Game Trivia

  • Between 1998 and 2000 the game was originally going to be Resident Evil 4, directed by Hideki Kamiya to be a more action based game with fixed cameras, Shinji Mikami the games producer said the game was far too different from the usual Resident Evil formula and tried to convince Hideki Kamiya that it was better off as a new title all together, Hideki Kamiya agreed and decided to turn it into the new IP known as Devil May Cry.

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Famous Quote

  • Dante: I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with LIGHT!

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  • "A man with guts and honor. I like that. But it's a shame you serve Mundus." -Dante to Nelo Angelo.

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  • Dante: "Trish...devils never cry. These tears, tears are a gift only humans have."

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Connection to Other Media

  • One of the enemies' mask design for "The Nobodies" is based on the "Stone Mask" from Shonen Jump's series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

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  • Dante's namesake come from Dante Alighieri, the famous Florentine poet who wrote the Divine Comedy.

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