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FAQ/Walkthrough by neored13

Version: 3.0 | Updated: 06/23/02

#           ###########
##          ###      ####
########     ##        ##                                                        ##
###    ########       ###   ########     #######   ##   ###    #######  ####     ##
###       ## ##        ##   ###   ##   ###   ###   ##   ##   ###   ###   ####    ##
###      ### ##        ##    ##   ##   ##     ##   ##   #    ##     ##   ###### ###
###      ### ##        ##    ##  ##   ##########   ######   ##########   ##  ######
 ##      ### ##       ##     ##  ##   ###     ##   ##   ##  ####    ##   ##   #####
 ###      ## ##      ###    ###   ##  ###   #### ####    #  ###   ####  ####   ####
         ### ##    ####            #
         ##  ## ######                                                               ####
         ### #######      #################################################################
         ######     #######################################################################
         ###          ###################################################################
        ###                                                                           #

Drakan: The Ancients' Gates
FAQ/Walkthrough by neored13
Game Copyright Surreal Software and Sony Computer Entertainment America

1. Contents
1. Contents
2. Copyright Information
3. Revision History/Future Plans
4. Game Information
5. Controls/Strategies/Tips/Fun
6. Bestiary
7. Walkthrough
8. Weapon/Armor Lists
9. Items
10. Magic
11. FAQ
12. Contact Information
13. Special Thanks/Contributors

2. Copyright Information
You should know this by heart now.  This guide is my intellectual property, not to be
redistributed commercially without my express written permission.  You may use it for any
personal use you may desire, but do not stick it on a website without my permission.
Currently, the only websites allowed to use this guide are GameFAQs, NeoSeeker, Cheat Code
Central (www.cheatcc.com), and psxcodes.com.  NO OTHER WEBSITES ARE ALLOWED TO USE THIS
GUIDE AT THIS TIME.  I have discovered my guide on a few other websites, and will not stand
for this.  You know who you are.  As per usual, any violation of this copyright will be
dealt with severely.  Screw with me, and you screw with a gamer with a wide network of
friends.  If you want to use my guide on your site, either contact me, or don't use it.

3. Revision History/Future Plans
2/13/2002:  Version 1.0:  In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was Drakan, and it
was Good.  Then, Gamer created FAQ, and lo, He saw that it was incomplete, and He was
angered.  Finished the walkthrough through Kragmor.
3/20/2002: Version 2.0:  And on the second Day, Gamer travelled through the Lands of Snow
and Ice, Slaying all He Encountered there.  And lo, it was Good.  Added walkthrough up to
Shiverbane, changed a bit here and there, added current list of who has permission to use
this guide.
4/14/2002:  Version 2.1:  Geez, I'm really sorry.  Not much for this update, just added in
another site that's allowed to post this.  And for some reason, my email hasn't been
working right, and the upshot is I've only received like one or two mails in the past two
weeks.  My ISP tells me this will be sorted out shortly, so if you don't receive an answer,
it's because my mail's not working right.  Either that, or you sent me something that
doesn't need answering.
6/22/2002:  Version 3.0:  And so, He travelled on, through the Region of Biting Cold, and
Vanquished many a Beast.  Then, He did Go into the Green Valley and the Burning Sands, His
Sword bloody with the Gore of Many.  Added walkthrough up to the Point of No Return in the
Valley of the Fallen.  Added walkthrough of the Sealed Water Cave.  Added general last boss
strategy.  Thanks go out to Andrew Balogh for his magnificent ASCII art on the title up
there.  Added Crown of Thorns to the Inquisitor's Lair.  Thanks to the people who pointed
this out.  Added clarification for a respawn.  Added a bug where Zeggoro would not
recognize the four items.  Again, thanks to the many who pointed this out.  Added the Rune
Bow in Snotmaw's Lair.  And by the way, I hate Klez.

Future Plans:
-Finish the game, and the FAQ.  Without cheating if possible.
-Add the various strategies and tips I got.
-Add a Weapons/Armor/Items/Magic section.
-Add general HP estimate for enemies.  Dragons will be hard, since I'd need to gauge
against how much damage Arokh's breaths do against ground-based enemies, or try and take
them out on foot...
-Get outside and get some sun. (Low priority)

4. Game Information
Drakan is a multi-genre game.  Some would call it an RPG, others would call it an action
platformer, and others would call it a flight sim.  Some people might call it a sports game,
too, but I don't think I'd want to know those people...

In basic execution, think Lara Croft meets Diablo and the flight levels from the Spyro
series.  You're a chick with a sword (Or sword-like weapon, such as mace, hammer, or axe)
and bow, and you get to fly around on the back of a dragon.  It's the basic you-versus-
hordes-of-monsters game.

5. Controls/Strategies/Tips/Fun
=Controls:  Since I'm assuming you have the instruction booklet (The game's still new, and
there aren't any good PS2 emulators out yet), I won't be covering the basic controls.  This
section will deal with the vagaries of the controls, and things you might have missed.

  When in Target Lock, the L2 button will switch targets if more than one is available
within view.

  Using the L1 button to pick up treasure is much more efficient than running around and
grabbing it by "foot"

  USE THE RIGHT STICK!  This is one of the most important pieces of control advice I can
give you.  Looking around can save your ass.

=Strategies:  These deal with basic movement and enemy elimination.

  If something's far off and you have a medium/long range bow, you can generally take it
out before it gets to you.

  When dealing with enemies that attack from a distance, if you want to charge in and whack
them, roll from side to side to dodge their shots.

  When dealing with close-range enemies, your best strategy is to whack them with your
combo, then roll backwards.  Run in and repeat. If they attack quickly, stab them before
whacking with your combo. Stabbing will usually cause them to stumble back, clutching their

  In aerial combat, KEEP MOVING.  Get a lock on, circle about the enemy, change altitude,
vary your distance, and keep firing.

  If you get frozen, press buttons rapidly to shake out of it.

  The AI is very stupid in most cases.  If the enemies can't see all of you, they'll
normally act like you don't exist.  This allows you to hide partially behind a tree or rock
and snipe them at your leisure.

  Backstab:  If you sneak up really close behind an enemy and press S, Rynn will jump and
smash the creature.  This will usually be an instant kill, depending on your weapon.  It
seems to do around 2-3 times as much damage as a normal weapon hit.

=Tips:  These are things that don't exactly fit either of the other two categories.

  Come up for air.  Nothing puts a crimp in your day like drowning.

  HotSlot potions.  At some points, the difference between victory and defeat is the
ability to drink a potion on the fly.

=Fun:  Here you'll find things that don't accomplish much useful, but are just fun to play

  The Flamestrike.  This handy little sword has the power to set the scenery on fire.
Things don't burn for very long, but you can still have fun with it.  Trees, houses,
bridges!  Nothing is safe from the searing flames of justice!  You can even set the bridge
made of light in the Ravenshold cave (See =Ravenshold= section of walkthrough) aflame.  The
Fireball spell, Fire Blade, and the FlameStrike and Fire Talon bows will accomplish this

  Diving.  Jump from a great enough height into swimmable water, and Rynn will adjust her
position into a very graceful dive.  Just make sure you're looking down as you fall, or all
you'll see is her feet.  And occasionally, if you mess up, Rynn will dive face-first into
the dirt.

  Aerial stunts.  You can use both sticks to fly.  Try and pull off some daring acrobatics!
Loop-de-loops, diving corkscrews, barrel rolls...  See if you can pull off an Immelman turn!

  NPCs:  'Living' stress balls.  NPC characters are completely immune to your weapons and
magic.  Thus, if you're feeling a bit upset, take a few swings at one.  Use your stab moves
to try and get them in the crotch.  Cleave them in twain with your overhead strike!

This section covers the various types of creatures that can be found in the world of Drakan.
Note that all monsters come in a variety of sizes, but other than being bigger or smaller,
there's not much difference.

These small creatures are the generic enemies.  No matter where you go, you'll probably
find a few Grull.  Rather stupid, and cowardly in the face of extremely overwhelming
firepower.  There are several types of Grull scattered throughout the lands, most
distinguished only by being texture-swapped versions of another Grull.

Club Grull:  These are the wimpy little things you'll be first encountering.  They carry
wooden clubs with a couple of iron spikes on them.

Mace Grull:  These are slightly more powerful than their club-wielding brethren, and use a
flanged metal mace as their smash stick.

Fire Grull:  These guys have developed enough intelligence to use a rudimentary magic, and
show it off by hurling spheres of red energy at you repeatedly.  Get too close and they try
and backhand you.

Cleaver Grull:  These Grull actually seem to know what they're doing, as they carry a metal
cleaver about the size of their leg.  However, other than hitting a little harder than Club
or Mace types, they're just as stupid.

Ice Grull:  Just like the Fire Grull, only they fire orbs of blue energy that can freeze
you in place.

Grull Kong:  Giant cousins of the Grull, these creatures attack by slapping at you or
throwing things at you.  It's best to keep your distance, dodge their projectiles, and fill
them with arrows or magic.  I've coined the term Kong for them, as they remind me quite a
lot of Donkey Kong, what with the whole throwing barrels thing. =/  When they die, they
keel over forward, so try not to be under them or you'll be squished.

Bonegrinder:  A unique Grull, consult the =Bonegrinder's Lair= and the =BOSS: Bonegrinder=
sections for details.

Larger, slightly more intelligent, and stronger than Grull, these warthog-like creatures
usually dwell in the same area as Grull.  Both Wartoks and Grull possess the power of
speech, and occasionally a Grull will spot you and run away to attract the attention of a
couple Wartoks.

Wartok or Wartock?  The instruction book lists them as "Wartoks," but about half the time
they're mentioned in-game, there's a C in there.

Axe Wartoks:  These are the basic, vanilla Wartok.  Charge at you and swing.  Carry rather
large iron axes.

Shield Wartoks:  These are a bit tougher, as they're outfitted with a shield as well.  The
shield will generally protect their left side and front, so try and hit them in the axe arm
or the back.  They, too, carry an axe.

Fire Wartoks:  Carry no weapons, but fire balls of flame at you.  Will swipe at you at
close range.  Basically the same as Fire Grull.

Snotmaw:  An enormous Wartok, carrying a spiked shield and huge cleaver.  Consult the
=Snotmaw's Lair= and =BOSS: Snotmaw= sections for details.

Invisible Wartok:  Looks like a standard Axe Wartok, except after swinging at you, he'll
waver and disappear.  Note that sometimes he'll glitch upon reappearance and his axe will
be invisible until you hit him.  Refer to the =Wartok Caves= and =QUEST: The Blade of
Purest Gold= sections.

These vile amphibians dwell in the Shadowmire.  They can usually be easily spotted because
of their glowing red eyes.  Like to partially submerge in the swamp and appear to be round,
green, moving logs with glowing red eyes.  Camouflage is not their strong suit.

Green Trogs:  Your basic Trog.  It's... er... green.

Brown Trogs:  A larger, brown version of the Trog.  More hit points, but just as easily

Trog Mages:  Carry a staff, and shoot balls of lightning at you.  The balls of lightning
fire off secondary bolts as they fly, so you won't be safe just rolling out of the way.

Toadfist:  Another boss.  A good combination of magic and melee attacks, but still, he's
the first real boss of the game, thus incredibly easy.  Consult the =BOSS: Toadfist=
section for more info.

The skies above Drakan are filled with bastard cousins of the Elder Breed.  Fiercely
territorial, they will attack any foreign dragon to enter their area.  Of course, since
Arokh's the only foreign dragon around, you'll be the one they attack. =/

Fire Blackwings:  These are your basic feral dragon.  Launch balls of fire at you.  They
generally attack in pairs, which can make dodging a bit difficult.  Can be found in Surdana,
Kragmor, and the Andrellian Isles.

Bone Dragons:  The undead guardians of the =City of the Damned= and Valley of the Fallen,
these attack with lightning breath.  Four hits from these will kill a fully-healed Arokh,

Blue Blackwings:  Inhabit the frozen reaches of Ravenshold.  Just like Fire Blackwings,
only they shoot light blue breath.

Redwings:  Well, I guess that's what they're called.  Dwell in the Kragmor area, around
Snotmaw's Lair, and in the Valley of the Fallen.  Fire pink balls that trail yellow rings.

Mottled Icewings:  Lairing in the skies over Shiverbane, these aerial menaces have the
power to freeze Arokh solid, thus ensuring a smashing demise on the rocky ground below.
Fire VERY FAST shots of ice.  Try using mountains as cover, and keep moving.

Griffins:  Okay, not a dragon, but still belongs in the "Deadly flying thing" category.
Large creatures, like the mythical griffin, part eagle, part lion.  Fire intensely homing
shots of yellow energy.  They wear saddles and armor, so there's the possibility they were
the flying steeds for the Dark Union.

Mezzidrel:  This is actually more a sea serpent than a dragon.  Consult the =BOSS:
Mezzidrel= section for more detail.

Shaza and Tora:  Two ancient enemies of Arokh's, you encounter them in the Valley of the
Fallen.  Fire homing shots of dark breath.

The Grull have a rudimentary machine knowledge, and often use machines to defend their
areas.  They also install elevators and mechanical doors in their fortresses.  Of course,
Grull do not have a monopoly on mechanical enemies.

Exploding Barrels:  Well, these aren't really an enemy OR mechanical, but they fit best
here.  Tapered barrels etched with eldritch symbols.  When struck or shot, they explode,
damaging everything in the blast radius and setting things on fire.  There is NEVER any
treasure in an exploding barrel, so either avoid them entirely, or only use them to blow up
nearby enemies.

Explosive Crossbows:  Anti-dragon artillery.  These fire explosive rockets at you.  Easily
destroyed with two or three shots.

Catapults:  Not meant for anti-dragon artillery, but used in that fashion anyway.  Launches
exploding balls in an arc.  Again, two or three shots will take one out.

Fireball Trap:  Not exactly an enemy, but it can hurt you.  Fires flaming balls down the
middle of the hallway.  Stay to one side to avoid them.

Slice-N-Dice:  Again, not an enemy, but VERY deadly.  A set of spinning blades traveling
down a hallway.  Backed up by a set of spikes shooting from the wall in the nearest safe
alcove.  Consult the =Snotmaw's Lair= section for more info.

Ice Golems:  Frozen guardians of the Visionary Amethyst, these horrendous machines will
either fire a beam of pure cold at you, draining your energy and freezing you in mid-stride,
or swat and crush you, knocking off a good 3/4ths of your life.  Stay FAR away and DODGE.

Ice Shooters:  Encountered in the frozen realms of Shiverbane, these magical cannons fire
twisting bolts of ice towards you.  Only slightly more difficult than Explosive Crossbows.

Dog-like creatures that lair in packs.  Where there's one, there's more.  No variations
found yet.

Giant spiders can be found in several areas around Drakan.  They attack by either jumping
at you or standing up and slashing.  Bows/magic or overhead slashes are the way to go.
Apart from ranging in size, no variations have been reported.

The undead.  What would a self-respecting RPG/sword-N-sorcery game be without wading
through legions of bodies ripped from defiled graves?  These unholy creatures attack with
axes.  How they got so many, I'll never know.  Consult the =Catacombs= section for details
on fighting them.

Bone Lord:  Guardian of the skeletal warriors in the Catacombs, he takes umbrage at you
destroying his brothers in bone.  Consult the =BOSS: Bone Lord= section.

