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Guide and Walkthrough by A I e x

Version: Final | Updated: 07/15/2007

                              Final Fantasy XII
                                   A I e x
                             November 1st,  2006

                         This is a spoiler-free guide.

           ================== TABLE OF CONTENTS ===================
           1. Read before You Begin......................... [0000]
           2. Walkthrough................................... [A000]
                1. Nalbina Fortress......................... [A001]
                2. Rabanastre............................... [A002]
                3. Dalmasca Estersand....................... [A003]
                4. Rabanastre............................... [A004]
                5. Lowtown.................................. [A005]
                6. Giza Plains.............................. [A006]
                7. Garamsythe Waterway&..................... [A007]
                8. Royal Palace............................. [A008]
                9. Garamsythe Waterway...................... [A009]
                10. Nalbina Dungeons........................ [A010]
                11. Barheim Passage......................... [A011]
                12. Dalmasca Estersand...................... [A012]
                13. Rabanastre.............................. [A013]
                14. Bhujerba................................ [A014]
                15. The Lhusu Mines......................... [A015]
                16. Bhujerba................................ [A016]
                17. The Leviathan........................... [A017]
                18. Ogir-Yensa Sandsea...................... [A018]
                19. Nam-Yensa Sandsea....................... [A019]
                20. The Tomb of Raithwall................... [A020]
                21. The Shiva............................... [A021]
                22. Rabanastre.............................. [A022]
                23. Giza Plains............................. [A023]
                24. Ozmone Plain............................ [A024]
                25. Jahara.................................. [A025]
                26. Golmore Jungle.......................... [A026]
                27. Eruyt Village........................... [A027]
                28. The Henne Mines......................... [A028]
                29. Golmore Jungle.......................... [A029]
                30. Mt Bur-Omisace.......................... [A030]
                31. Paramina Rift........................... [A031]
                32. The Stilshrine of Miriam................ [A032]
                33. Mt Bur-Omisace.......................... [A033]
                34. Mosphoran Highwaste..................... [A034]
                35. The Salikawood.......................... [A035]
                36. The Phon Coast.......................... [A036]
                37. Tchita Uplands.......................... [A037]
                38. Sochen Cave Palace...................... [A038]
                39. Old Archades............................ [A039]
                40. Archades................................ [A040]
                41. Draklor Laboratory...................... [A041]
                42. Balfonheim Port......................... [A042]
                43. Feywood................................. [A043]
                44. Giruvegan............................... [A044]
                45. Balfonheim Port......................... [A045]
                46. Ridorana Cataract....................... [A046]
                47. Pharos.................................. [A047]
                48. Balfonheim Port......................... [A048]
                49. Bahamut................................. [A049]
           3. Hunts (Incomplete)............................ [B000]
           4. Optional Espers (Incomplete).................. [C000]
                1. Adrammelech.............................. [C001]
                2. Zalera................................... [C002]
                3. Cuchulainn............................... [C003]
                4. Exodus................................... [C003]
                5. Zeromus.................................. [C003]
           5. Sidequests (Incomplete)....................... [D000]
                1. The Barheim Sidequest.................... [D001]
                2. Zodiac Spear............................. [D002]
                3. Phoenix.................................. [D003]
           6. Leveling Tricks............................... [D000]
                1. The First................................ [D000]
                2. The Second............................... [D000]


[0000]                      Read Before You Begin

Hello!  This is just a brief introduction to get a few important bits of 
information out before you begin the game.

First things first, the guide uses a small amount of MMORPG terminology.  For 
those unfamiliar with the terms, here are some quick definitions:

Aggro - Used to refer to enemies who are aggressively attacking you.  An enemy
        wandering around minding its own business is neutral.  The second you
        get close and it starts attacking, you have "aggro'd" the monster.

Tank(ing) - The tank is a character whose main job is to take damage.  Having
            one person "tanking" can help quite a bit because you can give 
            them a shield and cast spells like Protect and Regen.  If the
            monster can't bring down your tank, it won't be doing much to the
            rest of your party either.

Those are the two main terms.  Here are a few others to throw around: to 
"Buff" a character is to cast protective magic on him/her.  Magic described as 
"AoE" is Area of Effect magic that hits multiple enemies in a specific area.  
To "pull" a monster is the same as aggroing it.  That about covers it.


Now, to focus specifically on the game there are a few general tips that are 
incredibly helpful to know before you begin the game:

#1 - You don't have to upgrade your equipment every time a new set becomes
     available.  Money is scarce in this game.  New gear appears ALL the time.
     It doesn't hurt to use the same set of armour through a couple of 
     dungeons, and it will save you plenty of money in the long run.  The same
     applies to spells.  If you don't need new spells, don't buy them, you
     can always pick them up later.

#2 - Don't sell the Great Serpentskin when you get it as a reward for doing a 
     hunt.  If you do sell it, you --> CAN <-- still complete the sidequest
     (there was a rumour that you couldn't).  The only difference is you don't
     get a bonus item, and the bonus item tends to suck anyway.  Try not to 
     sell the skin, but if you do, don't sweat it.

#3 - Status effects in Final Fantasy XII and ten times better than every 
     other Final Fantasy game.  Spells like Protect and Shell are great, but
     unlike previous games, toss Blind and Silence on enemies (even some 
     bosses) and suddenly they can't do shit to you.  Rule of thumb: Blind,
     Silence, and Berserk kick ass in this game.  Who'd have thought.

And with that, we are ready to begin the game...

[A000]                           Walkthrough
[A001]                         Nalbina Fortress                        

The game's basic tutorial is designed in such a way that it will literally 
hold your hand through even the most intuitive aspects of the game's 
mechanics.  Everything from how to speak to an NPC to how to fight your first 
battle is spelled out in such a way that there's basically nothing I could 
possibly add to it.  Allow yourself to get familiarized with the controls as 
you make your way up toward the first "boss."

BOSS: Air Cutter Remora

Your only job is to balance standing next to the boss and attacking, with 
monitoring your own hit points.  Your party will almost certainly toss you a 
heal if you're about to die, however if you still wish to take care of it 
yourself, both the Item command and Magick allow you to use Potions and Cure 
Magick respectively.  


Following the first boss fight you will have the chance to explore the 
fortress.  Use the minimap at the top right corner of your screen as a basis 
for following all directions in this guide.  You will find nothing down the 
hall to the left, so proceed north a the first fork.

After a battle with a few Imperial Swordsmen, make a right just up from the 
first fork in the path and you'll notice an odd-looking treasure chest.  Open 
it up to get a Potion.  Continue up and make a left, then run all the way to 
the furthest north corner of this area.  Another chest is found here 
containing another Potion.

Backtrack a little to the staircase leading up to the next floor.  Make sure 
to take advantage of the Save Crystal located here.  Now ascend to the top 
floor.  Here you will be forced to take on three Imperial Soldiers alone.  No 
doubt you will at least have to cast Cure once during this battle.  Follow the 
linear hallways from here to reach your destination. 

[A002]                            Rabanastre

As Vaan, you have a new mission: rid the waterways rats.  You won't have any 
difficulty taking them down, especially considering each of them is marked 
with a red icon on your minimap.  Following the completion of this task is a 
rather lengthy cutscene.

Migelo's place (your destination) is relatively close to where you start.  Of 
course you're more than welcome to wander around at your own leisure, but 
assuming you want to start getting your hands dirty right away, Migelo's is 
the place to go.  Head east and make a southward arc when you can until you 
see an urn icon on your minimap.  That's Migelo's.

Your task is to go find Kytes at the Sandsea.  The Sandsea is located at the 
north corner of the East End (where you are at the moment.)  When you arrive 
there a short cutscene occurs and you are introduced to the Notice Board 

In this case, the "Rogue Tomato" as it is known has been stopping couriers 
from reaching their destination.  If you would like to know more about the 
Hunts, agree to Tomaj's offer to explain in more detail.  He gives you a Clan 
Primer which allows you to keep track of Hunts.  In addition to this he also 
offers an Orrachea Armlet.  This leads to another detailed explanation of the 
game's Licensing system.  

Finally Vaan is awarded a Writ of Transit which will allow him to leave the 
city.  Make sure to open up the menu and equip the Orrachea Armlet you just 
received, then exit the tavern and head to the southern end of this area.  
Take the west exit and descend the large stairs leading east.  Save your game 
and continue east to the Dalmasca Estersand.  

[A003]                        Dalmasca Estersand                            

Bear in mind that this is the first area in the game where you will have the 
opportunity to casually fight enemies and built up your level and License 
Points.  Battles in Final Fantasy XII are not random, see feel free to engage 
foes at your leisure.

Just a note about treasure chests in Final Fantasy XII: first of all, the 
contents of treasure chests in this game are random unlike other Final Fantasy 
games.  Chests has a certainly probability of actually appearing or not, a 
probability of having Gil or not, and a probability of having one item or 
another (if not Gil).  Most chests also respawn if you leave the area and run 
far enough away before returning.

This makes it very difficult if not impossible to direct the player to chests 
which may or may not even exist for them.  For this reason I will make a 
variety of comments regarding chests when appropriate, which ones should be 
sought out (and which should even be avoided), but I will not direct the 
player to every insignificant respawning chest.

So anyway, to get back on track, head toward the large rock on the southern 
side and proceed northeast from there.  Among the two trees with the pink 
coloured leaves you will find your target, the Rogue Tomato.

BOSS: Rogue Tomato - HP: 134 - LV: 2

Use a Potion on Vaan (assuming he's hurt) before engaging the Tomato.  After a 
few strikes the Rogue Tomato will drop off the edge of the cliff and begin to 
gradually regain its HP.  Run around the side and follow the Rogue Tomato down 
below where you can freely finish it off.  For defeating the Tomato Vaan 
receives some Galbana Lilies.


If you're looking for somewhere to progress with the License system, I would 
suggest starting with White Magick and Cure.  

Make absolutely sure not to engage the T-Rex you see wandering around this 
area.  The colour of the HP bar above an enemy's head will indicate whether 
the enemy will attack or not.  Red is aggressive, green is neutral.

Feel free to explore the rest of this area to collect all the remaining items 
of little to no consequence.  With the Rogue Tomato taken down and your Hunt 
complete, it's time to make your way back to the Sandsea.  Be sure to save 
your game along the way.  Locate Kytes who is standing near the gate and speak 
with him to trigger a cutscene.  

[A004]                            Rabanastre                            

Run east and head south to reach the Sandsea again.  Speak to Tomaj over by 
the bar.  Your reward for successful completion is 300 Gil, Potion x 2 & 
Teleport Stone.  He also suggest you go speak to a particular Bangaa in the 
North End.  The next Hunt which is available to you may be a little difficult 
at this point, so let's put it off for the time being.  All subsequent Hunts 
from this point onward are entirely optional.

Assuming you followed my advice and spent your LPs on the White Magick skill, 
it's time to go and actually learn the Cure spell.  The wand icon on your 
minimap just southwest of the Sandsea indicates where the Magick shop is 
located.  Speak to the person at the counter and learn the Cure spell.

Gil isn't exactly plentiful in this game, so you may want to hold off on 
throwing it around on anything you are unsure you will actually use.  Don't 
forget to sell all the vendortrash you accumulated from all the mobs you 
defeated in the Dalmasca Estersand.  Anything you received as part of a quest 
reward (Teleport Stone for example) I would suggest you hang onto.  

Make your way to the North End of town (I don't believe specific directions 
are necessary, just use your map).  The building identified as ??? when you 
select the North End is exactly where you want to go.  Speak to the 
Conspicuous Bangaa outside and tell him to let you in.  

Speak to Montblanc at the top of the stairs in order to join the Centurio 
Clan.  Speak to him a second time and you will receive a special prize for 
joining, three Potions.  Leave the Clan Hall and head southwest to the Muthru 
Bazaar.  Continue from here to the Southern Plaza and take the southern exit 
from there.  You'll find the door to Lowtown (your destination) on the east 
side of this area.  

[A005]                             Lowtown                            

ZODIAC SPEAR ALERT - There is an interesting point to note here: a weapon 
exists in this game which can only be obtained under very specific 
circumstances.  In order for this extremely powerful weapon to appear later in 
the game, you must refrain from opening four specific treasure chests.  The 
first of these four chests is the one directly north of the entrance to 
Lowtown.  Its contents are totally inconsequential, don't touch it.

The facial portrait icon is Dalan's house, but you may want to leave it be for 
the time being and explore Lowtown for the various treasure chests and item 
vendors.  Enter Dalan's house when you are ready.  

Now, make your way south to where you originally entered Lowtown from.  Exit 
here and save your game.  Before going to the Giza Plains it maybe in your 
best interests to pick up a map.  One can be purchased (among other maps) from 
the Moogle at the northwest corner of the Southern Plaza.  When ready, head 
south from here to reach the Giza Plains.

[A006]                            Giza Plains

Keep in mind that while the majority of chests in this area are more "quantity 
over quality,"  I still encourage you to seek them out yourself, if for no 
other reason than to increase your item haul.

The first thing you should do is run straight south to reach the Nomad Camp.  
Speak to the elder in front of the tent and then to Masyua, the lone nomad 
behind the tent.  Listen to the offer and it will trigger a scene with Penelo.  
She joins Vaan which adds another member to your party.  

Take the west exit out of the camp and Penelo will give you 3 Potions and 2 
Tufts of Phoenix Down.  Additionally this allows you to issue leader commands 
and change the party leader.  None of this is particularly complicated, no 
doubt you will grow accustomed to it simply by experimenting with these 
commands in the battles around the plains.

From here, make your way down past the enemies to the southern exit.  Continue 
south from here and open the chest below the bridge for a chance at obtaining 
an Escutcheon.  Be careful not to pull the Werewolf enemies a bit further 
south of here.  You can see by the bright red colour of their name when 
targeted that you stand very little chance.

Your destination lies to the east.  Speak with Jinn who is standing beside a 
large stone.  Explain the situation to him and he'll offer you a Shadestone 
which can, in time, be transformed into a Sunstone.  Save your game and begin 
your trek toward the Dark Crystals.  

Take the east exit and check the chest at the bottom right corner for a chance 
at obtaining a Broadsword.  Now make your way north.  I would suggest you try 
to avoid fighting too many of the neutral bunnies, they have a nasty tendency 
to start fleeing and aggroing every other monster in the area.  They also Cure 
you from time to time which is nice.  

Examine the Dark Crystal in this area to start filling up your Shadestone.  
You will likely need to find two more after this one.  There is a treasure 
chest on the bridge directly to the east, however I suggest you avoid picking 
it up for the time being.  It will not respawn if you do, and there's a chance 
it will have much better contents if you return later in the game.

Make your way north to the next section where you will find yet another Dark 
Crystal.  Assuming the Shadestone isn't entirely full, head west through the 
Nomad Camp and then south to find the third Dark Crystal.  Your Shadestone 
should be full at this point (and be a Sunstone), however if you do need the 
fourth one, you can find it in the far northwest section.

Your reward for completing this is 50 Gil, 2 Potions and 2 Teleport Stones.  
Now it's time to head back to town and locate old Dalan again.  Speak to him 
to get the Crescent Stone.  Leave Dalan's house and head all the way to the 
north end of Lowtown.  Head a little west and north again to find Storehouse 5 
(it's just to the right of the Traveling Merchant).

Before going down into the Garamsythe Waterway, Kytes hands you 2 Potions and 
4 Phials of Eye Drops which will undoubtedly come in handy.  Open the door and 
proceed down into the waterway.

[A007]                       Garamsythe Waterway

Use the Save Crystal to save the game, then climb the stairs and follow the 
path north.  The way to go here is relatively straightforward.  There is a  
basic chest on the western side, with a bridge crossing over to the east.  

Continue east and cross a series of shallow water trenches.  Keep an eye out 
for any chests which may appear along here.  Follow the path toward the 
northeast where you'll find an exit to the next section.

Examine all the northern alleys for treasure chests as you make your way left.
Cross the makeshift metal bridge and ignore the stairs for the time being.  
There is a staircase to the south leading up to a chest, which if it appears, 
has a chance of containing an Oak Staff.  

Ascend the stairs to the west and go down the opposite side.  Go down the 
stairs and turn around, this path also leads around to a corner on the western 
side with a chest that has a very high probability of containing a Mage 
Masher.  Make your way back around and head for the northwest corner.  It's 
now or never, so if you're ready to enter the palace, then do it.

[A008]                           Royal Palace

ZODIAC SPEAR ALERT - Do not open the treasure chest in the furthest southeast 
corner of the Cellars, the room just above the one where you start.  You will 
notice that two treasure chests are located in the southeast corner, and while 
you should technically be able to open the one on the right (right when FACING 
THE CAMERA SOUTH) without consequence, it has nothing special so I would 
suggest you not touch either one to be on the safe side.  Note that if you 
open one and receive an Elixir, it means you blew it.  Reset the game.

Save your game and take the map from the urn.  Feel free to collect the rest 
of the chests in the Cellars room for some half decent items.  As you approach 
the north end it will trigger a short scene.  Attempt to climb the stairs 
(which you are forbidden from doing) then speak to the Palace Servant nearest 
the stairs.  He'll help you get past.

Press the square button while standing where you are to call the guard.  
Fortunately for you, the guard seems to be lacking in both intelligence and 
peripheral vision, so "sneak" by him by running in an extremely conspicuous 
circle along the wall and up the stairs.

There is a relatively simple puzzle here which gives you the ability to press 
square and call the guards, gradually moving them from place to place so that 
you don't actually have to come into contact with them.  Make a right at the 
first fork, run to the east side and call the guards to the north down toward 
where you are standing.  Now run back west toward where you entered.

At the first fork, press square to call the guards down, then run right.  The 
Hawk Signet here will not react with your Crescent Stone, so you need to keep 
looking.  Head east, make a left, then another left to find the Lion Signet.  
Use your Crescent Stone here to lit the path to the secret chamber.  

Proceed west to the fork and call the guard to the north down to where you 
are.  Run back east to the opposite side, then up, and finally left to safely 
reach the hidden chamber.  Approach the wall and press X to reveal the room.  

There is a hidden switch on the wall at the far west end.  After pressing it, 
examine the suspicious wall to reveal yet another passageway.  After a quick 
scene Vaan receives the GODDESS'S MAGICITE.  From this point all that is 
necessary of you is to climb an additional set of stairs to trigger quite a 
magnificent cutscene.

[A009]                       Garamsythe Waterway

A somewhat detailed explanation of the game's Gambit system awaits you at the 
bottom of the stairs.  Examine the corpses of the fallen soldiers and then 
proceed south.  Turn left, and inside the urn you will find the map to the 
Garamsythe Waterway.  

Head west, but ignore the stairs (unless you want a chest with no chance of a 
decent item).  Follow this path around and up the stairs.  Continue around and 
make your way south until you reach the next area.  Oh the way down keep an 
eye out for a chest which may appear in the eastern alley and contain a Hi-

Keep moving south in this area and make a left at the bottom.  You'll soon 
reach a section of walkway which forces you to run around a sort of 
rectangular shape (in addition to encountering your first large toad enemy).  
Keep an eye out for any chests that spawn along this path, there's a chance 
they could contain a Long Sword and Escutcheon.

There's a set of stairs at the end of this walkway.  Climb up them and ignore 
the next stairs going down as you proceed south to a dead end with a possible 
chest.  If it appears, it may contain Leather Armor.

Descend the stairs leading south and once again, up another set.  The north 
path here takes you down a walkway parallel to the one with the previous 
chest, though this chest contains nothing special.  Your destination lies 
still further south from here.  Proceed into the next area.

We are now in the East Sluice Control (as determinable by pressing the select 
button and looking at the map).  Follow this relatively linear path until it 
leads you to a Save Crystal (which you should use).  If you think you are 
prepared for a battle, then simply descend the nearby stairs.

Four Imperial Soldiers drop down to do battle with both you and the mysterious 
woman.  While this is by no means a boss battle, there are a few important 
points to keep in mind if you wish to stay alive:

I would suggest making Vaan the primary healer of this battle assuming you 
have already had him learn Cure.  While it will still be your responsibility 
to target and attack enemies, make sure to keep an eye on the health bars (or 
values) of the rest of your party.  

Both Balthier and Fran should already have gambits which tell them to attack 
the leaders' target (your target).  The girl will attack whomever she pleases, 
though the battle will be easier if everyone focuses on one target at a time, 
so try to focus your attacks on any soldier the mystery girl is fighting.

After the battle, she (Amalia) joins the party as a guest character (similar 
to a Final Fantasy Tactics guest  in that you cannot control their actions).  
With the battle complete it would probably be in your best interests to save 
your game again (thus healing your party entirely).

Take the west exit and note the wide open battlefield-esque area, along with 
the ensuing fight you saw coming from a mile away.  The Flans serve as the 
hardest battle you have faced thus far, but you should be prepared for it 
regardless of how your party is setup.  

The most important point to note is that the Flans have an extreme weakness to 
Fire.  Vaan may not yet have Fire Magick, but Fran comes with it by default.  
Open the menu and change Fran's Gambit from attacking the leader's target, to 
casting Fire on it.  

Now do your best to target everyone on a single Flan and start attacking.  
They will inevitably cast Blind on your party which can be dispelled using Eye 
Drops.  Make sure that you or some member of your party is configured to heal 
when the HP of others gets low.  The Flans too will heal each other, but you 
should be able to rack up enough damage to easily offset this advantage.

With the Flans dead, I would once again suggest going back to the Save 
Crystal.  It saves you from having to use items to heal or cure the Blind 

Check both the east and west sides of the battlefield for chests that have 
good probabilities of dropping a Leather Shield and Dagger.  Take the west 
exit and keep an eye out for a chest here which will inevitably contain a Tuft 
of Phoenix Down.  

Take the stairs to the south up to the higher level.  Do not forget to change 
Fran's Gambit back to a regular attack before pulling any enemies here.  Now 
proceed north to the next area.  

Check the western paths for chances at finding a Cotton Shirt in one of the 
chests.  I find that it's very dangerous to take on some of the enemies in 
this area, especially the ghosts, as they will teleport away and pull huge 
groups of mobs to pound your party into submission.  Just my experience.  It's 
always good to exercise caution.

Continue up and take the east path.  Notice you will come to a section of 
walkway that makes the shape of a "D" on your minimap.  On the southeast side 
of this "D" there is a chance of a treasure chest appearing with interesting 
contents: the new Gambit "Foe: Targeting Self."  If you consider the chance of 
the chest appearing, the chance of it having an item, and the chance of the 
item being the Gambit, it's only roughly 25%.  

