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Gambit System FAQ by kilz3m

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/09/06

FIANL FANTASY XII  -= Gambit System / Mist Cart =-

Copyrigth kilz3m
E-mail : kilz3m@gmail.com

Version History
v1.0 2006-04-10 - Some Typo correction
	 added some note
v0.95 2006-04-05 - Added a lot of Gambit Set Example
	added Esper Name and Zodiac
v0.9 2006-03-28 - Added Mist Cart Info
v0.8 2006-03-26- Some Mistakes correction
	added Full Spell Translation
v0.7 2006-03-24 - Revised Gambit Target List
	added Best Gambit Contest
v0.6 2006-03-23 - Revised Technique (waza) Translation
	added Gambit?? What is it?
v0.5 2006-03-19 - First release
Table of Content

I	Gambit?? What is it?
II	Gambit How to Use
III	Gambit Informations
IV	Abnormal Status
V	Spell Translation
VI	Technique (waza) Translation
VII	Most Interesting Gambit Configuration
	Other (Gambit Set Example)
VIII	Gambit Target List
IX	Mist?? What is it?
X	What is use for
XI	Mist Cart
XII	Mist Knack
XIII	Summon (Esper)
XIV	Legal

I	Gambit?? What is it?

Gambit is one of the most important feature of this game!
In few word, it's an Auto Action/Reaction System in Battle (it's you who
will built your party member's AI)
If you master this aspect of this game you will really really enjoy the
new battle system ADB (Active Dimension Battle)
Square/Enix made here a real great innovation in FF Battle process.
Sure you will probably be opposed to it at the begining but please give
a try at it, you will discover the great potential of this new way to
operate your party members.

Gambit moves the character "like a simple action instruction sheet"

Gambit is a simple action instruction sheet that inputs action of 
party members according to the situation "Do XX when YY is ZZ"
This system can automatically move ally by assembling the 
instruction in shape. 
By the way, being able to specify Gambit is only an action concerning 
the battle.

If perfect Gambit are united, the process will become only movement and
that's all !!???
Corresponding to various situations, combining two or more Gambit 
instructions is to set one action (Action) on one target (Condition) 
basically you will be able to fix simple action.
Finaly YEA on easy battle (field battle) they becomes OK only 
with the movement of left stick in most case.

The variation are infinite. First of all, let's collect Gambit.
You can buy the basis (Target) in town shop.

The Condition that specifies a target is necessary to unite Gambit,
you can buy them in town Gambit shop, etc. Because the shop menu 
increases as the story advances, let's diligently check them. 
It's also possible to obtain Gambit from Treasure on the field 
besides the shop. 

II	Gambit How to Use

1) Gambit Slot Acquisition > you have to use Licence Point on Licence 
	Bord in order to use Gambit Slot.
2) Choose Target > Gambit have 2 informations
	(Target (Who) and Action (What to do)).
3) Choose Action > Which Reaction you want to do.
4) Choose Order > In which order actions are make.
5) Gambit On > You can activate or desactivate Gambit.
6) Let s fight.

III	Gambit Informations

3 different types for "Target"

1 > 味方を対象とした条件 (Condition on ally) (In blue)
HP<XX%の味方 (Ally who have HP<XX%)
「(ステータス異常)」の味方 (Ally who have "(abnormal status)")
味方1人 (One ally)

2 > 敵を対象として条件 (Condition for the enemy) (In red)
リーダーの敵 (Leader's enemy)
「(属性)」に弱い敵 (Enemy weak to "(attribute)")
もしMP>=00%なら (In case of MP>=00%)

3 > 自分を対象として条件 (Condition for me) (In yellow)
HP<00%の自分 (My HP<00%)
自分自身 (Oneself)

Order is really important!!!

Example :
1 HP<50%の味方 >>> ケアル (If Ally's HP<50% you use Cure)
2 リーダーの敵 >>> たたかう (you fight Leader's enemy)
1 リーダーの敵 >>> たたかう
2 HP<50%の味方 >>> ケアル

In the first example if HP<50% you use Cure imediatly and after 
you fight Leader's enemy every time HP<50% is try during the battle.
In the second example you fight Leader's enemy and when is dead you 
verify if ally's HP<50%.
Be carefull with what you really want to do.

Gest members have Gambit active but you can't configure them, 
you can just active/desactive it.

1) Temporary Action effect setting.
When the effect cuts, it starts again automatically.
When using it on ally
	味方1人 >>> プロテス (When Protes effect stop cast it on ally)
				(or if Protes in not active)
	自分自身 >>> ライブラ (When Libra is not active oneself cast it)
When using it for enemy
	最も遠い敵 >>> スリプル (On the furthest enemy cast Sleep)
	最も魔力が高い敵 >>> サイレス (On enemy with the highest magic
					cast Silence)

2) Recovery Action setting.
Recovery Action are use according to Party member %HP value.
Let's use magic and item on the condition.
	HP<30%の味方 >>> ハイポーション (if ally's HP<30% use 
						High Potion)
	「沈黙」の自分 >>> やまびこ草 (If oneself is affected by Silence
					use やまびこ草)
	HP<40%の味方 >>> ケアルラ (if if ally's HP<40% cast Cure2)
	「沈黙」の自分 >>> ボキャル (If oneself is affected by Silence
					cast Vocal)
	「オイル」の味方 >>> あぶらとり紙 (If ally is affected by Oil
						use あぶらとり紙)

Abnormal Status that can't be recover with Magic.
オイル (Oil)
死に宣告 (Death Sentence)
ストップ (Stop)

3) Attack Action setting.
Let's concentrate attack on one enemy. 
	目の前の敵 >>> たたかう (Fight enemy in front of you)
	Other member
	リーダーの敵 >>> たたかう (Fight leader's enemy)
Let's change the setting according to the equipped arms characteristic.
	Remote attack arms
	目の前の敵 >>> たたかう (Fight enemy in front of you)
	Direct attack arms
	飛行のタイプの敵 >>> サンダラ (On flying enemy cast Thunder2)
	目の前の敵 >>> たたかう (Fight enemy in front of you)

