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    Boss FAQ by Leizuya

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                              Devil May Cry Boss Faq
                                By Leizuya
                                Version 1.5
    This is a faq to help you beat the bosses in devil may cry ^_^ . I tried
    everything here and it worked so don't email me saying it's not true. I
    hope what I have here will help you. This is written for Normal/Hard
    DISCLAIMER-Don't steal my stuff without permission .Property of
    Panduranga Datta Seetahal-Maraj.This was made for personal usage only
    .You may not reproduce this in any way for personal profit .Ask me
    before posting on your website .If you infringe  any of these terms you
    are a dope.
    This faq can be found on
    If you see it anywhere else, please email me and tell me about this.
    About Me.
    I am a student in Trinidad. Videogames are what I live for (besides
    sports). I wrote this faq because many people (myself included) can be
    troubled by these bosses. I can be found on the IRC channel #tekken and
    also on MSN messenger.
              Contact me- okita_2@hotmail.com
    24/09/02 First update. More to come.
    7/12/02  Fixed some errors. Added some strategies.
    16/12/02 Added more to the Strategies and fixed some errors in faq.
    18/12/02 Did some proofreading.Damn.
    24/05/03 Added Reader strategy, fixed errors, added some more stuff to
    the boss sections.
    08/06/03 Fixed a few minor errors.
    12/10/04 Added a trick to get easy red orbs.
    Useful Items
    Useful Moves
    Nelo Angelo
    Death Scythe
    Fossil Dragon
    Time to ROCK!!!
    Watch the intro. Read the manual. Anyway, Dante, this Devil hunter guy
    is trying to stamp out the underworld and find clues about his family.
    Then this woman named Trish comes along. After a crazy fight scene
    (watch the sword) she gives him info about an uprising on Mallet Island,
    so he goes along with her and so starts the game.
    I'm assuming you have some knowledge about the game's controls and
    Red orbs
    Used to buy items .Can be found when enemies are dispatched and also at
    certain locations. You want this in huge amounts.
    Blue orbs
    Gives you a greater amount of life. Can be bought or found as quarter
    fragments. Try to max out life by collecting many. Do secret missions
    for fragments.4 Fragments make an orb.
    Vital stars
    Gives a full life bar. Always have one, just in case.
    Devil stars
    Restores 5 devil trigger runes. Very important for boss battles.
    Yellow orbs
    Gives a continue if you die. Saves the pain of going through a whole
    mission again.
    Purple orbs
    Adds an extra rune to devil trigger meter per orb. Damn useful for boss
    Weapons can be either Guns or Devil Arms(swords to you literal people).
    Guns have unlimited ammo (thank god!) . I will place the guns in order
    of usefulness in boss battles.
    Ebony and Ivory. Dante's no recoil time guns. Rapid fire, suspend
    yourself in the air by shooting downwards , they complement Dante
    wonderfully. The only sad thing is the light damage it does.It fills up
    DT runes at an average speed.
    Boom! That sums it up. So why isn't it the most useful with its huge
    damage. Because it has a horrendous recoil time. I mean the damage Dante
    dishes out in one shot ,is returned by a quick enemy. Useful to scatter
    groups.When using this gun, as soon as you fire,hit R1,Triangle and
    Left/Right to dodge/roll and minimize recoil time.
    This cool gun is found in the library and is useful in keeping enemies
    away.It can be fired in the air and does moderate damage.Use it against
    Shadows,Marionettes and Bloody Maris liberally.
    This gun does okay damage, has good recoil time and ricochets when shot.
    The bad news-It takes a whole DT rune per bullet. That means you have
    only 10 powerful shots at maximum.
    The only underwater gun. It shoots quickly ,but takes a while to reload.
    Can't be used above water.
    Devil Arms
    Swords will also be placed in order of usefulness.
    The lightning element sword. Fast and gives the user flying capabilities
    when in DT mode.Use it a lot.Moderate power.The skills in order of
    usefulness are-
    Air Raid
    Stinger Level 2
    Vortex Level 2
    Air Hike
    The fire element gauntlets. Dante knows karate!!!Powerful but slow. Best
    skills placed in order -
    Kick 13 Level 2
    Rolling Blaze
    Meteor Level 2
    Magma Drive
    Named after his pops, Dante gets the most powerful sword late in the
    game. The true powers show in the last battle. It has no DT , but raw
    power. A tad slow.All non DT Alastor abilities except Air Hike.