Keep in mind if you don't get it here, you can get it very easily later.  
There is no point in this game where you have to worry about resetting over 
and over until a chest drops a particular item, everything you can find in 
this manner can still be found elsewhere.  

Head east and use the Save Crystal in the middle of the Central Waterway 
Control.  When you're ready to fight the boss, examine the Overflow Cloaca on 
the north wall of this room.

BOSS: Firemane - HP: 3571 - LV: 7

You'll find a surprising challenge awaiting with the game's first boss.  A 
hefty stock of healing items will be necessary to maintain your characters' HP 
totals throughout the entirety of this battle.  

Firemane attacks primarily with a couple of basic melee strikes that will 
typically necessitate at least one Potion or Cure from some member of the 
party.  I would suggest placing Vaan on almost exclusive healing duties here.  

When Firemane teleports around the field you may have to target the boss again 
in order to keep people attacking.  The most impressive (and most dangerous) 
attack the boss will unleash is called Bushfire, and it hits each member of 
your party for a substantial amount of damage while also having a chance to 
inflict Poison.  Be ready to use Antidotes, and remember to cycle between 
party members while doing so, Vaan does not have to administer every item 

Amalia is automatically configured to use a Phoenix Down if anyone dies, so 
the only time you have to worry is if she herself dies (or if you run out of 
Phoenix Down).  She will also administer Potions frequently to injured party 
members, but it's not enough to balance the damage, so Vaan will still have 
his hands full doing the same thing.  Let Fran and Balthier be your primary 
sources of damage and you should do fine.

[A010]                         Nalbina Dungeons

Vaan finds himself along with Fran and Balthier down in the Nalbina Dungeons 
Stockade.  Let's begin by finding us a few Knots of Rust shall we?  The first 
is in a chest located down at the southwest corner.  The second can be found 
against a pillar on the northwest side of the raised area in the middle.

The final two Knots of Rust can be found in chests down in the southeast 
corner.  Once you have all four, use the Save Crystal on the north side, speak 
to anyone you wish to talk to, and then take the north exit.

The battle you are dropped into is not a difficult one by any means.  You 
should have no trouble taking them down solely using firsts, however even so, 
both Magick and those Knots of Rust are options for more powerful hits from a 
distance.  Cure if necessary, but you really shouldn't have any trouble.

ZODIAC SPEAR ALERT - Following the next scene you will come across all your 
equipment and gear.  After recovering them, make absolutely sure not to open a 
single one of the chests here in the Confiscatory.  Doing so will blow your 
chances to find the Zodiac Spear later in the game.

Save your game and proceed east.  Make tracks for the stairs at the southeast 
corner, then follow the walkway to the west end where you'll find a chest that 
may contain Chromed Leathers.  Return to the previous floor and check the 
various corners of the room for a number of treasure chests.  

Follow the hall leading west up at the northwest corner.  Make a left turn and 
stay close to the southern wall to find a chest which may contain the Gambit, 
Ally: HP < 60%.  Another chest can be found directly north of this one.

Head for the centre of the north wall to find the floor Fran was speaking of.  
A scene will interrupt you at this point.  Proceed through the now-open door 
to further the story.  

[A011]                          Barheim Passage

Use the Save Crystal in the corner and save your game.  Examine the Timeworn 
Device in the centre of the room, then descend the stairs near the crystal and 
speak with the creature below to get a Tube Fuse.  Return to the previous 
level and check the room at the far east to find three chests, each containing 
a fair bit of Gil.

Use the Tube Fuse on the power relay in the middle to activate the lights.  
Now pres the switch on the wall beside Burrogh while will deplete the charge 
down to 70%.  He explains that you need to maintain a good level of charge in 
order to actually make it through this area.

Take the southern exit and prepare for another quick tutorial.  Your primary 
goal should be to eliminate the Battery Mimics as soon as possible so that not 
only do you stop them from draining charge, you actually replenish some that 
was already lost.  

Assuming you have the Libra effect equipped you can see that the Battery 
Mimics have a substantial weakness to ice magic.  For this reason one of the 
first things you will want to do whenever you see one is target it with 
Blizzard magic.  

Take down this first Mimic and continue around the path.  As you progress down 
the stairs, you may wish to ignore the small Mimics in favour of going after 
the Battery Mimic at the bottom first.  Defeat the enemies and proceed east.  

There are at least two Battery Mimics in this next room, and not necessarily 
close together.  Quickly eliminate the first and then ignore all other enemies 
as you run south to locate the second.  Afterwards you are more than welcome 
to run back and look for any chests you may have passed.

Ignore the first fork leading southwest (after disposing of the Battery Mimic) 
and head straight south to another fork.  The more eastern fork leads to 
another battery Mimic and potential treasure chest.  The other fork will take 
you a little further south.  When the opportunity presents itself, take the 
other path back north to find an with the map to this area inside.

A pointless room with a couple more Battery Mimics awaits you to the west, you 
are under no obligation to clear it.  Your real destination lies to the south.  
When you enter this area, quickly dispose of the first Battery Mimic you see.  
The second hides in a room at the end of the east hall, though you will have 
to circumnavigate a couple of Flan enemies in order to catch him quickly.  

From this room you can climb the stairs and take sort of a northern exit off 
to the side.  This whole room is filled with Flans and battery Mimics.  Your 
goal is to make your way toward the far northwest corner where a gate switch 
can be found at the top of the stairs.  It require 30% charge to activate.    
When you're ready to proceed further, what you need to do is return to Special 
Op Sector 3 (the previous area) and head south.

Save your game and continue south.  Keep an eye out for Mimics disguised as 
chests.  You will also watch to keep hunting down Battery Mimics whenever 
possible.  Use the slowly depleting charge to determine whether one is nearby, 
and the red icons on your minimap to find them.

There are quite a few Battery Mimics in the area south of this one, three to 
me exact.  The best course of action to take is to begin by targeting both 
that start near the entrance with a Blizzard spell and proceeding to wipe them 
out for there.  The third is located in a rather inconvenient place, you must 
run south to the bottom of the ramp and then northeast to the top where the 
final one is found.

Make sure to go back down and open all of the many chests found in this area, 
including the possibilities of some equipment and new Gambits.  Travel up the 
slope to the northeast corner where you will find the exit.  Save your game 
and prepare for another boss battle.

BOSS: Mimic Queen - HP: 4073 - LV: 10

Configuring your Gambits well is important for this fight.  I would suggest 
setting up Balthier and Fran in the following way: both should have the 
primary duty of casting Cure when Ally HP < 50%.  Balthier's secondary duty 
should be to attack the leader's target while Fran's should be to cast 
Blizzard on the leader's target, and her tertiary to attack normally.

The boss has a weakness to ice, but the purpose of only setting one of your 
two party members to cast it is so that the Balthier still has the Mp to heal 
when Fran's is depleted.  Vaan can act to sort of balance it since ideally you 
will be controlling him.

If you find that you do not have much charge to last you through this battle, 
you may need to focus a little more energy on eliminating the small minions 
that deplete it.  For the majority however, the charge bar will only act as a 
timer for you to defeat the boss herself.  

Since it is difficult to find a decent camera angle, your best bet is simply 
not to worry about it and just slash the abdomen repeatedly.  The occasional 
Blizzard spell from Vaan certainly won't hurt either.  Keep the heals up and 
watch out for the ground-smashing attack, and everything should work out fine.

Another suggestion (submitted by Richard) is to cast Slow on the boss which 
cuts down her attack speed significantly.

[A012]                         Dalmasca Estersand

Take the west exit and explore this area for various treasures.  You will find 
that the enemies here are laughable easy.  I would suggest that it is well 
worth it to kill each one you see, if not for the pathetic amounts of 
experience, then at least for the quick LPs and vendortrash items.

Don't let your guard down too quickly, around behind the rocky wall of the 
northwest corner you will find a cockatrice named Nekhbet.  Despite looking 
almost no different from any other enemy you have faced, this creature is more 
difficult than some bosses!  

The damage from its attacks start at around 80 and just go up from there.  It 
has nearly 4000 HP and the ability to cast slow on your party.  Be ready with 
plenty of Phoenix Downs and make sure to give it your all because this 
creature nets you more than 200 XP when killed.

Your destination is Rabanastre to the south, so that's the direction you 
should be heading.  Continue pounding the life out of defenseless wolves as 
you make your way southwest toward the X on your map.  

Bear in mind that you still don't stand a chance against the T-Rez roaming the 
area, however if you're feeling exceptionally brave and happen to enjoy the 
pleasant ambience of the game over screen, then by all means give it a try.

[A013]                             Rabanastre

It's time to catch up on everything you have missed.  I would suggest the 
first thing you do is take a trip to the East End and visit both the weapons 
and equipment ships.  Magicks couldn't hurt either.  Once you're done 
upgrading your equipment then it's time to move on to other tasks.

Since you only have Vaan in your party at the moment, I would suggest putting 
off any new Hunts for the time being.  One thing you will definitely want to 
do is visit Montblanc in the Clan Hall.  Montblanc has a nice little habit of 
offering you a reward for every boss you take down.  

In your case this includes not only the Firemane and Mimic Queen, but even the 
Flan ambush from back in the waterway.  You'll be awarded 150, 200 and 300 Gil 
for each of these three bosses.  

Now make your way down to Migelo's Sundries.  There's a quick scene, but you 
won't find Penelo there.  Pick up some of the new items available here and 
then head for the Southgate and the entrance to Lowtown.  Enter Dalan's place 
and speak with him.

Dalan gives you the Sword of the Order and instructs you to deliver it to a 
man named Azelas.  Locating him should not prove difficult (especially give 
that it is marked on your map).  Head for the northwest area and speak to the 
Rabanastran sitting on the crate.  

When Basch joins the party it's time to distribute the many License Points 
that he comes with.  Leave Lowtown, save your game, and make tracks for the 
Sandsea tavern.  A short scene occurs on your way there.  Climb the stairs 
inside the Sandsea to trigger another scene with Balthier.

Use the party menu to choose the three members you wish to fight with, then 
prepare them accordingly.  Before doing as Balthier says, I think this would 
be a fine time to catch up on some Hunts.  I imagine you could likely finish 
the first four Hunts at this point. 

Head for the Westgate of Rabanastre and then go north from there into the 
Aerodrome.  You will find Balthier near the top end standing on a set of 
stairs leading down into a little viewing area.  Tell him you're ready to go, 
and that's that.

[A014]                              Bhujerba

Feel free to poke your nose around the majestic sky city at your leisure, 
there is no hurry to get to the mines.  You'll find mostly the same shops here 
as you would in Rabanastre.  One thing you will certainly need is a map of the 
place.  That can be acquired easily from the Cartographers' Guild Moogle 
standing right in the crossroads of Travica Way.  Pick up a map of the mine 
while you're at it.

You can see on that map that the entrance to the Lhusu Mines is found at the 
northeast corner of the city.  Make sure that's where you head once you're 
done wandering around.  Use the Save Crystal and proceed north into the mines.

[A015]                          The Lhusu Mines

Enter the mines and watch the initial scene.  Proceed west along the tracks 
until the fist opportunity to head south presents itself.  Continue south 
along the road until it turns west.  At this point you may go south again 
(leads to two potential treasures, and a gated dead end) or continue west to 
the end.  Going south from this point will take you to the exit leading to the 
next area.

Do note also that if you see a pillar of light erupting from the ground, avoid 
it at all costs.  This is a trap and it means you have the Libra effect on at 
least one character.  Those who do not have the Libra effect will not see 
traps, but are still perfectly capable of tripping them if encountered.

Keep an eye out for a chance spawn of a miniboss enemy similar to the 
cockatrice you fought earlier.  There is a bat named Aerieel that spawns on 
this bridge which can prove quite difficult for your party.  

Continue west to reach the Transitway 1.  There is a gate blocking the western 
path, so take the northeastern route (follow the tracks, as opposed to the 
other path, for a chest that by chance may containing a Killer Bow).  

You need to be very careful with your pulls in the Shunia Twinspan.  Up to 
five or six skeletons can spawn right at the entrance to the bridge section 
alone.  Make sure to take them out little by little as they appear, and wait 
until they are defeated before progressing further.  

Enter the next area and follow the linear road around and up the stairs.  
You'll find a number of chests in this next room.  Head north through this 
hallway to trigger another scene.

Balthier offers some sound advice here, and that is to run.  You are not meant 
to strike down these foes, so hold down the R2 button and get those legs 
moving.  You'll need to run through at least three or four areas before they 
finally stop cashing you, at which point you can slowly grind your way back to 
the beginning and exit in Bhujerba.

[A016]                              Bhujerba

Climb the stairs and watch the scene.  A little "minigame" in which your duty 
is to increase Basch's notoriety through running around town shouting that he 

No doubt you will find this task relatively easy.  Simply run around town 
standing amongst as many people as possible pressing the square button.  The 
one thing you do need to keep an eye out for are the NPCs titled "Informed 
Sainikah."  You can easily identify them from the helm they wear.  Shouting 
about Basch in their presence will drastically reduce your Notoriety meter.

Certain NPCs like "Parijanah" will increase the meter far faster than some 
random nobody leaning against a wall.  In fact I would go so far as to say 
these are the only people worth speaking to.  Note also that only NPCs with 
the talkie icon above their heads will count.

The fifth Hunt is available on the Cloudborne Notice Board, though defeating 
the monster is quite difficult at this point in the game.  I would suggest 
waiting at least until after the next area.  You will return to this city 
immediately after.

When you are ready to proceed, check your map for the destination marker and 
make your way there.  A lengthy scene will follow before you are transported 
to the next area.

[A017]                           The Leviathan

Vossler joins your party as a guest wielding an extremely powerful two-handed 
sword.  Save your game and exit the Port Launch.  Throughout most of the rest 
of the ship you will encounter various hallways blocked by a laser grid alarm.  
Stepping through this grid will prompt a number of guards to appear and ambush 
you.  Do your best to avoid them whenever possible.

The Dreadnought Leviathan is a maze of hallways and dead ends.  Fortunately 
for you, a map is automatically given right at the beginning so it is never 
very difficult to reach your destination.  Rather than turning this section of 
the guide into a mess of wests, norths, lefts and rights, I will instead allow 
you to traverse the long (but relatively linear maze) yourself simply by using 
the map.  You will find it ends up being quite easy.

Navigate to the middle of the Airship Berith Access.  Upon arriving you will 
encounter a number of enemies, including a couple of more powerful Judge type 
enemies.  While you may be fighting six at once, the battle will end 
immediately when the two Judges are killed, so I would recommend you focus all 
of your attacks on them and just weather the beating you'll take from the 
remaining foes.

For completing this challenge you are awarded the No. 1 Brig Key which works 
on the door only a few feet away.  Inside the brig you will find a Save 
Crystal, an urn containing the System Access Key, and across from that a nice 
Moogle willing to restock your inventory (for a price, of course).  

Ashe is in one of the remaining two cells.  Once you free her she will 
automatically join the party.  Now your goal is to get back to the Port 
Launch, but once again your progress will be impeded by dead ends and alarms.  
So many alarms in fact that enemies will seemingly come continuously.  There 
is a point where I would recommend just holding down R2 and fleeing the whole 
way back.  How much you want to fight depends entirely on how much extra 
experience and LP you want to gather.

The one important thing to keep in mind is that before reaching the Port 
Launch, make sure to heal your party and cure any lingering status ailments.  
What follows is one of the first boss battles that doesn't come directly after 
the use of a Save Crystal.

BOSS: Judge Ghis - HP: 4120 - LV: 14

Unlike the previous battle, I would suggest you take down his lackeys first 
before focusing on Ghis himself.  Ghis is one nasty son' bitch, pounding 
anyone in his field of vision with a variety of attacks, all of them lethal.  
You'll need someone on permanent healing duty this fight, but given how 
quickly MP depletes, you might have to cycle who that person is.

If you do happen to have the MP to spare, I find that the Dark spell is very 
effective, especially at the beginning for helping to quickly eliminate the 

Ghis doesn't seem to have any discernable weakness, so I would suggest just 
focusing on physical attacks and perhaps Quickenings if you've learned any by 
this point.  One positive aspect of this battle is that you don't actually 
have to kill him, the battle should automatically end if you can manage to get 
him down to about 25% HP.  It's still difficult of course, but at least this 
gives you some advantage.  


Back in Bhujerba, this would probably be a fine time to undertake that fifth 
hunt (though it will still be very difficult).  Your main destination at this 
point is Marquis Ondore's place, the same place you headed to before being 
brought aboard the Leviathan.

[A018]                         Ogir-Yensa Sandsea

You will find the sandsea just west of the encampment where you start.  It is 
made up of a series of large metal connecting structures, and of course, lots 
of sand.  Head south and climb up the first tower, then begin your 
southwestward trek.

You will encounter a familiar face as you travel west between the towers here.  
Climb down this tower to the ground below and eliminate any of the... "sand 
people" there.  While it may lead to a dead end, you will nevertheless want to 
climb the west tower in order to find the map of the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea inside 
of an urn.

Back on the ground again, proceed up the north ramp to the top of that tower.  
Head west from here until you reach a point where (if you look at your map) 
you will see that there are three possible branches you can take.  The fastest 
way to go is to head southwest and make tracks for the Yensa Border Tunnel, 
but you'll find many battles and treasure among the towers in each of the 
other directions as well.  While you may not find anything described as "one-
of-a-kind", there is still appeal in taking the longer route, and thus it 
remains your decision.

If possible I would suggest avoiding the middle path leading west.  You're 
liable to run into the level 45 elemental fire enemy.  This enemy shouldn't 
aggro, but I believe it automatically will if any Magick is cast.  Regardless 
of WHY it attacks you, the point is that should it choose to, you'll be 
looking at 3000 damage a hit.  That's game over right there.  Steer clear.

Avoid the Zertinan Caverns for the time being.  It is unlikely you will be 
able to survive in there and it's not somewhere you need to be anyway.  If 
you're wondering, that's the name for the ??? location in the centre of this 

Assuming you made it to the southwestern Yensa Border Tunnel, you'll have a 
chance to stock up and save your game before heading west again to the Nam-
Yensa Sandsea.

[A019]                         Nam-Yensa Sandsea

There should be a fair number of chests in this area with some half-decent 
loot, so I suggest you wander the border keeping an eye out for any of those 
which happened to spawn.  Over on the northwest side of this area you will 
find a couple of bridges.  Take the more southern of the two to find the map 
of this area inside of an urn.  

The more northern of the two leads ahead.  You will now find yourself in an 
area called the Withering Shores.  There's a little out of the way trip you 
can make now, but I highly recommend you do so.  All you need to do is run 
north from here, through the Urutan-Yensa Sea area to reach the other Save 
Crystal encampment (called the Sandscale Bank on your map).

Arriving there you will find a Moogle who asks if you are interested in 
offering assistance.  He tells you about a giant tortoise he'd like you to 
take care of.  No problem.  Backtrack west through the Urutan-Yensa Sea to 
reach the Withering Shores again. 

The difference between this visitor and your last one is that now a giant 
tortoise named the Urutan-Eater occupies the area.  Fortunately you have about 
five or six "guests" assisting you with this battle, the same mobs you've been 
beating down the whole time you've been out here.

Your real guest, Vossler, has a nasty tendency to focus his attacks on the 
Urutan rather than the Eater.  Hopefully you can get to him take aim for the 
tortoise before too many of your allies have fallen.  The tortoise will focus 
primarily on them so there's a good chance if you can hit hard enough, you 
really won't see any damage to your party until the thing is almost dead.

The sheer amount of defensive armour on this thing makes exploiting its 
magical weakness (Wind) very appealing indeed.  If you happen to have the Aero 
spell at your disposal then use it like crazy.  If not, you'll need to rely on 
weak physical attacks (or Quickenings) to slowly deplete its health.

With the Urutan-Eater dead, it's time to make yet another trip north to the 
Sandscale Bank.  Speak to the Moogle there and then continue east back to the 
Ogir-Yensa Sandsea.  Climb the first ramp and a scene will occur.  Afterwards, 
head back west (again) and watch another scene.  

Examine the flower that remains where the gathering took place to receive a 
bunch of Eksir Berries.  Speak to the Moogle twice to learn that a monster, 
Garuda, is particularly un-fond of this flower.  We'll keep that information 
in mind and be able to put it to practical use soon enough.

Time to finally get back to the mission.  Make tracks for the Withering Shores 
where you fought the Urutan-Eater, and head west from there up the ramp.  
Continue west to the next area, then climb down and cross one of the bridge 
leading south.

As you head west from here, you will once again have two possible paths you 
can take.  The north path (blocked by a number of traps) leads to an ambush of 
sand fish and also a dead end.  There's a chest there with a chance of holding 
the Gambit Foe: HP < 1000.

When you reach the Trail of Fading Warmth, there is an optional area full of 
treasures and enemies you can explore if you wish.  To reach the Simoon Bluff, 
simply take the northeast path at the fork (as opposed to northwest.)  Be very 
careful of all the traps you encounter immediately upon entering the area.

This area is full of feathered fiends you may find a little more difficult 
than what is typical of this area.  Irregardless, it is doubtful you will have 
any difficulty against them (assuming you don't aggro more than two or three 
at a time.)

The one enemy of note in this area is a flying creature that you won't be able 
to damage without the use of guns, bows or magic.  It has a weakness to water 
magic, and so the Water spell should do between 400 - 500 damage when used by 
any proficient caster.  Take this creature down for a whopping 2 LP!  The 
remainder of the area is populated by the same enemies as before and offers 
quite a few chests to find.  Be sure to look around.

Once finished in the Simoon Bluff, head back down and take the northwest oath 
from the Trail of Fading Warmth.  You'll find a Chocobo-mounted merchant just 
before you reach the entrance to the tomb.  While no Save Crystal is found 
here, the game will automatically prompt you to save when you progress to the 
next zone.

[A020]                       The Tomb of Raithwall

BOSS: Garuda - HP: 6754 - LV: 14

Begin the battle by immediately using the Eksir Berries that you got for 
finishing the Urutan-Eater miniquest.  As the Moogle described, the Garuda 
does not like them and the berries should deal a fair amount of damage to the 

Once those are out of the way it's time to move on to ranged attacks (since 
this boss flies you won't be able to hit it with melee weapon swings).  It has 
no elemental weaknesses so all Magick is equally effective here.  Whoever is 
wielding a gun (Balthier?) should be attacking normally and ideally with the 
Silence Shot equipped so that you have a good chance of hindering the boss' 
ability to basically do any damage to you.


