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    Soundtrack Guide by Mysticcat

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      This FAQ is Copyright 2003 by Phan Nguyen Khanh Dan
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            |  FAQ Name : Devil May Cry Soundtrack Guide            |
            |  Written by : Phan Nguyen Khanh Dan "Mysticcat"       |
            |  Email : fireaquarian@yahoo.com                       |
            |  FAQ version : 1.7                                    |
            |  Date : January 8th 2003                              |
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                       T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S 
        1. Introduction.......................................Complete
        2. Legal Info.........................................Complete
        3. Updates............................................Complete
        4. About Devil May Cry game...........................Complete
        5. About Devil May Cry Soundtracks....................Complete 
        6. Soundtrack List....................................Complete 
           A) Track List 
           B) Track Guide
        7. "Seeds of Love" - Origin and Lyrics................Complete 
        8. Devil May Cry Soundtrack Promotions................Complete
        9. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)..................Complete 
       10. Contact Info & Credits.............................Complete 
      1.  /INTRODUCTION/
      Hi, Everybody !
      It's been a long time since I last wrote game guides. This year is my 
    busy time and I have to attend to my career more than anything else, and no 
    time for this job is left. I just don't play so many new games recently, 
    but I've been a dedicating fan of Devil May Cry series, and I've been 
    collecting things about this game. 
      Besides the game Devil May Cry itself, Capcom has released a lot of 
    promotion products related to the game, such as :
      Devil May Cry Graphic Edition
      Devil May Cry Sound DVD "Sacred Hearts"
      Devil May Cry Memorial Album "Precious Tears" 
      Devil May Cry Original Novel 
      and some other packages. 
      Well, these products are about various things in the development of the 
    game itself. "Devil May Cry Graphic Edition" Japanese package shows us the 
    artworks and designs of the game from the primary sketches to the complete 
    game. "Devil May Cry Sound DVD Sacred Hearts" brings us enjoyment of the 
    game soundtracks, and the author's speech about the development of the 
    music. "Devil May Cry Memorial Album" collects special and unique game 
    screenshots, and finally, the "Original Novel" tells us the true origin of 
    the game, which came from the death of Resident Evil 4 for Playstation2 
      I'm really glad to have possessed two of them, the Graphic Edition and 
    the Sound DVD Sacred Hearts. These have enough information for me to make 
    an exclusive Soundtrack Guide for this exciting game. Anyone who has played 
    and loved Devil May Cry, may not forget the incredibly tough melody  played 
    during the game. According to some general ratings, Soundtrack is one of 
    the elements which makes the success of Devil May Cry among the others. 
    Those are the reasons why I make this FAQ. I hope that the FAQ may be 
    useful for those who like and love this game, those who can't manage to buy 
    the promotions, at least it may be. 
      Well, and a little note for those who are newbies of the game, this FAQ 
    includes soundtracks of the whole game and my explanations along. So there 
    must be some spoilers around in the text. If you don't want this FAQ to 
    spoil your game, just don't read it until you've finished the game once. 
      2.  /LEGAL INFO/
      Well, as this is just a little Soundtrack Guide, I don't think that 
    somebody may want to plagiarize it. But anyway, it's my work, so the rules 
    are still applied here : 
      This is Devil May Cry Soundtrack Guide, composed by Phan Nguyen Khanh Dan 
    - This guide can't be copied, altered or anything like that without having 
    the author's permission. If you want to use it in your websites or doing 
    anything on the guide, just email me at fireaquarian@yahoo.com and wait for 
    my answer. I'm not a very mean guy, and I'm willing to let you use it if 
    you can obey this rule. 
    - Furthermore, this guide ABSOLUTELY CANNOT be sold, be repbulished as 
    your guide, gift, magazine and so on. The author has made this guide for 
    NON-PROFIT only, and so do you.
      Currently, this FAQ is available at : 
      3.   /UPDATES/
     - Version 0.5 (January 8th 2003)
       FAQ started...