4) Magic Action setting.
Let's cast according to enemy's type.
	「火」に弱い敵 >>> ファイラ (On weak to Fire enemy cast Fire2)
	「雷」に弱い敵 >>> サンダラ (On weak to Thunder enemy cast 
	「氷」に弱い敵 >>> ブリザラ (On weak to Ice enemy cast 

Treasure ! Best Gambit in order to make money.
	HP=100%の敵 >>> 盗む (On HP=100% enemy use Steal)
	「瀕死」の敵 >>> 密猟 (On dying enemy use Poaching)
	目の前の敵 >>> たたかう (Fight enemy in front of you)
	Other member
	リーダーの敵 >>> たたかう (Fight leader's enemy)

Obtain HIGH attack power!
The best Gambit for fighting Boss
	ヴァン >>> デコイ (On Vaan cast Decoy)
	ヴァン >>> リバース (On Vaan cast Reverse)
	ヴァン >>> ヘイスト (On Vaan cast Haste)
	ヴァン >>> ブレイブ (On Vaan cast Brave)

Now make your own configuration :)

Possibility are infinite !!!

----== Contest For those who want, send me your Best Gambit Configuration
	I will add it in this FAQ !! ==----

IV	Abnormal Status

We will see all abnormal status and how to recover from them.
You have to know this in order to properly use Gambit Reactions.
14 Status.

1 > Oil (The black drop) オイル
Effect : It is easy to ignite, high damage by fire.
Recover with : あぶらとり紙 (Resin paper)
2 > Virus (The black stain) ウイルス
Effect : The movement of the body is imperfect, HP cannot be recovered.
Recover with : ワクチン (Vaccine) or White Magic リブート (Reboot)
3 > Hard poison (The purple bottle) 猛毒
Effect : Physical strength decreases, it suffers at regular intervals.
Recover with : 毒消し (Antidote) or White Magic ポイゾナ (Poisona)
4 > Slipping (HP with red down arrow) スリップ
Effect : Physical strength decreases rapidly.
Recover with : White Magic リジェネ (Regen) or White Magic エスナ (Esuna)
5 > Stop (Red circle with cross in) ストップ
Effect : Time stop and you can not do anything.
Recover with : クロノスの涙 (Cronos Tears)
6 > Don't move (Shoe with red cross) ドンムブ
Effect : It is not possible to move.
Recover with : 万能薬 (Panacea) or White Magic エスナ (Esuna)
7 > Don't act (Hand with red cross) ドンアク
Effect : It is not possible to act.
Recover with : 万能薬 (Panacea) or White Magic エスナ (Esuna)
8 > Petrification (Rock) 石化中/石化
Effect : It is not possible to move.
Recover with : 金の針 (Gold Needle) or White Magic エスナ (Esuna)
9 > Death Sentence (Skull with counter) 死の宣告
Effect : When the count becomes 0 you die.
Recover with : 万能薬 (Panacea)
10 > Sleep (Zzz) 睡眠
Effect : It is not possible to operate, and to act.
Recover with : 目覚まし時計 (Alarm clock) or 万能薬 (Panacea) 
		or White Magic エスナ (Esuna)
11 > Confusion (Whirlpool) 混乱
Effect : You can not do distinction from enemy or ally.
	It is not possible to operate
Recover with : 気付け薬 (Restorative) or White Magic エスナ (Esuna)
12 > The saddle dark (Square wit h spiral in) くらやみ
Effect : You become enshrouded with dark, hit rate of arms attack
Recover with : 目薬 (Eye medicine) or 万能薬 (Panacea) or White Magic
		ブラナ (Blana) 
13 > Silence (buble with dot) 沈黙
Effect : The voice is sealed off, you can not use Magic.
Recover with : やまびこ草 (Echo Grass) or 万能薬 (Panacea) 
		or White Magic エスナ (Esuna)
14 > Slow (Clock with red down arrow) スロウ
Effect : The flow of time slow down, make Action take more time.
Recover with : Time Magic ヘイスト (Haste) 

V	Spell Translation 

You have to know them in order to properly use Gambit Reactions.

-= White Spell =-
ケアル (Cure) : Ally recover some HP.
ケアルラ (Cure2) : HP of the target within the range is recovered.
ケアルダ (Cure3) : HP of the target is greatly recovered. 
ケアルガ (Cure4) : HP of the target within the range is recovered.
フルケア (Full Cure) : All HP of the target within the range is recovered.
ポイゾナ (Poisona) : Hard poison status on one target is recovered.
ブラナ (Blana) : The saddle dark status on one target is recovered.
ボキャル (Vocal) : Silence status on one target is recovered.
ストナ (Stona) : Petrification status on one target is recovered.
リブート (Reboot) : Virus status on one target is recovered.
エスナ (Esuna) : Some abnormal status on one target are recovered.
エスナガ (Esunaga) : Some Abnormal status are recovered 
			on target within the range.
デスペル (Dispel) : Status of target enemy or ally are removed.
デスペガ (Dispel2) : Status of target enemy or ally within 
			the range are removed.
リジェネ (Regen) : HP of one target are recover gradually.
レイズ (Raise) : Death status on one target is recovered.
アレイズ (Araise) : Death status on one target is recovered with full HP.
ホーリー (Holy) : Deal Holy damage to one target.