Climb the stairs ahead of you and use the Save Crystal.  Touching the Ancient 
Device will teleport your party to the inner section of the Tomb of Raithwall.
Head west, past the second device and down the small set of stairs.  A scene 
will trigger here and a giant Demon Wall will begin advancing on your party.  

This wall is an optional boss, you are not expected to beat it, you are 
expected to run.  There is no shame in running like a coward to the end of the 
hall, sweat dripping as you panic-strickenly try to mash the X button and 
squeeze through the door, permanently etching your pathetic defeat in stone 
for the rest of eternity.

For those dying to know if pitting themselves against such a powerful creature 
yields any worthwhile rewards, let me just say now that it does.  It does.

BOSS: (Optional) Demon Wall - HP: Too Much - LV: ?

It's going to be a hell of a task trying to take this guy down, but I know one 
method (aside from hours of powerleveling) that should help you get through 
the battle.  That is of course, the biggest chain of back-to-back Quickenings 
you can possibly muster.  

You're going to need one of two things: either a lot of Ethers, or a 
Quickening on each of your characters.  This won't be difficult assuming you 
(like myself) allow LP to pile up on the characters you don't use.  Make sure 
as many members of your (six person) party have Quickenings before the battle 

The first thing to do (go figure) is to use a Mist Quickening.  You're looking 
at ideally trying to chain eight hits or more (though sometimes that's just 
impossible).  Actually I've seen six hit chains do more damage than 8 hits on 
occasion, so there is a random element there as well.

4000 damage (or less) is bad.  8000 damage (or more) is great.  6000 damage is 
acceptable.  Use that as a gauge for how you are doing.  I would estimate the 
boss' total HP at around 20,000.  

After the first Quickening, wait.  Wait until someone is hit with the X-Zone 
effect and removed from the battle.  This will inevitably happen every time.  
After that, start replacing that X-Zone'd person with whoever is on reserve.  
Now use their Quickening, then sub them with another, use their Quickening, 
etc.  This should ideally yield four Quickenings without using any Ethers.

Boss still isn't dead?  Resort to Ethers.  Use them on anyone with low MP (so 
it fills it to the max) and then use another Quickening.  Given the randomness 
of Quickening chains and damage, if you fail the first, second or even third 
time, there's no reason you won't win on the fourth.  Keep trying.

** An interesting point to note is that the boss' speed seems unaffected by 
battle speed, thus increasing the battle speed to maximum should give you a 
serious advantage (it won't make any difference while you are spamming 


After the battle is over, don't worry about your reward just yet.  Warp back 
to the beginning and save your game, then proceed through the door at the end 
of the hall where you fought the boss.  Assuming you merely ran, it'll be the 
same door.

BOSS: (Necessary) Demon Wall - HP: 10332 - LV: 16

The difficulty of the Demon Wall brings back memories of a similarly difficult 
boss in Final Fantasy VII, however this time around we have a few more tools 
at our disposal to ease the plight.  Your goal is to stop the boss (by killing 
it) before it is able to either cut your party down, or smear them into a thin 
paste against the wall.  

First and foremost are the Gambits you will need to set up.  This boss will 
constantly inflict negative status ailments on your party, the most 
debilitating of which is Sleep.  A sleeping party member is one more party 
member not mowing this boss down before the inevitable paste-ing.  

Create a Gambit to automatically use an Alarm Clock on the sleeping character, 
or (if you find yourself in my shoes) and have none, create a Gambit for your 
weakest character to attack any sleeping party members.  Just remember you may 
need to manually do it yourself should the character with the Gambit succumb 
to Sleep.

An interesting aspect to this battle are the torches on the side of the path.  
When you examine and touch them, they will either speed up or slow the boss' 
movements.  Obviously this can be either good or bad.  I'm not sure whether 
the effect is random, but I will just say that in my case (starting from the 
door and toward the boss) the THIRD set of two both slowed the boss down.  You 
can experiment with them as you see fit, just remember you can still easily 
take him out without the help of torches.

Offense-wise, just stick with the usual tricks.  MP should be saved for 
powerful Cure spells like Cura.  Avoid Cure like the Plague in this battle.  
If you want a quick heal, use Potions, if you're going to die, use Cura.  You 
don't have the time to sit around charging weak spells like that.  
Additionally, since the boss' defense is relatively average, your best bet for 
the most damage in the least amount of time is simply normal physical attacks.

Finally, I would note that this is a perfect battle to let loose some insane 
chained Quickenings right at the beginning.  They may deplete your MP, but 
with any luck you'll be looking at between 5000 - 10000 damage (assuming you 
chain at least a few of them.)  With that much of a punch from the start, you 
won't even need the lost MP to heal.

** As I mentioned above from those who did not fight the previous boss, an 
interesting point to note is that the boss' speed seems unaffected by battle 
speed, thus increasing the battle speed to maximum should give you a serious 


Now, for those of you who managed to defeat the first boss, it's time to claim 
your reward.  For those who didn't, skip ahead a few paragraphs to the dashed 
line.  One would think that defeating a powerful enemy would suffice on its 
own, but no, there is one final obnoxious obstacle you must overcome (that 
obstacle being your own impatience).

Head back to where the first wall was originally located and examine the jewel 
in the wall.  Doing so will raise the platforms on both the north and south 
sides of this room, connecting the staircases which previously led to dead 
ends.  Now return to the entrance and save your game.  This step is important.

Regardless of which path you choose, either the north or the south path, they 
both lead to the same place eventually.  I am of course talking about the 
paths you just connected by touching the jewel.  Follow one of them west, 
through the next room and down the stairs.

At the bottom here you will encounter a number of fire blob monsters.  Hold 
the R2 button and ignore them.  Make your way to the exact middle of the path 
where the blobs spawn (between the two staircases.)  In this location, there 
is a 70% chance a treasure chest will spawn.  

If you don't see a chest here, press start, return to the title screen and try 
again.  If you DO see a chest, open it.  You have a 45% chance of receiving 
Gil from the chest.  If you get Gil, press start, return to the title screen 
and try again.  If it's not Gil, you have a 50% chance of receiving a Holy 
Mote.  The Holy Mote is completely useless.  If you get it, press start, 
return to the title screen and try again.

Now you understand the patience factor.  

The remaining 50% of the time the chest will contain a Demonsbane.  The 
Demonsbane is a one-handed sword with 59 attack power.  To give that value 
context, keep in mind that the average weapon at this point in the game has an 
attack power in the mid 20's.  That means more than double damage.  That means 
you'll go from doing roughly 150 per strike, to more than 400.  That is your 

Not only that, but the chest actually respawns.  Once you get the Demonsbane, 
why not run back, save the game and try for another.  For the mathematically 
challenged, that is a 15.75% chance of getting the Demonsbane every time you 
reset, or 1 in every 6.34 tries.  Good luck.


From where you fought the second Demon Wall, climb the stairs and go through 
the west door.  Watch the scene then descend the stairs and take the map of 
the Tomb of Raithwall out of the urn.

There are three Way Stones here, one blue, one red, and one green.  The blue 
one takes you back near the entrance, so use that one if you wish to heal and 
save.  Neither the green nor the red Way Stones work at the moment, so you 
will have to wait.  Head down the stairs to the south.

Before long you will have a choice of two paths.  Ignore the stairs leading 
down and continue to follow the path you are on all the way around to a door 
leading south.  Make a right (west) in this new area and follow the path from 
here.  The path remains entirely linear and should lead you to a row of three 
chests containing variety of items (or Gambits).

Just a few rooms further you will find a green jewel in the wall which 
activates the green Way Stone and (partially) lowers the Mystic Altar.  It 
also triggers a battle with some Lich enemies.  After dispatching them, use 
the green Way Stone to return to the central platform.

This time take the north route, and again, ignore the first staircase leading 
down assuming you want to get the treasures.  If not, the staircase route is a 
little shorter.  Make a right (east) and just follow this linear path, past 
the chests, to reach the middle room.

Again, touch the jewel and battle your way through some Zombies.  After the 
battle is over, it is of the utmost importance that you use this Way Stone, 
followed by the blue Way Stone to reach the entrance and save again.  There is 
a boss coming up and you're going to be shit out of luck if any of your 
characters still have some of that Oil lingering on them.

Head back and take either the green or the red Way Stone to the large door 
that you opened.  There is a quick scene in the next room and all that remains 
is a simple path with no enemies to the boss.  Keep an eye out at the bottom 
of each staircase for chests (that don't respawn) that contain a variety of 
items including a potential for two Elixirs.  

BOSS: Belias - HP: 15934 - LV: 20

Your very first battle with an Esper.  There are a few things that may 
surprise you about this battle.  The first surprise comes when your basic 
intuition that shouts "Ice spells against fire enemy" yield damages in the 30 
- 50 range.  For whatever reason, Blizzard (and to extend that, almost all 
magic, especially Fire) is ineffective against him.  If you want to do damage, 
stick with physical attacks and Quickenings.

The second surprise is how utterly slow this boss is.  He attacks maybe once, 
for every two or three attacks you do, and while it may be powerful, you are 
just as likely to end up blocking it and go for lengthy periods of time 
without taking any damage at all.

That all changes of course when he charges up and explodes into a fiery 
inferno, damaging every character on the field.  This attack seems devastating 
until you casually drop a single Cura spell only to realize your party is 
nearly at full health again.   

There's no substitute for a good offense here, and while I still assert that 
his attacks are weak considering his size and status, they will no doubt get 
the better of you if you let the battle drag on too long.  

Obviously those wielding the Demonsbane will have this boss down cut down six 
ways from Sunday with their sword slashing efficiency.  For the majority of 
players, you'll have to play the patience card.  Just gradually whittle down 
Belias' HP and don't forget to stop and heal whenever he musters up the energy 
to bash you with that giant metal doily of his.


Belias can now become your first Esper.  Like Quickenings, only one person can 
learn an Esper on the License board, after which it will disappear from the 
boards of all other characters.  It is a good idea to spread out the Espers 
between your party to keep things balanced, though obviously they are no good 
on characters you never use.

It might be a good idea not to have Fran learn this particular Esper, simply 
because you can't use her during the next boss battle, and summoning Belias 
really helps.

Keep an eye out for two more treasure chests on either side of the area where 
you fought Belias.

Continue through the door and down the stairs.  Don't touch the Way Stone, 
keep going forward and watch the ensuing scene.  Once you have the Dawn Shard, 
you can take your leave of this place by touching the Way Stone.  Save your 
game and exit to trigger a scene.

[A021]                             The Shiva

BOSS: Vossler - HP: 9318 - LV: 20

This battle is a cakewalk almost regardless of how you slice it.  How have so 
many potential advantages to aid you that you almost have to go out of your 
way to lose.  Let's examine just a couple of those.

Here's an idea: have the character who spent a whopping 10 LP on him, summon 
the Esper Belias.  Belias will quickly make short work of all the guards then 
go straight for Vossler.  Vossler will spend half the battle trying in vain to 
weaken the powerful Esper as he is hit over and over again for 800 - 900 
damage.  You can basically sit there and twiddle your thumbs while Belias wins 
the battle for you.

If that doesn't suit you, then why not chain a few Quickenings.  Sure enough 
it will wipe the floor with the guards immediately, and has the potential to 
eliminate Vossler in a single strike if you get lucky with the chaining.  More 
than likely you'll have a few leftover hit points to pound out of him while he 
begs for mercy.

Those who, for whatever reason, choose neither option will be left with a 
battle that proves only marginally more difficult than a typical fight.  More 
healing is obviously necessitated given Vossler's powerful strikes.  The real 
danger comes once his HP drops to around 30% and he uses Enrage, which gives 
him the Shell, Haste and Reflect statuses. At this point Magick is totally out 
of the question, so just beat him down with the weapons you have available.

Keep in mind also (if you use her) that you won't have control of Fran for 
this battle, she'll still help, but she's not interested in following orders.

[A022]                            Rabanastre

Note that at this point in the game, you can now freely go and battle three
of the optional Espers.  I am not necessarily saying that you can win, but the 
option is available to you.  Check out the Optional Espers section of the 
guide and look for any that say "Available: After the Tomb of Raithwall."

The very first thing you will want to do is head for the Clan Hall.  Montblanc 
has a number of rewards for your accomplishment, and in addition to that, a 
couple of hunts for you to undertake.  

Even if you don't plan to hunt the monster right away, I suggest accepting 
them anyway since many of the petitioners you need to speak to can be found as 
you proceed with the next section of the main game.  This goes for the Sandsea 
tavern Hunts too.

ALERT - At this point, a sidequest is available that (if you invest enough 
time into it) can net you a brand new sword.  If you went through the trouble 
of getting the Demonsbane in the tomb, don't be too quick to think you're 
overpowered yet with your 59 attack.

Players who want to be TRULY overpowered will scroll on down to "The Barheim 
Sidequest" section to learn how to obtain as many Deathbringers as they want.  
The Deathbringer is a one handed sword with 90 attack power.  Nice.

Make sure to stock up on new spells, equipment and Gambits.  When you're ready 
to proceed, head for the Southgate, save your game, and enter the Giza Plains.

[A023]                            Giza Plains

You've been here before (though it wasn't quite so wet at that time).  Your 
goal is to eventually reach the southern exit of the Starfall Field in the 
southwest corner.  How you choose to get there is entirely up to you.

Stop off at the Nomad Village if you accepted the Croakadile hunt.  There you 
will find Sadeen who gives you the contract (the Croakadile is an extremely 
difficult enemy found beside the bridge in Starfall Field).  There's also a 
Save Crystal here for your convenience.

For those interested in getting a head start on a sidequest, you will notice a 
number of "Withered Trees" in the Giza Plains.  The first can be found 
directly north of the north entrance to Nomad Village.  When you strike the 
trees they fall into the water.  Six trees in total exist here.  

Once you cut all six trees down it creates a bridge to an island where you 
will find a few chests and an item for a later sidequest.  There is little 
reason to do this now aside from knowing you will likely want to do it later.  
If you just want to proceed normally, skip to the dashed line below.

I already mentioned the first of the six trees.  The second is inside Nomad 
Village itself, on the southeastern side.  The next one is found in the Gizas 
North Bank, on the far north side, east bank.

For the fourth tree, head to the Toam Hills section and run to the furthest 
east point you can possibly reach.  Take the south exit to Starfall Field and 
you will see the fifth almost immediately if you look east.  The final tree is 
found by heading east to the Crystal Glade.  It is just north of the Save 

Once all six trees are cut, head to the Gizas South Bank.  The trees have made 
a bridge over on the east side.  The Silicon Turtles you see are level 36 and 
extremely difficult to defeat at this time.  You might be able to take one of 
them down if you summon Belias (since they are weak to fire) but there is 
little reason to do so (aside from 1000 EXP and 2 LP).

Your goal is to run to the southeast corner where you will find an urn 
containing Feather of the Flock.  That is the item you will need for the 
sidequest.  Once you have that there is nothing else to do here (aside from 
collect a few chests).


Whatever you do, don't cast Magick around the elemental enemies in this area.  
They will remain neutral until Magick is cast.  You may think because their 
level is close to yours that you might be able to take them down.  You would 
be mistaken (unless you can survive bursts of 800 damage to everyone in your 
party... repeatedly.)  

The entrance to the Ozmone Plain can be found by taking the south exit out of 
the Starfall Field.

[A024]                           Ozmone Plain

Your goal is to make your way south through the next few areas.  It's not 
difficult to locate the exit, though you will find some half decent treasures 
over on the west side of the Field of Fallen Wings.  

There are not one, but TWO rare spawns in the exact same area around here.  
Both the Bull Croc and the flying Aeros can be found in The Shred.  Get there 
by heading east of The Switchback to reach The Greensnake.  From there, take 
the south road around to the east exit and you'll find it.  The Bull Croc hits 
hard and Aeros flies, making both of them tough enemies.  Given the difficulty 
of attacking fliers, I would suggest saving summons and Quickenings for that 
enemy (assuming it spawns for you).  

I suggest you wander around these areas, perhaps leveling up a little in the 
process.  The werewolf-esque enemies in the Dagan Flats are difficult, but 
yield 2 LP per kill which is nice.  Eventually your goal is to head south to 
the Haulo Green and then take the west exit from there to reach Jahara.

[A025]                              Jahara

Maps for these areas can be purchased from the Cartographers' Guild Moogle 
standing beside the bridge here.  Talk to the Garif Warrior standing in front 
of the bridge and you will be allowed through.  

Head for the northeast corner where you will find High-Chief Zayalu.  He gives 
you a Jaya Stick for the War-Chief.  You will find the War-Chief by the bridge 
at the northwest corner.  Give him the stick and agree to his offer.

When you arrive in the next area, those of you who accepted the Hunt "The 
Defense of Ozmone Plain" will find your target, Sugumu, on the north side.  

Approach the Great-Chief's tent and meet with him.  A rather lengthy scene 
occurs at this point, and upon its end, you'll get a nice little prize and a 
free Chocobo ride.  Use the Chocobo and ride it up through the Ozmone Plain 
and head to the eastern area of Dagan Flats.  Continue east from there.

[A026]                          Golmore Jungle

Make an immediate left when you get inside (northeast) and follow the path to 
a fork.  Turn right here and hack past the Malboro enemies to reach an urn 
with the map of Golmore Jungle inside.  This will make your trip through the 
area significantly easier.

Proceed east from the urn and then follow the path south when you can.  This 
will take you to The Needlebreak zone.  Make an immediate right (west) here 
and then a left (south) followed again by another left (east).  Just a little 
bit ahead you'll find an area with a few chests.  If you're interested in 
picking up more crappy treasures, a similar stash of chests can be found in 
the far southwest corner of the Paths of Chained Light.

From here, keep going east until you reach a barrier.  Fran will perform a 
little magic ritual, opening up a separate path for your party to take.  A 
scene occurs when you arrive.

[A027]                           Eruyt Village

Speak to the Moogle near the entrance and be sure to purchase both the Esuna 
and Curaga spells from him.  Speak to the Moogle next to him and purchase a 
map of the village.

Enter the main area of the village and speak with the people you find there.  
Your destination is the upper level, the Fane of the Path as it is called.  
Speak to Jote and return to the village entrance for another scene.  

Make your way back through the jungle again and when you get outside, you'll 
find a Chocobo wandering around with an injured guard nearby.  Speak to the 
guard and offer him a Potion.  In return you will be permitted to use the 

Take the Chocobo one screen west and almost immediately on your left you will 
see a grassy area you can ride through with the Chocobo (there are a number of 
other Chocobos already standing around here).  This is a secret path to the 
other section of The Shred with the entrance to the mines.

[A028]                          The Henne Mines

The basic concept of this mine centres on the use of various blue and red 
gates, which open and close alternatively through the use of switches.  
There's not much beyond that you need to know, I'll let you know which 
switches to press and when.

The first one is located just inside the mine on the left side of the track.  
It's blue by default, press the switch to change it to red.  Now head south 
and go through the gate.  Speak with the wounded solider here.

Pressing the switch to open the blue gates will cause a number of slime 
enemies to drop from the ceiling.  After eliminating them, take either of the 
two exits now available to you.  Get ready to take on an insane number of bats 
as you fight your way to the urn containing the Henne Mines map.

Loop back around to where you came from using either path.  Press the switch 
again and take the west exit.  Follow the road to the Phase 1 Dig.  You'll 
need to navigate a few sharp corners here.  Keep an eye out for a couple of 
chests (if they spawn) before you come to a 4-way split.

You may find a couple of chests down at the southwest corner, and another 
couple if you go all the way south, then east to that dead end.  Obviously you 
can see (by looking at your map) that to reach your destination, you must go 
south at the 4-way, then turn left (east) at the first chance you get.

Time to do a little circular looping.  Run all the way to the north end, 
ignoring the east track, and take the east exit door up there.  Continue 
around to the northeast of Crossover B (where you are) and go south from there 
to reach Pithead Junction B.  

Press the gate switch, and prepare for an insane slime ambush.  You may have 
to resort to desperate measures (Belias, Quickenings, etc) since there are so 
many, and you really don't want to die after all you've done.

With the switch pressed, take the west exit.  You'll find yourself in a 
familiar area and realize you've looped around.  Once again head to the north 
end and take the east exit.  The path now will be slightly different due to 
the gate switch.  Take the north path which is no longer blocked.  Make sure 
to save your game.

BOSS: Tiamat - HP: 49993 - LV: 25

Despite its reliance on physical attacks, the Tiamat makes for a very 
difficult boss.  Its extremely high defense coupled with an equally inflated 
HP total will likely make this a lengthy fight.

A couple of things you'll want to set up before the battle.  In terms of 
Gambits, Curaga for sure.  On pretty much anyone who can use it.  I would also 
suggest manually casting Protect on your tank (whoever is taking the bulk of 
the hits) to really give you an edge for the battle.  It'll save you a lot of 

An extension of this strategy is to totally buff up your main attacker before 
battle with not only Protect, but spells like Regen (to keep his/her HP up) 
and Decoy as well to keep the boss attacking that character.  A combination of 
all these will give you an enormous advantage.

If you have any Jackboots in your inventory, now would be the time to equip 
them.  Tiamat is very fond of using Disable on your party members and 
Jackboots will protect against it.  If you only have one pair then equip them 
on whoever is in the best position to cast Esuna and remove Disable from 
anyone else.  

Use whatever attacks you find most effective against this boss.  That 
certainly includes your most powerful Quickenings.  If possible, it might be a 
good idea to save at least one Quickening for the end of the battle.  When the 
Tiamat's HP drops to about 15% it will give itself a huge defense boost, 
making it even more difficult to deal damage than it already is.

[A029]                          Golmore Jungle

Before leaving the village, make sure to speak with the Moogle again and 
purchase as many Golden Amulets as is necessary to equip them on your entire 
party (even your reserves). 

With the tear in hand, the barriers that blocked your path previously in the 
jungle are now no longer a nuisance.  Return to the jungle and take the east 
exit near the entrance to Eruyt Village to reach the Whisperleaf Way.  Follow 
this path and make sure to use the Save Crystal.

BOSS: Elder Wyrm - HP: 71692 - LV: 27

If you thought the Tiamat was hard, the Elder Wyrm is going to have a field 
day with you.  He certainly has no interest in fighting fair.  We'll begin 
with the basics: start the battle by launching a Quickening chain.  This 
serves two purposes: one to deal MASSIVE DAMAGE to the boss, and second to 
eliminate those two treants he starts off with.

