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Story Transcript/Translation by sigel_x

Version: final | Updated: 06/26/2006

Final Fantasy Story Translation
Guide written and compiled by Matthew
Author: Matthew Niemi (Sigelx)
Began: March 17th, 2006

Below there is a translation/transcription of the FFxii story.
I am apart of a bigger project found here

You may not copy or reproduce it under any circumstances except for
personal,private use. It may not be placed on any web site or
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.
Use of the guide on any other web site or as a part of any public
display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.


Version 0.3 (May 21st 2006) - game story is pretty much completely
translated and transcribed.  However, i need to format the rest of it
to fit the requirements for gamefaqs

Part 1 - Prologue

In the name of the Great Father, I now pronounce you man and wife.

恵み深き神の祝福が 汝らの行く道に
May the blessings of our bountiful gods forever guide your path.

Farlem.  (Amen)

この後アルケイディスが 陸 空 双方からの同時攻撃を開始すれば
If Archades was to commence an attack on land and sea
Nabudis has already fallen.

Old man:

Prince Ralser:
What about my father?

I do not know, Prince Rasler.

Other blonde guy:
If Nabudis has fallen, there is nothing that can be done to prevent
an attack on Dalmasca. It is only a matter of time before they reach
the border.

Old man:
Then... as for Nalbina...

I will go.

Prince Ralser:
Please allow me to go with him!

May Garutea's divine protection be with you.

Prince Ralser:
I am glad to recieve it. Thank you.

We're losing here. Let's retreat!

Prince Ralser:
Wait! We still have the magic barrier!

The barrier... So this is the end...

Prince Ralser:
In the name of my father!

Prince Rasler!

Your body hath recieved the blessing of the Great Father and will
return to the Earth. Your soul shall go forth to meet its Time of
Tranquility with the Mother Goddess.





Prince Rasler's death was one of the many tragedies in the Kingdom
of Dalmasca. The hope brought from Princess Ashe's wedding were lost
as recent events engulfed the age like raging waves.


The eastern Empire of Archadia and the western Empire of Rozarria had
disputes over each side's political control in Ivalice. It was a time
of war. As its first step, Archadia headed west and invaded the
Kingdom of Nabradia. Rasler's native land was detroyed by hellfire,
while the invaded country of Dalmasca shared the same fate at the
hands of the Empire.

やがてアルケイディア帝国は和平案を提示。 事実上の降伏勧告であった。

Dalmasca lost half of its military strength due to the defeat at the
Fortress of Nalbina. The loyal knights of Dalmasca tried a
counteroffensive strategy, but the Imperial forces were too great
and eventually chased the knights down to near annihilation. Before
long, the empire presented a peace treaty. In reality, it was merely
counsel advising surrender.


My old friend, King Raminas of Dalmasca, then reluctantly decided to
surrender to the Empire. In order for the peace agreement to be
sealed, imperial troops headed for the occupied Castle of Nalbina.
However, right as his Majesty left the capital, Rabanastre, the few
remaining Dalmascan knights sensed that uneasy news would soon come.


ハルム・オンドール4世 (回顧録) <12章 落日の王国>

"Where there is a ceremony for peace agreements, there are also
schemes of assassination."

Harme Ondore the 4th (Recollections) <Chapter 12, Kingdom of the
Setting Sun>


On the battlefield

General Basch:
Are you OK? Pull yourself together!

Just as I said before, he'll only be a burden.

General Basch:
Stop talking like that!
No one is fighting here because they like it.
They're doing it for our country.
Can you stand?

Reks... My name is Reks, General.

General Basch:
I see, Reks.
>From the looks of it, you have no wounds and just a slight
concussion, hmm?
Let's get you up.
Are you okay, Reks?

Yes, I'm fine.

General Basch:
Reks, how old are you?

I'm 17.

General Basch:
And your parents?

Both my mother and father are dead.
I just have a younger brother in Rabanastre.

General Basch: すまないな
I'm sorry...
...to make young people such as yourself take up a sword.

No... it's for our country.
For the many countrymen of my parents.

Let's get going, Basch!
There is no time to talk now.
We have to get to His Majesty before they assemble!

General Basch:
焦るな レックス
Yes, I know.
Go, Vossler!
We'll hold them off here.
Don't be impatient, Reks.
If we slowly think things through, we can do this.
Let's go!


Ant1 Pilot
くそっ 冗談じゃねえぞ!
Shit! You've got to be joking!
Ant1 to Antlion! We have engine damage! We have to leave.

Antlion Pilot
アントリオン 了解
よくたった アント1
Roger that. Good job Ant1, you have permission to retreat.

Ant1 Pilot
ありがてぇ アント1離脱する
Thanks, Ant1 withdrawing.



ウォースラ!どこだ どこにいる?
Wolsra! Where are you?

まさか アズラス将軍まで
It can't be... Not General Azulass too...

ウォースラはこれまで いくつもの死線をくぐりねけてきた勇者だぞ!
一刻も早く陛下をお助けし ここを脱出せねば、
Don't talk like that! He's a brave man that has been theatened with
death many times before now. He would not die here. If we left here
and went to save his majesty immediately...

Would he be safe?

調印式が終わるまで さすがに手出しはできんさ
It is an unconditional surrender. Until the peace agreement ceremony
is finished they can't touch him.

でも 調印式が終わっていたら
But if it ends...

Let's move out, Lex!


Basch: Lex, there are most likely more enemies ahead.. but Lex, there
is no need to defeat them all. Sometimes you need to just run away.
Hold the R2 button and you will disengage the enemy and will be able
to run away. There is no shame in avoiding useless battles.

他にも教えておき たいことは多いが…… 後は実践で見につけていくのが
Basch: Lex, this is a save crystal. If you get near the crystal and
press the O button you can make a record of your previous battles.
Also, when you touch the crystal, you regain all of you HP and MP.
Because refilling your MP by walking around takes a lot of time,
you should stop at the crystal when you see it. There are a lot of
things that I want to tell you but... I guess I can tell you about
everything as we come to it. We don't have much time for
explainations... We have to get to King Raminas before he signs the
peace agreement!

将軍! ここはオレがなんとかします! 先に行ってください! さぁ! 早く!
Lex: General! I will hold them off here! You go on ahead! Hurry!

陛下…… どうして……あなたが? なぜ こんなことを……?
Lex: His majesty... why... did you... How could you do something
like this...?

陛下はダルマスカをやつらに売り渡そうとした 陛下は売国奴だ
Basch: The king was going to sell off the people to the empire...
He is a traitor.

Lex: A traitor?

Vayne: Seize him!

Vayne: These peace talks have hereby ended

我々は無条件降伏などせん! 陛下はダルマスカを貴様たち
Basch: We won't except an unconditional surrender! The king was
just a traitor selling to sell off our country!

戦争は終わったのだよ 将軍 ダルマスカは我が帝国に敗れた 
だが我々はダルマスカに敬意を払い…… それなりの主権を残そうと
努力していたのだ それもすべて将軍…… 君のせいで台無しだ
Vayne: The war is over general. Dalmasca was defeated by our empire
and we tried to pay our respect to the Dalmascan people and made
efforts to keep the ruling crown in place. However, you general,
have spoiled everything.

Basch: We won't bend to the will of the empire!

ダルマスカの民は さぞかし君を恨むだろう 将軍を連れて行け!
Vayne: The people of Dalmasca will surely come to curse your name
general...Take him away!

Lex: Van



Thus the road to peace was severed and the invasion began anew as
The Royal city of Rabanastre was taken. The fate of Dalmasca had
been sealed.

Resistance had already become meaningless and I appealed to the
citizens of Dalmasca based on the information I had aquired.

"General Basch Von Rosenburgh, the traiter who assassinated your king
and called on you for war to the bitter end, has been executed for
commiting high treason.

To those who share the ideals of the general and wish to continue
this war... you will only bring more destruction to your country and
will also end up as disgraceful traitors should you continue to fight


To the true patriots... I hope that you are able throw down your
blades. For we must grieve not only for the peaceful soul of his
highness, King Raminas but also that of Princess Ashe.

Without the royal family, the citizens of Dalmasca eventually came
to except unconditional surrender.

 ―ハルム・オンドール4世「回顧録<13章 友邦の義務>
Harme Ondore the 4th (Recollections) (Chapter 13, The obligation of
an ally)

Part 2 - The Hunt Begins

ヴァン兄 早くしないと見つかっちゃうよ
Kaitz: Van, hurry up or they'll find you!

わかってる あと少しだけ いいかカイツ ちゃんと見張ってろよ
Van: yeah yeah, I know. I just need a little more time. Make sure
you watch out for anyone coming!

1 2 ……あと3匹か よし全部かたづけてやる
Van: 1,2... 3 more. When it's time to take care of these pests.

すっげぇ 全部ひとりでやっつけたの これならデカイのが出てきても平気だよ
Kaitz: Wow! You took care of all of them by yourself! You could
probably even take on some of the huge ones.
I think I'd be fine fighting the monsters in desert if I really
wanted to.

じゃ 今日はこれくらいで上がろうか カイツはミゲロさんの店に戻れば? 
Van: Well, let's call it a day. You should probably get back to
Migelo's shop don't you think? He probably has some work for you to
do right?

いけね 忘れてた!
ね ヴァン兄もおいでよ 今日は忙しいみたいで 
Kaitz: yeah, I forgot! Hey van, you should come too. Today seems to
be really busy so I bet he's got a job that you can do for him too.

オレは別の"仕事"にしとくよ ここのカギかけ直しといてくれ 
Van: Nah, I've got another "job" in mind. Could you make sure you
lock up this place for me? If Migelo found out I came in without
permission, I'd get yelled at for sure


『前バレンタイン暦706年 ダルマスカ敗戦から2年後……』
"Pre-Valentine calender year 706 2 years after the fall of Dalmasca

Van: Huh?

なんだ 何か言ったか?
Soldier: Did you say something?

その お代を……
Vendor: Are you going to pay for that?

Soldier: pay?!

いえ……いいんです いいんです どうぞ 持っていってくださいまし
Vendor: No... nevermind, it's ok. Please, take it.

やめておけ 今日は騒ぎを起こすな
Soldier 2 to Soldier: Don't cause any trouble today.

Soldier to Merchant: Looks like you got lucky today...

Van: I'm sorry!

気をつけろ! 小僧!
Soldier: Watch where you're going kid!

しまった やられた! スリだ!
Soldier: Shit it's gone! That brat took it!

Soldier 2: what!?

Van: Hey! What gives?!

何すんだ じゃないわよ また盗んだのね! 捕まったらどうするつもり? 
みんなヴァンのこと頼りにしてるのよ 捕まったら面倒見れなくなっちゃう
Penelo: What do you mean "What gives?" You're stealing again aren't
you? What's going to happen if you get caught! Everyone is counting
on you ya know! If you get caught, there'll be no one to look after

やめてくれよ オレはリーダーじゃないんだぜ オレたち孤児は 
誰にも頼らず生きていかなきゃいけないんだ それはパンネロ…… 
一緒だろ? おい! 何してんだよ! それはオレのもんだぜ!
Van: Give me a break huh? I'm not the leader or anything. Orphans
have to learn to live without depending on other people... you think
so too right penelo? Hey! What the hell are you doing! That's mine
damn it!

このお金は もともとオレたちダルマスカ人のもんだ 
盗んだのは帝国なんだから 帝国のやつらから取り戻すのは…… 
……って ヴァンのセリフよね?
Penelo: You always say that "This money was originally the money of
the Dalamascan people. The empire stole it, so I'm gonna take it back
from the empire. It's our duty." right?

パンネロ 言ってることとやってることが矛盾してるぞ!
Van: But what your doing and what you're saying are two different
things Penelo!

これは先週渡したパン代よ 私がミゲロさんのお手伝いしてるからって…… 
Penelo: This makes up for the bread I gave you last week. I'm getting
some money working for Miguelo but that doesn't mean your bread is
free Van.

オレだって いつまでもこんな生活…… オレはいつか 
自分の飛空挺を手に入れる 空賊になって あの大空を自由に
Van: Yeah... Even I can't live this lifestyle forever... Someday, I'm
going to get my own airship. I'll become a sky pirate and fly around
whereever I want to go.

その夢をかなえる前に 牢屋行きにならないといいわね
あとでミゲロさんのところへ行ってみて 何か困ったことが起きたみたい 
Penelo: It would be nice if you could get that done before they drag
your ass to jail. Later make sure to go to Miguelo's shop, ok?
Something happened and he said that he needed your help.


At Miguelo's shop

おぉヴァン 待っとったよ
Miguelo: ahh, Van. I've been waiting for you.

ミゲロさん 困ったことって?
Van: So what happened Miguelo?

それがな 砂漠の街道でひと騒動あったようで 昨日街に着くはずの
運び屋がまだ来んのだ おかげで今夜の祝宴に出す食材も届きゃしないんだ
Miguelo: There seems to have been a problem on the desert highway.
I was supposed to get a delivery yesterday, but it hasn't arrived yet
. Because of that, I don't have enough ingredients for the banquet

わかった! オレが運び屋を探しに行くんだな?
Van: Got it! You need me to go find the delivery right?

何を言うんだい! 砂漠は魔物だらけだ! 
Miguelo: What are you talking about Van! The desert is full of
monsters! I wouldn't send you off on such dangerous work. Tomaji over
at the Sand Sea Bar told me that he could help me out with the

Van: So you're saying to go to the Sand Sea Bar and bring the
ingredients back here huh?

それをカイツに頼んだんだよ なのにあの子ときたら
行ったきり戻らんのだ 私は店を離れられんし 
Miguelo: I asked Kaitz to do that but he still hasn't come back yet.
I can't leave the shop and Panelo is off on some other work so... I'm
sorry but could you go to the Bar and tell Kaitz to get back here?

Van: What a boring job...

まぁまぁ そう言わずにひとつ頼まれておくれよ
Miguelo: Stop complaining and just get it done.


At the restaurant

こらカイツ! おつかい放り出して何してるんだ?
Van: Kaitz! Are you slacking off or what?

見て見てヴァン兄! コイツだよ! コイツのせいで品物が来なかったんだ!
Kaitz: Look at this Van! It's him! He's the reason why the delivery
hasn't come yet!

えーと…… 東の砂漠に出没? なんだコイツ?
Van: Hmm.. hangs around the East desert... What is this thing?

トマジ→「ようヴァン お前もおつかいか? 
まぁ 帝国の執政官様を歓迎する宴を仕切るとなれば…… 
Tomaji: Yo Van! Miguelo has got you working too huh? He must be
really busy. Well, I guess the new impirial consul is coming so there
must be tons of work to do right.

歓迎したくなんてないけどな それよりトマジ コイツは?
Van: If it were up to me, I wouldn't do anything for him but...
anyway, what is this Tomaji?

トマジ→「あぁ 困った奴だよ こんな魔物がうろついてるせい
で運び屋の到着が遅れて あれこれ品不足でな 
頼んでる やっつけた奴にはちょっとした報酬アリだ
Tomaji: Ahh, that one is a real problem. Because of him all the
shipments are late and we are short on everything... That's why I
posted this to have someone take care of him for me. There's a bit of
a reward for whoever gets it done.

へぇ…… ミゲロさんのおつかいよりおもしろそうな"仕事"だな
Van: Cool... That sounds a lot more interesting than Miguelo's job.

そうだね ヴァン兄 やってみようよ!
Kaitz: Yeah Van, Let's do it!

お前はミゲロさんに届ける物があるだろ 早く戻らないと 困ってたぞ
Van: You have some stuff to bring back Miguelo's shop right? You
better get back now Kaitz.

いけね 忘れてた!
Kaitz: Oh my god! I totally forgot about that!

いいか ヴァン  この掲示板に貼られてるのは魔物退治を
頼む張り紙ばかりなんだ 賞金をかけられた人のことを
それのモンスター版みたいなもんだ な 退治を依頼された
魔物は「モブって呼ばれてるぜ このはぐれトマトの張り紙は俺が貼ったんだ 
俺が依頼したモブってわけだな もっと詳しく話を聞き たいか?
Tomaji: So Van, the monsters posted on the board here are ones that
people want to get rid of. You know how some wanted criminal's have
a reward for their capture? This is kind of the same thing except for
monsters. They're called "Mobs." I posted this one about the Killer
Tomato. Do you want to hear more about the job?


At the gate

Soldier 1: Because of the Inageration Ceremony for the new Consul
today, Special security is presently in effect. No one is allowed
through without permission.

へぇ 困ったな 今夜のパーティを仕切ってるミゲロさんから
ほら これミゲロさんの伝票 あんたのせいで料理が間に
合わなかったら執政官って人も怒るよな オレには関係ないけど
Van: Really? That'll cause a bit of trouble... You see, Miguelo is
preparing the meal for the party tonight and needs me to go and get
some ingredients... see, this is his voucher. If the consul doesn't
get to eat tonight because you won't let me through, it won't be my

Soldier 1: Like the consul would get upset with such a trivial

……ちっ 仕方ない さっさと通れ! じきにこの門も封鎖するからな!
Solder 2: Ba... ok fine, I'll let you out but, we're closing the
gates right after you leave!


Back at the gate

あれ……ガルバナじゃないか こんなところで咲くなんて珍しいな 
用事も済んだし 帰ろうか
Van: huh...isn't that a Galbana? It's rare for it to bloom in a place
like this... Well, my work here is done. Guess I should start heading

あ ヴァン兄! どうしよう 門が閉まっちゃって 街に入れないんだよ! 
さっきパンネロ姉ちゃんにモブのこと話したんだ そしたらヴァン兄が
心配だって言うから ふたりでここまで来たんだけど…… 
Kaitz: Van! What should we do? The gate is shut and they aren't
letting anyone in! I told Panelo about the mob and she got worried so
we came here together but... The soldier suddenly announced that the
gate was closing and started a big uproar... I got seperated from
Panelo and...

Van: What...

ちょっと待てよ! オレたちは入れないのにチョコボはいいのかよ!
Van: Hey! Wait a minute! You're letting a chocobo in even though
we're stuck out here?!

帝国兵→「何がおかしい このチョコボは血統書つきの式典用だ
「こいつには何万ギルもかかってる お前ら100人
「おら 近づくんじゃねぇよ! チョコボにお前ら
Soldier: What's strange about that? This chocobo is a top notch
pure bred that's going to be used in the ceremony. It's worth 10's
of thousands of gil which is more than 100 of you put together. Hey!
Don't get any closer to it! Don't want any of your poverty sticken
filth to rub off on it!

Van: That's going too far!

帝国兵→「どけ! このガキ! いいぞ 入れ!
Soldier: Get back you brat!
Go ahead and enter!

Van: bastard...

これはまた立派なチョコボですな ひと目でわかりましたよ 
ツィッタの鳥でしょ 土が違うとチョコボの育ちも違いますなぁ 
そうそう…… 土が
変われば味も変わるものでして たとえばダルマスカのバロース酒 
これはこれで 悪くないものです いかがですかな 
Miguelo: Oh, this is a fine chocobo indeed. You can tell at just a
glance... he's from Citta Island right? Yes, a chocobo is greatly
effected by its surroundings. Just like Dalamasca Barose wine.
Sure it's a step behind the body and aroma of the imperial make but..
. In truth, it does have a bold kick to it. How about it? Of course I
have prepared enough for several of you.

帝国兵→「おい "積荷"を通したら予定通り門は封鎖だ 
くそ 鎧の中が砂だらけだ……!
Soldier: hey, as soon as this "cargo" is through, make sure to
blockade the gate as planned. Damn it... It's like i have a whole
desert sitting inside my armour... damn sand...

あんまり心配させんでおくれよ まぁ おおごとにならんで何よりだ
Miguelo: Don't make me worry about you like that! well, at least
nothing bad happened.

さぁ 私たちも行こう?
Panelo: Well, should we get going?

おぉ じきに式典が始まってしまうな こりゃあ急がんとな
Miguelo: Oh! The ceremony is about to start! We need to hurry up!
あ ちょっと! 待ってよ なに…… ねぇ どうしたの ヴァン!
Panelo: Ah! hey! Wait a sec! What's wrong with you Van


In the city

帝国軍→「静粛に! アルケイディア帝国西方総軍指令 
新執政官 ヴェイン・

Soldier: Silence! The commander of the Archadian Imperial Army's
western division and new consul, Lord Vayne Solidole will now say a
few words.

ラバナスタ市民諸君 帝国が憎いか この私を憎んでいるか

Vayne: Citizens of Rabanastre, Do you detest the empire? Do you
detest me?

ラバナスタ市民→「当たり前だ! こらぁ帝国!

Citizens: “Your damn right we do!” “Imperial dogs!”-

私自身諸君の憎しみをぬぐえるとは思っていない 私は
おられる 諸君 私はただひとつを求めよう 
陛下の御遺志を受け継ぎ 平和へ
それだけを忘れずにいてくれれば 私ごときいくら
私は逃げることなく憎しみを受け止め背負い…… そして
ダルマスカを守ろう! これは私の償いである 
祖国を愛する者たちよ 亡き陛下の御
遺志を引き継ぎ 平和への祈りを 
私の望みは ただそれだけである

Vayne: I suppose that it was not neccessary to ask. I realize that
I can’t easily erase your ill feeling towards our empire. Neither
am I seeking your loyalty... I do believe, however, that protecting
the wishes of your beloved and departed ruler, King Raminas, is
essential. He was very kind to his people of Dalamasca and was a man
that did all he could to implement peace both within and outside his
kingdom. He was a very enlightened man and he is looking over us
now wishing for the peace and prosperity of Dalamasca. So if I could
ask you for one thing,it would be to please respect those wishes. 2
years have passed since that painful war, and although the sprout of
peace has appeared, I hope that together we all can nurture that
sprout into a grand tree! If you can remember those wishes of mine,
I won't mind the hatred you might have towards me. No matter how
harsh. I will not run away and be sure to protect Dalmasca!
This is my atonement. The spirits of the the deceased King Raminas
and Princess Ashe are looking over you, the citizens of Dalamasca
who love your country so much. My only hope is that you inherit
their dying wishes.

Soldier: What do you think about Rabanastre?

実にすばらしい この大聖堂を見たまえ 華美かつ享楽的 
ガルテア様式の頂点ともいえる建造物だ グラミス陛下にも
Vayne: It's truly superb. Look at this cathedral.. This suplender and
beauty is the pinnacle of Galtian-style architecture. This is
something that I like to show Lord Gramis.

Soldier: Tonights banquet has been prepared by this man.

ミゲロと申します 次期皇帝となられます殿下のお迎え
できることは まさに誉れ 市民一同 まことに……
Miguelo: My name is Miguelo. I am truely honored to be able to meet
the future emperor. Surely, eveyone who is present today...

殿下はよせ 私は陛下の子ではあるが皇子ではない 
わがアルケイディア帝国の皇帝は市民が選ぶもの ……
You could stop with the formalities. I may be the emperor's son, but
I am no prince. The emporer is elected by the citizens of the empire.
.. I am merely an elected official

Miguelo: pardon my rudeness

かといって…… 『執政官閣下』などとは呼ばんでくれよ 
私も今日からラバナスタ市民だ ヴェインでかまわんよ
Vayne: Speaking of which, you can do away with the title of "consul"
as well. From today, I become a normal citizen of Rabanastre. Vayne
is fine.

しかし それでは……
Miguelo: But I couldn't...

呼び捨ては抵抗があるか? ならば今夜は 
Vayne: You're opposed to that idea? Well, tonight I'll just have you
drink until I get you to call me Vayne.

だらしないなぁ ミゲロさん
Van: Miguelo... what a kiss ass

下げたくて頭下げてるんじゃないの それくらい わからないの? 
Penelo: He's just being polite because it's the only way he can be.
Even you can understand that right? What would happen if he didn't
do that?

Van: That's exactly what I'm saying

じゃあ ヴァンならどうするの?
Penelo: Oh yeah? What would you do then Van?

どうするって…… オレ……オレなら……
Van: What would I do? If it was me... well I'd...

……いてるの? ねぇヴァンってば ちゃんと聞いてる?
Penelo: ....listening? Earth to Van! Are you even listening to me at

雰囲気変わったね ラバナスタじゃないみたい 
Penelo: This place is really changing isn't it... It's like it's not
even Rabanastre anymore.. It's becoming more and more like just
another piece of the empire....

なぁ 今夜のパーティってオレたちでも行けるのかな
Van: Hey, you think we can get into that party tonight?

何言ってんの 招待されてないのに王宮に入れる訳ないじゃない
Penelo: What are you talking about?! There's no way they'd let us
into the palace without an invitation.

じゃあ どうすれば入れる?
Van: Well, how can we get in then?

そんなの 知らないよ ミゲロさんに頼んでみるとか…… 
Penelo: How should I know? Ask Miguelo or... go downtown and talk to
Dalan I guess.

ねぇ 突然どうしたの?
Penelo: What's up with you all of a sudden anyway?

言っただろ ダルマスカのものを取り戻すんだ 
……なんての どう? お宝盗んでさ みんなにおごってやるよ 
Van: I told you before right? I'm going to take back what belongs to
Dalmasca. What do you think? I'll steall some treasure and treat
everyone! That'll put you in a better mood anyway right?

冗談ばっか そんな宝が手に入ったらまず飛空挺買っちゃうくせに 
……けどまぁ ヴァンの気持ちは嬉しいかな それだけもらっとくよ 
Penelo: Don't lie to me... I know that you'd get an airship for
yourself before that happened... but, I appreciate the thought!

そうか 飛空挺か…… 本気でやってみるか? 
ミゲロさんには迷惑かけられないし 頼りはダラン爺だな 
Van: Hmm... an airship huh? Maybe I should really try. I won't be
causing Miguelo anymore trouble.... Well, Dalan is the man I need to
see then. He definately knows something that will help. Guess its
off to downtown then...

Part 3 - Sun and Son


ダラン→「よう悪ガキ 久しぶりじゃのぉ 
Dalan: Hey there brat. Long time no see. Did you come to ask about
how you can get back at those east gate guards?

なんだ もう知ってるのか
Wow, so you already know about that huh?

I can't call myself an informant otherwise now can I?

まぁ あいつらにはいつか仕返しするけどな 
Van: Well, I want to get back at them sometime but that's not why
I'm here today.

Daran: Oh...

I want to know how to sneak into the palace. There is a lot of
treasure right? I thought that it would be nice to go steal some of

えらく簡単に言いよるわ 王宮も宝も何もかも帝国に押さえられとるんじゃぞ
Well... I'll put it plainly for you. The palace, treasure and
everything else is heavily guarded by the empire.

だからやるんだよ ダルマスカのものを取り戻すんだ
Van: That's exactly why I want to do it. I want to take back what's

お前にしてはご立派な決意じゃな ふむ……
そういえば古いウワサがあったのぅ 王宮の宝物庫に通じる
秘密の扉があって 魔力を秘めた石版で開くとか
Daran: Take Dalmasca's treasure for Dalmasca huh... That's a pretty
good idea for you. Hmm.. now that I think about it, there is an old
rumor. A secret door leading to the palace treasure that can only be
found with magic stone.

それそれ そういう話を知りたかったんだよ で 
Van: Now that's exactly the kind of information I wanted to know...
so? Where is the stone?

ん わしが持っとるよ はて どこにしまったかのぅ……
Daran: I have it but, where was that...

……なぁ 説明はもういいから その石版……<クレセントストーン>だっけ? 
それ貸してくれよ そいつがあれば王宮の隠し通路に入れるんだろ
Van: You can expain it more in detail later. That stone is called a
crescent stone right? Could you give it to me? If I have it, I can
find the hidden pasage right?

ばかもん 全然話を聞いとらんではないか 
Daran: Idiot. You're not listening to me at all. This crescent stone
has lost its magic power. We need a sunlight stone to restore its

あ そうだっけ えーと 太陽石があるのは たしか……
Van: Oh.. ok. well, I think that sunlight stones are...

<ギーザ草原>じゃ あの辺に住んどる連中に話を聞けば手に入るじゃろ 
そのまま南に進めば集落じゃ 道中魔物が出るから油断するでないぞ
Daran: in the Giza Plains. If you talk to the people there, you
probably can get your hands on one. If you go out the south gate
you'll be in the Giza Plains. If you go due south, you'll come to
the settlement. There will be some monsters along the way so don't
be stupid.

わかってるって じゃあ ちょっと行ってくる
えーと……ギーザ草原に行くには ここを右に行って外に出ればいいんだったよな
Van: Yeah yeah, I got it. See you later.
Well then... If take a right here and go outside, I'll be in the
Giza Plains.

At the camp in Giza

この暑さ 慣れない者にはきびしかったろう 
……なるほど お前は<太陽石>が欲しいん だね 
だが絶対に渡さ ぬというわけでもない…… 
ちょっと事情があってね 聞いてくれるかい?

Mathua: Have you come to see the black crystals of the plains or
something? It must be hard for you to get used to this heat. ...I see
, so you want a sun stone. Sun stones are precious stones only found
here. I'm sorry but I can't just give you one that easy. We make our
living on those stones. But I don't mean that I CAN'T give you one
either. I have some conditions, would you like to hear them?

->listen to her

草原に 出たまま戻っていない 
わかるだろう? ジンを見つけて集落に
戻るように伝えてくれ ないかい? その代わりジンが作った太陽石を
もらってもかまわないよ 草原の南でジンの姿を見た子もいるらしい 
ここの子供たちに話を聞いてみるのもいい かもね ジンのこと頼んだよ

Mathua:The sun stones are made by the children living here. The kids
go around to the black crystals and use "shadow stones" to draw out
the sunlight. A kid named Jin is out there now and he hasn't been
back for a while. Everyone is waiting on him to continue our work
so, well, you understand right? I want you to find him and tell him
to get back here. If you do that, I don't mind handing over a sun
stone to you. There was a kid that said they say shin to the south.
You can ask other kids around here too if you want. I'm counting on


パンネロ!? なんでお前がいるんだよ
Panelo!? What are you doing here?

それ こっちのセリフだよ どうせまた無茶するつもりでしょ
Panelo: That's what I was going to ask? You're probably planning on
doing something reckless right?

Van: I'm not doing anything like that

ふぅん……本当? 本当に無茶しないんだったら
Panelo: Hmmm... really? If you're really aren't, then it's ok for me
to come with you right?

Van: Huh?

遠慮しなくていいよ ミゲロさんはパーティの支度で王宮に行ったから…… 
私今日はもう仕事ないんだ ほら 行こうよ行こうよ
Panelo: You don't have to worry about it. All the preparations for
Miguelo's party are finished so I'm done with work today. Let's go!

あ あのね! 草原の南で<ジン>を見たの 
まだ仕事が終わってないからダメって言われちゃった <幼き水晶のほとり>はね 
 この先か ら草原に出られるから南に向かってぐるっと回りこんでいくのよ 
あそこはモンスターも来ないし私たちの休憩場所なの ジン元気な
さそうに見えたから気に なったんだけど あんまりしつこくすると男の子って
イヤがるし…… ……連れて帰ってきた方がよかった?

Kamina: Hey! I saw Jin south of here. We were at a black crystal and
I said that we should go home together but, he told me that he still
had work to do. The place is due south of here. In the area there
aren't any monsters and we often take a break there. He didn't seem
to be too happy but, if I start to be annoying he won't like me
anymore so... anyway, would it have been better to take him back with


ちょっと待って ヴァン ギーザ草原って野生のモンスターがいっぱい
で危ないから これを持ってきたの
Penelo: Wait Van. The wild monsters in the Gisa Plains are dangerous
so I brought this.

同士でやりあうことができるの つまり自分と同じように仲間に対しても
Penelo: When a party member comes into the party, you have another
fighter to command as you want. I will think for myself of course,
but if you tell me to do something, I'll do what you say. Remember
that ok?

あっ あとね! もし私が勝手にたたかうのが嫌だなって思ったら
私のガンビットをOFFにしてみて そうしたら私は自分で考えてたたかうのをやめて
ヴァンが命令してくれるのを待つわ ヴァンが自分のガンビットを
変えることもできるのよ コマンドを決定するのが面倒なときとかは便利よ
Panelo: Oh yeah: Also, if you don't like me attacking by myself then
you can just turn my gambit off. If you do that I will only do what
you tell me to do and wait for the next command. You can change your
own gambit too! Because inputing the same commands can get boring
after a while right?

じゃあ 行こっか
Panelo: Well, Let's get going.


オレがジンだけど……? え マシュアが集落帰るようにって!? 
……マイッタなぁ う〜ん……もう大丈夫かなぁ? だめだ……痛
くて走れそうにないや…… 太陽石を作らないといけないのにアイツら
…… えとモンスターに追いかけられて転んじゃってさ あと1
個作れば終わりなんだけ ど 仕事途中で帰るのもくやしいし…… 
少し休めば治ると思って休憩してたんだ…… ところでわざわざオレを呼びに

(And then you explain things to Jin - editor)


I'm Jin...? Huh, Mashua sent you to get me to come home!? ...uh oh.
Erm, I wonder if I'm okay... It's no use. I'm hurt, so it doesn't
look like I can walk... Man, and they're the ones that need the
stones... I was being chased by a monster hurt myself right when I
was on my last stone for the day too... I can't go back without
finishing my work so, let me rest here a bit Umm...

So why were you guys looking for me, anyways?