Skeletal Archers:  Fire nasty arrows covered in a sickly yellow light.  Otherwise about the
same as normal skeletons.

Soulless:  Elite guards of the Desert Lords, these creatures are very powerful, but still
die quite easily.  One variation uses a sword and a ring of fire attack, the other
variation uses a bow.

Gothraul, Lord of Ghouls:  The boss of the =Lower Ruins=.  Bears two large swords and has a
rather macabre sense of chivalry.  Unique in that he does not drop a weapon when he dies.

In the frozen wastes of Ravenshold, the yeti have struggled back from the brink of
extinction.  Well, guess it's up to you to drive them back again.

Small Yeti:  "THAT'S the Yeti?  Aww, it's soo wittle!"  Basically like an Ice Grull, but
stronger.  Flings exploding snowballs at you, which can freeze you solid.

Normal Yeti:  Roughly the size of a Grull Kong, these hurl snowballs, barrels, and other
smaller enemies at you.  Fortunately, you'll usually encounter them while flying, so
they're easy to toast.  Don't get too close, however, or they'll blast you with freezing

Daemog:  Big poppa yeti.  Imagine a Grull Kong.  Now imagine it about three times bigger.
Now imagine it with an infinite supply of freezing ammunition.  Yes, "Ouch" is right.
Consult the =BOSS: Daemog= section.

Large, dark-skinned denizens of Shiverbane.  Speak in a language of their own, rather than
the broken English of the Grull and Wartoks.

Motorized Mace Half-Man:  (MMHM) These carry large hammers with a wicked-looking pointy
part.  The pointy part twists, making it seem like they're attacking you with a large
automatic corkscrew.

Archer Half-Man:  (AHM) Carry crossbows, which fire fast-moving projectiles at you.  The
only way to tell them from MMHMs at a distance is if they see you and start shooting at you
instead of rushing towards you.  Deal with them as you would any distance enemy.  Be
careful, as their quarrels can freeze you in place.

Maulgak:  Boss of the Half-Men, he's about like the other bosses you've faced so far.  Big,
powerful, has a big weapon that drops when you kill him.  Uses an ice-based attack like
what Bonegrinder and the Bone Lord use.

7. Walkthrough
Here it is.  The main section of this guide.  The varying sections of the game are written
=like this=, so you can easily find them by searching for =The Mushroom Caves=, =Catacombs=,
=Kragmor=, etc.  Of course, some sections are named the same, like the multiple instances
of =Surdana=.  This guide assumes you will be reading the instructions, and have already
begun a new game.  Controls in this guide are written by capitalizing the directions and
using S, C, T, and X for Square, Circle, Triangle, and X, respectively.  Thus, the Spin
Attack would be Down-Up, S.  Directions are determined by which way the arrow around the
Mana Glass is pointing.  Thus, if the arrow points up, you're going north.  Down, south.
Left, west.  I'm sure you can guess which way you're going if the arrow points right.
Starting from where the story segments end...

After the intro sequence, you will be left to your own devices, for the most part.
Whenever you encounter something you haven't yet done, a small in-game tutorial will pop up
and instruct you.  Weapons, jumping/hanging, bow use, controlling Arokh...

Your first task is to meet Lady Myschala at the Palace.  Sounds simple, right?  Well, there
are a few obstacles in the way.  First, it's a bit of a stroll.  As you start, you can see
a pavilion ahead of you.  The guard there tells you that there's a dummy set up for combat
practice.  Hey, I'm a member of the Order of the Flame, bonded to a Dragon.  Do I LOOK like
I need practice?  Anyway, practice if you want, but the main reason you're there is for
personal gain.  There's a chest in the pavilion.  Approach it, and the contents magically
spew out.  In this case, money.  There is also a barrel that may be broken (Try a Down-Down,
S attack), and usually contains a Goblet (worth 50 gold).

Continue down the path.  Be careful you don't fall off the cliff.  It's not easy to do, but
I managed it my first time playing. =/  When you reach a fenced segment of cliff, three
Grull will accost you and demand all your shineys.  Well, you're certainly not going to
waste your hard-earned money on them, are you?  Time to get a little bloody.  They're not
too hard, just don't let them surround you.  You should get a Potion of Life from Olak (The
different-colored one.)  Before you move on, open your inventory and HotSlot the potion you
just got.  Simply highlight it and press X.  Turn east into the alcove they jumped out of
and head uphill into a small cave.  Yay, more shineys.  Three barrels, a crate, and a chest
await.  Head out of the alcove and run on to the south.

As you approach a bridge, another dragon flies by.  That is a Blackwing Dragon, which could
be easily taken out by a six-year old with a slingshot.  Well, not really, but Arokh is
more than a match for it.  Pity Arokh's not here, though.  Keep going.  Uh-oh, the bridge
is broken.  What are all those taxpayer gold pieces going towards if adventurers have to
jump across broken bridges?  Jump across and pull yourself up.  If you miss, the fall isn't
great enough to kill you, or even hurt you.

Next up is an ingenious Grull trap.  Ooh, pity about the poor sod under that tree.  Well,
makes a nice prompt for the Rolling tutorial.  Kill the approaching Grull and receive two
Health Elixirs.  HotSlot them.  There's nothing up the hill, so continue downhill to the
next pavilion and an archery lesson.  Grab the bow off the table, HotSlot it, and fire off
a few shots if you think you need it.  Continue on into town.  The guard at the gate says
you'll need to take the lift.  But, let's explore Surdana a bit first, eh?


As you enter, a cutscene occurs.  Watch the pretty effects and listen to the storyline.
Jade's Magic Emporium is now added to your map.  For now, turn left and talk to the
nervous-looking man ahead.  Oh, dear.  I hope you're not afraid of spiders.

=Quest: The Villager's Cellar=

Enter the villager's house and ransack his chests before moving on to the lower levels.  I
suggest you use your bow for this, as the things are hard to hit with your little knife.
Kill the first one ("Oh, my!  Look at the size of these things!"), break the barrels with
your knife (Remember how to switch between HotSlotted weapons? Press R1, use L1/R1 or the
D-Pad to search for the weapon, and press S or X to equip it.), and, for simplicity's sake,
move straight on.  The three spiders in the next room should each take three arrows to kill.
Unless you miss.  Break the barrels in here for some gold, and open the chest for another
Health Elixir.  Go down the next set of stairs and turn left.  Three more spiders await you
here.  More barrels, two crates, and a Wood Club lie in this room.  Leave the room and go
left again.  Whaddaya know, three more spiders.  Kill them to hear Rynn mention that it
seems like they're all dead now.  Grab your well-earned booty from the chest in this room,
and turn to the left from the way you came in.  Attack the wall here a few times to reveal
an alcove with a switch.  Press L1 to activate it.  Now head up the next stairs.  Turn left
again in the next room, go up the stairs, and when you return to the room, head for the
closed door next to the bed.  It should open, revealing another lever.  Pull it.  Then,
exit the house and speak to the villager again to receive your reward.  250 Gold.  Not too


Now, from the villager, turn left and head to the next building you see.  The sign outside
says, "Sorolla's Tavern."  Well, there's always news to be had in a Tavern, isn't there?
From your point of entry, speak to the man at the lower right table.  He informs you of the
Inquisitor, who we shall visit at a later time.  Speak to the bartender for news of another
sidequest, the Brothers of the Word.  No one else has much of interest to say.  Leave the

Run down the road until you come to a building on your right.  This is the blacksmith's
shop, home to a man who would obviously rather be out there smashing skulls than in there
smashing iron.  I recommend selling the Wood Club you got, as it's not durable enough or
powerful enough to carry you through tough times, and you'll be needing the inventory space.
Buy a Wood Shield (If you want, I got rid of shields later, due to lack of space) and
whichever weapon strikes your fancy.  Either the Steel Scimitar, Steel Short Sword, Iron
Axe, or Iron Club are serious contenders.  I personally went with the Scimitar.  HotSlot
and equip your new weapon and shield, removing your old dagger from the HotSlots.  Note
that when you switch from the sword to the bow, your shield is unequipped and must be re-
equipped when you change back to the sword or it will have no effect.  Now, behind you and
to the right is another door.  If you broke the wall and pulled the two levers in the
villager's house, this door will be open.  Pull the lever in there.

These three levers pave the way to another lever and a ton of money later in the game.  For
now, leave the blacksmith's.

Continue on across the square from the blacksmith's to reach the Alchemist's shop.  Here
you may buy potions of healing and Mana.  You'll also begin the Blackwing Egg sidequest.
If you need potions (You shouldn't), buy some.  Then, leave the laboratory and turn right.
Head back towards the bar, but head past it towards the tower you see in the distance.
Enter and ride the lift up.  Continue on across the bridge and into the Palace.

After the storyline, You will receive 300 Gold and Arokh will deposit you in front of the
blacksmith's shop.  Talk to him again to initiate the Toadfist's Helm sidequest.

Your next mission is to infiltrate the Shadowmire and retrieve the Cipher Rune from the
Tree of Mourning.  But, let's do some exploring first.  Turn right from the blacksmith's
and head out the gate and across the bridge.  Go down the hill and head for the house you
see.  Not STRAIGHT down, mind you.  Head left and go around.  On your way, you should see a
sign pointing the way to the Shadowmire.  We'll come back to that later.

The lady in the garden has a bit of a chip on her shoulder.  Just ignore her and raid her
house for gold.  Continue south from her gate, and east, killing a few unfortunate Grull on
your way.  At one point, you should turn east and come to a house, where the farmer will
mention his wife went for mushrooms and hasn't returned.  And yes, you CAN kill the

=The Mushroom Caves=

From the farmer's house, head south, then east, then turn north, then east until you reach
a cave entrance.  Now SAVE!  You're about to enter a dungeon, and you haven't saved since
the start of the game.  Now on to one of the butt-ugliest monsters I've seen in a while.
Combat with these guys is basically the same as with all other melee enemies.  Hack-hack-
hack, roll back to avoid attack, run in, repeat until one or the other of you dies.  Move
on into a large room with a ledge running around it.  Kill the two that come at you, then
whip out your bow and try to take out the one you can see on the opposite ledge.  It's a
bit far for your current bow, but you can manage. 7 or 8 good hits should take it down.  If
you turn right and cross the small lake below, you can obtain a Bitter Touch (8 Attack, 300
Durability, Very Fast, Armor Piercing, cool visual effect, can freeze enemies) from the
alcove with the glowing blue mushrooms.  The path onward, however, lies to the left.

As you enter the next room, stop, look, and listen.  Those Scavengers make a distinctive
sound.  You can tell roughly where they are by what ear the sound is coming in.  Continue
to your right and down the path, making a quick left into the cave at the bottom of the
large dirt mound.  Three of the things are in here, and another one should come skulking
around the corner as you're finishing those three off.  There's a bag of 150 Gold inside
the small cave, next to a couple skeletons.  Give a small prayer for the departed souls,
nab their goodies, and move on.  As you exit the small cave, look up with the right stick
and you should see two more beasts on top of the next ledge.  If you feel like it, take out
your bow and snipe them off.  I gained a level at this point, and added it to Melee Skill.

Moving on, the columned area contains another Scavenger, two treasure chests, and a Steel
Club on the central altar.  This weapon is more powerful than your current one, but slower.
You decide whether to equip it or not.  Continue up the hill and across the ledge.  If you
didn't deal with the beasts before, you'll have to now.  Be careful on the ledge, as the
path narrows in places.  Stay close to the wall and stay safe.  In the next tunnel, head to
the left and along the ledge you could see in the first room.

The next passageway has an easily overlooked alcove with a beast and 150 Gold in it.  Keep
going through the next two beasts until you find the farmer's wife.  Gee, she looks to be
in good shape for someone who survived a monster's lair.  Speak to her and continue onward
until you come to a doorway of white stone.  Push the rock out of the way and head out of
the cave.  The wife will thank you and "run" off.  Follow her back to the farm and speak to
the farmer to receive your just reward, 300 Gold.


Return to Surdana and sell the items you don't think you'll need.  If you really can't
decide whether or not to sell something, just drop it in a corner of the shop.  You can
usually come back for it later.  If you have the money and think you need it, go ahead and
buy the Ornate Leather armor.  Now then.  Time to buy some magic.  Head left out of the
blacksmith's shop, and swim down the stream, past the waterwheel, until you come to the
waterfall.  Stand on the rock in the middle of the fall, and SAVE!  If you missed, you'd
have been right back at the beginning of the Mushroom Cave.  Take a running jump off the
rock.  You should land safely in the water at the bottom of the falls.  Swim southeast
until you come to a path uphill.  Follow it until you reach a large tower.  Your map should
confirm that this is Jade's Magic Emporium.  Enter and speak to Jade.  She will give you
more information about the Desert Lords and offer a wide selection of magic.  Nearly every
spell in the game, in fact.  I would recommend Fear, for your first spell.  You probably
don't have much money or Magic Skill yet, anyway.  When you're done buying magic, go down
the hill and head north along/through the river until you reach a gate. Speak to the guard
and he will open it.  Run through and save when it prompts you, and you will enter...

"*Cough, cough* Ugh, what a stink!  What sort of place have you sent me to, Arokh?"

Run along the bank and speak to the man to begin the Missing Daughter sidequest.  Continue
on along the bridge.  You can't do anything about the closed gate to the right, so continue
to the left and down.  When you reach the actual wet part of the marsh, go south first.
Kill everything you encounter.  Trogs aren't that different from Grulls, just a tiny bit
harder.  Oh, and the brown ones are harder than the green ones.  As you move north, you'll
encounter a Trog Mage.  These can be deadly, but snipe them from behind a tree and you
should be fine.  Keep going north until you reach a cave.  Rather lovely decoration outside,
isn't it?  I guess this game earns its "M" rating.  Explore the inside for a few barrels, a
Rusty Short Sword, and one very unsettling soup.

Leave the cave and head roughly northwest from the signpost.  See those platforms?  You can
get to them by jumping from the banks.  If at first you don't succeed, try again at a
different spot.  On the second platform, you'll encounter your first exploding barrel.
You'll recognize it by its tapered appearance and row of symbols along the top and bottom.
Take out the normal barrel next to it with a poke, not a swing.  Jump to the next platform
and follow the walkway to a few more barrels.  Jump to the next one to the west, then
northeast to the next higher one.  Break the barrels, then climb the crates and jump west
to the next platform.  Now you have to start jumping downwards.  Look and aim carefully for
best results.  As usual, barrels and chests are scattered along your route.  When you land,
return to the east to collect the enemies you skipped on your journey through the trees.  A
cave nearby holds a Short Wood Bow, a Health Elixir, and several crates, barrels, and
exploding barrels.  Another cave holds a Half Mana, gold, and barrels.  Continue in a
northerly direction and you will reach a segment of stone ruins.  Barrels float in the
water nearby, and may be broken in the usual manner.  Jump inside the ruins to find another
barrel.  SAVE.

A cave further along holds some goodies for you, plus a Trog.  A Brown Trog and a Trog Mage
will accost you as you continue your northward trek.  Beware!  Up ahead lies a trap of
fiendish design and complexity!  The fiercest of warriors are no match for its brutal
efficiency!  ...It's a swinging spiked log.  Just roll under it.

