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FAQ/Walkthrough by DannyBoy

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 05/02/02

*****************************SHADOW HEARTS******************************

For Playstation 2

Version: 1.5 ~~~~ May 2nd, 2002
By: DannyBoy        Dannyboy044@aol.com

V1.5 - Well All i added was a Push ring Explaination in the FAQ section,
       I'm still digging for those last 3% of the treasures.

*V2.0 - Will Be Done win i have finally found those Damned Treasures I'm
        missing.  Check for this Update in the Next Month or so.

Disclaimer:  Shadow Hearts, Characters, and all that good stuff is 
Copywrited to Midway, Aruze, Sacnoth, and all those peoples. I didn't 
Create it and in no way am I trying to take Credit for it.  This 
Document is For public Use, The only person who should ever make money 
from this is Me.  This Document is Copyrighted to me.  So if you are 
gonna Put it somewhere Ask me for Permission first.  9 times out of 10 I
will let you place it where you want, so don't be scared.  Thanks =D

I      Lessons to Learn
           i     Full Game FAQ Guide
          ii     My Pointers
II     Walkthrough China
           i     Trans-Siberian Express to Shanghai
          ii     Shanghai
III    Walkthrough Europe
           i     Prague to London
          ii     London
         iii     Side Quests
          iv     Neamato
IV     Characters & Special Skills
           i     Yuri
          ii     Alice
         iii     ZhuZhen
          iv     Margarete
           v     Keith
          vi     Halley
V      Equipment
           i     Weapons
          ii     Armors
         iii     Accessories
VI     Items
           i     Items
          ii     Valueables
         iii     Lottery Prizes
          iv     Podemeter Service
VII    Library
VIII   Pit Fights
           i     Zhen's Pit Fights
          ii     Shannon's Pit Fights
IX     Thanks and all that Stuff

============================LESSONS TO LEARN============================

-------------==============Full Game FAQ Guide=============-------------

Q: What is a FAQ?
A: Okay i'm not filling this one out Your probably at a GameFAQ's so you
should know...

Q: Can't Attack Very Well
A: The Judgement ring may take some practice to get used to.  Try to 
focus on hitting the button 3 times at the right timing.  if you can 
pull off 3 hits in a row, you'll start to get the hang of it.
   If it's still Difficult, try some items that slow down the bar 
rotation or widen the hit area.  Explore different ways of making the
ring easier to deal with.  The most Important thing is to keep 
practicing!  The judgement ring is not too difficult.  Try to devise 
your own stratagy in mastering the ring skill.

Q: Can't Save even with the menu open
A: If you Can't save, use a Save point (a glowing pentagram) or open the
menu in the world map.  Please go to the nearest Save point.

Q: Can i Change Names?
A: You Can't change character names once you have named a character.

Q: Preventing Status Abnormalities
A: it's best to avoid status abnormalities such as "poison" and 
"confusion".  Accessories can help you avoid status abnormalities.  For
example, a shell bracelet prevents poison.  Also, remember that "Instant
Death" is a Status Abnormality.

Q: Fox Face is After Me
A: Take a Look at the talisman located at the lower-right corner of the
menu screen.  What used to be blue is now red, right?  Malice is 
accumulated to the top limit.  When malice accumulates to the Limit, you
encounter Fox Face.  To avoid this, Clear out the accumulated Malice in
the graveyard.  To enter the graveyard, open the menu on a Save point 
and select "Graveyard".  Talk to the Four Masks at the Graveyard and
Fight a Monster to clear out malice.  Please read the help item Titled
"System" for more detail.

Q: Do Guild Cards Expire?
A: There's No need to Worry!  You can try for discounts and price raises
as many times as you like.  As long as you follow the rules, the cards
won't expire.  What are the rules you ask?  if you try for a discount
and fail, but don't have enough money to buy the planned quantity, there
will be a penelty of 1 point.  if you accumulate 5 points, you will lose
a card.  Be Careful!

Q: Can't fight fusion Monsters
A: There's enough soul energy, and graves are of sufficient sizes, but 
you can't fight any fusion monsters.  That's because the main character
refuses to fight.  The main character fears that by repeating the 
Fusion process, he may lose his soul someday.  The graves increase in 
size as Soul energy accumulates, but the seal don't shine because the
main character's fear keeps the monsters locked inside.  When the 
Character rids himself of his fear and makes a spiritual leap forward,
the seals should begin to shine and you can continue the graveyard

Q: Acquiring a High-Level Soul
A: Even if you max out the soul energy meter, and the size of a 
graveyard tombstone increases to the maximum capacity, those conditions
are not enough to acquire high-level soul.  That's because fusing with a
high-level soul is extremely dangerous.  just as the main character 
almost lost himself while attempting to fuse with the Seraphic Radiance,
Fusing with another powerful fusion monster without the appropriate 
preperations will only lead to another downfall.  Acquiring a powerful
soul requires "Something extra" which aids in the synchronization 
process of the soul with the Harmonixer.  As the characters continue 
thier journey, they will find that special "something".  That's when the
Harmonixer can rise above his own boundary and subdue a high-level soul
under his control.

Q: How do i use "????"?
A: If You've just aquired a high-level fusion monster, some of its 
special skills may be displayed as "????" and can't be used.  To 
activate the "????" skills, you must release the subconscious within the
soul and fuse your body and soul with it once again.  That means...

----------------===============My Pointers===============---------------

First off, you'll notice there aren't too many Stratagies in this 
Walkthrough for Boss Fights.  I'm assuming You've played RPG's before 
and should know that You need to Level Up, Earn Money, and Basically get
everything By sticking in one area and running around in circles 
building up your character.  When bosses are more then a simple matter 
of Hit, Hit, Heal, I Offer my Help.  

Another thing is I'm not Putting in Really Easy to figure out crap... 
Like if you can't figure out you have to talk to the only person on the 
screen and you get stuck, Then turn the game off and go back to School.

Alright now for some real Tips.  All Bosses excluding a Small Handful 
are nothing but normal Enemies Pumped up.  So they require you to Attack
with your strongest stuff, and keep your HP up.  If your still having 
trouble Killing a certain enemy then run around and level up like I Told 
you to.

There are a few items you can only Obtain at certain points in the game, 
or certain areas you can access.  I will Let you know when you can do 
this, and note also to Not pass this point if you plan on getting said 
item or Area.

To get Level 3 Fusion souls you'll need a corrisponding Stone, Once you 
have said stone You can obtain the fusion monster.... But why Can't you 
use "?????" Well you need to Fuse to that Soul with "?????" and let Yuri
go berserk, he will automatically use the spell, and you'll learn it 

Everything with ***(Item Name)*** is an Item that's either a one of a 
kind, or is Time sensitive, as in you need to get it then and there 
cause you won't get a second chance.

Everything else is pretty easy to figure out, and if your still having 
trouble just E-mail me and I'll help in any way i can.

I have gotten at least 300 E-mails on this thing.  What you have to do 
for the Push ring is RAPIDLY TAP THE X BUTTON and have the Indicator
Land inside of the hit area when time runs out.  See Soooooo Simpo!

===========================WALKTHROUGH: CHINA===========================

---------===========TRANS-SIBERIAN EXPRESS TO SHANGHAI==========--------

------======Trans-Siberian Express======------
After the cinema your in control of "Rude Hero", you can only go one way
so go.  Next train car you will see two dead bodies search them for a 
Thera Leaf and a Mana leaf, next train car starts a scene, You'll fight 
Mister Top-hat and Lose.

Monsters: Wind Shear.

After dialog Grab pure leaf in top-left cornor.  On the Left side before
the bridge There's a Mermaid's Tear. next screen Check Both Shining 
Spots then Go to NE of Screen and Check the gate, Return to either Shiny
Spot to Get the Handle, Top on is a Normal ring, Bottom one is a Push 
Ring.  Return to the gate and use the handle. Once You pop up in the 
graveyard, Examine the Glowing Gravestone for a Fusion Fight: Raging 
Tiger. pretty Easy, Just Fuse to Death Emperor and keep Attacking.  For 
winning you get your Second Fusion Soul, Raging Tiger... Who woulda 
guessed huh? Anywho Post-Battle Go talk to the Masks in the Top-Left 
Corner for some Chit-Chat and an Easy Fight.  After that leave the 
Graveyard.  after Dialog exit Screen, grab the Mana Seed from the 
Treasure Chest then Cross the Bridge and Go back on north path and Exit 
through the Top-Righthand side to get a Leather Belt.  head back south 
and Pass over the now Drained River and Exit the screen Then head on 
Into Town.  Oh but do Grab the Holy mother Bust from the treasure Chest 

Monsters: Vampire Bat, Venomous Spider, Wolf.

------======Zhaoyang Village======------
After that Odd little Scene, head back towards the Gate and Search the 
Grounds for an Angel's Feather.  next Screen Up there's a Bronze 
Arrowhead mid-way on the far right of the screen.  continue north, Save,
Then grab the Pure Leaf next to the Well.  Then grab the Talisman of 
Luck on the far right side of the screen.  The Blue man with the Cool 
hat is Actually a Lost peddler and will gladly open shop for you.  head 
north into the Cave... Creepy eh? Afterwards go to the Mayor's House, 
after the Dialog there's a Mini-boss Fight: HellCats x2.  Then head back
to the Cave, Then Run all the way back to the Gate to Meet a new Friend 
and a Useful Ally.  I'd suggest Running around in circles, Building Up 
XP, Spirit Elements, and Cash so you can upgrade your Weapons and Buy 
some Items.  If you Stick around to level up, then use a tent at the 
save point before going further.  head into the mayor's house, After the
talk check the Desk in the far north of the room for a Pheonix Tail, 
then head out and talk to the peddler,go south and grab the metal vessel
off the Stand, normal Ring, then go grab the torch behind Meiyuan at 
the gate.  Go back to the mayor's house and be ready for a mini-boss 
fight.  Heal, save, do whatever you want, then Head into the Cave again 
for a Boss Fight.  After that Check the shrine for a Shell Bracelet then
go back out.  UnEquip Zhuzhen cause he's leavin the party for a little 
while.  Talkto the Lost peddler for a Guild Card then Head back to the 

Monsters: HellCat, Zombie, Green Flyer, Canus, Felinus, Yamajara:Earth
  Bosses: Yamajara: Earth

Go Right and talk to the Silent Peddler for the Pedometer, You'll Want 
to keep this one for most of the game to get some awesome equipment.  To
the north behind the fountain is a talisman of Luck.  Talk to Everyone, 
Man left of fountain is actually Lottery No.15, I'd suggest Waiting till
you get to a save point to Play him though.  Then talk to Alice.  Exit 
screen and Go NE into the Alley for a Tent.  Go into the Shop.  Talk to 
Alice to Leave, After Dialog Silent Peddler and Lottery No.15 are in 
Store.  Above Sewer Entreance is a Lotto Ticket.  Go to Sewers.  go up 
then take the Second Left, Examine the big Hole in the wall for a 
lottery Ticket.  Head back For some Dialog.  The Two Chests Contain Pure 
Seed and a Type 94 Pistol.  In the Lower Right corner of the first 
screen is a Gold Hourglass.  Go up the Ladder near the Save point, 
Return To the Starting Point and go all the way north to examine the 
Glowing Spot, To the right of that is a Rosewood bracelet.  Head back to
the ladder for a Mini-Boss Fight.  Healup and Save, prep for a Boss 
Fight, then go up the Ladder.  After Two Fights you'll fight beast Dog, 
standard Stratagy Works here.

