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FAQ/Walkthrough by TSC

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 08/13/2004

                         RAYMAN 2: REVOLUTION
E-mail: ts_chapman@yahoo.com

Version 1.01

This game was produced by Ubi Soft for the Sony PlayStation 2(tm)


Legal Stuff

No Plagiarizing:
This walkthrough is intended for private and personal use ONLY. This 
walkthrough, in whole or in part, can only be reproduced or distributed 
with the permission of (me) the author. (TSC). This walkthrough has 
been designed to aid you in the game [Rayman 2: Revolution] and not 
to be used for profitable purposes. Anyone who wants my walkthrough on 
his/her website will have to write and ask (me) unless I offer to let 
them use it. Violation of this agreement is prohibited and punishable 
by law.


"Rayman 2: Revolution" Copyright ((c)) Ubi Soft Entertainment.
"Rayman 2: Revolution" "Ubi Soft" and the Ubi Soft logo are trademarks 
of the Ubi Soft Entertainment Company.
"PlayStation 2(tm)" is a registered trademark of Sony.
"Rayman 2: Revolution Walkthrough" Copyright ((c)) 2003-2004 Thomas 
All copyrights and trademarks of things in this walkthrough that have 
not been specifically mentioned in this section are acknowledged.
All Rights Reserved (r) 


Table of Contents

+ Introduction
+ E-mail Guidelines
+ The Story
+ Game Basics
   + Controls
   + Rayman's Moves
   + Game Structure
   + Characters
   + Important Items
   + The Powerups
   + Ly's Challenges 
   + The Pirates & Other Foes
+ Walkthrough
   + Prologue and Training
   + Freeing Ly
   + Obtaining the First Mask
   + Obtaining the Second Mask
   + Obtaining the Third Mask
   + Obtaining the Final Mask
   + Defeating Razorbeard
+ Bonuses & Extras
+ Version History
+ Credits


Hello, TSC here once again, writing another guide for a rather good but 
mostly overlooked game. This game is quite fun, and although many do 
not, I enjoy this series. I've already done a guide for the sequel, 
Rayman 3. My other seven guides are all available for your viewing 
pleasure at GameFAQs.com, and some can also be found in other places. 
They are:

+ CTR: Crash Team Racing (PSX)
+ Dr. Brain: IQ Adventure (PC)
+ Wario Land II (Game Boy Color)
+ Wario Land 4 (Game Boy Advance)
+ Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge (PC)
+ The Curse of Monkey Island (PC)
+ Rayman 3: HoodLum Havoc (PS2)

E-mail Guidelines

Just the usual token stuff. Sorry if I'm being a little strict here, 
but with so much spam around these days, I gotta be careful.

1. Check the ENTIRE walkthrough before sending a question. Chances are 
the answer is in there somewhere.

2. Be sure to put 'Rayman Question' or something similar as the 
subject. I don't want to mistake your message for spam.

3. The only mail I will respond to is pointing out an error in the FAQ, 
sending in a question, or telling me an alternate strategy or secret. 
If I am sent threats, spam, insincere stuff, spam, bogus stuff, 
spam, insults, or spam, it will be deleted and all further messages 
from that author will be blocked.

4. I need to be able to understand your message. If I get a note like 
"hey dud yur faq totaly rocks and fyi yu misd somthin..." I will ignore 

The Story

A gigantic invasion force of Robot Pirates, lead by the evil, vicious 
Admiral Razorbeard, has conquered Rayman's world, transforming it from 
a peaceful paradise into a dark, evil land filled with dread, gloom, 
despair, and zombie chickens. But never fear! Rayman, the hero who 
saved the planet from Mr. Dark, will triumph again...

However, the Pirates aren't having any of that. Using their mega-hyper-
death ray (or something like that) they blow up the energy-giving heart 
of the world, smashing it into a thousand pieces and scattering it all 
over the planet. This causes Rayman, as well as the other fairies and 
magical beings, to lose all their powers, and as a result Rayman is 
immediately captured and thrown into a maximum security cell on the 
Pirates' colossal prison ship...

Game Basics

I am fully aware that this game comes with a manual, but it has several 
mistakes in it and in some places does not provide much info. Also, I 
have included a handy Enemies section and a guide to Ly's challenges in 
this part of the guide.


Menu Controls

Left Analog Stick - Navigate Menu
X Button - Select
/\ Button - Cancel/Go Back

In-Game Controls

X Button  - Jump, rise while swimming, use Rain Dance (once obtained in 
game), throw directly up
O Button - Fire
/\ Button - Display Status
[] Button - Fire, throw
Start Button - Open Pause Menu
Select Button - Display Mission (in hub world only)
Left Analog Stick - Move
L2 Button - Target an enemy, dive while swimming, or stabilize path 
while flying.
R2 Button - Activate/Deactivate Lumz Radar (once obtained in game)

Camera Controls

L1 Button - Pan camera to the left
R1 Button - Pan camera to the right
R3 Button - Bring camera to Rayman's eye level
L2 Button - Center camera behind Rayman
L1 & R1 Button - First Person View (hold down)
Left Analog Stick - Look Around (while in First Person View)

Rayman's Moves

Rayman has many moves that he starts the game with, and he will gain 
more as the game progresses. Moves that are bought at the Magic Well 
are found in the Powerups section.

Moving Around - Left Analog Stick

This really should not require any explanation. The harder you push the 
left analog stick, the faster Rayman will move.

Jumping - X Button

Your standard move for getting from lower areas to higher ones - just 
press the X Button. 

Helicoptering - X + X Button

The helicopter is activated by pressing X in the middle of a jump. 
Rayman's ears will spin and he will float slowly to the ground. This 
move is used to cross larger gaps while jumping, and it is also used 
for precision landings. However, it is only for long jumps - you cannot 
gain height with it. 

Swimming - L2 Button to dive

Rayman can paddle around in deep water simply by using the analog 
stick. However, if you press L2, he will dive. Use L2 to go lower, X to 
go higher, and the analog stick to move around. Remember, though, that 
Ryaman has a limited air supply - you will need to use underwater 
Bubble Streams to refuel your oxygen meter.

Hanging On

If Rayman jumps but falls just short of a wall, he can hang on if he's 
close enough. Press X to pull yourself up while hanging from a wall.


Walls covered in vines or webs, or ceilings with netting, can be 
climbed on. Press X to jump onto the wall or ceiling, the left analog 
stick to move around, and X again to jump down.

Climbing Between Walls - X + X Button

While in a narrow gap between two walls, press X to jump and X again to 
hang on to the sides. Keep repeating this move in order to reach the 

Punching/Shooting - [] or O Button

At the beginning of the game, Rayman can only punch. However, at the 
end of the training stage, he'll receive the power to shoot globes of 
energy. These can be used to damage enemies, smash Cages, activate 
switches, and more. This power will be upgraded later in the game, 
first by Ly (Ly Shot) and then again by Globox (Globox Shot).

Swinging - [] or O Button

When Ly upgrades your shot power, you'll gain the ability to swing on 
the flying, glowing rings known as Purple Lums. You can do this simply 
by shooting them. Press X to release the Lum.

Rain Dance - X Button

When you receive the Rain Dance mask, you'll obtain this power. To rain 
dance, press X while near a floating raincloud. Rayman will pull out 
the mask, causing the cloud to release a rainstorm. This power can grow 
plants into platforms and short-circuit laser gates, allowing access to 
new areas.

Picking Up

To pick up a dropped object, simply walk into it.

Throwing - [] Button

If you're carrying something, press the [] button to throw it.

Throwing Upward - X Button

Press the X Button while carrying something to throw it directly up 
into the air. Stand still and you can catch it again.

Strafing - L2 Button

To target an enemy, hold L2 while standing in front of it. If you hold 
the button you can move around while always facing the enemy.

Flying - X + X Button

Press the X button in the middle of a jump to fly while in the 
Sanctuary of Lava. Hold X and you'll have total freedom in the air. 
Hold L2 to stabilize the flight path, and release X to stop flying. 
After the end of the Sanctuary of Lava, you will only be able to use 
this power above lava, rather than absolutely anywhere.

Keg Flying

Walk into a flame while holding a Keg to initiate Keg Flying. Use the 
analog stick to move up, down, left, and right, and use X to let go of 
the Keg once your destination has been reached.

Shell Riding

Once you tame a shell, simply jump on and ride it with the analog 
stick. You can also press [] to accelerate, but beware, the shell moves 
FAST. Certain shells can jump with the X Button. Flying shells are the 
same, except you also move the analog stick up and down to control the 
pitch, and stabilize flight with L2.

Using the Lumz Radar - R2 Button

After completing Tomb of the Ancients, you will receive the Lumz Radar. 
Press R2 to activate or deactivate it, and if there are Lums in the 
area, it will point to the nearest one with an electrical charge. If 
there are no Lums in the area, it will be stationary and have no 
electrical charge. 

Warship Flying

At one point in the game you must pilot a pirate warship. Simply use 
the left analog stick to move it around, and [] to fire the built-in 

Game Structure

Basically, the game consists of a series of objectives that play out 
across three hubs and a large number of worlds. You can access new 
worlds by following the signs in the hubs. Every time you finish a 
world a portal to it will appear in the Stone Circle for that hub 
world. Every level has a certain number of Yellow Lums. Collecting them 
is really its own reward but you can take them to the Magic Well, 
another landmark in every hub, and buy new powers and mini-games with 
them. Lastly, there are Familiar Spirits, found in Cages around the 
worlds. For every 10 you find you unlock a new minigame at Ly's House, 
and if you complete these games your health is permanently extended.


The Heroes

RAYMAN - He has saved the planet once before, and he's returned to 
fight the rusty menace of the robot pirates. Rayman mysteriously has no 
arms or legs, and his extremities just float around in the general area 
of his body. He also has amazing ears, which allow him to fly. He is a 
typical hero, who goes out of his way to save damsels in distress and 
will drop everything to go after the evil villain. 

GLOBOX - This dimwitted but good-natured toad-like thing is Rayman's 
constant companion, but seems to be continuously captured and used as 
bait. He has a wife and several hundred children, in addition to his 
own little superpower - he can create small rainstorms above the heads 
of his enemies.

UGLETTE - A very concerned mother, and wife of Globox, she is found 
usually at her house worrying about either her husband or children.

BABIES - Globox's sons (blue-green) and daughters (pink) are found all 
over the place. They warn you about threats, take you places, help you 
out, and sometimes even activate switches for you.

POLOKUS - The creator of Rayman's world, he has the power to destroy 
all the pirates, but vanished long, long ago. He can only be restored 
by reuniting the four magical Masks.

LY - A fairy who assists Rayman by helping him out in tight spots with 
her magical Silver Lums. Unfortunately, she has been captured and is 
being held prisoner in the bowels of a crashed warship. Rayman must 
save her as one of the game's earliest missions.

TEENSIES - Characterized by their tiny size, blue color, and massive 
noses, the Teensies are a wise people (but they do not seem that way, 
since they are continuously arguing over who the King is, and often 
walk into traps and get locked up). They own the Stone Circles, magical 
gateways to other realms.

CLARK - Clark the Giant is basically comprised of two body elements - a 
colossal chin and massive, muscular arms. Pirates flee before him, but 
like every giant, he has an Achilles's heel - an easily upset stomach.

MURFY - Murfy is a tiny, flying, sparkling, incessantly cheerful frog. 
He has so many hints to share, and communicates them with Rayman via 
his Stones of Thought.

SSSSAM - The ferryman who helps travelers waterski across his home, the 
boggy Marshes of Awakening. 

CARMEN - A magnificent and dignified whale who fills the marine caves 
and trenches with air bubbles to help lost swimmers.

BZZIT - Definitely related in some way to Moskito from the first game, 
Bzzit's wings are as powerful as a motorboat engine and he is the only 
one who can take you to the Lost Island. Of course, like everyone else 
who can assist you, he is being held prisoner by the pirates.

The Villains

ADMIRAL RAZORBEARD - Yes, he certainly does look like a moron, but 
don't say that to his mechanized face - he has a giant prison ship, a 
fleet of warships, a massive army of pirates, and a planet-destroying 
weapon at his command. When some people get in a bad mood, they count 
to ten slowly or take a deep breath. Razorbeard calms down by reducing 
innocent worlds to rubble. He is very fierce, and frequently kills his 
own lackeys if they fail him.

THE SNIVELING LACKEY - Not his real name, but this is how his 
personality comes across, as he is constantly begging for Razorbeard's 
forgiveness every time he screws up and allows Rayman to free a major 
prisoner or obtain a Mask. He tries to destroy you several times, only 
to fail every time.

THE GUARDIAN OF THE CAVE OF BAD DREAMS - An extraordinarily ugly and 
bad-tempered creature. He guards the cave where the creatures generated 
accidentally by Polokus are locked away, in addition to a stash of 
gold. He tends to eat for lunch anyone who strays into his caverns.

THE MASK GUARDIANS - Three ill-tempered brothers who guard the Masks of 
Polokus. They have giant, muscular, stone, pointed bodies, massive 
fists, no legs, and they float in the air. They also have glowing, 
pyramidal heads, which are their weaknesses. They tend not to trust you 
and always assume you are a thief. Their mistrust manifests itself as 
giant thunderclouds, waves of fire, or huge blocks of ice being hurled 
at you.

THE GENERAL - A purveyor of evil cybernetics who shows up with a sales 
pitch for the Pirates near the end of the game. Lacking all facial 
features other than a large mouth, he sells Razorbeard the gigantic 
Grolgoth robot.

Important Items

MASK OF POLOKUS - Four mysterious masks found hidden in sanctuaries 
around the world, they are guarded by fire, ice, lava, traps, pits, 
shadows, enemies, and countless dangers. Bringing all four to Polokus 
will enable him to return to the world and destroy the pirates.

SILVER LUM - Given to you by Ly, they will grant you new, great powers.

YELLOW LUM - Pieces of energy which were scattered around when the 
Heart of the World exploded. Collecting them will bring you more powers 
if you place them in the Magic Well.

FAMILIAR SPIRIT - Small blue ghosts locked in Cages. Freeing 10 will 
buy you access to a mini-game where you can win more energy.

RED LUM - These red globes of energy restore your health.

GREEN LUM - Act as checkpoints. Walk through one and if you die, you 
will be returned to where you last picked one up.

PURPLE LUM - Flying rings which you can use to swing across to new 
areas, when you gain the power to do so.

MAGIC SPHERE - When you see a glowing pyramid, chances are a Magic 
Sphere is close by. Place spheres on pedestals of the same color to 
open secret doors.

MAGIC PYRAMID - Glowing pyramids, either yellow or blue. Throw a Magic 
Sphere of the corresponding color onto a Magic Pyramid to activate it. 
Activate all the Magic Pyramids in an area to open a magical door.

GOLDEN FIST - These items, common in the first Rayman game, are now 
extremely rare. Collect one and your hands turn gold, and three gold 
fist icons appear under your health bar. Every time you get hit, you 
lose an icon, and when all three icons are gone, the power goes as 
well. The Golden Fist is three times as powerful as the Globox Shot, 
with the ability to kill all types of Pirate in one hit (except Red 
ones, which take two). With an Accumulation power, you can use the 
Golden Fist to shoot a massive fireball. In short, a power worth 

SWITCH - Hitting one will cause a change in the environment. A bridge 
will extend, a door will open, a laser gate will deactivate, etc.

BUTTON - Like switches, but the changes they cause are temporary and 
their effects will be undone after a short time.

THE RAIN DANCE MASK - Allows you to use the Rain Dance power. See the 
"Rayman's Moves" section for more info. You receive it from Globox's 
family when you save them in the Pirate Mines.

MAGIC PORTAL - Allowing you to enter and exit worlds, they will take 
you to or from the Stone Circle.

PORTAL STONE - If you free a Teensie at the end of a level, he'll do a 
Portal Dance and open a Magic Portal on this stone. The Teensie is 
often far from the stone and must be let out of its Cage. You cannot 
leave a level without getting a Teensie to activate the stone.

STONE OF THOUGHT - Get near one to contact Murfy telepathically and 
receive some important advice.

BARRICADE - They look like strange Band-Aids. The pirates use them to 
hold trapdoors shut, bar doors, patch leaks in pipes, and fix various 
other construction flaws. Destory the wooden ones with a shot from your 
fist, and throw a keg at or crash a shell into the metal ones.

LASER GATE - The Pirates have scattered these gates around the world to 
block your path. There are two ways to turn one off: either deactivate 
it (with a switch or button) or short-circuit it (have Globox rain on 
it or, if you have the Rain Dance Mask and there is a cloud above the 
gate, rain on it yourself).

PLUM - Mysterious fruit that can be used as a platform. If you stand on 
one and fire one way, they'll move the opposite way. They are extremely 
resistant to heat, and can even be used as vehicles to cross lava.

KEG - Dispensed by trapdoors with skull icons on them. Throw them at 
metal barricades, enemies, and so on. If you walk into a flame while 
holding one you can take off and fly.

BUBBLE STREAM - While underwater, enter one of these streams to have 
your air meter refilled. You can do this as many times as you need.

AIR BUBBLE - Released by Carmen the Whale. Pick one up to refill your 
air meter in the caverns of Whale Bay.

SHELL PORTAL - Three lasers arranged in a triangle. The portal is 
activated by a switch, and will create a Shell as soon as it is turned 
on. When that shell blows up, it will create another one, and this will 
continue indefinitely.

SHELL - If you see a shell, it will begin to chase you. Run in circles 
until you tire it out, or until it hits you and explodes. If you tire 
it out, it becomes tame. You can then jump on, and ride it across 
deadly thorns, up slopes that are too steep for Rayman, or even upside 
down. Some models can even fly.

The Powerups

Every hub contains a magical well. If you go to it, you will see a 
crack in the ground and a series of icons to scroll through. Each one 
costs a certain number of Yellow Lums. Sometimes new icons will appear 
after you buy old ones. You may also notice a "?" mark labeled "Fun." 
When you buy everything it will transform into three new icons for 

Rate of Fire

Available: Always
Price: 150 Lums
Description: This power enables you to fire shots twice as fast at 

Accumulation I

Available: Always
Price: 70 Lums
Description: You can now hold down [] or O to charge up a more powerful 
shot, then release to fire.

Accumulation II

Available: After purchasing Accumulation I
Price: 130 Lums
Description: Allows your charged shot to be even more powerful - it 
will now create a blast of energy when it hits a wall or target, 
killing all enemies in range, not just the target.

Run With Load

Available: Always
Price: 50 Lums
Description: Lets you move at your normal speed while carrying a Keg or 
Magic Sphere instead of being slowed to a snail's pace.

Rebound I

Available: Always
Price: 90 Lums
Description: Your shots will bounce off any walls they hit, increasing 
the chance that they'll hit their intended target.

Rebound II

Available: After purchasing Rebound I.
Price: 110 Lums
Description: As well as bouncing off walls, your shots will bounce off 
enemies, which has a devasting impact if you're fighting a large group.

Glob Disk

Available: After purchasing Rate of Fire, Run with Load, Accumulation  
II, and Rebound II.
Price: 200 Lums
Description: A highly interesting minigame in which you must collect 
Lums and bring them back to your base in order to score. There are 
powerups that will enable you to move through walls, speed up, raise 
walls behind you - you name it! There are also exploding barrels, a 
small patrolling monster and other harmful things to balance the 

Missile Dogfight

Available: After purchasing Glob Disk.
Price: 150 Lums
Description: Two players are needed for this minigame. Really, it's 
nothing more than flying up and down on a flying shell and shooting the 
other person. 

Baby Soccer

Available: After purchasing everything. You need to have found all 1000 
Lums to buy this minigame.
Price: 50 Lums
Description: You control a team of Globox's babies for a game of 
soccer. Fairly fun, but Glob Disk is a better way to spend your time in 
my opinion.

Ly's Challenges

In every hub there is one place where Ly can be found. Talk to her and 
she will show you all the portals you have opened - one for every 10 
familiar spirits you've freed. Enter a portal and complete the game 
within to receive a permament extension on your health. You can only 
extend it once for every challenge, although you can return and replay 
challenges for fun.

Roller Coaster Challenge

Cost: 10 Familiar Spirits
Difficulty: ** 

You will find yourself in a roller coaster seat zooming along a track. 
There are red Lums around the track, and you must use the analog stick 
to swing the seat around and collect them all. The seat moves very fast 
and you are blocked by obstacles at every turn. Hit one obstacle and 
you're finished.