    Crappy, no use except in mission one (no choice).Weak but transforms
    into Sparda later on. Joy. No DT. Pain.
    YAMATO (only for the Legendary Dark Knight)
    This is Sparda's exclusive sword.It can DT and is exactly like the
    Alastor,but looks cooler and turns into Sparda when in DT mode.It has
    all the Alastor skills both in Devil Trigger mode and normal mode.Use
    this a lot.
    The attacks are the same as the Alastor.
    Moves-(for any sword)
    Slice and Dice-Circle twice, pause then press it a lot very quickly.
    Triple Slash -Circle 3 times.
    Multi Slash -Circle 5 times rhythmically.
    High Time  -Hold R1 and Back with circle.
    Jump Slash -Jump and hit circle.
    1)Rolling-Used to dodge attacks.Hold R1 and left/right with Triangle.
    2)Taunting -Builds up DT meter but it is slow.Hit R2.
    3)Air Raid- Use to access hard-to-reach areas.
    4)Double Jump- Jump towards a wall and then hit jump again to launch off
    the wall.
    5)High Time- Juggle enemies again and again.Cheap way to kill some
    On to PART TWO.
    _Boss 1-The Phantom._
    This spider/scorpion boss is kinda hard for a first boss. However all
    you need are the Handguns and the Alastor.
    The Phantom has four main attacks that he uses in the first encounter.
    1)The tail whip/swipe- It does minimal damage and is used to counter
    Dante's normal attacks.
    2)The jump- He jumps really high and tries to land wherever Dante is.You
    have to be real stupid to get hit with this attack.
    3)The lava breath-He shoots out a projectile from his mouth that does
    massive damage.Jump over it to avoid getting roasted.
    4)Call for souls- Lava fountains shoot up wherever Dante is.Just keep
    running to avoid.Do NOT jump.Phantom sticks his head in the ground.You
    should have ample time to dodge.
    5)Phantom releases flames from his back which go up the come crashing
    down on Dante.Keep running to avoid them.
    Strategy 1.
    Just Air Raid him to death. When the DT runs out keep on the move and
    shoot at him with the Shotgun.Then DT again and kill him.
    Strategy 2.
    His mouth and back are the only places that can be damaged. Knowing
    that, run into his face and slash like crazy using the Devil Power for
    extra damage. When he rears back and tries to swipe at you , jump on his
    back and hack and shoot downwards.It is easy but you need to practice.
    Strategy 3.
    In Hard mode and other modes after you beat the game once, use the Ifrit
    against him.You will need Rolling Blaze and Inferno.Just jump , DT and
    Inferno.Easy-peasy.It works a lot in Hard and DMD mode.
    He will chase you in a very cramped hallway. You can Air Raid again and
    again to kill him .If you have 4-5 runes, he'll be dead in 15
    seconds.You can also just DT and slash at his mouth. He uses a lot of
    the lava projectiles so if you time it right , Dante can blow up the
    projectiles in his face with one slash.Also only takes about 10-15
    seconds and you get 500 Red Orbs!!! Hell Yeah!!!You can Save and Reset
    and kill him again and again to gain huge amounts of Red Orbs. Dante can
    have all the Alastor skills at the beginning of the game. Muahahahah.
    This is the same as encounter two , but it is safer to use Air Raid as
    the DT state restores life and the item Dante has for this mission
    drains his health, so just shock Phantom to death.
    Same old strategy (Ifrit or Alastor) except Phantom has a new attack. He
    calls a lava rain to fall on Dante. It is just like the calling for
    souls attack but it does more damage. Just run and roll to avoid it.
    Hack and Slash or Air Raid will work fine.Then point at him and laugh as
    he dies in agony and realises Dante is no ordinary human.
    _Boss 2 - Nelo Angelo_
    The twin brother of Dante , he wields a sword and has the same basic
    techniques as Dante.He is slow and has to take rest breaks occasionally
    so exploit his weaknesses then. He is really damn powerful , so avoid
    his slashes and try to jump over him to attack.