なるほど〜 兄ちゃんたち<太陽石>が必要なんだね 
そのためにオレを探しに来たんだ マシュアがいいって言うなら<陰石>はあげるよ 
けどオレ まだ走れそうにないから太陽石は兄ちゃんたちが
作ってくれる? 安心してちゃんと作り方は説明するから 太陽石は陰石と黒水晶
から作られるのは知ってるで しょ それが陰石だよ 
小さいけどオレのそばにあるのもそうさ 大きな
があるんだ ほら あそこに光ってるの見える? 
<光る黒 水晶>は草原に<4つ>あるんだ 
ピカピカしててすぐにわかるから 1つ黒水晶でためられるエネルギー
は光をあてて みなきゃわからないんだ うまくいけば全部回らずにすむよ 
満タンになると隕石が太陽石に変わる よ がんばってためてね 
太陽石ができたら持ってきて 石がちゃんとできてるかどうか見てあげる 
そうそう 黒水晶の場所はマップにも書かれてるから後で
チェックしてみるといいよ オレ ココで兄ちゃんたちを待ってるからね!

Jin: Oh, I get it! You guys need a Sunstone! That's why you looked
for me! Since you said it was fine by Mashua, here's a Shadowstone.
Since I can't walk, can you guys finish making the Sunstone for me?
Don't worry, I'll explain how you can make one. You know that the
sunstones are made with the power of the black crystals in
combination with shadow stones right? That is a shadow stone.
The black crystals are spread all around the Giza Plains. They
collect the suns energy begin to light up. Look there, you can see
the light right? If you use the stone I just gave you at the crystal
the shadowstone will begin adsorbing the power. There are 4 black
crystals in the Giza Plains and if you don't know where to go, just
walk around a little and you're bound to see one eventually. Each
crystal has a different amount of energy stored in it but, if things
go well you won't have to go to all of them. There will be a gadge
on the upper right corner of your screen to indicate the energy
level. Once the gadge is full, you have a sun stone. Good luck! When
you are done making it, come back here and I'll tell you if you have
done it right or not. Oh yeah, the placement of the crystals is
written on your map as well so it might be good to check that out.
I'll be waiting for you!


Vaan: けっこうたまってきたな この分なら 
Whoa, that charged up quickly! This part'll go faster than I thought.

The children of the Giza Plains do this every day... Vaan, you
learning how to do this too?

さ 次の黒水晶へ行くぞ!
Let's go to the next Black Crystal!

エネルギーがいっぱいになったぞ これで完成だな!
It's full of energy - we're all done!

戻ってジン君に見てもらいましょ うまくできてるといいね
Let's go back and show this to Jin. We did a great job, didn't we?

よし ジンのところへ行くか
Let's go to see Jin.


おっ 太陽石できたんだ! うん 大丈夫だね 
フに近づいちゃダメって きつく言われてたんだ でも……
度胸試しだって みんなで…… 最初は冗談半分だったんだけど 
トトが『草原の子供はモンスター なんて恐れない』なんて言うからさ 
オレもついムキになっちゃって 大人たちにはナイショだよ 
さて……と 足も治ってきたみたいだし 一緒に集落に戻ろ
うか ダッシュで帰るからちゃんとついてきてね!
Jin: Oh! You made a sun stone! Yep, this looks good. Even though you
aren't from the village you did pretty good! Mashua told us to stay
away from werewolves but, as a test of courage, everyone has been
doing it even though if it started out as a joke. Toto was all like
"The kids of Giza aren't scared of no monsters" and I got wrapped up
in it too but, please don't tell the grown-ups. Well then, my leg
feels better now so let's get back to the settlement. I'm running
back so be sure to keep up.

ジンが無事帰ってきたよ 優しい子だけど少しぼんやりしているから
心配だったんだ お前にもいろいろ迷惑をかけたみたいだね 
太陽石はジンからもらったんだね お前の役に立つといいな
Mashua: Jin got back safely. He's a good kid but a little blockheaded
at times so I worry about him. I guess he must have caused you a lot
of trouble but thank you. You got a stone from Jin already right?


ねぇ ヴァン ふたりで遠出したのってけっこう久しぶりだったよね 
じゃあ お店戻ってるね 本当はミゲロさんに留守番頼まれてたんだ
ヴァン お願いだから危ないことはやめてね いやだよ ケガとか…… 

Panelo: hey Van, it's been a long time since we've been out together.
It was fun today.
Well, I'm supposed to look after the shop for Miguelo so,
I'm going to head back now.
Do me one favor tho... Stop doing dangerous things.
I can't stand the thought of you fighting... or going away...

オレだって 嫌だよ
Van: I don't like it either.

うん ならいいんだ じゃあね
Panelo: well, if that's the case then I'm glad. See ya!

Van: ...I'm sorry

Part 4 - Intruder


ダラン: ほほう……本当に太陽石を手に入れおったか ほれ 
さっさとよこさんか 約束どおりあれに魔力を戻してやろう
Dalan: Hoho... you really got your hands on the Sunstone, huh?
Well, give it here and I'll restore its magic power as promised.

さて…… 王宮に忍びこむ方法じゃがな まず5番倉庫に行ってみぃ 
あそこに扉が2つあるじゃろう? 右の扉はお前がよくネズミ退治をやっとる
場所に出るが そっちではない <左の扉>からガラムサイズ水路に
降りるんじゃ 水路は王宮につながっとる 奥に王宮の通用口へと
続く階段があるはずじゃ  そこから中に入れるじゃろう しかしただ
王宮に入るだけでは宝なんぞ手に入らん むしろ王宮へついてからの
方が大変じゃ 王宮の宝物庫は秘密の扉によっ て隠されておるからの 
そこで役に立つのがこの<クレセントストーン>じゃ 秘密の扉を開くのに
必要な魔力が宿っておる よいか ヴァン  『紋章は太陽の力を欲し 
秘められた道を与える』 この言葉忘れるでないぞ 王宮には入れたら
まず紋章を見つけるのじゃ そこへ太陽の力をそそげば導きの 光がさすじゃろう 
じゃが忠告しておくぞ もし捕まればナルビナの監獄に放り込まれて死ぬまで
牢で過ごすことになるんじゃ そうじゃな……今夜はやめてお け 

Dalan: Well, then... Let me explain about how to get into the palace.
First get to the Number 5 Storage Area. There are two doors there,
right? The right one is the place you go to kill rats, but the left
door leads to the Garamsythe Waterway. The waterway is connected to
the palace. There should be stairs leading into the palace somewhere, 
although, just getting into the palace won't get you any treasure for sure. 
Rather, once you get into the palace things will just get more difficult as 
all the treasure is stored behind a hidden door. That's where this "crest 
stone" comes into play. The power to open the door is inside of this stone. 
Alright Van, "If you want to find the hidden path, you'll need the power of 
the sun crest." Don't forget those words. First, you need to get inside the 
palace and the next thing that you need to do is find the crest. If you use 
the power of the sun at the crest the light will guide you the rest of the 
way. Let me give you one more piece of advice... if you get caught and get 
sent to Nalbina Prison, you will spend the days of your life there until you 
die. Yeah... now that I think about it, you shouldn't even try tonight. Make 
really careful plans about how your going to sneak in and go some other 


『同時刻…… ラバナスタ地下ガラムサイズ水路』
Meanwhile...in the Garamsythe Waterway under Rabanastre

3班から6班まで到達 待機しています 今のところ帝国には気づかれていません
Resistance member: group 3 to group 6 have arrived and are standing by. The 
empire has not taken any notice as of yet.

残りの人間を急がせろ 日没までに配置を完了させるんだ
Vossler: Get the rest to hurry up and make sure all the preperations are 
made by sunset.


Outside the Waterway

あ ヴァン兄! 待ってたんだよ ついに左側の扉を開けるジュンビが整ったんだ 
ネズミ退治はもう飽きてきたところでしょ? ヴァン兄に1番に入ってもらいたくて
開けるのを待ってたんだ でもね 開けるには道具が足りなくて まずヴァン兄に
それを探してきてほしいんだ ……って言ったら面倒だよね〜 へっへ〜 冗談だよ 
ちゃんと全部自分で用意したよ さ それじゃ早速……
Kaitz: Hey Van! I've been waiting for you. At last we're ready to open the 
left door here. You're getting tired of exterminating rats right? I really 
want you to be able to get through the gate and have been waiting for the 
time that I could open it. but... I couldn't get all the tools I needed to 
get it open... I was wondering if you could go and find some more tools for 
me... That might be a problem though huh... hahaha just kidding bro! I 
already took care of everything, let's get started.

うーん……こうかなぁ ……あれ? うっほっはっ! うりゃっ! 開いたよ! 
これでまた腕試しできる場所が増えたね あ そうだ これあげるよ どんなヤツが
いるかわからないからさ 少しは役に立つと思うよ
Kaitz: Hmm... like this? or... huh? hohoho! yes! It's open! Well another 
thing I can add to the list of my skillz huh? Oh, that's right... I'm going 
to give you this. I don't know what kind of guys you'll see in there so... 
anyway, this might be helpful.


In the palace

臨時に雇われた使用人は全員集まったか? ……よし 君らには祝宴が終わった後の
片付けをしてもらう 今しばらくここで待機していてほしい 指示があるまで上の階
へは行かないこと 勝手な行動をした者には何らかの処分を下す ではもうしばらく
Soldier: Have all the temps arrived now? well then, we'll have you guys 
clean up after the banquet is over. Just stay around here for a while and 
don't go upstairs or do anything bad until we give you instructions. Anyone 
that screws up will be punished.

……ナニしてんだ アイツ? もしかして上に行きたいんかな?
Palace servant: What's that guy up to? I wonder if he's trying to get 

オマエ 上に行こうとしたな さては…… 腹が減ってるんだろ? そりゃあ宴会に
潜りこみたくもなるよな〜 隠さなくてもわかるって! よし いっちょオレが
Palace servant: You want to get up there do you? Well... I bet you are 
pretty hungry then right? Probably want to dive in into the banquet and 
gorge yourself... even if you try to hide it, I can tell. Well, I'll help 
you out a little then.

いいか <□ボタン>を押すと<兵士を呼べる> 兵士の相手はオレがしてやるから 
オマエはその隙に上へ行け あ 兵士に近づくと気づかれるからな じゃ やって
Palace servant: ok, so if you press the □ button you can call to the 
guards. After that, I'll talk to the guard so make sure to go upstairs while 
he's not paying attention. Why don't you give it a try?

Van: Hey you!

『「紋章は太陽の力を欲し 秘められた道を与える 王宮には入れたら まず紋章を
見つけるのじゃ そこへ太陽の力をそそげば導きの光がさすじゃろう!』 って
爺が言ってたな…… とにかく紋章を見つけないとダメみたいだな
Van: "If you want to find the hidden path, you'll need the power of the sun 
crest. First, you need to get inside the palace and the next thing that you 
need to do is find the crest. If you use the power of the sun at the crest 
the light will guide you the rest of the way!" is what Dalan said... I guess 
I need to find that crest first.

さて 隠し扉は開けられたけど…… 宝物庫ってどこにあるんだ?
Van: Well, finally got that hidden door open but... where's all the 

おい 何で勝手に閉まるんだよ!? こうなったら先に進むしかないか……
Van: Hey! Why did it suddenly shut itself? Well, guess nothing to do now but 
keep going forward...


Balflear: Don't make this complicated.

Van: Who are you...?
Balflear: I'm the protagonist of this story.

フラン 魔石だ
Balflear: Fran, it's magicite.

ぼうや お渡しなさい
Fran: Hand it over kid.

なんでだよ これはオレの獲物だ!
Van: What are talking about! This is mine!

お前から奪えば オレのだな
Balflear: Well then, if I take it from you it's mine.

Balflear: He got away.

Fran: The goddess of misfortune?

Balflear: She definately has her tricks.

Van: Who were those guys?

イフリートか 大げさな連中だ 手回しがよすぎる 帝国のやつら 待ち構えてい
あ こらっ 待て!!
さぁ ボウス! 観念して そいつをオレに渡すんだ!
Balflear: Ifrit! That's a little overkill... those imperials were unwilling 
to lie and wait huh.
Hey! Wait!
Get ready to hand that over to me!

Soldier: There's some more over here!

いけ フラン! 
Balflear: Go Fran!

放せ コノヤロー!
Van: Let me go you bastard!

じたばたすんな コラッ
どうした? フラン
Balflear: Quit struggling! What's wrong Fran?

わからないわ! いうことを聞かない!
Fran: I'm not sure!

ちっ どうなってんだよ
Balflear: What the hell is going on!

Fran: What is this? The power isn't just dropping... it's completely gone!

もういい ほっとけ どうせ上がっても…… イフリートの火遊びに
つきあわされるんだ ……地道に行くか
Balflear: Well relax. Even if we fly further up, we'll have to play with 
Ifrit so... Let's just get down to the ground.

……で コソドロ そんなにヴィエラが珍しいか?
Balflear: Hey are Vierra that rare to little theivin brats?

Van: My name is Van!

ま フランみたいに…… ヒュムと組んでるヴィエラはそういない
Balflear: Well, there aren't many Vierra that have a humme partner like Fran 

えぇ 空を飛べずに 地下を逃げる空賊と同じようにね
Fran: Yeah, they're about as rare as sky pirates running away underground.

空賊!? あんたら空賊か! それじゃあんた……
Van: Sky pirates? You're sky pirates! Then you must be....

バルフレアだ いいかコ……ヴァン おうちに帰りたかったら オレの言う通りにしろ 
オレ フラン お前 3人で動くんだ わかったな?
Balflear: Balflear. Look ki...Van, if you want to get out of this mess you 
better do what I tell you to do. We will travel as a group of three, got it?

I'm not going to give this up.

Balflear: You're a stubborn one aren't you.

Part 5 - Back into the Sewers

Ashe: who's next!

Soldier: Get over there and arrest her!

Van: Jump down here!

Van: Hurry up!

Soldiers: There are others with her!

Fran: Making a lot of friends today huh?

面倒が だろ
Balflear: More of a problem than anything

Van: Are you ok?

Ashe: Thank you.

オレはヴァン バルフレアとフランは…… おい!
Van: I'm Van and Balflear and Fran are... hey!

Van: Who are you?

Amaria: Amaria...

ふーん アマリアか よろしくな
Van: Amaria huh? well, nice to meet you

Amaria: Where are your friends?

Van: Huh?

ほぉ…… こいつはまた
Balflear: Oh... that thing again.

オレが見つけたんだから オレのだ
Van: I found it so it's mine.

Balflear: I might be able to say otherwise

Amaria: You stole that didn't you?

Van: Yep

いつまでここに? 連絡が途絶えれば捜しに来るわ
Fran: How long are we planning to stay here? If they don't get a call from 
these guys, they're sure to check on them

Balflear: That's true.

お前も一緒に来いよ ひとりよりはいいだろ
Van: Hey you, you should come with us. It's better than being alone yeah?

Amaria: .......Ok

Van: You're in a good mood...

盗みの前に 覚えとくことがあるんじゃないか?
Balflear: Well, maybe you should think about that stuff before you start 

なんだよ それ
Van: What's that supposed to mean?

そちらが盗賊だとしても……この状況では ひとりでも多くの力が必要でしょうね 
はぐれた同志たちと合流するまで同行します ただ私は<ゲストキャラクター>として
Amaria: Thieves or not, in this situation, I need all the help I can get. I 
will stay with you guys until I can meet up with the rest of my group. But, 
I'm coming as a "guest character."

<ゲストキャラクター>ってのは一時的な仲間さ オレたちパーティメンバーと違って
指示しなくても<独自に考えて行動>する つまりこっちからの指図は受けたくないし
自分の身は自分で守るってわけだ 勇ましいねぇ……反乱軍ってのは
Balflear: A guest character is a temporary party member. They're different 
than us in that you can't intructed them to do things. In other words, 
without any commands they'll move and decide actions for themselves. You 
must be pretty courageous... being in the rebel army I mean.

……さ 行きましょう
Amaria: It's the liberation army.
....well, let's get going.


Vayne: Don't move!


Balflear: You better not...

Man: They say that some robbers broke into the palace.

じゃあ ゆうべの騒音もそれの?
Man: So that's what the noise was about.

Amaria: They're saying that I'm a theif...

Balflear: Carries a hell of a lot lighter sentence than "assassin" for sure

この人たちは関係ない 開放して
Amaria: These people don't have anything to do with this... please release 

Van: You...

その呼び方 やめて
Amaria: Don't call me like that...

待って! ほんの出来心だったんです どうか許してください お願いします!
Penelo: Wait! He didn't know what he was doing! Please forgive him! I'm 
begging you!

パンネロ! 悪い おごりは今度な
Van: Sorry Penelo! I'll treat you next time

Penelo: You're soooo stupid!

Soldier: damn brat....!

Penelo: Stop it!

しばらく預かっといてくれ ヴァンを連れて帰るまでな
Balflear: Hold on to this a while for me... till I get Van out of out of 
this mess

バンガ族→「兄貴 バルフレアだ!
Banga: Hey bro, it's Balflear!

バッガモナン→「何やってンだ あの女ったらし……! オレが殺るまで捕まるなって
Baggamonan: What's that stupid playboy doing?! I told him not to get caught 
until I make him dead!


兄さん…… 今日は兄さんが好きだった ガルバナの花を持ってきたんだ 兄さんは
この花の色と香りが好きだって いつも言ってたよね 兄さんは…… 兄さんは本当
に王様殺しの一味だったのかい? だとしても……そうだとしても バッシュ将軍

Brother...today, I brought those Karubana flowers you used to like. You used 
to say you liked this flower's colors and smell. You always used to say 
that. Brother...were you one of the conspirators who assassinated the king? 
Even if it was true...you were deceived by General, weren't you?

Part 6 - Jail and Return


Looks like you're awake.


Where are we?

……牢獄さ 見ての通り 地下牢ってとこだな

A prison. An underground one, as you can see.



ビクビクするなよ ただの死体さ いちいち驚いてたら身がもたないぞ 
牢獄っていってもな 要塞の基部をとじただけだ 奥を見てみな 

Don't be afraid. It's just a corpse. You can't be scared all the time, it's 
not healthy. And even though this is a prison, it's really just the closed 
off base of the fort. Go on and check it out. There's a lot of visitors here 


Where's Fran?


She went to look for a way out.

奴らのことなら放っておけよ 巻きこまれるのがオチだぜ 水だってこれしかないんだ 

Don't worry about them. It'll be the end if you get involved. We only have 
this much water, so don't waste any energy.


Van: Stop it!
So horrible...

バルフレア→「ああ 本当臭いなぁ こりゃ牢獄っていうよりブタ小屋だ」
バルフレア→「お前の方が臭いって言ったのさ このブタ野郎!」
バルフレア→「大丈夫か ヴァン?」 **
Balflear: Damn it stinks. This is more like a pig sty than a prison.
I'm talking about your stink you damn pig!
Are you ok Van?


バルフレア→「ったく……しつこいやつらだなぁ 早いとこ逃げないとマズいか…
Balflear: Crap... These guys just don't give up. If we don't get out of here 

フラン→「奥の独居房に抜け道があるわ ただし……」
Fran: There's a way out in the inner solitary confinement area.

Balflear: You can feel the mist?
We need some weapons.

帝国兵→「なんだと! もう一度言ってみろ!」
Soldier: What was that! Why don't you say it one more time for me!

バッガモナン→「聞こえなかったか? オマエらはバカで脳なしと言ったンだよ 空
Baggamonan: Can't you hear? I said that you screw ups have no brain. How 
could you not reconize that sky pirate...

帝国兵→「いい気になるなよ バッガモナン 貴様の言うことが正しければその空賊
を捕らえたのは我々だ 我々帝国軍が捕らえたのだ 貴様のような薄汚い賞金稼ぎの
手を借りなくとも…… 我々だけで秩序を作れるのだ」
Soldier: Settle down Baggamonan. Even if what you say is true, WE caught 
that pirate. We the empire. We don't need the greasy hands of a bountyhunter 
to aid us...We'll get things done our way.

バッガモナン→「あぁン? よく聞こえねぇな バルフレアを殺る前に…… お前を
Baggamonan: Huh? you don't hear too good do you? Maybe before I kill 
Balflear, I should deal with you eh?

ガブラス→「そのへんでやめておけ バッガモナン」
Gabranth: Stop right there Baggamonan.

Fran: Judge...?

Van: Judge?

バルフレア→「知らないのか? アルケイディアの法と秩序の万人を名乗る連中さ 
その正体は帝国を支配するソリドール家の武装親衛隊で…… 帝国軍の実質的な指揮
官ってわけさ ったく……裁判官っていうより処刑人だぜ とにかくおっかねぇヤツ
らなんだが なんでこんなところへ……?」
Balflear: Don't you know? Judges call themselves the guardians of the 
Achadian law but they are really bodyguards of the Soridole Family that 
control the empire... kind of like generals really. Damn...they are 
executioners more than they are judges. Anyway... scary guys. Why is he even 

ガブラス→「閣下は有能な者であれば人種など気にされない方だ だが礼儀を知らな
い者にはそれなりの態度で臨まれよう 領内を自由に行き来できるのは閣下のおかげ
Gabranth: His Highness is a person who lets capable people do as they 
please, however, impoliteness will also be dealt with accordingly. The fact 
that you can move across borders freely is because of him is it not?
Where is the general?

帝国兵→「奥の独居房です すでに尋問の用意もできております
貴様には関係のないことだ 関わるな」
Soldier: His is presently in solitary confinement and is ready for 
and you... don't concern yourselves with business that's not your own.

バッガモナン→「探せ! この中にいるはずだ!」
Baggamonan: Search for him! He should be around here somewhere!

Balflear: Let's not worry too much about them and get out of here.

フラン→「独居房への扉は強力な魔法でロックされているの さすがに私じゃ無理
Fran: The solitary confinement is behind a gate sealed with strong magic. I 
can't open it myself.

Balflear: That just means that we'll have to let them open it for us.

ヴァン→「でも 独居房へ……」
Van: But, solitary confinement

バルフレア→「フランを信じないのか? ヴィエラの鼻は確かなんだ 抜け道があ
Balflear: Don't you believe Fran? The Vierra have a nose for these things. 
If she says there's a way out, there's a way out.


Van: Look at that...

バルフレア→「お こいつは囚人たちから取り上げた荷物だな」
Balflear: Ah, this looks like all the stuff they take from prisoners.

ヴァン→「じゃあ オレたちの荷物も……?」
Van: Then our stuff should be...

Balflear: That would be nice wouldn't it.

バルフレア→「ずいぶんとまぁ たくさんいるなぁ こりゃ まともに戦ってたらキ
リないぞ できるだけ避けていく」
Balflear: There are quite a few of them running around. If we fight them all 
one to one, there'll be no end. Let's avoid as many fights as possible


ガブラス→「少しやせたな バッシュ 見る影もない 生き恥だな 王を殺して処刑
Gabranth: You've gotten thinner. You are nothing more than a shadow... a 
shame of life. Why do they keep you alive even after you've announced as 
dead by execution for your crime.

バッシュ→「何度言わせる オンドール候の口封じだろう」
Basch: How many times are you going to make me say it. It's to keep duke 
Ondole's mouth shut right?

Gabranth: It that all?

Basch: It's not like you can't ask Vayne yourself.

ガブラス→「反乱軍の重要人物を拘束し 現在ラバナスタより移送している アマリ
アという女だ さて 何者かな? 滅んだ国に義理立てとはつくづく忠犬だな」
Gabranth: We have captured an important figure of the rebel army. A woman 
named Amaria that is trying to disrupt the current state of Rabanastre. How 
could she be I wonder. She sure seems to be quite the loyal dog to a country 
that has been in ruins.

Basch: It's better than throwing the country away.

ガブラス→「お前も捨てたではないか ……俺たちの祖国を」
Gabranth: You threw it away too didn't you... our country that is.


Basch: Who is it?

Balflear: Here?

フラン→「ミストの流れが続いているから どこかへ抜けているはずよ」
Fran: The mist is flowing this way so there must be someway out.

バッシュ→「帝国の人間ではないな 頼む 私をここから……」
Basch: You are not with the empire are you... please, get me out of here.

バルフレア→「死人とは関わらん主義でね 国王暗殺犯なら なおさらだ」
Balflear: I don't associate myself with dead people. Especially the one who 
killed a king.

Basch: It wasn't me!

バルフレア→「そうなのか? ま どっちでもいいさ」
Balflear: Is that so? Doesn't really matter to me anyway.

バッシュ→「頼む 出してくれ ダルマスカのためだ」
Basch: Please, for the sake of Dalmasca, let me out.

ヴァン→「ふざけんなよ! 何がダルマスカだ! 全部お前だろ わかってんのか
よ! いっぱい死んだんだぞ お前のせいで! オレの…… お前が殺したんだ!」
Van: You've got to be kidding me! What can you do for Dalmasca! Everything 
is your fault! Don't you understand that! A lot of people died and it's all 
your doing! My br... You're the one that killed him!

バルフレア→「やめろ! 戻ってくるだろうが!」
Balflear: Stop it! We're getting out of here.

Fran: I'm taking us down!

Balflear: Phuu... The sky is gettting even further away.


Balflear: Just let him go.

ヴァン→「でも こいつは!」
Van: But this guy is...!

バルフレア→「ならやってろ あの牢獄で一生な」
バルフレア→「歩けるか 行くぞ」
Balflear: Then do it and spend the rest of your life in prison.

ヴァン→「なんで こいつまで!」
Van: why do we have to take him with us!

Balflear: He'll make a good shield won't he?

Basch: I'll take the job.



ヴァン→「あれ? 動かないな」
Van: Huh? It's not moving?

バルフレア→「ちょっと見せてみろ ……ヒューズが飛んじまってるな 動力がス
イッチまで来ていない 配線からするとこいつが大元のエネルギー補給スイッチだ 
Balflear: Well, take a look... There's a short in the fuse so no power is 
getting to the switch. By looking at the wiring, it looks like this is the 
main power switch. I think that activity in the tunnels has pretty much 
ended though.


バルフレア→「聞いたことがある いろんなものに擬態して魔物をおびきよせ 襲い
かかるモンスター ミミック その中に 機械のエネルギーを飲む変種がいるって
Balflear: I've heard of these before. There are monsters that can imitate 
many various things. They're called mimics. They are feeding on the energy 
from the machines.

Van: If the power goes out, really strong monsters will come right?

バルフレア→「それだけじゃない ミミックは暗くなると凶暴になる ああやって動
力チューブにはりつかれたらどんどんエネルギーを食われて暗くなっちまう 失った
エネルギーを取り返すには<バッテリーミミック>を倒せばいいはずだ さ 行く
Balflear: Not only that, they get crazy when it gets dark. It gets darker 
when they are feeding on the energy. To get the energy back, we should kill 
the "battery mimics." Well, let's get going.


Fran: The mist is getting thick

Balflear: Something big is near.
That's the shogun for you.

Van: He's a traitor

バルフレア→「どうだかな この目で見たわけじゃない」
Balflear: I wonder... not like I saw him do it.

Van: My brother did.

バッシュ→「レックスか 『2つ下の弟がいる』と言っていた そうか きみなのか
彼は あれから……」
Basch: Lex? He said that he had two brothers. so he was talking about you. 
What has happened to him since then?

Van: Death

Basch: That is too bad.

Van: It's your fault!

バッシュ→「きみに真実を伝えるのが 私のつとめだな」
Basch: I will tell you what really happened... it's my duty


回想 flashback

Basch: The signing ceremony is over.

レックス→「どうして あなたが…… なぜ こんなことを……?」
Lex: why... did you... How could you do something like this...?

Gabranth: He was a traitor.



バルフレア→「双子の弟? できすぎだ 回りくどい陰謀だが 筋は通ってる あい
Balflear: Twin brothers? That roundabout conspiracy sounds a little 
difficult to believe but, he did look a lot like you.

Van: Who would believe that!

バッシュ→「無理もない 私がレックスを巻き込んだのだ ……すまなかった」
Basch: I was fighting the impossible and I dragged Lex into it all... I'm 

ヴァン→「あんたの仲間あつかいされて 兄さんは何もかもなくした 今さら……」
Van: He lost everything because of you. Why apoligize now after all that's 

バッシュ→「私はいい 彼を信じてやってくれ 彼は立派な若者だった 最後まで祖
国を守ろうとしていた ……いや 弟を守りたかったのだろうな」
Basch: That's fine. Please just believe in what he did. He was a splendid 
young man that fought to the end for his country... or rather, to protect 
his brothers.

Van: Don't you decide why he did what he did!

バルフレア→「なら お前が決めろ 楽になれる方を選べばいい ……どうせ戻らな
Balflear: Then you decide. It's better to settle down.... can't go back 



バッシュ→「ダルマスカの風が これほど懐かしいとはな……」
Basch: Now, I realize how much I have been longing to feel the Dalmascan 

Van: Where are we?

バルフレア→「どうやら東ダルマスカ砂漠だ 干上がる前にラバナスタへ戻るぞ か
まわんな 将軍?」
Balflear: Looks to be the Eastern Dalmasca desert. We'll be back in 
Rabanastre before we get thirsty I bet. General?

バッシュ→「あぁ 一刻も早く戻りたい 人々は私を恨んでいるだろうが 果たすべ
Basch: Yes, I would like to return immediately. People most likely hate me 
but, I have some things that I must get done.

Part 7 - Heavens to Murgatroid

王都ラバナスタ Rabanastre

Basch: Sorry to cause so much trouble

バルフレア→「オレなら人ごみは避けるね この街ではあんたいまだに裏切り者だ」
Balflear: If I were you, I would avoid big crowds. People still think you're 
a traitor here.

バッシュ→「縁があったらまた会おう ……レックスの墓参りをしたい」
Basch: The rebel army will probably find out about me soon enough.
If our paths seem like they will cross again, let's meet up... I want to 
visit Lex's grave.

バルフレア→「脱獄囚なんだからな 当分おとなしくしてろ」
Balflear: You're an escaped criminal so just lay low.

Van: You don't need this magicite?

バルフレア→「好きにしろ あれは縁起が悪い」
Balflear: Do what you want with it. It seems to bring bad luck.

フラン→「後悔してるのよ あれを狙ったせいで面倒にまきこまれたから」
Fran: You'll regret it. We've gone through a lot of trouble for that.

Balflear: Will you give it up?

Van: No, it's mine.

バルフレア→「じゃあ聞くな お嬢ちゃんによろしくな」
Balflear: Then don't ask. Say hi to that girl for me.

Fran: We'll be in Rabanastre for a while

ヴァン→「なぁ…… 兄さん バッシュを信じていいのかな さっさと売ろう こん
なもの まぁ売る前にパンネロに見せてやるか ……心配かけたし この時間ならミ
Van: Say.. bro, is it ok to believe Basch you think? Let's hurry up and sell 
this. Ah, but I want to show Panelo first. She's probably worried. She's 
usually at Miguelo's shop at this time.


手紙→『私の命はもう長くなさそうだ あの人から託されたものを返せないのが心残
りだ 私が死んだ後 アレを誰かに奪われないように4つにわけることにした あの
人がアレを取りに来るかもしれないので ひとつ分だけ在処を記しておこうと思う 
『水の流れを鎮め そして放つ 東南東東南西南東』 願わくば アレが誰の目にも
Letter: I am not much longer for this world. I regret not being able to 
return the thing that I was entrusted with. So that no one with steal it 
after my death, I have split it up into 4 peices. The rightful owner will 
probably come looking for it so I thought that I should write directions to 
the first piece. Where the water current is calm and releases, go east, 
south, east, east, south, west, south, east. I hope that no other eyes see 
it or hands touch it...


カイツ→「あ ヴァン兄! ナルビナ送りじゃなかったの!?」
Kaitz: Van! Weren't you sent to Narbina?!

ヴァン→「オレぐらいになると 抜け出すなんて簡単なんだよ」
Van: Getting out of there was easy enough for me

カイツ→「それ 脱獄ってやつ!? すげぇ!」
Kaits: You escaped!? Wow, that's crazy!

ヴァン→「ところでさ パンネロは? 配達にでも行ってるのか?」
Van: Don't say it so loud
By the way, where is Panelo? Is she on delivery or something?

カイツ→「今日は来てないよ めずらしいよねパンネロねえちゃんがさぼるなんてさ
ミゲロさんもいないんだ  さっきあわてて出てったよ」
Kaitz: She hasn't come today. It's weird for her to skip out on work. 
Miguelo isn't here either. He just ran out a minute ago.

Van: Hmm... everyone seems busy huh?

カイツ→「僕も店番で大変なんだよね ダラン爺の用事もあるのに手が離せないんだ
Kaitz: I've got a lot to deal with while looking after the shop too. Dalan 
has a job for me too but my hands are tied.

ヴァン→「ダラン爺か…… なぁ オレが代わってやろうか?」
Van: Old man dalan huh... well, should I take your place?

Kaitz: Is that ok?

Van: It's not that big of a deal

ダラン→「おぅ 元気そうではないか ナルビナ送りと聞いとったぞ」
Dalan: Oh! You're not looking so bad. I heard that they sent you to Nalbina.

ヴァン→「抜け出してきたんだ それだけじゃなくて……ほら」
Van: I escaped and came back but, that's not all...Look.

Dalan: What... you stole this!?

Van: Not without the help of my favorite old man.