     - Version 1.0 (January 9th 2003)
       Added FAQs section. 
     - Version 1.5 (February 9th 2003)
       Fix mistakes. Added little info. 
     - Version 1.6 (May 22nd 2003)
       Change of contact email address.
     - Version 1.65 (July 30th 2003)
       Fix mistakes. 
     - Version 1.7 (September 24th 2003)
       "Divinity Statue" track added. 
       I have just figured out the name of the track between missions that 
    people keep asking me. It's really not in the Sacred Hearts DVD. Big thanks 
    to the GameFAQs message board members for this precious info. Check it out 
    soon ! 
      Maybe you gamers may know or hear of Capcom - a popular game company with 
    their "Street Fighter" fighting series, and recently the survival horror 
    series "Resident Evil". Devil May Cry was born instead of Resident Evil 4 
    as a game for PS2. Shinji Mikami - the familiar producer of this series, 
    wanted to make some unique change with the director Hideki Kamiya. That's 
    why Devil May Cry was created, as a "Stylish Action Game". 
      This game has been considered one of the greatest games of 2001. Being an 
    action game, it has pretty simple storyline. But it's not completely so 
    boring as many people think. 
      The prologue of the game took place 2000 years ago.  
      "Two milleniums ago, the Force of Evil led by Mundus, Emperor of The 
    Underworld, began their invasion of the world of men. Their intelligence
    surpasses that of humans, men were powerless against these Evil force. 
    Then one man appeared. Though evil, he was a lone swordman who saw the 
    Light of Justice. His name was Sparda. After a fierce life-and-death 
    fight, he left the Evil forces. 
      The present... In a corner of Metropolis, there is a man with a
    mysterious occupation. His name was Dante. He's the son of the Legendary
    Dark Knight Sparda. While exterminating the Demons and Evil spirits that
    infests the city he continues his quest for his sworn enemy. It is to take
    revenge against Mundus, Emperor of the Underworld, who was resurrected 20
    years earlier and who took the lives of his beloved mother and brother."
      ... ...  
      For what happens next ?... Just play the game (^_^). 
      As I said, Devil May Cry Soundtrack is considered one of the elements 
    causing the success of the game. In my own take, Devil May Cry music is the 
    most incredible I have ever heard. The creators have done the right job in 
    music creation to take the game to "STYLISH ACTION" genre. Unlike most of 
    other tough action games, Devil May Cry has strong and rocking music most 
    of the time, especially when you encounter battles. But those kidding 
    tracks don't spoil the game atmosphere. It not only increases the toughness 
    but also excites the players. The game completely fits the Rock and Roll 
    melody even though it's a bit horror. The melody of the soundtrack is also 
    my favourite. I myself hadn't liked Rock and Roll before, until I played 
    Devil May Cry. Masami Ueda is truly a god who created such excellent but 
    waving melodies like that. And "Seeds of Love", the main theme of Devil May 
    Cry, is no doubt his pride. The melody is gentle and light, as well as a 
    lullaby or a love song - one of my most favourite game songs. Well, since 
    my English is not my first language, and I don't have enough words to 
    describe my liking on the game music. But the director's excellent speech 
    may let us imagine the impression : 
      "...The Characters talk, perform, and weave a complicated drama... That 
    is the predominant style used in the scenarios of games. It's true for 
    "Devil" too. But this is not a drama of puppet show. Gripping the 
    controller, you are transported to variety of stages, where your ability to 
    advance depends on whether you are victorious or defeated which in turn 
    depends on your tactical skills... All those experiences a sense of elation 
    as well as a drama that truly moves the heart. The stages, enemies and the 
    music found in "Devil" are not just meaningless "data". This is a drama in 
    which the main "components" have been carefully calculated and placed so as 
    to draw the player into a truly memorable adventure. If "Devil" got your 
    adrenalin pumping while you were playing it, it was because of the 
    components which sparkles like jewels in a treasure chest. Each one rich 
    and priceless. These enable you the player to create your own scenarios in 
    a myriad of ways. A staff of more than 40 was involved in the production of 
    "Devil". The brilliant components they produced resulted in a classic that 
    far exceeded even my own expectations. The musical of the compositions of 
    the very talented sound staff played a major role in this and these will 
    undoubtedly play a brilliant and colourful role in the creation of your own 
    dramas. I have nothing but the highest of praise for these truly remarkable 
      Devil May Cry Director
      **From Sound DVD "Sacred Hearts" booklet.** 
      Well, just want to claim : The tracks I list here are the official ones 
    considered by Capcom. Maybe you'll find more various sounds and tracks that 
    are not in the list and wonder. But what I can tell you is that they may be 
    the alternated versions of the main tracks, or you may not have recognized 
    it correctly.  