Jump Challenge

Cost: 20 Familiar Spirits
Difficulty: *

By far the easiest challenge of all. You are on a metal structure 
covered with Red Lums - 20 in all. You must pick them all up before the 
time runs out. If you know the course, it's simply a matter of jumping 
around and getting them all.

Waterski Challenge

Cost: 30 Familiar Spirits
Difficulty: *

If you had serious trouble on the Marshes of Awakening, you'll have a 
rough time collecting all the Lums as Sssam speeds you through the 
swamp once again. Otherwise, this is one of the easier challenges.

Racing Challenge I

Cost: 40 Familiar Spirits
Difficulty: ***

You're on a course and must reach the end AND collect a certain number 
of Lums before the clock runs down. The course is pretty easy, and your 
time gets replenished every time you enter a glowing light fountain. Ly 
serves only as a guide, and you don't need to beat her.

Grab Challenge

Cost: 50 Familiar Spirits
Difficulty: **

Another fairly easy challenge, but one which can be tricky. The concept 
is simple - swing up the vertical coLumn of purple Lums AND collect all 
the red Lums BEFORE time runs out. You must be extremely adept at 
shooting, swinging to the maximum height, jumping, quickly turning in 
mid-air, and shooting again. If you miss a Lum or fall you may as well 
restart since the time is always tick-tick-ticking.

Racing Challenge II

Cost: 60 Familiar Spirits
Difficulty: **

Another race against Ly. This one is not really any harder, except for 
a few difficult points, like the lilypad area, that make staying within 
the time limit tricky.

Trampoline Challenge

Cost: 70 Familiar Spirits
Difficulty: *

This one is really no problem - it's just a bunch of spider webs with 
red Lums floating around. Bounce around on the webs and grab every one.

Ray-Type Challenge

Cost: 80 Familiar Spirits
Difficulty: ***

The difficulty would only be two stars if the course were not so long. 
You will be flying through space on a shell. Press [] or O to fire, and 
destroy the various enemies that come your way. There is also the 
occasional Guardian Bros. mini-boss. You have three lives, and the 
objective to finish this difficult game is to beat 50,000 points.

The Pirates & Other Foes

Throughout the game, you will encounter many enemies, from robots to 
bats to dead chickens to piranhas. Each enemy will have a description 
and difficulty out of ***. Pirates are different from other enemies, 
since when you are fighting them a health bar will appear at the bottom 
of the screen. Health data and color (for pirates only) is also 
included. There are three kinds of shot - Rayman Shot, Ly Shot 
(obtained in the Fairy Glade) and Globox Shot (obtained in The Canopy), 
each three times more powerful than the one before. I have listed how 
many hits it takes to kill each pirate with each shot. Keep in mind 
that the attack I give for pirates is not the only one they can use - 
it's just the one they're characterized by. Also remember that all 
types of pirate have a fairly damaging short-range attack - they will 
all swipe you with their hooks if you get too close. Some individual 
Pirates use this as their only mode of attack.

Robo-Pirate Standard Model

Difficulty: *
Color: Green
Health: Rayman Shot - 2
        Ly/Globox Shot - 1

These are the most common pirates, found all over the place. They are 
weak, and attack with a small sphere of energy which often misses and 
does not do much damage if it hits. You can often find them sleeping on 
the job, which gives you a free hit.

Robo-Pirate Advanced Model

Difficulty: *
Color: Purple
Health: Rayman Shot - 6
        Ly Shot - 2
        Globox Shot - 1

A slightly more difficult to defeat enemy. They are very rare in The 
Fairy Glade, where they first appear, but become much more common later 
on. They fire a large laser towards you.

Robo-Pirate Elite Model

Difficulty: **
Color: Yellow
Health: Rayman Shot - N/A
        Ly Shot - 6
        Globox Shot - 2

This is a far more powerful model, and tends to be quite rare. It has 
two attacks. At close range, it will burn you with a powerful 
flamethrower, and at long range, it will hurl barrels that explode on 
impact and create small, long-lasting fires on the ground.

Robo-Pirate Doom Model

Difficulty: ***
Color: Red
Health: Rayman Shot - N/A
        Ly Shot - N/A
        Globox Shot - 6

The deadliest pirate of all will take six shots no matter how powerful 
your shot is (with the exception of Golden Fist). It shoots large 
missiles which deal serious damage and have limited tracking 
capabilities. It can fire them directly ahead or as sidewinders. If you 
are in a room with several pirates, eliminate any of these first at all 
costs, because their missiles follow you around and hinder you. You can 
destroy the missiles by shooting them, though.


Difficulty: N/A
Description: Strange animals which look more like chickens than 

Found roaming around the open section of the Minisaurus Plains, they 
can hurt you by stomping on you, but this occurs very infrequently. 
There is one large group in the game that always stays in the same 
area. Shooting them will cause them to become transparent and fall down 
for a moment. They are otherwise invulnerable.


Difficulty: **
Description: Small, angry fish with massive teeth.

Piranhas are easy to avoid. They are usually jumping in a set arc in 
gaps between platforms in watery levels. All that is required is to 
jump past after they fall in the water at the end of their arc. They 
receive the two-star rating not because they are hard to avoid but 
because they are very fast and difficult to DEFEAT.

Shadow Creature

Difficulty: *
Description: Snakelike creatures made of darkness.

Extremely easy enemies - one shot will destroy them, and they are 
fairly slow.

Shadow Sphere
Difficulty: *
Description: Small puffs of darkness.

Just like Shadow Creatures, only shorter.

Zombie Chicken

Difficulty: *
Description: Ghostly chickens, wearing tattered robes, that can fly. 

Hit them once to destroy them. They usually come through walls or out 
of lakes of slime, and like to travel in groups. 


Difficulty: **
Description: A large, bulky robot with a blue-and-white striped shirt.

This robot is highly annoying, and will charge at you and try to 
trample you if you come near it. Shooting it will just anger it more. 
To stop it for good, lead it out to a bottomless pit, slime pool, etc., 
then jump out over it [the pit] and helicopter. The incredibly stupid 
Robo-Gorilla will charge after you, and fall in to its doom. This is 
the only way to kill them.


Difficulty: *
Description: A legged, yellow missile marked with a skull.

Until you tame it (see the Shells entry under Collectable Items to find 
out how) this tinderbox is muleheaded, irritating and deadly. If it is 
too fast for you, it can damage you by plowing into you and exploding 

Thorny Vine

Difficulty: *
Description: Spiky brown vines that protrude from cracks and holes in 
walls, floors, and ceilings.

These large vines usually appear to block your path when you are using 
a mode of transport other than walking (flying, shell riding, riding a 
moving platform, etc.). They can be made to retract by a single shot 
but stick out again fairly soon.

Lake Monster

Difficulty: N/A
Description: A massive, hideous creature which surfaces periodically in 
the Marshes of Awakening.

You usually see it as just two eye stalks above the water, but this 
beast occasionally pops up to block the way. It does not actively 
attack, just makes the path narrower. Needless to say, it is 


Difficulty: N/A
Description: A pirate manning a stationary boat with an energy cannon 
mounted on the side.

A one-of-a-kind enemy found in the Marshes of Awakening, it shoots 
streams of orbs similar to those of the Green Pirate at you, but you 
are home free once you're past it since it cannot move. It also cannot 
be killed.

Grabbing Arm

Difficulty: *
Description: Thin, skeletal hands which extend from holes in the walls.

These hands will try to grab you and yank you into their caves, where 
presumably they eat you. Simply shoot them and they will retract for a 
while out of pain.

Fire Ghoul

Difficulty: **
Description: Small, round, ugly creatures with no legs, thin, sticklike 
arms, and gaping mouths with jagged teeth.

Recognize these? Yes, the dreaded Guardian is simply an oversized Fire 
Ghoul in a hat. They shoot clouds of flame at you from their mouths 
which can easily be sidestepped. When hit, they collapse in a heap of 
body parts, then pull themselves up out of the ground elsewhere. They 
always do this when hit, but they don't NEED to be hit to teleport this 
way. To defeat a fire ghoul, shoot it three times.


Difficulty: ***
Description: Extremely large spiders. Need I say more?

These irritating arachnids are twice the size of Rayman and attack by 
grabbing at him with their front legs. The Mega-Tarantula is so strong 
that it actually has a health bar, a small portion of which is drained 
every time it is hit. It takes approximately 10 shots to exterminate 
this spider. 14

Electric Barrel

Difficulty: ***
Description: A pirate hiding in a barrel with robotic legs and an 
electric cannon.

These enemies just keep getting harder and harder. Often found in areas 
where you don't have much room to maneuver, these barrels are mobile, 
but luckily they don't take advantage of this very much. Their main 
(and only) weapon is the cannon mounted on top of them. If the Barrel's 
pilot can see you, the cannon can shoot a homing, and highly painful, 
electric stream at you. The only solution is to lock on the Barrel, 
hide somewhere, quickly jump out and hit it several times, then run 
before it can counterattack. It takes an unbelievable 14 HITS with the 
Globox Shot to kill this Electric Barrel, and all you get is three 
measly Red Lums (not to mention safe passage). Thankfully, these are 
fairly rare.


Difficulty: *
Description: A small, quick bat.

These bats are often found in clusters, swooping down to damage and 
waylay you. The only thing to do is avoid them, though this takes 
dexterity, or you can pick them off one by one.


Difficulty: *
Description: A tiny black spider. 

These small spiders will run around, nipping at your feet (literally). 
Their speed and closeness to the ground makes them difficult to hit.

Coward Ghoul 

Difficulty: **
Description: A gutless Fire Ghoul which cannot breathe fire.

Found only once in the game, in the Sanctuary of Stone and Fire, this 
Ghoul is flameless and cannot hurt you. Instead, it hides from you by 
going behind a tree and keeping the tree between you and it no matter 
what. (The area you fight it in consists of many small trees around a 
large central tree - the Ghoul hides behind one of the small ones.) 
What you must do is run around the central tree until it comes out of 
its hideout, then quickly shoot it before it retreats again. It takes 
five hits to destroy the Coward Ghoul.

Dead Pirate

Description: An ancient, rusted, slow Pirate.
Difficulty: *

These robots should have been consigned to the junkyard a long time 
ago, but even though they are dead (as dead as a robot can be, at any 
rate) they are still walking around. Their only attack is to breathe a 
cloud of toxic gas at you, but they can do this from quite a long way a 
way. If you shoot one five times, it will collapse in a heap of parts, 
but will regenerate itself quickly. The only way to kill one for good 
is to hit one with an Accumulated shot.

Red Shell

Description: A red version of the Walking Shell.
Difficulty: *

A more advanced and more intelligent (but still very stupid) version of 
the Yellow Shell which is dropped by the Warships. It is inexhaustible 
and cannot be tamed, meaning that you must jump over it and let it pass 
you by or shoot it. Like its cousin, highly volatile.

Generator Guardian

Description: A Pirate found lurking near the Generators that power the 
Robo-Pirate Factory Gate.
Difficulty: N/A

The moment you begin to attack a Generator, its Guardian will appear. 
It uses the same weapon as the Green Pirate, but it fires faster and 
with much more accuracy. Shoot it and it will vanish for about three or 
four seconds, giving you plenty of time to damage the Generator some 
more. The only way to defeat it for good is to destroy the Generator 
that it guards.


Description: This huge robotic hen guards a Pirate stronghold in The 
Iron Mountain.
Difficulty: N/A

Although this monstrosity could easily squash you like a bug, it 
doesn't try until you're on a Shell, when it can be easily outrun by 
simply accelerating. However, there is an advantage to its presence - 
when it stomps, it shakes the ground, causing crates to bounce and 
menhirs to move.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Can I put my guide on your website?

A - Yes, you can, but be sure to write and obtain permission first - 
otherwise, it's copyright infringement, even if you do give me credit.

Q - I see a Lum, but I can't get to it! What on Earth??

A - Throughout the game, you'll gain more powers and more abilities. 
Return to a level later and you'll be able to get the missing Lums. 
Every time Rayman gets a new power, I will have a section on the levels 
you can now return to and get new Lums and Cages.

Q - I can't get on the shell!

A - You need to run away from it until it slows down and stops. You can 
then jump on.

If you looked at the preceding Game Basics, thank you VERY MUCH for 
making the time I took to write it worthwhile. But now, if you have 
been scrolling down continuously, it's time to stop for the...


In the walkthrough, Lums will be represented with a number in square 
brackets [] and Cages with a number in parentheses ().


The Prison Ship

Level Description: Not much of a level, actually - just one small cell 
and a brief slide ride.
# of Yellow Lums: 0
# of Familiar Spirits: 0
Enemies: None
Revisit: No
Special Items: Silver Lum (Punching Power)

Technically, this is not a level. Simply turn around and smash the 
grating. (Personally, I find it odd that the pirates not only did not 
check to make sure Globox had no Lums on him, but also placed an easily 
accessed and poorly blocked escape route in their most dangerous 
prisoner's cell.) Slide into the short pipe, obtaining a few Red Lums 
along the way. When you reach the end, a cinematic leads you into the 
next level.

The Woods of Light

Level Description: A nice, calming forest, with a bright cave, a 
babbling brook, and easy-to-find collectables. Don't get used to it.
# of Yellow Lums: 5
# of Familiar Spirits: 1
Enemies: None
Revisit: No
Special Items: Silver Lum (Rayman Shot Power)

Rayman and Globox have been separated! Watch a cinematic, and when you 
regain control you'll receive a briefing of sorts from Murfy the flying 
frog. Follow the river and you'll come to a cave containing a Cage (1). 
Punch it open and Murfy will explain Familiar Spirits. The grate will 
retract, allowing you to drop down the waterfall. Jump out on the 
riverbank to collect the game's first Lum [1]. Continue up the bank for 
another [2] and jump over the river and continue on further for yet 
another [3]. Jump down and go to the end of the river for a Lum in the 
waterfall [4] and then return to the top of the cliff. Helicopter over 
for a converstation with Globox's kids. They are desperate for their 
daddy back, and amid their blubbering will tell you which direction the 
Pirates took Ly. Continue on through the passage to reach the cave and 
receive instructions on climbing from Murfy. On your way up the narrow 
gap you'll obtain the final Lum [5]. When you reach the top, smash open 
the Cage. Watch a scene in which the Teensies argue over who the King 
is, and eventually get around to telling you that Globox and Ly are 
both being held prisoner. If you obtain all 5 Lums, the Teensies will 
use their power to open a portal to the Minisaurus Plains.


Mission 1: Find the King of the Teensies

    ~~HUB WORLD~~
The Minisaurus Plains

Level Description: The first hub consists of a bright plain, a rocky 
beach, a dark forest, and a marshland area. 
# of Yellow Lums: 30
# of Familiar Spirits: 0
Enemies: Green Pirate, Purple Pirate, Minisaurus
Revisit: Yes
Special Items: None

Rayman will automatically head down to meet Murfy and a baby. Go back 
up before doing any training, and collect three Lums [1-3] around the 
source of the river. Dive in the river and follow the baby, then jump 
out and head up the path. You will find a scarecrow, and you must 
strafe around it while shooting it several times. When you complete 
this training exercise, a gate will open, admitting you to the first 
hub area. You must go find the King at the Stone Circle, but first, 
let's collect some Lums. Talk to a baby to learn about the Minisaurus, 
which really aren't much of a threat. Then follow the sign toward The 
Pier, and when you get to the rocky ledge, follow it down. You'll 
obtain some Lums [4-5]. Then go back up to where the baby is and head 
for the other end of the river. At the end of the river you can dive to 
a secret cave containing two more Lums [6-7]. Now cross over the bridge 
that the baby is beside. There is a Lum on it [8], then head left once 
you reach the other side for two more [9-10]. Go into the forest and 
you will then arrive at a crossroads. You can continue forward, or go 
right. Choose the right fork, and when the path splits again, go right 
again. Don't go to the Magic Well, as you can't purchase anything yet, 
but there are two Lums between the roots of one tree and three others 
in a corner [11-15]. Now go up to the Stone Circle, which is reached by 
taking the main path at the second fork. Talk to the Teensie King there 
and he will tell you that Ly is being held in the Fairy Glade. Before 
you go there, though, follow the main path from the FIRST fork, and 
you'll get three Lums [16-18] and come to a door in the rock. Go 
through to the East Plain. 

At the beginning head left along the path, picking up a Lum [19]. 
You'll come to Ly's House, and hear for the third frikkin' time that Ly 
is trapped. Try to go out on the Plain itself and you'll see that it is 
swarming with an unlimited supply of pirates for the moment. There's 
nothing else to see here, so return to the previous area. 

Follow the path, and once you've crossed the bridge, go left and you'll 
come to a sign for the Fairy Glade. Follow it through a tunnel with 
Lums [20-21] to the Glade itself. 

Mission 2: Free Ly in the Fairy Glade

The Fairy Glade

Level Description: A collage of several environments, with an actual 
glade (like the previous level) an underground pirate fortress, and a 
strange canyon.
# of Yellow Lums: 80
# of Familiar Spirits: 10
Enemies: Piranha, Green Pirate, Shadow Creature, Shadow Sphere, Purple 
Pirate, Red Pirate
Revisit: Yes
Special Items: Silver Lum (Ly Shot Power) 

Cross over the wooden bridge [1] then jump in the water and swim to the 
tunnel (it's northeast of the end of the bridge). There will be several 
air bubble jets along the way to help you reach a secret underwater 
cave containing Lums and a Cage [2-4] (1). Then return to the start of 
the level and jump onto the central island. Use the mushroom to bounce 
to the vines on the underside of the log [5]. Swing across the vines 
into a cave. Follow it around [6] then jump across the lilypads, 
avoiding numerous piranhas [7]. Stand on the Stone of Thought and shoot 
the Cage (2) then continue up the platforms, evading more fish, to meet 
your first pirate in an enclosed tunnel. It is sleeping, so you get a 
free hit - then, jump over the energy spheres and shoot it once more. 
Claim the Lums in the tunnel [8-9] and you'll emerge on top of the log 
you swung under earlier, with a Lum to the right [10]. Hit the switch 
to open the gate down below. Continue partway along the top of the log 
for another Lum [11] and all the way along for the third Cage (3). Then 
go through the gate and slide down the - well, slide - to come to 
Sludge Lake. You'll meet another pirate asleep on the job. Take care of 
it then climb the rope ladder, run through the sludge machine, and jump 
onto the rising and falling platforms on top. Now jump into the hole in 
the wall.

Head forward and take out another pirate, who is, for a change, awake. 
Get the Lums by the Shadow Creature-spawning grate [12-14] and head 
counter-clockwise around the tree [15] and climb all the way to the top 
using the vine [16-18]. Go into the tunnel and slide down the slippery 
river [19-20]. Outdoors again, grab the vine and climb across the wall 
[21] then follow the path and jump into the hole.

Run forward and watch a cinematic, then stand on the trapdoor with a 
metal barricade. Wait for the pirate for fire, then move aside and the 
flaming cannonball will break open the trapdoor. Drop in and cross the 
crates and stones in the slime, then climb onto the web. There are two 
hatches at the top which will alternately drop barrels. Stay on the 
side where the barrel is NOT falling (obviously) then once it falls 
past you, move to the side it just fell on. Be warned, occasionally two 
barrels in a row will drop from one hatch. At the top, hit the switch 
around the corner [22-23] and go through the deactivated laser gate. 
Toto, I don't think we're in the glade anymore. Follow the path left 
[24] then get the two Lums to the left of the stairs [25-26]. At the 
top of the stairs is a patrolling green pirate - as the Stone of 
Thought suggests, use the Strafe move and kill it. Then go through the 
short hallway [27] to face another pirate. Waste it and take the Keg 
from the dispenser, then throw it at the metal barricade on the pipe in 
the room, which lowers a ladder for some reason. Then take another 
barrel and head back out to where you met the first of the two pirates. 
Blast open the metal-barricaded door to access a prison chamber 
containing various goodies [28-30] (4). Return to the ladder room and 
climb the ladder. Helicopter out above the net [31] then drop down onto 
it and bounce around, avoiding the security laser, until you hit the 
switch. Bounce up to the newly opened door in the wall and go out into 
the corridor [32]. Defeat the pirate and claim the two Lums [33-34] in 
the corridor behind it. Go down the stairs [35] to face the Purple 
Pirate you saw upon entering this area. He's guarding a switch and will 
go to any lengths to stop you hitting it. He fires large laser blasts 
surrounded by rings. Get the two Lums around the table [36-37] then go 
in to face him. Strafe around his blasts and shoot him six times to get 
rid of him. Then hit the switch, grab the Lum [38] and jump down, 
entering the large and now open laser door. 