No matter which way you go in the next area, you'll run afoul of arrow traps.  These rise
out of the water and shoot darts at you.  Fortunately, using the tree sniping method or
simply hiding behind a tall stump will render them impotent.  Two arrows will take them out.
I recommend exploring the whole area before going up the hill.  Be careful, there's a Trog
Mage in the area as well as around five of those arrow traps.  On a raised wooden platform
(Climb a ladder to get there) lies a Potion of Invisibility!  Quite useful, and sells for a
goodly chunk.  Take a moment to SAVE, then head up the hill to the east.

Upon reaching the stone ruins, speak with the arrogant man standing there, and then
continue on your way.  After a couple of Trogs, you'll reach a fork in the path.  Go
downhill for now.  Cross the bridge and explore the cave.  You should find some gold and a
Health Elixir.  Cross back over the bridge and continue uphill.  SAVE before entering the
next cave.  Inside lie a Potion of Life, several Trogs, and some gold.  Be careful of holes
in the floor of the stone segment.  Exit the cave and continue downhill.  At the end of the
upcoming bridge waits a Trog Mage.  Really hard to jump across the gaps in the bridge when
you're getting zapped.  Either take him out with arrows (Though he's a little out of range)
or try out that Fear spell, maybe.  Once across the bridge, head northwest and down the
hill.  Before jumping to the platform, take out the defenseless Trog with your bow.

Once off the platforms and in the water, head southwest first.  A few arrow traps stand in
your way, and that's it.  All that was for was experience.  Now head northeast.

=QUEST: The Missing Daughter=

Three Trogs stand ready to roast the poor woman at the stake.  While I'm sure it's
delicious, I have a mild objection to long pig barbecue.  And so does Rynn, who objects
with the power of cold steel.  After defeating the Trogs, Rynn sets the girl free, who then
says she can find her way back on her own.  That's even more unbelievable than the farmer's
wife coming through that cave without a scratch.

=Shadowmire Continued=

Climb the ladder and beat off the Trogs waiting for you.  If they're already attacking the
ladder above you, climb back down, back off, and take them out with your bow.  SAVE.
Explore the cave for a little gold, a Health Elixir, and... Oops, a broken ladder.  Kill
the Trog waiting for you and continue.

Now you enter spider country.  Time for the bow.  These are tricky bastards.  They'll lie
in wait on the ceilings, then spin down nearly on top of you.  If one approaches and stops
a little ways ahead of you, roll or jump backwards, since it's about to leap.  Be careful
of the BIG bastard in the next chamber.  Look up and hit your target lock button to catch
the ones on the ceiling.  Keep heading through the tunnels, shooting spiders.  There's
another big one up ahead.  Keep going until you come to a lift.  At the top, head through
the tunnels to the north.  Exit the cave, and congratulations!  You've reached the Tree of
Mourning!  From where you are, you can see an entry into the base of the tree.  Just head
in and... Whoops.  Should've known this wouldn't be that easy.  Head back out of the tree,
then north and into the cave.

Slay the Trogs and cross the log bridge, then snag the gold from the treasure chest to the
northwest.  Head east along the ledge, and SAVE when you get to the pit you need to jump.
Continue on and jump to the platform.  Time to start jumping downwards again.  If you look
around, you can see where you'll need to jump to.  At the bottom, three Trogs and a Trog
Mage wait.  Fear helps a hell of a lot there.  Continue until you find a sign that says
"KEEP OUT."  SAVE.  Continue on to reach the Hermit's Hut.  Explore the outside to obtain a
Rusty Axe, then enter the hut.

Take the key from the wall to the left, then open the chest for a Potion of Life and a
Steel Club.  If you're running out of room, feel free to drop one of your Rusty items.
You're probably out of arrows for your first bow, too.  Go ahead and drop it, it won't do
you much good without ammo.  Head out of the hut and head south until you reach a cave.
Kill the creatures in here.  I gained a level at this point, and added it to Magic Skill.
A Wood Long Bow and some barrels wait at the stone ruins, plus you can jump through the
hole in the back for a Potion of Life.  Moving on, we come to a sealed passageway.  This is
what we need the Blasting Pot to open.  Head out of the cave and continue along the
shoreline to the north until you reach Tull's Mine.

Enter the mine and turn left.  The first satchel lies on a table just past the first lift.
The second satchel sits on a table at the top of the lift.  Continue on, killing Trogs as
you go.  Ride the next lift, and grab the third satchel from the table at the top.  Keep
going through the cave until you reach an exit.  Run along the path until you reach another
cave opening.  The fourth satchel should be just inside.  To continue on, you'll need to
pull the lever by the next lift.  This leads back into the first cave, so you can now give
the four Powder Satchels to the Hermit and receive the Blasting Pot.  At this point, I
ditched the Short Bow I had in favor of the Long Bow.

Take the Blasting Pot back to the sealed passageway.  Blow it open and SAVE.  Take a right
at the big idol to smash a few barrels, then continue in the opposite direction.  Continue
past the lift and take out the two Trogs on the other side of the gate.  You can either use
your bow, or poke your sword/club/axe through the holes.  Now, go down the lift.  A Trog
Mage and three or four more Trogs dwell in the small lake ahead.  Take either passageway,
it doesn't matter.  But there are a couple of barrels in the left-hand passage.

In the next chamber, defeat the Trogs and take the passageway between the two you came from.
Oh, look, it's the blowhard from before.  Might as well rescue him.  Pull the lever and
talk to him.  He looks a bit the worse for wear, don't you think?  Anyway, there are a
couple of barrels in the other cell.  Head back upstairs and take the passageway opposite
your position.  This contains a few barrels and a Health Elixir.  Leave the room with the
Elixir and turn right.  You should see a fallen column pointing the way to a hole in the
wall.  Go through said hole.  Another Trog Mage.  Continue up the hill, kill the Trogs, and
SAVE.  Head through the stone hall into a kitchen, then out through the east.

This leads to the library.  One of the shelves has a ladder attached to it.  Climb up, SAVE,
then jump to the square stone ring supporting the central brazier.  A couple bags of gold
await.  When you're done up there, return to the shelf with the ladder and climb down.  You
can try and jump from the brazier or supporting chains to the fallen bookshelf, but there's
a good chance you'll be hurt in the fall.

I'm going to assume you already know to search the rooms for barrels by now, and avoid the
explosive ones.  In the next room, jump over the cages and into a stone passageway to reach
a large spider and a treasure chest containing a Full Mana, a Potion of Life, and an
Invulnerability Potion!  Jump through the hole into the room below, and kill everything
there.  Head north now.  You should reach the area under the tree.  Grab the Rune and
return the way you came.  As you go, a cutscene shows a grate opening and releasing a few
Trogs at you.  Kill the Trogs and head into the newly opened tunnel.  SAVE.  Continue along
through the Dining Hall.  A bit further, a Trog Mage will attempt to snipe at you from an
elevated position, so snipe back from the cover of that stack of cages.

From the next room, you can look down into Toadfist's throne room, but don't try jumping in.
Head west instead.  Take the lift down, and continue downhill.  When you reach the barrels,
break them, heal, and SAVE.  Then, enter the throne room.

=BOSS: Toadfist=

As you'd expect from the first real boss in a game, Toadfist is... wimpy.  But don't take
him lightly.  Stay at close range and beat the slime out of him.  He has a long-range magic
attack that nearly always hits, no matter how you dodge.  His close-range attack is either
a simple swipe, or a lengthy whirlwind attack.  A successful weapon parry can knock him out
of his whirlwind.  Just keep beating on him and don't let up.  When the battle is over,
grab his helm and the contents of the chests and barrels and continue out.

=Shadowmire Continued=

Head straight north until you exit the cave and come to a bridge.  SAVE.  As you cross the
bridge, it breaks, dropping you into the swamp below.  Here, four Trog Mages are shooting
at the idiot you rescued earlier.  Snipe them from behind trees, but watch out for the
secondary bolts from their projectiles.  Once he's rescued, he gives you a mystical book to
unlock a powerful sword.  Head north through the swamp, not up the hill, until you reach a
stone platform.  Step up onto it and Rynn reads from the tome and unlocks the door.  SAVE.

Enter the tomb and be prepared for a fight.  There is a way to avoid it, but you get
experience for the fight.  To avoid the fight, line yourself up so the sword is between you
and the door.  Run full-tilt boogie forward, grabbing the sword on your way to the door.
Roll through the door, and you should make it before the portcullis closes.

To fight, simply grab the sword.  Equip it immediately, since it's better than anything you
have currently.

=BOSS: Skeleton (x4)=

Four Skeletons pop up, one in each corner of the room.  They chase you around, hacking at
you with their axes.  Running attacks are probably best here.  Just keep moving.  If you're
running, and one's running right behind, take a moment to stop and stab backwards, then
start running again.  After enough random hacking, they should all die.  Leave the tomb and
head up the path you saw previously.

=Shadowmire Concluded=

That's right, you're nearly done!  And you now have a shiny new magic sword.  The Earth
Blade.  Only problem is, you can't parry with it until you use up all its charges.

Continue along the path and through the cave.  Kill the last vestiges of the Trogs, loot
their treasure, and pull the lever to open the gate.  You're right back near the start of
the level now.  Cross the bridge and speak to the man to receive the reward for saving his
daughter, a Potion of Life, and a 225 Gold Diamond.  Head through the tunnel and out.

Chances are, things really need repair right now.  After the cutscene, go visit the
blacksmith to claim your reward for bringing back the helm, and repair your stuff with that
money.  If you bought the leather armor, go ahead and sell it now.  There's Chain Armor
available.  If you don't feel like selling the Bitter Touch just yet, go ahead and drop it
on the floor.  It'll stay there.  Same with your Invisibility and Mana Potions as well.

Now that you have Arokh, the whole of Surdana lies open to you.  For now, fly to the Palace,
then south to the Mother's Eye.  From there, turn west and follow the river below you.
Here, a Blackwing dragon sits on its nest.  Shoot it down, land next to the nest, and
collect the three eggs it was guarding.  Remember that the alchemist pays good money for
those.  Further down that path, the gateway to the Valley of the Fallen lies closed to you.
You will return there later.

Now, fly back to the palace and then east past the magic shop.  Just past there, turn south
and fly until you reach the monastery of the Brothers of the Sacred Word.  Land, dismount,
and enter the monastery.  Turn left and speak to the man at the table.  Then, head west,
turn south, and speak to the man in front of the empty bookcase.  Leave your bow here,
along with any items you don't think you'll need.  I went in with just the Earth Blade, the
Chain Armor, Elixirs and Potions, and the Dagger.  Head down the stairs and save when it
prompts you to enter...

"Whoa.  Niiice monks...  Remember your vows, now!"

The only enemies in this dungeon are axe-wielding skeletons.  They're not as hard as the
ones in the room you got the Earth Blade in.  Three good hits from the Earth Blade and
they'll go down.  Note:  Some of the walls here will break when you attack them.  If a wall
looks funny, try whacking it.

Approach the first sarcophagus to bring the skeleton out.  Kill it, then head south and
look around the prop skeleton for an Iron Club.  The door at the end of the hall is blocked
off for now.  But, as you turn to leave, the wall should collapse, revealing another
skeleton and a stairway down.  Two more skeletons jump out at you as you make your way down
the hall.  Examine the alcove on the right for a treasure chest with some gold.  Continue
down the hall, slaying skeletons as you encounter them.  After the torches go out, enter
the alcove the skeleton busts out of for a Half Mana.

Grab the next Half Mana from the sarcophagus across from the one the next skeleton jumps
from, then pull the lever a bit further on.  This prompts another wall to collapse, with a
skeleton, a Potion of Life, and a Full Mana.  Continue up the stairs and the wall in front
of you will break.  Turn left and go through the door.

In the next room, slay the skeletons in the caskets, and then go down the stairs.  SAVE.
The ledge across the way will rise up, so jump and hang to get across.  Resist the urge to
jump down the stairs.  You'll probably get hurt.  The walls on either side of the next room
can be broken, revealing a skeleton, a Steel Mace, and some cash.  Continue on to the south.
When you reach the stairs, attack the wall across from them for a skeleton and some gold.
SAVE and go up the stairs.

The doors close, and you must fight 16 skeletons in the dark, five at a time.  Fortunately,
their eyes glow.  Try jumping on top of a sarcophagus and using the Downward Slash from
there.  Collect the goodies from the chests, and head out of the room to the south.  Slay
the one in the hall, then enter the next room.  10 skeletons jump out of sarcophagi one or
two at a time.  Not too hard.  Head west into the next room.  Wait for the floor to stop
collapsing, then jump across and up to the western doorway.

Continue straight for an Iron Club, some gold and potions.  SAVE, then head north and down
the stairs into an interior decorator's nightmare.

=BOSS: Bone Lord=

This guy has a cool flaming sword.  He only has two attacks, however.  A normal sword slash
or combo, and an expanding ring of fire spell.  He's not even that hard, really.  Just keep
at him.  He's pretty slow and clumsy, plus he's brittle.  10-12 hits should do him in.
Grab the Flamestrike that drops from his body. (15 Attack, 300 Durability, Fast, Armor
Piercing, sets enemies afire, has fire-based magical attack).  Now explore the two southern
niches for some gold and an Invulnerability Potion (Attack the wall at one point).  When
you're done there, enter the northern alcove and step on the glowing metal thing.  You will
be teleported to the beginning of the dungeon.  Head up the stairs and save at the prompt.


Speak to the man at the table in the large room to receive 1000 Gold.  Now, you most likely
don't have room for everything you dropped there.  Fly back to the blacksmith's and sell
your excess, then return for your bow.  All right.  Once you've taken care of your excess
and grabbed your bow from the monastery, fly out of the valley along the right wall.  Two
Blackwing Dragons fly about this area.  Do I need to tell you to kill them?  Continue to
the east and you will encounter three Explosive Crossbows, Grull-operated anti-dragon
artillery.  Lock on, circle, and fire away.  At this point, you should see a bridge
crossing a river and waterfall.  Fly along that path and take out the Wartoks you can see.
Land next to the pile of crates for a few barrels and a chest with some gold.  The gate
further in will open when you return here from Ravenshold.

Fly back to the northwest, and you should see a cave at the point where the river splits.
Land, SAVE, and enter.  An enormous chicken (WTF!) makes its lair here.  Kill it to receive
a Golden Egg (1000 Gold).  It won't move, so you can stand back and pelt it with arrows or
spells (I recommend spells).

Take off, turn east, and fly until you see a campfire.  Two Wartoks rest here, easy prey
for Arokh's fire breath.  Or, if you feel like it, land and take them out by hand.  A
little gold waits for you here.  Next, turn and walk or fly Arokh along the path to the
west.  Two more Wartoks, a little more EXP, a little more gold.  Now head across the bridge
(On foot, or fly above it), and make sure you're on Arokh before you cross the next bridge.
Another campfire, two more Wartoks, some more gold.  Another Wartok should attack you with
fireballs from a locked cave to the east.  Take him out, then fly up a little bit.  Land on
the rocky outcrop just to the right of the closed cave, dismount, SAVE, and enter the cave.
Follow the path, killing things as you go.  Beware of Fire Wartoks, target lock on them and
roll/jump away from their shots if possible.  You should get some gold and maybe a potion
or two.  I gained a level here, and added it to Melee Skill, so I could use the Flamestrike.