    The Dark Knight's attacks-
    1)The same triple slash combo as Dante.
    2)The same High Time as Dante.
    3)Energy balls that he aims at Dante and throws from his hand.
    4)A taunt and stupid  laugh.
    5)He calls swords around him to either form armour around , or to
    encircle Dante and rain upon him.Use Rolling Baze to get rid of the
    swords hovering around Dante and use Grenade shots to get rid of the
    This battle is fought at three levels .When you start the battle, he is
    on the ground. After one third of his life is gone, he teleports to a
    ledge and beckons for you to come. If you stay on the ground, he throws
    energy balls at you , so always be on the move. Then when two thirds of
    his health is depleted follow him again and continue beating him.
    You only have the Alastor in this fight , so just run up to him and do
    the MultiSlash or Slice and Dice combos until his health drops while in
    DT mode.It will work quickly.Then follow him on the ledge and jump away
    from him. I suggest shooting your Handguns at him until he stays
    motionless and Stinger at him, Devil Trigger and proceed to slash. At
    the final level you can just repeat.Always try jumping over him when he
    is motionless ONLY.Otherwise you will see your life disappear faster
    than an F15 flies.
    The space in this encounter is cramped so be alert to his movement as he
    can appear next to you and beat the crap out of Dante. On to the
    Strategy 1.
    Use the same MultiSlash as before and this time he doesn't teleport so
    just keep hacking away. If the need arises use a Holy Water. It can
    knock off about one third of his health.
    Strategy 2.
    You have acquired the Ifrit by now so just make sure you have Kick 13
    (level 1 or 2) and DT , hold R1 and keep pressing Circle. A wickedly
    fast and powerful combo is done. This can kill the Dark Knight in under
    a minute , but can be risky if you don't have at least one Devil Star in
    the inventory.
    Damn. This pretty much sums it up. This fight is hard!!! Use the same
    Ifrit tactics but by now you should have the Rolling Blaze. Use it to
    jump into Nelo angelo safely as Dante is invulnerable every time he
    jumps with this. Other wise stick with Alastor and keep slashing at him
    in DT mode in a corner so he can't escape. To have a Holy Water, Vital
    Star and Devil Star releases a lot of pressure. After this fight you'll
    get a surprise.Nelo has some new attacks now. Swords either stick around
    Dante to fall on him or stay around Nelo like armour. Use the Grenade
    Gun and Rolling Blaze to get rid of them.
    \Tip/-In the first 2 encounters with Nelo Angelo, if this is your second
    time through the game and you have the Time Bangle, you can freeze Nelo
    and beat the crap out of him.I found out by mistake, but using the
    Grenade Gun and Stinger/Kick 13 alternately really does wonders. With a
    full DT gauge and 2 Devil Stars, you can kill him without getting a
    User Tips
    Cheap way to kill Nelo Angelo with Ifrit.Just keep throwing Meteor Level
    2 shots at him.Cheap but effective.
    _Boss 3 - Griffon_
    This big fowl knows about Dante and still dares to challenge him! Make
    him sorry he did.
    The bird's attacks are-
    1) A rain of electricity.Just roll to avoid.
    2)Two V shaped lightning bolts converge wherever Dante stands. Jump for
    the lower attack and stand still for the aerial one.
    3)He charges at you.Roll away.
    4)He blows wind at you.Once again,roll.
    5)He sends out some horizontal lightning bolts at you.Jump over them.
    6)He stands tall and rains chain lightning at you.Run away.Rolling Blaze
    helps alot.
    This battle can be avoided by just running to the door and escaping
    through it after the second torch is lit by the Ifrit.
    Strategy 1.
    Use Air Raid while constantly on the move. It'll kill him quickly.In
    Hard mode you can also use Vortex Level 2.
    Strategy 2.
    Equip the Handguns and Ifrit then DT and keep shooting quickly by
    tapping the life out of the Square button.When the DT runs out, don't
    worry, just keep shooting to refill then recommence.
    Strategy 3.
    If you are playing Hard mode and already have Rolling Baze and Meteor
    Level 2, use that then Rolling Blaze the Griffon until the gauge is full
    then continue with the Meteor Level firing.If you charge the Meteor 2s
    by holding down the button till they are automatically released,then
    Griffon is roast in a matter of seconds.
