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FAQ/Walkthrough by EChang

Version: 1.7 | Updated: 05/05/06

   by Edward Chang (chang dot 459 at osu dot edu)
v1.7 (5-5-06)

Revision History
v1.7 (5-5-06)
   Minor corrections throughout. As most of the important stuff is
   covered, further updates of this guide will be on hold until the
   release of the official guidebook, which should round out the
   guide with correct information.
v1.6 (4-18-06)
   Some more writeup completed.
v1.5 (4-11-06)
   Completed writeup for most of the Mob Hunts.
v1.4 (4-9-06)
   Fixed typos, some details added to the FAQs.
v1.3 (4-2-06)
   Path to Altima complete. Revisions and corrections throughout.
v1.2 (3-30-06)
   Completed Summons part of sidequests, added Frequently Asked
   Questions section, revised and corrected typos throughout.
v1.1 (3-28-06)
   Added a complete list of mob hunts, more details to follow. Started
   sidequests, beginning with how to get some of the optional summons.
v1.00 (3-26-06)
   Main walkthrough complete! Sidequests and mob hunts will begin starting
   with the next revision.
v0.70 (3-25-06)
   Walkthrough continued.
v0.65 (3-24-06)
   Added equipment list, starting with the accessories since those have
   the most non-obvious effects. Some walkthrough added.
v0.60 (3-22-06)
   Walkthrough continued, some revisions to the gameplay section.
v0.55 (3-20-06)
   Walkthrough started.
v0.5 (3-18-06)
   First version. Game basics and magic/skills list completed.

1. Introduction
2. Gameplay Basics
   Mob Hunts
3. Walkthrough
4. Sidequests
5. Mob Hunts
6. Magic/Skills List
7. Equipment List
8. Frequently Asked Questions
9. Credits


This is walkthrough/FAQ for the PS2 RPG, Final Fantasy XII. This is of 
course the latest entry in Squaresoft's long-running franchise. FFXII 
ditches the turn-based combat from the FFs previous to XI and adopts much 
of XI's game system, despite not being an MMORPG. The seamlessness between 
movement and battle, mob hunts, and so on all give FFXII a very MMORPG-ish 
feel. Nevertheless, it is a console RPG in the fullest sense, with a plot 
packed with political intrigue.

Unfortunately I do not have the time (being in med school) to do a full
translation of the plot/story as I have done in some of my previous FAQs;
therefore this FAQ will be plot spoiler-free. It WILL go into full detail
on the game system and how to progress in the story; my goal is to make
it so that even somebody who understands minimal Japanese will be able to
play through the game (even if they don't understand the plot).

This FAQ makes use of SJIS encoding in order to display Japanese
characters. I included this feature so that if you do not know
Japanese, you can easily match up the characters on your TV screen
to the characters in this guide. You will need to have support for
viewing Japanese characters on your computer, however. Newer versions
of Windows should have it built in, though you may have to install some
new files from your Windows Install CD; otherwise, you'll either need to
get a program like NJStar Communicator, or you'll need to get 
Japanese character support for Internet Explorer and open this file 
in IE instead of Notepad/Wordpad.

The only website authorized to post this FAQ is www.gamefaqs.com. If
you see this document elsewhere, not only are they posting without my
permission, but they likely do not have the most current version of
this FAQ. Emails to me asking questions already answered in the FAQ,
even if the answers are not in the version you are reading, will be
deleted without response.


T means Triangle; S means Square

Town Fields
Left Stick - Movement
Right Stick - Move Camera
O - Accept, Talk, Read Sign
X - Cancel
T - Menu, Conversation Log (while talking), Page Up/Down (with
    directional pad)
S - Talk, Read Sign
L1/R1 - Page Left/Right
L2/R2 - Zoom In/Out
R3 - Reset Camera
Start - Pause
Select - Open Map

Battle Fields
Left Stick - Movement
Right Stick - Move Camera
Left/Right - Select Free Target
Up/Down - Select Leader Character
O - Battle Menu, Accept, Read Sign
X - Cancel
T - Menu
S - Battle Menu
L1/R1 - Change Target Group (i.e. switch between enemies and party members)
L2 - Lock-on to target
R2 - Escape Mode
R3 - Reset Camera
Start - Pause
Select - Open Map

Pressing T brings up the main menu. You'll see your party members along with
any guests currently in your party; a display also shows your Gil in the lower
left and your current points and playtime in the lower right. The choices
in the menu are as follows. You will not have access to all of these right
バトルメンバー - Battle Member
ステータス - Status
装備 - Equip
ライセンス - License
ガンビット - Gambit
ワールドマップ - World Map
所持品リスト - Inventory
クランレポート - Clan Report
コンフィグ - Config

By choosing Battle Member you can choose which three members of your party
to have active. Simply highlight the characters you want to switch in and
out and press O. The characters switched to the left are active, while those
to the right are reserve. At various points in the game you might also have
guest party members; these do not count against your total of 3, and you can't
remove them anyway. You may choose your party members at any time, even while
fighting (except that a currently targeted party member cannot be taken out),
so for instance you can immediately replace a dead party member with somebody
in the reserve if you so wish.

Status gives you a rundown of your character's stats. The main display at the
top shows that character's current and max HP and MP, current LP (license
points), experience, and how much experience needed to get to the next level.
The big area below this shows what status effects, if any, are currently
active on that character. Off to the right is a list of your character's
attributes, namely Attack (攻撃), Defense (防御), Magic Defense (魔法防御),
Evade (回避), Magic Evade (魔法回避), Strength (ちから), Magic Power (魔力),
Vitality (活力), and Speed (スピード). Most of these are self-explanatory; of
note is that Strength, Magic Power, Vitality, and Speed are innate attributes
that go up with levels or certain spots on the License Board. Also, some
weapons draw their attack power based on Magic Power, Vitality, or Speed
instead of Strength.

Equip allows you to change your characters equipment. The four choices under
this heading are Equip (装備), Remove (はずす), Remove All (すべてはずす), 
and Strongest (最強装備). You can use L1 and R1 to switch between characters.
Upon selecting equip, you can choose which slot (weapon, offhand, head,
body, and accessory) to change. You'll then be given a list of the equipment
you have. Equipment that that character has the proper license to equip
is shown in white. You can also see, via the colored dots, who currently
has what equipped. Gray circles in this chart means that character can equip
that item. While highlighting any item, you'll see how it would affect your
stats off to the left. Blue numbers indicate increases, while red numbers
indicate decreases. While weapons are being selected, you may also use L1/R1
to switch between single-handed, double-handed, and ranged weapons.

License will show you each character's license boards. The License Board is
the fundamental ability system in FFXII. See below for more details on the
license system. For now, highlighting a square and pressing O will allow
you to see precisely what equipment/spells/techniques are governed by that
license. If you have those things already, the name will be in white;
otherwise it will be grey. To learn a license, press O again while the
description is up. Then choose the first option (yes) to spend the points
and learn the license.

Gambit allows you to set each character's battle tactics. These are a set
of conditions that allows you to adjust, in minute detail, how the AI
acts. With the cursor and O buttons you can choose trigger conditions, 
actions, and change the priority of each Gambit condition. Again, see
below for more detail.

World Map brings up the world map. Picking a location on the map brings up
a list of subareas, from which you can see more detailed area maps of each
region. You can easily see how all of the zones are connected here.

Inventory shows you a list of your current posessions, categorized from
top to bottom as Key Items, Treasure, Magic/Skills, Item, Weapon,
Ammunition, Armor, and Accessory. With Magic/Skills and the equipment,
you can see a character chart telling you which of your characters are
currently capable of using that skill, or which of your characters has
which items equipped.

Clan Report functions as a sort of monster information center. You can see
your current Clan Rank and number of points at the bottom. Defeating
monsters increases your points, and as you accumulate points your rank
goes up. The four choices on this list are Mob List (モブリスト), Hunt 
Catalog (ハントカタログ), Pirate's Hideaway (空賊の隠れ家), and Adventure 
Hints (冒険のヒント). Mob List shows your current Mob Hunts (bounties);
press O to bring up detailed information on each monster. Pressing S
on a uncompleted monster brings up a map that shows you where the bounty
client is. Hunt Catalog shows you a list of all the monsters you've
encountered so far. Initially you only get a page of info on each monster,
but as you kill more and more of the same monster (indicated by the Next
column) you'll get an expanded info page. The monsters are categorized by
type. The Pirate's Hideaway just shows you little SD characters that
represent various achievements in the game. For instance, Stealing
successfully 50 times causes a small SD Van to show up here. Finally,
Adventure Hints is a comprehensive help guide to the game.

Finally, Config allows you to adjust the game settings. The first option
allows you to choose between Wait (time doesn't pass while the menu is
open) and Active (time passes anyway if the menu is open) modes. The
second option adjusts the speed of battle. The third option is whether
to show the target lines (on and off), and the fourth is whether to
remember the cursor position everytime you open the menu (remember and
forget). Under the System category, your options are Controller Vibration,
Screen Vibration, Subtitles, and Flicker Fliter (AKA anti-aliasing), all
of which are on/off choices. There is also a Sound option (Prologic II,
Stereo, and Monaural), and the last option in this category allows you
to adjust the screen's position. The last option here is to return everything
to default settings.

Virtually everything in the game, including the items you can equip, are 
governed by licenses. Generally speaking, you spend the license points that 
you earn by defeating monsters in order to unlock more abilities on the 
license board. For instance, Fran starts out with Bow 1, which gives her 
the ability to equip Short Bows and Silver Bows. Basch doesn't, so initially 
he cannot. However, if he spends 20 LP to learn it, he'll be able to do so. 
Likewise, armor and accessories cannot be equipped until the appropriate 
license is learned; each category also has specific levels. For instance, 
a character can equip Bronze Armor if he knows Heavy Armor 1, but he cannot 
equip Iron Armor until he learns Heavy Armor 2. Learning new licenses opens 
up even further potential licenses to learn; generally you must know an 
adjacent license before you can learn a new one.

Just learning a license isn't enough either; you must also purchase the
skill or item in question. Characters who know White Magic 1 can cast Cure,
but if you have never bought Cure from the magic store then it is a moot
point. Magic and skills need to be bought only once for any character with
the proper license to use it; equipment, of course, cannot be used by more
than one character at the same time. Everybody can learn almost anything on
the board, so even though Basch starts out as a heavy knight type if you
focused on the white magic and staff paths and so on, you could make him
a dinky white mage. You can make everybody all-around types who can do 
anything, or you can concentrate different characters on different paths.
You're only limited by how many license points you need to spend.

There are two big areas to the license board. The upper area has all the
magic, accessories, and skills (both active and passive), while the lower
board has all the weapons and armor. The paths are MOSTLY continuous,
although there are several conspicuous and often-times annoying gaps.
For instance, heading straight left and up from White Magic 1 allows
you to get up to White Magic 7; however, to get to White Magic 8 you
must first learn Green Magic 6 directly above White Magic 7. Likewise,
Katana 3 is inexplicably separated from Katana 2 by at least three gaps,
requiring you to learn some Spears or Axes before you can learn Katana 3.
A full description of the License Board is beyond the scope of this FAQ,
but here are some helpful categories to keep in mind:
白魔法 - White Magic
黒魔法 - Black Magic
緑魔法 - Green Magic
時空魔法 - Time Magic
裏魔法 - Dark Magic
アクセサリ - Accessory
ガンビットプラス - Gambit Plus (adds another Gambit Slot)
軽装備 - Light Armor
魔装備 - Magic Armor
重装備 - Heavy Armor
盾装備 - Shields
剣装備 - Sword
槍装備 - Spears
ブレイカー装備 - Breaker (Axes)
弓装備 - Bows
騎士剣装備 - Knight Swords
刀装備 - Katana
メイス装備 - Mace
ロッド装備 - Rod
杖装備 - Staff
計算尺装備 - Slide Rule
ダガー装備 - Dagger
銃装備 - Gun
棒装備 - Bo Staff
ハンディB装備 - Handy Bomb
ボウガン装備 - Bowgun
忍刀装備 - Ninja Sword

There are two special kinds of spots on the on the License Board to note,
Summons (召喚獣) and Mist Knacks (ミストナック). Summons represent various
summon monsters that you can call to aid you in battle; after fulfilling
a condition such as defeating them in battle, they appear on the board for
the first time. Mist Knacks are on the board from the beginning as
glowing red spheres; they are your character's 3 unique moves. Anybody
can use a Mist Knack space to learn their moves; for instance, Van can
use a space to learn his first Mist Knack, Red Spiral, whereas Basch could
use the same space to learn his first Mist Knack, Yami to Ankoku no
Shougeki. The important thing to note about both Summons and Mist Knacks
is that once one character learns it, that space disappears from all other
character's license boards. In the case of Summons, this means that only
one character can ever learn a particular summon. In the case of Mist
Knacks, there are 18 Mist Knack spaces on the board, so eventually
everyone will be able to learn all of their Mist Knacks; however, you
cannot use the Mist Knack spaces closest to the start point on the board
for everybody, so choose which characters you want to learn their Mist
Knacks earlier.

Gambit refers to the special set of triggers and conditions that
govern a character's AI. You can choose from a whole mess of trigger
conditions and possible actions here. For instance, you could tell the
AI to cast Cure on any ally whose HP drops below 50%, or you could
tell the AI to cast Firaga on enemies weak against fire. Once you've
learned the appropriate licenses you can access the actions from the
Gambit list. However, to access each of the trigger conditions you must
find them as treasure or buy them from Gambit shops before they can
be used. It does seem silly that your character needs to pay money
before they can learn to do things like recognize when an ally is
below 50% HP, but that's just how the game works. Gambit Stores are
marked as yellow and orange diamonds on maps.

Each character starts with 2 Gambit slots. However, they can gain more
from spots on the License Board. There are 10 such slots on the board,
meaning that eventually your character could be working under 12
different potential trigger conditions and actions.

You must also set the priority of each trigger. The higher up on the
list something is, the higher priority it is, so be careful. For
instance, if you have "Fight Leader's Target" as #1 and "Cast Cure
on Ally with HP<50%" as #2, as long as the leader is fighting somebody
that character will never cast cure, even if an ally is about to die.
However, if these two conditions are switched, then the character
will fight the leader's target as long as nobody is below 50% HP. 
In general a basic command like Fight should be placed as far down
on the list as possible, with more specialized triggers being placed
higher up. 

If you don't want your characters to operate under Gambit, you can
turn it off simply by selecting Gambit (ガンビット) from the battle
menu for that character. A character will simply stand around and do
nothing if Gambit is off, though, unless you tell them otherwise. You
can also override a Gambit at any time by simply selecting an alternate
action for that character from the battle menu.

Travelling and battling are done in the same way in FFXII. You simply
need to move around with the left stick. The camera can be moved with
the right stick. For treasures, doors, signs, people you can talk to,
etc., as you get near an exclamation mark will appear over your head.
Get closer and you'll be able to use O to open the treasure/door, read
the sign, talk, etc.

A minimap in the upper right corner tells you where you are. Red dots
are enemies, while green dots are people you can talk to (not all
people walking about cities can be talked to).

There are other ways of moving around. You can rent Chocobos from
various vendors. On a Chocobo you move much faster and enemies won't
attack you; however, the amount of time you can ride is limited, and
once it is up, your chocobo runs away. You can dismount with X, but
again, your Chocobo will run away. While on the Chocobo you can press
O to run even faster. There are also airships that connect various
cities; you cannot control them yourself, but they will take you
from place to place very quickly.

Blue crystals on the area maps are save points. Checking one refills
your HP and MP, and you'll be asked if you would like to save. Orange
crystals work the same as blue crystals, plus if you use an item
called a teleport stone (テレポストーン) you can instantly teleport to
any other orange crystal that you've been around already.

Fighting is done on the same map as travelling is, with no
transitions. As enemies approach your AI characters will act according
to their gambits, while you control your leader character. Pressing
O or S will bring up the battle menu. You can press left or right
to change which character to assign the command to. The general options
under the menu are Fight (たたかう), Magic/Skills (まほう・わざ), Mist 
Cart (ミストカート), Gambit (ガンビット), and Item (アイテム). Fight is the
most basic command and makes you attack a selected target. Magic/
Skills gives you a whole mess of submenus. You can choose from
various types of magic - white (白), black (黒), green (緑), time (時空),
and dark (裏), and skills (わざ). Magic takes MP, while skills do not.
MP refills over time, as long as you are moving (you won't get any
for just standing still).

Mist Cart appears only if that character has a Summon or Mist Knack
learned. Summons and Mist Knacks require a 'stock' of MP called a
Mist Cartridge. Mist Cartridges are earned at a certain amount of MP.
For instance, if your character has a max MP of 50, then they will get
a Mist Cartridge (represented as a glowing orange bar) at 50 MP. 
As your characters learn more Mist Knacks/Summons, they can carry
more Mist Cartridges, up to 3. So if your character has two Mist 
Cartridges learned, they can actually have an MP of 100 out of 50;
at 100, they would have two Mist Cartridges. The number of Mist
Cartridges required to use a particular Summon or Mist Knack varies.

Another thing that can be done with Mist Knacks is links (renkei,
連携). While a Mist Knack is active, you can use another Mist Knack
to combo for greater damage. All you have to do to do so is to press
the button next to the character's name (for instance, if you use
Van's Mist Knack and you have Balflear and Fran in your party, X might
appear next to Balflear's name and T next to Fran's name). Pressing 
R2 will shuffle which button is assigned to what. The reason for
shuffling is that sometimes you'll get a button that is assigned to
"Cartridge" (カートリッジ). If you select Cartridge, each character
temporarily gains back their Mist Cartridges, meaning they can do their
Mist Knacks again. In other words, you can chain Mist Knacks as long
as you can keep getting Cartridges to come up. However, the longer
you go the time allowed to input the next command goes down, so it
becomes harder and harder to combo.

Gambit allows you to turn each character's Gambit AI on or off. 
Characters with Gambit at off will not do anything until you assign
them a command.

Finally, Item allows you to use an item from your inventory.

One other thing to keep in mind is that if you continue to kill enemies
of the same type, you'll get Chains. The longer your chains get, the
better the drops become, and they often have special effects once you
pick them up, such as healing your party for a small amount, or
automatically casting Protect. Of course, killing a monster of a
different type immediately ends the chain.

Here you exchange your hard-earned Gil in order to obtain new things,
whether they be items, weapons, armor, magic, skills, or gambits. You
can see the shops on the map, with the icons conveniently telling
you what kind of shop it is (green pot - item, sword - weapon, 
shield - armor, staff - magic, scroll - skills, diamond - gambit).
Talk to the proprietor and you'll be given options to buy (買う)
and sell (売る). Press left and right to scroll through the various
categories of items. Sell enough treasure items and the third
option, trade items (交易品) may become active. In this category
merchandise sometimes pops up based on the treasure items you've
sold; you'll be given a general description of what it is you're
buying, but you won't know exactly what it is until you do buy it.
Nevertheless some of the best equipment in the game can only be gotten
through trade items, so sell off as much treasure as you can.

Magic, Skills, and Gambits need only be bought once; once they are,
anybody with the appropriate license can use them. You cannot sell

In Rabanastre, soon after the beginning of the game, you'll be told
to come to this location in the north district. Upon showing the
Moogle (Montblanc) inside your Clan Report, you'll be inducted into
Clan Centrio. The clan is marked on the map as a person icon. Talk
to Montblanc as you rise in rank and he'll give you various rewards.
You can also take special Mob Hunts (see below) from him. Free items
are always a plus, so come back here often. To rise in rank, all you
have to do is kill lots of things (for more points) as well as complete
various Mob Hunts. Higher ranks often have a certain number of points
plus a certain number of completed mob hunts as prerequisites.

There is also a clan shop in the bazaar south of the clan. As you rise
in ranks, the shop offers more and more merchandise, including stuff
you can't get in the regular shops.

By reading posterboards in bars, or accepting them from Montblanc,
you can begin Mob Hunts, which are basically bounty hunts. Upon
taking the request, you must first track down the client and tell
him you're interested. When you first accept a request you'll
automatically be shown on the map where the client is. If you forget,
you can select Clan Report (クランレポート) from the main menu, select
the bounty, and then press S to show the map again. Find the client
and confirm the request; the client will then tell you the general
area that the monster can be found.