From the cave exit, call and mount Arokh, then fly east.  A cave loaded with Grull awaits
on top of the next cliff.  An Invisibility Potion, an Iron Axe, and some gold are your
rewards here.

Fly back to town and repair/restock.  Switch to the Flamestrike if you've got the skills
necessary.  Now go dive off the waterfall (Or dive off the west bridge, or fly down), and
enter the cave under the waterfall.  SAVE at the prompt, and prepare yourself for...

=The Inquisitor's Lair=

The first enemy you encounter is a Fire Wartok at the end of a long, coverless run.  Snipe
at him until he starts shooting at you, then run at him.  Roll from side to side and keep
running forward.  When you get close, target lock and keep rolling from side to side.  Snag
the treasure from this area, then head onward.  The path downwards is to the north, and
there's another of those damnable Fire Wartoks.  Another Wartok armed with axe and shield
accompanies him.  Further along wait two more Fire Wartoks and a Shield Wartok.

Enter the braced cave for some gold, potions, and a Steel Club.  Pull the lever at the end
to open the path leading further on.  Return through the cave and turn left.  Two Axe
Wartoks rush out to greet you.  Kill them and go on.  Two Fire Wartoks and two other
Wartoks lurk around the corner, so be careful.  Enter the room with the bridge and SAVE.

A Shield Wartok charges at you from the ruins on the right.  Kill it and explore the ruins
for a Fire Wartok, an Axe Wartok, gold, Mana, potions, and an Iron Hammer.  Also, on top of
the ruins is the Crown of Thorns, a unique club.  Not too good, but interesting at least.
Head past the bridge and towards the other set of ruins.  Don't go through the door, but
instead, sneak around the wall.  This gives you the chance to ambush and totally massacre a
Fire Wartok.  Grab the gold, Mana, and Invulnerability Potion that lies around here.  SAVE
and prepare to actually cross the bridge now.

Try sniping the Fire Wartoks from behind the braziers, or test your mad dodging skillz by
charging straight across and taking them out hand-to-hand.  Enter the stone passage and
follow it in either direction to reach the Lair of the Inquisitor.  Listen to it for a
while.  It's mildly interesting, I suppose.

=BOSS: The Inquisitor=

Okay, time to kill old mummy-face.  Run down the path until you're close to the end of
cover.  Now, drink the Invulnerability Potion you just got.  Sure, it's cheap, but this
guy's deadly!  Now run in and beat on him!  Once he dies, grab the gold from the treasure
chests and speak to the villager for his thanks.  Now head to the back of the room, step on
the teleporter, and head out.


Head to a relatively clear area and call Arokh.  Now, return to the tavern to get the
reward for killing the Inquisitor.  3000 Gold. Good Job. :D

Now, go repair your badly damaged stuff, restock on potions if needed, and then head to the
magic shop.  Jade now gives you the Necromancer sidequest.  This is your most difficult
quest yet, but the rewards are awesome.  Go ahead and buy a spell if you want.  If you have
level 2 Magic Skill, I recommend Time Slow.  Now, climb back on Arokh and fly to the area
over the town.  Exit the town to the northwest and SAVE.  Keep going to the northwest and
you should enter a canyon.  Four Explosive Crossbows are scattered along the canyon walls.
Defeat them and SAVE.  Sidewing around the corner to face your first Bone Dragon.  These
guys are fairly tough, possessing lightning breath, which seems to have a much higher
splash radius than your own fire.  If you get badly injured, fly off in retreat, and use a
Potion.  Of course, three or four hits will kill you, and it's hard to dodge. >_<  Try
saving every time you defeat one.

Once all four are defeated, head towards the big ugly black lump.  Land on the platform
about halfway up, and enter the tower.  Run up the stairs, step on the teleporter, and SAVE
when it prompts you.  Now you're ready for...

=City of the Damned=

A small pocket universe, created by arcane magics and populated with the restless souls of
the brutally killed.  The skeletons here aren't any more difficult than the ones in the
monastery.  I hope I don't need to tell you that falling off these platforms is not good?

You can climb the tower and use the bow's sniper view to get a good view of the surrounding
terrain.  When you're ready to continue, head downhill to the northwest.  As you reach the
bottom and go through the arch, two skeletons pull themselves from their unclean graves and
attack with all the force of something with no muscles. =/  Now that you have the
Flamestrike, two strikes will do to set them on fire, and the residual fire will finish
them off.  If you're in a hurry, however, three strikes will kill them outright.  Take care
of the other two skeletons in this area, and grab the gold from the chests.

Cross the bridge and three more skels attack.  There's some gold and a Full Mana in the
alcove to the left.  The next area lies at the end of a mildly tricky jump.  Just run as
far as you can and jump and you should be fine.  SAVE.  Two more skeletons attack, along
with the transmission of a rather spooky message.  Grab the treasure from the chests and
barrel and head for the next bridge.  Uh oh...  Looks like you'll need to make a nice big

Don't worry about the mummy-thing.  It won't attack, and you can't hurt it.  This section
of graveyard is home to a large number of skeletons, and quite a few rather unsettling
trees.  These skeletons will occasionally drop Health Elixirs, Mana, or Potions of Life.
Just go around the area, hacking and slashing like mad.  If you find a cave, run around
outside some more and make sure you've got everything.  I gained a level at this point, and
added it to Archery.

From the cave, head west and you should come to a tree with a sword stuck in it.  Grab it.
This is the Lastat's Blade, which absorbs life from your enemies.  Unfortunately, you need
5 Melee Skill to use it.  Now, head back to the cave, enter, and SAVE.  Before going for
Khossa Vole's body, explore the room.  There should be four alcoves in this room, with
skeletons in two and treasure in the others.

=BOSS:  Khossa Vole=

Take up a position inside one of the southern alcoves, heal, and SAVE.  Now switch to your
bow and target the body.  Shoot it a few times, and it should pop up to full health.
Killing it once triggers an Inquisitor-like beast to appear at the south wall.  Killing the
body for a second time makes the mummy vulnerable.  Now, go beat down the mummy.  It's a
bit tough, but quite doable.  He has two attacks:  One is a split shot of green energy, the
other is a homing green skull.  Both are quite hard to dodge even at long range.

Continue south into the alcove the mummy burst out of.  Grab the treasure and the
Gravestone from the pillar.  Now step on the teleporter to leave the infernal place.


Call Arokh and mount.  See that pretty sparkly thing to the west?  Fly through it to obtain
Arokh's devastating Sonic Breath.  Press L1 while riding him to switch between breath

Fly back to the magic shop.  Jade is quite grateful for your destruction of the evil, evil
man, and offers to teach you your next spell for free.  If you've already learned all the
spells available at your level, no matter.  You'll return here later.

NOTE:  It seems there is a slight enemy respawn after this quest!  As I was exploring, I
encountered a group of two Mace Grulls, two Fire Grulls, and a Club Grull near the
Monastery of the Brothers of the Holy Word.  I could have sworn they weren't there before,
but I could be wrong.  I did not encounter any other enemies in my explorations.

It now appears that that respawn is not the result of completing the quest.  That spawn
happens when you walk through the tunnel from below.  So, if you happen to walk to the
monastery instead of fly, you'll encounter that set of Grull.  Thanks to
PoopEatingFool@aol.com for that info.

This is your LAST CHANCE to do anything in this realm for a while!  You will not be able to
return to this land until a few plot points are resolved!

Repair and restock, then, when you've decided you're ready, fly to the magic shop and turn
east.  Fly east and follow the sea passage until you are prompted to save.  If you still
have unfinished business, back out now (Triangle).  Otherwise, continue on to...

=The Andrellian Isles=
The Isles are a region beset by a magical storm.  Heavy winds have turned the place into a
Devil's Triangle.  Ships get in, but they can't get out.  Lightning walks about the land,
as well.  I've never been hit by the lightning, but it might have been programmed in.

The first task you are set to is destroying the catapult battery across the way.  Take off,
target, and fire away.  There are three catapults, but nothing's really a threat.  Talk to
Kegan after destroying the three catapults to receive 88 Gold.  Crappy reward, but what do
you expect from a motley crew of sailors.  For now, the guard tower to the northwest has a
little cash in it.  Then, turn and head south.  The people in the first cluster of tents
don't really have much interesting to say.  The second set of tents should contain some
cash for you.  Continue on, board the boat, and speak to the captain to obtain the Lost
Charts quest.

Now, return to the set of tents with people in them and head west.  Enter the cave and
continue straight on.  Now you encounter the best character in the game.  Olag, the
mentally-challenged blacksmith!  "You need... club? Club... good!"  Make Olag happy by
purchasing the sexy Scale Armor.

Now, turn in to the side cave and speak to the man to learn you need to find Master
Sevoth's medicine pouch.  Nothing more can be done here, unless you want to buy a club.
Now, fly across the water to the Grull Base.  Take out whatever Grull have been left alive,
and grab the Health Elixir from the corpse of the one that had been manning the eastmost
catapult.  Search the shack on stilts for another H-Elixir.  Enter the cave and search the
barrels for gold.  When you reach the closed gate, stick around for a bit.  You should be
able to see a Grull on the other side.  Take him out with your bow.

Now, leave the cave and fly Arokh over the mountain to the north.  Another Grull encampment
lies on the other side.  Nuke the Grulls and Wartoks, and the nearby Blackwing, then land
and search the barrels and hut.  Be careful, there's an Explosive Crossbow to the north.
Take it out, then land back by the hut and enter the cave to the south.  Be careful,
exploding barrels abound in this area.  When you enter the first open space, take out the
Grull, then head towards the barred opening on the left.  Look through, and what the...?
Interesting.  Okay, keep going west, getting the barrels as you go.  A Fire Grull attacks
as you run along.  Wipe the floor with it, grab the barrels, and go up the lift.

More Grull, Wartoks, and barrels.  Turn right as you go, and there's a Wartok sitting by a
barred window.  Shoot the exploding barrel next to it with a couple of arrows.  Roast
Wartok, anyone? :D Go down the nearest lift to collect some cash, a Full Mana, and an Iron
Club.  Go back up the lift, turn left, and witness the conversation and resulting squish.

Kill the Wartok and retrieve Sevoth's Pouch.  Check the barrels, then open the gate to the
west.  You are now in the southern section of the cave, near the Outpost.  Head back to the
man tending Master Sevoth and return the pouch to him.  Now, speak to Master Sevoth to get
the Crystal Mines quest.

Before advancing the storyline, let's explore.  Take off, fly over the mountain to the
north, hover above the Grull camp, and SAVE.  Now fly north along the coast.  Wherever you
see a boat pulled up onshore, fly lower and search for Grull/Wartoks/barrels.  If you want,
you can simply land and walk about to search.  But beware of Blackwings.

As you approach your third boat, catapults should start attacking.  Fly higher, circle
about, and take it out.  Two Blackwings lurk in this region as well.  Land and search, then
keep exploring.  Hover over the hut and SAVE.  Fly roughly east by northeast and turn east
into a small bay with a few Grull.  Then, continue north into another bay with more Grull,
some barrels, and a cave.  SAVE and enter the cave.

=QUEST: The Missing Charts=

This cave is flooded with lava in some spots.  Fall into that and it's death for you, no
saving throw.  Magic-using Grulls and Wartoks abound here, along with their skull-bashing
kin.  I recommend using Time Slow (If you have it) and/or Fear.  Break barrels, kill
enemies, and move along.  Search the pile of crates in the second room for a Wood Long Bow.
In the next room, stroll down the hill for an Invulnerability Potion, then head back uphill
and jump to the southern platform.  Jump across and climb up to the next platforms,
avoiding the occasional fireballs from below, kill the things up there, and check the
chests for potions and gold.

The next room is a few tricky jumps across lava while being bombarded by Fire Grulls.  Heal
and SAVE before attempting the series of jumps.  A Steel Great Sword awaits you on the
first island.  Once you make it across, use the crates for cover as you attempt to take out
the Grulls in this area.  Additionally, you can use one Grull as a shield for the other
Grull's spells.  Just line them up and the one in back should hit the one in front.  Next
up is a short coverless run with a Fire Wartok shooting at you.  Just keep moving until you
reach the stack of crates, and snipe him from there.  Then, two Grull attack, accompanied
by a distant Fire Wartok.  Knock down the Grull, then snipe the Wartok.  This should be
routine by now.  Grab an Invisibility Potion from the chest next to the second Fire Wartok,
whack the barrels, and continue onward.

In the next room, take out the Fire Wartok and the Axe Wartok, then approach the columned
area and search the pedestal to find Captain Fandrill's Charts.  Turn around and continue
along the path to reach a barred portal.  Pull the lever to open it, then step outside,
call/mount Arokh and fly back to the Outpost to return the Charts to Captain Fandrill.  He
gives you 486 Gold as a reward.

Go see Olag to sell off your excess and fix your damaged stuff.  It seems he's quite taken
by you!  "You pretty.  You like Olag?"  I'd keep the Invulnerability Potion, since the
fight against Bonegrinder can be a bit tricky.

When you're done with your resupply, return to the north until you reach a large boat dock.
It's best to land and walk here, but first fly about and have Arokh take out the Grull,
catapults, and Wartoks.  Search the pile of crates on the hill for a Rusty Short Sword,
then explore the various barrels for gold.

Fly north along the inlet and search a small beach cave for some potions and gold.  Then,
continue north.  You should see a large strange funnel cloud.  There's really nothing to do
there at the moment, but remember where it is.  Return to the skies above the large boat
dock and SAVE.  If you haven't searched the shack already, do so now.  Then, fly southwest
and you should see another large boat.  Fly towards it, and prepare yourself for another
encounter with catapults, and probably a Blackwing or two.  Land and explore the area, as
usual.  A couple of barrels lie under one of the docks, so make sure you check those out.
When you're done, fly to the air above the docks, point yourself at the mountain in the
middle of the island, and fly forward.

At the next island you come to, four Explosive Crossbows wait, along with various other
land-based enemies and a Blackwing or two.  As usual, when they're dead/destroyed, explore
shacks, boats, docks, and alcoves for barrels full of goodies.  A shack on top of a hill
holds a Rusty Axe and a Potion of Life.  Fly to the southeast to return to the Outpost and
sell your excess and repair/resupply before returning to the island and entering the cave
there.  SAVE at the prompt, and prepare yourself for...

=The Crystal Mines=

This is a rather large dungeon, but it's still fairly linear.  Wartoks and Grull abound
here.  Be wary of sudden cliffs.

The first room gives you a good view of the main pit area.  Head to the right and enter the
tunnel.  A sparkly blue thing sits in a mining cart in this tunnel.  Use the L1 button to
grab it, and you've obtained your first Crystal Shard.  Continue on and pull the lever to
call the lift.  At the bottom, slay the fiends, smash the barrels, and continue on to an
area with blue columns and stalagmites rising from the floor.  Smash them to collect more
crystal shards.  The stalagmites usually only contain one, but the columns can house
anywhere from two to ten.  Use the L1 button for speedy collecting, as they're a trifle
small to run over.

Keep going straight and snag another shard from the mining cart.  Then, return to the
tunnel and turn west.  Three more crystal columns stand here.  As you round the next corner,
three Grull charge to the attack.  Another column in this room.  Smash it, collect the
shards, and ride the lift.  Three Grull and a Wartok.

