Where can I find (barheim key)?

  1. I want to have the 'Deathbringer'. After the tomb of raithwall, when i get my first esper. i must first get the barheim key to get back into the mine. how can i get the key????

    User Info: enki88

    enki88 - 7 years ago
  2. how can i across the sea to go to Broken sand???? please give me details way go to Broken sand because now i just finish my battle with Vossler and most of my character level 30.. Please help me...

    User Info: enki88

    enki88 - 7 years ago
  3. Tq for the answers my friend... But now i had tried to access the Mosphoran Highwaste but i can't pass the emprial... how i want to do to pass the emprial and access to Mosphoran Highwaste????

    User Info: enki88

    enki88 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Things you should ALREADY have are:

    -Cactoid Flower from the Flowering Cactoid Mob Hunt (Dalmasca's Desert Bloom) - Key Item and you cannot lose it once you complete the hunt
    -Great Serpentskin from the Nidhogg Mob Hunt (Marauder in the Mines) *Note:
    this isn't necessary. Having this item will, however, get you extra
    accessories at the end of this quest*

    To begin this quest, speak to Dantro in Dalmasca Estersand/Outpost. He's the
    guy that issued the Flowering Cactoid mob hunt. He'll ask you to give the
    flower to his wife. Head North a few screens until you reach
    Dalmasca Estersand/South Bank Village (the place with the merchant
    and Gate Crystal). Go there and talk to Dantro's wife, who will be outside
    a house on the Eastern side of the village, near the river bank. She'll give
    you a Bundle of Needles. Now exit and re-enter this area. Go to the river
    bank and speak with the little boy Chigri. Eventually, choose to go to North
    Bank Village. Speak to him again, and after the next scene, have him take you
    back to South Bank Village. Now talk to Dantro's wife once more, she should
    speak of what she did with your flower. GO behind her house and examine the
    flower on the floor. It will turn into a Cactoid and follow you. Go talk to
    Chigri, and return to the North Bank Village. Talk to the big Cactoids to
    finish this part, gaining you Gil and the Wyrmfire Shot bullets.

    Go back to South Bank Village (the boy takes you back and forth now for free)
    and talk to Dantros wife. She requests Shells. Search the river bank right
    near the house and examine anything shiny you see. These are the Shells.
    Depending on how many you collect, the treasure at the end of thsi quest
    will increase. Give these to the Wife. She then requests another item (I
    forget the name exactly) but it is located near Dantro himself. So go back
    South to the Outpost and speak to Dantro. Search around the camp, near any
    boxes you see, or anywhere you see something shiny. You should get about 3
    vials of the item. Give these back to Dantros Wife. The final item she wants
    are these Flowers located in the northern parts of the Estersands.

    This part could be hard if you havent reached level 25+. The enemies in The
    Yoma and Broken Sands sections are that level, so they can be hard. However,
    run north anyway to the Broken Sands. Search around the huge boulders you see
    to find some of these Flowers. Bring them back to Dantros Wife. Now, if you
    want the treasure at the end of this quest (the EXTRA treasure i mean, not
    the Barheim Key) then give her the Great Serpentskin. If you do, you get more
    stuff based on what you gave Dantros Wife. It goes:

    Great Serpentskin, 5 Shells, 2 vials of second item, 3 Flowers = Golden Amulet,
    Magick Gloves, Balance Mote
    Great Serpentskin, 2 Shells, 2 vials of second item = Magick Gloves, Balance
    Great Serpentskin only = Balance Mote

    Now you must leave the South Village, and re-enter. Talk to Dantros wife.
    Then leave and re-enter once more. Talk to her again. SHe tells you the
    traveler is all healed. Look around the house to find her, and speak with
    her. The Traveler thanks you with the Barheim Key.

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Other Answers

  1. When you start after fighting Vossler, you can go the Broken Sands in one of two ways. Go out of Nalbina and take a right to access the Mosphoran Highwaste and go South. Or you can ride the ferry from the village on the banks of the Estersand (talk to the boy on the dock).

    User Info: RevenantThings

    RevenantThings (Expert) - 7 years ago 1   1

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