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FAQ/Walkthrough by Drake741

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/01/02

                    -  /                              \  -
                     -< Drakan II : The Ancients Gates >-
                    -  \______________________________/  -

GameFAQs Username......................................................Drake741

Last Updated............................................................7-01-02

Version.................................................................... 1.1


I. Table of Contents


   I. Table of Contents.......................What is in this FAQ/Walkthrough


  II. Introduction............................What this is about

 III. Updates.................................What I've been up to


  IV. Game Tips...............................Nice little pointers

   V. Walkthrough.............................How to beat the game

  VI. FAQ.....................................Questions from YOU

 VII. Legal Things............................This is MINE!


II. Introduction


     In this FAQ/Walkthrough, I will go through quest by quest in the order 

that I played them. I will follow a simple format for each quest which will 

look a little like this : 


(Roman Numeral) (Quest name)


Area : _______________________ (area specifics will be in parenthses)

Objective : __________________ (What to Do)

Given From : _________________ (Which person or time you get this quest)

Reward : _____________________ (items, gp, etc.)

Reccomended Items : __________ (Things you should have to complete the quest)

Items Found : ________________ (Things I found during the quest, from most

                                important to least important)

Walkthrough : (This section starts from when you receive the quest to when you

complete it. For instance, in the Snotmaw Quest, the walkthrough will start 

from your chat with Dehrimon to you leaving Kragmor. You will understand 

later. I will mark special items or things to watch for with stars.)

Points of Interest : (Here I will list and describe everything that you need to

look out for during the quest)


(After each quest, I will show you what you should do next. Any areas that need

visiting or any new areas or items revealed.) 

If there is a side quest that needs to be completed within another quest, I 

will put that walkthrough after that main quest.

This entire FAQ/Walkthrough was created by ME based on MY OWN EXPERIENCE. 


III. Updates


Tuesday, June 18, 2002 - Finished Walkthrough up to Andrellian Islands.

Monday, July 1, 2002 - Made New Layout, Doublespaced _EvErYtHiNg_

                       Trying to take RPG Freak's advice to make Walkthroughs 

                       more readable by not just writing paragraphs.


IV. Game Tips


  1. NEVER start a quest unprepared.


  2. ALWAYS SAVE OFTEN. SAVE ALOT!!! If you are unsure if you can make that 

     jump, save and jump. If you make it, Congratulations! If you don't, no big

     deal, just start at your last save and try something else.


  3. NEVER use a weapon if Arokh is available. It uses up Weapon HP and puts 

     you in danger of dying. You can always loot them afterwards


  4. ALWAYS pick as much loot up as you can. I run around through dungeons 

     pressing L1 to pick up anything around me


  5. NEVER hope that you have enough HP on your weapon to complete the quest.


  6. ALWAYS look around you with the right analog stick. Especially at cliffs!


  7. NEVER leave a chest, barrel, or box un-emptied.


  8. ALWAYS use the Slash-Dodge maneuver on multiple enemies. It is described 


 - There are several special weapon techniques that are performed with the      
   directional buttons and Square. By just holding one of the buttons down and 

   pressing Square, you stab in that direction. There are 4 more advanced 

   button combinations to attack with : 

                        - Down, Down, Square   = Strong overhead swing

                        - Down, Up, Square     = Spinning attack

                        - Left, Left, Square   = Strong left-to-right swing

                        - Right, Right, Square = Strong right-to-left swing

 - Especially early in the game, you can talk to people to receive side quests

   which are great for getting richer and momre experienced. Many of them also

   trigger a respawn of monsters in the wilderness. 

 - Rynn's backflip allows her to jump much higher than her frontwards jump. You

   can perform a backflip by holding back on the left analog stick and pressing

   Triangle. You can use this to reach areas that were too high to reach with a 

   regular jump.

 - THE SLASH-DODGE is a skill that NEEDS to be mastered early in the game. It's

   very simple, you run at your target and slash 3 times with your weapon then 

   roll backwards with X. It is Very Simple and VERY effective.


V. Walkthrough


     The game begins with background on the Dark Wars and Rynn's and Arokh's 

bonding. You speak with General Dehrimon about the area and learn about a group

of bandits on the road ahead. 