In the corridor, jump the first laser, run under the second, and jump 
the third. Kill a pirate hiding in a doorway, then run into a large, 
circular room. Run out onto the bridge and jump down to find Ly 
imprisoned inside a force field cocoon. But if she's been here for 
days, she can wait a little longer - time for some collecting! Smash 
the Cage (5) and get the various Lums in cells, in addition to one on 
the bridge opposite Ly [39-44]. Climb the ladder to find more Lums in 
cells on the second level [45-47] and climb the ladder for two more 
[48-49]. Then go back down to the bottom and follow the greenish 
corridor opposite Ly to come to a large room. Grab a Keg at the 
entrance and proceed across the long pipe to come to the Machine that 
Ly was talking about. It has three metal barricades on it - hurl your 
Keg at one then go back for another. As you carry this one to the 
Machine, Hover-Bombs will come out of it. When one gets close, throw 
the Keg up in the air with X, shoot the bomb, then catch the Keg and 
continue. Using this process, avoid the bombs and destroy the other two 
Barricades, shutting off the Machine. You will return to Ly and she 
will tell you that you must gather the Four Masks to reawaken Polokus, 
the Spirit of the World, who can destroy the Pirates. She will
give you a Silver Lum, increasing your shot power. She will then 
vanish, releasing a Purple Lum. Go back to the useless Machine, and at 
the end of the pipe, cross the plank to the left and climb the ladder 
to the circular walkway. Helicopter to another walkway to find another 
Cage (6) and return to the prison room. Climb to the top level and 
shoot the Lum to swing across. Go through the corridor, climb up 
between the pipes [50-52] and exit the Pirate Fortress.
Outside, helicopter off the pipe [53-54] and land on another pipe [55]. 
Helicopter down further, grabbing another Lum off a pipe [56] and land 
on another horizontal pipe, killing the Purple Pirate (notice they will 
now go down in two hits) and cracking open the Cage (7). Helicopter 
down to the wooden bridge at the bottom of the area, making sure not to 
land in the polluted water. Run through the tunnel and Murfy will make 
a reappearance, explaining that helicoptering in the air currents will 
allow you to fly. Use the air currents to reach the top of the canyon. 
Every air current has at least one Lum; some may have two. Some air 
currents do not necessarily NEED to be used to reach the top, but have 
Lums in them - so when you reach the top of a current, use the L1 and 
R1 Buttons to pan the camera around and examine your options. Pirates 
will sometimes parachute down - make destroying them your top priority, 
since if they reach the ground they fire annoying energy spheres all 
over the place. Finally, in some air currents the Lum is at the very 
bottom, but you enter closer to the middle. In that case, press X to 
briefly stop helicoptering and fall. When you touch the Lum, press X 
again. When you reach the top, you should have obtained eight Lums [57-
64] if not, drop down and try again. At the top, use the two Purple 
Lums to swing across to solid ground again [65]. Then, turn around. You 
should see the two Lums you just swung across plus a third. Swing 
across all three and you will come to a hidden cave (8) [66-69]. Then 
swing back over to where you found the 65th Lum. Jump to the wooden 
platform then turn around and smash open the Cage to free a Portal 
Teensie. He explains that there is a  Portal Teensie at the exit of 
every world who will return you to a Stone Circle. He and Rayman both 
do the stupid-looking Portal Dance, then you should jump into the 
swirling door.

Level Totals - 1st Visit
Yellow Lums - 69/80
Familiar Spirits - 8/10
Return With - Ly Shot Power (Purple Lum Swing Ability), Rain Dance


Levels to Revisit

New Power - Ly Shot/Purple Lum Swing Ability

Sections like this will appear throughout the guide. Every time you get 
a new ability this section will detail which new Lums and Cages you can 
get. You can revisit the level at any time in the game.


In the first section, go to the area just beyond the gate with the 
teapot spewing sludge. You may notice that new pirates have appeared in 
this area, as well as the small island at the start. Go up the ropes, 
through the teapot, and out onto the metal walkway. From here you can 
grab a Purple Lum hovering over the center of the lake. Swing from it 
and get all the Lums hovering around it [70-72] then helicopter down to 
a small ledge. Get on the barrel and ride it under the bridge [73] then 
jump back onto the bridge, return to the start, and jump into the 
entrance portal. 

Level Totals - 2nd Visit
Yellow Lums - 73/80
Familiar Spirits - 8/10
Return With - Rain Dance



Mission 3: Free Bzzit in the Bayou

The Minisaurus Plains

If you like, you can pay a visit to the Magic Well. If you followed the 
guide, you should have 93 Lums, and if you already went back to the 
Fairy Glade and got the newly available Lums, you should have 97. This 
will allow you to purchase Rebound I, Accumulation I, or Run with Load. 
I recommend you purchase one of the two former because not only are 
they very useful but purchasing either of them will unlock a new 
potential power, Rebound II or Accumulation II (depending on which you 

Now leave the forest and go back out onto the plains. Go into the area 
where the Minisaurus roam and look for a gap in the rock wall - there 
will be an arrow sign next to it. Go through it and follow the path to 
come to the Marshlands. Swing over onto the large bridge for two Lums 
[22-23] but DON'T follow the bridge. Instead, swing over onto the large 
tree [24] and enter the trunk.

The Bayou

Level Description: A slimy, boggy swamp filled with rickety bridges, 
bomb-hurling warships and evil piranhas.
# of Yellow Lums: 50
# of Familiar Spirits: 6 
Enemies: Purple Pirate, Zombie Chicken, Green Pirate, Yellow Pirate, 
Revisit: Yes
Special Items: None

In a cinematic which takes place on the Prison Ship (it seems they have 
taken on 3,730 slaves since you escaped) we learn that Admiral 
Razorbeard is not pleased with his lackey's job. His task has so far 
been to destroy Rayman, but he has failed miserably. The Admiral 
commands him to send in the warships then swallows a Yellow Lum. The 
Game Total of 1000 will now drop by one.

Jump on the barrel and ride it toward the ledge, shooting any Hover-
Bombs that come your way. When you are almost to the ledge, jump to get 
a Lum [1]. Once you reach the ledge, jump over to the log for a Cage 
(1) then ride the second barrel to the cave [2-3] and climb the rope 
ladder. Get the Lums on the bridge and hit the switch [4-5] to lower 
another section of bridge and make it possible to cross to the next 
rope ladder [6-9]. Climb that, destroy the Purple Pirate and crack open 
the Cage he was guarding (2) to release a Purple Lum. Swing over to the 
barrel and ride it down the stream, moving to the appropriate side to 
collect various Lums [10-13] and shoot any Zombie Chickens that arise 
from the slime. At the end of the ride, jump to the log. Turn and 
you'll see a Cage hanging from underneath. If you position yourself 
right you can shoot it from where you are (3) and if you can't do that 
you'll just have to helicopter down, hit it on your way, and return to 
this area when you die. Helicopter down to the rickety bridge [14-17] 
and continue to the solid ledge [18]. Hang off the side for another Lum 
[19] and continue back onto the bridge. At the point where it turns, 
swing from a Purple Lum [20] (there is another Lum [21] hovering higher 
up and to the side) to a hollowed-out tree (4) then return to the 
bridge and continue to the end [22-25]. Once you've reached safe 
ground, turn the camera around to see another Cage hanging under the 
bridge (5). Then enter the hollow tree.

Helicopter over to the log and run up to the end [26] and shoot the 
piranha, then helicopter to the small ledge [27] and jump to the large 
ledge [28]. Run up the sloped ground [29] and helicopter over the 
slime. Defeat another purple pirate, jump across more slime, and you 
will find Bzzit.  He'll tell you of the pirates' impending arrival, and 
sure enough, two green pirates appear. As you fight them, don't forget 
to get the Lum on the mushrooms [30]. Take care of the green pirates, 
followed by a pair of purple pirates. Then, it's time to meet your 
first yellow pirate. If you get to close, he'll fry you up with his 
flamethrower, and if you stand far away, he launches cannonballs which 
explode and create temporary small fires on the ground. Hit him six 
times and you'll free Bzzit. He flies off and tells you to meet him at 
the Pier. Run across the wire bridge and jump to the wooden one. You'll 
come to a hatch that drops exploding barrels. The barrels have a wide 
blast radius, so stand well back. Once one falls, run past [31] and 
wait for a second barrel to fall. Run past that and jump to another 
bridge, this one with rolling barrels. These can easily be jumped. 
There is a Lum at the beginning, one at the end, and one hovering in 
the middle, which can be reached by bouncing off a barrel [32-34]. Jump 
over some slime lakes to come to a ramp with barrels rolling down it. 
Quickly jump to the very end to get the Lum, then jump off to the other 
side as fast as you can [35]. You'll soon come to THREE barrel ramps in 
a row, with a Lum at the end of each one - do not linger at all on any 
of the ramps [36-38] except for the middle one. On this one, jump up 
over the end, helicopter, wait for a barrel to roll underneath you, 
then drop onto it to bounce to a hovering Lum [39]. When you reach safe 
territory again, run around to the side of the rock to the left of the 
bridge [40] to find a switch. Shoot it to extend the bridge. Run out to 
the end of the bridge and swing over [41] to a hollowed-out tree. Trick 
the Robo-Gorilla into falling into the bottomless pit, then run past 
the point where it was. Hit the button and the laser gate will 
temporarily be deactivated. You don't have time to wait for the 
penduLums, so run a zigzagging course around them. Once you get through 
the gate run ahead of the barrels until you get out of the tunnel, then 
move out of their way. Run around the tree trunk that forms the left-
hand wall of the END of the barrel tunnel, then jump onto the small 
tree branch. Shoot the final Cage (6) then helicopter off the end of 
the branch to reach a distant Lum [42]. Now go to the large, curved 
pipe. Bounce on the left-hand trampoline [43] then hit the Cage to free 
a Portal Teensie. Bounce to the top of the pipe [44-45] and enter the 

Level Totals - 1st Visit
Yellow Lums - 45/50
Cages - 6/6
Return With - Rain Dance

Mission 4: Obtain the Mask of Water and Ice at the Sanctuary

The Minisaurus Plains

Leave the forest and cross over the bridge. Go straight ahead and when 
you reach a stone ledge head down it to the Pier area. Go out on the 
wooden dock and jump into the boat.

The Sanctuary of Water and Ice

Level Descripton: A mysterious island with a gateway to a strange, 
arcane sanctuary. 
# of Yellow Lums: 50
# of Familiar Spirits: 2
Enemies: Purple Pirate, Yellow Pirate, Green Pirate, Axel (Boss)
Revisit: Yes
Special Items: First Mask of Polokus

Jump out of the boat and smash the Cage (1) then go onto the beach and 
fight two purple pirates. When they're gone, beat a green pirate, then 
climb up to the top of the cliff [1-4] where there is a tunnel. If you 
stand in the right position, just to the left of the tunnel mouth, you 
will be able to hit the yellow pirate without him hitting back! Defeat 
the purple pirate behind him then turn around and look out at the 
beach. Drop down from the ledge in front of the tunnel to the ledge 
just below it, then helicopter out over the beach [5-6]. Return through 
the tunnel and dive into the pool. Swim through the underwater tunnel 
[7-9] and jump out of the water into a secret cave [10-12] (2). Then 
return to the main cave, jump out on the ledge and climb the rope 
ladder [13-14]. Drop down, go up the stairs and helicopter out over the 
water [15]. Drop in the water and you'll respawn by the stairs again. 
Go up, get the Lum in the doorway [16] then defeat the green pirate 
snoozing on the stairs. Walk out onto the rocky beach to find the 
temple door. There are two glowing pyramids either side of the door - 
don't worry about those for now. Instead, use the L2 Strafe move and 
defeat the two purple pirates and the yellow pirate guarding the door. 
Now go up the stairs to the right [17], past the barricaded door, to 
find a keg dispenser. Take a Keg and blow up the door you just passed. 
Go inside to learn about Magic Spheres, then pick up the Yellow Sphere, 
take it outside, and throw it on the yellow pyramid. Then take another 
keg and blow up the barricaded door on the other side of the temple 
door. Go in and get the Blue Sphere, then take it outside and throw it 
on the blue pyramid. The Sanctuary of Water and Ice will now open. Go 
through the stone corridor to come to the first room in this level that 
looks like it belongs in a temple. Run up the ramp and get ten Lums 
[18-27] then enter the dark door.

You will now have to slide through the Sanctuary itself. The slide is 
very self-explanatory, the jumps are mainly easy, and the Lums [28-44] 
are pretty hard to miss. When you reach the end, it's time for...ba da 
dummm...the first boss!


Boss 1: Axel, Guardian of the Sanctuary of Water and Ice

Description: The first Guardian Brother is dark blue and has power over 
Health: 1 
Difficulty: *
Attacks: Ice Shard

This giant, floating menace may look tough, but he's a pushover. At the 
start, the game shows you not-so-subtly how to kill him. First, the 
arena. Your starting platform is at the top of a ramp which leads down 
into a small pool. From this pool, another extremely slippery ramp 
leads up. Touch this ramp at any point and you'll fall into the pool 
and be forced to return to the starting platform. 

Now, the battle. Axel hovers just beyond the first Purple Lum. Swing 
over to him, and he'll move to just beyond the second Lum. Continue 
doing this until he's under the giant icicle. For this whole battle, 
he'll  be firing ice shards. If one hits you you will not only take 
damage but also fall onto the ramp and slide into the pool. This will 
cause Axel to go back to where he started, forcing you in effect to 
begin the battle again. Once Axel is under the icicle, shoot it once 
and it will fall on his head and destroy him instantly. You'll fall 
back to the start and he'll release a Purple Lum.


Swing across the Lums again, and this time use the one Axel left behind 
as well. Helicopter to the end of the river, then run up the ramp for a 
Lum [45]. Now run through the waterfall and the long corridor. Rayman 
will find a mysterious pedestal, and he will discover that he has the 
power to open it. It will release the First Mask, and when Rayman 
touches it he is warped to the Dream World where Polokus is. Polokus, 
not satisfied, will tell Rayman to get the other three masks, and sends 
him back to the Stone Circle.

Level Totals - 1st Visit

Yellow Lums - 45/50
Familiar Spirits - 2/2
Return With - Globox Shot Power


Mission 5: Meet Clark at the East Plain

The Minisaurus Plains

Look at the first walkthrough section for The Minisaurus Plains in 
order to find out where the East Plain is. Return there and now, 
instead of pirates, you'll find frolicking babies. Clark will tell you 
to follow him, but first, there are Lums to be collected. There are two 
around the left-hand wall of the area [25-26] two to the left of the 
ridge Clark runs up [27-28] and two which can be obtained by hitting a 
button and opening a gate in the pirate building [29-30]. That's all 
the Lums in the level! When that's done, follow Clark up the ridge. 
When you get to the bridge, Clark will smash through the gate. Go 
through the Clark-shaped hole to enter the next Hub.

Mission 6: Find Clark in the Menhir Hills

Globox's House

Level Description: This region has many mountains and its own 
underground cave system. Your friend Globox, his wife, and their babies 
live and play soccer here.
# of Yellow Lums: 30
# of Familiar Spirits: 0
Enemies: Red Pirate, Robot Pirate Battalion
Revisit: Yes
Special Items: None

Clark has gone off to the Menhir Hills without you, but before you join 
him, you should explore the newly unlocked territory. There is a lot 
more to this hub than you can see the first time through, but get what 
you can for now. Cross the first bridge and you'll find a rock, which 
is where Ly is located. Cross the second bridge and the grassy ledge. 
The third bridge leads nowhere for now, so go down to the left and find 
the Stone Circle. Right now only one portal is here: the one leading 
back to the Minisaurus Plains. Cross to the other side of the field 
where the Stone Circle is. The left-hand path leads to the Magic Well, 
and the right-hand path leads to Globox's House. Visit the House and 
you'll find a bouncing baby, three crying babies, and Uglette, who begs 
you to find Globox. Jump on the wooden elevator and select "Use 
Elevator" to go down into the caverns.

The right-hand path leads nowhere until you get the power to fly over 
lava, so take the left path [1-4] until you come to an arrow sign 
labeled "Sanctuary of Stone and Fire". Follow it and cross over the 
bridge [5-8]. You will now come to a stone tunnel. At the other end, a 
large tentacle blocks your way to the Sanctuary, so head back to the 
Sanctuary arrow sign and take the left fork. Follow the trail of Lums, 
grabbing one in the air [9-12] then go down the ramp to the beach [13-
14]. Avoid the spotlight, which will sound the alarm and wake up the 
sLumbering Red Pirates if you step into it. You won't be able to enter 
the door they are guarding until later on in the game. Obtain three 
more Lums on the beach [15-17] then head back to the elevator. Return 
via the Stone Circle and the bridges to where you entered this level 
from the Minisaurus Plains, and follow the stone path into the wooden 
pirate structure.

The Menhir Hills

Level Descripton: A mountainous area populated by dozens of menhirs and 
the Walking Shell population. Also home to a pirate training school.
# of Yellow Lums: 50
# of Familiar Spirits: 8
Enemies: Walking Shell, Green Pirate, Purple Pirate, Thorny Vine
Revisit: Yes
Special Items: Password to the Cave of Bad Dreams

The everpresent Murfy will descend upon you as soon as you enter this 
level, warning of the dangers of the Walking Shell. But Murfy worries 
too much, since the shell is separated from you by a field of thorns, 
right? Wrong. It seems that shells can cross over thorns, and this one 
makes a beeline for you. Although you will need it later, allow this 
shell to plow into a menhir - you have some collecting to do in this 
area, and the missiles regenerate indefinitely. The tree to the right 
of where you started has a Lum behind it, and there is another one 
behind a nearby menhir [1-2]. There is also a switch behind the menhir. 
Hit it to open a trapdoor on the other side of the area. Jump into an 
underground tunnel to find the first Cage (1) and several Lums [3-7]. 
Climb on the cobwebs back to the surface. When the new shell charges at 
you, run away for a while to tame it, then leap on and ride your 
bucking bronco across the thorns. Once you're across, point the shell 
toward the door with the metal barricade, and hop off. The shell will 
hit the door and blow it up, revealing a Cage (2) with no damage done 
to you. Get another Lum [8] and jump over the railing [9]. The carpeted 
stairs lead directly into a classroom of the pirate academy [10]. Take 
out two green and two purple pirates, and enter the adjoining room. 
Beat the purple pirate guard and collect the spoils of this room (3) 
[11). You won't be able to pass the laser gate until you have the Rain 
Dance power. Re-enter the main classroom and drop into the large hole.

Another shell awaits, but first, get the Lum behind the tree [12] and 
bounce on the two purple mushrooms. Swing over to the balcony [13] turn 
around, and shoot the Cage (4) through the hole in the tower-like 
structure. You need to jump and aim carefully for this one. When you 
get it, jump down, tame the shell, and prepare for a rather long ride. 
There are a total of 11 Lums on the course [14-24] but they are always 
very easy to see and the only way you should miss one is if you go to 
fast and pass it by. The first part of the course (after the obligatory 
thorn patch) is a short, straight tunnel. Grab the Lums and avoid the 
thorny vine which pops up on the left side. You will now come out onto 
the bridge. The right-hand fork has boxes which you must weave around, 
but it itself is straighter and has a solitary yellow Lum. On the other 
hand, if you have the Lum already, you have the option of going left 
along the curved path, which has a couple of red Lums but no yellow 
ones. You need to accelerate (with the [] button) to get over the gaps. 
Once over the bridge, enter the second tunnel. This tunnel has a few 
slight curves, more thorny vines sticking out of the walls, and the 
last few Lums of the shell ride. At the end of the tunnel, ride up the 
ramp, point the shell toward the door, and jump off, blasting the 
barricade into oblivion. But if the shell misses, have no fear. At the 
ground level a keg dispenser can be found to blow that pesky roadblock 
off the face of the Earth. Once beyond the door [25] you will come to a 
guard who's asleep on duty. Shoot him from a distance to destroy him 
without even waking him up (and they call this the "Elite Troop 
Training Center"?) then flip the switch and go through the skull door.