Monsters: Fire Bat, Shiki Bug, Mutant Frog, Frog God, Kappa, 
          Water Tiger, Elite Guard, Beast Dog
  Bosses: Beast Dog

on the Docks is a Lotto Ticket in the Chest, Between the Two fish racks 
there's a Talisman of Luck, help the man find his Turtle and you'll get 
a Tent.  next Screen, Far right is Tea Of The Healer.  Inside item Shop 
is a Silver hourglass behind the Tables.  The Shop sells 
Brigand Earring and Pirate Earrings, (I'd suggest picking up 3 of each, 
as you canonly get them in china and are very useful items.)  Go to the 
inn, go downstairs, in the top-right corner is a Seal of Aura.  Go back 
upstairs and in the top left corner of the room there's a Tent.  Head 
back out for some Dialog.  now run around collecting money and XP, next 
screen in the turtle Pen is a Red Phoenix Talon.  Go examine the mark on
the ground to initiate a boss Fight with Yamajara: Wind.  Use Magic 
attacks, as He has a High P-Def.  In the morning Head downstairs and 
talk to the kid to get the ***Flare Brooch***.  Go outside and talk to 
the woman for fried fish, take the fish to Sea mother.  The man in the 
Resteraunt becomes Lottery No.14.  Head towards the docks.  Play the 
turtle game to get a Third Key, Pure Leaves, Mana Leaves, and Thera 
Leaves.  Board the boat

Monsters: Frog God, Water Creeper, Yamajara: Wind
  Bosses: Yamajara: Wind

------======Smuggler's Boat======------
In the Chest is a Rosewood Bracelet, Go upstairs, Check the wheelhouse 
door, Grab the Witch's Broth in the barrels then Talk to Zhuzhen.  
Afterwards go back down and talk with Alice.  The wheelhouse door is 
unlocked now, and there's a lotto Ticket on the floor with your name on 
it! Go back out for some dialog.  Return to the wheelhouse, finally some
more monsters...after that go back inside, Courier Subordinate Opened up
shop, and if ya say "What are you saying?" He becomes Lottery No.13.  
Wear a Pocket Watch and a Jade lariat for this one.  Go down to help out
the Sea Mama.  Save then head back out to Chat with Zhuzhen.  Tell
Zhuzhen "Any time!" To start a Double Boss Fight, First with Regular 
Li Li, Then with Super Gross Octopus Li Li, Two Really Easy fights, just
Watch out for Paralysis.  At the Map Screen UnEquip Everyone.

Monsters: White Wolfling, Ogre Flame, Li Li
  Bosses: Li Li (Normal Form), Li Li


Head downstairs and talk with Margarete, then go out.  Semi-Hidden Chest
Right below Inn's Door, it has a Pilgram's Staff.  In a Barrel at the 
very south is a Mana Seed, and a Lottery Ticket next to the cart right
above that.  On the Next Screen there's a Talisman of Mercy hidden on 
the right, And a Blue Dragon horn below that.  On the Next Screen there
is a Seal of Life next to the Single barrel, and the kid in the Cabin of
the ship is Lottery No.12.  Wear Iron Clogs, Jade lariat, & Pocket Watch
if you wanna win it easily.  After Exploring head to the bar south of
the Inn, There's a lottery Ticket Next to the Barrels, You'll have to 
Fight Wugai with Zhuzhen, but your gonna lose no matter what.  Yuri 
steps in, Kick Wugai's butt, then listen to all the blabber.  The Shop
Across the street is now open, with new weapons and armor, Plus Meiyuan
and the Pit Fight are now Available in the Bar.  if you can manage to go
all ten rounds in the pit fight you'll Recieve Anne's Cross, and 5000
Cash.  Wear a Pocket Watch, and have Plenty of items, Such as Thera and
Mana Leaves/Seeds, Angel's Feathers & Faeries sighs, or wear your 
bracelets that cancel out Paralysis and Silence.  The ones to look out
for are the Two Special Shears, Yamajara:Wind, and Li Li... Everything
else is Cake.

Monsters: Kappa
  Bosses: Wugai

------======Temple Ruins======------
Go straight in and Examine the Altar.  Then exit left and talk to the 
"Smuggler".  Grab the Talisman of Mercy from the chest, You also want to
buy two Leonardo Bears from Kato.  Trust me You'll need em soon enough, 
a third one you'll find inside.  head back to Zhuzhen and enter the 
Temple.  Your items will be Sealed, and it's just you and Zhuzhen for 
the First trail, Then Alice and Margarete, Then Yuri and Zhuzhen again.
At the end of each trial is a Mini-boss. 

First grab Tent, go up, 
go up, go Green. 

Go right, 
go Right, 
go up, grab the Bronze Arrowhead, 
go left, go Yellow. 

go up, 
go up, grab Tea of the healer, 
Go right, grab White Tiger Hair, 
Go left, 
go left, grab Bronze Dagger, 
go down, 
go left, 
go down, grab Talisman of Mercy, 
go up, 
go up, grab mana seed, 
go left, grab Bell Bracelet, 
go right, 
go up, 
go left, 
go up, go red, 
Clear malice at Save, Get Ready for Boss Fight with Xieshi.

Now it's the Ladies Turn, and They get their Items too... but Lose thier
Special Skills.

Grab Tent, go up, 
go up, go green. 

go left, 
go left, 
go up, Grab Black Tortoise Fang, 
go down, 
go left, 
go down, Go Yellow. 

go right, 
go right, grab Thera Seed, 
go left, 
go down, 
go down, grab western belt, 
Go down, grab Voodoo Doll, 
go Up, 
go Right, 
go Right, 
go right, grab silver Hourglass,
go up, 
go right, grab gold hourglass, 
go right, 
go up, grab witch's broth, 
go up, go red. 
Save, Get ready for Boss Fight with Baigu.

Men: Round 2!

grab Tent, Go up,
go up,
go right,
go up,
go up, go Green.

Go up,
go up, Grab Thera Seed,
Go Left,
Go up, Grab Soul Benediction,
go right,
go down, 
go right, grab Mana Seed, 
go right, 
go up, 
go right, Grab Leonardo's Bear, Go yellow.

Go Left,
go left,
go up, grab Seal of Wisdom,
go down,
go down,
go left,
go down, Talk to Xiaofang who becomes Lottery No.11,
Go up,
Go up, 
Go left,
go down, grab Pure Seed,
Go Down, Grab Wood Token (MUST HAVE THIS),
go up,
go up,
go left, grab Studded Cap,
go down,
go down,
go down, go red.
Grab the Clear your Malice and Save, Get ready for Boss Fight with 
Qinggu.  After that and before you do anything Equip all three 
Characters with Leonardo bears, heal up and blah blah blah.  Your gonna
go up against Yamajara: War, and without the Leonardo Bears he'll
instant kill your Whole party.  But with them on he's a Chump, But Still
Don't use magic as it Will Heal him.  

Monsters: Python, Sea Gremlin, Xieshi, Raging Spirit, Puppet Guard, 
          Baigu, Succubus Queen, Brain Sucker, Qinggu, Yamajara: War
  Bosses: Xieshi, Baigu, Qinggu, Yamajara: War

------======Back In Huayuan======------
When you awake, visit the room next door.  Go to the Bar, head back out.
Go to the Docked Boat and Open the Grate for the Yawang Gate Key.  Go 
Back to the Inn.  in the Scene with Alice in the Device, Pick the First 
option all three times No matter how much ya wanna go with the second 
ones, answer the first ones.  After the Dialog you'll appear in front 
of Kuihai, Well exit immediatly and go back to Huayuan.  The Locked
house is finally open and inside is a Tea Of The Healer. Go down to the 
Docks and Play the Dog game for Lottory Ticket, leonardo's Bear, monkey 
Paw.  Then get on the Boat.  Time for your First Side Quest Matey! ARGH!

Monsters: Corporal, Sergeant

------======Kowloon Fortress======------
Talk to the very First man for Lottery No.10.  All the Fights here
Are tough, Especially if you didn't Level up any.  So be cautious. Go in
and grab the mana Root, next screen take a right, grab the hand needle 
from behind the stairs then go up them.  grab Wugui's Room key off the 
desk, Climb the ladder and grab the face guard.  Go back to the main 
hall and take the next staircase up, Grab seal of the Soul next to the 
Oil Drums, Thera root from chest, Pure Root From Chest, Lottery Ticket
next to Urinal, Soul Benediction from chest.  There's a set of Creatures
here that might be a little difficult, Happy Creature is Immune to 
Special Attacks, and Speckled Creeper is immune to Physical.  Save, 
Equip Leonardo bears then enter the room.  just pound away on Cursed 
puppet with Attacks.

Monsters: Namida, Speckled Creeper, Happy Creeper, Blue Ogre, Red Ogre,
          Dark Judge, Cursed Puppet.
  Bosses: Cursed Puppet

------======Kuihai Tower======------
Grab the Seal of Life and the third key, and prep for a Boss fight with
yamajara: Stone.  Go up the stairs to the right, put the Tortoise VP in
the Altar, Grab the Pure extract from the bottom left corner, go to the
door.  Grab the B. Dragon VP.  Return to the main room, Go to the left 
of the Altar, grab the ***Erotic Book*** (Your definatly gonna want this
for later on in the game) on the left side of the room, take the Red 
Phoenix VP and put the Blue Dragon VP in it's place.  now go up the left
staircase.  insert the Phoenix VP, Get the W. Tiger VP, Now go switch
the Tiger VP with the Dragon VP and put the Dragon VP in the Main Altar.
Go upstairs and the Seal is broken, Save game, continue on.  Kill the 
Pitiful Sub-boss, grab the lottery ticket off the floor, go Down the 
Little flight of stairs and grab the talisman of Wisdom.  prep for a 
Boss Fight, save if you have to, and go up and fight Dehuai.  just keep 
your HP up and hit em with what you got.  Go back downstairs, save, and 
talk to the soldier who becomes Lottery No.9.  Your going to want to 
Unequip anything Worthwhile From Yuri and margarete, You'll know why 
soon enough.  Get Ready for a Boss Fight.  head on up them Steps.  This
Can be a Tough Fight, Cure anyone who gets Petrified, heal whenever you
need to, and hit him with the hardest Stuff you have...

Monsters: Yamajara: Stone, Water, Tiger, Vengence Demon, Rage Demon, 
          Mournful Demon, Man-Snake, Shadow, Badger Devil, 
          Yamajara: Calamity
  Bosses: Yamajara: Stone, Dehuai, Yamajara: Calamity

===========================WALKTHROUGH: EUROPE==========================

--------------==============Prague to London==============--------------

Grab the Zodiac bracelet from behind the wall, grab the Kirin Scale off
of the Ledge, In the chest hidden behind the tree is a Lottery Ticket, 
The Sleeping man is Lottery No.8, Then go to the Pub.  Come back out and
go kill the Monsters.