I. Reaching Myschala


Area : Surdana (road to city)

Objective : Find Lady Myschala in the palace in Surdana

Given from : General Dehrimon, near starting gate

Reward : 300gp, Cypher Rune Quest

Reccomended Items : -None-

Items Found : Short Wood Bow, Potion of Life x2, Health Elixer x2

Walkthrough : Follow the road and complete the directions given at the top of 

the screen. You will find a band of 3 Grull. Kill them and move up the hill on 

the left and loot the cave. Continue down the road and cross the bridge. A 
Grull will be crushed by another Grull's trap (a tribute to their intelligence)

kill the other Grull and move on to the tent. Pick up the **Short Wood Bow** on 

the table and ***DONT PRACTICE WITH IT***. Practicing with the bow is a waste 

of arrows. continue up the road and enter the city. After the short cut scene 

with Jade, the magic shopkeeper, continue to the far side of the city and enter

the tower connected to the bridge. Take the lift up and cross the bridge. After

the chat with Zola Dane, walk straight to the throne room and talk to Lady 


Points of Interest : Make sure you get the Short Wood Bow!!! The other bows are 
quite expensive. 


Now you can go to the other shops and pick up sidequests. Be sure to visit the 

Blacksmith, the scared man in front of the house, the Alchemist, and everyone 

in the Tavern.Some things may not make sense, but it will all come together 

soon. If you walk out the far side of the city and continue on the road, you 

can go see a man in front of a cottage who is ditressed about his wife.


II. Mushroom Picking Mess-Up


Area : Surdana (mushroom cave)

Objective : Save the woman in the Mushroom Cave

Given from : The man in front of the cottage

Reward : 300gp (Thanks to snezedwarf2 for correcting me!)

Reccomended Items : Health Elixers x? , Potion of Life x? , A New Weapon!

Items Found : Wood Club, Potion of Life x?, Health Elixer x?

Walkthrough : Walk from the man's cottage to the new point on your map. In this

dungeon, there are new monsters called Scavengers. They are big, smelly, and 

fast. Try to take one on at a time and use the Slash-Dodge on them. Follow down

the path to find a **Wood Club** on a pedastal. Make sure you loot all chests 

and corpses of people that are holding Bags of gold. The woman you are 
searching for will be on your left when you reach her. Talk to her with L1 and 

continue down the path. walk through the doorway and ***PUSH THE ROCK BLOCKING 

THE DOOR***. When the woman tells you how thankful she is, she will run back to 
her cottage, follow her. Talk to the man to receive your reward.

Points of Interest : The Wood Club can be sold or used. Make sure to 

investigate all skeletons on the ground for bags of gold, each contains 150gp!


From here, return to the city and go to the man's house with the spider 

problem (if you dont know what I am talking about, you didn't talk to everyone

earlier. Its the building across the Blacksmith shop with the man in front. 

Talk to him to receive the quest) 


III. Rynn the Exterminator


Area : Surdana (Spider house)

Objective : Kill ALL of the spiders in the villager's cellar

Given From : Villager, in front of house

Reward : 150gp (I may be wrong on this)

Reccomended Items : Wood Club (from Mushroom cave quest)

Items Found : Steel Club

Walkthrough : Go into the villager's house and help yourself to his treasure 

chests =) . Go down into his cellar and kill each spider you find. *NOTE : THE 


OVERHEARD SWING INSTEAD* When you reach a room with boxes in the middle, kill 

all of the spiders and start hitting the walls (I am not crazy, trust me) One 
wall should cave in, revealing a switch. Pull the switch with L1 and move on. 

You will know you have killed all the spiders when Rynn proclaims "That seems 

to be the last of them". Return to the top floor and enter the small room next 

to the bed. Pull the switch inside and leave. Talk to the villager for your 

Points of Interest : Pick up the Steel Club in the backmost room. The 2 

switches are for getting rich later in the game =). 