In a cinematic, Rayman finds Clark in a room full of pirate fragments. 
Clark has a seriously upset stomach, and asks if Rayman would retrieve 
an Elixir of Life from the Cave of Bad Dreams to revitalize him. The 
password is "The Cave of Bad Dreams" which is almost as bad a password, 
considering the circumstances, as "Let me in." Obligingly, Rayman exits 
the level. 

Level Totals - 1st Visit

Yellow Lums - 25/50
Familiar Spirits - 4/8
Return With - Elixir of Life, Rain Dance, Globox Shot Power

Mission 7: Obtain the Elixir of Life for Clark

Globox's House

You don't even have time to say "hello" to the Teensie King. Just enter 
the portal to the Minisaurus Plains.

The Minisaurus Plains

Remember that swampland area? Well, head down out of the circle, follow 
the arrow signs over the bridge, cross the plain, and return there. New 
not-so-subtle landscape features, such as a heavily-armed purple pirate 
guarding the entrance to the swamp, will attempt to end your quest in a 
rather painful way, but press on and swing across the rings to the 
large bridge entering the tree trunk. Enter...the Marsh!

The Marshes of Awakening

Level Descripton: A dank, murky bog (what else is new?) whose waters 
are so toxic that swimming is absolutely out of the question. To make 
matters worse, bombs, piranhas, pirates and a huge lake monster inhabit 
the area.
# of Yellow Lums: 50
# of Familiar Spirits: 4
Enemies: Piranha, Zombie Chicken, Lake Monster, Gunboat
Revisit: Yes
Special Items: None

Cross over the opaque water on the oversized lilypads [1-3] then swing 
across the hanging rigging [4-5] to the rickety jetty, where a Green 
Lum sits. Shoot the extra large Cage to free Ssssam, the marsh 
ferryman. He invites you to shoot him. Humor him, and all of a sudden 
you are being dragged across a toxic lake at very high speeds as all 
sorts of obstacles rise up around you. Grab all the lums in the tunnel 
[6-110, including one hovering over a small rock at the beginning of 
the tunnel which you need to jump for, as well as a Cage (1). Avoid the 
Lake Monster by bouncing off the large rock in front of him and 
grabbing the Lum in the air [11] and jump directly on top the next Lum 
[12]. In doing this, you will also activate a switch (if you miss, you 
can crash into a zombie chicken on purpose and try again). Pick up the 
chain of Lums [13-16] - which, incidentally, only appear when you hit 
the switch - then move as far left as the connection with Ssssam will 
allow to dodge the zombie chicken. Then, move as far right as you can 
to avoid the next one, and then left again to sideski the final one. 
Ski into the gap between the crates and pick up two Lums [17-18] then 
avoid the Lake Monster again. Ssssam will begin to go around and around 
a hill in the center of the area. There are total of seven Lums [19-25] 
around this hill, as well as the remaning three Cages (2-4). To break 
the Cages, all you must do is smash directly into them. You may not get 
everything on your first go-round, but don't worry, since Ssssam will 
circle the hill again. Once he's gone around several times, he will 
enter a hole in the side of another hill.

Swing around the posts, avoiding the bomb [26-27] then slide up the 
ramp and jump onto the wooden bridge. Your connection will be severed, 
so quickly run along the bridge [28-31] then jump off the end and 
activate your helicopter. As you fall, shoot Ssssam to reattach 
yourself to him. Leap over the wall of bombs [32] then slide up and off 
the ramp by the Lake Monster [33-34] and grab a Lum next to said 
monster [35]. Ssssam now will idiotically carry you into the line of 
fire of a Gunboat. Bounce off the large rock for two Lums [36-37] and 
take the two Lums next to the boat [38-39]. Finally, snatch the Lum on 
the fishing line right out from under the Gunboat operator's nose [40]. 
Swing out to the right for another Lum [41]. Avoid the wooden poles 
[42] then go off the ramp over the seething Piranha feeding frenzy 
[43]. Ssssam will now pull you straight over to the bridge. In a 
cinematic, watch the tearful farewell, then go to the end of the bridge 
[44] then jump from the lilypad [45] to the outcropping of rock [46]. 
Jump over to the small, concealed bridge and pick up the final four 
Lums of the level [47-50] and return all the way back to the bridge. At 
the mouth of the cave, free the Portal Teensie, and do the dance with 
him, but DON'T enter the Exit Portal. Instead, go to the back of the 
cave, where the Guardian of the Cave of Bad Dreams beckons...

The Cave of Bad Dreams

Level Descripton: This quintessential "nightmare level" boasts bones, 
ghosts, demons, and poisonous purple slime galore.
# of Yellow Lums: 0
# of Familiar Spirits: 0
Enemies: Grabbing Arm, Fire Ghoul, Shadow Creature, The Guardian of the 
Cave of Bad Dreams (Boss)
Revisit: No
Special Items: The Elixir of Life

The Guardian's mysterious scepter deposits you on a bridge made from a 
gigantic spinal column. Get used to it - you'll be seeing a lot of 
things like this. Swing over on the Purple Lum to the whitish-purple 
ledge, and jump to where the Green Lum is. Cross over the nice, handy 
skulls which fall from the ceiling into the goo, then jump onto the 
bone-covered wall. Jump over a few more skulls, then cross the pillars 
to a ledge where a Grabbing Arm awaits. Just shoot it, and stroll on 
by. Swing to a wall of bones, and pull yourself over to a narrow 
bridge. From here, helicopter to the bone-covered column. It will begin 
sinking, so quickly climb to the top, and swing to the bones on the 
next one. Climb this one, too, and helicopter to the third. From the 
top of the third column, jump to a stable ledge. Follow the tunnel, 
merrily blasting a few Grabbing Arms on your way, and climb up between 
the two walls as soon as they come together. From here, walk to the end 
of the narrow bridge and helicopter out over the abyss. Ignore the 
empty ledge and the ledge with three fire ghouls, and land instead on 
the ledge with a Yellow Magic Pyramid, which is patrolled by two 
ghouls. Defeat them both, and the second one will drop a Yellow Magic 
Sphere. Place it on the pyramid and the platform under it will rise up. 
Drop through the hole onto a Green Lum, and continue into a room full 
of Shadow Creatures. Don't bother trying to exterminate them all, since 
they regenerate out of a dark hole in the wall. Instead, climb onto the 
high ledge on the left, taking note of the ugly mask on the wall with a 
Magic Pyramid either side. You will now reach another Green Lum, and a 
fork in the road. Keep in mind that these two paths can be traversed in 
any order.


Left Fork

Cross over the skulls. The final one will be lifted up by a helping 
hand to the level of the revolving rocks. Cross over the first one to a 
ledge, then jump to the second, and from there to the Blue Magic 
Sphere. Throw the sphere onto the revolving rock, then jump onto the 
rock yourself, carry the sphere to the end, and throw it on another 
ledge. Throw the sphere to another spinning rock, jump over, carry it 
to the end, and toss it to yet ANOTHER waiting ledge. From here, throw 
it to the ridge at the entrance and helicopter down there. Carry the 
Sphere to the Pyramid by that mask and throw it over.

Right Fork

Use the Purple Lum to swing over to a helping hand, which will 
transport you via a skull platform to another Purple Lum. Swing over to 
the small columns and Green Lum, then ride the hand to a cluster of 
platforms guarded by more Shadow Creatures. Cross to another skull 
which will lift you to the Yellow Magic Sphere. Throw it to the 
adjacent outcropping, and from there to the ledge early on in the area, 
just before the first moving skull. From here, throw it to the 
entrance, and carry it past the fork to the Yellow Magic Pyramid.


With both Magic Spheres in place, the mouth of the Cyclops-esque mask 
will open wide. Jump in, shoot the fragile green crystal, and drop into 
the narrow pit.

In a cinematic, the Guardian will appear and state that "your trips 
ends here!" Jump onto the slime and start sliding. If you run into a 
wall, slow down too much, or get hung up on a rock or a crystal, the 
Guardian will eat you alive. At the beginning of the slide, hang right, 
and shoot all the green crystals to the right side of the rock. Slide 
past where they were, and continue to slide, jumping over pits (jump 
when you hit the edge of the platform, and helicopter if necessary) and 
shooting any crystals in your way, until you get to another fork. Shoot 
any crystals blocking the right-hand path, and take it. After a little 
more sliding, the Guardian's teeth will vanish from the screen, and you 
will be victorious...or will you?


Boss 2: The Guardian of the Cave of Bad Dreams

Description: An oversized Fire Ghoul with one eye, a purple hat and a 
skull staff.
Health: 7 (any time Rayman gets too close to the Guardian, forcing him 
to flee to another platform, does one point of damage)
Difficulty: *
Attacks: Flame Breath, Flying Skull

The Guardian will begin the fight by blasting you with three clouds of 
fire, one after the other, from the other side of a large, slime-filled 
gorge. Simply run around the column you are on to dodge them. He will 
now start creating skulls, and sending them over the gorge to you. When 
one gets close, shoot it to stop it and then jump on. If the skull hits 
the column  or another skull without being stopped, it will sink, but 
once stopped it will only disappear once you've crossed all the way 
over to the Guardian. Once you are on a skull, shoot the next one that 
comes, and keep doing this until you have successfully formed a bridge 
to the Guardian. Once you get to his ledge, the supposedly "terrifying" 
Guardian will flee from you. The camera will rotate, and you will see 
him bouncing on the column that you were previously on.

He will blast you with three more fire clouds, then start sending 
skulls again. Cross over to him and he will flee to another pillar on 
the other side of another large gap. This time, he will shoot six 
fireballs before he starts launching skulls. Cross to him, and he will 
flee yet again. Take the Green Lum. 

On his next pillar, the Guardian has unlimited fireball power. You must 
cross over on the Purple Lums, then jump to the bones on the side of 
the column and climb up. The Guardian will jump to a ledge, shoot three 
flame clouds, then jump again to a very distant pillar. He will begin 
shooting skulls at once, but you can use them to cross only as far as 
the long ledge. Once you reach it, run to the end. The Guardian has 
unlimited firepower here, so you must avoid the flames carefully as you 
jump across the small pillars to reach him. 

Perhaps the Guardian's flame supply is now exhausted, as he sends 
skulls at you right from the off. Cross over to where he is. Finally, 
you will be confronted with a VERY long chasm. Cross over it all the 
way (the Guardian sends skulls right from the beginning) and, when you 
finally reach him, he will sink into the ground and disappear.


Follow the short, twisting path to a vast cavern. In a cinematic, the 
Guardian will concede defeat and surrender to you the right to take 
away all of the gigantic heaps of golden coins surrounding you. Of 
course, you have a choice to make. Selecting "I want the treasure!" 
will show you a cinematic of a bloated Rayman sitting on a deck chair 
on a desert island with all of the gold, surrounded by a cold, dark, 
lifeless sea containing nothing but icebergs. (After this, you will be 
given the opportunity to choose again.) But, being the noble hero, you 
should choose "No treasure for me!" This, of course, turns out to be 
the correct answer. You will be returned to the end cave of The Marshes 
of Awakening, and presented with a bubbling skull mug containing the 
Elixir of Life. 

Level Totals - 1st Visit

Yellow Lums - 0/0
Familiar Spirits - 0/0
Return With - N/A

Mission 8: Deliver the Elixir of Life to Clark

The Marshes of Awakening

Technically, you never finished this level. Remedy that by returning to 
the green-tinted cave and entering the Exit Portal you made such a long 
time ago.
Level Totals - 1st Visit

Yellow Lums - 50/50
Familiar Spirits - 4/4
Return With - N/A

The Minisaurus Plains

If you haven't done it recently, pay a visit to the nearby Magic Well 
and see what you can purchase. When you are done with that, go back to 
the Stone Circle and return to Globox's House.

Globox's House

Enter the portal to the Menhir Hills.

The Menhir Hills (revisited)

This guide for the Menhir Hills will pick up where the last one left 
off. You just need to get to Clark in the exact same way you did 
previously. Look at the Menhir Hills guide above if you can't remember 
how to do that.

Rayman presents the Elixir to Clark, who drinks it and feels 
immediately energized. He charges through the wall, leaving a Clark-
shaped hole behind him. Before you follow him, though, go down the 
stairway to the left which Rayman used to leave the level before. It 
leads to an area with a bunch of Lums, yellow and red [26-28]. When 
you're finished, follow Clark through the gaping hole in the wall. Just 
down the hallway you'll come to a room with a spiked steel gate that 
even Clark cannot penetrate. Jump on the crate in the corner and rotate 
the camera (if it doesn't happen automatically) to see a Purple Lum 
hovering there. Swing on it and then jump and grab another one. Turn 
around so you're facing the other way, then jump and shoot a third. 
You'll see a ledge with some sacks and barrels, but ignore it for now. 
Turn around and grab a fourth Lum, which will get you to a ledge with a 
Cage (5) and Lum [29]. Now return to that other ledge and drop through 
the miniscule hole. Hit the switch to open the gate for Clark. He will 
smash through a thick wooden door, opening up a small room with a 
narrow stairway. Clark is too wide to fit on the stairs or through the 
door, so you must continue on your own. 

Jump onto the stump [30] and swing over to a Cage (6). Then, jump down 
and go to the alcove at one end of this elongated area. Climb the vine 
ladder [31-32] and jump to the ledge with a Lum [33] and a Cage (7) at 
the top. Now, go and tame the shell. This shell ride is the longest 
yet, so be ready. The entrance to the course is the vine-draped doorway 
in one of the longer sides of the area. The first part of the course is 
a narrow tunnel containing three Lums [34-36] and giant menhirs which 
rise out of the floor. To avoid them, simply move over to the side of 
the tunnel where the next Lum is - the menhirs always rise up opposite 
Lums. Once you come out of the tunnel, you will find yourself in a 
steep valley littered with menhirs. There are two Lums, both on the 
left side [37-38]. The last three Menhirs all fall over and attempt (if 
rocks can "attempt) to crush you. The first falls forward, so simply 
ride to the left, but the next one falls to the right, directly in 
front of you. Swerve to the right around it and then immediately left 
again to avoid the final, left-falling menhir. Swerve back to the right 
again in order to make it onto a wooden bridge [39-40] that was 
entirely blocked by that last menhir - this maneuver is harder than it 
sounds, since there is only a tiny strip of land between the menhir and 
the bridge. On the other side of the bridge is a narrow strip of grass 
[41-44] with stationary (they wobble, but only fall once you're well 
past them) menhirs at the edges. Once you're over that, a cutscene 
begins. Rayman and the shell ride over a cliff, and both together fall 
into the Exit Portal.

Level Totals - 2nd Visit

Yellow Lums - 44/50
Familiar Spirits - 7/8
Return With - Rain Dance, Globox Shot Power

Mission 9: Free Globox in The Canopy

Globox's House 

Return to the regular (non-Stone Circle) entrance to the Menhir Hills. 
Here, you will find the shell that you rode into the portal in that 
level. It's already tame, so jump on and ride it across the bridges. 
When you get to the Stone Circle area, DON'T ride the shell down to the 
Circle. Instead, continue across the final bridge. In a short cutscene, 
the shell will blow up the boulders in the cave, allowing you free 
passage to the next level.

The Canopy

Level Description: A level high in the nighttime mountains, with  
abundant trees and plant life.
# of Yellow Lums: 50
# of Familiar Spirits: 3
Enemies: Mega-Tarantula, Purple Pirate, Green Pirate, Pirate Warship 
(Boss), Yellow Pirate
Revisit: No
Special Items: Silver Lum (Globox Shot Power)

You barely have to walk twenty feet for the dangers of this level to 
begin to attack. A large Mega-Tarantula drops down on you from the 
ceiling. Of course, you can fight and defeat it, right there in that 
narrow tunnel, but the best thing to do is: RUN! Go out to the edge of 
the void beneath you, and swing onto the large web. Climb around, 
gathering Lums, and when you reach the seventh one [1-7] jump out and 
grab the Purple Lum. Swing around on that Lum, grabbing all the Yellow 
Lums in reach [8-11] and then jump down to the ledge at the entrance, 
shooting the cage (1) as you fall. Return to the web, and jump past the 
Mega-Tarantula if it is in your way. Climb the rest of the way along 
the web [12-22] until you reach a ledge above where the first Cage was. 
Run along the tunnel, and shoot the next Cage (2) as you jump to the 
web on one wall of the pit. The Mega-Tarantula will fall in the hole, 
and you have a brief respite before it returns. Climb out of the pit 
and jump into the hole with the floating arrow above it to be rid of it 
for good. 

Cross the bridge to your right [23-24] and you will find your path 
blocked by a Laser Gate. On the way back across the bridge, helicopter 
out over the pit for a Lum [25] then speedily about-face, helicopter 
back to the bridge, hang on, and pull yourself up. Cross the bridge 
that was in front of you when you entered this area. Turn the Purple 
Pirate that appears into scrap metal, then jump to the large mushroom 
[26] helicopter out over the gorge [27] and swiftly turn right and grab 
the bridge. Ascend to the sign, which explains about Public Enemy #2, 
then proceed to the end of the small bridge [28]. From here, you can 
shoot the switch by the cell door, freeing Globox. Return to the Laser 
Gate and Globox will jump down and rain dance the gate. Jump into the 
narrow pit [29] and have Globox follow. Collect the Lum [30] hiding 
behind the mushrooms, the two [31-32] either side of the small plant, 
and the one [33] tucked away in a dark corner. Lead Globox over to the 
plant and he will rain dance it. It will grow and summon a floating 
flower. Jump on the flower and then leap directly up from it [34]. The 
flower will move across the chasm [35-36]. On the other side, take the 
Lum [37] and shoot the Barricade to create a bridge for Globox. Head up 
to where the large flame is [38] and wait for him. When he gets to 
where you are, he will rain dance the fire and you can go and take the 
Green Lum beyond it. Enter the narrow passage and a Purple Pirate will 
attack. Globox will hide, terrified, in an alcove. After you defeat the 
pirate, a cutscene will begin. Rayman comforts Globox, who suddenly 
remembers the Silver Lum he has and gives it to Rayman. It grants 
Rayman his strongest shot of all - the Globox Shot, which gives your 
fist the ability to shoot a red orb of energy three times as powerful 
as the Ly Shot. The wooden gate opens, and Rayman and Globox go 
through. Rayman automatically collects a Lum [39]. Suddenly, a giant 
Pirate Warship attacks. Globox runs and hides again, leaving Rayman to 
fight the threat. 


Boss 3: The Pirate Deployment Warship

Description: A large, flying pirate ship with a glowing target on the 
Health: 6
Difficulty: *
Attacks: Green Pirate Parachute, Purple Pirate Parachute

This airborne menace cannot attack directly, but it can drop squad 
after squad of pirates on you. Take the Lum in the middle of the 
battlefield [40] and wait for the attack. The ship has a predictable 
pattern. It flies clockwise around the mountain in front of you, then 
comes toward you, drops three Pirates, and flies off the screen. It 
then returns to the screen going the opposite direction, drops three 
more Pirates, and heads off around the mountain again. The squad of 
Pirates it drops can be composed of any combination of Green and Purple 
Pirates. Although both types can take only one hit with your newly 
upgraded fist, you should still gun for Purple Pirates first since the 
blast from them is so much larger. 

The ship is only vulnerable as it flies away from you toward the 
mountain. When it does this, the flashing red target on the stern of 
the ship is visible and exposed. When it appears, you should make it 
your #1 priority to hit the ship (you can actually hit it anywhere on 
the stern as long as the flashing target is visible) as this will not 
only damage the ship, it will also give you a free Red Lum. With six 
hits, the Warship will explode, although you may still have to deal 
with any remaining Pirates on the ground. 


Go find your cowardly friend hiding further back along the path, and 
bring him to the Laser Gate. When he short-circuits it, go through [41] 
to face three more Pirates - a Green Pirate, followed by a Purple 
Pirate, followed by a Yellow Pirate (which now takes only 2 hits to 
defeat). Once they are all history, bring Globox into the next large 
area. Climb up onto the crates [42], swing over, and shoot the final 
Cage (3). Go back to the Purple Lum again and swing over to the roof of 
the Pirate structure [43-47]. Jump down to the ground, and bring Globox 
to the plant [48-50]. He will rain dance it, growing it into a large 
bush. Hide inside the bush by jumping into it, and step into the 
spotlight. You will be identified as "harmless" and the door to the 
small Pirate fortress will open. Smash the cage, do the Portal Dance, 
and get out of here.