=BOSS: Grull Kong=

SAVE and enter the next room to face a bunch of Grull and the great grandpappy of all
Grulls.  Before advancing all the way into the room, I recommend sniping out all the
exploding barrels you can see with your bow, as Grull Kong will fling them at you.  In fact,
he'll pick up any interactive object and throw it at you.  Exploding barrels, non-exploding
barrels, crystal stalagmites, probably even other Grull.  USE YOUR BOW (or magic) to take
him out.  If you try and get close enough to beat on him, he'll pick you up and throw you
at a wall, killing you instantly.  If, for some reason, you don't have a bow, the
developers thoughtfully left one at the southeast end of the pit, along with a Potion of
Life.  Basically, use the same strategy you would for a spell-casting monster.  Lock-on,
roll/jump away from his projectiles, and fill him full of arrows.

When he dies, SAVE again.  No sense in having to do that again.  Grab the treasure from the
barrels, and the five stalagmites.  At this point, I had the requisite 20 shards, but the
cave goes on.

Continue to the west, where you'll enter a storeroom full of crates and barrels.  A few
assorted Grull and Wartoks attack, as well as a Fire Grull.  SAVE and jump across the chasm
the Fire Grull was shooting across, and look up.  A few Grull, a few exploding barrels, and
uh, oh...  Another Grull Kong.  Wait down there and try and take him out with arrows or

When that one dies, climb the ladder and take care of the six stalagmites and six columns,
then ransack the various barrels and keep going.  A chest in the eastern corner holds some
shineys for you.  When you're done, continue north.  Oh, look.  More Grulls, Wartoks, and
crystal thingies.  When you're done there, climb the ladder and follow the catwalk.  Jump
from section to section to avoid falling to a horrible squishy doom.  Two barrels, a Fire
Wartok, and a Club Grull wait at the end of the catwalk.

Continue through the tunnel and you will come to a lift.  Ignore it for now and head north.
You'll come to quite a lot of crystal columns, so smash them up and snag the shards.  In
the next tunnel, a chest holds an Invisibility and Full Mana.  Moving on grants more
crystal shards and a dead end.  Return to the lift and ride up.  At this point, I had 127
Crystal Shards.  Your totals may vary.

Continue straight along the path from the lift to find a few enemies, three barrels, and a
dead end.  Return along the path, turn left, and open the gate.  Take the next right, and
you'll be on your way out of the cave.  SAVE at the prompt.

=The Andrellian Isles Continued=

Fly back to Master Sevoth and he'll take 20 Shards and teach you the Lightning spell.  As
far as I know, there is no other use for the other 100 or so shards you collected.  Sell
them to Olag.  He'll buy anything.  Except your dagger. ("No. Bad thing. Olag not like
that.") Your stuff's probably close to breaking about now.  Repair it before moving on to
Bonegrinder's Lair.

Remember the large boat dock and the strange funnel cloud?  Head back that way.  What the?
A Grull Kong waits by one of the shacks along the way.  Take it out with Arokh's Sonic
Breath.  Another one has taken up residence on the island to the northwest of that shack,
as well.  Stop above the large boat docks near the inlet, heal and SAVE.  When you're ready,
fly along the inlet to face...

=BOSS: Mezzidrel=

This two-headed wyrm fires homing shots of electrical energy.  Lock-on, fly in circles, and
vary your altitude to avoid them.  Focus your attacks on one head.  When one goes, the
whole thing dies.

When it's dead, it leaves behind another pretty sparkly thing.  Fly through it to attain
Arokh's Thunder Breath.  Remember the lightning the Trog Mages fired?  That's about what
this is, only dragon-sized. :D  Fly south to encounter a pair of Blackwings to test it on.

This is your LAST CHANCE to do anything in this realm!  Once you finish Bonegrinder's Lair,
you will automatically be taken to the next area!  DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING UNATTENDED BEFORE
GOING INTO THE CAVE!  If you have left un-needed items at the Outpost, go get them now!
Sell what you won't be needing, and keep what you want!  If you must drop stuff, leave it
by the teleporter outside the cave!  YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RETURN TO THIS AREA AT ALL.

Once all your business is taken care of, fly back up the inlet and land on the large sandy
shelf about halfway up the wall at the end of the canyon.  It's hard to miss.  Run into the
cave, steering clear of the hole the whirlwind is coming out of, and SAVE at the rolling
door.  Now enter...

=Bonegrinder's Lair=

Turn right just inside the door to find a barrel.  Continue on down the path, and a Wartok
will suddenly be teleported in front of you.  Fortunately, its back is turned, so you
should be able to sneak up on it and Backstab it.  Continue along for a couple more barrels,
then jump to the bluish stone platform to the right.  Then, jump down to the platform to
the south, then the northeast, then southeast, then east.  Another Wartok will be
teleported in front of you.  Three Club Grulls lurk in the next section, then you must
cross a thin plank to reach the next section.  SAVE before attempting.

Two more Wartoks are teleported in as you make the last part of the crossing, so hurry and
kill them before they can try and crowd you off the board.  There's another barrel to the
east.  Finish with that and continue in a southerly direction.

As you jump to the first platform, a Fire Wartok is teleported onto the next platform.
Turn around, jump back to the place you started from, and hide behind the big rock.  Switch
to your bow or a spell, lock-on, roll out of cover, let off a shot or two, and roll back.
Alternately, you can try and snipe the exploding barrels.  SAVE, then continue jumping
across.  After gathering the gold and potion from the higher platform, return to the middle
platform, then jump down to the northwest, then to the west.  Beware of a Club Grull trying
to sneak up on you from behind.

Another Wartok gets teleported in as you continue along.  Jump down to the south and
continue onward until you reach the whirlwind again.  Run south along the edge until you
get to some barrels of gold and a chest with a Long Battle Bow.  SAVE.  From there, take a
running leap to land on one of the "ribs" surrounding the whirlwind, then drop down to the
west.  Look down and you should see a stack of crates.  Jump to them, then climb down.  You
can now look down and see what's causing the whirlwind.  For now, SAVE and head west.  A
few more Shield Wartoks, and you reach a large pool of lava with stepping pillars leading

For now, SAVE, stand behind that large rock, take out your Long Battle Bow, and snipe that
Fire Wartok on the other side of the room.  Run around the ledge to grab some gold.  Then,
return to the other end of the ledge and jump down to the platform to the south.  Equip
your bow and snipe out the two Wartoks to the southwest.  Then, jump to the platform in
that direction, then down to the ledge.  Watch out for a few Grull and Wartoks around the
area.  Head in a southerly direction to encounter another Fire Wartok.  Use the hide-N-
snipe method again.  In the area where he was, go north onto a spit of land, then jump east
onto a lower platform.

From there, jump down northwest, then DROP (Don't jump) to the northeast.  Two more Shield
Grull attack.  Heal, SAVE and head northeast.  Go through another rolling doorway to face...

=BOSS: Bonegrinder=

When the fight starts, Bonegrinder is invincible.  Lightning is channeled to the decoration
on his back and absorbed.  Use your Invulnerability Potion and equip your bow.  Around the
room, there are three small blue stones set in the tree roots.  Target and shoot these one
by one to remove Bonegrinder's invincibility.  Now you can switch to your preferred method
of beating up evil thingies.  Bonegrinder has two attacks:  An overhead smash with his
staff, and an expanding wave of blue energy akin to the one created by the Flamestrike's
magic attack.  Fortunately, both these attacks require a wind-up, so you can knock him out
of them with a well-timed swing and kill him without taking much damage.

When Bonegrinder dies, the crystal creating the storms crumbles.  Grab Bonegrinder's Staff
and head south.  Pull the lever to activate the teleporter.

Enjoy the now-beautiful scenery for a minute, then board Arokh and fly south.  SAVE when
prompted to go to...

Land of snow and ice, Ravenshold is surrounded in snow.  Thousands of identical snowflakes
(Lazy programmers) drift slowly from the sky.  Don't stop to gawk at the beautiful scenery,
or you'll be toast for a Blackwing, though.

Speak to Captain Fandrill, next to the shack, to receive a Potion of Life and a Full Mana.
Barrels here are generally iron-shod, so look for breakable wooden crates.  Check each of
the shacks for a treasure chest full of gold, and then climb the ladder to the lighthouse.
A Mithril Club and a Full Mana reside up here.  The Mithril Club makes a nice back-up
weapon in case the Flamestrike breaks.

For now, just fly.  Don't bother landing for the moment.  You're no doubt very nearly
overloaded, and can't handle much more stuff.  Fly north, taking out the Exploding
Crossbows and Blackwings.  Follow the river and you should reach the Fortress City

After the cutscene, fly over the gates and land inside the city.  Walk Arokh through the
other gates and over to the Gateway to Surdana.  After it's activated, fly back over the
gates and to the southwest, where Chief Ranwulf's Lodge lies.  Enter and speak to him.
After all that, head out of his lodge, then straight north.  Enter the furthest building
and speak to the man there.

By the way, you can now return to Surdana at any time now, merely by flying into the

Now fly over the eastern gate and SAVE.  Keep flying east and you'll easily find the
wizard's tower.  Enter to receive some cryptic clues and a bigass fetch quest.

All this stuff I just sent you through merely gives you access to the blacksmith in
Ravenshold. =/ Fly back to the west, enter Ravenshold, and enter the building to the west.
Speak with him for some MORE quests, and sell off your unneeded stuff.

Okay, now we can explore the area we skipped before.  Follow the river back to the trading
post in the north.  You can either walk or fly from here, but try and explore everything.

Where you see a campfire and Grull banner, land and destroy the Grull.  Be careful, these
are more advanced Grull, with cleavers.  Search the campsite for gold, then run into the
trees to the west for some more gold.  Next, head east and cross the nearby bridge.  From
the bridge, you should be able to see a cave.  I don't think I need to tell you that that's
your next stop.

Beware of Ice Grulls in here, they can freeze you solid, which is not good.  Follow the
path, slaying Grull/Wartoks and opening chests/barrels.  When you reach a small area with a
glowing red barrier, don't enter it from there.  It spells instant death for the likes of
you.  I gained a level here, and added it to Melee Skill.  SAVE.  Head east from the red
barrier to reach a chasm with an item on the other side.  Now turn around and head south
from the red barrier.

If you're quick with the bow, you can kill the distant Wartok before he reaches you.  When
you reach the stone ruins at the end of the path, Rynn remarks that the floor seems
unstable.  Shoot the exploding barrels to blow out the floor.  Before falling down, however,
run around the side of the ruins to find a stone with a rather cryptic marking. (2, East)
Now, drop through the hole in the floor to land inside the glowing red barrier.  The
barrier shuts off, and a blue light forms a bridge across to the item.  Grab the Hoarfrost
and continue out of there.  Just head west and fall down to reach the exit quickly.

Next, head northwest to reach a stone henge thing, with a puzzle statue in the middle of it.
You have to press the buttons in a certain order or combination to open the door.  The
stone with the marking in the previous cave is part of the solution.

=Sealed Water Cave=

There's a Potion of Life on the stones to the north of the statue, you'll need to do a flip
up onto the higher stones to reach it.

To open the door, press the buttons in this order:  South, East, East, West, South, North,
North, South.

If you did it right, the door should open.  If you're stuck, remember the directions are
dependent on your compass.  If you're facing south, the button in front of you is North.

This cave is the only one where it's really possible to drown.  SAVE before entering the
water.  Swim down and to the southwest.  The ceiling will close in, and you'll be in a pure
underwater tunnel.  Look for the area where the plants are thickest, and swim through there.
If you turn left immediately, you'll be at the exit.  But for now, continue swimming to the
southwest.  You should reach a ramp sloping out of the water.  SAVE.  There's a treasure
chest on the island in the middle of this room.  In case you didn't notice, it's covered in
blood and skulls.

When you take the sword in the chest, a barrier will form around the island and you'll need
to fight off eight skeletons, four at a time.  There is a way to get the sword without
fighting, but you need to be very fast on your feet.  Open the chest, then cast Time Slow.
Face the next door, run past the sword and hit L1, then keep running.  By the time you grab
the sword, you should be nearly to the next door when the barrier forms.  Be careful,
because if the barrier forms while you're inside, it means instant death.

If you decide to fight, be careful.  These skeletons are more powerful than those you've
encountered previously, and the barrier will hurt if you walk or roll into it.  When all 8
skeletons are dead, the barrier disappears and you can continue on to the room in the south.
By the way, the sword you just got is the Clineschmidt Blade, a very good substitute for
the Lastat Blade.  It has more attack and only requires 1 Melee Skill to use, but it only
has 200 Durability.  Use your best judgement on whether or not to use it.  Note that
Clineschmidt is also the name of one of the game's designers.  So, you've got a Developer's
Sword there. :)

Search the chests for some gold and potions, then SAVE and drop through the hole in the
middle of the room.  You'll land back in the water.  Swim east until you reach a larger
room.  This is merely a breathing hole.  Surface and refill your oxygen (Why does it take
so long to refill?), then swim north.  You should see the room you were just in on your
left.  If you need to, surface there and breathe, but the exit is a bit further on.

If you didn't take care of the Wartoks and Grull in this cave earlier, you'll need to now.
Anyway, when you're done, just head southeast and out of the cave.

By now you most likely have a large magical weapon collection.  And, most likely you're
storing it somewhere like the Blacksmith shop in Surdana.  Now would be a good time to
return through the Gateway and add your current collection to your stash.

=Return to Surdana=

Land at the base of the Mother's Eye and speak to General Dehrimon to receive news of the
Snotmaw Quest.  Remember that gate that was closed earlier?  That's the one where Snotmaw
is lairing right now.  The blacksmith now has Plate Armor for sale, so buy that if you're
level 6.

Now, fly southeast, and enter the cave that was closed before.  TAKE AROKH WITH YOU!  If
you go through on foot, there's a bug that could potentially cause you to lose him FOREVER!
SAVE and enter...

"Have you heard anything about this Snotmaw?" "Eh... He's a Wartok.  Wartoks are all the
same.  Since he's a chieftain, I'll guess he's a rather LARGE Wartok.  Their system of
government isn't particularly complex."

Take a moment to sit back and dig the rather cool tune, after you blow away the Wartok on
your right, of course.  You can see a Blackwing nest from the cliff you arrive on.  This
area is basically a large, open flight arena.  Grull, Wartoks, and Grull Kongs stroll about
on the ground, while Blackwings and a new type of red dragon patrol the skies above.  The
red dragons spit an exploding ball, which is dodged as easily as the Blackwing's fire.

The black plumes of smoke you see are burnt farmhouses, and thus are uninteresting.  I
haven't found anything inside any of the ones I searched, but don't let that stop you from
searching them yourself.  Wait, scratch that.  I just found some gold in a chest in one of
the houses.

From the entrance, line yourself up with the middle plume of smoke that you see.  There's
nothing in that house, but if you follow that line, you'll come to a henge.  Land Arokh at
the entrance and run along the path of stones.  Each stone will light up as you pass it,
and when you enter the center, skeletons will spring from the ground.  Defeat them to
obtain the Lightning Blade, the thunderous brother to the Earth Blade.

With the skeletons, the Grull, and the dragons, I gained a level here, and added it to
Melee Skill again, raising it to 5, so I could use the Lastat Blade.   I then returned to
Surdana to retrieve the Lastat Blade.