      A>  //TRACK LIST// 
     Track 001 : Devil Sunday - the Theme of Sparda 
     Track 002 : Pubic Enemy
     Track 003 : Psycho Siren
     Track 004 : Red-hot Juice
     Track 005 : Ultra Violet - the Theme of Vergil
     Track 006 : Lock & Load - the Theme of Dante
     Track 007 : Flock off !
     Track 008 : Karnival 
     Track 009 : Mental Machine
     Track 010 : Evil Vacuum
     Track 011 : Anarchy in the V.W 
     Track 012 : The Theme of Eva 
     Track 013 : Legendary Battle
     Track 014 : Bloody Bladder
     Track 015 : I'm coming !
     Track 016 : Blue Organsm 
     Track 017 : Dante & Trish - Seeds of Love
     Track 018 : Pillow Talks
     Track 019 : Super Pubic Enemy
     Track 020 : S 
     Track 021 : Divinity Statue 
     Ex Track  : Shoot the Works (Devil May Cry 2 Soundtrack)
      B>  //TRACK GUIDE//
      This theme is played during the prologue movie of the game, telling the 
    great legend about Sparda - Dante's father. 
    * TRACK 002 : PUBIC ENEMY 
      Well, this rocking track is made for enemies. That means you hear it 
    whenever you encounter enemies. But as I know, this enemy theme is just 
    available til Mission 9. The theme is played with violent guitar sounds, 
    and according to the creator : "This becomes the "nucleus" of the sound of 
    the "devil"".  
      Okay okay, this theme is played whenever you fight tough enemies or the 
    new ones you haven't seen, such as Shadows or Death Scythes. For the 
    creator, it is : 
       Psycho Siren = Strong! + Imminent Death!! + Extreme Danger! 
    * TRACK 004 : RED-HOT JUICE 
      Urg oh ! This theme is for our lovely spider-scorpion Phantom. Is it 
    tough, right ? And the creator said that he had made it before the real 
    Phantom was born (^_^). What a great musician he is ! 
      This theme is played during all the encounters with the tough boss Nelo 
    Angelo. These are fragments of Sparda's theme concealed, played with fast 
    melody, hard guitar and pipe organ, as the creator wants to show the tough 
    image of Nelo Angelo/Vergil who has Sparda's blood in himself.  
      Hehehe, Dante must have his own theme ! And this song appears as the next 
    enemy theme after "Pubic Enemy" : Since you faced the first Blades in 
    Mission 9, this theme have begun to be played, and it appears for later 
    fights though. Besides, you also find a piece of this track in the opening 
    movie of the game. 
    * TRACK 007 : FLOCK OFF ! 
      It's very Griffon's theme. As you know, Griffon is one of the bosses you 
    encounter during the game. This track is played whenever you fight him. The 
    heaviness of the theme implies the bird's toughness, while its irregular 
    tempo Griffon's flight. The creator is very satisfied with this track. 