Track down the monster; they appear as larger-than-normal circles on
the minimap, so you can easily tell if you're getting close. Upon
defeating the monster, you'll get a message saying that your job
is complete (討伐完了). Note that some monsters do run away; if you
didn't get this message, you didn't succeed in killing them. Upon
succeeding, return to the client to get your reward. Note that
some of the monsters come with their own mobs of underlings, so be
prepared to fight an entire crowd.

Succeeding at a mob hunt can open up the way to a higher clan rank, 
and also opens up new mob hunts, so you should try and do as many as 
possible. However, many mob hunts are extremely difficult when they
first appear; feel free to come back later when you are more powered
up if you're having trouble.


The vast majority of the treasures in FFXII are random, so it doesn't
make sense for me to list them in the walkthrough. With that said,
you should check all the obvious dead ends and so on the map, since
it will often lead to treasure for you. You can even find things like
Gambits occasionally, so collect as much as you can.

Upon selecting New Game from the title menu, you'll be given a quick
version of the Config screen. Here you can change everything under
the System heading (Controller Vibration, Screen Vibration, Subtitles,
Flicker Filter, Sound, Screen Position). When you're done, simply
choose the top option (ゲームを開始) to start the game.

After the opening movie, you'll be given some quick history and
narration. Incidentally, you can skip most movies and cutscenes
simply by pausing with Start, and then pressing O to skip. This can
be extremely helpful if you have to replay a section, or if you're
on your second time through the game.

You'll begin with a quick tutorial, with Basch telling you about the
basic controls in the game. You're playing a soldier named Rex. Basch
will tell you to look around with the right stick. Go ahead and pan
the camera around. Next he'll tell you that the left stick is used
for movement. Tipping it slightly will make you walk, while full tilt
causes you to run. Run up to Basch. Now he'll tell you about the little
smiley face above his head. People with these icons can be spoken to.
Get up closer to Basch until his name and a O icon appear over his
head, then choose O to begin the conversation. While talking, you
can use the T button and scroll up and down to see previous snippets
of a conversation, in case you scroll through something too quickly.
Basch will now tell you to go and talk to the other soldier in the
distance. Go and do so.
Now you'll have to open the door and head inside the fortress. Again,
to open the door walk up to it and wait for the icon prompt to pop up,
then hit O. Inside you'll have your first battle. You'll have several
friends join you, so don't worry about it. Dispatch the troops and
press onwards. One of the flying battleships, a Remora, will now come
and harry you. Your group will attack. It has a "Remora Bomb" attack
that can hit several people at once, but it's nothing to worry about.
Once you have it down to half health or so, Basch will finish it off
automatically with his Mist Knack.
Keep going and you'll be inside the fortress. You can press Select
at any time to check the map. You'll need to head up the stairs.
Remember to check the corners and such for some treasures. Soon you'll
encounter a save point, which take the form of a giant blue crystal. After
awhile, you'll get a small event where the rest of the party goes on
ahead, leaving Rex alone to fight some soldiers by himself. They're
really nothing to worry about. Once you reach the top floor, there
will be an event, and the prologue ends.

As the game proper begins, you'll be controlling Vaan, killing rats in
a cellar. Isn't that typical of an RPG? Once you do so, after talking
with Penelo a bit, you'll get the World Map option added to your menu.
Head towards Miguero's item shop (marked by a green pouch on the city
map) for another event. You'll be told to go find your younger brother
at the bar. It's a ways north from the item shop, so go on over there.
Inside you'll encounter Tomaji, who will give you a beginner's guide
on how the License system works; you'll also get a Clan Report to keep
track of your progress. For more details on how Licenses work, see
the gameplay section above. In any case you'll get an Orakea Bracelet
free from Tomaji, which raises your max HP by 25. Tomaji will also
give you a message, as well as induct you into the Mob Hunt system.
You'll be asked to go out to the Eastern desert and hunt the Stray
Tomato monster.
Before you go out East, there's a couple more things you can do in
town. Most of the shops are open for business. Also, if you go up to
the west side of the northern district and talk to the Banga
guarding the door marked as "???", you'll show him your Clan Report
and he'll let you inside. Talk to the Moogle, Montblanc, on the
second floor of the building and you'll be inducted into the Clan,
Clan Centrio. Now you can come back and get rewards for your clan
ranks as well as utilize the clan shop, which is in the area just
south of the clan HQ. Speak to Montblanc a second time to get three
Potions for free.
Your map will tell you where to go. In the area with three gates to
the west, south, and east, only the east gate will be open at this
time. In this area speaking to one of the Banga merchants will get you
a request to deliver a package (たのまれた届け物). Speak to the guard
in front of the east gate and you'll eventually be let outside. Here
you'll find a save point as well as the merchant you are supposed
to deliver the package to. When you're ready, head out into the
desert itself.

The enemies here aren't threatening at all. You can use Vaan's Steal
command (盗む) to get items from the monsters, which you can use or sell for
money. Soon, you should find your target, the Stray Tomato.

MOB: Stray Tomato
134 HP
Weak Against Water
This guy isn't too tough. Once you take down some of his health, he'll
hop down the cliff in an attempt to run away. Circle around down and
intercept him. He can use fire magic that takes off 20-30 HP, so be
careful and watch your health.

With that Mob Hunt done, it's time to head back to town. Vaan will
automatically spot a rare blossoming Galbana Flower and take it before
you go. Now is a good time to get more license points if you should
want. However, watch out for the Wildsaurus (ワイルドザウルス) monster
lurking around here. He is way too high level for you and can do
thousands of damage per hit, which of course will kill you. So keep
your distance from him. He won't aggro unless you really get in his

At the door you'll have another short event with your brother. After some
hoopla with the gate guards you'll finally be let back into town. From
here on you can leave town freely, as well as go to the Downtown district.
The stairs to Downtown are marked as green staircases on your map; there
are several of them. But before you do, talk to Tomaji back at the bar
and report your success in ridding the world of a fierce tomato. You'll
get 300 Gil, 2 Potions, and a Teleport Stone. 
Your goal now is to talk to old man Daran, who lives in the southern part
of Downtown. But before you do, you might as well put your hard-earned
License Points to good use. I recommend learning the licenses for Libra
and Cure. Keep in mind that after learning those licenses, you also have to
buy them, from the skills shop and magic shop respectively, to actually
use them.
Vaan will ask Daran how he can sneak into the palace. You'll be told that
there is a way in, but you'll need the power of a sunstone (太陽石) to do
so. To find one, you'll have to go out to the Giza Plains to the south.
When you're finished up in town, head out and south now.

A short ways south of the southern gate, you'll find a camp set up
with some people inside. You'll need to talk to the leader, Mashua
(マシュア). Seems that one of the kids who normally goes out to collect
the sunstones hasn't returned yet. Your turn to go and find him.
Penelo shows up and she'll go with you. Talk to Camina (カミナ) for
info on how to find the kid.
Upon leaving the camp Penelo will give you 3 Potions and 2 Phoenix Downs.
Handy! You'll also be able to choose Gambit now (though you won't be able
to customize the Gambit system triggers yet), as well as choose a party
leader (press up or down on the directional pad). Your goal is a small
area to the south You can choose either east or west to loop around and
get there. Once you do, you'll find Jin. He'll tell you he's alright, and
that he just needs to rest a little. In the meantime he'll ask you to 
complete making the Sunstone. He explains that the giant crystals in the
area that radiate light are used to charge the Sunstones. He'll then
give you a Shadowstone (陰石). If you look at your map, you'll see the
locations of the glowing crystals now marked on your map. You need to go
to each of them and examine them to charge your stone. The amount you get
charged is random; if you're lucky you could get it charged in as little
as two crystals. Either way, charge it to 100%. You'll be taken back to
Jin. Afterwards back at the camp, Mashua will thank you and give you one
of the Sunstones as a reward (it's what Vaan wanted in the first place),
as well as 50 Gil, 2 Potions, and 2 Teleport Stones.
With all that done, head back to town.

Penelo will depart from your party now. Boo. Go back to Daran's and hand
over the Sunstone. Daran will tell you about a hidden passage into the
palace and give you an item necessary to find the treasure you seek,
the Crescent Stone (クレセントストーン). To get to the hidden passage, you'll
need to go to the storage room #5 on the north end of the Downtown
area. This small room has two doors. The one to the east simply leads
to the area where Vaan was killing rats earlier. The one to the west
will go into the Garamscythe Waterway, which is the way into the palace.
Once you enter, you will not be able to return to town until you finish
the next portion of the game, so be prepared before going in. If you
don't have Cure and Libra yet, now is the time to buy them.

Use your map frequently. There's generally only one way to go, so it's
not too confusing. If you Steal from the bat-like enemies here, you'll
occasionally get a Teleport Stone. Not only are these useful, but they
also sell for 100 Gil apiece, which is a big deal at this point in the
It's a long way to the palace, but as long as you have Cure you should
be fine. Just don't let too many rats gang up on you at once. Once
you reach the end, you'll emerge in the Palace cellar.

Speak to the servants mulling around, then try and go upstairs. A
guard will block your way. Talk to the nearby servant, and he'll
introduce you to a minigame of sorts. Press S to call the guard over,
then slip around him without getting too close and go up the stairs.
Yeah, it's the worst minigame ever conceived. On this floor, you'll
need to pull the guards out of the way. You're looking for a lion
seal on the ground. You'll find it near the top. Again, press S to
move the guards from one side of the hallway to the other, and don't
get too close, or you'll be booted back to the beginning. The guards
on the east side cannot be pulled away from the stairs, but they also
won't bother you either unless you run into them.
Once you find the Lion Seal, examine it. You'll see a small scene
where a strange light begins glowing in the wall. Go over to the
northwest and examine the wall that you just saw. A secret passage
will then open. Continue down the corridor here. The door is locked,
but behind you there is a switch on the wall.
Inside the treasure room you'll get your first introduction to Balflear
and Fran. Vaan will take a random treasure, the Goddess Magic Stone
(女神の魔石), and run. When you're back in control, run up the stairs
for a short while to see another scene. After the chaos subsides, you'll
end up back in the Garamsythe Waterway with a full party of Vaan,
Balflear, and Fran.

At this point you can now customize Gambits. Chances are you won't have
too many triggers to work with, though. Fran and Balflear both start
out with ranged weapons, so they'll generally hang in the back while
you do your thing. Fran also comes with Cure as well as Fire, which
will be quite helpful in a bit.
Just outside the first area, head east and you'll find a treasure pot.
It has a map to the area inside, so pick it up and use the map often.
Head generally southwards. After awhile, you'll see another event
with somebody under attack. She'll introduce herself as Amalia, and
you'll get her as a Guest character. Guests do not take orders and
you can't change their equipment. Still, Amalia's set up quite well
and you'll have an easier time in the upcoming fights. With that said
your first fight will immediately be against some knights. These won't
be too hard, just gang up on one at a time to take them down.
A little bit further on, you'll get an actual boss battle, against
a nostalgic FF monster, the Puddings.

BOSS: Pudding x4
280 HP
Weak Against Fire
There is one bigger Pudding (プリンA in the enemy list) and three smaller
ones. The smaller ones have less health, and also cast Cure on the
large one, so take out the smaller ones first. Fran's Fire is 
extremely effective against the Puddings. 

You're not done yet. Once you reach the end, past another save point
is the real boss of this area.

BOSS: Bushfire
3571 HP
Weak Against Water
Here's where things can get rough. This boss uses an attack, also 
called Bushfire, which does fire damage plus poison effect. Hopefully
you'll have several antidotes (毒消し) handy; if not, keep those Cure
spells coming. Don't let Fran cast Fire, either; it won't do much.
Whittle it down while you can and don't be too afraid to use healing
items. You should have plenty of Potions by now.

After defeating the boss, you'll get another series of events. One
thing leads to another, and your characters get thrown into jail. 

After some more scenes of your new home, go north for even more scenes
and you'll get into a fight with three wardens. This battle isn't much 
fun at all. All of your equipment is gone, so you're down to punching 
people. Hopefully Vaan has Cure, or else you'll be in real trouble.
After the battle, you'll get some scenes with a menacing Judge as well as
a Banga who's out for Balflear's head for some reason. You'll get your 
equipment back. You'll also automatically get a map of the area.
Proceeding onwards, you'll find Basch, who's supposed to be dead. The
years certainly haven't treated him well. It turns out that Rex, who you
played in the beginning, is Vaan's older brother; Vaan blames Basch for
Rex's death. Basch will join your party only as a guest at this point;
now it's on to the underground way out.

Here's your first dungeon that's a little tricky. In the first area,
examine the switch in the central platform. It's not working. Downstairs
you'll find a shopkeeper. He'll note that the power in the dungeon
is low, and therefore the doors won't open. He'll give you a Fuse.
Take it to the machine upstairs and start up the machine. This will
charge up the energy to 100%. Opening the doors require 30% of the
Here's the catch in the dungeon. There are enemies called Battery Mimics
(バッテリミミック) which chew on the power cables here, slowly diminishing the
energy supply. If you defeat a Battery Mimic, the energy will recharge
somewhat. Thus, it's often better to charge straight for the Battery Mimic
and ignore other enemies until the Battery Mimic is dead. These guys
use an electrical area attack and can also use the energy to heal
themselves for about 200 a pop, so be careful. If the battery ever reaches
zero, some very hard monsters will pop out, so avoid this if at all
Once you obtain the map of the area (in a path that dead ends north in
the first large area you come to), you can see the location of the exposed
cables, so you should be able to tell where the Battery Mimics are going
to go. In any case, press onwards. Basch is extremely weak at this point,
and will probably die. In many cases it's easier to just leave him dead,
rather than waste items on him. He'll come back soon enough.
In the next area there are two different exposed wire locations, so
keep an eye on your power. Also, Puddings will drop from the ceiling at
points, so be careful of ambushes and use Fire on them (they're highly
resistant to most weapons). Go northwest from here.
The Gear marking on the map is the location of a switch to open the door
in your path. Again, opening the door will consume 30% of the power gauge,
so make sure you have plenty to spare. This will also cause some Bombs
to spawn in the path back. Bombs start out neutral, but if you use magic
near them they become hostile, so careful.
Keep onwards and you'll get a scene where Basch salvages some equipment
from a dead soldier. If he was dead, he'll magically come back to life.
He's also now MUCH better as a character. He'll probably do more damage 
than the rest of your party. The rest of the dungeon should be a snap.
Keep heading south. Again, the last area has a boss fight in your way.

BOSS: Mimic Queen
??? HP
The Mimic Queen spawns a bunch of Tiny Mimics which will try and eat
away at the power supply around the room. Take out the Tiny Mimics first;
they have very little health, and the lower the power gets the more powerful
the Mimic Queen gets, so they should be your first priority. She'll
periodically spawn more as the battle progresses, so be on watch. As
you whittle down the Mimic Queen, she may use an attack called Thunder
Burst which does lightning damage and poisons, so again have those
antidotes or Poisona handy.

Once the Mimic Queen is dead you'll finally arrive aboveground again,
somewhere in the desert east of Rabanastre.

Nothing too tricky here. Just get back to Rabanastre by heading southwest.
If you want to speed things up, remember to hold down R2 while moving
to trigger Escape mode. During Escape mode your party members will not
attack enemies. If you go north instead, after a little bit you'll find a
small camp with an item shop and a teleport-active save crystal. You don't
have to come here if you don't want to take the detour, though. You'll
also pass through another small camp on your way back to the city.

Upon entering Basch, Balflear, and Fran will all leave your party. Don't
worry, you'll be getting all of them back soon enough. Go to Miguero's
item shop for an event. Penelo's gone missing, hmm... Go and visit
old man Daran again. Vaan will ask him about Penelo. In the meantime
Daran will ask him to deliver a sword to somebody. Head to the
indicated location on the map and talk to the man there (Balzac バルザック) to 
be let into a secret meeting of sorts.
After another event where Basch shows that rumors of his demise were
mistaken, Basch joins your party again. There's also news about Penelo - 
she's been kidnapped. Time for a rescue. You'll now want to find Balflear
and Fran. They're hanging out in the bar. Talk to them and they'll join
your party. Balflear will say that when you're ready to go to your next
destination, the sky city Bhujerba, to go to the airship terminal near
the west gate.
At this point the Mogsee system in town will become activated. You can
use the Mogsee stations situated around town to teleport around. Now is
also a good time to restock, learn new abilities, and so on. Catch up
on Mob Hunts and so on if you'd like. 
When you're ready, go to the airship terminal and speak to Balflear in
the back. Choose the first option twice to confirmt hat you're ready to 
go. Once you leave for Bhujerba, you won't be able to come back
to Rabanastre for awhile.

When you first arrive, most of the doors are sealed, herding you to where
you want to go. Proceed for an event. A boy naming himself Ramon will ask
to come along with you to the mines; he'll join as a Guest. Keep on
following the only path you can and you'll arrive at the Luce Mines.

This is quite a large area. Libra is even more important here, as not
only does Libra tell you enemy information, it also reveals traps on
the map. If you see a red pillar of light, do NOT get near - it's a trap
that will damage your party.
You'll want to find the Second Mining Area (第2鉱区採掘場) here. You
can always check the map to see which area you are currently in. 
After an event, Ramon will leave your party, and you'll be attacked by
the Bangas after Balflear's head.

BOSS: Baggamonan, Fuuji, Gijuu, and Rino
As you can tell if you have Libra on, you aren't meant to win. While
theoretically possible, it doesn't change the story anyway. What you're
supposed to do is run to the entrance (remember, hold down R2 for Escape
mode so that your party members don't try to fight.)

After you shake of the pursuers, reenter the city. You'll see another event
where it turns out that "Ramon" is actually Larsa, Vayne's little brother.
Seems that he's found Penelo as well. 

Your party tries to get in touch with the resistance movement. They decide
that the best way to do so is to use Basch's name to try and catch the
resistance's attention. Thought the palace call-the-guards-over minigame was
lame? Get ready for an even lamer one.
Your goal here is to spread rumors about Basch's reappearance. A 'rumor
meter' will appear on screen, and your goal is to get it to 100. What you
need to do is get nearby townfolk and press S to fill the meter up. The
meter slowly degrades over time. Also, if you spread a rumor near a guard,
the meter actually goes down instead.
The key point here is that the Bhujerba Guides (ビュエルバガイド) spread news
quickly, so just by spreading a rumor near one of them you can easily get
30%-40% of your gauge filled. So just find them (usually standing in the
doors to shops and so on) and mash away.
After some more events, it's time to meet your contact, Marquis Ondore. Go
to the guards marked on the map and talk to them to be taken to him. In the
end, Ondore will pretend to arrest you and you'll be taken aboard the 
Battleship Leviathan.

One of Ondore's contacts, Wossler, will join you here as a Guest. He's got
a big greatsword and will be quite helpful here. A nearby ornate pot has
a map of the ship. There are several laser sensors around the ship.
If you touch one, an alarm goes off, and basically all of the enemies in
the area will converge on your location. Although you can still handle
them all (especially with Wossler by your side), it can get hairy pretty
quickly. You basically have two choices to get to your destination marked 
on the map. If you approach from the north, you'll have to press switches 
in two of the areas (Middle Deck Eastern Block 中層東ブロック and Subcontrol 
Room サブコントロールルーム) to open some doors. If you approach from the 
south, there aren't any locked doors to handle, but there are a mess of laser 
sensors. I suggest the north, it's just easier. There are still lasers
here, just not quite as many.
Reach the lower deck and you'll be forced into an event battle. You'll be
facing several knights, a mage, and two Judges. I'd take out the mage
(帝国軍魔導士) first. Then work on the knights, then the Judges. It
shouldn't be too bad - just keep on top of healing.
After the battle you'll get a First Cell Block Key (第1営倉の鍵). Use 
the Cell Block Key to open the nearby door and head in.
Here you'll find a welcome save point and a System Key (システム制御キー).  
There's also a merchant in another cell, as well as Ashe. Ashe joins your 
party for real this time. She comes with an accessory that has a permanent 
Libra effect on her. No big deal, but quite convenient, if you ask me. 
At the merchant you might want to invest in some Green Magic, particularly 
In any case after busting her out, the alarms will begin to go off
regardless of whether you touched any beams or not. This will cause
enemies to mob you constantly. You need to make your way to the Gear icons
on the map. Here you'll be able to use the System Key to temporarily
shut down the alarm system for 60 seconds at a time (pick the first
option, then the second option in the next menu, then the first option
to confirm.) Use that time to rush for the next room and look for the
next gear icon. 
Once you've arrived at the western area, Wossler leaves your party.
However, you'll be reunited with Penelo, who will join. You'll receive
the 'Artificial Hamaseki' key item from Larsa as well. You now have
all 6 of your party members, hurray. It's too soon to celebrate,
though. You'll be stopped from leaving by Judge Geese.

