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I don`t know if the devil cried, but I almost puked. 06/27/04 Braben
One of the most revolutionary action games of this generation. But can it stack up to Ninja Gaiden? 05/29/04 Aganar
A legend reborn again 03/25/05 Alucard517
Without a doubt, one of the best games on the PS2... 10/21/01 Amakusa42
With a dry genre, Devil may Cry breathes a dark, evil breath into it, and creates itself anew. Basically, thats good. 06/09/02 Anthony6969
If theres a better action game, I haven't played it... 05/30/04 Auron255
A Gem I Missed 06/03/04 buddhageoff
Cory's Devil May Cry Review 02/15/03 Cory Wilkie
An Entertaining, But Not Groundbreaking, Experience 11/12/01 Croco
Poor camera and lack of many options hurt this game. 12/26/01 DJellybean
<----> 02/27/03 Dogg
Capcom, you brilliant bastards. 02/20/04 ehson
An interesting quality of 'Devil May Cry' is a distinctive depth that is unmatched in any other game of its genre... 02/09/03 Garbol Shora
Classic 06/15/04 Genjuro Kibagami
Game problems are eclipsed by the fun of it all! 02/18/02 hangedman
Devils never cry 02/06/13 horror_spooky
Even the devil may cry after playing this deliciously satisfying game! 02/05/04 ILOVEDYNASTYWARRIORS
Run (DMC), run! 02/02/03 Kane
The Best Action Game Since Contra III 10/21/01 Komodo117
Hasn't Aged Well 08/09/05 MalachiX
The birth of the franchise. And if you haven't played it yet...why not?! 03/28/08 megaman2005
New appearance ! New life !!! 02/04/03 Mysticcat
Capcom's Stylish Thriller Action Game! 10/31/03 Naru2005
Devil May Cry - Should you care? 10/25/18 NettoSaito
This is the best 3D action game on any next generation system...PERIOD!! 10/21/01 PS2 4 Life
A Devil may do more than just cry he plays this game... 02/10/03 Random-J
The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was to convince the world he didn't exist...Until Capcom came by... 11/09/02 Shirow
Jackpot, like playing the penny slots 01/23/08 ShockStyles
Lightning, castles, bats....goths apply within 02/12/03 Smirnoff
THIS is what games should strive for 03/11/03 Soliduous
A nearly flawless action game with a few camera issues 02/04/02 TerranRedneck
Cloud Strife ain't got nothing on Dante. 10/14/02 TommyVercetti2002
No demon can even be HALF as evil as this game's horrendous camera angles 05/24/05 UltimaterializerX
This is the best 3d Action game, without a doubt. 09/15/03 Vesperas
The Best 3D Action Game On ANY Console. 01/11/04 Will Smith
Not all it's cracked up to be... 02/08/06 wolverinefan
Dante Must Die! 12/27/02 xanxus
A jaw-dropping, eye-popping masterpiece. 03/05/07 Ze_Rhino_
Who needs a great story and a zillion of cut-scenes when you got lots of action instead? 09/11/07 Zylo the wolf

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