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FAQ/Walkthrough by Mr. Dubbers

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/08/02


                   ____________  ___   _   __  ___   _   _ 
                   |  _  \ ___ \/ _ \ | | / / / _ \ | \ | |
                   | | | | |_/ / /_\ \| |/ / / /_\ \|  \| |
                   | | | |    /|  _  ||    \ |  _  || . ` |
                   | |/ /| |\ \| | | || |\  \| | | || |\  |
                   |___/ \_| \_\_| |_/\_| \_/\_| |_/\_| \_/
              T  h  e   A  n  c  i  e  n  t  s'   G  a  t  e  s


                        Unofficial FAQ/Walkthrough v.1.0
                                By Mr. Dubbers
                           Email: mr_dubbers@yahoo.com
                     Web Site: www.geocities.com/dubbersgames
                          Last Updated: June 8, 2002
                   This FAQ is hosted by the following sites:



     4.1 – SURDANA
     4.2 – SHADOWMIRE
     4.5 – CRYSTAL MINES
     4.7 – RAVENSHOLD
     4.9 – SHIVERBANE
     4.10- SURDANA...AGAIN!
     4.12- STRATOS


Drakan is an action/adventure game along the lines of the Zelda games on N64 
or the Soul Reaver series.  You advance by exploring, slaying your foes, and 
getting more powerful doohickeys to slay those foes with.  It's a long and 
difficult game, and you're bound to get stuck.  That's where I come in.  The 
walkthrough should guide you through any tricky or confusing parts of the 
game.  I hope it's as helpful as I think it is!  As for contacting me, I 
probably won't be of much help.  I played through this game and wrote the 
entire guide over a three-day rental period. And I do not own the game.  I 
never plan on playing it again, so any questions you have would best be 
directed towards the message boards. Any mail having to do with errors in the 
guide or submission of information is more than welcome, though.  And now for 
the prerequisite legal mumbo jumbo…

This FAQ is copyright 2002 by Mr. Dubbers.  All rights reserved.  This FAQ 
may only be reprinted with my permission, in an unaltered form.  This FAQ may 
not be used for financial gain in any way.  Do not publish it in a magazine 
or burn it to a disc.  Violators of this shall be punished severely.  Drakan: 
The Ancients' Gates is a trademark of Surreal Software/Sony Computer 
Entertainment America.


June 9, 2002 – Version 1.0 – The first and final update to this guide


For those of you who bought the game used/rented it, here is a complete list 
of controls, as taken directly from the Drakan manual.

Start/Pause game – START button
Select Menu option – Directional button + X button
Open/Close Items menu – SELECT button
Cycle Items menu screens – L1/R1 button

Dismount Arokh – X button (when Arokh is on ground)
Jump on Arokh – left analog stick (walk Rynn into Arokh)
Draw weapon – R1 button
Attack with weapon – SQUARE button
Parry attack (block) – CIRCLE button
Thrust – Directional button + SQUARE button
Attack with magic – SQUARE button
Cast spell – CIRCLE button (hold) + Directional button
Cycle hot slot weapon – R1 button
Call Arokh/Talk to people – L1 button (hold to call Arokh)
Throw switches – L1 button
Pick up multiple items – L1 button
Kneel – X button
Roll forward or backward – X button + left analog stick UP or DOWN
Jump – TRIANGLE button
Backflip – left analog stick down + TRIANGLE button
Flip left/right – L2 button (hold) + left analog stick
                  LEFT/RIGHT + TRIANGLE button
Sidestep – L2 button (hold) + left analog stick LEFT/RIGHT
Pull up while hanging – left analog stick UP, or TRIANGLE button
Climb ladder – Directional button or left analog stick UP/DOWN
Pan camera view – right analog stick
Push object – left analog stick
Swim – left analog stick + right analog stick
Set target lock – R2 button
Toggle current target – L2 button

Overhead chop attack – DOWN button twice + SQUARE button
Heavy slash from left to right – LEFT button twice + SQUARE button
Heavy slash from right to left – RIGHT button twice + SQUARE button
Spin attack – DOWN button, then UP button + SQUARE button