    * TRACK 008 : KARNIVAL 
      Wow, this track is very the mysterious background music you hear during 
    the adventure after you come back to the Castle in Mission 16 until you end 
    up in the beginning of Mission 20.  
      This is Nightmare's theme. And it is played during the Nightmare battles. 
    You can feel it's tough and strong. According to the creator, he tried to 
    make it with unique synthesizer in order that "It's always to be changing 
    shapes" - Hideki Kamiya.    
      Hm... This fearful melody is played mainly in Mission 19, when you "Enter 
    the Corrupted World". The creator wrote this theme after "Devil Sunday". At 
    first it was planned to be the main background music of the castle, since 
    its "lower sound evokes fear, the chorus and pipe organ a sense of history, 
    and the drums evoke the feeling of the Underworld". 
      Huhuhu... What an impressive theme ! I think several players can't forget 
    this track in the first time they face the Frosts. Yeah, it's very this 
    theme. As you see, you usually hear this theme along with encoutering 
    Frosts, sometimes Nobodies.  
      This track is played after Dante saves Trish from the Nightmare's 
    explosion in Mission 20. And you can also hear it again after Dante defeats 
    Mundus in the end of Mission 22, when he holds Trish's body in his arms. In 
    fact, it's the piano version of "Seeds of Love" theme. Eva is the name of 
    Dante's mother, whom Trish looks like. If you want to know more facts about 
    this pretty theme, refer to the 6th section : ""Seeds of Love" - Origin and 
      This track is played during the final battle between Dante and the Dark 
    Emperor Mundus. In order to prove the impression, it was made to have 
    Sparda's theme, strong drums, irregular speed and heaviness mixed together, 
    because the creator himself was impressed by the angelic Mundus (From Sound 
    DVD Sacred Hearts book). 
      This track is played during Mission 23, when you control Dante to reach 
    the way out of the Infernal Gate. 
    * TRACK 015 : I'M COMING !
      You find this track when Dante and Trish catch the airplane and try to 
    escape with it. And it continues to be played when you control the plane to 
    fly out.  
      Well, this track is undoubtfully played during the scene Dante and Trish 
    talk to each other after having just escaped from the Infernal Gate. 
    Although it's short, the creator has created it to include three meanings : 
    "Congratulations !", "Exhilaration after Battle !" and "Hope for the 
    Future". Just try to hear the track, you'll feel them :) 
      This is the full version of "Seeds of Love" theme which is played during 
    the credit scene of the game, when Trish joins Dante to work on their 
    schedule. Due to the creator, this track is divided by two halves : first 
    half and last half. The first half is the rock melody which is said to be 
    the rearrangement of fragments in Dante's theme. The second half is no 
    doubt "Seeds of Love" itself, sung by singer Julianne. Refer to 6th section 
    for more interesting info about this theme.
    * TRACK 018 : PILLOW TALK 
      As you hear, it's the music box version of "Seeds of Love". It appears in 
    the ranking screen, after you beat the game. According to Sacred Hearts 
    book, the creator told us the origin of this version. If you want to know, 
    refer to 6th section. In Dante Must Die mode, this theme has some more 
    extra sounds to become a little tougher.  
      Well, this may be the higher level of "Pubic Enemy" theme. This one can 
    only be heard in Legendary Dark Knight mode, during the fights with common 
    * TRACK 020 : S 
      Like the previous theme, this one is only available in Legendary Dark 
    Knight mode, during harder fights. If you hear it carefully, it has a 
    little of Sparda's theme, cuz the creator wanted to wake up the image of 
    Sparda here. It's also included in "Dante's Selection" music CD. 
      Phew, finally I've found this theme. Thanks to Kor1134 for the name of 
    the track. Here's the music you hear during the screen between missions. It 
    sounds mystic, right ? 
      This is a DEVIL MAY CRY II SOUNDTRACK - an extra track/movie of Devil May 
    Cry 2 which is placed in Sound DVD Sacred Hearts. In order to view this 
    one, you can either buy the Sacred Hearts DVD or buy Devil May Cry II when 
    it's released. 