BOSS: Judge Geese, Empire Swordsman x3
??? HP
Strangely, Libra doesn't work on Judge Geese, so you'll have to estimate
how much HP he has left. Take out the Swordsmen first. The biggest thing 
to watch out for is Judge Geese's use of Aero. Aero can hit several party 
members at once for several hundred damage, so it is definitely your biggest
threat here. 
If you've taught somebody Shell already, it'd be a great time to use it.
Otherwise, just keep the Cures coming. Once Judge Geese gets low on
health, he'll use a Mist Knack on you, that cheater. Make sure your
health is near full and keep on beating on him until he succumbs.

Judge Geese manages to get away, and you'll arrive safe and mostly sound
back in Bhujerba. Restock in Bhujerba, then go to the guards that brought 
you to Marquis Ondore before. After some more events, including one where
Balflear shows off his ship's communication system's ability to imitate
other people's voices, Ashe will decide she can't just sit around and wait, 
and will ask Balflear and co. to 'kidnap' her. She can't do much without 
proof of her royal heritage, though. And unfortunately, Judge Geese has the 
proof that Vaan stole from the Palace. Ashe knows where another one is, 
however, so it's off to the Tomb of Raithwall, to the far west across the 
desert. Balflear and Fran will land and cloak their ship, since the skies 
over the western part of the desert aren't navigable, and you'll have to 
continue on foot. Use the shop and save crystal here to prepare before you 
head off. If you need to, you can teleport back to town as well.
Proceed westwards to enter the Sandsea Ogir-Yensa.

Proceed westward along the platforms to the second zone. Here you'll
get a short conversation event and Wossler rejoins your party as a
The enemies here are a little stronger than what you're probably used
to, so keep an eye on your MP. Wossler does help a lot, at least.
The little red plant-like enemies here have a very valuable steal 
(~350 gil) so if you need money farm them.
Keep going westward across another two zones and you'll arrive at
the next part of the Sandsea. If you go southwest instead, you'll
eventually arrive at a small zone with a teleport-active save point.

You'll see a save point straight away. Use it! Unfortunately this one
is not teleport-active, so if you want to return to town you'll have
to backtrack across Ogir Yensa or use the teleport point in the south
of that area. Speak to the Moogle loitering around here and you'll
learn that a large turtle-like monster is hunting the Urtans (the
little critters that kept attacking you along the way) in the next
Proceed past a few more zones and you'll come across the monster
itself, the Urtan Eater (ウルタンイーター). He's quite tough, but you'll
actually be helped by several Urtans, and the Eater will go after the
Urtans first. Try and take him out before he kills all of the Urtans.
If you can't, you can always rezone and come back; he'll still have
his HP depleted. 
Upon killing him return to the Moogle. He'll mention that the Urtan
who sought out his help went into the Ogir Yensa to get a reward for
you. Go back out that way (to the East). After a short bit of
travelling you should see a scene where the Urtan and the Moogle
talk. If not, rezone into where the Moogle was, then head out east
again. Once you see the scene, return to where the Moogle was to see
another cutscene. Seems like not all the Urtans are grateful for your
With that done, examine the flower on the ground to get an important
item, the Ixiro Fruit (イクシロの実). With this in your possession, the
way to the Tomb of Raithwall is now clear. Proceed west across the
desert, bending southwest as you need to. Be careful; some fish-like
enemies (the Yensas) pop out of the ground here, surprising you. They
aren't too hard if you're not mobbed, though. You should also find
an ornate pot that contains a map to the entire region. With this
in your possession it's a matter of heading straight westward. In
the area right before the Tombs, the Road Where Warmth Disappears
(ぬくもりの消える路), you'll find a shopkeeper on a chocobo. Restock if you
need to. As you progress to the next screen, you'll be given a free
heal and asked if you want to save, even though there's no save point
here. You should do so. 

As soon as you step in, you'll be attacked by a flying monster. Boss

BOSS: Garuda
??? HP
This boss is again, immune to Libra. Quite annoying. The main problem
here is that he's extremely powerful. You have a trick up your sleeve,
however. If you use the Ixiro Fruit (イクシロの実) that you picked up
earlier on him, he becomes vastly weaker and much easier to handle. He
is flying, which means that normal melee attacks will not reach him.
Therefore you should bring people with bows/guns/magic attacks in order
to damage him. Once you use the Ixiro Fruit, he's quite easy, so you
shouldn't have any problems with him.

After defeating him the strange device on top of the stairs begins to
glow. There is a teleport-active save point here. Also, the vendor
who you just saw has now come inside. His merchandise has mysteriously
expanded; he's got tons of stuff he didn't have earlier, so feel free
to check him out. Or, use a Teleport Stone to return to town. When
you're ready to go, examine the glowy object and pick the first option
to be teleported inside.
Here proceed down the stairway and start down the hall. You'll get a
quick event and a nasty surprise that should be nostalgic for those of
you who remember playing FF4 - a Demon Wall is trying to crush you!

BOSS: Demon Wall
??? HP
This guy is tough. You actually probably won't be able to beat him when
you get here. He's got far too much HP and defense, and though he doesn't
do much damage, if he pushes you to the end of the hallway, he'll crush
you and insta-kill your party. Just run to the end of the hallway and
take the door through.

With that done, go down the stairs for another surprise. This time a
Demon Wall is coming TOWARDS you! He's in your way, so you're going to
have to kill it.

BOSS: Demon's Wall (#2)
??? HP
This guy doesn't have quite the high HP/Defense of the first one. Plus,
there is a very handy trick to use here. Along the side of the corridor
are a number of torches. If you examine them and choose to operate the
switch (second option), you can extinguish the flame, which wall cause
the Wall to stop moving momentarily. Hammer on it as hard as possible
while it's standing still. When it starts moving again, find another torch
and repeat. Be careful though; if instead of the flame disappearing, it
turns blue, the Demon Wall actually SPEEDS UP, so find another switch
The boss can be quite annoying as he frequently casts Sleep; he can also
inflict darkness and death sentence conditions on you. Having people
with Remedy Knowledge on their License Board (increases the number of
conditions cured by rememdy) can be useful. At some point the Wall will
also probably cast Dateleport on one of your characters, which warps
them to another dimension. This is effectively an instant kill, plus it
cannot be cured by normal means such as a Phoenix Down. If this happens,
swap in another party member right away. As long as you keep using the
switches to stop the Wall's progress, you should be able to take this
one out.

Once it's dead, head onwards. You'll see three teleport switches very
quickly. The ones to the north and south aren't functional yet; the one
in the middle takes you back to the beginning (so you don't have to face
that first hostile Demon's Wall again) so use it to get back to the
save point and heal if needed. There is also a treasure pot here, which
contains the map of the dungeon.
With the map of the dungeon you should see your goal, off to the left,
and two large rooms to the north and south. You need to activate the
altars in the center of the north and south areas to proceed. It doesn't
matter which order you do it in. At the center of each area, you'll
find a colored switch in the wall, which you need to activate, plus a
teleport device. Upon pressing the switch, a few monsters will appear.
Defeat them. The teleport device takes you back to the central area
with the three devices.
Once you've gotten both of them, the wall will have lowered enough for
you to pass, which brings you to a secret passage. These lead to the
seemingly inaccessible room on the left side of your map.
Enter and you'll get a scene where Fran and Penelo note the existence
of the Mist. The Mist, which powers magic, is so thick here that it is
actually visible. What this translates to for you in game terms is that
you'll notice your MP refilling at a much faster rate than usual, which
is helpful.
Head down the stairs and you'll see a big monster blocking your way. 
It's time for another fight...

BOSS: Velias
??? HP
Well, he's big and fiery, so obviously avoid using fire magic on him.
As he gets down in health he'll start using his special skill, Firaja.
This does damage to everyone, plus gives them "Oil" status, which makes
fire spells hurt more. Get rid of Oil status with Oil Remover
(あぶらとり紙) or you're in for a world of hurt the next time he uses it.
You can try and use some Mist Knack chains to take him out quickly, as
he'll buff himself as he gets low on health. Other than Firaja, he's
not that dangerous.

After the fight, you'll gain the ability to summon Velias, as long as
you learn his spot on the License Board. Summons work similar to Mist
Knacks, in that if one person learns a Summon that square disappears from
all other characters' License Boards. So choose who you want to learn
Velias wisely.
With that done proceed onwards to get what Ashe was looking for, the
Fragment of Dawn (暁の断片). Now use the teleporters (the one here is
one-way only, to the beginning) and leave.
As soon as you step outside, Empire ships are waiting for you. D'oh.
You'll be taken into custody yet again by your old friend, Judge Geese.

After some events you'll be forced to turn over your hard-earned Fragment 
of Dawn to Judge Geese. D'oh. Don't worry. He'll learn soon enough that
messing with these stones is risky business. After the event, you'll 
attempt to escape, but that traitor Wossler, acting on a misguided 
principle of loyalty, will try to stop you.

BOSS: Wossler, Empire Knights x3
??? HP
Of course, take out the lesser knights first. During this battle, Fran
will go a little crazy and basically be in permanent Berserk status.
Take her out if she becomes a liability. Once the Knights are gone,
you can focus on Wossler with relatively few problems. He's not too
tough at all. Once he gets low, he may cast Reflect on himself, so keep
that in mind if you've been trying to fry him with spells. He goes
down easily enough under melee attacks, though.

After Wossler's defeat, there'll be a few more events. You'll regain
the Fragment of Dawn (hurray) and Judge Geese will get what's coming to
him. Long cutscene time. There's lots of political goings-on; in the
end, Ashe will hold off on revealing that she's still alive, and it's
back to Rabanastre you go.
Here Ashe decides that the next step will be to investigate how the
Fragment of Dawn works. It is said that the Garif race, who live to
the south, may have some idea on how to go. Restock in town and when
you're done, head out south.

The first thing you'll notice is that it's now raining. The Giza Plains
now will be quite different from the one you knew earlier; several paths
are gone, new paths have opened, the encampment in the middle is now
mostly deserted, etc. The most important issue here is that the monsters
are now stronger as well.
You'll want to make your way to the southwest area, the Starfall Plain
(星ふり原), which has a path leading south to the next area. One thing
to watch out for in this entire region is that there are lightning elements
(just look like balls of electricity) scattered around. They are extremely
strong, but they aren't aggressive. If you do draw aggro on one, either
by attacking it directly or casting spells nearby, you need to run, as
a single Thundara from them can easily wipe you out. Make your way down
to reach the next area, the Ozmone Plains.

The most annoying thing about this area are the Zus, which are flying
enemies and therefore cannot be hit by melee attacks. Bows and guns
are helpful here, since otherwise you'll have to use magic.
Go down south two zones to reach the Hauro Greenlands (ハウロ緑地).
You'll see a Garif fighting enemies here. Help him out if you wish.
This zone has a path leading south which will lead you to your destination,
the homeland of the Garifs.

There's a teleport-active save point here. Hurray! Speak to the guards
blocking the bridge. They're reluctant to let you in, but the Garif you
saw earlier attests to your battle prowess and vouches for you. Go on in
to the first part of the village. Speak to the various elders (長老)
here. They'll know nothing, and eventually they'll tell you to try and
speak to the Great Elder (最長老). While you're here, you can buy some
new stuff if you want.
Try to head west again and the Garif from before, who introduces himself
as Warrior Chief Spinel (戦士長スピネル), again vouches for you. Go inside
and speak to the Great Elder to kick off a series of events. 
After that is all done, your old pal Larsa with his infinite supply of
Hi Potions rejoins you as a guest. Awesome. On your way out, Warrior
Chief Spinel will also give you either a Killer Bow or a Bowgun, plus the
appropriate ammunition. Free stuff is always nice.
Since the Garifs know nothing, Larsa would like you to try and stop impending
hostilities between his country and another country to the east. He thinks
Ashe's political clout will help. So it's off you go to the east, with
your eventual destination the holy city of Bur-Omisace.
In the exit area to Jahara, you can buy a map of the Ozmone Plains. Also,
you can (for one-time only, thanks to Spinel's help) rent a chocobo for
free. Chocobos can be quite helpful since you won't be attacked, plus
you can travel faster than you normally would.
Head across the Ozmone Plains, Chocobo or not, in a northeasterly
fashion. As you get to the last area here, you'll see a short conversation
between Ashe and Basch, and then some scenes back in the Archadian Empire.
Seems a couple of factions are vying for power.
With that done you'll be presented with a save crystal. The traveler here
mentions that there are strange seals blocking the paths in the Golmore
Jungle up ahead. Of course, that is where you must go, so onwards.

Dark in here... the Couars can petrify you, so be sure to have Stona
or Gold Needle items handy. Deeper in you'll also find the notorious
Molbols, which can cause a host of status effects on you.
Proceed along the path eastward. Blocking the way to the next zone,
you'll see a bluish seal. You'll get an event here with Fran, and a path
will open up. Follow the newly opened path to get to the secret village
of the Viera, Eruyt Village.

There's a teleport-capable save point here, as well as a shop. Check out
the new wares. There isn't that much, but you should definitely invest
in some of the new magic, such as Esuna and Curada. Fran will tell you 
to go find a Viera girl named Myulin.
You're not very welcome here. Go into the deepest part of the village
to get another event with the leader of the village, Yote. Myulin is
missing; after some arguments, Yote tells you that Myulin went westwards,
into a Hume mine.
Go back out now. Larsa mentioned that Yote probably means the Henne Mines.
Return to the screen just before the Golmore Jungle. On the screen with 
the save point, you'll now find a wounded Empire soldier. He begs you for
a potion; give one to him. In exchange, he'll lend you a chocobo, which
you'll need to get to the Henne Mines.
From the save point, go one screen westwards, then immediately go through
the brush to the south. On the chocobo, you should be able to go through
the secret path to the next zone. Incidentally, there are many paths like
this which can only be traversed by chocobo; look around the ground for
chocobo tracks as a sign of these paths.
On the next zone head south a little further to find the main entrance to
the Henne Mines. You need to dismount your chocobo in order to enter. After
a short event at the entrance, you're free to go inside.

A little ways in you'll find some closed gates and a switch. The switches
here toggle between having the blue-lit doors open and the red-lit doors
open; you can't have both open at the same time. Also, when you flip the
switches it spawns a whole mess of Jelly enemies, so don't flip them
To begin, flip the first switch in the North Gate (北通用口) area,
then head south through the blue doors. In the small crosswalk section,
the only way you can go is west, so keep following that. Head around
to reach Tunnel #1 (第1期坑道) and continue until you reach Mine #1
(第1期採掘現場). From here proceed to reach Train Connecting Line A
(区間連結ラインA), then go north to Train Connecting Line B
(区間連結ラインB). Loop east and to the south to reach another small
cross-shaped area. Hit the switch here to open the red doors, then
go through the west door to get back to Train Connecting Line A. Make
another loop north to Train Connecting Line B and this time you should
be able to take the northwest door here to the next area, which has
a handy teleport-active save point. This should tip you off that a
boss fight is coming, so heal up and get ready. After an event where you
find Myulin, sort of, a boss attacks.

BOSS: Tiamat
??? HP
This isn't terribly hard, especially with Larsa and his infinite potions
helping you out. The only danger is if Larsa dies or otherwise gets
taken out with Petrify and such. If you have the Dark Magic Decoy by now,
by all means use it to draw attention away from Larsa. (You'd also
want to buff whoever has Decoy on them with Protect/Regen/etc., of course,
so that they survive.) As long as Larsa is safe and at least one other
party member can back him up on the healing, you should have no problem
whittling this boss's HP down.

After the boss fight, the party recovers Myulin. You'll automatically be
taken back to Eruyt Village. After some more talking, you'll get the
key item Tear of Lente; this will allow you to go through those seals
you saw earlier.

With the Tear of Lente in your possession it's time to continue on
towards Bur-Omisace. Go through the seal just south of the entrance to
Eruyt and proceed eastwards. Soon you'll come across another small area
with a teleport-active save point. What's this, another boss? You
guessed it.

BOSS: Elder Dragon, Treant x2
??? HP
Unlike the Tiamat, this is an extremely tough battle. Take out the Treants
first; they have rather high HP, but it's easier to clean them up first
rather than have them bother you for the entire fight. The main problem
with the Elder Dragon is the host of status effects he can cause on
you, including his favorite Confuse. His HP is extremely high, so you
won't be able to take him out with 2 Mist Knack chains like you might
have cheesed some of the other bosses with. The worst part is his special 
attack "Shiole Spore" which causes a host of conditions (Confuse, Slow,
Silence, Darkness, Oil, and Slip) to a large area. He'll use it much 
more often than you'd like. Esuna is a must for this battle. Esuna won't
take care of the Oil, either, or the Slow. The Oil is worse because he'll
often follow up with a Fireball attack, which will easily do 1500-2000 
damage against an Oil'ed character.
Spread out as much as possible. Have at least two characters who can use
Esuna, and make sure you have plenty of Phoenix Downs and Oil
Removers (あぶらとり紙). If he's simply too tough for you, use the forest
as a good place to level up and come back again later.

With the Elder Dragon dispatched, go east for a few more zones and
you'll arrive at the Paramina Rift.

There's a save point first thing here. The people here will tell you
that to get to Bur-Omisace you should head northeast. So just follow
the north wall eastwards in each zone and you'll arrive at your
destination sooner than you'd expect.

First things first, there's two vendors in this area with a ton of new
merchandise for you, as well as a teleport active save point. There are
two very useful accessories sold here, the Gold Amulet (which doubles
gained LP) and Thief Cuffs (which improves the items that you can steal),
so invest in some if you have the money - they're expensive. Larsa
is about to leave your party, as helpful as he was, so if there's stuff
you want to do while you still have him, like catch up on some Mob 
Hunts, feel free to teleport elsewhere and wrap things up before
When you're ready to move on, continue on up to the grand chapel up
on the mountain face. Time for another series of events. You'll be
introduced to the Grand Priest Anastasis, as well as the pimp - I mean
nobleman - Al-cid. Al-cid notifies you of some political goings-on. The
emperor of Archadia has been assassinated; Vayne has assumed control.
Seem like Ashe and Larsa's plans for peace are foiled yet again.
Anastasis tells Ashe that if she is so determined, she should seek out
the other legacy left behind by Racewall, the Sword of the Conqueror
King. To do so, you'll need to go to the Stilshrine of Miriam, down
to the south.
From the city, go south two zones, then take the southwest exit to
reach a small corridor with a save point. From here, proceed down another
two zones to reach the Stilshrine.