Monsters: Birdman

There's a Lottery Ticket next to the left gate pillar on the first 
screen, go into town and there's a Mana seed near the Cemetary gate, and
a Talisman of Window across town next to the east gate.  Go into the 
Southern House.  Go check the Mayor's door (The one next to the
cemetary) then Ask round and go back to Nina's House.  There's a Moon
Swallow in the barrels, and a Moon card behind them.  Buy some pocket
Watches cause the Blue castle has a Lot of Ring Ailments.  Go to the
East gate.
Monsters: Birdman, Mailman, Police Dog

------======Blue Castle======------
There's a Cosmic bracelet left of the Single Tree.  Go down the Path on
the Right and Meiyuan is there for you to upgrade your stuff, plus there
is a Thera Seed in the Chest, and a Hidden Star swallow behind the Tiny 
ramp.  Go up the Stairs, to the left, Collect the Tent, go down, and
around till you reach the entrance, below the stairs is a Pocket Watch.
Go inside the Entrance and go around the Right side of the big Coffin,
Follow the ledge to get the Lottery ticket.  Now examine the Coffins in
Alphabetical Order.  Return to the Save point and go to the Door on the
Right.  Go back to Bistritz.

Monsters: Garm, Gremlin, Hollow

------======Back to Bistritz======------
Go to Nina's then head over to the Mayor's House and get ready for Boss
Fight with Tindalos.  pretty Easy fight actually.  Afterwards go back to
the mayor's house and grab the Flash badge and the Seal of Strength.  Go
to the House on the far right of town for Lottery No.7

Monsters: Birdman, Mailman, Police Dog, Tindalos
  Bosses: Tindalos

------======Back to Blue Castle======------
Go to the previously Locked door, grab the Seal of Speed and Climb the 
Stairs all the way to the top, making sure to stop in each room to get
the Pure Root, lottery Ticket, Headgear, Tent and Seal of Force.  You 
Want to Save and Pack on as much P-Defense as Possible, you Have to
Fight Yuri Next.  heal Often and Hit him with your Strongest Magic.  
once in the graveyard talk to the masks, go up and Fight fox face with 
Yuri, You get brass Knuckles for Winning.  Now Malice will only Build
When Alice is in the Party, so i guess it's Alice Malice now.... yea
that wasn't funny.... anyways Run back into the Castle all the way to
the top and grab the ***Dark graveStone***

Monsters: Garm, Gremlin, Hollow, Dead Knight
  Bosses: Yuri, Fox Face

------======Back to Prague======------
Go to the bar and equip Alice for a Boss fight, in the bathroom check
each stall then the mirror, keep at it until you fight Olga.  Check out
the men's bathroom, in the corner is a lottery ticket Under the Sink.

Now head over to Bistritz again and in front of Nina's shop there's a 
glowing dot, talk to Nina then Watch over the Plant, DO NOT STEP ON IT!,
keep leaving Town and reentering and watching over it again till Nina is
in the spot... She'll give you the ***Earth Gravestone***.  Now go to 

Monsters: Olga
  Bosses: Olga

Check behind the crate for a lottery ticket, then go to the inn.  Check
Alice's room, then talk to the innkeeper.  Go into the Alley for some
Story.  Go back into Yuri's room and grab the Tea of the Holy one.  in 
The Alley is a Huge Jug, And a lottery Ticket.  Kick the Back door down
with a 3 Spin Ring, Time for another round with Olga.  She has a bit 
more HP this time around, but you should still be able to handle her.  
Go back in and take the Seal of the Soul from the Altar, Take the jasper
cape from the confession booth.  head into the Alley to find Lottery 
No.6.  Wear the accelarator from now on whenever your wearing the 

Monsters: Bifronze, Camazotz, Olga
  Bosses: Olga


------======Old Castle Street======------
Turn around and go Back to Prague, get some Tissues if you don't 
already have some buy losing the Lottery once.  Talk to the Bartender 
then Go to the Men's bathroom and give the man the tissues then try to 
leave. He will Give you the ***Air Gravestone***.  

Back to Old Castle Street now.  Talk to the Blond man in the street and 
buy the Sun Card from him for 7000Cash.  The drunk in the Street is 
actually Lottery No.5 There's a lotto ticket behind the Inn.  Go to the 
Pub, behind the bar is a mana extract, the house across the bridge has 
an Oak Slingshot in the front yard.  The boarded up shack has a Thera 
Extract in the front yard.  Go to the Inn, then back to the Boarded up 
shack and examine the Door laying on the ground and open it with a Push 
ring.  Inisde there's Demon Earrings and a Lottery Ticket, climb the 
ladder grab the Soul benediction and go up the stairs.  After the Dialog
grab the Talisman of Purity and the Warning device off the floor, Get 
out and go next door.  You Can equip Halley with the Oak Slingshot but 
DO NOT sell his original slingshot, you'll need it later. Take Old 
Carl's Seal of force, Lottery Ticket and Kirin scale before leaving.  

Go to the Front door, Return to London Rat's hideout, then back to the 
Inn.  Afterwards make a side-trip over to Rouen and go into the Room 
Yuri Was staying in, there will be a couple fighting, talk to them and
then head for the church, get in the Last confession booth and tell the
man "it's about the Love, Not the ring".  Return to the Room and he'll 
give you the ***Water Gravestone***. if you tell him to buy the ring, 
you'll have to pay for it, if you tell him to split up you get nothing.  

The Orphanage.  Go to the Door on your left and fight Night Stalker.  Go
Inside the room and get the Seal of the Soul, Monkey paw, and the Pure 
Extract. At the end of each of the balconies there is an Eye of 
Ouroboros and a Zodiac bracelet, go inside the top left door and read 
the book on the Table.  Go to the Top right door next and enter the code
5375.  Inside check out the Painting and unlock the Desk, then grab the 
monk earrings from the Fireplace.  Save game, equip against Petrify and 
enter the center door with the Passcode 3754.  Time for a Double Boss
Fight.  Jack is pretty easy, just keep your health up.  Same goes for
Mammon, just a longer fight really.  

Go downstairs and talk to Joshua with Halley in your party and if you 
didn't sell the Slingshot Joshua will ask to use it, let him have it.

Monsters: Larmgelg, Banshee, Night Stalker, Mammon 
  Bosses: Jack, Mammon

------======Calios Mental Hospital======------
As soon as you Walk in you'll have to fight 2 Specters, this will happen
another 3 times as well during your trip here.  If you run into Buggs
Kill them Quickly with magic cause they can completly devestate your
party in a matter of turns.  grab the Laurel Slingshot and the Demon 
Ward necklace and go inside.  Another 2 Specters are here. grab the 
bronze coin and continue on.  Another set of Specters, then grab the 
lottery ticket and go.  Another set of Specters.  Search the body for 
the Heart Key, Grab the coin above the body as well.  Go back to the 
First hall and use the heart key on the Doors.  Get the Fruit of 
Yggdrasil, key to Success, and Club Key.  Then Use the Club key on the 
Club Doors, and grab the diamond key, gold coin, platinum coin.  Return
to the Fountain room and put a coin in each fountain.  Save and prep for
a Boss fight, an easy one actually.  You get the spade key and Halley
Runs off.  Go back to the Spade door, open the chest and get the Dungeon
Key, search it again for the ***Fire Gravestone***, take a nap,head to
the dungeon, save on the way. Gonna have to fight Olga one last time now
and she actually dies this time.  She still likes to poison you a lot so
take precautions.

Monsters: Specter, Meat Eater, Doom, Buggs, Rausan, Olga
  Bosses: Rausan, Olga

------======All Over Europe======------
You awake in the Hideout, heal up, Go downstairs and talk to sherry and 
you'll fight a Random Summoned Monster.  Go talk to Joshua and get the
Oath Grail, then go outside and talk to Halley.  after all that your in 
Rouen again, go behind the church and open the Lock with a push ring. 
Go to the Rear Confession booth and get the papers with a 3 spin ring.  
Scene ends back at the Hideout.  

leave town and go back to the Hospital.  Go back down to the Dungeon and
Grab Deathblade Jiru, This is one the most awesome weapons in the game.
Your definatly going to need to Upgrade the weapon to Make the hit area 
wider,  and maybe wear some ring Accessories to Make it easier to Hit 
the marks, If you are skilled enough to hit all three marks it is 
Instant Death.  I have heard it also Works on some Bosses, but I have 
hit bosses with it and they didn't die Maybe if you get a Perfect with 
it it will, I'll find out eventually I guess.  on the way back Out, Save
You Game, then go talk to the man in the chair, he's Lottery No.4.  Exit
and head over to the Monestary.

Monsters: 1 Random Pit Fight, Meat Eater, Doom, Buggs

------======Nemeton Monestary======------
Go inside and all around the steps and grab the ***Light Gravestone***,
go back out and up the hill, Examine the grave marker and the chest has 
the mantle of nobolity.  go inside.  Return to the house and the Vending
machine near where you found the gravestone works now with all new
weapons and armors.  After you go shopping Go back up the hill to the 
Ruins.  There's a talisman of Power on the far right.  Roger Will Heal 
you for free so if you want run around in circles by the door and use 
him to heal, and the save point next to him to clear malice to build up 
any characters levels if your having any problems with the Area 
monsters.  Your also going to want to Equip against Ring Ailments and 
instant Death.  There's a lottery ticket to the right of the door as 
well.  Take the right path, grab the Silver wolf fang from the hidden 
chest on the Left side of the upper path then go back left and take the 
Left path from the main room.  Grab the Mauser Prototype from the chest
in the next room, Then take the right path and Open close the chest.  Go
back to the main room and take the right path again and open up the top 
chest in the Room with the glowing light.  hit the Blue button, then 
exit exit left.  Go up and Grab the Mind's Eye from the chest, then head
left of the main room.  Continue left until you hear a The noise of the 
Force Field thing and go up, hit the button and grab the Holy book of 
Martyrs from the chest.  Go down, then go down another screen, go around
the pool, then take the Upper Left path and hit the green switch, now go
all the Way back to where you got the Mind's eye and get the Coat of the
Sage.  Go back to the Three Chests room and turn off the Blue switch, 
you can now open the Yellow chest and get the Seal of Vitality.  Go to 
the Red Fire pit and Get the ***Destruction Stone***, Then continue all 
the way down and right until you get to the door, grab the Seal of 
Strength, and the Punk Jacket from the chests and prep for a boss Fight 
with Simon and his Fusion Amon.  First thing you should do is Fuse with 
Yuri, because Simon's first attack is always Holy Chest, Which delivers 
Heavy damage Plus lowers your SP, Your probably gonna need to give Alice
a Pure root or something in a few turns.  if you have Alices Arc spell 
yet, use it often.  The Third member of your Party should be the item 
user and Secondary Attacker, Use the Strongest Attacks you have.  And 
when he Fuses to Amon he gets stronger so Really Watch your HP.  If you 
Got the Desruction Stone like i told you to, you Get to Fusion soul 
Amon.  Now You get a pretty cool cinema to watch.  At Bacon's house 
you'll have to go through dialog and a 3 spin ring.  Then Ahoy Matey! 
Time fer S'more Sidequests ARGH!  Get yer Land Lubbin' Butt to Old 
Castle Street!