Buffing up your party prior to the battle is once again, a good idea.  He has 
a regular assortment of physical attacks which aren't particularly powerful, 
there are two main attacks you need to watch out for:

The first is a fireball blast which seemingly comes out of nowhere.  This is 
really only dangerous if the party member it hits is currently covered in Oil 
(which, given the boss' pattern of attacks, will likely be most of the time).  
You're looking at damage between one and two thousand that can easily wipe a 
single character at full HP.  Be ready with Phoenix Downs.

Speaking of being ready, you'll want at least two characters to "be ready" 
with the Gambit "Any ally: Esuna" given the boss' most dangerous attack: 
Sporefall.  Similar to Bad Breath in previous games, this inflicts a variety 
of negative status effects on every member of your party.  Esuna will wipe the 
slate clean, but you may have to be ready to use an Echo Herb on someone so 
that they can actually cast it.

Nail the boss with your hardest physical attacks.  It has a lot of life, and 
so this is going to take a lot of work, but if you keep these tips in mind 
then you'll at least have a fighting chance.


Head back to the crystal and save your game again.  Now, take a look at your 
map.  You will see that there are two paths leading east and both end at the 
same location.  Take the more northern of the two, the only difference s that 
it has a couple of chests.

In the Paramina Rift, stay on the main path as you make your way east.  Ignore 
any branches leading further south.  Eventually this road will take you 
northeast to Mt Bur-Omisace.

[A030]                          Mt Bur-Omisace

Start by picking up a few things from the vendors here as well as speaking to 
the Cartographer's Guild Moogle on one of the crates and buying his maps.  
Afterwards, continue north to reach the temple.  A scene occurs when you 

Before leaving here, if you have the money, I suggest you purchase light 
armour for all of your characters (or mystic).  As long as it ISN'T heavy 
armour.  Also, get Ice Shields.  It's certainly not a necessity, but it will 
make an upcoming boss fights easier.  Now it's time to return to the Paramina 
Rift and head south.

[A031]                          Paramina Rift

Proceed south from the entrance to Mt Bur-Omisace to reach the Frozen Brook.  
Be careful of traps in this area.  Keep an eye out for Ice Elementals in this 
area, and don't cast any Magick if you see one.  They won't aggro if you 

Head for the southwest exit of the Frozen Bank, it's the only one that will 
eventually lead to the Stilshrine.  It also places you in the proximity of a 
handy Save Crystal.  After saving your game, take the other exit and make 
tracks for the southern area.  This leads you directly to the Stilshrine.

[A032]                     The Stilshrine of Miriam

When you get inside, head down a little bit and locate a pedestal on one of 
the east-west walkways.  Touching this pedestal will spawn three zombie 
enemies and have no other effect.  In order to make it work as it is supposed 
to, you must equip your lead character with the Dawn Shard (which will reduce 
his/her MP to 0), so you probably won't want to keep it equipped for long.

Get ready to take down some large guardian creature when you appear in this 
area.  There is a chest here (behind a trap) which will not respawn.  It has a 
50% chance of containing either an Elixir or Megalixir.  

You will also have to face three difficult enemies in the next room, so be 
prepared with AoE attacks (Dark, "-ara" spells, etc) and perhaps a Quickening 
chain.  The large stone heads will come to life on the west side when you 
approach them.

Climb the stairs and approach the pedestal on the east side.  You will need to 
re-equip the Dark Shard before touching it again.  Return to the room below 
and take either of the new staircases down.

The green crystal in this room is in fact an enemy that will spawn upon 
examination of the crystal.  Defeating it will transform the crystal into a 
regular Save Crystal.  In the next room, you need to run down to the south end 
and examine the "Sword of Judgment."  Doing so will unlock the door at the 
north end.  Head up there and examine the Way Stone to teleport back to the 
dungeon's entrance.

A bit of an "atypical" situation is coming up.  That is, a boss without a save 
point prior to it.  For this reason, I suggest you go outside to save your 
game now.  Once that is done, return here and go to the northeast corner.  
Take the stairs down to the door that is no longer locked, then take the east 
exit from the Cold Distance.  

* Note - It has been pointed out to me that there may be an error with the 
directions in this section such that the northeast door may be locked, 
requiring you take the northwest door and navigate around to the east side of 
the Cold Distance before you can reach the boss.  I apologize for any 
misdirection there may be in this section, and hope that you can still manage 
to reach the correct destination through the use of the map.  Credit to 
Michael for this correction.

BOSS: Vinuskar - HP: 15138 - LV: 27

During your time in Mt Bur-Omisace I mentioned picking up a set of light 
armour for your party, well this battle was the reason.  Anyone wearing heavy 
metal armour will be automatically burdened by a Slow effect, making their 
attack turns take almost three times as long as another character clad in 
light armour.  Make sure to equip it.

This is an interesting boss because he really isn't all that... difficult.  
You might think that his HP total is a typo, but it isn't.  Almost all your 
attacks will really pound down his health bar, especially guns which penetrate 
all defenses.  Your main goal is to just keep pounding this guy down with the 
heaviest attacks you have,  His Sword Dance might cut you up a little, but 
it's nothing that Cura can't fix.


Take the west door and examine the statue in here.  Examine the statue, then 
rotate the statue counterclockwise once to face it west.  Also, don't miss the 
urn with the map inside against the south wall.  Now, exit from here back to 
the Cold Distance and go north to the entrance.  

Save your game once again, and this time take the stairs leading down from the 
northwest corner of the Ward of Measure.  Take the west exit from this area to 
reach the Walk of Prescience.  Make an immediate right (north) and follow that 
walkway west.

When you come to the statue at the end of the room, turn it clockwise once so 
that it faces east.  Now descend the stairs to the south.  

Follow the path and go through the first door, then continue east through the 
second.  If you want treasure, head south and find the treasure room at the 
southwest corner.  Since it leads to a dead-end, come back here when you're 
done (ignore the staircase on the way).

Proceed north and go up.  You will have the choice of either going up more 
stairs (south) or staying on this second level (north.)  Take the stairs up to 
the third floor and go north.  Beyond some enemies you'll find another 
treasure trove.  

Now head south to find another statue.  Rotate this one counterclockwise once 
to face north.  From here, head east and the north.  You may find a couple 
more chests (if they spawn) on your way up toward the north corner where the 
exit to the Cold Distance is found.

Head back to the Ward of Measure and take the Way Stone teleporter at the 
south end.  You will definitely want to make a quick trip east to the Save 
Crystal (a much more difficult enemy that the "miniboss" Vinuskar awaits).  
Once that is done, run to the south end of the Ward of the Sword-King.

BOSS: Mateus - HP: 34259 - LV: 30

You may find this to be quite the challenging fight, but I've got a few tips 
that should be enough to turn the tides in your favour.  Your first concern 
(of course) is dealing with the little elemental friends that the boss summons 
at the beginning of the battle.

The easiest and most efficient way to eliminate all of them is to run right in 
the middle, pull as many of them as possible and let loose the biggest 
Quickening you can chain.  This should be more than enough to take everything 
down (or leave you in a position where you can finish it off easily yourself).

If, for whatever reason, that is not a viable option, your next best bet is 
the Thundara spell.  On the plus side, the minions are weak to Thunder and 
will all take quite a bit of damage, on the flipside the boss is protected by 
Reflect and this won't likely be a very pleasant experience for the caster.

Here's how to survive the onslaught of enemies at the start of (and 
throughout) the battle: equip your main tank with an Ice Shield (which I told 
you to buy) and as many other characters as possible with one two.  This will 
already halve the ice damage you take.

In addition, a helpful tactic is to equip the tank with the Dawn Shard.  The 
bonus of 20 Magick resist will often yield a wall of 0 damage hits as the ice 
spells come pounding in.  It certainly couldn't hurt to cast Decoy on him/her 
either to alleviate the stress on the rest of your party.

Now that everything is under control, it's time to dive in and pound the boss 
with physical attacks (remember, Reflect, avoid magic).  With only about 35000 
HP, you've pounded down larger foes in your time.  It's all about maintaining 
control at the beginning.


Take the southern door and approach the large glowing object to trigger an 
event.  The Sword of Kings that you acquire here is an enormous and impressive 
paperweight.  As impractical as a paperweight may sound in the context of this 
game, it still remains a better option than swinging this dull blade at an 

Return to the entrance and leave the Stilshrine of Miriam.  Doing so will 
initiate another cutscene.  Use the crystal to save your game and then 
teleport back to Mt Bur-Omisace.

[A033]                          Mt Bur-Omisace

All you need to do is head up toward the temple at the north end.  When you 
arrive there, a scene occurs followed by another boss battle.

BOSS: Judge Bergan - HP: 17200 - LV: 30

Begin the battle by focusing all your attacks on the Judges near the door.  
Hopefully you can take most of them down before Bergan arrives.  When it comes 
down to just Bergan alone, cast Decoy, Regen and Protect on your main tank.  
All of Bergan's attacks are basic physical hits and this will make it 
extremely difficult for him to take any one of your party members down.

Bergan will use Battle Cry to increase the damage he dishes out while 
decreasing the damage he takes.  He likes to counter attack quite often, so 
whoever you buffed up should also be one of the main attackers since he or she 
would be best able to weather the counters.  Another character might be best 
set as a dedicated Curaga caster while the third can do support damage on the 


Following the scene after the battle you will find yourself outside the 
temple.  Wandering around just above you is an NPC labeled "Acolyte."  Speak 
to him and he will give you the Stone of the Condemner which is used in a 
sidequest.  (See the Zeromus Esper in the sidequests section).

Return to the nearest crystal and teleport to the town of Rabanastre.  Head 
for the Dalmasca Estersand.  From here proceed northeast through the area, 
beyond the Outpost and take the eastern exit from the Yardang Labyrinth.  Stop 
off in Nalbina Town before taking the northwest path to the Mosphoran 

[A034]                       Mosphoran Highwaste

You wont have a map for this place now, but fortunately the path is relatively 
linear.  Regardless of which forks you take, as long as you keep moving 
northwest you will never get lost.  Head northwest to reach the Summit Path.  
Stick to the west wall and take the northwest path here (as opposed to the 
northern path on the east side).  

Climb down the leafy bridge to reach a nice resting point with a Save Crystal 
and a merchant to boot.  Look around for a Moogle on the west side who is 
willing to sell you a map of the area for only 2400 Gil.  

If you have Gyshal Greens and are interested in riding  Chocobo, one can be 
found wandering around in the area northeast of here.  That aside, your 
destination lies to the northwest of the Babbling Vale.

Watch out for traps when you enter the area.  Make a right at the fork (up the 
hill) and take that route around to the east side.  Behind the trap in the 
southeast corner of this map you will find a conspicuous rock labeled 
"Weathered Rock."  When you examine it you can knock the rock loose and create 
a bridge to the south east area.

The remainder of the route is completely intuitive, just take the path leading 
to the northwest corner and exit from there.

[A035]                          The Salikawood

Follow the first path until it leads you to a Save Crystal.  In the next area 
(Trunkwall Road) make sure to make a right turn at the fork and head east.  
Make another right turn when you get the chance and follow that road around to 
find the map inside an urn at the fork.  

Take the eastern road from here to the Diverging Way, then take the southern 
road east through there to reach the Living Chasm.  The Moogle Boss is here, 
and he knows they're never going to get anywhere unless they gather all nine 
of the Moogles (that's your job).

The nine Moogles are situated in four different locations.  Fortunately those 
locations are now designated on your map.  Begin by heading back to Trunkwall 
Road and speaking to the Moogles there, then catch up with all the Moogles at 
the north.  Finally, come back down and use the Save Crystal, then speak with 
the three Moogles here.  You can automatically go with them to the gate.

Speak to the Moogle Boss again and he'll hand you a free pair of Quasimodo 
Boots.  Nice.  Welcome to the Phon Coast.

ZODIAC SPEAR ALERT - Remember the most powerful weapon in the game I've been 
periodically alerting you to throughout the walkthrough?  Well if you think 
you're strong enough, you've got a good chance to pick it up right now.  Check 
out the sidequests section regarding the Necrohol of Nabudis for more 

[A036]                          The Phon Coast

Welcome to the beautiful Phon Coast.  There are many sections to explore and 
poor quality treasures to be found all over!  The first few areas are merely 
generic stretches of land with nothing of any particular note.  Feel more than 
welcome to wander around at your leisure and eventually make your way 
southeastward toward Hunter's Camp.  You'll find the exit leading there at the 
northeast corner of The Hakawea Shore.

A cutscene will occur upon your arrival.  There is some great new equipment 
available here at the merchant, and a Save Crystal nearby.  You need to be 
extremely careful if you're buying heavy armour because the Mirror Mail has an 
auto-reflect status built into it.  This can be helpful in some cases, however 
you may want to opt against it so you can still heal your party with magic.

Northwest of the Save Crystal at the top of the hill you can purchase a map of 
the Phon Coast from the Moogle.  When you're ready to leave, take the north 

ZODIAC SPEAR ALERT - The southeast exit from Caima Hills takes you to The 
Vaddu Strand.  Over on the far east side (not up the hill) you will come 
across 16 treasure chests in a 4x4 grid.  One of these chests cannot be 
touched if you wish to get the Zodiac Spear.  Rather than attempt to explain 
which one and chance having you get it wrong, I will instead say not to open 
ANY of them (nothing but stashes of 200 Gil or Knot of Rust) until you have 
the spear.  Once you do, then you can come back and get the pathetic amounts 
of money they hold.

With all this out of the way, it's time to progress north toward the Tchita 

[A037]                          Tchita Uplands

Note that all treasure chests in this area have a very low chance of appearing 
(only 10%), but their contents will typically be above average, so if you've 
got into the habit of ignoring out of the way chests, you might at least want 
to make a few detours while you're here.  Don't worry, there's still nothing 
unique that you will miss if you don't.  Most of them contain either a Hi-
Ether, a piece of armour you could purchase at the Phon Coast camp, or around 
a couple thousand Gil.

Take the east exit from the first area (as opposed to southeast.)  In this 
next section, cross the southern bridge and make your way to the southeast 
section to find an exit that leads to a Save Crystal.  Speak to the boy beside 
the injured Bangaa and accept his Hunt to get a Soul Ward Key.

Proceed east from here and remain close to the northern wall.  Before long you 
will come to a path leading north.  Run to the northwest corner where you will 
find the entrance to a cave.

[A038]                        Sochen Cave Palace

Take the right branch at the first fork and keep an eye out for a chest again 
the east wall.  Continue north and stay very close to the east wall.  There 
are some very dangerous traps in the middle which can confuse your party 
members and potentially wipe your entire group.

There may be another chest in the northeast corner that you hit here.  From 
there, go west as much as possible, another two chests may spawn around here 
as well.  At this point your goal is simply to head north.  Be sure to heal 
your party before zoning to the next screen.

BOSS: Mandragoras - HP: 9069 (each) - LV: 37

What a fun little battle we have here.  There are two entirely opposite 
strategies to consider for this battle depending on how prepared you are.  
Given that the Mandragoras run around the field and attack at random, it makes 
it difficult to face this boss as you would any other typical one.  

The first school of thought is for those of average level, or perhaps a little 
underpowered.  These people need every advantage they can get and thus, don't 
have a lot of room for error.  The best thing you can do in this case is 
intentionally avoid the enemies and cast Decoy on your main tank (who should 
be holding a shield).

Get yourself into an area as equally distant from every one of them as 
possible, and wait for them all to come after you at once.  Try to get at 
least four of them as close as possible, then of course, launch your biggest 
most powerful Quickening attack to nail them all.

If you are in a stronger position, capable of dishing out heavy damage 
quickly, you may find it more advantageous to hunt each one down individually 
and pound on it as you would any normal foe.  Considering that they heal quite 
often, the intense focus on one will allow you to wear it down before it has 
any chance to counter.  Pick them off one at a time as you run around the 


Defeating the Mandragoras not only nets you 1000 Gil and Remedy x 3 from the 
boy who gave you the Hunt, it also allows you to join the official Hunt Club 
located back at the Phon Coast Hunter's Camp.  Feel free to return there if 
you wish, though you can certainly wait to do so until later.

Take either the east or west door.  Make sure to heal your party.  Both paths 
lead north toward a fake Save Crystal.  As you have experienced before, you 
must defeat the bug in order to transform it into a real Save Crystal.  Save 
your game and proceed east.

Go through the north door and make a right at the first fork.  What you want 
to do is hug the eastern wall and continue in this direction until you reach 
an urn with the cave's map inside.  

Head north from here to reach the next screen.  Now, a secret room exists on 
this map, but it requires you to take a minor detour.  From here, head back 
south to the previous screen.  Now, run all the way to the far west side and 
go north there.  Doing so should trigger the message "the course of the 
waterfalls has changed."  You're on your way now.

Run north, a little east, and take the first northern exit you come to.  What 
you want to do now is run east, through the door, and then out the southeast 
door.  Keep going east from this door until you reach the far east side.  The 
exit you want is NOT the furthest east one, but the second-to-furthest east 
exit.  Take that one south to reach the falls of time again, and once again it 
should say "the course of the falls has changed."

Run DIRECTLY south from here to reach the Mirror of the Soul again.  There are 
a lot of paths leading north from this map.  You want the second-to-furthest 
west one.  Take that and again, the falls will change.

Now for the final part.  Take the north exit that is almost directly above 
this one.  It is the second-to-furthest west exit leading north to Destiny's 
March.  Once again, go through the room to the east, and this time take the 
very first exit south on the other side of the room.

This marks the final waterfall change.  The door leading south in the middle 
of this room is finally open.  Open the Pilgrim's Door and get the chest.  It 
will contain one of two things, either an Iga Blade or a Koga Blade.  Neither 
is more powerful than the other.  Keep in mind that Ninja Swords will combo 
far more often than normal weapons, so attack power isn't the only variable to 

There is a boss battle with no save point coming up soon, so you may want to 
head back and save before proceeding north.  Zoning from Destiny's March to 
the Hall of Shadowlight will trigger the boss battle.

BOSS: Ahriman - HP: 62149 - LV: 38

You may find yourself spending much of the battle fighting against your own 
party rather than the boss itself.  Ahriman uses a plethora of status effects 
on each one of your party members, forcing you into a constant statue of 
Esuna-casting and defending against confused allies.  Make sure you have a 
full complement of status healing abilities before you begin.

The boss himself is able to split up into clones, all but one of which are 
fake.  The fakes will go down in just a couple of hits, so when this occurs 
just hit everything in sight until only one remains.  his other main attack is 
elemental Magick like Blizzara and Fira, though someone wearing mystic armour 
and ready with the Cura spell should be sufficient to keep your HP up.

This is one of those fights where if you can't seem to win, your best bet is 
probably to level up more.  Given his lack of real weaknesses, much of the 
outcome is based on your ability to hit hard between heals.


Following the battle, make sure to heal your party, then take the east door.  
You need to navigate a final passage filled with both traps and enemies, so 
healing prior is very important.  Examine the pedestal at the top of the hill 
and ride the lift out of this dungeon.

[A039]                           Old Archades

Speak with the merchant here and pick up three Embroidered Tippets.  You may 
yet still prefer the Golden Amulets, but no doubt you will want to purchase 
them eventually.  

Make your way west until you eventually reach the next area, the Alley of 
Muted Sighs.  Right when you arrive, speak to one of the nearest Archadian 
Villagers (talking to a Bangaa).  This "Lucky Man" as he is called will tell 
you about a Bag 'o Coin.  

Now, head for the southern gate on the west side just beyond the Save Crystal.  
Speak to the guard and choose either option, this will trigger a scene with 
some scruffy looking man.  When he requests 1500 Gil for his help, you have no 
choice but to agree.  

Talk to Jules since you have already heard about the Bag 'o Coin.  He'll 
direct you to a person named Beasley, who just happens to be only a few steps 
west of the Bag 'o Coin man.  After talking to him, head back and talk to 
Jules (who may have moved a little).

[A040]                             Archades

The first thing you are going to want is the map of the city.  Head west to 
Molberry and then up to the northwest corner shop.  The Cartographer's Guild 
Moogle is located in here.  

There are a number of shops and whatnot to visit in this large city.  Just 
keep in mind that regardless of what money you spend, you will soon need 
another 2500 Gil to purchase further information from Jules again.

When you're done shopping, speak to the Cab Guide south of the equipment shop.  
Basically, here is how chops work: you speak to one person with a highlighted 
phrase, memorize it (the option will appear) then find the person it matches 
with.  Every time you do this you will get a Pinewood Chop, and you need nine.  

Your best bet is to head up to Molberry and do all of the little matching 
quests there.  A total of nine of them exist in that area, and since the two 
people are ALWAYS in the same area, you won't have to go anywhere else.  

After collecting enough chops and riding the cab, use the Save Crystal and 
head north for a scene.  Try to go back and another occurs.  Speak to the 
cabbie and tell him "you know where to go."

[A041]                        Draklor Laboratory

Begin by heading west and then north repeatedly until you reach an elevator.  
Examine the North Lift Terminal and ride it to 67F.  Proceed east to a fork 
and north at that point to reach C.D.B.  A quick scene occurs here which nets 
you a Lab Access Card as well as a map.

The minimap no longer works, however that is of little consequence given the 
map you just found.  Enter the west room (Rm 7704 East) and use the Save 
Crystal in here.  

The Bulkhead Controls in the room just below this one will switch the doors in 
a manner similar to that of the mines you visited previously.  Open the blue 
bulkheads and backtrack to the elevator.  Ride the lift up to 68F.

Your goal now is to locate room 6803 on the east side of this floor.  Press 
the button to open the red bulkheads.  Now what you want to do is head north 
and then immediately west down the hall.  Go south upon reaching the next hall 
and enter the first room, room 6804.

Press the Bulkhead Controls to open the red doors again, then head south, 
west, south, west and so on until you eventually find room 6811 down in the 
corner.  Press the control button here to switch things around a third time.  

Head east, north up the hall, then east again when you get the chance.  This 
will lead you to another elevator that can be used to reach 70F.  Use the Save 
Crystal before ascending the stairs to the boss.

BOSS: Doctor Cid - HP: 72989 - LV: 40
Helm Rook - HP: 9859

Definitely the toughest boss you've faced in a long time, you're going to get 
your ass handed to you if not properly prepared.  Fortunately, with the right 
strategy this guy can be fairly easily taken care of.

