Review by PsYLoCKe

Reviewed: 10/18/01 | Updated: 10/18/01

The Devil May Cry, but I'm hiding in the corner with a blanket

Graphics 9/10
Beautifully designed graphics. Blood pours out when you shoot demons with your gun, Limbs go flying, and Specter's disappear back into their abyss with crystal clear accuracy. Lightning bolts fly from Dante like you were actually outside during a rainstorm. I didn't really like the FMVs, simply because the girl looks like a whore and the blood at the beginning looks more like ketchup. But the detail of the attacks is amazing. The Gothic Architecture is also extremely well detailed. Looks like something out of a Horror flick.

Controls 7/10
While they're different from the Demo's, their easy to get the hang of after a few minutes. It's pretty easy to get the hang of it if you played the Demo, but I can see how it would be awkward if you just started. It can be a little weird walking, because when the camera angle switches, the direction that was forward is still forward, until you stop. For instance, if Dante is facing left and you hold left, you'll move forward, but when the camera switches, left will still move Dante the direction he's facing, not just left.

Sound 7/10
The sound of your sword hitting a demon or wall is crystal clear. When a demon's limbs go flying, you hear them ricochet off a wall. You can even hear the evil screams of flying specter's. The voice-overs could have used some work. Dante sounds like a angry teenager when he's actually a grown man. But other than that, the grunts and groans are rather amusing. You can even hear fireballs coming your way.

Fun 9/10
There's something about beating hordes of Demons with a pair of Handguns and a Sword that is extremely entertaining. You don't really understand the story at the beginning, but like in most games, they fill you in eventually. The thing that bugs me is how it starts to get repetitive, you do the same thing over and over, grab Item A, take to Statue A, Statue A makes door to Passage B. But I still enjoy it. If you like Onimusha, you'll probably like this. They're alot alike, save for the fact that the main character looks like Jerry Garcia on crack. And that your character isn't a fat guy in armor, you can actually jump! It also gets really addicting trying to get all of Dante's abilities. I've barely gotten 3 and I'm itching for more. It's kind of like a fighting game, you're trying to combo your enemies, keep them down, and finish them, then move on to the next one.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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