Monsters: Straithe, Sin, Guinea Pig, Inverse, Amon
  Bosses: Albert Simon/Amon

---------------================SIDE QUESTS===============---------------

------======Old Castle Street : ARMORS======------
We'll start Here since you gotta grab Halley.  First off I'm sure you 
can do Some of these Side quests out of Order, I'm just putting them in 
the order I have done them, It seems easiest this way as well.  Here
You'll Get Halley's "Metal Jacket", and Margarete's "Leather Suit".  Go
To the hide out and upstairs and grab Halley, then go talk to Jashua to 
get the Improved slingshot, then head over to the pit fight and Win with
Halley to get His Ultimate Armor, you can also win a Seventh Key with 
Yuri, a Crucifix with Alice, a Silver Hand with Zhuzhen, Tissues with 
Margarete, And Belt of Thor with Keith.  Win with all six and you get a 
pretty crystal ring After you had your fun in the Pit fights go to the 
Silent Peddler and Talk to him, if you've gotten enough steps you'll get
Margarete's Ultimate Armor.

------======Nemeton Monestary : BOOKS======------
With Alice and Zhuzhen in your party go to the Ruins and after Dialog 
you'll get the Book of Rituals.  Go all the way back to where you Fought
Albert-Amon and you'll find the Codex of Lurie.

Monsters: Straithe, Sin, Guinea Pig, Inverse

------======Anywhere : MASK BATTLES======------
Here is where you make a Choice, do you want the good ending or the Bad
Ending?  If you want the bad ending ignore this whole Section, If you
Want to good one Listen up.  First Read the Oath Grail you got from 
Joshua at the London Rat's Hideout.  Now Get your Malice to Red, 
Hopefully They will come in order as they are listed on the Grail,
Cause it makes them easier.  if they do come in order there Ring 
Ailments won't work Plus thier Magic is Weaker too.  The Lucky Order is:
Grail, Gold, Staff, Sword.  If they come out of order they are a little
tougher, but you should be able to handle it, and don't Bother Wearing 
pocket watches, they don't work.  Take them down in whatever order they 
come in, Do try to remember Gold Mask Can't be Hurt By physical Attacks,
And the Staff Mask can't be hurt by Special Attacks.  once you've killed
Them continue to Run around and they will Show up again, but this time
they are Unimaginably Weak, One hit and they drop pretty much.  Try to
get all 4 as you should still be trying to Fill your Library.  once you
have had fun beating them silly Go to the graveyard and Examine the 
Tombstone.  Now if you were paying attention you should have Read the 
Grail, Killed all 4 masks (Twice if you wanted to), and Examined the
Tombstone.  You must do all three of those to get the good Ending.

Monsters: Grail Mask, Gold Mask, Staff Mask, Sword Mask, 
          Grail Mask (Dead), Gold Mask (Dead), Staff Mask (Dead),
          Sword Mask (Dead)

------======Orphanage : BOOK, LOTTO 3======------
Go inside the Cauldron room and speak with the Child, he wants to play 
hide n' seek, isn't that cute, yea well hope you have a good eye cause 
this can be a little annoying sometimes, Agree to play Then go look for 
the 4 kids and Get back to the Room and talk to him again before time 
runs out.  And one of them will say you got the Wrong person.... Well 
he's a lying little brat so don't listen just run back in time.  He'll 
move for you and go examine the cauldron, The little Weirdo inside will 
give you the Emigre Manuscript, Put on a Pocket watch and talk to him 
again cause this time he's Lottory No.3.

------======Ancient Ruins: ARMOR, WEAPON, SPECIAL BOSS======------
In The world Map read the Book of Rituals to open up the Ancient Ruins
Location.  You can be Petrified here so Wear them Crucifixes (You are
gonna want them against the boss anyways) Go through the Top door, Grab 
the Angel earrings, and follow these torches: 

red, orange, yellow, green, Grab the Lotto Ticket, aqua, blue, purple.

Go down and get the GoldThread coat which is Alice's Ultimate Armor.  
Exit the ruins Read the Book of Rituals again and Return.  now follow 
the Torches in this order: 

purple, blue, aqua, green, yellow, orange, red.  

Go downstairs to Fight Seraphim.  This Boss can take out Lots of Life 
from everyone very Quickly, and Cause massive Status Ailments.  I hope 
you have your Crucifixes on, I suggest having Yuri Fuse into Sandolphin 
and Casting Sanctuary to soften to blows, Heal often and hit him with 
the hardest spells and Attacks you have.  When you Finally take this 
Wanna-be-Angel down, You'll Recieve Halley's Volt Snipe, Which is His 
ultimate Weapon.

Monsters: Asp, Basilisk, Sweeper, Seraphim
  Bosses: Seraphim

------======Rouen : ARMOR, WEAPON, LOTTO 2======------
Go speak to Meiyuan to get the Skinny on what's going down in China.  
Along with the Bad news, (or good if your Evil Mwahahahahaha!)::Cough::
Anywho, you'll also recieve the Coat of the Adept which is Zhuzhen
Ultimate Armor.  Put Margarete in your party, Save game, then get inside
the church to the altar and you'll get a little bit of dialog, and a 
Pearl Ring.  Now go out to the Alley and The guy is now Lottory No.2,
but once you get the Best prize he turns back into his previous Lotto 
Number.  His Second place prize is "Dice of Ceaser" Which is an Awesome
item, if you trust your skills you could use up all but 3 of your Lotto
Tickets, Saving 1 for this Lotto, No.1, and the Chairman, but it's up to 
you what you want to do really, heck if you want a buncha Tissues go for
it!  Anyway his prize is the 10-guage Shotgun, Margarete's Ultimate 

------======Blue Castle : WEAPON, LOTTO 1======------
To go Bistritz and talk to Nina with Keith in your Party, she sends you 
off to the castle cause of some light.  in the map screen Save game,
then go to the Castle.  Might want to equip Keith with some Ring Helping
Accessories unless you are confident of your skills with him, Then mine
as well throw on some Monk earrings and some Brigand earrings and the
Belt of Thor.  Go into the Coffin room and Examine the big one, Watch 
the Scene then get ready for a one on one Fight with the Bat.  You have 
to use attacks, and your using a New sword as well, and Take him down in
less then 6 turns or he'll kill you and that's that.  once he's done you
Recieve the Demon Sword Tyrving, which is Keith's Ultimate Weapon.  Exit
and take keith out of the party and return to the castle and go into the
Throne room and you'll see... well actually he's invisible, a Keith-like
Man, who is Lottery No.1.  I suggest you save and load on every Ring
helper you have this is one of the Hardest.

Monsters: Garm, Gremlin, Hollow, Dead Knight, Golden Bat

------======DollHouse : WEAPON, SPECIAL BOSS======------
Go to Prague with Alice in your party and talk to the man in the bar, 
back at the world map the Doll House should have Become available.  Grab
the oracle Earrings outside then enter the house.  Grab the crank in 
front of the Clock, the go to the room on the right and exit that room 
from the top to get the the fountain.  Get the storeroom key.  Go back 
outside and enter the storeroom and use the crank on the machine, grab 
the Silver hand and the Plate from the Table.  Go back inside the main 
house and upstairs to the Slide projector.  Go back downstairs into the 
empty room and enter the code 1224 into the Lighted wall.  Return to the
storeroom and go down and enter the door.  Grab the Crucifix from around
the bed, Get equipped and try to leave the room.  This fight is a Little
tough but you'll make it, just keep wailing away and it'll die 
eventually.  You'll recieve Holy Book of Flesh, Alice's Ultimate Weapon.

Monsters: Ghoul, Ghouler, Spanky, Orb Chaos
  Bosses: Orb Chaos

------======Cave Temple : ARMOR, WEAPON, SPECIAL BOSS======------
World Map read the Emigre Manuscript to open up the Cave Temple, then 
Enter.  This place is a little like a maze, when you walk in the wrong
direction you get screwed, so here's the right ones

Go Through Door,
Go Up, Grab Priest Earrings, and back Out,
Go Left, 
Go Up, 
Go Left, 
Go Down, 
Go Down, 
Go Left, 
Go Up, Grab Lottory Ticket, And Out,
Go left, 
Go Up, 
Go Left, 
Go Up, Grab Mantle of Shivering, which is Keith's Ultimate Armor.
You'll be sent back to the Beggining and locked out.  Exit Temple and
Read the Manuscript again and enter again.  

Go Through Door,
Go Up, Grab Fifth Key, And Out,
Go right,
Go up,
Go right,
Go down,
Go down, 
Go right, 
Go up, Grab key to success, and Out,
Go Right,
Go up,
Go Right, Save Game and heal up
Go up, and Fight Cherubim.  A harder Seraphim Basically, Except special
attacks will heal him.  Keep life up, and wittle away at his.  You'll 
get the Holy Peak Staff, Zhuzhen's Ultimate Weapon.

Monsters: Buggy, Penelty, Oingo, Cherubim 
  Bosses: Cherubim

------======Graveyard : SPECIAL BOSS, ACCESSORY======------
Now if you want the good ending and haven't fought the masks yet go back 
to the mask battles sectioned and do it.  Go Talk to Roger Bacon With 
Alice, and you'll go to sleep.  Awaking in the Graveyard go examine the
Tombstone then go talk to the Masks, You'll have to fight Atman.  
nothing to hard just keep an Eye on Alice.  After the fight talk to the 
Masks to get the Seven-eyed Mask.

Monsters: Atman
  Bosses: Atman

------======Ancient Ruins & Graveyard : BOOK, ARMOR, SOUL======------
Hopefully you Did grab the Erotic Magazine from the Kuihai Tower in 
China.  Go talk to Roger Bacon and he'll trade a Pulse Tract for it.  Go
To the Ancient Ruins and Take the Torches in the following order:  

yellow, red, green, purple, blue, red, Aqua.  

Go down and Grab the Stone of Rebirth.  Then go to the Cave temple and 
run around with Thief earrings or Pirate earrings on and Collect Fruit 
of Yggdrasil's.  Head to the graveyard and go to the Tree Screen, Equip 
your Stongest Stuff, This one is a bit tough.  Once your set up with 
Equipment and Souls, Check out the sun and try to leave, You'll have to 
fight for Seraphic Radiance.  I used Amon and Attack, Attack, Heal, 
Attack, Attack, Heal... And when i ran low on MP, i'd use a Fruit of 
Yggdrasil and repeat over until i won.  For winning ya get Seraphic 
Radiance! Yea your one Cool Cat and you know it you Bad Motha.... Shut 
yo mouth, I'm just talkin bout Seraphic Radiance... yea okay i'll stop. 
Check behind the tree for Yuri's Ultimate Armor, Father's Coat.  
Remember you have to Unlock The Third Special Attack for the new Fusion 
before you go runnin after the last boss.

Monsters:  Asp, Basilisk, Sweeper, Seraphic Radiance
  Bosses:  Colonel Ben Hyuga/Seraphic Radiance

Save your Game and Equip as many ring Accessories as Needed, Go to the
Nemeton Monestary and talk to Roger Bacon, tell him you have to use the
Bathhroom and he becomes Lottery Chairman No.00.  Use all your Extra 
Lottery Tickets to Win Comet's Masks and sell them so you can have money
to Upgrade Yuri's Ultimate weapon later on.