Go to the blacksmith shop where the secret room is now open, and pull the 
switch. You can sell your clubs for a new, stronger weapon. By now, you should 

have spoken to everyone in the Village for sidequests and information. Finally,

when you are fully prepared, go to the bottom of the river and talk to the 

guard, then enter Shadowmire.


IV. The Swamp Crawl


Area : Shadowmire

Objective : Retreive the Cypher Rune from the Tree of Mourning

Given From : Lady Myschala

Reward : Arokh

Reccomended Items : A New Weapon

Items Found : Rusty Iron Short Sword, Short Wood Bow, Rusty Axe, Steel Club, 
Wood Long Bow, EARTH BLADE, Invulnerability Potion x1, Invisibility Potion x1,

Full Mana x3, Health Elixer x18, Potion of Life x 12, Cypher Rune, Toadfist's 


Walkthrough : Walk down the path and talk to the man by the fence for the 

*****Missing Daughter Sidequest*****, then walk across the bridge. Go left 

at the fork, theres nothing on the left till later. Walk down the path and get 

in the water. Watch out for Trogs in the water, they blend in very well and 

move pretty fast. Turn left to find a big Trog, this is pretty muc what all 

Trogs fight like, so get used to it. Go back and continually press R2 to lock 

on to any hidden Trogs. When a lightening bolt flies by your head, you are 
heading in the right direction. Defeat the Trogs and go back to the other side 

of the small fork. There is a small hut for looting and a pair of Trogs to 

kill. Go back left and move on. If you have the need to get out of the water, 

here's your chance. BACKFLIP up onto the platformsfor some treasures. Jump and 

hang to the next platform. You may notice here that the two barrels look 

different. The tapered one with marking is an EXPLODING BARREL. DO NOT HIT 

THIS BARREL. IT WILL EXPLODE. Jump from platform to platform, picking up 

everything as you go. When you reach the last platform, I suggest you drop down 
to a low platform and drop to the ground and book it to where you jumped up to 

the first platform. Now go down the path, looting the huts that are on the 

sides. Keep going until you reach a swinging log with spikes all over it. DO 

NOT TOUCH THIS!!! IT HURTS ALOT!!! Run by and watch out for arrow traps. They 

pop out of the water and shoot at you. When the go back down, run up to them 

and slash them, or wait till the come back up and shoot at them. Continue to 
find a campfire with Nichols the Bold standing near. *****TALK TO NICHOLS*****

he is a big part of finding the best weapon in the game. Continue down the path

until you reach a fork, and go right. Cross the bridge and loot the large hut. 

Backtrack to the fork and this time go left, and enter the cave. Go through the

cave and watch out for holes in the ground. When you exit the cave, go left 

down the path, cross the bridge and make sure to pick up the Full Mana on the 

right. Drop down on the platforms and walk forward to the small ruins where a 

cut scene sill ensue. Kill the three Trogs quickly for another cutscene and the 
completion of the ******Missing Daughter Sidequest*****. Climb Up the nearby 
ladder and watch out for two Trogs on the above platform. Proceed to the hut 

ahead of you and loot it before you climb down the ladder. Don't worry, you 

fall no matter what you do, just watch out for the Trog waiting for you below. 

go down the path to the room with spiders all over the place. They will follow 
you into the water, so you just have to kill them head on. Use the same 

technique that you used in the Rynn the Exterminator Quest. Follow the path to 
the lift. Take the lift up and move on. You will come to the Tree of Mourning, 

the location of the Cypher Rune. Walk up to the doorway in the tree for a small

cutscene. Then move on to the cave on the left, facing the tree. At the end of

the tunnel, kill the Trogs and cross the log bridge, be sure to loot the chest

on your left. When you come to a gap in the trail, jump over it, then jump up 

to the platform. Drop down to the other side, then drop to the lower platforms. 