ダラン→「ふむ……ガキだと思っとったが やるようになったの よし ヴァンよ 
お前を見込んで頼みがある カイツにまかせるつもりでおったがお前の方がふさわし
かろう いや……お前でなくてはならん こいつをな アズラスという男に届けてく
Dalan: Hmm... I was thinking that you were just a brat but, you've become 
quite capable. Well then Van, I have something for you to do. I was going to 
ask Kaitz but, you'll probably be better suited for the job... or rather, 
you must be the one to do this for me. I want you to give this to a man 
named Azura.

ヴァン→「これって…… 騎士団の剣じゃないか」
Van: This is... a knight's sword isn't it?

ダラン→「アズラスの居場所は地図に印をつけておいた よいか 必ず本人に直接手
渡すんじゃぞ わしの名を出せば取り次いでくれるはずじゃ」
Dalan: I'll write down his location on your map. Ok now listen. I need you 
to give it to him directly. If you use my name, they should let you in.

「なぁ……引き受ける代わりにオレもひとつ頼んでいいか? パンネロがど
こにいるか調べてくれよ 王宮の宝 見せてやろうと思ったのに見当たらなくて……
Van: Got it. By the way, in return for this I'd like to ask for a favor too. 
Find out where Panelo is for me. I wanted to show her what I got from the 
palace and have been looking for her but...

ダラン→「おぅ 調べておこう」
Dalan: Ok, I'll get to it.

Van: I'm counting on you

ダラン→「あの剣で かつての団結を思い出せばよいがのう……」
Dalan: It would be good if that sword will bring back some memeries of the 
past to them.


ヴァン→「アズラスって人に届け物があるんだ ここいるだろ?」
Van: I have something here for a guy named Azura. He's here right?

バルザック→「……おい 誰に聞いた」
Balzakk: hey, who asked you to do this?

ヴァン→「ダラン爺さ 直接渡せって言われてる」
Van: Old man Dalin did. He told me to give this to him directly.

バルザック→「ったく……あの爺さんの地獄耳には何もかも筒抜けだな 仕方ねぇ 
入りな ただしここで見聞きたしことは誰にもしゃべるんじゃない いいな」
Balzakk: That damn old man... he hears about everything. Well, I guess it 
can't be helped, go on ahead. But make sure not to tell anyone about what 
you might hear in there.


解放軍→「ならばオンドール候の発表はどうなる? 侯爵もだまされていたというの
Soldier: If that's true, what about the Ondole's announcement? Are you 
saying that the duke was fooled also?

解放軍→「陛下を暗殺したのが将軍ではなく ジャッジだというなら話はつながる」
Soldier: If his highness was really killed by a judge and not the general, 
everything fits.

解放軍→「だとすれば将軍は兄弟だぞ そんな男 信用できるものか!」
Soldier: But the general is his brother. How can we trust him?!

Vossler: Finally back to the Basch I knew.

Basch: Well then, how about we fight together?

Soldier: We can't believe all this only by his word.

Soldier: He's better than the the duke who is a little too friendly with the 

Soldier: Are you saying that Lex lied to us too!?

Van: My brother never lied!

バッシュ→「そうだ レックスは目撃者に仕立てられたのだ 私が陛下を暗殺したと
見せかける 帝国の陰謀だ」
Basch: That's right. He was kept alive as a witness to the murder of the 
king. But he didn't know that it wasn't me. It was all a part of an imperial 
plot to frame me.

ウォースラ→「レックスの弟か…… こんな子供なら信じるかもしれんが お前の話
にはなんの証拠もない ともに動くわけにはいかん」
Vossler: Lex's younger brother... I might be able to believe this kid but, 
there is no proof to support what you're saying. We can't fight together 

Basch: Don't you need to rescue this Amaria?

ウォースラ→「部下の命を預かる以上 最悪の可能性を考えるのが俺のつとめだ あ
の夜のヴェイン襲撃も見抜かれ泳がされていた オンドール同様お前も帝国の犬かも
Vossler: Worrying about the lives of our subordinates is my business. That 
night, Vayne completely saw our assault coming. You along with duke Ondole 
might be nothing more than dogs of the empire.

バッシュ→「ならばどうする 俺も拘束するか?」
「お前は変わらんな ウォースラ」
Basch: What will you do with me then? Restrain me?
You haven't changed Vossler.

ウォースラ→「忘れるな バッシュ ダルマスカ全土に解放軍の目が光っている お
Vossler: Don't forget Basch, our army has it's eye on all of Dalmasca. You 
are a bird in a cage.

バッシュ→「かまわん それならもう慣れた」
Basch: I don't mind. I'm used to it.


ヴァン→「アマリアか…… あいつも解放軍だったんだな」
Van: Amaria... she was with the liberation army too.

Basch: You have met her then.

ヴァン→「ナルビナ送りの前に少しだけ きっつい感じでさ」
Van: Just a little bit before being taken to Nalbina. She seemed a bit smug.

バッシュ→「きみは私の道に幾度となくからむ 奇縁だな」
Basch: It's a strange coincidence that our paths seem to keep crossing.

Van: It's annoying

バッシュ→「すまんな 迷惑ついでだ 最後に頼みたい バルフレアに会わせてくれ
Basch: Sorry I have been a bother. I have just one last thing to ask. Please 
let me meet with Balflear. I have something I need from him.

Van: Well, this will make us even then?

Basch: Even?

ヴァン→「ナルビナ あんたがいなきゃ無理だった」
Van: If you weren't with us, getting out of Nalbina would have been 


ヴァン→「みんな戦争で親を亡くしたんだ うちの親はその前にいなかったけど …
Van: Everyone lost their parents in the war. My parents died before that 
though... both of them to an illness going around at the time.

バッシュ→「すまんな 思い出させて」
Basch: I'm sorry to make you remember that.

ヴァン→「別にいいよ もう5年だしな それからはパンネロの家族が面倒見てくれ
てたんだ でも……戦争でみんな死んだ」
Van: No, it's ok. It's already been 5 years. After that, Panelo's family 
looked after me. But... they died because of the war.

Basch: I'm so sorry.

ヴァン→「何度も謝るなって オレだってガキじゃないんだからもうわかってる 兄
さんのことはあんたのせいじゃない 悪いのは帝国だ あんたを信じた兄さんは間
Van: How many times are you going to apoligize? I'm not a kid you know. I 
understand now. My brother's death wasn't your fault. It's the empire. My 
brother wasn't wrong to trust you.


Balflear: Those guys just misunderstood that's all.

ミゲロ→「誤解だろうが6回だろうが パンネロがさらわれたのはあんたの責任じゃ
Miguelo: Misunderstanding or not, you are responsible for Panelo's 

ヴァン→「おい! パンネロがなんだよ!?」
Van: Hey what happened to Panelo!?

ミゲロ→「おぉ ヴァン! 無事だったか! パンネロがさらわれてな ごろつきど
もが手紙をよこしたんだ バルフレアを名指しでな ビュエルバの魔石鉱まで来いと
Miguelo: Oh Van! I still that you made it back safe. Some guys took off with 
her and left a letter calling out Balflear. It said "Come meet us in the 
mines of Bhujerba."

フラン→「バッガモナンよ ナルビアにいた」
Fran: It's Baggamonan. He was there in Nalbia.

ミゲロ→「あの子に何かあったら 親御さんの墓前になんて報告すればいいんだ! 
ほら さっさと助けに行け! 空賊ってのはそういうもんだろう!」
Miguelo: If anything happens to her, I'll make you go to her parent's grave 
to explain yourself. Get going and save her! That's the kind of stuff that 
sky pirates do anyway right?

バルフレア→「男の手紙に呼ばれてか? だいたいビュエルバには帝国の艦隊が集結
Balflear: A letter calling me out huh? The trouble is that Bhujerba is where 
the imperial fleet is gathering.

ヴァン→「じゃあ オレが行くよ! 空賊なら飛空挺くらい持ってるだろ 送ってく
Van: Well then, I'll go! If you really are sky pirates you have a ship 
right? Just take me there and I'll rescue her.

バッシュ→「つきあうぞ 私もビュエルバには用がある」
Basch: I'll go too. I have some business in Bhujerba.

Balflear: You plan to talk directly to the duke huh

ヴァン→「頼む 送ってくれたらあんたにやるよ」
Van: If you take me there I'll give the treasure to you.

Fran: The goddess of labor is at it again

バルフレア→「さっさと支度して来い すぐ発つぞ」
Balflear: Let's hurry up and get ready. We're leaving right away.

Van: Ok!

バルフレア→「まずは空中都市ビュエルバに行く 呼び出された魔石鉱ってのはビュ
エルバの奥にある鉱山のことだ 準備ができたら<飛空挺ターミナル>に来い 西門
を出たところに入り口がある わからなけりゃ地図でも見るんだな 急げよ お嬢
ちゃんを助け出して 面倒はさっさと終わりにしたいんでな」
Balflear: First we'll head to Bhujerba. The Mines that we're supposed to go 
to are in the city. When you get ready, come to the airship terminal. 
There's an entrance near the west gate. If you don't know what I'm talking 
about, look at your map. And hurry it up, I want to get this rescue business 
taken care of right away.


バルフレア→「空中大陸にある街 それが<ビュエルバ>だ 魔石鉱はそこの奥さ 
お嬢ちゃんを助けるにはまずビュエルバに行く必要があるってことだ もう支度はで
Balflear: The city on the Sky continent. That's Bhujerba. The mines are in 
the the city so in order to rescue that girl we need to stop at the city 
first. Are you ready to go?
->ask about Bhujerba

バルフレア→「お前にとっては初めての外国かもな ダルマスカよりずっと小さな都
市国家なんだが質のいい魔石を輸出して相当うるおってる 元首のオンドール侯爵が
Balflear: This is most likely your first trip abroad huh? It is a lot 
smaller than Dalmasca but it is still wealthy due to the exporting of high 
quality magicite. Because the leader there, Duke Ondole, has done so much in 
cooperation with the empire, he has managed to keep his kingdom in tact.

バルフレア→「言っておくが 出発したらしばらくは戻れないかもしれないぞ 心残
Balflear: I'll warn you now that if we take off, we probably won't be coming 
back for a while. Are you sure you're ready?
->I'm ready.

バルフレア→「まずは<空中都市ビュエルバ>に向かうぞ 目的のルース魔石鉱には
その奥から入れる ったく面倒なことに巻きこまれたもんだ ……まぁいい さっさ
とお嬢ちゃん助け出すぞ ついてこい」
Balflear: Ok, first of to Bhujerba on the way into the Lhusu Mines. Damn, 
I've gotten myself in another problematic situation but... oh well, let's 
hurry up and get that girl back.


バルフレア→「シュトラールだ なかなかのもんだろう」
Balflear: This is Shutral. Pretty sweet huh?

ヴァン→「すごいな ほんとに空賊なんだ!」
Van: Oh my god this is great! You really are sky pirates!

Balflear: You could buy your own ship for the price on my head kid.

バルフレア→「よう おつかれ! いけるか?」
Balflear: Yo good work! Can she fly?

ヴァン→「なぁ スピードは? 武器はついてる? イフリートよりすごいのか?」
Van: Hey, how fast can it go? What weapons does it have? Is it even better 
than Ifrit?

バルフレア→「教えてやってもいいが…… 自分で感じたいだろ」
Balflear: I'd tell you but... don't you want to find out by riding it?

Van: definately!

バルフレア→「フラン 航路頼む」
Balflear: Fran, I'll leave the course up to you.

Fran: The shorest route is by Drustonis sky castle right?

Basch: What has been happening in Bhujerba lately?

バルフレア→「自由を保ってるよ 一応な 王女の自殺とあんたの処刑を発表して帝
Balflear: They've kept their freedom... basically. In return the duke had to 
announce the princesses suicide and your execution in cooperation with the 

バッシュ→「私が生きていると広まれば 信用を失うな」
Basche: If it was widely known that I'm still alive, he would lose 
credibility wouldn't he...

バルフレア→「いやだねぇ 政治ってやつは」
「よし あがるぞフラン」
Balflear: Politicians are such a pain.
Alright, we're taking off Fran.
If you don't have good manners, you better bite your toungue.

ヴァン→「待ってろ パンネロ!」
Van: We'll be there soon Panelo!


空中都市ビュエルバ Bhujerba

帝国兵→「だめです いません!」
Soldier1: This is no good. He isn't here!

Soldier2: Look some more!

Soldier1: Ok!

バルフレア→「あんたは死人だ 用心してくれ 名前も出すな」
Balflear: You are supposed to be dead so be on guard and don't use your real 

Basch: Naturally

バルフレア→「ルース魔石鉱はこの先だ 最近あそこの魔石は品薄らしいが」

ラモン→「魔石鉱に行かれるんですね 僕も同行させてください 奥で用事があるの
Ramon: You're going to the magicite mines right? Please take me with you, I 
have something I need to do inside.

Basch: And what would that be?

ラモン→「では あなた方の用事は?」
Ramon: Well, what is your reason?

バルフレア→「いいだろう ついてきな」
Balflear: It's fine, come on kid.

Van: Huh?

Ramon: Thank you very much.

バルフレア→「オレたちの目が届くところにいろよ その方が面倒が省ける」
Balflear: Just stay where we can see you. That way there won't be any 

Ramon: I agree

ヴァン→「お前 名前は?」
Van: What's your name?

ラモン→「はい ラ…… ラモンです」
Ramon: Ra..Ramon

ヴァン→「わかった たぶん中でいろいろあるけど心配ないよ なぁ バッシュ」
Van: Alright. A lot of crazy stuff probably will happen while you're with us 
but, don't worry too much, right Basch?

バルフレア&バッシュ「!? …… はぁ……」
Balflear and Basch: (sighs)


バルフレア→「ルース魔石鉱だ イヴァリース有数の鉱脈さ」
Balflear: The Lhusu Mines. The most profitable mines in all of Ivalice

Basch: Aren't there imperial guards here?

ラモン→「いえ ビュエルバ政府は特例を除いて帝国軍の立ち入りを認めていません
……では 行きましょうか」
Ramon: No, Bhujerba is a special case. The imperial army is not allowed to 
enter. Well then, shall we get going?


ルース魔石鉱 In the mines

ギース→「念のためにうかがうが 純度の高い魔石は本国ではなく……」
Ghis: Make sure that all the high grade magicite doesn't go to the empire...

Ondole: Yes, I am secretly sending it all to Lord Vayne

Ghis: It looks like we'll get along just fine then.

オンドール→「それはけっこうですが 手綱をつけられるつもりはございませんな」
Ondole: That's fine but I don't want reins to be attached on me.

ギース→「ならば鞭をお望みか? つまらん意地は貴殿のみならずビュエルバおも滅
Ghis: Would a whip suit you better? If you start to get a backbone, it will 
be the end of Bhujerba.


ラモン→「ビュエルバの侯爵 ハルム・オンドール4世 ダルマスカが降伏した時 
中立の立場から戦後の調停をまとめた方です 帝国寄りってみられてますね」
The duke of Bhujerba, Harme Ondole the 4th has been the mediator since the 
time that Dalmasca surrendered. He seems to favor the empire.

Balflear: There are also rumors of him supporting a rebel army though.

Ramon: Those are just rumors.

バルフレア→「よく勉強していらっしゃる ……どこのお坊っちゃんかな」
Balflear: You seem to have been studying hard... where are you from I 

ヴァン→「どうだっていいだろ パンネロが待ってるんだぞ」
Van: It doesn't matter that much right... Panelo is waiting for us.

Ramon: Who is Panelo?

ヴァン→「友達 さらわれてここに捕まってる」
Van: She's my friend. She was taken away and is being held here.


Ramon: This is what I wanted to see

Van: What is it?

ラモン→「破魔石です…… 人造ですけどね」
Ramon: It's nethicite... man-made though.

Van: Nethicite?

ラモン→「普通の魔石とは逆に 魔力を吸収するんです 人工的に合成する計画が進
んでいて これはその試作品 ドラクロア研究所の技術によるものです やはり原料
Ramon: It's the opposite of normal magicite. These stones adsorb magical 
energy. A project to synthesis nethicite has been progressing at the Dracroa 
institute and this is the result of the research there. As I suspected, the 
raw materials are mined here...
Balflear: Looks like you work here is done then huh?

ラモン→「ありがとうございます のちほどお礼を」
Ramon: Thank you very much. Later on I will return the favor.

バルフレア→「いーや 今にしてくれ お前の国までついていくつもりはないんでね
破魔石なんてカビくさい伝説誰から聞いた なぜドラクロアの試作品を持ってる 
あの秘密機関とどうやって接触した ……お前何者だ?」
Balflear: How about right now? I have no intention of taking you back to 
your country. You sure know a lot about nethicite and how did you get a 
prototype from Dracroa? What link do you have with that secret organization? 
...just who are you kid?

ヴァン→「おい バルフレア……」
Van: Hey! Balflear...

バッガモナン→「待ってたんだぜ バルフレア!」
「ナルビナではうまく逃げられたからな 会いたかったぜ? さっき
のジャッジといいそのガキといい…… 金になりそうな話ばかりじゃねぇか オレも
Baggamonan: I've been waiting for you Balflear!
Last time you got away so quickly... did you miss me?
What I hear from the judge I saw a while ago and this kid... Sounds like 
there is a lot of money to be made. I want a piece of it!

バルフレア→「頭使って金儲けってツラか お前は腐った肉でも噛んでろよ」
Balflear: Like that head of yours could be clever enough to make money. Go 
find a piece of rotton meat to chew on or something.

バッガモナン→「バールフレアァッ! てめぇの賞金の半分はそのガキで穴埋めして
Baggamonan: Balflear! I'll sell that brat to make up for the pitiful price 
on your head!

ヴァン→「この野郎 パンネロはどこだ!」
Van: Bastard! Where is Panelo!?

バッガモナン→「あぁン? 餌はもう必要ないからな 途中で放してやったら泣きな
「!? 逃がすか!」
「くそったれ! いつか半分にしてやるからな バルフレア!」
Baggamonan:huh? Since we didn't need "bait" anymore, we cut her loose on the 
way here... She ran away with tears in her eyes!
Like I'd let you get away!
Dammit! Just you wait! I'll cut you in two someday Balflear!



ギース→「また供の者もつけずに出歩かれたようですな ラーサー様 ひとりで魔石
鉱から出てまいりまして…… よからぬ連中の仲間ではないかと」
Ghis: So you have run off without us once again have you Lord Lasra... This 
one come out of the mine alone... Could be a friend of those hooligans.

Panelo: I was dragged in...

Ghis: Be quiet!

ラーサー→「ひとりで出てくるのが疑わしいのなら…… 私も同罪でしょうか?」
「ハルム卿 屋敷の客がひとり増えてもかまわないでしょうか」
Lasra: If coming out of the mines alone is supicious, I am guilty of the 
same crime? Sir Harme, is it ok for you to have another guest at the 

Ondole: (laughs)

ラーサー→「ジャッジ・ギース あなたの忠告に従い…… これからは供を連れてゆ
Lasra: Judge Ghis, from now on I'm take your advice and take you with me 
when I go out.

Ghis: How troublesome...

ラーサー→「よろしく パンネロ」
Larsa: Nice to meet you Panelo.

Panelo: yeah... you too.

ヴァン→「なんでパンネロが…… 何考えてんだよ ラモン」
Van: Why is Panelo going with him... just what is Ramon thinking?

バルフレア→「ラモンじゃない ラーサー・ファルナス・ソリドール 皇帝の四男坊
Balflear: That's not Ramon. It's Larsa Falnas Solidole. The fourth son the 
the emperor and Vayne's brother.

ヴァン→「な!? ……あいつ!」
Van: What!? ... that dirty!

フラン→「大丈夫 彼 女の子は大切にする」
Fran: It's ok. He is quite a gentleman to ladies.

Balflear: Fran has the eye to judge people pretty well.

バッシュ→「オンドールの屋敷だな 問題はどう接触するかだ」
Basch: So Ondole's mansion. The problem is, how can we make contact...

バルフレア→「侯爵は反帝国組織に金を渡している ……そっちの線だな」
Balflear: The duke help funds an anti-imperial movement... we'll take that 


バッシュ→「オンドール侯爵は2年前 私が処刑されたと発表した人物だ 私の生存
Basch: Duke Ondole was the man that announced my dead. If it were known that 
I was infact alive again. It would endanger his position.

Balflear: The anti-imperialists that are funded by the duke are probably 
bored now anyway. If we spread a rumor that you are still alive, they might 
take the bait.

ヴァン→「だったらオレが街じゅうに言いふらしてくるよ こんな風にさ」
Van: If that's what needs to be done I could walk through town and say 
something like "I'm General Basch Fon Rosenburg of Dalmasca!"
How's that?

バルフレア→「……まぁ 目立つのはたしかだな よしヴァン お嬢ちゃんを助ける
ためにもやるだけやってこい できるだけ人の多い場所でな オンドール侯爵と接触
できるかどうかはお前次第だ オレたちがここにいる 何かあったら戻ってこい」
Balflear: Well, you definately stand out anyway. Alright Van, go out and 
give it a go so we can rescue that girl. If you can, try to shout it in 
crowded places. We're depending on you to meet the duke. We'll be waiting 
here so, if anything happens, come back to us


ガイド→「おい 小僧 ちょっと来てもらおうか」
gyde: Hey kid, come here for a second.

解放軍→「連れてきたぞ ハバーロ こいつが"将軍"だとよ」
Liberation Army Soldier: We brought him back Habarlo. He says he's the 

ハバーロ→「ふん 似ても似つかんな」
Habarlo: hmmph, doesn't look anything like him.

解放軍→「ケッ やっぱり別人か タチの悪いイタズラしやがって!」
Liberation Army Soldier: Aa... I knew it couldn't be him. Damn kid pulling a 
trick on us.

ハバーロ→「ただのイタズラならいいが そこらのガキがローゼンバーグ将軍を名乗
るとは思えん 締め上げて背後関係を吐かせろ 最近帝国の犬がかぎまわってるから
Habarlo: If it was just a trick, that would be fine but, I don't think that 
he would decided to call himself the general on his own accord. Tell us your 
relationships that brought you into this. Too many imperial dogs have been 
sniffing around here lately.

バルフレア→「あんたらの組織と侯爵の関係をかい? 街のガイドを隠れミノに情報
活動か 酒場の奥がアジトとはまた古典的だねぇ」
Balflear: About the relationship between your group and the duke? Informants 
posing as town guide and a hideout in the middle of a bar is so old 

解放軍→「なんだ!? てめえら?」
Liberation Army Soldier: Just who are these guys?

ハバーロ→「待て あんたは…… 本当に生きていたのか……!」
Habarlo: Wait... so you really are alive...!


『オンドール侯爵邸 貴賓室』 Duke Ondole's Office

パンネロ→「ヴァンは元気なんですね 帝国に連行されたから もう……」
Panelo: Van is doing ok then right? Getting caught by the empire...

ラーサー→「すぐに会えますよ それまでは僕があなたをお守りします」
Lasra: You'll meet him soon. Until then I will protect you.

Panelo: Can you?

ラーサー→「それにしても…… ラバナスタの帝国軍はやりすぎのようですね 僕か
Larsa: either way... the imperial army is Rabanastre is going a bit too far. 
I will speak to the consul about it.

Panelo: Huh?

ラーサー→「ヴェイン・ソリドールは僕の兄です 執政官の仕事はダルマスカの安定
を守ること そして兄はどんな仕事もできる人です 今はうまくいっていないかもし
れませんが…… ラバナスタの暮らしはきっとよくなります 大丈夫ですよ 兄はす
Larsa: Vayne Solidor is my older brother. The consul's job is to protect the 
stability of Rabanastre. And my brother is definately capable of that job. 
Things may not be going well now but, I am sure that life in Fabanastre will 
get better. It's ok! My brother is a great person.

Panelo: He... he is a scary person.

Lasra: Huh?

パンネロ→「すいません お兄様のことを でもあの戦争で傷ついた人がたくさんい
て…… 私も孤児です」
Panelo: I'm sorry to say that about your brother but, there were a lot of 
people hurt in that war... I also became an orphan at that time.

「パンネロさん ソリドール家の男子は人々の安寧に尽くせと教えられて
育ちます あなたをお守りするのも僕の仕事のうちなんですよ」
Lasra: The empire is scary isn't it?
Miss Panelo, as a man of the solidor family, I have been brought up to 
respect and work hard for peace. Protecting you now has also become apart of 
my position.

Panelo: It's ok to trust you then right?

ラーサー→「僕の名誉にかけて 兄もわかってくれます」
Lasra: I swear on my honor. My brother will also understand.


ハバーロ→「いかにも裏がありそうだったが まさか本物のご登場とはな このこと
Babarlo: There seemed to be some significance to this but, I would have 
never thought that the real General would appear. If the duke knew about 

バッシュ→「さて なんと言うかな 直接会って聞いてみたい」
Basch: Well then, I'd like to talk to him directly.

ハバーロ→「……どうすんですかい 旦那」
Babarlo: What should we do sir?

オンドールの側近→「致し方あるまいな 侯爵閣下はお会いになる のちほど屋敷に
Ondole's assistant: There is no choice. We take him to the masion and meet 
with his excellency.


オンドール→「バッシュ・フォン・ローゼンバーグ卿 私は貴公が処刑されたと発表
Ondole: Sir Basch Fon Rosenburg. I have publicly announced your execution 

Basch: That is exactly why I am still alive.

オンドール→「つまり貴公は私の弱味か ヴェインもおさおさ怠りない ……で?」
Ondole: So they kept you alive as my weakness... Vayne didn't overlook 
anything... What brings you here?

バッシュ→「反乱軍を率いる者が帝国の手に落ちました アマリアという女性です 
Basch: The person that spearheaded the rebel army has fallen into the hands 
of the empire. In order to release the woman named Amaria, we have come to 
ask for your help.

オンドール→「貴公ほどの男が救出に乗り出すとは…… よほどの要人か 立場とい
Ondole: For someone like you to set out to rescue someone... it must be 
someone quite important. I have my own position to hold though.

ヴァン→「ラーサーに会わせてくれ オレの友達が一緒なんだ」
Van: Let me see Larsa. My friend is with him now.

オンドール→「一足遅かったな ラーサー殿のご一行はすでに帝国軍に合流された 
Ondole: I'm afraid that you're a little late. Lord Larsa has already joined 
with the imperial army. They are to depart to Rabanastre on an Airship 
arriving here later tonight.

Van: We have to hurry!

Balflear: Settle down.

オンドール→「ローゼンバーグ将軍 貴公は死中に活を見出す勇将であったと聞く 
あえて敵陣に飛び込めば…… 貴公は本懐を遂げるはずだ」
Ondole: General Rosenburg, I've heard that you were a brave general that has 
been in fatal situations. If you dare to jump into the enemy's camp, you 
might be able to accomplish your mission.

バッシュ→「悪いな 巻き込むぞ」
Basch: I am sorry everyone but, I have to take you with me.

オンドール→「侵入者を捕らえよ! ジャッジ・ギースに引き渡せ」
Ondole: Seize the intruders! Take them to Ghis.

ヴァン→「放せよ! 何すんだよ!」
Van: Let me go! What the hell!

Part 8 - Reprise of a New Hope

王都ラバナスタ 『ラバナスタ 執政官執務室』  Rabanastre

ヴェイン→「帝都の老人どもに足止めされている間にこの復興ぶりだ まったくこの
Vayne: While those old men in the senate put me into confinement, I see that 
the hopes of revitalization have risen. This country is really quite 

ガブラス→「現在 ラバナスタの反乱分子は孤立しておりますが…… 今後外部勢力
から支援を受けると厄介です 特にビュエルバの反帝国組織は不自然なほど資金が豊
富です やはりオンドール候が背後から糸を オンドールを押さえるべきです」
Gabranth: Though, the small Rabanastre resistance has currently been made 
helpless, if it were to join up with other outside forces, the resistance 
could become a problem. Especially the anti-imperialist Duke of Bhujerba 
with his ungodly fortune. As I thought, he seems to be weaving his own plans 
in the backround. Ondole needs to be put down.

ヴェイン→「ところが彼から連絡があってな 檻から逃げた犬を捕らえてギースに引
Vayne: Speaking of which, I was just connacted by him. It seems that the dog 
that escaped from his cage has been caught and delivered to Ghis.

Gabranth: I will be the one to kill him.

ヴェイン→「見上げた弟だ あぁ ギースがラーサーを連れ帰る 明朝ビュエルバを
発つそうだ 卿に本国まで送ってほしい ドクター・シドが来るのでな 外してく
Vayne: A brother to look up to.. Ah yes, Ghis is also bringing Lasra back. I 
heard that they depart Bhujerba tomorrow morning. I'd like for him to make 
it back to Archades. Well, Doctor Cid will has arrived, please leave us to 

シド→「現場を視察しないと話にならん ナブディスの件もある あぁ 偽装はして
いる 馬鹿どもには幻を追わせるさ そうだ 歴史を人間の手に取り戻すのだ」
「おう ヴェイン 執政官職を楽しんでいるようだな」
Cid(to himself): If I can't inspect the actual site it's not worth talking 
about. There was also the Nabudis incident... ah! It's disguised. we'll make 
them chase phantoms... yes.. We are taking history back into our hands after 
Cid(to Vayne): Vayne! Consul work looks to be pretty fun huh?

ヴェイン→「2年も待たされたのでな 帝都はどうだ 元老院のお歴々は?」
Vayne: Well, they made me wait two years for it. How is the capital and what 
of the senate?

シド→「まめに励んどるよ あんたの尻尾をつかもうとな」
Cid: They are working hard... trying to catch your tail.

Vayne: Let them try


戦艦リヴァイアサン   On Levithan

Soldier: We have brought the prisoners.

Basch: Your highness...

アーシェ→「なぜ生きている バッシュ! よくも私の前に!」
Ashe: Why are you still alive Basch! How dare you show your face to me!

ギース→「君たちいささか頭が高いのではないかな 旧ダルマスカ王国の王女…… 
Ghis: Aren't you holding your heads a little too high? The former princess, 
Ashe Banalgan Dalmasca is standing here before you.

Van: Her!?

ギース→「もっとも身分を証明するものはないのでね 今は反乱軍の一員にすぎな
Ghis: Of course she hasn't had any proof of this claim so she can become 
nothing more than a member of the rebel army of course.

Ashe: The LIBERATION army.

ギース→「執政官閣下はダルマスカ安定のため 旧王族の協力を望んでおられる だ
が証拠もなく王家の名を掲げ いたずらに治安と人心を乱す者には…… 例外なく処
Ghis: The consul would like to cooperate with the royalty for the sake of a 
stable Dalmasca. However, if one were to disturb the people by claiming to 
be royalty without any proof... well, they would have to be executed without 

Ashe: Like I would bend to his will!

バッシュ→「亡きラミナス陛下から預かったものがある 万一の時には私からアー
シェ殿下に渡せと命じられた ダルマスカ王国の証 『黄昏の砕片』 殿下の正当性
を保障するものだ 私だけが在所を知っている」
Basch: The departed King Raminas asked me to do one thing. If by chance the 
time came, I had been ordered to give the princess the proof of her lineage, 
the "Twilight Fragment," to secure her claim on the thrown. Only I know 
where it lies.

アーシェ→「待て! 父を殺しておきながら なぜ私を! 生き恥をさらせというの
Ashe: Wait! If you killed my father why did you not kill me! Did you want to 
make me live a life of shame!?

Basch: If that is the obligation of the royal family then...

ヴァン→「いいかげんにしろよ お前と一緒に処刑なんてイヤだからな」
Van: Stop it! I don't want to be executed with you!

Ashe: Shut up!

バッシュ→「ヴァン それは!」
Basch: Van, that's...!

Van: This was in the treasure vault of the palace...

Balflear: Hey kid...

ギース→「はははは! けっこう! もう用意してありましたか 手回しのよいこと
Ghis: HAHAHA! Well this is just fine indeed. You already have prepared it 
for us have you?

Ashe: Don't do it!

ヴァン→「約束しろよ 処刑はなしだ」
Van: Make me a promise... no execution ok?

「連行しろ アーシェ殿下だけ別の部屋へ」
「ヴェイン・ソリドール なぜこんなもののために……」
Ghis: Well, a judge is the law.
Take them away and put the princess in a seperate cell.
Vayne Solidor... why are you making so much effort just for this...


バッシュ→「きみが持っていたとはな これも縁だろう」
Basch: The fact that you brought that... it must be destiny.

Balflear: Was it also destiny that I got caught up in this mess?

Soldier: Shut up and walk!

バッシュ→「あの場では他に手はなかった 仕方あるまい」
Basch: There was no one else we could ask at the time... It couldn't be 

バルフレア→「任務が優先か さすが将軍閣下 それにしてもあれが王女とはね」
Balflear: Duty takes priority

Soldier: I told you guys to be quiet...


Basch: So you recieved guidance from the Duke...

ウォースラ→「初めて頭を下げた いいか ダルマスカが落ちて2年 俺はひとりで
殿下を隠し通してきた 敵か味方かわからん奴を今まで信じられなかったのだ」
Vossler: The first time i have taken such guidance. It's been two years 
since the fall of Dalmasca and I have been keeping the princess hidden by 
myself. I couldn't trust people that couldn't be distingish as friend or 

バッシュ→「苦労させたな 俺の分まで」
Basch: You've done well. Even doing my part.