After using the teleport-active save point here, head inside to the
Shrine proper. The first thing you need to is equip a character with
the Fragment of Dawn (暁の断片) and have them examine the altar up
here, marked on your map with some gears. This will teleport you to
a different part of the shrine. Since the Fragment of Dawn reduces your
MP to 0, equip it on somebody you don't plan to have active in your
In the next area, again use the character with the Fragment equipped
to examine the next altar. Be careful, there are many strong dragons
here, and the faces in the walls also animate and attack. Don't be
reluctant to use R2 and run away if things look bad. Once the altar
is activated, a new set of stairs forms in the previous room. Take it
down to a new corridor.
Here you'll see something odd - a green save point. Except it's not
a save point at all. Examine it and it'll attack. Defeat it and it'll
leave a real save point behind in its wake. Odd indeed. In any case,
heal up and proceed westwards. In this new area, go south first
and examine the end of the giant sword stuck into the ground. This
will open a door on the north end of the hall. Inside is a teleporter
that will take you back to the first hall you arrived in. There is now
a door open on the west side of this entrance hall.
In this next area your main goal is to find three statues and rotate
them to face the center of the shrine. The first area you'll come
across has a statue to the west. Examine it and choose the second
option to manipulate it, after which you can choose to rotate it
clockwise (first option) or counterclockwise (second option). Either
way, have the statue face towards the east. Now proceed south.
In this next long looping corridor with many zombie fights you'll
have to go from a northwest-to-southeast fashion in order to reach
the second statue. Have it point north, then go out the north exit
in this area to reach the next corridor.
Go out the east door and down the stairs. Before you open the next
door, be prepared for a boss fight.

BOSS: Venuskara
??? HP
This guy isn't hard at all. The only tricky part is that he lays down
a magnetic field. Any party members who are equipped with anything from
the heavy armor class will be slowed an incredible amount. Thus, just
make sure that the characters you use are equipped with light or mage
armor. With that done, you should be able to take him out in no time.

Beyond this boss's room is the third and final statue. Have it face
westwards. This will cause the giant sword you examined earlier to
rise from the ground.
Go back to the main entrance hall just by going north, then use the
teleporter on the south side. Head straight south and you should now
be able to go through a new path. Before you go through the door here
again, another boss awaits, this one much harder. (But not that hard.)

BOSS: Mattheus
??? HP
The first thing you need to do is take care of the five ice minions
Mattheus has. If you don't, they'll constantly spam Sleep spells on
you, which gets very annoying very quickly. If you can, the easiest 
thing to do is start a Mist Knack chain on Mattheus. Although the Mist
Knacks themselves only hit one target, the final magic burst that
occurs if you chain together at least 3 Mist Knacks will hit all
enemies in the area. If it doesn't kill the ice minions, at the very
least it will make them much easier to kill.
With those out of the way, just focus on Mattheus. He (yeah, Mattheus
is a male, he just has an ice goddess as a living shield, according
to the Hunt Catalog) isn't too tough by himself. His only big move
is Blizzaja, which causes ice damage and slip status to a large area,
but as long as you have the Curas coming he's nothing to worry about.

Defeat Mattheus and you'll be able to summon him now, as soon as you
learn him on the License Board (just above Dagger 3). Continue on
to the back and, after some more events, you'll receive the Sword of
the Conqueror King.
Exit the shrine for some bad news. Empire ships are in the area, and
Fran notices a column of smoke coming from Bur-Omisace. Either
walk or teleport back there.

Head to the back to see the aftermath of the Empire's attack. You'll
be attacked by another Judge, Judge Berga.

BOSS: Judge Berga, Judge x3
Three unnamed Judges attempt to attack you from behind; take them
out to show them the error their ways. They aren't tough at all. If
you can zap them all at once with black magic, so much the better.
With Berga left, you should be alright. His attacks are powerful, so
try casting Decoy on one of your characters, plus Protect and Regen
so that he gets distracted away from your healer(s).

Another series of events ensues. Your party decides to take the fight
to the enemy. It's of course impossible to enter the Empire from air
or sea, so you'll have to travel by land, making your way through
Nalbina Fortress.
Speak to the priest just outside the main chapel to receive the
Convict's Magic Stone (断罪の魔石). You can use this later to challenge
another summon back in the Stilshrine of Miriam, but chances are you'll
want to hold off until you're higher level to attempt it.
Make your way back to Rabanstre however you choose, then go out the
east door. In the "Sand Crest Labyrinth" (砂紋の迷宮) zone,
go out the northeast exit to get to Nalbina Fortress.

There are many good (but expensive) things for sale here, so check 
them out. Otherwise there isn't anything to do here, so when you're all
done go northwest to the Mosphoran Highwaste.

Keep going northwest here and you'll reach an encampment with a teleport-
active save point. There's also an item shop here. Continue northwest
for several more zones and you'll reach the Salikawood.

A couple of zones north you'll see a save point. From here, go north and
then east a few more zones and talk to the Moogle boss here. The door is
broken, and he and his assistants were sent to fix it, but they seem to be
goofing off in the forest rather than helping out. You'll need to find
the nine of them and tell them to quit slacking off.
Luckily even though there's nine of them they're clustered in groups, 
and their location is marked on the map for you. Just go around the forest
to the four exclamation marks to talk to each one. Along the way you'll
probably run into another save point, this one teleport-active, next
to a zone transition leading northwest. That way leads to a boss (the
Bomb King) and eventually leads to Nabudis, which is not related at all
to your goal; ignore it for now (we'll get to it in the Sidequests).
Once you've found the fourth and final group of moogles, they'll ask you
if you want to be taken back to the moogle boss, the first option being
yes. Either way make your way back, and the door will be fixed. Talk to
the boss again for a reward (Quismoit Sandals), then proceed out the
next zone to make it to the Phon Coast.

Not much to do here either. Those of you who played the demo will probably
recognize this area. Go southeast for several zones and you'll come
across another encampment, as well as a cutscene with Balflear and Ashe.
Again, there isn't much to do in this entire area except travel. Restock
at the item shop in the hunter's camp if you need to, then go north
several zones. Just past a save point is the next area, the Tchita

There's actually a little more to this area than just travelling.
Head eastwards and you'll come across a small area with a save crystal
and a rather odd individual. He'll give you an unofficial mob hunt
(it doesn't appear in your Clan Report) as well as what you really need
him for, the Soulseal Key (封魂のカギ). With this in your possession,
now travel north. Soon you'll get to a creepy looking cave, which is
where you want to go. Proceed in north for a ways and you'll come
across a locked door. Here's where you need to use the key. Open it
and you'll find the odd monsters that the odd invididual from before
wanted you to kill.

BOSS: Mandora Prince, King Araune, Onion Queen, Pumpkin Star, Tomato
??? HP
These guys are more annoying than threatening. They don't do much other
than inflict status effects on you (Esuna as needed) and run around
at random. Don't chase them too much, just try staying in one area and
attacking each one as they come near.

With that odd series of bosses defeated, you can return to the odd man
from before and he'll reward with a 1000 Gil and some remedies. Or you
can just ignore him... continue on into the palace proper.

In the area north of the room where you fought the Mandoras, there's
a save point. This one is also a fake one; defeat it and a real save
point will show up. Use it and proceed east. Go in a generally
northwards direction from here, and eventually you'll come across
a diamond shaped area with a door leading north. The door north
leads to the real boss of this area, with no save point nearby, so
be fully prepared before you go on in.

BOSS: Ahriman
??? HP
He's got a number of annoying attacks, the most dangerous of which are
Confuse and Death Sentence statuses. Have the appropriate curative
items handy, or equip accessories that prevent them. As he gets lower
in health, he'll begin to create fake copies of himself. These fake
copies don't have that much HP (around 2500, perhaps) so focus on the
copies one at a time, then return your attention to the real Ahriman.
Or, you can use a Mist Knack chain at the end to blast all of them at

Once he's gone, continue north. This next area is home to a bunch of
traps, including one right in front of the door. Cast Levitaga
immediately, or at the very least have Libra on, so you can see the
traps - the last thing you need is to die to some traps and have
to fight the Ahriman over again. You'll eventually reach an elevator
area. Take it up to find a teleport-active save point, then take the
exit to your destination, Old Archades.

Welcome to the slums! Go westwards and talk to the gate guard blocking
the way to the rest of the city. Seems like he won't let you in. 
An old acquaintance of Balflear's, Jule, pops up and offers you his
help - in exchange for some cold hard cash. Give him 1500 Gil, and
he'll tell you to go around and talk to people. How helpful. Talk to
a man in the northeast area of that district - you'll know you have
the right one because some of the text he says will be colored in
gold. Return to Jule and Jule will tell you to go talk to another man,
Pizle (守銭のピズレ). He's nearby the first guy you had to talk to. Talk
to him, and return to Jule, who's moved slightly from his initial
position. With the guards thus distracted, you'll now be a ble to 
go on into the city proper.

Upon arriving, Balflear will leave your party temporarily. There's
a bunch of shops around, so check them out. In the southwest district,
there's a taxi that'll take you to where you're supposed to go.
However, you're not qualified enough to ride the taxi. As it turns out
the citizens of Archades have these things called Leaves which is a
measure of their status. Without at least nine leaves, you won't
be able to get in. Jule shows up again and swindles you out of another
2500 Gil - and once again, the only thing he says is to talk to people.
Gee, thanks a lot, Jule.
Now get ready for the most annoying minigame in the game. You thought
spreading rumors was stupid? Welcome to White Leaf collecting. The basic
premise is simple. You need to talk to some people, who have juicy
info for you, and then relay that info to other people who'll reward
you by giving you a White Leaf. The problem is that Vaan must be an 
idiot or something, because he can only remember one piece of info
at a time. So there's going to be a lot of running around to do. I
recommend using the northwest district, Moleberry (モールベリ区)
as there are exactly 9 pairs of info givers/receivers here, so you
can get all the Leafs that you need without having to change zones.
The pairs of people you need to talk to are as follows. Keep in mind
that until you talk to a person at least once, they'll just have the
generic label of "Archades Citizen". 

Mage Girl (魔道士の女) -> Academy Gentleman (アカデミーの紳士)
Feather-Seeking Girl (フェザーを目指す女) 
   -> Feather-Seeking Guy (フェザーを目指す男)
Accessory Woman (アクセサリの婦人) -> Giza Man (ギーザの男)
Bored Woman (ホロッときた婦人) -> Family Daughter (家族思いの娘)
Necklace Man (ネックレスの男) -> Necklace Woman (ネックレスの女)
Travel-loving Woman (旅好きな婦人) 
   -> Traveler Gentleman (旅の生活の紳士) 
Judge-seeking Man (ジャッジになりたい男) -> Judge's Wife (ジャッジの夫人)
Home Instructor Woman (家庭教師の婦人) 
   -> Home Instructor Gentleman (家庭教師の紳士)
Look-alike Man (そっくりの男) -> Look-alike Man (そっくりの男)

Now you should have nine White Leaves in your posession. Take the
taxi and head on out to the next area. There's a teleport-active
save point here. Go north for a short event. Foiled again! Return
down south for yet another event, where you learn the extent of Jule's
asshole-ness (Balflear had given him enough Leaves for you, but he
decided to make you run-around and get some yourself). In any case,
your next destination is the Droklor Laboratory. You can go there by
talking to the taxi attendant and telling him you want to go to
"that place" (例の場所). Be warned that once you go in, you can't leave
until you clear the entire dungeon, so be sure you are fully stocked
and equipped.

Thankfully, you'll start at the 66th floor. Would've sucked to have started
from the bottom... A little ways in you'll see some collapsed soldiers.
Looks like somebody else got here first. Go north and take the elevator
here to the 67th floor. You have to operate the console to the left and
select the floor with up/down to do so. On this next floor go up to the
northeast area. There's a save point here, and in the lab you'll get a map
of the area and a lab card key. 
Unfortunately this is one of those areas where your minimap goes on the
fritz and it's hard to tell where you are, but you can always press Select
to see where you are on the big map. In any case, go to 67E Area 03
(E means it's on the east side) and operate the panel inside to open the
blue doors. Like the Henne Mines before, you can only open either the blue
or the red doors at once, but not both. With the doors open, go back to the
elevator and now take it up to the 68th floor.
Proceed to 68E Area 03 and now open the red doors. Loop around north to get
to 68W Area 04 and now open the blue doors. From here, go to 68W Area 11
and again reopen the red doors. Now you should be able to head to the south
central area which has the next elevator. Take it up to the 70th floor.
There's a save point here, and you know what that means. Go on in to find
the head of the Laboratory, and also Balflear's father, Dr. Cid.

BOSS: Dr. Cid, Rook x4
??? HP
Weird to see Cid as a bad guy, isn't it? In any case, he cheats. His guns,
like all guns, ignore defense, and what's worse, until you destroy the
four Rooks circulating around him, you can't hurt him at all. The Rooks
all have Reflect on them, so don't try and nuke them. Take them out
one by one while keeping an eye on your HP - those guns and lasers hurt.
The Rooks also try and drain your MP, so be careful that you don't run out.
Once all the Rooks are gone (they have about 10000 HP) it's time to take
out the good Doctor. He's still kind of tough, and he might use his
big move, the S27 Magic Cannon, which can do about 1000 damage, so keep
your HP high.

Once you've defeated Dr. Cid he runs off, telling Ashe she should go
to Giruvegan if she really wants power. The 'somebody else' who was here
first introduces himself as Reddas, another air pirate, hailing from
Balfonheim. For the moment at least, your goals are the same, so it's
off to Balfonheim you go.

New town means new shops. Check out the new wares, then go northeast
to find a teleport-active save point. If you go northwest from here,
you'll pass through the Cerobi Steppe and eventually end up at the Tchita 
Uplands. However, there's a much faster way to get to Giruvegan.
Teleport to the Stilshrine of Miriam and exit to the Paramina Rift
by going north. Now continue north, go east past the small area with
the save point, then immediately go north and west again. In the new
zone go southwest, and you'll reach the Feywood.

Once again your minimap is on the fritz here. Hug the east wall and go
down southwards. You should encounter a treasure pot with a map here
as you go. Continue southeast and south past another zone to reach a
small area with a save point. Save then attempt to go south. A thick
collection of Mist blocks your path; you should get an event where it
opens up. If you don't, change zones a few times and come back to try
again. In this area is a boss.

BOSS: Rafflesia
??? HP
This boss cheats, and by cheats I mean "lays down a field that drains
your MP". Since you're going to run out of MP very quickly anyway,
you should probably just start off the battle with a Mist Knack chain
to inflict as much damage as possible. This boss also loves status
effects. Remedies (万能薬) are pretty much required for this battle. 
As he gets low in health, he summons in some Molbols as well, though
they aren't really anything to worry about him compared to him. You
can ignore them if you want. Keep pounding away at him and keep a close
eye on your item stock.

With him gone, it's time for the second part of the Feywood. Go south.
In this next area, go down to the southeast corner for another treasure
pot. This contains a 'candle' that adds the hidden areas of the Feywood
to your map. Continue south and you'll reach a large blizzard area where 
it's hard to see. If you check your map, you'll see several star-shaped 
monuments around the map. Go to the closest one, in the northeast. What
you need to do in each of these monuments is stand in the middle and
rotate the camera with the right stick. You should see that one of the
doorways has an illusion of something other than a blizzard, like forests
or a mountain. When you see this, go straight in that direction. This
should lead you to the next star-shaped monument, and you should repeat
until you get to the next zone.
The next zone works pretty much in the same way, although in this one
you need to start with the monument in the middle and not the one in the
northeast. Once you reach the last area, a giant door blocks your path.
Unfortunately, human strength cannot open it. Summon Velias (魔神ベリアス)
with whoever has him learned, then try opening the door. It should
open now, leaving the way to Giruvegan clear.

Use the save point here; feel free to teleport back to town and restock
if you need to. When you're ready use the teleporter on the west side.
You'll immediately come across a boss.

BOSS: Didolos
??? HP
This guy isn't too tough at first, but as the battle goes on he does more
and more powerful stuff. He's got extremely high defense, so make sure
your equipment is top notch, and keep the heals coming. The worst thing
he does is that when he gets below about 25% health, he'll start using
an attack that does upwards of 1500 damage to all party members. Of course,
you want to stop him from doing so. Probably the best thing to do is
whittle him down to about 25% with normal attacks, and then unleash a
chain of Mist Knacks on him in hopes of killing him before he gets to use
his move. If that doesn't kill him, you can even switch in some of your
reserves and use their Mist Knacks as well. One other thing to try is
that Confuse status can work on him, so if you keep him Confused as much
as possible he becomes easier to handle.

With him gone, use the teleporter that appears to be warped elsewhere.
Go down south and you'll find a switch. You need to release the seals to
the gates so that you can move on. This entire area zigzags; once you've
released the Gate Kutes seal (ゲート・クテス制御装置) go to the southwest tip
of this area. You should see two Mithril Golems here. Defeat them, then
step onto the area between them. Though it's not on the map, a hidden
path should suddenly appear.
In this next area you'll have to do the same sort of thing, although there
are no less than three locks in the area to deal with. You'll have to
backtrack a few times, but it shouldn't be too hard finding them all; use
your map if you get lost, the switches are conveniently marked. Go to
the north side and westwards once you've gotten them all, and again defeat
the Mithril Golems and step on the hidden path westwards.
There's a small area with a save point here, so heal up. Then check the
door to move to the next section. This area is symmetrical as you'll soon
see on the map; what you'll want to do is go between the two halves and
head northeast; there's another long hidden path that will take you up
to the next teleporter. Before you can take it though, there's another
boss to deal with.

BOSS: Tyrant
??? HP
The unusual bit about this fight is that all of your Skills are sealed,
meaning you can't use them. You can still use Magic and Items, though, so
you shouldn't have too many problems. His biggest attack is "Piercing
Graviga" (貫通グラビガ), which does half max HP damage to your characters.
Unlike normal Graviga, this ignores the effects of Reflect status, so
that won't help you. Keep your HP high to counter this powerful spell.
Like the Didalos before, you can also try confusing this boss.

With that done take the teleporter to be warped to the next area. This area
is very bad as things go; there is no minimap, and the main map is mostly
unhelpful. The only thing that helps is it tells you the name of the area
you are currently in in the upper left, so pay attention. You'll start
out in Ah Grand Shift (ア・グランド・シフト). To one side of the circular
area you'll see a sealed gate (Gate Scorpio). You can't open it on this
visit; that's for the sidequests. Take the opposite end and proceed on
the only path past two more circular platforms. You'll arrive at a third
platform with a Teleporter VII (転送装置VII) on it. Take it to be warped
This next area has three possible paths. Take the middle one for some
treasure, then return. Now take the one on the left; this leads to a
switch that will open Gate Cancer for you. Gate Cancer is on the right
of your starting point. Take it and you'll find Teleporter V.
You'll arrive at another area with another Gate, Gate Pisces. You don't
actually need to deal with it. Take the path furthest from Gate Pisces.
Two platforms away, you'll find a switch that opens Gate Aries. Take
Return to the platform with Gate Pisces and now take the path to the
Gate's left. Continue on and you'll find another platform with the
switch to Pisces (which you can ignore) and Gate Aries. Just past
Gate Aries is Teleporter III.
Take it and you'll arrive at Crystal Core. There's a save point on
the next platform, and a teleporter which will take you back to the
ancient city itself. There's only one way to go now, and a boss awaits
at the end.

BOSS: Shumihaza
??? HP
This gal uses some powerful magic, but the thing to watch out for more
is her Silega. Either have plenty of healing items (やまびこ草) or make
sure your healer has protection against silence. She also absorbs pretty
much every element, so don't use magic yourself against her.  As long
as you can protect yourself from Silence, she isn't too hard.

Defeat her and you'll gain her License for summoning. Hurray. Take
the final teleporter now to the last area. You'll see some more story
events with Ashe and receive the Sword of the Contract (契約の剣).
With all that done, you can take the teleporter here which is a one-way
warp to the beginning.
Return however you wish to Balfonheim and report to Reddas. With the Sword
of the Contract in hand, it's time to head to the Pharos of Ridorana,
where Ashe must make the decision on whether to destroy the source of the
antimagic stones or use its power for revenge against the Empire. Reddas
joins you as a guest for this next dungeon, and you'll be able to take
Balflear's ship to Ridorana now. Go to the airport terminal and speak
to the Personal Ship Attendant (個人用受付) in order to access your ship.
You can actually go anywhere whose name is in white. The next dungeon is
long, so you may want to take the time to stock up, do mob hunts, etc.
When you're ready, go to the Ridorana Cataract (リドルアナ大瀑布).

There's a save point in the first area here. Go eastwards. There's nothing
too tricky about this area. Go north to the next zone, then follow the
north wall eastwards to reach another path. This path has a save point,
but it also has a mess of traps near it so be careful. From here it's just
another zone transition eastwards to get to the lighthouse itself.