    Strategy 1.
    Run to the front of the ship with the Handguns and Ifrit equipped and
    then DT and use Meteor Level 2 or shoot with the guns. To refill just
    keep shooting or use a Devil Star.Griffon has a new attack in which he
    sends out a false wing to delay you from hitting him .Just shoot the
    wings with the Handguns (see how important they are) and it will release
    Strategy 2.
    Run to the front and have the Handguns and Alastor equipped.Use Air
    Raid.Shoot at the false wing to make it move and restore DT runes by
    shooting Griffon.
    Any of the previous ones are fine, as he doesn't have the false wing
    anymore.Personally, I find the Air Raid to be the safest and quickest
    method as you can dodge all his attacks by moving.
    Just make sure you have an extra Devil Star/Vital  Star.
    _Boss 4- Nightmare._
    You will really get nightmares about this boss. It (no gender) is tough
    but you can make it . Don't worry if you lose once or twice, practice
    makes perfect.This boss has two states, the solid and liquid.The solid
    form is the only one that can be hurt, so to keep it solidified, light
    up the signs on the room's walls by striking them then attack the inner
    core that appears.
    The garbage has these attacks-
    1) Sends out a few small creature thingys to bother you . Jump away to
    avoid it.
    2)It has a rapid fire needle attack that hits when you are on top of it.
    Jumping helps.
    3)A long ice beam that freezes you and does a ton of damage.
    4)A spinning projectile that can be avoided by jumping at the right
    moment. If you have Rolling Blaze, hit it at the right moment, and you
    will stun Nightmare.
    5)A triple stabbing limb that stuns Dante if he is hit.If you have
    Rolling Blaze, hit it at the right moment, and you will stun Nightmare.
    6)A set of homing missiles that have to be jumped over or shot at the
    right moment.Timing is vital.
    7)The swallow while in liquid form.It only does this once and you have
    to face a weaker version of a previous boss, depending on the fight,
    plus some Sargassos.When the mini-boss is defeated Dante bursts out of
    Nightmare taking out 25% of its life.
    The combo for Nightmare bashing!
    You want Ifrit, plenty DT, the Grenade Gun and just DT, jump kick the
    core, jump up with Rolling Blaze,and land with Inferno, shoot a grenade,
    and jump up with Rolling Blaze, land with Inferno………………
    Have the Alastor/Ifrit and Shotgun/Grenade Gun equipped.Just light up
    the symbols and proceed to pound away in DT mode (while holding R1 if
    using Ifrit) at the core.Let it swallow you if you want ,after half his
    life is gone(it must be in liquid form).Kill Phantom and then kill
    Nightmare. Easiest fight with Nightmare. Also, if you have DT gauge to
    burn, then just Inferno it and it will die in a few minutes.
    Have Ifrit and Pistols eqipped and as soon as the fight starts hit the
    nearest damage clock, then run down to the end of the hall with the two
    doors, dodging any attacks from Nightmare on the way. When you get
    there, wait by one of the damage clocks for it to run out, then
    reactivate it. As soon as it is activated, run out infront of the main
    door (not the one you come through), staying right up against them.
    Either shoot with pistols or taunt while dodging the first rays of the
    ice attack. When the ice attack comes, it will not quite reach the
    doors, and you wont even have to dodge. As the ice pillar receeds, pull
    out the pistols and DT  and fire like mad, strafing back and forth
    you find a spot where Nightmare's damage bar shakes. Continue to fire
    until the bar quits shaking (ie, when the clock runs out) then run back
    to the same clock and repeat the process.  It takes a while (maybe 5-10
    minutes) but I defeated it quite easily without having to dodge and
    weave a whole bunch. Not sure if this works in anything other than
    Normal mode, as I only just got the game.
    Chris Prior
    Same as previous one.If you have Inferno, use it when about three DT
    runes remain.Then let it swallow you if you want, kill Griffon and
    recommence pounding on Nightmare. Jump around a lot as this encounter
    takes place in a small area.Kick jump to Inferno is useful.
