low levels is to keep an eye on your characters and step in man-
ually if need be.  If it's an emergency, just step outside of the room; the
Jellies will still be there when you come back (you may need to flip the switch
again though).  It doesn't take that long to get to high enough levels that
you're no longer taking damage, so just set up autoleveling one hour before you
go to bed so you can watch it until you do go to bed.

| WATCH OUT FOR THE MELT! (WMT)                                               |

The Melt is a rare game flan that spawns after you join the Hunt Club on Phon
Coast (which, in turn, becomes available after Draklor Labroratory).  It has a
50% chance of spawning when you flip the switch.  With characters whose gambits
are set up for Jelly farming, it will be impossible to kill him.  If he spawns,
step in manually and defeat him; he's not too tough.  Then leave, run two zones
away (cross the blue lines twice) and come back and flip the switch again.  He
will no longer spawn after you defeat him once.

| MAKING MONEY (MKM)                                                          |

When you are autoleveling, your characters will move around the map because of
the Foe: Furthest gambits and pick up dropped loot.  Well, this will be sold to
the nearest shop upon leaving for gil... right?

The Jellies drop Water Magicites, Yellow Liquids, Teleport Stones, and Float
Motes.  They will also drop Arcana and Pebbles if you have the Canopic Jar and
the Warmage's Monograph.  You will quickly get 99 of each of these.

Stealing from Jellies (by way of incorporating a steal gambit in your setup - a
waste of time if you're just trying to level up but vital if you're in it for
the money) earns you Water Magicites, Yellow Liquids, and 500 Gil (rarely).

Poaching earns Yellow Liquids and Flametongues.  The Flametongue will sell for
vastly more than anything else the Jelly drops, but I doubt it would be worth
it in the long run for the rarity of Flametongue poaches.  Feel free to try,

Pebbles can be sold for 2 gil, so 99 of them x 2 = 198 gil.  Arcana are sold
for 10 gil, so 99 x 10 of them = 990 gil.  So for each run, you get 1188 Gil
from the Monographs.  Not bad but... not good.

More interestingly, you get 80 Gil per Water Magicite, so 80 x 99 = 7920 Gil,
531 Gil per Yellow Liquid, so 531 x 99 = 52569, and Float motes sell for 150
gil, so 150 x 99 = 14850.  Float motes are rare (and useless, imo) so you might
not get 99 of them each hour, but you will definitely get 99 Water Magicites
and Yellow Liquids, so at the very least you will make 60489 Gil each hour or
so, IF you leave and sell your loot.  Add in the 99 Float Motes, if you're
fairly lucky, and you have 75339 Gil!

And of course, the 500 gils if you're stealing will slowly add up.

If you're in it for the money, you will definitely want to set up a steal gam-
bit.  Be a little creative... maybe a <Foe: Status = Confuse> at the bottom? Or
be mundane and throw a <Foe: any> or <Foe: HP = 100%> somewhere.  Keep an eye
on the game for when you get 99 of all items.  This usually takes around an
hour, or 30 minutes if you're stealing.  Leave, sell, and come back. This means
that you're not really autoleveling anymore since you have to control your
characters to leave the arena every 30m-1hr, but if you want money, you might
as well get it while you're leveling, eh?

| FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FQA)                                            |

Q. Why FQA?  Wouldn't FAQ make more sense?
A. Because it's supposed to be for quick navigation, and FAQ appears so many
   times in this... FAQ... that you would be clicking Next quite a few times to
   get to this section.

Q. Should I use this method or the Negalmuur method of autoleveling?
A. Either will get you to 99, but the best method depends on how far you are in
   the story.  At the very beginning, before access to Mirror Mails and all of
   those goodies, Negalmuur may be your only way to autolevel, and that's fine.
   I don't know why you would want to autolevel that early anyway unless you're
   underleveled and trying to catch up, but I digress.  If you CAN use the
   Jelly autolevel method, it is much easier (just set it and leave it, you
   don't have to mess around for 30 minutes to get the enemy to spawn, etc.),
   safer (set yourself up as I recommend and it's impossible to die), quicker
   (slightly more EXP per kill), and more rewarding (as far as Gil goes, you
   can earn exponentially more Gil per hour than with Negalmuur, and the
   previously mentioned extra EXP means quicker levels).