The first thing you'll encounter as you step inside is a boss. Lovely
reception, eh?

BOSS: Hydro
??? HP
This boss loves using poison and virus (makes it so you can't be healed)
statuses. Have Esuna handy. One thing to note about this boss is that
he's undead. This means you can cast healing spells and such on him
to damage him. To target him with a healing spell or item, just press R1
when the target selection window is up (R1 changes the 'group' of
targets, between party members, reserves, and enemies). Sadly you can't
Elixir him to insta-death him, like you could with certain bosses in
previous FFs... as long as you have poison and virus statuses under
control, he's not too much to worry about.

Continue east for a short event at the the door, then go inside the
Pharos itself. The Pharos is split into three sections, which the game
dubs 'Ascents'.

The teleporter in the front here doesn't work yet. There's a teleport-
active save point here as well. The middle circular area has three
altars (黒封の祭壇) that you'll need to manipulate. To activate them,
you'll need Black Jewels (黒の珠). As you defeat enemies around here,
sometimes they may leave a little blue sparkling light behind. Examine
those to receive the Jewels.
The circular area is broken up by debris, so you'll need to enter
the circular area from three different ways (main hall, from northeast,
and from southeast) in order to activate all three. Once you do so,
the sealed door to the east will open. Save before you go in and
then step inside to be warped to somewhere unknown. After walking for
a little bit, you'll be attacked by the next boss.

BOSS: Pandemonium
??? HP
Pandemonium uses petrify and blind statuses, so have the appropriate
counters. The trickiest thing about this boss is that at about half
health, he'll use "Absolute Defense" and "Absolute Magic Barrier",
which will cause any and all damage sources to be nullified. The only
thing you can do is wait for the effect to wear off. Use the time to
focus on healing and defense buffs. Once it wears off, use your
newly buffed team to finish the job.

With him gone, the teleporter back in the main entrance hall is now
active. Return, heal and save, and then take the teleporter up.
This next area is home to a large number of gaps that you'll need to
make bridges for. In order to make the bridges, you need to defeat
enemies called Kojas (コジャ), which are the Face-type enemies with a
green flame on top. Defeating one causes a bridge segment to be laid
down. In this first area, just defeat two Kojas and a bridge will
form to the east. Continue around the path and defeat four more to make
another bridge to the north. Cross it and go to the next zone.
Now you'll need to defeat six Kojas to make the next bridge. Still pretty
Things begin to get tricker in the next area. The game tries to fool
you by adding enemies called Didras (デイダラ), which look exactly like
Kojas except they have a red flame on top. If you mistakenly defeat
a Didra, a bridge segment actually disappears. Thus you need to stop
your party members, especially Reddas, from attacking them. Use R2 to
enter escape mode and pull your allies away if you need to.
In any case defeat six Kojas to make the first bridge. In the next area
loop around the square corridor in the southeast until you've killed
ten Kojas. This makes another bridge north. The next area is quite long,
looping all the way from east to north to west, but you only need to kill
four Kojas here. Take the newly-made bridge again to reach the next set
of stairs.
There's a save point here, which should be a warning sign to you. Use
it, then go down south to the next set of stairs. At the next room,
another weird warp and a boss await.

BOSS: Sharit
??? HP
Sharit is weak against Fire, as well as Oil, so you can nuke him to the 
best of your ability. He's also susceptible to Slow status, which helps a 
lot. His attacks do hurt a lot, but thanks to the Oil+Fire combination
you should be able to destroy him pretty quickly.

With him out of the way there's just one teleporter left to get to the next

This area starts off quite mean. There's four locked doors here, and
four altars. To open a door you have to activate an altar, but when you
do, one of your abilities will be sealed.
Fight sealed - 戦封の祭壇
Magic sealed - 魔封の祭壇
Item sealed - 具封の祭壇
Map sealed - 知封の祭壇
Probably the easiest thing to do is seal items, as long as you have
the necessary magic to compensate. Either way choose carefully, as you'll
have to fight the next boss with the seal in place.
In any case this will open a door, so continue upstairs. On the 61st
floor, go to either the northeast or southwest corner for some more stairs.
The 62nd floor is the opposite; the stairs up are in the northwest
and southeast. On the 63rd floor, you'll need to go northeast and then
west from there (the door northwest from the center area is locked).
The 64th floor is simple; there's a save point here, and then the stairs
up are to the south.
You know the drill by now - weird teleport, boss time.

BOSS: Fenrir
??? HP
This guy is pretty much all physical attacks. Have somebody with a high
defense and evade out in front, and cast Protect on them. Then
just attack away. Regen helps a little but the main thing is to use
Curada if your tank gets even close to dying.

With the boss gone, you'll reach another wide open circular area. Find
the altar that you chose before and activate it; this will unseal
your command as well as call an elevator for you. The elevator's on
the west side of the central circular area; take it up. Here you'll
find another save point and a teleporter, which will take you to the
third and final ascent.

There are a number of crests here that will teleport you around. The trick
here is that if you pick the wrong crest twice, you'll be teleported back
to the beginning, in a locked room, with tons of enemies. You won't be able
to leave until you defeat them all. On the other hand the treasure pot
with the map for this ascent is in this room, so completists may want to
screw up on purpose.
In any case on the 80th floor pick the Black Crest (黒の紋章). Continue 
from here and in the seeming dead end you can break one of the walls by
examining it. Find the Green Crest (緑の紋章) to continue. After 
teleporting, again break the walls to find the Red Crest (赤の紋章).
Once you're on the 84th floor, you'll need to pick the one that
corresonds to whatever you chose to seal back in the Second Ascent.
In the case of Items, pick the yellow one on the right. (I don't know
what you need to pick if you sealed something else yet, sorry.)
Afterwards all you have to do is continue breaking walls around the
north side until you find the teleporter.
The rest is straightforward. Take the elevator to the 90th floor.
Another boss awaits you here.

BOSS: Hashmarim
??? HP
Hashmarim likes using some dangerous earth attacks, such as Quaja
(damage and slow status to all) and Rock You. The key point here
is that using Levitaga can make you avoid all of those attacks. And
you thought Levitaga was only good for traps. With those attacks of
his rendered worthless, he isn't too tough at all. Once he gets close
to dying, like Pandemonium he'll use an absolute defense skill that
nullifies all damage. Wait until it runs out, then finish him off.

With Hashmarim gone, you can now learn the license to summon him.
Hurray. Continue on and you'll find your last save point here.
There's a couple of boss fights coming up, so be sure that you are
in top condition before moving on. Teleport up to the top floor.
After a number of events, your old friend Gabras shows up.

BOSS: Gabras
??? HP
He's actually pretty easy. He can only attack one person at a time,
so use your tank tactics. Since this is the first in a series of
boss battles, the thing you'll want to keep in mind is to try and
conserve your MP as much as possible here. After some point he'll use
Absolute Magic Barrier, so magic won't affect him at all; however,
you can and should use physical attacks to finish him off.

After a little more conversation, Dr. Cid arrives.

BOSS: Dr. Cid
??? HP
He's pretty wimpy now compared to how he was before, so again, conserve
your MP. He does have a special attack that hits everybody for a
little less than 1000 damage, so keep your party healed. The real battle
begins when you get him down to about half health. You thought you
were the only ones with Summons?

BOSS: Dr. Cid and Famfrit
??? HP
Now this is much harder. First of all, Cid will once again cheat and
make himself invincible to any and all damage. You'll have to defeat
Famfrit first. Of course, Cid will be attacking you all the while. He
also buffs Famfrit with Protect, Shell, and Haste. You can Dispel
it, but Cid will recast it. This may be good, though, since it stops
Cid from doing other things, such as shooting you. On Famfrit's side,
the danger lies in his move that hits everybody as well as Silences
them. Make sure you have the appropriate countermeasures for that.
He's not terribly tough otherwise; just make sure Dr. Cid and Famfrit
don't gang up on one of your party members. 
Once Famfrit goes down, Cid will no longer be invincible. However, he
does suddenly do a lot more damage with his attacks. Still, once
Famfrit is gone Cid is much easier to handle, so pummel him for all the
grief he's caused you so far.

You'll get another series of events now. Cid's master plan was actually
to release huge amounts of Mist to power the Empire's other secret
weapon, the Sky Fortress Bahamut. Reddas manages to stop it, but at a
cost. The Bahamut is still in operation, though not nearly as powerful
as it would've been, and your last goal is clear - you must charge
the Bahamut itself and stop Vayne.
You'll end up in Balfonheim once again. You can now fly to the Bahamut,
which is next to Rabanastre on the map, with your airship at any time.
However, once you enter, you will not be able to leave. There's also no
save points inside (don't worry, it's actually quite short compared to
the couple of hellaciously long dungeons you just finished.) Therefore
you should finish up all the loose ends that you want now. Mob Hunts,
Side Quests, shopping, etc. - it's your last chance. When you're all
good and ready, choose to fly to the Bahamut.

A couple of nice movies shows you the state of the war. Marquis Ondore
is attempting to hold his own with the resistance army, but the Bahamut
proves to be too much. Ashe and company arrive, and Ashe manages
(along with Vaan pretending to be Larsa...) to convince Ondore to
let them sneak aboard the Bahamut and finish things once and for all.
After all the movies, go north and around the corner, up the stairs
to the southwest.
You'll get some more events. Proceed straight southwest to the central
circular area, then enter the small room, which is actually an elevator, 
here. Activate the panel to go up. When you do, you're greeted by Gabras,
who survived the events at the Pharos after all. Time for another

BOSS: Gabras
??? HP
He's upgraded his attacks since the last time you saw him, with the 
ability to do more damage to more people at once now. Nevertheless,
he is vulnerable to a host of status effects, including Slow and Blind,
so make full use of it. He does cheat a little in that once he gets
to about half health, he'll taunt Basch (even if he's not in your
party...) and heal himself to full HP once again. He doesn't get anything
new or tricky, though, so continue fighting as before.

After you've defeated Gabras, examine the panel again to continue upwards.
Now it's time to confront Vayne face-to-face. Larsa joins you as a guest
for this battle, hurray.

BOSS: Vayne
??? HP
He's pretty weak. Conserve your MP. His most powerful attack only does
about 1000 damage each, so fight conservatively and don't overuse your
MP or items.

Surely you didn't think that was it? Vayne uses the power of the 
artificial stones made by Cid and becomes Vayne Nous.

BOSS: Vayne Nous, Sefira x5
Gabras joins you as an ally in this fight. The Sefira around him
can be annoying, but they aren't that bad so you can focus on Vayne
if you so wish. Slow works on Vayne, so by all means cast it;
the "Defense Break" and "Magic Defense Break" skills also work on
him. Use them to speed things up. This still isn't the final battle,
so don't use up everything you have. His specials now can do about
2000 HP damage, so stay above that. From time to time he may use
the absolute barriers you've already seen from some of the other bosses;
again, the only thing you can do in such a case is wait until it expires.

Some more events. Gabras deals a big blow to Vayne, so what does he do?
Runs away. Once your party catches up to him, his transformation is even
more severe - not good news for the airships in the area. Time to
finish things once and for all.

BOSS: Immortal One
??? HP
You won't be able to see how much HP he has left, even in bar form,
which is kind of annoying. Still, at about 75%, 50%, and 25% health
he'll temporarily become invincible to physical attacks, magic
attacks, and then both, so you can use this to estimate about how
much more fighting you have left.
His magic ignores Reflect, so don't bother. He starts out with Haste,
so Dispel that. You CAN use Defense Break and Magic Defense Break,
which helps a little. His best attacks will probably do around 2000
damage, so keep yourself healed above this amount. Other than all of
this, just fire away to the best of your ability. There is nothing
after this, so use up all your elixirs and so on; Mist Knack him
to death and use elixirs to do lots of damage.

With Vayne gone, enjoy the ending. You've deserved it. So ends Final
Fantasy XII.


FFXII, like most games in the series, has a ton of sidequests to do.
Foremost is the fact that there are 13 summons in the game, but you only
get 5 by following the main plot. The rest are completely optional and are
thus described here. This section will also expand on the other sidequests
present in the game.

(Recommended Level: mid-30s)
Adramelk can be found in the Zertinan Caverns (ゼルテニアン洞窟), a
completely optional zone that you never have to enter in the normal course
of the game. The Zertinan Caves have entrances in the Ozmone Plains,
Dalmasca Westersand, Ogir-Yensa Sandsea, and Nam-Yensa Sandsea areas.
Once inside, all you have to do is make your way to the Asroza Sandflow
(アスローザ大流砂) inside; this zone is easily accessible if you enter from the
Dalmasca Westersand. Go to the center and Adramelk will suddenly appear,
prompting a fight.

BOSS: Adramelk
??? HP
Adramelk is weak to ice. He has Protect on himself, but this can be
Dispelled; he can also be Blinded. He uses powerful lightning magics,
so if you have defenses against lightning your job can be easier. As he
is a flying enemy, melee attacks will not reach him. You'll need either
projectile weapons, or ranged-damage skills and magic, to hurt him. At 
times he'll use the Absolute Barriers that other bosses use, meaning you 
can't damage him until it wears off. What is especially annoying about 
this fight is that Corpse enemies are continually rising from the ground 
and attacking you at the same time. If you can get them all with a 
Blizzaga, for instance, that helps things out a lot. His big attack,
Thundaja, causes lightning damage to all as well as Stop status. Be
sure to have protection against Stop, or a good supply of Chronos
Tears (クロノスの涙).

(Recommended Level: mid-30s)
Zaruera is lurking in an area of the Barheim Passage. However, the passage
is locked from your previous visit. To get the key to go in, you must
first do another subevent. To start things off, finish the Mob Hunt
for the Flower Cactrot. After reporting to the client, Dantoro, he'll ask
you to take the flower to his wife, who is up north a few zones in the
Nebra River Camp. Go there and speak to her (ダントロの妻). Then talk
to the young boy Chiguri (チグリ) sitting next to the river. Return to
Dantoro and talk to him again. Now go back to the camp and talk to
Dantoro's Wife and Chiguri near the riverbank. You'll be given the option
to go to the north side of the camp on the boat. Do so and see the
event with Chiguri's father, Luxera (ルクセラ). Return to the south
side and speak with Dantoro's Wife again, then pick up the flower from
behind her house. Go back to the north part of the camp. You'll get
1000 Gil and a Napalm Shot as a reward from the Cactrots. Return to the
south area and speak to Dantoro's Wife again. She needs a particular
kind of shell. You can find it just next to the river bank a short way
from the house; it'll be a little sparkling object. Give it to Dantoro's
Wife, and she'll tell you that she needs Nebralin now. Go to Dantoro's
camp and talk to him; he'll tell you to look through his pile of luggage.
Do so to get the Nebralin, then give it back to Dantoro's Wife. One 
more thing now. You need to get some valley flower dew 
(谷間の花のしずく). Go to the north side of the camp and exit out the
northwest side. In the middle of the Split Earth zone (断裂の砂地)
which is two zones north, you should see some pinkish/purplish flowers. 
Examine these for the dew. Now return to Dantoro's Wife and give her the 
dew. Exit and reenter the camp and Dantoro's Wife will proclaim the
mystery traveller cured. Speak to him behind the house and he'll give
you the Barheim Key.
With all that done you can finally meet Zaruera. Enter Barheim Passage
from the Sandstorm Stopping Land (砂風止む地) zone (NOT the zone
you exited from when you first were there), using the key to
get in. There's a new area to the west that you couldn't access before.
Along the way you'll have to topple some mining carts to make a new
path. At the end of this new area is Zaruera.

BOSS: Zaruera
??? HP
Zaruera nullifies all elements and comes fully buffed with Haste, Reflect,
Protect, and Shell. You'll want to Dispel his buffs; then you can
cast Slow and Blind on him, and you can also use Defense Break and Magic
Defense Break to your advantage. As with Adramelk and Queklain, enemies
(more zombies) will also be attacking you at the same time. As he gets
low in health he'll begin using some instant-death attacks, so make
sure you have Phoenix Downs handy. He also casts interesting spells
like Lvl 4 Break, Lvl 3 Don't Act, Prime Level Death (which does what it
sound like, instantly kills any character whose level is a prime number),
so keep an eye on what levels your characters are.
The hardest part about this battle is the 5 minute timer. If you don't
defeat him in 5 minutes, you get kicked out of the room and you'll have
to start the fight all over again. If your damage output just isn't
fast enough, you'll have to come back after gaining more levels, and
try and get the biggest Mist Knack chain that you possibly can going.

(Recommended Level: mid-40s)
Queklain is found in the Garamsythe Waterway, but it takes a little bit
of runaround to actually get to him. First, you must finish the Mob Hunt
for White Mousse; you'll get the Water Gate Key at the end of it. Using
this, now go to the Central Control Area (中央制御区画) and close
the gates to the 11th and 4th areas, using the little pedestals on the
ground. Go into the 4th accessory district (第4処理区補助水路)
and find a control for the 1st area gate here; activate it. Return to
the central control area and reopen the 11th and 4th gates, and now
close the 10th and 3rd gates. This time go to the 3rd accessory
district (第3処理区補助水路). and again close the switch to the 1st
area here. Return again and now open the 10th gate and close the
4th. You should now be able to go to the south part of the First
Control Area (第1処理区), where you'll find Queklain.

BOSS: Queklain
??? HP
Queklain comes fully buffed and uses a variety of status effects,
including poison, Don't Move, Don't Act, Anti (switches out your
HP and MP) and Slow. Like with Adramelk, enemies will be appearing 
all the time, so try and get them as a group.
The biggest problem with this fight is that he lays down a field which
causes your HP to constantly drained. This on top of poison status can
kill you very quickly, so counter it by casting Curaga frequently.
You can Dispel his buffs, and you can also lower his defense with the
Magic Break and Magic Defense Break skills. He doesn't have that
much HP or Defense in the first place, so as long as you can deal
with his status effects and the constant health drain, he's not that
big of a challenge.

(Recommended Level: mid-40s)
Exdeath is lurking around the Mosphoran Highwaste, but again there's some
stuff you have to do first in order to get to him. In the camp area
in the Mosphoran Highwaste, find the South Wind Shrine (南々風の祠)
and activate it to cause the little platforms to rise into the air. Go
northeast to the Ashen Roof (灰色のひさし) and you'll find a Chocobo
wandering around. Feed him a Gysahl Green (ギザールの野菜) and then
go south to the Road To The Sky (天空へ続く路) zone. On the western
part of it, after crossing the platform you previously raised, you should
find a Chocobo-only path. Go through a couple of zones and you'll be
back in the camp, only in an area on the western side that you couldn't
access before. Activate the West Wind Shrine (西々風の祠). Go
north from here and you'll find that you can shove the rock out of the
way to connect this little area to the rest of the camp. Activate the
Northwest Wind Shrine as well now (西北風の祠). Now with all
that done, you can go to the Ridge to the Sky zone (空の果てを知る尾根)
and climb all the way up to the plateau in the middle, where Exdeath

BOSS: Exdeath
??? HP
Exdeath comes with Reflect, Protect, and Shell on. A key point in this
fight is that Items will be sealed. Definitely have more than one
character (preferably all three) who can use white magic, including raising
spells. He likes using Flare and Collapse on you, and at half health he 
nullifies physical attacks for awhile. Even if you Dispel his Reflect he 
continues to cast it upon himself; if you really want to use magic, you 
should equip an Opal Ring (オパールの指輪), which ignores Reflect. As with 
the others, Defense Break and Magic Defense Break work well.

(Recommended Level: mid-40s)
After you clear the Stilshrine of Miriam and you see the events at Bur-
Omisace, speak to the Church Elder (キルティア教長老) wandering outside
the temple to receive the Convict's Magic Stone (断罪の魔石). With
this in hand, you can use the teleporter in the first room of the 
Stilshrine of Miriam to go somewhere completely different. Just follow
the new area and you'll eventually reach Zeromus.