    This fight is HARD!!!!!You hear me!!!HARD!!!!! (In DMD and Hard, not
    Normal)Be sure to have at least a Vital Star, Untouchable and a Devil
    Star. If you lose, do not continue, just Reset and run to the room where
    Nightmare is.
    As soon as the battle starts, light up the symbols and start running
    around Nightmare.Always stay behind it as there is less danger.When the
    core opens, hit it once, with a grenade preferably, and continue running
    around Nightmare.Light up the symbols again and now DT and use
    Ifrit/Alastor to pound away.Keep repeating this step.Allowing it to
    swallow you is risky as the mini boss is Nelo Angelo.When more than 3/4
    of its life is gone use the Vital Star if you haven't used it already
    and hit Nightmare until a cutscene ensues.When it finishes, DT , pound
    at Nightmare and if you have already lit the symbols, and have a clear
    shot at the inner core use the Untouchable and pound away.Your endurance
    should be rewarded.
    _Final Boss- Mundus._
    For a last boss, he isn't so tough. I had a harder time against Nelo
    Angelo and Nightmare. Anyway, there are three battles, the outer space
    scene,the lava pit scene amd the final battle, which is over before it
    starts.The only weapon that can and should be used is the Sparda.Onwards
    to the strategy!
    1) Get about 8-10 Devil Stars.
    2) Get a Vital Star.
    3) Make sure to have at least one Untouchable.
    4) Keep a few Holy Waters.
    5) Have a full DT gauge before the fight starts.
    His attacks in space are-
    1) Raining Meteors on you. Just stay low and keep moving left and right
    and you will dodge them easily.
    2) Sending space debris at Dante. Timing is everything.
    3) Shooting multiple red arrows at Dante. Shouldn't bother you.Keep
    moving left/right alternately.
    4)Using a Vortex Level 2 exactly like Dante's.Move to the side of the
    screen to avoid or use your own Vortex to keep safe.
    5)A particle beam that does massive damage.Wait to the last moment and
    then move to the opposite side.
    6)Lightning just like Griffon.
    In the Lava Pit, he uses-
    1)A rain of meteors.He creates 4 huge orbs.Shoot them with the Shotgun
    and you will receive a few DT symbols.YIu will see him call the orbs you
    did not destroy and they circle his head, then fly towards you.DT and do
    a Slash combo to reflect the meteors back to him.
    2)A punch. Lame attack at the best even in DMD mode.
    3)Call for a Dragon to assist him .Just shoot it in DT mode quickly and
    you get a green orb.
    4)Red arrows. There are 2 versions of these. Just Air Hike away to
    5)Does the calling dead souls attack like Phantom, but even more geysers
    come up.
    6)He turns the ground beneath you into fire then a dragon flies out of
    it. RUN away quickly to dodge a this is a killer move.
    7)He does the same attack as Phantom when shooting out fire from his
    back, then the flames fall on you. He only does this when his life is
    red and you better be on the move. Do not jump, or you will get hit,
    stunned, and consequently killed.
    The Sparda's true power awakens. Get so close to Mundus that his face is
    visible and then DT.
    All you have to do is hit L1.Repeat for 4-5 times. Do not use a Vital
    Star or Untouchable.Easy-peasy battle. You can also shoot him, but it
    does light damage and the 4 spheres have to be shot down first.
    Strategy 1.
    Get your DT gauge to the max.(you should have 8 runes minimum).Use the
    Vital Star if needed. When Mundus makes a few rocks appear in front of
    him,jump to the highest one and DT.
    Then with the Sparda equipped, do a Multislash followed by a Stinger.
    This should knock off about 1/5 of his life. Do not fall in the lava as
    it drains life.If he calls a dragon, shoot it and you will get a green
    orb.You can use the Untouchable for safety. Whenever the white fireballs
    circle him,DT and wait for them to nearly hit you then start slashing
    like mad. The fireballs will be reflected to him for considerable
    Strategy 2.
    Just DT and use the Sparda's fireballs to damage Mundus, while standing
    on the ground or floating rocks. Aim for his chest. Dante is being
    continually drawn to Mundus so jump backwards every few seconds.