------======Neamato: First Floor======------
Go talk to Roger Bacon to go to Neamato, you'll have to do a 5 spin ring
to get there.  once inside Head up the Left staircase, then return to 
the right staircase, your party will be split up.  It will be Yuri and
one other Character, And the other 4.  Take 3 of the 4 up the left 
staircase and examine the Glowing triangle.  Now take Yuri and the other
character to the rest of the group.  Head up the upper Staircase and 
fight Soul Block.  not too difficult, he's just immune to Physical 
Attacks.  use a tent, save, then Exit Neamato.

Monsters: Enkidu, Emptiness, Hangman, Soul Block
  Bosses: Soul Block

------======Nemeton Monestary======------
Now to grab Yuri's ultimate weapon.  Go and talk to Roger Bacon and 
he'll blab about his machine, which you have to get a 10 spin ring to
turn on.  once you finally get this Roger Bacon will Hand you the 
Nightbird Claw, Yuri's ultimate weapon.  Get it upgraded if you want
then head back to Neamato...

------======Neamato: Second Floor======------
Head back up to where you defeated Soul Block and head to the lower 
right and walk through the green light.  Go back downstairs and into 
the hallway you haven't gone into yet and grab the Crank Slingshot.  Go
Back upstairs and grab the Seal of Aura, lottery Ticket, and berserker
Earrings.  Go up the Middle staircase and grab the seal of Vitality, 
then walk through the Blue Light.  now go up the right staircase, light
up the red light then go up the stairs and grab the Sage Staff and the
Silver Thread Coat.  Time to go up the Left staircase, grab the monk
earrings and the Rubber suit out of the first room then head back out.  
headup the stairs and go fight Hate.  Pretty Basic, Attack, and heal
when need Be.  Tent, Save, Then go to the Third Floor.

Monsters: Arcmine, Enigma, Keeper, Hate
  Bosses: Hate

------======Neamato: Third Floor======------
After you get sucked into the void, follow these directions:

Go down stairs,
follow stairs into the void,
Go up and to the left and grab the Mind's Eye
Return to the starting point,
Go up stairs to next screen,
Follow stairs till Void,
Go right into void,
Grab Talisman of Power, go up into void,
follow staircase till void, 
Follow the bend into Void,
Grab Heretic's Coat, Return to previous void,
Go down stairs, Follow bend to the right until you hit the void,
go left off screen,
Go right on stairs, grab V-Blade-Blodauth, Go up intil void,
Grab Fifth key, go Left into void,
Go upstairs to fight Scapegoat.

Another pretty basic Boss fight, Attack and heal when needed.  After 
whoopin his tail, Tent, Save, and Exit Neamato.

Monsters: Cockatrice (immune to Physical Attacks), Black Widow, Red Cap,
  Bosses: Scapegoat

-----=====Old Castle Street=====-----
If you've tried to fight all the monsters and you have a library
containing all 122 monsters, then go Visit knowledgable Carl and he will
give you the Black Silk Panties for Alice.  If you have 100% of the 
treasure i'm sure you get a prize for that too, but i only have 97%.  
Oh, and When you cast Advent you can actually see the Black panties... 
um... yea, i was staring... Anyways go back to the friggin Neamato and 
stop looking at me like that!

------======Neamato: Final Encounter======------
now go all the way back up and fight the last two bosses.

MESSIAH: basic fight just keep your HP up and to end it quickly since
he uses SP draining Spells, use Any 3rd keys you have with Stat pumpers.
You'll most likely wanna save your 5th keys, 7th keys, and the majority
of your stat pumpers for the final fight with...

META-GOD: Yep lil' ole Yuri and the gang have to kill God, strange ain't
it?  But it makes since once your actually going through the storyline.
But anywho Use everything you have cause this is for all the Pork and 
Beans baby!  All keys, Stat pumpers, Stongest Spells, EVERYTHING!
And then.... Congrats you just beat Shadow Hearts, now why not go 
through a second time since you get to keep all your Fusion Souls =)

Monsters/Bosses: Messiah, Meta-God

=======================CHARACTERS & SPECIAL SKILLS======================


Name              : Yuri Hyuga
Age               : 24
Class             : Darkness
Skill             : Fusion
Weapon            : Hand to Hand with Knuckles
Ring Difficulty   : Easy
My Opinion On Him : Yuri is Of Course the main Character and Also the
Best Character.  He has Almost 8 Times the Amount of Spells everyone Has
and he Also has the Strongest Physical attacks.  he Can use Any Element,
Any Stat Boosts, healing Spells, basically he's the Ultimate RPG 
Character, And he's not some Little Pansy like Tidus To boot!  His Ring
Is so easy you can hit perfects on memory alone.  His Best Fusion Spells
to me are of Course Amon and Seraphic Radiance, But those take a while
to get.  So out of the Regular ones his Dark, Fire, and Light Fusions
are awesome.  Dark Fusions are great against creatures Weak against
Magic.  Fire for those monsters that Need a serious Physical Butt-Kickin
and Light for those Long battles or Solo battles.

(As they Appear on the Equip List, not in the order you obtain them)

EARTH:    Raging Tiger        16sp
             Moon Howl             18mp-Restores small HP
             Chi Shield            15mp-Raises P-Def 15%
             Flying Stones         20mp-Single Earth Attack
          Mad Bull            32sp
             Howling               32mp-Moderate HP
             Earth Guard           27mp-Raises P-Def 30%
             Rockstorm             36mp-All Elemental Attack
          Lobo                48sp
             Shout                 64mp-Large HP
             Charge                54mp-Raises P-Def 30% for all allies
             Strike                72mp-High Earth Damage to All Enemies
WATER:    Man Dragon          16sp
             Rain Shower           18mp-Restore small HP
             Illusion              15mp-Raises P-Avd 15%
             Flash Flood           20mp-Single Water attack
          Dragner             32sp
             Life Dew              32mp-Moderate HP
             Mirage                27mp-Raises P-Avd 30%
             Icy breath            36mp-All elemental Attack
          Egil                48sp
             Holy Tears            64mp-Large HP
             Iris                  54mp-Raises P-Avd 30% for all Allies
             Dragon Cry            72mp-High Water Damage to All Enemies

FIRE:     Inferno             16sp
             Moxibustion           18mp-Cures PSN, Para, and Confuse
             Fighting Spirit       15mp-Raises P-Atk 15%
             Fireball              20mp-Single fire attack
          Ifrit               32sp
             Warming               32mp-Cures PSN, Para, Con, and Pet.
             Ignition              27mp-Raises P-Atk 30%
             Blaze                 36mp-All Elemental Attack
          Forron              48sp
             First Fire            64mp-Cures every ailment
             Battle Cry            54mp-Raises P-Atk 30% for all Allies
             HellFire              72mp-High Fire Damage to All Enemies

WIND:     Tornado             16sp
             Dancing Breeze        18mp-Cures PSN, Para, and Confuse
             Falcon                15mp-Raises agility 15 points
             Wind Shear            20mp-Single wind attack
          Icarus              32sp
             Calm                  32mp-Cures PSN, Para, Con, and Pet.
             Gale                  27mp-Raises Agility +25
             Lightning             36mp-All Elemental Attack
          Seravi              48sp
             Purifying Wind        64mp-Cures Every Ailment
             Accelerate            54mp-Raise Agility +25 for all allies
             Shock Barrage         72mp-High Wind Damage to All Enemies

LIGHT:    Heaven's Fiend      16sp
             Sacred Remedy         18mp-Restore small HP to all
             Wall of Resistance    15mp-Raises S-Def 15%
             Exorcist Arrow        20mp-Single Light Attack
          Baldo               32sp
             Grace                 32mp-Moderate HP to all
             Elder Sign            27mp-Raises S-Def 30%
             Nova                  36mp-All Elemental Attack
          Sandalphon          48sp
             Revive                64mp-Restores Allies HP and Revives
             Sanctuary             54mp-Raises S-Def 30% for all Allies
             Pulse                 72mp-High Light Damage to All Enemies

DARK:     Death Emperor       16sp
             Drain Wave             1mp-Sucks little MP from a target
             Curse Attack          15mp-Raises S-Atk 15%
             Dark Messenger        20mp-Single Dark Attack
          Charon              32sp
             Mind Assault           1mp-Moderate amount of MP
             Devil's Deal          27mp-Raises S-Atk 30%
             Nightmare             36mp-All Elemental Attack
          Czernoborg          48sp
             Spirit Pollution       1mp-Large amount of MP
             Release Magic         54mp-Raises S-Atk 30% for all Allies
             Revelation            72mp-High Dark Damage to All Enemies

NONE:     Amon                56sp
             Mind/Body Revival     65mp-Restores HP and Revives Target
             Demon Rays            86mp-Heavy attack on a Single Enemy
             The End              100mp-Heavy Attack on All enemies
          Seraphic Radiance   64sp
             For Everyone         100mp-Raises all Attributes 30%
             For Tomorrow         120mp-Heavy Damage to All Enemies +HP
             For the Children     200mp-Super Damage to All Enemies


Name              : Alice Elliot
Age               : 20
Class             : Light
Skill             : White Magic
Weapon            : Books
Joins             : Plains
Ring Difficulty   : Semi-Difficult
My Opinion on Her : First off i usually never use the Weak magic users 
in RPG's cause i'd rather end my fights Quickly and spells have a long 
animation usually, but i found it rather difficult towards the end 
without having Alice leveled up cause she is the only Worthwhile one who
can heal All HP of all Allies and Revive people, Plus she has one Hell 
of a Final Attack Spell.  Keep her in the Back Row Cause even up front 
she doesn't do much Physically and she'll just take more damage.  her 
Judgement ring i found to be The most difficult because the hit areas 
are narrow, and  They are clustered together on one Half of the 
Judgement Ring.  But Considering your using her for her Special Ability 
and not for Fighting you can still Upgrade her weapons to get that Added
Boost in S-Attack power if you want.

--==White Magic==--
Cure                  Restores HP                                    6mp
Holy Edge             Adds Light element to Attack                   8mp
Blessed Light         Light Based Attack on a Single Enemy          22mp
Wish                  Cures All Status Ailments                     15mp
Gospel                Raises an Allies P-Def, and S-Def by 30%      40mp
Arc                   Heals all Allies HP                           80mp
Resurrection          Revives with Full HP                          65mp
Advent                Heavy Light Damage on all enemies            120mp


Name              : Zhuzhen Liu
Age               : Over 60
Class             : Fire
Skill             : Yin & Yang
Weapon            : Staves
Joins             : Zhaoyang
Ring Difficulty   : Semi-Difficult
My Opinion on Him : Although A very useful character to start off with,
he starts to become a little Useless once Keith comes into your Party.
His Magic is Strong, Very Strong.  But His Physical Attacks are so weak
You'll end up needing a Whole Lot of MP restoring Items in those Longer
Areas.  His Ogre Flamedance comes in Very Usful in China Though, and
also in you Happen to Get Fury Serpent or Corpse arm They are very
powerful for a While as well.  His Judgement ring is another Annoying
one, The first and second hits are easy to Land, But the Third is 
Immediatly After the Second which makes it Harder to perfect the Ring.
Stick him in the Back row because he's a weak old fart.