Fly up/Take off from ground – TRIANGLE button
Fly down/land – X button
Fly or walk forward – left analog stick UP
Fly or walk backward – left analog stick DOWN
Turn – left analog stick LEFT/RIGHT
Fly sideways – L2 button (hold) + left analog stick LEFT/RIGHT
Change attack type – L1 button
Lock target – R2 button
Basic attack – SQUARE button or R1 button
Powerful attack – CIRCLE button
Basic bite attack (on ground) – UP button + SQUARE button
Pitch up/down – right analog stick UP/DOWN
Dive – left and right analog stick UP


<4.1> <SURDANA>
After the cut scenes end, you'll find yourself on the path to Surdana.  Open 
your menu by pressing the select button to see your first quest.  You are to 
find Lady Myschala at the palace in Surdana.  Move along the path a bit and 
you'll see a tent to your right.  Go there and talk to the guard.  He'll tell 
you that he set up a practice dummy for you.  Take this time to get used to 
the controls and fighting.  The chest contains some gold.  When you are 
ready, continue along the path.  You will get a cut scene of some monsters 
that want your gold.  Take them out.  One of them drops a Potion of Life.  
You can climb the hill to your left for some more treasure if you like.  Get 
it and continue along the path.  You'll come to a broken bridge.  Jump 
across.  Watch the tree crush the enemy, then roll under it.  Kill the 
monster and continue.  You'll see another tent on your left.  This one has a 
bow for you to pick up and a target to practice on.  When you're done with 
that, head into the town.  Move along to see a cut scene.  You will get a new 
map entry for Jade's Magic Emporium.  Visit the blacksmith, alchemist, or 
tavern, if you wish.  Otherwise, head for the lift.  This takes you to the 
castle.  Enter and get a cut scene.  Do as the nice man says and head forward 
to see the Lady Myschala.  Cut scene.  You'll get a new quest to open the 
four gates. Arokh will return and you'll get some gold and another quest.  
This one is to retrieve the Cypher Rune from the Tree of Mourning in the 
Shadowmire.  Arokh will fly you to the blacksmith's shop.  Buy a new weapon, 
if you wish.  The blacksmith will also give you an optional quest. He wants 
you to get Toadfist's Helm.  When you are ready, leave the town through the 
east exit.  Jump to your left off the bridge and swim towards the gate to 
Shadowmire.  Talk to the nearby guard and he'll open the gate for you.  Wade 
on through.  Follow the narrow linear cave for a while and you'll be prompted 
to save.  Do so.  