Level Totals - 1st Visit

Yellow Lums - 50/50
Familiar Spirits - 3/3
Return With - N/A


Levels to Revisit

New Power - Globox Shot


Go to the beach area (with the Sanctuary door). On the raised wooden 
dock section is a doorway to a small room containing a cannon. Shoot 
the fuse of the cannon to ignite it, blowing open the door and 
revealing the last five Lums of the level [46-50].

Level Totals - 2nd Visit

Yellow Lums - 50/50
Familiar Spirits - 2/2
Return With - N/A


In the area with the "Elite Troop Training Center" (just after the 
second Shell ride) there is a small door in the base of the building. 
Go inside and shoot the torch to light it. Go to the nearby Keg 
Dispenser and take a Keg. While carrying it, walk into the torch to 
light the Keg. Fly across the pit, then let go. Pick up another Keg, 
stand under the Cage (8), and throw the Keg directly upward to break 
the Cage. Also, be sure to collect the two Lums [45-46]. Light the 
torch, fly back over the pit, and complete the level normally. 

Level Totals - 3rd Visit

Yellow Lums - 46/50
Familiar Spirits - 8/8
Return With - Rain Dance


Mission 10: Free Carmen in the Whale Bay

Globox's House

Go to the garden where Globox's children are playing, and speak to  the 
baby who is all by himself near the well. He tells you to take him to 
the cave, so pick him up, go to the well, and descend underground. Go 
out to the gloomy beach where the sleeping Red Pirates are. Your 
objective here is to place the baby into the hole without waking the 
Red Pirates. This is, however, extremely hard to do. You must push the 
control stick forward only slightly in order to move at a snail's pace 
and, above all, AVOID THE RED SPOTLIGHT. If you wake the guards, the 
baby will run to safety and you must take them both out. They both take 
six hits and fire missiles constantly. Once the baby is in the hole, 
the skull doors will open. Go through them to the Whale Bay. 

Whale Bay

Level Description: A gloomy, cloudy beachside area with imposing stone 
cliffs and an extensive underwater cave system. 
# of Yellow Lums: 50
# of Familiar Spirits: 3
Enemies: Electric Barrel, Piranha, Red Pirate, Yellow Pirate, Walking 
Shell, Robo-Gorilla
Revisit: Yes
Special Items: None

Follow the hallway to the large aquarium. There is a winding corridor 
to the left, but it just leads to another part of the same pool. Jump 
in the water, and dive to the very bottom. Collect a Yellow Lum in the 
treasure chest [1] then swim up and surface in the other tank, at the 
other end of that corridor. An Electric Barrel is waiting beside the 
tank, so you need to be quick. Jump out of the water and hit the 
switch, then swiftly run through the now-open door out onto a net. 
Cross the net and jump down to the bridge, then cross the bridge to 
another net. Jump up to the underside of this one, and swing across it, 
collecting four Yellow Lums [2-5] and a Golden Fist. Piranhas will 
periodically leap up and sail along the path created by the Lums, so 
just move to one side and wait if you see one. When you are finished on 
the net, drop down and jump on top of it. Cross it into a large room 
with two patrolling Red Pirates, one on the high ground and one on the 
low ground by the wrecked ship. Use your Golden Fist and take them out 
easily. Jump onto the barrels next to the stern of the ship [6] and 
climb up the rope ladder [7] into the cabin. From here, helicopter out 
of the small window onto the roof of another building [8-9]. Shoot the 
switch, then jump down and run through the deactivated laser door, 
which reactivates as soon as you get through. In this extremely narrow 
hallway, bounce off the tops of the rolling barrels, or just jump over 
them as they come [10-14]. Walk to the end of the bridge and jump into 
the shallow water. Defeat the Yellow Pirate sleeping on the small 
island - he will come after you with his hook, but lock on to him and 
keep backing off and he won't even touch you. Then, go to the small 
alcove and pick up a Keg from the dispenser. Throw it at the metal 
barricade on the door in the small building to gain access to a Cage. 
Break it (1) and you get not only a Familiar Spirit but a Purple Lum as 
well. Jump onto the higher palm tree via the lower one, swing to the 
balcony, and enter the corridor. 

Murfy will tell you more about Carmen. When he's done, dive into the 
lake. In the left-hand cliff, underwater, are two force fields - one 
imprisoning Carmen and the other blocking the path onward in the level. 
Approximately between the two gates is a Lum [15] near the bottom. In 
the far right corner of the lake are two clams which open and shut 
repeatedly. One contains three Lums [16-18] and the other contains one 
[19]. To get the Lums, dive down, swim into a clam just as it opens, 
collect the Lums, and resurface as fast as you can for air. If the clam 
traps you inside, you will be killed. Once you have the Lums in one 
clam, dive again for the other. When you have plundered both clams of 
their booty, swim over to a bridge high on the cliff face. Dive down in 
this area and swim into the underwater tunnel [20], surfacing in a 
small room. Climb onto the low ledge, then turn around and jump up to 
the higher ground opposite. Collect the two Lums [21-22] and enter the 
slanted corridor (it's on your right when you're facing the shelf of 
barrels). Follow it all the way to a large room [23-24] and go to the 
very end of the room. Climb the stairs onto the grate, and hit the 
switch. This switch deactivates the two forcefields you saw earlier, 
freeing Carmen, and it also activates a Shell Portal. Get on the Shell 
and ride it up the slanted corridor. When you come to the small room 
with the pool of water, press [] to accelerate over the gap, and 
continue up the passage. Jump off and the Shell will destroy a metal 
Barricade. Beyond this are several Red Lums, as well as a Cage (2). At 
the end of this room is a doorway leading to the bridge you saw 
earlier. Jump into the pool below. Dive down to where Carmen is, and 
follow her through the tunnel, picking up Air Bubbles to avoid running 
out of breath. Eventually, you'll come to an area full of seaweed, and 
Rayman will automatically enter the next tunnel. 

In this tunnel, Piranhas will be following Carmen, attempting to get to 
the Air Bubbles before you do. Shoot the Bubbles as they get near to 
drive them away. After a short trip, you'll come to a circular area. 
Fill up your breath from the Bubble Stream by the wrecked ship, then 
enter the small, camouflaged tunnel near the ground (it's on your left 
as you enter the circular cave, and there is a bubble stream in the 
entrance). Swim to the end of the tunnel, then surface and bounce on 
the trampoline for four Lums [25-28]. Return to the circular cave, fill 
up your air again, and enter the ship [29-30]. When you see a large red 
arrow, swim up and surface. Exit the door in the hull to find yourself 
in a large, secluded, quiet area. Drop onto the large rock and climb up 
the deck of the ship. Climb the rigging and walk across the crossbar of 
the mast [31-33] to a Purple Lum. Swing over and helicopter into the 
shattered crow's nest to find the level's last cage (3). Then go to the 
high end of the crossbar and helicopter to the slide. Slide down, 
collecting all the Lums, as well as the Lums on the pinkish ledge [34-
43]. Climb down into the small cave, and defeat the Robo-Gorilla there. 
Pick up the Lums [44-46] and smash the Portal Teensie's cage. Climb the 
ladder again and enter the small room with the Portal Stone. Exit the 

Level Totals - 1st Visit

Yellow Lums - 46/50
Familiar Spirits - 3/3
Return With - Lava Flight

Mission 11: Obtain the Mask of Stone and Fire at the Sanctuary

Globox's House

Go to the Globox Garden and speak with Globox. He will start following 
you again, like he did in The Canopy, so lead him to the well. Go down 
into the cave, and take the left-hand fork. Follow the sign to "The 
Sanctuary of Stone and Fire" and cross the bridge. Jump over the gap 
and have Globox do the same. Have him rain dance the plant, then use 
the flower platform to ride up to the Sanctuary entrance. 

The Sanctuary of Stone and Fire

Level Description: An extremely long level filled with fire, lava, and 
terrifying traps, all culminating in the obtaining of the Second Mask.
# of Yellow Lums: 80
# of Familiar Spirits: 8
Enemies: Yellow Pirate, Purple Pirate, Robo-Gorilla, Shadow Sphere, 
Bat, Mini-Tarantula, Mega-Tarantula, Coward Ghoul, Thorny Vine, Shadow 
Revisit: Yes
Special Items: Second Mask of Polokus

Helicopter all the way down to the bridge spanning the lava canyon, and 
cross over to a large ledge. You will be attacked by three bouncing 
Yellow Pirates, one after the other, in quick succession. Once they are 
all defeated, bounce from the grate to the metal tower. Walk to the 
very end of the short metal walkway. Shoot the Barricade and swing over 
on the Purple Lum it releases to the large ledge, then turn around and 
shoot the next Barricade on the side of the same tower. Swing back on 
that same Purple Lum to find a new one, released by the second 
Barricade. Use it to reach the Golden Fist, then swing back over on the 
first Purple Lum. Continue crossing the platforms, picking up a Green 
Lum on the way, to another large area. Wipe out the Yellow Pirate on 
the ground and the two Purple ones shooting from a high balcony. Enter 
the tunnel at the other side of the area, and jump on to the Plum. 
Launch it into the lava by shooting but, instead of moving forwards, 
ride it backwards. Proceed to the area you were just in, and jump to 
the stairs leading to the balcony that the Purple Pirates shot at you 
from, collecting the Lums there [1-3]. Then, go to the opposite side of 
the room, and float into the small canyon between the two large ledges. 
Pick up four Lums [4-7] and go through the small hole in the wall. 
You'll be back in the first section of the level, next to where you 
fought the bouncing Pirates. Propel yourself all the way to the very 
beginning of the canyon, beyond the first bridge. There is a small cave 
there - float over [8] and jump into it [9]. Knock a Plum down from the 
tree and throw it onto the small spike. Then, jump from it to a higher 
platform [10] with another tree. Knock down a Plum from the tree and 
throw it over to the pointed branch. When it drops, jump across the 
gaps to where it is [11], pick it up, and throw it to another, farther 
away branch. Go to the ridge where it is [12] and, before it falls, 
jump onto it, and from there to a cave high in the wall. Collect all 
the Lums [13-20] and the first Cage (1). Cross back over the platforms, 
knock a Plum down, and push yourself back into the lava canyon again. 
Return the way you came, all the way to where you got the first Plum of 
the level, but continue along the main path this time. Partway down the 
tunnel, Shadow Spheres will begin to assault you, so pick them off as 
you go. When you reach a barrier, jump off the Plum and swing across 
the web, attacking Shadow Spheres. You will now come to a fork. The 
right-hand path is the faster route through the level, but the left-
hand path has a large number of collectables. You will take the right-
hand path either way - it leads to the end of the level - you can only 
choose whether or not to take the left-hand path first. If you choose 
to skip it, skip the rest of this paragraph and all of the next 
paragraph. Shoot the Plum down from the tree, push it into the narrow 
river of lava, and ride it up to the left [21-22]. Jump off on to solid 
ground and enter the doorway at the bottom of the ramp.

Jump over to the second stone platform in the lava. Wait for the flame 
shooter to stop, then jump over to the ramp and wait by the second 
flame shooter. When it stops, cross over the bridge. Jump on the block, 
jump from there to the pillar, and from there to the pillar opposite. 
Shoot the Cage (2) on that pillar, and jump down to the Green Lum. 
Shoot the door to blow it open. Jump on to the large block, then shoot 
the stalactite, which will fall into the lava and create a platform. In 
the next room, stand at the entry point and shoot the Cage (3). When 
the flame shooter stops, shoot the stalactite, then quickly jump over 
to the solid platform before the fire starts up again. Collect the 
Green Lum and shoot the Barricade to form a bridge. Cross the fallen 
column and shoot the next Barricade to form another bridge. Traverse 
that and helicopter down to the Green Lum. Walk up the stairs, jump and 
helicopter over the flames, and shoot the stalactite. Jump to the large 
platform, which will gradually drift down the lava river and carry you 
to the next area and a Green Lum. Avoid the bouncing fire comet as you 
cross the three ledges to the right. At the third ledge, jump up to the 
higher ground. Climb up the ledges to the left, and, when you reach the 
top one, turn and shoot the Cage (4). Enter the narrow doorway, 
destroying Mini-Tarantulas. Exit through the other doorway into the 
same  large room, swing over on the Purple Lum, and enter the narrow 
doorway. Head left and helicopter to the large platform, which will 
begin moving through the lava. When you get close to a fire stream, 
shoot the stalactite next to it, jump on, and jump back to the platform 
after it passes through the fire. At the end of this lava river, go up 
the stairs and to the right, collecting the Green Lum on the way. Go 
through the passage, and you'll be confronted with three doors. Smash 
the door on the right and collect several Red Lums, then smash the 
middle one for more Red Lums and a Cage (5) as well as a Golden Fist. 
Finally, let's see what's behind Door Number One. Break it and defeat 
the Mega-Tarantula - it only takes two hits. Go through the passage 
behind where it was and jump on the ready-tamed Shell. Ride it along 
the curving path [23-29] and jump over the gap with X [30]. Ride the 
Shell upside down along the ramp, then jump the gap [31]. Jump and 
accelerate over the next gap [32-33] then ride across the narrow bridge 
[34-35]. Accelerate over the lava, then jump and accelerate onto the 
raised bridge. Jump off the Shell, blow the door open, and enter the 

You will be on a high green cliff. Drop down, and you'll find that you 
are back in the first area, at the entrance to the area you just 
finished. Knock a Plum from the tree and travel down the lava river 
until you reach a large metal block which occupies the entire right-
hand side of the river. Jump onto it and go through the doorway. Jump 
on the metal platform to the left and run up the metal walkway. Kill 
the Purple Pirate and break the Cage (6) then return to the bottom of 
the walkway. Jump over to a small platform, then helicopter down to the 
Green Lum. Go through the small tunnel and defeat the Coward Ghoul 
(check the Enemies section above to find out how). Once it is defeated, 
it will turn into a Plum. Use this Plum to jump onto the high cliff 
opposite the entrance to this area. Run along the path and out into the 
grassy area. Jump onto the cracked stone ground to be plummeted into 
the real Sanctuary of Stone and Fire (at last).

Stand at the very edge of the small platform and quickly jump onto the 
Plum when it drops. Keep firing to the right to keep yourself up 
against the left wall - you can collect several Lums [36-39] this way. 
It's also a handy strategy for avoiding the large pit of white-hot 
molten magma on your right - it's so hot, even the Plum cannot handle 
it. After that pit, avoid the second pit while collect the two Lums on 
the right wall [40-41]. The 42nd Lum is very high up on the left wall, 
so shoot continuously (Rate of Fire helps) to get it [42] and also to 
avoid the very large magma pit which completely blocks the river. When 
you reach the edge of the lavafall, jump off of your Plum and 
helicopter down along the row of Red Lums, picking up the Yellow Lum at 
the end [43]. Drop back onto your Plum and collect the Green Lum. Allow 
yourself to bounce freely down the next tunnel, pushing yourself out of 
the way of any Thorny Vines if necessary, and into the dark doorway.

Ride down the river, steering around the magma pits. When you come to 
the fifth pit, pass it as usual, then make a U-turn back around it and 
into the semi-concealed doorway in the wall. Travel all the way to the 
end of this cave [44-49] then jump onto the bouncy spiderweb. Bounce 
all the way up (use your shadow to guide your landings; the camera 
angle here is terrible) and grab hold of the web on the wall. Climb to 
the top, then helicopter back down to the first bouncy web [50-52]. Go 
back to the wall web again, and this time, when you reach the top, jump 
across the narrow cave to another web. Climb up into a tunnel. Go to 
the end, shoot the Cage (7) then helicopter (blindly) down to a large 
ledge with a Green Lum. Take another Plum from the tree, ride it to the 
end of this room, and run into the small opening. Helicopter down to 
the triangular platform, kill the Shadow Creature, collect the Lum [53] 
and pick up the Yellow Magic Sphere. Throw it to the next triangular 
platform, which has a rotating flame shooter. Helicopter down there 
[54] and throw the Sphere to the next platform. Helicopter down THERE 
and you will be assaulted from all sides by Shadow Spheres. Fight them 
off as you throw the Sphere to the next platform and go down there 
yourself [55]. The next platform has a rotating flame shooter with 
flames coming out of TWO sides. Throw the Sphere down again and follow 
it [56]. Destroy the two Shadow Creatures and throw the Sphere into a 
doorway. Follow it down yourself. If you missed anything in this 
cavernous room, a Purple Lum near this doorway will carry you back to 
the top of the room. Pick up the Sphere and carry it through the 
corridor, collecting Green, Red, and Yellow [57-61] Lums. You will now 
come to a long lava pool. Throw the Sphere directly up, shoot the Plum, 
and catch it again. Throw the Sphere up, step onto the plum, and catch 
it. Then throw it up, shoot yourself across the lava, and catch it - 
you will automatically no matter where you are. When you reach the end 
of the pool, throw the Sphere into the next corridor and jump in after 
it. Pick it up and walk across a very narrow bridge into a large room. 
Kill Shadow Spheres as you proceed to finally place the Sphere on the 
Yellow Magic Pyramid (it's in an alcove on your left as you enter the 
room). Jump across the river of lava and enter the dark alcove. Climb 
the steep stairs and enter the newly open door. 

Jump on the Plum, and ride it to the end of the small room, constantly 
pushing yourself back and forth away from the magma. At the end of the 
room, shoot the door and helicopter through it. Pick up the Lum [62] 
and jump across the platforms, collecting more Lums on the way [63-65]. 
Jump to the Green Lum and slide onto the slide, pursuing a rogue Purple 
Lum. There are 10 Lums on the slide [66-75], all of them in plain 
sight, but some of them are on steep corners that you must angle the 
analog stick sharply to reach. At the end of the slide, the Lum will 
stop; swing over and begin sliding after another one. At the end of the 
slide, you will drop into the room with the Magic Pyramids, except this 
time you will be on the high ledges surrounding the room. Jump over to 
the Blue Magic Sphere, and throw it to the floor. Jump down after it, 
and place it on its pyramid. Umber, the giant statue guardian of the 
Sanctuary of Stone and Fire, will now emerge from his alcove in the 
wall. Use the now-tame Purple Lum to reach the high ledges, and jump to 
where the Blue Magic Sphere was. Helicopter to the top of Umber's head 
and ride him down the lava river. Quickly jump off of him at the end of 
the river before he sinks, and climb the stairs to reach, at long last, 
the Mask of Stone and Fire and to end this interminable level.

Level Totals - 1st Visit

Yellow Lums - 75/80
Familiar Spirits - 7/8
Return With - Lava Flight Power


Mission 12: Meet Clark Near the Skull Cave

Globox's House

Before heading on, this might be a good time to stop off at Ly's Stele 
and fill up on your energy - if you have been following this guide all 
the way, you should have 42 Familiar Spirits - and to visit the Magic 
Well. The next battle is rather difficult, and having some extra powers 
- Rate of Fire and Rebound II are the best - helps a lot. When you're 
all ready, enter the well and go down to the beach where the entrance 
to Whale Bay is. Speak to Clark here and he will smash through a large 
wooden wall. In a cinematic, Clark will pound three Purple Pirates, and 
disappear through a door. The Sniveling Lackey will then appear, and 
your fourth boss battle will initiate. 


Boss 4: The Robo-Pirate Battalion

Description: An extremely large group of Pirates of all types.
Health: N/A
Difficulty: **
Attacks: Green Pirate Fireball, Purple Pirate Laser, Yellow Pirate 

As I mentioned above, the two powers you definitely want to have for 
this battle are Rebound II and Rate of Fire. Pirate after Pirate will 
come out of the door in the back of the room, forming rows of four. If 
you kill them off quickly, they will never be able to totally fill the 
room - the maximum number in the room at one time is four rows of four, 
or sixteen Pirates. In this battle, the color of the Pirate only serves 
to determine how many hits they can take - any Pirate can use any 
attack (however, no pirate can use the Yellow Pirate Flamethrower or 
Red Pirate Missiles). The position in the room - i.e. proximity to 
Rayman - plays a larger role in determining the attack. Pirates in the 
front tend to use Green Pirate Fireballs, ones in the middle use the 
Purple Pirate Lasers, and ones in the back will hurl exploding barrels. 
But none of this is carved in stone - they can really use any attack. 