      As I have just played Devil May Cry II, this track is available as the 
    battle music since Dante's Mission 10 and some boss fights before that. 
    Devil May Cry 2 movies/trailers also mostly have this track as background 
      Those who are Devil May Cry fans can't forget the main theme of the game 
    "Seeds of Love". This theme is played several times in the game as 
    different versions (Read "Track Guide" in 5th section). The meaning of the 
    theme, I think, can be understood as various ideas with the meaningful 
    image of a "seed". Due to the storyline of the game, I think it may mean 
    the relation between Dante and his mother Eva, as well as Trish. But 
    according to the creator, this theme has its own "story" too.
      First, let's hear "The Theme of Eva" (Track 012 in "Track List"). This is 
    the piano version of the theme. And let me show you the passage written by 
    the creator about its meaning :
      "It was then that Dante first realized something : Why did his father who 
    was evil decide to protect the world of man ? Why did he decide to stand up 
    alone against all the dark forces ? Seeing the form of Trish who had 
    protected him just as his mother had and who had her same looks, Dante 
    finally understood. It was not just a fight for revenge. He had lost 
    someone he loved, and he fought so as to make certain that such a tragedy 
    would never happen again. He had to protect and save her. This was the true 
    purpose of his battle.
      * Source : Sound DVD Sacred Hearts book. " 
      This version is lovely, right ? It was first considered Eva's lullaby. 
    But because the scene in which it was used had been cut, the creator had to 
    place it in the ranking screen instead.
      As I said in the "Soundtrack List" section, this is the perfect version 
    which contains Dante's theme fragment rearrangement and the full theme 
    "Seeds of Love". It's only played in the ending of the game, the credit 
      The creator's words about the two versions : 
      "Perhaps she would share the same fate as his mother. Gazing at her 
    profile Dante felt a vague uneasiness. Mundus' last words were that he 
    would one day return without fail and these was no doubt that he would do 
    this. For the moment he was only sunk in the depths of darkness. When, he 
    was not certain, but there would come a day in the future when a new fight 
    would probably begin.
       But no one could say what lies ahead. With Trish by his side, Dante was 
    certain that he could defeat any opponent with ease.
      * Source : Sound DVD Sacred Hearts book. " 
      Okay, it's done. Let's enjoy the lyric of the theme :
                           S E E D S   O F   L O V E   
                               The Theme of Eva
                           Composed by : Masami Ueda 
                           Lyrics by : REOKO
                           Performed by : Julianne
                      In the field so green and so free
                               Seeds gaze up
                     The clouds keeps them from the Light
                    And the sky cries white tears of snow
                  But still... The fragile seeds wait long for
                               the sun to shine
                         Dark winter away, come spring
                My young seeds once again will look up to the sky
                       and I know they will grow strong.
       Where to purchase : http://www.capcom.com
       Description : A small well-designed CD going with the Devil May Cry 
    Graphic Edition package. It contains three soundtracks of the game, 
    composed by Masami Ueda. You can't get this item alone, since you have to 
    buy the whole package (including the CD and the Graphic Edition book) which 
    costs $30.90 (already added with shipping cost). This is Capcom's given 
    price. However, Capcom's link can only serve those who live about in the 
    USA or Canada. So if you are not in either place, try http://www.ebay.com, 
    and the price here can be different. 
      The cover of the CD is a bright inverted familiar picture of Dante (It's 
    "Dante taking a break" image - according to the Graphic Edition) with the 
    title "Dante's Selection". The picture in the back side is also "Dante 
    taking a break" image in true colour. Inside, the CD is placed firmly in a 
    plastic piece, there are game screens and the credits written on the other 
    surface of the cover.
