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    During gameplay, hold L1 + R2 + L2 + R1 (in that order) and then enter the following:

    Get $10,000Circle, Square, Right, Left, X, Triangle, Down, Up
    Increase Character's LevelSquare, Triangle, Circle, X, Right, Down, Left, Up
    Increase Spell LevelUp, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up
    Invincibility (can still be hurt by falling)X, Down, Triangle, Up, Circle, Right, Square, Left
    Recover HealthTriangle, Down, Circle, Left, Square, Right, X, Up

    Contributed By: Dogg.

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  • Access More of the NE Surdana Territory Before You Get Arokh

    To get to the NE area of Surdana (where the monastery is), go towards Jade's Magic Emporium. At the last turn, before you make a straight run to the building itself, face out towards the mountains (basically face with your back towards the building) and walk towards the cliff. If you look down you will notice a trapezoid shape forms the edge of the cliff (with the smaller part pointing outwards). SAVE YOUR GAME. Now walk towards the top right angle of the trapezoid, while still remaining on its "top line" you can slide down the cliff without taking damage. Simply walk forward and off the cliff and begin to slide down, then when you get near the bottom (exactly or a little after the angle of the cliff makes a "drastic" change) and jump, you will hop of the cliff and harmlessly onto the ground below, granting you access to the entire area (which at this point in the game, will be enemy dragon free).

    Contributed By: Aneurysma.

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  • Extra Gauntlets of Invisibilty

    When fighting the wartok in the northern tundra for the invisible gauntlets back him up to the very edge of the platform. When you kill him he'll fall off the edge but the gauntlets will fly up and land at your feet . Then turn around to find an additional set of gauntlets on the platform a few steps away . Use one set to complete a quest and keep the extra set . The only problem is you can't drop them or sell them or even use them. They become stuck in your inventory until later when you're in the Halfmens' Lands.

    Contributed By: frameltons.

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  • Getting into the 9,000 Gold Room without the Levers/Switches

    To do this, go to the Mother's Eye (it's behind Surdana Castle) and land Arokh there. From there, go across the bridge towards the castle, but instead, once you have reached the door, go left towards the edge of the bridge, from there you can drop down to a very small outcropping that sticks out all along the bottom edge of the castle itself. Once you are down there, run along the wall. HOWEVER, there are some "invisible walls" that try to prevent you from easily preforming this trick, so you will have to jump near the end of the walkway to land on the corner so you can go right. Once you are at the corner, go straight and hang another right. You won't be able to go any farther because of a ledge above you, so crouch and roll forward, when you do so, Rynn will begin to cut into the castle wall. When this happens, roll into (and through) the castle wall. You will now find yourself in a severely messed castle interior. It may take some work to make your way around, seeing as the "walking spaces" are a little off. Anyways, make your way towards the rocky looking hill that sticks out (you should see it to your forward right when you first get inside). From there you should be able to see the room with the treasure chests, so just make your way down there (you'll probably loose some health jumping into the room holding the chests). Once in there, grab all the chests and head out. You will then have to go outside onto the ledge through one of the doors, and then go left, jumping along the ledge, onto a piece of land not covered by the castle, and onto the castle's front bridge. From there you can either take the lift down to the town, or go back into the castle (though it will have returned to its normal state).

    Contributed By: Aneurysma.

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  • Getting to the Cavern in the NE Surdana Territory without Arokh

    If you get into the NE territory without Arokh, you can find a cliff face with a seemingly inaccessible door. However, you don't need Arokh to get there. Simply head up the hill to the right of the cliff, and hang a left completely around the back of the cliff until you reach another cliff overlooking the ledge. SAVE YOUR GAME. Now look down, and you will see that a part of the cliff remains at a "straight" angle, while another makes a sudden dip into the ledge. Slide down the cliff from the top near where it becomes a "straight" angle, but where it still makes the dip. If you jump exactly at (or a little before or after, if your timing is off) you will hop harmlessly off the cliff onto the ledge, allowing you access to the cavern door.

    Contributed By: Aneurysma.

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  • Hidden Half-Man Cave

    To find this cave and enter it, you must first use the Prison Bypass Glitch. After releasing Arokh, go to the exit gate from the arena where you usually fight Maulgak. Standing on the outside of this gate will initiate the cut-scene with the Black Spirit of Jasaad. Now go back to the cave where you back flipped to perform the Prison Bypass. Enter the cave and go to the spot where the collapsing bridge would be.

    You will find a hole in the ground that is not there in normal game play, a hole triggered by the Jasaad cut-scene being out of sequence. The bridge is apparently gone. Underneath is the Half-Man that can be heard but not seen when passing through this hallway in the normal game. You can see him from above through the hole. If you try to jump in or jump across the hole, the cut-scene leading to the prison will trigger as if the bridge were collapsing.

    There is a way to get down into the cave. Roll straight into the right stone wall before the bridge. Continue to roll but then begin to angle your left analog stick to the left till you fall into the hole while rolling. Keep rolling as you hit the ground. You will be inside a new cave with an invulnerable Half-man!

    Contributed By: Javelina.

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  • Prison Bypass

    In Shiverbane, Maulgak area, a variety of interesting new veins of play will become available if you can flip the lighthouse switch to free Arokh prior to the prison episode. You can activate the gate, fly into arena, fight Maulgak without going through the prison system, skip him and leave him for later in the game. Use your imagination!

    There is a spot to jump up on an invisible ledge and reach the switch. Go through the beginning tunnel system till you reach the area of snow that surrounds a lighthouse with several cave openings. One of these caves leads to the prison system. On the right side of this cave entrance, as you face the opening from the outside, is an ivisible ledge. You may use the barrels or stand in the middle of the veins of snow on the ground that look like a Y, next to the lampost. Back flip onto the ledge. Back flip again onto the top of the cave entrance. Back flip one more time and you are up and can walk to the switch. Activate it and fight the half-men from the back of Arokh!

    Contributed By: Javelina.

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  • Sunny Andrellian Isles

    After stopping the storms by killing Bonegrinder, and getting a glimpse of the Andrellian Isles in the sunshine, it is possible to avoid triggering the cutscene which sends you to the next area with no possibility of returning. Walk Arokh to the mountain wall on your right, and forward to the plateau blocking your path. Staying pressed to the right, fly as low as possible and land on the edge of the plateau. Dismount from Arohk, run forward and slide down the slope. Call Arokh, and fly away to explore the Isles in the sun. Any remaining enemies (except dragons) can still be fought Unopened chests may contain extraordinary amounts of gold. Fandrill's ship, with sails unfurled, is in the north, ready to sail. Return to this area to get the cutscene and proceed with the story as usual.

    Contributed By: Headhuntress.

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