Follow along the river, but turn right onto dry land when you get near the 
waterfall.  You'll see a man standing near a bridge.  Talk to him to receive 
an optional quest to rescue his daughter.  Cross the bridge and head left 
down the path.  When you reach the bottom, follow along the swamp until you 
see a cove on your right.  There's a door here that you should enter.  You'll 
find some gold and potions inside.  After you've looted it sufficiently, hop 
back in the swamp and follow along.  You'll eventually see another cove on 
your right.  Loot it and continue.  Continue along and find yet another cove 
full of goodies, this time on your left.  Loot it and move on.  There's 
another cove, again on the left, up the path further.  Grab the stuff and get 
back in the water.  You'll see a spiked log swinging back and forth.  Time 
your movement to avoid being hit.  Follow along the swamp, but this time you 
have to watch out for tiki masks that shoot arrows at you.  You'll eventually 
see a path of land on your right that leads upward.  Get out of the water and 
follow it up and along the cliff until you see a door.  Go in and proceed 
through the tunnels, being careful not to fall through the holes in the 
floor.  When you exit the tunnel, you'll be back on a path along a cliff.  
You'll come to a bridge with two holes in it.  Jump across and kill the mage.  
Head left along the path and you'll spot a platform you can jump to.  Do so.  
Jump down to the next platform, then to the ground.  You'll get a cut scene 
of the man's daughter.  Kill her captors and you'll automatically set her 
free.  Climb the nearby ladder up to the platform.  Enter the door and climb 
down the ladder there.  Follow the cave path, killing spiders as you go.  
Eventually you will have the choice of going into a cave on your right or 
dropping down off of a cliff.  Go into the cave.  You will come to a lift, 
which you should ride.  Follow this next short path and you'll spot the Tree 
of Mourning.  Attempt to enter through the door at its base and you'll get a 
cut scene showing a huge drop-off.  You're going to have to find another way 
in.  If you look around a bit, you'll see a cave entrance to the north.  Go 
on in.  Follow the short linear path and you'll emerge back in a swampy area.  
Follow the narrow path and use the fallen tree as a bridge.  Continue 
following this path until you see a hole in the path.  Drop down to the swamp 
water and follow it towards the south.  You'll eventually see a sign that 
says "Keep Out".  From here, continue south a bit and you'll get a new map 
entry for the Hermit's Hut.  Go up the ramp and enter the hut for a cut 
scene.  You'll get a new quest to find four satchels of powder.  Grab the 
mine key off the wall and leave the hut.  The mines are located east of the 
hut.  Enter them.  Head left and pick the first powder off the table.  Then 
ride the lift up and grab the second powder.  Follow the path and you'll see 
another lift.  Ride it up, grab the third powder and follow the path outside 
then back around into the mine.  Pick up the final powder off the table.  
Throw the switch for the nearby lift and ride it down.  You'll be in the 
first room of the mine, so head out and visit the hermit again.  Cut scene.  
Enter the cave south of the hut.  You'll eventually come to a wall that you 
can blast away with your new explosives.  You'll do this automatically.  Head 
through the new door and go left at the fork.  When you see a lift, throw the 
switch, and then ride it down.  Follow the cave path out into the water.  Go 
left and down the stairs to enter the ruins of a building.  You'll see a hole 
in the west wall.  Go through it and kill all who oppose you.  Go up the hill 
and left up the stairs.  Kill the monsters and go up the western stairs.  
You'll be in a room full of toppled bookshelves.  Go up the stairs to the 
east.  Head through the cave passage and follow along the path.  You'll 
emerge at the bottom of the Tree of Mourning.  Pick up the Cypher Rune and 
turn around.  Head back along the same path you came from until you see a cut 
scene of a gate opening.  Go through the new passage and head east in the 
next room.  Follow the path around to a lift.  Ride it down and follow the 
path to Toadfist's throne room.  Cut scene.  Kill Toadfist and take his 
helmet.  Head out of the throne room through the north passage.  Go back up 
the lift and head north until you see a bridge.  When you try to cross it, 
you will be dropped to another swampy area.  Follow the water until you reach 
a path leading up.  Follow this long path all the way to a gate.  Pull the 
nearby lever and go through.  You will be near the very beginning of 
Shadowmire.  On your way out, talk to the man and his daughter for a reward.  
Exit and head back to Surdana.


Cut scene.  You'll have a new quest to search for a guide.  You should first 
visit the blacksmith for new equipment and to sell Toadfist's Helm.  When 
you're ready, mount Arokh and head east toward the Andrellian Isles


You'll start off with a cut scene.  Two quests will be added to your journal.  
The first is to kill Bonegrinder.  The second is to destroy the catapult 
battery.  Let's start by destroying the catapult.  Fly up, lock on to them, 
and launch fireballs until all of the catapults are gone.  Return to the 
sailor who gave you the quest and you'll get some gold and a new quest: find 
Master Sevoth.  So let's do like the man says and find this Master Sevoth 
fellow.  Go south and you'll see some tents.  You can talk to the people 
there if you want, but they aren't much help.  Just west of the tents, you'll 
see a cave.  Go in and head along the path.  Eventually, you'll reach a fork.  
You can go straight to visit a blacksmith or right to meet Master Sevoth.  
Well, sort of.  It turns out Master Sevoth is poisoned, so you're going to 
have to find his medicine pouch.  Leave the cave and get on Arokh.  Remember 
where those catapults were?  Fly over there, then up and over the mountain.  
Kill all of the enemies on the ground, then land.  Enter the cave to the 
east.  Proceed along the path and ride the lift.  Go along this path and 
you'll reach another lift.  Take it down, kill some guys, and get some money.  
Ride back up and head left for a bit.  Cut scene.  Kill the big monster and 
you'll receive Sevoth's pouch.  Take it back to him and you'll get a cut 
scene and a new quest.  Sevoth wants you to go to a crystal mine and bring 
him 20 crystals.  Fly far to the north until you reach an island with four 
rocket-launcher things.  Kill the launchers and the nearby dragons, then 
land.  Enter the Crystal Mines.