      These are the tracks available in the CD :
      Lyric and Music : Yukihiro 
      Arranged : Yukihiro - YOU-MI
      My words : Oh, I really can't realize where exactly this theme is in the 
    game. It seems like an extra song ? I doubt it's the song which you hear in 
    the first scene of the game which takes place in Dante's agency, before 
    Trish dashes in with her bike. 
      Music : Masami Ueda 
      My words : Well, read the "Soundtrack List" section for this one. It's 
    been very familiar now.      
      TRACK 3 : S 
      Music : Masami Ueda
      My words : Refer to "Soundtrack List" section too. 
      *Description (translated from Capcom Japan official site) : 
       "Gorgeous DVD which attached the images that made full use of special 
    effect to 20 music selected carefully out of Devil May Cry appears. How to 
    enjoy the game in which replay video like an artist's promotion video is 
    different also from a sound track as it were is here. A booklet portion 
    records beautiful CG and beautiful liner notes on the large-sized size of 
    A4 paper. One just gorgeous volume by which English and its translation 
    were attached to the whole sentence ! As an image privilege, it is also the 
    movie sound of "DEVIL MAY CRY II" of a sale schedule this winter" (#).    
       It is a sale schedule in a national bookstore and a famous CD shop.
      *Day on sale : October 23rd, 2002 
      *Cost : 3000 yen + tax 
      *Include : a 48-page booklet and a DVD. 
      *Platform : A Japanese Sony Playstation2 or a Japanese Xbox. 
      (#) : At first, Capcom decided to release Devil May Cry II in Christmas 
    2002. But for some reason, the time to make the game is longer and then 
    they declared that the game would be released in the end of January 2003.
      Well, as I'm not living in Japan, I had to get it from 
    http://www.ebay.com with the price $48 and some shipping cost. Besides, 
    www.yahoo.com or www.amazon.com may also have some services about this. If 
    you can't use Ebay, you can try those links too. 
      As Capcom said, this DVD contains Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry 2 
    soundtracks and official medias. The "Soundtrack List" I wrote in this FAQ, 
    is based on the list of the Sacred Hearts booklet. You not only hear the 
    track, but also watch the great gameplay scenes which have been rearranged 
    with computer graphic effects. And the DMC2 media is really incredible !!!
      The Sacred Hearts booklet is designed extremely beautifully and the notes 
    are so good that nothing could be better. Here it contains the composer's 
    confessions about the process of music development. And I think you DMC 
    fans shouldn't miss this item. According to Masami Ueda, the staff did make 
    this package as the DMC fans wished, after they had receive tons of their 
    requests about the great sountracks of the game. 
      The Sacred Hearts book is very thick although it only has 48 pages (high-
    quality papers). The cover is a sketch of a closed-up Dante's portrait (If 
    I'm right, this sketch is only seen in the Devil May Cry Graphic Edition). 
    Insides, the pages are designed with impressive CG arts and the author's 
    notes about the tracks. The Sound DVD is attached in the back of the book.
      The Sound DVD contains 20 tracks and four movies of Devil May Cry, 1 
    bonus track and two movies of Devil May Cry II. 
      My friends want me to write in details everything in the Sound DVD Sacred 
    Hearts booklet, such as Masami Ueda's explanations about the themes or the 
    fine notes and the movies. But after thinking carefully, I think I 
    shouldn't, since it's not fair to do that. It'll be better if I let you DMC 
    fans find out yourselves. So I'm sorry ! 
     *Question : Why do you write this FAQ ?
      Answer : For dedicating Devil May Cry fans, especially those who get 
    interested in its soundtrack. I'm a crazy DMC fan myself :)
     *Question : Can I find these tracks online ?
      Answer : You can download them from Kazaa. Just go to www.kazaa.com and 
    install the media desktop. This program is pretty cool and you cannot only 
    hear Devil May Cry sountracks, but also find any tracks in any games/movies 
    you want. Maybe it's so enough, but at least, I think, it's excellent.  
     *Question : What is the "Dante's Selection CD" ? 