BOSS: Zeromus
??? HP
He begins buffed with Reflect, Protect, Shell, Haste, and Regen. One
big problem in this battle is that magic is sealed, meaning anything you
want to do special has to be done with items or skills. Since you can't
use magic, you might as well burn all of your MP on Mist Knacks. Have
plenty of healing items available - you'll definitely need them.

(Recommended Level: mid-50s)
The road to fighting Chaos is long and hard, with several parts.
Chaos is located in the Necrohol of Nabudis, a totally optional area
that you never need to visit in the course of the game. The Necrohol
of Nabudis is located past the Nabreus Deadlands, which are
accessible from the Salikawood. In the the middle of the Salikawood
you should see a teleport-active save point next to an area transition
leading northwest. Through this area, after defeating a Bomb King
boss, you should be able to reach the Nabreus Deadlands.
To start, visit the "Voiceless Road" (声を失った路) area of
the Deadlands and talk to Macleo (マクレイオ). He'll mention that 
he sent two of his disciples who possess two different medals out 
into the world. One is in Archades and one is in Rabanastre. The one 
in Archades is straightforward. Go to the magic shop and speak with 
the Disciple Rockenmu (ロッケンムウ) there. Then go to Old Archades
and in the northeast area of the first zone speak with one of the
citizens to receive Silver Medal (月銀のメダル). Return to
Rockenmu and show him the Medal; now you're done here.
Your task in Archades is much more complicated. Speak to Rockenmo
(ロッケンモウ) in Old Man Daran's house and you'll learn that his
medal has been split into four fragments. The four fragments are
obtainable as follows:
-one is a reward for clearing the Ultros Mob Hunt.
-after receiving the Water Gate Key from the White Mousse Mob
Hunt (you also needed it to reach Queklain), go to the central control
area. Start with all gates open, and then do the following in order:
Close the 11th gate, close the 4th gate, open the 11th gate,
close the 3rd gate, open the 4th gate. When you do so a little 
sparkling item will appear in the same room on the south side;
examine it to receive the fragment.
-go to the north part of Downtown and speak with Vaan's little
brother, Kaitz (カイツ). Now go up to the main square between the
gates above ground and speak to the woman who has lost her memory
(思い出せない女性). Go over to the Bazaar and ask about the
woman's necklace until one of them mentions an Empire soldier
who bought the neclace. Go to the magic shop and talk to the
soldier (酒場の帝国兵). Now go to the south part of Downtown
and talk to Firo (フィロ). Return to the magic shop and speak
again to the soldier to receive the fragment.
-Rockenmo has the fourth fragment and will put the Medal back together
once you bring him the other three fragments.
Return to the Nabreus Deadlands and speak with Macleo again. Now with
the three medals in place, you need to prove your strength. In the
Slumbering Plains (まどろみへ誘う平原) there is a hidden path in
the northwest that will allow you to eventually reach a shrine area.
Numerous enemy ambushes will occur on your way to the shrine. After
completing this, you will receive the three medals.
Now you can head to the Necrohol of Nabudis, which is deeper into
the Nabreus Deadlands. In the White Promise Corridor
(白き約束の回廊) you can use one of the medals to open the door
to the boss, Fury.

BOSS: Fury
??? HP
Looks... rather unexpected, doesn't he? He's not that bad; you can
cast Slow and Silence on him, and use Defense Break and Magic Defense
Break. One thing to watch out for is that he can cause Berserk
status on you, so make sure your healer doesn't go berserk.

Similarly in the Beautiful Preparation (美しき調べ) zone you'll
use another medal to open a door to another fight, the Phunbaba

BOSS: Phunbaba Boss
??? HP
He comes with Haste and Brave statuses on, so Dispel is as soon as
possible. Again, Slow and Silence, as well as the Breaks, work
well. Cast Protect on yourself to help things along.

With both bosses defeated your third medal awakens and can now
be used to open the final door, which houses Chaos.

BOSS: Chaos
??? HP
Chaos comes with four Chaos Juda around him of the appropriate
elements (earth, wind, fire, water). Take out each of the Judas
by using spells of the opposite element. The worst part of this
fight is that you can't use your basic "Fight" command! You'll
have to rely on skills and spells. You'll want to use the "Far
Attack" (遠隔攻撃) skill here, which normally allows you to
attack flying enemies with melee weapons, but also serves here
as a way to attack without actually using the "Fight" command.
This skill can be obtained from the hidden shop in Nabudis;
in the north part of the Radiant Passage (光満ちる回廊) area
there is a pillar that you can examine that works as a shop.
As with the others, use Dispel and buff yourself with Protect
and Haste.

(Recommended Level: high 60s)
Altima is located in your favorite dungeon, Crystal Grande. Yes, this
is the area in the last part of Giruvegan in which you had basically
no map or minimap to help you out. What's even worse, Altima is
located in a separate part of Crystal Grande which has much harder
enemies and much more confusing bridge/gate schemes.
Again, since there is no map/compass, you'll have to rely on
hitting Select every time you enter a new area and checking for
the name of the current area at the top left of the screen. The
following chart details exactly how to get to Altima from the
first part of Crystal Grande. One other challenge the game throws
at you is that once you hit some of the latter switches, you only
have a certain amount of time before the gates close again.
Each line tells you what room to go to. If there is a switch or a
door, it will be noted in the list. This is only the most direct
path to reach Altima. If you're feeling brave, you can do some
exploration to find some treasure chests, often containing some
very nice treasure. A full description of how to go to each
treasure is not amenable to text. If can understand some Japanese,
I suggest checking out the the maps from FF12 Kyokugen Kouryaku
-You start out in Ah Grand Shift (ア・グランド・シフト)
-Set Scorpio (セット・スコーピオ)
-Ah Grand Shift and open Gate Scorpio to go to Ah Shift Debon
-Teleport to Da Shift Cabonif (ダ・シフト・カボニフ)
-Ah Shift Cambul Ra (ア・シフト・カンブル・ラ)
-Either Debon Zairem Ino (デボン・ザイレム・イノ) or Debon Zairem 
Weno (デボン・ザイレム・ウェノ)
-Set Saggitarius (セット・サジタリウス) and hit the switch
-Return to Ah Shift Cambul Ra and open Saggitarius 2nd to go to
Ah Shift Shirul We (ア・シフト・シルル・ウェ)
-Teleport to Da Shift Debon We (ダ・シフト・デボン・ウェ)
-Go to Set Leo (セット・レオ) and hit the switch.
-Backtrack through Da Shift Debon We to Shirul Flowen Nowe
-Shirul Zairem Weno (シルル・ザイレム・ウェノ)
-Shirul Zairem We (シルル・ザイレム・ウェ)
-Shirul Bis We (シルル・ビス・ウェ)
-Open Gate Leo 2nd to proceed to Shirul Bis Sa (シルル・ビス・サ)
-Either Shirul Zairem Sai (シルル・ザイレム・サイ) or Shirul 
Zairem Sawe (シルル・ザイレム・サウェ)
-Ah Shift Orudobe (ア・シフト・オルドビ)
-Teleport to Da Shift Shirul (ダ・シフト・シルル)
-Take the middle of the three paths to Set Libra (セット・リブラ)
-Activate the switch and take the left side path to Orudobe
Zairem Esa (オルドビ・ザイレム・エサ)
-Open Gate Libra 2nd and go to Orudobe Zairem I 
-Proceed to Set Capricorn (セット・カプリコーン) and activate the
-Backtrack through Orudobe Zairem I, Orudobe Zairem Esa, and Set
Libra back to Da Shift Shirul.
-Take the right-hand path to Set Virgo (セット・ヴァルゴ) and go
through Gate Capricorn 1st. Operate the switch.
-Return through Da Shift Shirul and Set Libra to Orudobe Zairem
-Open Gate Virgo 1st and go through to Orudobe Zairem Sa
-Go to Ah Shift Cambul (ア・シフト・カムブル)
-Teleport to Da Shift Orudobe (ダ・シフト・オルドビ)
-Proceed to Cambul Pis (カムブル・ピス). There is a save point here.
-Take the middle path to Crystal Peak and find Altima.

BOSS: Altima
??? HP
Of course, Dispel her buffs right away. Since some of her attacks
can cause several thousand damage, Bubble (temporarily doubles max
HP) is almost required for this fight. Cast it frequently or equip
the Bubble Chain accessory. Altima can alter the battlefield
conditions at will, so at times you might have to deal with the HP-
draining field that you saw with Queklain, the MP-draining field
that you saw with Rafflesia, the magnetic field that causes ultraslow
status on people with heavy armor, etc. This is annoying to say the
least. Her biggest threat, though, is her Holyja attack which causes
around 5000 damage to each character and inflicts Reverse status,
which causes Healing spells to do damage. With this on, your own
Gambits may very well cause your demise as your characters heal
themselves to death. This attack can be nullified with armors/
accessories that absorb Holy elemental attacks, such as the White
Mask (白の仮面), so definitely have them equipped.

(Recommended Level: mid-70s)
Having obtained at least 10 other summons and having completed the
Mindflare Mob Hunt, you can obtain this side quest from the Feng
Shui Master Yuggil (風水士ユグギル) in Jahara. Speak to him and he'll
tell you about an evil force lurking in the Henne Mines. Hmm.
Make your way over there (remember you need to take a Chocobo
through the hidden path to get there; you can technically use
a teleport stone as well, but it's actually easier to go in from
the entrance). From the entrance, you can just go northeasterly
from the very first area to take a shortcut to where you fought
the boss here. There's a new door here leading east, which leads
to a new part of the dungeon with significantly harder enemies.
Some of the passages here aren't marked on the map so keep an
eye out for open tunnels. At the end, you'll find Zodiac.

BOSS: Zodiac
??? HP
Is it just me, or does he look rather... small? In either case,
he's NOT to be underestimated. As with Altima, Bubble is pretty
much required here just so you can survive his attacks. He does
have a weak point to Holy element so exploit it to the best of
your ability. As with the Tyrant before he can cast Pierce Graviga.
His biggest attack, though, is Darja, doing 6000+ damage to all
characters and causing Blind status as well (not that Blind is
a huge problem at this point, but it just adds insult to injury).
He also has attacks that can do well over 9000 damage to a single
character. Darja itself is dark-elemental, so you can counter it
by equipping armor that absorbs dark, such as the Black Mask
(黒の仮面). Even if absorbed, though, this move has the nasty
property of sometimes causing instant death. He also has an 
interesting ability to change his elemental weakness, which he will do 
after his health drops. Since you can't see his HP/weakness with Libra, 
rely on your Gambits to assess his new weak points. His HP isn't
RIDICULOUSLY high, so really the main factor in this fight is if
you can sustain his attacks.


(under construction)


Mob hunts are the bounty hunts of the game. They are actually completely
optional; other than the first mob hunt as a tutorial and the
"unofficial" mob hunt that you do before entering the Sochen Cave Palace,
you can finish the entire game without doing one. However, since doing
Mob Hunts is the only way to raise your Clan Rank, and since raising
your Clan Rank is the only way to get more merchandise to appear in the
Clan Shop, and since some of the best equipment and spells only appear
in the Clan Shop, you have to do Mob Hunts if you want to power up your
characters to the utmost.
There are two kinds of Mob Hunts, those that you pick up at a bar
and those that you get from Clan HQ, in Rabanastre. In both cases the
method to do the mob hunt is the same. You first hear about the mob
hunt from either the bulletin board in the bars (all bars in different
cities have the same info) or from Montblanc in Clan HQ; you then
choose to accept that mob hunt, after which you have to find the client
and get detailed info from them. The client usually tells you where
the mob is. Then you simply need to kill the mob and report back to
the client to obtain your reward.
There are 32 mobs from the bars and 13 mobs from Clan HQ; they get
harder as they progress. To unlock some of the higher level mobs,
you need to first clear some of the lower level mobs, or proceed in
the game's plot. Some of the last mobs are even more difficult than
the final boss, making some of these true bonus sidequest material.
Each entry here lists the mobs, the location of the client, the location
of the mob itself with extra information on how to find it if necessary,
and rewards.
This list's order will not necessarily correspond with the order in your
Clan Report; that appears to be ordered in the order that you get them,
with the bar mobs first and the clan mobs last. I've simply ordered the
enemies by rank.

1. Stray Tomato はぐれトマト
Rank: E
Client: Tomaj トマジ 
        Rabanastre, Bar
Location: Dalmasca Estersand 東ダルマスカ砂漠
          Sandy Hill 砂段の丘
Reward: 300 Gil, Potion, Teleport Stone
You should find him as soon as you leave. After about half health, he
runs down the hill, but just go down there to catch up to him and finish
him off.

2. Texta テクスタ
Rank: E
Client: Gasuri ガスリ
        Rabanastre, Bar
Location: Dalmasca Westersand 西ダルマスカ砂漠
          Galtea Hill ガルテア丘陵
Reward: 500 Gil, Headguard, Teleport Stone
Just turn a left as soon as you leave Rabanastre and follow the wall south
to find this guy. He summons Wolfs, so be careful. I definitely wouldn't
attempt this until AFTER you finish the Barheim Passage and get a few
more people in your party.

3. Flower Cactrot 花サボテン
Rank: E
Client: Dantoro ダントロ 
        Dalmasca Estersand, Camp 小キャンプ
Location: Dalmasca Estersand 東ダルマスカ砂漠
          Sand Crest Labyrinth 砂紋の迷宮
Reward: 500 Gil, 10 Potions
This is actually the first part in a larger subevent that leads to getting
the Barheim Key, which is necessary for getting the Zaruera summon. He
runs when he gets low on health, and heals in the process, so you'll
probably have to chase him down again. When low on health, he'll use
1000 Needles, which at your level will probably kill one of your guys
straight off. Finish him off before he can use it again.

4. Wraith レイス
Rank: E
Clien: Milha ミルハ 
       Downtown, North Area ダウンタウン北部
Location: Garamsythe Waterway カラムサイズ水路
          Final Processing Zone 最終処理区画
Reward: 500 Gil, Ether, Gauntlet
All you have to do is take the stairs down from Downtown and you'll be
in the right room. Go towards the center and he'll appear. He casts
Death Sentence and Dark frequently, so be warned. At this point you
probably won't have much to counter Death Sentence with. Try to spread
out as much as possible so that Dark doesn't hit all of your party
members at once.

5. Nizheg ニーズヘッグ
Rank: E
Client: Eicom エイコム
                Bhujerba, Minefront Plaza 採掘場前小広場
Location: Lhusu Mines ルース魔石鉱
          First Transport Corridor 第1運送路
Reward: 600 Gil, Rose Corsage, Bakrasaba
He's awfully fast and strong, thanks to his auto Haste and Brave
buffs. Chances are you don't have Dispel, so counter this instead
by casting Slow and Blind on him. Protect on your allies helps.
His attacks can poison you, but the sheer strength of his attacks
is probably more of a concern. He IS weak to fire, so exploit that
as best as you can.

6. Wyvern Lord ワイバーンロード
Rank: D
Client: Shalare シャルアール
        Rabanastre, Weapon Shop
Location: Nam-Yensa Sandsea 大砂海ナム・エンサ
          Sirocco Heights 熱風の下りる高台
Reward: 1000 Gil, Longbow, Shell Shield
The biggest problem is that he's flying, so only ranged attacks will
hit him, and it's too early in the game to have the useful long-range
attack skills like 1000 Needles and Far Attack. Have somebody in with
bows/guns, or use magic if necessary. You CAN cheese this boss a
little because he is vulnerable to Don't Move status. If you can hit
him with this, you can unload on him with your ranged attacks without
him being able to chase you down and retaliate.

7. Enkedras エンケドラス
Rank: D
Client: Chief Shugam 小長老シュグム
        Jahara, Elder Hill 古き者たちの丘
Location: Ozmone Plains オズモーネ平原
          Cracked Valley ひびわれ谷
Reward: 1100 Gil, Ether, Gold Amulet
In order to get him to appear, first defeat all enemies in the zone, then
zone out and zone back in. He comes with Protect and Shell, and can
recast them if you Dispel it. He's weak to wind so try using the Aero-
calass spells. What's more annoying with him is that he can heal himself
when low, and can also nullify status effects (slow, Don't Move, Don't
Act, Blind, and Sleep all work on him before that). If you see him
trying to use healing (治療), try and finish him off with a Mist Knack
chain before he can pull it off. Once you've finished and returned
to Chief Shugam, he'll ask you to bring the medicinal herbs from
Enkedras to Regina (レジーナ) in the Giza Plain settlement.

8. Kerogeros ケロゲロス
Rank: D
Client: Sadin サーディーン
        Giza Plains, Nomad Camp 遊牧民の集落
Location: Giza Plains ギーザ草原
          Starfall Plain 星ふり原
Reward: 1200 Gil, Snake Rod, Teleport Stone
Both Sadin and the Kerogeros only appear when it's raining. Kerogeros
pops out of the ground near a bridge here. He's weak to fire. He's not
too tough at first, but once he gets lower he uses an odd skill that
doubles his effective level, meaning he'll suddenly get much much
harder. At this point try and take him out as quickly as you can, 
whether with Fire nuking or Mist Knacks. When you're done, Sadin will
ask you to take the ring back to Mashua in the Giza Plain settlement
(during dry weather). Do so and return to Sadin for a few more events.

9. Ishtam イシュタム
Rank: D
Client: Big Chief Zayar 大長老ザヤル
        Jahara, Elder Hill 古き者たちの丘
Location: Henne Mines ヘネ魔石鉱
          First Tunnel 第1期坑道
Reward: Ether, Soul Powder
This guy can be pretty annoying. He's got some powerful spells in Aerora
and Waterga, and can also use Death Sentence as well as a skill that
reduces your HP to zero. Don't Move works on him, but he'll still
cast spells at you. Slow will give you an advantage. Use it and then
pound away with physical atacks.

10. Ring Dragon リングドラゴン
Rank: C
Client: Balzac バルザック
        Downtown, North Area ダウンタウン北側
Location: Dalmasca Westersand 西ダルマスカ砂漠
          Wind Crest Land 風紋の地
Reward: 200 Gil, Moon Ring, Icebrand
The Ring Dragon appears in the larger of the two parts of Wind Crest Land,
and he only appears when there is a sandstorm. He's weak to fire, but
comes buffed with Protect and Haste. He likes casting Don't Move on
you, so make sure your party is in attack range before he can get it
off. Don't Move does work on him as well, so try and cheese him with it.
He can use Healing when he gets low. Blind and Slow also work well.

11. Chopper チョッパー
Rank: C
Client: Hims ヒムス
        Bur-Omisace, White Sand Passage 白砂の小路
Location: Paramina Rift パラミナ大峡谷
          Ice Dragon's Bones 氷竜の骨
Reward: 1500 Gil, Cross Recurve, 2 Teleport Stones
This Couar-type enemy can use Blaster on you (damage + a host of
status effects) as well as Petrify Glare, so have Esuna handy. Don't
Move works on him, as well as Slow, Blind, and Confuse statuses. His
most threatening attack comes when he gets low on health, when he'll
start to use Balance. Since Balance takes HP difference into account
and since his max HP is so high, this will probably instantly kill
you. Don't let him be in low health too long; Mist Knack chain him
to death, ideally.

12. Vorpal Bunny ボーパルバニー
Rank: C
Client: Nefiria ネフィーリア
        Eluyt Village, Spirit-dwelling Tree 精霊の住む大樹
Location: Golmore Jungle ゴルモア大森林
          Leaf-stained Road 葉ずれのしみる路
Reward: 2000 Gil, Lightning Arrow, Gilly Boots
He isn't hard, but is rather annoying. He runs away from you around
the entire zone, and if you ever lose sight of him completely he
reappears healed to full next time you find him. Also, skeletons
tend to rise from the ground and annoy the crap out of you while
you're trying to chase him down. Use ranged weapons and Mist Knacks
to eliminate him.

13. Atomos アトモス
Rank: C
Client: Broppo ブロッポ
        Nalbina Fortress, Jazim Bazaar ジャジム・バザー
Location: Mosphoran Highwaste モスフォーラ山地
          North Mountainface 北の山すそ
Reward: 1800 Gil, Earth Rod, Diamond Shield
He has Shell, Protect, and Regen buffs, so Dispel those. Both Don't
Move and Don't Act work on him, so if you can get those statuses
on him he's a piece of cake. Some of the crossbows you might have
by now should be able to inflict these status effects.