Returning to Kragmor, another Blackwing nest is hidden in the mountains to the southwest.
Continuing south, you encounter a pair of Explosive Crossbows and another red dragon or two.
Arriving at Snotmaw's base, you'll be awed by the sheer number of exploding barrels there.
Well, their INTENDED use is for the Grull Kong to throw at you, but if you blow them up
first, he can't throw them.  Plus, he'll be dead.  A large number of regular barrels lie
around as well, filled to the brim with gold and jewels.  You'll gather a lot of emeralds
here.  Explore the caves to the side of the main entrance for some more gold, a few potions,
and an Iron 2H Sword.  I'd recommend returning to Surdana again at this point to sell the
excess weapons you received.

When you're ready, SAVE and enter...

=Snotmaw's Lair=

Enter the cave, slay the Wartok, open the barrels, then ride the lift down.  Don't run down
the center of the hall, as there's a fire-spitting ornament at the end.  Another couple of
barrels, another lift.  Look around as you descend.  Doesn't look good, does it?  You know
the tutorial is over when they start throwing moving-platform jumping puzzles in your
direction.  Fortunately, that comes later.  Right now, deal with the Fire Wartok across the
way.  Continue across the small bridge and into the next hall.  That's a very poorly
disguised booby trap.  SAVE.

Okay, time to dodge this thing.  Run down the hall and roll into the alcove on the side.
STAY CROUCHED, as spikes will shoot out of the walls.  Wait for the bladed pole to return
along the corridor, then roll out and run the rest of the way.  Slay the Wartok and SAVE.
Don't want to have to go through that again.

Head north into the next tunnel.  Now, we have a choice.  First, go south, kill the two
Wartoks (I think I heard one fart), grab the Composite Battle Bow, and break the barrels.
Next, go north.  A Grull and a floor full of holes.  Turn east and enter the jail.
Whenever you free a "prisoner", they walk out of their cell and the ceiling comes down and
squishes them.  Well, I suppose it saves wear and tear on your weapon...  Anyway, after
having fun with squishing ceilings, head back to the holey floor and head west and
downstairs into another dungeon.  Grab the treasure and kill the Wartok.  Not necessarily
in that order.

Now return to the four-way passage and go west, down a few flights, and fight another Grull
Kong.  The bow/spell method should work on this guy if you stay in the tunnel.  If you
leave the tunnel, a grate clashes down and you've gotta hand-to-hand with him.  Be careful
he doesn't fall on you when he dies, or it's squished heroine.  SAVE.  Head south, under
the arch and down the ramp, then swim through a lake to get to some gold, a Rusty Scimitar,
and a Rusty Axe.  I'd dump the rusty stuff, since it doesn't sell for much and takes up way
too much space.  As you exit, swim around to the back side of the large rock in the middle
of the lake.  You can dive down through a hole and come up in an area with a skeleton
clutching a Rune Bow.

Return up the path and head west.  Up the hill, across the bridge, and into the cave.  Now,
before you enter the next arch, look up.  See that sign?  What's it say to you?  To me, it
says in big, bold letters, "SAVE!"  Follow its instructions, then go through the arch.

=BOSS: Grull Kong=

This time, you HAVE to go toe-to-toe with him.  Try to get behind him and hack away at his
ankles.  When he falls, it's time for...

=BOSS: Snotmaw=

Basically, he's a bigger, tougher version of a standard Shield Wartok.  Whack-whack-whack,
roll backwards.  You get some gold and his cleaver for winning.  Well, it probably sells
for a lot...  But for now, it's slow, and requires way more skill than you have.

Next up come a few of the Wartoks who were watching the fight.  Kill them, then SAVE, leave
the arena, and go up the lift.  Up there are some more Wartoks, some potions, a lot of gold,
and a Hollowman axe.  Go back down the lift, head east, and oh, damn, it's that jumping
puzzle.  SAVE.  Time your jumps well, and you should make it to the other side without
dying much.  On the third platform, whip out your bow and polish off that Wartok on the
ledge.  Then, once you've jumped to the ledge, SAVE.

Follow the path to another lift and go up.  Take out the two Wartoks here, search the
barrels, and head south and out.  Looks like you're done!

"Ah, there you are."  "Barely.  You should have seen the giant I just had to fight."  "Yes,
I'm sure it was... horrible."  "No, really, it was HUGE!"  "Yes, of course it was."

Once you leave Kragmor at this point, you cannot return!

Now that that's done with, take your dragon for a nice leisurely stroll around the
countryside.  Make sure you haven't missed anything.  Like the four Blackwing eggs that are
just sitting out on a cliff to the southeast of the entrance.  When you're done, head back


Now go speak to General Dehrimon to get... His thanks.  No cash, no cool-ass weapon, just
"Thanks!  We'll call you!"  Listen, you bushy-eyebrowed bastard, I've got a dragon that can
breathe three different elements currently, plus I am waving around a vampiric sword.  Make
with the bling bling already.

Anyway, since you don't get any reward except what you picked up in Kragmor, just fix your
weapons, restock on potions, and fly back through the Mother's Eye to...

=Return to Ravenshold=

From the Gateway, fly east, then north along the mountains.  You should come to a place
guarded by four Explosive Crossbows and a pair of Blue Blackwings.  This is the Grull's
Camp.  Take out the Crossbows and dragons, then fly about taking out whatever else you can
see.  Take care to note the Grull and barrels on the canyon floor.

There are two entrances, but for simplicity's sake, return to the area near the Crossbows.
Fly north a bit and land where you see a Grull banner.  SAVE and enter...

=The Grull's Camp=
=QUEST: The Blood of a Pagan Altar=

As usual, follow the path, breaking barrels and killing things as you go.  When you reach
the room with a fire and crates, search the area for a chest at the back, near an exploding
barrel.  Then, continue northwest into the tunnel.  Follow the tunnel, then turn right in
the next room.  My, that's a lot of blood.  Approach the set of three boxes covered in
skulls and bottles.  Search with the L1 button to receive the Blood Vial.  Climb the crates
to the ledge above for some gold, then drop down and continue searching the room.  When
you're ready, head east to the wall, then turn north.

Follow the path through some Grull and a couple Scavengers,  then make a left into the
ruins.  Search the ruins for some gold and another piece of the cave puzzle. (5, South)
Continue down the path to reach the exit.  Search the area for gold and other goodies, then
you're done.  SAVE and fly south for now.  Two Blackwings approach as you leave.

Now, fly northeast along the mountain range.  Look, down there!  GRULL!  Let's pay them a
flaming visit, shall we?  Search the campsite, then check under the bridge.  Interesting.
A closed-off cave, with Scavengers inside it.  Next, cross the campsite and enter the water
on the other side.  There's the other entrance to that cave, and it's not blocked off.
Explore it for some Scavengers, gems, a Health Elixir, and another puzzle piece. (3, East)
As far as I know, there is no way or reason to clear the rocks blocking the cave at the
back or the other exit.

For now, return to Arokh and mount.  Fly upwards and you should see a cave entrance nearby.
This is the entrance to the Northern Tundra.  You will return here later.  For now, fly

Below you, you should see a set of well-preserved stone ruins.  This is the Forgotten Tomb.
Go ahead and take out the Grull, then continue on to the southeast.  You have no way of
opening the tomb now.  Take out the two Blackwings that approach as you fly southeast.
Another one waits further on, then there's a small camp of Grull and Wartoks.  Take them
out and search the camp.  Then, fly up to the top of the waterfalls.  Land, dismount, and
SAVE.  Then, head through the cave, taking out Scavengers along the way.  A chest contains
a Potion of Life.  When you reach the end of the tunnel, SAVE again.

Now cast Time Slow and run forward.  If you don't have Time Slow, just be ready to dodge a
lot.  You'll encounter a Small Yeti, which begins chucking snowballs at you.  Slay it and
SAVE.  Why the frequent saving, you ask?  Run ahead and you'll see.

=BOSS: Daemog=

Holy hell.  You're supposed to KILL that thing?  Time Slow helps a lot here.  Just run
around, try to get behind it and hack at its heels.  I'm afraid bows and magic aren't going
to do you too much good.  If he tries to pick you up, mash the S button rapidly to hack at
his hand and get him to drop you.  When he dies, he'll keel over, crushing you if you're
unlucky enough to be standing under him.  His attacks are: Flinging a snowball in your
direction, which can freeze you in mid-stride (Or even mid-jump, I had that happen.);
Breathing out a cloud of freezing breath; Picking you up and flinging you into a wall
(Instant kill, hack at his hand to avoid it); and picking up one of the nearby Grull and
eating it.  I think that might heal him, I'm not sure.

After the fight, SAVE and enter the cave he came out of.  Search for gold, potions,
Scavengers, and Sebborna's Journal.  The journal is along the back wall, near where you
turn left and encounter the three Scavengers.  It's lying next to a skeleton that has its
arm outstretched toward it.  Continue on out of the tunnel and mount Arokh.

"So the Yetis have crawled back from extinction, have they?  You can bet there will be more
where those came from."

A pair of Blackwings comes at you as you fly north.  Take them out and return to Ravenshold.
Speak to the blacksmith to receive a key and a torch.  Now repair/resupply and head for...

=Forgotten Tomb=
=QUEST: The Ashes of a Warrior Fallen=

Remember that Grull camp where Arokh mentioned the tomb?  Head back there, and land in the
area above the camp.  There should be a statue of a knight in front of a locked door.  Open
the door and SAVE.

It's dark in here.  On top of that, you've got skeletal guardians and still-functional
ancient traps.  HotSlot your torch, equip it, and enter.  The torch does no damage when you
hit something, but it does set things on fire.  However, it's hard killing skeletons with
just a flaming stick.  Of course, when you switch to your sword, the lights go out.
Fortunately, the eyes of the skeletons glow in the dark.  With practice, you'll be able to
enter a room, gauge it with the torch, whip out your sword, smash the boneys, and switch
back to the torch without missing a beat.

Enter the tomb and continue to the end of the lighted area.  A chest here holds some gold.
Two skeletons also approach, one from either side.  Turn in either direction, search the
chests (The torch works fine for breaking open barrels), and turn into the next section of
tunnel.  Spikes shoot from the walls here in two sets.  They won't kill you instantly, but
you'll definitely need a heal when they hit you.  Once you pass the first set, wait.  A
skeleton should approach and get killed by the spikes.  Continue on, kill the next few
skels, and turn west.  This room houses some more skels, a few barrels, and a Goblet worth
808 Gold.

Continue across the hall and down the stairs.  A Half Mana sits on the next pedestal.  Turn
right and roll under the next grate.  SAVE.  Continue down the stairs and get the gold from
the chest.  The hallway here contains four slightly luminous hero statues.  Turn right at
the first one, and oops.  The grate's down.  Continue to the east until you reach the next
one.  The grate is open on this one.  Kill the skeletons and grab the Fangs Amulet.  Search
the chests, then leave the room through the broken wall in the southwest.  Take the Horns
Amulet in the next room.  As you leave that room, take note of the puzzle piece. (8, South)
Return to the hallway and turn right.

Ignore the stairway down and continue on.  Turn right at the next hero statue and take the
Horns Amulet.  Repeat with the Wings Amulet at the next hero statue.  Now return the way
you came and take the stairway down.  In the next room, take care of the skeletons and
chests, then use the L1 button to place each key in its respective pedestal.  Now drop down
the secret passageway, kill the bones, and grab the Warrior's Ashes and the Half Mana.

Head west out of the room, up the stairs, right, then left.  Go up the stairs, break the
barrels, and pull the lever to open the gate.  Turn right, then return through the spike
traps and out.

Return to the fortress Ravenshold, and go ahead and sell the torch.  SAVE.  Now it's time
to head for the Northern Tundra.  Return to the Forgotten Tomb, and fly north.  You should
arrive at the cave you noticed while exploring that area.  Land, and walk Arokh into it.

Before you go, you might want to acquire another melee weapon.  It's quite possible for
your Lastat Blade or other weapon of choice to break in the middle of a dungeon.  From here
on, bows aren't going to do much good for a while as well.  I recommend returning to
Surdana and buying a Mythril Long Sword.

MAKE SURE you take Arokh into this cave with you!  Remember what I said about losing your
dragon?  This is a documented place where it could happen!

SAVE at the prompt to reach...

=The Northern Tundra=

Search the stone ruins around here for another puzzle clue. (6, North) Upon exiting the
cave, a pair of Blackwings should make themselves apparent.  In fact, the skies around here
are practically filled with Blackwings.  If that's not enough, you occasionally have to
worry about Yeti down below throwing snowballs at you.  I suggest you use the Fire Breath,
due to its longer range.

Fly north, and you should see a pair of Grull camps below you.  Take them out, then ransack
the camp.  To the east waits a Yeti, ready for a snowball fight.  Silly Yeti.  Doesn't he
know fire melts snow?

Continue north, and you should reach the Northmen's Camp.  Fly a little north from there
and take out the two Blackwings.  Now land at the Northmen's Camp.  If you need health, you
can whack the pack beasts with your Lastat Blade.  And as far as I know, you can't kill the
pack beasts.

Enter the caves and speak to Captain Serris, the man at the table.  He gives you the
Invisible Wartok quest.  Next, head left and speak to the man with the stein who's standing
next to the barrels.  He gives you the Ice Caves quest.  Head up the path next to him to
reach a pair of silly guards and the shopkeeper here.  He sells potions, and will buy and
repair your weapons.

Exit the cave, take off, SAVE, and continue north.  Fly to the northwest, and you'll
encounter a Wartok camp with several Wartoks/Grull, a Yeti, and an Explosive Crossbow.
Another Crossbow waits on the cliff to the north.  Land next to where the first Crossbow
was, and cross the bridges, slaying as you go.  You should come to a pair of cave entrances.
SAVE and enter...

=The Wartok Caves=
=QUEST: The Invisible Wartok=
=QUEST: The Blade of Purest Gold=

The Wartok you're looking for is basically a standard Axe Wartok, with one little quirk.
After he swings at you, he'll disappear.

Enter the cave to encounter the Inviso-Wartok for the first time, along with a Fire Wartok.
As you grab the chests in this room, be on guard for an approaching Shield Wartok.

As you enter the next chamber, cutto the right immediately, as a rolling boulder from above
will set off some exploding barrels.  Behind the crates to the east is some gold.  If you
want, you can attempt to take out the Wartoks on the ledge to the west with a bow or magic.
At this point, I didn't have a bow, having abandoned it for a Mithril Long Sword.  Continue
to the north and up the hill, where a few more Wartoks await, including another visit from
Inviso-boy.  Be careful in the next room, as a large pit yawns in the floor.  Turn right
for some treasure, then continue on around the edge of the pit.

I have jumped down in there, and if you do it right, you won't take more than a little
damage.  It's a shortcut to the end, but it's always better to go the long way and get more
EXP, isn't it?

Inviso-Wartok appears in the next hallway, ensuring that you're on the right track.
Continue on through a few more Wartoks and Cleaver Grull until you reach a room with a
ledge encircling a pit of lava.  SAVE.  A Fire Wartok waits in this area partially hidden
behind a wall.  It's fairly easy to run past him and get fireballed in the back.  In the
stone area the Wartok was hiding in lies another puzzle piece. (1, South) When you get to
the stone archway, SAVE again.  This next set of jumps should be familiar to anyone who was
even remotely good at Super Mario Bros.  Its the old gaps-N-fireballs gimmick.  Jump across
as the fireballs are going down and you should make it across all right.