Begin the battle with your inactive party.  Let loose a chain of level three 
Quickenings on one of the Rooks, NOT on Dr. Cid since the Rooks protect him 
and it will do far less damage.  This point is very important.  You need to 
eliminate those Rooks first and quickly, a difficult task given their defense 
and HP.

After launching this Quickening with your inactive party, switching your main 
members and begin attacking the Rooks individually while keeping your HP up.  
You might think that using powerful AoE Magick on all of them will help bring 
them down faster, but note that they cast Reflect on Doctor Cid, meaning this 
Magick is going to come right back at you.

Keep your party healed and just keep attacking the Rooks.  Don't even think 
about touching Doctor Cid until all four of them are down.  By this time he 
will no doubt have Protect, Shell and Regen on himself making the fight just 
that much more difficult.  

Fortunately by this time he is also running low on offensive ideas.  He 
attacks with a gun, so you can't block it, but guns have a slow attack speed 
and it's very easy to keep up with the damage being done.  The exception of 
course is when he launches his giant explosion attack, but mystic armour and 
Cura always make for a great recovery combination.

Set a dedicated healer and two dedicated damage dealers, and once the Rooks 
are down it is very unlikely you will have trouble with the rest of the 

[A042]                         Balfonheim Port

Wander around the port at your leisure, picking up whatever new equipment and 
abilities you need.  Your destination for now is the area at the northeastern 
corner, there are a number of important things to find there.  

Just south of the Save Crystal is the Cartographer's Guild Moogle from which 
you can buy some maps.  Just behind him is a nice chest containing 5040 Gil.  
With those two things taken care of, your next task is to use the Save Crystal 
and teleport to Eruyt Village.  If you need Teleport Stones, the nearby 
merchant sells them.

Enter the Golmore Jungle and make your way through down to the south end.  
There you will find the entrance to the Feywood.

[A043]                             Feywood

Your goal is simply to make your way to the southern end of the wood.  Take 
the southeast path to the Walk of Stolen Truths first.  You lose your minimap 
at this point so listen closely.  Turn immediately east and run straight in 
that direction.  You will soon find the map of the Feywood inside of an urn.  
Use this map to navigate south without the help of your minimap.

Make sure to save your game at the Save Crystal in Antiquity's End.  If you 
proceed any further south you will run into a boss.  Make sure you have a full 
complement of items before you take on this particular foe.  

BOSS: Rafflesia - HP: 73393 - LV: 43

Proper preparation is paramount to success in this battle.  When the fight 
begins, a Magick draining field is put into place.  All members of your party 
will instantly find that their MP is slowly draining away.  Before long there 
will be nothing left to cast Magick with and thus, you want to make sure you 
launch everything you need to right at the beginning.  

The most important spell here is "Dispel."  By default, the boss is protected 
by Reflect, Haste / Regen and Shell.  Dispel will remove all of these buffs at 
once leaving the boss more vulnerable to your attacks.  

Rafflesia will attack with just about every negative status effect your can 
think of.  Aside from Confuse (which is quickly removed by an attack), the 
worst of these is "Disable."  If you are aiming to choose an accessory to 
equip here, the Black Belt would be my first choice.

After Dispelling Rafflesia, launch the most powerful attacks you have that 
require MP.  Whether this be Quickening chains or Magick spells is ultimately 
your decision.  Regardless of how you act, it is inevitable that you will be 
left without MP.  You may want to consider equipping your magicians with 
strong melee weapons for the duration of the fight.


No doubt your party will be in disarray following that fight.  Head north and 
use the Save Crystal to replenish your health before proceeding further.  
Heading south of where you fought Rafflesia will tae you (not surprisingly) 
into southern Feywood.  This area is considered different enough to 
necessitate another map.

You'll find the urn with the map (candle) in it in this area (White Magick's 
Embrace), down in the southeast corner.  Watch out for the rare Juggernaut 
enemy that can spawn here.  His HP total is ridiculously high.  but he does 
net you 12 LP.

There is a relatively simple puzzle to be found in this area.  Note that when 
you look at your map you will see four star-shaped designs.  These represent 
the four shrines in this area.  Make your way to any one of them and stand in 
the middle.  Eventually one of them will prompt you to press X.

Doing so will give you a message: "In this sanctum shall the pilgrim find 
truth and illusion both.  Illusion betokens the true way."  After reading 
this, spin your camera around and look between each of the pillars.  One of 
them will appear as a beautiful forested path.  Head through it and proceed 
right in that direction to the next shrine.

Repeat this same pattern over and over and eventually it should point you 
southwest toward The Edge of Reason.  Trying to access this area anytime 
earlier will find you looping backward on the map.

Before repeating the exact same process here, head southwest toward the four 
"points" on your map, rather than the six that indicate a shrine location.  
Just southeast of here there is a chance of a chest appearing that contains 
the "Ensanguined Shield."  

This extremely powerful shield will inflict a number of negative status 
effects while equipped, but offer incredible protection.  Once acquired the 
chest will never respawn, but until you find it, it always have a 1-in-4 
chance of appearing on this map as long as you move away about two or three 
maps and come back to check.

Anyway, do the same shrine puzzle you did on the previous map until it directs 
you west toward the exit.  There is a large door here which when examined, 
will call you the summoner of the "Gigas."  It is referring specifically to 
Belias.  Summon Belias and then touch the gate.  This is how you unlock it.  

[A044]                            Giruvegan

Head for the Save Crystal located west of the main entrance.  Further west you 
will find a Way Stone.  Touch the device and warp to the Gate of Water.  
Directly ahead of you is a boss.

BOSS: Daedalus - HP: 65644 - LV: 42

Think of this as just a more difficult random battle.  It's a battle to see 
who can hit harder, with the boss having one advantage: Haste.  Turn his 
advantage against him by starting the battle off with Dispel and haste on your 
entire party.

The boss attacks with powerful physical combinations and elemental attacks 
that hit the entire group.  One of the main attacks is elemental Earth so 
anyone equipped with the Dragon Shield will shrug it off with a nice 0 damage.

As the battle goes on his attacks will get increasingly powerful, to the point 
where it is almost impossible to survive anything he does when his health is 
15% or less.  I suggest you save a powerful Quickening chain for just this 
occasion and let it loose when it seems all hope is lost.  You would be 
surprised how quickly it turns the battle around.


Take the new Way Stone here to reach the Water-Steps.  Head directly south 
down the ramp and examine the device at the bottom called Avrio Gate Stone.  
This will open up the southern path.  head as far south as you possibly can 
and take out the two Mythril Golems.  After doing so, touch the Chthes Gate 

Now from here, head all the way north (straight north, stay on this path, use 
the map if necessary.)  At the top of the ramp you will find a chest 
containing either White Fang or Elixir.  Now go back down the ramp, a little 
west, and north from there.

Follow this path around to a second chest containing a guaranteed White Fang.  
Since this route is a dead end, you need to go back a little take the south 
path (look at your map, it should have enough filled in to show how to reach 
the western area.)  Take the glowing green path south to the next area.

At the bottom of the ramp you will find the Paron gate Stone near two Mythril 
Golems.  Make sure to touch it.  Head northeast now and follow this road until 
you inevitably reach the Parelthon Gate Stone guarded by another couple 
Mythril Golems.  

After touching it, run north of the stone until you are wedged in the corner.  
The road you want to take is the one west of here, not the one you took to 
reach this place.  Note at the bottom of the ramp there is a gate.  Remember 
how to get back here, but keep running west ALL the way to the end.  Now start 
zig-zagging south.

Before long you will reach the Tychi Gate Stone.  This is the final one.  If 
you continue in the direction you are going you will find a chest with a 50% 
chance of containing an Elixir.  Your ultimate goal however is to turn around 
and return to that gate on the west side I told you to make note of.  

Down at the bottom there are two Mythril Golems and what seems like a dead 
end.  Try to run west out onto thin air and a magic path will appear in front 
of you.

Proceed through the gate and use the Save Crystal as you travel west.  Make an 
immediate left in the next area and go up the ramp.  Make a right (northwest) 
at the top and do the following: run your character along the northeast edge 
of this path.  Like before you will unlock a hidden invisible path leading 
northeast.  At the end, is a boss.

BOSS: Tyrant - HP: 180428 - LV: 43

A Magick field envelops the party: you cannot use Technicks!  I can only 
assume that you, like myself, how found that virtually all available Technicks 
at this point (side from perhaps Charge) are entirely useless.  If you're 
going to be taken down in this battle, Technicks won't be the reason.

The insane HP total of this boss will ensure a lengthy fight, so hopefully you 
are well equipped and stocked with both items and MP.  The most important 
thing to do, like previous battles, is cast Dispel right away.  The Regen, 
Protect and Shell surrounding this guy make him a little too powerful for the 
average party.

With Curaja at your disposal the fight is long, but manageable.  Elemental 
protection helps as well, but it really isn't necessary.  He'll attack with 
magic, melee strikes and the powerful Graviga spell.  Just set one dedicated 
healer and have the other two players hit as hard as they can.  If you happen 
to have the Zodiac Spear, make sure to cast Haste on whoever is wielding it to 
ensure massive damage!

Another tactic (submitted by Jason) is to simply set two characters to 
constantly cast the Blizzaga spell while the third uses Curaja and casts Haste 
on the other two.  The boss will go down very quickly.


Use the Way Stone to warp to "A Prima Vikaari."  Your map for this area is 
inaccurate to say the least.  It is going to be very difficult to guide you, 
so listen closely.  

Find "Gate Scorpio" here in the starting area.  Turn left and go down the 
first hidden path you find.  Examine the object in the middle (trapped) to get 
either a Black Mask or an Elixir.  There is another hidden path here that 
leads downward.  Once again there is a hidden path, this one leads down to a 
Way Stone.

There are three hidden paths here, side by side.  The one you want is the one 
in the middle.  Examine the chest at the top to get either a Knot of Rust or 
some White Robes.  Now take the other path leading down to reach the Cancer 
Gate Stone.  Kill the Mythril Golems and examine it.  

Take the other path leading up to reach the three-way fork once again.  The 
path you want this time is the one on the far right.  Continue past this 
platform down the next road to reach Dha Vikaari Trahk.

Locate Gate Pisces and then take the first path on the left that leads down.  
Continue further down from there.  Here you will find the Aries Gate and the 
Pisces Gate Stone.  Touch the stone and backtrack two areas up to the top 

Take the path in the left when you reach the top.  It is the only path of the 
three that leads up.  Examine the object in the middle to get either a Knot of 
Rust or a Holy Lance.  Turn around and go straight across the previous 
platform in this direction.  If you get turned around, I mean to take the path 
on the right (leading down) at the intersection of three (in A Vikaari Bhrum).

Use the Way Stone here and watch the scene.  Take the path in front of you 
down and use the Save Crystal.  Finally, take the Way Stone next to the Save 
Crystal and you will arrive in the Gate of Wind (where both your map and 
minimap work again.)  From here it's a linear road to the boss.

BOSS: Shemhazai - HP: 91136 - LV: 45

No big surprises here, though this is by no means an easy boss.  You will 
likely have to alter your strategy a little because this Esper makes it very 
difficult to use magic.  First of all, Shemhazai absorbs all but one magical 
element, and by the time you find what that element is, Shemhazai has changed 
it to something else.  Forget magic.

Secondly, even if you wanted to use magic, the boss casts Silencega often 
enough so that it becomes very difficult.  For this reason you will want to 
swap your Esuna Gambits for Echo Herb Gambits, or if not that, then at least 
use an Echo Herb on your main healer so he or she can keep you alive.

None of the boss' attacks are really noteworthy with the exception of Flare 
which does heavy damage to one person (often enough to take them down at full 
health.)  Fortunately this won't happen often enough to really put a kink in 
your plans.  Just keep hitting with your most powerful physical attacks, and 
AGAIN I must say that Dispel works wonders at the start of battle for getting 
rid of that pesky Haste effect.

Like Daedalus and countless bosses before, Shemhazai's defense gets so 
outrageously strong as its HP depletes toward 0 that the game almost forces 
you to finish off the final 15% or so with a Quickening chain.  So... do just 


There is a Way Stone south of here that you can use.  Read the inscription and 
touch the stone.  You will obtain the Treaty-Blade following the scene.  Touch 
the Way Stone again after the scene.  You will find yourself at the entrance.  
Use the Save Crystal here to teleport to the Port at Balfonheim.

[A045]                         Balfonheim Port

I don't think I need to tell you what a wonderful opportunity this is to 
update your Magick and equipment.   No doubt you will have an abundance of 
cash thanks to your trek through Giruvegan.  Sell your loot and pick up some 
new gear.

Once that issue is taken care of, your destination is the red X marker on your 
map (far west side).  Speak to the watch and choose to enter the Manse.  This 
will trigger a scene.  After it ends, your next destination is the aerodome.  
Head there and speak to the woman at the desk near the entrance to board the 
Strahl.  Choose The Ridorana Cataract to the southeast.

[A046]                        Ridorana Cataract

Use the Save Crystal at the entrance and begin your journey into the cataract.  
There is nothing particularly interesting in the first area aside from a few 
poor quality chests and some typical enemies.  Two exits can be found in this 
area, one to the northeast and the other to the southeast.  The southeast exit 
is the one you want.

Make an immediate left in the Colosseum and be careful of the multitudes of 
traps found in here.  Go down the first steps you find and make a left at the 
bottom.  This path will lead you to a dead end where you will find the urn 
with a map inside.  

At this point you can wander around the Colosseum picking up chests full of 
worthless items, or you can backtrack a tiny bit to the stairs you just came 
down, and this time head north to reach the Colosseum's exit.  

Head north along the path until you come to a fork in the road.  Down the 
small set of stairs to the northeast is a nice little treasure room.  Once 
you've emptied it out, continue east to reach the Path of Hidden Blessing.  

At the top of the stairs you will find a Save Crystal with a line of about 
five or six traps leading to it.  Make sure to avoid these, but even if you 
don't, at least the crystal is there to heal you.

[A047]                              Pharos

Do not enter this tower without the Esunaga spell.  That's all I'm going to 
say.  If you don't have it, turn around.  Also, while you're at it, make sure 
you've got the Float spell handy as well.

Secondly, you should be aware just how outrageously long this dungeon is.  It 
will take hours, even with the guide.  Just take the length of this guide 
section as an example of how much there is to come.  Bear that in mind before 
you settle in.

BOSS: Hydro - HP: 203800 - LV: 47

As I have repeated many-a-time before, the battle best begins with a quick 
cast of Dispel Magick.  You will find yourself falling victim to spells like 
Immobilizega (or whatever it was called) that Immobilize your party so it is 
best to get them into position right away (thus you really won't care that you 
can't move).

In addition to this, poisons, Sap, MP drains are all fair game for this boss 
as he sets out to both crush you and annoy you at the same time.  Be ready 
with an Esuna Gambit at all times and that should be more than enough to keep 
his Magick at bay.  The boss' high HP is about his biggest advantage, but you 
can counter that by casting Haste on your heaviest hitter and just waiting it 


Don't bother going back to save your game.  Just ahead you will find another 
Save Crystal.  It is at the northeast corner of the next room.  As you wander 
around this floor you will periodically collect items called Black Orbs from 
slain foes.  

I will now direct you to the inconveniently located map urn.  Take the south 
exit out of this room and run to the far east side where the next exit is 
located (but don't take it).  Instead, go up the small set of steps here and 
navigate through these rooms toward the centre again.  You should reach a 
lengthy rectangle shaped area where the map urn can be found on the west side.  

Now with the map in hand, let's take a look at what we have.  The northwest 
exit of this room leads to the circular centre area.  Take this exit.  Here 
you will an object called the Altar of Night.  Place one of the Black Orbs you 
have found into it, then return to the previous room.  If you have no Black 
Orbs, it means you weren't killing enough enemies.

Now, take the north path up to the next area.  Technically it isn't a 
different room since the Wellspring Labyrinth is so big.  Your goal is to 
reach the northeast corner.  From the northeast corner you can see there is 
another exit toward the centre, this one leading southwest.  Take it.

Place another Black Orb into the Altar of night and return to the previous 
room.  With this  out of the way your goal is now to navigate back to the 
entrance room with the Save Crystal.  Down the southeast walkway you will find 
the third and final Altar of Night.  Use a Black Orb to unlock the door.  Now, 
save your game and head to the far east end of the Wellspring Labyrinth to the 
door that was previously locked.

Go up the desert hill and approach the rock at the top.

BOSS: Pandemonium - HP: 116678 - LV: 45

A nice break from some of the more difficult fights you've faced recently.  
This boss attacks like a very large, but very basic enemy.  He relies almost 
entirely on slow, powerful, physical attacks.  For this reason there is one 
strategy that absolutely cannot fail.

Take your main tank character, equip him/her with a shield and the Gauntlet 
accessory.  Cast Protect, Regen and Decoy (maybe even Bubble) on this 
character and voila!  You are practically invincible.  

The only noteworthy occurrence here is the inevitable shield the boss uses at 
the 50% mark to make him invincible to all attacks for a period of time.  
During this time, focus on casting magic like Protectga and other positive 
status magic to buff your party up.  After a minute or two the shield 
dissipates and never returns.  He's all yours now.


With Pandemonium dead the Way Stone is now active.  Return to the entrance and 
save your game, then use the stone.  In this new area, head northeast into the 
large room and take the north path.  Run all the way north to the dead end 
where it will give prompt you at the wall labeled "Fool's Facade."  Choose to 
break the wall and you might find a chest inside (Hi-Potion or Elixir).

Climb the east stairs and defeat the enemies to form a section of bridge.  Now 
cross the bridge and head south.  Make sure to kill all the Brainpan enemies 
you see.  As you climb the next sets of stairs you will encounter two of them 
(forming two sections of bridge.)  

The remaining two can be found up the stairs near the bridge.  One is hidden 
in a corner at the top, the other is in one of the small rooms.  Ascend the 
stairs on the other side.  When you finally reach a set of rooms near the top, 
you'll find the first Brainpan hiding in the corner (like before.)

The second is found inside one of the small rooms, again, identical to one of 
the previous ones.  There is a Fool's Facade next to the Brainpan leading to a 
chest.  Climb the next set of stairs to find the third Brainpan on 21F.  There 
is another Fool's Facade on 23F.  It leads up to 24F.  

The next floor contains the final three brainpans you need to create the 
bridge.  Cross it and go up the stairs.  You may notice a lone chest you 
cannot access.  Ignore it for now, I'll tell you how you can get it soon.

Climb the stairs and take out the Brainpans on 29F.  You will now encounter a 
new type of enemy: the Deidar.  They are identical to Brainpans, except red, 
and they destroy bridges rather than create them.  

Ascend the north stairs and break the Fool's Facade to find a chest.  Open the 
ancient door a little to the south and defeat the Brainpan inside.  You'll 
find another Brainpan at the top of the stairs to the south.  Now climb the 
stairs to the east, ignore the red guy and kill the final Brainpans.  After 
stepping on the bridge (to turn it to stone) you can take out the Deidar and 
it will have no ill effect.

Take out the Brainpan on 32F (fleeing from the Deidar) and look for the next 
two Brainpans on 34F.  Take the east path and get the Brainpan at the top of 
the stairs.  Two more Brainpans can be found at the end of the hall, with one 
Deidar.  If you've done everything correctly you will be able to cross the 
bridge now.

On the other side you may see a red bridge if you've been killing Deidars 
after forming bridges.  You may not be able to cross it now, but it gives you 
a clue that before long you'll be able to come back to get some missed 

Take out the two Brainpans on 36F and skip the Deidar.  Another brainpan can 
be found on 38F.  Go through the rooms on 40F to find an additional Brainpan.  
Another is found up the stairs to the west and finally.  Keep climbing further 
to 46F.  In one of the rooms you will find a Fool's Facade.  with a chest 
inside.  A Brainpan waits in the opposite room.  You'll find another Brainpan 
and the bridge on 47F.

Now, here's what you can do: continue up to the next floor and use the Save 
Crystal.  If you like, you can head all the way back down, killing all the 
Deidars you see and fleeing from all the Brainpans.  Doing so will net you the 
following: A red bridge on 35F (leading to a Fool's Facade) and chests 
containing a Dueling Mask and a Zeus Mace.  These chests only have a 70% 
appearance rate, so you may need to run a few screens away and come back.

Back down on 25F there will be a red bridge leading to a (possible) chest 
containing Holy Rod.  It is EXTREMELY annoying when these chests do not 
appear, as if what you have already accomplished wasn't enough to reward you 
with the item.  Note that these aren't even the best equips of their type, so 
if you pass them up... it really doesn't matter.

Back to the Save Crystal, head for the stairs on the southwest side and take 
them up.  Once again you'll find yourself in an odd location.

BOSS: Slyt - HP: 92661 - LV: 47

For the first time in a long time, Dispel is useless.  While the boss is 
healed occasionally by its Regen effect, Dispelling it will only cause it to 
reappear seconds later.  

There isn't much to say about this battle.  Like Pandemonium before him, Slyt 
is quite fond of melee attacks.  Cast Protectga on your full party and start 
to hit as hard as you can with the most effective attacks you have.  


At the top of the stairs you will find a Way Stone that warps you to floor 67.  
So begins the second ascent.  There is a Save Crystal over on the northwest 
side you will want to use.  Now you have to make a choice.  Each of these four 
doors leads further up the tower, however they are all different in some 
manner.  Each path will put you at some disadvantage, with each disadvantage 
depending on the path.

For example, the "Threshold of Steel" forces you to fight without weapons.  
There are four total that remove the four following options: weapons, Magick, 
items, minimap.  I will choose the minimap option since the game still lets 
you use the map.  Items would be another viable choice.  If you choose 
weapons... well, good luck.

Head southeast for the Threshold of Knowledge and examine the altar near the 
door.  Touch it to unlock the door.  Make your way around to the stairs and 
climb up to 61F.  Remember to open the map constantly.

Your goal here on 61F is to reach the west side.  Go down one room from where 
you entered, then straight west and straight north.  No problem.  You've 
reached 62F already.

Head straight east on this floor and go out toward the inner circle walkway.  
Take the small steps at the northwest corner of the circle.  Go straight north 
and you will find a door that cannot be opened from this side.  What you have 
to do is go east through a long hallway, then look at your map.  See another 
long hallway just north of the one you took?  Go north and run west along that 
hallway (watch out for the trap).