14. Mindflare マインドフレア
Rank: B
Client: Warrior Chief Grom 戦士グロム
        Jahara, Peaceful Land やすらぎの大地
Location: Henne Mines ヘネ魔石鉱
          First Mining Area 第1期採掘現場
Reward: 2200 Gil, Carmaniore
This guy is terribly annoying. The main problem is his Requiem of
time, which causes Stop status to your entire party. If you get
hit with this, you won't be able to do anything but stand there and
let him cast spells at you until it wears off. What's more, he
uses Anti (switches your HP and MP values) and Drain, and when he
gets low on health, Etude of the Soul (heals himself to full) and
Hero's March (Protect, Shell, Haste, Brave, and Faith buffs all
at once). Dispel the latter, but ideally you should be able to kill
him before he does the former. His defense and HP aren't that high,
so as long as you can deal with his host of powerful skills you'll
be fine. Completing this Mob Hunt is one of the requirements to
meeting Zodiac later.

15. Burai ブライ
Rank: B
Client: Merchant Vacanza 行商人ヴァカンサ
        Mosphoran Highwaste, Sound of Water 水音の伝わる処
Location: Salikawood サリカ樹林
          Treering Road 年輪を重ねる路
Reward: 1700 Gil, Obelisk, Hi-Ether
He comes Hasted, so dispel it. He either nullifies or absorbs all
elements except for ice, which he is weak to, so keep this in mind
if you have elemental weapons equipped. Many status effects do work
on him, including the biggies of Don't Move and Don't Act; Silence
can take out some of his skills as well. However, the best way to
cheese him is to use Reflect on yourself and wait for him to cast
Anti. This will reflect his Anti and cause him to switch his own
HP and MP totals, which will instantly reduce his MP to a few
hundred. A few hits will kill him easily.

16. Dark Steal ダークスティール
Rank: B
Client: Man Who Wants To Go Home ふるさとへ帰りたい男
        Archades, Weapon Shop
Location: Sochen Cave Palace ソーヘン地下宮殿
          Path of Temptation 誘惑を振りほどく路
Reward: 3000 Gil, Lead Quarrel, Adamantite
Dispel his buffs, and try casting Slow and Blind as well, as his
attacks kind of hurt. He has Power Turn, which damages people near
him as well as inflicts Slow status. Counter with Haste and keep
your HP totals high.

17. White Mousse ホワイトムース
Rank: A
Client: Solbe ソルベ
        Rabanastre, West Gate
Location: Garamsythe Waterway ガラムサイズ水路
          West Water Level Maintenance Area 西部水量調整区
Reward: 2800 Gil, Yoichi's Bow
As a pudding-type enemy, guns are not very effective against him.
On the other hand he's quite weak to fire, so use as many
fire spells/weapons as you can. He likes to poison you with Toxic,
as well as cast Waterga and Slowga. You'll receive a broken key
when you defeat him. Take this back to Solbe and he'll fix it,
giving you the Water Gate Key. This is used for a few of the
sidequests later, such as meeting Queklain and Chaos.

18. Marilith マリリス
Rank: A
Client: Barmaster 酒場のマスター
        Rabanastre, Bar
Location: Zertinan Caverns ゼルテニアン洞窟
          Heretic Cave 異端を誘う岩窟
Reward: 2200 Gil, Snake Eye, 3 Teleport Stones
Enter the Zertinan Caverns from the Dalmasca Westersand to find this
Mob. She won't appear right away; rather, you have to stay in the zone
for about five minutes, after which point she'll finally show up when
you approach the small sunlit section in the southeast corner.
once she does, Dispel her Protect, Shell, and Haste buffs, and attack
with physical attacks or water magic. Slow, Blind, and Confuse all
work. Defense Break and Magic Defense Break can speed things along
as well.

19. Bloody ブラッディ
Rank: A
Client: Prisoner #381 囚人381号
        Dalmasca Estersand, Nebra River Camp South 
Location: Barheim Passage バルハイム地下道
          West New Road 西部新坑道区
Reward: 2400 Gil, Stun Bomb, Bloodsucker Fang
He's located in the area of the Barheim Passage that you can only
access AFTER you've received the Barheim Key from the Barheim Key
subevent (see the Zaruera sidequest above for details). He's in 
an area where plenty of skeletons pop up from the ground, so be
careful and take things slowly. Once he does show up, he's quite
easy to cheese since you can Don't Move him and then just blast him
without him being able to hit you. If you don't get Don't Move to
hit, he'll try various powerful attacks, so by all means prioritize
this status over damage.

20. Viral ヴィラール
Rank: A
Client: Travelling Viera 旅のヴィエラ
        Balfonheim, Bar
Location: Cerobi Steppe セロビ台地
          North Hill 北部段丘
Reward: 3500 Gil, Halberd, Crystal Shield
The Travelling Viera assists you as a guest for this Mob Hunt,
which is nice. Wind is his weak point. His attacks are quite
powerful so use Slow and Blind on him as well as Protect on
yourself. He can cast Don't Movega, and at lower health will use
Perfect Mabarrier which nullifies all magic entirely. Silence,
Defense Break, and Magic Defense Break all work.

21. Lindwurm リンドヴルム
Rank: A
Client: Fulmon フルモン
        Old Archades, Windy Road むかい風の路地
Location: Tchita Uplands ツィッタの湿原
          Garden of Beginning and End 終焉と旅立ちの庭
Reward: 4200 Gil, Barrel Coat, Hi-Ether
Lindwulm only appears when it's foggy. He's weak to wind; dispel
his Protect, Shell, and Brave first thing. He likes using Level 
2 Sleep, so try and make sure your party members are odd-number
in level. He also uses Level 4 Break (more reason to worry about
your level), a few magic spells, and Healing when he gets low.
The Healing is obviously the most annoying. Slow and Blind him;
Sleep can work, and Defense Break and Magic Defense Break are
always useful.

22. Piscodemon ピスコディーモン
Rank: A
Client: Ivanus アイヴァヌス
        Bur-Omisace, Temple 神殿境内
Location: Giruvegan 古代都市ギルヴェガン
          Gate of Fire 火の門
Reward: 3800 Gil, Dark Shot, Collapse Fragment
He has Shell and Protect buffs, and a number of powerful spells. Anti
will switch your HP and MP, Bio does damage and Slip status, and he
also casts Dara and Death. He can cause Virus status as well, which
makes you unable to heal yourself. Like the Mindflare before, when he
gets low on health he'll try to cheat by using Etude of the Soul to
heal himself to full as well as Hero's March to mega-buff him. I
find that if you attempt this while Reddas is in your party, he's much

23. Robby ロビー
Rank: S
Client: Morgan モルガン
        Nalbina Fortress, Western Plaza 外郭西広場
Location: Nabreus Deadlands ナプレウス湿原
          Eternity-gazing Plateau 永遠を見下ろす高台
Reward: 3100 Gil, Giant's Helmet, Mithril
He's in the same place as the shrine you need to get to as part of the
Chaos subquest; there's a hidden path in the Slumbering Plains
(まどろみへ誘う平原) that do not show up on the map in order to get here.
He isn't too tough himself; what's tough is the bajillion zombies that
continually pop out of the ground to bother you. Let them gang up on
you and you'll quickly die. Try using area-effect spells to nuke them
all at once, and progress slowly up the path so that not too many
spawn at once. Once you have them under control, you can focus on
Robby; Dispel his buffs and use Slow and Blind, as usual.

24. Overlord オーバーロード
Rank: S
Client: Sheek That Wants To Be Popular モテたいシーク
        Archades, Skill Shop 
Location: Sochen Cave Palace ソーヘン地下宮殿
          Corridor of No Regrets 迷いを捨てる路
Reward: 3500 Gil, Hi-Ether, Teleport Stone
The Sheek will join you as a guest here. Overlord is weak to ice,
and is also vulnerable to Blind, Silence, and Slow. Use Defense
Break and Magic Defense Break to help things along. He likes to
buff himself with Brave; Dispel it or his next attacks will hurt
a lot more. He can also use Flame Lord (an area of effect fire
skill), so keep your party members spread out.

25. Goliath ゴリアテ
Rank: S
Client: Barong バロング
        Nalbina Fortress, Western Plaza 外郭西広場
Location: Necrohol of Nabudis 死都ナブディス
          Corridor of Strength 力宿る回廊
Reward: 3600 Gil, Save The Queen, Einherjar
He's weak to Dark, unusually. Slow and the two Breaks work here. He'll
make himself immune to magic with Perfect Mabarrier, so rely on
physical attacks. He uses some powerful magic of his own, so you
may want to use Reflect on yourself; if you do, make sure your healer
has an Opal Ring equipped so that they can still heal you regardless.

26. Deathscythe デスサイズ
Rank: S
Client: Popol ポポル
        Nalbina Fortress, Jazim Bazaar ジャジム・バザー
Location: Necrohol of Nabudis 死都ナプディス
          Hall of the Proud 気高き者たちの間
Reward: 2800 Gil, 2 Hi-Ethers, Soul of Thamasa
Deathscythe only appears if you are near-death. Since you don't want
to have to deal with him and other monsters at the same time, the
easiest thing to do is to go to an area with no enemies, and then
hit one of your party members (when selecting a target press R1 to
switch target groups) until they're in red health. He should show
up right away. Heal your near-dead party member immediately, then
unload on him with your standard Mob tactics. He's weak to holy
elemental. He uses Death Sentence and Dara, and at half health uses
a barrier that nullifies all physical damage. Very annoying to
say the least. Follow up with magic to finish him off.

27. Catoblepas カトブレパス
Rank: S
Client: Warrior Chief Spinel 戦士長スピネル
        Jahara, Peaceful Land やすらぎの大地
Location: Zertinan Caverns ゼルテニアン洞窟
          Hourglass Valley 砂時計の谷
Reward: 3200 Gil, Burkano Type, Arctic Wind
To get to the area he resides in, start from the save point in the
Zertinan Caverns; on the same screen there should be a path that goes
off the map. After an area transition or two you'll find him. Warrior
Chief Spinel will also be waiting there to help you out. Dispel his
Reflect, Protect, Shell, and Brave buffs. He's weak to holy element.
his attacks are pretty powerful, and he likes to rebuff himself
with Protect and haste. Blind is very helpful here thanks to his
powerful physical attacks.

38. Wild Molbol ワイルドモルボル
Rank: S
Client: Letina
        Eluyt Village, Spirit-dwelling Tree 精霊の住む大樹
Location: Feywood
          Garden of Aromatic Flowers
Reward: 4600 Gil, Euclid's Ruler
Eliminate any nearby Molbols first. As a Molbol status effects are
one of your primary concerns, so have Esuna and/or a lot of
Remedies handy. He can also use the full-heal and status-nullifying
skills that you've grown to know and hate by now, and can also
temporarily nullify physical attacks.

29. Diabolos ディアボロス
Rank: H
Client: Micleo ミクリオ
        Bhujerba, Miners Residence 採掘作業員居住区
Location: Lhusu Mines ルース魔石鉱
          Eleventh Area Mine 第11鉱区採掘所
Reward: 2600 Gil, Demon's Shield, Mace of Zeus
In order to gain access to the Eleventh Area, you must first complete
the Antlion mob (one of the Clan mobs, below), then go to the Hunter's
Camp in the Phon Coast to pick up the Eleventh Area Key on the ground
close to one of the dwellers there. He's pretty easy as H-rank mobs
go. Ice is his weak point, and Slow, Defense Break, and Magic Defense
Break all work as well. Dispel his Haste when he tries to cast it on

30. Deathgaze デスゲイズ
Rank: H
Client: Travelling Family 旅行好きの一家
        Bhujerba, Airport 飛空挺ターミナル
Location: Airship
Reward: 3400 Gil, 2 Elixirs
Deathgaze appears WHILE you are travelling on the airship. Every time
you go to an airport, you should see your client, the Travelling
Kid (旅行好きの子供). Talk to him. Keep visiting different airports
and talking to him until he finishes his lines with "He could be
close!" (近くにいるかも). When he says this, board an airship; it 
doesn't matter which one, but you should pick the non-express version
(first option). Onboard there will be an event; choose to help fight
Deathgaze (first option) and climb up to the top deck in order to
find him. 
Alright. Now that you've actually found him... he has many powerful
spells, but Silence does work on him, so try and inflict that status
on him. Of course, Dispel all of his buffs. He uses a barrier that
nullifies all physical damage straight away. Until it wears off,
you'll have to make do with magic, although he isn't particularly
weak to any element. Protect and Shell your own party to help things
along. Note that even Steal won't work while he's immune to physical
attacks, as I guess Steal itself counts as a physical attack;
therefore you should wait until the barrier wears off to try and
steal from him.

31. Fabnir ファーヴニル
Rank: H
Client: Iha
        Bur-Omisace, Passage to the Temple
Location: Paramina Rift
          Silverflow's End (West Side)
Reward: 7000 Gil, One-hit Arrow, Teleport Stone
Fabnir only appears during a blizzard. The weather here only changes
when you change areas completely, not zones, so if there's no blizzard
go to the nearby area change to enter the Feywood, and then switch
between Feywood and Paramina Rift until a blizzard occurs. Then go
down to meet Fabnir. Fabnir is SIGNIFICANTLY harder than any mob
you have faced so far. Protect, Shell, and Bubble on your party
members is near-required. You can also cast Reflect on yourself to
reflect his Shock. He IS weak to lightning. Dispel his buffs and
be careful for his White Breath skill, which does loads of damage
as well as causes Stop status. Don't be afraid to go and gain more
levels if you're having a tough time; he's MEANT to be quite a challenge.

32. Pilelaster パイルラスタ
Rank: H
Client: Ricky リッキー
        Balfonheim, Sasshio Road サッシオ通り
Location: Pharos First Ascent 大灯台下層
          Quenching Plaza かわき満たす広場
Reward: 8000 Gil, Grand Mace, 2 Collapse Fragments
He's weak against Fire. Dispel his Protect, Haste, and Brave; watch
out for his physical attacks as well as his ability to Confuse. He
doesn't start out too bad, but like Kerogeros earlier below half
health he'll suddenly double his level and start doing a wide-area
attack that does way too much damage. Slow, Defense Break, and Magic
Defense Break all help, but you'll generally need Protect and
Bubble on yourself. Have a tank, preferably with a shield and high
evade, draw his attacks while you nuke him with Firaga.

1. Niwatoris ニワトリス
Rank: E
Client: Dania ダーニャ
        Giza Plain, Nomad Camp 遊牧民の集落
Location: Giza Plains ギーザ草原
          Gizas Riverbank North ギーザス川沿岸北側
Reward: 1000 Gil, Jackboots, Rainbow Egg
Dania only appears when it's sunny. To get the Niwatoris to appear, first
defeat all enemies in the area, then rezone. Approach the small yellow
chick-like enemies to get the Niwatoris to appear. You have to defeat all
of the enemies, not just the Niwatoris, for this mission to be complete.
Keep in mind that Clan Mobs are harder than the Bar Mobs; thus, even
though Niwatoris is Rank E, he could give you a lot of trouble. Don't
be afraid to come back and try again later after you're comfortable
handling D rank bar mobs.

2. Rock Titas ロックタイタス
Rank: E
Client: Pirika ピリカ
        Bhujerba, Kuz Square クス空中広場
Location: Lhusu Mines ルース魔石鉱
          Second Area Mine 第2鉱区採掘所
Reward: 1200 Gil, 2 Hi-Potions, Bulky Coat
He's not too tricky other than having powerful physical attacks. Buff
yourself with Protect, and use Slow and Blind on him. He has extremely
high HP, so dig in and be prepared for a long battle.

3. Gilgame ギルガメ
Rank: C
Client: Nanau ナナウ
        Giza Plains, Young Crystal Area 幼き水晶のほとり
Location: Giza Plains ギーザ草原
          Giant's Footprint 巨獣の足跡
Reward: 3000 Gil, Phobos Leaf
Both Nanau and the Gilgame only appear when it's raining. In order to
access the Giant's Footprint, you must find the rotting trees in six
areas around the plains (星ふり原, 遊牧民の集落, 幼き水晶のほとり,
トーム丘陵, 王都への街道, ギーザス川沿岸北側) and cut them down. This 
will allow you to reach Giant's Footprint from the Gibras River South 
Bank area (ギーザス川沿岸南側). 
Once you're here, you'll want to slowly go around and eliminate the
other Turtles first. Pansato from Clan HQ will be here to help you;
if you also have Larsa as a guest, I think it's even easier. The turtles
as well as Gilgame himself are weak to lightning. Dispel his buffs
and beware his Don't Actga spell. You can hit him with Don't Move,
which will eliminate his ability to hit you physically if you use
ranged weapons. However, he can and will still cast Blizzara frequently
on you. Like Rock Titas he has quite a bit of HP.

4. Ultros オルトロス
Rank: A
Client: Thief Sheek どろぼうシーク
        Downtown, North Area ダウンタウン北側
Location: Garamsythe Waterway カラムサイズ水路
          South Reservoir 南部取水廊
Reward: 3000 Gil, Holakty Flame, Ether Water
In order to get Ultros appear, you must have an all-female party (Ashe,
Penelo, and Fran) and enter the center part of the room. After he actually
appears, you can change to whatever party members you wish. Dispel
his Shell and haste. Also beware his Thunderga, Slowga, and Dara, and
be prepared to counter the Slow, Blind, and Confuse statuses that he
can cause. He's weak to Fire and can be Blinded, so use those to your

5. Trickster トリックスター
Rank: A
Client: Chocobo Renter Gardy チョコボ屋ガーディ
        Bur-Omisace, White Sand Path 白砂の小路
Location: Paramina Rift パラミナ大峡谷
          Frozen Brook 氷結するせせらぎ
Reward: 4800 Gil, Demos Clay
Mony from Clan HQ will help you out for this mob hunt. Trickster is
mostly invisible, though if you look at the screen carefully enough
you may see the faint outline of a giant chocobo running around the
place. Approach it and chase it. For the first half of its HP, he'll
mostly run away, stopping every now and then to kick your ass with
physical attacks. Use ranged attacks and try and Blind him. If you
try and use magic, he'll use Barrier Change, which alters his weak
point. Once he gets low on HP things get a lot worse. He'll nullify
status effects on him and use a barrier to nullify all physical 
attacks, as well as use the "Chocomet" skill which hits a wide
area for a large amount of damage. Spread out as much as possible -
let Mony take the heat if you can - and hit him with your best

6. Antlion アントリオン
Rank: A
Client: Nirei ニレイ
        Bhujerba, Floating Cloud Path 浮き雲通り
Location: Lhusu Mines ルース魔石鉱
          Ninth Area Mine 第9鉱区採掘場
Reward: 4300 Gil, Bubble Chain, Saberscythe
Upon accepting this Mob Hunt you'll get the Third Area Key. You'll
need to go up to the far north part of the Lhusu Mines, where you
took Larsa before, and open the gate there. Afterwards you can double
back down south and head west to a new area. This area's enemies
are significantly harder, so check your level as compared to the
enemies here.
Antlion comes with 5 Killer Mantises close by. You'll want to kill
these guys first, not just because they're easier to kill and can
still do lots of damage to you, but also because Antlion may try and
Devour them, which will power up his own stats. Once they're gone,
cast Slow on Antlion. He's mainly physical attacks. If you managed
to keep him from Devouring any of the Mantises, he's actually not
too tough.

7. Belit ベリト
Rank: A
Client: Montblanc モンブラン
        Rabanastre, Clan HQ クラン本部
Location: Nam-Yensa Sandsea 大砂海ナム・エンサ
          Windy Bank, South Area 風化する岸辺
Reward: 5100 Gil, Last Elixir
In order to reach the south area, you must enter from the Zertinan
Caverns. Mony (the same guy from Clan HQ that helped you with
Trickster) is here to help you as well. This is actually a trap;
there IS no Belit, but instead there are your old friends Baggamonan,
Fuuji, Rino, and Kiju from a long time ago in the Lhusu mines. Dispel
all of their buffs and take them out one at a time. They're not too
hard, even as a group. Just focus your fire to eliminate each member
as quickly as possible.