ウォースラ→「助け出す 手を貸してくれ」
Vossler: I'm going to get her highness out of this. Please lend me your 

Basch: Of course

ウォースラ→「ちょっと待て 出発の前に言っておくことがある 道路に赤いアミみ
たいなものが見えるだろう あれは侵入者の探知装置だ あれにふれると艦内に警報
が発令され帝国兵たちが集まってくる 時間がたてば警報は解除されるが騒ぎなどが
起こらんに越したことはない いいか 気をつけるんだぞ」
Vossler: Before we set out, there is one thing I'd like to tell you. You can 
see the red web like lights right? It is equipment for detecting intruders. 
If you touch it the ship's alarm will go off and soldiers will begin to 
gather at that area. After a set amount of time the alarm will cease but, it 
will be easier to get this done if we don't cause a lot of commotion.


ウォースラ→「殿下 ご無事で」
Vossler: I'm glad to see that you're safe your highness

Ashe: Vossler...

Vossler: Your highness

アーシェ→「ありがとう 大丈夫です 私……」
Ashe: Thank you. I'm ok.

ヴァン→「ぐずぐずするなよ 時間がないんだぞ パンネロが待ってるんだ」
Van: This is no time for standing around! We don't have anytime to loose! 
Panelo is still waiting for us!

バルフレア→「さっさとしてくれ 敵が来る」
Balflear: Well let's hurry up and get this done. Enemies are coming

Vossler: We can continue our talk later on.

Ashe: ...ok


バッシュ→「殿下 我らが血路を開きます」
Basch: You're highness, we will find a way for you to escape

Ashe: I don't need help from a traitor

ウォースラ→「なんとしても必要です 自分がそう判断しました」
「引き返すぞ 艦載艇を奪って脱出するぞ 殿下は無力な自分を許せん
お方だ だが現実を受け入れてもらうしかない」
Vossler: Even if he is, we need his help now.
We're going to go back the way we came and escape from the warship.
I know that he is a person that you cannot forgive but, we are powerless now 
and the reality is that accepting his help is our only chance. Please 


Panelo: Van!

ヴァン→「ごめん もう大丈夫」
Van: Sorry, but everything's going to be ok now.

ラーサー→「ギースが気づきました 早く脱出を」
「アズラス将軍ですね 僕と来てください 先回りして飛空挺を押さえま
Lasra: Ghis have been alerted... Hurry and escape
You must be General Azuras right? Please come with me. Let's go on ahead and 
secure the ship!

Vossler: So you intend for them to run away then.

ラーサー→「アーシェ殿下 あなたは存在してはならないはずの人です あなたや
ローゼンバーグ将軍が死んだことにされていたのは…… 何かが歪んでいる証拠です
今後あなたがたが行動すれば…… もっと大きな歪みが見えてくるように思います
だから行ってください 隠れた歪みを明らかにしてください 私はその歪みを糾し
Lasra: Princess Ashe. You are someone thought to be dead along with General 
Rosenburg. The fact that you two are still alive is proof that someone is 
distorting the truth. If I let you go now, I'm sure that we'll be able to 
see even more of what is really happening, so please go! Please shed some 
light on all that's hidden. I will do my part to dispel the lies and protect 
the empire on my side.

Ashe: I understand

ヴァン→「どうもな "ラモン"」
Van: Thanks "Ramon"

「パンネロさん これ お守り代わりに」
Larsa: I'm sorry about that time...
Miss Panelo, take this to protect you in my place.
Let's move.


ギース→「残念ですな ダルマスカの安定のために協力していただけるものと信じて
おりましたが まぁ 王家の証はこちらにある よく似た偽者でも仕立てればよいで
しょう 貴女には……  王家の資格も価値もないッ!」
Ghis: Well that really is too bad. I really believed that Dalmasca could 
cooperate with us but, well, the proof of your lineage is here in my hand. 
No one will see you as anything other than an imposter now. You, my lady, 
have no qualifications or merit as royalty!

Panelo: What is that!?

Balflear: Nethicite huh?

ギース→「ご立派ですな 殿下! 名誉ある降伏を拒むとはまったくダルマスカらし
Ghis: Well, this is just splendid your highness! Refusing to give up your 
honor... so fitting of a Dalmascan!

Ashe: What do you know about it!


ウォースラ→「アトモスを押さえた! 来い!」
Vossler: Atmos is secured! Come on!

バルフレア→「アトモス? トロいフネだな 主人公向きじゃない」
Balflear: Atmos? What a slow ship that is... not very fitting for a hero.

Van: Can I pilot?

Fran: You want to crash down again?


パンネロ→「早く早く! 全開!」
Panelo: Hurry hurry! Full throttle

Fran: No!

Ashe: It's already done

Fran: If we fly away too fast we'll be found out.


空中都市ビュエルバ   Bhujerba

パンネロ→「あの これ……洗っておきました」
Panelo: Umm... I went ahead and washed this.

Balflear: The honourable has arrived

アーシェ→「オンドール候に? でもあの人は……」
Ashe: Duke Ondole? But he...

バッシュ→「お会いになるべきです 表向き帝国に従っているように見えてもそれは
侯爵の本心ではありません こうして殿下をお助けできたのも侯爵の"助言"があれば
こそです ……少々 危険な手段ではありましたが」
Basch: is a person that have to meet. If you just look at the surface, it 
seems that he supports the empire but, that's not his true intention. 
Without his "advice" we would have been able to save you. It was a little 
dangerous but...

ウォースラ→「自分も同感です これまで距離をおいてきましたがもっと早く侯爵を
頼っていれば…… 自分が愚かでした」
Vossler: I agree. If I had just tried to get the duke's help earlier on... I 
was foolish.

Ashe: Vossler...

ウォースラ→「殿下 自分に時間を下さい 我々の力だけでは国を取り戻せません 
別の道を探ります 自分が戻るまではバッシュが護衛をつとめます まだ彼を疑って
おいででしょうが 国を思う志は自分と変わりません」
Vossler: Your highness, please give me some time. I see now that we cannot 
revive the kingdom by our own power. I will search for another way. In the 
meantime, please let Basch excort you in my place. You may still doubt him 
but, just like me, he has never changed his dedication to our country.

アーシェ→「あなたがそこまで言うなら ……任せます」
Ashe: If even you are saying that much then... I will trust your decision.

ウォースラ→「殿下を頼む オンドール侯爵のもとで待っていてくれ」
Vossler: Please wait here with Duke Ondole your highness.


If you happen to go back to the capitol to talk to Miguelo

ミゲロ→「おぉ パンネロ! 無事だったんだな! あの空賊たちのせいでとんだ目
「何!? あの空賊たちと一緒に行動してるだって? ヴァンだけならともか
くパンネロまで…… ……そうか ふたりとも自分で決めて自分の足で歩きだしたの
だね 子供とばかり思っていたが いやはや よし 思う存分やってきなさい どん
な経験であろうとそれはやがてお前たちの将来に役立つものとなるだろう もし戻っ
てきたくなったら…… イヤ 自分自身が納得いくまでとことん冒険してきなさい 
その間お店のことやお前たちの仲間のことは何も心配いらん このミゲロに任せてお
きなさい さぁ そうと決まったら…… 旅で困らないように準備をととのえたらど
うだい? もちろんお買いあげは当店にて」
Miguelo: Panelo! I'm so glad you're safe! Because of those cursed sky 
What?! You're traveling with those pirates now? I could see Van somehow 
getting into that mess but you... I see, you decided to stand up and travel 
together on your own accord. I have been thinking of you two as kids but, I 
will come to see that you're going up I'm sure. These travels will most 
likely benefit your futures as well. Of course if you feel like coming back 
ever... no nevermind, go and travel until you can find yourselves. Don't 
worry about your friends here, I will take care of all of them. Well, you 
should prepare for your journey incase you encounter any troubles. Of 
course, come by my shop if you need anything.


空中都市ビュエルバ   Bhujerba

アーシェ→「あの調印式の夜…… 父の死を知ったウォースラはラバナスタに戻って
私を脱出させました ヴェインの手が伸びる前にあなたに保護を求めようと」
Ashe: After Vossler came to know about my father's death the night of the 
signing ceremony, he came back to Rabanastre to help me escape. Before Vahne 
could get to you I was hoping to ask for your help but...

オンドール→「ところが当の私があなたの自殺を発表…… 帝国に屈したように見え
「あの発表はヴェインの提案でした 当時は向こうの意図をつかめぬま
ま やむなく受け入れましたが…… 狙いは我らの分断であったか」
Ondole: ...I announced your suicide. It must have looked like I was siding 
with the empire. The announcement was Vayne's idea. At the time I didn't 
understand his reasoning but now I can see that it was to seperate us from 

アーシェ→「でも それも終わりです 私に力を貸してください ともにヴェイン
Ashe: But, those times have passed. Please lend me your strength. Together 
we can defeat Vaine!

オンドール→「抱っこをせがんだ小さなアーシェは…… もういないのだな 殿下は
Ondole: It seems the little Ashe that used to hug me has... grown up now.

アーシェ→「それでは おじさま……」
Ashe: Uncle...

オンドール→「しかし彼にヴェインを倒せたとして その後は? 王国を再興しよう
にも王家の証は奪われました あれがなければプルオミシェイスの大僧正が殿下を王
位継承者とは認めんでしょう 王家の証を持たない殿下に今できることは何ひとつご
ざいません しかるべき時までビュエルバで保護いたします」
Ondole: However, after defeating Vayne, then what? The proof of you 
succession right has been snatched away. If you do not have it, the high 
priest will not aknowledge your claim to the thrown. Your highness, without 
that proof, you can do nothing now. Until the time to move is right, please 
stay in Bhujerba under my protection.

アーシェ→「そんな できません!」
Ashe: That is the one thing I can't do!

オンドール→「では 今の殿下に何ができると?」
Ondole: Then what can you do princess?

Ashe: Uncle...

まずは食事だ 最高級のやつをな」
Balflear: So then, you would be the one to award the rescue of the princess 
right? I'd like some food to start... The best you have of course.

オンドール→「用意させよう 少々時間がかかるが?」
Ondole: Please let me prepare it. It will take a little time to do so.

バルフレア→「だったらそれまでフロでも借りるさ いくらか冷や汗かかされたんだ
からな あぁ あとは着替えもいるな」
Balflear: If that's the case, let me use the bath... I've got to wash away 
all that cold sweat. Oh yeah, I'd like a change of clothes too.


ヴァン→「何やってんだよ これバルフレアのふねだぞ」
Van: What are you doing? This is Balflear's ship!

アーシェ→「『暁の断片』を取りに行くの もうひとつの王家の証 在処は知ってる
から ……飛空挺は後で返すわ」
Ashe: I'm going to get proof of Raithwall's lineage, the "dawn fragment." I 
know where I can find it... I'll return the ship later.

Van: What are you talking about!

アーシェ→「私はやらなきゃいけないのよ! 死んでいった者たちのためにも! な
のに隠れていろなんて!  ひとりで戦う覚悟はあるわ」
Ashe: Look, I have to do this. When I think about all the people that have 
died, I know that I can't just wait around. I'm prepared to fight alone.

ヴァン→「ひとりって…… バッシュは! だいたい人のふねを勝手に…… 王女の
くせになんだよ お前!」
Van: By yourself? What about Basch? And even if your a princess it doesn't 
mean that you can just hijack someone else's ship! you...

Ashe: Don't call me "you!"

バルフレア(オンドール)→「それぐらいになさい 殿下」
Ondole's voice: Please do at least that for me your highness.

バルフレア→「……なんてな 驚いたろ? 仕事柄こういうのがあると何かと便利で
Balflear: Surprised? I found that tools like this can be convient for my 

Ashe's voice: Don't call me "you!"

Balflear: I'm turning you over to the Duke.

Ashe: Please don't!

Balflear: It's better this way for you too

アーシェ→「では…… 誘拐してください! あなた空賊なんでしょう!? 盗んでく
ださい! 私を ここから!」
Ashe: Fine... then please abduct me! Your a sky pirate right!? Steal me away 
from here!

Balflear: What's in it for me?

アーシェ→「覇王の財宝 『暁の断片』があるのはレイスウォール王の墓所なんで
Ashe: The heavenly kings treasure. The dawn fragment is stored in his grave.

Balflear: Raithwall huh?

バッシュ→「そしてきみにかかる賞金も跳ね上がる 何しろ王族の誘拐となれば重罪
Basch: And then the price on your head would rise. Abduction is a serious 

Balflear: That'll make us fellow criminals then.

Basch: I'll go in Vossler's place.

Fran: What will you two do Van?

ヴァン→「行くよ 行くって! こんなとこに置いてくなよ!」
Van: I'm going! I can't leave this now!

Panelo: Then I'm going too!

Van: What?

Panelo: I'm sick of being alone.

Van: ...I understand.

フラン→「決まりね 侯爵に気づかれる前に発ちましょう ……誘拐犯らしくね」
Fran: It's decided then. Let's take off before the Duke realizes our plan. 
Just like an abduction should be.

Part 9 - Crossing the Desert

帝都アルケイディス 『アルケイディア帝国 帝都アルケイディア』  Archades

グラミス・ソリドール→「ドラクロア研究所…… ドクター・シドか」
Gramis: Doctor Cid from the Dracroa Research Institute then...

ガブラス→「ヴェイン様からの資金援助を確認しました ナブディス壊滅の件に関
わっているのも確かですが あの作戦を指揮した ジャッジ・ゼクトが行方不明では
…… 真相をつかみきれません」
Gabranth: Lord Vayne"s funds to the institute have been confirmed and we 
know that it is related to the Nabudis incident but... The actions of the 
one who carried out the operation, Judge Zect, are not clear and therefore 
we cannot know the whole truth yet.

グラミス・ソリドール→「このグラミスも老いたな 息子を読みきれんとは ごほご
ほっ かまわん 死病だ さて……予の後継は誰やら 有能すぎるヴェインを怖れて
Gramis: I am getting old and can't keep track of what my sons do... I have 
fatal illness and... as for my successor. The senate fears the strength of 
the more than competant Vayne and are hoping for young emperor on the 

グラミス・ソリドール→「ガブラス かつて予はそちの祖国を攻めた」
Gramis: Gabranth, your homeland was attacked before...

ガブラス→「ランディス共和国は消えました いまや帝国こそがわが祖国です」
Gabranth: The republic of Randis is gone... rather, the empire is my 
homeland now.

グラミス・ソリドール→「だが そちの兄は帝国の支配を認めず…… ダルマスカへ
流れたと聞く 兄のあとを追おうと考えたことはないか?」
Gramis: But I hear your brother doesn't except the imperial rule and has 
gone back to Dalmasca... Have you not given thought to catching him?

ガブラス→「すでに追っております 帝国の敵として斬り捨てるのみです」
Gabranth: I am already in pursuit of my brother. I will strike him down just 
as any other enemy of the Empire.

グラミス・ソリドール→「祖国の敵なら兄をも斬る……か ガブラス そちはそれで
よい 予はその非常さを評価しておる しかしラーサーはそちやヴェインのようには
なれん あれを支えてやってくれ」
Gramis: If an enemy of the Empire you would kill even your brother... well 
G, I suppose that will do fine. I regard that very highly. Although, I can't 
allow Lasra to become like Vayne. Please support me in this matter.

Gabranth: Are you asking me to dirty my hands in Lord Lasra's place?

ガブラス・ソリドール→「むしろ盾だな よいか 引き続きヴェインを監視せい あ
Gramis: Or rather his shield. well then, continue your observation of 
Vayne... He is a little too smart for his own good.

Gabranth: It will be done.

グラミス・ソリドール→「頼むぞ ガブラス 予はな 息子たちが争う姿を…… 二
Gramis: I'm counting on you Gabranth. I don't want my sons to see the image 
of war a second time.


Sand Ocean: Ogir Ensa

Ashe: Is that work related too?

バルフレア→「有名人のつらいところさ こうでもしないとすぐに見つかる さてフ
ネはここまでだ この先は『ヤクト』だからな」
Balflear: That's the price of being famous. If I didn't do stuff like that, 
people would find me right away. Well, that's it for the ship for now... 
because of the Yakuto of course.

アーシェ→「砂の海を越えて 死者の谷に向かいます 目指すレイスウォール王墓は
Ashe: We need to cross the ocean of sand and head for the valley of death. 
Our goal is inside the Tomb of Raithwall.

ヴァン→「『ヤクト』ってのはさ 飛空石が働かない土地のこと だからふねで飛ん
Van: The "yakuto" is land where the floater stone doesn't work so we won't 
be able to fly the ship over it.

Panelo: When it comes to airships you actually seem to know a lot don't you?

ヴァン→「まぁね そりゃあ空賊めざしてるし ……って おい! 『だけ』は余計
Van: yeah, well, I want to be a sky pirate someday and... hey, don't say it 
like that's the ONLY thing I know about!

Balflear: Looks like it's going to be a long and tedious trip huh?

Ashe: Yeah...


Panelo: So where is Raithwall's tomb exactly?

バッシュ→「西の果てだな このオグル・エンサを横断しさらに西のナム・エンサも
越えてやっとたどりつく ダルマスカの国土よりも広大な砂漠だ 無理をして先を急
ぐとかえって危ない 疲れたら遠慮なく言いなさい」
Basch: It's lies in the extreme east. Right now we are in Ogir Ensa. We will 
go west until we get to Nham Ensa and will keep going west all the way till 
we finally reach the tomb at the western edge. This desert is quite vast 
compared to Dalmasca. It dangerous to go too fast so you don't have to 
overdo it. If you get tired, please say so.

パンネロ→「平気ですよ 私意外とたくましいんです」
Panelo: I'm fine thanks. I'm a lot stronger than I look.

バッシュ→「……あぁ そうだな きみたちは本当に強い」
Basch: hmm... that's true. You guys really are strong.


バッシュ→「地底の油を汲む施設らしい 放棄されて久しいようだが」
Basch: Seems like this facility was used for pumping oil. Looks like it 
hasn't been used for a while though.

Van: Did Dalmasca build them?

バッシュ→「いや ロザリア帝国だ アルケイディア帝国と覇権を争う西の大国さ 
ふたつの帝国のはざまで多くの国が滅んだ ダルマスカ ナブラディア…… ラン
Basch: No, the Rozalia Empire did. The empire that fought with Archades over 
political to the west. A lot of other countries have been ruined because of 
their wars... Dalmasca, Nabradia... Randis.

ウォースラ→「小さな国はな 大国の顔色をうかがうしかないんだ」
Vossler: Small countries have no choice. They must bow to the demands of the 
bigger countries.

バッシュ→「ウォースラ! なぜここが!?」
Basch: Vossler! How did you get here?

ウォースラ→「驚いたぞ ビュエルバに戻ってみればアーシェ様もお前も消えていた
んだからな ……まさかお前が空賊の手を借りるとは」
Vossler: You surprised me. Once I got back to Bhujerba and found you and 
Princess Ashe gone. And I can't believe you'd ask for the help of sky 

バッシュ→「バルフレアは信ずるに足る男だ 何よりもアーシェ様の意志だった な
らば俺は支えるだけだ ……あの方がすべてを失った時俺はなんの役にも立てなかっ
た 今度こそどこまでも支えると誓った」
Basch: Balflear is trustworthy enough. What's more important is it's 
Princess Ashe's will to have him here and so I will support that decision. 
When her highness lost everything, I wasn't of any help to her. This time, 
however, I swore that I would do my best to support her no matter what 

ウォースラ→「それも騎士の道のひとつか アーシェ様は?」
Vossler: So that's also a part of the knight's code then... What about 
Princess Ashe?

Fran: I think that we should get out of here.

Balflear: Why is a sandstorm coming?

Fran: Something worse...

ウォースラ→「そうですか…… やはり『暁の断片』はレイスウォール王墓に オン
ドール候も今は殿下のお気持ちを誓いなさっているはずです 帝国の手前もあり誘拐
Vossler: That's right... Duke Ondole shares her majesty's feelings about 
Dawn Fragment.. but there is also his relationship with the empire so he is 
hiding the kiddnapping incident.

アーシェ→「それよりウォースラ あなたの成果は?」
Ashe: More than that, what have you resolved to do Vossler?

バルフレア→「すぐに出るぞ ここらはウルタン・エンサの縄張りらしい 話のわか
Balflear: We almost out of this region. From here on out it's Ultan Ensa 
territory. They are not a group that can be talked to.

バルフレア→「面倒な連中に見つかったな 追い込まれる前に抜け出す いいな」
Balflear: We've been spotted by a troublesome lot... Let's get out of here 
before they start to come after us.

アーシェ→「ウォースラ ダルマスカ再興の手段は見つかったの?」
Ashe: Vossler, Have you thought of a way to revive Dalmasca?

ウォースラ→「まずは『暁の断片』を手に入れます すべてはそれからです」
Vossler: First we need to get the dawn fragment. Everything will unfold from 

Part 10 - Temple and Airship

レイスウォール王墓  In the tomb

アーシェ→「往古神々に愛されしレイスウォール王は…… バレンディアからオーダ
リアの両大陸にまたがる広大な領域を一代で平定し…… ガルテア連邦を打ち立てま
した 覇王と呼ばれてはいますが…… 連邦樹立後のレイスウォール王は民を愛し無
用の戦を憎み……  その精神は後継者にも受継がれ 平和と繁栄が数百年もの間つ
づいたのです アルケイディアもロザリアもその源流はガルテア連邦に属していた都
市国家であり…… レイスウォール王が築いた平和の中で生まれ育ったようなもので
す レイスウォール王は覇王の血統の証となる3つの遺産を残しました そのうち
『夜光の砕片』はのちのナブラディア王家へ渡り…… 『黄昏の破片』はダルマスカ
を建国した我が父祖へ 最後のひとつ『暁の断片』はここに封じられて…… その存
Ashe: The loving King Rasworl conquered a vast area across both continents 
from Ordaria to Barendia in one generation, and built up the Galtea 
federation in the ancient past pantheon. Even though he is know as a great 
conqueror, but after the federation had been formed, he was known to love 
his people and hated useless war. These ideas were carried on by his 
successors and peace and prosperity continued for hundreds of years. The 
present city-states in Alcadia and Rozaria that belong to the Galtea 
federation were born and grow up peacefully thanks to the ground work laid 
by King Raithwall. King Raithwall left three inheritances that became the 
proof of his family line. These include the 'Moonlight Fragment' which was 
given to the ancestors of the Nabradian royal family. The 'Twilight 
Fragment' was given to my lineage, the Dalmascan royal family. The last 
'Dawn Fragment' is sealed off here and its existence is only known to the 
decendants of King Raithwall.

Vossler: The heavenly king most likely predicted the events that we are 
experiencing now.

Ashe: Only his decendants were given permission to enter here so, if someone 
without proof was to enter...

バルフレア→「生きて帰れる保障はなし 墓守の戒律やら悪趣味な罠やら…… そん
Balflear: ...would be given no guarantee of coming out alive. Guardians of 
the grave, nasty traps.. that sort of thing right?

アーシェ→「その先に眠っているのです 『暁の断片』も覇王の財宝も」
Ashe: It's all resting here right in front of us... The Dawn Fragment and 
the treasure.

Balflear: I'm thinking that that sounds a little to good to be true...


ヴァン→「なぁ 今のってどういうしかけなんだ?」
Van: What was that thing that we just used?
バルフレア→「古代の遺跡にはよくある装置さ ふれるとどこかへ運ばれる 原理は
わからんが便利だ 空賊にとってはそれで充分だろ」
Balflear: It's an apparatus often found in ancient ruins. If you touch it, 
it will take you somewhere. I don't know exactly how it works but, its 
convinient for us sky pirates anyway.


ウォースラ→「なんと壮大な…… あのような墓荒らしの動向は認めたくないもので
Vossler: This is absurd... I don't approve this group grave robbers coming 
in here

アーシェ→「けれど私たちだけでは明らかに無力 それが現実でしょう? あの人は
自分の利益だけを考えているわ 利益を約束できれば裏切らないはずよ」
Ashe: But the truth is that we don't have the means to do this ourselves 
right? They are just think about their own profit so, as long as we keep our 
promise they won't betray us right?

ウォースラ→「しかし 殿下 自分は……」
Vossler: But your Highness... I can't...

アーシェ→「話は後で 今はまず『暁の断片』を手に入れないと」
「眠っているわ 地下の深くで」
Ashe: We'll discuss it later. If we don't find the "dawn fragment" soon...
It's resting deep in the Earth...

Vossler: You know the location?

Ashe: I feel like it's calling me.


Penel: There is fog here even though we're underground

Fran:霧ではないわ ミストよ
Fran: Its not fog... it's "mist"

Penel: Can we see "mist" with our eyes?

Fran: Here where spirits are densely contained, it can be.

Penel: In other words, it's dangerous

Fran: But it also has a purpose. Thick mist can quickly restore magic power

Penelo:覚えておきます。 Vanは無茶ばかりだから、私がしっかりしないと。
Penel: I'll keep that in mind. Van is always doing reckless things so I need 
to be level headed


Fran:かつて神々に戦いを挑んだ 荒ぶる者ども、
Fran: A wild group of people challenged the gods and failed. Until the 
connection between their souls and the mist is broken their freedom has been 
taken. This is the legend of the Un-moh tribe.

Ashe:王権には 覇王と魔人にまつわる物語が伝わっています。
Ashe: In the royal family, the story of the strong relationship between the 
heavenly ruler and the evil one is passed down.
When he was young, king Reshaul defeated the evil one. After being 
acknowledged by the gods, the evil one became a servant of the heavenly 

Balflear: So that beast was here to protect the kings treasure then


Balflear: What?

Ashe: We have received something that has unmeasurable worth

Balflear:おいおい 俺としては もうちょいわかりやすい財宝を期待してたんだがね
Balflear: hey... I was expecting a treasure that would be a little easier to 

Basch: What's wrong?

Vossler: Let's hurry your majesty.

Ashe:Rasler 仇は必ず
Ashe: Rasler... by your name I will definately set things right.


On the Airship

Judge Ghis:再びお目通りがかなって光栄ですな、陛下
 先日は実にあわただしく 退艦なさったので
Judge Ghis:Once again it is an honour to be in your presence your majesty.
Wasn't there any remorse in your heart after you commited such a rude act 
the other day?

Ashe: You, talking about remorse? Let's talk about the real subjects at hand 

Judge Ghis:破魔石を引き渡していただきたい
Judge Ghis: I want you to hand over the Nethicite

Penelo: The Nethicite...

Judge Ghis:そのような模造品ではない
 覇王レイスウォールの遺産である ”神授の破魔石”だ
Judge Ghis: Not that fake! We are seeking the heavenly ruler Reshaul's 
inheritance, the devine gift, Nethicite! Or you still haven't told them yet? 
General Azulas

Vossler:陛下”暁の断片”を あれが破魔石です。
Vossler: Your majesty, The "dawn fragment" is Nethicite...

Basch:なぜだ Wolsra!
Basch: Wolsra! Why!

Vossler: The empire cannot be defeated! If you really want to help Dalmasca 
then face the facts!

Judge Ghis:アズラス将軍は 賢明な取り引きを選んだの
Judge Ghis: The general has chosen wisely. In return for the dawn fragment, 
we will agknowledge the enthornment of Princess Ashe and the revival of 
how does that sound? At the price of one stone, a kingdom in ruins will be 

Balflear:で あんたの飼い主が面倒をみてくださるわけだ
Balflear: Then your "shepard" will take care of all our problems huh?

Judge Ghis:彼をたるますかの民とお考えなさい
 殿下が迷えば迷うほど 民が犠牲になる
Judge Ghis: He needs to think of the people. As much as her majesty is lost 
on which decision to make, in the end the people of Dalmasca will become the 
victims. Starting with him!

Balflear:まわりくどい野郎だな ええ?
Balflear: importunate bastard...

Van: Ashe

Judge Ghis:王家の証が神授の破魔石であったとは
Judge Ghis: The proof of the royal family. a divine Nethicite stone. Docter 
Cid will be bursting with anticipation.

Balflear: What was that?!

Judge Ghis:アズラス将軍 ご一行をシヴァへ
Judge Ghis: General, take them to Shiva. You will have permission to return 
to Rabanastre in a few days
measure its magical power immediately

soldier: What of the order to being it directly to the capital?

Judge Ghis:あらかじめ真贋を確かめておかんでどうする?
Judge Ghis: Should we check its authiticity beforehand?


 彼は話がわかるようです 信じてみましょう
Vossler: When we return, we'll announce your majesty's good health. Then you 
can begin the negotiations with the empire. I think we can make use of 
Rasler's line. I think he would understand the situation. Let's believe 

Ashe: After all that's happened who should I believe?

Vossler: Its for the sake of Dalmasca

Crew: 設偽が限られておりますので当館の動力を利用して判定します
石を機関に接続し その反応を
crew: The machine is already at its limits so we'll use the ship's power to 
measure it.
First, we'll connect it to the stone. Then the reaction...

Judge Ghis:手順の説明などいらん結果を見せろ
Judge Ghis: I don't need to hear about the process, just show me the result.


Fran:熱い  ミストが熱い
Fran: It's so hot! The mist is so hot!

crew: 6700 6800 6900 7000
間違いありません 神授の破魔石です!限界が見えません!
crew: 6700, 6800, 6900, 7000... there's no mistake... this is Nethicite!
I can't guess it's limits!

Judge Ghis:これが神授の破魔石  まさに神々の力だ  
 ヴェインでなくても かまわんわけだ
Judge Ghis: So this is Nethicite... the power of the gods. The one who 
received it was the 2nd heavenly ruler? meaning even it doesn't have to be 

crew: なんだ これは?! 反応係数が
crew: What is this!? the reaction coefficient is...!

Judge Ghis:どうした?
Judge Ghis: What's wrong?!

Vossler: seize them!

Penelo: What's happening?

Balflear: She is the type that hates being tied up... I didn't know she 
hated it that much tho... what are you going to do?

Ashe: Just like her, I want to get out of here!

 なぜだ Baschお前なら現実が思えるだろうが
Vossler: As if I'd like the future of Dalmasca be stolen by sky pirates!
Why Basch? You should be able to realize the truth

Basch:だからこそ  あがくのだ!
Basch: That is exactly why I continue to struggle!


Crew: 機関出力 急速に低下
ばかな マイナスだと!?
まずい 反転した!
Ship crew: The engine output is rapidly declining
Minus you say!? The warship won't have the power to stay afloat!
What exactly is happening?!
its the Nethicite! It's sucking the ship's energy!
Stop it! Can't you just hurry up and stop it!?
We are but... 300 until it reaches its limit!
The complex is colapsing!

Balflear:Ashe 行くぞ!
Balflear: Ashe, we're going!

Vossler: 俺は 俺は祖国のためを
Vossler: I.. I did this all for our homeland...

Basch: 分かっている お前は国を思っただけだ
Basch: I know.. You were thinking only the best for our country

Vossler: ふん、功を焦ったのも事実さ
俺はもうお仕えできん 陛下を頼む
Vossler: The truth is, I was impatient. I was too impatient, or you came 
back too late... I can no longer serve her majesty... please take care of 

Balflear: おい 冗談じゃねえぞ!
Balflear: Oh my god... you have to be kidding me!

Fran: ミストよ ミストが実体化してる!
Fran: It's the mist... It's materializing.

Van: ありかよ そんなの!?
Van: What?! Can that happen?

Penelo: 見て
Penelo: Look!

Ashe: 暁の断片?
Ashe: The dawn fragment?

Balflear: 拾ってくだろ!
Balflear: We have to get it right? 


Chapter 16






ーハルム・オンドール4世『回顧録』 《16章 雌伏の時》

"The destruction of the Battleship Leviathan. The 8th Squadron of the 
Archadian Army, obliterated."

When word of this bad news from the Jagd came and shocked the Imperial 
government, I left Bhujerba with the pretext of being ill. The 
anti-Archadian forces throughout Ivalice coalesced in order to become a 
liberation army.

It was a shame that during that time Her Highness Ashe, who had returned to 
Rabanastre, had to keep her existence and that of the Dawn Fragment hidden 
from the public. For the sake of argument, if Ashe revealed herself to her 
subjects, my mistake of saying that she had committed suicide would become 
apparent, and the formation of the Liberation Army would be impeded.

And so in this state, though we had proclaimed that the Kingdom of Dalmasca 
was being reborn, to the Empire it could be blown away with one fell stroke. 
The 8th Squadron had been destroyed, but the Archadian Empire still 
continued to be a powerful military force to be reckoned with.

- Harme Ondore the 4th, "Recollections" Chapter 16 - The Time of Remaining 
in Obscurity



Senate:ロザリア帝国大本営が 演習を装って大軍を終結させております
Senator: The Razarian capitol is only pretending to go through the 
maneuvers, and is gathering its army. With a cause for war, our country was 
debating whether we had the stomach for a preemtive attack. However, in 
these unsettling times, the loss of Levithan was a hard blow to take. If we 
were to invade now, There is not doubt that this would be a difficult war to 
win. The one who controled the movement of Leviathan is Vayne. He is 
responsible for these events. He must be judged and punished. This is the 
senate's will.

Gramis: ヴェインを庇うか? 予が皇帝の座から降りるか
Gramis: So I must pick between protecting Vayne or making him loose his 
right to the thrown.

Senate: ご心痛 お察し申し上げます
Senate: We humbly ask that you consider.