On the far west side, also known as the very furthest northwest corner of 62F, 
is the urn with a map inside of it.  That door you couldn't open from the 
other side can be opened from this side.  Take a look at your full map now.  
Your goal is to get from here, to the far southeast corner and take the stairs 
up from there to reach 63F.

Your goal on this floor is simply to reach the northwest corner where the 
stairs are located.  To get there, you must actually go to the northeast 
corner and take the "furthest north" hallway leading west.  From the far west 
corner now, go south and up the stairs.  If you try to go any other way you 
will get stuck behind one-way doors.

This "safe" floor has a Save Crystal up near the northwest corner.  Use the 
crystal and then take the stairs on the southwest side to 65F.

BOSS: Fenrir - HP: 189992 - LV: 49

Start by Dispelling the boss to get rid of his Haste and Bravery, then dig in!  
You've faced similar foes already, both Pandemonium and Slyt were heavy on the 
physical front, Fenrir is even more so.  His combination attacks are 

Fortunately his defense is extremely weak, so physical attacks on your end are 
very effective.  Set someone up to tank the boss by casting Decoy and Protect 
on them, then equipping them with a shield.  This is one of the only ways to 
survive his powerful onslaught.  


Enter the Threshold of Sacrifice and locate the altar in the equivalent 
location to where it was on the floor below (southeast for the Altar of 
Knowledge.)  Touching the altar will give you your powers back.  This raises 
an elevator on the west side you can use to ride up to 67F.  Save your game 
here and take the Way Stone to enter the Third Ascent.

Make sure you do exactly what I say.  Choosing the wrong sigil can lead to a 
trip into the demon pit.  Not a pleasant experience.

The correct sigil to take is the Way Stone - Black Sigil.  Touch that and then 
head east.  Run down to the southeast corner and approach the wall to find a 
Fool's Facade.  The chests in here (if they appear) will contain either a 
Dragon Whisker or a Rubber Suit.  Touch the green sigil in here.

Make your way down one of the halls, breaking through the Fool's Facades as 
you go.  Touch the Way Stone - Red Sigil at the end to be warped to a hidden 
area.  There is a chest here containing a Circlet.  Now examine the purple 
"Sigil of Sacrifice" and it will warp you to the northwest area (Spire Ravel - 
2nd Flight.)

Head up the path leading north and break the Fool's Facade leading west.  Use 
the Way Stone in here to warp to another area.  Now you are almost done.  
There is a Way Stone beside you right here.  Use the stone to teleport and go 
through the south door.  You will find the urn with the map here.  Once you 
have the map, go back up, take the Way Stone and use the east elevator to 
reach 90F.

BOSS: Hashmal - HP: 209060 - LV: 50

This Esper makes for a rather interesting boss fight.  Start by Dispelling his 
Protect status and then get ready as he Roxxors you right into the ground.  
Literally.  Protectga is a great spell to have here, but it's not the only 

As his health dwindles down below 50% he will prepare his massive limit break 
attack.  It most likely has a name, but the name escapes me for the time 
being.  The point is that there's a great way to avoid it entirely -- Float.  
Like most Final Fantasy games, Earth-based attacks are totally nullified by 
the Float status.  if you don't have Float, you may have the Dragon Shield 
still kicking around in your inventory, it has the same effect.

Aside from that, you've beaten bosses before, you know how to do it again.  
Without the aid of his most powerful attack spell he's going to find it very 
difficult to wipe out your party.


Time for a lengthy boring trip around in a big circle.  As you walk a scene 
will take over automatically.  Use the Save Crystal and prepare for even more 
boss fights after using the Way Stone.

BOSS: Gabranth - HP: 64049 - LV: 47

You've faced Judges before, this one is no different.  He casts Protect on 
himself to start, so Dispel it.  You will spend most of the battle exchanging 
physical blows and healing your party without any surprises.  

Half way through Gabranth stops to talk to Basch, the readies new attacks like 
"Guilt" and such, but they're nothing you can't weather.  Just keep hitting 
him.  Like Judges before him, you don't even have to get his HP bar down to 
zero.  If you have trouble with this guy, you may think about leveling up a 
little, because it's just going to get harder in a second.


BOSS: Dr. Cid - HP: 82093 - LV: 50
Famfrit - HP: 149060

Dr. Cid starts the battle with Protect, Shell and Haste.  Sounds like a 
perfect time to cast Dispel.  Cid hits relatively hard, and from time to time, 
readies his powerful (and hilarious) Gatling Gun attack which does moderate 
damage to all party members.  You'll definitely need a Curaja after that.

Once you get his HP down to about 50% Dr. Cid summons the Esper Famfrit.  Now 
you will have no choice but to focus all your attacks on it.  The first thing 
you will want to do (besides Dispelling it) is to cast Shell on your party.  
Famfrit's most powerful attack is the Waterja spell which (if you're weakened) 
can potentially wipe out your entire group.  Shell lessens the damage here.

Have someone ready to cast Dispel because Dr. Cid will remain active and cast 
spells like Haste, Shell and protect on his Esper.  Keep an eye on Famfrit's 
HP bar which appears below him, not at the top of the screen.  Once the Esper 
finally goes down you should have no trouble finishing off the remainder of 
Dr. Cid's HP.  

Remember that Dr. Cid uses guns, so it is not necessary to cast Protect on 
your party once the Esper has been downed.  


Congratulations on finally finishing one of the longest dungeons in the 
universe.  Watch the scene and prepare for the end of the game.

[A048]                         Balfonheim Port

This is your final stop before the end of the game.  If you want to head off 
and do sidequests, now is the time.  Stock up on whatever you think you need 
and head for the Aerodome.  Your destination is Bahamut.

[A049]                             Bahamut

You may be surprised to hear that this isn't actually a dungeon.  Pharos was 
the final dungeon, this is just a string of bosses.  make an immediate right 
and go through the door.  It's not actually necessary to fight the guards.  
You won't be leaving, so there's no reason to level up.  Just flee past 

At the bottom of the stairs make a left at the fork and go up to the central 
ring.  Run straight ahead (southwest) to the even more central ring and head 
west from there.  Heal your party (no Save Crystal) then examine the Lift 

BOSS: Gabranth - HP: 70719 - LV: 49

Dispel his Haste effect, then start pounding.  Gabranth is able to cast the 
Renew spell after taking a certain amount of damage.  By doing so he actually 
becomes more powerful.  Offset his new attacks by casting Protectga to lessen 
the damage to your entire party.  Once again, this fight is far too similar to 
previous Judge battles for you to really be unprepared.


Engage the lift and ride it up. There is nothing left to do now besides fight.

BOSS: Vayne - HP: 76755 - LV: 50

The first incarnation of Vayne is a physical brawler.  He will use a lot of 
very cinematic attacks, but for all his theatrics, he seems to have difficulty 
actually finishing you off.  This is especially true if you protect your party 
with Protectga Magick.

Physical attacks are more than adequate to beat Vayne.  His HP in this form is 
quite low and this battle serves mostly as an "introduction" if you will to 
the coming fights.  


BOSS: Vayne Novus - HP: 104210 - LV: 53
Sephira - HP: 12121 (each)

Now it starts to get hard.  Start by Dispelling all the powerful buffs Vayne 
begins with and then send your entire party after him.  Obviously the two 
schools of thought question whether it is best to focus on him, or eliminate 
his swords.  I found it somewhat unnecessary to destroy the swords and instead 
chose to focus on him, but you might think otherwise.

Gabranth with inevitably focus mostly on the swords.  You can ignore him.  
Keep hitting Vayne as hard as you possibly can and be ready to Curaja 
constantly.  You need to keep you MP up so try to rotate the Curajas between 
party members if you can.

After each of Vayne speeches you might want to check him again, his Protect, 
Shell and Haste will periodically reappear and need to be Dispelled.  If you 
can keep those off him you can drastically increase your chances of winning.  
He doesn't have any weaknesses to exploit, and he raises a Magick shield half 
way through, so it's physical attacks all the way.  Before using items, 
remember the most difficult battle is still to come.


BOSS: The Undying - HP: 228299 - LV: 55

The lack of HP bar for this boss makes the fight not only difficult, but 
confusing.  You never really know what's going on unless you pay attention.  
The Undying will give clues as to its HP level by its shielding actions.  

When the boss is half dead it will bring up a shield that protects it from 
physical attacks.  You'll have to move on to Magick at this point.  Flare, 
Holy, whatever you've got.  The shield wears off after a period of time so 
don't feel obligated to waste all your Magick.

Here's something you can do during this time: cast Protectga, Shellga and 
Bubble on every member of your party.  That will give you a huge advantage.  
Another thing to do is to keep an eye out for when the boss casts spells like 
Faith and Bravery.  Use Dispel Magick when this happens, otherwise the boss' 
attacks are going to increase in power by quite a bit.

The majority of The Undying's attacks are big epic-looking explosion-esque 
blasts that just... do damage to every member of your party.  With the scope 
of the spell animations you might expect it to tear a hole in the fabric of 
space, but no, you're basically just looking at about 1000 - 2000 damage to 
every party member.  Nothing much if you cast Bubble, and especially so if you 
have Curaja Gambits on everyone.

Here's something very important to keep in mind: the game is over, you are 
done, and there is absolutely NO reason to hang onto ANY item in your 
inventory.  Use Elixirs and Ethers like basic Potions if you need to.

When the boss casts Dispelga, get those Protectga and Shellga spells back up!


Congratulations on successfully completing Final Fantasy XII.

[B000]                              Hunts                            
[B000]                     Red & Rotten in the Desert                     

TARGET Rogue Tomato - HP: 134 - LV: 2

300 Gil, Potion x 2, Teleport Stone

The Rogue Tomato quest will automatically be completed during the main events 
of the game.  Leave Rabanastre through the eastern exit to the Dalmasca 
Estersand.  The Rogue Tomato is found roughly around the centre among two 
trees.  Beat on the Tomato until it drops down below and follow it down so 
that you may finish it off.  

[B000]                         Wolf in the Waste                     

TARGET: Thextera - HP: 380 - LV: 6

500 Gil, Headguard, Teleport Stone

Head for the Dalmasca Westersand by taking the west exit out of Rabanastre.  
Upon arriving in the Westersand, head directly south as soon as the path opens 
up.  Stick to the east side and follow a little pathway going around to the 
side.  No doubt you will soon happen upon the larger icon on your minimap.

Quickly eliminate the small wolves as fast as possible so they do not 
interfere with the main battle.  The boss has a weakness to wind, though it is 
unlikely you will be able to exploit this at such an early stage in the game.  
Generally the tactics require nothing more than basic attacks and healing.  If 
you are unable to defeat the boss it is most likely a case of too low a level, 
or not enough people in the party.

[B000]                      Dalmasca's Desert Bloom                     

TARGET: Flowering Cactoid - HP: 755 - LV: 4

500 Gil, Potion x 10

Take the northeast exit from the Outpost and continue northeast in the next 
area.  Take a look at your main map for this area.  You will see that from 
where you entered, if you just kept going north you would reach the Sand-Swept 
Naze before long.  Do note however, the two smaller paths leading east in the 
Yardang Labyrinth (where you are).  The more northern of these two paths hides 
the Flowering Cactoid.

The Flowering Cactoid has one main attack "run away and aggro everything 
else".  Just keep pounding it with every attack you have, it only has 755 HP.  
As it gets close to death you will see a message "Flowering Cactoid is 
readying 1000 Needles."  This attack will do 1000 damage to one of your party 
members (and no doubt kill them).  It's possible to kill the cactoid before it 
unleashes this attack, but I wouldn't count on it.

Speak to Dantro to get your reward.  The Cactus Flower you received leads to 
another sidequest, however you cannot complete it at the early stage of the 
game, so you may need to put it on hold for the time being.

[B000]                         Waterway Haunting                     

TARGET: Wraith - HP: 5146 - LV: 9

500 Gil, Ether, Gauntlets

Enter the Garamsythe Waterway (the east door) and go down the stairs.  Wander 
around in the middle of the Overflow Cloaca (first room) a bit and the Wraith 
should reveal itself before long.

The Wraith is an interesting boss because the majority of its attacks are 
actually quite weak.  It instead relies on a spell called Doom which puts a 
slow counting timer of 10 on one character, which instantly kills them once it 
hits 0.  You can remove this effect with a Remedy, though since it will 
inevitably just be put back on, I would suggest waiting until the timer gets 
as low as 3 or 2 before using one.

Assuming you have no Remedies then the timer will simply act as a time limit 
for the fight, which ends up being little more than battle of attrition.  You 
won't need to heal all that often until near the end of the fight, so just 
launch your most powerful attacks against the boss and try to take him down as 
quickly as possible.

When the battle is over your characters will still be affected by the Doom 
status.  Here's a good suggestion to help rid them of it: quickly run out of 
this area back to Lowtown.  The Doom status will remain, but since Lowtown is 
not a battlefield, the timer won't count down here.  Run to the Southgate 
outside of Lowtown and touch the Save Crystal to fully heal and cure your 
entire party.

[B000]                       Marauder in the Mines

TARGET: Nidhogg - HP: 6079 - LV: 10

600 Gil, Rose Corsage, Balaclava, Great Serpentskin

Nidhogg is a powerful foe with both strong defense and strong offense.  Most 
of its attacks will rage from 100 - 200 damage making healing a very important 
part of this battle if you undertake it early in the game.

Make sure you are ready to cure poisons as well, Nidhogg will use them 
frequently in conjunction with the rest of his attacks.  While he may have 
both a powerful offense and defense, his magic resistance leaves something to 
be desired.  Those characters who are not fully dedicated to healing should 
let loose the most powerful Black Magick you have available to you at the 

I personally took care of this boss quickly and easily by chaining three 
Quickenings and ending with a powerful Inferno blast.  An explanation of 
Quickenings can be found elsewhere in this guide, but nevertheless, performed 
properly and with a little luck, just one can take out the boss in a single 

Do NOT sell the Great Serpentskin you get for doing this Hunt.

[B000]                       Lost in the Pudding

TARGET: White Mousse - HP: 69469 - LV: 15

2800 Gil, Yoichi Bow, Sluice Gate Key

After speaking to the Moogle at the Westgate, head for Lowtown and enter the 
Garamsythe Waterway.  Make your way from the Lowtown entrance down to the far 
southwest corner.  There is a large square shaped section in the West Sluice 
Control area.  That is where you will find the creature.

The White Mousse focuses exclusively on Magick, so it may not be a bad idea to 
go into this battle with Shell on every member of your party.  Be ready to 
counter the Slow effect with Haste Magick, and aside from that, brute force is 
the most effective attack strategy.  The creature has almost no physical 
defense so your attacks are going to hit quite hard.

Take the Broken Key that the creature drops and bring it back to Sorbet.  
Along with the two primary rewards you will get the "Sluice gate Key" which is 
required in order to complete some of the game's later content.  You won't be 
able to acquire the Cuchulainn Esper without it.

[B000]                     For Whom the Wyrm Tolls

TARGET: Ring Wyrm - HP: 128648 - LV: 32

200 Gil, Moon Ring, Icebrand

Once you have the Hunt, your goal is to enter the Dalmasca Westersand and head 
west to the Windtrace Dunes.  When you arrive at the dunes, there must be a 
sandstorm going on at the time.  If the weather is calm you won't find the 
Ring Wyrm.  Sandstorms can be triggered by moving from place to place while 
waiting a certain length of time (hopefully not very long).  If you run back 
and forth from Rabanastre, I can't promise it will be quick, but eventually 
the sandstorm will begin.

The Ring Wyrm itself is a typical foe.  High leveled players will find it very 
easy to defeat simply by casting Dispel (to remove its protect) and then 
wailing on it with physical attacks while curing periodically.

Lower leveled players should just as easily be able to take down this foe by 
taking advantage of one aspect: the fire breath attack.  Summon your trusty 
Belias Esper at the start of the battle (Fire element) and allow him to tank 
the boss while both you and the boss itself heal the Esper.

[B000]                       A Scream From the Sky

TARGET: Wyvern Lord - HP: 18669 - LV: 18

1000 Gil, Longbow, Shell Shield

To reach this boss, teleport to the Tomb of Raithwall and exit to the east.  
Head to the nearby Simoon bluff and head for the northern corner (on the 
ground level).  You should see the creature flying around (perhaps off the 
north edge of the cliff) and you'll need to get close in order to pull it.

What makes this enemy so difficult (annoying) is that it has a lot of HP and 
it flies, so depleting that HP won't be easy.  Gun and bow attacks are 
effective, as is the water spell.  This is assuming you want to spent forever 
fighting the battle.

Ah yes, as always, it's Belias and Quickenings to the rescue.  One of the two 
should suffice (I prefer Belias personally).  Even if he can't hold the boss 
on his own, he should be able to do enough damage to leave you an easy mess to 
clean up.  Whoever summons Belias should simply spend his/her time healing 
whoever is tanking the enemy.  Throw basic potions constantly on yourself or 
the Esper until either the wyvern dies or the Esper's time runs out.  

[B000]                         A Tingling Toast

TARGET: Marilith - HP: 54921 - LV:38

2200 Gil, Serpent Eye, Teleport Stone x 3

After speaking to the Tavernmaster, head for the Dalmasca Westersand.  Your 
destination is the Shimmering Horizons area.  There you will find an exit to 
the Zertinan Caverns.  

What you need to do now is remain in the initial area (Invitation to Heresy).  
Head down to the southern central part of this map.  It is difficult to 
describe, but right down at the bottom you can see on the map there is a very 
small area in the chap of a lowercase "c" with the left side stuck onto the 
rest of the map.  There is a little patch of grass in this corner.

What you need to do is stand somewhere in this area and basically do nothing 
for a few minutes.  Leave your characters and go get a drink.  When you come 
back, assuming enough time has passed, when you approach this grassy patch a 
snake will pop out.  That is Marilith.

The enemy is extremely easy.  No effects to Dispel, just throw a Blind status 
on him and he won't be able to touch you.  Pound what little health he has 
down and bring the musk to the Tavernmaster to get your reward.

[B000]                    The Defense of Ozmone Plain                     

TARGET: Enkelados - HP: 18709 - LV: 22

1100 Gil, Ether, Golden Amulet

You will find the creature in "The Shred" area of the Ozmone plain, right 
around the middle of that area.  If it doesn't appear, just leave and re-

The beast is strong, but slow.  It will use mostly physical attacks and cast 
both Protect / Shell on itself to halve your damage.  The best tactic you can 
utilize here is to dispel these effects (if you have the spell, which you very 
likely will not).  Aside from doing this, there's very little else to say.

I would note that the Golden Amulet you receive is a very nice reward indeed.  
Make sure you learn the license to equip it.  

[B000]                        A Ring in the Rain

TARGET: Croakadile - HP: 19449 - LV: 24

1200 Gil, Serpent Rod, Teleport Stone

Note that Sadeen only appears during the rains in Giza Plains.  The same 
applies to the Croakadile.  You will find it down in Starfall Field near the 

The Croakadile is an extremely powerful foe.  His attacks are so strong that 
if you are not overleveled (relative to the time you get the Hunt) then more 
than likely you won't have time to attack between all the healing you will 

Counter this disadvantage by summoning Belias at the beginning of the battle.  
The best way to win this fight is to allow him to do most of the damage, but 
he will be hit hard, which is why Cure magic and Hi-Potions (on Belias) are 
going to be very important.

The Croakadile uses a number of status effects on your characters, including 
Sap to slowly suck away all their HP.  Near the end of the fight he will go 
sort of "berserk" and become about twice as powerful as he is at the start.  
At this point you have no chance in hell of winning a battle of attrition.  
Your best bet is to launch a final Quickening and hope it's enough to take him 

Bring the ring back to Sadeen to get your reward.  There is an additional 
quest that follows from this one.  Bring the ring to the elder when the rains 
stop, and then back to Sadeen again during the rains.

[B000]                   The Dead Ought Sleep Forever

TARGET: Ixtab - HP: 22564 - LV: 24

1300 Gil, Ether, Soul Powder

Enter the Henne Mines through the main entrance and use the switch near the 
start to make it red.  Take the south path and hit the next switch to swap it 
to blue.  Either of the paths you just opened now lead you to the mark.

The boss itself is fairly straightforward.  It attacks by inflicting both the 
Doom and Stop status effects on your party, but it attacks so slowly that it 
practically begs to be pounded into the ground.  If you have the necessary 
items to cure these conditions, you're totally set.  

[B000]                     Befoulment of the Beast

TARGET: Feral Retriever - HP: 22559 - LV: 28

1500 Gil, Recursive Crossbow, Teleport Stone x 2

You will find this mark in the Paramina Rift south of Mt Bur-Omisace.  Head 
south past the Save Crystal in the Path of Firstfall to reach the Spine of the 
Icewyrm.  You should find the enemy right near the entrance.

All you need for this battle are either a bunch of Remedies or the Esuna 
Magic.  The only dangerous attack the Feral Retriever has is the Blaster spell 
which inflicts Sleep, Silence and Blind on a single ally.  Throw a quick 
Remedy on them and cut that beast up.

[B000]                         The Mine Flayer

TARGET: Mindflayer - HP: 31161 - LV: 35

2200 Gil, Carmagnole

Enter the Henne Mines through the main entrance and use the switch near the 
start to make it red.  Take the south exit and then go immediately west.  
Continue along the linear path from here until you reach the Phase 1 Dig area.  
At the furthest south end, right in the middle, is the mark.

Dispel the creature right off the bat (if you have the ability).  It will 
really help to get rid of his Faith status.  Even if you can't, it makes 
little difference.  You're going to be hit with a variety of Magicks, so just 
protect your party with Shell before going in and you'll do fine.

[B000]                        Get My Stuff Back!

TARGET: Vyraal - HP: 106616 - LV: 41

3500 Gil, Halberd, Crystal Shield, Dragon Scale

Take the northern exit out of Balfonheim Port to reach the Cerobi Steppe.   
From here you want to head west to the North Liavell Hills, then north to the 
Feddik River and finally north again to The Northsward.  Here you will meet up 
with a Viera who tells you that the mark is not far off.  Search the area for 
the enormous beast.

The creature attacks primarily with physical strikes, so casting Blind is 
probably the most effective way to reduce damage in this battle.  You'll also 
want to be ready with Esunaga to counter the Immobilizega spell that the mark 
uses.  Physical attacks are all you need to take it down, especially 
considering that it casts a Magick immunity shield just before falling.

Defeating the creature immediately nets you a Viera Rucksack.