You don't really have to fight your way through the entire dungeon if you 
don't want to.  Once you have the 20 shards, you are free to leave.  Shards 
can be found by destroying the blue crystal pillars.  Start off by heading 
forward until you are in a room with a gigantic hole in the middle.  Head 
right and follow along until you see a lift.  Ride it down and follow along 
the path, being sure to collect shards as you go.  Eventually you'll reach 
another lift.  Ride it.  Walk forward a bit and you'll hear some ominous 
music.  Kill the large monster and collect all of the crystals in this large 
room.  Head east, leap across the gap, and climb the ladder.  There are a lot 
of crystals in this room, so if you've yet to reach 20, this is your place.  
Go through the cave path in the north wall and follow it around to the next 
room and even more crystals.  Get them if you still need 20, then climb the 
ladder.  Follow the path, jumping when necessary, then go through the next 
cave entrance.  You'll come to a lift.  Ride it up for some treasure.  Grab 
everything, come back down, and head through the passage to the north.  
There's more crystals if you really need them.  Continue along the path to 
find even more crystals.  Return to the last lift you rode and ride it again.  
This time, go to the right, pull the lever, and find yourself at the 
beginning of the dungeon.  Follow the path and exit.


Our next stop is Bonegrinder's Lair.  Before we head there, however, we have 
to stop and say hi to Master Sevoth.  Hop on Arokh and fly back to Sevoth's 
cave.  Give him the 20 crystals and he'll give you a lightning spell.  He'll 
also mark Bonegrinder's Lair on your map.  Hop on Arokh and fly towards the 
lair, using your map if need be.  You will get a cut scene.  Afterwards, you 
will face off against a giant, two-headed water dragon.  Yippee.  Blast it a 
whole bunch of times and it'll die.  When you've completed that task, land on 
the platform where the tornado is coming from.  Dismount Arokh and enter the 
cave.  Follow along the path and reach a large room.  You'll see a monster 
warp in.  Strange, eh?  Head left and jump down the platforms.  Kill the 
enemies that warp in, then follow along the path.  You'll come to a plank 
that serves as a bridge.  Carefully walk across it, then follow the path.  
Jump to the nearest platform, then jump down to the next one, then the 
ground.  Follow the path.  Hop down and you'll spot the vortex that 
Bonegrinder is using to create the storm.  Hop onto the ring surrounding it, 
then to the next ring down.  From here, locate a stack of crate below you.  
Use them to safely get yourself to the next path.  When your there, follow 
along into the cave path.  You'll come out in a large, yellow-lit room.  Use 
the platforms to reach the lower level.  Then continue around a bit and use 
the platforms to go even lower.  Follow the cave path into a room with a 
large door.  The door will roll aside.  Enter the room and get a cut scene.  
Now you fight Bonegrinder.  To defeat him, you have to first destroy the 
crystals that are making him invincible.  Then do whatever you have to in 
order to kill him.  After he's dead, pick up his staff.  Then go south and 
pull the lever.  Step on the light and you will be transported to the area 
right outside the entrance to the dungeon.  Hop on Arokh and take off.  Cut 