   Tl;dr version - use the Jellies if you can.

Q. Is this a quick way to make money?
A. Quick?  No.  Easy?  Yes.

Q. How long will it take to max my level to 99?
A. Depends on what level you start with.  I started at level 40 and it took me
   2 nights per 3 characters to get to level 99, so about 16-18 hours is what I
   would estimate.  Double that for all characters.  Sure, it sounds like a
   long time, but what else is your PS2/3 going to be doing while you're asleep
   - resting?  As if.

Q. I keep dying!
A. Check the low level section and if that doesn't work, then shoot me an email
   and I'll see if I can solve the problem (and maybe even improve the FAQ).

Q. Reddas/Larsa keeps killing the Jellies!
A. Then... kill them.  Problem solved.  Also no auto-revive Gambits.

Q. I bought Brawler!!! What do I do?!
A. Go to Rabanastre and buy the cheapest, most worthless weapon you can buy.
   Equip it along with a good shields on all characters.  It will hopefully do
   no damage or very little, and shields will block most of it.  If that still
   does threatening damage, make sure you have a cure gambit of some kind set
   up (spells without reflect, items with reflect).
   UPDATE: Just equip a shield.

Q. Is this good for LP?
A. VERY good for LP.  In one night's leveling you'll have nearly enough LP to
   buy everything... a little bit more is all it will take.

Q. But this will take the challenge out of the game...
A. Then don't do it.  Or wait til after Pharos.

Q. Can't I cast Haste on the Jellies to petrify them faster?
A. No, Haste doesn't affect Stone's countdown. It'll just make them hit you

Q. I have another question.
A. Then see the bottom section for info on how to contact me.

| CLOSING (CLS)                                                               |

Well, this guide is at an end, and you're at the level's end... I hope...?

| Thanks (CLS1) |

Thanks to Square Enix for making a game that I STILL can't decide on whether I
love or hate.

Thanks to GameFAQs for hosting my FAQs.

Thanks to the GameFAQs community for info and advice.

Thanks to Google for informing me of this method to begin with.

Thanks to Mrgeniusdude for submitting the info about the Foe: Character MP <
30% gambit in the Feywood.

Thanks to Craig for submitting further info about Shields and Brawler.

Thanks to William (last name censored for privacy) for submissions about the
method of eliminating a guest party member and still be able to revive your
party.  He also submitted info about using First Aid with Ruby Rings.

Thanks to Vinnie (last name censored for privacy, awesome name btw) for
suggestion about lowering the suggested level for autoleveling.

Thanks to Andrew (last name censored for privacy) for submitting info about the
Embroidered Tippets.

Thanks to many people for submitting the Break method... trust me, if you sent
an email, you weren't the only one!  I would list all names but they're on my
other computer so for now this is your shoutout; I will edit this later.

And thanks to my readers, most of whom I hope I helped.

| Copyright Notice (CLS2) |

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1. You CAN'T, without my express, written permission, sell the contents of the
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If I do not respond within a week, please try again. The message may have gotten
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| Personal Goodbye Letter (CLS4) |

This was a short FAQ, my first FAQ not written as a walkthrough for a game, and
the first FAQ I've written the first edition of in one sitting. A lot of firsts
in this one....

This isn't an epic, groundbreaking FAQ, so I won't drag on in my goodbye letter
as I tend to do in other FAQs.  This FAQ was written to help autolevel in a way
I personally prefer over the only other method that someone has written a FAQ
for on GameFAQs.  And if it can have a FAQ, then why can't this method?

I hope it's helped anyone who wants to level to 99 without glitching or
cheating or hacking... but also without a lot of effort.

See y'all in the next FAQ.

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