-= Black Spell =-
ファイア (Fire) : Deal Fire damage to one target.
ファイラ (Fire2) : Deal Fire damage to target within the range.
ファイガ (Fire3) : Deal great Fire damage to target within the range.
サンダー (Thunder) : Deal Thunder damage to one target.
サンダラ (Thunder2) : Deal Thunder damage to target within the range.
サンダガ (Thunder3) : Deal great Thunder damage to target 
			within the range.
ブリザド (Blizzard) : Deal Blizzard damage to one target.
ブリザラ (Blizzard2) : Deal Blizzard damage to target within the range.
ブリザガ (Blizzard3) : Deal great Blizzard damage to target 
			within the range.
ウォータ (Water) : Deal Water damage to one target.
エアロ (Earo) : Deal Wind damage to target within the range.
エアロガ (Earo2) : Deal great Wind damage to target within the range.
バイオ (Baio) : Deal damage to target within the range, 
		and give Slipping Status.
クラウダ (Crowd) : Deal great damage to target within the range, 
		and give Slipping Status.
ショック (Shock) : Deal great damage to one target.
フレアー (Flare) : Deal maximum level damage to one target. 
アーダー (Harder) : Deal maximum level fire damage to one target.
コラプス (Collapse) : Deal maximum level damage to target within 
		the range.

-= Time Spell =-
ヘイスト (Haste) : Action speed up on one ally.
ヘイスガ (Haste2) : Action speed up on ally within the range.
スロウ (Slow) : Action speed down on one enemy.
スロウガ (Slow2) : Action speed down on enemy within the range.
ドンムブ (Don't move) : Enemy's movement within the range 
			is sealed off.
ドンアク (Don't act) : Enemy's action within the range is sealed off.
ストップ (Stop) : The flow of the time on one enemy is stopped.
リフレク (Reflect) : On one ally, reflect magic speel against caster.
リフレガ (Reflect2) : On one ally, reflect magic speel against target
			within the range
レビテガ (Levit) : Floatage movement on ally within the range.
ブレイク (Break) : After the fixed time, one enemy is petrified.
カウント (Count) : After the fixed time, targeted enemy's HP become 0.
バランス (Balance) : Deal caster amount of HP in damage on enemy 
			within the range.
バヒール (Bahel) : HP of one enemy rapidly decreased.
デジョン (Dezone) : Enemy within the range is erased and leave the area. 

-= Green Spell =-
プロテス (Protes) : "Defense" of one ally is improved.
プロテガ (Protes2) : "Defense" of ally within the range is improved.
シェル (Shell) : "Magic defense" of one ally is improved.
シェルガ (Shell2) : "Magic defense" of ally within the range is improved.
フェイス (Faith) : "Magic power" of one ally is improved.
ブレイブ (Brave) : "Attack power" of one ally is improved.
ブライン (Blind) : Action hit rate of one enemy is downed.
ブライガ (Blind2) : Action hit rate of enemy within the range is downed.
サイレス (Silence) : "Magic" on one enemy is sealed off.
サイレガ (Silence2) : "Magic" on enemy within the range is sealed off.
スリプル (Sleep) : Sleep Status on one enemy.
スリプガ (Sleep2) : Sleep Status on enemy within the range.
ポイズン (Poinson) : HP of one enemy decreased with the poison.
タクシク (Toxic) : HP of enemy within the range decreased with the poison.
オイル (Oil) : Fire attribute damage is improved on enemy
		within the range.

-= Hidden Spell =-
ダーク (Dark) : Deal Dark damage to one target.
ダーラ (Dark2) : Deal Dark damage to target within the range.
ダーガ (Dark3) : Deal great Dark damage to target within the range.
グラビデ (Gravity) : Deal Damage (1/4 of maximum HP enemy's) on enemy
			within the range.
グラビガ (Gravity2) : Deal Damage (1/2 of maximum HP enemy's) on enemy
			within the range.
リバース (Reverse) : Damage of one enemy and recovery effect are reversed
			on one target. 
バーサク (Berserk) : The target can only attack with arms.
コンフュ (Confuse) : Confusion Status on one enemy.
デコイ (Decoy) : Enemy will attack only the target.
デス (Death) : Target HP become 0.
バニシュ (Banish) : The appearance of one target is concealed.
バニシガ (Banish2) : The appearance of target within the range is
ドレイン (Drain) : HP is absorbed from one target.
アスピル (Aspir) : MP is absorbed from one target.
バブル (Bubble) : Target MAXHP is doubled.

VI	Technique (waza) Translation

盗む(ぬすむ) Item is stolen from the target.
ライブラ(らいぶら) It enters the state of Libra on 1 ally, and
it comes to understand enemy's HP and weak point attribute.
応急処置(おうきゅうしょち) On dying ally, some HP are recovered
密漁(みつりょう) Dying ememy is poached, and a special
item is obtained.
チャージ(ちゃうじ) Regain some MP if you success.
			Lose all MP if you fail.
時間攻撃(じかんこうげき) Deal damage within the range calculated
			in fonction of the played time in game.
暗黒(あんこく) Use your own HP in orther to damage enemy.
MPHP Use all MP, one ally's HP is changed with your MPx10
針千本(はりせんぼん) Deal 1000 damage regardless of the Defence
歩数攻撃(ほすうこうげき) Deal damage within the range calculated
			in fonction of the distance travelled in game.
攻撃破壊(こうげきはかい) "Strength" of one enemy is greatly decreases.
防御破壊(ぼうぎょはかい) "Defence" of one enemy is greatly decreases.
魔攻破壊(まこうはかい) "Magic attack power" of one enemy is greatly
魔防破壊(まぼうはかい) "Magic defense power" of one enemy is greatly
勧誘(かんゆう) One enemy is confused.
無作為魔(むさくいま) The black magic chosen at random on one enemy
			is executed.
蘇生(そせい) Use all HP, one dead ally is resurect with full HP.
銭投げ(せんなげ) Gil are thrown out on enemy within the range to deal
算術(さんじゅつ) The damage whenever continuously succeeding attack
貼付(てんぷ) One enemy status become the same as caster.
暗闇殺法(くらやみさっぽう) Deal damage only on enemy affected by 
			The saddle dark Status.
アキレス(あきれす) "Weak point attribute" is applied to one enemy.
肉斬骨断(にくざんほねだん) HP of one enemy in exchange with own HP.
遠隔攻撃(えんかくこうげき) Attack from place away with close type arms.