--==Yin & Yang==--
Ogre Flamedance       Fire based attack on all Enemies              15mp
Scirocco Blast        Adds Fire element to attack                    8mp
Nourishing Potion     Restores HP and Cures Paralysis               35mp
Life Sucker           Single Attack of Darkness Plus Silence        30mp
Corpse Arm            Strong Earth Attack on All enemies +Paralyze  55mp
Fury Serpent          Strong Water Damage to all Enemies            70mp
Thunder Roar          Strong Wind Damage to all enemies             90mp
Flames of Fudo        Heavy Fire Damage to all Enemies             120mp


Name              : Margarete G. Zelle
Age               : ?
Class             : Water
Skill             : Secret Weapons
Weapon            : Guns
Joins             : Fengtian
Ring Difficulty   : Moderate
My Opinion on Her : She is one of those RPG characters who are there to
basically fill up space and add story and Humor.  Her attack and Special
Strength aren't very special.  She has very Basic Special skills that 
aren't very useful with the exception of Grenade, which helps out a lot
when she first comes into the party.  Her Judgement Ring is Pretty easy
except that the Last hit area can get pretty skinny.  it's a Shame that
She uses a Gun but her attack still gets weaker from the Backrow.  So I
would keep her up front.

--==Secret Weapons==--
Grenade               Damages all Enemies With Water                20mp
Aqua Edge             Adds Water Element to attack                   8mp
Scout                 Shows Targets HP, MP, and Element              1mp
Snipe                 Cause Good Amount of Damage, Random Kill      38mp
Pain Killer           Cures Status Ailments                         20mp
On Switch             High Damage to a Single Enemy                 65mp
Bazooka               High Water Damage to all enemies              95mp
Diving Bomber         Heavy Fire Damage to All enemies             120mp


Name              : Keith Valentine
Age               : About 400
Class             : Earth
Skill             : Rituals
Weapon            : Swords
Joins             : Blue Castle
Ring Difficulty   : Semi-Easy
My Opinion on Him : Keith is one of my Favorites, He gets a Weapon that
Kills in one Perfect Ring no matter what.  He has Spells that Not only
do Good amounts of damage but also Heal HP and Status effects.  Outside
of Battle he doesn't really have much of a role in the game though.  At
First he doesn't seem like Much because his physical attacks Don't do
a whole lot of damage, About equal with Margarete's.  but after you get
a Couple more swords he starts to do as Much or Even more damage then 
Yuri.  his Special Attacks become Very Very powerful and he also has a
Very high SP count as well.  His Ring is basically Yuri's with Smaller
Hit areas.

Drain Touch           Takes a small amount of Target's HP, Dark     15mp
Earth Edge            Adds Earth element to attack                   8mp
Bat Dance             Wind Damage to All enemies                    33mp
Blood Sucker          Takes a Large amount of HP from Enemy, Dark   54mp
Hecatoncheire         Causes an Earthquake do damage enemies        70mp
Apsaras               Strong Water Damage to All, Cures Ailments    80mp
Larva                 High Earth Damage to Target, Psn/Para/Silence 96mp
Gift                  Heavy Dark Damage to All enemies             120mp


Name              : Halley Brancket
Age               : About 16?
Class             : Wind
Skill             : ESP
Weapon            : Slingshots
Joins             : Old Castle Street, London
Ring Difficulty   : Moderate
My Opinion on Him : First off Halley comes in late in the game, and For
What purpose?  Storyline pretty much.  But Halley has Margarete's same
Problem.  Not to Good at attacking, not to great with Spells.  Just 
Kinda taking up space.  Although His skills can be strong, others are 
stronger.  He can go in Either row, it matters how you use him.  His
Judgement ring is the Only good side, it's not that hard to use.  It's
Like an Easier Zhuzhen Ring basically.  

Healing               Restores Target's HP                          20mp
Air Edge              Adds wind element to attack                    8mp
Strong Earth          Earth Damage to an Enemy, plus petrify        40mp
Aqua Blade            Water Damage to an Enemy, Plus Poison         50mp
Air Shot              Wind Damage to an Enemy, Plus Confusion       60mp
Black Hole            Dark Damage to All Enemies, Plus KO           75mp
Reviver               Revives with Full HP                          65mp
Shock Max             Heavy Damage to All Enemies                  120mp


***Stats are based off of Stock Weapons & Armor***
(?)(?) are the Upgradable Stats (P-Atk) (S-Atk)
KEY: PA-Physical Attack
     SA-Special Attack
     PD-Physical Defense
     SD-Special defense
     PH-Physical Hit Percentage
     SH-Special Hit Percentage
     PV-Physical Avoid Percentage
     SV-Special Avoid Percentage
     Stock-Weapons or Armor that have Base stats


Leather Gloves         Stock             (+3) (+3)
Knuckle Blade          PA+11, SA+9       (+6) (+5)
Steel Claw             PA+22, SA+18      (+9) (+8)
Hand Needle            PA+30, SA+18      (+12)(+8)
Brass Knuckles         PA+60, SA+54      (+21)(+19)
Silver Talon           PA+74, SA+67      (+25)(+23)
Silver Wolf Fang       PA+76, SA+65      (+28)(+24)
Nightbird Claw         PA+80, SA+78      (+29)(+28)

Small Bible            Stock             (+3) (+3)
Shooting Star Tome     PA+8, SA+13       (+5) (+6)
Tome of the Moon       PA+17, SA+23      (+8) (+9)
Tome of the Sun        PA+30, SA+39      (+12)(+14)
Ever-Bible             PA+53, SA+64      (+18)(+22)
Grand Bible            PA+65, SA+77      (+22)(+26)
Holy Book of Martyrs   PA+72, SA+84      (+24)(+28)
Holy Book of Flesh     PA+85, SA+89      (+28)(+29)

Oak Staff              Stock             (+2) (+3)
Hexagonal Staff        PA+8, SA+11       (+5) (+6)
Pilgrim's Staff        PA+17, SA+24      (+7) (+10)
Hermit's Staff         PA+31, SA+39      (+13)(+15)
Oracle's Staff         PA+52, SA+61      (+18)(+21)
Four Gods' Staff       PA+67, SA+77      (+22)(+26)
Sage Staff             PA+75, SA+83      (+25)(+28)
Holy Peak Staff        PA+86, SA+88      (+28)(+29)

Mini-Mauser            Stock             (+6) (+6)
Type 94 Pistol         PA+2, SA-2        (+6) (+5)             Confusion
Nunbu Pistol           PA+11, SA+8       (+9) (+8)
Zeruel                 PA+48, SA+47      (+20)(+20)
12 Gauge               PA+60, SA+60      (+24)(+24)
Mauser Prototype       PA+70, SA+70      (+27)(+27)
10 Gauge               PA+79, SA+75      (+29)(+28)

Antique Rapier         Stock             (+10)(+13)        Instant Death
Royal Estoc            PA+12, SA-1       (+14)(+13)
Silver Cresant Sword   PA+40, SA+20      (+22)(+19)
Deathblade, Jiru       PA-15, SA+35      (+6) (+24)   Instant Death 100%
Executioner Sword      PA+55, SA+26      (+27)(+21)
V-Blade Blodauth       PA+57, SA+40      (+27)(+25)
Demon Sword Tyrving    PA+62, SA+48      (+29)(+27)

Slingshot              Stock             (+19)(+21)
Oak Slingshot          PA+4, SA+0        (+20)(+21)               Poison
Laurel Slingshot       PA+4, SA+8        (+20)(+23)
Steel Slingshot        PA+8, SA+15       (+21)(+25)            Paralysis
High Alloy Slingshot   PA+15, SA+15      (+23)(+25)
Improved Slingshot     PA+16, SA+15      (+24)(+25)              Petrify
Crank Slingshot        PA+24, SA+20      (+26)(+27)
Volt Snipe             PA+33, SA+28      (+29)(+29)


Cotton Shirt           Stock
Leather Vest           PD+10, SD+10, PV+1, SV+1
Studded Harness        PD+21, SD+19, PV+2, SV+2
Chainmail Vest         PD+36, SD+34, PV+4, SV+3
Red Leather Jacket     PD+58, SD+55, PV+5, SV+5
Stygian Robe           PD+71, SD+69, PV+7, SV+8

Cotton Blouse          Stock
Leather Skirt          PD+9, SD+11, PV+1, SV+1
Studded Bustier        PD+19, SD+21, PV+2, SV+2
Silk Bolero            PD+34, SD+36, PV+3, SV+4
Jasper Cape            PD+56, SD+57, PV+5, SV+5
Snow-white Robe        PD+69, SD+71, PV+8, SV+7

Heretic's Coat     (Y) PD+76, SD+74, PV+10, SV+11        Half Dark
Father's Coat      (Y) PD+83, SD+77, PV+14, SV+12        Half Dark/Light
Silver Thread Coat (A) PD+72, SD+78, PV+11, SV+10        Half Light
Gold Thread Coat   (A) PD+74, SD+86, PV+11, SV+15        Half Light/Dark
Coat of the Sage   (Z) PD+71, SD+79, PV+10, SV+14        Half Fire
Coat of the Adept  (Z) PD+76, SD+84, PV+11, SV+18        Half Fire/Water
Rubber Suit        (M) PD+75, SD+75, PV+11, SV+10        Half Water
Leather Suit       (M) PD+81, SD+79, PV+14, SV+12        Half Water/Fire
Mantle Of Nobility (K) PD+78, SD+72, PV+10, SV+11        Half Earth
Mantle of Shivering(K) PD+87, SD+73, PV+14, SV+12        Half Earth/Wind
Punk Jacket        (H) PD+73, SD+77, PV+10, SV+11        Half Wind
Metal Jacket       (H) PD+78, SD+82, PV+12, SV+14        Half Earth


Bandana                PD+2
Leather Cap            PD+4
Studded Cap            PD+6
Face Guard             PD+8
Headgear               PD+9, SD+2
Circlet                PD+8, SD+3
Seven-Eyed Mask        PD+9, SD+10, PV+5
Comet Mask             PD+10, SD+6, PV+5

Leather belt           PA+2
Casual Belt            PA+4
Western Belt           PA+6
Metal Belt             PA+8
Lion Guard             PA+9, SA+2           Men Only
Charming Pareo         PA+8, SA+3           Women Only
Belt of Power          PA+10, SA+6
Belt of Thor           PA+9, SA+10