You'll start with two quests: Restore the Gateway to Surdana and Locate 
Ravenshold.  Fly along the river until you get a cut scene.  Fly over the 
city and activate the gateway to Surdana.  Go back into town and talk to 
Ranwulf.  He's hanging out in his lodge.  Fly over to the wizard's tower 
(it's marked on your map).  Cut scene.  You'll then get four quests to find 
various items.  Fly back to Ravenshold and talk to Ranwulf again.  Then go 
talk to Tashvek in the building directly across from Ranwulf.  You will get a 
couple locations marked on your map.  Fly towards the Grull Camp.  Look 
around and you'll eventually spot the entrance to a cave.  Land and enter it.  
Follow the ninear path until you reach a room with some crates and bottles.  
Go near them and collect the blood.  One item down, three to go.  Leave the 
way you came.  Go back to Ravenshold and talk to the blacksmith.  He'll give 
you a quest to find a journal.  He'll also mark the Daemog hunting grounds on 
your map.  Go there.  Enter the hunting grounds by landing Arokh near the 
mouth of the waterfall, dismounting, and wading through.  First you will 
fight a baby yeti.  Kill it, continue forward, and get a cut scene.  Kill 
Daemog.  It'll take a few tries, but you'll eventually be able to put him 
down.  When he's gone, loot his cave to find Sebborna's journal.  Leave the 
way you came and mount Arokh.  Head back to Ravenshold and give the smith the 
journal.  He will give you a key and a torch.  Now we have to find the 
dungeon he spoke of.  From Zeggoro's Tower, head northeast (more east than 
north, though).  You'll eventually spot a statue of a man.  Land, dismount, 
and enter the dungeon.  Equip the torch the smith gave you and head left or 
right, your choice.  You'll encounter some arrow traps, so be careful.  Once 
you're back on the main path, you'll head down some stairs.  Go right and 
roll under the door, then continue along the path.  You'll go down more 
stairs.  Continue straight without turning until you hit a wall.  Turn left, 
then head right down the stairs.  Go straight until you see a statue.  
Collect the gold from the chests, then turn around and go back up the stairs 
the way you came.  Go left, then right, then left again.   Pick up the Fangs 
Amulet.  In this room, there's a hole in the northeast wall.  Go through it.  
In the next room, take the Horns Amulet.  Exit through the hole you entered 
through, then go out the north door to the main hall.  Turn right, then left, 
then straight past the stairs.  Then make a left, then a right.  Grab the 
Talons Amulet.  Leave this room, then make a right.  Go straight at the fork 
then make another right.  Take the Wings Amulet.  Now leave this room and 
return to the room with the statue of a man.  Place each amulet in a slot 
around the statue, then drop down through the hole it creates.  Go straight 
and grab the ashes.  Halfway there!  Leave the room through the east passage.  
Go right, then left, then straight until you see a lever, which you should 
pull.  Make two rights, then a left, then a final right to exit the dungeon.  
Phew!  Hop on Arokh and fly to the entrance of the Northern Tundra.  


Flight straight north until Arokh spots the Northmen's Camp.  Land and 
dismount.  Enter the cave and follow the path until you see a man at a desk.  
That's Serris,  He'll talk to you and offer you the gold sword if you kill a 
certain Wartok for him.  No problem, right?  Exit the cave, get on Arokh, and 
fly to the new location on your map.  Land near the two cave entrances.  
Dismount and enter either one.  Follow the only available path into the next 
room.  A couple of Wartoks will drop a boulder onto an explosive barrel from 
a high-up position.  Avoid the explosion and continue on.  You'll come to a 
room with a large hole in the floor.  Head through the northeast tunnel.  
Follow this path all the way around the lava pit.  You'll see some platforms 
with fireballs jumping around in between.  Time your jumps to get across.  
Follow this path until you see some monsters fighting each other.  Ignore 
them and take the south tunnel.  Follow this until you reach a large room and 
boss music starts to play.  Now you will face the Invisible Wartok.  He's not 
really invisible, but he can disappear from time to time.  Kill him and take 
his gauntlets.  Leave this room through the northeast exit, pull the lever 
and go outside.  Shout for Arokh, mount him, and bring the gauntlets back to 
the Northmen's Camp.  You'll receive the Golden Blade in return.  Now we have 
three of the four items.  Now where can we get the other one?  Talk to the 
man standing near the kegs and he'll give you a quest and a map location.  He 
wants you to explore the Ice Caves.  Do so by getting on Arokh and flying to 
the new location on your map.  It's on the far east side of the map.  Land 
near the two braziers and hop off Arokh.  Step on the glowing purple circle 
to appear in a snowy forest.  Move forward, taking out the laser golems as 
you go.  After following this path northward for what seems like an eternity, 
you'll come to a snow-covered statue.  Find the eyeball portion and press L1 
near it to collect the final item, Visionary Amethyst.  Head south a bit to 
see another purple glowing circle.  Step on it, mount Arokh, and return to 
Zeggoro's Tower in the Ravenshold area.  Cut scene.  You'll find yourself at 
the Half-Men's Magic Barrier.  Kill the half-men.  When they are all dead, 
you'll get a cut scene.  Ride Arokh into the now-open cave.  