VII	Most Interesting Gambit Configuration

Begining of the game

Leader :
Here you will gain a lot of money by stealing item from monster
and seeling them in Shop. The best here is "Steal" skill.
1 HP=100%の敵 >>> 盗む (Steal if enemy's HP is 100%)
2 味方1人 >>> レイズ (use Raise on one dead ally)
3 HP<40%の味方 >>> ケアルラ (If ally's HP is < 40% use Cure2)
4 味方1人 >>> ボキャル (Use Vocal on one ally)
5 目の前の敵 >>> たたかう (Fight enemy in front of you)
6 自分自身 >>> ライブラ (Use oneself Libra)
At the begining you will steal enemy.
when HP<100% you stop this action (if there is other monster you will try
immediately on them) after all monster HP<100% you will engage battle
and verify after every strike on enemy if :
1 one of you party member is dead or not
2 if one ally HP<40%
3 if one ally have abnormal status Silence
and finaly after battle use Libra if Libra is not active

Member 2 :
For this character, it mainly thinks for recovering in emergency. 
1 味方1人 >>> 応急処置 (use Emergency Measure on ally)
2 HP<30%の味方 >>> ポーション (if ally's HP is < 30% use Potion)
3 残り>=10コなら味方へ >>> 目薬 (if you have equal or 
	more than 10 Eye medicine use it)
4 瀕死の敵 >>> 密猟 (On dying enemy use Poaching)
5 リーダーの敵 >>> たたかう (Fight leader's enemy)
6 HP<70%の味方 >>> ケアルラ (if ally's HP is < 70% use Cure2)

Member 3:
If leader miss stealing on monster this character will do it again
1 HP<60%の味方 >>> ケアル (if ally's HP is < 60% use Cure)
2 HP=100%の敵 >>> 盗む (Steal if enemy's HP is 100%)
3 HP<30%の味方 >>> ポーション (if ally's HP is < 30% use Potion)
4 残り>=10コなら味方へ >>> (if you have equal or 
	more than 10 Antidote use it)
5 味方1人 >>> レイズ (Use Raise on one dead ally)
6 リーダーの敵 >>> たたかう (Fight leader's enemy)

Midle game
After when you will have more Gambit slot and more Action.
(you will gain 2 other Slot after (use them as you want))

Leader :
The leader character assumes a heavy-armed character of 
the adjacent attack type.
1 HP=100%の敵 >>> 盗む
2 混乱の味方 >>> 気付け薬
3 味方1人 >>> アレイズ
4 HP<30%の味方 >>> ケアルガ
5 「ストップ」の味方 >>> クロノスの涙
6 「オイル」の味方 >>> あぶらとり紙
7 飛行タイプの敵 >>> ショック
8 最もHPが低い敵 >>> たたかう
9 味方1人 >>> レビテガ
10 自分自身 >>> ライブラ

Member 2 :
This member is specializes in the magic attack.
1 味方1人 >>> アレイズ
2 HP<40%の味方 >>> ケアルガ
3 リーダー >>> リバース
4 「火」に弱い敵 >>> ファイが
5 「氷」に弱い敵 >>> ブリザが
6 「雷」に弱い敵 >>> サンダが
7 「風」に弱い敵 >>> エアロが
8 「聖」に弱い敵 >>> ホーリー
9 リーダーの敵 >>> たたかう
10 味方1人 >>> プロテガ

Member 3 :
This member has a supporting role that does mainly 
treatment and recovery. 
1 MP<10%の自分 >>> エーテル
2 味方1人 >>> アレイズ
3 HP<20%の味方 >>> エクスポーション
4 「ウィルス」の味方 >>> ワクチン
5 「死の宣告」の味方 >>> 万能薬
6 「スロウ」の味方 >>> ヘイスト
7 味方1人 >>> エスナガ
8 もし「くらやみ」なら >>> 暗闇殺法
9 リーダーの敵 >>> たたかう
10 味方1人 >>> シェルガ


Know Enemy Info !
自分自身 >>> ライブラ

How to use チャージ(Charge) !
MP<10% >>> チャージ
もし自分がMP10%以下なら >>> チャージ

How to use 暗闇殺法 !
もし[くらやみ]なら >>> 暗闇殺法
見方一人 >>> ブライン

Spirit of Dead Killer
氷に弱い敵 >>> ブリザガ
雷に弱い敵 >>> サンダガ
聖に弱い敵 >>> ホーリー

The first 7 Slot
「戦闘不能」の味方 >>> アレイズ 
HP60%or50%or40%以下の味方 >>> ケアルダ
味方一人 >>> エスナ
味方一人 >>> 万能薬
「スリップ」の味方 >>> リジェネ
「スロウ」の味方 >>> ヘイスト
If someone die, revive him immediately
Use ケアルダ as you want
Abnormal status use エスナ if it doesn t work use 万能薬
and for スリップ and スロウ use spell

Leader Set
HP<30%の味方 >>> ケアルガ
味方一人 >>> アレイズ
味方一人 >>> エスナ
ストップの味方 >>> クロノスの涙
味方一人 >>> ヘイスト
味方一人 >>> プロテガ
味方一人 >>> ブレイブ
MP<10%の自分 >>> チャージ
飛行タイプ >>> 遠隔攻撃
目の前の敵 >>> たたかう
自分自身 >>> ライブラ
味方一人 >>> リジェネ