Shell Bracelet         SD+1                 Cancel Poison
Bone bracelet          SD+1                 Cancel Confusion
Rosewood Bracelet      SD+1                 Cancel Paralysis
Spikes                 SD+1                 Cancel Knockback
Bell Bracelet          SD+1                 Cancels Silence
Pocket Watch           SD+1                 Cancels Ring Statuses
Mirror Bracelet        SD+1                 Cancel Petrify
Leonardo's Bear        SD+1                 Cancels Instant Death
Will Power             SD+1                 Cancel SP lowering
Cosmic Bracelet        SD+2                 Cancel Psn, Sil, and Conf.
Zodiac Bracelet        SD+2                 Cancel Pet. and Para.
Crucifix               SD+5                 Cancels All
Voodoo Doll            SD+3                 Sacrifice For Revive
Star Brooch            PD+1, SD+1           Escape When Berserked
Anne's Cross           PD+1, SD+1           Get SP When berserked
Huge Jug               PD/SD/PA/SA-10,PV-5  Lose 1 SP every two Turns
Small Jug              PD/SD/PA/SA+10,PV+5  Lose 2 SP every Turn
Moonstone Ring         PA/PD-3,SA/PV+3      Light Damage -50%
Obsidian Ring          PA/PD-3,SA/PV+3      Dark Damage -50%
Amber Ring             PA/PD-3,SA/PV+3      Earth Damage -50%
Pearl Ring             PA/PD-3,SA/PV+3      Water Damage -50%
Carnelia Ring          PA/PD-3,SA/PV+3      Fire Damage -50%
Lazurite Ring          PA/PD-3,SA/PV+3      Wind Damage -50%
Crystal Ring           PA/PD-2,SA/PV+3      Non-Class -50%
Diamond Ring           PA/PD-2,SA/PV+3      Elemental Damage -50%
Jade Lariat            PD+1                 Hit Area +20%
Coral Lariat           PD+1                 Sweep is 20% Slower
Mind's Eye             PA+5, SA+5           Blind Ring, 2xSTR Attack
Weird Bottle           PA+3                 After KO, 3-hit, 2XSTR ATK
Flash Badge            PA+2, SA+2           AGL +25, 2X sweep Speed  
Iron Clogs             PA+2, SA+2           AGL -15, Half Sweep Speed
Brigand Earrings       PA+1                 Money +20%, Items -20%
Pirate Earrings        PA+1                 Money -20%, Items +20%
Thief Earrings         PD/SD/PA/SA+1        Money +20%, Items +20%
Demon Earrings         PA+5, PD-5           Attacks to and From up 20%
Warlock Earrings       SA+5, SD-5           Special to and From up 20%
Berserker Earrings     PD+2                 HP +20%
Oracle Earrings        SD+2                 MP +20%
Angel Earrings         PA+2                 SP +20%
Monk Earrings                               EXP up 20%, SP down 20%
Priest Earrings        SA+2                 MP consumed decreases 20%
Flare Brooch*          PD/SD/PA/SA+2        SP Consumed decreases 20%
Black Silk Panties**   SD+10                Cuts Magic Damage by 50%
Cotton Underpants**    PD+10                Cuts Physical Damage by 50%
Demon Ward Necklace    SD+1                 Reduces Random Encounters
Warning Necklace       PV+5                 Reduces Back Attacks
Pedometer                                   Recieve items for steps
Accelerator                                 Doubles Pedometer Steps

 * - Flare Brooch Can only Been Worn by Yuri
** - Panties can only be Worn by Alice


---------------===============USEABLE ITEMS===============--------------

----====Resorative Items====----
Thera Leaf                       Restores 75HP
Thera Seed                       Restores 150HP
Thera Root                       Restores 300HP
Thera Extract                    Restores all HP
Mana Leaf                        Restores 50MP
Mana Seed                        Restores 100MP
Mana Root                        Restores 200MP
Mana Extract                     Restores all MP
Pure Leaf                        Restores 3SP
Pure Seed                        Restores 6SP
Pure Root                        Restores 10SP
Pure Extract                     Restores all SP
Talisman of Luck                 Revival, Restores 30%HP
Talisman of Mercy                Revival, Restores 50%HP
Talisman of Wisdom               Revival, Restores 30%HP, 50MP
Talisman of Purity               Revival, Restores 30%HP, 3SP
Talisman of Power                Revival, Restores All HP, MP, SP
Mermaid's Tear                   Cures Poison
Holy Mother Bust                 Cures Confusion
Faerie's Sigh                    Cures Silence
Angel's Feather                  Cures Paralysis
Imp's Fang                       Cures Petrification
Pheonix Tail                     Judgement Ring Abnormalities
Soul Benediction                 Cures All Status Abnormalities
Tea of the Healer                Restores 75HP, 50MP
Tea of the Holy One              Restores 300HP, 200MP
Fruit of Yggdrasil               Restores all HP and MP
Witch's Broth                    Restores 50MP, 3SP
Priest's Wine                    Restores 100MP, 6SP
Alchemist's Water                Restores 200MP, 10SP
Eye of Ouroboros                 Restores all MP and SP
Tent                             use at Savepoints, Same as Inn

----====Ring Altering Items====----
Bronze Arrowhead                 Double Hit Area
Bronze Dagger                    All allies Double hit area
Silver HourGlass                 Half Speed Sweep
Gold HourGlass                   All Allies Half Speed
White Tiger Hair                 Attack Doubles, Hit Area cut in half
Blue Dragon Horn                 All Attack Double, Hit Area cut in half
Black Tortoise Fang              Attack Doubles, Sweep Speed Doubles
Red Pheonix Talon                All Attack Double, Sweep Speed Doubles
Star Swallow                     Users attacks Critical
Moon Swallow                     All Attacks Critical
Kirin Scale                      Hit Area double, Sweep speed half
Monkey Paw                       Sweep Speed Random, 3X attack Strength
Silver Hand                      Hit area becomes 100%
Key to Success                   Attacks increase with Successful Action
Dice of Ceaser                   1 to 3 Allies gain triple Strength
Third Key                        Make Three Consucutive Attack
Fifth Key                        Make Five Consucutive Attack
Seventh Key                      Make Seven Consucutive Attacks

----====Seals and Other Items====----
Lottery Ticket                   Used for Lottery Game
Seal Of Speed                    Agility increases 1 to 3 Points
Seal of Aura                     MP increases 3 to 5 Points
Seal of Life                     HP increases 3 to 5 Points
Seal of Wisdom                   Intelligence Increases 1 to 3 Points
Seal of the Soul                 SP increases 1 or 2 Points
Seal of Luck                     Luck Increases 1 to 3 Points
Seal of Strength                 Strength increases 1 to 3 Points
Seal of Force                    Power increases 1 to 3 Points
Seal of Vitality                 Vitality increases 1 to 3 Points
Tissues                          Used to get the Air Gravestone


Talisman                Shows malice Level
Pendent                 Alice's Pendent
Sluice Gate Handle      Used to Drain River
Anti-Cat Powder         used to Smoke out Cat-lady
Torch                   used with anti-cat powder
Metal Bowl              used to put Anti-cat powder in
Jewel                   used to unlock Seal in sewers
Salt-Dried Fish         Give to Sea Mother
Wood Token              Needed for Final Trail in Temple Ruins
Yawang Gate Key         use to enter Kuihai Tower
Wugui Room Key          used in Kowloon Side quest
Black Tortoise VP       used to break seal
White Tiger VP          used to break seal
Red Phoenix VP          used to break seal
Blue Dragon VP          used to break seal
East Gate Key           Opens east gate in Bistritz
Kid's Room Key          unlocks The room in the Orphanage
Guestroom Key           unlocks another room in the Orphanage
Heart Key               Used at the hospital
Club Key                Used at the hospital
Diamond Key             used at the Hospital
Spade Key               used at the Hospital
Bronze Coin             Put in the fountain at the hospital
Silver Coin             Put in the fountain at the hospital
Gold Coin               Put in the fountain at the hospital
Platinum Coin           Put in the fountain at the hospital
Dungeon Key             Unlocks Dungeon door of Hospital
Oath Grail              Use to Save Alice's Soul
Snake Card              Gives a 10% Discount, Raises Selling Price by 5%
Crank                   Used for the Generator at the Dollhouse
Storeroom Key           Used to unlock the Dollhouse Storeroom
Slide                   used in the Dollhouse Slide Projector
Star Card               Adds another 10% (5%) to Guild Card 
Moon Card               Adds another 10% (5%) to Guild Card
Sun Card                Adds another 10% (5%) to Guild Card
Eternity Card           Adds a Final 10% (5%) to Guild Card
Earth Gravestone        Needed for "Lobo"
Water Gravestone        Needed for "Egil"
Light Gravestone        Needed for "Sandalphon"
Air Gravestone          Needed for "Seravi"
Fire Gravestone         Needed for "Forron"
Dark Gravestone         Needed for "Czernoborg"
Destruction Stone       Needed for "Amon"
Stone of Rebirth        Needed for "Seraphic Radiance"
Erotic Book             Trade for Pulse Tract
Codex of Lurie          Used to Get Seraphic Radiance?
Book of Rituals         Opens up the Ancient Ruins
Emigre Manuscript       Opens up the Cave Temple
Pulse Tract             Used to get Stone of Rebirth

--------------===============LOTTERY PRIZES===============--------------

All Misses in the Lottery Result in Getting the Prize "Tissues".
Must Play all 15 Lottery members to Face the Chairman.

-=15=-              Hotel Lover Left of Fountain in Fengtian
Jade Lariat
Black Tortoise Fang
Talisman of Mercy
Pure Seed

-=14=-              Guy at Restaraunt in Dalian After monsters are gone
Pocket Watch
White Tiger Hair
Tea of the Healer
Pure Leaf

-=13=-              Kato on Smuggler's Boat
Iron Clogs
Blue Dragon Horn
Witch's Broth
Pure Leaf

-=12=-              Sharp Van in cabin of Docked Ship in Huayuan
Star Card
Red Phoenix Talon
Tea of the Holy One
Pure Seed

-=11=-              Xiaofang in Temple Ruins
Flash Badge 
Kirin Scale
Priest's Wine
Pure Seed

-=10=-              Man in Front of Kowloon
Mind's Eye
Moon Swallow
Talisman of Wisdom
Pure Seed

-=09=-              Jap. Army soldier After 1st Dehuai Fight
Warlock Earrings
Star Swallow
Soul Benediction
Pure seed

-=08=-              Man Sleeping Near Save point in Prague
Berserker Earrings
Seal of Luck
Talisman of Purity
Thera Root

-=07=-              House in Bistritz after monsters are cleared
Oracle Earrings
Seal of Life
Tea of the Holy One
Mana Root

-=06=-              Alley Man in Rouen
Seal of Aura
Alchemist's Water
Pure Root

-=05=-              Drunk Sitting on Old Castle Street
Priest Earrings
Seal of Speed
Thera Extract
Thera Root

-=04=-              Chair in Hospital
Eternity Card
Seal of Force
Mana Extract
Mana Root

-=03=-              Kid in Cauldron at the Orphanage
Seal of Wisdom
Pure Exctract
Pure Root

-=02=-              Alley Man in Rouen, Margarete's Father
10-Gauge Shotgun
Dice of Ceaser
Seal of Strength
Eye of Oruoboros

-=01=-              Keith-Like Man in Blue Castle (Keith out of Party)
Thief Earrings
Key to Success
Seal of Vitality
Fruit of Yggdrasil

-=00=-              Roger Bacon
Cotton Underpants
Comet Mask
Seal of the Soul
Talisman of Power

--------------==============PEDOMETER SERVICE==============-------------

By Wearing the Pedometer is "Dangerous Areas", as in any Area where 
there are random encounters, you Build up steps which can be used to get
items from the Silent Peddler.  Once you get the Accelerator in Europe
you will recieve double steps if your wearing Both the Pedometer and the
Accelerator on the same Character.  Once you Build up a certain amount 
of steps the Silent Peddler will give you Margarete's Ultimate Armor
The Leather Suit.  I would also Advise Getting as many steps early on as
possible, Belt of Power is the strongest Belt in the game, And this is 
the only way to get them.