      Answer : It's a small CD containing three soundtracks of Devil May Cry, 
    composed by Masami Ueda. It goes with the Devil May Cry Graphic Edition - a 
    Japanese package. Refer to the previous section for more info.
     *Question : I need the track which can be heard when buying stuffs from 
    the Statues of Time. But I don't find it in your guide.
      Answer : I'm really thankful to you about this question. Its name is 
    "Divinity Statue", as I've just figured out. 
     *Question : What is the Sound DVD Sacred Hearts ?
      Answer : It's a DVD containing everything about Devil May Cry media (not 
    only soundtrack, but also movies and trailers). Besides, there are several 
    Devil May Cry 2 medias though, like the Bonus Track : "Shoot the Works" and 
    its E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) trailers. See the previous section 
    for more info. 
     *Question : Where can I purchase these products ?
      Answer : Well, I think most commercial sites have them. For the Graphic 
    Edition, I recommend you to get it from its source http://www.capcom.com if 
    you are in USA or Canada. For the Sound DVD and any other items, you should 
    try http://www.ebay.com or some other commercial site. Ebay is just my 
    trust-worthy one. Besides, I also recommend you to search for services from 
    www.yahoo.com or www.amazon.com if you can't get things from Ebay. 
     *Question : Will you make a similar Soundtrack Guide for Devil May Cry 2 ? 
     *Answer : I'm not sure. I may make it if I can collect enough information. 
      //CONTACT INFO//
      Well, I have finished my work. This FAQ may not be very big, but as a 
    true DMC fan, I have also placed all my efforts to it, for those who are 
    DMC fans like me. But anyway, my work is nothing compared to what Capcom 
    and the DMC staff have done. They are indeed the true Gods who bless the 
      If you have anything needed to talk to me or contribute to the guide, 
    just email me at fireaquarian@yahoo.com. You can even send me questions 
    about Devil May Cry series too. But :
     *Things you MUSTN'T do :
    - Send flaming, hate emails, or advertisements.
    - Send viruses. 
    - Talk about stupid topics. I hate those.
      Thank you very much.
      Well, you can refer to other works of mine at :
      Mysticcat's GameFAQs Contributor Page
      Related FAQs of mine :
    -  Devil May Cry FAQ/Walkthrough 
       A FAQ/Walkthrough contains walkthrough and everything about Devil May 
    -  Devil May Cry 2 FAQ/Walkthrough
       A FAQ/Walkthrough contains detailed walkthrough and other stuffs about 
    Devil May Cry 2. 
    -  Or you can view DMC fanarts at :
      http://www.angelfire.com/goth/inandantia - a site made by my friend 
    Snake Inandantia. For those who are interested, this site also contains 
    some scans from the Devil May Cry Graphic Edition book. Her "Link" section 
    can take you to more various sites dedicating to Devil May Cry series. 
      I'd like to send my thanks to : 
    - Capcom Co., especially DMC Staff and Masami Ueda, for not only having 
    created such a great game, but put all your efforts to its promotions as 
    well. Thanks, thanks and thank you very much.  
    - My aunt, for having helped me to buy the Devil May Cry Graphic Edition 
    and the Sound DVD Sacred Hearts package regardless difficulties. Most of 
    the info I have are from these items. Thank you so much, auntie. 
    - Vampire666 and Snake Inandantia from GameFAQs message board - for 
    providing me precious info about Devil May Cry series as well as its 
    promotions. If you have time, you should visit their DMC shrine at
    - GameFAQs message board members - for helping me to play DMC series and 
    for the precious info about the soundtracks. 
    - Jeff "CJayC" Veasay, for having created the great gaming site GameFAQs 
    and for posting my FAQ. 
    - All readers who have read this FAQ. Thank you for having got time to read 
    my work. 
      Finally, thanks to everyone. 
                                   THE END
                    This is Devil May Cry Soundtrack Guide
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