Senate: 何 ヴェイン殿のかわりはラーサー殿が立派にお勤めになるかと
Senate: Or in Vayne's place, wouldn't Larsa make a fine choice?

Gramis: おれはヴェインになついておるし まだ幼い
Gramis: When I look at Vayne, Larsa is still very childish

Senate: いつまでも幼くはありますまい
Senators: But he will not be childish much longer.
He seems to be searching for Vayne's movements and is enthusiastic about 
profiting from activity.

Gramis: 誰がそそのかしたのやら
Gramis: If someone were to convincingly invite him...

Senate: さてー
かつてヴェイン殿も 兄君らの過ちを断罪されたではありませんか
ご安心ください グラミス陛下
Senators: Wasn't Vayne convicted for a previous offense? At that time, 
because of your highnesses orders...
Fear not your majesty, as long as this country has the support of the 
senate, it is secure.

Gramis: よかろう
Gramis: alright then, call Vayne back to the capital immediately.


Back in Rabanastre

Basch: 帝国の艦隊を消し飛ばしたのは ”暁の断片”なのだな
Basch: The sinking of Levithan was caused by the "dawn fragment, right?"

Balflear: 察しがいいなあ
Balflear: I'd say that's a pretty good guess

Basch: あの桁違いの破壊力
Basche: Princess Ashe, you must remember a simalar event concerning this 
kind detructive power.

Ashe: ナブディス
Ashe: Nabudis

Basch: 旧ナブディス王国の都
先の戦争中 帝国軍が突入した直後に原因不明の大爆発で敵味方もろとも
Basch: The former capital of Nabudis. Prince Rasler's birthplace. In the 
previous war there was a huge unexplained explosion that killed many enemies 
and allies at the same time. It's said that one piece of Reshaul's 
inheritance the "nocturnal light fragment" there at the time.

Balflear: 破魔石ーーか 奴らが夢中になるわけだ
Balflear: Nethicite... So they are in a trance over the power of those 

Ashe: あの戦争も 調印式の罠も
Ashe: The previous war, the peace conference... Vayne has been after this 
power the whole time. Rashaul's inheritance...I can't let it fall into 
Imperial hands.

Balflear: とっくに渡ってる
Balflear: With the "twilight fragment" and "nocturnal light fragment" 
already in their hands, could they synthesise manmade versions?

Ashe: では「暁の破片」の力で帝国に対抗するだけです
ダルマスカは恩義を忘れず 屈辱も忘れず
刃を以って友を助け 刃を以って敵を葬る
Ashe: Well then, we can only oppose them with the power of the "dawn 
fragment." Not forgettiing Dalmasca's obligation or its humiliation, we save 
save our friends by the blade and bury our enemies by the blade. My blade is 
this stone.
I will get revenge against the empire for the people that have died.

Van: 使い方 分かるのかよ
Van: Do you even know how to use it?

Fran: ガリフなら あるいは
彼らなら 破魔石の声が 聞こえるかもしれない
ーー 危険な力のささやきが
Fran: Galif might know. He is a keeper of ancient livelihood and has been 
passed down legends of the Nethicite. He might even be able to hear its 
voice. The whispers of its dangerous powers.

Ashe: 危険だろうと
Ashe: Dangerous or not, the power is needed now! Even if we declare revival, 
the empire will only continue its path of destruction, even until it reaches 
Galif's village.

Fran: オズモーネの平原を越えた先よ
Fran: It is just past the Ozmone Plains.

Balflear: 遠くないか
Balflear: Isn't that a bit far from here?

Ashe: また報酬ーーですか
Ashe: ahh... the reward?

Balflear: 話が早くて助かるね
そうだな そいつが報酬だ
Balflear: So you know what I'm talking about. That will speed things up. 
I'll take that for now.

Ashe: これはーー何が他のーー
Ashe: This? Isn't there anything else?

Balflear: 嫌なら断る
Balflear: Anything else and I refuse. Don't worry, I will return it to you 
as is once I find something better.

Van: なんだよ もっといい宝ってさ?
Van: And what would that be?

Balflear: さあな 見つけたときに分かるのかもな
ヴァン お前なら何が欲しい 何を探してる?
Balflear: I guess we'll know when we find it yeah?
How about you Van... What do you want? What are you searching for?

Van: オレ? そりゃあさ そのー
Van: Me? Well, of course that's... ummm... well... ahh...


Preparations for Garif Village

Basch: ガリフ族の里は、はるか南方だと聞いているが。
Balflear: ああ、ギーザ草原を南下する。
Basch: 今ごろギーザは雨の季節だ。河が増水して、道が使えない可能性もある。
Balflear: その逆に、増水のおかげで、通れるようになる道もあるのさ。

Basch: I've heard that Garif Village is far south of here.
Balflear: Ah, so we'll need to go south of the Giza Plains.
Basch: Right now it's the rainy season for Giza. The rivers are overflowing, 
and so there's a possibility that there will be roads that are unuseable.
Balflear: On the other hand, thanks to that same high water, there should be 
roads that become traverseable.

Ashe: ともあれ、早く南をめざしましょう。
Ashe: 覚悟なら2年前にどのような苦難にも耐え抜く、と。
Balflear: そいつはけっこう。

Ashe: At any rate, let's hurry up and head there.
Balflear: Don't be hasty. You may want to hurry up and go, but before we 
leave we have to prepare ourselves. Incidentally, make sure you're resolved 
to do this, too.
Ashe: I was resolved to do this two years ago. No matter what trials I had 
to endure...
Balflear: Well, then.

Part 11 - April Showers

Garif Village

Galif: そなた この破魔石を使ったのだな?
Galif elder: So you have used this Nethicite?

Ashe: 私には扱い方がわからず それでーー
Ashe: It wasn't me. I actually don't know how to use it so that is why
we have come to see you.

Galif: ほう どう使うかしらんのか
往古 ガリフは神々より破魔石をたまわった
Galif: You don't know how to handle it? Then you are in the same
position that I am in. Ages upon ages ago, Galif received the Nethicite
stones from the gods. However, when Galif tried to use them, the gods
were disappointed and took the stones away. Afterwards, it is said that
the heavenly king of men was entrusted with the power to use in very
troubled times. Very peculiar.. So if you, a decent ant of King Reshaul
cannot use it...

Ashe: では あなたがたは破魔石の使い方をーー
Ashe: I'm sorry, So you don't know how to...

Galif: まことにお恥ずかしい
力の失せた うつろなる石ーー
虚しさを満たそうと あらゆる力を求めておる
人の力 魔の力
よき力 悪しき力ーー
破魔石を求める者は 破魔石に求められる者でもある
Galif: I am very embarrassed to say so but, I cannot tell you anything
about how to use it. Even though I have finally met a descendant of Reshaul.
However, even if we knew how to use it, we wouldn't be able to. It needs
the energy of the mist for many years to be usable again... Perhaps your
decendants would be able to use it again. The stone has become hollow
and needs energy to fill that void. It is seeking all kinds of different
power even now. The power of people, the power of magic, the power of
good, the power of evil. Certainly there are people seeking the
Nethicite stones, however, there are stones that are also seeking the
power of people.

Ashe: ラーサー様!?
Ashe: Larsa!?


Ashe: To Bromisheis?

Larsa: 明日にでも発ちましょう
護衛が戻るのを待つ予定でしたが ここでお会いできた幸運を生かしたいんです
Larsa: We should depart tomorrow. I was going
to wait for my escort but, we should make use of this good fortune. In
order to prevent war I ask that you lend me your strength.

Ashe: 大戦ーー?
Ashe: War?

Larsa: オンドール公爵がわが国に対抗する反乱軍ーー
失礼 開放軍を組織しているのはご存知ですよね
でも 今あの人が行動を起こすとまずいんです
女王として 帝国とダルマスカの友好を訴え
Larsa: Duke Ondole is organizing a rebel army against our empire.
I'm sorry to ask but, you know of this army don't you?
However, his actions will come at a bad time. The Rozarian Empire is on
the move also. They will take the side of the rebellion as their cause
and plunge the two empires into a bloody war. Therefore, I think it
would be best to go to Bromisheis together. If we were to be
acknowledged by the high priest Anastasis... with your official claim to
the thrown of Dalmasca, you could declare the rebirth of your country. 
 As queen could you please declare friendship with the empire and put a
stop duke Ondole’s actions?

Ashe: ーー友好?!
そちらから攻めてきて 何もかも奪って
Ashe: Friendship you say!? Don't be so quick to say such ridiculous
things! Your empire has attacked us, taken everything... even drain our
water supply...

Larsa: 戦場になるのはダルマスカなんです!
すみません 図々しい話しです
血が流れない方法を 他に思いつけなくてーー
Larsa: If war happens, Dalmasca will become the battlefield. I don’t
want Rabanastre to become the second Nabudis! My brother has Nethicite
in his possession as we speak!... I'm sorry to talk about such
impudent things... I just can't think of any other way to end this
without bloodshed. If you cannot trust me, please take me as a hostage.


Ashe: ラスラーー
Ashe: Rasler..

Van: あの人が見えたのか?
Van: You can see him can't you? Just like the time that we were at the tomb.

Ashe:So you can see him too...

Van: でもどうして
オレ アーシェの顔だって知らなかったぎらいでーー
王子のことなんて なんにもわからないのにさ
Van: It's kind of strange isn't it? I had never seen your face and even
though I didn't know anything about the king... Maybe the one I saw was
my brother...

Ashe: バッシュから聞いたわ
Ashe: I've heard the story from Basch. He volunteered at the point of
certain surrender.

Van: 馬鹿だよ 負けるってわかってたのに
帝国がにくいとか 仕返ししてやるとかーー
ーーけど その先は全然
気がついて 空しくなって
オレ そういうの忘れたくて
でも もうやめる
オレの未来をどうするか その答え
アーシェと行けば みつかると思う
Van: He was stupid! Even though he knew that he was going to lose, he
said that he wanted to protect us. "What can you protect dead!" I said.
"How can I agree with that?" When the prince died, I came to hate the
empire. I thought about revenge or rebelling against them, but, in the
end, I realized that I couldn't do anything. At those times when I felt
lifeless, I often thought of my brother. Wanting to forget those things
I'd say things like "I want to become a sky pirate!" or "Things are
going better since he died." But, I was running away. In fact, Up until
now, the reason for being with you until now Ashe was to run away. I've
decided to quit now though. I'm not going to run anymore. I want to find
a purpose for my future. If I stay with you, I really do think that I'll
be able to find that purpose.

Ashe: みつかるかなーー
Ashe: Can you?

Van: みつけるよ
Van: I’ll definitely find it.


Ashe: 共に行きます Bromisheisへ
Ashe: Let's set out for Bromisheis together.

Larsa: そう言っていただけると信じてました
Larsa: I believed that you would say that

Ashe: まだ心を決めたわけではないのです
Ashe: I haven't decided yet but I feel that I will find the answer on
the way there.

Larsa: 会ってほしい人がいます
Larsa: There is a person that I want you to meet. I'm supposed to see
him in Bromisheis.

Ashe: 誰です?
Ashe: Who is it?

Larsa: 敵ですが 味方ですよ
Larsa: An enemy... but also a friend. I am looking forward to the meeting.

Van: ああいうとこあるんだよな
Van: So there are guys like him too huh?

Ashe: 悪気はないのでしょうね
Ashe: He doesn’t seem to be untrustworthy does he?

Van: いいやつだよ
Van: He's a good kid... even if he's part of the empire.


Basch: 神都ブルオミシェイスはヤクト・ラムーダの北都だ
ヤクトに入れば 飛空艇による追撃はさけられるか
Basch: The holy capital Bromisheis is the North capital of Yackt Lumooda. Do 
you think we can avoid being persued by airships once we cross into Yackt?

Balflear: 望み薄だな
ったく 奴らが必死で狙うわけだよ
Balflear: I kind of doubt it... When we were in Yackt Ensa, Levithan pulled 
right up to the tomb. To be able to fly there means that they have a new 
type of floater stone to levitate the ships. And that new type is likely to 
be the Nethicite, which would explain one reason why they're desperately 
searching for them.

Basch: それではきみこそ何が狙いだ?
Basch: Speaking of which, just what is your goal anyway? It's reassuring 
that you are traveling with us but...

Balflear: 破魔石を奪う気じゃないかって?
まあ仕事柄 疑われるのは慣れてるが
Balflear: "Don't you want to snatch the stone for yourself?" is what you 
want to ask, huh? Well, in my work I'm used to being asked stuff like that, 
but right now, I don't have any desire to take that stone. Would you feel 
better if I swore on your sword or something?

Basch: ーーすまん
Basch: I'm sorry. It's just that her highness is counting on you. I only 
wanted to know your true intentions.

Balflear: きみが石にこだわっているように見えてな
Balflear: Well, it's like, after you realize that you are connected to this 
stone, you want to chase after the puzzle of the old legends... it’s the 
action of any "hero" yeah?


(conversation between Basche and Ashe)

Basch: ダルマスカと帝国の友好ーーですか
Basch: Friendship between Dalmasca and the empire?

Ashe: 頭ではわかっているの
でも私に力があれば そんな屈辱ーー!
Ashe: Yes... I finally understand now. Given the situation, it seems to be 
the only means that can prevent an all out war...but what disgrace...

Basch: To us I know that it is extremely disgraceful but it will save our 

Ashe: あなたは受け入れられるの?
Ashe: Can you accept that?

Basch: 私はヴェインに利用されて名誉を失いましたがーー
どのような恥であろうと 甘んじて背負います
国を守れなかった その恥に比べればーー
Basch: Although I was used by Vahne and lost my honor, I still haven't 
forgotten the knight's oath. Even if it brings me great shame, if I can 
protect the people from war I will be content. That would be little compared 
to the shame of not being able to save my country.

Ashe: ーーみんな帝国を憎んでいるわ
Ashe: The people detest the empire... it is hard to believe that they will 
accept that.

Basch: 希望はあります
Basch: But there is hope. Just look at them...Let's struggle for a future 
where we can move forward hand in hand.


(Meanwhile Da Judges are having a talk themselves)

Bergan: 元老院が何をたくらもうとヴェイン殿の失脚などありえん
Bergan:Whatever the senate is plotting Lord Vahne will not loose his post.

Gabranth: 参議本都をはじめ 軍都はヴェイン殿支持だからな
Gabranth: It is because the military, headed by the counsel, fully support 

Bergan: あのお方こそ帝国の敵を討ち滅ぼす剣だ
Bergan: He is the only weapon that can destroy the enemies of the empire.

Drace: Sir, you are beginning to resemble Zect of 2 years ago.
What did believing in Vahne's power do for him? He ended up "missing" in 
Nebudess did he not.

Bergan: ジャッジ・ゼクトへの愚弄は許さん
Bergan: I will not forgive anyone ridiculing Judge Zect. He was a true 
military man. You're saying that you doubt the Vayne that he believed in?

Drace: かつて 実の兄君らを斬った男だ
人とは思えん 非情に過ぎる
Drace: He is a man who murdered his own elder brothers in the past. I can't 
think of him as a person. He is beyond heartless.

Bergan: 非情だと? 大いにけっこう!
たとえ肉親であろうと 反逆者は容赦なく討つ
帝国を背負う者の あるべき姿ではないか
Bergan: Heartless? Well put indeed... However, blood relative or not, a 
traitor should be punished without pardon. This is the shape of a person 
burdened with the empire on their shoulders.

Drace: Such an auspicious man.
Zargabaath--- Sir, Don't tell me that you believe that too. Those two are 

Zargabaath: それがグラミス陛下の結論だ
Zargabaath: That is for Emperor Gramis to decide. Watch what you say Drace. 
That event has long since passed.

Gabranth: ご一同 召集令です
Gabranth: Have everyone assemble. Vahne has arrived.

Zargabaath: 承った
Zargabaath: Understood.

Drace: ラーサー様はブルオミシェイスに向かわれた
Drace: Larsa is heading for Bromisheis. He hopes that influence from the 
high priest will stop the rebel army. I don't think that Ondole will give up 
but... even if just a little bit, the weaker they are the better.
The Rozanian invasion will be delayed and our country will get more time to 
prepare for what is to come.

Gabranth: グラミス陛下の狙い通りか
Gabranth: All according to the emperor's wishes, I suppose.

Drace: ともあれ 頼もしい成長ぶりではないか
元老院の能無しが 驚く顔が目に浮かぶ
幼い皇帝を 陰からあやつる気だろうがーー
ラーサー様は 人形で終わるお方ではない
Drace: Is that not a good sign?
I can imagine the surprised look on the incompetent senator's faces.
Those damn old men...
They just want to manipulate a young emperor from the shadows but, Larsa 
will not end up being their doll.

Gabranth: そうだ 元老院が望んでいるのは人形の皇帝だ
ラーサー殿が 自分たちの思い通りにならんと知ればーー
元老院は こぶしを返して潰しにかかる
Gabranth: That's exactly right. The senate yearns for a puppet on the 
thrown. Remember the amount of hate the senate has towards Lord Vahne's 
ability. If Lord Larsa moves according to our expectations, the senate will 
just dispose of him in the end.

Drace: まずいな
卿と私で ラーサー様を守り抜く
Drace: That would be quite unpleasant...
I will report to the emperor.
Gabranth---- we will protect Lord Larsa to the end.


(In the forest)

Van: なんだ これは
Van: What the heck is this?

Fran: ゴルモアの森が拒んでいるのよ
Fran: It's Gulmoore jungle's rejection.

Ashe: 私たちを?
Ashe: Is it rejecting us?

Fran: 私をーーーかしらね
Fran: It's most likely rejecting me...

Van: 何それ
Van: What? speaking of which what are we going to do about it?

Balflear: 寄ってくんだな
Balflear: You're going back for a visit huh?

Fran: ええ
Fran: Yes

Balflear: 過去は捨てたんじゃないのか
Balflear: Didn't you throw your past away?

Fran: 他に方法がないから
あなた 意外と顔に出てるのよ
Fran: There's no other way to do this... I'm also doing it for you.
It's still too soon right? We can't just take the Nethicite like that. I 
know what you're thinking.

Van: つまりーーどういうこと?
Van: So, just what exactly are you doing?

Fran: こういうことよ
Fran: This.
We're going to ask the Vierra living in this forest to lend us their power.

Penelo: もしかしてここってフランのーー?
Penelo: Wait a minute Fran. This is your...

Fran: ーー今の私は招かれざる客よ
Fran: The me right now... I am just an unexpected guest.



Van: なあ ミュリンって子がいるだろ? 呼んできてくれよ
Van: Hey, there is a girl named Myurin here right? Can you call her out for 

Yote: Leave here quickly! Hummes are not allowed to be here!

Van: ミュリンに会えたら すぐ出てくよ
Van: As soon as we meet Myurin, we'll get out of here.

Yote: 会えるものか
Yote: Who are you to meet her?

Van: 会わせてくれるまで出て行かないからな
いいよ 勝手に捜すから
Van: I'm not leaving until I see her.
Fine... I'll find her myself.

Fran: 森の声が聞こえたの この里にミュリンはいないわ
ヨーテ あの子はどこ
Fran: I've heard the whispers of the forest. She is not in this village.
Yote, where is that girl?

Yote: なぜたずねる
鈍ったものだ 人間と交わった報いだな
森を捨てたヴィエラは もはやヴィエラではない
Yote: Why do you ask?
The answer is being told be the forest as we speak
Any Vierra should be able to hear it.
Can't you hear anything?
Your senses have grown dull... punishment for interacting with Hummes I'd 
A Vierra that has deserted the forest is no longer Vierra.
ーーThe same can be said about Myurin.

Balflear: だから見捨てようってのか
Balflear: So you've abandoned her then?

Yote: 里の総意だ
それが森の声であり われらの掟だ
Yote: It's the consensus of the village.
Vierra must be at one with the forest.
That is the voice of the forest and our law as well.

Van: じゃあ そっちは掟を守ってろよ
こっちが勝手に助けるんなら 文句ないだろ
Van: Well, just keep your laws then.
If we go to help her ourselves, you won't have any complaints right?

Yote: ミュリンは森を去って西へ向かいーー
Yote: Myurin left the forest and was headed westーー
She then wandered into a cellar of men dressed in iron.
That is what the forest has whispered.

Fran: ヴィエラが森の一部だとしても森はヴィエラのすべてではないわ
Fran: The Vierra are apart of the forest, but the forest isn't everything to 
the Vierra.

Yote: その言葉 50年前も聞いたな
Yote: I recall hearing something like that 50 years ago...


Balflear: やるじゃないか
さて 人間の穴とか言ってたが
Balflear: Wow Van, you're soooo amazing.
A REAL master at getting information.
Anyway, she said a hole of humans or something yeah?

Larsa: バンクール地方のヘネ魔石鉱でしょう
あの一帯は わが国の植民地なんです
Larsa: It must be the Henne Mines in the Bangul area.
That is just south of the Ozmone plains and the area is a colony of the 
ーーI bet some of our army is there too.

Balflear: それがどうした?
行くぞ ヴァン
Balflear: Yeah? so what.
C'mon Van. Let's get going.

Van: あのさ
さっきほら ヨーテが言ってたろ
その 50年前がどうとかーーって
Van: Hey, I want to ask something.
Before Yote said something about what was said 50 years ago right?

Fran: それで?
Fran: Yeah?

Van: フランって何歳?
Van: Just how old are you Fran?

::Akward pause and Balflear mouthing "What the fuck Van"::

Larsa: 失礼ですよ
Larsa: That was pretty rude of you...

Penelo: ほんと子供なんだから
Penelo: You're such a damn kid... really...

Part 12 - Imperial Mines

Henne Mines arrival

Larsa: ドラクロアの研究員です。どうしてこんな場所に
Larsa: Dracloa researchers...what are they doing here?

Balflear: どうせろくにもない研究さ
Balflear: Looks like they didn't do enough research.

Deep Within the Caves

Larsa: ここの魔石 ルース魔石鉱のものとよく似ています
解放軍が動けば ビュエルバ産の上質な魔石を輸入できなくなりますから
Larsa: The magic stones here and the one in the Lhusu Mines are very 
Dracloa must be searching for a new type of stone.
If the Liberation Army makes a move, we won't be able to import high quality 
stones from Bhujerba anymore

Fran: あの子なの?
でも このミストはーー
Fran: Was that her?
But... this mistーー

Myurin: 人間のにおい 力のにおい
Myurin: The smell of people... The smell of power...

Ashe: どうしたの?
Ashe: What's wrong?

Myurin: 寄るな!
Myurin: Don't come here!
You power-hungry Humes!

Retrieving Myurin

Van: なんだったんだ 今のーー?
Van: What was that just now?

Myurin: 姉さんーー?
森に帝国兵が現れた時も里の仲間は 無関心でした
森が荒らされない限り ヴィエラは外からの何もかもを無視するんです
Myurin: Sisーー?
Even when the Empire first came, the village was indifferent.
As long as they didn't hurt the forest, the village decided to ignore them.
But I didn't feel safe-
I wanted to know what their real purpose was.

Balflear: それでここまで調べに来たらとっつかまったと
Balflear: So you came here to investigate and got caught, huh?
Pretty reckless sister you have here.

Myurin: あの人たち 私に’石’を近づけたんです
その’石’の光をみたら わたしーー
Myurin: Those people put a 'stone' near me.
They said that the Viera race are best suited for taking in Mist.
When I saw that 'stone's' light, I...

Fran: リヴァイアサンね
Fran: Just like at Leviathan when I was driven into rage by the Dawn 
Fragment's mist. Her mind was most likely taken over by... .

Larsa: ーー人造破魔石
パンネロさん 僕がさしあげた石まだ持っていますか?
Larsa: ...man-made Nethicite.
Penelo, do you still have that stone I gave you?

Penelo: はい もちろん
Penelo: Yes, of course I do.

Larsa: 僕の想像以上に危険なものでした
すみません こんなものを!
Larsa: That stone is much more dangerous than I ever imagined.
There was no need for me to have given it to you.
I'm so sorry for doing that.

Penelo: 私にとっては お守りだったんです
Penelo: But, for me, it was a good-luck charm.
It protected us all on the Leviathan.

Ashe: 危険な力だろうと 支えにはなるのよ
Ashe: Even things that are dangerous can help support us...

Vaan: ーーかもしれないけどさ
Vaan: ーーI guess... but still...



Yote: 森のささやきを聞いた
Yote: I have heard the whispers of the forest.
Take it and leave.
We will allow you to take the "Tear of Rente" in order to pass through the 

Myurin: それだけなの
森を出て知ったわ 世界は動いている
なのにヴィエラは 何もしないというの
Myurin: Is that all?
The forest knows that the world is moving.
Even so, You're saying that we Vierra will do nothing?

Yote: 人間の世にかかわるのはーー
Yote: It is not our nature to get involved with Humme affairs.

Myurin: 嫌なのよ!
私だって森を出て 自由に生きたいのよ
Myurin: I hate that! Even though all of Ivalice is on the move, only the 
Vierra are retired in the forest.
I want to leave this place and move freely too!

Fran: やめておきなさい
森にとどまり 森とともに生きなさい
Fran: Please stop it. Don't get involved with Hummes.
You will stay in the forest and make your life in the forest.
That is the way of the Vierra.

Myurin: でも 姉さんだってーー
Myurin: But, even you sis...

Fran: もうヴィエラではなくなったわ
ミュリン あなたもそうなりたい?
Fran: I threw away my family and home.
I decided to move freely and as a result have forsaken my past.
I can't hear the voice of the forest anymore Myurin...
Do you really want to be like me?

Myurin: 姉さんーー
Myurin: Sis...

Fran: いいえ あなたの姉はもう ひとりだけ
Fran: No... you only have one sister now. Please forget about me.

Yote: 嫌な役をさせたな
Yote: You certainly put her in an unpleasent situation.

Fran: あの子は掟に反発している
Fran: She'll recover.
It's better that she is guided by you who abides by the law,
then from I who threw everything away
I have a favor.
Can you listen to the voices for me?
Does the forest detest me?

Yote: 去っていったお前をただ懐かしんでいるだけだ
Yote: It is merely yearning for you... the one who left the forest.

Fran: 嘘でも嬉しいわ
Fran; Even if that's a lie, I'm happy to hear it.

Yote: 気をつけろ
Yote; be careful.
The forest doesn't like the hummes that have snatched you away.

Fran: 今の私は人間と同じよ
ーーさよなら 姉さん
Fran: I am already the same as those Hummes.
Goodbye sister.


Balflear: どこかの侵略国家のせいでああいう難民が増えてるのさ
Balflear: Because of an invading army from somewhere, the amount of refugees 
is increasing

Larsa: これ以上増やさないために友好を訴えて大戦を防ぐんです
We will forge a friendship to prevent war and in turn stop the increase of 
My father will definately choose peace.

父だろうが 結局他人だろ
Balflear: Definately?
That's some confidence you have there.
You're father or not, he's still just an outsider.

Van: あんまり気にすんなよな
Van: Don't let him get to you too much



Vayne: 私ひとりが消えて済む問題ではありません
Vayne: This won't end with the end of my own post.
The senate hates the the existance of the Solidor family
An excuse to supress them is neccessary.

Gramis: 必要だと? そうか 必要かーー
Gramis: Neccessary you say? hmm... maybe so...
There's always the old phase
"If you have no heritage, you also have no right to decide whether to draw 

Vayne: ソリドールの剣に迷いは不要
Vayne: There is no reason for the blade of Solidor to hesitate,
Your majesty's son in confident in weilding that blade.

Gramis: 復讐のつもりか
Gramis: So you want to take revenge?

Vayne: 必要だと申し上げました
今やらねば もうひとりの未来も奪われます
Vayne: I'm saying that it's neccessary to do so.
Now, anyone else's future can also be snatched away.

Gramis: 白い手の者に変わり その手を汚すか
Gramis: So in place of using the clean hands of my subordinates, I should 
get someone else to dirty their hands then.

Vayne: すでに血に染まっております
Vayne: Since my hands are already dirty, I will fight until the end.

Gramis: すべてはソリドールのためにー
Gramis: Everything for the sake of the Solidor family.


Mt. Bur-Omisace

Van: 寝てないか?
Van: Is he sleeping?

Anastasis: なに 眠っておるようなもの
Anastasis: I am merely looking at dreams.
Dreams and reality are like two sides of the same coin and therefore,
I can see some of what is to come by looking at reality through the mirror 
of dreams.

Ashe: アナスタシスげいか 私はーー
Ashe: High priest Anastasis, my name is…

ラミナスの嬢アーシェ そなたの夢をみておった
王国の再興を名がゥそなたの夢 私にも伝わっておる
Anastasis: There is no need to tell me.
You are the daughter of Raminas, Ashe. I have seen your dreams.
You hold the dawn fragment and will succeed the throne in Dalmasca.
I have also been told that your dream is the revival of your country.

Larsa: それは大僧正げいか
Larsa: Relating to that matter high priest, Her majesty Ashe’s succession…

Alshid: そいつは あきらめてもらえませんかね
よお 皇帝候補殿
Alshid: I wonder if you would give up on that for me?
Yo, little emperor in training, I got your invite.

Larsa: 彼に会わせたかったんですよ
この人 これでもロザリア帝国を治めるマルガラス家の方なんです
Larsa: This is the man that I wanted you to meet. He is of the Malgrace 
Family that rules over the Rozalian Empire.

Alshid: 山ほどいるうちの一人ですがね
Alshid: I am just one person among many but I cannot stop this war alone and 
I depend on Larsa’s cooperation. Alshid Marglass is my name.
By meeting your highness I can see that beautiful flowers do bloom in the 
Dalmascan desert.

Anastasis: アルケイディアにはラーサー ロザリアにはアルシド
Anastasis: Larsa of Archades and Alshid of Rozalia.
These two are not dreaming of war.
If the two empires could cooperate, a new Ivalice would be born.

Alshid: それこそ夢物語ですな 現実には戦争が起こりかけてる
Alshid: Of course that is still a dream. Truth be told, the war has already 

Ashe: 私を招いたのも 大戦を防ぐためと聞いておりましたが
なのに今になって あきらめろとは?
Ashe: I also came here with the intent to prevent the war.
I was to take up the thrown and announce revival of my country of Dalmasca.
We would then form a friendship with Archades and release the army but,
Now you are telling me to give up?

Alshid: 姫のお言葉があれば解放軍は動けず
そういう狙いでしたがね 流れが変わっちまいまして
2年前 お亡くなりあそばされたはずのあなたが
Alshid: By your words, I can tell that you intend to stop the liberation 
army from moving and take away Rozalia’s cause for war… However, things 
are changing…
If you, a princess presumed to be killed 2 years ago, suddenly is said to 
have really been alive all this time, it could only make the situation 

Ashe: 私に力がないからですか
Ahse: It that because you think I’m powerless?

Alshid: いやいや あなたのせいじゃありませんよ
Alshid: No, no. It’s not your fault at all.

Larsa: では なぜ!?
Larsa: Then why?!
If we were to appeal for friendly relations, and my father could be 
convinced to choose a peaceful solution to the problem…

Alshid: グラミス皇帝は亡くなった
Alshid: Emperor Gramis is dead…
By assassination.

Larsa: 父上が!?
Larsa: My father is!?



Drace: 元老院の反抗ですとーー?
Drace: Traitors in the senate you say?

陛下に毒を盛らせたと認め 潔く自決した
Vayne: The ringleader was Chairman Gregross.
He poisoned the Emperor and then proceeded to commit suicide.

Bergan: 元老院議員の大半が共犯者だ
Bergan: A majority of the senate was somehow involved.

Vayne: よってただちに議会権限を停止
Therefore, I will suspend all jurisdiction powers of the senate.
As temporary dictator, I will settle the current affairs

Drace: たわごとをーー!
Drace: I cannot believe this nonsense!
Do you really think that I’d look past the real villain?

Zargabaath: 言葉が過ぎるぞドレイス!
Zargabaath: You have said too much Drace!

Drace: ザルガバース!
You intend to play along with this farce until the punishment is dished out?

Zargabaath: ーーロザリアの侵略が迫る今はヴェイン殿の力が必要だ
Zargabaath: The Rozalian invaders are drawing near. We need Lord Vayne’s 
strength now.

Vayne: ソリドール家も 私とラーサーを残すのみとなった
Vayne: Now the only survivors of the Solidor family are Larsa and myself.

Drace: まさかラーサー様をもーー
ヴェイン ソリドール
Drace: You can’t mean that you’re planning that for Lord Larsa too…
Vayne Solidor!
As a Judge master, guardian of the law, I am putting you under arrest!

Bergan: ヴェイン閣下を独裁官に指名したのは法を司る公安総局だ
わかるか ドレイス?
閣下に剣を向けた瞬間 お前は法に背いた
Bergan: You understand that Lord Vayne is an appointed member of the state, 
right Drace?
In the moment that you pulled your blade on Lord Vayne, you yourself have 
violated the law.

Drace: 貴様も茶番の共演かーー!
Drace: So you are also apart of this farce…!
This… power…

Vayne: ザルガバース アレキサンダーを与える
Vayne: Zargabaath. I will award you Alexander. Take Bergan with you and 
bring Larsa back to me.

Gabranth: 閣下 ラーサー殿の保護は私が
Gabranth: Your majesty, I will take care of Lord Larsa.

Vayne: 私を監視しなくていいのか?
Vayne: Are you OK not to be investigating me?
It seems that of late, you have been telling Gramis quite a lot about what I 
have been doing.