  100       :       Thera Extract
  300       :       Voodoo Doll
  800       :       Weird Bottle
 1500       :       Iron Clogs
 2500       :       Flash Badge
 3500       :       Moon Swallow
 5000       :       Star Swallow
 6500       :       Monkey Paw
 7000       :       Silver Hand
 8000       :       Belt of Power
10000       :       Leather Suit

===============================PIT FIGHTS===============================

--------------==============Zhen's Pit Fights==============-------------
The First Pit fight is located in the backroom of the bar in Shangia.  
Once you beat up Wugai and his lackies you'll be able to take part in
the Arena fights.  Unlike Shannon's Pit fights you Can fight with any
Character and you'll always get the same thing.  The First time you win
10 rounds in a row here you get 5000 Cash, Plus Anne's Cross.  Everytime
you Finish 10 rounds in a row after that you will only recieve the 5000
Cash.  If you are tired of fighting or can't make it through the 10 
Rounds then you can Bail out early and still make 500 Cash.  Most of the
Monsters here are Very weak, and only a Few will give you Problems.  But
Of those Few are two creatures called "Prototype Wind Shear", and 
"Custom Wind Shear".  They are both very fast and Very powerful, And 
stronger then any of the bosses you've fast thus far.  The other ones 
that will cause you headaches are Li Li and Yamajara: Wind.  They are
still just as strong as they were before and now you must fight them one
on one.  Make Sure you Equip Against Paralysis, Wear a Pocket Watch, And
Make sure you have plenty of Restorative items.

items in (???) Are Items you should wear to Prevent Status Ailments

-=Randomly Summoned Monster Sets=-
2 Wind Shears
2 HellCats
Yamajara: Earth                     (Pocket Watch)
3 Frog Gods                         (Rosewood Bracelet, Zodiac Bracelet)
2 Kappas, 1 Water Tiger
Beast Dog
Yamajara: Wind
3 White Wolflings                   (Pocket Watch)
4 Ogre Flames
Li Li                               (Rosewood Bracelet, Zodiac Bracelet)
Prototype Wind Shear                (Pocket Watch, Cosmic bracelet)
Custom Wind Shear                   (Pocket Watch, Cosmic bracelet)

-------------=============Shannon's Pit Fights=============-------------
The Second Pit fight is Located at the London Rats Hideout in Old castle
street, london.  It will become accessable after you Finish the
Orphanage Quest.  This time around things are Definatly much Harder.
There are A lot of strong Bosses that can kill you Quickly.  Your gonna
Need High Levels, Strong Spells, Good Amount of Items, a Crucifix, a 
Pocket Watch, And you can throw on a Belt of Power, anything will help.
There are two More shears here, and they are Hellacious to kill before
they kill you.  And the Bosses that will make your day even more 
difficult are Tindalos, Night Stalker, Mammon, And Rausan.  Another 
Difference is that With each character you'll get an Item this time.

Yuri       :  Seventh key
Alice      :  Crucifix
Zhuzhen    :  Silver Hand
Margarete  :  Tissues
Keith      :  Belt of Thor
Halley     :  Metal Jacket
All Six    :  Crystal Ring

-=Randomly Summoned Monster Sets=-
Speckled Creeper, Happy Creeper*
Dark Judge
2 Garms                             (Crucifix)
3 Camazotzs
Night Stalker
Mammon                              (Crucifix)
2 Dooms, 1 Meat Eater
5 Buggs                             (Crucifix)
Rausan                              (Crucifix)
Full Armor Wind Shear               (Pocket Watch, Crucifix)
Perfect Wind Shear                  (Pocket Watch, Crucifix)

* - Speckled Creeper is immune to PA, and Happy Creeper is immune to SA


     -=Name=-               -=Element=- -=Location=-  -=EXP=-   -=Cash=-
  1. Wind Shear                Wind        Train         2         40
  2. Vampire Bat               Dark        Plains        5         35
  3. Venomous Spider           Earth       Plains        5         105
  4. Wolf                      Wind        Plains        9         55
  5. HellCat                   Light      Zhaoyang       20        150
  6. Zombie                    Earth      Zhaoyang       13        90
  7. Green Flyer               Wind       Zhaoyang       13        90
  8. Canus                     Water      Zhaoyang       17        105
  9. Felinus                   Wind       Zhaoyang       120       600
 10. Yamajara: Earth           Water      Zhaoyang       180       1800
 11. Fire Bat                  Fire       Fengtian       26        75
 12. Shiki Bug                 Earth      Fengtian       29        80
 13. Mutant Frog               Water      Fengtian       33        140
 14. Frog God                  Light   Fengtian/Dalian   45        210
 15. Kappa                     Water  Fengtian/Huayuan   125       1000
 16. Water Tiger               Fire    Fengtian/Kuihai   150       500
 17. Elite Guard               Wind       Fengtian       35        210
 18. Beast Dog                 Fire       Fengtian       540       3000
 19. Water Creeper             Wind        Dalian        50        252
 20. Yamajara: Wind            Earth       Dalian        720       5760
 21. White Wolfling            Water        Boat         78        270
 22. Ogre Flame                Fire         Boat         65        230
 23. Li Li                     Dark         Boat         1000      3950
 24. Python                    Fire        Temple        140       360
 25. Sea Gremlin               Wind        Temple        155       414
 26. Xieshi                    Fire        Temple        1600      4200
 27. Raging Spirit             Light       Temple        140       360
 28. Puppet Guard              Dark        Temple        155       400
 29. Baigu                     Light       Temple        1700      4200
 30. Succubus Queen            Water       Temple        210       400
 31. Brain Sucker              Earth       Temple        185       320
 32. Qinggu                    Water       Temple        1800      4200
 33. Yamajara: War             Dark        Temple        2000      5400
 34. Corporal                  Earth       Huayuan       150       150
 35. Sergeant                  Light       Huayuan       250       355
 36. Namida                    Wind        Kowloon       450       600
 37. Speckled Creeper          Light       Kowloon       450       600
 38. Happy Creeper             Dark        Kowloon       450       600
 39. Blue Ogre                 Water       Kowloon       800       1000
 40. Red Ogre                  Fire        Kowloon       800       1000
 41. Dark Judge                Earth       Kowloon       1000      1000
 42. Cursed Puppet             Dark        Kowloon       2000      6000
 43. Yamajara: Stone           Fire        Kuihai        2600      6000
 44. Vengence Demon            Wind        Kuihai        330       400
 45. Rage Demon                Water       Kuihai        330       400
 46. Mournful Demon            Light       Kuihai        330       400
 47. Man-Snake                 Earth       Kuihai        280       235
 48. Shadow                    Dark        Kuihai        285       275
 49. Badger Devil              Fire        Kuihai        1000      600
 50. Yamajara: Calamity        None        Kuihai        6000      11000
 51. Birdman                   Fire    Prague/Bistritz   420       540
 52. Mailman                   Earth      Bistritz       380       460
 53. Police Dog                Water      Bistritz       510       660
 54. Tindalos                  Fire       Bistritz       8000      12000
 55. Garm                      Dark      Blue Castle     650       1200
 56. Gremlin                   Wind      Blue Castle     370       455
 57. Hollow                    Light     Blue Castle     440       600
 58. Dead Knight               Dark      Blue Castle     680       840
 59. Bifronze                  Dark         Rouen        860       860
 60. Camazotz                  Wind         Rouen        620       720
 61. Larmgelg                  Water      Orphanage      660       530
 62. Banshee                   Fire       Orphanage      775       560
 63. Night Stalker             Wind       Orphanage      4000      3600
 64. Mammon                    Earth      Orphanage      20000     16000
 65. Specter                   Light       Hospital      1600      800
 66. Meat Eater                Wind        Hospital      1250      840
 67. Doom                      Earth       Hospital      1320      900
 68. Buggs                     Dark        Hospital      800       600
 69. Rausan                    Fire        Hospital      15000     16000
 70. Olga                      Dark     Prag/Rou/Mon     22000     17000
 71. Straithe                  Water      Monestary      1750      1090
 72. Sin                       Light      Monestary      1650      1060
 73. Guinea Pig                Dark       Monestary      1800      1150
 74. Inverse                   Earth      Monestary      3000      1450
 75. Amon                      None       Monestary      35000     18000
 76. Golden Bat                None      Blue Castle     40000     15000
 77. Ghoul                     Water      DollHouse      1500      1050
 78. Ghouler                   Fire       DollHouse      1500      1050
 79. Spanky                    Wind       DollHouse      1500      1080
 80. Orb Chaos                 Light      DollHouse      48000     27500
 81. Buggy                     Wind      Cave Temple     1350      960
 82. Penelty                   Light     Cave Temple     2200      1200
 83. Oingo                     Dark      Cave Temple     3300      1450
 84. Cherubim                  None      Cave Temple     60000     30000
 85. Asp                       Water    Ancient Ruins    3000      1400
 86. Basilisk                  Fire     Ancient Ruins    3000      1400
 87. Sweeper                   Earth    Ancient Ruins    3300      1450
 88. Seraphim                  None     Ancient Ruins    60000     30000
 89. Enkidu                    Dark        Neamato       2220      1140
 90. Emptiness                 Fire        Neamato       2150      1200
 91. Hangman                   Water       Neamato       3500      1670
 92. Soul Block                Light       Neamato       40000     22500
 93. Arcmine                   Light       Neamato       2340      1300
 94. Enigma                    Earth       Neamato       2890      1550
 95. Keeper                    Wind        Neamato       3300      1450
 96. Hate                      Dark        Neamato       45000     25000
 97. Cockatrice                Light       Neamato       6000      2500
 98. Black Widow               Dark        Neamato       5500      2300
 99. Red Cap                   Fire        Neamato       10000     6000
100. Scapegoat                 Wind        Neamato       50000     27500
101. Prototype Wind Shear      Fire      Pit Fight 1     1500      0
102. Custom Wind Shear	       Water     Pit Fight 1     1500      0
103. Full Armor Wind Shear     Earth     Pit Fight 2     0         0
104. Perfect Wind Shear        Light     Pit Fight 2     0         0
105. Evil 1                    None       Graveyard      0         0
106. Evil 2                    None       Graveyard      0         0
107. Evil 3                    None       Graveyard      0         0
108. Evil 4                    None       Graveyard      0         0
109. Gust Ein                  None       Graveyard      0         0
110. Gust Zwei                 None       Graveyard      0         0
111. Gust Drei                 None       Graveyard      0         0
112. Gust Vier                 None       Graveyard      0         0
113. Sword Mask                Wind       Red Malice     45000     30000
114. Grail Mask                Water      Red Malice     45000     30000
115. Staff Mask                Fire       Red Malice     45000     30000
116. Gold Mask                 Earth      Red Malice     45000     30000
117. Sword Mask (Dead)         Wind       Red Malice     10        10
118. Grail Mask (Dead)         Water      Red Malice     10        10
119. Staff Mask (Dead)         Fire       Red Malice     10        10
120. Gold Mask (Dead)          Earth      Red Malice     10        10
121. Atman                     None       Graveyard      50000     20000
122. Seraphic Radiance         None       Graveyard      60000     99999
123. Messiah                   None        Neamato       60000     0
124. Meta-God                  None        Neamato       0         0

Thanks to Sacnoth, Aruze, and Midway for making this awesome Game!
Thanks to Kristen Lohman for picking it up for me! Love ya!
Thanks to all my friends and bandmates who put up with me Hiding away in
my Room for 2 weeks.
And Thanks to you people on AOL who kept bugging the living heck out of
me, If it wasn't for you i wouldn't have been motivated enough to write

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