Don't lock on to any one pirate - instead, run back and forth, jumping 
over projectiles, and shoot like crazy. Frequently, the Pirates will 
drop Red Lums, making things easier for you. 


Once the battle is over, Rayman will automatically go through the door 
to the final hub. 

Mission 13: Gain Access to the Robo-Pirate Factory

The Rainbow Creek

Level Description: The final hub contains steep cliffs, a stone canyon, 
mines full of rusty machinery, and a giant factory where Pirates are 
# of Yellow Lums: 30
# of Familiar Spirits: 1
Enemies: Red Pirate, Yellow Pirate, Green Pirate, Dead Pirate, Purple 
Pirate, Biditank (Boss)
Revisit: Yes
Special Items: None

The curving path to your right leads to the Magic Well for Rainbow 
Creek. Follow the straight path ahead of you (a large rock which is on 
your right when you emerge from the tunnel has a Lum [1] on it) and 
cross the bridge to the Stone Circle. Speak to the Teensie King, who 
will tell you all about the Generators, the Robo-Pirate Factory, and 
the Sanctuary of Lava. Before you head off on that quest, though, let's 
do some exploring. Cross back over the bridge and go up the steep 
mountain trail to the right. At the top, defeat the Red Pirate and jump 
over the gorge. Destroy the Green, Yellow, and Red Pirates who 
parachute in, then jump off the cliff near the end of the fence. Once 
you collect the precarious Lum [2] by touching it with your feet, grab 
on to the cliff and pull yourself up again. The Hot Air Balloon leads 
to the Precipice - ignore it for now. Return to the end of the long 
bridge and follow the sign down the cliff [3]. Enter the stone canyon, 
and pick up another Lum [4]. Ly's Cave is to your right, so visit her 
if you like, then follow the path to the left - into the industrial 
area. Follow the path, then turn right at the fork [5] and enter the 

Defeat the two Dead Pirates, and pick up the Lum hovering over the 
slime pool [6]. Jump onto the hill on the right, and go up to the tree 
near the top [7]. A laser gate bars the entrance into the factory, 
powered by two generators - one in The Precipice, the other in The 
Echoing Caves - which you must destroy before proceeding. Return to the 
first area.

Go back to the fork, and take the other path this time [8]. Jump down 
to the metal gantry. Partway along, two pirates will assault you, so 
take them out and follow the sign to the Echoing Caves [9]. Defeat the 
Yellow Pirate, and then the Red one (which will not shoot Missiles, 
only jump back and forth in an attempt to evade your shots). Cross over 
the barrel and bridge to a Laser Gate. Murfy will inform you that you 
won't be able to open it until you can rain dance. Cross back over the 
barrel and pick up the two Lums in the small room [10-11] then return 
to the Echoing Caves arrow sign. Climb the nearby ladder [12] and jump 
onto the large pipe [13]. Jump from there to another pipe on the left 
[14]. Walk along the pipe, then jump out over the slime for another Lum 
[15] and helicopter back to the pipe. Jump to another pipe [16] and 
from there to a series of switchback walkways. Go down to the bottom 
[17] then back up. Remember the location of a doorway and arrow sign 
about halfway down. Leave the industrial zone and return all the way to 
the Hot Air Balloon you saw earlier. Jump in to be carried away to the 

The Precipice

Level Description: A series of rickety wooden bridges bolted to 
extremely perilous cliffs. As if this wasn't bad enough, you've got a 
Warship hurling cannonballs, murderous Red Shells, and an underground 
labyrinth of flaming Kegs and poisonous gunge.
# of Yellow Lums: 70
# of Familiar Spirits: 6
Enemies: Green Pirate, Red Shell, Red Pirate, Robo-Gorilla, Generator 
Revisit: No
Special Items: None

In a cinematic, Razorbeard curses the Sniveling Lackey for his 
stupidity in allowing Rayman to gain the Mask of Stone and Fire. He 
demands that Rayman be brought to him, preferably in pieces.

It's that old familiar Warship again. Shoot the obvious Cage (1) and 
jump down to the bridge [1].  Run along the bridge, swing across the 
hanging net, and keep going - collecting the Lum in the air [2] along 
the way - until you reach the first Green Lum. Cross over the wall-
mounted net and collect the Lum [3]. You can shoot the Green Pirate or 
just avoid its projectiles - it's your choice - as you jump to the 
moving bridge. Run to the end of this bridge [4] then jump to a solidly 
unmoving bridge when the moving one is lined up correctly [5-7]. The 
rest of this area is very simple and straightforward - the path is 
perfectly straight, the Lums are all in plain sight, and the only thing 
to watch out for is the occasional Red Shell. When you reach the 
Switch, you should have 15 Lums [8-15] and 2 Cages (2). Hit the third 
Cage (3) followed by the Switch, and go through the Laser Gate.

This next section is just the same as the previous one. Run along the 
bridge, swinging across a few falling nets, and jumping over a Red 
Shell or two. Collect the Lums [16-18] and, after a short while of 
this, you will come to a large, deep canyon. Activate your helicopter 
and float slowly down, following the chain of Lums [19-33]. Bombs will 
rise up out of the gorge below you every once in a while - shoot them 
quickly as they approach, for if they hit you they will not only damage 
you but will also deactivate your helicopter briefly, causing you to 
fall too low to get more Yellow Lums or even to fall into the canyon. 
When you reach the bridge at the bottom, continue along it, jumping 
over Shell after Shell and leaping away from falling bridge sections,  
until you reach a narrow cave. At the other end is a vast room 
patrolled by several Pirates. Once you defeat every single one of them 
- kill the Green one first, then lock onto each Red one individually 
and destroy them one at a time - the skull doors will open. Go around 
to the left of the doors and climb the ramp to the balcony [34-36] then 
jump to the ground and enter the next area.

Pick up a Keg and destroy the metal Barricade (4) then pick up the next 
Keg to be ejected from the dispenser. Walk into the flame, and fly 
along the Lum trail [37-39] until you reach the wooden tower. Drop onto 
the Green Lum and head over to the ladder [40]. Climb to the second 
level, picking up two Lums in the alcove [41-42] then jump up and grab 
the third level walkway [43]. Drop down to a small platform on the 
other side of the tower [44] and jump down from there to a Keg 
dispenser. Pick one up, step into the flame, and swing around to the 
right of the pillar. Follow the trail of Lums out of the cave and 
through a wooden tunnel [45-51]. If you follow the trail exactly you'll 
end up in a lofty attic [52-53]. Jump down to the stone platform and 
helicopter over the toxic slime to a Green Lum on your right. Give the 
Robo-Gorilla some "diving" lessons, then pick up a Keg. Step into the 
flame and fly BACKWARDS, along the wooden bridge. You need to go up to 
a fairly high altitude, but not up to the level of the attic you were 
in earlier. When you reach the end of the bridge, jump off the Keg, 
activate your helicopter, and shoot the Switch. The door behind the 
now-deceased Robo-Gorilla will open, and you can pass through.

Pick up a Keg, stand in the shadow of the Cage, and press X (5). Pick 
up another Keg, and step into the torch flame. Fly through the tunnel 
[54-56] and jump off to a Green Lum on a bridge. Shoot the Green Pirate 
through the doorway, and bounce off the web [57] to your left. Swing on 
the ceiling ropes and break the last Cage (6). Drop from the ropes and 
follow the bridge around [58] to a Keg dispenser and a flame. Your path 
is blocked by a steel gate, so you must find a way to open it. Go back 
to the bridge with the Green Lum and stand at the far right-hand end. 
Shoot the Button, then run as fast as you can to the Keg and take off. 
Fly through the tunnel (the doors will open just as you come to them) 
[58-63]. When you come to an open area, follow the path of Lums [64-65] 
and jump off the Keg to a hanging web. Follow the shaking bridge [66] 
to another Keg, and fly over to an open doorway at the end of the room 
[67]. Hang on to the roof on your left and pull yourself up [68-70], 
then go through the corridor to the Generator Room. The door closes 
behind you as soon as you enter.

Take note of the three small holes in the floor with red-hot lava 
flowing beneath them, as well as the two Laser Gates. One has a Portal 
Teensie behind it, the other has the First Generator. If you stand 
right up next to the gate and fire, your shots will go THROUGH the gate 
and hit the Generator itself. Shoot it several times, and the Generator 
Guardian will appear. Avoid its fire and shoot it to make it vanish, 
and take advantage of the interlude to shoot the Generator some more. 
Keep doing this until the Generator is destroyed, freeing the Teensie 
and cutting off 1/2 of the Factory gate's power. Go back through the 
hallway, jump down to the bridge, and go out onto the cliff. Enter the 

Level Totals - 1st Visit

Yellow Lums - 70/70
Familiar Spirits - 6/6
Return With - N/A

The Rainbow Creek

Leave the Stone Circle and go back to the industrial area. Head left at 
the fork, then climb down the ladder and cross the gantry. Climb the 
next ladder, and cross over to the series of ramps which lead down to 
the slime. Enter the doorway about halfway down and jump into the mine 

The Pirate Mines

Level Description: A dark, dank area full of toxic water, where most of 
Globox's children are imprisoned.
# of Yellow Lums: 15
# of Familiar Spirits: 1
Revisit: No
Special Items: Rain Dance Mask

Collect the Lums to your left and right [1-2] then jump out to the 
floating crate for three more [3-5]. Return to the shore and shoot the 
Purple Lum hovering close to the cliff on the left. Jump onto the large 
faucet [6-7] and from there to the roof of the small wooden structure 
[8-9]. Drop to the narrow metal pipe [10-11] (1) and from there to the 
small, grounded wooden ship [12-13]. Helicopter over to a wooden bridge 
[14] and jump from the end of that to another bridge [15]. Go through 
the mine shaft and traverse a series of wooden bridge, picking up a 
Green Lum on the way, to where Uglette is. She tells you that her 
children have been put to work in the Mines and that Globox has been 
taken to the Prison Ship. Rayman will jump aboard a parked Warship, 
promising to bring the babies back. 

However, this is easier said than done. You must fly the Warship 
through the area, and, if the Health bar in the upper left corner runs 
out, the ship will explode. There are four mines in this level - to 
save the Babies in one of them, simply pull up to the mine entrance. 
There's really not a lot I can say about this, other than to shoot 
anything that can be destroyed and steer around anything that cannot. 
Once you have rescued the babies from every mine, return to their 
grieving mother. She will be overjoyed and you will receive a Rain 
Dance Mask for your services. Smash the Cage in the small room behind 
Uglette and enter the portal.

Level Totals - 1st Visit

Yellow Lums - 15/15
Familiar Spirits - 1/1
Return With - N/A


Levels to Revisit

New Power - Rain Dance


Go straight to the second area. Climb the large tree, and slide down 
the waterslide. Now raindance the plant and, when it grows, bounce on 
its leaves to the upper window of the wooden building. Drop down the 
shaft into the green tunnel, then proceed to a bridge over a black 
river. Enter the cave at one end of the bridge [74-76] then shoot the 
Plum. Jump onto it, then push yourself under the arch and all the way 
to the metal barrier. Climb across the web on the wall, then jump 
across the wooden pillars to the horizontal web. Swing over it, 
shooting Shadow Spheres which emerge from the dark abyss, and drop down 
onto the stone wall [77]. Pick up the Green Lum and traverse a series 
of wooden pillars and Purple Lums. When you come to the bridge [78], a 
Pirate will begin shooting explosive barrels at you. Allow it to hit 
the Barricade, then helicopter into the small opening. In this next 
room, defeat the Red Pirate, then shoot the Cage (9) through the rope 
(this may take a couple of tries). Go up the metal tunnel and 
helicopter down to rejoin the main level.

Proceed as per usual to the third area. When you get there, go left, 
jump down, and go up the short path. Raindance the mushroom here, and 
it will grow, creating a stairway of purple mushrooms. Press the O 
Button next to the yellow mushroom and Rayman will eat it, shrinking to 
tiny size. Walk up the mushroom stairs and jump through the hole in the 
white stone barrier. Kill the two Pirates, then pick up the Lums [79-
80]. Walk out to the end of the bridge and eat the mushroom there to 
return to normal size. Break the Cage (10), jump back over the white 
barrier, and return to the level. Finish the level like you normally 

Level Totals - 3rd Visit

Yellow Lums - 80/80
Familiar Spirits - 10/10
Return With - N/A


Go to the second area (specifically, to the part in which you must hit 
the switch to extend the bridge). Rain dance the plant and jump up the 
leaves into the mouth of a cave [46-47]. Climb the vines, and slide 
down to the end of the tunnel [48-50]. Climb the ladder on the left and 
finish the level normally.

Level Totals - 2nd Visit

Yellow Lums - 50/50
Familiar Spirits - 6/6
Return With - N/A


Go to the Pirate Academy and destroy all the cadets. Once this is done, 
enter the adjoining room and defeat the Purple Pirate there. Rain dance 
the large generator, which will deactivate the Laser Gate. Defeat the 
two Purple Pirates and pick up the five remaining Lums (one of which is 
in a shallow hole) [47-50].

Level Totals - 4th Visit

Yellow Lums - 50/50
Familiar Spirits - 8/8
Return With - N/A


The Rainbow Creek

Return to the industrial area, go left at the fork, and climb down to 
the steel gantry. Follow the signs which point to "Echoing Caves" and 
you will come to a room containing one Red and one Yellow Pirate. 
Defeat them both and jump across the boats and barrels to the Laser 
Gate. Raindance it and proceed down the hallway and into the Caves. 

The Echoing Caves

Level Description: Traverse a sinking ship and explore a luxurious 
Pirate mansion in the hunt for the Second Generator.
# of Yellow Lums: 70
# of Familiar Spirits: 8
Enemies: Green Pirate, Red Pirate, Yellow Pirate, Purple Pirate, Robo-
Gorilla, Electric Barrel, Generator Guardian
Revisit: No
Special Items: None

Run along the lengthy bridge [1-3] until you reach the upended ship. 
Here, your problems begin. Not only is the ship sinking fast, meaning 
that you'll receive a not-so-pleasant dip in the contaminated water if 
you aren't speedy enough, but you are being bombarded with cannonballs 
which damage you and take out sections of the narrow walkway you're on. 
Run up the spiral bridge [4-5] and bounce on the trampoline to the next 
level. Continue around the side, swinging across extremely unsteady 
nets, and bounce on another trampoline to higher ground. Continue up 
[6] and bounce to another spiraling walkway, where a series of rolling 
barrels add to your woes. Bounce off of one to reach a Lum [7] and, 
when you reach the barrel dispenser, jump onto it [8] and climb the 
rope ladder. Spring to a relatively solid but extremely narrow ledge 
[9-10] and break the first Cage (1). Climb up and sideways on the next 
rope ladder [11] and climb up a stairway of ledges [12]. Defeat the two 
Pirates at the top of the stairway [13] and hit the Switch to 
deactivate a Laser Gate. The ship will stop sinking at this point, and 
the cannonball barrage will end. Climb the rope ladder [14] to the top 
[15], then hit the Switch and break the Cage (2) there. The Switch 
rotates a metal bridge into place. Jump onto it [16] then go backwards 
for an easy-to-miss Lum [17]. Cross the bridge [18-20] and jump through 
the gated door.

A short but helpful cutscene reveals the door which leads onward in the 
level. Defeat the Red Pirate, then check out the Stone of Thought. It 
informs us that four Switches must be hit before it will open. To the 
right of the Stone is a Lum [21] and in a small cave with two barrels, 
opposite the entrance to this area, is another [22]. Take a deep 
breath, and step through the front door of the Pirate Mansion. It isn't 
really that big, but, compared to some of the run-down fortresses the 
Pirates hole up in, it's a veritable palace. Climb the stairs to your 
right, take out the lone guard, and hit the first Switch. Enter the 
small room, collect the Lum by the trapdoor [23] and jump in. Follow 
the corridor [24] to a room where two Yellow Pirates guard another 
trapdoor. Defeat them and jump through it. You will fall out of the 
Mansion and into a grassy area with a pool. A long corridor leads back 
into the Mansion. Do not - WHATEVER you do - defeat the Robo-Gorilla in 
this hallway. Instead, get the Lum hidden behind a pillar [25] and jump 
into the pool. Swim to the other end of the tunnel, and in the small 
cave [26-27] (3) shoot the second Switch. Return to the other end of 
the pool and defeat the Pirates that spring forth from the ground. 
Knock a Plum down from the tree, and enter the corridor with the Robo-
Gorilla. Throw the Plum onto its head and use it as a platform to reach 
the rope ladder. Climb it [28-29], jump to another ladder, and pull 
yourself up onto a cliff overlooking the beginning of this area. Defeat 
the Pirates, collect the two Lums among the rocks on the cliff [30-31] 
and re-enter the front door of the Mansion. Climb the ladder [32] and 
follow a series of paths and corridors [33] until you reach a multi-
level library. Defeat the Yellow Pirate on the top level and collect 
his booty [34-35] (4) then go down a flight of stairs to the next 
level. Here, you will find a Red Pirate guarding a Lum [36] which is 
overkill, if you ask me. Defeat it, collect its treasure, and go down 
to the bottom. Defeat the Red Pirate, break the Cage wedged in amongst 
the books on the shelf (5) and get the Lums either side of the dining 
table behind you [37-38]. With this accomplished, go through the tiny 
door, hit the third Switch, and enter the elevator. Climb the ladder 
and jump on the hovering platform to the left. It will begin to rise. 
When it stalls at the top of its path and begins to turn over, jump for 
the Lum [39] and helicopter back down to the bridge before you are 
dumped into oblivion. Cross a series of similar platforms, and defeat 
the Red Pirate atop the rope ladder. Climb the ladder, hit the Button, 
and go through the door. Hit the final Switch and proceed down the 
stairs [40] then jump down to find yourself back at the beginning of 
the area. Enter the now-open door at the bottom of a sunken pit.

Pick up the Lum [41] and defeat the Electric Barrel blocking the next 
corridor. Pick up two Lums in an alcove [42-43] and proceed to a 
hallway full of barrels. Go to the very end [44-45] then enter the side 
hallway approximately halfway down. Climb the rope ladder and enter the 
next room. Pick up the Lum on the right [46] and pick up a Keg from the 
Keg dispenser. Use it to blow up the Electric Barrel in the center of 
the room (it only takes one!). Pick up the Lum on the barrels in the 
far right corner [47] and break the nearby Cage (6). Slip through the 
crack between the wall of barrels and stack of crates on the left side 
of the room. On your left you will find a pit with two Lums over it 
[48-49] and on the right is the entrance to a hidden area. Go back for 
another Keg, and then go through this concealed door while carrying it. 
Take the Lum in the corner [50] and step onto the hovering platform 
when it comes to you. Ride it across the pit, run through the hallway, 
and blow up the Barricade. Jump into the room and instantly activate 
your helicopter, turn to the right, and shoot the Cage (7). Pick up the 
five Lums around the room [51-55] as well as the Golden Fists. Then 
climb out of the room and return to the pit with the moving platform. 
Jump onto the ceiling web, collect the Lum on it [56], then drop onto a 
tiny ledge for another Lum [57]. Swing all the way back to the entrance 
to this room, exit through the crack between the barrels and crates, 
and go left [58]. Climb the ropes and you'll come to a fork. Defeat the 
Electric Barrel waiting for you to the left and enter the Lum-rich room 
behind him. If you didn't already hit it unintentionally while fighting 
the Barrel, the eighth and last Cage (8) is sitting on the floor, 
surrounded by crates - the path leading to it is directly in front of 
you when you enter the room. Next to the large barrels, against one 
wall, are three Lums [59-61]. Jump and pull yourself up to the smallest 
crate in the ring of crates that surrounded the 8th Cage [62]. Jump to 
the higher crate on the right [63] and helicopter from there to the 
crate which is all by itself against a wall [64]. Jump into the air and 
helicopter into two more Lums hovering off to the left [65-66]. Climb 
back onto the crate where the 62nd Lum was, then jump and helicopter to 
the very tall crates to your left [67-68]. Return to the fork where you 
fought the Electric Barrel, and take the other path this time. Get the 
final Lums [69-70] then enter the wooden corridor. Follow it to the 
Second Generator. Obliterate it the same way you obliterated the First 
Generator (check The Precipice if you don't remember), then follow the 
liberated Teensie back down the Generator hallway and along the red 
carpet to a skull door. When the door opens, follow the hallway to the 
Portal Stone and exit the level. 