Continue on downward, collecting chests, barrels, and Wartok EXP as you go.  When Rynn
comments about the place stinking of Wartoks, prepare for fights against Scavengers.  Look,
a Scavenger and a Wartok are duking it out.  Take out the enemies in this area, grab what's
in the barrels, then head south.  This is a prison area, with several Wartoks and some gold
in it.  When you're done in there, SAVE and continue northeast.  Along the way, be careful
of the Ice Grull that begins firing at you.  When you reach a large, open area, SAVE.
Continue on to face...

=BOSS: The Disappearing Wartok=
Not really a boss, more like a normal enemy with more hit points and that is sometimes
unable to be hit.  Kill it to recieve the Invisibility Gauntlets.  Nice, except you can't
use them. :(  Search the area for gold and other treasures, then head west.  Pull the lever
to open the door and exit the cave.  Call Arokh and return to the Northman's Camp to
receive the Blade of Purest Gold.  Repair/resupply, leave the cave, take off, and SAVE.

Okay, one treasure left, but let's do a little exploring first.  Fly north along the
eastern mountains to uncover a few Grull camps, some Blackwings, a few Explosive Crossbows,
and The Half-Men's Mystic Barrier.  When you've explored to your heart's content, it's time

=The Ice Caves=
First, locate the northernmost Grull camp.  It should have had a few Explosive Crossbows
nearby.  Hover over it and fly southeast.  You should see a small plateau below you with
two fires burning on it.  Arokh should also advise caution.  Land and SAVE, then enter,
clear out the chests and barrels, then step on the teleporter.

Move downhill a bit and grab the cash from the dead Northman.  Then, continue on and
prepare to face your toughest opponents yet.  Ice Golems.  These frozen guardians fire
beams of freezing energy at you from a distance and smash at you when you get close.  A
suggestion is to SAVE after every group or so.  I gained a level early on, and added it to
Archery Skill.

Sometimes just staying moving is enough to avoid the beams, but occasionally that's not an
option.  If you're using the Lastat Blade, this section is a bit easier, since you'll
absorb the life of the golems as you kill them.  Visible off to your right at one point is
a set of stone ruins.  Explore it for three Scavengers and some gold.  When you're ready
again, SAVE and continue up the hill.  Turn right at the top of the hill for some more
Golems, some Gold, and... a duplicate puzzle piece. (5, South) There's apparently two of
that one puzzle piece around.  I don't know if something's missing because of it, but there
it is.  Backtrack a little bit, SAVE, and continue north.

Time Slow helps quite a lot in the next section.  There's very little convenient cover
ahead, and a lot of Golems.  My armor broke here!  SAVE FREQUENTLY!

After a seemingly interminable length, you should encounter four golems with virtually no
cover near the fallen body of a giant golem.  The eye of the golem is the Visionary
Amethyst, so grab it.  If there are any Ice Golems left alive at this point, they will be
destroyed.  I don't know if you receive EXP for destroying the golems this way.  Continue
on downhill to a set of stone ruins containing the teleporter out.  SAVE and step on it.

A Blackwing or two attacks as you leave the cave.  If you're like me, your stuff's rather
damaged now.  Return to the Northmen's Camp and repair/resupply.  May I suggest
overstocking on potions, as they're in slightly short supply from here on.  Return through
the cave to Ravenshold, then fly towards Zeggoro's Tower.  If you want, you can detour
around it and continue on to Ravenshold or back through the Gate to Surdana.

There is a bug that can keep Zeggoro from recognizing that you have all four items!  I have
no idea how to fix this, but I have suggested that the afflicted go back and forth between
the Northern Tundra and Ravenshold.  If it's working, Rynn should say something about
hoping the wizard can use all this junk.

When ready, land on the area in front of Zeggoro's Tower.  SAVE at the prompt and prepare
yourself for...

=BOSS: Half-Man x5=
These guys aren't so tough.  They carry wicked-looking twisty maces and move kinda fast,
but they're no match for you and your Barbarian friends.

If any of the Northmen die (They should, they're not really that strong), you can pick up
their hammers, take them back to the Northmen's Camp, and pawn them.

Once the Half-Men are dead, heal, mount Arokh, and continue into the tunnel.  You can
safely ignore the barrels, I think.  Money becomes increasingly irrelevant beyond this
point.  Still, you should collect it when you find it.  SAVE at the prompt to enter...


Walk Arokh through the tunnel, breaking barrels as you go.  It might be better to dismount
and break them by hand, since there's exploding ones scattered about that can hurt if you
just flame them willy-nilly.  Upon reaching the end of the tunnel, you shold be able to
target three Archer Half-Men.  In addition, two Mottled Icewings will most likely attack in
this area.  There are a few barrels to the left of the tunnel exit.  After dealing with the
enemies here, fly northeast a bit until you see what looks like a hut below.  There should
be a Mace Half-Man outside, so take him out from the air, land, and loot the hut.  There's
a few chests and barrels to the north of the hut, as well.

The layout of this area is rather chaotic, so a straight walkthrough, including coverage of
all side areas and huts, would be a little too intricate.  However, there is a path about
halfway up the canyon wall, and if you follow that north, you should be right on course.
There's the occasional cave here.  dismounting and exploring them on foot is a good source
of EXP and gold.  The first important cave you come to is just past a bridge and hut.  SAVE.

As you enter the cave, bash apart the barrels and boxes.  Two Mace Half-Men should come at
you as you continue down the tunnel.  I gained a level here, and added it to Archery Skill.
Four more Half-Men are in this general area.  Loot the barrels, crates, and chests, then
continue on.  Two Archers and a Mace will attack in the next segment.  Kill them, take what
treasure they're guarding, SAVE, and head out of the tunnel.  Three more Archers are out
here, and it can be a bit tricky killing them.  When they're dead, call and mount Arokh.
An Ice Cannon lies a little farther ahead, and trying to take it out on foot is tantamount
to suicide.

Flying further on, you should take the opportunity to blast any Half-Men you encounter,
since normally they won't be able to touch you from the safety of your great flying death
machine.  Another Mottled Icewing comes at you after a while, so take it out and keep going.
As you take on another Ice Cannon, Arokh should mention a gate.  A little farther, past
another Ice Cannon, and you should see a gate guarded by a Yeti.  Take it out, then take
out whatever Half-Men you can find, grab the treasure, including an Invulnerability Potion
and Enchanted Rune Bow in nearby huts, SAVE, and walk Arokh into the gate.

After a short walk through a few Half-Men, you'll come to another gate.  Unfortunately,
this one is closed, with just room for Rynn to walk through.  You'll have to leave Arokh
here for a while.  To your left as you come through the gate is a small pile of stone
blocks.  Further left is a cliff with an archer or two on top.  Take them out with spells
or arrows, or wait and take them out hand-to-hand in a short while.  If you look to the
southeast, you should see a shack on stilts with a blue spotlight shining from it.  This is
your ultimate goal in this area, but that comes later.

Continue to the east, where an archer and a macer wait for you.  Then, head north through
the small canyon.  Check behind the wall for an Invisibility potion.  Now SAVE and head
west.  There's some gold and a Potion of Life in this cave.  Continue on onto the cliff
that the archers were on.  Then, head north into the next cave.  When you reach the chest
with the Potion of Life, restore whatever health you've lost and SAVE.  Continue onward for
a cutscene and...

=BOSS: Indja and Yedeen=
Here it is, your first battle against Desert Lords.  I had a remarkable easy time with them.
I ducked behind the nearest pile of blocks and hacked them up when they came through it.
In fact, I don't even know what their attacks were, except for a burst of green energy that
didn't even hit me.  I think they have some kind of dark shockwave they use if you get too
close, though.

Head down on the elevator and loot the area.  There's a cave to the north with a MMHM, gold,
and a Skull Crusher mace.  Continue back the way you came, and when you get back to the
wall you got the Invisibility Potion from, SAVE and head east.

When you reach a fork in the path, head north for some more gold and experience.  Then head
south and out of the cave.  Across the bridge, three Scavengers wait in the next cave.
Gather the treausre, exit the cave and turn left.  At the bottom of the hill lies a set of
stone ruins.  Go ahead and SAVE, then continue onward.

Turn right as you come out of the small canyon (You should be able to see a bridge above
you as you come out) and head east past a torch and up a hill.  Turn right at the top of
the hill and head north until you reach a small pile of stone and a torch.  Turn left there
and you should see a cave with a stone arch inside.  Inside that cave is a bunch of gold, a
MMHM, and a Dragon Strike bow.

Leave that cave and head southwest.  Ignore the cave at the top of the hill for now and
head south.  After crossing a bridge, you should reach a large blue bonfire.  Remember that
fire, as it's important later.  Continue northeast across another bridge.  In a cave nearby
is some gold, a Health Elixir, and a Rusty Long Sword.  Hopefully you won't need that.

Now's the time to head into that cave I told you to ignore before.  SAVE before entering.
Head to the right for some gold and EXP.  Return to the tunnel and head west.  As you
approach a stone tunnel with stone floor, heal and SAVE.

Stepping into the tunnel causes the floor to collapse.  THIS IS NORMAL.  It's part of the
plot.  I won't spoil it for you, but you'll be in a cell without any items.  Hit the guard
with a spell, take the key, and unlock the door.  There are keys to the other cells on the
pillars in the middle of the room.  Grab a Potion of Life from one of the cells.  HotSlot
it.  Believe me, you'll need it.  Break the barrels with spells for a little gold and some
Mana potions.  When ready, SAVE, cast Time Slow and Fear, then begin running.

A little gold is in a chest in the next room.  Dodge past the cowering Half-Men and into
the next chamber.  Here you'll need to dodge Scavengers (Fear doesn't work on them) and
pull levers to open the door leading on.  There's a Rusty Scimitar on a block in the
northwest corner of this room, but it's practically worse than nothing.  SAVE and keep
going, casting Time Slow as needed.  Cross a large open room full of archers.  If you want,
there's a Short Wood Bow on top of a stack of boxes to the north.  You could theoretically
take out the archers with som good sniping, but I preferred to run.  Then head into a room
full of boxes.  Head northeast through this room and you should find your gear.  If you're
not in too much of a hurry, you can collect it all by foot and avoid picking up your dagger.
SAVE.  You can then, if you wish, go back and kill everything and collect all the barrels
and chests.  My Lastat Blade broke at this point, so I began using the Clineschmidt Blade.
If you don't have that, I hope you have a better backup weapon than the dagger.

When you decide to continue on, there's an archer near the elevator.  Cast Fear and head up
the elevator.  There's a Mace Half-Man at the top who should be foiled by the Fear spell.
When you reach a deactivated teleporter, SAVE.  Continue onward and prepare to face...

=BOSS: Maulgak=
Attacks: Shoulder Charge, Whirlwind, Swing and Smash, Ice Ring
The Whirlwind may be cancelled with a successful block, as can practically everything else.
If he crouches and grunts, hit him quickly, as he's about to unleash an Ice Ring.  The Ice
Ring is just like what the Bone Guardian and Bonegrinder do, only ice-based.  Just keep
pounding on him and don't let up.  Nearly all his attacks require a charge-up, so you can
knock him out of them most times.

When he's defeated, you will receive Maulgak's Maul.  What, were you expecting a bow?  It
has the power of the Ice Ring embedded in it.  There are a few treasure-bearing barrels
around the arena, but most of them are explosive.  Continue to the west to find the Gate.
Now, all you need is the dragon...

Head north along the small canyon.  Follow the path lined with torches until you reach the
hut with the blue spotlight.  Pull the lever to open the gate and release Arokh.  Head back
up the path a bit, call and mount him, then open the Gate.  Before going through, examine
the area above the arena for the Ice Breath.  Additionally, there's one other thing to be
taken care of.

=Sidequest: Ice Blade=
Land in the area below and to the west of the hut you used to open the gate.  Dismount and
head through the tunnel, taking a right at the fork.  This will put you back in the area
where the floor collapsed.  Go ahead and walk through, it will not collapse now.  Don't
step on the teleporter, but instead continue onward.  There's a bunch of gold in this area,
and the Ice blade is on a pedestal at the end.  When you take it, four skeletons pop up.
They should pose no threat.  When done, head back to the Gate and through.

=Surdana: Trouble at the Palace=
Return to the blacksmith's, deposit your new elemental blade in the pile with the others,
sell off your other stuff, repair your broken things...  You should know the drill by now.
Just go ahead and sell the Plate Armor, as there's now Magic Ornate Armor available.  If
you're into shields, there's a Mithril Battle Shield available, too.

Note that the Mother's Eye is currently set on Shiverbane.  If you wish to travel to
Ravenshold, you can press the buttons on the chunks of crystal below the Mother's Eye.

Now it's time to get on with the storyline.  Head for the Palace.  After the cutscene, head
west and south.  The bookcase will open, revealing a secret passage.  When you reach the
room with the barrels, attack the walls.  One will crumble, revealing a lever.  Pull it.
If you pulled the other three levers in Surdana, a room in the east wing of the palace will
now be open, and you can loot it for the royal treasure.  Continue down the stairs for now
until you reach a deactivated teleporter.  Step on it, and Rynn will mention it's not
working.  That's it for this area, so head back upstairs, SAVE, and go see Lady Myschala.

Oh dear...

=BOSS: The Traitor=
No spoilers here, folks.  He's pretty similar to the Desert Lords you fought earlier.  Just
hit him as hard as you can and he should fall down go BOOM!

Now, he's run off to the Desert of Tears.  Leave the Palace and fly southwest.  Follow the
river.  A pair of Redwings attack, and you should encounter a bunch of Wartoks, Grull, and
catapults attacking the gates.  Provide air strikes to support the poor soldiers on the
ground, then head on through the gate.  If the Wartoks dropped anything or any of the
soldiers died, go ahead and snag their loot.

=Valley of the Fallen=
This place was the scene of a great battle in times long past, and the land still bears the
scars.  Half of the valley is withered and covered in sand, while the other half has just
begun to see life.  Still, a hardy group of farmers manages to make a living here.

You'll witness a cutscene of the traitor speaking with Gothraul, Lord of Ghouls.  Then
you're ready to fly.  There's Redwings, Explosive Crossbows, Wartoks, and Grull in this
area.  When you reach the waterfall, head downstream and the game should take over.  After
a bit of discussion at the farm, a few Bone Dragons attack.  You'll also get a quest to
save the son of one of the farmers.  There's a blacksmith in one of the lower houses, and a
very shifty peddler in the windmill above.  When you're ready to leave, SAVE.

In my opinion, the best course of action is to head south from the farm, across the bridge.
This will take you through a few caves and such.  Clear them out, so you'll have an easier
time walking Perry (The lost boy) back through them.  As you come out of the second cave,
an Explosive Crossbow should begin firing at you.  Get Arokh down to you quickly and take
it out.  You should also become aware of two other Crossbows and a Bone Dragon.

As you approach the downstream end of the river, head south.  A few more of the same
Crossbows, Bone Dragons, and various small squishy things oppose you.  At the very south
end of this canyon is a henge-type affair like the one you got the Lightning Blade from.
Enter it to prompt three sets of four skeletons to pop up.  Defeat all 12 and the central
pillar activates.  You know, that doesn't look much like an elemental blade...  Take the
three stones.