    Me and my friend discovered this...in the lava pit (have at least 1
    vital star) keep double jumping around his head and above,occasionally
    DT ing him when your gage is up. then when the dragon comes,continue
    jumping around mundas head,and when the dragon fires he will hit mundas
    instead of you,keep doing this,as well as DTing him and he's easy to
    Contributed by TakersPriestess@aol.com
    DT and use Vortex Level 2.That's it.Takes me 6 seconds.After the
    cutscene, just rapid fire and build 3 symbols(or hold the shoot button
    with R1 to charge a DT shot, let it fly and you have a full gauge) and
    DT then shoot.Voila! You have beaten the game's final boss!!!
    These are enemies that play a bigger role than normal foes and lesser
    role than bosses.
    Sub-Boss 1-Shadow.
    These felines can only be harmed by Devil Arms when their inner cores
    are revealed.The only way to do this is to use guns.
    The shadow has these attacks-
    1)It jumps and then lands on Dante.Roll away at the last minute.
    2)It shoots out a spike at Dante.Roll away.
    3)It tries to swallow Dante.Roll away.
    4)It sends out a multitude of ground spikes kind of like Phantom's
    "calling for dead souls" attack.
    Strategy 1.
    Use  the Shotgun/Handguns/Nightmare Beta and have either the Alastor or
    Ifrit equipped. If you are facing more than one, target one at a time.
    Just DT, shoot like crazy, and dodge. When core is exposed, DT and pound
    away with Stinger (Alastor)or Kick 13 Combo(Ifrit-just do a kick 13 and
    it pops out).As soon as the Shadow turns red stop all attacking and
    run/jump away from it .Do not let it touch you. It will soon self -
    destruct. Easier said than done.
    Strategy 2.
    Air Raid it until the core is exposed and return to the ground and Slash
    at the core.
    Sub-Boss 2-Death Scythe.
    The head is the weakpoint.Always have Alastor and the Shotgun equipped.
    The Death Scythes skills are-
    1)A normal slash. Jump over it.
    2) It throws its scythe or scythes as the case may be at you. Roll away.
    3) It gathers more scythes. Adds to its attack power.
    4) Creates Tornados on the ground that juggle Dante and render him
    Strategy 1.
    Start off by using Air Raid. When the DT runs out, shoot it and when it
    is in range, jump and slash it. The fight may take a long time because
    of the Death Scythes health.
    Strategy 2.
    Just jump towards it and slash its head. You will hear a cracking sound.
    Repeat about 5 times and that's it.
    Sub-Boss 3-Fossil Dragon.
    This foe is so easy to beat.
    Its attacks are-
    1) Fireball.
    Hit its fireball back at it. Three strikes and its out.
    In the last secret mission slashing at him with the Sparda can beat him.
    Beat the game once to unlock Hard mode.
    Beat Hard mode to unlock Dante must Die mode.
    Beat Hard mode to unlock Legendary Dark Knight mode.
    Beat Hard mode to unlock difficulty and character select.
    Beat Dante Must Die mode to unlock Super Dante mode. (sic)
    When using the Shotgun, you can fire it faster by pushing the analog
    stick in the direction of the shot.
    Cheap trick against Phantom in final encounter. Whenever he jumps, stay
    in the glass part in the middle. At the last second, roll away. The
    glass will crack a little. Repeat this 7 or 8 times and Phantom will
    By ZeroArk
    1st. Get to the level you go back to the castle or any level after that
    2nd.Go to the PLANE ROOM and fight against the three plasma guys
    3rd. For every dead plasma guy u get around 200 and 300 so you just go
    back to the room and get all the orbs you need
    And lastly,hit R3 when you have either Alastor or Ifrit equipped and you
    can switch them without pressing start.It helps to keep the momentum.
    Me, for typing this up.
    My parents to whom I owe my video game fever since I was six.
    Capcom, for making such a blasted cool game.
    Sony for making the PS2.
    God for giving me intelligence to figure out the strategies and patience
    to beat DMC so many damn times.
    AdrenalineSL for her fantastic walkthrough guide!
    Also, on another note, I want to thank justaNewbie for his DMD faq.It
    helped me tremendously when I beat DMD mode:).Thanks man!
    The game, characters, monsters whatever are solely Capcom's.I just
    wrote a guide.
     All contents of this FAQ Copyright (c) 2002 Panduranga Seetahal-Maraj.
                                 All rights reserved.

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