Ride Arokh the rest of the way through the cave and emerge into even more 
snow-covered wilderness.  Our goal here is to activate the next gate.  Fly 
Arokh to the far north and you'll see a gate opening on the ground.  A yeti 
will come out.  Kill, the walk Arokh into the cave, frying half-men as you 
go.  At the end of the cave is a hole just big enough for Rynn.  Dismount and 
go through.  You are now in the half-men base.  Continue along the path until 
you see an ice-brick wall with a hanging skeleton.  On either side of you is 
a cave entrance.  Go through the left one and follow the path.  You'll emerge 
outdoors on a ledge above where you came in to this area.  Go through the 
nearby cave and follow it out to get another cut scene.  Now you have to 
fight two of those desert lords from the beginning.  There's a lift nearby if 
you need to get to ground level, but they should land on the ledge near you.  
Take them out.  Now return to the ice-brick wall with the skeleton.  This 
time go into the other cave.  Follow the path to a fork.  Go right and follow 
the path until you are outside again.  Follow the narrow path around the 
cliff and cross the bridge.  There's some gold in the cave, if you want it.  
Continue along the path until you are on the ground again.  Head south a bit 
then go up the hill into the cave.  Head straight and down around the curve 
until you fall through the floor.  Cut scene.  You will find yourself in a 
prison, stripped of your items.  Kill the guard with your lightning and 
you'll get a key.  Use it on the panel to make the bars disappear.  (Isn't it 
funny how the keyhole is INSIDE the cell, rather than outside?)  Run to the 
left and up the stairs, then across the room then down some more stairs.  The 
gates will close.  The side gates will open and enemies will come out.  Avoid 
them and enter each side room to flip a switch.  Enter the now open gate and 
follow the cave path.  After much evasion, you'll eventually come to a room 
with all of your equipment on the floor.  Pick it all up and continue along 
the path.  You'll see a lift.  Pull the lever, then ride it up.  Now follow 
the path all the way until you cross some wooden doors.  You'll get a cut 
scene, then it's boss time.  He's tough, but once you've taken him down, 
you'll get his maul and the gates will open.  Go through for a cut scene.  
You'll be in front of the next gate, but you can't do much without your 
trusty dragon, can you?  Follow the snow path until you reach a guard tower 
with a lever inside.  Pull it and the gate preventing Arokh's entrance will 
open.  Call him to you, then ride to the gate.  Two down, two to go.  Fly 
through to once again enter Surdana.  

<4.10> <SURDANA...AGAIN!>

Fly Arokh down to the town and visit the blacksmith, alchemist, etc.  Then 
ride the lift up and enter the castle for a cut scene.  You will get a quest 
to find out how the assassins got in.  Go through the west door and into the 
next room.  A bookcase will swing aside, creating a secret path.  Go through 
it.  Follow the path and you'll come to a teleporter.  Return to the guards 
for a cut scene.  Now you fight Dane.  After a couple hits, you'll get 
another cut scene and he'll run off.  You'll get a new mark on your map.  
Complete all of your errands in town and fly towards the new area.  When you 
see a gate, land and walk Arokh through. 