Level Totals - 1st Visit

Yellow Lums - 70/70
Familiar Spirits - 8/8
Return With - N/A

Mission 14: Obtain the Mask of Lava at the Sanctuary

The Rainbow Creek

Go to the industrial area and take the RIGHT fork. Enter the dark 
doorway which leads to the Factory.

Defeat or ignore the Dead Pirates (whichever you choose) and pass 
through the now-inactive Laser Gate, then through a series of skull 
doors. Once inside the Factory, go left and get a Lum behind a pillar 
and another atop a stack of metal barrels [18-19]. Go through the 
doorway opposite the entrance, and jump on a crate to the left [20]. To 
the right of the computer console, behind a large pipe, is the sole 
Cage (1). There is also a Lum hovering over the drawing board [21] on 
the other side of the room. Leave this room and take a left [22]. Take 
out the six Purple Pirates that assault you and enter the large room. 
Use the ramp to descend to floor level (there is a Lum [23] behind the 
ramp) and eliminate the two Green Pirates around the corner. Climb the 
ramp behind them for two more Lums [24-25] then return to the floor and 
enter the elevator.

In the next room, you will encounter a Cage hanging from the ceiling. 
In a cinematic, its occupant, one of Globox's daughters, begs you to 
free her. She explains that the rings around the four large, clear 
pillars in this room are switches, and that stepping on all four (one 
has a Lum [26] on it) will activate a large gun. Step on them all, then 
ascend the ramp [27] to the chair [28] above the gun. Step up to the 
controls, place the crosshairs on the cage - the arrows will all turn 
and point inward once it's lined up correctly - and fire with the [] 
Button. No sooner is the baby free, though, than a giant tank rises up 
out of the floor to confront you. And guess who's at the controls? None 
other than the Sniveling Lackey himself.


Boss Five: The Biditank

Description: A heavily-armed tank which looks more like a wooden space 
capsule on wheels.
Health: 3
Difficulty: ***
Attacks: Fireball Stream, Hover-Bomb, Electric Blitz

No matter how stupid this thing may look, it's actually highly 
dangerous. It has two main attacks - a continous stream of fireballs 
which must be jumped, and a floating bomb exactly like those released 
by the Warships, which can be shot. It also has a third attack, which 
it uses less often. It gathers together huge amounts of electrical 
energy and fires a very powerful, concentrated beam at you. When it 
begins to charge up, you must place something large and solid - a 
pillar, a row of barrels, anything - between yourself and it. If you 
are separated from the Biditank, the attack will not work.

I'm sure you've guessed how to kill it. That's right, the game 
developers didn't decide to teach you how to use that giant gun just 
for fun. Run around the room and hit all four switches. When the fourth 
one is hit, the Biditank will stop attacking, the hatch will open, and 
the Sniveling Lackey will jump out and run around the room, trying to 
turn off the switches. He is slow, but if he makes it to all four the 
gun will retract and the Biditank will start up again. So run to the 
command center as fast as you can, aim at the top section of the tank 
(the crosshairs will invert when you have it right) and fire. Do this 
three times and yet another failure is sealed for the Sniveling Lackey.


With the Biditank aside, a mechanical ladder will descend. Climb it 
[29] and enter the cramped cave. Go through the tunnel on the left and 
helicopter out over the canyon for the last Lum [30]. Climb out of the 
canyon via the stairs to the left, then return to the small cave, hang 
a left, and follow the sign to the marshes - the marshes beneath the 
sanctuary of lava.

Beneath the Sanctuary of Lava  

Level Description: Two familiar environments return - the boggy, 
stinking swamp of the Marshes of Awakening and the Bayou, and the 
underground fire temple made popular by the previous Sanctuary.
# of Yellow Lums: 50
# of Familiar Spirits: 6
Enemies: Green Pirate, Purple Pirate, Zombie Chicken, Piranha, Chenille 
(Boss), Shadow Sphere, Shadow Creature, Thorny Vine
Revisit: No
Special Items: None

Cross the bridges [1-3] and jump to the net [4]. Defeat the four 
Pirates that parachute in and helicopter out to the barrel floating in 
the swamp. Shoot the Zombie Chickens as they come toward you, and 
disembark on the bridge [5]. Ascend the slanted bridges, jumping over 
rolling barrels a-plenty, until you reach the top [6]. Swing over to a 
hole in the wall [7] and helicopter down to the piranha-infested 
bridge. Take the right fork for a lone Lum [8] and return to the beaten 
path. Jump [9] over to another tree root sticking out of the water, 
from there to a large branch [10] and from there to a muddy island 
[11]. Leap over the rock and fall down to the beginning of a ruined 
bridge. Turn and break the first Cage (1) to free a Familiar Spirit and 
a Purple Lum. Swing over the broken section [12] and cross the 
shattered stone bridge [13] into a room containing several large 
pyramids. Rain dance the central one, and it will shoot a laser into 
one of the others. Shoot the one with the laser going into it and it 
will fire a laser into the next one, which you should then hit. Repeat 
this process until all the pyramids are connected. The door will open 
and the next boss will be revealed.


Boss 6: Chenille, Queen of the Shadow Creatures

Description: A long, red Shadow Creature.
Health: N/A
Difficulty: *
Attacks: Physical Contact

To defeat Chenille, lock onto her and shoot her. This will cause one of 
her sections to split off - it looks like a large, red Shadow Sphere. 
Shoot it and it will split apart into several ordinary Shadow Spheres. 
Each individual Shadow Sphere that you destroy drains a little bit of 
Chenille's health. Just eliminate all the sections, and you've 
eliminated Chenille - it's as easy as that.


With Chenille gone, the door she came through will open. Go through, 
and climb the stairs [14-16]. Defeat all the Shadow Creatures in the 
next room, and climb halfway up the first flight of stairs. Shoot the 
Cage (2) and continue up the stairs and across the bridge into the next 

Cross the ledge, vaporizing Shadow Creatures, and swing across the top 
of the grille on the wall [17-19]. Continue along the Thorny Vine-
infested hallway. When you reach a lava river, jump over it and turn 
around. Shoot the Cage (3) hanging in the distance off to the right, 
then turn around and continue to the end of the corridor. Collect the 
Lums around the pit [20-22] and then jump on the flower. Ride it back 
through the level, shooting any Vines foolish enough to block your 
path. When the flower gets back to the beginning of the area it will 
descend into the lava pit. Blast the door out of the way and continue 
to drift lazily along until you drift right into a flame spewer. It 
won't hurt you, but it takes care of the flower pretty quickly, so jump 
off onto the narrow bridge [23]. Jump from here to another flower and 
ride it [24] until you collide with another flamethrower. Jump to a 
THIRD flower, destroy the door in your way, and float peacefully along, 
blasting Thorny Vines out of your path. Continue to float [25-26] 
until, at a critical juncture, your flower spontaneously disappears. 
Activate your helicopter immediately and seize the opportunity to 
collect two more Lums [27-28] as you drift downward. Go through the 
door into another large room. Cross the unstable columns, pausing only 
briefly to shoot the Cage (4) from the fourth one. Jump from the final 
pillar to solid ground [29] then jump over to a long ledge when the 
flames stop. Burn the vine, collect a Lum [30] and shoot the Button 
across the gap. Jump over the rapidly retreating ledge and enter the 

Jump off the ledge from the point where the green fence ends, then 
activate your helicopter, turn around, and shoot the Cage (5). Fall the 
rest of the way into the lava and restart the area. This time, jump and 
swing on the Purple Lum to the ledge above the entrance [31-34] then 
jump back down to the entrance. Jump across to the large, rotating 
platform [35-36] then walk to the very edge of the platform, next to 
the flamethrower, and helicopter to a ledge behind the two large 
pillars [37-38]. Jump into the lava and return to the rotating ledge. 
Wait for the ledge above you, which rotates at a different rate, to 
move into position under the lavafall. When it does, run past quickly 
and jump to a stationary ledge [39]. Climb the grille to another ledge 
[40-42] and jump to the rotating ledge which blocked the lava earlier. 
Jump from there to a small, non-moving ledge, and from there to a stone 
bridge [43]. Hit the button and open the door, revealing a Green Lum. 
Continue, blasting Shadow Spheres [44-45] until you reach a pit with a 
flower moving up and down in it. Jump on the flower and hit the button 
once you're low enough, then ride it up again, jump out, and go through 
the door before it closes. Climb down the grille on your left [46-47] 
then jump to the falling pillar, shoot the Cage (6) and climb back up. 
Follow the path to a ledge where a giant block is extending and 
retracting. When it begins to retract, jump to the ledge and continue 
to another giant block. When this one retracts, run along the ledge, 
jump over the lava, and HANG ON - but DON'T pull yourself up - to the 
next one. Pull yourself up when the block retracts and cross the 
falling pillars, shooting the Button as you go. Jump on the small, 
rapidly retreating ledge, then jump to the large ledge when the thorny 
block retracts. Follow the hallway to a room with a large staircase in 
the center. There is a Lum behind each of the pillars flanking the 
stairs [49-50]. Go up the stairs and break the Cage, but _DO NOT ENTER 
THE PORTAL_. Instead, go through the large door.

Level Totals - 1st Visit

Yellow Lums - 50/50
Familiar Spirits - 6/6
Return With - N/A

The Rainbow Creek

You will find yourself on a high cliff on the other side of the lava 
canyon, accessed through the Factory, where the final Lum was. Enter 
the large archway overhung with thorns.

The Sanctuary of Lava

Level Description: A series of tunnels filled with thorns, lava, and 
various other forms of death. 
# of Yellow Lums: 50
# of Familiar Spirits: 4
Enemies: Shadow Creature, Thorny Vine, Shadow Sphere, Foutch (Boss)
Revisit: No
Special Items: Silver Lum (Temporary Flight Power), Lava Flight Power, 
Third Mask of Polokus

Ly materializes and grants Rayman the power to fly using his 
helicopter. Fly underneath the starting ledge [1-2] and shoot the door. 
Go through the tunnel, and collect the Lums on the ledge [3-7]. Shoot 
the Thorny Vine that blocks your path, as well as the first Cage (1). 
Return to the start of the level, and fly up and along the large 
tunnel. Shoot any Thorny Vines that appear, blast Shadow Creatures out 
of your path, and avoid touching any part of the wall, ceiling, or 
floor. At the end of the tunnel [9] collect the Green Lum. In this next 
section of the level, you cannot turn or go back while in the air 
because a giant fan is constantly pushing you forward. Fly over the 
flame spewer [10] and blast the door open. The next room is very small 
and constricted - avoid the walls and the hanging thorns as you shoot 
the door and maneuver through the extremely narrow opening. Shoot the 
Shadow Spheres that mob you in the next room, and collect the Green Lum 
at the end. Destroy the door and fly carefully around the rotating fire 
shooters in the next room, slowing down to avoid a collision if 
necessary. Pick up a Yellow Lum [11] and a Green Lum in another room, 
avoiding Vines which stick out of the walls. In the next room, fly 
around the lava falls and go through a very narrow opening into the 
next room. Fly around the first lavafall and land on the platform 
behind it [12] then fly from platform to platform, picking up more Lums 
[13-14]. Fly a little further and land on a curving stone ledge. Pick 
up the Lums on it [15-17] and then collect two more in the air above it 
[18-19]. Finally, fly underneath the ledge for a Cage (2) then back up 
and through the archway [20] into the next room. Shoot the Shadow 
Spheres and fly up under the ornate shade directly above the pit in the 
center of the room. When you have all of the Lums under the shade [21-
25] drop into the pit.

Turn around and collect the Lums either side of the fan [26-27] then  
launch yourself off the edge of the platform out into the tunnel. When 
flying up along the lava slopes, you must turn to face the fan and hold 
the analog stick down to gain height, or risk not gaining enough 
altitude and crashing  into the lava. Turn around again once you reach 
the top of the slope. To descend, let go of the X Button for a short 
time. Fly up the first slope [28-30] then go between the two lava 
falls, and around to the right of the central one [31]. Hang a left 
around the next lava fall, then collect a Lum [32] just before the next 
one. Let go of X briefly to decrease your altitude and collect the next 
three Lums over the downward slope [33-35]. As soon as you collect the 
35th Lum, turn your face to the fan again to make it over the next 
rise. Collect the Lum above the spiked log [36] then drop down quickly 
to get another one under the next log [37]. Turn around to make it over 
the rise, then descend, collecting a Green Lum on the way, to the 
Yellow Lum at the lowest point [38]. Fly to the top of another steep 
slope [39] then continue along the level lava flow [40]. When you reach 
the downward slope, fly as high and as close to the left wall as you 
can without killing yourself. You will fly over a large rock on top of 
a thorny log [41]. Then, land on the stone ledge protruding from the 
hole in the left wall. Enter the small room, and collect all the Lums 
there [42-48]. Take to the air and shoot both Cages (3-4) then hurl 
yourself out into the tunnel again. You'll come to a hallway with 
smooth stone walls. Shoot or fly around any Thorny Vines and collect 
the last two Lums of the level [49-50]. Fly through the large door at 
the end of the hall. 

In a cinematic, Rayman will be hit by a fist twice his size and his 
power to fly will by taken away. He will fall all the way to the floor 
of this vast room, to be confronted by the Mask Guardian.


Boss 7: Foutch, Guardian of the Sanctuary of Lava

Description: The second of the three Guardian Brothers glows orange and 
has dominion over fire and lava. 
Health: 3
Difficulty: *
Attacks: Flame Wave, Flame Column

For the duration of this battle, you will be running toward the screen, 
away from Foutch. There are some gaps in the path you are on which you 
will need to jump, but they are all narrow and you will almost 
definitely see them before you reach them.

Foutch has two attacks. At the start of the battle, he will shoot low 
waves of flame at you. These are wider than the floor and must be 
jumped - don't stop, just jump over them when they come and keep 
running. After he has been hit once, he will start sending pillars of 
fire at you. Move to the side as they come toward you and keep running. 
Once he has been hit twice, he will begin to attack faster, but not too 
much faster.

To kill Foutch, you must simply run away from him until you come to a 
trampoline web. These webs are always near a narrow bridge with a 
stalactite underneath. Yes, Foutch has the same Achilles's Heel as Axel 
- just wait for him to come under the bridge, then bounce on the web 
and shoot the stalactite. There are a total of three of these in the 
arena, and you must hit him with every one. If you fail to hit him with 
a stalactite on the first pass, keep going and hit him with it the next 
time around - you and Foutch will keep circling around the arena until 
he is dead. 


The destroyed Foutch will leave behind as his legacy several Red Lums 
and a Purple one. Bounce on the web and swing from the Purple Lum onto 
the bridge. Run along the bridge into the central tower, and drop into 
the pit. Ly will telepathically contact you and inform you that you 
still have the power to fly, but ONLY above lava. Climb the stairs and 
collect the Third Mask.

Level Totals - 1st Visit

Yellow Lums - 50/50
Familiar Spirits - 4/4
Return With - N/A


Levels to Revisit

New Power - Lava Flight Power


Go to the second area, swim through the underwater tunnel, and make 
your way to the room with the inactive Shell Portal and the switch that 
freed Carmen. You will notice that there is a small tub of lava in one 
corner. Jump over and activate your helicopter above it to reach a 
ledge with the last four Lums of the level [47-50]. Complete the level 

Level Totals - 2nd Visit

Yellow Lums - 50/50
Familiar Spirits - 3/3
Return With - N/A


Proceed to the area with a Yellow Pirate attacking from the ground and 
two Purple Pirates shooting you from a balcony. Destroy them all, then 
fly over and enter the tunnel which is next to the balcony stairs. Fly 
over the lava crevasse and take a Plum from the tree next to the right-
hand wall. Throw it onto the Robo-Gorilla's head from a distance (i.e. 
the edge of the lava pit) then jump off of the Robo-Gorilla to reach a 
Lum and a Cage [76] (8). Collect all the rest of the Lums around the 
columns in this area [77-80] then fly over the pit, go back through the 
tunnel, and completely the level normally. (Alternately, if you don't 
want to go through the entire rest of the level, dive into the lava 
continuously until you are returned to the start of the level, then 
exit from there.)

Level Totals - 2nd Visit

Yellow Lums - 80/80
Familiar Spirits - 8/8
Return With - N/A



Mission 15: Free Clark from the Tomb of the Ancients

Globox's House

Upon exiting the Sanctuary of Lava, you will find yourself in the Stone 
Circle at Globox's House rather than in the Rainbow Creek. The Teensie 
King will explain that Clark has been somehow captured and taken away 
to a Pirate laboratory. Go to the Globoxes' Garden and take the 
elevator down to the cave.

This time, at the fork, go right. Activate your helicopter and fly up 
into the skull's right eye. Jump from the eye to a high ledge and 
collect a multitude of Yellow Lums [18-28]. Return to the entrance to 
the lava cave and fly directly across the pit into the small hole next 
to the skull's mouth [29-30]. Follow the tunnel into the next level. 

Tomb of the Ancients

Level Description: An ancient tomb full of deadly slime rivers, ancient 
gravestones, centuries-old traps, skulls, bats, spiders and a general 
aura of death.
# of Yellow Lums: 50
# of Familiar Spirits: 5
Enemies: Mega-Tarantula, Mini-Tarantula, Zombie Chicken, Piranha, Red 
Pirate, Grabbing Arm, Bat, Yellow Pirate, Green Pirate, Evil Clark 
Revisit: No
Special Items: Lumz Radar

Descend the stairs to the rusted gate and jump across the black ooze. 
Go through the archway and hit the Switch on the other side of the 
arch. Smash the Cage (1) and jump back across the toxic gunge. On the 
other side of the gate, you will face a Mega-Tarantula. Defeat it and 
collect the Lums around the ghost pits [1-5]. In the next section, 
circle the large central pit [6-11] then jump into it, hit the Switch 
in the coffin, and climb back out using the web before the Mega-
Tarantula can harm you. Jump across the stone pillars, evading 
Piranhas, and drop into the narrow gap. Climb the web, pick up the 
Green Lum, and enter the passageway on the left. Cross the bridge, 
defeating the Red Pirate and shooting the Grabbing Arm, and jump to the 
submerged rib cage [12]. Jump on the web and climb to the upper right-
hand corner, maneuvering around the Mega-Tarantula, and shoot the 
Switch there. Helicopter back down to the bridge, return to where the 
Green Lum was, and cross to the passage on the other side of the hall. 
Shoot the Bat and the Piranha, and cross to an area with several large 
sarcophagi. Pick up the two Lums either side of the large central one 
[13-14] and defeat the Red Pirate as well as a few Grabbing Arms. The 
coffin in the back row on the left side has a Switch on the back. After 
hitting it, return to the room where the two corridors are, and climb 
the web ladder. Proceed down the hallway, picking up two Lums in the 
windows [15-16]. Collect the Green Lum and go to the end of the bridge. 
In this next area, a bridge of rib cages and floating platforms spans 
the slime - the three floating platforms were raised up by the Switches 
you hit. Cross over this bridge and climb the web ladder to the top. 
Once you reach the top of the ladder, helicopter down and to the left 
until you come to a hole in the wall. (You actually have two choices 
here - you can enter the doorway at the top of the ladder, or you can 
go to the secret area and enter a different doorway at the end. Both 
lead to the same place.) Helicopter into the hole and you will land 
safely on a platform [17]. Go down a staircase covered in Red Lums 
until you reach a platform with a Yellow [18], a Green, and a Red Lum. 
Two Red Pirates will pop up in the eyes of the skull across from you. 
Destroy them both and two more will appear. A platform will also raise 
in the slime. Destroy 3 sets of Pirates in total, then cross to the web 
at the end of the room and bounce [19-20] into the left eye of the 
skull [21]. Go through the eye and drop into the dark hole. 