Kill the Trogs and go left at the fork so you can see the "Keep Out" sign. 

walk past the sign and walk up the lefthand trail to the Hut. before entering,

go to the left side of the hut and pick up the Rusty Axe, then go in the front 

door. The Hermit is your ticket to opening a blocked door in the cave. After 

talking to him, you receive the *****Black Powder Sidequest*****. Before you 

leave the hut, loot the chest to get a Steel Club and a Potion of Life. Also 

pick up the Mine Key. Walk around in the water till you find a closed wood 

door. Use the key on the keyhole and enter. From the entrance, go right and up

the lift. Kill the Trog and pick up the First Satchel on the table. Walk 

outside and around to the other cave entrance. Continue over to the lift and 
pick up Satchel #2 on the table. Take the lift down and walk through the tunnel

to find the third Satchel on the table near the next lift. Take this lift down 

and go up the ramp to the table with the last satchel on it. Turn around and 

walk over to the entrance. Go back to the Hut and talk to the Hermit. Take the

Blasting Pot to the cave closest to the Hut. Watch for Scavengers scattered 

through the cave. As you come to some small ruins, pick up the Wood Long Bow, 

then go around to the hole in the back wall and jump through to get a Potion of

Life. When you reach the blocked doorway, Rynn automatically blows it up. Kill

the Trogs and press on. At the very large totem, go right for some treasure, 

then go left until you reach the lift. Go past the lift and loot the small 

room, then take the lift down. Follow the tunnel to the small pond area. Go in 

the stairwell and loot the two rooms on eaither side before going throguh to 

the doorway on the end. ****MAKE SURE YOU OPENED THE PRISON FOR NICHOLS****, if

he is left in there, you lose your chance of getting the best weapon in the 

game. Continue through the kitchen area and library area to find a long room 

with several large boxes on one side. Jump up over the boxes to find a passage

going up. Follow the passage and loot the room above. drop down through the 
hole onto the boxes below. Walk down the tunnel and down the ramp to the bottom

of the Tree of Mourning. Pick up the Cypher Rune and backtrack. A new door 
should open with several Trogs charging out. Kill them and walk up the ramp to 
the dining area. Follow the tunnel until you reach an area with a lift on your 
left and another path on your right. Take the lift down and walk along the left 
side of the tunnel to Toadfist's Throne Room, part of the *****Toadfists Helmet

Sidequest*****. Walk down the path and into the throne room for a cutscene and 

the Boss fight with Toadfist (How to Kill Toadfist is in the sidequest section

for him). Walk back and take the lift up. now go the other way. When you walk 

across the bridge, it collapses. Quickly swim over to the 4 Mages and kill them 

to save Nichols, who has once again been captured. He gives you Nichols Tome, 

take this over to the rock altar ahead on the swamp level. Rynn automatically 

reads the book and the door opens. ***GO TAKE THE Earth Blade***, and kill the 
4 skeletons that appear. Once you leave go up on to the raised path and enter

the cave. Follow the cave up the ramp and pull the lever to open the gate. You 
are now near that first fork in the road. Walk along and take a left at the 
fork. Talk to the man with his daughter to get a reward and leave Shadowmire.


CANNOT GET THE BEST WEAPON IN THE GAME!!!! Pick up the various weapons 
scattered around the Shadowmire, you can sell them for alot of money!.



IVa. Missing Daughter Sidequest


Area : Shadowmire

Objective : Locate Semira, the missing girl from Surdana

Given From : Semira's Father

Reward : 225gp, Potion of Life x1

Reccomended Items : -None-

Items Found : -None-

Walkthrough : When you reach Semira, she is tied to a stake and is about to be

burned. Kill the Trogs to save her. To receive your reward, talk to her Father

before you leave Shadowmire with the Cypher Rune.

Points of Interest : -None-



IVb. Black Powder Sidequest


Area : Shadowmire (Powder mine)

Objective : Retreive four powder satchels from the Mines, Return the powder     
        satchels to the Hermit.

Given From : The Hermit

Reward : Blasting Pot

Reccomended Items : Mine Key

Items Found : Black Powder Satchel x4

Walkthrough : Before you leave the hut, loot the chest to get a Steel Club and 

a Potion of Life. Also pick up the Mine Key. Walk around in the water till you

find a closed wood door. Use the key on the keyhole and enter. From the 

entrance, go right and up the lift. Kill the Trog and pick up the First Satchel

on the table. Walk outside and around to the other cave entrance. Continue over

to the lift and pick up Satchel #2 on the table. Take the lift down and walk 

through the tunnel to find the third Satchel on the table near the next lift. 