Gabranth: それはーー
Gabranth: That would be because…
Vayne: 卿は陛下の犬だった
そうだな ジャッジマスターの職務を全うしてみせろ
Vayne: You sir, were the emperor’s dog.
If you are really sincere about changing your master after all this time…
I know, why don’t you fulfill your duties as a Judge Master an punish the 
one that has just broken the law here in front of us today?

Bergan: 閣下 それはあまりに!
Bergan: Your highness, I believe that is going too far!

Drace: かまわんーーやれーー
ラーサー様を 守ってーー
Drace: It doesn’t matter to me…Do it…
Live… live and protect Lord Larsa.

Gabranth: ーーすまん
Gabranth: …I’m sorry.

Drace: 頼むーー
Drace: I’m counting on you.

Vayne: すべてはソリドールのためにーー
Vayne: Everything is for the sake of the Solidor family…


Mt. Bur-Omisace

Alshid: 仮に姫が平和的解決を訴えたとしましょう
姿を現した姫を 偽者だとか断定してーー
都合の悪いことに あいつは軍事的天才だ
Alshid: If, by chance, we were still dealing with Emperor Gramis,
Evading war would be preferred above all other methods.
However, Vayne Solidor has appeared as our opponent.
If you were to declare yourself as the princess, Vayne would simply shrug 
you off as an imposter. That would rile up the liberation army of course.
Vayne is hoping for war. And to make things worse, he is a military genius.

Anastasis: 私も夢に告げられた
Anastasis: I have also been informed in my dreams.
When he appears, he will invite the war to begin and his name will go down 
in history.

Alshid: 帝国軍は全軍をあげて
ーーつまり どえらい大軍だ
Alshid: The whole imperial army has been gathered and they are preparing for 
According to my information…
The entire western division of the army, under Vayne’s direction is moving 
into position to start the war. The newly organized 12th fleet is beginning 
to form… also
They are waiting for the completion of country’s first fleet and the newly 
remodeled Odin battleship, but the Keruon expeditionary force of the 2nd 
fleet is being dispatched to fill in the gaps of the 8th fleet.
In other words, It’s a damn big army.

Ashe: そして切り札は破魔石
王位継承の件は しばし忘れます
力を持たない私が女王となっても 何も守れません
より大きな力を身につけてから あらためて
Ashe: And their trump card is the Nethicite…
Your holiness,
I will forget about my claims to the thrown for a while. Even if I become 
queen, as powerless as I am now, I cannot protect anything.
I will try again once I have the power to do so.

Anastasis: そなたが夢みるのは 破魔石の力か?
Anastasis: So you are again seeking the power of the Nethicite?

Ashe: 破魔石以上の力です
Ashe: I require a power above Nethicite.

Anastasis: 力を持って力に挑むか
Anastatis: To use power to fight power…
Fitting words of a Humme indeed.

Ashe: わたしは覇王の末裔です
Ashe: I am the descendent of the heavenly ruler

Anastasis: ならばレイスウォールが残したもう一つの力を求めなさい
Anastasis: If that is the case then maybe you should seek the other power 
that the heavenly king left behind.

Ashe: そんなものがあるのですか!
Ashe: Is there such a thing!

Anastasis: パラミナ大峡谷を越えミリアム遺跡を訪れなさい
剣を手にして悟らなければ王国再興の夢は 夢のままよ
私の夢も やがて醒めるのかーー
Anastasis: Visit the Miriam Ruins past the Palmina Canyon.
The power that King Raithwall entrusted to the high priest of that time is 
resting there.
The power above Nethicite… The “Heavenly King’s blade”
With it, you will be able to crush Nethicite supporting supremacy …
But why did the King entrust the blade not onto his descendents, but to 
If someone that has not been enlightened takes the sword, the dream of 
revitalizing the country will remain a dream.
Before long, I may also finally wake from my dreams…

Part 13 - Ruins are Fun

Van: こいつで本当に破魔石を捜せるのか
Van: Can we really take out the Nethicite with this thing?
How about we test it on the dawn fragment.

Balflear: ヴァンにしては いい案だ
Balflear: For Van, that’s a pretty good idea.
We can’t use it anymore anyway right?

Ashe: 石のミストがーー
Ashe: The stone’s mist…

Fran: it’s humming… it fears the blade.
The mist is gone.

Ashe: この剣なら 破魔石に勝てるわ
Ashe: With this sword, we can beat the power of the Nethicite.

Balflear: 当たればな
Balflear: Maybe, if you can learn how to aim we can.

Ashe: また あの人が見えた?
Ashe: Did you see him again this time?

Van: オレにはーー
ーーもう 何も
Van: This time…
I couldn’t see him.
Not even my brother…


Zargabaath: いずれ償うことになろうーー
Zargabaath: Sooner or later we must make amends

Fran: 見て
Fran: Look


Back at the city

Bergan: ほう 亡国の王女か
人間の力を信じず 神などにすがった者の末路よ
Bergan: So… It’s the princess of the country in ruins
You wish to take revenge against the empire using the Heavenly King’s blade 
Just tell me where it is already.
That’s the fate of those who chose throwing themselves upon the gods over 
believing in the power of man.

Van: あいつは!?
Van: What is this guy!?

Balflear: 人の体からミストなど!?
Balflear: Mist is oozing out from his body!?

Fran: このミスト ミュリンと同じよ?
Fran: This mist is the same as when we first saw myurin.
His body is absorbing the stone’s power!

Bergan: 笑わせるな
Bergan: Don’t make me laugh…
Man-made Nethicite is the strength of the Hummes.
We took this, our weapon of wisdom, from the very gods we challenged.
A weapon suitable even for the true Heavenly King himself.
Kings that relied on the Nethicite for power like Raithwall were fakes.
Take a good look!
Soon all of Ivalice will be roaring the name of the true heavenly king!
The man that took the history stuck by the god’s wisdom and bought it back 
into humme hands.
His name is Vayne Solidor!
With the history that he will write, there is no need for the name of 
The blood of Raithwall with also vanish into darkness!


Balflear: 体に人造破魔石を埋め込んでやがった
Balflear: Looks like he had the stone embedded in his body… How is the high 

Penelo: ねえ ラーサー様は?!
Penelo: And what about Larsa?!

Alshid: ジャッジ・ガブラスが連れ帰った
Alshid: Judge Gabranth took him back.

Van: アルシド!?
Van: Alshid!?

Basch: 奴も来ていたのか
Basch: He was here too?

Alshid: ラーサーは争いを避けようとおとなしく従ったんですがーー
で 姫ーー
Alshid: Larsa abided by the rules and tried as hard as he could to avoid a 
conflict but…
Judge Bergan’s rage suddenly erupted.
He tried to take care of the small players with all his might.
Which brings me to my request… princess…
I would like you to defect to Rozalia…

Ashe: 守ってやるとでも?
Ashe: For protection?

Alshid: お望みとあらば命に代えても
もっとも あなたの方がお強いでしょうが
ヴェインを怖れるあまり うちの軍隊じゃ 先制攻撃論が主流で
Alshid: I would gladly give my life to protect you although,
You are likely to be more powerful than I am now
Fear of Vayne is generating discussion of a preemptive attack…
If we had you to pull some strings, we might be able to stop the army from 
starting the war on their own accord.

Ashe: お断りします
私は こちらで仕事があるので
Ashe: I’m sorry but I have to refuse.
I have some work of my own to do.
I will crush the power of the Twilight Fragment with this, the Heavenly 
King’s sword.

Alshid: 石の在処はわかってませんが?
Alshid: Do you know where the stone is being held?

Balflear: 見当はつく
帝都アルケイディス ドラクロア研究所
Balflear: That would most likely be the Dracroa Research Institute in 
They work on all the military’s weapons there.
I can show you the way.

Ashe: 行きます
Ashe: Then that's where I'll go.

Alshid: そちらの国での工作は あなたが
ああそうだ ラーサーから伝言です
Alshid: So you’re saying that you’ll just get over there to stop their 
work somehow by yourselves huh?
It would be nice if things work out but…
Ahh yes… I have a message from Larsa as well.
“Even if countries cannot come together, people can still see the same 
Well then, good luck.

After Defeating Berga

Back Outside


Ashe: How can we get into Archades then?
In preparation for the assault on Rozalia, the borders must be heavily 
Sky definitely isn’t an option right?


The sea will also be filled with imperial navy.
Although no very fitting to Sky pirates, we should go by foot.
We can cross into the border at Sariga forest.

There are many different roads but, going north through Narbina would be the 


Fran: Right outside the forest there is a hunter’s camp.

If we make it there, the camp is inside imperial land so the border troops 
should be more loosely dispersed.

Balflear: まあ、その先も相当長いけどな。
Balflear: After that we still have a long way to go
so stock up on what we need.

Part 14 - The Journey North

モスフォーラ山地 サリカ樹林   Salika Forest

(Note: I can't find the text when you first meet the Boss Moogle but, 
basically he has a lot of lazy apprentices that are all on break even though 
the gate is broken. he needs you to find all of them so that they can repair 
the gate.)


Boss Moogle: Thanks to you getting all of my apprentices to come back, we 
finished repairing the gate in no time! If we moogles get serious, this kind 
of thing is a piece of cake!


Arrival at Phon

Balflear: 地道に歩いてきた甲斐があったろ。
Balflear: Well walking here seemed to pay off so far. If we came in by air, 
the imperial air defense force would have found us right away. This area is 
kind of like the back yard of the empire. The security is really loose but 
don't let your guard down. We still have a ways to go.

By the Sea

Balflear: So why are you going to the empire?

Ashe: To seal the Nethicite... of course.

バルフレア→「奪い返しにじゃないのか 石の力でダルマスカ再興……そうなんだろ
気持ちはわかるが どいつもこいつも」
Balflear: Not take back the power and use the stone to revive Dalmasca? 
That's right isn't it? I understand how you feel but, everyone who touches 
that thing...

アーシェ→「私は力に飢えている 破魔石にとりつかれている そんなふうに見えま
Ashe: Do I seem like I'm that starved for power and obsessed with the 

バルフレア→「そういう奴をひとり知ってる 破魔石に夢中になって他には何も見え
なくなって…… 終始わけのわからん独り言ばかりでな エーデスだったかヴェーネ
スだったか ……まぁなんでもいいが とにかくそいつはすべてを破魔石のための踏
み台にした  飛空挺やら兵器やらを開発したり オレを無理やりジャッジにしたり
Balflear: Well, I know one guy like that. He constantly daydreamed about the 
Nethicite and eventually couldn't tell what was going on in the real 
world... Then he started to talk to himself all the time... Was is Eideth or 
Venus... well, doesn't matter I guess. Anyway, he soon made everything he 
did into a stepping stone to get to the Nethicite. Making airships and 
weapons... even made me a judge...

Ashe: You're a judge!?

バルフレア→「すぐ逃げたよ ジャッジの義務からもそいつからも シドルファス・
デム・ブナンザ…… ドラクロア研究所 ドクター・シド 破魔石に心奪われてあい
つはあいつじゃなくなった ……オレの父親でもなくなった」
バルフレア→「オレは逃げちまった 石にとらわれたあいつを見てられなくて…… 
逃げて自由になったと思い込んでた ……なのに破魔石と知らず『黄昏の破片』に手
を出して あんたに会ってここにいる 結局逃げられやしなかったんだ ……だから
終わらせる 過去に縛られるのはもういい」
Balflear: I guess I'm one of those guys that tries to hide bitter memories.
I ran away from it all though. The responsiblities of a judge and him 
also... Cidolufass Dem Bunanza... Dracroa's Doctor Cid. His heart was stolen 
by the Nethicite and he forgot the person he was... He forgot how to be my 
Don't become another Cid.
I ran away because I couldn't look at him when he was like that...
I thought that I was finally free from everything but, then I unknowningly 
picked up the Twilight Stone, I met you, and now I'm here. In the end I 
couldn't ran away after all. That's why I've decided to finish this. I'm 
sick of being tied down by the past.

アーシェ→「過去を断ち切れば 自由……」
Ashe: If you sever your past then, freedom...

王都ダルマスカ Dalmasca flashback

ラスラ→「ナブラディアとダルマスカ その同盟の象徴としての政略結婚 誰もがそ
Rasler: Everyone is saying that the marriage is a symbol of the alliance 
between Nabradia and Dalmasca.

Ashe: A symbol huh.

ラスラ→「王家の義務さ 役割を演じるのは疲れるな」
Rasler: Preforming the responsibilities of the royal family will be tiring 
no doubt.

Ashe: I will uphold them.

Rasler: I'm so glad it was you.

フォーン海岸 Back at the coast

バルフレア→「あんたの心 石なんかにくれてやるなよ 王女様はお強いんだ」
Balflear: Don't give your heart to a stone. A Queen should be strong.

Ashe: That's what I hope I can be.


ソーヘン地下宮殿 Sochen Cave Palace

ヴァン→「なぁ こんなところ通ってほんとに帝都に行けるのか?」
Van: Will we really get to Archades if we pass through here?

バルフレア→「こんなところだから見つからないのさ 同道と歩いてって帝都の門を
Balflear: Yes. If we take this road we won't be found out. I don't exactly 
have the balls to walk up and knock on the front gate.

パンネロ→「でも帝都に着いてからは? 街を歩いていたら兵隊に捕まりそう」
Panelo: But what about when we get there? If we walk around town, won't we 
get captured by the soldiers?

アーシェ→「人ごみにまぎれてしまえば大丈夫よ 私たち顔はそれほど知られていな
Ashe: If we mix into the crowds we should be fine. They don't know our faces 
that well.

ヴァン→「だよな オレたちも最初はお前の顔知らなかったし」
Van: That's true. At the beginning, we had no idea what you looked like 
either babe.

Ashe: ...don't call me that.

(Translators note: お前 in Japanese is a rude way to say you. I don't know 
how square enix will translate this running gag between Van and Ashe but, I 
used babe here... sorry if it seems out of context.)

Part 15 - Arrival

アルケイディス旧市街  Old Archades

ヴァン→「帝都っていうわりには…… 貧乏くさいんだな」
Van: The imperial capital... kind of reeks poverty.

バルフレア→「これも帝国の現実さ ここら旧市街は市民権がなくて都市部に住めな
い『外民』のたまり場でな 『上』から転がり落ちてきた奴とどうにか這い上がりた
Balflear: This is also a truth of the empire. This is the old city for 
'outsiders' without citizenship to live. This is the city of people who fell 
from 'up there' or the people looking to creep 'up there'

ヴァン→「『上』ってのは もっと綺麗なのか?」
Van: Is it any cleaner 'up there?'

バルフレア→「あぁ 別の意味で汚いがな」
「……行くぞ ドラクロアは『上』の区画だ」
Balflear: It's dirty in a different sense.
Let's get going. Dracroa is also 'up there.'


ジュール→「いやいやなんともお懐かしい方がいらっしゃるじゃないの まさかまた
Jule: Well well well. There's a person that I've missed. I didn't think that 
I'd see your face again.

バルフレア→「……チッ 面倒な奴に見つかっちまった」
Balflear: ...crap. Found by this troublesome rat.

ジュール→「そう渋い顔しなさんな 旦那 せっかくの男前が台無しよ?」
Jule: Don't make such a bitter face master. You might spoil that handsome 
face you have.

Van: You know him?

バルフレア→「……古いなじみさ ジュールってケチな情報屋だ」
Balflear: An old familiar face... Jule the tightwad informant.

ジュール→「そのケチな情報屋が役に立つ時もあるんだよねぇ これが 例えば……
Jule: There are times when a tightwad informant can be of some help though 
right? For example, when one wants to go up to 'up there.'

Van: Is there a way through?

ジュール→「アルケイディスでは"情報"こそが力なのよ 情報さえあればたいていの
無理は通るねぇ だから情報が商売のタネになるわけ 教えてほしかったら それな
りに……ねぇ? そうだな 1500ギルでどうだ?」
Jule: In Archades, information is power. If you have information, you can do 
what normally can't be done. So I'm going to have to sell it to you. If you 
want to know how hmmm... how much then? Ok, how about 1500 gil?

ジュール→「いいねぇ 話が早いじゃないの ……はい それじゃ始めるよ 少年 
Jule: Very nice. I can see that we can hurry to the task at hand. Well kid, 
what information have you heard in this city so far?

Van: Well, now that I think about it I heard about the con man that got 
cheated in the capitol.

ジュール→「なるほど 帝都で人をだましにだましてた男ねぇ…… いいかい少年 
すきま風の路地に帝都から引っ越してきた若い男がいる そいつに今の情報を教えて
Jule: I see... the con man that got cheated in the capital then. Ok kid, 
there is a young man in the alleyway that just moved here from the capital. 
Go tell him about this information.


ジュール→「話してきたかい? よしよし」
Jule: You told him? good... good.

Van: Can we really go 'up there' just by doing that?

ジュール→「情報屋の力をご覧あれってね ……ほら 始まった」
Jule: Just sit back and take a look at the power of information. ...see, 
it's starting now.

外民→「おい ケンカだぞ! 帝都から引っ越してきたばかりの若い男が大暴れして
Resident: Hey it's a fight! The guy that just moved here from the capitol is 
going crazy!

ヴァン→「今なら通れそうだな 助かったよ ジュール!」
Van: Looks like we can go now. Thanks a lot Jule!

Balflear: Can't believe that you would do anything for such chicken feed.

ジュール→「いいネタ仕入れさせたもらった礼さ なんせあのフナンザ家の御曹司が
帝都に里帰りだ これ以上ない"情報"だろ?」
Jule: Just a little thanks for giving me more good info. The son of that 
Fananza Family is coming home to visit. Not much info better than that eh?

Balflear: ...humph


帝都アルケイディス  Capitol City Archades

パンネロ→「何してんの おのぼりさん」
Panelo: And what do you think you're doing Mr. country bumpkin in the big 

ヴァン→「見物して悪いかよ ……そりゃあここは帝国だけどさ」
Van: Is sightseeing that bad!? ...even though it is the empire

パンネロ→「ヴァン 変わったよ 前はね こだわってたっていうか 苛ついてい
Panelo: Van you've changed. Before you seemed strained or irritated... well 
sometimes anyway.

ヴァン→「いろいろ見たから……かな こんな遠くまで来るなんて想像もしてなかっ
た ラーサーもこの街のどこかで元気だよ あいつ歳のわりにはたくましいし」
Van: It's probably because we've seen a lot lately. I never thought that we 
would come this far. Lasra is doing well somewhere in this city too. He is 
pretty tough dispite his age.

パンネロ→「そういうところは変わらないね 私ね 王女様とかラーサー様とか……
Panelo: That feeling never changes... people like Lasra and a queen... I 
would have never guessed that I would meet them.

ヴァン→「だよな! たまについてけないけど」
Van: That's true! Although I wouldn't want much part of it.

バッシュ→「きみらにも 王家に仕える苦労がわかったようだな」
Basch: You you two also realise the hardships of royalty it seems.

Van: It's not like I'm a part of the royal family or anything.

Panelo: Is it ok for you to say that?

バッシュ→「ん!? ……それじゃ急ごう」
Basch: huh? ... well, let's go.

バルフレア→「ヴァンしばらく別行動だ オレはちょっと用がある 後で合流しよ
Balflear: Have Van, I'm going to go off on my own a bit. I have something to 
do. I meet up with you later.

ヴァン→「え おい……」
Van: huh... hey!


ヴァン→「<リーフ>? なんだそれ」
Van: Leaf? What the hell is that used for?

Taxi guide: If you don't have a leaves, you can also pay cash. If you pay by 
cash it would come to 1,000,000 gil.

パンネロ→「何!? その値段!」
Panelo: What!? Ridiculous!

ジュール→「お困りの様子だねぇ バルフレアの旦那から伝言だよ 国家中枢ブロッ
Jule: Looks like you're in a bit of a problem. I have a message from 
Balflear by the way. He said that he's waiting for you in the central block 
and to hurry up.

ヴァン→「これに乗ってか? でも<リーフ>ってのがいるみたいだぞ なぁ<リー
Van: Go in this? But it looks like we need some leaves. Hey, just what are 
these leaves anyway?

ジュール→「"情報"がほしい時は……わかるよねぇ? そうだな 2500ギルでどうだ
Jule: You know what happens when you need some info right? 2,500 gil should 
do it i think. How about it?

この街では何かと必要になるのよね これが 帝国の特急階級「政民」がいる国家中
Jule: Leaves are basically proof of being a high-class citizen. In this 
city, you almost need them to do anything. This is an express to the central 
block full of people of political level status. If you want to go there... 
you'll probably need about 9 of them.

Van: So how do we get our hands on them then?

ジュール→「だからさ 情報なのよ少年 街を駆けずり回って集めた情報を使えば<
Jule: Have you fogotten the power of information my boy? If you go around 
the city collecting information and use it well, you should get those leaves 
in no time.

ヴァン→「へぇ 意外と簡単なんだな」
Van: Ehh... that sounds a lot easier than I expected.

ジュール→「帝都の人間は施しを与えるのが好きなのよ 他人に何か恵んでやってそ
Jule: The people here love the idea of giving charity. If they are in a 
position to give it to someone else, they have the feeling that they are 
above that person.

ヴァン→「よくわからないけど……まぁいいや やってみる どうもな!」
Van: I don't completely get it but... oh well, I'll give it a shot.

ジュール→「なんのなんの 旦那のお仲間には親切にしなきゃねぇ ……コホン」
Jule: Gotta be nice to the master's friends right?


バルフレア→「遅かったな ジュールの情報だと先にドラクロアのスタッフが使って
いる小型飛空挺があるらしい そいつを使って通用口から忍びこむ 急ぐぞ」
Balflear: You're late. According to Jule there is an airship here that was 
just being used by the Dracroa staff. We'll use the side entrance to sneak 
in so let's hurry.

帝国兵→「元老院一派の抵抗は完全に鎮圧しました わがほうの損害はきわめて軽微
Soldier1: The senate opposition has been completely put down. These was 
insignificant loss on our side.

帝国兵→「本隊の撤収を許可する 一個中隊のみドラクロアの警備に回せ」
Soldier2: You have permission to withdrawal from the main force. Get a unit 
over to guard Dracroa.

Van: Have they found us out?

バッシュ→「違うようだが 侵入が難しくなったのは事実だな」
Basch: It doesn't look like it but, getting inside just got more difficult.


バルフレア→「なぁ ヴァン 来るのがやけに遅かったな 帝都見物でもしてたの
Balflear: Hey Van, you were pretty damn late. Did you go sightseeing or 

ヴァン→「違うって こっちへ来るのにリーフがいるっていうから苦労して集めてた
Van: No! To get here we had to get leaves. It took me a while to collect 
them all.

バルフレア→「なんだと? ジュールにリーフを預けたはずだぞ」
Balflear: What? I left Jule some leaves.

Van: Huh!?

ジュール→「まずいねぇ ドラクロアにジャッジ隊が出動だよ こりゃあ通用口から
Jule: This is bad. The judges are headed to Dracroa. It'll be hard to get 
into the side entrance now.

バルフレア→「お前のしわざか 公安総局の動きを掴んでいたな? ジャッジ隊がド
ラクロアの警備を強化するまでヴァンにリーフを集めさせて時間を稼いだわけか オ
Balflear: Your doing? You sure seem to know a lot about what the Public 
Peace Bureau is doing. You stalled Van with the task of gathering leaves 
while the judges beefed up Dracroa's security did you? Exactly how much did 
your information on us sell for?

ジュール→「ジャッジに情報を売る気はないんだな これが もっといい客がいらっ
しゃるのよ ……なぁ旦那 知ってるかい? あの研究所は今やあんたの親父の玩具
箱なのよね ドクター・シドは議会の承認も得ず好き勝手に研究を進めて皇帝ですら
実態を掴めてなかった 特にヴェインが臨時独裁官に就いてからはウワサ話ひとつ漏
れてこないわけ あそこの"情報"を買いたい客は多いのにねぇ」
Jule: I have no intentions of selling information to the judges. This is a 
request from much better customers. Did you know master? Know that the 
institute has become your father's playpen. Doctor Cid's research has 
continued without the support of the senate and the truths unknown even to 
the emperor. Especially since Vaine took office as temporary emperor, not 
one piece of info has leaked from that place. There are a lot of customers 
interested in information about that place.

ロザリアの工作員…… オレたちが騒ぎを起こした隙にそいつらへ売る情報を仕入れ
Balflear: Warn the Rozalian craftmans about the weapon being developed by a 
senateless Solidole family. You will use us to resupply information that you 
will sell to them huh?

ジュール→「利用させてもらう代わりに運転手に話を通した 「例の場所へ」って一
言でドラクロアへご案内だ これで貸し借りなしってわけだねぇ」
Jule: And in return I have been talking to a taxi driver. If you say "to the 
place of instance" he will take you to Dracroa. This will be my repayment to 
バルフレア→「……アルケイディス流の取り引きか ふん 懐かしくて涙が出るね」
Balflear: ...Archadian business huh? Hmm.. the memories almost bring a tear 
to my eyes.

ジュール→「故郷に帰ってきた実感がわいたろ? じゃあ親父さんによろしく ファ
ムラン殿 ……いやいや バルフレアの旦那」
Jule: Good memories flood back when you come home yeah? Well, say hi to your 
dad for me Mr. Famuran... or no... Master Balflear.


ヴァン→「なぁ ジュールって昔の友達なんだろ? なんだかんだ言っても仲がいい
Van: Jule is your old friend right? No matter what you say, it seems that 
you guys are pretty close.

バルフレア→「……おい スピードを上げてくれ 今オレは誰でもいいから殴りたい
Balflear: ... Hey speed up will ya? I just got the sudden urge to punch 

タクシー運転手→「ハ ハイ!?」
Taxi Driver: Ye... Yes sir!?


ドラクロア研究所  Dracroa

Basch: It's too quiet.

バルフレア→「あぁ 妙だ 衛兵がいないわけがないんだが」
Balflear: yeah, strange. There's no reason for there not to be soldiers 

Van: Just means that we're lucky right?

Balflear: I will I could be as comfortable as you seem to be.

バッシュ→「何か起きているのかもしれん 慎重に進まんとな」
Basch: Something has probably happened. We better be careful.

バルフレア→「そんな余裕がどこにある 急ぐぞ シドの部屋は上層階だ」
Balflear: Where we have time to be anyway. Let's hurry. Cid's room is on a 
upper floor.

Basch: How horrible...


フラン→「先客があったんだわ 私たちよりもよっぽど荒っぽいようね」
Fran: Some other "guest" got here before we did. Seems to be rougher than we 

Van: Is he after the Nethicite?

バルフレア→「……あれから6年か なぁ ヤクト・ディフォールで何があった? 
Balflear: It's been 6 years.. what happened at Yact Defole? What changed 

帝国兵→「上だ! 上に向かったぞ! 5番 8番隔壁を降ろせ! 逃がすんじゃない
Soldier: Up. He's going up! Units 5 and 8 fall in! We won't let him get 

Van: We've been found out?

フラン→「たぶん"先客"の方よ 今動くのは危険だわ」
Fran: Probably the previous "guest." It's dangerous to move now.

バルフレア→「敵さんの混乱を利用すればいい とにかくさっさとシドを探す それ
Balflear: Best you use your enemies confusion to your advantage. Anyway, the 
only thing that matters now is looking for Cid.


レダス→「すまんな シドの手先ではなさそうだ」
Redas: You guys don't seem to be Cid's goons. I'm sorry.

バッシュ→「そう きみが"先客"だな」
Basch: So you're the "guest" then.

シド→「あぁ 惜しい男ではあるがな 知りすぎているだろう?」
Cid: Ah.. A disappointing guy but he know's too much right?

レダス→「シド! リヴァイアサンをやったのは神授の破魔石だな まだあんなこと
Redas: Cid! The cause of the Levithan incident was Nethicte right? You're 
still doing that!

シド→「止めてみせるか 身のほど知らずめ」
Cid: You want to try and stop me? You who is limited by your body.

バルフレア→「強がってんじゃねぇよ てめえの歳を考えろ」
Baflear: You aren't strong old man. Think about your age.

シド→「いまさら何しに来た 空賊風情が!」
Cid: And what are you doing here after all this time pirate!

バルフレア→「『黄昏の破片』をいただきにさ 空賊らしくな」
Balflear: I decided to be pirate like and take away the twilight stone.

シド→「あんなものがほしいのか つまらん奴だ」
シド→「……ん? なんだ?」
シド→「貴様がダルマスカの王女か! ふん 見込みがなくもなさそうだ 試そうと
Cid: That's what you want? How boring.
Huh? what was that?
You're the Dalmascan queen huh! Hmm... It seems not to be hopeless after 
all. We should try it then?

Ashe: What is he talking about...?

シド→「試してやろうと言っておる! 石の力がほしいのだろう?」
Cid: I'm saying that I'm going to test you! You want the stone's power 

レダス→「奴の話に耳を貸すな! 利用されるだけだ!」
Redas: Don't listen to his words! You'll only end up being used!

フラン→「ベルガと同じよ 人造破魔石!」
Fran: Man-made Nethicite, the same as Bergan!

Balflear: You too... You're using that too!?


シド→「手間をかけたな ヴェーネス」
Cid: Damn you guys...
You've done well, Venus.

バルフレア→「ヴェーネス…… こいつがヴェーネスだと!?」
Balflear: Venus... That's Venus!?

シド→「アーシェ・バナルガン・ダルマスカ! 貴様あくまで力を追い求めるか 破
魔石が欲しくてたまらんかっ! 図星か 図星だな? それでこそ覇王の末裔だ! 
ならばギルヴェガンをめざせ! 新しい石を恵んでもらえるやもしれんぞ?」
Cid: Ashe Banalgan Dalmasca! You are searching for power with all your 
might? You can't help yourself from wanting the Nethicite's power? Am I 
right? I'm dead on aren't I? That's the blood of Raithwall alright! If 
that's true then go to Giruvegan. You might even be able to get your hands 
on a new piece of Nethicite.

アーシェ→「なんのつもりで そんな話を!」
Ashe: What are you planning by saying that!?

シド→「歴史を人間の手に取り戻す わしもギルヴェガンへ向かう 追ってこい 空
Cid: I'm taking history back into the hands of the people. I'm going to 
Giruvegan too. Chase me pirate!

Balflear: Trying to screw with me...

レダス→「先ほどは失礼した ダルマスカのアーシェ王女だな  バーフォンハイム
Redas: I'm sorry for being rude earlier. You are queen Ashe of Dalmasca 
right? I am Redas of Balfonheim... a sky pirate.


Chapter 17

『苛烈な粛清によって元老院を解体に追い込み ヴェイン・ソリドールは帝国の全権
を掌握した帝国の国家機構はいささかの混乱をきたしたが 帝国軍はむしろ士気を高めた
ジャッジによる統制 そしてロザリア帝国の脅威が 帝国の将兵を結束させたのであ
る一方 我ら解放軍も偏狭空城にて力を養い 来たるべき対決に備えた

―ハルム・オンドール4世「回顧録」<17章 黄昏と夜明けと>』

Through severe polital purge, Vayne, the man that had hope for the disposal 
of the senate, gained total control over the empire. While this caused some 
disorder in his empire, it raised the moral of his army. Under the judge's 
regulation and the threat of Rozalia, the imperial troops continued to 
assemble. Our Liberation army also left the castle empty and nourish their 
strenth. The battle that would decide the coming age of Ivalice was 

Harme Ondore the 4th (Recollections) (chapter 17 The twilight and the dawn)

Part 16 - Journey

ガーランド 『解放軍艦隊 旗艦ガーランド』Garland

側近→「フレイムタンおよびオーガニクス隊 発艦完了 脱落機なし これより本艦
Aide: Flametongue and Organics units have complete takeoff without any 
problems. They wiil commense anti-airship weapon practice from now.

解放軍→「両絃 前進強速」
Soldier:Both units advance at full speed.

側近→「当艦も彼らを標的に迎撃訓練を行う 対空要員 敵機のつもりで目を慣ら
Aide: Get this ship ready for target practice. Anti-airship squad, get your 
eyes accustomed to the enemy craft's intentions.

Soldier: Prepared for anti-airship combat.

側近→「閣下 ナルドア支部より報告です 例の空賊が帝国の勢力圏を抜けました 
Aide: Your highness, we have recieved a report from the Naldoor branch. 
Those ships have dropped out of the empires sphere of influence and are 
currently headed to Balfonheim with Princess Ashe.

オンドール→「殿下がご無事で何よりだが 石の回収は失敗か……」
Ondole: Of course it's good to hear that her majesty is safe but, she failed 
to recover the stone?

側近→「石がなくとも わが開放艦隊は帝国軍と互角に戦えます これほど訓練を積
Aid: Even without the stone this fleet can fight the imperial forces 
equally. We have been preparing for a long time.

Ondole: It would be good if things turn out...


港町バーフォンハイム Balfonheim

アーシェ→「解放軍に補給はしても 共に戦うつもりはない…… そういう街なんで
Ashe: Even if they supply the Liberation army, the people of this city have 
no intention to fight with us, do they?

レダス→「空賊やら海賊やら国を捨てた連中の街だ 国のため命を懸けて解放戦争と
Redas: Sky pirates, sea pirates and others that threw away their own 
countries are gathered here. They won't give their lives for the lives for 
the sake of Liberating a country.

Ashe: Then concerning the war, my uncle is as I thought...