Walk over to the left, turn around, and shoot the gears across from you 
until the gate can go up no further. Helicopter down to the stone 
barrel in the ooze, and drift down the poisonous river, shooting Bats 
which assail you. When your barrel stops, jump over to another one, and 
drift to a web. Climb it, eliminate the Pirate, and enter the door 
behind him. Shoot the Button and go through the electrical gate. Cross 
a ledge and a falling bridge, then jump to a platform and, when the 
laser bar gets low enough, to the next platform. Jump from there to 
another barrel. Jump onto the web, and climb over to a bridge. Shoot 
all the bats, light the torch, pick up a Keg, and fly over [22-26] to 
the bridge on the opposite side of the room. From the shorter part of 
the bridge, turn and shoot the Cage (2). You now have a choice similar 
to that in the Sanctuary of Stone and Fire. You can either enter the 
tunnel at the end of the bridge, defeating several Yellow Pirates on 
the way, then cross a stone ledge and jump to a smaller ledge with a 
Green Lum. If you choose this path, follow the tunnel, jump to the Lum, 
and skip down to the row of asterisks below - otherwise, follow the 
guide in its entirety. To the right of the stone pillar where the 
second Cage was, you'll see a Purple Lum. Swing on it back to where you 
got the Keg, relight the torch, get another Keg, and take off. This 
time, your goal is a purple tunnel high up in the wall. Fly into it, 
let go of the Keg, and jump into the vertical shaft. Light the torch 
and pick up a Keg (there are also Golden Fists hovering off to the 
right of the bridge) then fly to the bridge which is directly in front 
of the starting point, only higher. Climb across the web and pick up 
all the Lums on the next ledge [27-29] then light the torch, pick up a 
Keg, and fly to the end of the room. Get all the Lums on the bridge 
[30-32]. One end of the bridge slopes downward - stand on it and hit 
the Cage hanging under the bridge (3). When you go back up, two Pirates 
will parachute in. Defeat them and drop through the hole in the bridge 
onto a stone barrel. When it stops, swing across the web, shooting any 
Zombie Chickens that rise up to your level, and drop [33] onto another 
barrel. Ride this one until it is opposite a web on the wall. Swing 
over to that web on the Purple Lum provided, climb it [34-35] and jump 
onto the wooden beam. Swing over to the other side of the same beam 
[36-39] (there is a Cage (4) hanging over the sloped section at the far 
right end of this section of the beam) then cross a series of Purple 
Lums to a ledge [40-42]. At the end of the ledge, climb the web, jump 
over the Mega-Tarantula, run as fast as you can to the end of the 
corridor, and shoot the small gears. When the grate is open far enough, 
drop into the pit. *** Collect the Green Lum and jump onto the floating 
barrel. Collect a Lum in the air [43] then shoot the Button and get 
another one on the other side of the electric gate [44]. Continue 
floating and collect two more Lums [45-46] then shoot the Button and 
pass the electric gate [47]. Get another Lum before the next gate [48] 
then hit the Button and drift through the gate into a long room with 
several stone barrels, as well as a Green Pirate shooting explosives 
from afar. Your stone barrel is joined by another one, both of them 
moving in perfect synchronization. Whenever the Green Pirate fires a 
shot, jump from your barrel to the other one. Eventually, you'll reach 
a Green Lum and a rope ladder. Climb the ladder and defeat the Red 
Pirate in the next room. Take a Keg, go to the top of the stairs, and 
blow up the metal Barricade to reveal a Cage (5). Swing across on the 
Purple Lum to a rope ladder. Climb it and drop into the pit. 

Proceed forward and hit the switch to open the door. In the next room, 
you will find your old buddy Clark...under control of the evil Pirate 
Control Box...which is being remote controlled by the Sniveling Lackey 
(doesn't he EVER quit?). 


Boss 8: Brainwashed Clark

Description: It's Clark...with an evil control box affixed to his giant 
Health: 10
Difficulty: *
Attacks: Bear Hug

Clark's main and only attack is to run around the room and attempt to 
crush you with a bone-breaking bear hug. Around the room, there are 
three Buttons. Shoot all three, and a laser will activate in the center 
of the room. However, since the Buttons are timed, if one shuts off, 
the laser deactivates. Once the laser is on, position yourself so that 
you are on the opposite side of it from Clark. When he runs toward you, 
he'll trip, letting you get in a few hits on the Pirate Control Box. 
Destroy the Box and the battle is won.


When you save Clark, a skull door in the corner of the room will open. 
In a cutscene, Rayman opens a box in the room, which contains the Lumz 
Radar, a device that lets him locate missing Lums. He also finds a 
secret Lum [49] which brings the game total back up to 1000. Get the 
last Lum [50] in a corner of this room. Return to the room where Clark 
is, jump on his back, and shoot the Portal Teensie's Cage. Do the 
Portal Dance and enter the portal.

Level Totals - 1st Visit

Yellow Lums - 50/50
Familiar Spirits - 5/5
Return With - N/A

Mission 16: Obtain the Final Mask on the Iron Mountain

The Rainbow Creek

Although Tomb of the Ancients is a Globox's House level, you will 
arrive at the Stone Circle in the Rainbow Creek. In a short cutscene, 
Clark charges through a pair of heavily fortified, steel-reinforced, 
barred doors on the trail leading up to the hot air balloon. Follow him 
through the Clark-shaped hole.

The Iron Mountain

Level Description: The hiding place of the final Mask of Polokus is a 
giant mountain converted into a huge Pirate Fortress. A few more of 
Globox's children are imprisoned here.
# of Yellow Lums: 50
# of Familiar Spirits: 3
Enemies: Red Pirate, Green Pirate, Robo-Chicken, Purple Pirate, Grolem 
13 (Boss)
Revisit: No
Special Items: Final Mask of Polokus

Defeat the Red Pirate standing in front of the large building, then 
return to the beginning of the level and stand just to the side of the 
long bridge. Jump and shoot the Purple Lum, then swing back and forth 
[1-2] and jump to another Purple Lum. Collect the two Lums above the 
bridge [3-4] as you helicopter back down to solid ground, then return 
to the first Lum. Swing on it to the second Lum, and from there to the 
third Lum on the other side of the bridge. Collect two Yellow Lums [5-
6] below the third Purple one and then jump back to the bridge. Enter 
the orange pipe in the front of the large building [7]. Climb the web 
ladder to another passageway [8-9] then swing over to the rotating 
donut-shaped disc. Collect all the Lums around the disc [10-15] and 
shoot both Switches, all the time avoiding the laser which divides the 
disc in two. Once both switches are hit, you can drop through the 
electric field in the center of the disc. Fall all the way to the 
ground, then go through the arch. At the top of the hill another Red 
Pirate awaits. Defeat it and cross over the bridge of wooden blocks 
[16-17], picking up the Golden Fists, and exit the cave through a hole 
in the wall. Destroy yet another Pirate and go around to the left side 
of the wooden construction. There are three Lums in each of the corners 
at the bottom of the cliff there [18-23]. Return to where the Red 
Pirate was and climb to the very top of the stack of crates he was 
guarding. Helicopter down under the wooden bridge and hit the Cage (1) 
then climb the crates again. This time, cross the bridge [24] and 
helicopter to the wooden deck of the Pirate building. Hit the Switch 
and go through the barred door. Go through the tunnel, climb the rope 
ladder, and step out onto the wooden platform. To your right is a 
canyon with flowing water and stepping stones. Helicopter to the first 
stone, shoot the Pirate, and break the Cage (2). Continue down the 
canyon and, when you reach the last stone, helicopter into the basket 
of the hot air balloon.

The Robo-Chicken won't attack at all (yet), so pass it and jump on the 
crate in front of the building. When the Chicken shakes the ground, 
causing the crate to bounce into the air, jump through the hole and 
into the Reformatory for Disturbing Children. Defeat the Purple Pirate 
in front of the sign and pick up the Lum [25] behind him, then follow 
the stone ledge around and up the stairs (shoot the Cage (3) on the 
way) to a bridge guarded by a Red Pirate. Defeat it and follow the 
stairs down to another jumping crate. Leap onto it, then, when it 
bounces, slide down the metal tunnel. You will land on a pre-tamed 
Shell. Ride it along the metal tunnel and you'll come to a framework of 
beams shaped like a cross enclosed in a square. Of course, you'll be 
upside down. There is a Lum [26] in the center of the cross, as well as 
one at the end of each arm [27-30]. After collecting those, run into 
the pillar which is diagonally across from the entrance. Your shell 
will run DOWN the pillar and you will be turned right side up. Collect 
the three Lums on this roof [31-33] then run up the pillar again. Now, 
ride down the pillar which is DIRECTLY opposite the entrance. Make a 
quick U-turn and follow the trail of Lums [34-38]. Ride up the ramp, 
and cross over the top of the archway [39-42] then ride down to the 
ramp at the other end and continue following the trail [43-46]. On the 
walls of the sunken area below you are two Switches - run into both to 
open a door. Go through the door and around to the area where the Robo-
Chicken patrols. It will start coming after you. Run around and around 
the menhirs, accelerating when it gets too close, until it has knocked 
over all four of them. Pick up the Lums where they were [47-50] then 
run over to the metal bridge. Accelerate over the large gap, and Rayman 
will jump off of the shell automatically. Drop into the pit.

Step out onto the ice platform to be carried up to the final Sanctuary. 
When you reach it, start climbing the stairs to the Final Mask. Without 
warning, Grolem 13, the final Mask Guardian, appears and creates a 
tornado which restores Rayman's power of flight - but only for the 
duration of this battle.


Boss 9: Grolem 13, Guardian of the Final Sanctuary

Description: The last and strongest of the Guardians is the master of 
air and the weather.
Health: 3
Difficulty: **

Throughout the battle, small clouds with arrows pointing at them will 
drift toward you. Every time you see one of these clouds, shoot it and 
it will fly backwards and hover above Grolem 13. Once twelve clouds 
have accumulated, a large lightning  bolt will strike the boss, 
draining 1/3 of his health. While hitting the clouds back, you must 
avoid all of Grolem's attacks. 

When he has all of his health remaining, Grolem will throw ice shards, 
tornados, and lightning clouds in your directions. The tornados will 
divide the screen in two (you must fly to the side as they come towards 
you) and the lightning clouds will hover in the air, providing death to 
all who touch them, and THEN they will create a giant lightning bolt 
that splits the screen in two. 

When he has 2/3 of his health remaining, Grolem gains the ability to 
hurl giant black clouds your way. These clouds crackle with lightning 
and will electrify you when they touch you. Simply fly around them to 
remain unharmed.

When he has 1/3 of his health remaining, Grolem starts using two new 
tricks. He hurls a large cluster of rocks, which you can simply fly 
around. He also flexes his muscles, then charges straight ahead at the 
screen - just moved to one side to avoid it. Keep gathering those 
clouds until Grolem is toast.


Climb the stairs and take the Final Mask from its pedestal. 
Congratulations! You're now ready to face the dangers of the Prison 

Level Totals - 1st Visit

Yellow Lums: 50/50
Familiar Spirits: 3/3
Return With - N/A


Mission 17: Free the Slaves on the Prison Ship

The Rainbow Creek

In the Stone Circle, a new portal has been opened to the Prison Ship. 
Jump into it.

The Prison Ship

Level Description: This massive boat was dangerous enough before, but 
now that Polokus is trying to destroy it, it's basically a floating 
death trap. Rayman contends with flowing lava, giant fans, massive, 
spiked mincers and more.
# of Yellow Lums: 90
# of Familiar Spirits: 1
Enemies: Red Pirate
Revisit: No
Special Items: None

In a cinematic, Razorbeard is visited by the General, who gives him a 
convincing sales pitch and sells him the gigantic Grolgoth robot.

There isn't really a lot I can say about the first area of the Prison 
Ship. All it is is a very long slide, with a total of 21 Lums [1-21] on 
it. Just press X when you get near the flowing lava and don't move to 
far to one side or you'll fall over the edge. That's it.

This next area is also a slide, but with a twist - there are giant 
mincers blocking your path which you must deactivate. Shoot the first 
Switch, and slide through the Laser Gate. Slide into the Lums [22-27] 
and jump to snatch one out of the air [28]. Keep sliding [29-46], 
collecting the occasional airborne Lum and jumping across one large 
gap, until you reach the first mincer. Hit the Switch quickly to lower 
the spiked block and turn it into a ramp. At the top of the ramp, 
collect three Lums balanced at the edge of the platform [47-49] then 
hit the Switch to lower a platform so that it take you under the 
mincer, rather than into it. Keep going [50-53] then hit the next 
Switch, ride up the ramp, and jump into the air. Hit another Switch as 
you land, then jump to and slide up the next ramp. Slide a full circle 
around the large, flashing hole [54-58] and then drop into said hole.

Welcome to the boiler room. Go out to the metal grate and proceed to 
the very end [59]. Go back a little, and jump onto the metal block 
which supports the mincer. Swing on the underside of the grate to 
another Lum [60] then return to the metal block and slide down the 
front of it [61]. On this platform are two Red Pirates. The one in 
front will come after you swinging its hook, and the one closer to the 
wall will shoot missiles. Destroy the front one first, then the back 
one (the back one will sometimes attack with its hook when the front 
one is destroyed). Once both are gone, the force field around the 
Switch will deactivate. Hit it to create a Shell Portal, then climb the 
ladder on the left. Jump to the platform on the left to find the final 
Cage of the game (1) then climb up and cross the metal grate to the 
Shell Portal. Jump on the Shell and fly over to the right. There is a 
Lum under a high platform [62] and another one between a large pipe and 
the right-hand wall [63]. The door at the end of the room has a bridge 
in front of it with two Lums [64-65] (DON'T hit the switch yet) and 
there is also one behind the large pipe to the left of the bridge [66].  
Once you have that, turn around, and get the Lum under the giant pipe 
close to the lava (it's on the right as you face toward the Shell 
Portal) [67]. Weave in between the boilers, picking up two more Lums 
[68-69]. Lastly, get a Lum under the high platform by the left-hand 
wall [70]. Now, fly directly across the Switch on the bridge at the end 
of the room, and enter the small door at the end of the bridge.

In this, the final area of the Prison Ship, you'll be on the Flying 
Shell the entire time. Fly over the giant pipe by the left-hand wall 
[71] then through the gap in said wall, following the trail of Lums 
[72-76]. Go through the gap in the grate and dive under the low 
ceiling, then follow the rope ladder upward. Fly along the pipes, then 
turn sharply downward when you reach the skull [77-81]. Weave your way 
in between the pipes, then go through a narrow corridor and dodge some 
more pipes. In the next room, avoid the lasers, then follow the trail 
of Red Lums out of the window and into a hidden opening in the side of 
the ship. Fly through the large, curved room, and through the corridor 
on the balcony [82-85]. Go through the metal tunnel and into a large 
room with several grates, one after the other, each blocking 1/2 of the 
vast tunnel. Collect all the Lums around these grates [86-89] and 
through the small tunnel. Fly around some more grates and follow the 
tunnels back out into the laser room. Fly all the way across it and 
into the tunnel, then dodge around the yellow pillars, collecting (at 
last) the final Lum of the game [90]. At the end of the room, fly into 
the dark hole.

In a cutscene, Rayman finally makes it to the Cages that we saw in the 
opening movie. Shattering them all, he frees hundreds of babies, 
Teensies, and colorful birds. A Teensie creates an Exit Portal, and 
they all make it safely back to Earth.

Level Totals - 1st Visit

Yellow Lums - 90/90
Familiar Spirits - 1/1
Return With - N/A

Mission 18: Defeat Admiral Razorbeard on the Crow's Nest

The Rainbow Creek

Cross over the bridge from the Stone Circle and go left. You will find 
Uglette, Clark, and a Teensie King all grouped around a Flying Shell. 
Jump on it to be carried to the final battle!

The Crow's Nest

Level Description: Admiral Razorbeard fights you from behind a giant 
robot in the final combat of the game. 
# of Yellow Lums: 0
# of Familiar Spirits: 0
Enemies: Admiral Razorbeard's Grolgoth (Boss)
Revisit: No
Special Items: None

Razorbeard sentences his Sniveling Lackey to death by molten lava, and 
orders his crew to prepare the Grolgoth robot. In order to lure Rayman, 
he dangles Globox off the top of the Crow's Nest. Sure enough, Rayman 
arrives, but Razorbeard fails to kill him or Globox. The battle 


Boss 10: Admiral Razorbeard's Grolgoth

Description: A massive robot which can blast you with bombs, roast you 
with fireballs, and smash you into a pulp with a single stomp.
Health: Depends (on whether or not you hit it in the lava during the 
second half of the battle, etc.)
Difficulty: ***
Attacks: Hover-Bomb, Fireball, Stomp, Extra Lava

The first part of the battle is very easy. Use L2 to lock onto the 
Grolgoth, and wait for it to fire three hovering bombs towards you. 
Shoot one directly at the Grolgoth, send one a little to the left of 
it, and send one a little to the right. The Grolgoth will most likely 
sidestep away from the central one, only to be hit by one of the side 
bombs. When the Grolgoth jumps into the air, run as fast as you can - 
it will always land wherever you were standing. Finally, the robot can 
shoot several fireballs - just run around these without losing your 
lock on the Grolgoth itself.

After you have hit it three times, a cutscene will begin. Razorbeard 
will attempt to crush you into oblivion with a truly earth-shattering 
stomp, but he succeeds in nothing more than causing the grid you are 
standing on to collapse. As Rayman falls toward the lava, Ly saves him 
with a sphere of light which brings him to a Flying Shell. The Grolgoth 
also survives, succeeding in hanging on to two pillars.

This second part of the battle is harder than the previous part. The 
venue for this battle consists of one circular, central area - where 
the Grolgoth hangs from two columns - and two tunnels leading off of 
it, filled with pipes and many other things you can crash into and die. 
At the end of one of these tunnels - WHICH tunnel is chosen randomly - 
is a powerup that will enable you to fire a total of six shots with the 
[] Button. Collect it and fly into the circular arena, avoiding the 
occasional shots that Grolgoth fires from its feet, and shoot its two 
hands. It will slip into the lava and lose some health. While it is in 
the lava, you can continue to shoot it to do a little extra damage, or 
you can save your shots to hit the hands again. Partway through the 
battle, Razorbeard will gain a new attack. He will say "Your lava bath 
is ready!" and the lava level will begin to rise. When he says this 
(the words will appear above the Grolgoth's health bar) drop whatever 
you are doing and fly out of the tunnel. Keep flying around in circles 
in the circular room, above the level of the top of the tunnel, until 
the lava starts to drop. As soon as it drops to where you can safely 
reach the powerup (it doesn't have to drop all the way, and Razorbeard 
cannot start raising the level again unti it HAS dropped all the way) 
fly in and grab the powerup, then shoot Razorbeard again. Keep 
repeating this process until the Grolgoth's health is totally drained. 



When the battle is over, Admiral Razorbeard, cackling with evil glee, 
activates the Grolgoth's self-destruct mode and escapes in a flying 
saucer. The camera pulls back to a distance, and we see the Prison Ship 
explode, breaking in half and falling to the ground in a colossal 

Later, all of the friends that Rayman met during the game - Globox, 
Uglette, Clark, some of the babies, a few Teensies, Polokus, and Ly - 
are gathered at his funeral. On a stone pedestal is the only remaining 
piece of Rayman that could be found - his shoe. Suddenly, the shoe 
begins to twitch, and jumps off the pedestal. We see Rayman, missing 
one shoe but still alive, coming through the tunnel! Everyone is 
overjoyed that Rayman is still alive.

As the end credits play, a band - composed of Clark on the electric 
guitar, Globox on the bass guitar, Uglette on the xylophone, Ly on the 
banjo, a Teensie on the drums, and a Teensie King playing the trumpet - 
performs. If you watch the credits to the end you can see your 
statistics for the game, including the number of jumps made and the 
number of times died. Congratulations on finishing Rayman 2!



Version History

Version 1.01 - Completed August 12th, 2004

Changed my E-mail address to ts_chapman@yahoo.com.

Version 1.0 - Completed June 1st, 2004

The very first version of  the game. Every last Lum and Cage has been 
detailed, and every possible pathway has (hopefully) been explored. 
But, I am still wide open to any alternate strategies or concealed 
secrets you may have found.


You - For reading this guide. I much appreciate it.

CJayC - For providing a website which I can count on for video game 
help 24/7, and which I can use to post my guides whenever I get the 
irresistible urge to write one.

Ubi Soft - For making Rayman - an overlooked classic of a series, if 
you ask me - and various other games.

Brian McLean - Although I could now play through the game with my eyes 
shut, this walkthrough was quite helpful for finding a couple of tricky 
Lums the first time I played the game.



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