[B000]                      Who's the Strongest!?

TARGET: Pylraster - HP: 493513 - LV: 63

8000 Gil, Grand Mace, Scathe Mote

After racing Rikken to accept this Hunt, you need to teleport to The Pharos.  
Save your game because this particular mark can be quite difficult.  To find 
the creature you simply need to take the west exit to reach They Who Thirst 

Before taking on the boss it's important to properly prepare your party.  Turn 
your main tank into an immovable wall by casting Bubble, Protect and Decoy on 
him/her.  These spells (aside from Decoy) are great for your other party 
members as well.  The Pylraster needs to be de-buffed as well.  Dispel is an 
absolute necessity to remove his Haste and Bravery.  Take it a little further 
by throwing Slow on the boss as well, it's quite effective (I suggest making 
it a Gambit).

At approximately 50% HP this prehistoric death machine will cast Growing 
Threat on itself which increases the damage of the majority of its attacks by 
about 50%.  Say goodbye to any character here who isn't protected by Bubble.  
Keep pounding away at the boss with physical attacks, given its health this is 
no doubt going to be a lengthy battle.  Like many similar enemies, as its 
health approaches zero its defense increases by about 1000%, so a nice 
Quickening chain is a great way to finish it off.

[B000]                  Little Love on the Big Plains

TARGET: Cluckatrice - HP: 7509 - LV: 15

1000 Gil, Jackboots, Rainbow Egg

Head to Giza Plains during The Dry.  There is a Seeq in the Rabanastre south 
end that identifies himself as sort of a "weather man" who will tell you how 
close you are to the next cycle or rains / dry.  You may have to stand and 
wait while periodically moving between transition zones until it changes.

After speaking to the girl in Nomad Village, take the southeast exit to find 
the Cluckatrice.  Here's how to make the creature appear: wander around this 
area (Gizas North Bank) killing ALL the creatures that appear as red dots on 
your map.  I'm not positive that you have to eliminate the neutral bunnies, 
but I did, and that worked so it certainly can't hurt.

Return to the nomad Village and immediately come back to this map.  You will 
find the Cluckatrice in the middle ripe for the picking.  At the beginning of 
the game you will need Gold Needle items and a solid amount of healing items 
to back them up.  The enemy can inflict the Stone status on your party and 
that's not pleasant at all.

Later in the game, this is one of the easiest fights in the universe.  It all 
depends on when you choose to take the hunt.  

Here's something important: make SURE you go around and kill all the little 
Chickatrices as well.  The Hunt will not count as completed until you do.

[B000]                       The Cry of Its Power

TARGET: Rocktoise - HP: 17548 - LV: 16

1200 Gil, Hi-Potion x 2, Heavy Coat

This hunt comes very soon after you get Belias, and I must say that he does a 
very good job of bringing this boss down on his own.  Bring a few Hi-Potions 
with you to this battle and start out by summoning Belias.  

Periodically a few undead creatures will spawn, perhaps whoever summoned 
Belias can work on eliminating them while the Esper focuses on Rocktoise.  
Don't just use Hi-Potions to heal yourself, make sure to keep your Esper 
healed as well and he will have no problem doing the necessary damage to this 
boss before the time is up.

[B000]                       Crime and Punishment

TARGET: Orthros - HP: 87141 - LV: 34

3800 Gil, Horakhty's Flame, Unpurified Ether

After speaking with the petitioner, enter the Garamsythe Waterway.  Examine 
the No. 10 Waterway Control and choose to close the sluice gate.  Now head 
west from here and cross over to the west side.  From here, go south to the 
West Sluice Control where you fought the White Mousse.

Orthros only appears if you have an all female party.  While in the West 
Sluice Control, switch out your current party for Fran, Penelo and Ashe.  Now 
enter the Southern Sluiceway to the east.  If all goes well, you have met the 
conditions, and the boss will drop.  You are now free to switch back to 
whatever party you were using before.

The slime creature attacks physically and he is helped immensely by his 
Bravery status.  If you have it, Dispel him immediately to make this fight a 
piece of cake.  Protect or Protectga and even Shell will serve to simplify 
things further for you.  

[B000]                          Paradise Risen

TARGET: Gil Snapper - HP: 86956 - LV: 37

3000 Gil, Phobos Glaze

Once you have spoken to Nanou during the rains and accepted the Hunt, you must 
then knock down the six Withered Trees throughout the area.  For a detailed 
explanation on how to do this, see section A023.  

When all six trees are knocked down, head east to the new Tracks of the Beast 
area.  The creature will only appear here if it is raining REALLY hard, so you 
might have to go back and forth a few times.  Fortunately the Seeq who's 
helping you out will announce that the creature is there when you enter the 
area, so you don't have to explore it every time to check yourself.

Begin the battle with Dispel Magick, then from there move onto whatever 
attacks work best for you.  Shellga and Protectga help in this battle to 
shield your characters against the Snapper's Blizzaga Magick and physical 
attacks.  There isn't too much else that will make or break the battle, just 
wear down its HP with normal attacks.

To complete the Hunt, come back to the Giza Plains during The Dry.

[B000]                           Paramina Run

TARGET: Trickster - HP: 61321 - LV: 44

4800 Gil, Deimos Clay

Once you have spoken to the petitioner in Mt Bur-Omisace, you need to head 
south into the Paramina Rift.  Enter the frozen brook area and you will find 
that NPC from Rabanastre who is now willing to help you with the mark.  He 
will act as sort of a guest-esque character.

The Trickster is quite tricky to find.  I'm not quite sure what the exact 
qualifications are, but I just had to keep leaving and coming back until 
eventually it was there.  The Trickster is found in the Frozen Brook area, but 
doesn't always appear.  At one point I went south to the Karydine Glacier, 
killed a bunch of enemies there and came back.  Immediately upon arrival the 
guest character said "The Trickster" has finally appeared (or something along 
those lines).

Making it show up is only half the battle.  The other half is the high 
difficulty level of the fight.  While the Trickster likes to attack with 
powerful physical hits and the Choco-Comet (1000 - 1500 damage to everyone), 
the worst aspect of the fight is that it is constantly running away.

Begin the battle by casting Dispel (if you have it) to remove the Protect 
effect.  Now pound it into the ground with all the physical attacks you have.  
When it gets down to around 1/3 Hp it will use "White Wind" which makes it 
immune to all status ailments.  This is your cue to let loose the biggest 
Quickening chain you can do.

The reason for this is as follows: around 1/4 HP the Trickster sets up a 
permanent physical immunity shield.  Not only that, all elemental magic will 
heal the creature, except for one chosen element, which will periodically 
change.  This could potentially make it next to impossible for you to kill it 
(which is why the Quickening chain is so important).

There is one final note however.  If the Trickster does put up the immunity 
shield, I found that the Scourge magic is always effective and does heavy 
damage, without ever being absorbed.  The downside is that this magic is only 
available near the end of the game.

[B000]                       Antlion Infestation

TARGET: Antlion - HP: 106499 - LV: 37

4300 Gil, Bubble Belt, Sickle-Blade

The petitioner gives you the Site 3 Key which is used to unlock a special area 
of the Lhusu Mines.  Head there now (northeast exit from Bhujerba).  Run all 
the way up to the north end where Site 3 is marked on your map and use the key 

From here, you need to take the south exit out of Site 3 and head all the way 
south down to Transitway 1.  Proceed west from here to Site 9 and you will 
find the Antlion in the southwest corner.

The most dangerous ability the Antlion uses is called Cannibalize.  When it 
does this, it eats one of the Killer Mantis' that surrounds it and gets a huge 
boost in power.  For this reason, your primary goal should be to eliminate all 
the Killer Mantis' as soon as possible.

With those out of the way, Dispel the boss and start attacking.  Assuming it 
didn't Cannibalize too many of them the battle shouldn't be a problem.  If it 
DID, then you might want to try running away to the next screen and coming 
back.  You should be able to reset the battle.

[B000]                           Carrot Stalk

TARGET: Carrot - HP: 110842 - LV: 49

5200 Gil, Stink Bombs, Putrid Liquid

Teleport to the Salikawood and hold down the R2 button.  In order to make the 
Carrot appear, you must travel to the Sun-Dappled Path non-violently (in other 
words, without killing anything.)  If you do so correctly, the Carrot will 
appear here.

The Carrot's main offense comes from the infliction of status ailments.  Make 
sure that you have Esunaga on all your party members.  Dispel is also an 
absolute necessity considering the boss starts the battle with just about 
every positive effect imaginable.

I would recommend at least one person equip an accessory that makes them 
immune to Stop and then give them a Chronos Tear Gambit so that your entire 
party isn't ever put out of commission entirely from the Time Requiem ability.  
This enemy also uses the Growing Threat ability which doubles its level after 
awhile, so that's another thing to watch out for.  Good luck with this.

[B000]                     Battle on the Big Bridge

TARGET: Gilgamesh - HP: 123103 - LV: 45

10000 Gil, Masamune

This Elite Hunt becomes available after you complete the Antlion Hunt for 
Montblanc.  Teleport to the crystal in the Lhusu Mines that you found during 
the Antlion Hunt and move one screen west to encounter Gilgamesh.

The first battle with Gilgamesh isn't too bad, but there is something very 
important to remember.  Every time Gilgamesh loses another 20% of his HP, 
there will be a short cutscene and he will take out another sword.  Each of 
these cutscenes represents a different "form" and each form has a different 
item that can be stolen.

The first three forms have nothing special.  A Potion, an X-Potion and a few 
thousand Gil.  When he reaches 40% HP and changes into his fourth form, that's 
when to break out the Foe: Any -> Steal Gambits on all your party members.  
The rare Genji Shield can be stolen from his fourth form, and the rarer Genji 
Gloves can be stolen from the fifth.

Remember to eliminate Enkidoh (his dog) before focusing on Gilgamesh at all.  
Your main tanking character should have a decent shield and the Decoy spell 
cast on him (along with protect and Bubble) to block Gilgamesh's attacks.  
When Gilgamesh raises the invincibility shield while in his fifth form, you 
must wait until after the second use of his ultimate sword attack before you 
can hurt him again.


It's not over yet, Gilgamesh escapes from the battle.  In order to truly 
finish him off, you have to track him down.  Go back to the crystal, save your 
game, and teleport to the Phon Coast.  Head northwest of the crystal and look 
for a man sitting against a rock face titled "The Man Who Fell."  There is a 
shiny object beside him, examine it to get the Site 11 Key.  Now teleport back 
to the Lhusu Mines.

Head west to Site 9.  Just up the path very close to where you fought the 
Antlion is a locked gate that can be opened with the Site 11 Key.  Keep 
heading north until you can go no further, at which point turn and head east.  

Cross the bridge (Lasche Span), take the northeast exit out of Site 5 to reach 
Site 6 South and go south from there.  After exiting south you will find a 
Save Crystal, make sure to use it before going into the next room.

TARGET: Gilgamesh - HP: ?????? - LV: ??

This fight is MUCH much harder than the previous one, so make sure you come 
prepared.  Enkidoh is your first target.  There are a number of ways of 
dealing with this dog, but the most effective method is actually to start by 
Dispelling it and then putting it to sleep.  Put Oil on the dog and then begin 
blasting it as hard as you can with Firaga spells.  If this doesn't work then 
just fight it normally, but make sure to throw Blind on it to reduce the 
damage you tank.

Equip someone with the Genji Shield you hopefully stole and cast Decoy on them 
(along with Bubble and Protect).  This is absolutely imperative to protect you 
from the insane damage dished out by Gilgamesh's sword combinations.

Make sure to head back and get your rewards from the Clan Hut.  The increased 
combo power of the Masamune combined with the increased combo power of the 
Genji Glove makes for some of the craziest damage in the game.

[B000]                           A Dark Rumor

TARGET: Ba'Gamnan - HP: 115659 - LV: 49

5100 Gil, Megalixir

Teleport to the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea after getting the Hunt and head east to the 
South Bank Approach.  From here go up to reach the Central Junction and enter 
the Zertinan Caverns from there.  From the first area here (the Canopy of 
Clay) there is an exit leading northwest to a hidden area in the Withering 
Shores of the Nam-Yensa Sandsea.  This is a hidden area where you will find 
the mark.

There are four enemies here, but Ba'Gamnan is your main target.  Eliminate the 
small guys first and then focus all your attacks on him.  His most powerful 
attack is the Shining Ray which hits every member of your party, but even 
still it shouldn't be anything you can't handle as long as your Curaja Gambits 
are set up properly.  Make sure to cast Dispelga because the boss' Haste and 
Protect will get annoying.

[B000]                           Fishy Dreams

TARGET: Ixion - HP: 306559 - LV: 70

3000 Gil, Sapping Bolts, Ragnarok

Teleport to The Pharos and use the lift, it will take you to the Subterra.  
Ixion is difficult not only to fight, but also to find.  Here's what you need 
to know.  The lift takes you down to the circular area in the Subterra.  Ixion 
has a small chance of appearing here.  It also has a chance of appearing in 
one of the rooms off to the side.  The thing is, if Ixion appears here in the 
circular area its HP will be half of the HP listed above (which is why this is 
where you want to fight the boss).

All you really need to do is ride the lift up and down, up and down.  When you 
reach the Subterra, the instant you see any enemies, then just go back up 
(this is an indication that Ixion did not appear).  If you come down and see 
NO enemies, then start running circles around the ring and eventually after a 
few laps, Ixion should appear.

Even with only 160000 HP, the boss is still very difficult.  You will need to 
have all your characters set up with Gambits for Esunaga and Charge (Ixion's 
Fear will completely drain their MP).  You will also need Echo Herbs ready to 
use any time the boss casts Silencega on your party.

Ixion's main attacks are physical strikes and the powerful Thundaga spell.  I 
recommend casting Shellga on your party, but if you can get your hands on 
Rubber Suits (immune to Thunder) then that's even better.  Also remember to 
Dispel the boss at the beginning of the fight, and remember to equip Bubble 
Belts (as opposed to casting Bubble) because it can't be Dispelled by Ixion.  

[C000]                         Optional Espers
[C001]                           Adrammelech

Available: After the Tomb of Raithwall

Head for the Ozmone Plain.  Your destination is The Switchback area which has 
an entrance to the Zertinan Caverns.  Proceed north through this area up to 
The Undershore.  Continue north through here until you reach the transition 
line to the next area.  Heal your party and prepare for battle.

BOSS: Adrammelech - HP: 39630 - LV: 39

Adrammelech is one tough customer.  Even players who have leveled well above 
the average for this point might be surprised at just how difficult this fight 
can be.  Fortunately there are a few tactics that can really turn things 

The first thing to do before you go into the battle area is to buff up your 
party.  Shell is extremely important, but Haste and protect never hurt anyone 
either (just make sure you have shell).  Depending on how far you are in the 
game, you will also want to have either the Blizzara or Blizzaga spells ready 
on all of your characters.

Run into the battle and prepare to fight.  Zombies will spawn constantly 
making things even more difficult for you.  In fact, I would probably say the 
zombies account for at least half this battle's difficulties.  Here's a nice 
tip you can try: take the character with the most powerful melee weapon and 
cast the Berserk spell on them.  This will help you cut down the zombie 
population significantly.

Adrammelech is a flying foe so it will be hard to dish out the required damage 
sometimes.  It would be a good idea to have your backup party ready with 
Quickenings and switch them in periodically for extra damage (and to wipe the 
zombies).  Cast Blizzara or Blizzaga on Adrammelech constantly, this will have 
the added bonus of cutting down zombies (as they are weak to ice).

When the boss starts getting low on HP it will do two things: the first is 
launch and extremely powerful Thundaja attack.  If you don't have Shell on 
your party at this point you are in a lot of trouble.  This also inflicts the 
Stop status, so anyone low on Chronos Tears is likely to get hit pretty hard 
at this point.  

The second thing it does is raise an immunity shield granting it temporary 
invulnerability.  Don't bother attack during this time, just re-buff your 
party with Shell, heal, and focus on the zombies.  Before long you will see a 
message saying the shield is gone and you can finish Adrammelech off.

If you need a Save Crystal, take the east exit.  Just look at your map, you 
can't miss it.

[C002]                              Zalera

Available: After the Tomb of Raithwall

Get the Reflect spell before you begin this section.

You must first complete the "Barheim Sidequest" before you can initiate this 
one.  You'll find coverage of this sidequest in the Sidequests section of the 
guide.  Note that you do not have to go as far as getting the Deathbringer 
sword, just get the key to the Barheim Passage.  

Teleport to the Save Crystal in the North-South Junction.  Head south from 
there and go west.  Take the northwest path leading to the East-West Bypass 
(as opposed to the west path leading to Special Op Sector 5).  Head as far 
south as you possibly can in the Zeviah Span.  When you cannot possibly go any 
further, look on the west side for a "Precarious Cart."  Knock the cart down 
to reveal a path.

Get ready to fight a ton of skeletons and ghosts as you make your way south 
here.  The path isn't necessarily hard to find, but it is a little out-of-the-
way.  Eventually you will reach a Save Crystal.  Use it and prepare for a 

BOSS: Zalera - HP: 72248 - LV: 40

The fight with Zalera sets up a number of interesting obstacles that make it 
difficult for you to actually finish this boss.  One such obstacle  is the 
timer (Five minutes) that you must beat, otherwise you will be thrown out of 
the battle.  

Zalera has a number of attacks, most of which revolve around the killing of 
party members.  I don't mean in the same sense that all enemies do, I mean 
Zalera has an actual ability called "Kill" that just... kills someone.  The 
Esper also uses Lv multiplier abilities, the worst of which is an instant kill 
for prime number leveled allies.  Ideally you should fight the boss at a level 
that is a multiple of 2, but not a multiple of 4 (46 for example.)

As for the fight itself, winning is the easy part, but you have to listen 
carefully and follow these instructions.  Since the boss likes to summon 
minions (which protect the Esper from physical damage while they are alive) 
you will want to focus heavily on magic damage.  We all know you can dish out 
heavier hits physically, but in this situation, that's not the case at all.

Before entering the battle (or right off the bat) cast Reflect on every one of 
your party members (or Reflectga if you have it).  Now that you have that on, 
cast Cura (or Curaja if you have it).  All three of the heals will bounce off 
your party members and pound the (undead) boss for heavy damage.  This is 
especially true if whoever casts Cura has a lot of mystic armour on, but your 
entire party should cast the spells.  Just watch the boss twist in agony.

That is the general tactics for victory in this battle.  You will still have 
to revive and re-Reflect your party frequently, but with that much damage 
being dished out, it's only a matter of time.  Five minutes is more than 

When the battle is over, escape by taking the west path into the Garamsythe 

[C003]                            Cuchulainn

Available: After the Tomb of Raithwall

You cannot acquire this Esper until you have completed both "Waterway 
Hunting" and "Lost in the Pudding" Hunts.  They are detailed in the hunts 
section of this guide.

For fans of Final Fantasy Tactics, better known as Queklain: The Impure King.  
If you are doing these in order and just finished Zalera (now in the 
Garamsythe Waterway) you are in a good position.  Open the urn near the Save 
Crystal to get the candle that reveals hidden areas on your map.

On your way through Lowtown, purchase three Black Belts.  This is absolutely 
imperative, regardless of level.  You can buy them from the merchant sitting 
in that lowered round area.  They only cost 600 Gil apiece.  

From the Lowtown entrance, here is how you find the Esper: head south to the 
Save Crystal in the Central Waterway Control and use the Sluice Gate Key (Lost 
in the Pudding Hunt reward) on the No. 3 Waterway Control so that both the No. 
3 and No. 10 are closed, while the No. 4 and No. 11 are open.

Look at your map and proceed southwest to the No. 3 Cloaca Spur.  Down near 
the southern corner you will find a device called the No. 1 South Waterway 
Control.  Close that one.  Now head back to the original controls.

You want the opposite effect of what you have now.  Open numbers three and 
ten, then close numbers four and eleven.  Head for the No. 4 Cloaca Spur and 
look for the No. 1 North Waterway Control at the end.  Close that one too.  
Now head back to the Save Crystal.  

Make sure number four and number three are closed.  Make sure the other two 
are open.  Now save your game and equip those Black Belts.  Take the south 
exit and run to the south end.  Down one of the two staircases will be an open 
door leading to a shallow square shaped area.

BOSS: Cuchulainn - HP: 126165 - LV: 45

Cuchulainn will hand you your ass on a silver platter.  Don't even attempt 
this guy if your level is lower than 40.  Yes, it can be done and many people 
have done it, I simply see no reason so subject yourself to such torture.  

There is an HP draining field in place here which acts independently of the 
Sap effect, so don't bother trying to get rid of it with Esuna.  make sure to 
buff your party and equip three Black Belts before entering battle.

Depending on how far you are in the game, you will want to attack primarily 
with physical hits and magic whenever the Foobars are spawned.  Use the 
Scourge spell if you have it when the Foobars spawn, or settle for Firaga if 
you don't.  Just make sure you do at least expel some energy on taking out 
these minions.

Cuchulainn's HP total is quite high, so you will need to be able to withstand 
a lot of punishment for a fair length of time.  This means having one 
dedicated person casting Curaja periodically, or failing that, Cura 
CONSATNTLY.  Esunaga also really comes in handy here, it's pretty much a waste 
of time to try and single Esuna everything unless you have a Gambit for it on 

If you find yourself falling behind, don't be afraid to drop a few items and 
even a Megalixir if it comes down to it.  Your Mp will likely fall almost as 
fast as your HP does, so you'll need to come up with something better than 
Charge to get it back up.  If all else fails, level up some more.

[C004]                              Exodus

Available: After reaching The Phon Coast

Find a crystal and use a Teleport Stone to reach the babbling Vale in 
Mosphoran Highwaste.  Speak to the Learned man near the Shrine of the 
northwest Wind and listen to what he has to say.  You should be able to 
activate the shrines at this point.  Touch the Shrine of the Northwest Wind 
beside the Learned Man.

Head over to the south end and activate the Shrine of the South Wind.  
Assuming you have some Gyshal Greens on you, head northeast to the Rays of 
Ashen Light area and get the Chocobo here.  Head south to reach the Empyrean 
Way and make an immediate right to cross the leafy bridge.  At the west end 
here you'll find a patch of grass you can only travel through with the 

Now that you are in the Skyreach Ridge, head to the west side, dismount from 
the Chocobo and re-enter the Babbling Vale.  Touch the Shrine of the West Wind 
here and then knock down the rock so that you can return to the centre area.  