Redas: The duke must also settle things with the empire.

『アルケイディアの南東…… 港町バーフォンハイム レダス邸』

もうのらりくらりでかわせる状況ではない できれば戦いたくないようだが…… 戦
Redas: If you let them run away from the levithan, it will seem that you 
defy the judges. It is no longer a time when you can easily play both sides. 
I know you don't want to fight but, if war breaks, you will have to choose.

オンドール→「しばらくは解放艦隊の演習を続ける 我々がより大きな力を身につけ
れば…… ヴェインも交渉の席に着くかもしれん」
Ondole: For now we will continue drilling the Liberation fleet. If we had 
lot of power on our side, we might be able to get Vayne to the negociation 

レダス→「ヴェインは破魔石を握ってる リヴァイアサンを沈めるほどの切り札を手
にしていながら…… 交渉に応じるとは思えん」
Redas: Van is molding Nethicite. If he has a trump card powerful enough to 
sink Levithan, I don't think that he'll negociate.

オンドール→「だからこそ 貴公の帝都潜入を支援するのだ 貴公の言う通り破魔石
が強力な兵器なら…… ぜひ奪取してもらいたい」
Ondole: That's exactly why you are infiltrating the capital. If the 
Nethicite can infact be used as a powerful weapon as you say... I would like 
you to take it back for us.

レダス→「『夜光の砕片』…… あんたに渡すとは約束していない」
Redas: The Moonlight fragment... I don't remember promising to hand it over 
to you.

Ondole: If I cannot have the stone, I will need to seek other power.

Redas: ...you plan joining forces with Roralia then...

Ondole: Failure cannot be permited


バッシュ→「ヴェインの思うつぼだ 解放軍とロザリア軍が出ていけば破魔石でまと
Basch: So Vayne's thinking is if the Liberation army and Rozalia combine 
forces that he will strike with the Nethicite.

バルフレア→「安心しろ 石はシドが持ってる つかまえて『覇王の剣』で石をブッ
壊せば ヴェインの切り札は消えてなくなる 時間が惜しい シドを追うぞ あいつ
Balflear: Don't worry too much. Cid has the stone. If we can get our hands 
on it, we can detroy it with the Heavenly king's sword and Vayne's trump 
card will be gone. Time is precious, let's get going after Cid. He's heading 
to Giruvegan.

Ashe: Giruvegan...

フラン→「遥けき時の彼方にて 猛るミストに守られて まどろむ聖地ギルヴェガン
Fran: There is an old chant that the Vierra sing that says
"Far in the future, where the raging mist protects it's borders, the 
limitless roads of holy Giruvegan will be known.

レダス→「ヤクト・ディフォールだ ゴルモア大森林のさらに奥 幻妖の森にミスト
Redas: Yackt Defole. Deep within the Golmore Jungle, there is a corner of 
jungle full of mist storms that often confuse travelers.

ヴァン→「じゃあそこだ 行ってみよう」
Van: It must be there. Let's check it out.

バルフレア→「あんたは行かないのか 破魔石にご執心だと思ったが」
Balflear: You aren't going? I thought that you were infatuated with 

レダス→「シドの言葉 素直には信じられん 俺は別の線を追う」
Redas: I don't believe one word that Cid says. I'll take a different road.

バルフレア→「へぇ 他に心当たりか 妙にお詳しいな」
Balflear: Hmmm you know something else? You seem to be quite informed.

Redas: I could say the same about you.

ヴァン→「早くしろよ 置いてくぞ」
Van: Hurry up or we'll leave your ass behind.

レダス→「おう 坊主 幻妖の森について部下に調べさせてある 話を聞いてみろ」
Redas: You can ask some of my people about the forest of confusion. They 
have been studying it.

ヴァン→「わかった ありがとな レダス」
Van: Got it. Thanks Redas.

レダス→「考えるより先に飛べ……か 弟子のほうが空賊らしいな」
Redas: Jump into things before thinking... Your apprentice is more pirate 
like than you are.

Balflear: I don't have any apprentice.

レダス→「アーシェ王女 正直に答えてくれ シドの言葉が正しければ ギルヴェガ
ンで新しい破魔石が手に入るかもしれん ……あんた いまだに石が欲しいか」
Redas: Princess Ashe, answer me truthfully. If what Cid says is right, you 
probably will get another piece of Nethicite. Do you still want them?

アーシェ→「力が欲しいわ でも恐ろしくもある ダルマスカを守るには何も怖れて
Ashe: I want power.... but I'm also afraid even though I can't be scared 
when protecting Dalmasca...

レダス→「ナブディスを忘れるな 俺に言えるのはそれだけだ」
Redas: Remember Nabudis. That's all I have to say.


リッキー→「おお 客人か レダス様と話が終わったなら俺たちが幻妖の森について
Rikki: Oh, there you are. If you're done talking to Redas than we talk to 
you about the forest of confusion.

エルザ→「リッキー! 見ず知らずの奴に親切にするってのは あたしどうも気が進
Elza: Rikki! I just can't be kind to people I have never never seen or heard 

リッキー→「まぁまぁ レダス様の指示だしな」
Rikki: Well, Redas told us to do it so...

ラズ→「大丈夫っス レダス様とは相性はよさそうっスよ」
Raz: Just take a look at them.
They look like they would get along well with Redas.

エルザ→「あんたの人相見って いつもハズれてるじゃない!」
Elza: Everytime you say something like that about people, your always wrong!

リッキー→「まぁそう言いなさんな レダス様に逆らうわけにはいかねぇから 説明
Rikki: Don't say that. Anyway, we can't say no the Redas so I'll continue to 

エルザ→「勝手になさい! あたしは気に入らないわ!!」
Elza: Do whatever you want but, I don't like them!

リッキー→「すまなかったな 気にしないでくれ じゃあ話を続けようか ケルオン
大陸に広がる<ゴルモア大森林の南に、幻妖の森>ってのがあるんだ なんでも半端
じゃなくミストが濃い場所って話だ レダス様が言うにはたとえ濃いミストを通り抜
Rikki: Sorry about that, don't mind here. Anyway, continuing. On the Keluon 
continent in the south part of the Golmore Jungle. That's were the forest of 
confusion is. It's not that there is something missing or anything, but 
there's a place where the mist is extremely thick. Even if you try to go 
through the mist, it seems that you can't move forward.

ラズ→「つまり <幻妖の森に隠された謎を解いて> 聖地<ギルヴェガン>への扉
Raz: In other words, if you can figure out the puzzle of that forest, you 
will open the gate to the holy city of Giruvegan.


セロビ台地 幻妖の森 古代都市ギルヴェガン   Giruvegan

アーシェ→「遥けき時の彼方にて 猛るミストに守られて まどろむ聖地ギルヴェガ
Ashe: Far in the future, where the raging mist protects it's borders, the 
limitless roads of holy Giruvegan...

パンネロ→「フラン どうしたの?」
Panelo: What's wrong Fran?

Fran: The mist is too thick.

Van: Like the time at the Levithan?

フラン→「安心して 暴れたりしないわ ここのミスト冷えきっているから」
フラン→「……似てるわ あの影の気配に」
Fran: Don't worry. I won't fall into a rage again. This mist is different.
... it's a lot like that shadow we saw.

バルフレア→「シドは遅れてご到着らしい ここらで待ち伏せるぞ」
Balflear: Venus...
Cid seems to be late. Let's ambush him here.

パンネロ→「奥まで入ったら 危ないですよね」
Panelo: It's probably dangerous if you go in isn't it?

バルフレア→「あぁ まともじゃなくなっちまうさ ……あいつのようにな」
Balflear: Yeah, It will probably get more difficult to see what's true the 
further we go in... just like him.
Is something there?

Panelo: What happened?

Van: Ashe is seeing him again.


Panelo: It feels like... I'm somewhere that I'm not supposed to be.

ヴァン→「うん おもしろいよな」
Van: Yeah, it's pretty neat huh?

Panelo: What!?

バッシュ→「不安はないのか? このまま進めば破魔石を創造した存在と出くわすか
Balflear: Aren't you uneasy at all? If if keep going, we will probably see 
the creators of the Nethicite.

ヴァン→「少しは不安だけどさ どんな奴か楽しみだよ」
Van: I feel a little uneasy but, I'm kind of excited to see who it is.

Basch: You would probably make a good sky pirate then.


Panelo: There is a lot of mist here... are you ok?

フラン→「ありがとう 平気よ」
Fran: Thanks but, I'm fine

Ashe: That's Nethicite?

Fran: I wonder...

Ashe: If we had Nethicite that big...

フラン→「すべてを滅ぼせるでしょうね ……あなたが望むなら」
Fran: You could detroy everything... if you had the desire.


Ashe : Where is everyone!?

ゲルン王→「怖れるな ダルマスカの王女よ 我らオキューリアはそなたのみを選ん
King Geln : Do not be scared Princess of Dalmasca, we, the Ocuria, have 
choosen you.

ゲルン王→「アーシェ・バナルガン・ダルマスカ 力を求めるそなたの心 我らが聖
なる力へみちびく 絶海の塔に眠る『天陽の繭』を求めよ ……それはすべての破魔
石の母 力の源 覇王の遺産など繭から切り取られた各片にすぎぬ」
King Geln : Ashe Banalgan Dalmasca, the one who seeks power. You must seek 
the holy power that we have kept. 'Heaven's Cocoon' sleeps in the tower of a 
distant sea. It is the orgin of all Nethicite and the source of power. The 
Tyrant's fragments that you know of were cut from this Cocoon.

Ashe : That much power!?
ゲルン王→「往古 我らはイヴァリースを救うべくレイスウォールを選んで剣を授け
た 王は剣で繭を刻み 3つの破魔石を得て覇王となった その血を継ぐものよ 父
King Geln : In the distant past, we chose Raithwall to save Ivalice and gave 
him the sword. The king carved the cocoon with the sword and three pieces of 
Nethicite were taken. He then became the heavenly king, and the one with his 
same blood will succeed him. Walk the same road that your ancestor once did.

Ashe : The "Heavenly King's Sword" was used for that purpose?

ゲルン王→「レイスウォールとの古き契約はとうに力を失った そなたとは新しき契
約を結ぼう 我らオキューリアの代行者たる証 新たな契約の剣を授ける 『天陽の
繭』を切り取って破魔石を掴むのだ 覇王と同じ力を手にし ヴェーネスを討て」
King Geln : The old contract with Raithwall has already lost its power. 
Let's forge a new contract as proof that you are lead by us Ocuria. We will 
give you the sword of a new contract in order to cut new pieces of Nethicite 
from 'Heaven's Cocoon.' You will then abtain the same power as Raithwall 
once had. You will be able to defeat Venus.

アーシェ→「ヴェーネス…… あなた方と同じオキューリアですね」
Ashe : Venus... is also Ocuria isn't he.

King Geln : He is a heretic!!

ゲルン王→「破魔石は我らに選ばれ者のみが手にすべき力 だがヴェーネスは人間に
破魔石の秘密を教え まがいものを作らせている! 偽りの破魔石を掲げる者どもを
許してはならぬ 我らが捧げる真の破魔石をもって 滅亡の罰を!」
King Geln : The power of Nethicite is given only to the one who is chosen by 
us. However, Venus teaches the secrets of Nethicite to the Hummes, and 
imitations have been created! We cannot allow anyone to carry false 
Nethicite. With the true ethicite in hand, annihilate them as punishment!

アーシェ→「滅亡!? 帝国を滅ぼせ……と?」
Ashe : Annihilation!? You are saying to destroy the empire...?

ゲルン王→「人の子は常に歴史をくるわせる 短すぎる生に焦り くだらぬ欲望にか
られ あやまちを重ねつつ滅びへとひた走るばかりよ 我ら不滅のオキューリアが無
知なる人の子を導き 時には罰を下してこなければ…… イヴァリースはとうに滅び
ていた 我ら不滅なる者には正しき歴史を定める義務がある 我らに選ばれし者には
正しき歴史に逆らう者に罰を下す義務がある 王女よ そなたは選ばれたのだ 国を
奪った者どもに復讐を遂げ救国の聖女となれ 選ばれし者の義務を果たせ!」
King Geln : Man's children have always driven history into madness. In the 
short span of their lives, they mold history to meet their senseless 
desires, bringing it toward ruin. We immortal Ocuria lead these ignorant 
children of man. If we fail to deliver punishment... Ivalice will fall to 
ruin. We immortals have the obligation to provide a correct history, It is 
then also our obligation to deliver punishment to ones that fight against 
this correct history. Princess, You have been chosen. Take the revenge to 
save your country and fulfill your obilgation as the choosen holy maiden.

ヴァン→「アーシェ! なんなんだよ オキューリアって わけわかんない命令ばっ
Vaan : Ashe! What the hell was that. The Ocuria giving senseless orders...

フラン→「言われた通り 復讐するの?」
Fran : Will you do as they said and take revenge?

Ashe : What?

バッシュ→「我々にも声だけは届いておりました 彼らは神に等しい存在かもしれま
せんが…… 殿下 私は反対です 帝国といえども滅ぼすなど」
Basch : We only were able to hear the voices. Perhaps they are a god-like 
race... Highness, I am opposed to what they have said. Even if it is the 
empire, annihilation is too much.

パンネロ→「あの…… ドクター・シドはどうなったんでしょう? ここに来るって
Panelo : Umm, what happened to Doctor Cid? He said that he was going to come 

Basch : Certainly it's too late.

バルフレア→「あぁ 気づくのが遅すぎた 奴は来ない オレたちは引っかかったん
だ ドラクロアを思い出せ アーシェに石を手に入れさせたい…… そんな口ぶり
だったろ だから破魔石を見せびらかしギルヴェガンの話オレたちを呼び寄せて……
Balflear : Too late for us to notice that he isn't going to come. we're 
being used. Remember at Draclor, he wanted Ashe to get the stone... This is 
why he showed us his Nethicite and spoke about Giruvegan... He wanted to 
push us so that Ashe and the Ocuria would meet.

パンネロ→「でも私たちが破魔石を手に入れたら 帝国の邪魔になりますよね」
Panelo : But, if we obtain Nethicite we will become a problem for the empire 

バルフレア→「破魔石同士がぶつかるのを見たいんじゃないのか あいつの考えそう
Balflear : He wants to see the Nethicite pieces clash. That's the way he 

Ashe : I'm going to search for 'Heaven's Cocoon'

バルフレア→「歴史は人間が築くもの……あいつの持論だった オキューリアの石で
動く歴史なんて あいつには我慢できないはずだ あいつ……ずっとヴェーネスと話
してたんだな おかしくなったんじゃぁなかったんだ」
Balflear : The history is what man builds... That is his opinion. He doesn't 
have the patience for history made by the Ocuria... All this time he was
speaking with Venus. He didn't go insane after all.


帝都アルケイディス   Archades

ラーサー→「アーシェ王女と和解しダルマスカの独立を認めるべきです 大戦を防ぐ
Lasra: We have to mediate a truce with Queen Ashe and reconize Dalmasca as 
an independent country. That is the only way to avoid all out war.

ヴェイン→「必要な戦いだ そもそも彼女の方こそ心から戦いを望んでいる わが国
Vayne: It is a neccessary battle. She also desires this war from the bottom 
of her heart. Revenge on our country.

ラーサー→「僕は違うと思います アーシェさんはそんな人じゃない」
Larsa: I don't think that is true. Ms. Ashe is not that kind of person.

Vayne: You are still naive.

Larsa: Why have you made this decision!

ヴェイン→「ならばガブラス…… 卿が見極めろ アーシェ王女が求めるものが平和
か あるいは闘争か その目で確かめてこい」
Vayne: Well then, Gabranth... I would like for you to check this for me. Is 
Ashe seeking peace... or conflict. I would like you to confirm the answer 
with your own eyes.

ガブラス→「わが国への復讐を望むなら斬る ……それでよろしゅうございますか」
Gabranth: If she desires revenge on our country, I wiil kill here. Would 
that be appropiate?

ラーサー→「僕はあの人を信じてる それにガブラス 卿の目も 卿に賭けたい 卿
Lasra: I trust her. Further more Gabranth, I would also like you to do this 
for me as I also trust your eyes.

Gabranth: ...Understood


Cid: Your little brother is still so innocent.

Vayne: I like him to be so.

シド→「ん どうしたヴェーネス? ……ほう 餌にかかったか 早いな」
Cid: What's that Venus? ... oh, so they've taken the bait then... that was 
The queen has been awarded the sword by the Ocuria.

ヴェイン→「不滅の神々が導きたもう正しき歴史を守る聖女 その手に新たな破魔石
Vayne: So the immortal gods have picked their saint to protect their just 
histroy. And from that hand, new Nethicite will be cut.

シド→「ふん オキューリアの石など! 馬鹿力だけでろくに制御できん出来損ない
だ しょせん実験材料にすぎん」
Cid: Bah.. Ocuria stones... Raw energy that can't be controled. Nothing more 
than material to experiment on.

Vayne: We assaulted two countries to get our hands on it.

シド→「あぁ 犠牲には感謝しとるよ おかげで人造破魔石が完成した 優秀で確実
シド→「……なぁヴェーネス わしはなかなかの弟子だろう」
Cid: Ah yes, and I thank you much for those actions. Because of that we 
successfully completed our man-made Nethicite. A truly superior weapon.
Isn't that right Venus? I'm a pretty good student aren't I?

ヴェーネス→「私は助言を与えたにすぎない あれを完成させたのは君たち人間の力
だ 素晴らしいものだ……わずか6年で 人間の情熱は想像も不可能も越えて進む」
Venus: I have just given you advice. The success of the Nethicite was only 
made possible by the power of you hummes. It's amazing. In just 6 years, 
your passonate efforts have exceeded the imposible.

シド→「人生は短いんでな あんたら不滅の存在と違ってもたもたできんのよ」
Cid: Well, life is short for us. We can't be taking too much time to do 
things like your kind and their everlasting lives.

ヴェイン→「あぁ 踏み潰してでも進まなければ何も成し遂げられなかった」
Vayne: Yes, even if we get trampled, we must move forward or nothing will 
get accomplished.

シド→「あんたの仕事はこれからだ 神を気取るオキューリアの意思を越えて歴史を
Cid: You work has just started. You must take back history from the Ocurians 
who are playing god. Bring it back into our people's hands.

ヴェーネス→「そうだ ギルヴェガンにこもって不滅の時に停滞するゲルン王には…
… 歴史を導く資格などない ヴェイン 君のために祈ろう 高みへとたどりつける
Venus: That's right. Locking himself in Giruvegan all these years, King 
Gerun is no longer qualified to write history. That is why I pay for your 
success Vayne. To bring us up above into a new age.

ヴェイン→「たどりつくさ この私にふさわしい場所へな」
Vayne: To reach a place more fitting of me.


古代都市ギルヴェガン   Giruvegan

Basch: Heaven's cacoon is in a tower of a sea far away... can anyone think 
of where that might be?

ヴァン→「レダスに聞いてみようよ あいつ他の線とかなんとか言ってたぞ」
Van: What if we ask Redas? He said that he would take a different road.

Balflear: I don't want to end up owing him anything.

ヴァン→「何こだわってんだ? 空賊同士仲良くしろよ」
Van: What the hell is that? Your both sky pirates so why don't you try to 
get along?

バルフレア→「お説教とは偉くなったもんだな ええ?」
Balflear: Since when did you become the one to preach to me huh?

Part 17 - Redas Go!

港町バーフォンハイム Balfonheim

レダス→「……あぁ 漁船でも何でも構わんから帆船を出せ グロセアエンジンは使
い物にならん 停まった船は捨ててこい 乗組員が助かればいい」
レダス→「リドルアナ大瀑布の付近で水上船団が遭難した 何の前触れもなく全機関
停止…… どうやら原因は強烈なミストの干渉だ あの海域はヤクトだが飛空挺どこ
レダス→「ギルヴェガンでの話を聞こうか その顔だと当てが外れたようだが…… 
Redas: ...ah I don't care if it's a fishing boat or whatever, just get a 
boat out there! The Groserngin is already trashed. Just worry about saving 
the crew!
One of our crews had an accident around the Ridorana Cataract area. Without 
warning all the engines suddenly stopped... it seems that the cause was a 
strong mist. That area of the ocean is Yackt but, for sea vessels to fail in 
the airship area...
Let me hear about your visit to Giruvegan. By looking at your face I can 
guess the result but... what Cid said was bullshit huh.

アーシェ→「えぇ けれど真実も知りました それに彼が何をめざしているかも」
Ashe: Yes, however, well also learned the truth. I think that we know want 
he's really after too.

レダス→「神授の破魔石が切れ端にすぎんだと 不滅のオキューリアだか知らんが 
Redas: They say that the Nethicite stone's are merely scrap? I don't exactly 
know much about these Ocuria but, those stones cause a lot of trouble.

繭がすべての破魔石の力の源だというなら…… 壊せば『黄昏の砕片』も無力にな
るかもしれない 人造破魔石には効果がないでしょうけどね」
Fran: But, if we use the Heavenly king's sword to smash Heaven's cocoon, no 
new pieces can be taken. Also if the cacoon is truly the source of the 
stones power, then the presently existing pieces will most likely become 
useless as well. Although, probably no effect of the man-made stones.

バルフレア→「もうひとつ道がある 『契約の剣』で新しい石を取り出して黄昏の砕
Balflear: Another path would be to use the Sword of contract to cut new 
stones and use them to fight the man-made ones.

レダス→「また石を使おうって奴がいたら俺がゆるさんよ あんなもの捨てるに限
Redas: I won't forgive anyone thinking about making more stones. We need to 
completely rid ourselves of them.

ヴァン→「どっちにしろ まず『天陽の繭』を見つけろってことだろ 場所は絶海の
ヴァン→「なんか知らないか レダス」
Van: Well, whatever we do, first we need to find Heaven's cocoon. The 
location is in a tower sitting in the distant ocean...right?

レダス→「坊主 いい質問だ ドラクロアで見つけたシドの研究資料にそれらしい記
述があった 『ナルドア海』『リドルアナ大瀑布』そして『大灯台』 その調査のた
Redas: Good question kid. From some Cid's research papers I found at 
Dracroa, I may have the place. Pharos at Ridorana Cataract in the Naldoa 
Sea. That's why I sent a crew there but... it ended in disaster.

バッシュ→「話がつながったようだな ナルドア海の『大灯台』こそ『絶海の塔』 
船の機関を狂わせた強力なミストは天陽の繭の存在を示す 何よりの証拠だ」
Basch: However it all fits. A ship's engine breaks down because of a strong 
mist in the Naldoa Sea near Pharos. This is the best proof we could have 
concerning the existance of the tower and Heaven's cocoon.

バルフレア→「そいつはけっこう だがどうやって行く? あの海域はヤクトだ」
Balflear: That's all fine but, How will we get there then. That Sea is 

レダス→「お前のふねに組み込んでみろ ヤクト対応型の飛空石らしい」
Redas: Try using this on your ship. It seems to be a floater stone that 
works even in Yackt.

バルフレア→「これもドラクロアでの戦利品かい? 自分で使ったらどうだ」
Balflear: Is this also one of your war spoils from Dracroa? Why don't you 
use it on your own ship?

レダス→「俺の船はビュエルバ製でな 規格が合わん シュトラールに合えばヤクト
レダス→「アーシェ王女 俺も同行させてもらう かまわんな?」
Redas: My ship is a Bhujerba make. It isn't compatable. If you use it on 
Shutral, it should be able to fly in the Yackt.
Princess Ashe, would you mind if I came along?

アーシェ→「はい ただひとつ教えてください あなたはなぜそこまで」
Ashe: I don't mind but tell me one thing. Why go that far?

Redas: Nabudis

Ashe: It's your... hometown?

レダス→「まぁ 忘れられん場所ではあるな」
Redas: Well, let's just say it's a place I can't forget.


リッキー→「ああ あんたたちか えらいことになっちまったぜ 大灯台を調査に
Rikki: Ah, you guys. Things have gotten pretty hectic. Some of our memebers 
had an accident when investigating Pharos.

ラズ→「でもちょうど漁船団ふぁ寄港したところでよかったっス そのまま救助に向
Raz: But a fishing boat crew was on their way to dock here so they were able 
to save everyone

エルザ→「『リドルアナの底なし滝と大灯台』 バーフォンハイムの人間は誰も近づ
かない場所よ 子供の頃から言い聞かされているの だから調査に反対する者も多
かったんだよ でもレダス様はこの街の出身じゃないから そういった『おのの
Elza: People of Balfonheim should never go near Pharos. That's what we've 
been told since we were children and so many people were against 
investigating the area. Redas isn't from here though, so he probably didn't 
have the uneasy feeling that we have.

リッキー→「で 今度はお前さんたちが大灯台へ向かうのか? そこはヤクトだ 飛
Rikki: Now you guys are planning to go there? It's Yackt man, airships can't 
fly there.

ノノ→「おまたせクポ! <シュトラール>の修理が終わったクポ! いつでも<飛
空挺ターミナル>から乗れるクポ! クポッ! ヤクト対応型の飛空石を持ってるク
ポ!? ならさっそくシュトラールに組みこむクポ!!」
Nono: Sorry to keep you waiting! (kupo) Shutral's repairs have been 
completed! You can take off from the terminal whenever you're ready! (kupo) 
You say you have a floater stone that can be used in Yackt!? Then I'll get 
right on installing it(kupo)!!

ラズ→「よかったっスね 新型飛空挺があればヤクトへも行けそうっスね じゃ大灯
台の場所について説明するっス 大灯台 つまり絶海の塔が建つ<リドルアナ大瀑布
>は<この街から南東のヤクト・ナルドア>にあるっス 新型飛空挺があったとして
Raz: Well, that's good then. With that you'll be able to fly in Yackt. Ok 
then, I'll explain where Pharos is. Pharos at Ridorana, in other words the 
tower, is south-east of this city in Yackt Naldoa. Since we just had an 
accident there, make sure that you're carefull.


リドルアナ大瀑布 Ridorana Cataract

フラン→「絶海の塔とはよく言ったものね 頂上に鋭いミストを感じるわ」
Fran: It's just as they said. I tower in a distant ocean... I can sense a 
piercing mist radiating from the top.

アーシェ→「眠っているのね 『天陽の繭』が……」
Ashe: It's resting there then... Heaven's cocoon.

レダス→「アーシェ王女 まだ迷っているようだが 繭にたどりつくまでに答えを出
Redas: Princess Ashe, it seems that you are still undecided about what to do 
but, I would like an answer before we reach the cocoon.

Ashe: And if I choose to take the Nethicite and get revenge?

Redas: You will be the one to regret it.

バルフレア→「おい ヴァン オレに万一のことがあったら お前がシュトラールを
Balflear: Hey Van, if something completely unexpected happens to me, take 
the Shutral

Van: unexpected... like what?

バルフレア→「いろいろあるのさ オレは主人公だからな ……あとで操縦方法も教
Balflear: Well there's a lot going on.. I'm the hero here after all.... 
later, I'll teach you how to fly her.


リドルアナ大灯台 Pharos

ヴァン→「なぁフラン 何か書いてあるぞ?」
Van: Hey Fran, is there something written here?

フラン→「誰かが刻みつけたようね かなり古いわ」
フラン→「『神々の剣を授かりし後世の探求者へ…… これなるは天に等しき高みへ
の塔 三つのしもべ率いる守護者 汝の魂をむさぼり喰わんとす 力なき者は力を望
むなかれ されど力のみに頼るなかれ おのが目に惑わされるなかれ 幻を断ち真の
道へ至れ ……レイスウォール 記す』」
Fran: Looks like someone engraved it. It's pretty old.
"To the one that has received the sword of the gods and is seeking 
This is the tower that streches to the heavens. The guardian that controls 
the three servants will attempt to devour your soul. The one without power
craves power, however, you cannot rely on power alone. Don't let your eyes 
be decieved...cut through the illusions and arrive at the true path... 

Ashe: The Heavenly King was here?

フラン→「驚くほどのことかしら 往古 覇王はオキューリアから剣を授かり この
地で破魔石を手に入れたのよ いつか他の誰かがオキューリアに選ばれ ここを訪れ
ると考えたのでしょうね 幻を断ち真の道へ至れ…… 謎めいた言葉だけれど 覇王
Fran: It's not that big of a surprise is it? King Raithwall once received 
the sword from the Ocuria and took the Nethicite from this place. He 
probably figured that in the future sometime the Ocuria would another and 
send them here. "Cut through the illusions and arrive at the true 
path"...puzzling words but, as someone with the blood of the Heavenly King, 
you might come to understand them.


Fran: The mist is reverberating.

Basch: We must be getting close to Heaven's cocoon.

パンネロ→「復讐……するのかな 新しい破魔石で」
パンネロ→「気持ちはわかるんだ あの戦争で大事な人たちを亡くした気持ち」
Panelo: I wonder if she's take revenge... with a new piece of Nethicite.
I can understand how she feels. The feeling of losing important people 
because of the war.

ヴァン→「同じだもんな オレたちも」
Van: Well, we're no different, you and me.

パンネロ→「でもね 亡くなった人たちの心はもう動かないんだよ 何があっても 
何をしても 目を閉じて思い浮かべる幻みたいに…… ずっとずっと 変わらないま
Panelo: Yeah but, the hearts of the dead will never be moved. No matter what 
happens or no matter what we do, when we close our eyes, the illustions of 
the past will remain, never changing.

レダス→「あぁ 変わらん どれほど長い時間が過ぎようと 振り返る過去の幻影は
いつまでも生々しい 過去はそうやって人を縛る 幻を断ち真の道へ至れ……か」
Redas: True, it doesn't change. No matter how much time has past, the 
illusions of the past will always be fresh in the minds of people and bind 
them. Cut through the illusions and arrive at the true path...

Redas: So this is Heaven's cocoon.
アーシェ→「レイスウォール王はこの剣で繭を刻み…… 力を手に入れた」
Ashe: Raithwall cut this cocoon... and received power.
ヴァン→「だけどお前はその剣で繭を壊す ……そうだろ」
Van: But you're gonna destroy that damn cocoon with the sword... right?
Ashe: Watch your mouth.
Lord Rasler...!?
アーシェ→「破魔石で……帝国を滅ぼすの? 破壊があなたの願いなの? 私の義務
は復讐なの!? 私は……」
Ashe: You want me to... crush the empire with the Nethicite? You desire 
destruction? My duty is to take revenge? I...
ガブラス→「なぜためらう 手を伸ばすがいい お前に与えられた復讐の刃だ その
ガブラス→「そうだ バッシュに化けて ダルマスカ王を殺したのは俺だ 父を殺し
Gabranth: Why do you hesitate? reach out you hand. Your blade of revenge is 
before you. Avenge the death of your father!
That's right, it was me that dressed up as Basch and murdered the king of 
Dalmasca. Can you go on without taking revenge on the man that killed your 
Ashe: You...!
Van: His brother!
ガブラス→「王を殺し国を殺した相手が 今お前の前にいる!」
ガブラス→「そう それでいい 憎みぬけ! 武器をとれ! 戦って使者の恨みを晴
Gabranth: The man that killed the king and his country stands here before 
Yes... just like that. Hate me! Draw your weapon! Fight and release your 
レダス→「……ひとりのジャッジマスターがいた その男はナブラディアから奪った
『夜光の砕片』をわけもわからず発動し…… ナブディスを吹っ飛ばした 破魔石の
威力を知りたがったシドが命じた実験だ あの危険な力を封じると誓った2年前 
Redas: There was once a judgemaster. This man carried out an operation to 
snatch the Moonlight Fragment from Nabradia without knowing the reasons of 
why it was wanted... then Nabudis was completely destroy. It was an 
experment ordered by Cid, the man who wanted to know the Nethicite's power. 
It has been 2 years since this man swore to seal this dangerous power and 
threw away his judge armour along with the name of...
Gabranth: Judge Zect!
レダス→「久しぶりだな ガブラス」
レダス→「手を伸ばせ アーシェ王女」
レダス→「だがな 掴むべきは 復讐や絶望を越えたその先にあるものだ」
Redas: It's been a while Gabranth.
Reach out your hand Princess Ashe.
However, the thing that you need to grasp is that beyond the vengeance and 
It is the one thing that the likes of you and me cannot reach.
ガブラス→「どれほどあがこうが 人は過去から逃れられん! この男がそれを証明
しているではないか! さぁ 過去に誓った復讐を遂げるがいい! それが死者たち
Gabranth: No matter how much they struggle, people cannot run for the past! 
This man is living proof of that! Now is the time to take the revenge you 
swore to take before! That is the will of those who did!
アーシェ→「ラスラ…… 私あなたを信じてる あなたは…… あなたはそんな人
Ashe: Rasler... I trust you. You... You are not that kind of person! The you 
that I knew is... no longer here.
ラスラ(ゲルン王)→「アーシェ・バナルガン・ダルマスカ! 我らの破魔石で正し
Rasler(voice of Ocuria King): Ashe Banalgan Dalmasca! You are the holy 
maiden choosen by us to use the Nethicite and write the correct history.
Ashe: I am not a holy maiden!
Van: Ashe...
アーシェ→「ダルマスカは長い歴史の間 一度も『黄昏の破片』を使わなかった 苦
しくても石に頼らないと決めた人たちの国だった 私が取り戻したかったのはそうい
うダルマスカだった ……石に頼るのは裏切りと同じ 『天陽の繭』を砕くわ 破魔
Ashe: Not once in the history of Dalmasca did we use the Twilight Fragment. 
Even in the hardest of times, we were a country that decided not to rely on 
it's power. The Dalmasca that I wanted to save was that Dalmasca... using 
the stone now is the same as betrayal. I'm going to destroy Heaven's Cocoon 
and throw away the Nethicite!
ガブラス→「力がいらんというのか では国を滅ぼされた屈辱はどうなる 死んで
Gabranth: So you are saying that you don't need power then. Well, what about 
the disgrace of having your country destroyed. What about the hatred of the 
people that have died!
ヴァン→「……違う 何も変わらないんだ 兄さんの恨みなんか晴れない 兄さんは
もう…… いないんだ!」
Van: You're wrong. Nothing will change. My brother's hatred won't disappear. 
He's no longer here to see what will happen.
アーシェ→「力があっても過去は変わらない だから もう……」
Ashe: Even if you have power, the past will not change. That is why, 
ガブラス→「だが力なき者に未来はない 何物も守れはしない」
Gabranth: However, those without power have no future. They cannot protect 
Basch: Then I will be the one to protect.
ガブラス→「守るだと? 貴様が? ランディスもダルマスカも何ひとつ守りきれず
…… 生き恥をさらしてきた貴様がか! いいかげんに学んだらどうだ 守るべきも
Gabranth: Protect? You? You who couldn't protect one piece of Randis or 
Dalmasca... You are a living disgrace! Haven't you learned yet... No matter 
how much you need to protect something, it will be lost to you in the end!
Gabranth: You too are running away from your duty of revenge!