8. Ixion イクシオン
Rank: S
Client: Bar Girl 白波亭の娘
        Balfonheim, Bar
Location: Pharos Subterra 大灯台 地下層
          Dusk Ascent 闇昏の層 内郭
Reward: 3000 Gil, Agazai, Ragnarok
This boss is located in the Pharos Subterra, on the first floor
down. He's located in the inner ring area connected to the elevator;
you can tell if he's going to show up if no other enemies appear at
all. Thus what you can do is keep taking the elevator back up to
ground floor and down again until no enemies show up in the ring
area. If no enemies show up, walk around the ring and Ixion will
suddenly appear.
He absorbs dark and is weak against Holy; dispel his buffs. 
He can silence your whole party with Silega, but his other spells
aren't too much to worry about; indeed, you can Silence him yourself,
and Slow also works. Defense Break and Magic Defense Break work as
usual. Simply have a tank distract him while a caster nukes him
repeatedly with Holy and you should be fine.

9. God 神
Rank: S
Client: Montblanc モンブラン
        Rabanastre, Clan HQ クラン本部
Location: Pharos Subterra 大灯台 地下層
          Unknown Goal 行き先不明
Reward: 20000 Gil, 2 Last Elixirs
You must first defeat the Phoenix in the Shadow Ascent (暗影の層).

10. Carrot キャロット
Rank: H
Client: Zamadoria ザマドリア
        Nalbina Fortress, Airport 飛空挺ターミナル
Location: Salikawood サリカ樹林
          Treelined Road 木もれ日の路
Reward: 5200 Gil, Stink Bomb, Smelly Fluid
In order to get Carrot to show up, you must enter the Treelined
Road zone without killing any enemies in the Salikawood. The
easiest way to do this is just use the warp crystal in the zone
and run straight to the zone. As long as you can get her to show
up, she's not that bad. Caroline from Clan HQ helps you as a guest.
Dispel Carrot's numerous buffs. She's weak to Holy but absorbs
Dark. Slow also works on her. As Molbols are famous for, she
uses tons of status effects, so ideally what you should be able to
do is distract her with a tank and keep your other characters out
of range of her status change attacks. At half health, like a few
other mobs, she doubles her level and thus becomes much stronger,
though she's still not that tough as long as you have a handle on
the status attacks.

11. Mysterious Man 謎の男
Rank: H
Client: Montblanc モンブラン
        Rabanastre, Clan HQ クラン本部
Location: Lhusu Mines ルース魔石鉱
          Tasshe Bridge (First Time) タッシェ橋
          Seventh Area Factory (Second Time) 第7鉱区作業所
Reward: 10000 Gil, Masamune
The first time you'll find this Mysterious Man is just west of the
teleport-active save point in the Lhusu Mines (yes, there is one,
but not until you get to the secondary area accessed with the
Third Area Key you got for doing the Antlion mob). Veterans of the
FF series should recognize exactly who the Mysterious Man is,
and the music is a nice touch to this awesome cameo. In any case,
during the first fight he isn't tough. Focus your attacks on 
Enkidu first, then go after the Mysterious Man. Take note that
you can steal from him anew every time he starts another little
cutscene. There are five different times you can steal from
him; the last two times you can get the unique Genji Shield and
Genji Gauntlet, so make sure you take the opportunity to do so.
In any case once you defeat him he'll run away.
To chase him down further you'll need the Eleventh Area Key which
you also needed to do the Diabolos mob. Chase him down to the very
end of the area and you'll find him again. He's much harder this
time; you may need a party as high as the 70s to stand a fair 
chance. Either way the general tactics are the same. Focus on
Enkidu first. The Mysterious Man uses Level 2 Sleep, Level 3 Don't
Act, and Level 4 Break, so keep an eye on your levels; he also
uses stops. Once he gets low on health he'll start using his
powerful King's Sword attack; definitely have Protect on at all
times, and Dispel his buffs. As before, after every cutscene you
can steal something new, with the last two times being the Genji
Helmet and Genji Armor. Definitely steal those and keep Protect
and Bubble up. Enjoy the funny little scene after winning.

12. King Behemoth キングベヒーモス
Rank: H
Client: Kokomin ココミン
        Downtown, South Area (Daran's House) ダウンタウン南側
Location: Feywood 幻妖の森
          End of Will 思の最果て
Reward: 250 Gil, Bacchus Wine
You must defeat all of the enemies in the End of Will and Heroic Ice
Plains (英知の氷原) zones first. Switch back and forth between the two
continually. As you swithc more enemies will spawn in the Heroic
Ice Plains, so sweep the area multiple times. Eventually, when you
come back and sweep through the End of Will you should spot the
King Behemoth. (He's huge... you won't be able to miss him, trust
He's pretty darn tough, with a huge amount of HP and powerful
attacks. White Breath causes damage to an area as well as Stop
status; he also likes using Slowga, Darga, Firaga, Blizzaga,
Thundaga, and Holy. With the elemental spells, you can sometimes
change your equipment as soon as you see who he's targetting and
equip something that will reduce, nullify, or even absorb whatever
element he's using. As the battle goes on he'll temporarily become
invulnerable to physical or magic attacks, to which you'll just
have to respond by switching to the other damage type. Like many 
other bosses, Dispel, Defense Break, and Magic Defense Break work 

13. Yazmat ヤズマット
Rank: X
Client: Montblanc モンブラン
        Rabanastre, Clan HQ クラン本部
Location: Ridorana Cataract リドルアナ大瀑布
          Colosseum コロシアム
Reward: 30000 Gil, Godkiller's Crest


Cure ケアル
   Heals one ally a small amount. 8 MP.
Blina ブラナ
   Removes Blind status from an ally. 8 MP.
Poisona ポイゾナ
   Removes Poison status from an ally. 8 MP.
Vocal ボキャル
   Removes Silence status from an ally. 8 MP.
Cura ケアルラ
   Heals allies within an area by a medium amount. 32 MP.
Raise レイズ
   Revives an ally. 22 MP.
Stona ストナ
   Removes Petrified and Petrifying status from an ally. 12 MP.
Esuna エスナ
   Removes status effects from an ally. 24 MP.
Regen リジェネ
   Causes an ally to regenerate HP slowly. 16 MP.
Curada ケアルダ
   Heals one ally a large amount. 28 MP.
Dispel デスペル
   Removes status changes from an ally. 16 MP.
Reboot リブート
   Removes Virus status from an ally. 20 MP.
Curaga ケアルガ
   Heals allies within an area by a large amount. 68 MP.
Dispega デスペガ
   Removes status changes from allies within in area. 36 MP.
Araise アレイズ
   Revives an ally with full HP. 50 MP.
Holy ホーリー
   Deals large holy damage to one enemy. 60 MP.
Esunaga エスナガ
   Removes status effects from allies within an area. 72 MP.
Fullcure フルケア
   Heals allies within an area to full HP. 98 MP.

Fire ファイア
   Deals fire damage to one enemy. 8 MP.
Thunder サンダー
   Deals lightning damage to one enemy. 8 MP.
Blizzard ブリザド
   Deals ice damage to one enemy. 8 MP.
Water ウォータ
   Deals water damage to one enemy. 12 MP.
Aero エアロ
   Deals air damage to enemies in an area. 16 MP.
Fira ファイラ
   Deals fire damage to enemies in an area. 18 MP.
Thundara サンダラ
   Deals lightning damage to enemies in an area. 18 MP.
Blizzara ブリザラ
   Deals ice damage to enemies in an area. 18 MP.
Bio バイオ
   Deals damage and inflicts slip status to enemies in an area. 24 MP.
Aeroga エアロガ
   Deals large air damage to enemies in an area. 38 MP.
Firaga ファイガ
   Deals large fire damage to enemies in an area. 42 MP.
Thundaga サンダガ
   Deals large thunder damage to enemies in an area. 42 MP.
Blizzaga ブリザガ
   Deals large ice damage to enemies in an area. 42 MP.
Shock ショック
   Deals large damage to one enemy. 34 MP.
Clouda クラウダ
   Deals large damage and inflicts slip status to enemies in an area. 48 MP.
Flare フレア
   Deals extreme damage to one enemy. 48 MP.
Ardor アーダー
   Deals extreme fire damage to enemies in an area. 60 MP.
Collapse コラプス
   Deals extreme damage to enemies in an area. 70 MP.

Protect プロテス
   Raise an ally's defense. 8 MP.
Blind ブライン
   Lowers an enemy's hit rate. 8 MP.
Poison ポイズン
   Causes an enemy to slowly lose HP. 10 MP.
Shell シェル
   Raises an ally's magic defense. 8 MP.
Silence サイレス
   Prevents an enemy from using magic. 8 MP.
Sleep スリプル
   Puts an enemy to sleep. 10 MP.
Oil オイル
   Raises fire damage to enemies in an area. 8 MP.
Toxic タクシク
   Causes enemies in an area to slowly lose HP. 26 MP.
Silega サイレガ
   Prevents enemies in an area from using magic. 22 MP.
Bliga ブライガ
   Lowers the hit rate of enemies in an area. 20 MP.
Brave ブレイブ
   Raises an ally's physical attack. 24 MP.
Faith フェイス
   Raises an ally's magic attack. 24 MP.
Sleepga スリプガ
   Puts enemies in an area to sleep. 26 MP.
Shellga シェルガ
   Raises the  magic defense of allies in an area. 40 MP.
Protega プロテガ
   Raises the defense of allies in an area. 36 MP.

Slow スロウ
   Reduces an enemy's speed. 8 MP.
Don't Move ドンムブ
   Prevents an enemy from moving. 16 MP.
Don't Act ドンアク
   Prevents an enemy from acting. 16 MP.
Break ブレイク
   Petrifies an enemy after awhile. 14 MP.
Reflect リフレク
   Causes an ally to reflect spells. 12 MP.
Dezone デジョン
   Erases enemies within an area. 18 MP.
Bahir バヒール
   Causes an enemy to lose health quickly. 12 MP.
Balance バランス
   Deals the difference in caster HP in damage to enemies in an area. 18 MP.
Levitega レビテガ
   Causes allies in an area to float. 20 MP.
Haste ヘイスト
   Increases an ally's speed. 20 MP.
Count カウント
   Kills an enemy after awhile. 8 MP.
Stop ストップ
   Freezes time for an enemy. 20 MP.
Reflega リフレガ
   Causes allies in an area to reflect spells. 24 MP.
Slowga スロウガ
   Reduces speed for enemies in an area. 24 MP.
Hastega ヘイスガ
   Increases speed for allies in an area. 70 MP.

Dark ダーク
   Deals dark damage to enemies in an area. 10 MP.
Berserk バーサク
   Causes an ally to do nothing but attack. 10 MP.
Confuse コンフュ
   Causes confuse status on an enemy. 10 MP.
Gravity グラビデ
   Deals 1/4th max HP damage to enemies in an area. 20 MP.
Decoy デコイ
   Causes enemies to focus on one ally. 10 MP.
Drain ドレイン
   Drains HP from an enemy. 18 MP.
Aspir アスピル
   Drains MP from an enemy. 2 MP.
Vanish バニシュ
   Hides an ally. 24 MP.
Dara ダーラ
   Deals medium dark damage to enemies in an area. 20 MP.
Death デス
   Reduces an enemy's HP to 0. 30 MP.
Bubble バブル
   Doubles an ally's max HP. 32 MP.
Vanishga バニシガ
   Hides allies in an area. 60 MP.
Reverse リバース
   Switches healing and damage to an enemy. 50 MP.
Graviga グラビガ
   Deals 1/2 max HP damage to enemies in an area. 36 MP.
Darga ダーガ
   Deals large dark damage to enemies in an area. 30 MP.

Steal 盗む
   Steals an item from an enemy.
Libra ライブラ
   Gain the ability to see enemy info and traps.
First Aid 応急処置
   Heals a near-death ally a small amount.
Charge チャージ
   Regain MP if successful. Lose all MP if failure.
Poach 密猟
   Obtain an item from a near-death enemy.
Persuade 勧誘
   Causes confuse status on an enemy.
Magic Attack Break 魔攻破壊
   Reduces an enemy's magic attack.
Nikuzan Kotsudan 肉斬骨断
   Sacrifice HP to kill an enemy.
Darkness 暗黒
   Sacrifice HP to deal damage to an enemy.
   Use all MP to make an ally's HP MP used x10.
Thousand Needles 針千本
   Deals 1000 damage to an enemy.
Magic Defense Break 魔防破壊
   Reduces an enemy's magic defense.
Defense Break 防御破壊
   Reduces an enemy's defense.
Zeninage 銭投げ
   Throw gil to deal damage to enemies in an area.
Attack Break 攻撃破壊
   Reduces an enemy's attack.
Random Magic 無作為魔
   Cast a random black magic on an enemy.
Revive 蘇生
   Sacrifice all HP to raise an ally with full HP.
Arithmetic 算術
   Increases damage based on combo count.
Stick 貼付
   Deals caster's status effects to an enemy.
Darkness Kill 暗黒殺法
   Perform an attack that works only when blinded.
Achilles アキレス
   Causes an enemy to gain a weak element.
Time Attack 時間攻撃
   Causes damage to enemies in an area based on current play time.
Step Attack 歩数攻撃
   Causes damage to enemies in an area based on distance travelled.
Far Attack 遠隔攻撃
   Attack from afar even with a close-range weapon.


Orakea Bracelet オルアケアの腕輪
   Raises Max HP by 25.
Bangle バングル
   Permanent Libra status.
Steel Gorget 鋼のゴルゲット
   Raises strength when near death.
Arm Guard アームガード
   Reduces physical damage taken when near death.
Tourmaline Ring トルマリンの指輪
   Prevents Poison status.
Gauntlet ガントレット
   Raises evade rate of shields.
Battle Harness バトルハーネス
   Allows countering of enemy attacks.
Leather Gorget 革のゴルゲッド
   Raises magic power when near death.
Rose Corsage 薔薇のコサージュ
   Prevents Silence status.
Martial Arts Amber 格闘のアンバー
   Raises damage done when barehanded.
Sash サッシュ
   Prevents Slow status.
Argyle Bracelet アーガイルの腕輪
   Prevents Blind status.
Blazer ブレイザー
   Raises strength when HP is full.
Jade Collar ヒスイのカラー
   Makes enemy attacks easier to dodge.
Jackboots ジャックブーツ
   Prevents Don't Move status.
Black Belt 黒帯
   Prevents Don't Act status.
Gold Amulet 金のアミュレット
   Doubles License Points gained.
Magic Glove 魔法の手袋
   Raises magic power when HP is full.
Nishijin Obi 西陣の帯
   Prevents Sleep status.
Thief Cuffs 盗賊のカフス
   Increases quality of steals.
Gilly Boots ギリーブーツ
   Prevents Oil status.
Quismoit Sandals クイスモイトの靴
   Prevents Slip status.
Ruby Ring ルビーの指輪
   Permanent Reflect Status.
Firefly ファイアフライ
   Reduces experience gained to 0.
Steel Greaves 鋼鉄の膝当て
   Avoids traps, Defense +1.
Fluffy Mithra ふわふわミトラ
   Prevents Petrify status.
Mooring Cologne 舫結びのカロン
   Prevents Confuse status.
Feather Boots フェザーブーツ
   Permanent Float status.
Hororo Carving ほろろの根付
   Makes items more effective.
Chick Tibet 雛のティベット
   Doubles experience gained.
Cameo Belt カメオのベルト
   Raises attack success rate.
Power Wrist パワーリスト
   Prevents Stop status, Strength +2.
Opal Ring オパールの指輪
   Ignores Reflect status on targets.
Bubble Chain バブルチェーン
   Permanent Bubble status.
Ring of Protection 守りの指輪
   Permanent Regen status, Defense +6, Magic Defense +5.
Indigo インディゴ藍
   Raises magic success rate.
Turtle Choker 亀のチョーカー
   Allows casting of spells by spending gold.
Agate Ring 瑪瑙の指輪
   Prevents elemental effects based on weather.
Diamond Bracelet ダイヤの腕輪
   Improves quality of treasure items.
Hermes's Sandals エルメスの靴
   Permanent Haste status.
Sage's Ring 賢者の指輪
   Reduces MP consumption by 1/2, absorbs Holy element.
Neoparaoa ニホパラオア
   Reverses effects of medicinal items.
Cat Ears Hood ねこみみフード
   Vitality +20, Speed +50
Genji Gauntlet 源氏の小手
   Raises chance of combo hits, magic power +2.
Ribbon リボン
   Prevents status effects.


Q. Is there any difference between the different weapon types, besides
one-handed and two-handed?
A. Actually, there is. Each weapon type has a different attack speed;
the regular old 'Fight' command takes a lot shorter if you have a dagger
than if you have a gun. Each weapon type also has a different tendency
to do combo hits. Daggers and katanas will do combo hits much more
often than a knight sword or axe will. There are also more interesting 
differences between the weapon types. Most weapons are 'standard' in 
that their damage depends on your Strength parameter versus the enemies'
Physical Defense parameter. However, there are exceptions to this
-Bo staffs compare your Strength to the enemies' MAGIC Defense, not
physical defense. So Bo staffs will do a lot of damage to enemies
that have high physical defense but very low magic defense.
-Daggers, Bows, and Ninja Swords derive their damage from the Speed
stat instead of Strength.
-Katanas, Staffs, and Maces derive their damage from the Magic
Power stat instead of Strength.
-Breakers (axes and hammers) and Handy Bombs have a wider spread
of damage for a given attack value. So an axe with 30 attack
power can do significantly more damage than a 30 attack sword,
but it can also do significantly less damage for any given hit.
-Guns and Slide Rules ignore defense altogether. However, some
enemies (for instance, Slimes) have specifically high defense
against Guns.

Q. Is there a soft-reset?
A. Not directly, but at most times you can pause the game and then
press S. The game will ask you if you want to be taken back to the
title menu, so you can reload a game from there.

Q. I'm so poor! How come there isn't any money?
A. Enemies in general don't drop money in this game, but rather
Treasure (おたから). This treasure has almost no purpose except to be
sold. You can safely sell all of your treasure, though you'll
probably want to keep the Teleport Stones (テレポストーン).
As a bonus, the more things you sell, the more things become
available for purchase as trade items. Some of the most powerful
equipment in the game can only be purchased as trade items, requiring
you to sell specific Treasure dropped from specific enemies in order
to access them.

Q. I'm still missing some spells/skills, even though I'm at the
end of the game.
A. Some spells are only available in the Clan Shop. In order to
get more things sold in the Clan Shop, you have to raise your Clan
Rank by completing more Mob Hunts. There is also a secret shop in
the Necrohol of Nabudis, in the Radiant Passage (光満ちる回廊)
area. Check a pillar in the northern part to access it. Finally,
late in the game different stores will gain new stocks and new
spells. These include the item vendors in the Dalmasca Estersand
and Westersand and the Barheim Undergound Passage, as well as
the aforementioned secret shop in Nabudis.

Q. I need the weather to be ***, but it's always something else!
A. For most areas if you simply change the areas (not just zones
within an area, but between areas themselves) you can keep trying
until you get the weather conditions that you want. Keep in mind
that some areas, like the Giza Plains, will always be at certain
weather conditions at certain points in the story, so you'll need
to go further in the plot if you want the weather to change

Q. Why do you call it 'Dark Magic'? Isn't it 'Reverse Magic'?
A. While the 'ura' of 'ura-mahou' literally means 'reverse' or
'back', you have to admit that calling it 'Reverse Magic' sounds
silly and smacks of not fully understanding the usage of the word.
'Ura', when used in compounds, often denotes the shady side or
dark side of things; for instance, 'sekai' means world, while
'ura-sekai' means underworld (crime world, etc.). To capture that 
sort of sentiment, I've decided to translate 'ura-mahou' as 'Dark 

Thanks go to:
Squaresoft and Squenix for another fine entry into the FF franchise.

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