Soldier Set
味方一人 >>> フェニックスの尾(orレイズorアレイズ)
HP<40%の味方 >>> ケアルガ
リーダー >>> デコイ(if Leader this will be off)
味方一人 >>> 万能薬
もしMP<50%なら >>> アスピル
HP=100%の敵 >>> 盗む(if Leader this will be off)
飛行タイプの敵 >>> 遠隔攻撃
もっともHPが低い敵 >>> たたかう
自分自身 >>> リジェネ
自分自身 >>> ライブラ
2 slot as you want

Spell Caster Set
MP<10% >>> チャージ
HP30%以下 >>> ケアルガ
戦闘不能 >>> アレイズ
リフレクの敵 >>> デスペガ
アンデッド >>> ケアルガ
飛行タイプの敵 >>> ショック or バイオ
氷弱点 >>> ブリザラ
炎弱点 >>> ファイラ
雷弱点 >>> サンダラ
風弱点 >>> エアロガ
聖弱点 >>> ホーリー
リーダーの敵 >>> ショック or バイオ

Spell Caster Set 2 (Leader Support)
味方一人 >>> フェニックスの尾(orレイズorアレイズ)
HP<40%の味方 >>> ケアルガ
HP<80%の味方 >>> ケアルラ
味方一人 >>> 万能薬
リーダー >>> デコイ
リーダー >>> バブル
リーダー >>> ヘイスト
リーダー >>> ブレイブ
リフレクの敵 >>> ディスペル
アンデットの敵 >>> ケアルガ
もしMP<50%なら >>> アスピル
目の前の敵 >>> バイオ(or臨機応変or範囲攻撃)

Spell Caster Enemy Weak Point Set
自分自身 バマジク
もしMP<30%なら >>> アスピル
「火」に弱い敵 >>> ファイガ
「雷」に弱い敵 >>> サンダガ
「氷」に弱い敵 >>> ブリザガ
「水」に弱い敵 >>> ウォタガ
「風」に弱い敵 >>> エアロガ
「聖」に弱い敵 >>> ホーリー
「闇」に弱い敵 >>> ダーガ
アンデットの敵 >>> ケアルガ
飛行タイプの敵 >>> 針千本
敵1体 >>> アキレス
If there is no weak point use アキレス!

Full Set
味方一人 アレイズ
HP<40%の味方 ケアルガ
味方一人 シェルガ
味方一人 リブート
味方一人 クロノスの涙
味方一人 ブレイブ
目の前の敵 盗む
飛空タイプの敵 コラプス
HP<5000の敵 たたかう 
HP<10000の敵 たたかう
最もレベルの高い敵 たたかう
味方一人 エスナガ

Member 2
味方一人 アレイズ
HP<40%の味方 ケアルガ
味方一人 プロテガ
味方一人 クロノスの涙
味方一人 エスナガ
味方一人 ブレイブ
リーダーの敵 盗む
飛空タイプの敵 コラプス
リーダーの敵 たたかう
HP<5000の敵 たたかう
HP<10000の敵 たたかう
最もレベルの高い敵 たたかう

Member 3
味方一人 アレイズ
HP<40%の味方 ケアルガ
味方一人 ヘイスガ
味方一人 リブート
味方一人 エスナガ
味方一人 ブレイブ
リーダーの敵 盗む
飛空タイプの敵 コラプス
リーダーの敵 たたかう
HP<5000の敵 たたかう
HP<10000の敵 たたかう
最もレベルの高い敵 たたかう

How it works :
If someone die, revive him immediately
When HP decreases below the half, it s recovered soon
All party member have always シェル プロテス ヘイスト
ウイルス ストップ and some other abnormality are immediately released
All party member have ブレイブ
For flying monster use コラプス

VIII	Gambit Target List

-= Target Ally (Blue) =-
味方1人 On one ally
リーダー Leader
ヴァン On Vaan
アーシェ On Ashe
フラン On Fran
バルフレア On Balflear
バッシュ On Basch
パンネロ On Penelo
最もHPが低い味方 Ally who have the lowest HP
最も武器の強い味方 Ally with the strongest arms
最も物理防御低い味方 Ally with the lowest Physical defense
最も魔法防御低い味方 Ally with the lowest Magic defence
HP<100%の味方 Ally who have HP<100%
HP<90%の味方 Ally who have HP<90%
HP<80%の味方 Ally who have HP<80%
HP<70%の味方 Ally who have HP<70%
HP<60%の味方 Ally who have HP<60%
HP<50%の味方 Ally who have HP<50%
HP<40%の味方 Ally who have HP<40%
HP<30%の味方 Ally who have HP<30%
HP<20%の味方 Ally who have HP<20%
HP<10%の味方 Ally who have HP<10%
MP<100%の味方 Ally who have MP<100%
MP<90%の味方 Ally who have MP<90%
MP<80%の味方 Ally who have MP<80%
MP<70%の味方 Ally who have MP<70%
MP<60%の味方 Ally who have MP<60%
MP<50%の味方 Ally who have MP<50%
MP<40%の味方 Ally who have MP<40%
MP<30%の味方 Ally who have MP<30%
MP<20%の味方 Ally who have MP<20%
MP<10%の味方 Ally who have MP<10%
戦闘不能の味方 Ally who cannot combat
石化の味方 Ally who have Petrifaction Status
石化中の味方 Ally who have Petrifaction Status
ストップの味方 Ally with Stop Status
睡眠の味方 Ally with Sleep Status
混乱の味方 Ally with Confuse Status
死の宣告の味方 Ally with Death Sentense Status
くらやみの味方 Ally with The saddle dark Status
猛毒の味方 Ally with Hard Poison Status
沈黙の味方 Ally with Silence Status
スリップの味方 Ally with Slipping Status
オイルの味方 Ally with Oil Status
逆転の味方 Ally with Reversal Status
ドンアクの味方 Ally with Don't act Status
ドンムフの味方 Ally with Don't move Status
スロウの味方 Ally with Slow Status
ウイルスの味方 Ally with Virus Status
おとりの味方 Ally with Decoy Status
プロテスの味方 Ally with Protes Status
シェルの味方 Ally with Shell Status
へイストの味方 Ally with Haste Status
ブレイブの味方 Ally with Brave Status
フェイスの味方 Ally with Faith Status
リフレクの味方 Ally with Reflect Status
透明の味方 Ally with Transparency Status
リジャネの味方 Ally with Regen Status
浮遊の味方 Ally with Float Status
狂戦士の味方 Ally with Berserker Status
バブルの味方 Ally with Bubble Status
瀕死の味方 On Dying ally
残り≧10コなら味方へ If you have more than 10 of .. use it on ally