Things kick off with a cut scene.  Fly along until you see a small farm.  
You'll get a cut scene.  You'll learn the locations of the other two gates 
and be asked to find a farmer's son.  When the cut scene ends, you'll have to 
fight a couple of bone dragons.  First of all, let's activiate the third 
gate.  It's marked on your map, so just fly over and activate it.  That was 
easy.  Now we have to rescue the farmer's son.  On the ground near the gate 
we just activated is a cave.  Land and enter it.  Go through the path into a 
large room with a lift in it.  You should see a table with a green key on it.  
Grab this key and exit the way you came.  Get back on Arokh and fly to the 
end of the river nearest to the gate.  Land near it and you see a cave where 
the river flows from.  Get off Arokh and swim into the cave.  You'll come to 
dry land and a locked door.  Use your new key to open it, then enter.  Follow 
the linear path until you come to a cliff.  Use the nearby crates to jump 
down.  Follow the path until you come to a lift.  Pull the lever and ride it 
up.  Follow the path, but watch out when a couple of monsters shove a boulder 
down a hill at you.  You'll arrive at a room with lots of crates and no 
apparent exit.  Use the crates to climb up to a ledge, then continuethe 
nearby locked door for now.  You'll eventually arrive at a room with pulleys 
and a few tables.  Grab the key off the table, then throw the lever.  You'll 
see a cage come down from the ceiling.  Inside is Perry, the farmer's son.  
Talk to him, then lead him back to the locked door.  You can now open the 
door, so do that and lead Perry through.  You'll come to another door, this 
one has a lever to pull.  Go through and you'll be outside.  Cross the nearby 
bridge, then enter the cave near the campsite.  Lead Perry all the way 
through and you'll once again emerge outdoors.  You should see the small farm 
in the distance.  Go along the path a bit then enter the next cave.  Follow 
the path through and you'll emerge very near the farm.  Just cross the bridge 
and talk to Perry's father, who is standing near the farmhouse.  Talk to him 
again to receive 8000 gold and a new sword.  Our next objective is to use 
Perry's key to enter the ruins.  Get on Arokh and fly to the third gate.  
Near there is a low mountain you can fly over to reach a desert area.  Now 
fly straight a ways until you see a castle area.  Cut scene.  Now you'll have 
a boss fight against a pair of dragons.  Kill them and land.  Dismount Arokh 
and walk to the left, ignoring the main entrance.  You'll see a door, which 
you should use your key on to enter.  Step on the teleporter to arrive in the 
ruins proper.  Follow the path to another teleporter.  Step on it and you'll 
appear in a strange area.  Follow the path, being careful not to fall off the 
edge.  You'll come to a catacombs area.  Follow this a bit and the wall will 
open on your left.  Enter the new passage and pull a lever.  Get back on the 
main path and continue.  You'll come to a room in which the door closes 
behind you.  Kill all of the skeletons in the room and a door will open.  
Pull the lever inside and another door will open.  Go through this new door 
and continue along the path.  You'll come to an outdoor are that is seemingly 
a dead end.  After walking around a bit, a staircase appeared.  Go up it for 
a cut scene.  Kill the boss, then grab the key near his throne.  Backtrack to 
the room where all the doors closed.  There'll be a new door open.  It has a 
teleporter inside.  Step on it, then run to your right and press the button 
on the door.  Go up the stairs and head right.  You'll be in a large open 
room.  Drop down into the hole, then go through the water-filled passage.  
Rynn will make a comment about pushing the block.  Push it to the center 
pillars, then use them to climb up.  You'll see another set of pillars 
nearby.  Climb those and go up the nearby stairs to the next room.  In an 
alcove on the wall is a Sentinal Key.  Pick it up.  Climb another set of 
stairs and follow the hallway.  You'll be on the other side of those lasers 
in the main entrance.  Head into the only open corridor and ride the lift 
down.  Follow the hall to a room with another Sentinal Key.  Ride the lift 
back up to the laser room.  Use the nearby pushable block to block a laser, 
then roll under the gap it makes.  There'll be a door on either side of you.  
Use your Sentinal Keys to unlock each one and pull the levers.  The lasers 
will be gone and the door on the far side of the room will open.  Go outside 
and get Arokh.  Before walking him through the new door, make sure you have 
everything you need, because you won't be coming back.  When you're ready, go 
through and emerge in a large, dragon-filled cave.  Kill the dragons, then 
fly down to the platform below you and to the left of where you entered.  
You'll have to dismount Arokh to get in.  Do so, then follow the path.  
You'll eventually come to a lever, which opens a door in the previous room 
you were in.  Go through the new door.  Follow the path to a lift.  Ride it 
down, then follow the path to a key on a pedestal.  Take it.  Leave the way 
you came and ride the lift back up.  Use your key on the door that is still 
locked.  Follow the path all the way down and around to what appears to be an 
uncrossable chasm.  Jump across to land on the sparkles and make your way 
across, being careful not to fall.  When you're safely across, go up the 
stairs and follow the path until you get a cut scene.  Boss fight time.  Kill 
your attacker, then go south and open the door for a cut scene.  