シド→「やめんか 見苦しいわ! 貴様には失望した わからんか! 王女に剣を向
けたその時 己が何を裏切ったかわからんか! 貴様はラーサー殿の信頼を裏切っ
た! 剣にも盾にもなれん奴だ ラーサー殿護衛の任を解く どこへなりとも消えて
Cid: Would you just stop it... it's so unsightly. Don't you understand the 
despair you've caused! When you raised your sword at the princess, do you 
know who you betrayed! You betrayed Lost Lasra's trust. You are no longer 
worthy of his sword or his shield. Resign your post as his guard and 

Basch: Stop!

Balflear: So you brought him along with you.

シド→「何を言う わが同志だ オキューリアは人間を飼い慣らす餌として力を授け
る その誘惑によくぞ拒んだ 奴らの石に背を向けて初めて人間は歴史を動かす自由
Cid: What are you talking about? We are kindred souls. The Ocuria tame 
humans with their power. You have done well to refuse it. To win and move 
their own histroy, humans must begin by turning there backs to the stones.

アーシェ→「破魔石欲しさにダルマスカの自由を奪っておいて! もう破魔石は渡さ
ない ここで繭を砕く!」
Ashe: You took Dalmasca's freedom because of your desire of the Nethicite! I 
will not hand it to you again. I will destroy the cocoon here!

シド→「おお 砕こうではないか だからこそ封印を解いてもらったのだ だがなオ
キューリアの剣は使わんぞ 繭が蓄えたミストが失われてしまうのでな 使うのはこ
れよ! やるぞ ヴェーネス!」
Cid: Yes, destroy it and then you will complete your seal on it for me. But 
don't use the Ocuria's sword. No, do that and all the mist will disappear. 
We will use this instead! Let's do it Venus!

シド→「破魔石よ! 『天陽の繭』よ! 今こそすべてのミストを吐き出せィ! そ
Cid: Nethicite! Heaven's Cocoon! Now release all of your mist! Then all of 
heaven and Earth's mist will be absorbed by Bahamut!

シド→「見ろ この光は狼煙だ! 神を気取るオキューリアの意思をはねのけ 歴史
Cid: Look! That light is the sign! The sign death for the Ocuria's 
intensions and the return of history into human hands!

バルフレア→「それで人造破魔石かよ オキューリアの石を猿真似して あんたが次
Balflear: In it's place you will use the man-made stones!? Your plan has 
been to just imitate the Ocuria's stones and become the next god!?

シド→「神を踏み台にして何が悪い! わしを失望させた上 逃げて逃げて逃げきれ
ず いまさら舞い戻りおって! 来いッ ファムラン! わしの石を思い知れ!」
Cid: And what's wrong with using god as a stepping stone! You did nothing 
but disappoint and then ran, ran, ran away. Now suddenly you have come back 
to dance for me. Come Famuran! Let me show you what I have created!

シド→「我らの知恵と力の結晶…… それが人造破魔石よ! 人間の石が生み出す力
…… その目に焼きつけるがよいわ! 来いっ! ファムフリート!」
Cid: The crystal of our wisdom and strength... that is the man made 
Nethicite! The power of man's invention... Take a good look a it! Famuran!


シド→「かまわん ヴェーネス……ここまでだ この6年……実に楽しんだ」
Cid: It's alright Venus... this is as far as I go. This past 6 years... it 
was really fun.

Venus: I also am thankful.

Balflear: You...

シド→「情けない顔をしおって どうせ逃げるなら 逃げきってみせんか 馬鹿者め
Cid: Don't make such a glum face... If you're going to run, show me how fast 
you can get it done, fool.

Panelo: Fran!?

フラン→「ミストが燃える…… 繭の……鼓動…… 弾ける!」
Fran: The mist is burning... the cocoon...throbbing... burst!

フラン→「繭が裂ける…… できるだけ遠く……逃げるのよ」
Fran: The cocoon will explode... get out of here... as fast as you can.

バルフレア→「おい フラン……」
Balflear: Hey Fran...

フラン→「逃げきってみせて…… 最速の空賊バルフレア……でしょう?」
Fran: Show me how fast you can run... You're Balflear, the quickest sky 
pirate of all... aren't you?
Balflear: Don't leave me now.


ヴァン→「アーシェ 剣だ! 繭を止めよう!」
Van: Ashe, the sword! Let's stop the cocoon!

レダス→「さっさと逃げな 臨界越えて複合崩壊が始まってる ふざけた規模だ あ
Redas: You get out of here now. It will reach a critical point and begin to 
collapse. The scale will be ridiculous... Thousands of times stronger then 
it was then...
I will atone for Nabudis.

ヴァン→「レダス 無理だ!」
Van: Hey...
Redas, It's impossible!

Redas: Don't underestimate a judgemaster!

Van: Redas....

Part 18 - Home Stretch

港町バーフォンハイム Balfonheim

リッキー→「ちくしょう…… 信じられねぇっつうか 信じたくねぇ あのレダス様
Rikki: Damn... More than I can't believe... I don't want to. I don't want to 
believe that Redas is dead.

エルザ→「でも あんたも気づいてたろ あの人……ずっと死に場所を探してたん
Elza: But you should have notice by now. That man... was always searching 
for a place to die.

ラズ→「レダス様は死んで楽になりたがるようなヤワな男じゃなかったっス! この
Raz: Redas wasn't a weak guy that just hoped for death to ease his pain! He 
definately regrets leaving this town behind!

エルザ→「じゃあレダス様が後悔してると思うのかい? 亡くなった後も永久に苦し
Elza: So, you think that Redas is regreting what he did? You really think 
that he is sad and in pain after death?

ラズ→「そ そういうわけじゃないっス!? せめて静かに眠ってほしいっス……」
Raz: Tha That's not what I'm saying! I just want him to rest peacefully.

エルザ→「だったらそうさせてあげようよ レダス様も無念だろうとか愚痴る暇が
あったら あの人がやり残した仕事を受け継ごうよ その仕事を片付ければ あたし
らだって心から信じられるようになるさ あの人は何も心配しないで眠れるんだって
Elza: Well, let's make sure he can then. If there was something that he 
regreted or grumbled about, he always tried to make it better. Let's finish 
his work! If we continue where he left off, even we can became respected 
people one day. He won't have to worry about anything and be able to rest in 

リッキー→「いっちまった人の気持ちを決めるのは結局 生き残ったオレたちか…
Rikki: So in the end, the people to carries on his will are the ones that 
survived... us.

エルザ→「そう あたしらとヴァンたちだね」
Elsa: Yeah, Us, Van and those guys.

Raz: Is it ok to rely on Van?

エルザ→「大丈夫さ あの子もすぐに自分たちの仕事をみつけるよ だってレダス様
はあの子をずいぶん気に入っていたじゃないか ……例の客のこと 伝えてくれたか
Elza: Yeah, it'll be fine. He will find his own path soon too. Redas seemed 
to like him quite a bit, didn't he? ... Did you tell him about the guest?

ラズ→「今ごろ屋敷で会ってると思うっス あの客……一体何者なんスかね?」
Raz: I think that they're probably meeting in the mansion now. Just... who 
is that guy anyway?


Van: Alshid!?

アルシド→「あがらせてもらってますよ いささか急を要する状況ってことで」
Alshid: The situation here is a little urget so, I decide to come on up.

Van: How did you know where we were?

Alshid: My intelligence department is extremely good at what they do.
Princess... The was is beginning.

Ashe: You were unable to stop the Rozalian Army?

アルシド→「少々汚い手を使って 強硬派の将軍連中にご引退願うまではうまくいっ
たんですがね 大本営の参謀ども 裏から手を回してたんですよ オンドール侯爵の
Alshid: By using a few dirty hands, I was able to get the generals to give 
up their ambitions but, there were other forces at work. Duke Ondole's 
liberation army.

Ashe: The liberation army!?

アルシド→「解放艦隊の一部が訓練中に命令を無視して離脱…… 旧ナブラディア空
Alshid: One unit of the naval fleet ignored orders... and began to engaged 
the imperial army at the former sky fortress of Nabradia

Basch: Why did they purposely do such an insolant thing!

アルシド→「そいつらロザリアからの部隊だったんですよ 義勇部隊だか傭兵って建
前で解放軍に加わってたが…… 正体は大本営直属のロザリア正規軍ときた そのロ
ザリア組が独断で帝国領に侵入し戦闘を誘発 見捨てるわけにもいかず 侯爵閣下や
むなく主力艦隊に出撃を命じました ……戦場はダルマスカです」
Alshid: They were a group from Rozalia. A group posing as loyal mercenaries 
joined the liberation army. In truth the unit was under the complete control 
of Rozalian officers. By the decision of that group the Imperial border was 
crossed and the fighting ensued. Not being able to abandon the unit, the 
duke reluctantly ordered to sortie the main fleet... the battlefield is 

バルフレア→「解放軍と帝国軍の戦いが泥沼化したら…… ダルマスカ保護を口実に
Balflear: If the liberation army and the imperials clash... the Rozalian 
army will enter the war with protecting Dalmasca as there cause right?

アルシド→「そう おいしいところをかすめ取るつもりでのこのこ出てったロザリア
軍は…… 解放軍ともどもヴェインに叩き潰されますな」
Alshid: With that as their cause the Rozalian army has began to set out 
however... they will be smashed by Vayne along with the liberation army.

バッシュ→「ヴェインは『黄昏の破片』を失った 切り札はないはずだ」
Basch: Vayne has lost the use of the Twilight Fragment. He no longer has 
that trump card.

アルシド→「別の切り札があったんですよ うちの情報部が大物の稼動を確認しまし
てね 空中要塞バハムート リドルアナの方向で異常なミストの反応があった直後の
Alshid: But he has another trump card... My informants were able to confirm 
information on a huge operation. The Sky Fortress Bahamut... it began moving 
immediately after it made contact with some strange mist around Ridorana.

レダスが繭を止めていなければ数千倍のミストを吸収していたはず ……それがド
Fran: Bahamut is being powered by the mist that flowed out from Heaven's 
cocoon. If Redas didn't stop it, the mist absorbed would have been thousands 
of times greater... so that was Doctor Cid's plan.

バルフレア→「あいつの最後の仕事ってか オレの仕事はその後始末だな」
Balflear: His final job huh... Well, my work will be to deal with the 

Ashe: Vayne himself is on Bahamut?

アルシド→「来ますよ ラバナスタへ」
Alshid: Yes, and it's on its way to Rabanastre.

アーシェ→「バハムートを止めてラバナスタを守る それが私の……」
Ashe: I will go and stop Bahamut to save Rabanastre. That is my...

Van: our work.

Panelo: Let's protect our city!

アルシド→「だったら できるだけロザリア軍の侵攻を遅らせるのが私の仕事ですか
ね まぁ やってみましょう」
アルシド→「面倒が片付いたら一度ロザリアへおいでください わがマルガラス家発
祥の地…… 夕日にきらめく"琥珀の谷"をご案内しましょう」
Alshid: Well then, I suppose that my work is to do what I can to stall the 
Rozalian army... well, let's give it a shot.
Once this is all taken care of, I'd like for you to visit Rozalia once. In 
the land of the Malgrace Family... I'd like to show you the evening sun of 
"Amber Valley."


リッキ→「おいヴァン 解放軍から緊急指令だ! 帝国軍の<空中要塞バハムートが
出撃した>ってよ!! このままじゃ でかい戦争が始まっちまう! 空中要塞だけに
Rikki: Hey Van! We got an urgent message from the liberation army!! It says 
that the imperials have launched "Sky Fotress Bahamut!" At this rate, we're 
heading for a huge war!


空中要塞バハムート Bahamut

帝国兵→「目標 反乱軍重巡!」
Soldier: The target, rebel army, has returned!

ヴェイン→「そうか シドは息子に…… ありふれた話だ」
Vayne: I see. So Cid... to his son... how mundane.

帝国兵→「発射諸元 解析完了! 照準よし!」
帝国兵→「制御弁解放 破魔石臨界!」
帝国兵→「主機及び補機 問題なし!」
Soldier: Weapon analysis is complete! Alignment is set!
Soldier: Control valve released and Nethicite is critical!
Soldier: No problems with the propulsion and auxiliary machinery.

ラーサー→「おやめください! 彼らは降伏したんです!」
Lasra: Please stop it! They have already surrendered!

ヴェイン→「せめてもの手向けだ あの世からも見えるだろう なぁ ヴェーネス」
Vayne: We can at least show them this as they die. They can probably see us 
from that world, can't they Venus.

Soldier: Preparation of the main battery is complete!
Lasra: Brother!

Vayne: Fire.


Lasra: Why...

ヴェイン→「降伏しても無駄と知れば反乱軍はこの戦いにすべてを懸ける ……それ
を正面から叩き潰す ラバナスタの目の前でな」
Vayne: Even if these rebels surrender, they will continue to fight with all 
their strength dispite certain failure. I will crush that will in front of 
Rabanastre's eyes.

Lasra: They will only hate you for that brother.

Vayne: Even if I forgive them now, they will only revolt again later.

ラーサー→「僕はそうは思いません 手を取り合う未来を信じます あなたは……間
Lasra: I disagree! I believe in a future where we can all live together in 
peace. You are wrong!

Vayne: Then find the power to set me straight.

帝国兵→「本艦正面に展開する艦影多数! 反乱艦隊主力と認む!」
Soldier: There are countless numbers of battleshhips in front of us! It is 
the rebel army's main fleet!

ヴェイン→「聞け! われらが築く歴史の第一歩である 各員その義務を果たし反乱
軍を殲滅せよ! アルケイディア万歳!」
Vayne: Listen up! This is the first step in writing our own history! Carry 
out your duties and annihilate the rebel army! Long live Archades!

Soldiers: Long live Archades!


ラバナスタ上空  Above Rabanastre

オンドール→「諸君 生きて帰るぞ!」
Ondole: You guys come back safe!

Soldier: Evacuation complete

オンドール→「全門斉発! 撃ち方始め!」
Ondole: Ready all gates! Start the fire sequence!

解放軍→「射線 開きます!」
Soldier: Confirming the line of fire!

オンドール→「第2斉射 急げ」
Ondole: Hurry the second volley!

Ondole: No good!

解放軍→「空母ガラフ・バル 轟沈……」
Soldier: The aircraft carrier Graff Bal has been sunk....

Soldier: An unknown aircraft is approaching from the back.

Ondole: That ship is!

アーシェ→「おじさま 私です! バハムートに乗り移ってヴェインを止めます!」
Ashe: Uncle Ondole, it's me! I will board to Bahamut to stop Vayne!

オンドール→「何をおっしゃる! 無謀すぎます! 殿下の役目は戦後にこそあ
Ondole: What are you saying! That is way too reckless! Your work starts 
after the war!

アーシェ→「このまま敗れたら戦後も何もないでしょう! 突入の援護を!」
Ashe: If this keeps up there won't be an after! Cover us on our way in!

オンドール→「いかん! 後退なさい! シュトラールを止めろ!」
Ondole: Unexceptable! Pull back! Stop the Shutral!

ヴァン(ラーサー)→「待ってくれ! …ま 待ってください! ラーサー・ソリ
ドールです! オレも一緒に行くから安心してください! ちゃんとアーシェを守る
Van(with Lasra's voice): Hey wait! ...Please wait! This is Lasra Solidore! I 
am also gonna go with her so don't get all worried about it! I will make 
sure to protect her!

オンドール→「ラーサーだと? そうか 彼を人質に……」
Ondore: Lasra? I see... so you have taken him hostage.

アーシェ→「いいえ おじさま 共にヴェインと戦うそうです!」
Ashe: No uncle, we are going to fight Vayne together!

Van(as Larsa again): Yeah, leave it to us!

オンドール→「……わかりました おふたりに賭けましょう」
Ondole: I understand. I'm counting on you!

Van: Yeah!

Panelo: He doesn't talk anything like that Van!

Van: Really?

バルフレア→「それじゃあ支援砲撃頼む 派手にぶっぱなしといてくれ こっちで間
Balflear: I'm counting on you for support. Help us make a gaudy entrance. 
We'll judge the timing from here!

Balflear: What a warm welcome!

Fran: One ship is coming!

Balflear: Wants to dance huh?

Fran: Another ship!

Balflear: Unfortunately, I'm only one man!

Balflear: There we go!



Van: Let's hurry!

バルフレア→「ヴェインは要塞の発令所にいるはずだ 接近中 それらしい構造物が
見えた ……この真上だな」
Balflear: Vayne must be in the control room. When we were coming in I saw a 
place that looked like one... just above here.

アーシェ→「敵をすべて倒す必要はないわ ヴェインひとりを倒せば両軍の戦闘を止
Ashe: There's no need to kill all the enemies. If we beat Vayne, we should 
be able to stop both armies from fighting.

ヴァン→「とにかく上がっていけばいいんだろ てっぺんでふんぞり返ってるヴェイ
Van: Well, for now we should start heading up right? Let's get up there and 
take out Vayne!



Soldier: In the sun...!

Zargabaath: How unsightly!

Ondole: Persist!


空中要塞バハムート Bahamut

フラン→「解放軍が善戦してるわ 私たちもしくじれないわね」
Fran: The liberation army is putting up a good fight. We can't fail either.

ヴァン→「……大丈夫 オレたちが勝ってアーシェは女王様だ」
Van: ...It's going to be alright. We'll win and then Ashe will become queen.

パンネロ→「女王様かぁ でもなったらなったで大変そうだな」
Panelo: Queen... but job seems really difficult, doesn't it.

Basch: Those are the times when the sky pirates will fly in and abduct her.

Balflear: Ashe can run off on her own.

Ashe: You really think I've become that strong?

ヴァン→「別に強くなくったってさ 一緒に来たし…… 一緒に行くんだ」
Van: It's not really a question of whether YOU are strong or not. We came 
all this way together, and we'll stick together from here on out.


Basch: So you're still alive...

ガブラス→「俺はジャッジマスターだ 今は野良犬同然だがな 故郷を滅ぼした帝国
Gabranth: I'm a judge master. Although, now I nothing more than a stray dog 
like you. This is my punishment for wagging my tail at the empire that 
destroyed my home.

バッシュ→「やめろ それ以上自分をおとしめるな」
Basch: Stop. Don't be so hard on yourself.

ガブラス→「貴様に何がわかる! なぜだ! ランディスもダルマスカも守れなかっ
た貴様が…… 今なお 自分を見失わずにいられるのはなぜだ!」
Gabranth: What do you understand! Why! The you that failed to protect Randis 
and Dalmasca... you should be someone who has completely lost himself!

バッシュ→「俺には守るべき人がいた……それだけだ お前がここにいるのもラー
Basch: I have someone that I needed to protect... that's all. Isn't the 
reason that you are here now for the safety of Lasra!

ガブラス→「黙れ! 俺はすべてを奪われた! 故郷を捨てた貴様を許せん 残る思
Gabranth: Shut up! I have lost everything! The only think I can think about 
now is that.... I can't forgive you for throwing away our home!

ガブラス→「守りたいものほど守れはしない…… 違うか!」
Gabranth: As much as you want to protect something, it is impossible protect 
it... is that wrong!?

バッシュ→「お前の問いに答えるのが…… 兄としてのつとめだな」
Basch: I will answer your question... as it is my duty as a brother.


Gabranth: Are you satisfied?

バッシュ→「そうだろう ノア」
Basch: That's my line, right Noah?

Gabranth: I am no longer qualified to be called by that name.

Basch: Live... and and atone.


ヴェイン→「わがバハムートへようこそ アーシェ殿下 王族にふさわしい出迎えが
ヴェイン→「ひとつお尋ねしたい ……あなたは何者だ? 亡国の復讐者か? ある
Vayne: Welcome to Bahamut. I apoligize for not being able to give a 
reception appropriate for royalty, Princess Ashe. I have one question for 
you... what are you? Are you the avenger of a dead country? Or are you the 
patriot's holy maiden?

アーシェ→「どちらでもないわ 私は私…… ただ自由でありたいだけ」
Ashe: I'm neither: I am I... I just want freedom.

ヴェイン→「そんな女に国は背負えんな ダルマスカはあきらめたまえ」
ヴェイン→「見ておけ ラーサー 君主たる者として力なき身の苦しみを胸に刻め」
Vayne: I cannot entrust a country to such a woman. Give up on Dalmasca!
Take a good look Lasra. Carve into your heart the suffering of a ruler 
without power.
ラーサー→「……嫌です 僕は……私は! 無力だとしてもあきらめはしません!」
Lasra: ...No... I...I! Even without power, I will not give up!

Vayne: How reliable you are.

Gabranth: Lord Lasra...


Lasra: Brother!

Van: Hey!

Lasra: Wha...

Panelo: !?


Ashe: Man-made Nethicite...!

ヴェイン→「ガブラス ラーサーを守れ これからここは地獄に変わる」
Vayne: The power that a friend has lent me.
Gabranth, protect Lasra! This place will soon turn into hell.

Gabranth: I will protect Lord Larser... (from you)

ヴェイン→「野良犬が 死をもって償え」
Vayne: You dog... you will pay with your life!

Gabranth: That is my wish.


Gabranth: Even a stray dog has a spine!


Gabranth: This is my atonement.

ヴェイン→「許さんぞ ガブラス!!」
Vayne: I won't forgive you for that Gabranth!!


ガブラス→「なぁ バッシュ 悪くない主だろう?」
Gabranth: Say Basch. He's not a bad king is he?

Basch: ...Not at all


ヴェイン→「どうやら私は覇王になりそこねた 君の願いは別の人間に託してくれ」
Vayne: Venus!
It doesn't seem like I will be able to become the next heavenly king. Please 
entrust someone else with your desires.

ヴェーネス→「とうにかなえられた 繭は砕け 破魔石の歴史は終わった 世界はも
はや不滅なる者を必要とはしない 君の歩みを見届ける 共にゆこう」
Venus: They have already been realized. The cocoon is broken and the age of 
the Nethicite has ended. This world no longer needs immortals. I saw your 
progress with my own eyes. Let's move on together.

ヴェイン→「新たなる歴史のはじまりを告げよう シドが待っている」
Vayne: We must inform him about the beginning of a new history. Cid is 


Part 19 - Epilogue

バルフレア→「どうだ 飛べそうか?」
Balflear: How is it? Can she fly?

Fran: There is no fuel running to the Gloser engine.

バルフレア→「くそっ ヴァン! 変わってくれ エンジンルームを見てくる」
Balflear: Shit... Van! Take over here. I'm going to check out what's going 
on in the engine room
Van: Ok

バルフレア→「フラン 来い!」
Balflear: Come with me Fran!

アーシェ→「見て! バハムートのグロセアエンジンが止まる!」
Ashe: Look! Bahamut's Groser engine is failing too!

バルフレア→「ヴァン! シュトラールのグロセアリングが回転し始めたらすぐに発
進だ 教えた通りにやれ! お前なら飛べる」
Balflear: Van! As soon as the Shutral's Groser engine starts up, I want you 
to take off just like I taught you! You should be able to fly now.

Van: Got it!

フラン→「パンネロ バハムートの飛空石の回収に気をつけて あなたはシュトラー
Fran: Panelo, pay attention to the interference caused by Bahamut's floater 
stone! Remember that you control the emotions of Shutral.

パンネロ→「うん やってみる!」
Penelo: Ok, I'll do what I can!


ガブラス→「……バッシュ ラーサー様を頼む 今ソリドールが滅びれば帝国は崩壊
し 戦渦はら内戦へと広がる」
Gabranth: ...Basch. I'll leave Lasra in your hands. If the Solidole family 
is ruined, soon the whole empire will also be ruined, and plunge into civil 

Basch: I understand.

Gabranth: Lord Lasra will make the greatest emperor...


パンネロ→「!? 主力が戻った! ヴァン! いける!」
Panelo: !? The main power is back! Van! We can take off!

ヴァン→「よし 行くぞ! みんなつかまって!」
Van: Alright, here we go! Everyone hold on!


解放軍→「閣下 シュトラールです シュトラールがバハムートから離れました」
Soldier: Your excellency, the Shutral has seperated from Bahamut.

オンドール→「そうか 出てきたか! よし バハムートは落ちた これが最後の戦
いだ 一気にジャッジどもを主砲を殲滅するぞ! 主砲をアレキサンダーへ向け
Ondole: Is that right.. they made it out! Alright, Bahamut has fallen, this 
is the final battle! We'll exterminate the judge and the main battery in one 
stroke. All ships head toward Alexander!


バッシュ→「攻撃を停止せよ! 私はジャッジマスター・ガブラス 繰り返す! ア
ルケイディア軍全艦に告ぐ 攻撃を停止せよ!」
バッシュ→「戦いはもう終わりだ 我が軍はダルマスカ王国のアーシェ・バナルガン
・ダルマスカ王女と 停戦を合意した!」
Basch: Hold your fire! This is judge master Gabranth speaking! I repeat, 
calling all Archadian ships, hold your fire! We have settled on a ceasefire 
agreement with Princess Ashe Banalgan Dalmasca!

ラーサー→「わが名はラーサー・ファルナス・ソリドール 兄ヴェインは名誉の戦死
をされた 以後艦隊はわが指揮下となる!」
Lasra: This is Lasra Falnas Solidole. My brother has died honorably in 
battle. I will now take command of the fleet.


解放軍→「閣下! いかがいたしますか!?」
Soldier: Your excellency, would should we do!?

Ashe: This is Ashe Dalmasca.

Ondole: Princess Ashe.... is safe.

アーシェ→「ジャッジマスター・ガブラス そしてラーサー・ソリドールの話は本当
アーシェ→「お願いです 戦争を止めてください 戦いは終わりました」
Ashe: What judge master Gabranth and Larsa Solidole has said is the truth.
Please hold your fire! The war is over!
We are already... free!


パンネロ→「見て バハムートが……!」
Panelo: Look, Bahamut is...!


Soldier: We are getting a transmission from the Alexander!

Ondole: Put it through!

Soldier: Yes, sir!


ザルガバース→「アルケイディア軍ダルマスカ方面第12艦隊 旗艦アレキサンダー 
Zargabaath: This is the commander of the 12th fleet of East Dalmasca and 
captain of the Alexander, judge master Zargabaath speaking.
In order to obtruct Bahamut from crashing into Rabanastre... we will 
intercept Bahamut by colliding with it.

Ondole: What!?

ザルガバース→「このままでは魔法障壁がもたない そうなればラバナスタは全滅す
る 貴艦隊は衝突によってばらばらになったアレキサンダーの破片を更に攻撃してく
Zargabaath: Given the situation, the magic barrier will not hold up and 
Rabanastre will be completely detroyed. Because of our actions, the 
Alexander will undoubtably break into the pieces. Please attack those 
fragments for me.


バルフレア→「はいはい 命を粗末にするのは流行らないよ」
Balflear: yeah yeah... giving those crude orders won't make you anymore 

Ashe: !?

ヴァン→「バルフレア!? バルフレア いったいどこにいるんだ!?」
Van: Balflear!? Balflear, just where the hell are you now!?

バルフレア→「よう ヴァン! うまく脱出できたみたいだな シュトラールはいい
Balflear: Yo Van! Looks like you took off without any problems. Shutral is a 
pretty good ship yeah?

オンドール→「何をするつもりだ バルフレア?」
Ondole: What do you plan to do Balflear?

バルフレア→「おっさん アレキサンダーのバカジャッジを止めてくれる? オレが
一生懸命グロセアリングを修理してるんだ もうちょいだから 特攻なんてバカなマ
Balflear: Hey old man, can you stop that idiot judge master for me? I'm 
doing what I can to get this Groser ring up and running and I'm almost done. 
Don't let anyone do anything stupid like a kamikaze attack.

Ashe: You... Do you understand what you're doing!?

バルフレア→「王女様 心配ご無用だ オレを誰だと思ってる? この物語の主人公
だぜ 主人公は絶対に…… 死なないの……さ」
Balflear: Princess, don't worry about it. Who do you like I am anyway? I'm 
the damn hero of this story. And the hero definately... never dies.


バルフレア→「フラン グロセアリングに動力をまわせ!」
バルフレア→「チッ 世話のかかるヤツだ」
Balflear: Alright!
Fran, the Groser ring has power again
(sigh) You sure make a lot of work for me.


アーシェ→「お願い バルフレア 早くバハムートを脱出して」
アーシェ→「お願いだから あなたが死んだら…… あなたが死んだら 私は……」
Ashe: Please Balflear, hurry up and get out of Bahamut!
Please... if you die... if you die I...


フラン→「二枚目は大変ね バルフレア」
Fran: It must be hard being so cool. Isn't that right Balflear.

Balflear: shut up...


バルフレア→「ヴァン! シュトラールは預けたぞ 必ず取りに戻るからな! 傷つ
Balflear: Van! I'll leave the Shutral to you for now but, I'll definately 
come to take it back sometime! And I better not find any scratches!

ヴァン→「うん わかった オレ 待ってるよ!」
Van: Ok got it! I'll be waiting!

Ashe: Balflear!!


パンネロ→「この1年はあっという間に過ぎていった気がする ラバナスタはもう
すっかり元通り パパやママが生きていたあの頃のよう」
パンネロ→「……もちろん失ったものはたくさんある でも 過去は捨てて未来だけ
パンネロ→「来月はいよいよアーシェの戴冠式 アーシェがますます遠い存在になる
けど…… それは仕方ない」
パンネロ→「だって 女王様なんだから」
Letter(Panelo): It seems that the past year has gone by so fast. Rabanastre 
is steadily rebuilding and it feels like the time when my father and mother 
were alive... ofcourse there were a lot of things that we lost but, I'd like 
to forget about the past and embrace the future. Next month, Ashe will 
finally have her enthronement ceremony. It seems that she is getting to be 
further and further away from us but, it can't be helped i guess. She is the 
princess after all.

Panelo: I can't wait to see you again at the ceremony!



Basch: Did you call for me?

Lasra: Yes.


パンネロ→「……バッシュ小父様はお元気? イヴァリースの平和のためにあなたの
パンネロ→「本当はアーシェのもとへ戻ってほしい 彼女 立場や責任があるから何
も言わないけど きっと淋しがってるはず」
Letter(Panelo): How is Basch doing over there? I know that he went back with 
you to help hold the peace in Ivalice but, the truth is, I'd like him to 
come back to be with Ashe. She has a lot of work and responsiblity on her 
shoulders and although she doesn't say it, I think that she must be lonely.


ガブラス→「……帝国は一枚岩ではない 頼む ラーサー様を護ってくれ」
Gabranth: ...the empire is not a monarch. Please, look after Lasra for me.
バッシュ→「心配するな ガブラス ダルマスカの為でもある」
Basch: Don't worry Gabranth. He is just as important to Dalmasca.
ガブラス→「それを聞いて安心した すまない ……兄さん」
Gabranth: It's a relief to hear you say that. I'm sorry... brother.
パンネロ→「肝心なことを伝えていなかった 預かっていたシュトラール号盗まれ
Letter(Panelo): I haven't told you the main reason that I'm writing to you. 
Truth is the Shutral was stolen.
バルフレア→『クレバドスの秘宝を見つけた ベルベナスで待つ』
Balflear: We found some secret treasure in Creibadoth. We'll wait for you at 
パンネロ→「メンテナンスしたばかりだったのよ シュトラール でも持ち主が持っ
Panelo: We just finished the maintenance on Shutral too. But, we can't do 
anything about the real owner taking back his ship.
王都ラバナスタ Rabanastre

Balflear(note): Give this to the princess for me.
パンネロ→「戴冠式までまだたっぷり時間があるから 二人に会いに行くんだって
パンネロ→「もちろん私も一緒 いよいよ空賊デビューよ」
Letter(Panelo): Since there is still tons of time before the ceremony, Van 
is eager to go and meet those two. Of course, I'll be going too. It's our 
sky pirate debut!

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