-= Target Enemy (Red) =-
リーダーの敵 leader's enemy
目の前の敵 Enemy in front of you
敵1体 On one enemy
リーダーを狙う敵 Enemy who aims at leader
自分を狙う敵 Enemy who aims at me
味方を狙う敵 Enemy who aims at ally
最も遠い敵 The furthest enemy
最も近い敵 The nearest enemy
最もHPが高い敵 Enemy that HP is the highest
最もHPが低い敵 Enemy that HP is the lowest
HPMAXが高い敵 Enemy that HPMAX the highest
HPMAXが低い敵 Enemy that HPMAX is the lowest
MPが高い敵 Enemy that MP is the highest
MPが低い敵 Enemy that MP is the lowest
最もレベルが高い敵 Enemy with the highest level
最もレベルが低い敵 Enemy with the lowest level
最も力が高い敵 Enemy with the highest power
最も力が低い敵 Enemy with the lowest power
最も魔力が高い敵 Enemy with the highest magic
最も魔力が低い敵 Enemy with the lowest magic
最もスピードが高い敵 Enemy with the highest speed
最もスピードが低い敵 Enemy with the lowest speed
最も物理防御が高い敵 Enemy with the highest physical defense
最も魔法防御が高い敵 Enemy with the highest magical defense
HP≧100000の敵 Enemy with HP≧100000
HP≧50000の敵 Enemy with HP≧50000
HP≧10000の敵 Enemy with HP≧10000
HP≧5000の敵 Enemy with HP≧5000
HP≧3000の敵 Enemy with HP≧3000
HP≧2000の敵 Enemy with HP≧2000
HP≧1000の敵 Enemy with HP≧1000
HP≧500の敵 Enemy with HP≧500
HP<100000の敵 Enemy with HP<100000
HP<50000の敵 Enemy with HP<50000
HP<10000の敵 Enemy with HP<10000
HP<5000の敵 Enemy with HP<5000
HP<3000の敵 Enemy with HP<3000
HP<2000の敵 Enemy with HP<2000
HP<1000の敵 Enemy with HP<1000
HP<500の敵 Enemy with HP<500
HP=100%の敵 Enemy with HP=100%
HP≧70%の敵 Enemy with HP≧70%
HP≧50%の敵 Enemy with HP≧50%
HP≧30%の敵 Enemy with HP≧30%
石化中の敵 Enemy with Petrifaction Status
ストップの敵 Enemy with Stop Status
睡眠の敵 Enemy with Sleep Status
混乱の敵 Enemy with Confusion Status
死の宣告の敵 Enemy with Death Sentence Status
くらやみの敵 Enemy with The saddle dark Status
猛毒の敵 Enemy with Hard Poison Status
沈黙の敵 Enemy with Silence Status
スリップの敵 Enemy with Sleep Status
オイルの敵 Enemy with Oil Status
逆転の敵 Enemy with Reversal Status
ドンアクの敵 Enemy with Don't Act Status
ドンムフの敵 Enemy with Don't Move Status
スロウの敵 Enemy with Slow Status
ウイルスの敵 Enemy with Virus Status
プロテスの敵 Enemy with Protes Status
シェルの敵 Enemy with Shell Status
ヘイストの敵 Enemy with Haste Status
ブレイブの敵 Enemy with Brave Status
フェイスの敵 Enemy with Faith Status
リフレクの敵 Enemy with Reflect Status
リジェネの敵 Enemy with Regen Status
狂戦士の敵 Enemy with Berserker Status
瀕死の敵 Dying enemy
「火」に弱い敵 Weak to Fire enemy
「雷」に弱い敵 Weak to Thunder enemy
「氷」に弱い敵 Weak to Ice enemy
「土」に弱い敵 Weak to Earth enemy
「水」に弱い敵 Weak to Water enemy
「風」に弱い敵 Weak to Wind enemy
「聖」に弱い敵 Weak to Holy enemy
「闇」に弱い敵 Weak to Dark enemy
「火」を吸収しない敵 Enemy who doesn't absorb Fire
「雷」を吸収しない敵 Enemy who doesn't absorb Thunder
「氷」を吸収しない敵 Enemy who doesn't absorb Ice
「土」を吸収しない敵 Enemy who doesn't absorb Earth
「水」を吸収しない敵 Enemy who doesn't absorb Water
「風」を吸収しない敵 Enemy who doesn't absorb Wind
「聖」を吸収しない敵 Enemy who doesn't absorb Holy
「闇」を吸収しない敵 Enemy who doesn't absorb Dark
アンデッドの敵 Undead enemy
飛行タイプの敵 flying enemy
もしHP=100%なら If HP=100%

Note :
If XX is realized on me them do an action on enemy.