<4.12> <STRATOS>

After the cut scene ends, hop on Arokh and kill your attackers.  Fly to the 
location on your map marked "Ferry?"  Land and dismount.  Walk into the 
building and talk to the NPC standing there.  You'll get a new quest.  Fly to 
the place on your map marked "Grotus' Lair".  Land and dismount.  Enter the 
half-open door, then make your way along the linear path all the way to the 
bottom.  Kill the demon that appears and the door will open.  Go through and 
follow the path a bit.  You'll come to a set of hallways.  This part is very 
confusing.  You see all of those doors that don't open when you approach?  It 
seems to me that one will open each time you kill one of those floating 
demons.  Most of them are filled with potions and weapons, but one of them on 
the north wall leads to the next area.  When you've gotten through, explore 
both side areas and open all of the treasure chests, because one of them 
contains the Grotus Potion, which you need.  Return to the center for a cut 
scene.  Boss time.  Kill him and the teleporter ahead will activate.  Step on 
it.  You'll arrive back at the "Ferry?" location.  Walk into the building for 
a cut scene of Rynn drinking the Grotus Potion.  Walk onto the circular lift 
and ride it down.  Follow the hall to another lift and ride it down.  Follow 
the hall to a room with a demon guy and a closed door.  Kill the demon to 
open the door.  Enter and it will seal behind you.  Talk to the woman in the 
mask.  Approach the closed door and it will open.  Kill two more demon guys 
and another door will open down the hall.  Go in it and follow the path.  Go 
left at the fork and the door will open for you.  You'll see the ferry pull 
in.  Leave this room and run straight ahead.  Kill the demon and enter the 
door.  Follow the path down and around and you'll come to a door.  It will 
open for you; go on through.  You see the ferry again.  Run around and enter 
the door opposite of where you entered.  Follow the path for a cut scene.  
When the man goes to push the button, run back to where the ferry docks.  Run 
across the sparkles to board it.  Cut scene.  After the scene, you'll find 
yourself at the golem palace.  Kill the demon guys and step on the nearby 
teleporter.  Move forward for a cut scene.  OK, this begins the single most 
annoying and confusing part of the game.  Go into the door to the right of 
the altar.  The door will close behind you.  Kill the golems and move into 
the next room.  This is a large room with red shields blocking the doors.  To 
remove the shields, you will have to destroy the floating things behind them.  
Easier said then done.  In the center of the room are two blocks you can step 
on, which lower the shields across from them for a limited time (not long 
enough to run across).  As soon as you step on one, whip out your bow and 
shoot down the crystal.  This permanently removes that shield, allowing you 
access to the levers inside.  There are four of these.  When you have flipped 
all four levers, the exit will appear.  Go through, fight your way through 
the halls, and you'll reach a door.  It will open, bringing you back to the 
main chamber.  Now go up to the door to the left of the altar.  This part is 
even more annoying.  Run through the hall, killing the golems as you go.  
You'll come to a VERY large room.  The exit is on the wall opposite you.  Go 
there and enter a path.  Follow this path to a room full of urns.  Break 
every urn and kill every skeleton.  This will open a door.  Go through and up 
the stairs.  You'll be on a balcony above the main chamber.  Flip the switch 
on the railing.  Then, whip out your bow and shoot down the chandelier.  Cut 
scene.  Ready your lightning and target the flying urn.  Zap away until it's 
gone.  Cut scene.  Move forward to grab the Golem Staff.  Walk back down the 
stairs and step on the teleporter.  Move forward for a cut scene.  Defeat the 
boss.  After another cut scene, it's time for the final battle.  Press R2 to 
target the golem, then hit L2 to switch targets to the desert lord the golem 
is carrying.  Swoop in close to the golem, causing it to try and swing at 
you.  This exposes the desert lord.  Blast him, then back away.  Swoop in 
again, etc.  Keep repeating this until the desert lord dies.  
Congratulations!  You've completed Drakan: The Ancients' Gates!


Mr. Dubbers – For typing this guide
GameFAQs – For hosting this FAQ
Zauron – For his VERY helpful FAQ
Surreal Software – For making this game
SCEA – For publishing this game

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