Take this lift down and go up the ramp to the table with the last satchel on 

it. Turn around and walk over to the entrance. Go back to the Hut and talk to 

the Hermit.

Points of Interest : -None-


IVc. Toadfist's Helmet Sidequest


Area : Shadowmire

Objective : Brekk offered me 2000 gold to bring back Toadfist's Helm

Given from : Brekk the Blacksmith

Reward : 2000gp

Reccomended Items : -None-

Items Found : Toadfist's Helm

Walkthrough : To kill Toadfist, I suggest you get in close to him so he can't 

use his magic bolt on you. Use the Strong right-to-left swing or the Strong 

left-to-right swing to knock him down to get free hits in. Once he is dead, 
take his Helmet and give it to Brekk when you return to Surdana.

Points of Interest : -None-


Leave the Shadowmire entrance to see a cut scene with a cameo appearance by 

Jasaad, the ruler of the Desert Lords. Proceed to the town, after the cutscenes

with Arokh sell all unwanted goods. When you give the Helmet to Brekk the 

Blacksmith, walk over to the corner and DROP THE EARTH BLADE. IT WILL STAY 

THERE THE ENTIRE GAME. Then proceed to sell him the extra weapons. Either 

repair your old weapon or sell it and get a new one. You can now get the Chain 

Armor, Mithril Long Sword, and other goodies. You can also visit Jade's Magic 

Emporium for some magic. It is now time for some fun wandering time!

Hop on Arokh when your errands are complete and fly around. Shoot down some 

blackwings and wander the counrtyside. 

Where there are a slew of rivers, look for a small cave. When you find it, kill 
the GIANT CHICKEN inside to get a GOLDEN EGG worth a cool 1000gp. 

Now might be a good time to look for the Inquisitor the man in the bar was 

talking about. Talk to the people for clues as to where to look. If youre not 

into detective work, just walk under the waterfall near the blacksmith shop. 

This is for completing the *****Inquisitor's Lair Quest*****. (explained later)

I think the easiest quest to do right now is the *****Rest in Peices Quest*****

Look for a temple looking building deep in a valley. If you can't find it, its 

at the bottom middle of your map. When you reach it you will get a map marker 

for The Brotherhood of the Eternal Word. Go inside the building and take a left 

and talk to the man behind the table. 


V. Rest in Peices


Area : Surdana (Brotherhood of the Eternal Word)

Objective : Investigate the evil in the Brotherhood of the Eternal Word's 


Given From : Grand Sevant (head of the Brotherhood)

Reward : 1000gp

Reccomended Items : Any fast weapon, Health Elixer x?, Potion of Life x?

Items Found : Steel Mace, Iron Club x2, Full Mana x3, Potion of Life x1, Half 

              Mana x2, Health Elixer x2, *****FLAMESTRIKE***** 

Walkthrough : Walk over to Brother Alto in the other room and talk to him. He 

will open the door to the catacombs. Walk down the stairs until it loads. Walk

all the way down the first corridor and keep your eyes open for the first Iron 

Club. Take the first left and kill the skeleton.Walk all the way down to the 

closed gate, then walk back. As you walk by, a skeleton will pop out of the 

wall, kill it and walk down the stairs. Go down the corridor to find 2 more 

skeletons waiting. Always be sure to check the small rooms that skeletons pop 

out of, they usually contain treasure and other goodies. Kill the skeleton on 
your left and walk down the stairs. The lights will go out and 2 more skeletons

will come out on the left. Kill them and pick up the Half Manas. Pull the 

switch at the end of the corridor and kill the skeleton behind you. Walk up the 

stairs and take a left. Kill the skeltons on each side of the room and walk to 

the top of the stairs. The platform on the other side of the gap will rise, but

no worry, you can still make it if you jump at the high middle point on the 

opposite side. If you are unsure that you can make it, save right before the 

jump. On the other side, walk down the stairs and enter the room. A skeleton 

will come out of the wall and attack, kill it and move to the opposite side of

the room. Hit the wall so that it caves in. Loot the goodies and move on. Walk 

up the stairs on you left and prepare for a battle. Walk towards the exit, the

flames will go out and skeletons will come out of the ground. Try to keep all 

of the skeletons in front of you, and dont get cornered. Make sure you have 
running room. Once you defeat them, loot the 4 chests and exit. Go into the 

next room where a skeleton will come out of a coffin after each one you kill. 