残り≧10コなら敵へ If you have more than 10 of .. use it on enemy
もしくらやみなら If The saddle dark Status
もし沈黙なら If Silence Status
もしブレイブなら If Brave Status
もしフェイスなら If Faith Status
もし瀕死なら If Dying
もしMP≧90%なら In case of MP≧90%
もしMP≧70%なら In case of MP≧70%
もしMP≧50%なら In case of MP≧50%
もしMP≧30%なら In case of MP≧30%
もしMP≧10%なら In case of MP≧10%
もしMP<90%なら In case of MP<90%
もしMP<70%なら In case of MP<70%
もしMP<50%なら In case of MP<50%
もしMP<30%なら In case of MP<30%
もしMP<10%なら In case of MP<10%
もしHP≧90%なら In case of HP≧90%
もしHP≧70%なら In case of HP≧70%
もしHP≧50%なら In case of HP≧50%
もしHP≧30%なら In case of HP≧30%
もしHP≧10%なら In case of HP≧10%
HP<90%なら In case of HP<90%
HP<70%なら In case of HP<70%
HP<50%なら In case of HP<50%
HP<30%なら In case of HP<30%
HP<10%なら In case of HP<10%

-= Target Oneself (Yellow) =-
自分自身 Oneself
HP<100%の自分 Oneself HP<100%
HP<90%の自分 Oneself HP<90%
HP<80%の自分 Oneself HP<80%
HP<70%の自分 Oneself HP<70%
HP<60%の自分 Oneself HP<60%
HP<50%の自分 Oneself HP<50%
HP<40%の自分 Oneself HP<40%
HP<30%の自分 Oneself HP<30%
HP<20%の自分 Oneself HP<20%
HP<10%の自分 Oneself HP<10%
MP<100%の自分 Oneself MP<100%
MP<90%の自分 Oneself MP<100%
MP<80%の自分 Oneself MP<90%
MP<70%の自分 Oneself MP<80%
MP<60%の自分 Oneself MP<70%
MP<50%の自分 Oneself MP<60%
MP<40%の自分 Oneself MP<50%
MP<30%の自分 Oneself MP<40%
MP<20%の自分 Oneself MP<30%
MP<10%の自分 Oneself MP<20%
石化中の自分 Oneself with Petrifaction Status
ストップの自分 Oneself with Stop Status
睡眠の自分 Oneself with Sleep Status
混乱の自分 Oneself Confusion Status
死の宣告の自分 Oneself with Death Sentence Status
くらやみの自分 Oneself with The saddle dark Status
猛毒の自分 Oneself with Hard Poison Status
沈黙の自分 Oneself with Silence Status
スリップの自分 Oneself with Sleep Status
オイルの自分 Oneself with Oil Status
逆転の自分 Oneself with Reversal Status
ドンアクの自分 Oneself with Don't Act Status
ドンムフの自分 Oneself with Don't Move Status
スロウの自分 Oneself with Slow Status
ウイルスの自分 Oneself with Virus Status
おとりの自分 Oneself with Decoy Status
プロテスの自分 Oneself with Protes Status
シェルの自分 Oneself with Shell Status
ヘイストの自分 Oneself with Haste Status
ブレイブの自分 Oneself with Brave Status
フェイスの自分 Oneself with Faith Status
リフレクの自分 Oneself with Reflect Status
透明の自分 Oneself with Transparency Status
リジェネの自分 Oneself with Regen Status
浮遊の自分 Oneself with Float Status
バブルの自分 Oneself with Bubble Status
瀕死の自分 oneself Dying

I	Mist?? What is it?

Generic name of mysterious power to be unevenly distributed in Ivalice.
Come from Magicite and can be use to cast spell and Esper.
It is said that the Viera family can feel it.
In the game Mist is related to 
MP(Mist Point) - Mist Cart - Mist Cartridge - Mist Knack

II	What is use for

In order to cast Spell you have to use MP (Mist Point) but in the 
begining of the game you don't have a lot of MP so how can we do for
improving them !??

Mist Cartridge!!

III	Mist Cart ミストカート

Mist Cart is the generic name for the special technique that you can use
with Mist Cartridge : Mist Knack(ミストナック) and Summon(召喚)

Mist Cartridge ミストカートリッジ
In order to use Mist Knack or Summon, it's the gauge that you need.
In the begining of the game you have 1 gauge or 1 Cartridge.
With 1 Cartridge you can use Level 1 Mist Knack
With 2 Cartridge you can use Level 2 Mist Knack
With 3 Cartridge you can use Level 3 Mist Knack
The same thing with Summon : Some Summon need 1, 2 or 3 Cartridge!
Depending on the Summon power.

How can i improve my Cartridge number??
You just have to acquire Mist Knack on Licence Board (Max 3)
This will increase your MP!!
Example your MAXMP is 100 with 1 cartridge
with 2 it will be 200 and with 3 300 (each cartridge = 100MP)
IV	Mist Knack ミストナック

Mist Knack is the same thing that Limit Break or Over Drive etc.
It's party member's Killer Shot(必殺技)

Mist Knack List :
Vaan Lv1	レッドスパイラル (Red Spiral)
Vaan Lv2	ディープハザード (Deep Hazard)
Vaan Lv3	メルトクリムゾン (Melt Crimson)
Ashe Lv1	北斗骨砕斬 (The Great Bear Bone Crush Up Killer)
Ashe Lv2	聖光爆裂斬 (Holy Light Rupture Killer)
Ashe Lv3	天鼓雷音稲妻斬 (Sky Tsuzumi Thunder and Lightning Killer)
Balflear Lv1	略奪のコンパス (Plunder's Compass)
Balflear Lv2	宿命のボルトラン (Bolt Orchis's Fate)
Balflear Lv3	謀逆のアスペクト (Opposite Aspect Scheme)
Fran Lv1	乱命割殺掌 (Rebellion Order Divide Kill Palm)
Fran Lv2	強甲破点蹴 (Strong Instep Break Point Kick)
Fran Lv3	破撃氷狼波 (Wolf Ice Break Blow Wave)
Penelo Lv1	生殺与奪 (The power of Life and Death)
Penelo Lv2	雲散霧消 (Vanish)
Penelo Lv3	山紫水明 (Scenic Beauty)
Basch Lv1	闇と暗黒の衝撃 (The Dark and Darkness Impact)
Basch Lv2	紛れ無き終焉 (End Without Diverting)
Basch Lv3	百鬼・烈日の破邪 (100 Demons-Dazzling Haja)
Translation info :
Ashe : 斬 is in fact kill with a katana.
	Tsuzumi is a kind of small shoulder drum which they tap with 
	the finger tips.
Penelo Lv1 can be translate in The Right of Life or Death.
Bash : 破邪(Haja) is 誤った見解を打ち破ること (Break a wrong opinion)

How it works ?
When you learn Mist Knack on Licence Board you will gain 1 Mist Cartridge.
You can learn 3 different Mist Knack attack (Lv1, 2 and 3)
In battle if you use Mist Knack, Mist Knack Lv1 will erase 1 cartridge,
Lv2 will erase 2 cartridge and Lv3 will erase 3 cartridge.