Three shrines should be active right now: south, northwest and west.  Take the 
path where you broke the rock back up to the Skyreach Ridge and head north.  
There should be two weed bridges here to make a path.

BOSS: Exodus - HP: 119060 - LV: 46

In comes Final Fantasy V's ExDeath, better known as Exodus.  This battle's 
challenge is the lack of ability to use items.  This coupled with Exodus' 
tendency to cast Reflect and a physical damage shield can leave the player 
scratching their head wondering how to hurt him.

It's best to plan ahead.  Ideally you really want to have Dispel for this 
battle, if you don't, I suggest you go and get it.  Without Dispel you are 
going to have to somehow kill him (Quickenings maybe) before he puts up the 
shield around 15 - 20% HP remaining.

Another thing you can do is cast either the Scourge or Bio magic early on to 
inflict the Sap status on the boss.  This way, even if you can't figure out 
how to hit him, at least something will be draining away his HP.  

Begin the battle by casting Dispel and then hitting him with your hardest 
physical attacks.  Cura / Curaga / Curaja should be enough to maintain your 
group while he is casting Flare, but things get ugly when he moves on to more 
powerful AoE magic.  

Your best bet when the shield goes up is to cast Dispel followed by Firaga / 
Darkra / Flare / Scourge depending on how far you are and what magic you have 
available.  Each is slightly more effective than the last.  

[C005]                             Zeromus

Available: After killing Judge Bergan

The journey to acquire this Esper begins when you speak to the NPC labeled 
"Acolyte" in Mt Bur-Omisace wandering just outside the Hall of Light.  He 
gives you something called the Stone of the Condemner which can be used in the 
Stilshrine of Miriam.  That is your next destination.

Head to the south end of the Ward of Measure and touch the Way Stone.  When it 
asks whether you want to use the Stone of the Condemner, choose to do so.  

BOSS: Zeromus - HP: 166888 - LV: 51

Ah, the final boss of Final Fantasy IV.  What a wonderful foe.  He is here to 
give you a hell of a hard time unless you're well prepared.  There are a few 
things you can do to make this fight easier.  The first and most important is 
to make sure you have a lot of Phoenix Downs in your inventory.  Since there 
is an anti-magic field during this battle, your number one Gambit should be 
Ally: Any - Phoenix Down.

I would almost go so far as to suggest you don't bother healing at all.  
Zeromus' primary attacks are all Gravity based, this means that the more 
health you have the more damage you're going to take, so don't waste your 
time.  Take off the Bubble Belts and equip something else for this battle.

The KEY to winning this battle is the use of Quickening chains.  Rather than 
using them constantly, save them for when five or six of the skeletons have 
spawned and then wipe them all out in one go.  This will seriously reduce the 
overall damage you take.  Assuming you have learned the augments that give you 
more HP from Phoenix Downs, they should be more than adequate to keep you 

Another thing to keep in mind is that summoned Espers don't count as magic, so 
when all else fails, you've got those on your side as well.

[D000]                            Sidequests
[D001]                      The Barheim Sidequest

Your first task is to complete the Hunt: "Dalmasca's Desert Bloom."  The 
Cactus Flower that you get from this Hunt is a necessary element.  In addition 
to this you will also want to complete the Hunt: "Marauder in the Mines."  
Make sure not to sell the great Serpentskin.  This can still be completed 
without it, but the rewards will not be as good.

It begins with Dantro who is located in the Dalmasca Estersand (at the camp).  
He's the one who gave you the Dalmasca's Desert Bloom quest.  Make sure not to 
do this until after you have completed the Tomb of Raithwall.  He'll tell you 
to head for the village on the south bank of the Nebra.  

Take the east exit from here and begin heading very far north.  About three 
screens or so north, just above the Banks of the Nebra.  Dantro's wife is the 
villager standing in front of one of the houses.  In return for the Cactus 
Flower you will get a Bundle of Needles.  

Leave the village and then immediately come back in.  There is now a group of 
people waiting by the dock at the north beach.  Speak to the kid on the dock 
and agree to accompany the boy.  

On the other side, go and speak with Ruksel.  After learning about the 
Cactoids, it's time to set sail back across the river.  Speak to Dantro's 
wife, then go around behind the house (make sure to use the Save Crystal here 
so you can teleport to it later.)

Examine the flower and a cactoid will pop out.  Cross the river again and 
speak with the cactoids there.  For returning their precious baby you are 
awarded 1000 Gil and a Pouch of Wyrmfire Shot.

Cross the river (again) and speak to Dantro's wife.  She says that in order to 
subdue the pain she needs some Semclam Shells.  Just walk along the beach and 
keep an eye out for anything sparkling.  Examine it to get a shell.  Get at 
least two of them and you should get a Golden Amulet as a reward for this 
quest.  Take them to Dantro's wife.

She wants you to go speak with Dantro, so head back to his little encampment.  
Talk to Dantro and then examine the phial sitting atop the big pile of crates 
in the middle.  With that in hand it's time to return to his wife in the 

Now she wants some Valeblossom Dew which will be a little harder to obtain.  
Cross the river to the north side and leave the village through the west exit.  
Head north through this area to the Broken Sands.  The enemies here are quite 
difficult, so you may just need to hold R2 and run (though in some cases you 
may actually find that more dangerous given the number of enemies you will 

When you enter the Broken Sands you will reach a fork in the main path.  Take 
the left branch and go north.  Around the (exact) middle of this area there is 
a rock, that when examine, can be knocked loose to connect the two paths.  A 
few steps west of this rock, stand right against the south cliff overlooking 
the area below and you should be a prompt of something "glimmering."  That is 
the Valeblossom Dew.

Bring the dew back to Dantro's wife and give it to her, along with the Great 
Serpentskin.  Now you need to play the waiting game.  I'm not quite sure what 
variables are involved in the passage of time (perhaps just time?) but I would 
still suggest you at least get a reasonable distance from the area while 
waiting.  Head a couple maps in either direct and just fight stuff for a 
little while.  Five or ten minutes should be more than enough.

Speak to the traveler around back and get the Barheim Key.  You'll also get 
another item for your troubles.  The sidequest is now complete.  For those 
who are here for the sake of acquiring the Deathbringer sword, read on below
the dashed line.  For those who are here to find the Zalera Esper, proceed 
now to the Zalera heading in the "Optional Espers" section of the guide.


Now, let's get that Deathbringer Sword.  Just a quick note:  I would highly 
recommend you bring a half decent stack of Hi-Potions and Phoenix Downs with 
you.  Trust me on this one, even if you think you're overleveled.

Take the south exit out of the village (after saving your game) and take the 
southeast passage out of the area (leading to the Murmuring Defile.

Use your map to see where to go in here.  Head southwest at the start, then 
north from there.  Keep going north until you find a Save Crystal.  Set the 
battle mode to "Wait" and the battle speed to the absolute minimum, then turn 
off everyone's Gambits.  Now make absolutely sure to save the game.  

Return south to the previous area (Great Central Passage) and proceed directly 
west.  When the rails fork in two directions, you want the west route (as 
opposed to northwest).  Use your map.

Don't even try to fight anything in here, the enemies are simply too powerful.  
This is a run-in, run-out operation from here on.  Here's what you do: run 
west past the first two turtle enemies.  They won't follow for long if you're 
holding R2.  Stay along the south edge.

Soon enough you'll see an enormous turtle.  This is your cue to hug the north 
wall and go north to the railway tracks the first chance you get, hopefully 
avoiding this monster.  It won't follow you onto the tracks even if it does 
get off an attack or two. 

If your party is damaged, heal now.  Just up ahead (west again, on the tracks) 
you will see two rocks on either side.  Behind the rock on the right (north 
rock) there is a chest for a chest to spawn.  There is also an enemy usually 
walking back and forth beside it.

Very often no chest will appear there.  If it doesn't appear, press start, 
return to the title screen and try again.  The vast majority of the time when 
it does appear, it will only contain Gil.  If it contains Gil, press start, 
return to the title screen and try again.

The remainder of the times (being generous, I'd estimate one out of every 10 
or 15 attempts) the chest will be fake!  A mimic enemy will burst out.  This 
is exactly what you want.  Now comes the hard part.  

All your Gambits should be off.  You need to "kite" the mimic back to the 
entrance where you came into this area on the east side.  For those unfamiliar 
with that terminology, this means you have to run back to the entrance, but 
slowly, so that the mimic keeps following.  If you get too far ahead he will 
turn around.

This is difficult because of the insane damage enemies deal here.  The Hi-
Potions and Phoenix Downs I told you to bring will come in handy because they 
are instant use.  You don't have time to cast magic, but you will definitely 
need to heal.  

If the mimic stops chasing, have someone throw a Blizzard spell or something 
to pull it back to you.  The mimic will chase you further than any other enemy 
will, so you don't need to worry about the entire room following you.  All 
enemies EXCEPT for the mimic will eventually turn around.

Once you have managed to kite the mimic to the entrance, pull him right up to 
the "transition" line between "Special Op Sector 5" and the area east of it 
where you came from.  Now leave Special Op Sector 5.  When you go back in, the 
mimic will be right there waiting for you.  Don't go back in yet.

Stand beside the transition line and heal everyone to max health.  Now, turn 
on all their Gambits and create the following Gambit on all three characters: 
"Any foe: Steal."  When you're ready, zone back to Special Op Sector 5 where 
the mimic is waiting and start stealing like mad.  This is how you get the 
Deathbringer sword.

If your level is low, I suggest letting each of your characters try to steal 
once, then run back and heal.  It will take longer, but it's safer.  If you 
want to be quick, you can have them steal over and over again while someone 
heals them.  It's faster, but dangerous.  Should take about 10 - 20 tries to 
steal the sword.

Once you have the sword, run back and save!  You can get as many of these as 
you want, but you have to repeat the whole quitting and reloading process to 
find a new mimic again.  The swords do insane damage for this point in the 
game (1300 - 1500) and they also sell for something like 8000 Gil, so it's a 
potential moneymaker to boot.

If you managed to get through all this and get the sword, congratulations!

[D002]                  Getting the Zodiac Spear Early

The Necrohol of Nabudis houses not only a number of optional bosses, but also 
the game's most powerful weapon, the Zodiac Spear.  In order to claim the 
Zodiac Spear you must have avoided opening four specific chests throughout the 
game.  There is no indication which chests these are within the game and thus, 
it has become an area of contention among some gamers.  Nevertheless, that is 
the way it is.

The chests are located in the following areas: Lowtown (Rabanastre), Royal 
Palace (Rabanastre), Nalbina Dungeons and The Phon Coast.  Details as to which 
chests in particular can be found in their respected sections in the main 
walkthrough of this guide.

The intent of this section is to guide players who have already met the 
conditions to find the spear (and fight the bosses) to the Necrohol of Nabudis 
and walk them through the sidequest.


First things first, how to get there.  You need to head to The Salikawood, the 
area of the game right before you reach the Phon Coast.  Head either east from 
the Garden of Decay area or northwest from the Diverging Way to reach the 
Quietened Trace where a Save Crystal can be found.  The northwest exit leads 
to an optional boss you must first defeat:

BOSS: King Bomb - HP: 37596 - LV: 34

The one preparation you will want to make before this battle is to purchase 
the Fire Shield for any character you have able to equip it.  It will make the 
battle quite a bit easier.

Your first goal as per all such battles is to eliminate the minions first.  Do 
so using whatever means you have at your disposal, multi-targeting water 
spells and the like.  The boss' HP is deceptive, it's actually quite a bit 
higher than that if you take into account his Renew ability.  Renew is a spell 
he will periodically cast to heal al the way back to full health.

There are two ways to get around Renew: the first is to keep pounding him 
despite the spell, because after he uses it about four or five times, he won't 
use it again.  This method is only effective if you have significant offensive 
weapons and abilities.

The second choice is to get him down to around 50% HP (if you wait any longer 
he is sure to Renew).  Before the King Bomb starts to cast Renew (not after) 
let loose a fully charged Quickening.  You're going to need at least a seven 
or eight chain of mostly level 2 and 3 Quickenings in order to dish out the 
20000 damage or so you will need.

The last thing to point out is that since this is an optional boss, unlike 
scripted bosses, you can run away like any other normal foe.  It's certainly a 
better option that seeing the game over screen if you know that you can't win.


With the King Bomb defeated, head directly north to reach the Nabreus 
Deadlands.  I would advise you of the difficulty of the enemies you will face 
in this area.  Not to be taken lightly, especially if you are attempting this 
during the course of the game where you have only reached The Salikawood.

Descend the winding path to reach the Vale of Lingering Sorrow, then take the 
northeast exit from there to Echoes of the Past.  Continue north when possible 
to reach The Slumberland.  The northeastern exit from here will lead to what 
you may think is a Save Crystal, but is in fact a powerful foe.

Take the north exit to the Lifeless Strand and make a left.  When you can no 
longer head west, go north and follow this path east to reach the exit.  You 
will likely pull a lot of aggro here so hopefully your defense is good.  

We have finally arrived in the Field of the Fallen Lord and have almost 
reached our destination.  The field is even more dangerous than previous areas 
to make sure you go out of your way to avoid pulling enemies.  Take the 
southeast exit to reach the Necrohol of Nabudis.  

Those who have come here exclusively for the Zodiac Spear (presumably at a 
relatively low level compared to these enemies) read on.  Those who are here 
at a more appropriate level with the intent of battling the bosses, skip ahead 
to the dashed line below.  The section below the dashed line will also cover 
the acquisition of the Zodiac Spear as well.

Make an immediate right when you get inside and follow the path down to a 
fork.  Go south at the fork, then make a left (east) into the circular room.  
Now run southeast and take the east path, ignoring the room to the south.

When the main path turns south, follow it and make an immediate right (west) 
to reach the staircase here.  Since you have just changed zones and no longer 
have aggro (assuming you've been running), take a moment to heal your 
characters now (and it couldn't hurt to cast Protect / Shell either).

This next area takes a number of twists and turns, so if you're sprinting, 
you're much better off following your map than trying to interpret a bunch of 
textual turns that I give you.  Ignore the flashing orange (locked) door on 
your map and keep running south to the next transition.

We're almost there.  Leave this room (carefully) and turn south,  You should 
be able to avoid pulling any enemies for a decent ways right now.  As you head 
west, inevitably you won't be able to get past some of them.  Now, here's what 
you do: keep running west until you reach a fork in the path (not a fork as 
in, path one way and dead-end room the other, I mean fork as in the main path 

At this fork, go north and then immediately left (west) into the first room.  
If all goes well you will lose aggro when you enter and the enemies will run 
back.  This is the infamous treasure room.  Take off the Diamond Armlet if 
it's equipped, and you want the Zodiac Spear.

If you successfully met the conditions for getting the Zodiac Spear, facing 
the camera north, let's label the chests 1 - 4 across the bottom (X axis) row 
and 1 - 4 upwards from the bottom left chest to the top left chest (Y axis).  
The Zodiac Spear is in chest (4,2) using the (x,y) system (over four, up two).  
One of the two closest chests to the room's entrance.

The reason I tell you exactly which chest has the spear is so you don't open 
the others.  They will only have Knot of Rust as a default, but if you have 
the Diamond Armlet, they will all contain Dark Matter (a much better item).  
If you don't have the armlet, leave the chests and come back later (since they 
don't respawn).

If you got the spear, congratulations!  Now the trip back out is just as 
dangerous, if not more so, than the trip inside.  

[D003]                             Phoenix

Teleport to The Pharos and take the lift down to the Subterra,  Enter one of 
the rooms to the north.  In these rooms you will find pedestals that you can 
insert Black Orbs into and light up the area a little. This will help you 

If you're in the northwest room, you'll find the Phoenix to the northeast and 
vice versa.  It is located in an area that isn't shown on your map.  Both 
these rooms have doors that lead further into other rooms with other doors.  
It's difficult to lead you directly there, just note that if you do enough 
exploring through these unmapped rooms, you are bound to find the boss 
eventually.  There aren't more than two or three ancient doors between the 
main ring and The Phoenix.

BOSS: Phoenix - HP: 134089 - LV: 59

This is a flying creature, so your best bet is to use either the Telekinesis 
skill or powerful attack Magick.  Since I didn't have Telekinesis at the time, 
I found the fastest way of taking down the boss was simply making a Gambit for 
the Holy spell on every character.  Pheonix's attacks aren't particularly 
powerful so as long as you have one party member casting Curaja you should be 
fine (you'll need Bubble of course).  Don't forget to Dispel the boss at the 
beginning of battle.

[D000]                         Leveling Tricks
[D000]                            The First

This is an auto-leveling trick (meaning you leave the game on overnight and 
your characters will fight and level up automatically).

Credit for the basic premise of this trick goes to Albedo Piazzola and Crimson 
Skys.  A topic concerning this particular trick can be found on the Final 
Fantasy XII message boards at www.gamefaqs.com.

The trick can begin once you have completed the Stilshrine of Miriam.  You 
will need to be approximately level 30 or higher in order for this to work 
effectively.  Here's how it goes:

All you need to make sure you get before going to the Stilshrine is a pile of 
Remedies, I'd say 20 - 30 to be on the safe side.  You also need to learn the 
Augment Remedy Lore 3 because these Remedies need to be able to remove the 
Doom status.  Now, head to the Stilshrine and proceed to the "Ward of the 
Sword King."  

In this area there is a small chance a rare foe called "Negalmuur" will spawn.  
In order to make him spawn you must keep leaving and re-entering the Ward of 
the Sword King, killing all the enemies that inhabit it each time (otherwise 
it won't reset when you leave and there won't be a chance of Negalmuur 
spawning.)  This whole back and forth process can take anywhere from a few 
minutes to an hour (or more if your luck is particularly bad) so get 

When you eventually do encounter Negalmuur, you need to prepare your Gambits 
properly.  This trick works because Negalmuur constantly spawns skeleton 
enemies forever that give experience when killed.  These skeletons have less 
than 3000 HP while Negalmuur has a lot more.  If you have your gambits set up 
as Foe: HP < 3000 -> Attack then you will always kill the spawns, but never 
the enemy spawning them.

All your characters should be set up as following, with the following order 

Self: MP < 10% -> Charge
Self -> Haste
Ally: Any -> Raise
Ally: HP < 60% -> Cura
Ally: Party Leader -> Remedy
Ally: Any -> Esuna
Self -> Decoy
Foe: HP < 3000 -> Attack.

The ONE exception is the party leader.  his or her Gambit setup must be 
identical to this, except with the Self -> Decoy Gambit removed.  The leader 
should be the only party member without Decoy.

I'll explain the reasoning for these Gambits, and you can alter them if you 
wish (though this setup should be nearly perfect.)  Most of the main ones are 
self-evident (keep the party healed, alive, and in good health).  The reason 
for Decoy is as follows: Negalmuur occasionally casts the Doom spell (which 
kills you after ten seconds).  If the party leader is hit with Doom (and dies) 
then a message pops up to switch leaders.  This will pause the game and end 
your streak of auto-leveling.  

To avoid this, your non-leader characters cast Decoy on themselves and try to 
pull the Doom spell onto them.  If they die it's no big deal, the Gambits will 
simply raise them.  In the unlikely event that Doom DOES get cast on the main 
character (it happens on occasion), that's what the Party Leader -> Remedy is 
for (since Esuna will NOT remove the Doom status).  You can basically auto-
level as long as you have Remedies remaining.

[D000]                            The Second

The second trick isn't an auto-leveling trick, but it does level you extremely 
quickly.  I would recommend you be at least level 50 before attempting this 
one, but it's up to you how much of a risk you want to take.  

Teleport to the Jahara and enter the Lull of the Land area.  At the northeast 
corner you will find a Garif identified as Geomancer Yugelo.  You must have 
met the following conditions: completed the Hunt to defeat the Mindflayer, and 
second, you must have acquired at least 10 Espers.  

Assuming you have met these conditions, he will send a Garif warrior to open 
up the locked area in the Henne Mines.  That is your next destination.  
Teleport to the Henne Mines and head north, then east to reach the Phase 2 
Dig.  I would suggest looking down a little for the recommended Gambit setup, 
as it will help you not only at your destination, but on the way there was 
well (though you may want to keep Sleepga off until you get there and just use 

Make your way south through the Phase 2 Dig (there are paths leading down that 
don't appear on the map).  Eventually this will take you to Crossover C.  Head 
down to the southwest corner of Crossover C (watch out for the dangerous blob 
enemies, you may want to just flee there) and enter Pithead Junction C.  This 
is your main destination.

Pressing the switch in this junction will spawn more than a dozen of those 
powerful bats.  No doubt they would have very little trouble wiping out your 
entire party if given the chance, but a proper Gambit setup can tip the scales 
in your favour.  here's my personal favourite setup for this leveling trick:

Self: MP < 10% -> Charge
Self -> Haste
Ally: Any -> Arise
Ally: HP < 60% -> Curaja
Ally: Any -> Esunaga
Foe: Undead -> Sleepga
Foe: Undead -> Curaja
Ally: Any -> Bubble

Also, make sure to equip everyone with the Embroidered Tippet.

There are a few differences I suggest between the characters.  Your main tank 
should have the Self -> Decoy spell right above Sleepga (equip this character 
with a shield to hopefully block some of the bat attacks).  Another character 
should have Ally: Any -> Protectga (again to reduce damage).  Finally, I 
personally like to remove Foe: Any -> Sleepga from one character so that you 
are at least doing damage consistently even if one of the enemies refuses to 
fall asleep (I usually equip this character with Mystic armour so that the 
damage from his/her Curaja is as high as possible).

The basic idea is that the Sleepga spell will put all the bats to sleep 
(quickly).  The Curaja spell will do heavy damage to all the bats (since they 
are undead) and not wake them up (since it's Magick damage).  Bubble and 
Protect will help keep you alive until all the enemies are asleep.

Killing all of the enemies in here with the Enbroided Tippet equipped will net 
you more than 60000 EXP every single time.  Now all you have to do is press 
the switch again (no more spawns after the first press) to open the east door, 
head east to the Phase 2 Shaft, north to Crossover C, then turn around.  Since 
you just moved two screens you can now go back and press the switch again.  
The enemies will respawn.  Rinse and repeat this over and over and you'll 
reach the 80's in no time flat.


This guide is copyright (c) A I e x - 20067.  
It is only meant to be hosted on www.gamefaqs.com

I am aware this guide is incompelte in terms of content after the end of the
game, unfortunately it is unlikely the guide will ever be updated again.


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