The three stones go into three seperate altars, each activating a stone in another ruin in
the desert area.  Once all three stones are placed, the ruin will activate, bestowing upon
you the Fire Blade.  More on that later.

Return to the skies above the farm.  Fly southwest and you should come to a nearly-intact
boxy stone ruin.  The first altar is in here.  Place the Strange Stone in it.

Return downstream, and turn north.  Take out the creatures about this area.  I gained a
level at this point, and added it to Magic Skill.  Activate the Gateway and go on through.
General Dehrimon will speak to you for a minute, then you're free to go about your business.
Stock up, repair, get new stuff, whatever.  When done, return through the Mother's Eye to
the valley of the Fallen.

Just to the east of the Gate is a cave.  Inside are a bunch of Wartoks and Grull.  A Fire
Grull attacks from the ledge above you in the first room, so be careful.  Continue onward,
taking out Grull and Wartoks.  Two Fire Grull attack from the ledge in the second room.
Check the area they're in for a Mithril Short Sword, then continue.  A chest nearby
contains a Potion of Life.  The majority of this cave is just for treasure.  However, on
your way out, check the table near the elevator in the first room for the Wartok Base Key.

The Wartok Base is located throug hthe lake at the very downstream end of the river.  Land
nearby and swim to enter.  Unlock the door and make your way through the tunnels.  When you
reach the first room, take out the first Wartoks and head northwest for a Wartok you can
sneak up on, plus some gold.  Then, head south.  On top of those boxes is a chest with some
gold.  Keep going.  When you reach a room with an elevator, search the northeasterly area
for a chest.  At the top, be careful, because a little further on is a rolling rock poised
to take out a bunch of exploding barrels.

Continue on and you'll need to climb up a stack of boxes to reach the next ledge.  The door
to the south is locked.  You'll come back later.  For now, continue to the northwest.  Two
Fire Wartoks attack as you run, so take them out before they turn you into crispy

In the next room, Rynn will mention that it looks like there's someone up there.  Look
around and you'll see a cage suspended high in the air.  Before rescuing him, near the
north wall is a series of stacks of crates.  Jump up them, using your back- or side-flips,
to reach the second altar.  Place the Odd Stone on it.  There's an Invulnerability Potion
in a nearby chest, and a Diamond in a barrel a little to the southeast.  Move carefully
west past the altar and jump over the gap to reach an Invisibility Potion.  Go ahead and
drop down, the fall shouldn't hurt too much.  Take otu the Wartok, then grab the Prison Key,
Full Mana, and Potion of Life off the table.  Pull the lever by the large reel to lower the
cage and release Perry.

=Sidequest: Walk Perry Home=
Speak to Perry to receive the Lower Ruins Key.  Now you can lead Perry home for a reward.
Lead him towards the door that was locked earlier.  Stop every once in a while to make sure
he's still following, then continue.  His pathfinding's pretty good, better than Arokh's

Unlock the door with the Prison Key, and lead him out into the sunlight.  He'll help with
battles occasionally, but Arokh's a better help.  As you move, if you're going the right
way, he'll occasionally confirm it.  Bridges are one spot where his pathing kind of screws
up a little, though.  You may need to run back and forth a bit to get him unstuck.  My
Lastat Blade broke again just across the first bridge.  Continue on through a Fire and a
Shield  Wartok, then into the next cave.  A Grull and Axe Wartok combo comes at you, then a
pack of Scavengers.  More Scavengers lurk outside this cave.  Only one more cave to go.
More Scavengers, then the final bridge, and you're home free.

After the happy reunion, speak to the man to recieve your reward: 8000 gold and the Tempest
sword.  I don't know what the sword does yet, as I've never had a high enough Melee Skill
at this point to use it.

Now that that's done, fly back towards the Gate.  SAVE when you reach it, as  the enemies
in the desert are nothing to sneeze at.  Somewhere between six and ten Bone Dragons come at
you, I lost count.  In the southern part of the desert, you can find the ruin that will
give you the Fire Blade, though you need to activate one more altar to get it.  If you look
to the east from there, you can see a raised area of desert and a ruin on top of it.  SAVE
and head for it.

=BOSS: Shaza and Tora=
The traitor awakens two statues of ancient enemies of Arokh.  They attack with homing
breath, so your best bet is to use the Ice Breath with its homing properties as well.  Try
and seperate them, luring them one by one into the larger desert behind you.  Circle, alter
your height, and blast away.

When they die, check the air above the ruins for a hovering purple and green orb.  This is
Arokh's most powerful weapon, the Dark Breath.  Homing, vampiric (Heals you when it hits an
enemy), and the secondary attack kills nearly everything instantly.  The downside is you
need to have a full breath gauge to use the secondary fire.  But given its fast recharge
rate, I'd say that's a small price to pay.

As you approach the main entrance, Arokh will mention a few facts about the ruins.  See
those pink beams?  Those are the defenses of the Sanguinade.  Touching those is a big no-no.
For now, explore the outer area.  Skeletons will pop up from the ground in this area every
now and then, but they're easily dealt with.  Head south, and you should see an arch
flanked by six short columns.  Jump onto the eastern set and jump to the one closest to the
arch to receive a Mythril Hammer.  Gold and jewels lie scattered about in barrels all
across this area.

It would be in your best interests to return to Surdana and stock up on supplies, since you
won't be able to get back out of the Lower Ruins for a while once you enter.  The equipment
of the Order (Armor, bow, and Shield) are now available to purchase at the Surdana

When you return to the desert, the door you're looking for is to the left of the main
entrance to the Sanguinade.  Unlock it, SAVE, and step on the teleporter.

=The Lower Ruins=
Two skeletons approach you as you appear.  Slay them, check the barrels, and head down the
stairs.  More skeletons lie in this room.  Kill them all to open the door to the next room.
The doors close, and four Soulless attack.  These are tough enemies, and it's best not to
try and go toe-to-toe with four at once.  To your right, there's a small stack of boxes and
a Long Battle Bow.  You can stand on the boxes and not get hit very much, then snipe at the
Soulless as they congregate below you.

Step on the teleporter at the south end of the room to be taken to Gothraul's domain.
Throughout this entire section, Gothraul will taunt you as you run the gantlet of his
undead minions.  Then, he himself will feast on your SOUL!  MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Erm.  Sorry.
That was ninth grade Drama class all over again for a moment.

Make your way along the walkway and into the tunnel.  A section of wall will swing open,
allowing you access to a lever that allows deeper access into the area.  The treasure chest
here contains Scale Armor, which should be useless at your level.  Ignore it.

In the next room, two recesses on the sides give you a Mithril Great Sword and a Flame
Burst bow.  Continue east and down the stairs.  As you enter the next room, the doors will
close and skeletons will come at you.  A sarcophagus with an open lid contains a Half Mana.
When all four skeletons are defeated, a grate will open, giving access to a lever.  That
opens the door leading further on.  You will come out into a graveyard.  SAVE.

Turn to the right to find the third altar, place the final stone in it, then continue up
the hill and around to find a Mithril Great Axe.  During this time, a platform should have
risen at the east side of the graveyard.  SAVE and move onto it.  At the end waits...

=BOSS: Gothraul + Skeletonx2=
Gothraul's main attacks consist of throwing his swords in different patterns.  He has a
straight throw which has good range, a cyclone throw that circles him at waste height, a
cyclone throw that spirals about him, and several fancy chopping maneuvers.  Be careful if
running back the way you came, as four archer skeletons have spawned behind you.  You'll
probably want to take those out.

When he dies, take the Upper Ruins Key from the spot near his throne.  SAVE and begin
heading back towards the entrance.  In the first room you come to, a wall opens, unveiling
a teleporter and several chests.  Loot the room, SAVE, and step on the teleporter.

=Upper Ruins=
Approach the eastern door and use the key to open it.  Head up the stairs and into a room
full of boxes and rubble.  Soulless will come at you singly or in pairs here, so you can
finish them off fairly easily with your sword.  Head up the stairs for a few barrels and a
chest containing a Mithril Mace.  To continue onward,  head into the octagonal pit near the
middle of the room and fall into the hole.

Continue through the wet hallway and push the movable block up against the base of the
shorter pillar.  Then jump up onto the block, to the short pillar, then up to the next one.
Walk along the beam, then up the pile of rubble to the south.  Then walk carefully up the
next beam and SAVE before entering the hall.

Move forward and turn left to see a statue of Gothraul.  Take the Sentinel Key at the base
of it to prompt three Soulless to appear.  Kill them, then head up the stairs.  An
Invisibility potion lies in a chest in the next hall.  Head up the next stairs and SAVE.  A
few mildly tricky jumps here.  At the end of the hall waits an Archer Soulless.  Treat him
as you would any archer.  No close-range attacks.

You will arrive at the inner end of the Sanguinade, with the sets of lasers between you and
the outside.  Push the blocks into the way of the beams, then roll under if you want out.
For now, head northeast and down the elevator.  Kill the Soulless down here and take the
other Sentinel Key.  Ride back up and roll under the first set of lasers.  The Sentinel
Keys unlock the doors in this area.  Pull the levers inside to deactivate two of the four
beams in each set and open the door (The one that leads further on) halfway.  When you pull
the first lever, four Soulless will attack.  The second lever fully deactivates the beams
and opens the door all the way.  Arokh can now come through.  Go get him and SAVE.

In the tunnel, there is some gold and a Composite Battle Bow.  Continuing on, you come to a
large open area full of Griffins.  These are some of the toughest aerial opponents you'll
meet.  Using the Dark Breath almost constantly, I was barely able to stay alive during this
encounter.  I gained a level at this point, and added it to Magic Skill.

In the northwestern corner of the room, you'll notice a door.  DO NOT GO INTO THIS DOOR YET!
Once you enter that door, there is no turning back, PERIOD!  No shops lie ahead of you, no
chance to resupply.  Explore the area around the door, then head back through the
Sanguinade.  SAVE upon exiting, then fly back towards the Gate.

Two Griffins lurk in the skies above the desert.  Kill them and approach the southern ruins.
Step inside and the ruins activate, offering the Fire Blade.  Take it, and six Soulless
appear.  You may simply run back out, mount Arokh, and take them out from the safety of the
air if you wish.  A single Dark Breath secondary should take care of all of them.  If
you've taken damage from the Griffins, however, you may want to drain a few of them with
Dark primary fire first.

Return to Surdana now, bearing the Fire Blade with you.  If you have the other three
elemental blades, the awesome Mournbringer will be available to buy.  If you've been
following my levelling, buy new magic, then stock up on potions.  If you've hoarded any
Invisibility or Invulnerability, now's the time to take them with you.  Also, you'll have
practically no need for money from here on out, so stock up on potions until you can't bear
to listen to Quaalus' whiny voice.  Well, that might be a little obsessive.  I left Surdana
with 50 each of Health Elixirs and Potions of Life, 25 Full Mana, 5 Invulnerability and 9

When you're sure you're ready, return to the Valley of the Fallen and approach the door in
the ruins.  SAVE IN TWO SLOTS!  If you decide you want to come back out again later, having
a second save outside the door would be very beneficial.  It's useful to have two saves
anyway.  When you finally think you're ready, go through the door.

=The Point of No Return=

Don't you hate it when they do this?  Things are just getting good and suddenly, "To be

8.  Sidequests

This will eventually be an itemized list of who/what gives you the sidequest, where it
begins, and what its rewards are.  In some cases, a solution or small walkthrough will also
be provided.

9. Weapon/Armor Lists
Coming soon!  Sorry!

10.  Items
Coming soon!  Sorry again!

11.  Magic
Magic in this game can be a life-saver, a cheap way to win, or useless, depending on how
you use it.  Magic can be classed in three different ways:  Attack, Healing, and Indirect.
Magic is ONLY available at Jade's Magic Emporium in Surdana, with the exception of
Lightning Level 1, which is given to you by Sevoth in the Andrellian Isles.  This section
is barely started yet, but it will be finished, and will also include Arokh's breath

12.  FAQ
This section is dedicated to the questions I receive a lot of.  If you have a question to
ask me, check here first and see if it's already been answered.

Q.  Can I use your guide on my site?
A.  It depends, really.  I'd have to look at your site and see how well-designed it was,
what content you had already, etc.  Normally I'd have very few problems with you using it.
Just make sure you've contacted me and received my approval BEFORE posting it!  If I
approve it, I'll send along my most recent copy, and keep you updated.

Q.  Where's General Dehrimon?  I need to talk to him to start the Snotmaw quest.
A.  The good General is standing near the Mother's Eye.

Q.  Where's Sebborna's Journal?  I killed Daemog, but I can't find the Journal!
A.  In the cave that Daemog came out of, continue until the cave turns and a bunch of
scavengers attack.  The journal's near the back wall, in the hand of a skeleton.

Q.  Where's the Visionary Amethyst?
A.  In the Ice Caves.  At the end of the path is the giant body of a fallen golem.  Search
the head for the Amethyst.

Q.  What do those levers in Surdana do?
A.  The three levers (One in the villager's cellar, one in his house, and one in the
blacksmith's shop), together with a lever in the castle that you'll come across later,
allow you access to a room full of gold.  Some people have said that you don't need to pull
the first three levers to access the room, but I played through on my game, pulled the
final lever, and the room didn't open.  Then I went back into Surdana, pulled the first
three, and it opened.

Q.  What do I do with those three stones?
A.  Put them in altars.  One's northwest of the farm, one's in the Wartok Base, and one's
in the Lower Ruins.

Q.  How do I beat the Flesh Mage?
A.  Run.  After enough running, you'll come out above where you came in.  Pull the lever,
target the chandelier, shoot it, and battle what comes next.  No spoilers here, lads!

Q.  How do I beat the last boss?
A.  Target the smaller target and fly in close.  When the small target is revealed, pump it
full of dragon's breath.

More coming as I get them.

12.  Contact Information
Send questions, comments, suggestions, contributions, requests, and PayPal donations to


and include the words "Drakan FAQ" or something in your subject line.
Alternatively, get on IRC, connect to irc.ffchat.net, port 6669, channel #ffonline, and ask
to speak with "Dareon".  Do not just PM me, as I have a message blocker in place.  And
before you ask, I do not use AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN, or ICQ.  Don't even ask.  I don't
have them installed.  And no, I don't want them.  AIM is full of gullible fools, and ICQ is
stuffed chock full of porn ads.  Granted, there are exceptions, but I speak from experience.

I have finished the game, so questions/suggestions/strategies from any point are
answerable/welcomed/appreciated.  Also, do not spam me or send me inconsequential items.
Thanks are nice, since everyone likes to be appreciated.  When writing to me, try and use
grammar and spelling that an English teacher would approve of.  I get at least one mail a
day in all caps with half the words misspelled and the other half shortened into one letter.

(By the way, I'm kidding about the PayPal donations.)

13. Special Thanks/Contributors
Thanks to:
Sony and Surreal, for making this game.
GameFAQs, NeoSeeker, CheatCC, and psxcodes.com, for posting it.
Zauron, author of the other Drakan FAQ on GameFAQs, which is the source for most of my
cautionary notes and a few other bits here and there.
The hordes of people who've written in with suggestions, questions, comments, bugs, and the
like.  This guide wouldn't be nearly as thorough or useful without you.
My loving cat, for putting up with a laptop in her spot on the couch.
And my mother for putting up with me using three of our four gaming machines at once.

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