About cooperation
When you enter in Mist Knack Mode an Time Gauge will appear and with other
party member you will be able to perform Combo in limited time.
△ヴァン   レッドスパイラル  (△ Vaan  Mist Knack Lv1)
・バルフレア 略奪のコンパス  (・ Balflear  Mist Knack Lv1)
×アーシェ  北斗骨砕斬  (× Ashe  Mist Knack Lv1)
You have to push the correct button to perform other member Mist Knack.
Other party member's Mist Knack are choose at random.
When you have used all party member's Mist Cartridge, with some luck 
button will appear anyway, this time push it and the shuffle will begin, 
press it again and a Mist Knack attack will be chossen at random (this 
time you have reloaded your Mist Cartridge for this member (if you perform 
a Mist Knack Lv1, you still have 2 Cartridge))

But you will not be lucky forever! when you can do nothing you can Shuffle 
Cartridge with R2 button, pursue  your Mist Knack combo. 
Stay on R2 and at random one member will be able to perform again an Mist 
Knack but it's really fast, you have to push the correct button when it 
appears in front of his name!!
So here what you have to do is to push all button really fast!

The more you will use R2 (Shuffle Cartridge), the more the time gauge
will decrease rapidly and finaly you will not have time to choose an
new Mist Knack attack.

So to sum up how do i use Mist Knack
1) Quick press button!!
2) Do not overlook cartridge!!
3) If you can not do nothing Shuffle with R2 and press all button FAST!
4) With luck you will perform a great combo!

And finally you will perform an end special move!! 
United Technique (融合技)
Depending on which Mist Knack you have performed
List :
Mist Knack Lv1 x3 = 炎のインフェルノ (Inferno Flame)
Mist Knack Lv1 x7 = 土のカタクラズム (Earth Cataclysm)
Mist Knack Lv2 x5 = 風のラプチャー (Wind Rupture)
Mist Knack Lv3 x5 = ホワイトアウト (White Out)
Mist Knack Lv1 x2 and Lv2 x3 = 水のイラプション (Water Irruption)
Mist Knack Lv1 x2 and Lv2 x2 and Lv3 x2 = アークブラスト (Arc Blast)
Mist Knack Lv1 x3 and Lv2 x3 and Lv3 x3 = ルネッサンス (Illumination)
Mist Knack Lv1 x4 and Lv2 x4 and Lv3 x4 = ブラックホール (Black Hole)

V	Summon (Esper)

The summons beast becomes Crystal after you defeated them and you can 
receive the summons license from them in order to use them in Battle.


1) Only One member can acquire Summon beast Licence!
if Vaan shoose one, other will not be able to learn it.
2) In order to summon beast you need to use Mist Cartridge.
3) Amount of used Mist Cartridge depending on Beast's level.
4) Summons time is decided by the maximum value of MP.
5) When you summon them only the caster and the beast will fight
	other party member will leave the area.
6) The beast will fight until the time end or if you or he die in battle.
7) Each Esper has a Special Finishing Spell

There is 13 Esper
Name and Zodiac
炎の魔人ベリアス Flame Sorcerer Belias - Aries
背徳の皇帝マティウス Emperor of Immorality Mateus - Pisces
密告者シュミハザ Informer Shumihaza - Sagittarius
統制者ハシュマリム Regulater Hashmarim - Leo
暗黒の雲ファムフリート Darkness Cloud Famfrit - Aquarius
憤怒の霊帝アドラメレク Spirit of Indignation Adramelech - Capricorn
不浄王キュクレイン Dirty king Cuchulainn (Queklain) - Scorpio
審判の霊樹エクスデス Spirit of Judgment Exodus/Ex-death - Libra 
死の天使ザルエラ Death Angel Zelhera (Zarela) - Gemini
断罪の暴君ゼロムス Tyrant of Conviction Zeromus - Cancer
輪廻王カオス Metempsychosis King Chaos - Taurus
戒律王ゾディアーク Canon King Zodiac - Zodiac
聖天使アルテマ Holy Angel Ultima - Virgo

Esper Finishing Spell how can i perform them ?

Just wait for time out : 
Adramelech, Belias, Chaos, Cuchulainn, Famfrit, Mateus, Shumihaza, Zeromus
Enemy has <= 1/4 remaining HP : 
Zalhera (credit to Dragoonend @ gamefaqs)
Abnormal status on Summon (tried Don't Move) : 
Exodus (credit to Dragoonend @ gamefaqs)
Summoner in near death situation (red HP) : 
Summoner and Summon both in near death situation (red HP) : 
Ultima (credit to valfarreh @ gamer.com.tw)
Summoner in petrifying condition : 
Zodiac (credit to ultimate @ gamer.com.tw)

IX	Legal

Please do not copy or reproduce this document without my consent. I would
be more than happy for you to put this on your website, as long as I am
being given full credit for it, but please e-mail me at kilz3m@gmail.com
before doing so. Thank you.

If you notice any errors in my guide or have any additional information you
would like to send in, then please e-mail me . Please leave a name you
would like to go by, for if I add any info you send in to the next version
then I'll have to give you credit!

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