Continue to the doorway and watch the floor break. Once it is finished, drop 
down and walk left, jump over and walk to the top, jump over and jump up to the

next platform. When you reach the other side, walk staight across and loot the 

room like its nobodys business. Walk out and take the other doorway. After the 

cutscene and after drooling over that flaming sword, run up to the Skeleton 

Lord and treat him like you would any other skeleton one-on-one. I knocked him 

down over and over and didnt let him get a hit in. He also has a couple buddies

to help him. Once he is down for the count, kill any other skeletons and loot 
the room before stepping on the teleporter. IF YOU LEAVE WITHOUT THE 


Step on the teleporter and walk up the stairs. Talk to the Grand Sevant for the

reward (as if the Flamestrike isnt reward enough).

Points of Interest : FLAMESTRIKE, if you dont get it, you are foolish. There

are also a slew of weapons to pick up, none of which are that good, but they 

are a nice boost of cash.


From here, go back to town and restock and sell anything extra. I HIGHLY 
suggest that you visit Jade, she will give you a quest to kill Khossa Vole, the

necromancer behind all the Undead. This is another great quest to undertake, 
and skeletons are sooooooooooo easy with the Flamestrike. 


VI. Fun with Necromancers


Area : Surdana (City of the Damned)

Objective : Slay the Necromancer, Khossa Vole and recover the Gravestone.

Given From : Jade

Reward : 1 free spell

Reccomended Items : Flamestrike

Items Found : Lastat Blade, Full Mana x2, Half Mana x2, Health Elixer x2

Walkthrough : Fly from Jade's Shop to the new marker on your map. As you go, 

there are several artillery placements shooting at you, destroy them and move 

on. There are Bone Dragons here, they shoot electricity at you and the best way

to kill them is to shoot from a large distance and run when you have to. Once 

you rid the area of Bone Dragons, land on the tower entrance and walk up the 
stairs and on the teleporter. When you are done loading, walk outside and to 
the top of the tower. Look at your surroundings to get a bearing for things. 


FINISH THEM OFF!!! This is important to conserve HP for this great weapon. Walk 

down the ramp and down the hill to the archway, walk through and slay the 

skeletons that arise. By the way, YES, the trees ARE looking at you. Continue 

along the path across the bridge and over to the small ruins. check behind for 
2 chests. Walk over to the broken bridge. Line yourself up so that you will run

off the farthest point and land on the nearest point on the other side. When 

you land, book it across the next bridge, it will collapse soon. On the other 

side, try to avoid the floating mummy looking character and attack all the 
skeletons for lots of Experience Points. As you wander over the hills, look for 

a tree with a sword stuck in it, this is the *****Lastat Blade*****, when you

hit with it, it sucks health from your victim and heals you! MAKE SURE YOU GRAB 
have it, go into the small cave entrance and enter. Walk onto the small 
platform next to the floating body of Khossa Vole and hack away at him. When he 
falls, his mummy guy will come out of the next room and attack. NOW you should 
hack at him until he falls. BEFORE LEAVING walk along the side walls to 

find skeletons hiding. after killing them, keep hitting the walls for extra 

goodies. In the green room, take the reasures and the Gravestone and step on 

the teleporter. Walk outside and get one Arokh, fly over to the shiny blob in 

the sky and fly through it. Arokh now has the Sonic Breath Attack. It is VERY 

powerful. now fly back to Jade's and talk to her. 

Points of Interest :  The Lastat Blade is a VERY nice sword. If you dont want 

to use it yet or cant use it yet, drop it next to the Earth Blade you got 
earlier. I picked up lots of Full Manas, Half Manas, and Health Elixers from 

the skeletons on the hills. MAKE SURE YOU GET AROKH'S SONIC BREATH ATTACK. To 

change between abilities for Arokh, press the L1 button.


At this point, I suggest you go do the Inquisitor's Lair Quest. You are now 

ready for it and are well equipped. Talk to the people in the Tavern if you 

dont already have this quest.


VII. Inquisitor's Lair


Area : Inquisitor's Lair (Under waterfall behind the city)

Objective : Find and kill the Inquisitor who lives in the tunnels under the 


Given from : Villager in tavern.

Reward : 3000gp

Reccomended Items : Flamestrike, Fireball spell, A Bow of some kind.            
         Invulnerability Potion x1

Items Found : Crown of Thorns, Iron Hammer, Steel Club, Full Mana x4, Health    
           Elixer x3, Invulnerability Potion x1

Walkthrough : From the tavern, go outside and get on Arokh. Fly behind the 

Blacksmith shop to see the waterfall. Land near it and go inside. Walk down the 
path and up to the bridge. The Wartok on the far side shoots fireballs, so whip

out your bow and shoot at him from a distance. After killing him walk down the 
hill, killing Wartoks as you go. continue down the hill until you reach a cave.

Go inside and work your way to a switch at the end. pull the switch and head 

back (be sure to pick up the Steel Club on the ground. Head down the hill to 

the new bridge. Before crossing, head right and loot the small ruins (be sure 

to pick up the Iron Hammer here). Now go the the other small ruins and loot it.

Those people who are kind of treasure hungry might have seen the sparkle on top

of the ruins wall. Use the backflip trick to get to the top and Press L1 to get

the Crown of Thorns, a powerful mace that is worth alot back at Brekk's. Go 

back to the bridge and try to pick off the two Wartok Mages on the other side.

Cross the bridge and proceed LEFT and up the stairs. The best way to kill the 

Inquisitor is to drink an Invulnerability Potion. His spells are lethal, so 

this is the safest way. Just hack away at him until he dies. Then talk to the 

Villager and step on the teleporter. Go up to the Tavern and talk to the man to 

receive your reward.

Points of Interest : In the small ruins with the Crown of Thorns, there is a 
Invulnerability Potion. Use the L1 buttuon to find it. THE CROWN OF THORNS IS 



With all the quests complete, its about time we blow this popsicle stand. 
Follow the Map Marker to the Valley to the Andrellian Isles and have fun at 
your new Island getaway!



                           More Walkthrough to come!


VI. Frequently Asked Questions



 Q. Which areas are only accessable once?


 A. - Shadowmire is unavailable once you leave with the Cypher Rune


    - The City of the Damned is unavailable once you leave with the Gravestone 

      and you have killed Khossa Vole


    - The Andrellian Islands are unavailable once you kill Bonegrinder and exit 
      the dungeon

    - Kragmor is unavailable once you have killed Snotmaw and leave




 Q. What is the best weapon in the game and how do I get it?

 A. The sword called the Mournbringer is the best. To get it, you need all 4 

    Elemental Blades in the Surdana Blacksmith Shop, then talk to Brekk, he 

    will have it for sale.

 Q. How do I get the 4 Elemental Blades?

 A. - To get the Earth Blade, you must talk to Nichols the Bold in Shadowmire, 

      then release him from the prison cell, then save him when he is attacked 

      by Trog Mages. Nichols will give you "Nichols Tome", take this to the 

      stone altar in Shadowmire and enter the room. 

    - To get the Lightning Blade, go to the Stonehenge looking ruins and kill

      the skeletons there. The Lightenings Blade will zap to the pedastal.

    - To get the Ice Blade, go back through the Half-Men cave to the part where

      you fell through the ice. Walk across and kill the skeletons. The Ice

      Blade is in the back on a pedastal.

    - To get the Fire Blade, go to the Stonehnge looking ruins in the Valley of

      the Fallen and collect the Strange, Curious, and Odd Stones. Place them 

      in the Wartok Lair, the small ruins near the entrance to the Valley of 

      the Fallen, and in the small universe where you fight the Skeleton King.

      Once you have placed all three stones, go back to where you got them and  
     defeat the Soulless there. The Fire Blade will emerge from the pedastal.

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